Dave Thompson In For Hancock

John Hancock
Thursday, July 5th
Dave Thompson fills in for Hancock. Discussion included a poll that shows only 47 percent of Americans are proud of America, a democratic candidate is a socialist, is this acceptable? Additional topics include education, and potential nominees for the supreme court.

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You're cracking down on. In the morning columnist know you'll learn live and. Everybody I'm fifth the day after Independence Day if you're wondering who's this John Hancock voices. You'll know this is Dave Thompson and if this. This somebody else's voice John has a little bit of time off then I'm happy to be back here it's been a while now since I got to sit in for John but very glad be here. Had a wonderful fourth of July yesterday. They had both my kids are kids I should say on my wife would probably want to take some credit for that process two feet and down. Had them both though over along with my my daughter's fiance and we have a great time ate chicken wings off the grill and other things and played corn hole. Yemen northern boy side I really didn't do much of that. Prepped frankly none of that. Grown up and that's sort of thing but I'm learning it up now here's a mice my son a lot to be did I I won't use his name I don't have permission but. So he'd he'd be bought me a difficult is not exit it was Father's Day thing he actually bought meat of the corn hole boards. Yeah and and I'm thinking OK we had we had looked on the Internet for football team starts but I felt well. Are they both going to be Minnesota Vikings. Or as one gonna be Minnesota Vikings and the other one my adopted Clemson team. No. He hasn't won album Minnesota Vikings one of them Alabama. Because that's where he's from. So I got me a vikings board in the Crimson Tide for some you know it it's it's it's deep it's cognitive dissonance for it. I'm just kidding it's great minutes fun we had a and it had a really good time out there and down. You don't get get up there your kids are grown when I used to do radio back in Minneapolis Saint Paul I refer to my kids is the little Thompson's. I guess what their their 25. And almost 23 you can't do that anymore they're just. They're on their mind my children and it was great to have them both around my daughter went off the collagen. 2011 my son in 2014. And he added to do Summers in college in mind my daughter didn't come home every summer. For the full summer and so on having them both around at the same time was up. Fantastic and got a lot of eating Don and relaxation and it was a truly. Truly a good time. You know there's so much going on news that Alitalia. It's for those of you heard be here and I've I've field in a few times I believe the first time my I was on this date was actually in the out. In the mid morning slot I filled in some back in December of 2016. I. Politics isn't the only thing nine. I really like doing other stuff as well the right now there are so much going on in the world of politics when you prepare to get on the year and then you don't talk. These days I mean that's just front and center it's in your face and I think it's also. A reflection of something that I've talked about many times which is the unfortunate fact it almost everything in our society has become politicized. But that's the first thing that caught my attention. Is fourth time now. I believe it's the Gallup organization let me see here. If Clinton got the article from me with the pulling yes. The Gallup organization since the early two thousands right around 2001. Has been doing a poll but they do around fourth of July time for obvious reasons asking about people's. Pride in the country. Are you proud to be America is that something that you Wear as a bad jar PO DOD. Columbian America. And interestingly enough that number is now as low as it has ever been in the history of the tracking poll. Admittedly that thing hasn't been around very long. A little over fifteen years and in the context of the United States history little on the history of the free world. That's not exactly a long time but it is interesting to note that that those who are extremely. Proud to be Americans would would rank is only 47% of the population. And it actually peaked at a high of of 70%. Back in 2003. Inch. So when I first looked at this thing I thought well is this is this a trump phenomenon is that a Republican phenomenon. Is it to stay conservative phenomenon that that any time. A Republican is is in the White House. Did this poll shows up with less pride in America but that would apparently not neither case because as I indicated. The high water mark for this pole for as long as it has been taken was back right in the heart of George W Bush's presidency. He of course was elected the first time in 2000 reelected in 2004. And this 70% high watermark happened back in I believe is 2003. The reason I say I believe is I'm looking at the chart. And it's not a very well done chart at least has printed so I can't it those years don't look perfectly clear to me but it looks to me to be 2003. Would peaked out at 70% we did on I'm sort of up. A consistent decline since then went down a 69 and by 2005 it was 61%. Down down down and down during the Obama administration came down to 57 and 54 and it was down at. 52%. While Barack Obama was still president out of 47. And Seoul. Say it it's eat it seems to me to be kinda difficult to pin Matt exclusively on president drop. It it seems to me there has to be some other phenomenon going on while. I mean it. In my view there really could only be two reasons. Why people are down on the thing either. You don't it is like talked about which is a current political phenomenon of people are particularly upset with the current political situation. Or. There's kind of this recognition that America is an awful place and promised founding fathers to slavery of history and sexism and liken it. That's finally catching up with us. And that you know the people largest generally down on America regardless of what. Parties in power regardless of who the president is and I don't know it it it just seems very odd to me. It brought to mind couple questions. First of all has it ever be in this way before. Since say the civil war and obviously during the civil war you don't have feelings about America were were completely out of blackened and the like. But what's gone on over the last hundred years say. Has there ever been this way before and then I hit me you know we had a of course incredible political upheaval. During the 1960s and into the seventies with the Vietnam war in the protests and all that's going on. And then. Obviously we had Watergate. And that was followed by aid years under Jimmy Carter. Well from 1976 to eighty when the economy was doing very very poorly people were but I've I'm just wondering if during that time. There was this overall loss of pride in America end. Oral or is that just too recent phenomenon that seems to be happening. Recently aren't we shell continues there's. Dave Johnson here with fewer and Charlotte on 1110. Nine and three WBT. A transplant from Minnesota. Might Yankee. I used to be and get me and I am I you know when I came down here I confessed of people on the Yankee is if they couldn't tell by by minute sort of voice. If they hide and everybody do studio is laughing at any course and on the courage to turn the Mike on the last let me talk to me about it but they're having fun anyway. Tom and I would I would occasionally identify myself as Yankee do what they saw people would say we are really a Yankee that's the northeast or fox. New Yorkers in Massachusetts type or the Yankees. Stylist thought was kind of anybody north of the Mason Dixon line at that that's what I thought so again I guess I am mad anyway on. Very glad to be here in December January I can tell you that sell for 5711. Ten if you'd like the way and I'm talking about this poll out there indicating that since about 2003. People's pride in America. Has taken a pretty big hit and my question was. Is it circumstantially related doesn't seem to be related by the political party or ideology of the president. As I indicated we were kind of at the high watermark during that time the Gallup has been taking his poll. In about 2003. And it has just continued downward. After 2003 through the remainder of Bush's presidency through Obama's presidency and now into Trump's presidency. The second question I have is. Are we finally seeing the results of what many of us are very concerned about which is. They continued to. Education of our children that involves dissing capitalism and dissing the major institutions here in America. Is that the RT to use the reverend Jeremiah Wright's true are those chickens finally coming home to roost. Because I mean that's a fact now I went to school back in the in the seventies. They are Democrats they're Republicans there were liberals there were conservatives. But there was a fundamental agreement between people in different ideologies and different parties except for the extremes. Except further you know 2% on the right that 2% on the left. That did believed something crazy the other 96%. Of people. Fundamentally believe that capitalism was a good idea. Now those on the right would be for less regulation of the moles on the last those on the left would be more sympathetic to the need for labor unions both. Public and private than those on the right. And all that sort of thing of course there was still. You know the country club Republicans vs the core quote work command Democrats and all of that but it was not really about. Is capitalism. Is is the profit motive are these things fundamentally evil and bad things that was not the conversation. The conversation was. How much. Government involvement should there be how much action by elected officials should their be. To make sure that polls fundamentally. Positive institutions don't run amok. But I'm here to tell ya. That you don't if you spend any time reading about what goes on in our educational institutions today there are certainly many. Areas in which that is not the case primarily in large metropolitan areas where people are told that the reason that day. Are in the depressed economic circumstances they may find themselves in the reason that. Now they are you know it seemingly unable to get ahead is because we have fundamentally flawed institutions of vulnerable is our capitalist system. Later on we're going to get in two. This issue of where does the Democratic Party go. In response to the nomination of this avowed socialist and and I'm not name calling battle weight. She calls herself a socialist she is a member of the social democratic party of America. I'll wait to Wear to the Democrats go after that decision to Alexandria OK CO quartets. And and so I mean there is a significant movement out there not to say. Capitalism. The profit motive those things are great. But they can be abused and therefore we need unions we need regulation we need this and that that was the debate 45 years ago when I was a kid. That's that's not the only debate now. There is a serious debate out there not the fringes. But amongst mainstream folks on television. In the media. And now amongst elected officials the says. Our our institutions even worth preserving. So my question is. Has that finally caught up with us. And we finally convinced a large number within our population. That. This country because of the flaws of the founding fathers we all understand there were flaws because of the flaws of our forefathers that that allowed for slavery and sexism and all the other isms that we now. Had become enlightened enough to realize our bad ideas because of all of that is this country really not worth saving. Has that message come through and do we think that this. You know lack of pride in America is going to just continue on its way down. Or may circumstances come about to change that 7045701110704. 571110. I'd love to hear your perspective on. I think we've gotten here and it it and you know op look. You have to be immediate. Not to acknowledge. That we have had problems in this country. Folks this nation is made up of people people are flawed people are. Sinful and Carnell by nature and do wrong things and exploit other people at times we all acknowledge that. But that is true of every group of people every group of elected officials. Every benevolent king or queen. In their history of time. Because it is the human condition. But the fact is. If you look at history objectively you'll understand that America had the process season plays to the constitution. It's a representative government through other things. To correct these defects. Have we corrected them perfectly. Of course not have we corrected them as quickly as we would have liked to seen them corrected of course not. From me they'd be you know in a in a perfect world. There would have been no slavery here or anywhere else in a perfect world wants slavery did end officially here in America. With that would have ended discrimination and racism all of those things but people are not perfect. So the question becomes. Is America fundamentally worth respecting. And worth upholding. And worth. Fighting for. Is it something to be proud off. Now that I mean that's the question and apparently. 53%. Of these surveyed this year. Don't feel that America is worth being really proud. And that is down substantially. From just fifteen or sixteen years ago. And I'm curious to know why you think that is. And and I think it is a combination of things but I certainly happen to believe that one of them is this constant drumbeat. That our institutions. Were set up by bad people. That our institutions fundamentally only work for. And a few at the top of the food chain. And that the profit motive and capitalism themselves are back. What do you think I'd love to hear from his 704571110. Elicited Dave Thompson and for John Hancock and his stock 1110993. WDT. 704571110. If he'd like to play and I'm Dave Thompson in here today forward John Hancock. Glad join me here. Talked about this pulled it indicates Americans are not as proud of the countries the used to be only 47%. Identify themselves as extremely proud to be an American compared to about 70%. In the early two thousands. I'm asking why that is we had a caller that that got off the air didn't didn't hold on through the break and and I'm it's it's too bad because it would have been. Very interested to get that callers a question will maybe address that in a little bit but first let's go to Monroe and talked to William William welcome to a program. I'm good how they do I'm well. Well our. Public Litton your program. And are under there and there. There may be some people who lost I'll go via an American book armor fixed duration. He bail in this region. Hank and you know. He currently in sixth generation to throw opinions OK fair and in the past. Well my family's pastor is not that great on both sides so much fame they've been slave owners. And but or more what makes America great. Is that we have learned our lessons from the past. And we've reached a point. Where the cult we've learned our lessons sometimes the hard way sometimes these unfortunate way. Show and the surrounding area. Is now one of the fastest growing and most dynamic places inside. There and that would not have happened here. In America. We did not have the ability. Can learn those lessons well the year unfortunate. And hollered. Go Google worm got them as a result. We believe our. The most special courtroom as the. What would you say to those I'm playing devil's advocate here because I agree with what you said William my idea I get it done. Would you state of those that would say well you know what are our past is so checkered. So much of the country the south in particular was built on the backs of people being. And exploited in an engaged in slavery. That that we were now living off of what will we would say in the legal world the fruit of the poisonous tree in other words. You all are part of a family that is has done very very well obviously Belk family here and us in Charlotte area. Other people and you know years there because of the exploitation of your forefathers. Why don't you deserve the cost some of that up. Well I can say. They called on grew up and went to school we. The very good riddance. Day my ancestors and sort. When. Kendall place. Where we realized. He. Where we were where we were better all he Graham where we border being who. Here. You know. For more boarded comedy. Lou you so I have. Yes absolutely. I mean it to be the answer is. Is almost and I agree with what you said that it's almost more simple than that and that is the fact that look. Human beings make mistakes. I have been married for over three decades I have done and said things to my wife and she to me. That if we were to go on in life never forgiving and moving on we both have reason to cash shouldn't be done and blame the other person. That's the nature of humanity I'm sure my children could point to some mistakes I have made. That. Are serious but the but the only way to move on in life William whether it's a personal relationship. Or society is if we come to grips with those things that do the best weekend to make amends for them. That's all we can do you can't put the toothpaste back in the group. Absolutely and then sand mountain west Koreans. When I was growing up. For the best forehand so my parents. More blacks in that and more inherited slaves the other grandparents had been the best for him. Well or another whose ancestors and slightly upper. And he knows what what we've got here mad at all. There and goodness well this is that dynamic community. Hi. I got a very good William interesting stuff I appreciate it in Charlotte can welcome. Welcome. Around how well the problem once owned this whole key to being where bundle or even. And I can validate that but BF or example. All banking failure a certain percentage of people. Only been there that never any you go to Lou yet even the last all national elections. It was self help or your world. Completely emerge. Where. People. And they get broke for so hot person that you are court gets. Not a poll. I personally might well have pared hole chrome also iPhone. And that meat from. And hand out we're building now a we ordered out for her fervor if bill Gordon. All it will immediately it just doesn't. Kirk yeah can't cut a couple of things number one yes any kind of pulled that your getting online on the Internet through an email that sort of thing different things. But they Gallup organization generally has a pretty good reputation and I guess cannot by the way I agree with you. That when it comes to candidates and political positions those kinds of things. That Yelp holes have been screwed with whole lot this one I have a little bit harder times. Seeing why they'd want a message that my assumption is. That they probably ask the question with the exact same wording today that they did it. When the numbers were higher back in. In the early two thousands because there'd be no reason not to so it does want at any even at the numbers not exactly right I'm certainly willing to accept the trend. Jeremy welcome. There are pretty well you. Can do well thank you in my opinion that people there really want this to happen there really oil it. But it has become a hockey game that motivate people click government jet. Weird you know. And I'm I'm look at the it was clear out or pull hold on haunt a little confused I don't know that I've been talking about. Government checks or pay a work at we're just talking about pride in America or not. Injuries and you know I guess I'm I got them grow in. This whole idea. Being you experience I DN. You know really it just the whole conversation aggravated you know call it. The quote it has been like anybody it pushes or something like that for the immediate pain. My my grandfather Larry their ears though. A little bit of what Jeremy you gotta help me who's who's who's pushing who'd pay for what I haven't talked about that at all. Well this is contradicted what the conversation any it was our pleasure now that we read that maybe I can elect late. Didn't appreciate. It appreciate actually. They were content to mr. Belk. Yet I don't know all that data and maybe that did lead you astray but there of the conversation was simply about a poll. They showed pride in America is now Soria had to cut short. Secular joining me here on news talk 1110993. W BT and Dave Thompson in for John Hancock today's 704571110. If you'd like to weigh in on the program if you are on hold be patient but I got to get to some breaking news. Because after were all we are a news talk station right new loses the first word Scott Pruitt. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency who has been under significant scrutiny. For alleged abuses of his office. Wild spending at setter and of course he happens to be. The cabinet official that was confronted in a restaurant here a few days ago by a woman who. I was holding onto her kid in their confronted prude about his policy positions and as soon as. Scandals of alike. I he has bailed the departure follows months of scrutiny that gathered momentum following reports the Pruitt. Had rented a Capitol Hill condominium linked to an energy lobbyist on favorable terms. The revelation exacerbated concerns about the high cost of Pruitt travel and security detail. And triggered a flood of allegations that Pruitt fostered a culture of workplace retaliation wasteful spending. And self dealing at the EPA Pruitt is gone. And we will see who run Donald Trump but picks to succeed him. That is the news 704571110. We are talking about. This poll indicated that only 47% of Americans are extremely proud of the American down. From around 70%. In 2003 or 2004704. 570. Yea 1110 let's go to G. You welcome. Laura don't do well recent. I'm hanging in there. There are a lot of comment. Are copying endeavor I wanna be sure and I wondered if what I'm talk about when. Mr. bill would speak about. Beat you haven't quite planned women who love them while they're at but I brand and grandfather or grandmother had background. I can't endeavor what what exactly. What the tranda. Yeah ally I appreciate you asking is that just jump to conclusions what he said one as. That obviously America has been very ugly history when it comes to slavery when it comes to. A lot of the things that went on particularly in this region of the country. But that the lesson. Has to a large extent been learn obviously we have eliminated slavery and institutional racism in this country and that. People are actually in the process of healing and coming together over time. Which has resulted in in a booming economy here in Charlotte setter that was that was more or less I think the theme of what he said. I'm channel I don't disagree reported science because if you look at it. If mud land what it would have to put like that that my great great grandfather. And Edmonton. I slaves. Picker worked for him pretend torn YouTube query that I would be a millionaire. You have elements are we. Or maybe maybe not yes keep you below. The opportunity to be a millionaire. Because if you got the alert go what you were probably. A chant give don't want you here. I'll hope that it people who don't don't they acknowledge guilt but you're not you know pep in my head down. Through generations. Well you do realize though Jane that it is the vast mid minority. A millionaires of financially successful people then inherited it. The vast majority upwards of in the range of 98 to 99%. Of people who would be considered are millionaires or I'll get this in this country earned it on their own. I understand that Cuban American bitter. If you look at every downtown America and look at all the stats bird that. And and start out there isn't what the monetary and from what those gut spurt that doubt that Charlotte. Yeah if you look I met my attitude to go back to where. British Webb slightly liberal plantation. To book bad money the carton Mayo all of that grant from. I'm at full pro you're supported. You know all of the money that could build Jim then I. Could emerge in April a pretty good that the parent. But I jam I'm gonna say this I I believe you're exaggerating it. Did admit boy let me finish let me finish our I allow you to make your points allow me to make mine. I'm not I'm not saying that what you are describing didn't exist at all certainly did obviously. If you are able to take advantage of relatively cost free labor. That is an advantage but I we used used the term all. Most I don't know if that's true but let's let's assume for purposes of argument that you are correct. Okay but today. In in today's society. If if you are. Black white Asian Hispanic doesn't matter male female. By and large. You have the opportunity. To do. Succeed here in America and interestingly enough. The middle class. Blacks were doing batter in the 1960s and seventies. When we were closer to slavery then we are today. So I think it's hard to argue that that. You know slavery is preventing. Anyone. In in today's world and America from success MI wrong. Sure. I can I love my own good generational problem. Good about it probably didn't stay in politics Chandra generational. All of the sort of what this well don't tell them that. Yes. Ma'am without the support you but there's an opportunity. So generally it would. Have been. And there sat there and did you. Know Joe's income. Getting your income as Brian says and you know it's you know what could have gotten nineteen tornadoes and so. But contributed about it the way drew won't be a little. Game hundred. Major value in a mentally him we can why can't. Compared to. The match went on the ground that we were read out there agree playground. At JIII get your point and unfortunately I'm I'm running out of time New York. Again does it help to be born with advantages of course to say otherwise would be foolish. However your point that people don't move up and down. The economic strata in this country is simply false it is the most economically mobile country. In the world that's a fact. If you folks can be patient that are on hold I will take a few more calls when we return I am Dave Thompson in today for John Hancock right here in news talk 1110993. WBT's. You cracked and only in the morning Tony Snow won't learn everything again to. The ins today for John Hancock who has a bit of time cost 704571110. As the number if you want to wait in here. No more calls please I'm going to move on other things but. I do want to end this conversation. People not being proud of America in his larger numbers as they used to be. For those of you may not heard very quickly 47% of Americans right now identify themselves as extremely proud to be an American wears that number was in the 70% range. In about 2003. And I think. The that this is coming largely from a couple of issues one. This did the sense of of of racial inequities that have existed in this country. Nobody denies that no rational person denies that and then secondly this overwhelming. Sense that there is somehow economic injustice. And that there is a group of have as any group of have nots and the have nots can't move. That's simply not true. If you wanna have another discussion about why there have nots that can't move we can start talking about her inner city public schools. But people on the left don't want to do anything. About that. You know they they they don't want to do anything about that. So. You don't do it it's. It's a mask right. Did the conversation that we had I I talked briefly. Her name came up at least. This woman who won. This congressional primary in the State of New York. Over a guy who was kinda considered to be like the fourth or fifth most prominent democratic member. In the House of Representatives. And I think that this is going to create a real. Problem. For the Democratic Party as they are moving forward. Her name is Alexandria Casey a Cortez. And she won. As I say a primary in the State of New York. And she want to overload be considered kind of more of a moderate Democrat clocked and in fact no nobody even talked about this primary. Before the election. And all of a sudden we hear this name that that you know those of us who don't live in New York had never heard before and she's making a big move forward. And the democratic national committee chair. Went ahead and aunts and describe her as a the future of the Democratic Party. Well she happens to be. A member. Of the democratic socialists of America. This is not going to become. Name calling there. One of the unfortunate things that happens on both sides of the political spectrum is. People on the left refer to people on the right as fascists are not Cesar racist or whatever other misty could come up with that they deemed to be. Derogatory. And all of a sudden it loses meaning. Well the same thing can be said for people on the right who call everyone a socialist. Just because they happen to have slightly more liberal economic views then make a conservative Republican. That also starts to lose its its meaning. However in this particular instance this is not name calling because ms. Cortez herself. Identifies. As a member of the democratic socialists of America. She calls herself that I'm not doing. So I took a look at the website. I was kind of curious to see what these folks actually believe. So I went to article two which is their stated purpose I shall read to you. It is a little bit long but I think it's worth hearing the whole thing so you understand the the perspective of a person. Who was just described by the chair of the Democratic National Committee as the future of the Democratic Party quote. We are socialists because we reject an economic order based on private profit. Alienated labor gross inequalities wealth and power. Discrimination based on race sex sexual orientation gender expression disability status age religion and national origin. And brutality and violence in defense of the status quo. We are socialist because we share a vision of a humane social order. Based on popular control of resources and production economic planning equitable distribution. Feminism racial equality and not oppressive relationships. We are socialists because we are developing a corporate strategy for achieving that vision. For building a majority movement that will make democratic socialism in reality in America. We believe that such a strategy must acknowledge the class structure of American society. And that this class structure means that there is a basic conflict of interest. Between those sectors of enormous economic power and the vast majority of the population unquote. The fat ladies and gentlemen it is pure unadulterated. Marxist. That's what edits. And that is what the democratic national committee chair says is the future of the Democratic Party. One of two things is going on here. Either America. Is so far left of what I can imagine. That I am. Probably shouldn't be behind this microphone because I don't understand anything it's going on in this country. Or. The Democrats have gone completely off the edge listening to their Faris. Furthest. Farthest furthest further risk farthest. All of those. The last flak. Left flank of their party house on such a roll and a little grammar thing get my. Get a job. I don't know. I mean really this is some thirteen big time stuff. We believe in and reject an economic order based on private profit. I know more profit. Alienated labor gross inequalities in a wealth and power discrimination based on race sex. Sexual orientation gender expression disability bubble boss all of these things apparently. Are somehow connected to the inequities that are. A part of a capitalist economic system. Now. We've all seen in after probably the last three or four presidential elections. The map right. The map almost comes out which shows. You know deep blue. Democratic voting populations in New York. A mountain jump Massachusetts. In the east California William northern California Southern California Washington and organ in the last. And there's ease these blotches of blue that there are few little blocks is a blue like inner city Chicago and and that inner city and a you know Minneapolis Saint Paul and and and places like that in in the midwest the bar at large the rest of the thing is red and and of course Republicans use this to say see. Most of geographic America is read all that's that's fine and good but you still have to win the Electoral College. Which of course trump did. John McCain didn't. Soul. I don't know but who are weak really getting to a point now where. The left has gotten. Numerous enough that somebody like Cortez. Should be the leader of their party and can get elected I I'm sincerely. Amazed at this I mean. IA. I get that there are pockets within our country and and and perhaps this woman's. Congressional district is one of them that are you at all. Off the deep and left. But I think here's what I think and tell me would you think 704571110704571110. I am not deluded I may very philosophically. Pure capitalist. I I I don't believe there should be a minimum wage. I I believe that we should be as close to Blase Faire capitalism as we can possibly be and have. Government interfere in the economy only where there. Where it's absolutely required things like some anti trust issues and that sort of thing I am truly. It borderline economic libertarians and I understand the knowledge that I am quite a ways. Two to the right of America our map. But isn't Cortez equally as far far more sympathy to the left of America. I don't know let's talk about it after the news we will be right back right here on not WBT AM eleven deaths. Nate Thompson near near today for John Hancock 704571110. If he'd like to weigh in on the program talking about Alexandria quartet is. The a point eight year old Donna upstart that BD prominent Democrat in the State of New York for the nomination to congress. And the fact that she is well she's a member of the democratic socialists of America she's way out there is America ready for that. If you are Democrats love to hear from you just what do you think that that is a good way for your party to go of the DNC chair democratic national committee chair said she's the future. Of the party 70457. All 1110. And it basically DiMarco early earth yeah my laser etched arm. One of the questions he got a parked on higher article in about last break with our you know what in your your mind. You know we got to read a lot of those items are platform war. You know what is considered mainstream and you know are these potential issues big and you know kind of gravitate to the mainstream America and you come out like you know what would you bet big. And on that regard and I think that. You know the background on myself I consider myself an independent I'm on the mind. Our early thirties. Obviously been voting for about. All that more than a decade and acting confidently tell you that I voter purple vote Republican and a half Democrats aren't there. That in mind and what it's worked out but the remarkable capital I've discovered how they're below our options. In my mind up ordering the marquis was able to win there is you know I think always fail to remember Padilla very and she's you know want this or not mean we can have fair discussion about whether or not you know I'll I guarantee Howell. You know those kind of things no I would agree with you I don't think the government and if you're not opened their women about I think. The reason that she was able to win that. You know I think those are kind of issues that are more on the periphery I think you really look at our core of what she was talking about. A majority position. Shoot I think the majority of Americans are out of on now whether that's getting corporate money out politics. Tony public college. I don't like about you know I don't think I can speak for myself not in the amount our generation but I know that. I can confidently tell you that says that a capital without someone as young. I don't know. Guaranteeing public college for people. You know investing in you know the younger people and urban people from. Going to the hundred about it that would know other than a great battle ever gone without less. Com article that as a bad thing that'll be out of Iraq and actually and I can accord that would sort of a majority of Americans actually agree with. I'm and I'm like a bad Peter I think that I'm I'm focusing on your daily record I think that when guards are. Yeah obviously we get another important economically I think those that I think are. Appealing to be if you're that people actually care about a dark art of political establishment get caught in the. Oh that's so important that the nonsocial the most people want program that war and then you know for the that there are. Show you know I think I've ever been I would I would pay more concern arms about it this kind of focusing on an excuse but I don't hear any Republican in Democrats thought. All right got and I let's go why don't I let go quiet well to hang out much talked yet I'd let you go quite awhile earlier this year you very articulate I will say that. I'm suspicious of York claimed to be somewhat of a moderate and vote for a lot of Republicans. But yet support quote unquote free or tax Payer paid for college frauds pretty radical position you don't think it's a radical position that's pretty radical position. All I know like for example are free housing and I find out that I find out a little too far. I don't think you can be guaranteed home I don't think you can beat your car but it can mean public university in the better the more radical than having public elementary middle and. Art schools are not in remarks short while later when await her way worried yet no it's very much more radical to much more radical because here's why. The idea of public education. Is to get you far enough along on the public dollar. That you can function successfully as a citizen in America which means basically. You can read right to do arithmetic. Have a basic sense and understanding of history. And citizenship. And all that sort of thing. That's a very different models then we're going to have tax payers pay to prepare you for your career. Bear mauled by her and I about them that's their argument I would I would contend that there are multiple studies now understand a regular show. That if you hit it it's not like thirty years ago or high school education which could kind of gets you where you wanted to go. Durham but it's very clear that B careers that provides about putting. The career that provide the most opportunity to people require a college degree often times a post bachelor's degree. And just I mean I I guess that's kind of where about are okay Jane I don't it's a pair of agreement Lilly and. Let me say something now you said your piece let me say something what you just said is exactly right. College provides more opportunity. Greater career opportunities at Sutter as does graduate school more like. So your assumption is everybody's entitled to that that's not a conservative assumption. There yeah I'm so there are said that aren't you are Udell you're kind of coming out of a market said I mean are uncertain what people are still like. I feel like it's been very conversation that turned and some in the controversial when I'm a little odd October. I mean I don't I don't I'm I don't see what is useful for our society. Is to have people. You know 150000 dollars in debt because that was the only way they can afford actually have a job or pay them a living and how great actors and allow them to become you know a person in a capitalist society. They don't have to go 150000 dollars in debt. A lot of people. A lot of people do it through starting out perhaps a couple of years in eight junior college you don't have to go to a private college. You couldn't work. And and pay some things and not go into that level of debt there are ways to do. That they don't require that an end you know you you're free to say that that's not a radical position. But it. But apart from him by I would I would say that the reason why I'm telling you that I don't think grapple with I think there's labor already. I'm never going to that the majority you wanted to ask a question what are you missing I think you're missing that the fact that the majority of Americans support these programs now. Well I don't think. The majority of Americans support a lot of the things that 88 in Alexandria Cortez sport but you know what I it it's conceivable. That I am wrong. Interstate. If if that is an example of a moderate in America today. We are indeed. In trouble. Because that moderate American is asking for the taxpayer. To be responsible for the college education of someone else's children. I have just by the way gotten. Finished would both of my children going through college in no way do I believe that it was anyone's responsibility other than theirs and might. And if we aren't willing to accept that responsibility. Then you don't get to be college educated and yes as I described here is a big philosophical difference between providing. You know elementary junior high high school providing a college education I'm Dave Thomson. We should be back here shortly on non W VT. Thank you for joining mayor Dave Thompson in for John Hancock on news talk 11109893. WBT 704571110. I'm asking the question is Alexandria. A cost GO Cortez. The woman who recently won a primary in the state of new York and is a member of the democratic socialists of America. Is this someone that the Democrats should wanna put front and center settle for 571110. Joseph welcome to the program thanks for calling. I are you don't look for a Democrat. That it would Bret I've been bitter a bottle Bob. They're good they're not what Chris. Bull bottle me up a bit. They're they're. But it got it beat out the dialogue that what we're all we talked about. Burton like all upbeat bit called alt. Golf tour that the it would pale at the federal local. The Turkey big they are all I don't. Thought we date back. The whole ritual well what do you original I don't think we'll beat the culprit was the grit Scott. It fit for Jim Crow gridlock in separate for equal all polls or entitlement structure. That put won't book for the double and not at all generations not all you have resource says. The economic standing. And all the resources. That she and her bridges now are spending a whole open title. ML we're talking about this and let it be and how were of course he's poorer. But it seems like everything from mini he had both parties both Republican and Democrat you will conclude that. And let's sparkly pieces of American history we are busy and turn your did not. Well didn't turn cars and do nothing. I certainly didn't. End. They're there were all kinds of people on all sides of the political spectrum that did it. Did did turn their heads at that is not a Republican Democrat issue and of course it also has actually nothing to do. With the discussion that we are are currently happening but if you're if the point is. Well you don't know Republicans were the reason. Are forward Jim Crow laws for all these other bad things that have admitted that that's just simply factually and historically. Not true. 704571110. John welcome to the program. I think it might call your. So I want to prepare so called before the break their record but wanted to make a bow you know widened his idea would work number one in the eighties. When hardly anyone had degrees over a third going to college and getting faster degrees and it actually ground out. Really important little bastards scream so now you have to have a master's degree and so on and so forth. It's everybody if the majority of people in America had a bachelor's degree would be weighted down even map what's more. It would be nothing. Even more than that now number two. The fact that. Most jobs that our well being requires a degree that's all too well there's many many many vocational jobs that do not require or your degree that say. The trades to trades are great right now if you become a plumber or electrician or something like that. You are going to start and a much higher income many typical college grad. Right. Front end and lastly. Support and I was talking to the screener he made a good point but. You know if everybody in America had a degree or the majority of people have a degree. Who's gonna wanna work at McDonald's or Starbucks or. You know Wal-Mart you know we're gonna feel like they should have these great jobs and everybody's gonna be on equal footing about. Or go our report on that note John that thank you appreciate it 704571110. If you like to get in this idea. Back in time I'm really glad John Paul because that is such an important point. This idea that. We'd be better off if everyone had a college degree and if everybody had access to college is simply false. Some very successful people who are incredibly happy with their lives. Had no interest in college don't wanna go to college. Didn't try to go to college and wouldn't wouldn't fit in there. Different strokes for different folks. Now. If we're talking you know college has has been getting unaffordable that's true. And of course you understand that any thing that is driven by public subsidy the cost of it has a tendency to go up. And end in a public education college in particular is heavily driven by public subsidy. So there's there's some fault there but there also are. Lest costly ways to go to school I mean a lot of people choose to do it. In a way that that they run themselves into a lot of data center there are alternatives. Again not to say that there shouldn't be less expensive alternatives and believe me if we. Will loosen our grip. On making unreasonable. Demands and requirements and so on I think you're going to see particularly in the in this era of online schools an awful lot of things. Alternatives to what is kind of traditional college so little 4571110. Jessie walker the Iran not the John Hancock showed Dave Thompson. I think every day tour. I wanted to say that I think this is really being made into a mountain. Because the Democrats realize that they slept. Sure this election. Assuming they had this collection tied up in the girl comes in with. I think less than 20000 votes takes a hallway and I really think it is the democrats' attempt to cover this up and down play. They're law. And putting the woman on a pedestal because she won. But really it's it's their fault for not participating like an out of the park it's been you know working class of about sixteen years. Gasol looked well but let me be clear did you mean they're they're making up for their loss at the 2016. General or do you mean what what do you mean they're making up for what I'm I miss that. No I think what they're making up or they realize the position that they lost column to the socialist standard they're trying to paint her as. That's amazing bigger and the future of the Democratic Party because they didn't allow Democrats to the mosque in parkas spacewalk. They'd been in other words they failed to support their on the institutionalized incumbent. And so now they're trying to see why aid by saying not arouse great this great. Yeah actually they're near their hubris got the best government outer aren't you are trying to different light in a different direction now you know that that's a really interesting point because. I think. I don't think there's any question Jesse did your right to debate as seen this coming. They have done some serious campaigning. But I opt for the eased further of the guy that she beat his name escapes me. But I'm I'm still amazed that. Somebody before you know the DNC chair gets up and says this is the future of our party that somebody didn't Google. Ms. Cortez to find out what she really stands for and and figure out if it's a good idea to name her as the future of the party I think that's dangerous for Democrats original. I agree I created they seemed to have this. Bipolar standard with extreme of them. They wanna paint conservatives that as extremist and now they're literally jumping back into the other extreme side there. Liberal ideas on the ball socialist American. I agree thank you very much and more still Kenny welcome the John Hancock chillier on Dave Thompson. They gave expect a culture. Just a couple say about it. Their college education. My high school graduate of the construction trade electrical work my way up through the ranks are making over thirty bucks an hour ago nice. I have little boy I electric at all they're making him it's Ortiz Lowell made forming. Helpers earned that changed. Well that's as far as it absolutely needing a college education they get anywhere is you know now I've knock them door though retirement a 100000 dollars a year to construct. Worker very golf and and it's an honorable profession it's a profession. That all of us need it it's something I'm not qualified to do it frankly it's kind of insulting to meet any win. You know this implication that well if you don't go to college. Somehow you're not contributing to society the way that you could be. What can make more contribution to society than wiring my house reply in my house right. Exactly right now these high rises that everybody's talk about the any record or our our we things poorly building up. No I've seen that's exactly right thanks sir thank you so much I appreciate the phone call. Dave Johnson back here with you on the John Hancock shows it in for John today at. News talk 1110993. WBT 704570. 1110 if you would like to weigh in I idea start to what was a larger conversation and that is. Will the Democratic Party be in trouble promoting this Alexandria. A Casio Cortez. Who is far to the left side of the Democratic Party this is evolved into discussion about. Free tuition and college ranks to one of our callers who basically said look I'm kind of a moderate I voted mostly for Republicans. Over the roughly decade are little more than I've been voting but I I think you know some of these things people are cool with I just. Full life in the I don't understand why anybody would say yeah I I'm I'm willing to have paid more of my taxes. To put other people's kids through college guy I don't get it 7045701110. In Morrisville Jerry hello. Hey there. I would love to throw a side all the platitudes and idealism and get down to real. Let's talk about investments we're gonna invest whether whether we do it with our own money or whether we do and government money. College should be an investment which means there should be a payoff that there are no payoff than what you're all about. And the problem I see is that. So many kids going to college what Eli do I don't know. Come back two years later they're gone and their junior year we won two I don't know I'm trying to find myself. I'm telling you all if you tried to go and get a loan for how. And somebody says. Let you be able to pay it back and are you able I don't know this big comeback. When you've got a good reason for me to trust this inner bachelor and I'll get a return on. Got so I had not I got a point so. You don't view college as being a worthy enterprise simply for getting a liberal as in small L. Liberal education that presumably makes you. A an honorable us citizen gives you a better understanding of the way the world of the traditional. Liberal arts education you'll see value and. Well not not enough value and I'm good and bad and if somebody is evaluated that to our great system and about used to evaluate that you put your money down. You want me to see value in that. I wanna see that it helps you. You get paid job that is gonna. Promote our social welfare of all about it rather than I what I wanna do to be a music major wanna be Apollo like I wanna be a I don't know what I wanna be but let me trust me I'll get a degree and they'll find a job and I think. That's pretty lame to land down upwards or over a hundred grand. Middle you know maybe Gerry did this will be really interesting guy I frequently criticized the last. For promoting rights without responsibility I'd be interested to see your reaction if we soak it. Aren't a problem. We will pay as a society. Up to 30000 dollars a year to send your kid to college but here's a rules. If they don't graduate. Either you or they oughta all back to us. Well that's a good god how about this. If they don't wind up getting that job that they're college education helped them get your your paid it back to us. I don't I don't honestly cared about that because if you go to college and you get a philosophy major. And then you end up making a million dollars a year on Wall Street and paying your share taxes I don't care that you didn't get a job your chosen major. Well no they're not I'm playing a job that will. That will pay for you'd feel something more than minimum we got jobs that. That is at eight in some way linked to. At least get an acknowledgment that if you if you can go Wall Street endure without the education. Without the degree then why am I paying for the degree. Now diet well. I got you I appreciate I I. To get it to be we we lose sight of why. Public education. Is quorum quote are right in this country admitted this week we made it right if your child. Of school age shows up at the door. And is willing to go to school and you send that child to school affected you know up until sixteen year actually required to. We pick up death and the reason we do that is. It kinda comes back to Jerry's point about a return on investment the idea is we all benefit from an educated populace. Educated. Defined as. Being able to read and write and do arithmetic. And function as a productive citizen in the society. That's an entirely different issue then. On to higher education here's another way to look at. For the first twelve years of educating thirteen if you wanna count kindergarten but you know for the first twelve years of education. The idea is society picks it up because society gets a huge return on net investment. Beyond that if you want more education. You personally. Are going to get a much greater return on their investment then society and therefore you're supposed to pick up most of it but let's not forget. The state schools are already. You know significantly support. By by the public dollars so. There are reasons to pay for you know. Lower grade education and not for college. Are things get a little off track their deny let the education discussion go and I really above but but I hear I find fascinating. Well I I've been in this business often on for years and I've listened to a lot of talk radio in my life. Dating back to the late 1980s and I've I've been. On and off the air and filling in an impediment regular show in the midwest and do listen Philly here. Since you know late ninety's. I feel like I'm pretty good at predicting. What the sense of the community will be out there. On this one I missed the books. I fully expected people. To jump on and tell me this well Alexandria Cortez is so far to the left she's going to be huge damage to the Democratic Party. I haven't got Matt. In fact I got. You know one of the first caller of that the guy who called in and supply consider myself to be somewhat moderate might voted for a lot of Republicans over the last decade plus some. And I'm cool with a lot of the things that Cortez stands for including. You know guaranteed the college. Op I'm stunned by this I mean. He you know we're word. And I realized that you know this area of the country here western North Carolina we're not quite as conservative as. Some other areas of the country but my assumption was most people would be of the mindset that she's off the edge and you know I'm I'm not getting along that it has been out. It has been a little bit of a surprise to say the least. Will your gonna have to be quick I'm up against the clock but go ahead. And that's where this was chime in their purse back and we just gotta bring you gotta do what you gotta probably ought younger Lester I'm in my mid thirties but I. One of the frustration that I have with the folks that are thirty years younger birdies and younger. What they will I really wanna hear your comment but I literally have seconds I hope you can hold over the break I would really like to bring you back well you got my word all bring your right back. Right out of the break here at news talk 1110993. WBT Dave Thompson in for John Hancock. Fuel cracking down in the morning columnist know all learn everything attitude. I can't I had this guy's thirty years old who's gonna tell me what's wrong in his generation behind Rondo free music and then. Fail. Now what do we say all in unison how all of it and. I'm Dave Thompson here for John Hancock today 70457. Know 1110 that's okay. That's all right because we're shifting gears anyway. And I told you I'm I am shocked we didn't get more people. Saying of the democratic parties in big trouble if they moved this far the left but I don't you know and and to some degree it confirms. My suspicions that maybe there are more folks out there that are cool being. What I consider the off the rails to the left than but I thought of salt sounds like the president. Donald Trump has he has. Supreme Court short list down to three. Of course you know unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere that Anthony Kennedy. Traditionally known as the swing vote on the Supreme Court has. Has put in his resignation he's done I believe at the end of the month doesn't matter what day it is because they don't really go back in the in the sessions start doing anything until the fall. But Anthony Kennedy's Walken and wait for those who don't follow the Supreme Court closely. They're currently our four justices that typically are more activist and believe in Kabul quote unquote living breathing idea. About the constitution is and how ought to be interpreted. And then there's four justices that are more. Strict construction was stripe or I prefer the current or original lists and Kennedy. Was the justice that kind of swung back and forth for example. He came down with the with with those in favor of a constitutional right to gay marriage. Which of course your team to the right and he has come down on on the side of of other things it your retain the right bucked. There was this Janice decision that significantly diminished the power of public unions. That decision came down here a couple of weeks ago he voted with the constructionist. Majority though of the Roberts Thomas. A group on on that decision. So the thinking is. Bad unlike when. Neil corsets replaced Scalia that was a conservative replacing a conservative as they like to say although I'm gonna get to that I don't like that terminology. That didn't really shift the balance of the court because it was too like minded people. This on the other hand will shift the balance of the court at least that's what people believe because. Kennedy tend to do you know go back and forth and and and and go different directions on different decisions. Where the thought is now trump is going to appointee gore such type justice and it. He will kind of quote unquote locked in. A majority on the other side. So apparently. The president has his his list down to about three. I don't know if that's true nobody knows if that's true but it it appears that that is the case. And I think this is going to be very interesting. Situation it is going to play out here. Are there is that there is no longer a filibuster. As applies to Supreme Court justices so all the Republicans need is 51. Well they really need fifty because of course in the event of a tie the president of the senate Mike Pence is the vice president of the United States breaks the tie. So in a situation where there's fifty votes in favor of the president trumps nominee. Mike Pence to break that tie and the nominee would be confirmed. John McCain of course unfortunately is ailing. Fighting brain cancer and it is highly unlikely that he will be there to vote. Which means there are fifty Republicans. That means that trump can't lose a single one the focus is on two of them. In one of them is is from the state of Maine senator Susan Collins the other Lisa Murkowski. Is from the state of Alaska. These two senators had indicated that. They would be very hesitant. To vote in favor of any Supreme Court justice that wouldn't commit to upholding the rationale below the case of Roe vs. Wade which of course is the 1973 decision that I hate when people say this. He didn't legalize abortion. He said there's a constitutional right to abortion slightly different distinction there. And so. The thought is trump. Is going to have an issue. If he were to nominate a justice. That had eight track record to demonstrate that he or she. In their legal career or or as a lower court judge. Opposed to the right to abortion. Now of course. It has become a tradition and then properly so I would say. That when nominees are testifying in the congressional committee Russians in the senate committee or. Wherever that they don't commit on specific issues that of course they shouldn't. Because legal cases are supposed to turn on facts and the specific legal issues in a case and so you should not sit and pontificate. About how you would rule on the case that's not before you but. So Collins and Murkowski are now gonna get hammered and apparently there's already flaw in the money I've heard in the range of five million dollars. There will be priority and to put pressure on them to do the right thing now. What immediately oh occurred to me is. All right. Are either columns or Murkowski. In danger. Of losing reelection. Well interestingly enough Collins one mice with 68% of the vote. If her last election with which if memory serves me correctly was 2014. Murkowski won by a reasonably safe margin so I don't think either of those club senators. Will be doing. Our calculation based upon the fear of losing election. Rather. I think it is going to be you know sort of what their true convictions are. This is why I I wrote a FaceBook post not too long ago and I said I wanna see Neil corsets two point at all. Because I think that if we see trump nominate aid judge justice are presumed justice it would be justice. That is as mild mannered. And articulate. And no not extreme kind of mainstream looking like gore such. I think it's going to be really difficult. For Murkowski or Susan Collins not to support that nominee. I liked the idea of of of nominating their there's a couple of females that have any in the mix. And in particular there's there's one right now. Who she is a good justice on the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals doesn't have a long track record she was just recently confirmed there. And I think that that puts more pressure on columns and and Murkowski to vote game. A little bit more to this I return I also wanna talk about the fact that. We look at this thing. From a completely incorrect perspective when evaluating judges will get to that shortly fewer away and sellable or 570. 1110. 704571110. That he'd like to weigh and I am Dave Thompson in for John Hancock here news talk 1110993. WBT talking about the vacancy on the US Supreme Court and so you got to get off my chest. Drives me crazy when I listen to the commentary on television and I alluded to this earlier. We should not what we're talking judges justices of the Supreme Court be using the terms liberal and conservative. And it. That is a major problems that I have to I don't care. If they Supreme Court justice is. Laughed a Barack Obama. For a right of me. Yes they have fidelity to the constitution. The issue is do you believe in this living breathing document nonsense crap. Which is just another way of saying I'm just gonna make the constitution. Say what I want to say but ill or opinions I write. Authorities believe that your job as a justice of the Supreme Court. Is to interpret. The law whether it is a city ordinance a state statute if federal statute a federal regulation or the United States constitution. In a way that the drafters of those documents intended. As a practical matter. Do people on the left have more of a tendency to be. You know the living breathing document. Kind of thing yes and do people on the right have more of a tendency be. Original list constructions yes obviously that's true. But in the context of the justice of the Supreme Court it's unfortunate that the conversation devolved into liberal conservative because. If it hit it at if I were a Supreme Court justice. All right. I would do everything in my power and none of us can do it completely because we're all human and we all have biases and prejudices. I would do everything in my power. To completely ignore. From my thinking. What I believe the policy. Underlined the law should be. I would do everything in my power to try to look at the facts. Look at the law. And interpret that law in the context of what I believe the drafters of that law intent. That is what is Supreme Court justice ought to do. Where we have gone off the rails. Is to go with this idea I don't own my own home no you are supposed to look beyond the words. You're supposed to look beyond the legislative history you're supposed to divine. Through some spiritual enlightenment. Some. Say things. That goes beyond what the document says in the intent and of course one of the justification that people have for that as well Dave you know this document was written. Over 200 years ago and things have changed and we need to do things differently and that document needs to live and breathe. Well you know what the founders in their infinite wisdom. Created a way for that document to live and breed it is called the amendment process. So if you don't like something that is stated in article one section eight or you think something more should be stated in article one section eight then your option is not to have. A judge say. I don't care what article one section eight says I'm gonna do it my way that's wrong. That's not a government of laws that's government man. You're option. Is to get an amendment passed to add to take away from or in some way change article one section eight by the way I I use that as an example because. That is one of the most frequently. Ignored provisions of the US constitution that defines the powers vested in the congress. And of course the ninth and tenth amendments and indicate all other powers are left the states of the people they're out. Settle for a 571110. This drive me crazy this argument is if it. I I it and I taught I'm a lawyer by trade. You know. And I talked to attorneys. And I I just. I just get crazy when people who are trained in the law. Talked to me about. Public but the interpreting the laws need to be more than interpreting the laws no it doesn't. Yeah but sometimes you come up with absurd outcomes yes you do. And if in fact a statute or ordinance. Is interpreted in any way. That brings a body ridiculous eggs up result. It is not the job of the judge threw judicial Fiat to change the language to come up with what he or she deems. Not to be ridiculous result. The remedy is let us in the case of the city ordinance the City Council in the case of a statute to the legislature. Go back and fix a statute. That's how our process is supposed to work. We are not supposed to be making laws from the federal bench the fact that there are ever. Protests. He held up picketing. Petitioning. Of the US Supreme Court on purely political issues demonstrates the degree to which we are completely off the rails. Now of course some people say LeMieux well David. You know what is one person's judicial activism. Is another one's constructionism and vice Versa look I understand that there will be disagreements. In an application. Understand that. The point is to come in to the argument in to the debate in to the interpretation of the law with the right intent. Indian ten should be to ascertain. The intent of the drafters and of course the best way to do that is to look at the language itself and if the language is confusing look at booted. Look at the the debate look at the legislative history that brought about. There I've been I had mine nerds to X. 7045701110. If you'd like to weigh Ian. If we made the Supreme Court in to a super legislature. And and that's very very bad night I pointed out that done. You know although the president's gonna have AF fight on his hands here. And Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. To stay in a US senators from our main and Alaska respectively are going to be at the center of the storm because of the fact of their kind a quorum court swing votes. There's another really interesting element to all of this. There's. At least three and arguably for democratic senators from states that. Donald Trump won convincingly in the 2016 election. That are really gonna have a problem if they have to vote against trumps nominee. And I have to believe that in when they are having their Maurer self interest to moments. They are really hoping. That does the president pick somebody that is acceptable to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. So that he can get a 100% support from the Republicans because then they can go. To Chuck Schumer the minority leader and say look. We got a bowl this way to preserve ourselves and our upcoming election and Trump's gonna get his guy or gal anyway so doesn't matter but boy I'll tell you what. If trump loses either Murkowski or Collins and John McCain can't make it back for the vote. Then these Democrats will be faced with the dilemma. Do I vote against the nominee and potentially lose my election. Order why vote for the nominee push him over the top and never have a friend of the Democratic Party get. Rather interesting all right folks we shall be back here shortly fed news talk 1110993. WBT. It tops of import John Hancock here. Thank you for joining me and his top 1110993. WBT. 7045711107045701110. If he'd like to wave you'll we have a caller off error. That. Asked me to address why did Anthony Kennedy choose to retire now. Well I gave my best lawyer Lee highly technical. Thought fold top notch law school response and I say he's an old fart you start and I I actually think here's some truth to that. But no of course the question was. Why did he retired now when Donald Trump. Can appoint his replacement whereas at least theoretically. It's possible that Ted Donald Trump either doesn't run for reelection or loses in twenty point. And by January of 20/20 one. Kennedy's replacement could have been appointed by a Democrat while the answer is is two fold or potentially of the actions are too full. There are two potential options one is. He had just had enough he was ready to retire. And he wasn't going to hang in for another two years. To wait and see what happened in the twenty. And Tony election or. You know despite the fact that he's kind of the swing vote. He's pretty comfortable with the idea Betty constructionist to strict constructionist aura. The original it's gonna get appointed to replace him he was fine having Donald Trump from. Replace him. Now course trump says that is the case of ms. Kennedy is happy and through olden. You know all is well with with crop replacing him. I don't know if you noticed but occasionally trump plays a little fast and loose with the facts especially when it comes to things like. Brag you know she'll about himself so I've no idea if that's true but what I do know is that dumb. Is that Bill Kennedy. Most of that they at least build okay with a because I'm unaware. Of any health problems Kennedy has is game he's getting up there in years. I can tell you right now that. But the person who's really regretting her decision I'm guessing at this point is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Who of course is a committed to judicial activist and I am guessing. That they're short of her dying you have to drag her out of there on a stretcher and she would have to be utterly incompetent. And unable to do her job. Before she would resign and give Donald Trump the opportunity to replace her. And that of course is gonna be especially true now that Kennedy has been replaced and if it assuming of course corporal always assuming. That you know the president does a good job of getting eight philosophically. Like minded person on the core we don't know right I mean we bleed the particularly broad democratic president's. Are pretty darn good. At getting left disappointed to the court that they continued to act like. You don't let judicial activists Republicans history with appointing beat a philosophical. Strict construction zone not not as good I was gonna mean after all. Po boy some correct me if I'm wrong on this I'm pretty sure it was Richard Nixon who appointed Harry Blackmun who was the author of the Roe vs. Wade decision. And of course justice David Souter who I am. But 99% sure was appointed by the first President Bush George H. W. Bush. Turned out to be actually kind of a judicial. Activists in the extreme in many cases and that was also Republican appointees so you know you just don't know these things aren't always all that clear. Shifting gears slightly. And I'd be I'd be interested to hear your take on on this one. I think Donald Trump is making incredible. Inroads. With Republicans. And would. I I have been. Fairly. I don't objective is the word but noncommittal. On the old Donald Trump. Like everybody else in America what he descended the escalator back there in June of 2015. In a way it's hard to believe that's three years ago in a way it seems like three decades ago. You know I had of course believed he had no chance like everybody else in America believed. And I certainly didn't support him there were seventeen and I think Republicans that were part of the nominating process to start with. And he is probably about number sixteen on my list and may may be seventeen. When he got the nomination. I voted for him because. He knew you know couldn't couldn't possibly be as bad as Hillary that's certainly true. Over time. He has really irritated me mostly with the things he does much more I'm sorry says more so than the things he does. All of a sudden as you start to look at this guy. He still says crazy stuff he still tweets crazy stuff but frankly he uses a lot of that to his benefit over the last couple weeks. I've watched along with my son my wife a couple of the speeches that he's given at these rallies one in Fargo, North Dakota. And then another one and I can't remember off the top my head where was I guess he's. These are going to be getting another one of them in Montana tonight where he's probably gonna go after democratic senator Jon Tester and didn't his grill out there. This guy has an amazing ability to touch. The regular folk out there and communicate with them. And now he's almost gotten when he when he points and moves his hand back and forth these pointing to the news media and back and calls and fake news. I mean I'm sure they still are horribly offended by it and taken very seriously but when you watch him do it. It's got to the point where there's almost a little bit of a twinkle in his eye yet you can't help but just about laugh. And in some of the stuff he says in the way he says that is so funny. His approval rating is up they are near 50% at this point. Most of the people that were predicting two or three months ago an absolute blue wave where you would get. The expected outcome. In the mid term election and a president's first term that the Democrats would clean house. You know remove the Republican majority in the house. And maybe even have since this success in the senate despite the fact that they're fighting an uphill battle because the Democrats are defending so many more seats. All these people are saying that inaugural a little hope or not so fast. Not so fast trumps approval rating isn't underwater world was if you can believe James Carville old maxim that it's the economy stupid. The economy is humming along I mean you won't hear this on. You don't. Straight up media because they don't want to tell yeah. But when you have African American unemployment rate and literally an historic low. You have the labor participation rate up you've got the overall unemployment rate really really low. With the tax changes you've got capital money being repatriated. To this country. And all of the predictions that the economy would blow up have not happened. And yes he's a wild man when it comes to foreign policy but he hasn't started a war yet. When you add all this up when you look at it. Pass block I have no idea what should happen in November. There's part of me that says it's going to be typical the best predictor of the future is the past and the past tells you that the party in power the party who holds the presidency you'll take a shellacking in this mid term election. But if there's nothing else that I have learned in the three years since Donald Trump came on the political scene. Is nothing is normal anymore. Spirit. It just is so 5704571110. If you'd like to weigh in after the news. Yeah. Dave Johnson in the air today for John Hancock if you would like to weigh in on the program. Well number one you got to hurry if you wind it down. 704571110. But we still do have time for you would like to be in news talk 1110993. WBT. Donald Trump. And and the fact I think he is. Reel in some folks that call or off fair and it. Are nasty mean screener would let on and apparently was yelling at me about something he mean you can disagree that that's OK I just. Look I am what I'm saying is I think that this guy has tapped into some things and I think it's incredible. And it and it's it's affected me. I mean I thought the guy it was a complete loon. And I still think that he says a lot of crazy stuff that I can't support but somehow he is. Finding a way to get things done and he wants to get done. I'm concerned about the terrorists. You listen to people now that that are in businesses impacted by the terrorists either directly or indirectly they tell you that's a big problem and yet. Tell me your read some other sources and things are going on behind the scenes the deals are getting cut and the like. And of course if we ended up at some point. With fairer trading deals. Even if in the short run we pay a bit of a price what we probably are now economically in the long run it may end up benefiting us. Inside you know sometimes I I think that. Trumpets playing chess when everybody else is playing checkers and he's looking three moves ahead I don't I just. Don't understand. Why he has been he'll say some of the things he says it's seem to be counterproductive. And yet they seem to be working for I don't know are are are any of you out there that have been trumped cynics. Or I either although I was a cynic but a skeptic feeling like this guy is establishing some momentum. I just feel as though. The very is a chance. The things are going his way as we are coming into the year 2000. Eighteen election year. And I think that's bore out by the fact that his opponents are. Are absolutely coming unhinged. I mean did it it is remarkable. When you when you see what is going on we read the story earlier recourse or you've heard on the news with the Debra that. That Pruitt. The environment and Environmental Protection Agency guy. Has as lefties resigned his position under you know cloud of suspicion scandal like. He's a guy that got confronted in a restaurant by a woman carrying your kid wielding a camera. The whole deal but at least she was simple the odd. One can argue that it's never civil. To go after somebody when they're sitting in a restaurant having dinner but. Yeah I suppose if you are a public official at the level of a cabinet officer for the president of the United States. To some degree that goes with the territory at least she certain laws civil or non threatening. But there's a story of bug you know the attorney general Florida Pam Bobby. Getting accosted at a movie in having someone you know. A screaming Ater interface to the point that the respected her hair. You've got. You know a lot of this kind of stuff going on you got the the bricks that were thrown through the window. At the at the democratic or excuse me either Republican headquarters at both Kansas and Nebraska is one of those midwestern states have believed it was. Nebraska but I'm not sure. And the degree to which the left is getting in a latter. Further. I think validates the idea of the debt you know trump is make it's a minerals and I think a lot of the folks out there believed that by now. You know Donald trumps the approval rating would be about 15%. That. A landslide would be coming for the Democrats so they wouldn't have to worry about anymore trump appointments to the Supreme Court. And that they would be able to stop everything trump wanted to do in the last two years of his administration. And then of course if you ran for reelection they'd run. Some Democrat against him and kick his butt and I just think that they're looking at this thing and realizing that's not how it's going. I just not how it's gold. Somehow trump is. Is more or less get this thing done and I think. If you don't believe that there there are signs of weakness in the Democratic Party all over Kathy Manning. A Greensboro, North Carolina is the latest democratic house candidate to to disavow Nancy Pelosi everything it's going on. With the Democrats in Washington Manning who donated to Pelosi in the past announced Wednesday. That she would not support Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the house if the Democrats win control of the chamber in November. Manning is challenging first term Republican Ted blood of Davie county north Carolina's thirteenth district which includes Greensboro high point states bill Salisbury. She says I cannot vote for more of the same and I cannot support Nancy Pelosi or Paul Ryan to lead the congress. We need fresh faces in bold ideas leading both parties unquote. So somehow the president is is is winning the battle with the Democrats in Washington on the PR front. The Democrats are you know he looked. If this candidate thought Nancy Pelosi had been making a good strong Cogent case. Against Donald Trump and his policies. She wouldn't be distancing herself like that. But the fact is the reason she's doing it. Because she Knowles Pelosi and company. They're malware. They're just not it. And yeah I Donald Trump's going to be able to keep this up let's face it of the you know the election doesn't happen for about four months. And in the world of politics for months is an eternity. But as of right now I don't think anybody knows how the election would go so mom. Folks let's see if he can keep doing what he's doing Chuck Schumer. Minority leader of the senate of course trying to be the voice of reason. And when. You know the Democrats have been out there. Stirring up all this controversy Maxine Waters the other democratic representative from California who basically came out. And and skin stated the position. That if you are a member of the trumpet administration. Whether you are the Press Secretary likes Sarah Huckabee Sanders horse aura or. The cabinet official. You don't deserve to have peace. And it's a life sentence you don't deserve to be able to go to a restaurant to a gasoline station. To a mall to a retail store. And just go about your business and enjoy life so that that is. Utterly amazed alternate as it is going to be an interest in four months leading up to the leading up to the election and I don't think we have. Have any idea what we are going to get its it's going to be very interesting to see alright folks that exist again as Dave Thompson in today for John Hancock thank you for joining me here at news talk 1110993. WBT have a great.