Dave Barch

At Home with Roby
Sunday, May 20th
Dave Barch, Operations Manager of Roby Heating and Cooling joins Patrick & Trent to discuss business principles.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. As a present. Its president and CEO of the relief family's company's. We or your posts trends Sunday morning it's not attend. I'm pretty Havel fund this morning a little quiet in here it is a little movie my whole book my how are you my homeboy tee days my home boy Obama number one ace many many me is not here with us the full word in for order was Arnold. Pace that the US guest last week along with Brian overby before got to take that it says he saw a solitary cell had a proud daddy moment on Mother's Day. My daughters played a volley and it charters say had a beer really early solemn forty knots. The rate unit and and the girls and talk Martha at a price this valley and they performed for the cherished and also among some problem. But. So we arrive and leave it Sunday school doesn't start till 930. Shale layers sellers and announce us afford ol' Lou Lou Lyndon McDonald's and would settle is like nano NASA again to listen. Go listen to us on the radio. And he said. I don't wanna do radio gain Aniston though conceding core late. Howland now or is he three years and three months prankster and moderate commercial was own I was in between a first in the second segment and in and in. It came back he's the UN panties he came back goal and he heard me say Ford and he heard his voice and he looked dull and any it was so neat to see. The connections in his brain no one had really happened and he realized that it was us recorded the shows and he hit a school. He had some fun in here trend at some that he might not even know about a humble brilliant politics now lets it accurate to pull out then ties with Syria well that took took a he did he Allison Connolly then he was laying on the floor and he's been a kid and funny and boys are boys we we still think that passing gas is hilarious and now all of a sudden. Teach it if that's a cough this smell now is likely in the world. What is go to college daddy he'd just had this grin on his face as what are probably his his his live webcast is the years he was violence or art but their support that you. If he just gets thick thick thick thick. Well I gotta I gotta confess my favorite male while Tom is homemade beanie weenie. Okay I mean. Ranking gets these Turkey waning using goes some and she got a recipe from a mom on this very simple always against though the main camps up bank. In some special kind of vegetarian means it is and it's as easy Israel in the world and he he loves to make it into the so simple. But on Thursday we recorded Friday and have I have four would Miller Thursday night we had been with culminate being means via a for a dinner you don't know how much that explains just gallon. It's calculated to aryan meaning leanings in low fat Turkey dolls when he he does. He was Sunday we have when we used as a come in the room at the talents. I thought maybe it was a styling them breakfast we had better allow eight did evidence dizzy. I mean it's kinda it's beanie weenie is ending those gallon they would. It is that I say it was is tacky we knew we had to we always that we have managers' meetings this guy in four was along and in your China ordered them to drink it is Kensing. I want coffee. And his hand on the table I want coffee Barley and copied LA here like our give him the coffee I'll take that and sweet tea that it killed diddle the media and eating cop. Net and it it was produced listeners and audience my son does not. Black coffee the effect. But he Waltz it but he did want it and I think you'll be like today I drink a lot of companies that us again says that if you missed it get back in podcasts that mean we kind of here for was on the last segment. Talking about his trucks and all the things that fly solo shot I think I can't blame and playing next may still around in my iPod perk up a little bit it was a little antsy to. You lead he had mentioned the girl's claim violin it church and it had kind of a similar experience Carla in her require it DeMar department that is. The kid's party gets in Tucson before and yet the 9:45 and 11 o'clock service news to some of that that it. That I really enjoy and in a friend of mine had meg not going posted she did a media issue sit up front kind of as a chaperone and and put a video on faceless it kind of like got to relive that which is really cool a special congress did that that's good now is definitely proud of Murray and a tight it was cool that you mentioned some Ford be a little bit sad about the radio and it's Jason and he's not sacked. This jokers every year in the corner doing last day barge from Roby heating and cooling is ready who is that Dave barge who. He's Dave Bart why. Ruby heating and cooling where. Catch the fever OK now we don't like fever not fevers not takes. Not to exceed it takes fever but would you like having a whorehouse is in the wintering cool house's during the summer especially when it's 95 degrees and may put it this way mom I may have been nobody's. That's true Obama ain't happy when mama is hot. Or coal Wheeler porting following total revenue to 72 degrees dead set Joseph mile. Nesbitt but dead date yet they Bartz is a leader of our heating and cooling team. He's been with us for a few weeks go on month we've we've been vetted him for quite some time Trent and have had been talking about getting this business for. For two or three years I'm amber a friend of mine said he would be the first eight PC client I think this is two years ago we initially got this concept and idea VG it was he. He had known he missed the ball miss that we had several customers that are that are ardea par army desperately to a black. He missed the bond ninety tuchman been missing him next week he might be saying he would be single digit might still be in the single digits you thanks. If he better times quick I don't know after this so so how many people out in the public has seen a snake so far they have seen a snake this year not the end I have not seen a snake but don't FaceBook here today now the snakes are. Mother's Day was Oliver face. And and now snakes. And I see a lot of a lot of copper and it's all scheming. I solace and yesterday in the mountains it was a water moccasins in the great you know is trying to get on top model of actually. So we don't need another member of the haste and Stanley bitten by railways and it's and I'm not name my name names not water moccasins so I don't think that's gonna happen I don't let their efforts to help me garden. And give it back garden snake like artery out out of reference in your your for your for. Copper they got no I groundout and they'll buy copper hated am my brother's nickname is copper is particularly this. This is the truth and we would do well at least without experience a lot copper hated in my life solo. I don't know but now. We got date bars were rugby team and cold and when we come back he's man he's so excited to tell you what's going home tell you about how much he loves the south. And take you by his family and his history and everything else. Hang tight. You listen at home what's ruby. That helmet ready. Hood and we have companies. We are here host Trent routine this man out in the first segment little bit but he's here Dave barks. HC AC. Robie HCA CE. Because Rudy heating and cooling it is ready heating Calista enterprise that I was that's interlaced and that I got an idea what China economy legit happen here Brody heating and cooling Dave arches are up its he's getting hot outside. Folks say it's Sunday about Tuesday what does that it was but it got to 96 in my house is what it says that was a scorcher. Think they said a broken record from 1881. And it's it is. Three days not ninety plus in in May is is is cool early season events. Definitely is an early death mystery little everybody was complain about how late it was cold yeah. Yeah I got tired I just don't like complain yours period. Gave you you want one thing now now you've got the night got in lower said those thugs and for a hot minute I think when nowadays on a Sunday. It's a completely we're we're outside Abu we have this big bush did really is a team and job in the and the sudden that we needed trend that. And growers are job you really solidly together into an anti heard a scarf and veil on us after about thirty seconds Saddam bottom go to inside it. Jody for port things out there help me sweep up that the shrapnel about tremendous boost. It seems like you do realize it's Mother's Day you're right it does like. You know mother and sailors in Warren it was definitely are but it felt like about bella July here. But it was it was name sedate what's up man. That's certain it is start with Roby heating cooling. But we're really trying to. To expand what what Roby stealing. And and do you have to bring heating cornea to the Roby Finley companies. I'll yeah okay so do how much you give a little background we like to tell stories and how about people in Lou we want our listeners to have a go Thom and understand where people come from. So the first time I met she was a little over a month ago I think you and and we sit down and you had already been topping the Patrick in a couple of there for you guys would sit now come by an hourly. And the first thing SA is worried. Yeah hands them to see hands in and you guys you got may enhance that and through threw me out there for a second yes this is their compliments and highlighted so. I was an amounts yesterday. With will Coble is looking at some stuff and an arm around division and I had not met filming me last one of our project superintendent and comes and massive. The law he's filming around young guys by about 24 point when apple like to state Mary. And I do a great job doing a wonderful job running on my nice addition and of the young glossy club and a Imus in message you know construction adhesive unity essar masses mrs. you know how to build light. At all. Wilders Manaus Iran hasty question if I've ever heard what I thank you're dad asked me the exact same thing last four years ago so but now Iraq. I add can tell if a man worst but his hands and allied commander knows how to work with his hands but. As you Bobby learn how do you loves tools and leverage and stuff like that right. When that's and that's the biggest biggest adjustment is his morning the other I love being out there in the field and and working with customers or or working with the guys out. Working on people's ounces. That's really van den my background is is as a technician and I've been in Charlotte for. Almost six years now piracy came down from the northeast. A mop you can hear about this originally from Vermont Clinton many guys lower LD Bosnia are I guess that's the only. That's the remember how are murderers icicles on the windows in the backdrop and television says yeah we didn't do a lot of cooling up there and that's the that's what it was more heat yet nearly every year on Italy people who and he will give way to get mad when I got cold but that's. I got down here and everyone ever going you know they. They want they want their air conditioning. Well it and that's one of them that we do we we hold as secrets I mean we're we're pretty open and forward about what our plan our vision is. With the ruby Sammy companies on the show and that's fiber really Davies he tested I like to be out the men like to work now like to really understand technical side. Of this industry and business and we usually bring the back office support that we've already built based on the serves companies that we already have. And at bolting your expertise and really we can give a streamlined service to the clients. And Noah EAN. And and really our thing is is we wanna go and we wanna go out your house Tom Burke you know we're not sales and you know we do we're there to fix your problem we're gonna be honest and engage in honest assessment about what you need to do but you know you wanna fix it we're gonna fix it and we're gonna now I'll. Well what I do little people big blue to build an environment. And and have parts and pieces in our business and as we grow and on and we're able to have it. Attract great assets like yourself. And we'll she's doing what you like to do what's a good man and how you can service our class are run around saying I don't know if you heard this priceless service for a fair price. And if you're doing what you're really get out was it what you like to do. Ending Jiri vomiting grow and and and and challenging yourself and and want to want to improve with us. That this a win win for clients and for our employees I mean our constituents are equally. Our employees. Our associates are way at family members of our clients who are fans and members and then our vendors and subs and people we bust you on. I hate when service contractors or contractors beat down on the people they give business. Must craziest thing ever but it happens all the time. Certain I mean in in he would sort of the monster we are that a phrase we used for bread services is did it all done by one and I think. We're that would trend saying to him to go on top of that is it. If you are eight at eight homeowner or business senator and you have any any plumbing electric pole or the handyman or a CAC problems. And you get former relationship with the ruby family companies tee you don't have to start looking for each one of these San betrays the service you you can call one place and did it all done by one. It and we really I mean dead. Even in going with rubber I mean that's what what commencing you know I'm mistrust yet you were really happy with the service they consent of good things. And it was a local company you know and that's that's a big deal for people you know you're dealing with someone who's local you're not owned by someone who's a thousand miles away. You know the guys live locally words you know we're here to do their job for you you can call one number Ing and get any of those. It's our clients are successful bugs get. They have that they have better pleasure and and better opportunity tell us on our lives they can feed their family doing what they enjoy doing weather's been in town with a low ones or work and yet. It if they have to figure out every time they need some stakes another company another person another relationship another trusts platform Meehan bill. Then and we can come in and take all that problem late Roman and give a one stop shop and and do a great priceless job than than a struggle. Wounds and I can't say coming house's I've been out you were its again had this company I had I tried this company yet for a turn this company the year before and they're still searching to have that relationship where you know they know the technician going out they know the company going out. And you have not been not that there are successful companies around here but it's. You know with a with a reputation that Roby has there's no reason why we can't do that for everyone I'm anyway. Legally tell Lawler seekers right Tammy Lee does well our goal is somebody calls Roby. And we answered economists say hey mister Smith that thank you or B and attain your client I'm at a negate. That's our goal and it takes a lot to get there and you gotta provide service along the way now now today of some that drew me to you don't make sound sameness right. Your father was was in the business right. That's DF they aren't my my famous men in the trades were Prager you gagged I grew up. Working on passes this house twelve yeah so that is indeed very multiple life social number one day they had a couple but it yet it was called the force family bond with Betsy you know you were or his family yes that's you're always building something here. Either of working on working on some thing and that's I mean I think we had a hands conversation to get my conversation in your father being in the trades and you grown up in a trays and first two minutes I met you yet we there yet we that we covered about if that's yeah that's. Yep you do you think this would scarlet static on my twenty years you by gamma daddy's sitting in the U in the crawl space and he'll be fixing it's core where he has family and I was I still talk to my dad about that in this day and you know that's a guy you'd you'd always go out and it was an open. Yeah that's how they grew up and that's that you have in Dallas made where you want him to integrate these tests. I need IE real easily be legitimately loved second teller times they're talking about. Doing a project or we we've really gotten we have we've got a lot of dizzy humor didn't work come through. Since we started missing a few weeks again and I can tell when you talk about that you rely you're actually you're yet compassionate use that your underlying unity I can tell instantly ethical and hard worker underline ingredients press appearance in will will not take skiing grow with you yet. And and half fun. It's so base are hardly talk about it and it inside our little world we're always in the mines around a Mike Tyson heavyweight fight regain beaten battered right. Yeah it's. If it is it's what is can be work every day blessing you know when you fight that with the team. He had a bad days and today he's been in the class success that makes all that much work well going no matter what you're doing you're gonna have good days and bad you know that's really why we're here trying to ago. Dave we stick around for a few minutes yet so thanks for joining us journalists and at a home what's Roby. Welcome back at home was driving a packed house number of these services. Along with trendiest and from the Robie family of companies. We are your host Dave departure from Roby heating and cooling. Roby heating and cooling. That's call us were. Ideals are plumbing. Electrical and mechanical platform. In his handyman clean up our hands in Maine now I'm just attached Ralph alt that we I got I got a story bloody I got a good birdie. Jamie Odom who up Obama Christmas trees for him if any east also does honeybees and he he column last week authorities combing its patents it need to contact yet but it at a he got two back to all on the single in the Unita. A school look honey bees again cica they're not called a school heat and he got a marries. Gas means had had a nice have to ask him by name ID two patches trolleys and Alan and one person on the office two big moment I'll humbled by Trant and but anyway I have a story to tell about the cold north. I have a couple Canadian bodies that don't that I'm very fond of that talk about that a former showed and and went out. Start hanging now who won't the first and picking data became frivolous seven years ago I never really main bites and can. And he he's awesome guy and in he came down and played played hockey in Alabama. Not a not at the the album things I want another small school Alabama scholarship. He said the first time it was on the plane he was on their home in July or August. And he looked out the plane window and semi god I didn't know it snowed in the south during the summer. And he said he says Fella hitting settled what adding Saturday at Scott rightness it's it's. That's our story has got a guy from fruit. From up in the north alone tell a story got a Vermont guys who died Ellison associate him with being Canadian well those. Those icicles on a new car windows again that's that's. When I moved down here that knew it was in January and that that day I arrived it's now you know it's like and I I just drove him I'm just gonna Kiko come to go to Florida that's I just wanna get away from. That's. I thought this is sub subtropical climate at the so child not quite. I think we have more warm and and told he had that's that's innately yes summer here wrists and actually winner here is much more enjoyable let's it actually shuts down when it's announced. If it. That setting good for business but inevitably when he gets ice cold and in our and our world wheat that's only get the busy he had that absolutely I remember Nicole stretch we had this past January had MITRE now we're basically plan dispatcher. Padilla the plumbing calls it kept coming through these people's pipes and and they were breaking their person left and right. That Dave you'll talk doubled and about ruby heating cooling about your business it's not just she had a team the guys behind gee you mean you're you're really ready to service the Charlotte community is this. Yeah with we have a group technicians. MD and we're doing you know any residential. Servicing installation. We do maintenance plans. And we you tune apps you know any of there. Any of your issues of the residential heating and cooling were arraigned again. In a maintenance plan really is will be the week is 1999 is the base price per month they may easily bill he can be like a monthly draw your credit card or something very simple and easy to set up. And you can call our office we could we can do it pretty much any time at seven a 4334. 6447. And the nice part about you coming on board Davis is we have people that have been with us for quite awhile. Senior RR BRR trail office manager for these services and have. Tremendous HT AC heating and cooling experience addicting kind of bolt on to your expertise in the field. Yeah and that's it's really nice because we have the back office support you know who they know the questions asked you know. Who Kunis and you know end and that makes our job easier or we can get out of the customers faster. It's really paring those shoes you on the news Delhi some can answer the phone. You'll get the information you need where the customers are spending a whole lot of time trying to explain that. Two different people what the same when you rob this yeah yeah yeah and and just get us out on the road. And even yesterday we. We have someone who they be around doing electrical work forum and then. Yeah they had an issue with their winter air conditioner they were able dating have to make a call he has the guys called over grass and one of the technicians now. You know and inward is just about making it easy for for the customer. Blaine I mean that's that's Hurley had I mean it even we were just throw the electric before I had plumbing which are back in August of last year now courts HTC really get tons of calls. I'm from heating and cooling companies because it was an image of being electrical issue with with Manila on on Saturday or Sunday. Incident in you know rerun this calls anyways you know what you're basically saying is say. You have an electrician from revenue electric out he identifies heating cooling from we can just as easily sit heating cooling techniques that take care today is along with plummeting yes and in those are really seem to be the three biggest ones in your hounded bit. Cause immediate concern. That maybe a roof leak something like that of the sort Fonda category as well which of course very handyman can help out with. Since it I think did it with sort of need is any kind of urgent repair mean that's that's what we can handle quickly efficiently and and for fair price. It and you can go to one place for all your mechanical services yeah and and even. RR when we come out and do maintenance or tuneup we're gonna check your water heater we're gonna check the electrical Seattle we're gonna make sure you know we wanna make sure that your save your home. As you know all your systems are efficient and we wanted to lasts as long as possible. That's a big differentiating factor to you that we talked about his. Is there were gonna hit all three for that same price for gonna take a few minutes extra time check your heater check here you breaker panel make sure there's nothing that. Is really alarming you know kind of comes with your annual. Her bi annual maintenance agreement with the with heating and cooling. And and out you know there's a lot of companies where they're there to support that HTC division were actually each division is now in your home. You fully fully prepared to go out and do whatever service you need Clinton. It in that's that that that this alone especially we knew we offer financing through green's cat which is which is wonderful sit. If your house is ten or fifteen years old you might say hey don't replace my HTC system this. Might or didn't replace the water heater and kind of get you get all that same encompassing package on one bill one monthly payments. And sort of build a knock on I want. Yeah and you don't have the inconvenience of you have two months later something goes wrong and now you're taking another day opera worker two days off for running your credit again if you like Syrian people like defining things in it we offer twelve months no interest and it knows no interest financing which. Is huge many soaring UGA in in especially this is something like you expect NetApp and yes which I think most time EM and more time and I EEA yearned you don't think your air conditioners gonna dive you have this week says Sally honey no beach trip this year we got to fix the eight heating and cooling system. It's now okay now we can source basis sing out there were twelve months and and and knock out the payments we see that yeah and and really you know the same thing with the maintenance plan we wanna catch. Catch things and give you the most information sir I would you know what's coming the fourth catastrophic he served. You know that's that's really our main goal is is that what you can plan. That's a trim to think of. I'll let I don't know why you are talking a pour water into action when I was twelve I got an app also batted in six minutes and thirty seconds without a word that. That he never done that before. Well we got these new milk carton Warner models that I'm nervous about it you know double BT uses I guess they don't super grain simple flock. And as I drank it is Bill Mueller much guests. Thought so why not just immortal line here. I thought maybe I was China showed a pal did not hear is you know one raindrops that goes to mom bonds that I ought to do to hold this together that's south China tiger at same time and that's it. In. My early or rather pay enough that works in a rain drop owns Kama over. Within any did the male model like flip this admit that elect like him like while underlining their it was impressive there really was impressive. So attention in my needs some sort of cooling mechanisms. That is Alison maybe you can help them out and not that he was gonna that was our unit come give me some free on talks about liberty and that's that's. A posadas and the run up a loaded onto that truck so quick day eve that's. Just just what that there's going to be a thermostat in here some that's right here I don't know where hundreds those sort of farmers that it is that they have already been shown. That's I've been Charles almost six years that gets you like it down here I love it that's I won't leave here it hit him pretty well man. You ended. Yet Martin most I mean. Until you go to people's houses is big and tell whether your genuine person and the one thing about Charlotte there's a lot of people from. From other places and and that's the one. Did you have a lot in common with sees fit into what those folks from Florida that's odd Fortis a strange place that's I don't know we can we do not in Florida. Well anyway that was not clients and yes. And if that's a lot of people from him this from Florida or regular recently from where your phone yet and that region. And so I spent little time to the Dow down in Florida and I do you recall doing that again is clinical. On air mattress double plays and his and his back I do joke my cousins has actually moved up here from Portland so that's yet it's they sold at a had a bad that I have let her have a cat and wanna I don't wanna nothing in the world completely a couple of on the downturn. How we can get people TT day and if you're interested in our services Roby service is now back comes a web site. And you know he's their phone number 24/7 seven through 4334. 6447. The next pitch into the plumbing office HTC electrical in me and we can take care of at all. And and they were raw happy to have you on the team this is this is something that trend and I have had played really treated Travis a whole family companies has has had no worse for several years. I mean really and frankly I don't mark an all out. Swing and our bad. And our deal is that we as we hopefully improves we thank. And gotten better we won't the right person in the right that's it it's been a great experience so far and and lights it upon a local company that's looking to do that. We'll assault abided in two and a half decades and that's I like it. What Dave thank you for being here a day eve. Bart's with Brody heating and cooling 7043346447. I was ready I'm Patrick bypassing the red services along with the pace from the ready famous companies we are because. It was just finished up to date march. Roby heating and cooling operation is out there yet many so refreshing. I mean he he came in and did this thing hit the road redundant angered some more. Singler he's been on radio before. He did kinda nobody was doing that I was impressed in a school about Davis David sort of try to zen thing we talk about this all the time. He was on in his and company edges toward him and he was I think he was pretty successful. But he kind of understood the difficulties that come with with small business. And he told me point blank is that there's no it really of interest in going back to be a technician somewhere I was looking for the right company. To partner with to really be able to grow into something that that's more than what I could do to myself. Annuals good career you'll some business to be big in us they can do way he needs to do to focus on his right reared. Is so if you're out there I mean that's kind of our labor philosophy as we always talk about workforce development we love young people that wanna grow and grow longer. And one on one one have a company's gonna train them and educate him and stick with them to do. The mistakes but we also love people that have some experience. They have golf Lal may work for somebody else and had gone down tried. A trade on around and trade business and they realize that all the back office albeit counting all the right chant payroll. All the things that the state taxes the federal taxes sales and east sales and use tax examiner so many pitfalls that you don't know the playbook we. We didn't all of their profile picture I remember when I got audited. We got audited I think in 2000 and NAND. For sales and yeast tax and I mean it was like a 40000 dollar bill we had but because of the we had started bounce stuff only Internet light light features is stuff our class won a ball on the Internet we were plain and state income tax. And didn't tailored to win anything wrong and they canyons. For release later so we had 40000 dollars to the state of North Carolina. So I mean that's stuff that you don't ghost oral if you're a plumber and you are right woman business you don't know that. In inched nor should G Indy wanna have to deal with correct so we all people that wanna be successful. We know get rich quick scheme run one build a day would know she wow I mean what one or more with a great company. Wanna have a family wanna be part of a family. And and and have fun happiness and life into this is that this is not just the two related I mean this is not specific to us either I mean we had a we had Danish effort from my doctor and is basically the same story of his of his business growth is he is the exact same thing. These guys wanted to beat these doctors they wanted to see people that there's an eye problems. And help now on the business side of things. Not that they didn't really wanna do it that he wanted to try to offer that support. I'll handle the business side you do what you love doing the will that the mutual Buffett ism really run and that's what he says he likes to Bob businesses. Where the owner. Has been to win everything and deal on great brand with a great mode whether it's how good the brand is how did the service is or how unique disservice it is. How niche the market is. And in these are people that won't look team and wanna build a team in need the support night that article and Ballmer. Maybe wanna take some chips off the table summing it's not identical but it's the same thing people is still wanna work in the business he's one do that ruling yet. Right minute and that's that's it and he hit the nail on the head. And I think Dave barge fits in perfectly it's it's really exciting for us to be in this business my potato for. We we wouldn't work on this I couple years so long three or four times in two years trying news and bad law extended lunches. Offer letter to me is offer letters yeah. And and I. Use an article today about an hour before I sit down and asked him about his hands in queries from this family and and I think we tell on the way home that evening and after we left dates and and we said I think we better gas. Yup that's Purdy it was pretty quick in his Sunday you right in the end and that's that's kind of it's and it's a lesson in perseverance analysts and impatience and I think it. Yet as united especially me is that there's that thank you think I've matured a little bit it in in what I'm doing. Back in the day when I think is a younger me I would probably pulled the trigger TC and in in in in maybe. Jumped into something before we did all this netting in the forward to this features. It's all about doing things now it's about doing things right having the patience to watch him watching come come through yeah. He's still young with respect for what he turned 42 other guy got a couple of gray Ayers and how would really turn thirds of cases there is anything on that yeah. Easier for you and me 48 out in your my Brothers days in that if anybody can do mat that means it's entrance forty years about a month or two via. That he BT's and have a block party. Oh. Between you and in union and are are your knee tendon the front space to your office our partner our partner we can have a yeah we have one heck of a block party we get those income as a block parties and Israel west more Asia that he did come check it out is seen bombing right TJ. Come come look at our construction project we gag on all across the street yeah. Vertical it is I think it's a Saturday we say we need to get it we need to have somebody come in talked let them project. Because I think the community is very interest in what's going on and get NASA about it quite a bit simply good we'll keep them in and we'll keep in middle a little bit of suspense. Again such that I got to Milbank cal as well. You know science. I just made out when I expert Alice from a buddy bill Kathy down there that there's South Carolina a period supplemental bill so how is your Mother's Day my Mother's Day this was really nicely we did something I've wanted to subtle that you need. We're gonna get a my wife and diamonds are all red and they were two relented to Bentley is on 27 and casts out there and in my mom's hearted side defensive all the windows were it was real bright and it was perfect for her little bit early. But that I had done in a while medicis is so fun to sit there and just watch the city from that from that level kind of enjoy a nice mail. Yeah Henman in Bailey's and a lot thank you Ximian picture of it but now must sister came into town. Eight she was pass and threw her her might her her boyfriend and my mom. Came home from beats a week we hung out on the river. Embodied our soul on the pontoons. India when we became river rats of the continent running by and I. It was sitting there beside it can learn yet tired period. And so. Well. Once again. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that we played out there who hope we've done a good job with that and thank you for join in this we hope you have a wonderful Sunday. You listen. At home with Brooke.