David Stophel and Entrepreneurship

At Home with Roby
Sunday, February 11th

David Stophel, owner of Preferred Flooring and Tile joins Patrick & Trent to discuss his businesses and being an entrepreneur.


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Morning love and home improvement. I'm Patrick doesn't producers in the world reducing. Company's Wii or your host and Sunday morning. 9 o'clock hello Charlotte did you hear Patrick cough up before ball into the end lives at all about you have to I think you mean yeah out suit. They let that he would if you miss her last in it. If it one point it's art imitating trends with these third imitating mind. And we were laughing so hard in years to get back in check that out I was pretty flat thought about that the hold their whole resonant day. If you woody gays. In other light laugh and I think he does that of an Obama give him and he gave me OK woody is that the hat. Hat contract hasten the road Catholic contain de LA actor to show last. Last week he. And make upon I am I'm Michael Tommy bahama bag easily don't go your here. It hit it should settled in my voice in Walton and economy a big east and better spent time on academic hasn't been. It even Goodell asking. Who the rugby whole family we got these services league. If a magical club I would do whatever you name ma'am if we get Dave is still living here and an oil may or may. It actually I want tea I am Davids are against them today yeah would tell will buy you more later his his his going to be families come in and it is grouping of companies right now Poehler and now. The man in the weeks since we've become such good friends and you Lori caring person David talking about you behind your back. I am worried to get real sick you'll come wrote me down in the hospital walls. Are doing this prayer seance is may all come to Jesus. Notably Andy a cut and peppers on I think it was what's ahead take off Mike that justice agony got sort of haven't. Source now and Allen who has about eight months ago. Right only star really start paying analog not taking golf and out of Carolina yet and I asked him in this guy is pretty thuggery Abbey's oh. I owned it for three I don't know let's go a little bit. And we got down playing in only sit on the patio and he had this little temperamental. Any simple owning my own man to cobble out that three in about that lap it. I didn't. These aren't your lap. You really get me out like in home Japanese pop gadget yet little beginner again I know one thing though. I can sit in the steam room longer and you that's out this morning yeah. It's. A lot to these songs that must say Oz back I'll kill me. Eucalyptus and the Indians team right. Let them it's what these gas go in the steam room at the Liam gets people in trouble. And there's an added there's an indicator a little thing in the got a cage around it then it. It senses that did the heat slowed moisture content is not on it cuts on the the the things she sells they ain't. Tonight Eleanor weigh it down went down a paper towel included a minute things that this thing is keep all of he's the only boy here. That is still order a shorter nose to gather and I didn't see a lot of. It culinary Turks is play and I was sitting income all in all Lipton and I got to know the gamut. The remainder is six bus. And let's it was a leg got auto still. They are hypocrites. Most of that but he almost all good nanny that the guy to play this is I. Okay here and play in my hand that's birdie I have mayor Lindsay in the I didn't go to. People are not going all crazy I got a little subtle pop and I got out. I was sure I think it's suddenly I would agree with my hours Lula has just go through pool and switch them side. And how is Jason asks is it that so many as a boy you go beyond. It. I'll make you don't know that he glitz associated man. As a gauge at my name is that McNamee onetime that light was off I don't know it was in the seem him on doing their so watered down the wall and do it all is still not fair Amazon got there. Oh and it's there you're you know not already dead and have a isn't one immediately embrace that base and he's dear friend buster bill aren't so be Debbie five or let. We went out down together by you and I am ago soundness and steam and we say he's. And Palestine can listen more to put out about press and I was like I could really tear Bruno now. It will. It is it is a is a good feeling I'm really into it isn't it can be brief shower now right leaking urine like that changed our game which Hilton that'd be cool and the house yeah and a Loria did much. Mastered seniors via online and that testing in the united going to see again I always lay down house and he I like the ones sleepy I'm a people watcher. By Reagan's granddaddy used to always watched congress. This I want people you watch people grow. Lena got a router on the what's going home Scott you know I'm young get murdered all reputation of being heard no that's right. So got a silver dollar here a subtle little bit about David about his business that mommy is a worker man he's he's he's a Family Guy. He cares a lot about. What what do what's right and life any import that I think there's that's a big reason why why he's fun and success I think on the last show are taught about. The richest man embattled lawn and in that bookie tell us about. The at the basis of a she got a that you got to work our distress principal. And I think he has then and that that mean K yourself that you gotta have more work ethic in Libya as we reference at the canoe reference in the millions into it and love what you do you write and I think desolate. So common theme of of the onto rules entrepreneurs who bring down low with the dude wanna talk about this alone in a little while when David comes on makes double segments that. I'll listen to that there were to the richest man battle on this one NC says somewhat get old tongue likes to lie as. And I loved it because. If you go ask for help before we start to show David. Stow full who's our guest was told my he would drop down in Orlando when he was young Nam and in knowing thank. And go knock on the door of a business he wanted to grow to be like can say can Holler some. And I said van Essen people would teach me anything if you respect the him and don't patronize. So. We know or for show became tale if you not laughing yet. I mean foregoing a real good job you might even mr. first half the Sunday school in the sense that holds that but out thanks for joining us we're go Iowa have David Starr full. With the traffic bell companies only return will be right back track that. They're not sitting print and welcome back to Seattle where Brodie says our friend Jason from rugby services a patch because I am doing. The release of its Robie family coming your traditional manner in which case target and Willy Nilly on our intra. Welcome back to that home with ruby I'm Patrick Cassidy from ruby serves as lungs kidneys and from relief in the companies we are your those. Jimmy the special guest and steal this today and seriously and often did that. I'll I'll play the same little bit it bacteria you know we have a David star of full and we talk a little bit about him in the first segment. Food is. One of my favorite oxman or stories to be to be Franken and everybody knows it they would you know we'd love top notch for an hour and tell them ends. And and David has three primary company's operational companies that basically him and his wife have bill. Over the last David I think is in his low forties over the last and only play she is an easy now need to say that low low for but let me just say it does some temperament on your neck. Petraeus says that he had David David it is our guest showed up with with gifts. Ski areas serious notes and geez isn't enough. Any Princeton are tight and a hat that's the first on anybody's ever brought us against David we proceed at ninety but David. David and I met a couple years ago through Patrick introduced to south thing and and I think David says hey. In David's humble. Attitude and server leadership I love what I love about him. Is he and scared to say hey how love the mean this guy loved to try to learn so from our loved it's pick his brain. A lot of people are too egotistical ego gets in the way a success to ego just could do that and only give anybody prost and then. A lot of people do it just a patronize people. And I don't listen and I don't understand they want more room they just do it checked that bus and hang out win and launch was silence over did this. In and I don't they don't take heat. But at the David and I have lost about three years ago and and in one of his businesses Carolina corporal line. At the town that they take your name calling him say. The hand and arm preferred flooring net time for reptiles preferred floor and and how they and do commercial and flooring installed. They do a fair amount of work for us commercially on the commercial side. But it. They did business with this they support our corn hole tournament the last several years every year. Do more grateful for that. And then the way the cycle life worse we come back around. Because we both have good heart sin and we've rekindled our relationship with in the past year. And we've really become great friends who facts great friends and and actually David Davidson a process of join a lot viera talked about battle on the show so basically. You gotta practice what you praise you with some help she you wanna share the wealth and you won't teach people what's the one home but. Davids and only sideshow horrible it. His dad was a plumber. Lot of similarities a mob followed that a young heart age. The very good at. It's. He was dual blown what does that add. He wanna grow bigger business than it's only get on out go do your thing crazy man kind of like my dad told Cheney. So he started installing full worse in high school and went to collar low lit instead mammal worker. And and followed a good fight for 25 years we would marry young tourists we are hander still marry nick got four beautiful children. And this is borrow a fun to watch very some lot of similarities but it. It takes united they say. Success. Happens over twenty years but then people think it happens in a minute right and try to nail color right. All the companies Microsoft apple you know Nate they trudged through for them decades and decades and M. Now they're my gosh what an a by Apple Stock trying to do Lou Lou. They were chosen they're not doing anything for a long town. And gives her so Martha Roby family companies. And then in the and you have three businesses. You don't Colin apparently companies bit but it won't you tell us I'm done. Help won't you tell us about your your businesses where I start that trend I don't know. The edit it irritating a nice pops I start off with a kid when my dad I was probably five years old nerve back when he took me to work within. And he would drag manor house when you never drag now to run under a miles yeah I I was like kinda kids that wanna be a mcdannold time and I was I was eager to be with memoir I was I guess my life Lerner have always been entry about learn about how this works and how that works and he knows how do you put these pipes together and you know back in those agencies use solver with assault pipes together Iraqi member porn lead and that's kind of old school now that you don't know about that but. We would use a cast our pipes import related and melted down and coordinate joint runner and on and pack it in there. Time out on the and in Iraq. I have to unhook my refrigerator 'cause really not a house in the water line so I had it got a water off had up. Put a good day at the cap on the water logged copper by running. So when the government dazzle on the book and I found got them towards fired as drug got a solider and Sandra day camp all the schools although silver Solder and saying yeah I wrote councils school I continued. So anyway I and I grew Mike tell my dad working with Damon really really was titled my dad and spent a lot of time. Just begin working you know doing paying plumbing carpentry work and and just loved it and he would always tell me say son you go to school get a good education. And there are no future in this and you know he's saying he got on which at the work like I did I want to go. Did you know a good education good job must have a doubt love this element I wanna work like you and he said. He said boy you gotta hardy and etc. And so anyway. Went to school small mom she wanted to be as goes silent this go far for a little while and with the UNC Charlotte love didn't. It was a good experience ramadi and but it was school wouldn't you got it wanna go and that's out of business analysts about desk all day and and be that guy who got a job in a financial war I was studying finance at school and so I left a little early to early retirement and now Walton Greg resolves and lace that sir you got a problem are you leave the school can I have get a counselor. I said no man not a public too much had to go to work. So I've had a thought to myself and what to work and. Probably honestly and that was my dad's feared us like he never want me to get a job in college when I was at school he was worried out of them the same thing yeah I begin to doubt for a while but off. I've made it. Yes and Harrison stores throughout never has offering what else never never real job interview so are my company route to school Tony to. And I'm 42 now so twenty years in business. Married my wife within a year of that Tom and met her pastor marry millisecond de LA some things quake effect of some of plasma or so. Second day she told me I was crazy America always later she said yeah we got married and by eight months and that was. Tony in nineteen years ago this money. So when we sell right now nineteenth and that businesses you started then was care products are rely on hit DL was that was what. Turned into that anger ceiling and floors like crazy largely Addison stone floor or you're telling me stories about picking you does that you crew looked at 6 in the morning and isn't or until May not lighten up switch didn't land all over this hustle and disarming I'd say he has some some like a much. Easy you very opening you talk about your life. And paying you share your life he's we take each other pictures it just funny pictures about what are adds that takes me impeach another day. Union dale when you Rhode knucklehead via in a funny story is a brutal week the end. You asked me to come out look at a piece of land you proud may heal you proud of where you live or whatever he says he won't bring Wes Farrell and today he sounds like okay how does it. So so let me give forward Meehan for red road trip up and we go out there is in Fuller screen they just turned three you know only it were rotten on the on the Gator whatever round around the farm. With the not with another all boiled guy you know and forge sit narron and board. He said boy you and if you are hard hit a boy you've only you better get out of that get out of that he's there and it's like pop Iran via via these yeah. And that is set I was like he's so he's save birdie Ing our arrogant and you don't get a lot of batons I yeah we don't need. There name. I love his name forward my first truck a ball that try to save my money is a little camera my dad and I say 5000 dollars and a sixteen years old I'd say that much money. And I went down the lumps for now more Obama first for those if 150 straight six. And drove it again or her high school for a with the school. Why angled a guaranteed what are what are you allowed cat on the wildcat but good player manslaughter or two ago. It back. Yeah I think in. In this cycle life phone rang him beats a wildcat fans. We beat some pretty good baseball and I was there we had some good player that I you about your ballplayer did you play baseball players CC Malek not leaden I was I was ready go to work out was a wooden focused on ball that's not like him and we have very similar and work ethics because of our day hadn't I got the same story about mama did car and all that but. We stick around with this perfume sure. All right stay tuned we'll be right back. Welcome back down with ruby and cast numerous services to hasten the roving camera company says David Stone tools our guests. Today going down memory lane near tragedy here. Hailing from the eSATA. I mean. Ousting him about this the other day reflect an own I own on our friendship budding friendship. And your dad and an. And among my to my very dear best friends this imam business life. Our our read hearty. Of the rent for a family's been I guess on the senator and rainy Burress overhead door also Beloit. Imposed those guys as well loss are diet too young. And her dad had an influence on ma'am. Very similar so it's a UN. So I don't know what that means it but did the deal is is. Monday as being all three years out of dollars and was my banner right but he I was attracted to very. These type of people for some reason essence have a values. Mentor shift in leadership in and it's nice to have a server and attitude Ellis. United so I don't know one site that Patrick senate gave the longest intro of you to ever. I'm at that and in it again way I thought that was pretty cool day he had he had semi nice things to say about about David and he near respect for him and our respect for him is is mutual. And indeed it passes down for the people that work for you as well. I think the world Dana array view it is our our rent great ground for a injury early contractions a wonderful person six. You meet you you can tell just by talking to it to the people that work with you and and and under youth. That McConnell leader you are made in 'cause I think it rubs off on them. And I and dangles the same way and he's just always thinking about other people which is over to really cool. Yeah my dad he went when as a young Mac from my dad always treat and every customer with utmost respect and just loving people and just trying to serve people us what he always didn't call me and call me and make sure we even on our crawl space in the house is like you don't leave a mess and customize house. If Marleau little boy that's how we something you know you don't leave them be don't leave your message might houses for the never mostly it. He did everything out there and you and you treat people right. Won't the last show some album more in my very first jobless fourteen was helping a brick Mason howry and they're gonna tell you did John we just have as mortar Mays right and it had to right lie as have a Brittany right at right spot Morton on the wall aside but it's the same paying. I mean yeah ye. If my big east always say it never goes away and I'll always come matching each yeah you never can happen at these sound just like crawl space ten years later. Some mechanical guy art homeowner's hang in there Alison seek crap did you miss teen years ago and it tenants are poor mouth. General Hussein has always. Yeah they always tree and a there really people with a lot of respect and he wouldn't charge and that was one thing I'm mirrors a kid he would never charged people money that work. There were a little more needy may be your older he loved working we know help now older folks and that is is still some is a young man always try to respect my orders and and listened to woman learned some from woman always have polish and do that I love talk and older people in China. Clean some from that they've learned I had a hundred Euro Graham Paul passed a few years ago and I do lots on Sundays ever charged to sit with him called him for a couple hours and I used to cherish that time with industry or listen him and get some get some good stuff from. Thank you don't pastor both know this that I love Mary's church. And and I have a goal this year to work out for five days a week in and every time after our gal I make time for a listen to songs he sings Carolina. And those out loved along the way. Yeah and czar knows how they earned those two songs I'll listen to at least 45 times a week bank to bank. I meditate and think about all the people in my life. They have gone away and asked say he has brought me a tremendous happiness so far this year I'm I'm a happy guy try to be happy but it. Is truly bomb brawl in the ball brought me a peace of mind and and it. 'cause that's where the value zero you know she's. Yeah right that's a great press when our businesses we just love people serve our customers serve our employees serve serve people. I think that's our theme he knows his name or your senator your fastest growing businesses tell servers per yeah that's that's where that name came from was from. From servant to the service first or serve others and serve. Serve the community and serve our employee of the case let's have a little shop for Garnett nor am I yeah what service processed one year three main businesses what are needed. We service retailers across the southeast and where labor provider and we install for inform you install flooring yes. Patent. Retailer so the floors LA Harry is sought and install. And where you found big successes he took a laborious. Blue collar task. It and use it you still have that aspect of it which you build efficient. Technology system yes you you've used our buddy scope of yep Ted James Barcelona show his good friend of mine. He's won a rainy and he's rainy verses other Minty yep okay. We just hired scoop come to help us with our software development concerns saw Lou coming up I see what it does you know. The solemn famine right thing you have price what's your priest. But I am so intrigued that you've taken this job and you're able to buy give one much more wonderful servers and much more masks. In efficiency because you took technology and embrace it with your people. Yes so USS business on does number two is formally carry on a car roll on now us prefer flooring and tile yes. Daniel ray leaves that business so Mariah yes dinner and you bunking in your bond yet. Should show whiplash if you don't you her status I give our. Yeah and I she's good. Pena out dew commercial and residential floor and installs correct straight to the homeowner yes and that's what she traditionally always viewed you know. Okay going to work for builders and yes which is how we got to know each other. Daniels a relationship guy and goes of these network and events for five years ago we have a budding commercial company ending. He teams the stars in the now our leader Maggie onion Patrick in. And that's how business is done. And then your your other businesses ER race yet which is an emergency insurers type business right mercy restoration experts. Okay just a little bit about that. That's a wonderful. As the sum from our early age when I got the foreign business unnoticed. That restoration business and ensure are really enjoy bill on the floor for Gaza settlement companies in those businesses and I. It's always intrigued by it and you know you get through the whole bill back about how she got a house in his call fire flood and these people were in the end. I'll always love being around action around around you of what kid and like will be on fires that. If you're I what we were there to serve people and help people so when their their common the Wii coming in. And we we get him you know get him back about together utilized about gears people's lives have been. Destroyed their belongings or scrabble looks at things you can't replace those memories of the kids and those keepsake items we go in we China. We try to save as nearly can't we take them back throw warehouses we clean on the restore home. In the and we go back and build a house back and get their lies back to normal fast we can so. Our new it's a lot. The stifle finally coming stereo sounds good knowing myself included in our shares of family companies with a we're on the same priorities of those cool logos like yeah and then bill and only take him a shapes now really press triangle and it appears to be a love hate relationship at that point but. But no and NN mean you can easily we've become buddies. We will votes are in trade with with commercial real estate new route we you've got a real houses I don't know house kind of grow with the same hustle and so we're a little little business solo home that your years used. Got a small investment with the sonar on our office thank you very much our office redevelopment morehead. And you bought an old build long freedom drive. Yeah and a lot of senators that Cummins at NASA and then he knows something he knows so yeah I'm a size where sat and Hal designers and movement in the neighborhood you know so. How Michael like he Saturday at the same way it sounds were sent. We love the west side of my wife cool story. When. Would drive around town in 2013. And looking for somewhere ago because we outgrown our building Indian trail where are our home base was the time. And we've built that bill back in 2006 or seven I think it was and we outgrew that building. We're out looking for bill to nom are radicals as bill Monday that would group grown to look terrible on the neighborhoods around it were kind of shabby. You know in 201213. And condi was just start to try to turn and us all the build in a lot of the NFL Lubbock this had a vision for us on this is great you know an office warehouse will be perfect right here right listener of talent. Host of schools are grown around here I can I just felt it. And my wife told me she said I'm not common down there with Jesus you can take your business where every moment I'm not comment on my people's standard of shop. So we have Wolfram if you go Al and so it was about six months later we got the Bill McClain of renovated and she sort of she came on down. In one day she came outside looked up at the big bills in the city Michigan a big hugs and Tony I'm sorry. She's like I made mistakes out loving grace she's. Humble great mood to see the ball she's falsely sees that you do not have a spouse rule like rugby pants we have they ruled it. The leadership bid or higher Kate yes this whatever female on male spouse thing worked in the business yeah yeah all the Al dollar bed dead or island bit of anonymity that we must slow what David. How to have complete will get a hold you businesses. ERX 247 dot com. Web site there and then prefer foreign tile same thing see is there. And his service pros were online search price check it out would it upon me the style full family companies at a time the show layers and and India don't let us say now they're relying on the European Ariane much success to you and thank you for being here partner thank you ran high. Welcome back end help the president Patrick Catholic Relief Services. On ten hastened from the ruby family of companies we are your posts Trent David is still here's some CC RC CR could music. Yet because I failed. Hate he star crier and because. It all went on it's way behind but. Any new you punch mean because I didn't put him on the spot with. With a shoe business lesson and today superstar would data on the on the same at what is your business lists are greater whip snapper. While marathon myself as a teacher of business lessons but what but it's. That you could very samba and Antonio moved. You know out of of guest spot which of my SS two. Just treating people right you know his love and people treat them right and and tried to put others first and myself Liasson last. And just take care people if you take your your people and showing the love and and India right bomb that a letter customers know and that's way out of my life so if. Are taking a funny story and David you have a similar accuracy got shot I say this so this last night SS and alpha I really try to Bogle ask sale. Because I don't know people. I don't know people roots about one Obama product as we gonna give good service in America we're not the cheapest product adding about quality and service. In and I go out here and do the opposite not beaten. Phenomenal people to be successful. So La. We do that in our lives and I know to set about chief. And and it ain't you know all these Jews come as a talk about this couple weeks ago Andrea ya ya but salaam a lot of my buddies at church and asked him about 19 dollar jesus'. And you can't tell me about this store and you like this place and I'll I'll like it to Lou knows every in south thing in Atherton mail. That you can't tell me that I needed to get there you venting there and him intrigued me to lewdness. I didn't realize now I know you're kind of help ski but I didn't realize. That it was the Joost an ally midrange I just go to a different place on the other side down here also you took me there. Lastly you know. And we've also non dollar juices and some some. So some. To snapshots of pale a and when water around Atherton will look at all the history which we like history look at all not the sound of the faces of the kids work and what did the cool floor in the school. The ceilings and stuff and Atherton mail and then. And in the next today. I was in the area and ask slid back in India and got me a drink or maybe a couple days later. And I took a picture of it insanity. And the woman that we had talked to the week before to serve does chuckled when octane team. And when us achieve that picture. You said I just left there about ten minutes ago as an asset and I serve us in a couple of DS. Listen to him and I really have a target on our hey it's learners living kitchen and I KE NS it locations in Charlotte won south endless self parking out of Raleigh okay. And where you're at case in it to Bob behind the military's Sharon meets in a chemical. And I got to clean Jews give them clog got out and out and barely in the instill creek is where is where ally to governor so nice out there. And frankly faith based. Type of business and I and I lightning you know I'm so it was the but I think that's cool another thing is. You've been run around in my truck women a little bit. And Unita sod generally have a change so much for could I jump balanced chop wood and smell would indeed. (%expletive) army guilty saluted I'll take home chocolate the couple was seen. And I a and an aide you to belie his less chase also wacko idea has used to have a treat business the how long loved Linda G have a tree business attitude. Business and early two thousands and that was really. Al all the labor of dialogue the tree business are really enjoyed it but I couldn't duplicate the models well. That's what led me plus I had four children they wanna be on an ever wrote Mauresmo life centuries but I really did enjoy the business it was a great business. A love wrenching solid group is a little chip McGrath Paul countries Clinton would. For the winner. And. That's what I will less capacity unless some point this out. Ridge stead board that is one of my original flavor blows by a robbery he has hockey in what he says is these year if you're a dog or not a businessman. You can only produces much income as you can serve people need to pass this right. Not many people can come trees and excellently. So when you're tree guy you can make good relative money buy you common entry everyday and killing yourself yeah. But like he said you came expanded. Strike Monday east always say we talk about a Saturday. I jump off the back and down on his say boy UK India forever from Achilles are going on we heard you back when you're forty now when things aren't are now. The and upload up to Jack ass you wanted to show meets. Is solves the and you pulled me down and did any type. Staying solid so vital for trade club and he says that. And he goes every guy like six change solid and ally as well look like a four filled borrowing on never ran its main law and that will policy Greg Oden I was I'll grant you might do some arm curls and hips you know well and held several people who buster chainsaw could use had to outdo me and boards and to see enough for Flynt has a four foot head on and yeah you can put up to electrify half of the end so it also the idea. The content would my whole Lotta constable a cancer above. In CK AK AJ resolved. Knuckles like good gosh I admit I some relatives of the beast and on someone's. My hand me in my girls listen this all of them. It's. Doubts as soon be and I'm on the way to Whitney sat from where you Lindsay Selena by Grammy won't play at the spot for a chainsaw acted as sound throughout custom wood yes they site literally kidnapped hero with a got a pretty enough along and funny thing is Ford was looking at this big trade Lou stayed on the other side of this. Bar bar fanciful orders against Ali she won't lit it's like a totally baffled remained in Arizona and I. And I said it'll another side affairs and me held the Iranian leader talk and end at the at the camp or within three or four seconds into uses late today it's a decree is all clear to us the Italian Alexander Jerry your nervous Nelly you got all nervous he has studies it was great to ensure it. Enact our let us afford kind of weird he sued. I see you can't get an out water he said Alan -- like Jagger sang it down there he was ready he was wounded John he's a good Campbell is a go swimming and Gary Cole won't be a lot of care for go to think he's going to go there again yeah don't you Latino aids. He's ready for some go back and GM Trent Trent take its time. Well what a wonderful shows and being nervous Nellie area here takes me a call me for three days about what to do. Couldn't sleep last night I thought in my zone bond citing bullets on about with the senator have been a good Ole sound and educate people laugh a little. So thanks for being here David thank you Patrick have a wonderful Sunday. He will be back next week.