Current Deals and Why Are Home Sales So Low

Kandas & Larry discuss current deals, why the home sales are low and a answers to listener questions.


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Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Candice and bestselling author Larry going to show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the brag radio network for the flagship station WGC a beautiful uptown Charlotte. Here are your hosts the rock stars every state Kansas and Larry. We'll. That was off the hook up body. Are you doing an Internet. That involves the alone one who wrote that. And you. Be in a higher. I just I just leave it every time like that lead is that this talk about whatever they tell me and what are you to talk about. I give us the way we run honestly don't you think that's the way we run everything our three day event and this interviewing a man out on that there's no. Agenda that we can end out so they know what's coming up in everything. But he is not as lenient dependent on whatever I often you know what's. On the as I know what the agenda is you know what the agenda is but like we have we have these three days of this all around the country we have another one coming up in. DFW. And in a month at the end of ammonia in Dallas Texas. And and so again our register that go to Larry Don plot that on the nearest and the wherever you're listening around the world. Slow. In the we have another loan collectors Charlotte and we in November October October end and then Orlando yeah. So. It's kind of funny I even said we the reason we don't have done an agenda is if I go off the agenda. Someone is gonna come up and tell me about it you're with agreement. On the brake. Somebody actually told me at one of the event. You know there you went a few minutes over the break. And because that group take it to minimum so the next break we took them like we're taking a break for a in the amount of time I'll let you know when it's time to get back in your seat. And I ain't in it. And that's what that I went way that's when I went into a whole tirade. About. Here's why we don't offer coffee it's either too hot too cold too strong to weak there's not enough. And see this is mommy get up track. It on changes and Harry and on the so I'll. For various things that people an opinion about. It was there was there all right guys are three they have its impact. I have a brand new. Agenda. For the I have Brandon topic. I have a lot of new technology a lot of things to them teach and in our upcoming three day events and so there you have it. But but tell what the show's all about anyway. It's supposed to be at our house rules stated that he and leading the world to be rich in generous iron into Israel's they that's what we do. We've got to office here in link violent South Carolina places like why Lee and back in there right into Q do you do like Carnoustie bath. Dude who lose his the late rally on Carolina. So without their flagship station where everybody is a dentist from but it. And we kept in close if he goes on to that final a bit more about it keeping attitude. In he can send me an email info at Bragg radio dot com and racking in investors kits and now. Digital kids go to that everybody that request them if your closeness and the opposite is scheduled tour. And you can come by and pick of the physical can't and a prank radio primary had a com. Call 877 merry go there now apparently in attachments and one of the unit and that. All kinds of stuff I don't know there's and we change of time everyone's on because we did and you know things from different places accent protections. And 401K investing stuff. We've got your books in there and the real they day trading book the Aaron. I'm on top off but. So there's just in various stuff whenever we can get it and throw in there through prevents an education and some more information so it is. So about to indictment or I'm stuck Illini. They declare file flow mostly TJ earlier you start to defeat who is earnestly bats. Good. And yeah. One. But usually it is right. He is alone. Have got ugly and not humans and the slow calm them anyway he'd really. Humble man you pretty young. How aren't against Howard. Thirty and thirty. Black and eager that you know yet. Is that he did you are it's so what are we gonna talk about on today's show. Oh yeah we get questioned how how have the last few weeks now coming. In the face leaving few weeks you've been two weeks it was too cute kid that's a huge it's to a couple Ari as a couple better period. Okay yeah last couple. OK so one week I had Andrea all of Andrea is our acquisitions manager. Closing manager and our hunt Moffett. He buys and sells on houses that she handle her closing. And she's kind of oversees the whole thing back there right my so she did a phenomenal job. Yeah she's no Candace OK no bad thing Hewitt had thought she would be really. I feel like I'm saying that for your benefit numbers you know Anita Bryant commandment it. But she did a great job she really does she was very informative we talked about some deals that we're doing. That was his release and it was was we've got to. We got a lot of good response to feedback about it. And and the week before that we had knee and you know our head coach and he for Meyer in social corporate this program the stats were we've. Bringing in people. And we work with them personally one world war and myself Nathan and hurt and we give them open runner and then you know either either get them open runner and or a poem. It's their business to the next level. And store in Boston in rules. And make some money so they can quit their job or whatever it is they wanna do that refuted him I think. So it was really good it was very informative. Very and we also have a lot of inquiries about social programs programs while. You do that show because we talked about. Different students that we held and how we helpful stuff like that. All you can call if you're interested in that working with the have a style funerals that business business you can call 877 later ago. And knows somebody from our office will talk to you it might even beat Kansas who knows. Miami you might cancel what you might just be careful after surgery and downs and payment. Crawl food there's no way isn't an intentional or. I don't know I don't know but my daughter my youngest daughter said the exact same thing. Win like the day after earn a two days after surgery when I heard the ban came out chizik took out. So it looks like crawls. Around irony do it I don't know I had a daily habits I mean it at the a lot better than the scars are. Right away so that was when my requirements like don't don't put your means that the I don't think it. Alan nice tie it scar and I don't feel the other nicely I think would your Hammond surgery. A request of don't butcher me is reasonable. Right having good that's reasonable. For the off because like aunt pat pan am where in medicine for union that. And nazism. Some bad closure jobs in enclosure just what happens whenever they had to get down the surgery. Your original surgeon liens and he's got a team that kind of closes up and teamed him perhaps in the mail that closing argument in close. And I've experienced and bad closure job so I'll answer questions from a surgeon to close. Mean himself which he did he complied with as well let's that it's that are coming in junior. You know flown to do that as yet some kind of risen surgeon and there are doing and I'm about to get requests that you knew what passed for I did most people very specific. Most people would just go in say a little payments make sure I got in the appointment. I didn't even take the payments that they gave me and we Q just ancestry Allen now. I hate doing Imus does it payments. While its lows and I'm just kidding I'm just kidding. That was the jump hook. Not. Like you're right. Though I'm a comedian Kabul so I've had some because I'm I'm in an op plan and the and his agent. Anywhere. In the Ella and analysts and property. That's too good to have you made any offers. So commission questioned. Being around me what you wore what's the one thing you. Well I'm sure that the line yet at the right but it clicked in conflict I'm here now. It and it felt. There. At the proper treatment. 87 Atlantic. The great Reagor. Real estate in. Britain and a prominent part about the real thing and doing and deals. And it's seven suddenly gonna gonna come. Your investigate it combines brag radio and a meaning now in Greg Iranian. We'll be right that. Welcome back to brag radio business Candace near a play. What's leading the world to be rich and generous by the way in the first segment we were just kidding about the recreational pharmaceuticals. Not all the phones are lighting up. Please stop calling it was a joke okay we really joking are you joking. And you lose they'll if you listen to this show at all you you should know that we joke around. Who are the so let's get back their material as they put us what you're supposed to be listening for what are you on talk back and ask some questions that we can ask you wanna talk about the deals they've got going on an officer now. Urged well I do I do wanna talk about there's several things and actually wanna talk about but. You know I subscribe to a lot of newsletter housing newsletters. So I'm up to what you're doing. Here is very brink old I'm not sure what's happening. Is that relief. I get off topic if I get distracted. Eating in the ass meanwhile Allen good an utter. Now and I'm better now. Right so. I subscribe to a lot of housing news letters and one of the things that literally just came out. A couple of days ago. Was that home sales. Are. Right now moving on a downward track home sales were not as robust as they work. In fact over half of the mortgage loans right now. Right now are refinances verses purchases so what does that tell you. There was a couple of months ago few months ago a year ago. It was mainly purchases and not many refinances. But now over 50%. Of the loans. That are being closed or refinance is Candice what does that tell you market turning. A you know what do you know brought back on the front door and my only in my. Well lobby dollar. Gonna take on what we thought was gonna take maybe 1218 months is coming around a little bit quicker are starting to come a little bit quicker. Menu we're originally thought well I really do think it's probably going to be another eighteen to 24 months he said twelve to eighteen belief yes I think. It's going to be donating I think it's going to be eighteen to 24 month. Before you can see it turned back into it buyer's market via however you know home sales are. All that downward trend right now and it was a slight drop in August slight drop in in June. And so what that means this. There are less buyers out there that are buying properties in publishing them op. Pushing the values. Pushing the market. In fact I've got friends. All over the country. That buy and sell properties and in some of the hot markets flexible hot markets and taxes. Some of the heart markets and in Nevada in California. In. Colorado even in Florida. Dinner table can now pick up deals on the MLS. At a discount when they weren't able to three different. Even three to six months ago. So they're going back on the in my last leg of the deals now we eat. Have never left the amount right because we still get good deals on him atlas if you come to our office and take a tour. Of our office you real working real state business to get to meet all of our people. And you get to meet Candace. If she's there. Back with her game legs. From having surgery and and and I'll be there if I'm not traveling she keeps me on the road quite a bit. Traveling and speaking and teaching and training. But. But you be able to come by and check out our board were we have like I don't know fifteen or eighteen deals on the board at any given time about an union board. We are about the need to newborn actually is Russian Elena and so and so is Andrea. So yes there I am enter critic and has been doing really good a care removed we talked about this deal oh with Andrea or not. But we actually got to deal. It was listed for 2152151000. It was a hard deal or is it hard deal. And we actually were able to pick it up and wholesale. We have it available right now for 160 Man Ray that's the price we are selling it for. And it's listed right now only MLS for 250. Right I mean people call up the bill Google the address aloud how can you sell this for what sixty this was two for 215. Or gala it is and that's exactly right. Or at Indy is very get elected that's tan and you know underneath. It's like they can't. Yeah exactly exactly so so come by and talk talk to guys at the office future investors kit which you'll get a copy. One or two of my books. And you'll get. An asset protection books you'll get a book about doing deals in your IRA how to buy and sell rule stating your IRA. As well as some dvds and CDs about some different models of things that we use. If there's investors better in signaling merry house you want to call 877 Larry go our different number to get information on the house. Well they can call that number back let's fund they can call 877 Leo our web site is investor worst rehab. Dot com is posted outbreak are known our web site investors. Rehab. Dot com so you'll see that one as well as other properties cause we have all of our properties are available. Couple that web site and we holes so properties to landlords. People were about property to fix it government and now. People who were about property to fix up the cell. And anything else that wanna do we are still a lot of properties to people who just want to they have cash that just won't buy it fix it up and moved into. Yet the lake Murray house is Roland that. Could be moved into. It's may have been reading it Disney's cosmetic updating click it just needs some more active picks as a house probably about fifty grand and yet you went down there hmm I ended. Anything I mean if you wanted it to be unsafe fifty. Yes 50000 dollars that probably. Bring it up more to like current. Current thing and you could go all out that granite countertop and everything in. Like some of the new construction that's going up around it but none that would be necessary if they'll amendment today is an awesome house. It really is one of the few houses we yet that is likely to 300000 or else what else to begin a 3040506070000. Yet but I'm telling you guys right now all the way the market is right now the market is slowing down and it is slowing down I'm not saying it's not a seller's market anymore okay. There's still. Still properties out there and and and there's still people bidding up above list price. But I'm telling you right now. That there are. There are deals out there to be filed. Now. I'll probably said that the wrong way because until people come you'll find deals you create deals right ma. You do you negotiated and but there there are some that when you see you're like I'm in this to get house in the more education you have around it. And Canada deeper knowledge to develop fuel you'll pick those out or they'll stand out more as a good potential deal. That's right and I saved problem properties every day. Owned zillow dot com and That we're gonna make offers alone and we also make an offer on every clubhouse in north and South Carolina every single day. And so. There's a lot of deals out there to be hatter to be found her to be made. He just got to get out there makes some offers and in fact you you know what I tell people three most important things a little state. Our make golfers make offers make offers it and that's what I was gonna tell you about a minute ago. When acid you know on what we're seeing him learn from me. You know if you care if you make no offers you have zero chance about a house right. Right now we have a few saves on I didn't wanna get on the phones with anybody and that's been working third shift so. He cans often that he's got his own realtor script he's been practice in this quest you did more regular and full of people would be in on Medicaid and I didn't running on the phone people. Newton but if yeah you look at. The blue. Two of them you. It's a tired tired. That you do that we're not planning and that's Flynn but I do that and they've written column. That's good that is good but what she does get out there makes them offer set a goal OK to make three to five offers a day. Cynical that's what I tell students make three to five or five to seven offers. A day if you do that you're gonna get a deal on the next thirty days the news and abide at a discount. In the formula is very very simple fact when we come back I'll give you the formula on what to do and how to do it. And exactly how much to offer or property and you really only need to know the answer to two specific things indeed you can make an offer any house. And the splits sector like Candace not stray that he do so. Call right now 877 where you go get your free investors kid you can also set up a tour. To come to the office to meet Candace myself if we happen to be there. And not take the tour by working office. Vietnamese the rest of the SS only and I get some information might you there you can also. Go ahead and register for our next upcoming three day events and we've got three left for this year so I give us a colander to set up at that we'll be right back. Welcome back to brag radio relays that is your keyboard that ordinary here. You end up in Beijing not to there are now very out. He's on it but the group but that's the layers think the answer. Apparently don't. There. Are cool so. Before we went to the break I mentioned. That I would surely you. Simple little formula so you can make an offer in the house out there literally splits today. It's very simple for you gotta do is take your RV. That's that's for after repaired you and how do you find that what they are these people pupil console platelets that little dot com or Rupert dot com. And you look for a comparable sales. Not for sale analysts estimate that sold. Some guy. You gotta do this scroll down when you're when you're looking at a property to scroll down look for the neighborhood click on that local maps and malice manage. And then it with one click. And I can't quite a military clique and the public and announce its one click of a mile. On the minus blood presuming now on the map. And a decade quantify the so you zoom out a well you click of the mouse. And then you'll see although the. Properties around that house that it sold of what they've sold for those are your crops couple balls today. So you take an average of those in zillow will leave and allow you to compare copper bulls compare houses. And get an average. And then what you can do is. You can. Once you get that he RV you take a RV counts point seven. Okay and our becomes 70%. In the mind the south the repairs should look at that the pitchers the property arrest in the cellar with a realtor while the repairs or. Let's say if they are villas a 100000 just to keep it simple. House point seven to 70000. Minus repairs let's say there's 101000 payers now beyond the 60000. Now if you can do fix and flipped his campaign more than 64 who has by the time you pay sixty you put Tim and you have seven the end that you can sell it for a hundred right. However if you're going to wholesaler like we do you take any RB counts point seven minus repairs now you're down to seventy. But let's say you wanna wholesale and make 101000. So values of truck to another team and and you can pay fifty sports what you pay fifty you can sell for sixty. They had repairs. Which you bring them up to seventy. And then it's worth a hundred they still have 30000 dollars in gross equity or. Percent to their aggression and its situation that's exactly that's Seattle leaves some room on the table. For the next person right right yeah so that's how you analyze the deal. Purdy quick right there any real. Any deal any deal and I know from our last event you've had a bunch of questions that we yeah going through but I don't know if we've ever gotten through all those questions or not. There's no way we'll be imminent and that. That's funny I had somebody emailed me just the other day and they were asking me how to Wi-Fi and it couldn't age. How often to Asia well. You know what's funny. Is. There's a whole different ways to file an agent but the main way that tell people is when your column about a house when they're told the lower roper dot com. If it's listed with an agent you'd call about the house but there's an agent attached to so when I'm column about that property. Number one a look for two things number one canal about this house at a good price the number two can I work with this age that makes sense right. So I wanna be able to. I want to be able to make an offer on this property and buy this house at a deep discount. But also wanna know is this an agent that I can work with. All right. So almost somebody. That you know like to work with food you don't like me and trust me I get to know them they get to know me and I can work with the long term basis. Okay so remember every house that you call about it's only MLS has an agent attached to. And that agent could potentially become you rate right. Now here's the other thing that. That I started recently telling people in fact it blew me away in our student group are FaceBook group we have an official Larry going student group. And we also have an official legal its inner circle group justice for electrical pronouncement. But our student group as does anybody if they got warmer books or whatever I write so somebody on the student group. Just yesterday and apple this'll brilliant I even made a comment about it. He says I'm an agent in Florida. And I'm interested in putting in hard beards or other offers for anybody. And I'll leave and go put out signs I'll pull lock box is all about take pictures of houses. Let's make a deal. My house and I was so impressed I mean I responded NASA ballots being proactive way to go yeah that in general in the having other people. See even Sealy and we have on the show a couple of weeks ago. She she chimed in that she said let's do it let's extra money you heard. Active and bright talent. At its students. And you know what she is in fact you know we had a role in the show not too long ago the president and yet for the second time and she was actually in our office. Couple weeks ago as well. And with our inner circle from this program and she literally just bald house and taxes again to the story she's just. And so she said she bought this house in taxes but she was tell me the story about house in. In on a legal woes in the Las Vegas or wrong horse that she ball. That she let somebody moved in moving in an advance in it. They you know. In how the now lateral movement and let them stay there rent free for a little bit until they were able to. You know get ready to close range but the person in that market moves and they couldn't get him. And the person was just taken advantage. Celia and feel while there was taken advantage of it she said I'm openly about it again and I'm government and nice to someone I'm never doing that. No good deed goes unpunished. As its U. He says. And so it does he did yeah there ran a little man I know right. So we look back we were on the bus tour you know we dual bus tour with and are from corporate this program going to look at properties and analyze them and offers. And so we were on the bus tour and she was telling everybody about her house in Houston. And near Houston she said this house to sell it's she says common element let people stated that displays that these days. I sincerely. What's this about no good deed goes unpunished. You know what. You normally I'll look up there it is and Nate is now Laker all bark its add it pretty. They keep at. It like that too well. And at that you don't. Right. I'd be. So I was really excited about the fact that you know this guy was pro active. And he got down on our FaceBook group and in Gaza are gonna tell you if FaceBook is a great place to not only find deals. But to also find people that you can network with binding you'll find buyers and lenders. Five and you know anybody to work with I'm agents so. That one question upward while find an agent. In out there everywhere right. Yes there absolutely there everywhere. So you know go to FaceBook joining the groups there's Charlotte wholesalers groups that are Charlotte metro liner re of their Charlotte Rea. Which stands for real estate investors association. And there's a whole can real study groups we are personally members of probably over 300 different rules state group right than those are all places. Aka post and I'm looking for an agent like say I'm a member of book of a group and Dallas Texas. Real estate investor group. I could say I'm looking for an agent in Dallas Texas. Or I'm looking for property or I'm looking for a lender I'm looking for a buyer or a boot right around person because we teach people how to invest virtually right. We do you talk a lot about it at the three days to just like their realtors in and how to find them where to find in their groups like you're talking about now not only that though how to talk to on. I'll see you around and make sure they understand it's you know what you're talking about you are Clearwire looking for and the best way to keep them or let them. That's true that's so true. So called the office he might get Candice who knows she might she answers the phones from I never has to follow camping area all of downtown is entering and so called careless 877. Literary go. And asked for your invest in and kit. From Larry and Candice. Regan sent an email to info at Bragg radio dot com check out all the paso arc as some rag radio. And we will be right back. Back to brag radio. On this beautiful Saturday afternoon. It's that time at that time bird the generous section of our show I love the fortune through college student highlights. Love it. Love it love it we always get so many good ideas of what people are doing different with the way that they're investing. Whether excited about when it comes been generous with their time with their money so this week we have missed clean air. What's happening and. Hey. Good to talk yet how do you deal with. I am doing great that you're over what we're where are you your role in the West Coast right. I am I'm an ad and it accounting. San Diego County. That is awesome I love it that's a beautiful area right there. So so player I know you're it took you a little while ago and you've settled at for a little while as you mentioned in our FaceBook group. The you know but it's much more fun to do it right. So yeah. So tell us a little bit about that you really you know you kind of took the bull by the horns and took off with the state tells a little bit about about first about yourself for the incumbent what you're doing and rules that. Sure. His I think 2011 and I don't I loved the concept. And upbeat note. Creation in the Philippines exits and that you. I've written I don't really like tickets because the women. You know I would and I get a good house and am. The person about it from me when and significant otherwise find out in the fire and because they get it would be ill and note. So. You know everybody and that's what I'd like to do so. Anyway I don't know why I think mentally it just let them in the right place after pounding. I had for awhile on abbey to make it out. I ate this talking to a friend. Note to an aria group. And explain the concept to hurt you said that. And at that time how she had the money and I have been now Alan. The bottom up and Cleveland. Nice cute little out. That we just spoke recently and we had not opened no word but innings states. And since then I've bought for Maher and southern Illinois. And are on different stages of the process and I lucked out there can really get real turbulent and investment. And investors than upon itself. And it it dies does Adam. Construction guys to you know play like one thing needed some electrical work development and a all the house until eight. You know he was that it did from. If it's really dwell on it and and I really enjoyed it. That is awesome now now for those of you don't understand filthy rich is as a model with the name of the training that we have called filthy rich is. And become the officer colleagues said the similar you know make sure you get a dvd explain all that but Claire. You are in San Diego area in nearby houses in Cleveland Ohio you're buying houses in the Illinois. Your bottom all the way across the country. So and and naturally you're not even looking at a Mario. Not. Now no one who taught you how to do that. Larry Dolan and am an acute account and anger of the river has. So Claire what your details about the Cleveland deal just run some numbers. So you can show our listeners a little bit about the kind of deal that you're doing Hinckley because listen you live in California. Sort prices look like phone numbers foreign phone numbers so you can't do these deals out there right. Give it a certain athletes but in order to do this and the saints they get that. The amount a person pays. On their notes should be about equipment. Political rants. And so that's kind of. What we look at so it's not a criminal tighter than mount but it was a really nice little house. And we ended up getting it for 181000 dollars. And the attempt sold it for forty. Eric call and they had to come up and down. And so in the ample and that. About double and a little. And and that worked out great about the Internet it's huge return on her 181000 now. And again secretary baker but got no money. Exactly. And you know that is a perfect partnership in my right one person does the war another person put up the money. And then you don't have any payments he got money coming in and then after the season that note a little while now you gonna sell it you guys can divide the profits up. However you set up the partnership right. So you're return is confident because you have zero invested right. The middle a lot of blood what appears but no money. I expect her to pay and that's okay. That is OK I was just look at all of iiroc FaceBook student group that you remember. And one day you bought and sold a house exact same day didn't. Yeah that would flicked a different outfit that Bob won out with the old not a. Right right that's what I mean you bought one house and another wears old but it was the exact same day. That is awesome that's really good like he said it was that the same house but hey. You're rocket in Roland that's all right you've done how many deals since then you've got how many total. And that's fine. Until. I've deal's total. That is awesome I love and I love it tell us about what are your deals and Illinois. Yeah I don't mind as an really interesting I have been there I. My ex actually it's an area that's a little familiar with that which you play it started looking there. And them. Yeah it looks at that. One right now. But actually expand the morning. Fielding tech's nothing I'll call the text back and forth from people who are in Europe it. And I've got a couple people looking at a house right now. And declined. Behind it and really silent house when I have my cap tactic that threw it to look at which I like to do before I make sure that now. Really big surprises that it affected by the look at you know everything until his opinion. He was sorry he didn't hit first. And that want it and we got four. And you know now I have five I'm not remembering numbers that they expect a gimmick. And it but that's the problem outright yes exactly act without that 14. 48. 48 or 691 of the number anyway were gonna vote for Obama XP. Exit 45 and number and I'm. So and we're not doing anything to. That's not to that period there where I think. And that is rain storm recently in an. That little part of a group but that's about it. And all part of the territory right there yeah yeah yeah. One of the things they do is there an easier thing in California. A Daria I'm meetings. And every now on and I'll say this is what I do and I'm looking for investors. In California if you talk some of Canada and pout about it last. And get a really good return on their super excited. Because anyone lending in California to have at least a 15300000. Rise to get into India a it'd be able it can't let that 101000. It is very comforting to a lot of people thought I had no problem finding investors to wanna be part of it. That is also loved that because you go to the aria the real state investors' association meetings and in what you do is. You end up talking to the people there. And instead they haven't put up a 150 that you put up two and a 151000 dollars into a filthy richest deal. You know it does it blows me away it's also a lot it. A lot right. The win for them to do so that Australia. A strong and it keeps me in at Roland combined you know one mind that it would be happy. That's great and I know you just get started golf five deals under your belt but got no money in the deals so you've got filed payday is common in the next few months right what do you think your total payday is going to be. After these five deals. Good question though well. They'll all be at least five that company to sell. When a putt about an hour or more and more than that but. No less than. And that's not magic that you got no money in the deal right. Creating money out of thin air sent in the. That is also. Well Claire I really really appreciate you come and old and share that with us. It's also on you're just a model student you're out there work at it you could still work full time job while you're doing this. And take care of business at the same time we get to rule state business to building an annuity right off the bat so clear thank you so much revealed. Thank government. That's gonna wrap up today's brag radio leaving the world to be rich and generous for more information and hollering Candice talked about on today show or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry golf that's 8775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Pictured it to me in every Saturday for brag radio. Leading the world to be rich and generous Marion Kansas we'll show you how to invest in real estate and the many ways real estate creates the ideal investment. Here on news 1110993. WTC.