David Sheffer

At Home with Roby
Sunday, March 11th

David Sheffer, Chief Growth Officer for MyEyeDr joins Patrick and Trent to discuss business principles.


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Good morning and welcome at home was truly an. Past president of goods and services on ten hasten president and CEO of the ruby family of companies. It's not o'clock Sunday morning we are here at home with ruby Trent got a great show you line them immigration. Some and Marty still in half hour in the world because. When a man. Most admired business leaders and watchman Norris is on the show David chipper yes with not daughter Annie comes in. In the lobby and there's little competition going home in the world outselling the blacks. Are blown late you know he said he listen this is a shout out I'm have mobile is stifle he listens as senator week. My boy David style full came on the silk couple weeks ago and he's the geez master. Mr. organic he's always bring in holes and these gas they'll be as safe you revel volume. But he brought us some geez she's brought us a double deuces yet diluted again which are not cheap from La Luna senator from moon is in South Korean news great comedy that I go of their own but to answer. And chef percent I'm one up the Joker says he Wallace CN. Width. Some say he's given us some shades and you gotta you gotta cleaner here to says mob got under so who really. The united. Delis and they tell me about how much number enemy and he he secular but you know think about it plays its front caller so anyway I'm data we have an exciting show he's one one of the best guys around and then and then our last segment it's our second. Uh 02 week as donut hole Marshal secular was employee appreciation day. So for the month of march perhaps and are ready Ross store songs are second row we rust or Evers Jacob walker former be electric. Well it should not and I'm real excited to to talk to to David senate his his mentor receive a call which is really anybody can have that opportunity. Is is is very fortunate obviously to be able to get that much time for mr. called a day was able to get. Garrison saw something in him and my dad my eye doctor has absolutely exploded. In the story is really cool and I can't wait to hear and kind of explain that. Because what he's doing is and it it is sound he makes it sound so simple that just makes sense in makes the makes great business in no way cents. And and and he's gonna tell the story but she knows he sees it then later today here. Able to bravado better asset things which is gonna here because they've grown a bigger company. And us on the same manager correctly and pulled their access to provide better service and at better people on board. Then. You can do more with the with the big firm would any. The best of rag business model behind the ruby camera because he's pleased that the words out of my mouth and something that the effort to say before to people littered this sort of question and it's a huge error on a cubic zirconium or be part of diamond yes. And it makes cents we'll look back the death is a great a great analogy he Warren Buffett says that analogy I got I figured he had. And I think a lot of wood shippers gonna cite when he's here about mob daughter and his philosophy. Is Warren Buffett asked. Us you have to listen that a whole show. That's the cell against Roby when we're looking at a project. People go roll well they're too big you're not gonna get the personal service world is quite the opposite it. Note we have layers of defense people get sick. People run out of money people run a man business. People have tragedy in our life. If you're running and working with the one Manning coming not say anything bad about a 1 I am following a dog and dear friends. But if any of those things happen or they get busy and they have multiple projects. And are not there on the job to do the Davos Obama get to deal with the other one that's great but the mighty does not drop and it's paying. Out be like your seventh layered defense if needed or I'll be there in thirty minutes it needed seven days a week. Play in any of it I think Dave is gonna go into this a little bit I hope he does that. All city if you're dealing with with a one or two man operation they couldn't deal with the business things of financing the counting the taxes. All the other so the and it takes them away from your projects I don't that's another point. Well why people should use a lot maybe potentially see a lot of people a lot of people are great plumbers Alia and mailers are great plumber and naymick. Do great live and it being a great plumber and Nadal on Rahman business writings are gonna get easier right. Will they play it realize things are pretty easy eating good winner part of this great team and they're able to get a diploma and possess what they like it is. Or whatever there train wreck and then I get into it makes our run in this business they stink about it where zero hours a week they announced work in eighty hours a week. Indian not doing everything that they don't even like to India and Indians in a problem comes. In Iraq I mean in it debt problem occupies cited time and there does seem committed or is it all right. Daydream and insane man I was I was just on our game because I had a good thing the one with the ready and gearing up. And a lot of our rock stars you know the great thing about. Growing our company and you heard this last week with skip twelve years ago it was our biggest tire on his own business. Com a veteran. He is now that did the Riley family has been successful word we're now able to hire people and because of what we've proven to uses the Thursday. Annals of time the last decade to pay were good people more than into right come join our team. And and we're a good place for you to beat be part of the family and now the veterans are hair net and close. I can get everything out lows in wall and desire out of life here and and I can still have family Tommy had puma family. And we got to thank you because your wonderful last say you're bringing your brain power your work ethic and your. To our right were about its plea intrigued as he you know another thing that we talk about him. The example you gave the plumber plumber going concerts and business we always say inwardly were fighting in and out last round against Mike Tyson out early you might not see that. That when you go run your own business you see I really really quick. In essence it mean those guys were were tell me the truth yet this this is I don't do anything the plague offered a ditch effort last rounds with Tyson and having this is what it feels like sometimes and obviously the rewards can be much much more fruitful and make it far outweighs the bad but he is not easy as pitchers not think I mean I'm tip of the kids a couple in my eyes this league Reagan's there was some consignment stuff and the united she come home last night and sees how was it outside Lowell also will downtrodden actually. Because I had a had a little battle with a couple Mikey is a little much his regular size there biscuits but. They pick up three always on the ground and don't take that the fourth and my Y com source picked. But it's just do what you're supposed to be doing and being part of a famine in Puerto retain so. I'm excited to have David chef for with my daughter is our guest coming up. Stay tuned and. Welcome back and how much ready to catch passes from road surface yeah season that was. This company's Wii or your posts. Julian date accessory in the Alps this chef masters the sit is that daddy nick named David Coleman would every like if as much yeah. Since does look what we now. But he's not a cook. And I know about acting grill he can grill okay Dinka pitcher and eye care business that's correct. And in how and how long had he been been doing there in the eye care business. So I grow our fathers and optometrists in Iraq and uncles not counter drugs are found just from Charlotte anchor reporter raised proud graduate to see him mess. And I grew up going to office on the weakens the Modesto. A little bit of a different business insuring Europe and but I grew up and actually myself. That's in Indiana and eager to see if I don't think my my wife is news. The practicing your daddy is your dad's still he still operating and he still work at every day of the week works. 1960 rain over across the roster decision yet here we never enters offices that's where his offices I had to meet election a little bit and I cases that the wrong Celine and her contacts and you know para a little bit inside and had a runner editor when afternoon Nassau. A cited as saying on the front dorsett and so that's pretty cool and my wife didn't like it at the time that that they take great care everything's obviously fines would G. Eulogy used to clean contact lenses the. And any de finance because I swear up and additionally asked a million net value of five dollars when you're ten years old idea I would do any other thing is estimated. And is and is that the I think that's a my dad he need to cut our grass to about four hours. About AF side books and he said he is in a cliff side and another. Account somewhere and Andre by car. Educate through a debt analysts say that says it ripped off here that's what he's said he's namely Tim Elliott I you know. That the truth is if this thing I did the most was it was might that was early adapter like China medical workers. They can and so he would come home with all these back boxes of files and I said their final a green screen and every patient input and I get like ten cents. It's an arms as he think now is not as I mean it's like during the mornings I just wanted ten cents ten cents while real sense yet so I just would do that all the time. Hello version. Probably. 1112. Ayman computers are hit gnome right in the liberty and analysts I was to a number of monster's number crunchers at school and organ sharing a moment do this on the big screen is entering out of some funny and I sorted out at a college in 2004. And worked or deferring its enterprise and we talk about pensive for a while we have greens. In 2000 Fedora little bit Stiller early adopters of technology at the Texas it was and it. Is it realistic with did that it was it's called trilogy is on green screen. A million and we do business with them per baby. Supply house in the world and I. They're still own dots what are papers and in this crazy you know might really this takes that long that would. It's amazing the abuse thing the bigger economy is the further along current technology I think it's nicely opposite sometimes is inertia. They're less yeah I agree then a smaller company. So today is today and Amanda met I think about three years ago three and a half years ago and I I mean fast friends product C a man's family business. Oxford nor I mean he we hit it off. Even worse fashion sneakers on occasion. But yeah so rude. I mean just the whole history becoming I had never heard the story about number marchers and I the brings during the but that's cool and you didn't pay about a pound paid. Pay medical it because it beats these eight or 880 swore yet they bad apiece so move. Walcott stir your early career quickly in how you got started because it also ties back to one of my idols. And all of us though shares so so grip in Charlotte went to. Chapel Hill also like Trent for college and then came out and worked I'm. I had visions are going to work and bigger city. New Yorker somewhere and ultimately. I found out about a new firm that was created in town by Hugh McCall the most of your listeners and he has. And it was an opportunity I just wanna turn down to work with someone who's overly safer city and and has been an amazing mentor. So I came out of 21 years old and came to work. For a new firm that was critical call partners with with mr. McCall and a handful other partners. And I worked worked there for a number years and and actually one of my best things about being there was. Having a bunch of folks working for them that they cared a lot about this city and so for example when when the circle all retire from the bank. One of the gifts of the board gave him was that bill I hit navy was 300 it was some keys hammer habitat houses around the country. And so I flew with him for those first couple years maybe ten builds a year. And now's when I did the most learning was not sitting in a key you've been on Strauss street but it was really flying around country with someone like that well and then I win lived in Boston for about seven years and was then on the investing side so or convention capital world. And and then really wanted to get my hands into a business and wanted to spend more time you know building a business and so. In 2012. I invested in a business called my eye doctor based out of Washington DC. And at the time there was 35. Optimistic practices have so basically what did the business. Have been found in 2001 by two brilliant people. And and the idea was to provide. Great eye care and eyewear all in the same place and accept all insurance and so that was a pretty unique proposition in the way that they continue to grow the business. Was. By going and acquiring practices. And and it really never left Washington DC and I news in my own father. That many in his generation mini baby boomers who were great doctors. Needed some sort of transition strategy over time and so too in 2012 I got involved in the business. I invested joint left Boston moved back home to Charlotte. And we started buying practices in North Carolina the first on the ball my father's practice so like sort of comes full circle and a us Zagreb planning and working and now. We had acquired it and then we started buying some of his friends around town and and today we now have about 270 practices in twenty states and so the idea of our our our business really is too. Acquire existing out to mr. practices where the doctor. Really is a phenomenal clinician and wants to be a doctor. But is burn out on the noise that comes of being a business owner at times. And and so me. Totally what we do is we come and we assist them with fair insurance billing with the financials with hiring staff with promoting. With culture with all those things I mean it's a very similar exactly same with professor of and we're not as clergy gas. Approach is a little different word united were still it's short censure for the most part but it's the same business model and it really is. Don't be a child's plumbing we've all this summer you and I have told about it that. Ernie Tucker similar to your father great got. My whole life he's Internet business they do great jobs and frankly he's looking for an exit strategies and and and then we're able to provide that. Packed Christine comes in roll it up on our services. And Ruben Rivera provide accounting operational assistant pro PR marketing and and relieve that stress and that and then mr. Tucker if we run our business correctly and then he has a good life here after and mistrial. And that's my biggest thing but man that that's a cool story I don't know if it was the everybody tells them we love Chapel Hill right that are biased because of product to Tehran to prod the Carolina. Is not Ayman Al love Chapel Hill that's right hang my hat bleak bleak Cerrato blew it man we're proud of an optional system. We were hungry. And if you ever heard me tell the story run in the town woman dead on Saturdays. We'd come into Sam seven and he pointed this buildings and say well we know are probably who do you call that was it. Mainly like you call well. And kind of brings a full circle bandit that's a really cool story it. Mean it makes total sense and add it to your point mean sometimes doctors one of the doctors and times the a plumber wanna be plumbers electricians on the electricians and construction general contractors wanna I wanna build a minute we its decline in here and it was a very similar sorted to that trend. I'm he doesn't get there's a lot to the business side. And it's not for everybody decides there's allotted to the operating side did it we would depend on earth isn't for everybody says her like a marriage of the TV always seems to be the most successful. I agree and I think there's there's times in your life where you said you wanted to business and are due August corner right and some may be when your ruin your career and you need to save some money for house or for family you don't wanna take that risk and maybe later in your career when year. Wanna spend more time with hobbies and travel longer engage you wanna do it again but so a lot of these folks were business owners and that's a great thing that are actually. When you want a monetize that she's been July's were building you should have the opportunity that and it is not a lot of vehicles to. Younger and maybe not you associate or org or doctor in your world or a plumber and journeys world. This rated taken over that that's really only opportunity will they're Sonny said are when you're giving your description of your business solid like to touch on in the next segment. But it bit my father was that he won't he ran the business for twenty years because that's what he had to do and and I came in Alice crazies like minimum bite to be in the feel with the what I love the do main in the and that's way he wanted to do. He had the business taking care of the you know he had using comes. We hang out with us for a few minutes left if I you listen now Roby. Welcome back at home with ruby I'm Patrick Pass from rookie services for hastening and improving family accompanies. Trend we're all kind of coming your radios fielding them owned entity class elite. He tees and people use certain things love tickle me. Place we'll just a little while I was just saying. When I listen to the show last week. And and TJ in his intro is gives me music to play from on daughter on the way to schools that thanks and Tom Petty is in the works at night he and co. I mean what a great shows how informational was the first segment. With this yes. About this business that you wanted to Gideon your career. Which she says some in the first segment David that I wanna touch don't be Satan you wanna do great act here. And now where. Historically. We is that something that was separated. Well. Helping anybody's ever done on both well. Categorically so if you think about. Our industry is really broken up 5050. 50% of our industry is true medical professionals independent oncologists and if you think about that. You're going to and you senior I'd doctor may be hopefully routine annual eye exam. Which is a banana minute to get through organized sick enough to go on your Dennis you know twice a year did you teeth cleaned. I ask most who wins like Tammy and I checked they look at me now two years three years ago when there's a problem right lesson that fashion issue but we'll get back to that. So most folks if you're so people will go get their eyes checked at. A doctor's office you know maybe they'll go into a medical building ago missed flight steps and get their eyes checked and maybe that doctor will have. Fifty to a hundred frames to choose from if you want a nuclear glass. Mean hazardous technology. Pricing Stephanie not that great. You're in a doctor's office and they're getting great care from great doctor the other favors an industry is what she would think of as a you know pure play retailer so. That would be signed last Anderson yes some like that or you know LensCrafters or pro someone animal you now these days the largest providers. Provide an eyewear really is Costco Wal-Mart so it's going to Wal-Mart going to Costco go to division works a lot of the national brands you've heard of in those situations. Typically that doctored. Is a subcontractor someone who might just work there on their day off to make some extra cash sometimes comments that you don't really have a loyal. Relationship with your doctor right and so you guys probably very rarely switch. Dentists. Barber. Primary care physician whatever that's what we want our business to be we want you would have a loyal relationship with their community doctor. We definitely also wanna be able to offer them great eyewear and so because of our size and our scale weekend. You know have great relation and all the vendors who can buy a lot of different selection we can offer you great prizes we can accept all insurance. Where historically most people industry would go see NI doctor and a medical building getting their car take a prescription and either. Go to. A mall or go online are given now we're trying to beat disrupt her and offer both high quality up. And one roof. But it makes complete sense meant to do you really good job simplifying that process in explaining it well he did it mean and makes total sense why would you go to Q places on Saturday. It in your right I had I had my second quite a while on and we have a family history it's a mom has RP recognized in tennis and I haven't I haven't been that I doctor forever six point can you explain that what he says he will get to that later I guess that he really really help for some listening. Why don't media my sick more often. Yeah so so I guess thinking about your i.'s ten most people go. Com win something's wrong bright bright wind you have a paint guy or wind you really a stern school went a lot. We have this great news campaign a marketing who's working on core resting squid face which expressed a our team's great and but if you think about a you TCU get you get what's you know you do when you're in the chair. Year or year high Genesis sang a case you know mr. rising gas see you in six months and you've bluster counter and you get your caller and you got India yeah and you go and and because you want you to to go clean or cavities and I was thanks. You know. As I ask you Israelis want to use their one guy I think he probably dummy you've rather lose a tooth right because I knew I don't see and so. And and you combined dancers can finalize and so again today it it baffles me is to lie folks don't go and get through tonight Sam's more often because. Wanna step claim by vision but you can you can catch steamers you can catch you know other things are going on which is critical and so I think we're we're part of what we're doing and part of why get excited league every day and in my job. Is we're trying to help people get educated on. The value of of an annual hi Sam and the value of I health. And if you happen to come invite your product must that's great too but we really want should be healthy. Diamond do you did nothing to do in these minus it will I'm Finland last on into the dive when you've got my license written agreed to PT yeah I am. In mess we hardly help me out a little bit since its exit door honey your file and this is. Who it was that was ML holly says. And in my eye doctor. There do isn't the MB. Because I guess I guess to say about last night at my age you a lot of people know what I'm talking about yeah they know the DM Leon talk about India fate of the reasons why you go there thank you North Carolina and now I I met I'm intrigued by your story I mean has so much information for our listener. I have never in my live down to the IE dot yeah I'm about to turn forty. I think that seat he appointed antidotes point yet Jackie there are we that we need to go and that is out I don't have I don't see guys feel like I can see just fine right so that's reason why don't go. In fact contacts I had classes temperature of these more over and you may decide that you ought you know you don't and Leo is there a link yet you only know what you now let's talk about that a lot mom mom was a dual. How generous today issues a dental assistant actually is which she did win now we win the school and she didn't have anything to do Ellis what is he like to do. Since so much tees were priority if she had been I technician I as would buy them priority right. But says the first time ever went to Dennis than they said another six month. I would never go to the dentist that they didn't say hey mister Mason. You wanna set up an appointment and obviously you at 10 o'clock in the morning you got so rude. If you get not daughter wants I guess this is recommended to do an annual Yasser Antonio exams eco once you get checked out. Make sure everything's good sensor and go manually set it up when users which held their house price physically who will go pre appoint him to report. And and we were joking. In the waiting room about my my jacket that is got a rebbe family pressures the irony service's own is nice certain Jacob had Roby Oliver his stuff. But it but you all have done a wonderful job branding my I'd outer. And and I had a had a catch myself because we started paying out if you thought late notice is every time be the eastern Marco honors on the and it's that sea of mud on record take of hatred takes it to you know let that got a spot Beckham. Sure he sees a lot of Roby truck's path. Anthony but no man has very prevalent and and honestly it makes me proud to when sodium solo. So what shells was what's the future have in store for my daughter so look for us. I think what we really wanted to do was continue to improve our patient service that we won I've. You know we think about the patient first and then we really have a second customers in the day witches. Did the eye doctor he's thinking about. This Australia. And so for us and we really want to continue to educate the market on what we've revived I think people think about selling a business. And the first thing about his enhance their cleats are retiring where avenue reinstate evil we actually don't want to buy an off match practice with a doctor's gonna leave we want them to stay on board. For as long as they want some you know my father. And budgets for cancel their practices or us for years ago and in my work and other forwards are. 220 years as long as they're healthy in new glow with the violence whether NASA TQ jealous of Berkshire Hathaway huge yes go read some warm mafia desolate piece is. He says we're not trying to take you out and get rid you meet him upside the head. We're trying to help you have a capital Betsy king live easier be happy and hopefully you'll stay and be an asset to us for a long time on injured Ricky. So David a love story what what let's listen a couple words of wisdom you live Bollywood the people on the spot I guess certain spot. So you know it's funny my wife. As the saying and I'm adopted which is nobody self made. It irritates our Google says I'm self made well you might have come from. Not a lot of wealth or human at a come from a great and we situation but you. Had some people along the way it looked out for so what there was a school teacher weather was. A coach whether there was a mentor and job. Those people help make units in my my advice is to find those people who can help with you and help support human to you along the way. And recognizes people and be appreciative of the openers feed acts. Man that's also and I agree with that obviously that's why you and I have bonds so I'll put you on the spot and say with. I was not how we want to meet your father. On hang out and we'll go to what you need an eye exam so yes go see him there they would listen. We'll go at the same time and a little Patrick and outdated as same town in May be uniting their breakfast analyst with that's great he's about five miles away we go see him are you on Randolph right now nobody I'm serious nobody so I don't want this answered we've had both today in my life thank you there really isn't exactly that there's a sourcing is an original idea enemy yeah I think that was wonderful and I thank you. Not that's great how can people find out about my daughter Debbie Debbie Debbie down nine doctor dot com. Please come cius. Protect your eyes. Exciting segment coming out with Doug Jacob walker from rugby electric. David chef for man who wonderful to have you thanks ran as I was on. I'm fat cats from red services along with the hasten from the ruby family of companies. We all your posts trends groovy rock star in the Al Jacob walker yeah we let the cat out of bag last week this is our second. The week is second Sunday in March. And we're doing our second rugby Russ sorry ever. They have Jacob walker thank you very much for living command here I mean the health smooth how smooth he is he is a veteran inside me anyways I'd. A veteran of our country thank you god bless she a veteran of the radio sheriff. And Lawson here with the slacks or sell me what the days. Take it off man and that daddy's caddy is ruby electric sir Alex Preston you in any color generator had. Act. City's rivers an ally of the anti understated some extra. I assure you. Nobody who at as solid about last week just to recap the rebbe roster or some we started last year. And you know basically sit around trying to figure out how to how to thank our wonderful staff & Associates and employees and teammates that we have. As site aim analysts will still peer to peer award have pierced nominated. And with ray review you you're our second annual to us to skip the visit they'll hold true veteran. Of ruby so laughs ninety. You can book a mob mob honored to have this you know the lord and be thanks for the work that I do it's it's actually failures. I'm telling you how long have you heard of at reveal -- I've been here for six years six years. He's done a he has it's six seniors Jay could be started out I remember when he came in and I interviewed you we talk for the first time like it was yesterday or early accounts leaves and six years and year with another firm in in and you know I think you're a victim of what happened with the average recession due mainly new construction in that. I think energy it is on a spotter at the very next day SA Haley eighty got to come with can be on our team and he elevate yourself from from that position NCAA manage control. And win back to to defuse assess that she loved to do and now you're back in a manager's role again for us sane and in what they act insane about Jacob. Is that as he always honest whether it hurts or whether it's pleasant. You pork you're here your butt off and and and people respect TV and wanna work under you which which is very valuable and that's the reason Jacobs. Really won this award is we had a had a very good client did dead at a job in Raleigh. What that was their Chapel Hill Chapel Hill yet so we'll Chapel Hill and they call a couple times like hey we need somebody up here they call and after named. We somebody out here. Tomorrow. In without Pete and I happened to three times did Jacob who calls sinking when a call up my wife anxious to concede handle things at hand in an Al got a and he again and it and we did decline was very appreciative and and we helped to help them through it through some inspections stuff in and and I think that's why you're nominated by your peers which without that was wonderful still don't want specific thank you says give an example. Correct correct jealousy example and. You earlier somebody you embody it across the border she could not have drag won the award and ethical thing about it is I went back. After last Sunday and after hearing scale policy on Patrick Pass how wonderful wasn't leadership on the radio so proud of him. And I went back in and look at all the nominations over the last four quarters because we just better. Working on man it is amazing. To see. Will our staff & Associates eight Tom. To brag about. There appears. And it was that with with you and I mean I hope they're right these essays that night not on our Tom that we learn what does were split isn't an easy that Kamal Al. So I'll come Allah Satan do build not what you say business of business was the today is it. It book business 101 run and a small businesses. You know if those guys good to perform in his job that domain the move him up making a manager to doesn't mean move him in the sales because he's not a salesman he's good it. Produce and or whatever that it whatever it is it if he's a good salesman that doesn't mean he's good manager he's really probably a good salesman or she she. And inject it you're such team player. And you're such part of a family that and is. When Jordan the best spot it and review electric six years ago and any minute Patrick had a job in but. Do you have worked with us to navigate. And we tried stuff. In a lot of times when you try stuff with people. If it doesn't war. It's hard to recover from it and god bless you and you. Euro Mateen. And you beat you believe you say is a trust thing and you trust us and we tourists he. And we're working to improve ourselves and in quite frankly have a better family life have a better career and have a better job. Oh for ourselves as we and you might there. Lot of this is one of the probably the best coach never ever worked with and you have. I don't like to. To try to you know go find work here there and I'm not one that points to always you know try to found something else just for a dollar to more. You know believe this. We should you know. George ray be loyal to people who are paid an innocent. And issues when you know stuff like this when you nominated truth the rocks the borrower or whatnot. You always going to be a rock star no easy volley that aren't there if that. Would think this is the deal you understand that not everybody understands this when we try to change that person's role or promote somebody. Isn't Koppel. Europe and we're trying to cynics spearmint it's and they. It's new territory for us since day on the side of the coin as it is for use and as long as we have that understanding. We're gonna work together on an Ambien for a law. Exactly I mean we're here to us to build the company says. You have people that they care about the company and then you know care roller coaster. Missed it long it's a long term burn after trends say that so many times in NJ to vomit challenge you to nominate one of your peers for the rocks are for next quarter. Laden in and I think that's something that that you obviously understand the value of followers and that they can support in. That led him to continue down this path through are very. If you really wanna be Iraq's arc tunnel connecting dispenser squire is just an experience that you Ross hell yeah and he's a while megabyte listen about four weeks ago via. It is crazy and it's been a day with teaming him I know Spencer I mean that's just that's it make it thank you for what you do. The road be electric and Roby services in the Robie family isn't a lot better place than it was six years ago hopefully we can keep saying and as we move forward. You're a key to that thank you. You're a good thank you for lists and have a great Sunday.