Dave Thompson in for Hancock.

John Hancock
Monday, August 6th
Dave Thompson fills in for John Hancock. Eugene Robinson, from the Panthers Radio Broadcast team joins Dave to talk about rule changes in the NFL and concussions. Dave discusses how Chicago has become a war zone, and how social media is using censorship.

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You're pregnant and only an. In the morning columnist no Kohler live in the. Good afternoon you heard that a little contest there. Voices added and car. Who's that guy well liked guys beat Dave Thompson glad you're with you on this lovely August. Monday afternoon. It's it was a warm weekend there's really warm I mean. For those of you don't know me I I'm a transplant here. I'm starting to combine an upper midwest minutes old accent with a little bit of a southern drawl you all right. And a start and then start to combine the two. Just a little bit here and I'm glad to be sitting in for John point is I've I've been here long enough not a kind of get used to the heat humidity but. Outside a couple of times over the weekend and early humidity was that was rough. I was Swinton was a really warm but that's OK it's summer supposed to be that way it is a small price to pay. For a beautiful weather right through Christmas and then starting up again in mid February you know. I'm used to being buried in snow in Minneapolis from above the middle of December until April 1 or thereabouts middle of march and cannot fault take the heat any date but that's. Just me. Chicago Illinois. Is becoming a war zone. It's just unbelievable I checked out before going on the air here at the star tribute started. Old habits die hard if the Minneapolis paper the Chicago Tribune. The Chicago Tribune website in the latest numbers are get this over the weekend 75. Shot in twelve dead. That's in the senate you know you know 33 whatever 340 period. I up I assume three areas in the consider the weekend Friday Saturday Sunday I don't know it doesn't matter where there's two days or three days or forties. It's just unbelievable. And eat you don't. Extrapolate those numbers on a mean and all of 2017. Which obviously would be the last full year for which we have data I believe there were 86 murders and Charlotte. That's too many. I'm grant you this too many we're now at a lower pace this year but you don't think about 86 for an entire year as compared to you. Twelve in a week. It's just amazing and and grant to Chicago is a larger metropolitan area but not that much larger. Not that much larger the have. The mayor Rahm Emanuel has come out and made some comments and you know obviously. Everybody's upset they don't don't really know what to do that's for sure. But you know he'd he makes a comment that that we are better than what we saw a quote we are better than what we saw what actually. You kind of not. Mean this is not a one off for Chicago. This has been going on for a long time. And they have a serious serious. Problem there was violence they have a serious problem with dysfunctional families in the light. And bit beef they need to change something quickly. It it's become and it's becoming really ugly there and and that that kind of is what what they've got to be like now. I'm not inclined to have to blame one individual and I know the politically. They would be easy for me to point my finger you know Rahm Emanuel he of course is a lefty and a long time Democrat and a a Clinton advisor all batter but Obama advisor and and around. He goes to be easy to play the political game and say well must be his fault well you know I don't know that you couldn't. A tribute the kind of problems that we're seeing in Chicago right now to one individual over a relatively short period of time. To me it is a cultural phenomenon. That that may be you know really peaking right now but it has obviously been building for some time. And of course. I hate to beat this drum but the reality of it is there are some things we know. The people don't like to hear. And that is that you didn't you get an incredible. Upsurge in violence and anti social behavior and bad things. When you have lots of people being raised in families without fathers. And that by the way. We would not be information of some right wing think tank. It's not information out of someone with an ax to grind. Just about every study that you find it will tell you that you had big problems out. Pardon me for being crude but back when I was in the political business back in Minnesota we will occasionally say. When there are no fathers in the home the girls get knocked up and the boys get blocked. And and they are just some truth to that. And we don't wanna face that. Because of course we are now living in a time when it is politically incorrect. And it it is not sufficiently inclusive to say. That may be sort of a a traditional family structure. With a male influence and a female influence produces better outcomes. For children but the reality is with us. You don't have to like it. But it's the truth. And you know I feel terrible for the citizens of Chicago Illinois Mickey can you imagine being a parent there right now. Indeed anywhere near one of the areas of town would these horrible things are happening and having your fourteen year old son or daughter. You know golf to play a game a sandlot baseball or something and wonder if they're gonna returner if they're gonna get caught in. In you know the crossfire of some sort of gang uprising or something here are some lunatic that decides to start shooting people. I mean it's just it's terrible it's sad because of course like everything else even though there's a tremendously high. A murder rate their all kinds of problems and bad things going I'd still the small minority of people that are doing these things. And you don't. Rahm Emanuel doesn't sound to me like he's got a lot of solutions up his sleeve that you know although the law enforcement folks are going to employ. He says for a moment quote don't think for a moment people. Don't know in the neighborhood who is responsible if you save yourself enough is enough will that implore you than to do something so this doesn't happen again unquote well I got news for. I heard or read earlier today that a lot of the victims and other witnesses people aren't even coming forward. Because you know presumably they're afraid of retribution. There are a lot of you know the problems are are running operation all right. I'm. We got to it at 330 we had Eugene Robinson former NFL star coming up to talk to us about the new tax rules of the NFL. And next hour apple and FaceBook and some of the speech censorship. Stock a left hand. Tonight at three WG CN Dave Thompson in for John Hancock today John we'll be back in the south more I assume. Least I'm not going to be here Pete he's back himself gaseous aren't very good. So little 4571110704. Or 571110. If he'd like to weigh in. And I I I bought brought up briefly this Chicago violence situation in the fact that. Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Seems to be kind of reaching out to people saying you know if you're in the neighborhoods and you can see suspicious activity here you'd see bad people doing bad things. You know let's let's pitch in and try to fix the situation. I would argue that in terms of citizen responsibility. You have to some degree that's too late to me EEE you've got these people turned out in the streets that are. From dysfunctional. Broken up home situations. Where there's no discipline. Nothing going on. And by the time they're out there in the gangs is getting pretty tough for the locals to do anything about it. As is demonstrated by the fact that witnesses and even victims. Don't wanna come forward. Because they're scared to death of what is going to happen to them. And so yelled at it from a from a cultural standpoint. We got to get a handle on things before it gets out of control. But from a law enforcement standpoint. I think I'd like if I were a citizen of the city of Chicago I think I would like to hear my mirror. Saying something up out. What this city can do on the law enforcement side it's better now it is possible. To clean up our big cities. And we all know the story of New York City coming apart at the seams. And then law and order type Rudy Giuliani was elected I don't remember what year many many years ago now became the mayor of of of the city of New York. And you know frankly just so look we are not going to have a cesspool of homeless. Hanging out on the streets were not going to have people using the streets is a public restroom facility were gonna get the drugs off the street. We're gonna try to to move the violent son of of beatle commercial areas and they did. And I don't have enough experience in New York to comment on this but people who live there or through that time period. After Giuliani took over we'll tell you things changed. And so maybe it would be a good idea for you know Rahm Emanuel in the officials in Chicago. To take a lesson. From some of the things that but we're done by. Rudy Giuliani in this City Council there to clean things up a New York because people tell you that it changed dramatically by the way. Under the current numb skull they've got run in that city things are turning back the other way just a little bit but. My my point is. It's both. It's it's the behavior of individuals it's teaching people it's doing all these things but it is also having. City's leaders committed to law and order and committed to trying to clean up the city. And punish bad behavior. Both of those things have to work together. 704570. 1110 if you like to get it but I hope for the the sake of that city. That they can get things cleaned up because it wouldn't be a lot of fun to be living in many parts of Bay Area right now not to mention. The human suffering that has gone on with who with all the good the bad things have happened there in the people that. There have died in and been injured and you know we think about murder rates which are terrible but you've got in addition to twelve people dead according to the Chicago Tribune. You've got another sixty some that have been shot in on presumably injured a satirist so. It's it's just stay it's a bad situation hope we can do something about that by the way we've got down there Ryan remind you got Eugene Robinson coming up shortly after the bottom of the hour to talk about some of the new rules in the NFL. That I think are gonna go a long way toward making the NFL less pleasant to watch. Will get his take on a Wilson had a Carolina Panthers update coming up at about. And about 3357045701110. If you would like to wait him. All right I'm Dave Thompson in here for John Hancock hand. We're talking about the Chicago situation and what is going on with. What is going on with. Rahm Emanuel in the city they're attempting to get this murder situation under control. And it's. You know this is just stay it's a horrible mess that they need to to pay attention to of 7045701110. If you like to info next hour by the way this. Apple FaceBook. Kind of general social media situation. That is going on with censoring. Quote unquote hate speech and other stuff that they don't deem appropriate. On social media is getting really out of control. And is starting to be a little bit disturbing to say the least and we are we're gonna get into that next hour. Next hour here on the the Levy team. All right. We've got Wells Fargo. In trouble again Wells Fargo Bank has had a rough rather over the last couple years. And now they've got some additional problems with we are a couple calls a period barely get those on okay. We've got we got Wells Fargo getting in trouble once again here. With. This time foreclosures. On homes that took place that should not have happened according to oil Wells Fargo what they're saying is that there was some. Quote unquote computer kind of issue. That caused them not to be able to allow. Some of the folks that ahead lawns out with them to exercise their right to to reconstruct their lawns are restructured them so they could make the payments. Ending up in up to about 400 people being foreclosed on. That should not have been foreclosed. And so they. And they are having significant PR problem so there you did you know anybody who this happened to. I mean that would be. Quite disturbing to say Elise so. Wells Fargo San Francisco bank and of course they have a huge two in the huge presence here in Charlotte as well. All right David a welcome to W BT thank you calling. Yes sir. We're playing him on the corrupt yeah see balance in Chicago. Gitmo had. I'm sorry yes but my opinion is you hear that corruption of Chicago. If you read some of our. It starts at the top down the person who feel responsible. And has been for years there rob Emanuel. Yeah I mean in theory and Julie and clean it video he can expect nobody else is. Yeah how we know the reputation of Chicago going way back to it to mayor Daley ballot and in the seventies it's been it's been a big problem there and there. But that are here to listen to your comment I'm not New York yes New York clean their act up a little bit and they're born in the right direction. Yeah that's right now there's there's no question about it New York changed things dramatically and you know I think the thing David that makes really hard now and I appreciate your call is of course. You've got to leftist mayor like Rahm Emanuel and of course right now Democrats on the left vague got to be against cops right. And now that that creates a real problem because of course it's. The cops need to try to help enforce the law all right be bash earlier this talk eleven and 993 WBT's. Have entered a new chapter in our history and you're about to meet the man at the top of the organizational pyramid yeah. Hi I Mick mix and stay tuned today's panther update is next. The fourth summer sales events here. 0% APR financing for 72 months what's 1000 dollars or critical especially great lineup of Ford suvs. Clean essentially it's telling yourself televised by. And climate. The temper Eric kicks off Thursday night in buffalo. With the pre season game number. The new owner of the Panthers hedge funds to run David tepper says there are many reasons why buying the team made sense. First of all the NFL com is an investment. Com do teams are profitable. Com for me personally the Charlie sister great place to be from a personal standpoint. Not just from this a stamp on because I have. My mother lives down in Miami. My sister was down a Miami. My kids to live up and you hurt my brother lives in around the Pittsburgh area and have other relatives are from Pittsburgh. The president has very arid if you draw. A line connect and all three you'd end up near Charlotte. So you know that's not the business I live it it did the does a personal. No personal reasons and as I said there was a lot of similarities with this organization. With the most of Pittsburgh organization I think and I think Richardson mistress and mom and in some ways some modeled this after its. Her temper is off to an impressive start blending his ideas for growth with an ability to smile and make fun of himself. We today's panther update make mixer reporting news talk 1110993. And they'll look. Welcome back to the John Hancock killed earlier this talk 1110993. WB CN Dave Thompson sitting in and we are joined by former NFL star. And current member of the Panthers broadcasting Eugene Robinson you Jeanne thanks for take his time on your data competence. Murder our order I'm very well very well. Op I wanna specifically to talk to you a little bit about the changes in the rules in the NFL that effect playing defense you played safety. For many many years in the NFL and we all know it's a violent game and we all I think respect the idea that the NFL is attempting to make things a safest possible it's been great to see. You know the changes and helmets over the years have been made better. But before we get into the Syrian and I'd like to ask you having played all those years in the NFL club they get cold to take on you or you. Is did you were you one of the lucky ones that came out of pretty well physically how are you doing after all it. Well I'm not I think maybe if they let it all ballplayers dessert you kind of almost we see some. None have somewhere you'll look at three lost. I feel like you have bit ultimately though. He's got a result and it. They'll go recruit. Been now does appear as some of the other we'll go through all. Common group green a lot of the older guys who are paperwork from the car stopped escorting or cardiac usually go to Google com. Help with that simply put I do have some cognitive moment we will remember and also I do that but it is now it appears poker. While interesting you played. In the NFL from 1985 through 2000 started with the Seattle Seahawks ended with the the Panthers in 2000. And of the of your colleagues in the people that you played with and got to be good friends with. What percentage if you guys end up with a you know knees or back problems or neck problems are things that. That you know affect you like your relatively young guy think you're what 55 or something here and they fire yeah yeah I mean. Did did your knees OK can you got walked the golf course can you do those kinds of things or are you feeling outside of the memory issues. What we're big yeah I would look at our core come up a little bit sort of put a couple that nobody. Or platelet hook up the bill. Proper verbal verbal. I Bloomberg in 1985. We were all we work at Charlotte Christian the other. There we were talking bulkhead you've got good morning to pick up again mayor mark up back dignity you don't want to cover. They're going to go where the book the book will go a certain moment that this football Burnett. There all the bending down to know that getting this thing where there are a lot to do with that because. Well I think you'll opening drive home idol here. I can bookmark and about 35 or not when he tried. So I'm going to do a lot slower than it would have done it but oh there is a process Pope. Public of movement and completely I noted. You know that it really. Take you to another thing that we'll football player that you think that you're that you're invincible. You always used to playing with playing. There's so that the par for the course and look anything that you do get you go order okay well my Becker. You know what many here. In the public look up or dealt with that slipped somewhat that mentality. Old football league that you learned that the Cleveland trainer so. You can argue or from the front but it could have. A lot of guys that are considered so they've probably the only people who people are some guys learn legal. Home. Quite a custom solution that they do. Well it's interesting my guess is Eugene Robinson former safety NFL for about 1516 years currently a member of the Panthers broadcasting. So. I have to ask you this question in an in this is something I think the NFL. In our society generally is kind of dancing around. If the NFL is going to remain entertaining and beating game that I have loved and watched now for and you are almost the same animal from 56 I've been a a huge football fan watched it like crazy since I was eight or nine years old. If the game is going to stay. As it is the reality is we cannot prevent severe injuries from happening do you agree with that. Well yeah I mean this is the support I mean people can tackle the NATO and UU. Then you're taken people doubt what are your ticket guy down or use YouTube wrote tackle electorate they're trying to do and that's all very well. Certainly guard bureau put political war. You click this Google whatever it. It is the court to minimize. Those purple. Hi we need to happen you you tried but you're gonna you're gonna be good have opened up more contributors include support what they're trying to pick up the game. Now it is. These cognitive the concussion stuff that happens and that's what they're trying to definitely. Give it Hellman and how. Good hitting circuit as that you should be when I was playing in public part of living purpose. You can go get somebody would not determine who that removed out of living purpose so that we don't. So politically took concussions and happening. We'll multiply twelve and their excellent career and so that wanting that there after the doing a better job well. I'm getting your helmet under the surface. Yeah and and you know of that may it it gets say what you Dina makes complete sense to me is a guy who's never played football high level and and you know you have I I don't I haven't but what you're saying makes sense meet. That being said. Do you believe that the new rules that are going to be implemented here and eighteen may go a little far I've tended to hear. Defensive players saying. This stuff happened so fast out there you may not be intending to put your head down you may just be reacting to the situation. Do you think they may be gone too far to the point where things are going to be called penalties were there was no intent to do anything wrong. Global warming. Let's come back about 300 revealed that in April well gonna put out video in every Christian and running back. Of the opera of lying to be defensive back linebacker because the line. I'm not full could kind of be had a big deal what would constitute. All of a good pick. Or what Kyle Cooper group tackles and all the things that constitute the bad tackle. All that it worked a flat back would have been. Our Internet they have regular overhead and the result could. I'll tackle focus it where you pull them back not so leapt ahead update you saw more than shoulder that won't reconsider and that there was bill. In effect build really pretty typical all while apple they've put things show report. All the coal. Helpful that the airport then if you can picture that. And what they would have always been the case put. Well I believe that the fact that what if you can get today are there to cut them you cooking would be actor got it you got something that the can we really marketable and still. Sure you that you can go ahead still have those high level impact. Tackled without it being so. Damaging go with the sort of credit. Paper thinks so there's a lot of Rockwell video bout what they're pretty vocal while warning of greater difference and now they're blue barrel and then. It is essential that there Kendrick who the player who would make it didn't it look for the clearly refute it kind of really rule of the poll to. When that it was a good looking more shoulder career. Well. One would come electrical block what it would trickle on our guard political betrayal and cover so I and a walking videos like wow. But the NFL can sell bit and get everybody to abort a guitar work Reid should be able to identify these. Although they'll play then you cook it would be here I think the problem we're gonna have this. I've been applying the play. I'm a little bit I think the human I think The Who have also over because look we. You know kind of think back opens things yeah quickly or being too quick corner but I think it go to levels of welcome what you get past the first quicker the guy. Did you sort of toward in the these and even next season I think that it becomes. So wonderful. All right you Jean king hang on one more segment forest got to pay some bills here. Your broker all right sounds good Eugene Robinson former NFL six. Jake Thompson and here today for John Hancock John we'll be back in a moral might guess kind enough to hold over for another segment Eugene Robinson former safety. For a four teams in the NFL ending his career here to Carolina Panthers and now I color analyst for the Panthers Eugene. One last personal question and we'll get on of the more generic kind of thing. You mentioned before we went to the break that probably you know 6065%. Of the guys he you know has some lasting effect from their time in the NFL. Even most of would do it over again in would you. Oh absolutely no god who were doing something good for you then get indoctrinated. Everything that you were you a little kid you know from the growing up in the and it certainly are packed remember what he Orton every. Think you're the doubt Kyle Orton the court why certain. Football back then they could it would it poultry you hear everything. Toward that so that got them one more part of Americana the auto. 000. A code are grown up. Well there's no doubt it is so far that the airport you know a real debate back there very popular football great. I'm recruitment of the net you your job and oh there's a beautiful courtroom I understand reverend if you think of that mr. Foley did it. Career where the people go record that didn't do great. However. You know you have to remark personal very. Yeah of course I would a lot more a lot out of floppy but the the mother of the compensation numbers I'm hoping he. The beautiful art 30 there. A welcome bit of a problem so while you're permitted currently of course but what I'll do it again. But let me just couldn't figure you can put them I'm a bit of mud mud might. A global market Zimbabwe. For the open minded tonight at a certain that this could not quite there. Well above them bother all of AMOCO. The first. About what could become a much much more than just football bowl I don't wanna give their carton that no debt that we're. I can't we put out there aren't that we live out into the open what do. Now way. Fair enough local that's interesting because see here's my theory Jeanne I could be totally wrong on this but as I watch the evolution of our culture. M and the attitude toward these kinds of things it wouldn't surprise me at all. If we legislate the NFL out of existence over the next twenty years and my and the and the reason I ask you that question and I got the exact answer I expect that he is. Should we do that if the people that are involved in the sport and take the risk are willing to take it. What happens in order to pull back I didn't cover about that angle. All forgot that point oh. Medical let let let it play out you can't vote again about the game the thing that never thought I co leader. I don't give up above the ball from the well what I argue but I think you may be correct. That twenty years from now that the media might be something that police something that we we've been about because it. It has been moved. If there is no longer than because more are hurt that now the bigger more you noted that the greater problem would. Some of them think they can construct that is that they're they're all so I think your mate saying. Support that changed over the years but I also believe that well the order book of organizations. In the world. And I would bet you that no matter what the order big zero probably figured that prolonged that they'll have their head a bit of pro forma fashion. Interesting I mean you know it's done. It's my favorite spectator sport probably about tied with golf I know that sounds crazy to kind of opposite extremes but all our program if he. I was ordered her to Robert Byrd probably go to. Yes and I got to but I gotta confess I'm I'm a lifelong Minnesotan up until two years ago Osama vikings fans are still kind of present your time with the Packers ball try to forget it. I. But that Britain broker. They're really elaborate plan of the world because that's all I want it to be just. And I got it there themselves by here we'll talk format without it would do you know that thought buyer bought at a golf tournament well. Fifteen years ago whatever uprooted good okay. You're the reason why I don't play a football because I thought then moved if you did it. Second ranking individual but ignoring a good a hopeful we'll fill up with a good how what are your battle there. Well you know there's a lot and 95%. Chance he gene that I was watching Matt Damon. I was a huge chuck Foreman fan too and of course. The purple people leader's defense back in the seventies those are all great memories. You've been very generous with your time today Eugene I hope we get to meet in person sometime I wish you a great season the Carolina Panthers football and I hope we get to talk again. And often being N. D. Kalu well slugger darker area. There's going to be much crap well I can't go through your path of O clock news and segment with a playmate so physical up front. All right you have a great day Eugene Robinson for appreciates the appreciate the time all right we will be back shortly here news talk 1110993. WCT. Tools can be found at WBZ dot com. You cracked and don't in the morning counters know you'll learn live in the who ran. Yours was today confident for John Hancock John will be back tomorrow here let's talk 1110993. WTT five. So I'd settle for 571110. If he'd like to do anything I've never met Gene Robinson was. Sometimes you talk to somebody on the phony consolidated genuinely nice guy and now he certainly does I appreciate his time. Funny get those personal insights from people who played the game because you know knuckle heads like me I can sit outside the game and make judgments. And I haven't been there he has he he's played the game. At the highest level. And has lots of friends and acquaintances who also have man that really really enjoyed those insights on this injury situation in the NFL which I think comes. I think things are going to I think things are gonna change over time as society seems to become. More and more are sensitive to these kinds of food issues and there are arguments on both sides folks I mean. To me you look and say well these are consenting adults. They're you know point 11 point two years old Lincoln and the NFL and and they they can make these decisions. By the same token. We don't allow people to do anything they want to do if there is such an unreasonable risk. Then we deem it to be be a sort of against public policy classic examples of boxing commission. If filed a sudden deciding on need some extra cash I gotta go become a professional boxer. Well the state North Carolina would prevent me from doing that for a lot of our arrival on a box because they would look and go you're gonna get killed. In Raleigh to do that. And so armed we'd do as a society sometimes make judgments that even if individuals are willing to consent to do something brought a lot of new. I don't wanna shift gears here. Uninteresting story about apple. In particular and then of course FaceBook and some of these other social media sites. That are getting more and the more into the business of us censoring adult material they deemed to be hates feature objectionable. In some way. Apple confirmed Monday that it had removed five out of six podcasts of Alex Jones. Of the infamous Alex Jones show as well as a number of other info war is audio streams in the news is originally reported not reported by buzz feed. Jones a controversial conspiracy theorist who has claimed that the 2012 sandy hook school shooting was a hoax. Has been hit with other content bands from the likes of Google's YouTube and Spotify. And on it goes and on it goes. Before we get started I'm on the topic itself let me please address one notion that drives me crazy. And and I am I'm gonna be frank about it it's usually conservatives who are spewing nonsense about this on FaceBook or wherever it might be in saying all. FaceBook is violating my first amendment rights. In a Twitter is violating my first amendment rights gnarled. Go read the First Amendment. The first word of the First Amendment is congress. From mayor says congress shall make no law and then of course we have through judicial decision an amendment week we apply First Amendment rules to the states as well. Point being under no circumstance doesn't apply to a private entity. So you cannot. Challenge FaceBook by saying you're violating my first amendment rights FaceBook is not the government. So stop back. Why are they affecting care. So pet peeve of mine. Not understand folks of the constitution restrains. Government from restricting your speech or your religious activities not private individuals. But that isn't to say. That this isn't a problem. In fact I think it is a big problem that these sites are doing this stuff here's here's the thing. Yes in theory there is. You don't free competition free speech if you are so inclined you could theoretically go create some kind of platform. It's a social media platform record and quote compete with FaceBook compete with Twitter compete with. You know whatever other. Social media sites may be out there. As a practical matter. These sites become so ubiquitous so big so valuable so. A dominating in the marketplace. Apple of course recently made the news becoming the first trillion dollar company. That can they get so big and they have such a presence in the become such a normal part of our daily lives. It inside of our society. That debt as a practical matter there is no competition out there for them in terms of message are right. I Dave Thompson. Can go start a web site. Kindle started newsletter. Can go. You know. Write a blog. And I will literally not touch 110 million of the people the FaceBook does. And that's just the way it is so if we have the clown sitting in the Silicon Valley. Editing out certain kinds of messages. The reality is that. The public is getting a skewed. Version of the truth and their missing out on a lot of things. Now I will tell you. I don't know very much about Alex Jones. I have tune in to him a couple of times to see what it is because I'm I'm a guy that loves the media I love communication and I just thought it would be fun to see. And I think he's completely un I think he's a nut case. I think he's. Out of it okay. But you know what. The First Amendment doesn't say congress shall make no law restricting free speech unless you're out of that. And again. This isn't government regulation but my point is why should FaceBook or Twitter or apple. Or any other company. Had an interest in. In censoring you just because you're out there. 704571110. He'd like to weigh in we have the right to be out there now I am going to get a little bit biased in that. I can tell you right now. That when this censoring is done for every time it happens too liberal content is gonna happen a conservative contents a hundred times. I just a way to go. And so I am troubled by the fact that these companies. Are all they're doing these things the question becomes. You know what if anything do we do about yet. You know I see it again I've seen on and so will be easily FaceBook. Unfortunately oftentimes from conservatives who fancies himself civil the civil libertarians. And adherence to the First Amendment say oh. Yell the network should take this you lost because Joy Behar and and company to crazy while they're right they are craze. But that doesn't mean that they should necessarily be taken off the year. My guess is they'll remain on the air force along as they are profitable. So I wanna get a little bit more in depth than this I wanna talk about why are they doing this or were they trying to accomplish settle for. 57011. Candy if you'd like to weigh in high end date concert in for John Hancock. Right now let's go to Mike Garland gets up. It's just. 7045701110. If you like to win I'm Dave Thompson TM for John Hancock today he'll be back in the saddle tomorrow. 704571110. Have you ever been censored by FaceBook or Twitter or any other social media site I never have. Well I do post out there I do post the political stuff I never post profanity. Or nasty stuff four or insults and that's sort of thing. But I'd buy and I post you know family stuff that kind of thing. What I don't like about what Apple's doing what FaceBook is doing its Centre right. They're. In bear making the judgment. As to what is objectionable contact tacked. Try that again contents and what isn't. As I've pointed out Alex Jones had been censored by YouTube has lost Spotify. But according this article Apple's moves seem slightly more dramatic the company has taken down entire libraries. I'll be enforced podcast rather than. A select few episodes so they just basically decided you know Alex Jones shouldn't be heard on their format. Apple night here here's apple statement and this is what bothers me. Apple does not tolerate hate speech and we have clear guidelines that creates the creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide. A safe environment for all our users on quote. You know the old saying that 80% of everything you needed to know your mother taught you by age five. Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never virtue. Okay. But is apple what is FaceBook what what are they protecting me for. I don't have to listen to Alex Jones. I don't have to listen. Two or read contents that I don't like or find offensive. Goes on to say podcast that violate these guidelines are removed from our director making them no longer searchable or available for download or streaming. We believe in representing a wide range of views so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions. Does that mean. Poll by eight and and I don't believe them I don't believe that it boils down only to respect. I think that if contents is out there that they find to be too politically out of the mainstream or objectionable or the like I think they'd sensor. 704571110. I have had people write on FaceBook numerous times that they have had post pulled down. Has that ever happen to you. Or someone you know had you ever contact apple to try to listen to a podcast. NN and it. You don't pull down that you can't get it. I have not had that kind of thing happen but then again beat up probably I tend to. Not to be out there looking at the edgy this stuff in the world. So maybe maybe that hasn't happened to me for that reason I don't know I don't know. The that this thing it just troubles me. And I am afraid I might know the answer is why do these companies want to do this. Why don't they just look. Well OK so let's say I don't know old Alex Jones from the man in the moon or I don't know. Some other entertainer that has a podcaster. Laura and on the you know whatever their due on at all. And I go out there and you know. Two minutes into video or two paragraphs into an article. I find to be offensive. I find the content to be objectionable either in its presentation or in the actual contents of the subject matter. Electors to stop. I just quit watching. Or quit reading. Why can't these companies trust us to to be adults and do that well the answer is. That is they somehow don't want the message out there. And OK so I go back to in in my younger days when. Cable TV was expanding and becoming a much more you know prolific and there were you all kinds of channels out there. And then in fact. EE you know hold the network television. Programming was getting much more edgy year predominantly sexually etc. We know does the argument was always what you have to turn your TV not. Or something comes on the you don't like you can shut it off. So you know back then it was basically. Frankly a lot of evangelical Christians that we're saying. You know the networks are given too racy during primetime some of these cable stations are crazy in the kinds of things are putting on the air. And the response from the advocates of this stuff was always. Walsh at a mosque. We're just don't turn on the first place. Why would that not apply here. Why would that not apply to you to social media if you oral offended by some right wing low low low let's let's get extreme. And say it's an it it's. Not not even right wing or left wing and I'm not political wallets say at some racist thing or some. You know you know. Production by a atheist that they say they hate Christians. So what. Why not let it go and people can make a decision as to whether or not they want to read the stuff or listen to the stuff. I just I don't understand it. We'll tell you miss I think there's a great business opportunity out there for people who. Could potentially. Create competition for these folks like I said in the first segment I talked about this pretty tough to do that because these companies are so big. And so highly used and it's it's it's pretty difficult to compete let them. But boy if you could I mean I think if you could create a competitor to FaceBook where people felt pretty confident that they are. That they're content wouldn't be censored. And that their data wouldn't be stolen eyes you know they may be out of something Jim welcome to WBT you're on with Dave Thompson in for John Hancock. Yeah out of them back a report coming out low of sixty minutes but the other night at Indiana. And instead of more interesting piece it's a political. A good job on Donald Trump and so I just don't at all so they have the right to put any. Segment they wanna omit I have the right to turn it also. I just thought I want to make. Yeah no I mean I think you're right Jim and I and look we all run in the contents on the Internet and everywhere that that is offensive to us but if we start getting into this thing where were going to. A start censoring quorum quote offensive contents you know what you think is wonderful I might think is offensive and vice Versa according that's stop. They're territory. Now up all right thank you for the call I appreciate it. So what do we do I mean we'll look at what what do we ultimately do about it and that's something that doesn't. Felt like to consider after the break here because. I don't want the government to get in the hands you know create some Fairness Doctrine for the Internet Explorer or for a light anything like that. I want them to be left alone but I also think this is problematic. Dave Thompson in for John Hancock here this talk 1110993. WBZ. Dave Johnson here with your news talk 1110993. WBP. 704571110. If you'd like to get in I'm here today for John Hancock. To be back in here tomorrow. You know look the more you read about the basis for FaceBook apple. And other companies limiting your contents the more frightening. Then it gets. The you don't is Spotify idea Spotify for example which is is the music service that that I used to listen. In my car says Spotify last week pulled several of jones' podcast citing a violation of its policies on quote hateful contents. On Monday however the streaming service completely remove B Alex Jones show from a platform the spokesperson for the company told CNBC. Monday. Spotify continue to review the podcast over the weekend in arrived at the conclusion that enough that went against its coal wood on hateful content. To warrant a complete deletion of the show. I am a believer. In the marketplace here in this great country and I guess you could say this world when it comes to the Internet and social media. And all smoking bans were put in a place. If we wouldn't have done that the market would have taken care of it. No I'm not changing topics. But you might recall of course there was. You know the upsurge in information about the fact that. A second hand smoke at senator I was very dangerous to people Obama boss so we started getting all these smoking bans a receipt. Indoor Clean Air Act in the state Ryan lived at the time and all these different things. I kept saying. Let the marketplace handle eventually. If you convince people that secondhand smoke is dangerous you're going to have bar restaurants etc. they're gonna come about but are nonsmoking. And in fact I remember Baker's square restaurant. Was one that went all non smoking before that was cool if you well. And if we let time pass we have all the sudden have the marketplace work itself out and you know bad. You know X percent of bar restaurants that were smoking X percent the world nonsmoking everybody could have been happy those folks who were worried about secondhand smoke. Could have done of the nonsmoking establishments and it didn't those who didn't care or wanted to smoke could go there. The same thing will I hope and believe be true here. If Spotify. Twitter FaceBook. All these other sites. Podcast. Originators whoever they aren't even understand some of these things well enough to know who they are if all of a sudden. They are going way overboard in censoring contact. Always going to be alternatives that are a problem. That's just how it's gonna work in a competitive marketplace. And the as I said right now my perception is the vast majority of the content that is is channel challenged is conservative content. And I believe that eventually there you know you're gonna all of a sudden see some on. Venture capitalist out there put the money up to create. A FaceBook. Competitor that says luck. We're not going to censor content we're not going to make judgments about what's hateful and isn't were not going to abuse the data we collect for new and off we go. And I think there's a pretty good chance that and the companies like that it could be successful if they can put together the capital figured out all right. Donald Trump has been running around saying something that is to me rather. Interesting. And somewhat of a risky strategy. The president has taken a position he probably first did this a couple of weeks ago and he's reiterated its since he has said look. I am willing to shut down the government quote unquote. And not get an ongoing budget. If I am not willing to give border security in general and gore called the wall in particular. Now. If you look historically. Which ever party gets blamed for a foreign quote shut down by the way out almost put that in quotes because of course. We keep the central services open etc. and really for the most part we had these core gold government shutdowns nobody notices. In the in the general public I mean. Don't give your own some people most some people are affected by it and some people end up not going to work but the bottom line is we generally pay people retroactively and all these things. So the impact isn't nearly as dramatic as people would likely lead to believe. But it doesn't matter. In politics like it much applied the perception is the reality. And the perception is. Government shut down bad thing. Government shutdown shows politicians are incapable of doing their jobs. Therefore. Government shut down gets blamed on the party that is responsible and often times there are electoral ramifications. So. What I'm wondering is. A look. Like everybody else I have been wrong about everything when it comes to Donald Trump. Obviously when he descended the escalator in June of 2000. Fifteen announcing his run for the presidency. I would have bet everything I own. And my first born and I love her that he would never beaten you never get the Republican nomination not even be in the thing for the long term okay. I certainly would have bet that he was not going to win the presidential election. And then after he has been elected he doesn't says so many things that I would think would completely undermine him. That would turn out poorly. But for the most part he's all right. He's always right of these strategic things whether it's the way he deals with. This dictator lunatic in North Korea Kim Jong run or it's the way he. Interacts with congress publicly to. Didn't get what he wants there I mean the guy has unbelievable instincts when it comes to this. So I certainly leave room for the possibility. They he's right on going ahead and quote unquote threatening a government shut down if he doesn't get border security. However. I think his being a right on this in this working out for him is something that is incredibly. Dependent upon whether people are concerned about the issue of immigration. Do what I have found over the years. And I don't Olaf. This business over the years not as much lately has now I'm doing fulltime I just feel him. But I've done a lot of talk radio over the many many years and I pay attention to talk radio. And you can generally. Kind of get a pulse on. What is of interest to people when you listen to talk radio. I understand is a skewed sampling I get all that but my point is. Typically a talk radio audience would be of the political persuasion that would be more bothered than average by immigration. And open borders and the problems that we're having. And Gail what I find is when he gets talked about there's typically not much of a reaction to what's so my question is this. Do people care more about this issue immigration open borders etc. Then I realized. And that's why trump may be right because people are willing to say. And off you need to play your hand. To get the border security that you want to get the wall etc. etc. Do you care about immigration. Because oftentimes politicians. Are completely out of touch they think things are important the public doesn't settle for. 57111070457. Elevens and now it's time for news update with teeth. Thank you join us here. News talk 11109 entry WB CN Dave Thompson for John Hancock John back tomorrow I'm asked to do people care about immigration. So all 45701110. The president cares enough that he is said he is willing to risk any government shut down quote unquote. Which oftentimes is pretty risky politically what do you think I'd be interested to hear Hank welcome. Hey. Art yeah I'm pretty you pretty upset about the whole thing and upset upset because they're not getting done at the not. There are a lot of that here we just don't apps aren't you go to meetings about what it is working. And when you say it. When you say year year impatient that it isn't happening you mean the wall border security a Serra. Exactly and let me tell you where my perspective as well my wife in stepchildren. Are legal immigrants. Tenure I expect a lot of money. To make sure a jump in all groups that you're about all the papers I got over. To make sure everything runs smoothly. So I expect him. And and everything get jamaat everything aren't. He hit it just. Shakes me and just irritates you know we aren't. The other people there are we are not that you know this is due over into the country. Well when somebody let the camera and say all the money. They accused bear. And your family. You know you're gonna get it back gee you know we'll talk like that that's where I'm like that they object now but ultimately go back. Know what I yeah I think it is I think everybody's like well why. Do you donors who can knock you out there but yet here the green part. Sheets theory that it here that the illegal immigrants. He adds interest you know your year coming at a from the perspective of hey you did the right way it cost you a lot of money. And other people are trying to cheat the system and I mean look at for a government of laws. You know that's legitimate of course we have all the other problems that existed cheap labor issues in the crime issues. All that 704571110. Is the immigration issue something that's important enough do you. Do you believe the president ought to be using leverage to get it taken care of Michael welcome to WET. Hey thank you very much for they Merkel jerk. I think that it is but I kind of think it'd loose enough combination to. Stop illegal immigration. Also take a look at. We do need more immigration and it doesn't need to be as expensive as it is well. Yeah you'd take a look at that Social Security we're told about it being run out of money and they're basing that off for Harbour Bridge. Well if we can find a way socially not credible. You're coming here to harm us let me bring you in the legal way. And allow more of that. I think that's more of our best interest and anything else so we do need to stop the illegal immigration because we have no I think it would those people are heard what dirtier. Well it's interesting you point that out and you believe Michael that. In the process of allowing legal immigrants it is it is legitimate for us to take into consideration those people that are actually going to contribute to and help our country or should not be based on Matt. I don't know the I'm pelican. What do that we we. And the weir wrote several people. That have culture agrees that it could come into the room and contribute and do things that are being well well our current social legally. I also understand that we need the worker and that former bush. And other people were like less skilled workers. So. I have a hard time determining. Who's gonna benefit us and not. Well that's that that's fair enough but Michael I am not implying that you've got to have a of gonna graduate degree to help us I just mean. Able bodied people ready willing to work and end in the wind to contribute as opposed to. To sort this letting anybody and it strikes me that that. Kind of what's intrinsic in the nature of having a country is you have borders and you have the right to attempt to bring people that are gonna help you. Chad you are on on news talk 1110993. WBT go ahead. Yeah they'll all do echo. What everybody else has been saying no move body that I know them. It's anti immigrant. The only issue we have is clear the illegal immigration. Might they be he'll do a little restart we are we live around a million. The legal. Immigrants into this country a year yup every year. But about aura border along gulf south border area has got to be create. Before we can make any headway on any type. Immigration policy for the illegal that are already here. All right so let me ask why is it more port to look let me ask the doctor I got I got your point I agree with you on the illegal but I want to ask you. Do you think Chad that this is an issue. A high intensity because there's two factors in politics in order for an issue to matter one you've got to have people agree and with yet and to. They have to care about it enough that they'll vote on it do you think people care enough about immigration that the vote on. I bubbly than whale. I know how we'll look what remained things that that I am I'm voting towards. Again the governor says there have to be some type. Secure. All things. Along our southern border before we can do anything with the warm there are already here yes or talk about amnesty and things like there are those that are already here. OK that's fine and dandy but if you do that for a 203040 hour vermilion you wanna figure out. If you can actually figure out how many that are already here if you give them a pathway to citizenship. And he'll leave the border open and Lydia you wanna talk about a flood gates. Are people coming into this country. It would be good bash. So let me ask you this in you view you don't cut up pretty clear path of of you wanna stop illegal immigration. And you gotta give you quick answer here among pregnant shore on time but would you be OK Chad with if I told you. We will truly. Start defending the borders whether it's with a wall or some combination of other things where we are going to protect the borders. And then we're gonna stop deporting people unless they're criminals and just. We're gonna absorb what we have here but we're going to Europe we're going to seal the borders would you be OK was that. You've got to build a border or my yes I am not talking about the order and her we heard girls were gonna under the IA up sold out I'm not talking about the when a year for guys I'm not talking about the order I'm talking about the concept is that a trade off you damn I'm good I'm good with it but we got to build a border perk got it all right very good guy. I just I don't know intensity likes. I think maybe the president six is pretty intense news talk 1110993. WZGM Dave Thompson and for John Hancock. He got out. You're pregnant and only in the morning columns no hope learn everything again to open. You're that was true. I'm Dave Thompson let me today in for John Hancock John we'll see you tomorrow here this talk 11109893. WPP. It was a Supreme Court ruling here not too long ago jazz vs asks me. Which. Had to do with public unions in the fact that. People have a constitutional right. Not to be dragged into unions. And forced to pay dues to an organization that advocates for and against politically she's that they disagree who it. Now common sense and I got a buddy who says common sense isn't very common. Would tell you. That well if you can't be forced to pay dues to this union. Then you probably can get out of the union if you want to just just for some background on this for those who aren't aren't. Savvy in the ways that the unions extract money from people used for political purposes. In many if not most states. If you are in a union state. You you join the union and you have to pay full dues and and are few golf. You can theoretically. Choose not to join the union but then. Unions have the right to charge you quorum quote fair share of the dues so it might be. In the range of 85% of the folders and Barack talking. Something anomaly are talking ten or 15% of the Phillies were talking typically around 85% of full do so. Eat it if you work in a state for state government. Where there's the union you don't wanna join the union fine unit to join the union. But you've got to pay about 85% of the do's and a lot of that money gets spent on political activities. That brought about this Janice case US Supreme Court said. You can't do this you can't force people to give money. To the union when the union is advocating in a way. On political issues that the people don't want it it it is sort of like the inverse on free speech right I. Heavy free speech and expression right to say things I want to say. And basically what the court has said as I also have a free speech right if you will. Not to have minor resource is used to advocate for issues with which I disagree. So I'm getting down to this latest story one would think OK well what his common sense would be dead if I can't be forced to. Give this money. To an organization that is going to use it to advocates for things I disagree with that I should be able to get out of that organization. Carl. Several Washington State employees are suing for the right to break ties with their union claiming the supreme court's landmark Janice decision. Should allow them to cancel their membership immediately. So words. What these unions are saying is all the oral no normal. No the generous decision applies only to people who are not in the union we can't force them to contribute but if you are union. This is the hotel California you can check out any time you like that you can never leave. So what what this article says here is some. The previous court ruling dealt with the extraction of dues from non union members but the plaintiffs here. Are arguing that abuse can't be taken out of the workers' paychecks by union against their will they should be allowed to stop being members of the union and paying dues. Now you think this is the kind of things. That makes people believe the lawyers in the legal system in judges are not in for the record I'm a lawyer. So I I I can freely say this because I'm picking on my own. But I think any normal human being would look and say well okay. If the Supreme Court says unions don't have a right to spend people's money on political causes with which the people disagree. Then a person should have the right to get out of the union and quit paying the money that they are paying that is being used to advocate for issues with which they don't creek. But I won't. See here's the problem with this is. If the Janice decision. Isn't clear on this issue except apparently it's not. Now these poor people that are in the union. Are being forced to of course bringing a lawsuit. And so I suppose and the potentially being a class action lawsuit and it will be another case moving forward. And you have to start out in the federal district court. And then we'll move to the appeals court and then maybe eventually gets to the Supreme Court so that the Supreme Court can say yes. Not only are we going to protect protect non union members. From having their money used in a way they don't want on political activities were also going to protect those who are currently enrolled in the union and allow them out. But you understand that that process can take years and years and years. And that by the time it works its way through the court system it literally could be 3456. Years until this gets to the Supreme Court. So this is once again union saying you know nanny nanny poop poop. You know EU. Had plaintiffs that were nonunion members that one. And were going to argue that this doesn't apply union members I would be furious. I would be absolutely furious. Because remember. A lot of these people would join the union. Not necessarily because they believe that everything that was going on there but simply because well. I can join the union and go along to get along all right cannot join the union but I got to pay 85% of the news anyway. So now they're saying well. I don't have to pay that 85% a lot. Any unions and we you don't get to get out. Suggest decision did say that you're stuck here you have to keep paying us you have to keep giving us money. He's very large percent of the percentages of which is being used. On political causes. On a certain percentage of that is being used on political causes you don't believe him. To back. And unions wonder why they're becoming less and less popular with time when they use these kind of thug tactics. I would be furious 704570. Plus ten right now over. Dave Johnson here with you on news talk 1110993. WBD. 7045701110. If he'd like to weigh in on anything. Facts are used to meet personally involved in elections swan I held elective office back in a Minnesota. Few years ago. And but I look at things very differently because it had kind of a personal impact on the right now. I'm just kind of sitting on the sidelines as a spectator I Italian. This is some interesting interest in stuff. And it is is huge turnaround of the various. Cable channels and watching news programs in your read articles. It is unbelievable. Not just the degree of polarization in points of view. And arguments and and disagreements on the issue. Are issues I should say. What is incredible is the complete and total disagreement on what is the status of the political universe right now. You know what I mean by that is and look at it there are some flax on both size if I'm listening to. You know trump administration person talking. I've. If I bother listening I take it with a good grain of salt if I'm listening to. You know a member of congress of the Democrat or Republican I take them all with a grain of salt. I'm much more interest and and listen the people that are true analysts of what they think is going on in politics. And we are now getting built somewhat close to the election. Here we are in Nazi today is the six I guess we're still in the first week of August. More sexually three months from the November election. And you don't quote unquote objective analysts just really have no idea. What's gonna happen in November and I don't either. And you've got conventional wisdom. That would tell you that the Republicans are not going to do well. Because they control the house they controlled the senate they control the presidency. And typically at a mid term election president's first term that's a recipe for disaster. And you've got some people out there are saying blue wave trumpets tolls. Guy's gonna lose certainly the house big time possibly even the senate. Even though the mass stacks up poorly for the Democrats because of all the seats they're defending in in red states. Tea people on the other side saying no we've got you know growth in the economy at four point 1%. Highest. Employment rates of all time low labor participation rate we've got. The lowest dubbed a black unemployment rate in the history of the free world setter blah blah Anemia in your ball. I don't have a clue. I think election night 2018. They're all interest because you just you don't know what's gonna happen and how you get more. Interesting and surprising that Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton two years ago but I mean there's this one has the potential it's just incredible. I had nothing would surprise me. Nothing would surprise. But I I am. I what I wanna see. How this thing comes out and we're we're going to learn a lot I think about whether. You know James Carville is old maxim that is the economy stupid still matters. 7045701110704571110. Because the bottom line is. As much as the left is trying to avoid this. And refusing to give me no trump credit and I'm not been at the trump apologist believe me I've I didn't. Getting one over on this policy slowly but I'm I'm I'm not a trump apologist. Which can't argue. With the way this economy is role and we are retaining growth rates that are. You know were thought to be. History here in America but I mean literally president Obama's senate. But things have changed and you know we don't have the industrial revolution anymore as we did a hundred years ago or whatever we don't have. You know although the big boom after the World War II. Folks came back and started building America in the late forties and fifties and 67 who don't have all that the only. We weed our manufacturing is is by and large gone we just works not gonna have the kinds of of growth and economic. Prosperity. Then we once had alone wagon is where we do we do right now grant you. That can change you know he could have. A crisis in the Middle East or some other big foreign policy crisis that dramatically changes things but right now. She's looking pretty good. And I would think that if the election were held tomorrow. Most people go to the polls saying okay you know trump may talk like a maniac. And I don't like some of the things he says but by golly he hasn't gotten us into war. And this economy seems to be cooking along. And I just I just don't know which way it's gonna go on I think anybody who says they know which way it's gonna go is. Is is sadly mistaken I mean you've you've certainly got to cheer you up thirty years 35% to 38 whatever it is gonna support trump no matter liked. And you certainly got your thirty or 35%. That wouldn't vote for Donald Trump the matter quiet. All those people are Miller think I don't know why you know the consensus on Donald Trump seems to be well you know the policies seem to be going okay. The country seems to be moving forward but we don't like the guy because he's knots. And which of those is gonna predominate I don't know. And then of course another big concern for. Other Republicans is if they think you know all is well and they're doing OK and trump is president. Do they need to go to the polls there's this weird phenomenon and politics that you know anger. And frustration. And wanting change. Tend to motivate people significantly more than yeah my my guy I am at my gallows and office that I am. Okay what they're due in life is good. So the other is that concern that they'll be the you know the motivation factor of this heavily favoring the Democrats but. If it's just it's it's going to be very interesting to see. Back to sort of the government shut down question I don't think that's helpful to the president. I I hope it doesn't come to that I think threatening at. Probably doesn't matter Donald Trump threatens an awful lot of things that. You know he he ultimately ends up not doing but I think you know. Actually getting into a government shutdown. Is a not a particularly good idea. If you're on hold please do be patient and hole because I will take phone calls after the break 704571110. But I don't have time right now to do justice. To your phone call but my question is. What do you think what is going to happen in these mid term elections will see economies predominates. Will trumped. You know swim upstream a few well in the mid term election or the Democrats going to have a nice night we'll talk about it. We get back. 704571110. If you like to weigh in on Dave Thompson senior for John Hancock John returns tomorrow. I asked the question. What are what are the mid term elections look like just about three months from now it's not out there a year anymore it's it's getting down there. President running around proclaiming heck there might be a red wave and of course a lot of Democrats saying it might be a blue wave than the objective pundits seem to not have a clue so I don't know four or five so I don't know 1110. Gary welcome. Spader I'm Mallory. I'm all right so who wore a I think you're right there's two immediate variables at this live terms to try to church. Which way it's actually gonna go. Overall economy is usually go like this girl who girls face appropriate term elections that you get so many people that. I think trump for whatever whatever lead and maybe don't like bullies set the that you don't put that you you just you don't know arm. So it's it's kind of up in the air that there's multiple issues which permit the play immigration horrible. Obviously what he's built with North Korea goes all the policies over the trade war are you know that people are worried about. I think they've been hurt one analysts on CNN which is hilarious are a little less than that that's but I. He says that he wished or economical collapsed just so particularly now or else. Yeah Bill Maher said that. I am not among others. So let me let me ask you this if there's if there's one thing you think the president should do. And needs to try to accomplish between now on the election that would be helpful. To Republicans at the ballot box what do you think now one thing is. Warns don't let the government shut down because with the immigration status are really if you. Yet you've got to put it on the back burner and truly it's in the mid term. Just to secure the mid term. Since then do that so so shut the government that that's. That's kind of planned virtual let and not just sort yourself or it's only afford your party in the 28 C metro sorry that's. That's a vote buying this I am with the government shut down a bottle of cola. So but don't you think with every passing day that goes by a and this border security issue is not address that it's less and less likely to happen and obviously. If the Democrats who take over the house following the 2018 election. There's no way it's gonna happen. And I believe that there but that's yet to find the way to do what felt like ever checked all of I've encountered the government shutdown that works extremely bad or whoever the already. It can control here. Now wealthy if it's your call at that there was that little like 44 hour shut down. That Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi got blamed for here awhile ago cannot tell you what that hurt them tremendously in the polls so Yelp you're exactly right. Yeah that's what their district either or stricker that the senate. Which which way it was it really depends on which property itself over all by itself. To vote for our new term usually you don't see as her Lebanese boat however has what general election bid. Our. And that's just pretty much statistics I don't know what course of our our follow politics that's like humans and all sports that you are also spoke. I follow politics I'll watch folk city NC and the currency. And then by my vote. Also rob thanks gonna do best food. For me than in the third one foresaw what was a country so that meant the challenger there's too much up in the air there's too many purples just try to determine. Which way to go if you tall task true though. If the economy is doing. The party of power usually always going to. Yeah now you're right about that Gary thank here's a guy who thinks through this stuff pretty insightful 70457. Or 1110 if you would like to get him I am. So I don't think trumpet tends to shut the government down frankly I don't think he intends to come to longer has like that I think that's more negotiating strategy. I think he. I think he just flat out says a lot of stuff. As a strategic move. The end. And he never really intends to go through with that and he but he ends up Beatles sounding so extreme. That he gets what he wants out of stuff Michael welcome to WET. I bet I. And I got a problem and did. I'm there and let it evolve out. That is that are paid system that would help me begin chapter. Is are paid at the bit so broken it's it's outrageous. You mean RP system well we find an apartment full tank blew immigration. I. Then all of these department responded first and they have a pet back at 25%. Your money hey dad that you can overspend. When. They do on purpose and why they're not working at they're making sure they overspend. And then they get they acted funny 5%. Which means I in my case. I in my life care and immigration from Guatemala. In that they're already here in nine months behind. And their performance on the Pope made the wrong. That does make you wonder where the priorities are and where the money is being spent now does not. All all the afternoon. If they did all want to be aware of it and it doesn't matter about the a lot of of the immigration. What matters is. You're waiting beat out by a big carried out. Oh these laws. Is what the problem is there's not a lot health. Now Michael let's very insightful you're exactly right in I'll tell you what that is the case in immigration. It is the case in environmental law. And it is the case in the housing law it is the case in virtually every area of law is what we have is we have a statute. That has been passed by eight the congress signed into law by the president. And it may be a relatively short document might not be some mark for example obamacare but it might be. A relatively short and clear to point bucked. It promulgate or it it excuse me it is delegates all of this authority you Craig of Torrey agencies to up to promulgate regulations and implement it. And what this gentleman who is talking about is. You can have find the laws on the books about immigration all of which makes sense all of which. There were beat consensus agreement on. But the reality is. If you don't. If you don't have the administered in a reasonable way it doesn't matter. And and that's the problem which you've got going on with. With immigration law and you've got to going on with so many other laws there's no question about that 704571110. If you like to weigh in on the program. I believe it's tomorrow. That there is a special congressional election. Ian understandable popular in Ohio. It's a some suburban district just outside of Columbus that has traditionally. Bin Republican. And that I believe Donald Trump carried pretty handily. Back in the end 2016 election. But there are some polls out there indicating. Put that thing is a lot closer than it should be and that the Republican is in jeopardy now. Polls polls polls. But the first major pulled debacle I remember was 2004. When exit polls indicated that John Kerry was going to handily beat George W. Bush. And that President Bush was going to lose his re election. Of course it turned out that the exit polling. Methodology was completely screwed up. Our president George W. Bush ended up winning reelection and that was. I won't say the first time we've carefully scrutinize polls but I would say it was the first time. The people had to really do some soul searching to go all my goodness these holes were a mess. And now since then we've had many other polls that have been Ryan by the way the polls weren't that far off in 2016. For Trump's election it's just that. Even though things were within the margin of error. Hillary Clinton tended to have a little bit of a consistent lead and consequently. The people that were biased toward wanting her win. Read them much more favorably to her. Then they really work aren't good enough. News talk 1110993. WBT. 704 or five cents Mo eleven Tennessee like eating in on the program. I'd like to read an email that I got. Is this relates back to a subject that I hit first thing in the program. And this gentleman wrote me an email I'm not going to give too many details because I think in theory. The person who is the subject of this email could be identified if I give too many details so I'm not gonna do that. Publicly the year the writer of the email Randy gave me a fair amount and retail. About this individual bottom line is it's a a story of a law enforcement personnel. In cook Connie Chicago which courses is Illinois. Works primarily in the south side. And talked about the fact that this individual. Was investigating any random drive by shooting that killed the little girl. In any public housing project on the south side obviously you don't. Doesn't get any more sad the map right. So this individual goes and knocks on the door of the little girl's mother. I repeat the little girl's mother. To conduct an interview. Says here after five bolt locks were released the door cracked open as far as too heavy chain blocks would allow. This individual introduced him or herself and provide an ID and asked to talk to the lady about the circumstances are for little girl's murder. The woman snapped back quote ain't no stitch snitch excuse me eat no snitch. The door slam shut and the bull locks were thrown out. There you go. You've literally got the mother or someone living with the mother. Of a little girl. Two was killed in a drive by shooting. And felt more dedication. To the people who has murdered the child. Then he law enforcement. Attempting to assault case. This is what I meant by. Cultural problems that you don't really put things. To the point where you you wonder how do you fix. Unbelievable so I don't know 457 hole 1110 back to elections and talking about how things may come out here. Three months from now in the mid term jolt thank you for calling your own Dave Thompson. Just I I don't know why in order thought of that floor but it's it's about the thirty Coker. A Democrat always vote democratic and I. I'll go to my friend and work because a lot higher than that people spoke RD line so close to Iran for anything I would vote out of order a Democrat. And you're gonna get their votes in Iowa and has almost Republican dirt. It's issue. Ha ha ha. You know there may be some truth to that do you think there is. What what most polls show Joseph is that. At any one time there is a slightly larger percentage of the population. That identifies as Democrat then there is that identifies as Republican and is that kind of what your get map. I spoke in identifier that that that we can we'll get free Tibet or PR and you know playing their step if their affiliation or Democratic Party. But as a whole you know I don't think they're the American. That it is more Republican than their than you think. But I don't let let sort proxy you know showed it in I think people got a pop out or go out to vote. And the debates have been fired up and it's gonna pick well early did you know to get lax again in their local country gets older focal. Yeah no I think the base is fired up but I also think in and I've become on a strong believer in this idea. That. The trump phenomenon is about a lot more than Democrat or Republican politics I I truly think. Donald Trump. It was a very successful. As painting himself as being something. Completely outside of politics everybody wants to say that or another. Republican droning on today above people who want politics as usual in using the same old tired verbiage Donald Trump actually. Was able to convince people that he would go to Washington and be something different and I think he ran against. The Republican. Mainstream as much as he ran against the Democrat mainstream view very. I do agree or percent you know and I I I do believe that says that mid term put on the work where they're gonna go to court. You know little or without the goal all that but I think put some are per you know open up. But he is they could come again I think the people open up herbal form I don't know I think he really got to do something. Even more weird any vendor's. So merchant base select. But I think you're right about that Jill I agree the question that I got a great call by the way good insight that the question to which I don't know the answer is. It is yes she is he'll maintain that that base what whatever that percentages. But what what continues. To amaze me and that I find incredibly. Fascinating. Is the fact that some hollow. He continues to behave that way and not completely turn off quote unquote moderates are people who are less ideologically driven. And it's it's just amazing I mean I I can't you talk about defying political gravity Eddie. I remember my days of run for office indeed you you sit around and Indian in offices and you talk about well you know. Do we dare say this in the press release do we dare put that in the press release gee if I use this word will defend certain groups of people. And then you got a guy like trump who has been succeeding in politics now. For over three years. From the time he declared for office all they're saying crap that if a normal politician said 110 of it. It would you don't disqualify them from ever winning election. It is utterly. Mind boggling. And I I just I I don't know he pulls off idiots. It's amazing he is it's it's it's a phenomenon like I have never seen I've been following politics closely. For the vast majority of my adult life for even been opened high school. And I do I've never seen like indeed it is. Completely an enigma to me I don't know that we've ever seen it before and I don't know who will ever seen again. And you know people make comparisons to Reagan in that Reagan was able to push his agenda despite its unpopularity it did that there's no comparison there. You know Ronald Reagan was a bit out of the mainstream music great communicators but he didn't offend everybody you run into like trumpet DOS indeed it did. That the comparison is not even close. In my humble opinion this is not even close. Shoot you know I didn't get to a local North Carolina story here that I thought was. Saddened important and that is that. But North Carolina teacher is. But particularly the elementary level where they're taking some some kind of aptitude tests are faring very very poorly. On the math portion. And a large percentage of them are failing. And so the question becomes you know why is this happening. Doesn't matter. Is this something that impacts their ability to teach elementary students. And I didn't didn't have time to get into but if you get a chance to take a look at it it is in the Charlotte Observer today. And did help let's face it that this state has some issues with education shows up toward the bottom in educational outcomes. And you know of quality of teacher quality of home very important for the outcome of education. Thanks for joining me folks want to get my name is Dave Thompson I'm here for John Hancock John Hancock will be in tomorrow. This is news talk 1110993. WZT have a grief.