Data Privacy, Media and the "Photo"

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, June 22nd
South Carolina is developing a Data Warehouse to track our personal information, Josiah Magnuson is the elected representative for South Carolina House District 38 joins Vince, topic "data mining" bill.  And comments on our "privacy".

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Promoting American. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. There are cracks me up every talk about the shift they have mainstream news media they just don't give. Confusion. After trumps executive order relay. Your viewer the confusion is. Game between your ears that's the only place. This from clearly cracks me up I told you. See that's the thing about the mainstream media have to remember they have to have a story line they have to have something that they can beat a drug law and minute after minute after minute after minute for that red stripe up there. I mean it's. A lot of times when I'm not a public when their TVs around. I like to just walk by and see what they hyping now at this out. They usually with CNN it's the same stuff. Something about Donald Trump and the investigation. By a what's his face. During remember the guy's name right now Robert Mueller. Now all of their beating this drum on the immigration issue I get some good news on that. And I'm going to get to a bit which I think is absolutely awesome. The majority the American people are not as dumb. They see an end like to think they are. Then I'm going to give you an example. How that is the case. You know. Try as they may. You kids do you defy every single American. Book you can try IE but you're not necessarily going to succeed. Before it gets in this. Here's a story I absolutely love. Ends. There's really no possibility. Of this happening. Just a year ago six months ago. The two Koreas have agreed on states for dates for family reunions. Think about this. Family reunions. One reason say share this first some of big believer in relationship. Relationship makes all the difference the world I think this is the kind of the kind of meeting the kind of encounter that can be transformer if whatever progress has been made so far with North Korea. This could be. A big game changer. This planned reunion will take place in August. Officials from north and South Korea. Arranged this. From the date August 20 drew 26. This is Kim on a new joint statement today after delegations from both countries held talks. As part of their agreement reached. In April's inter Korean summit. At this point 100 families from both sides will be allowed to participate in the event. The last time this happened October 2015 it's been nearly three years ago. This is extraordinary. Can you imagine wanna be like if you're one of these families. Think of the many thousands. Upon thousands of families. There have been separated for years with really no hope of unification. And now all of a sudden. Everything has changed. Again this is another example the importance of relationship. Because you think about this. And you follow the heart of this. What real reason do you have. To have north and South Korea divided in the first place. And I am a feeling it's further going to stir. The desire for reunification. Now you can talk later on about what this looks like how this happens. What it would look like. The wheels are turning. And I think turning and a great direction. This is the kind of thing they have an impact on all of the other. Pressing and difficult issues relationship. Again the decision. Announced this morning bringing together. People from north and South Korea let's watch this and she word goes. Let's come push and hold. I made the point a few minutes ago that I'm really gratified by the fact that. Americans are not as dumb as CNN would like to believe they are. Based on that straight up by the way confusion after truck reversed so line separating families. You know his interest in somebody. A purse Regis yesterday they're asking the question about. My former career in television in fact it was Rupert driver. Who recognized me and said. You know I stopped watching TV. When you left I stopped watching the local news don't watch anymore. But that was kind of interest but she asked me the question. You do ever miss it I told her absolutely positively. Not. And this is one the reasons why one of the questions she had some great questions by the way when the questions was. Whose fault in the decision making on stories did you get to help decide. I'm absolutely now. I mean sure I can present ideas boa most of the time my ideas. We're not sexy and provocative enough and they were not so things that were allowed to I don't know. Didn't prompt enough fear yes. No I'm not doing this to slam anybody. I'm just saying narratives. Narratives. You know conflict that's a good narrative. Racial fear that's a great narrative whether the world gonna die that's a great narrative. Come on. If you watch you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes she can beat the drum over and over and over again and because people to believe things that are simply not true like all of this. Nonsense going on. About families. Being separated you know it's really incredible. I have a new story not reported by American Media British media. About a picture that's getting a lot of publicity we're gonna talk about that a bit. First I want to tell you about a Rasmussen poll a new one. Do you know who the majority of Americans blame. For the child crisis on the border. Anybody here in here wanna get us via majority of Americans who do they blame it on. Well. Absolutely wrong they blame it out and the immigrants parents. Be illegal immigrants parents. So the media's put hyper focus on this issue according to the daily caller. They've been beating mr. on the last few weeks. Leading present Donald Trump to sign an executive order ending the separation. Current US law does not allow for at least be detained together if the parents are referred for prosecution for illegal border crossing however. The Rasmussen poll shows Americans don't blame the drug administration. For the approximately 2000 children who have been separated from their parents. 54%. Of likely voters polled by Rasmussen said they think the parents are more to blame for breaking the law. Isn't that wonderful. People are not stupid CNN. They know. The the primary responsibility lies with the people who made irresponsible and frankly dangerous decisions. This is another story I'd encourage you. Share this on social media. And the people continue to try to blame trump for somebody else. Tell these people shame on you stop promoting propaganda. This is still since Coakley radio program 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program getting your thoughts on these. Wonderful developments I think. We're talking match reunifying families from the Korea's. Ends. The fact that more Americans. Than not. Recognize that the responsibility for any separation of families. Ultimately lies with the parents. Mean it's really not that complicated. As much as CNN this trying to make it. Now we're talking about first lady's jacket which we will get to a bit. Which. This is just too funny way too funny on the text line. Vince family reunion in the Koreans. Now the conflict really starts that Sam out of Greenville. Yes there's real potential for that don't you think. But let me just. Play a little up. Play a little team of thinking ahead of what can happen out of this. You think of families coming together connecting with the each other. While it's great to see you again. Put in the world is going on and why are these morons keeping us apart. At some point that comes conversation doesn't. Not so much negative communicated towards South Korean leadership but certainly toward the North Korean dictator. What's the deal of this guy. What do we need him for. What if we can be one country. United again. He democratic country. No place for dictatorships. No place. Four police states. Provoking other countries including our own people in danger. For some guy who. Clearly doesn't have our best interest arch. Boy that'll start a number of interest in conversations don't you think. And it's inevitable. That's gonna happen. Techsters asking the question are the Koreans. Getting T shirts mate can hit a Vince on the immigration issue let me ask isn't a binary choice. And soldier I don't like pioneer choices because most of the time they're false. The texture is on the US we either grant amnesty to the 1214 million illegals or don't we round up and mass deportation. For those the choices or is there any middle ground there all kinds choices. Aren't around everybody got. You can leave their menace status that is somewhat less than citizenship. There all kinds of places in between those two extremes. We will see. 22 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. Interestingly enough the Republicans are you shocked by this the Republican leadership has decided to punt. On the immigration bill. Last minute decision. They said to postpone a vote. Our comprehensive immigration bill for the second time in less than two days out of the struggles leaders are having to unite the conference. On this contentious subject. The classroom restore work over the weekend to try to craft a bill that can gain more support next week. According to represented Joseph Barton a Republican from Texas they're just going to try and take it in and a few things. To get another twenty votes can I translate this for you. They're gonna try to bide twenty people. This is how this worked you know that's. The decision to postpone the vote came in the final twenty minutes of the conference. When many of the members had already left. Majority whip Steve's release majority leader Kevin McCarthy some potential opening in discussions according to one person. The decision was made to try to make something happen in the days ahead. So whenever that he is we'll find out. When is it they're going to offer to Tony people get their votes. Interestingly enough Donald Trump. Has weighed in on the whole subject of getting legislation. Right part reporting. His message to Paul Ryan is this stop wasting your time on immigration. Here's what he wrote Republicans should stop wasting their time and immigration until after we elect more senators and congressmen or congresswomen in November. Trump blame the Democrats for blocking any progress and immigration reform legislation suggesting they can pass legislation after the mid term elections. Democrats are just playing games. They have no intention of doing anything to solve this decades old problem. We can pass great legislation after. The red wave. A host of others gonna be a red wave as opposed to the blue wave the Democrats are hoping for. Tor follow this one as well. I started to go into this yesterday. Hands it dawned on me. Today. In justice. And it's great timing gets this story because there's a new development on this thanks to the fine folks. At the UK Daily Mail. Who've done some actual journalism. A lot of American agencies ought to try that sometime. Rather than follow me what I see in this program. Our goal is to lead not follow. And this is this one of my pet peeves about the media. Is like a hurt. There's some story that happens I'd rather then you don't think about it but just follow me for a moment on this let's say you have twenty journalists. What did not make sense. To have twenty journalists going out pursuing twenty different stories. Investigating things uncovering some information. No. You know and ends up happening. They operate like a pack. One of whom finds out some story that's supposed to be earth shattering and the other nineteen. And then I understand this. And and I would make this very clear because most the time the journalists are not making decision. Somebody in a corner office somewhere says Ono so and so has the story we brought her co after two. So what you end up with is 218 so called journalists out covering the same story. And they all do the same thing when they may as well cut and paste. And run the same crap on all those same agencies without sending them all the same place. But I digress. On the cover of time magazine. John Moore a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer for Getty images. He's been for photographing immigrants crossing the US Mexico border for years. He said this morning was tough for me soon it was over. They were put into Avaya and I had to stop dig deep breaths. Was he talking about he's talking about that picture you may have seen of the two year old Honduran girl crying here's a mother was being detained in McAllen Texas. The photographers says all I wanted to do is pick her up but I couldn't. Due to the power of the image. Which appear to critics who crossed the political spectrum attacked president trumps. Now reversed policy of separating children from parents who are being detained for illegally entering the United States times editors selected Morse photograph. To create a photo illustration. Including trump. To make the July 2 cover of the magazine. Isn't that just wonderful. If you've seen this picture I mean it's it's really compelling picture of our end to that it's compelling. Here's this little girl looking up at this. Towering. Titled trumped. But we have since learned. We don't know the true story at least it has not been told about this little Honduran girl. I'd love the truth of this story. Because it completely blows away the narrative the media has been promoting now for days. But again. The facts don't really matter what matters is the story lines and the image. Don't be fooled by images. I guess sometimes they're used to distort. To confuse. Enter brainwashed. It's very effective coming up we'll tell you the truth. About this cute little Honduran girl stay with us. And we continue to broadcast you 36 minutes after 10 o'clock. Ends I would. Absolutely being negligent if I didn't tell you about. A big story breaking news developing right now. What is a theme of this broadcast it's about liberty. And we have a huge story that is developed compliments of the Supreme Court now be very curious to find out. More information about this later well now it's just popped did. Here is the decision from the court. They weren't is generally need it to attract cellphone. Location data. This is a big deal. The government generally needs award if he wants to track an individual's location. Through cellphone records over an extended period of time. This is a major victory for advocates of increased. Privacy rights. Who have argued more protections were needed when it comes to the government obtaining information from a third party such as a cell phone company. This five to four opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts. Here's the bizarre thing about it. Siding with the foremost liberal justices. It is a loss for the Justice Department. Which it argued that in individual has student diminished privacy rights when it comes to information that has been voluntarily shared with someone else. The opinion. Which was limited to cell site location data. It continues a recent trend of the court to boost privacy rights and the digital Eric clarifies. Court precedent as it applies to data held by a third party but again. This is pretty clear. The chorus saying the government needs awards. Detract you or location. Through cell phone records. Would love to get your thoughts on this during the course of our conversation today. I wanna jump to something else and I think this is very timely. In light of the story that I'm going to share a few now. And those who view in South Carolina need to especially listen up to what has been discussed by your legislature. Lawmakers have proposed a statewide data warehouse. For individual information what in the world would this possibly be used for. It would track adults and children alike for. Workforce. Development purposes. Pathetic is that. Lawmakers and staff and have direct access to individual data. State government could gather data on anyone for any purpose and the state it could be shared with anyone. For federal government to marketing companies one person watching this very closely is a good friend. From the freedom action network Seth Powell back with this again Seth good to talk to you get meant. They've been but perhaps the only or Howard. Hate doing well too and well. I'm sure you're also allowed intrigued by the Supreme Court decision. Well there is that the step in the right direction we have set ourselves while the Supreme Court even debate this in the first place ski areas. The executive branch and the legislative branch have routinely. Known actor privacy right here in all of America whenever you're South Carolina. No debate where else that they are proposing now get a par or they bought it will be debating next week. We've been talking about the state budget the last couple months and there's nothing good at it from the fact that they broke the law all varieties. And the fact is he knows he's been the state budget in state history can hang. You know funding for politicians' pet project they can hang subsidies for Planned Parenthood despite what you might be here on the campaign trail but either worked and all that. I'll bet. We had a report from now this past week from the South Carolina policy council and the dark and a very straightforward well reported that they little low provide them. One something about once you keep up and how bullet it would create a statewide. Personal information and data warehouse. The body language invade the permissions are sweeping any accountability mechanisms are completely at. The provide food currently in proper permitting they'll let this taken out of the committee that always comes think they'd aware help will be create. Nothing about it then you add some a couple of questions first and foremost. While they try to when he did. This massive overhaul on NAFTA intrude into our luck. In a little low for meatball provide though why don't actually debated I'll be open and get input from this point we are we have today. An 830 billion dollar budget. So far the funding from the player. What are they try to sneak input is. The motivation. And furthermore when you alluded to when you when you introduced topic is either you're gonna have a data warehouse. Why in the world would you give politicians. And they're bad. Direct access to our personal information and thought that they Wear out a way that a dangerous and that it creepy they're. It certainly is. I'm curious about something here who is behind this. Although that appointment is what we get because they do break the law all of them when they write the same boat. So be cleared you look at the that the total walls involved sacked eleven that's eleven that night they called there to be joint opening here and only about. Between the happily beneath committing. Senate Senate Finance Committee and it can be a lot of strain is a public hearing they're supposed to have public input is welcomed what would go up. Tell you never do that might make right the wall they toppled the blood get into a million different sub committee already meeting there and not a lot of strain that the public never hear about. Put Corbett determine where the motivation came in Arden the cooking pork and updated it. Absolutely no but down they're being up 20 part of the bargain that contain this what pat well. 108 before. We only lose more people in our debate about the war people that's hits. All right by. Voted against the play. Thought they are now they they come back next week to vote but now you know I guess what the bill would they wait a little thing after the primary election. The next week article back in Boca the thing an alcoholic apple said. It did provide there was not removing proper meeting next week. It will pass it will be funded and we will have our personal information and it made aware help and pulpit and our staff will have direct access to it so. Pour cold propose a crawl say that they go that they end up the monopoly power grab them and how important are probably no picnic more horrible. And then more money and used it Richard are caught in our children's products that. We part of it the tracking kids event. I'm you know portrayed old department and the new look for placement program to clear that thought Soviet Union style program to try to run here South Carolina. I don't know what it. So called opposes same boat. Know your state health represented note thank senator will no doubt that there no way no how does that provide them in the budget. Get it out in fact. This whole bunch reek of a number of sync the ending this they'll data Planned Parenthood. Pity illegal it was written this whole thing need to be scrapped the whole bill need to be killed also called proposed. Take your milk frozen that that message. Your pulpit holding accountable and picked the word kill and kill bill OK I will open the number 52886. The pay about thirty days you can direct message to all your pulpit and so I don't know exactly how you feel about double and direct access to you and your family personal information. And that we've got to ask you why do they bolt. That act that it what it can possibly use that. More when things got elect our first winner right before when people voted for the gag act which basically shut down. Our ability credit them their election pound the ball in blackbird that in their right arm up at the thought they were very. I have to ask. If they have a personal information all the war and right. Help forwarded to think that that stuff and turn that into a gun registry. Yet it's always suck all kinds of odd things QB go this Brooke gets a heartbreak here. Except power in fact can you hold on just for a moment with this is they have it one or two more questions to ask. Pulled out what this and will return on this. Right here stay with us. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program and we're putting out an urgent alerts those few in South Carolina. What you're legislatures. Are doing. And will do next week if you don't stop that they statewide data warehouse for individual information. And we were person who's called in retarded with Seth Powell from freedom action network. And this person would just like to know one of the collecting what kind of information are we talking about here set out. Where we really build the very anger as they're led the way it started last year they've had to say a bill. That Kris aided well how the the framework for the current did this year. And that story we get collecting information won't know hite who did graduate college kid. All young adult looking for a job and that it would under the guys bulk we need the information that helped place people in workforce opportunities well. Are there have been the last night and meet appropriate Soviet Union style government program that we don't need our politicians trying to dictate. Work is gonna go work her try to figure out what they're abilities are we believe in freedom in this country we don't need to I guiding hand of government. You know pushing it into our our preferred occupation. But now saying that they or even expanding net and look the problem met Paul the council known. Is that the robot is playing with very fate in the permissions are sweeping and the accountability mechanisms are completely at that. So all right now the law requires that all. Well people people look at the power of Education Department social services. The pinnacle call it that some sort of armor Commerce Department and former workforce and called the university. They request to all those eight people right now and information. But there is no guarantee that it stops there and that's what boy the big war we have beyond the fact that it was a bad idea in the first place. Now the path to provide don't they open that the war. Any kind of thing is that would pull together in the future and then give politicians and others that you know unelected people will never meet. Direct access to that information. And it does not get bankers but extremely creepy. So we're talking here about eight is what this comes down to sets it sounds like baking collect pretty much anything and everything. Yes the net and got the ability not first ball of the Arctic just been my mind immediately went to. I go under it sure render we've seen either Republicans fear South Carolina. Corporate bank like. You know bunting updating Bob dot. I know raising the age from 821 the buyer like all potentially you know you can have a I don't mango defend our country club will not be able to send help. Regarding any type of attack. There's already dignity he registry powerball would have been pretty gut do you call it an affirmation the one place bring it all together. Put it altogether. And only day here's the big the same for me is that. You know fuel or you say it doesn't then that the program we we saw people with they would help you write all of the objective. But it that would dictate politicians do not leave accepted that. So one other Gloria not that the second and with the person that. You know you're outspoken person against the politicians that try and hold them accountable and they have direct access your personal information. That it's scary idea from that opened you look for political retaliation that we don't have hope because people who work place like California. That we don't wanna know where they'll look back at your cocktail hour spacewalk all of the people see our latest funding is it's very beat Indy. Our state budget debate in next week. Political back a Winnipeg or make sure they get backed the net is very clear from folks call state. That is first of all were older the game. Thank you usually illegal profit of the act together the budget every year would that why we did things like that then there if you get the link it and we know we're looking to know what they think that they thank god this without got all doubtful. Both are working big in the the well. But the clerk thought they get with the illegal partner. They wouldn't all of pet project called written the book bug Planned Parenthood and now they want you to corporations argue garbled. Because are all purple or late or get them help actor Philip. They're the less you think being not though but Helmer. Absolutely we're we've got a limited amount of time merely hit several things very quickly here. Has this come up at all during the governor's debate. I know operate beyond all open door policy council broke the news well earlier this week. I don't feel only by radar we want to get it but that shows the danger of having an outbreak the wall they write this book. You know rather than actually having to have spoken hearing an appeal don't want I want you so. So we don't know where the agree either one of these candidates for governor stand on this thing how about the Ford names of the people who standing. Against this. Late guys got shot the ball before. Kruger against this record one Republican convertible but Mike this that a war. Annual bet they are Brawley opinion and artists are all Democrats lose in this. So like for dollar we recall looking control. They help you loaded the patent but by the overwhelmingly. Our patents patent but the campaign a lot of overwhelmingly. I think god be with think that would be well thought thoughts or the third you would repair a little vote there would be opposed to this. Voted for an inept at what you're familiar because they didn't read it. Well because they actually agree with doing this and neither one of those things that. Well they're not good looks at all and and infect him to be in touch with a couple of people I'm aware of on this very subject again give the information from people up before we go. How can a stand up against this monstrosity. You're very simple let you take that people thought he picked the word kill KI LO until a few legal bar to detect who were killed five to. 886 who killed 5286. It take thirty seconds you will send a direct net you're state rep state senator and governor Matt. About this and the other problem that they market and help the hill the whole thing to pick who were killed by late they thought from that a message over the weekend. Don't make under the veil when they put our money they know we want them to do what what not to do it. Simple enough for us Seth pal I appreciate your work Q and effect creature around sounding the alarm on this very important subject thanks for coming on the broadcast and a man. I mean it or get a great weekend pay you as well you as well. So there you go you can. That this is crazy it really is crazy and I'm the key here coupled legislate tore his right now in South Carolina and I'm gonna be reaching out to you and asking so I did ask one about this several days ago. And I'm nature. Of his answer was I need to look this up. Into follow up with that person in the meantime. Armed with got a call the line on this subject to hold on let's talk about this a little bit more coming up on the other side and yes we will get to. What we've learned about that picture of the Honduran girl it's not what has been portrayed. It's just another example what I said about trusting people trust. But verify. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the hearts they're Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. How literature of our broadcast. Now in the previous hour I told you about. What the South Carolina legislature is up to those of you who work in South Carolina. You've got to limit the amount of time to do something about this. Here's what has proposed a statewide data warehouse. For individual information. Lawmakers and staff and have direct. Access to individual data and I looked this up. And a certain legislate tore who remain nameless. I reached out to him a few days ago on the subject when I saw this story. Here's what he said. And I we were doing the budget was just one night one fight after another I don't recall seeing this. There was no discussion on this issue to my knowledge I'm shocked we're not surprise it was knocked him into the budget. It's an example of how exceedingly careful I have to be with my votes. I did vote against the enabling law mentioned in the article. Well let's get to hear. Welcome to tell you this is but I am gonna follow up with him and a best of the question this is doing and where do you stand in the budget in general. So. It'll be interest to see the reply is. Patiently waiting to talk with this in the sprawling metropolis of Sumter South Carolina we have Preston good morning man how are you. So you're more events later today right here. Actually being in his South Carolina resident on everything you're talking about today pretty alarming actually I had eight and I had no idea that this was coming up on the dog actually economic make sure that. I that we get down and start talking to my local congressmen and politicians about position because I think it's just another invasion of privacy. We're sure it is sure it is it's you know it's really sad especially when I think or somebody like you press didn't hear you are going to places near and far. To protect us here in the United States of America and really some of the most serious threats to our liberty. Our in our legislatures. Would you not agree. I agree with that but you know like it's almost like you're using it like data mining you know or peoples are now marketing traveler again without. You know like fishing in Wellington have a sense to get data from it the same way we should expect that tomorrow our legislators are congress and respect those from the this seed in the people decide they're trying to get one over and not the people who put an office. Yep it's pretty unfortunate or Preston again thank you very much chef for serving and yes three interesting to hear how well you were received. When you out interact with your lawmakers on this Mike out of can apple is good morning. Good morning man's idea on its. Listen my wife came from Ukraine she grew up in the former Soviet Union she grew up with Communist. Schooling. In universities and stuff like that where you had to be a Communist in order you go to med school. They had to be part of the Communist Party. They even be allowed okay. I can see this data mining one day going where you're Christian. You know and they sit there and say you really you can't do this job because. That stuff you know. Fan and just. But every time making it sound like this got to go back to to what the former USSR did. And see that it already been tried. Yep it's it's pretty unfortunate of some of us don't seem to learn lessons from history at all logged thanks a lot for your call Mike and reminding yes. Reminding yes. From how what has happened. Not so long ago. Again we've talked about this before about how so many people forgotten the threat. Well totalitarianism. And socialism. It is ever present. And its tentacles are always digging and digging and digging. Trying to inserting themselves into our country. Doing it's the irony in this and Justin was talking about Preston. The fact that he served our country. It's ironic we'd be sending people. All over the globe allegedly to protect liberty. And you've got people right here in this country. And I don't mind saying this traitors to the cause of our constitution. We're willing to just give our liberties away. What is the excuse for this there really is non. Let's go out to John and John where is that your calling from. Arms down and sat. I'm down below Rock Hill. Okay what is the community called. We call ourselves land support community. Okay yeah excellent what are your thoughts years here. Well it's great talking to you and I'm I'm I'm and avid listener don't you know I didn't say Ramadan and have it. And so glad you don't appear here actually. Brett to pressure the ball almost Gilead I would say thank you. We listen this thing about this data collection. I was leading. Quite a bit about common core earlier. Yeah and as well several years ago. And I believe that this comes from and through. That effort to instill governmental total governmental control over our school systems nationwide. From a federal level eventually. And it's all about control. And the mining that that data collection. Is already a part of common core. You know it's kind of interest do you would make that connection. They got the IDS to start this very early rights. That is correct K through our secondary education more. Space and the excuses is so that they can streamline. The masses. Through the education system into the work place. How kind of them. Or is it that the put a hey John why absolutely a pressure appreciate your call that's a really good connection that you made. And get the whole idea is to to bring about a connection with government from cradle to grave that's how this thing works cradle to grave. Do not fall fort folks are run out of Taylor's South Carolina good morning. Morning written on the part dragged down. There's a little more so than you know I appreciate military don't get me wrong but I've seen enough people. Who are going rappers who on the left who are liberals or in the military and anybody got no apparent currently trade at fact someone like you get. Grown up out there that there that the reason. As a red flag that's beside the point. Really a pocket no paper and not necessarily good faith in the. I have been able to find any thing word or be killed. And more I can at quicken concerning the bill of rights and particularly his Second Amendment. You know it mr. Clemens. Specific questions and he had the great conservative her views cup people use silly that before and that occasion and that you know result in the land of. Gun grabbing talking points. Sometime but not quite know anything about that concerning. That the war. Hey I'm just hitting you know and I have to work so I can pay for the government. So I don't have a lot of time to go to these meetings. You know so I come out there in the Lin a live look you know any about. Well. 801. We have actually were up against hard break here because. I don't wanna try to zipped through this thing. Let's continue this conversation after the break right Ryan because this is something to do wanna delve into. I am very concerned in general and doesn't own the tie this to something else that we discussed earlier when I had to say about the news in the news coverage. And each. One of the things that I you've repeatedly. Been disturbed by this fact. Whether it's North Carolina or South Carolina you do not have thorough coverage of the legislature. Fans and they notice this or why they pull off all kinds of ridiculous things. So we've got to watch them. We'll talk more about this also coming up I promise I will get to that picture of the Honduran girl trust me. A tough trust me. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock eyed sensitive information to you to to cover this is the best way to do this especially at this point. If you would like to take action does you in South Carolina this is for those of you in South Carolina. I would encourage you to. Strip. I'm sorry I bids this or abruptly. Some of the ridiculous things that are on television. This matter regarding state budget in South Carolina. Various information on the FaceBook page. One a 63 WRD also WBT go to those pages and you can get the information you need that's the best way to do this. And it swoop we'll see where things fall. How's that let's go out to a call from Joseph in Charlotte good morning. Good morning are you go right I worried look and you are out about a Burke buried deep thanks so happy birthday. For a particular Serb empty corner of data collection it didn't you like that order. We caught playbook common core added is that arbitrator ruled 24 year there. Column I'll probably hear believed. Let it slip out of it old school board so glad you picked it back to back over there. Global demand will not want polar year with this hearing what education about. Data collection. I've been a part of education for a long long. And what common core it is just the new label. Well look I'm no look. Hey if you accept federal money. You'll want to collect data because you've ordered held accountable for out of what you'd. And what Cobb Korea called of course just the shot into. Bet they want to go into. Behind me but I hope they get big there are certain standard skeptical that a U. Retirement. What Britain will be built it how did. They have orbit stockholder it built up they'll have a grip. And you know what could call it. Comma or behind that pretty good city somebody Gingrich. Mile. Upstart that somebody didn't restrict getting rich off before. And uneducated Iraq Contra you're not Porter would. And you can really grade point your general this there'd there's some profit to be me there's no question about that and again happy birthday in jury this wouldn't joke. Patent this is a good time. Do you. Also mentioned something related to this making money. Trying to get to the story now before. We go to another call. But I I came across this today. And that's myself that he is this. Just pretty much more of the same. And it certainly is. Because there's always always a way to make a buck. Especially off of government. Get a lot of this on this whole migrant. Situation housing immigrant children. CNN reported on this one Sanchez. Spent years as the underpaid leader of the nonprofit that is now providing housing to migrant children who were recently separated from their parents. His salary at southwest key programs incorporated was low. No health insurance or retirement plan but those days are now over. According to recent tax filings. Guess how much mr. Sanchez. Has received. But keep in mind. This is a business providing housing to migrate children. In 2016. He received one point five million dollars in total compensation. As CEO of the nonprofit he founded more than thirty years ago his salary nearly doubled from the year before. When he was paid a measly 786000. 822. It really pace to be close to government doesn't it. Always so wonderful buck to be made. Just thought I'd tell you about this. Now I wonder how much time CNN spent talking about this particular story and the people making money off of this. If it's so terrible for these kids to be separated from their parents. Well I think it's especially awful an egregious if somebody's making big bucks off of it. Kind of sad isn't it. Let this go out to bill in Spartanburg. Show on the subject of data collection in South Carolina. There. I didn't built in Spartanburg. I know you're happy what it is war. That politically the electoral list data yet there is curled into a few years yeah department here. I would help airliner. The department of employment and look what Putin Gettelfinger that kind of the database the home. He saw all the local hormone. Can make you pay at least from Iraq and that the administration. You know labor attorney remove trees it can get. He can't go. Yeah in the interest I think I know what our gubernatorial candidate Clement and look out power in the Olympics. Unemployed. That is pretty interest in new what is her name again. Terrell remembered. Cheryl Stanton clear. You've got some kind of equipment equity federal Department of Labor to compete waiting for confirmation. But I haven't been pushing for the database code from your frequently thought it. And I think other opponent has gone to death but they'll you recruit more. I didn't. And what's apartment is she working toward them. But apartment employment network or. There can be need Hillary Clinton. He he he he he analytical he couldn't do. Any employee. When a brand she's being considered now for federal position. We are. Nice just wonderful bill out of Spartanburg I so appreciate your call this morning. This this is mind boggling it really is the tentacles. And again this is this is part of you get involved in the government system. There's a lot of B money to be made there and there's a lot of power. To exercise. Our whole lot there David out of Boone good morning. I can't agree with you more and yeah the problem I have with our our professional. Governing. Elected officials they always wanna cry of public service can then there's the biggest. Bunch of you know what it's come down the road. And one prime example is you look at bill Hillary Clinton you look at Barack Obama and you look at. Good people that are governed in. And do what they're making. They are career. Life. You know Bancorp old. Employees. All the big big big big interest up through amber and have a disc camps. Imagine you know that we're we are we're a bunch of sheep that are being led all of the clip that we don't realize that. You mentioned term limits one time to John McCain or. Whoever Nancy Pelosi and some of these people it's a shame and their career politicians in Charlotte. Right now there's some of these people that allows some of these boards they say whether or service that's their primary job summit say they don't. Have any other job look at our mayor that was you know incarcerated. And put in prison there's money to be made and government. And it's a shame and as far as data collection. I am 100% in favor of any and all data collection that you wanna do you're gonna plug my data that's great. But look be a lot across the board. With everything we do. And if it's the public knew what they. Yeah our congressmen and senators. Their health care their benefits this set for life. Yep beats. It's pretty much a mess I I have this line about so called public servants who won't cheer again coming up. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock prince took the reading your program I mentioned a few minutes ago. We're discussing. This data collection plan this is in the state budget that could be approved as early as next week and sign this release next week. How one person who is. Been following these circumstances. We have with this the Spartanburg district 3038. Representative. Referring to just Siam Magnuson good morning to say I am. Good morning Ben. I who had a conversation earlier with Seth how abouts this. Mining legislation for herb mining data. And he mentioned four names of people the only people apparently you posed this thing. On the way through. Ends. IE indirect we Q earlier in the week I think about this. Abouts. The nature of this attempt give us a sense your version of what's happened here in how. This piece of garbage has managed to make its way into the budget. But thank you and I think that the if you goes deeper than just this flaw in the provided though. I think a lot of times we see things come through the legislature today really are very correctly. And certainly this is the case in the budget where legislators want to put out provide. Further own. They're a little ideas that they can't get through the committee process and I think that's what happened here is that in that section 117 of the budget we have general provide. And somebody put it in and without. Very much very many people in the legislature knowing that it happened I don't know whether within the senator in the house. I'm I've certainly didn't see it when it came up in the budget which got voted against the budget anyway. But. I did not fetus this provision wind kindred out. But life for you were you stand opposition. Yes sir and I think it's really. A lot of the things that we address in Columbia need if you come under a lot closer. Observation. Before they are passed and I think it's. Very bad debt that we have so little time and that they can get sneak through such as that database. Proposal. How will. It kind of blows my mind because when I heard the numbers on this how overwhelmingly. This was supported so far and I'm. You know it seems like most of these legislatures are in the dark just saying. It does seem like that in and would not try to you or a reputed Jonathan Hill. Try it to you kind of you know point attention. To somebody's got to issues I'm often at its all been deaf ears and you know I wish that that we would have. More attention put on them this kind of police and the topics but some thought about it just seems. Few dollar and they can be frustrating. But I am thankful hearing from from some other legislators recently. I'm saying bay it's that they do want to pay more attention topic off of that I think the more that we can. Can keep a close ally on these kind of issues. I'm the better off will be we still have to contend with. You know power players in the house that they want it to go throughout it was somebody but this. And and wanted to go through and so we need be willing to fight and non. You know called about where and when these kind of sought probation are Pro Bowl. No question about that Shia Magnuson the district 38 Spartanburg thinks life for coming on the broadcasting and keep us posted as well of things that we need to be aware of is we need to sound the alarm on these things. Thank you get out there operates. We continue to broadcast year 40 minutes after 11 o'clock. I won't it's you're Texan bid to users. Definitely some text that I want to cover some good stuff especially on this issue of data mining. IA told you we would talk about this picture this getting a lot of attention and time magazine. You know it's pretty said. Win real journalism is not done by Americans. A story that's very central to an American discussion. It's the British. Hoover uncovered what has actually happened here. Let me tell you what we're talking about. This picture. This picture. We referenced earlier. By the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer. Of the little girl. The Honduran girl. Two year old crying as her mother was being detained at McDowell McAllen Texas. Is the UK Daily Mail that is now reporting. The two year old who became the face a fairly separation crisis reveals daughter. Was never separated from her mother. But the image. Of her in tears. If the US border. Roy it is broken the hearts of her father. Dennis heavier Burrell Hernandez spoke out about the status of his wife Sandra and daughter you know a lot. She became the face. You know from the immigration crisis after. The photographer snapped a photo referring tears. Speaking to Daily Mail Hernandez said he was he is still not been in direct contact and his wife Sandra because he does not have a way of communicating. He says all I can do now is wait. He says he's happy they are safer now. Then when they were making that journey to the border. She was part of a group that were caught by border control agents after making their way across the Rio Grande. They did this. You know raft. You know how dangerous that is can you imagine this. We just think it is taking a little girl. You know there's two ways to look at tennis. It's dangerous. Is risky. The flip side of this is. Why did they take the journey. To come to America the land of the free and see I don't criticize these people for their desire for better. Can you. Sandra set out of the journey. In Honduras. 6 AM June 3 allegedly paid 6000. Dollars 6000. Dollars. Hernandez did not support his wife's decision to make the journey with their young daughter. And never got to properly say good bye. What is intriguing about this story which you have now learned. She is with her mother. Has not been separated from her mother. The whole idea the whole narrative that has been put out there by the media beginning with time magazine is a farce. Will we see your attraction will we see an apology. Don't hold your breath. He's not going to happen. 43 minutes after 11 o'clock. I wanna sit through some of these texts. Could someone asked the two guys running for governor what do you do to keep all the prison population safe what has been done to ensure. We don't have another riots. If we do how we're going to stop it before comes a slaughter house again good question. Anyone who's good with collection of their data. There's an eight this. Functional mental state. There's something wrong in this for sure. Also. Penske you can't expect millennial still learn from history when they are taught anything but revisionist history. And that's kind of a problem isn't it. I've been to South Carolina politicians will exempt themselves and their families from the data collection after all it's a security issue for them. Boy that's a green excuses didn't. If this gets through what are the odds be best to Vito and on a Friday afternoon about 430. And then there will be overridden by 5 o'clock. Gosh how creepy and against the department of revenue South Carolina already has all our data. Well that's nice. 44 minutes after the. 1149. And I'm Vince Coakley radio program I won't get to decide of this is really funny there's been a lot of question about what's going on with my money at trump is you know she went to the border didn't surprise trip yesterday. Hence they were fascinated by her Jack to what was on the back of it I really don't care do you. Now it's this is so bizarre because. I think the spokesperson for Gilani has said not to read anything in tennis but Donald Trump. Put this out on Twitter. I really don't care do you written on the back on the money is jacket refers to the fake news media but Ronnie has learned how dishonest they are. And she truly no longer cares. If only she can train her husband. Just saying. Charlie out of Lincoln's and good morning. You want to. Yeah I got out of there you are not. Oh while allowing Darren about the operational rallied all of a sudden. She flat out until last slowly you know they were gonna Barco move yet yeah I and Hillary couldn't. They're getting nowhere yet be out of the ball and they know it certainly everybody start talking about was operation spam. Now the third door on that you don't hear a word about the FBI Hillary Clinton where it's going. That's getting richer state that's been pushed out a headline says and it's. As we heard a word about it. I think to have his kind of intriguing. It's been very effective along those lines. Weird 51 minutes after 11 o'clock let's zip down I 85. And catcher and our good friend lines ago in our upstate studio in Greenville good morning meant. Good morning. Let's start off with just three questions today very easy but I hope ha ha ha ha ha. 1870. You've got a hint in that last call. This particular agency is celebrating a birthday today which word and is it. FBI. All know. You need in the executive branch. That is overseeing the economy investigation. Congress will. We have sessions and oh my goodness. Any hints anybody wanna take it in here. Turn during. Oh come. I can't believe we can listen here it is setting heading off when I did big guns people dumbest total about the FBI when our agents and yeah I blew that and that was terrible of me was not really sure everybody's brains towards a certain thing in the news. I think more yes the hosts screwed up an island Department of Justice is the actual management to septic. Art let's go to 1944. This would interject for a second I don't recall hearing DOJ anywhere I'm. Come to such you Mena that then that that's very fair so. The host. He's guilty thugs under sorry no I don't miss two other interview yet these I'm sure of this. This president signed the GI bill in 19441944. Who is president during that time and forever for that matter Roosevelt. You're correct it was FDR. Nineteen instead it was a good head on well thank you is about time rice yes. This president signed the 26 amendment lowering the voting age to eighteen this actually isn't necessarily easy was 1970. Which presidents I give you hints we need one. So I'll do it with one quote. Mix happy you're right and what court do you think is gonna give you I'm not a crook. You know me well don't you. By the way I've bottomed out last night. So nine the family just did not make I was gonna ask you assume you'd did not go either Emma plans to go Saturday now yeah it's to go on Saturday wells we're talking about it's going see the new Jurassic. World movie. And we'll have to see. Whether we can pull this off so we can't miss this goal blooms back tomorrow Matt yeah I love us apart and he's one of. I favorite actors Gary is really really talented. So rob hopefully we'll have something to report on Monday have a shot for a great weekend and could start Tia YouTube. On the sexual. Some people in this NC humor. If I declare Hispanic and I be separated from my younger brother. Oh god that is pretty clever. They must be some story behind this. Also on the text line five years ago I didn't know your name. I can find out more about you then my mother. I don't think there's much farming left to do it's pretty sad isn't it. Amazing how this this change so much in just a few years the ability to do this. Also on the text line. We have smaller items and I don't there's a lot I was hoping to get to hear by the way I wanna give that information one more time before we go to those viewer interest did. In name. Taking a stand against. This data mining plan in South Carolina. We give you that text that you can now I'm. Bombard. With the necessary people. On this subject all you have to do. It is type the word kill 252886. Killed 52886. There's also information. On the one a 63 WRD and WBT FaceBook pages so please take advantage of that. That data warehouse with slid into our budget illegally because they don't want to date on the floor of course they don't. The State Supreme Court ruled to you several years ago on another case. Everything the budget must be related to money and it's spending but they still do it anyway and they've not been held accountable. Got to watch these folks you know that you don't watch them go all kinds of underhanded things off. Right under our nose strip shows a great weekend god bless you. This is so is Coakley radio program.