Darren Ash

At Home with Roby
Sunday, July 22nd
Darren Ash, Executive Director at The Roc, joins Patrick and Trent to discuss education, young people and business.

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Following is a sponsor program on WBT. Morning and welcome to head. President and CEO of the Ritz camera companies we are here because it's Sunday morning nine to ten and how much relief. Trimming it to quit woods did you listen to on the radio news on the waiting here number. With summary on the side. On the radio. Diller went on here but on your land here what was what was playing your card why drove back from the basis more and understand I have four hours in the caller. Okay what was in this attack falls on those days. Impact the song you know religious listen to our podcasts from last week we excel with relation outs say that wasn't packed when you print a picture on your face and pay an audit FaceBook guy anymore. Of you in LeRoy can we talk about the last says they need LeRoy is in bed he sort of what will conduct makes him. Which was brought a tear not that I did not seat a teacher before the show saying now I understand or some of the emotion that he had from the senate came from. As a teacher really was some I think that just could put a million words into it just sort of explained. Who LeRoy is only Minty yeah and I don't always listen to our shows are attractive. Lilja might not. I'm not I don't take pride in here to hear us tolerant and ramble. But idealism that showed today because it is so lead up Cheryl talking about mentors and telkom bow. Opt gaining confidence through mentor ship learning the hard work and through love. And we utilize LeRoy in my dad his two main examples of that serve and a sleeve notes our guest today is there Nash. Who who has started some great call the raw. Which is a collaboration. With the and goodwill industries Solomon homer schools and and CP CC. And do this for workforce development for the kids may and it is incredible I mean it did what he is doing is is unreal deed of you really need to sticking and listen to this this or. But yet to go to church some command grab the podcast that. Kim as funny after we didn't shoot tucked valued at so much and in the united trading vehicles for a little while a new. Of course you drive a Ford pickup truck this got about 84 inch wheels on and it's about a 184 for his two literacy feed law and I'm just kidding but it's your dad's old truck and I've been driving around address that from Francies it'll Sunday. And he's a driving a Grand Cherokee and I told you about that they can hit about twelve curves in the first six feet so you add is some you Edison character Tamar room here at every time I hit it you had your dad's memorial and it's their console right after promising he gave me the one on America. Why would you be at full. I hit a lot of curves and that drug generally do that shows Bambi beaten and is in love. Home is gonna hang in there I get a face when I need to book down. It's funny man Monday at east hill on a curve Sedin had a truck too long before yes say. But only to the Ramsey he's not holes and and there's a pot seal on the metal rim and OK did that was there before I took in when you didn't visit curve and it's the current bid to shoot a pop scene that are hall and Edison new sketches and I think you think you wrote in my column in about the did you. Help me but I'll I did a couple curves before and Cragg the inside whale old Omar rail now and Omaha that and can't can't haven't put aired made a slowly got done this like three counts. It's a back right tired because you when you take an anti right and I'm gonna give them only deal will promote just stand back you are in our mechanics. Than our fleet McCain he's just an awesome person great gap. He's located at Ross south boulevard behind autos and the great gap vetoes saying do you know that believes less in his coddle. But he signed it caught iPhone just on that forever rebel he was a bleep is lessening in his Sunday this is its name of the company like ruby knew us and not ready. Really I'm that's what I call him one day and said man I mean in every Democrat rim hit occur. And a sleek and iron and the new rim. He semi Tran I got this got to. Got this got a might be able to fix that real well to back together element bring them back here and I anyway. For a couple otter box he's eaten not have to older and as for Graham not dollars and older monogamy pal Mario. Forward to or wanted to jump to a royals opened and did he's a great gas anyway. I hill lot curse adventurous and also by at I don't know and I got near logo garden about random back here Mike is it. Is he about went a little hype around great well does he tell you I on the way here while we had but Brett. Is this morning with our are climbing team from maybe services in im one of their particular Tony Jones and Tony just had a baby girl on January 20 Jim Sorgi and 22. And cal it'll tire Wear like now I'm ingeniously class signings. Not much in reminded Darius rockets on it won't be like this for long. And sent him like he's listened to song it's great eras I have a daughter as well and are finalists and to make it here at this of course I'll listen to on the way here. It's just it's just a wonderful song talks about parenthood and kids in general type things tilt. Darius Rucker got some good music he does not only we don't you tell slipped in the my favorite Darius Rucker song is so southern state of my ally tests on today tell us about walk into the streets in California wait sand hate everybody and they let their shaking her head as saying that boy just saying right begin on the run pace cinema and I didn't understand they don't understand what the south was about they them they dented bid to stay on the topic of kids solicited Darren Darren ashes here in the end of the Bulldog. Yes so rude. You know out of the rugby family companies is is. Hangs his hat chaired ably homes to make a wish foundation. And thin. Anything else we do we want to beat kids century and in and we'll let that. Kid to follow disbanding give kids opportunity educate kids. So we've gotten really behind. In the last year to. Workforce development and through my our role at the homeowners association in three years and a.'s role ordinary and trying to join forces indeed industry Farnham and rent bees cannot stand behind it with other cup easily as you say now we have all of our shot down the line at one target vs. All shotguns on a different Hillary is stuffing and you're gonna hear bearing come on the show today he's so eloquent he speaks so so well. He's gonna let us know at a rocky is where it came from out of his mind but I must say Al watch him and action now. Men and there are four mains have been KG. OP is scared to say what he needs to say to hold people accountable and get things cross the finish far. NASA's edited in narrow role. Now living at your exact reminisces a huge huge huge. Problem there a country has and Darren has created opportunities for a solution. Which is really great that the stay tuned with this will only return we have there and ash from the rock ROC. The pinnacle of workforce development in Charlotte. I was ready. Patrick my passing from ruby services along with ten paces from the Robie family of companies. I'm really excited about our guests here Daryn ash although during the break he did ask me Clinton was a four year school. So I had negative I've heard out of Florida did dare here. Here at Georgia Bulldogs who we consider it gently and these other a pot calling the kettle black George of George Lewis of Georgia was a party store and I was there. Yeah I spent some time there during a during my college days and I think that reputation for prevailed on that he might have a couple years on the I think that I got plenty else they're all three years Herschel. If you don't well yeah really now my hands the glory days to analyze the and it now you're back to glory obviously going to the college football championship last years that things are good for our football programs but death. We're obviously not here to talk about that you've got a lot going on and an important has the with the rock Intron and even pretty pretty involved with this is well. Yeah and. Did the rock. Is there is maybe. Is that right I mean. So to speak so this figuratively. But the rocket is a Oliveira outlet there was this is a cooperation between the two Darren is out of but between CP. Goodwill industries and Charlotte Mecklenburg schools correct it is and it is a I pure collaboration. We. Our retrofitting. A building right across from Philip Iberian down the street from party. To become the state of the art Smart lab facility. To teach you own juniors and seniors in high school. A lot of things in the construction trade. They will be able to learn advanced carpentry. They will be able to view on take a lot of classes in the electrical HV a C blueprint design. Blueprint analysis green building design cad. So it's a ten year or sequence of classes starting their junior year or so. The really cool thing about all this building. Is that it is really within shuttled distance or walking distance of three major high schools so the kids can take. Their first two classes. You know in the morning ending walker get shuttled over to the rock. And really get these type of classes that have really been afforded to students in over thirty years maybe more. So true we tell tremendously only show how workforce development. Is so what effect our family accompanies his is. Is really pushing. The Robie family. And last say this you've heard me say this there and it. If it is some out of greed because we need workers. In the future we definitely do and we need skilled workers in skilled workers is sort of a thing of the past. Arm but it's also. The economy is good at and it's. Would do the statistic Jeff thanks all of his 49 or fifty and in upper mobility opportunities yeah they're they're actually live house a couple of week we are we're waiting we are laughs no we'll also moved. It's needed. And these are great pain and coming great careers great paying jobs companies with benefits and they just these these children need to learn trades and if they learn a trade victim they can feed her family for life. Yeah you know I think we've done a lot of these kids the big disservice Jerry wholeheartedly yeah it it's kind of a university for all mentality yup. Again going back thirty years Islam. I think the school systems realized how expensive that was to have staff a lab took. To have to bring in this type of equipment to teach and so they just made kind of an easy economical decision. And didn't pitch the four year for all and now you see a lot of these kids specially. In schools on the west side like carting away a smack. Where these kids take all and predatory for profit student debt. They never finish X and in their left without any thing this is one of those powerhouse that. You have like force stops on the train station you can. Finished the rock. And have all of these industry certifications. Paid a per admission up. A year of CP CC under your belt and you get off the train right fair and probably make them around forty K. Or you couldn't take the trying to the next stop which is finishing an extra year at CP. And pitcher associates to courage and get a two years such as agree with you already have 11 year or for credits if you do the Ross assess corrected this point you're 1920. Years old gear take an in that range I can just keep. He brought an end. And we have scholarship funds for that extra year at CP. And the train doesn't just stop then clear. You can and a lot of those credits will transfer to like an east Carolina. And now they wouldn't to a Chapel Hill what we're telling a kid is. Basically in your junior year. If you get about taking your foreign language. A light difference. In your chemistry. Can you take all of our classes. It's a US. Has its it's a route to have to really consider. Because to get into a Chapel Hill you have to. How'd that. Foreign language but doesn't offer a liberal hearts the liberal large X. Similar from a Jeff I don't get integrated city plant at the end there you go out that there's an advantage wore me out into that we're hearing that one of Canada's I'm going to go up. Well that's the warriors slowly make it clear to these kids that. This is not a sending you will not yet move on but this is a post secondary Iran halt. And we election watcher gimmick because from the parents sign all with the kids for this I mean these are college instructors. These kids can't miss class the way you can miss Betsy amassed. And so if you miss more than two classes. Your fault. As accountability amenity that's a huge virtue that you're teaching. Mean that's obviously Lou this skills are one thing else is soft skills it did did we need the younger generation to come to work whether they come work for a living here any construction agency in town. I mean this is a full fledged effort through youth through all in the trade ordinaries evolve native with the handlers say she's involved but it is really important they teach in this soft skills. Well yeah that's part of actually one of the classes their second semester yeah I'm now work life. We also start integrating in the industry mentor worse. At that power. The apprentice ship again as part of their mentor ship and then we start what's called skills USA clubs and I senior year yeah. Industrywide competition that and are very real folly yeah churn out and so your mentor basically is preparing you for the competition and that follows the curriculum you just studied in the morning. So while we had big dreams we have big turning bleak. We had a we take alien came on the says she's from the DIY network she's extremely involved with skills USA. It's kind of like it people who don't know what that is I mean if you watch we we even say his words around Caylee and she like lights up. Missed one of the things and they she looks forward to every year and it's super important. They did mean it's it's a big. LP cinder box ceiling on the way to divide us after the idea and I think you know. It's virtually nonexistent Mecklenburg County ass up for. Cosmetology. Particularly now actually we like kick kick button cosmetology at every year but. But for all the other skills. The things that this is desperately needed here you're talking about soft skills last show we. Yeah about our mentors talk about LeRoy talk about. It adds. And and really it was confidence and our work is what who would I and you need to glean. From mom mentors and low confidence Aurora hello over to three. Things are resonated. That we kept coming around to slash Ireland and this is what the rocks gonna give these kids and I think we have thirty in the program starting in the fall. Yet there's stabilize east we will have sixty juniors and sixty seniors Kregg any given day. And at night this is even a more exciting goodwill and CP CC will be. Teaching a lot the same classes seven weight classes to adults. So dot bicycle be crazy you have a lot of people in the air and those adults get those same type notes of of life skill training can shall have a lot of people coming straight out of prison. Second chance tie opportunities wonderful so. A lot of you know the the hard skills. But combined we're at the life skills. Darren alma tell more about the rock we got to cut to a break. The amount hanging out and also lied us talk a little bit about a year your background on what drives you to do this peninsula may be boring part of the job opposite sides got Darren Nash. From the rotten when we returned. What I did help grow and Patrick a Kaiser permanent services a lot of cookies and from the residence in the company's. We are your post if he had missed lasting segments. Do yourself a favor get back at the podcast take a listen we're talking about some very very important stuff that's gonna talk about workforce development. All the time and we have dare Nash and here they use it. He said was his baby is the rock which he's Clinton his money where its mouth is in actually doing literally about this. Yeah which is so Danielle how much we appreciate what you're doing in our community of a destruction industry into the buzz out there everybody's excited. This is something wonderful that the city of Charlotte beat you apart with CP CC. NC a mess. Is this remember is wonderful I mean the way the way out found Aron was through CPC said he right and we've had those gas they Carter's been on the sheriff Tom. And I was really representing Roby. But also lose the homeowners association or greater Charlotte. And we said hey this is the need for our industry Aniston needs for our city for these kids and and we're gonna we're gonna really make a push over the next found a teen years zone than we were really involved workforce and oh yeah and in the home on. Association whom voters are issues. So we won't start reaching out to various people see a mass. Has said hey let's do a shotgun approach and see where we can have teeth because we Cain gets spread the and we got to do one thing you re doing well. We go to C paid. I say we have this program starting knew nothing about it is still raw there's a property were part of term we do will NCMS. And while and then I sat down what Darren and one thing I want to reiterate the first soundly said down together receipt. Yell spoke cabal. Really locked public schooling how schools moved away from shop class right. In just a spice thing when computers came along. Dealing named a computer. And a desk yes you know especially Linda space it will laptops and stuff now now are there. But that tiller shop or to learn a skill like is this and carpentry or plumbing you need a lab. Need a lot of men and probably fifteen. Kids Max. You know instead of give cramming and me 3030 kids with one instructor we we're budgeting you know projecting shifting but it was the first time I had ever sand. May be a wasn't noted these jobs are seen as I able it was a cult thing falsely for for for our accounting Eric the government you know it's a little bit of those. They don't you think demeanor I remember scene advocate with him as the forward the picture on the wall and in high school or will he whatever amount of the middle school. There's like without an education and had a guided been you know a dirty like he'd been on the field all day. And then sit with an education had a guy loses I street PCs and the big smile. Besides I was he's miserable in his second state where he's under he's underemployed or he dropped got a story to tell you that I don't tell a different yeah. Loses a parent. So rude. You got a couple years old home Patrick and that I have heard you say a couple times this is your last for a notices this is what she going now where's. You you the I don't make too much a bastard here. Eager for profit career life but and a little bit I think you're into real estate industry right. Found some success go ahead I was and they jumped multifamily business until about twelve years ago and come to come out. Trevor Obama face to pursuit the second half life I'm 58 Nelson this was in my. Men forty and horseshoes. Called 2006 she got that are real estate industry yeah well. Birdie. But I was actually gonna go into the ministry really personal life just god laughing at. And I was really searching and it and I relief with some among nonprofit friends. That I had been bordered on boards where if I did. Found a real gap in. And their family homeless Serena so why he started an agency called them. Cultural family housing and did that for seven years. And in we did on another agency where where you've lent to the pool or pursue an idea of sort of kind of my fees and nonprofit news. Getting away from the whole toxic charity models. But this was an opportunity I grew up in the country. I've got a big deer camp in Georgia and there was just killed almighty on my farm who. Was a welder and he takes care of the place after work. He's twenty to make an 80000 you know Asia and we would just sit out by the fire and talk about the trades. And this was starting about two your discuss what kind of got to be in my bonnet about it. And when BMX real estate guy when I saw this property. Where it was strategically located thus when I started bringing hand. These groups. And said hey you guys wipe boarded injury meant and how will help fund it. Will also say. One of the missing components of these types. Construction traits goals is a purer industry representative usually industry's been left outside the door. If you get these big cumbersome. Institutions. And a running you know in the program. We are delivering a product for industry. And I represented. You guys. And you will have a say in every aspect. And so. That's a that's probably a new paradigm shift for the CT but this is I'm 58 this is kind of what I wanna do. God laughs when you make a plan some often homework right now but it gotta have faith I night and I'm pretty I'm pretty jacked. We know EET sits on the fairness I think he kind of boil south summit happens and in business news is we didn't have a place a focus point and I think he candidates BA. Amongst many organizations are trying to do something to to help Mary national sensation remodeling and she's trying to do something to help. CP CCC emissary they had to they needed something need to be done. Now coming you have given us all some sort of focus on and to build upon which I think makes a big difference is that focus and sort of liken our business like Trent. Mean all these different balls are being done here in different opportunities and we've got to focus on what. Which was the right one strategically for us and our our organizations and I think that's what the rock has brought. To our industry is at his effort historian. Which is super helpful. Wells yet again. My big partner in crime mystic career via this this hit us they haze I mean he's got a he's got a full time day job but I think. He has spurred me on and an in incredible inspiration and and really I can't hammer a nail and and so I'm just like us bunch spoken out. Steve's knowledge and his passion for this and and to be quite honest lot of days I cannot do this because groups dogs like Steve. Wear red I went to a meeting will with the last week with business owners and business leaders. Trying to rally to rally the industry. Yeah and not not up a monocle a lot tell a lot about this up but my neck on the line and give my timing and give our efforts and give our money. Could Kazaa lite where it leads me to. With the with the faith. And I got to meet some people another day that I have never met skip Norse meet Ambien won the buildings and we do business with them that I had never Redding and right. It's just great when you pull people in the room together. And then what else can come out right just just give a little bit here and Steve which up her many towns and then stayed for twenty years eighteen years. His passion you are right he loves these kids. And he will secede filmmaker the way for themselves and any walls are industry. Sexy gal and and an in state and I've been homeless. Almost eighteen month journey with this collaboration and collaboration is. To find this and unnatural act by unwilling partners that are so you know it's then it's been tents. But I think gets all melt from the community good because if we had tried to do it without any of these partners it wouldn't be a strong. And again I think having adults they're. Getting the same skills and no light. We're gonna delivered an industry. Some immediate help and the future. Not think it's great. And you're doing all this this is this as you're doing at all cause a Sonia heart and then also almost say this. You did see a little monies and the like are spoke about this the other day how much sort of decorum policy the little we seed a little money right and then you go last four. Right. Sick kids involved if you're excited about this Daryn. Thank you so much how can people find out about the rock. The web sites probably the best it's wrought RO CE. Charlotte dot org. And that will tell you a lot of to tell us where you do exactly and in which can industry address the sun and went to my wanna go for a Sunday drive a combined take a peek and outside. It's it's some well if you're. On Allegheny I mean if your freedom and you don't Allegheny got across street from Philip a periods it was exert will to connect. Retail operations center to enhance our exceed the rock and we help the rock would be a great. They named it to kids and we see them their walking the halls of Harding going. I am going to the raw this stadium NN as this yeah and so we picked a name just for the kids. And in erase around bro yeah stuff Darren thank you so much for what you're Dolan on the shaky hand thanks for being here I think godspeed to the rock. Thank you guys per should chill. Welcome back down the road Patrick fantastic from review services along with chased him from the Robie family of companies. We are your host Tran they're Nash is left the building. What an inspirational. There is also made a toll that is incredible. I mean it's sort of like they'll the last two segments account liken a culmination of all this stuff that we talked about here results to work force development. It's like Darren was listening to us and the industry in seventy some bout this. And what he's done has has given us some disorder all. Be part of and hang their hat upon method is wonderful. Guy that I just white white some whites stuff off my face. And I noticed he had a box I have sun lotion a little while face this morning Wallace driving. Annals like I got to wipe that off later subtle like a full and I just realized that. You go looking in my temple Olga what maybe if you missed the last segment Darren mentioned this Mecklenburg County. I didn't skills he USA competition we dominate the cosmic apology to get off failed that's why yes and Santa make me is I said that. Though we don't even have a presence could think concentrate cosmetology were good black trails bear rationale. Arsenal's yet they do wonderful job they did it was USA is basically around the masonry. And home voters of grow it at home motor association of greater Charlotte which includes the barest. Is very modern yet it was a merger some a few years ago I in his heart that with. Was CC BIA case it would base of pain there have Rosalyn who can mayors county. Building industry associates along those lines and man. And it'd be lenient I've seen here he's very involved nationally was still the USA and locally. In Ann Elise is totally some help on Sundays and Saturdays and who would do in the net. The competition's a believes either for revelers around deep can you outline. Lowe's Lowe's donut is as confused Seattle on. I don't have a dollar and out fight but to slow do you know Lowe's has in these CEOs they were to him because that was that was involved there for awhile around our new Maher rails and Howard didn't racy were didn't it. Well that's great to enable it in really less class hopi he had a chance in India that listen to two would dare Nash has to say get involved do something about it that's exactly he's doing and a year involved we'll. Well what I what I like I had not heard this in and I've been spending a lot of time when there and Tron Nina. My charges that it used to recruit industry folks to give timing of modern. And mentor shield and it's been skill leadership. But it was the first Tom. And what drove him to this as his quote a one last hurrah. Who was the the young man well order that helps him out on this farm I played out or Georgia at a Cleveland Georgia and that is see and how successful this 22 year old is. And talk until in the about it the same my and we anymore of this and it and he was real estate which shall love the area obviously yeah we're big on the west core doors here. Is the old goodwill building does the the raw. Building would receive. Who else yet a stamp for. Receiving goods or sums up our seas act and amp by. It is overall the freedom problem Allegheny street which is it's up and coming. And and it's very convenient like pieces for three Haskell strategically located it to get there for the student. But Trent if he ever thought we were doing this elaborate on interactions affect him that it had a brain part alleged the Roxanne forced shows you that debt. Which is us and overall I love it. The justice system in the last segment did did music it segue into into early story. Eighty mentioned the fact that dampen ups and seed money to get this going just like you in the room with him they companies did back on the court almost her turn and started eleven years ago. He said Hamlin put on the put myself out there just like there ended. Then I'm gonna go ask for force and support and both have seemed to be successful and what we do leading up to the coral turn it. It's of course we tell a story in make a wish story we've got to get one if you listen to show a few weeks ago we had Chrysler make a wish he alluded to this story a little bit. But this is wish kid Toby and in honoree this it is basically Dre side weeks from today to. To provide an unforgettable experience for tout their family. When Cody said he wanted to do his very own gaming computer make a wish enlisted the help of UNC greens were on their information tech services department. And immediately interested and even CG was connect it would make a list of Billy gaming PC. Said John Cahill I TS security specialist. For Kirby in the six exciting part of any gaming computers ability to stay connected with his friends online after being diagnosed with a nervous system disorder. Kirby is confined to a wheelchair is no longer able to play basketball. Or lacrosse. However he does let his condition stop him from living his life to the fullest he went to prom spinning down the friends and family and graduating from high school. It's a plane at the movie's release continue to team found out what exact parts can do is looking for and what he vision for his computer. We got the date planned out I'm looking forward to a great building from opening all the boxes hands on sense assembly and final senator John. I think though he's gonna have a lot of fun on the day of the build Kelly's eyes lit up if you open the box after box equipment jockey John walked him through each step of the bill. And everything went off without a hitch. Kelly said I think Iran's right Johnson I think you had a real sense of pride and only bill and Felix back on it. These new computer will be a great asset for him is he is playing to start college in fall. Quickly as a study computer science that's also meant that fiscal it was cool about this is like. He didn't make a wish does or doesn't pumpkin carving. Permission down and I would manage stating we're gonna have since Osama on the showdown the rate after the wanna turn to talk about that. Happily they funded this switch from that a little India. Why I think it's really cool that is the one true which and this is Brazil as the one true wish. It hit momma won't mom alone and together with polite Hawaii after Florida sometimes us kids true which. But it. I think das boot the main healing asked state government and Al costs on. How hard it is we know this from Ron and a custom construction business customer service and that is how hard it is when you're accustomed. And you're not just produce them a million widgets all of the same size and shape. Imagine how hard it is for the wish team are around the country bitten by the our central western north client to get these which is gone thank you so much because it got to cope teaming Kobe wants to be computer science major item in a what a platform for him to jump off a son he'll be able to villain on his entire life. Go Coby. Thank you for joining us. Have a great Sunday.