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Saturday, November 11th

Marty Ivey of Ivey Exterminating joins Paul to discuss crawl spaces and real estate trends for 2018.


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And advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. Did you cease you'll Wheatley stage. I'll let. You each. Well welcome to the show you real estate today closet fortunate street where alive today in the WBT studios were glad that your witness today and happy to be. Here. Glad that your witness and hope that you enjoy the show today. This show if you've never listened before if you're out about is all about real estate. Course an annual state today what else would it be about. Anything having to do with your property today here with my good friend Marty IV went IV exterminating PayPal great to be here today great to have you. My son Alex is also in the studio but he's. Not gonna talk much about real estate but. Nice to have him here and just see on the board today. So if you call in 70457. Don't know 1110704. 5701110. Jesse will pick up the phone with your question. He'll write it down just make it brief. And who will put you on the air and we'll talk about what you've got going on and so 7045701110. Now. Let me explain to you a little bit about the format and how it works since we are live. We ask. And figure out about out there just go ahead and call in. Marty is here so if you've got some questions having to do with the home related to. And some pasts that you have although we've got lots of things to talk about today. Now you're crawl space. Marty is helping me right now with some issues we're gonna talk about those two but we're gonna talk about. Source reduction in the home today. I'm gonna talk a little bit about 2018 trends in real estate a little bit of forward thinking you know there's a lot going on in Washington right now. And I think it's a little bit up in the air so I'm I I certainly am happy to answer some questions about what I know. But I'll be honest with you I think that nobody knows what's gonna happen at this point if any thing. So I'd I don't know that it's worth spending a lot of time on other than it's a little frustrating. So there's gives me fascinating read also frustrating so fascinating. Fascinating look at. So again call 7045701110. Cart before we jump and a source reduction let's talk a little bit about. What's coming in all right we've all we all have watched the news we know the real estate market is. Great you're. Thankful for that. And we also know that. Tony eighteen. Can be great to. You know there's been a lot of talk and I I think those of us that were rounded in the business. Before during and after. Ups and downs in the market most recently it's 2008. Look at the marketing go no no we're headed back to. A reduction. Of bubbles crashing and burning fighting kicking and screaming. Well. I gamma or not I have a standing joke about economists you know the reason they have economists is to make weatherman look good. But the reality is is that nobody knows but let's just say for a minute they have an idea. Okay. Typical trends we see the ebb and flow of the real estate market about every eight years so we're actually. Do. For. A correction. However. What we have going on right now on our market is Canada. That being said that we will have somewhat of a soft landing and sort of the new normal. That there is a segment of the market place. And everyone talks about all the time which is the millenniums. Well I'm kind of tired of talking about the morning's. But I do wanna talk about how sorry Jessica how I do and Alex I do wanna talk about. What I see is in the future. Of real estate related. To a couple of other things other than the gen X or heard me other than him the millennial generation and that is this. Middle market. OK what do I define as a middle market. I'm Marty I bet you see. To that the middle market if you could right ingredients. The middle market. There are a group of us that meet once a week and I'm I'm I'm defining the middle market through an example. There's a group of us that meet once a week and Keller Williams from about a hundred of us and every week we come in and we report our. It's our our production. Meaning we say are we have this many homes we just signed listing agreements on we have this many buyers we just signed on towed to represented. And this many homes that went under contract. Well let me share some stats with you can cash. We had. Found last week. About twenty homes. There were listed on this is out of a hundred agent. Okay. We had 48. Dire. Agreements signed so 48 dollars 21 selfish. And we had. About Tony Holmes go under contract. So what does that tell you. That tells you. Here comes in mandatory 21 homes here come the buyers 48 here Communists they hit the ones under contract to want me. So what ever is coming on the market is getting absorbed and their almost two and a half times more buyers. Then there are sellers. And that segment of the market places anywhere from about a hundred. And 50000. Tell 300000. May be 350000. If you stretch depending on where it is. And the schools police checked the schools for your own verification this is Michael Burke. There's much point. So how or you need to make our we're European worked Jessica except okay excel. What does that tell you there are way more buyers than there are sellers. Right so here we sit Marty right we got all these buyers that one of rock. Then we don't we do not have enough houses. In that 150 to 300 ish price point. Let's go over 500000. For me. Over 500000. If you look at last year. Get timing of those sales is down about 30%. What that means is that over 500000. Dollars if your home is priced over 500000. Dollars. You're in more of a balanced. Marketplace. And here's what I mean by balance marketplace. The majority of the time when those homes over 500000. Dollar cells aren't these two times. Number one it is the first quarter of the year. Why. Because it nationally. Corporations. Relocate their employees. From January to march more than any other quarter in the year. That is their relocation quarter January through march. Okay. Second. The reason why those homes typically don't sell outside of them marched should too. July window. Is because. School moves. Are made during those months. Typically if they're from Charlotte. Horry in the area and they're not. That and their kids are in school they're going to wait. Two of the school year is over or about to be over so that's like three months prior they start the process. So. When we got going on right now we have a giant hole. From a 150. To mid thirties. Are way more buyers than we have sellers. So. Trends are moving in that direction now. To finish up this segment because we're gonna spend the next segment talking about the the source reduction. I'm tired of talking about the mowing hills it's time to talk about. The seniors. IE. Baby boomers who have now moving into the senior generation. That group. And I got my first break at sixteen nights or got about a minute look at that group. Is moving down. And their houses are in that typically over. Her 4500. Price point and the amenities that that their houses have. Do not match the amenities of the move up buyers expectation. Then it does for our generation. So there has to be some things done to bring those two together. That's why you hire a real estate agent. That's why you work on new is the ought I'm I'm pointing that's why you. You work on creating a scenario and an environment in the house that matches the buyer base of that. Coming up buyer to take that immature off plus baby boomer science. We'll talk more about that later. But vast segment of the market that is moving down just. Just looking for very very specific. Things just like she's my wife and I just. So yeah. 7045701110. Marty ivy ivy exterminating polled Jamison Jamison realty was Keller Williams. We're here to talk real estate stay witnessed here on 1110 WBT 99 point three will be right back. Welcome back to assure your real estate today we're live from the dead dvd studio. I'm Paul Jamison your host with Jamison realty with Keller Williams and Jamison property management we're so thankful you're with us today happy Saturday hoping doing great. And we're talking about real estate where will get back to a little bit more about the generations and the silver generation that that belong to ten as so I know a lot about it. As if you wanna talk to a 704570. He 1110704570. Fewer unintended all right Marty ball. Source reduction yeah we we need talk about sort but let's let's talk about source reduction. Pay one don't want to things that we've been plagued with them. This really started coming to forefront last four or five years is on the it is everybody's got their outdoor scrapes and this time a year that are running rules to picker their hearts Keita really. Get value out of him this when the best time in years to be album and on outdoor fireplaces yeah around and but. What people wouldn't think about brawl also are right now is one of the best times a year to minimize. The impact next years gonna have warned us. And what I mean by that well whiskey is for example okay excuses is is been a huge issue in Charlotte and as we news. With the West Nile Virus and the other concerns about the diseases that miscues and carry. You gonna minimize the impact these mosquitoes can having you when you're outside in right now we you want to do sort production. You know you basically got three copper for rescues you've got. Floodwaters you've got calmer waters in the and you got containers in you've got three basically three types of mosquitoes that like Pena in this three dot flight from Barbara's. There's not a lot you can do about flawed war on floodwaters would be like. Wetlands marshes. You know. Rivers and things of that nature. The permanent water would be Beers like ponds swimming pools and things like that. Right now of the bird bass if you've got a bird bath bring your house you needed dumped the water out the bird bath. In screw. That bird bath. A lot of times the miscues flea eggs and he's bird mask and as it gets set corrosion or there are the algae inside that bird bath. It won't protect as muscular aches in just wrists and Nelson Rockefeller knock Hillary eradicate that problem what you need to do each need to scrub those bar bass. These containers that hold water. Now even this time a year in the U in this time your closer right now wanna what's gonna happen is these things are gonna over winter to spring of next year OK so if you if you impact the serious is gonna make the enjoyment of your heart speakers next year. A lot more durable calls you don't take a lot of these eight sell the dollar winner. Containers is probably our number one culprit you're containers would be considered polite. You know children's toys outside that hold water are plant containers that have drip drip. Pants up Ernie Felton. He's one of the things that you need to keep the water out if you have water that continually. Resonates in these series you need also clean these areas tend to it basically. Reduce the impact what is going to be next year. Gutters not a big problem. Knew each garish clung to keep those. Leaves out of the gutters were big problems that we get wood cutters is yet leaves I don't they get wet they start to decay as we sort of gas. They create a multitude of insects issues yeah but don't you think that when the plants are grown out of the cutters that's a nation another formally well at that time we need to weed year but. But for Mark Prior to that you if you show injured due diligence Cink got those gutters clean it wouldn't be an issue. But the you know vests and number one thing that we see is a lot of people don't maintain their governor issues. In that creates a ton of issues from. Became fascia boards which eventually allow rodents and squirrels inside your home. Increase. A voter issues that are current sub home and it attracts a multitude of insects are thrown from. Our carpet grants. It will actually attract. Tom price up to those areas. It attracts a lot of other insects hit they can live off that decaying organic matter who we need to. Pete if there's gutters cleaned out also all right Marty you laid it up though those carpenter aunt battle among car rants. Give me some books yeah you're gonna give me some bugs on Monday there. You know we still locked harboring some car brands get a badly called play straight up armory as did the damage. But most cases what actually did the damage caused the water. In the corporates have helped them alone people think that cooperate as you would they I thought they did they just channel that live in it. Cannot and and it did that come home and there Eaton they just channeling that live in it and they can create. ID a massive amount of salt does it actually looks like he's been cut with a skills all they have. Creative very very corks type of France when church when their cottonwood. And if sometimes at night if you get nice and quiet and they're very close to a little cooler. You can actually hear them Catan on the would actually got a clicking sandwich you can hear. Big heart grants hynix numbers can explode when the conditions you write in. McEnroe the problems that we yet is is you get a lot of people also even in a winner Cameron you're gutter areas that come out for your attic area. And it helps these ants is stabilized environment they confer Sheehan. In some that you really need denying this and we'll keep an hour and you don't won't let it get to the point that you got vegetation growing that you gutters. We're seeing it everywhere and I did too ugly to just see it everywhere when the biggest things we need to stop is we need to stop. Bullies gets her house. Why. I mean. We can collect them later I yelled like yeah but the issue that you get into is this decaying organic matter from these leads pretty heat and he creates a great environment this time to attract everything from raw life. The insects and two road a little biggest issues that we're seeing right now it's time school all. Is rodents were just running. Towards home. I know you're great example object glue boards and not brought my garage is detached from my house. And the last seven days off call fourteen mice in this group Boortz. Why it. Every day I'm I've come in in my garage not checked physically boards and I'm kitchen mice and that will abort. And what happens is my house backs up to a wooded area. And these mice are now the habitat they're living is lower really conducive for their. Families are they're just packing up and commending. His own agency and that we're Kitchener thing from. From field mice to deer mice it's amazing. Who threw it's amazing to see that is just amazing to see mother nature action what do you do with them. Are typically about time their cult quickly bored they die they usually stick your nose in that it's an inhumane and it's you know I do a lot of customers. That's why they were honest a lot of kits mice and and love of god release him in the neighbor's yard it just from a fascinating. It's what people don't realize is rodents do not have. Muscle their kidneys so what that means the oozes. They don't woke up to a tree like a dog in population. Can do there. Well what what happens is is because it'll have muscles or longer hidden everything they brought crawled. Trips to everything that a mile front crossed up. You're throwing your thought and ice so you need to factor that Ian when you think you're nice and he calls or not. You know today are to be pissed off than me. But how we you know because these particular bird pretty good got to come right back for affinity says that's good news eleven to nine tonight. EW BD stay with for the show you're really stayed today as much better than for a free music we have never afford Jessica Roy your rocker I know you are man. 7045701110. Assure your real estate today stay with us here we've got a lot more to talk about our graduate this if you're interested in talking about real estate. For something going on with your home crawl and in that move and and it shaken and at 70457011107045701110. You're thinking about doing some changes to your home you wanna sell you wanna buy you wanna invest you have tense. He got Randy got to crawl space she got whatever. We're here to share what you Marty idea idea exterminating myself hall Jamieson my son Alex Jamieson is also here is our guest. And what did you say Alex before about. Christmas. Put your mouth up by the microphone when you say. It. War Christmas commercials coming number at a time even Christmas yet yeah I notice it it comes quick. I think there's only what about 45 days till the end of the year or so. I mean Christmas will be here before we know so. Certainly something to watch that which which brings up an important point when we're finished with the subject as I wanna finish where Marty was talking about. I get a lot of questions about holiday decorating during. When your homes listed for sale or got that this morning and I will make a comment about that in case it sudden you're thinking about myself Marty let's finish where we were. Of course if you wanna call 7045. Set I don't know 1110 okay. Not mice is just a huge issue right now in N. The you need to minimize. The and access and have your house you need a walker and healthy you foundation advance screenings are damaged. This is going to be easier replace that bill and then put a new screen over the foundation via trust me we trot couldn't screens or foundation Benton is labor and tips. Issue seizure replaced the PSA gal now you can about these events at the big box. Store where you come and you just not fill one out and put new warning and it it's pressure grease and it it. You put one in simply 1520 minutes what do you think about Smart parents there. They're Smart if you get out every your goal what you're supposed to do if you don't think theoretically become dumb real quick become a trusted in the pit either the simple. Saying if you don't use it you don't lose that but if if you don't roll regular rest up and don't work crews will stay open all time. But the Turkish issue need to do is you need to make sure that you don't have easy access. For anything to get neck crawl space a forty pound wrecking gets to a four tore a hole. A mouse can go through the whole facade for sure but we need to get visitors Silva are so. So what would you say is so you said something earlier about not blowing the leaves up against the house bat can't bowl or Saudi energy that it. Creates this issue but if you blow Powell leaves then you come after a week later and you look at an early morn they will literally be smoking. Yeah decomposition and that leaves create heat in that heat is a great habitat for multitude of insects and rodents and wildlife to hang out and snacks they Maria. Maria we were in a crawl space loved mother nature cults are creates a chain I was in the crawl space wool mart technicians last week. And they have assault pumping we've looked down and assault pump and there was a snake in the subplot. Oh my gosh. And howls like a tough place for some battles an odd place first night to be. And so were looking at it and there wasn't much else in this in this had fallen in the South Pole basin. So that yearn net snakes melt that wrote in Europe where he ran up to the air and net snake what downer after not much else. Gotta love the other night and wow that's amazing. You awhile before we talk more all right Judy you're you are solo called today so far so we'll take you first tower yeah. I want to thank you have to. Olympic trials can't have port number Ortiz maybe I'll prepare particularly. If they for an extreme career do you removed. That's their lender. Is species through keyword give me my ears how. Then I'll airpower could they see in the crowd if we anger. And a hanging out. You know has been trying to pick up the problem that I don't bears their refusal to return my protocol. Itself. I'm wondering. If there's got to do about Iraq. Yes there absolutely is Judy. You can call in the mortgage company over and over and over and over and over again. Are OK okay. Let me let me give you a phone number. I mean look it up here. OK while you're while I'm looking it up I want you to write this name down. Costner CO ST NER. The law firms. Packard Costner all right Fred good preposterous scenario ST any York. I can barely hear it. All right and I want you call them. And their phone number. He is. Wrong here. Can never tell a computer you wanna do anything fast or let's say what are I'm going to their website it I'm going there. Trying to find their phone number. 980. 219. 7637. They're Herbert Perry wants you to ask for terrorist TE a RK. Terror. Thank you can you tell him that you called me okay per carry and they'll take care. OK. Okay it's time to quit cold in the bank they're not gonna help people. Are they. So. Our little take will be a little bit of muscle and Costner will help you with that. I deserve that deed of trust you earn that congratulations. To you can convert and I think it's a great moment in your life and I get an apology for that our job or are incurred to cheated us of a sudden nature compliments feels good dead. Yeah background loud jacket my eager charge you reality. So reluctance to give her regal what line laughed. After trophy that's appropriate answer. And you get that and you called terra and they won't help you are right written prepared for a wrecked our. Have a blessed to be working okay. All right a lot of calls like that's the first time out here ever heard you like that which could be good because that common. It is not common but it happens. You know mostly what ends up happen and and I'll tell you this mostly what ends up happening is I see people that have paid off an old line of credit. You know like. They've gotten home equity line on their house them and it's never been recorded that they've paid them off or they've closed in or canceled it. I see that all the time to the point were Costner who is our loft and closing partner. The day. They have a company that they use that goes out and does all the research and fixes on that for a while that's how common it is. I had no wonder there so. All right so I'll before saying anything else I'll answer question I'd be did you its earlier or should I just make you more. About decorating your home in the holidays when it's for sale. OK so let me answer the question cannot and I want to to trust that you'll understand. The knee. The way in which I'm making this statement. Okay. I'm decorating for the holidays. Is a good idea. Now let me preface that. Why would that be a good idea. Because one of the most. Strategic waged you have a potential buyer connect with your home is to see. How it would be. During. A time. That is emotionally. Important. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Part of the team breaks right. And we were palahniuk. Whatever you choose and I'm gonna specifically talk about what I know. So. Those two holidays. If your home is taste. Fully. Decorated. People can come and experience and see. How their family may be able to experience the home during that time. If it's not tastefully decorated. And your house is full of so far on the shelf. Mention on a bench grinch on a stick whatever it is that you choose to do. And it is tacky over done and not one corner. Does not have Christmas decorating on. You just did the opposite of what I suspect. But if it's tastefully. Done. And everyone has their Def definition of intentionally. But. I'm gonna kind of rely on on you to understand what I mean not overdone sparse. Clean. No place. It can really helped take so you're not talking about Christmas lights like they would didn't lose their life so we ought to Vegas. I'm thinking no no I'm through I wanna make sure that I share with people with what I know I don't know about all the different. Decorative times. I'm only gonna talk to you about what I know. And the easiest to talk about two of the largest mass of folks right now that I'm connecting resist. You know Thanksgiving is a great that's warned that everybody's good whiff. Okay. Especially you know thanks senator Turkey you know he's not good we have the other you know Christmas and some of the other holidays there are you know it. You can argue with me you know okay that's not new but let's talk about Thanksgiving right Thanksgiving is a celebration. And our country right and you can't go wrong with celebrating our country OK I concur. So fourth of July 2. But again. You know. I'm still thinks or talk about so anyway I just wanna. It's just wanna share that with when veterans day two and by the way before I forget. It is very important to me to make sure that you these veterans that area in our audience in our midst crossed my path. High honor you today. You are at hero in my eyes you are. Himself a selfless. Great. And that and I'd gladly. Honor you today. Thank you for serving our country thank you for your willingness to serve and for that I am. Forever in your debt so to the veterans out there thank you. And Paul I agree with you I ever been not only today but every day the call up. With without the and we knew we would not be sitting here today that's right we would not would have the freedom to talk about what we won't talk about today right. Exactly. And it's very very important and I hope you know that I don't care whether you saw active duty or not you've served and you stood up to serve. And I mean that truthfully tell everyone so thank you. Part we've got one segment to go mark hang on we'll get to your question 7045701110. On news 1110. 993 WBT. Thank you for being with us today it's to show you were listening to them told Jamison Jamison realty Keller Williams Jamison property management your host. Thankful if you're out there listening to us to learn so thank you for that. Mark you've been most patient but we're not gonna talk we're gonna put you on how are you. Yeah yeah yeah yeah we do for some. Well first is that it would. I think in the dividend checklist of everything said about gutter. And that's exactly. And so too late to be here about it. I didn't lawyer and a half quote I can't 47. Go back and see just stay straight. Gutter sanctioned. Over three floors and you know what I can do at all. But I have head riding fascia. And the worst thing. Let's. When he got clogged it would clog the head downspout. And then why would flow over and we had this big dailies. They would go right into the little us. Semi circular aluminum then to go around advance. I've been talking about. The value of the fellows retaining wells meanwhile Shaka. And we living by the good and really hilly area. And oh my god if I finish great in there and then they cog Grand Canyon hundred these unfinished part of the nation. Oh goodness. It yes to coming up our our mark so Marty now are going to tell you some good. First thing I Montae and then Marty you you'd chime in. Yeah how old you mark. Hi who is okay I'll resonate well I. I am very close to your agent so was Marty get up. There will not be today and OT or KN OT dependent on where you're from out. Where I will ever stand on the roof of any structure I own ever again and clean any gutter. Or anything that looks like a gutter sounds like it better. Four he shaped like to go out. Did you have a bad act. Almost fell off and it would have been. My wife and some tennis pro at this point right now. So. Lord Marty hit so listen hey haven't done brother I guess what on site I have had customers that have. Gotten in. Beached hurt extremely bad I'm back I have more cause for Burke is back later at six months. Ahead customers. Can open my best friend who is ready navy seal. Reggie Nate graduated number one is class fell off his roof cleaning is gutters out. If he is he is tough to snails are only about heeled new. Wild. Cowboys can't beat them and so I take my policy. Mortar I don't know how many birdies this Haiti endowment to try to get one of these blood like a gigabyte is the giant planet's. You got it. I don't think he put bush is still very clearly the top even when this flattered that I decided allegation. Rest is one sign up. Yeah mark mark mark you were playing god look at that we're all over there were common over there right now we're pleased to Iraq where you are a little intervention. It severe rain we're going to be a really good. We're coming over doesn't imitate a lot of. Scott Allie I guess alleged young you have first and off. Seemed like I tell every year about the blast pictures tell best figures for the lights can never be imminent. If you hit good capital I think back I ever. Had that jet. Now what I want you to do I had a client called me today about this so marked. I must tell you what okay. There if you're not gonna move I'm in my life said my wife just experience that I had to take it back about tennis pro so I take it back. OK so. She says is a golf yeah she's just don't know how to putt putt so not so here's a here's your answer okay your answer is is if you wanna change amount you can. It's cheaper to buy any thing you want online. Okay. If you if you have brass door knobs there have been studies have shown that breast door knobs have a have a chemical reaction in them that kills germs. I host hotel association I cut. Future and no no no I'm not who now. So. As a design feature brass is so I've read an article where they said brass is back but I haven't seen it yeah. Well right here call me next year there were things like yeah and if you get the latter out. You call Marty and I will come overdue and intervention in breast reached late nine out of town you Kessler. FitzGerald. More quick question though are okay we got Q or eight we had several Oreo write a couple of my you know there's really. Nice or not happened already joint. I like domain now kind of in the same native by a first class he did priorities are an audience I don't. I would say mark. Yeah that the then I am not a decorator or designer. And I would leave that up to my wife to make that recommendation. But I would say I've seen some of those green. Florida Florida look and oriental rugs. That colors are not out of today's culture are I have pastel colors in them they're probably going to be nicer. Worst terror faded white black and Rory and tattered. That is supposedly the new style are when he eighteen. There's two rules in life. Rule number one your wife is always right. In when in doubt refer back room to consider it a blonde blue didn't it should not give them. Over or you're an artist the opportunity to go back to number one. Mark Reid did Manhattan at Thanksgiving I'll mark. Thank you Carl Bell. Who talked to you next year. He's good jackets are so loyal listener. Yeah I don't like it and light and little guy like him sounds like you're likable guy art. So Marty were down there about 45 minutes so quickly out you you tell me a couple things and I'll tell you couple things and talk about crawl space record. Right now is good time to do is crawl space look bad. And the reason it is is further reason that there's lower temperature swings and when you have huge temperature swings it can cause most related issues which can cause a multitude of issues they're going to crawl space not only from an insect or were destroying insect fishy from fungi. And secured deterioration do you sub structure but microbial issues. And as Paul talk about microbial can be a big issue in real estate transactions right now. If they can be a real big deal and sometimes it should not be right I concur but it's not that we see it raises its ugly hit a lot now and is I think this this. Drama the score whether it is on this gonna continue for a couple more years. So assuming you pay attention to a crawl back to you. Right and I would also say dad to Marty is Marty does a tremendous amount of our crawl space work but there's a couple of things he doesn't do it and try pro which you saw a commercial earlier. Com we have used and they're really good but the party does the majority of the workforce but occasionally we bring them man and and they're not paying me to say that. No president in now bee pollen I'll talk about this all fair Ron Webb was a personal friend of mine and he runs a great company got a monster organization over there. In foreign crawl space encapsulation is they knock it out of the park there's nobody in town that does it is good news is they do is walk crawl space encapsulation. And I'm we'll tell you they're good company to deal with. Absolutely error can. And and a couple things just a note Marty an hour talking about this earlier. But when he sixteen survey was done that showed that 37% of baby boomers have less than 50000 dollars in savings what does that mean. That means is that we're going to be working longer. In order to retire. Right. And in the a lot of those cases where we're shedding the big houses. Because our kids are gone. Through were we want them to be going so we make their room smaller. And we move towards. Downsizing. And downsizing. Make sure when you sell your home do you think about who's going to be violent and what's important to him and make those changes. Well ahead of time. Thank should be and witness the show your real estate today I'm Paul Jamison Marty. Marty at a at a turning seven out of fourth through for 41616. Or bug avid dot com. Or call me an 846 done 8463663. God bless and happy veterans day.