David Tepper, The Royal Wedding, and a Health Update on Hancock

John Hancock
Monday, May 21st
Hancock reviews the commencement address by David Tepper at Carnegie Mellon University, he updates his health status, and of course the royal wedding.

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This is John and there either mother or is Monday is we believe. The wreckage does everything they tired of the rain. Noted too much we've got. Pretty good when I come through yesterday afternoon about 6 o'clock 630 years so much better open up. In the Belmont. But Susan and do have been out to Clinton. Garden stuff so we were pretty happy to see the rain actually. I was cleaning the house. The we have all wood floors downstairs. And when you start moving furniture and we will get a dog white went. So when you start moving furniture and stuff you find all that. Would you call them land dust. And it is unbelievable. And his soul was autumn and I mean I'm I'm taking one of those swift third floor things or whatever. And I'm going underneath beds and on underneath dressers and missed that the other and I'm just pullen out. I mean looks like cotton candy. Just bring an out wads of that stuff. But the thing that occurs to me with all wood floors areas. If you have carpet. That's where that day it's all. It's they did the carpet masks all that stuff. That's why zero rose or some don't like better summoned maybe you should do more often than not. But it's it's unbelievable anyway it took me a good about it a good few hours to get through the entire downstairs of the house. Are met and and try to get all the dust bunnies and all the stuff because I don't know that we never really moved furniture and gone through that extensively that much. The baby's coming over this weekend. So what. So anyway. Always had some excitement in our front yard this morning and I'm much happier to say that no one was killed but it was a pretty close to where oh it head on collision in front of our house today. One of my neighbors. Oh with a great big old. And over to Dooley or not. To big old construction. Pick up truck. Think it's a dodge. Could be a Ford F 150 avenue under I don't know when banal locals of tension. Was coming out of sight driveway and as somebody coming down the highway in front of Oro city today and sort of our street to. Was coming down the lane and now. And so they'd. They hit. An ever heard any breaks those in my office which is that the front of the house. And I mean big I I heard discredit the sound. And it sounded like somebody to throw like a brick or something up on the front of the wraparound front porch. And are dead authorities. Even though it was something that I thought sounded landed on my house. And I looked out the window and there is say you know blue I don't know what kind of truck it is like a Toyota older Toyota type trucks have been my front yard. And it obviously has taken the bulk of the. Of the impact. And so you know yeah real you wrote and you put out of her shoes in your run outside to make sure that everybody's. Okay. And the driver of the truck that was sitting in my front yard. And to do it taken a good portion of my secure turf lawn help. He was conscious and nose bleed a little bit from the ahead. So when then the other truck rose in May remind. There were other people attending to him. But he seemed to be okay so there was no. I I had finally. Ran back in the house and got all wash rag. And a white wash rag. Which we've got mini. And cut a weighted down and took it out to the guy in the truck. So we can hold it out of his head until the ambulance arrived which was shortly thereafter. And said do you feel all right he's an. And that in nannies and I you know I'm no my name is and he said this is your house I said yeah and he said buddy. The last thing I remember was your mailbox. And I looked over there and my mailbox is good. This is like the fourth mailbox we've had looked in on this highway because. People like to be used for target practice it's right out there in the openness is. And we've talked about that aspect of for a bit you know beer bottle is one thing at Toyota pickup truck. It's something else again. So. Anyway I was on the phone shortly thereafter to Carolina Merrill boxes sand. Well at this point they know me on a first name basis. So I you am I'm glad that neither one of the parties says so far as I know our had any of severe injuries and I think the F. I'm casting Jenny. Still does the state trooper who wrote came out I don't know the actual report O'Meara nobody dies got a really nice guy knew I was Cayman say are you John Hancock and I said you know stem upturn night. Short of a little white legs I got some white legs. But I was not all that concerned at all that anyway and so while. So that I would do love my eye doctor's office do I get the results of my tests from last week when I was gone on Wednesday and volatility about that a little bit later on in the program. And and assorted things on. Ish and Toyota owners just an exciting morning. And obscured her blogs gonna. Take a lower coverage I've just. Dug up some turf it's no big deal. So there you go there so that's a way that was the excitement of of my morning I put pictures of the truck. And my mailbox up on the FaceBook page if you are cured of gander on in there and not take a look around com. Miller's obstruction in Korea. Special counsel has floated may be a September 1 end date. Well there was a tragedy happened Bessemer city yesterday. With extenuating circumstances. Am. I know some of the principals involved there are I know a lot of people that know the principles that are involved there and notices apparently just a really sad story. Very. Of a guy who's got some most severe mental. Issues that have popped up at this stage of his life. And we may talk to somebody from a Fox News about that before the issue is over but I'm just telling you this is not just. From everything I've been able to ascertain this is not just a story about some. Some guy who decided to drive his scar into a restaurant this is. Got some really said. Side chapters. On the stories so world. I guess I would do do what I have been asked to do by several people who live out there and know what some of the principals involved and no I ask that people. Don't jump to it. To quicker conclusion on non on this. But certainly say some curse. Now for these people in this family and and those who are. Are suffering. Including doctor Cara month hospital where one of the U of people worked. And it's just sad story that came under Bessemer city yesterday self. I got that give yet health update later on FBI infiltration and via trump campaign frivolity is its suit on that over the weekend David's temper our. Knew well probably after tomorrow owner of the Carolina Panthers spoke to our graduates. Over the weekend and that's managed and things to say. And interesting ways that he said it. And down. Did you know that there was a royal wedding over the weekend. Did you worrying about that. One of dies kids got married. From Charlotte's home hurt. Cool guest. That goes on jazz artist. For just. Todd the buzz over the weekend were replacing the big cat with a fat cat. Are about David temper and just fuel we come back from via news. To his timing of certain is over the weekend. This diving may be impeccable this whole big gambling thing. Mean essentially the day that he agreed to by the Panthers sit 2.2. 75 billion dollars. Is the same day that the Supreme Court said Niagara had bet. And that's probably in one way way shape reform and end up being a windfall to some extent. For owners and colleges are saying they want a piece of it now I missed that the other. But his timing may be. You know we we had talked to a stand organize had talked about. The declining ratings although it seems like everything's in declining ratings. These days so I don't know that that's necessarily an indication nova. Sports or eight television shows itself. Because people just aren't flocking to the TV is or at least not in the ways that they can measuring any longer because people aren't. People aren't doing appointment TV anymore they're watching stuff when they can watch it now sporting events are a little bit different in that. There's something psychological about watching. Like watching games have already been played. In less it's one of those rare instances where you can't see your team. And you recorded. For the sheer fantasy of being able to go watch it you know three hours after the game Mendes. And hope that nobody tells you who won in the meantime but I mean by and large if you're watching something it's recorded in you know the outcome is already been decided. It's already old news were program that way take a look at. The news stories that. Unbelievable news stories that we. That we are you worth. And you know three hours after you first hero men they take your breath away it's all notice you're just something else we've we've we've become. Pretty resilient to it. To Harden it as much less sports. So anyway they say it did two point. To lose 75 billion Deborah may have still bought in a low. I NFL owners are getting together this week they should do I assume vote on the on the tepper bid for the Panthers tomorrow. That's not the only thing that they'll be talking about that the NFL owners' meetings so we'll talk about that in a second and David tepper made a addressed to they graduates of Carnegie Mellon university of which he has a grad and which she has donated enough money to have the 01 of the law schools named after him and he made reference to his purchasing the Carolina Panthers in other words in his own words it's been so incredible week. So wallow we'll look at Jeff did they don't know David tapper in the NFL meetings and and how he may I just have the gift of timing. Buying ai team at the same time that gambling gets legalized. David cavernous second Supreme Court made a ruling today city employee here employee errors. Can prohibit you know they're workers. From banding together to complain about pay and conditions in the workplace. They ruled five to four Monday. Conservative members in the majority. That businesses can forcing employees. To individually use arbitration. To resolve disputes. The outcome is an important victory a forum for business centrists an estimated 25 million employees work under contracts to prohibit collective action by employees. Who want to raise claims about some aspect of their employment. And honorable. Missouri Darden contract at sort of the things a pennant tripped us up for awhile. And like that. Haven't go to arbitration thing. But anyway just for in court ruled on that today in case you were watching that Ben know overseeing Supreme Court rulings come down and we will well into June. On when there's some pretty interesting. It's pretty interest in rulings that are on the agenda that to should be coming down looks like judge David tepper and you can't tell until you can tell but looks like David tempers timing on buying the Carolina Panthers may have just been perfect. With the supreme court's decision allowing states to dictate whether or not sports betting. Is legal. Has financial implications for the NFL it's 32 franchises the commissioner of the NFL I don't know the story in front of me but I believe he has already. Petitioned congress. Two come up with a universal law across the land. And obviously everybody wants their piece and apply now India NFL owners would like to get their piece in the colleges are going to be asking if they haven't already Gary asking for their piece. State by state legalization. Could allow teams to lead dip into off. A pool with corporate sponsorships and for having been on site to gambling. Mark Cuban the owner of Dallas Mavericks in the NBA told CBS I think everyone who owns a top four professional sports team just basically saw the value of their team double. Now there are number of people in the story that are red deter questioned whether or not it will double or not but I don't think anybody thinks they're gonna lose money off of this deal. So Cubans probably. A jump on the got a little bit probably hopeful. It's going to vary by individual team within the state and by what they had infrastructure will look like. That is say governor David David Carter university of southern California's so Marshall business school. He says it's gonna depend on how aggressive owners wanna be I think the you'll see a range among owners having said that. If someone is really really going to be aggressive I don't know that the a franchise. Bill O Dell values but. Could be pretty healthy. And I don't see easily see a team. Over the immediate term generating a couple hundred million dollars more per year depending on Beale league but it did a good you know who knows it could even be more Nat. So tempers timing on this could be absolutely. And I mean down to the day timing because apparently the agreement to buy the team assigned. Just before the Supreme Court made an error. Decision. There's a proposed bill that would. Have to get through each State's government before becoming a law and no such bill has been introduced in North Carolina but. In South Carolina Todd Rutherford who's a Democrat down there. A year ago last January introduced H 3102. Which was a proposed amendment to the South Carolina constitution that would legalize sports. I'm betting in the state. After which. The representative or Russell or. I'm became a sponsor he's a Republican. I may be wrong ticker back. They had a bill is in committee at the House of Representatives of that that bill's timing could be a good too so. Well we'll save but. I guess had to get to be worth two point musk is very few get to be worth almost eleven billion dollars good timing probably has some food without. I don't know how all that does stuff works a sudden the other but I assume that David tepper Natal awful lot of his money. Because. Of the recession. Everything bottomed out and he was in a position to. Put his money into places. And celebrate the recovery. That's good timing too. So are the guys NFL owners meet. Starting tomorrow. But there should get together today are not the unifil spring meetings willow take place. And and Al they'll vote on David tepper is the new. Owner of the Carolina Panthers they got some of the things that there are going to would do as well including kickoff coverages they may changed the rules on some of the the deal points in the new NFL kickoff include a rule that to five men have to be on each side of the ball the current rule states that Elise Foreman have to be on each side of the ball. The new rule would also be felt on onside kicks. Because they wouldn't allow you don't lineup five yards deep anymore you have to dot lineup on yard deep so that doesn't give you as much of a head start. Another key point in the new kick off rules is that every man on the kickoff team other than the kicker there goes can only be one yard off the line of scrimmage. There will be no more two man wedges and if the ball crosses the goal line on a kick off. It automatically is a dead ball in the players over. The owners will also talk about the new ejection rule. For kids that are deemed to be a necessary they do this in college so under that new rule. If an official calls a hit unnecessary they can go review it and reject the player on the spot. As opposed to you know finding the player later on in the wake him suspending and then they can do it right they're during the game the owners will decide the location of the next couple of NFL drafts. Nashville Denver Vegas. Cleveland. Kansas City have all been mentioned. And of course they will load decided new owner for the Carolina Panthers. David tepper who was already been. Vetted by the league is minority owner for the Pittsburgh Steelers should get the official vote sometime tomorrow making him absolutely the new owner. Of the Carolina Panthers he spoke yesterday. To the graduates at Carnegie Mellon University. And in his own words and it's been hell away. He is judge just bought the Carolina Panthers for 2.2 75 billion dollars. His speech the paper said was so emotional at times he shared stories from his past and life lessons that help pave his success. He talked a little bit about his dad. Said that he's dead it works sixty hours a week to make ends meet in high school tapper was a short order cook at a deli. Sold knives door to door. And worked at a bakery. He told the grads it's led to a melon yesterday a kid from the Streets of San Francisco had to work his way through college at Pitt. And graduate school of CME you know. Just got an honorary degree and is giving a commencement speech at this university. He said a kid who couldn't afford to go to an NFL game well into his twenties is now on the verge of getting NFL approval to by the Carolina Panthers. Not too shabby piece. He said his greatest accomplishment hasn't been heading apple lose a management his Miami based hedge fund. It hasn't been his philanthropy. Or his NFL ownership. It's being a better father to his three kids that his physically abusive father was to him and that's when he got emotional he said in my young life. There was nothing more terrifying there was no greater adversity but I prayed to god that I would never be the same to my children. And I'm proud to say that I view as the greatest accomplishment of my life that I broke that cycle. And he wrapped up his comments to the graduates saying in life do what's right really won't hurt you. Just keep your priorities straight. He got his MBA from Carnegie Mellon in 1982. He has donated a total of 225 million to the private research universities since then. They're business school now bears his name thanks to a 55 million dollar gift that he gave in 2004. And he said yesterday I had an incredible life from humble beginnings I've raised three great kids and have a woman I love. I've had a successful business career and incredible Philanthropic efforts and now I'm speaking dealers the newly named a doctorate and on the verge of being named an NFL owner. Little bit more about the royal wedding I've heard or read the news today oh boy but. I don't I don't tend to sleep relate. But somehow or another Saturday morning I was oblivious to the wedding just oblivious now my wife on the other hand. Was Macon. Red white and blue British cupcakes and put in British flags on the she was I mean she's always she's she loves reading history and English history and so why she was into the sweating big time. They where I'm I am sound asleep. It's so rare for me for hurting to be up before I mean it's not even funny. Even on weekends my eyes open at 5 o'clock in the morning. So while but I you know I I generally forced myself to but I really wish I am in a dead didn't sleep at 7 o'clock and all the sudden. I dead into the pledges scared me I flinched she burst into the room and just yeah. So I guess I don't know what time that was 645. Or six that's up like that because I saw the boys get out of the limo and walk up the court or in their uniforms and bigger and they'll agree. Anyways so there I am sitting on Saturday morning read the paper about the Republican National Convention and David tepper and all the other things that are. There were going on in the early in the week and paper and and watch in the and the wedding was on and yeah I was tournament from time to time to see what was going on. There's no avoiding it it was going to be it was on an every TV in the house. So as to that I can do about it. I'm just see you guys don't wanna talk about. You watch it TJ. Not only don't have cable George you watch any part of the aura letting. Are you lying to me. No I didn't. Com and to some extent I'm glad I did because the highlight of the of the whole ceremony. As far as I was concerned. Was former. North Carolina appears get billion bishop. Michael Curry. Who we have on and when we were doing nights here I don't know twelve years ago or Phil I don't know when it was. Well I had a long conversation with him one night about the episcopalian church. Not staying strong to their foundation. Caving. To the whims of populations. Whims the having to make adjustments. That they probably didn't truly believe in in order to. Solidify their financial base. And he and I got into a pretty lively discussion and an it was a it was a do it's I remember and I would look at for the tape and I can't find it anywhere and and TJ we'll tell you I don't tend it's. Save anything. I'm there's some people in this business that saved everything I. Man when you walk out of the studio at 6 o'clock it's over with Castro thing about the next one. So but anyway he was magnificent. And the faces of the royal family. I mean he was kind of written. Elitism men. And I've according just didn't look like she was having a good time met all the there are several people and there it looked like they had sour faces and even I guess and I didn't see this but. Even prince hairy when it was all over with I think Smart mouthed the word wow walk. While he was magnificent. And and he and I may have disagreements. And he's a lot more learned man than I am on and I understand that Betty and I have may disagree. And have disagreements about the world technically the same thing that the Methodists are now fighting over. On the same. Front page. Of the observer. On Sunday yesterday. You have a picture of the most reverend bishop Michael Curry. Of the episcopalian church who spoke during the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry you know Megan Markel at saint George's chapel at Windsor Castle. And then right next to that. Also above the fold. Methodists. Basing it. Divide over same sex marriage while this is is nearest I can tell the same thing that happened to be episcopalian church and has happened to several denominations over the years. And just how divided is the United Methodist Church rights Tim funk. Of the observer. Well many of its twelve million members are engaged in an internal battle that could break up America's second largest Protestant denomination. The episcopalian church. At a break off. Anglican surged in they call themselves learn their they're actually a part of the Anglican church but they. They had dead at a big mr. billions lost some members. Because they. They went off and formed their own. Division. Whether or not and to change its rules this is what the United Methodist Church is fighting over whether or not to change its rules to allow same sex weddings and LG BTQ allergic. Charlotte pastors along with their flocks are taking sides of the same thing that happened in media Episcopalians church. Com and it's I don't know it's fascinating to watch but. It's kind of like watching a rerun as far as I'm concerned. And the they conservative. Devout. Trees that are standing. By hard line. I bet you're gonna a bit you don't win. Because society will not put up with anything near that stage even think that's. Had discrimination. And churches don't have the backbone to forgo the financial losses. Did their so reliant on. To stands. It's hard on their foundation. So we know we won't Whittle it all down. In the name of survival. First possible deadline for Robert Mueller's investigation now surfaced over the weekend really Giuliani said that Mueller might. Wrap up his inquiry into whether president trump obstructed justice by September. There's a few caveats to that. That would be contingent on on the president agreeing to sit for an interview. Julia said we said to them if we're going to be interviewed in July. How much time until the report. Gets issued. Accord to Giuliani made to the AP. And then he said they said September. Which is good for everyone because no one wants this to drag it into the mid terms. And then Giuliani told the Washington Post that Mueller floated that September 1 deadline as an incentive. That if we do the interview that we can have more control over the termination date. So there you go if if you have. Neil legal team trump still undecided whether or not he'll Leo sit for an interview. And if he refuses to do so that it can be subpoenaed. And then if they subpoena helmet then there would be litigation. And it there's limited to litigation then you can take that September time line and throw it out the window which is pretty much what Giuliani had said India. Pointed out that the obstruction allegations against straw for just one part of Mueller's wide ranging inquiry. And meaning that his work would continue even at the September deal happens. And a Giuliani told the newspapers the times in the post that allegations boil down to combing his James colonies word against the president's. To which Giuliani said quote we want the concentration of this to be on Komi vs the president's credibility. And I think we win that. And people get that. So sick. It can't be over fast enough for me although it's is gonna be replaced with more garbage your stuff. Headlines and sex lies and videotape. So why trump to waited on Saturdays every Sunday that he will quote demand. But the Justice Department investigate whether the FBI infiltrated his presidential campaign. And he puts pressure on the Justice Department saying I hereby demand. And we'll do so officially tomorrow that the Department of Justice looking into whether or not. The FBI slash Department of Justice infiltrated. Or surveil the the trump campaign for political purposes and if any such demands or requests were made by people. Within the Obama administration. The Justice Department later in the day asked its inspector general to expand an existing investigation. All of the FBI's actions into the Russian probe to look into whether or not there was any improper political mode politically motivated surveillance. And the deputy attorney general Robert Rosen Stein. Who is overseeing. The special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Said in a statement if anybody did infiltrate or surveyed. Participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes we need to know about it and take appropriate action close quote. In her representative Adam Schiff always a level head. Senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. Called Trump's claim of an embedded spy nonsense. Saying his demand for the Department of Justice to investigate something they know to be untrue is an abuse of power. And an effort to distract from his growing legal problems. Well I can be news to the Wall Street Journal who writes today and well. What do you know the Federal Bureau of Investigation really did task an informant. To insinuate himself. With trump campaign advisors in 2016 are Kimberly straw sold reported just two weeks ago without disclosing a name. Wall street journal editorial says we now have all but official confirmation thanks to current and former government officials who contributed to. Apologized do last week. To the New York. Times in the Washington Post and please don't call the informants a spy. The headline Mahan one of these times stories refers to assess the FBI used informant. To investigate Russian ties to other campaign not to supply as strong climbs. Wall Street Journal says. Well we'll let readers Parse the caustic distinction. Which is part of a campaign by the FBI and Justice Department to justify their refusal to turn over the House Intelligence Committee documents related to the informant. Justice and FBI claimed that the Capitol Hill oversight would blow the cover off this non spy and even endanger his life. Yet these same stories have disclosed so many specific details about the informant who we dare not call a spy. That you can actually discover the name of this suspect. Likely as suspect with a single Google search. To the stories provide the names of three pronged campaign officials who the informant sought court Carter paid Sam Clovis George probably doubles. As well as specific dates and details of the encounters. Said this ought to disturb anybody who wants law enforcement and US intelligence services to stay out of partisan politics. We can't recall a similar case not even during the which collected phone numbers not names. Claimed that the FBI informant is no big deal James clapper. FBI and James clapper Barack Obama's Director of National Intelligence claims that it was even a good thing. That the FBI was monitoring. The campaign. For Russian influence. So he had the Wall Street Journal says forgive us if we don't trust mr. clapper who lacked details related to the notorious steel dossier to the press. And our leaked. As a proper judge of snooping. The public deserves to know who tasks the informant to seek out trump campaign officials. What is orders were. What the justification was for doing so. Who was aware of that was the knowledge limited to the FBI or did run into the Obama White House. And the attorney general Jeff Sessions says the Wall Street Journal and deputy AG rob roses to I need to clear the air by sharing what day and the FBI know with the house. This is bigger than blowing a source whose identity justice leaguers have already blown. This is about public trust in the FBI. And the Department of Justice. So. The story is gonna get bigger before it gets smaller. It started to explode last week. And obviously. When you have. Representative Adam Schiff. Basically had discounting any possibility that there's any abuse of power here. Well that's probably all the more reason to probably look into it tweaked are I don't trump also tweeted yesterday. In response to the New York Times report on Saturday. Then an emissary from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had met with his son. And other members of the campaign team about three months before the 2016 elections offering assistance to help trump went. And trump tweeted at the times quote. Has done a long and boring story indicating that the world's most expensive which on his son nothing on Russia. And me so now they are looking into the rest of the world. So buried on the hour. We talk a little bit about sports betting earlier half of Americans favor legal sports betting noble see how that all plays out especially for the potential new owner of the Carolina Panthers could be perfect timing on his part and it. Treasury Secretary Steve Nugent said yesterday. That the administration will hold off on imposing tariffs on nine China as US and Chinese leaders are trying to reach agreements on trade. Trump's administration had threatened to impose fifty billion to 150 billion and tariffs on nine Chinese goods to stop the theft of US intellectual property. And China had threatened terrace of fifty dollars our fifty billion worth of on US exports. So why the administration is gonna hold off right now on another Chinese tariffs and us Steve Nugent is the guy who was I had not those negotiations as far as I can tell. On and he may be just about as capable as a John Kerry. If you catch my drift there. They option. In my utter Dakota. They seem to have. A misplaced a machine gun and a box or grenades. From an air force base. Well what could possibly go wrong I'm sure some caring citizen wolf. Turn that back in. Now what this is done is prompt a military. Order for a full command wide inventory and investigation into established. That weapons used by security personnel at eight military bases are accounted for. According to the US military official familiar with the details of the situation. And number in this is morning and I think it myself. Well this is one of those stories get bigger and bigger reported a smaller. He to me this means that they leaked the information that day discovered a machine gun and boxer grenades are gone from the air force base and out. I'm my hundred North Dakota. And then they'll find out that actually the problem with a little bit more widespread than what they ever suspected. Now on today's world that could be. Concerning. FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives have all been called him. The inventory was ordered on Thursday after an M 240 fully automated machine gun was found to be missing at this a base. During air routine inventory the previous day. Details. As they become available. There's a California billionaire who will love B and our Charlotte this week. And he's the dude it. Former hedge fund manager. Who has spent over forty million dollars to impeach. The president. Tim spell your stay here. ST EYER. Is his name. Impeach him over what. Lack of truth. Bad tweeting. In impeach him over what. California billionaire bringing his campaign to impeach the president to our Charlotte this week. Hoping so much Democrats. Oil. I'd jump on board with him about most of the people who have their eyes focused on the mid terms are saying this guy's just a distraction. And I'd probably. Saying the same thing I am for a lot. We can't just impeach him if you don't like him. Skies. Needed to impeach campaign. He'll be at the Fillmore on. Tomorrow night. It's part of a nationwide tour foray for this guy former hedge fund manager. And liberal activist who has spent over forty million dollars. Category really good stuff you can do with forty million dollars sigma. I mean really beneficial stuff things you can do for other people with forty million bucks. Anyway IA is up pushing this the impeachment of the president Donald Trump he calls trumpet a clear. And present danger to our nation. And there are a lot of democratic congressional candidates who are not really jumping on on his so bandwagon right now. Probably more focused on. More pertinent ways. To have an impact on the mid term switches which is coming up front around corn. Well at the US says year old law known as though withdrawn from the Tory fifteen nuclear accord with our ran. And so now Pompeo the secretary of state justified what it would take to strike a new deal. And I'm sure this is gonna go over really well with Iran night I can just moved see them as sort of sometimes I'm saying this saying oh well. Okay. How do you say you know kaine or Hillary. OK okay if there. So here's all they have to do he listed twelve things that Iran must do. To. To strike a new deal. Stop the enrichment. All uranium. Allow unqualified access to all nuclear sites. Withdraw your forces from a Syrian. Release all US citizens in custody. Stop your threats to destroy Israel. All your support for a militant groups in the our region like a Hezbollah and Lebanon. I and declare all previous efforts two. Build a nuclear weapon. Says relief from sanctions will come only when we see tangible. Demonstrated. And some stained shifts. In Tehran's policy. He made Depp and bale made dale speech to The Heritage Foundation yesterday another little afternoon so. Figured this afternoon tomorrow it should all be inventive. The bigger. There's been Joseph Wilson. Other guy who recorded the laurel Indiana clip globe tells us now what exactly he recorded. And I read the news today old boys next. May 21. Very Trevor January February. March. April. 41 days into the year 224 days to go fishing day especially from arts and entertainment stamp board. 1990. Last episode of Newhart aired this is the one where Bob new arts Vermont innkeeper character wakes up in a bed next Emily. New hearts TVY from his 1970s. Just come. Suzanne Busch Jeff. She gets no credit for being does not have much of a knockout issuers of the knockout. It's revealed that the entire Newhart series was involved partly dreams. What about Darryl Darryl and his brother Darrell. 1992 singer Bette Midler appeared as the last guest on Johnny Carson's the Tonight Show. Serenaded. An emotional look Carson was the one of his favorite songs one for the book went from my baby. So that would mean tonight cause I guess tomorrow would be his last show he did that one and then he did kind of eclipsed one for the last. Addition. Susan Lucci finally L won an Emmy award for the first time in nineteen years on this date in 1999. And a year ago today. Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus performed it's last show after 146. Years shut down because of failing attendance falling attendance. And high operating costs. Jennifer Aniston I read the news available oval start a new TV comedy series about America's first lesbian president. He will suck. Bloomberg I didn't watch friends all love but I do as well put in the general I guess it was yesterday. And there was episode and Jennifer Aniston was pregnant. Do you remember that aspect of it. And one of the other friends was the dad. And then they've been not a course under the each other after that. And then I'd split general it's because I finally dawned on me as I was sitting there are thought to myself John. You're watching friends. So I went over to the big wanna watch. I Bloomberg reports on our records yesterday was Stuckey scored stay until 8 o'clock last night with a basketball. I'll Bloomberg reports on air restaurant trend where fewer establishments are now putting salt shakers on tables I was trying to think. Not so sure that all of restaurants we go to do that salt shakers who would do. Although my wife but she put assault and assault walking in here one. Which we have went out the backyard or. Toymaker Hasbro has trademarked the ascent of played notes. Have fears proved his first drug that can reduce the frequency of migraines that'll be welcome mud to an awful lot of people there's an actual debate in the scientific community about whether rock. Purposes. Our alien life form. I was remember until last week. I do go via dictionary last night and make sure that it was knocked a pluses because you wanna Sega as Desi. Yeah but it's not occupy its out to pluses. Which sounds like something that would show up and I James Bond movie but that was an that was octopus galore. Are told the doctor I don't know maybe I'm confused. Average price of gas. Is now up to rule on average nationwide. Three dollars per gallon. There's like 270 something and as I was as I talked to a sought to 69 someplace in town yesterday at Belmont. And the Harris teeter Wright go was 272. But you get three cents off on a gallon so we're down to 269. But it is that's as much as you paid on not for gas and ray and they are good long while the average price of regular grade gasoline in the United States is now up to three dollars a gallon. Having risen ten cents a gallon in the past two weeks in 41 cents a gallon over the past three months. Industry analyst. Troll be Lundberg a Bloomberg survey said yesterday that the price increase is largely driven by higher crude oil costs. And phasing in of summer grade gasoline. Which is a used to prevent smog. Kennedy you can take that second. The phasing in of the summer grade gasoline because it always goes up not only for the phasing in of the summer grade gasoline but people are driving more miles and so it's time. To make some money. All right rig royal wedding took place over the weekend. Am I watched it because I had to. It was being held captive by L wild woman from Dayton Ohio in my home. Woken up from a slumbering. Asleep but 645 an hour yeah. TJ didn't watch any other because it and have. Other cable. Whether it means to watch it and George. Don't know what your question there wasn't letting. Dies kid got married. Yes George. I Harry and and meg and officially husband and wife world tuned in ceremony took place at the a gothic Sankoh George's chapel. It was so it was. It was cool. I'll projected audience in America off for a Harry and now ms. Markel wedding was a nearly 23 million people. Nielsen Co. said that viewers were spread out over eleven different networks these numbers were a comparable to the a number of viewers who tuned in to see au prince William and neck Kate Middleton and 2011 and although fewer people in Britain showed up to look. To see this so wedding in person. 600 strong guest list which they showed sporadically during the wedding Oprah was there. Gayle King was broadcasting on a CBS. And general while like Gayle King as Parker she's kind of natural and little bit of a loose cannon but I like her. I'm sure they had her a grand old time. Sporting their absence. Georgian a mall Clooney were there. Looking. Beautiful and handsome. As you would expect. I had a whole Victoria and David Beckham were there anybody on the of this Serena was there. I am an apparent effort to be more inclusive decouple invited 2640. Members of the public including 12100. Ordinary people from around the UK to watch from inside the castle grounds as. He guests arrived on my god. Ordinary people. I got good data and they all ordinary people. You the wedding up pomp and circumstance with a blend of Anglican pairs in net tradition passionate African American style preaching. Which came from bishop but curry. Who as North Carolina roots is to be the bishop of the North Carolina has Camilla church used via. A pastor up in no Winston-Salem he was magnificent. And there were some mom members of the royal family who. Who had already given him that all of our offshore well let this ordinary. A bridge or near. But he. He really was good I thought he was great. Queens. Grumpy expression went viral. Not so sure that's really hard to capture. And I don't know I don't dislike her. Would you wanna be a member of the royal love having the somebody said on the network TV I negatives it was on CBS's you have to be a little bit nuts to wanna be. A princess. It's not really just. Although I did get a kick out of the Serb marry or they talked about were and Harry is a hundred quoting as thousands saying. For richer or for poorer and I'm thinking to myself and does not think you're ever gonna experience. At least from a monetary. We got to try to express feel that. The a poor thing. Other honeymoon just in case you were wondering is being delayed it. Because. They are set to attend the seventieth birthday par all for Charles and a few days. And until then they will head to their cottage on the grounds of a Kensington Palace. I destination for their honeymoon is unknown but there are some guessing that they may go to Botswana. Now where you wanted to go for your honeymoon not TJ. Is the Botswana are Savannah I think your game Gundy to Botswana has abandoned US. Hard to tell the difference between Botswana and and IQs. If you're drinking. It. They have a that Botswana firmer because they had a visit there and exclusive a safari camp where they don't spend time together in August. Separate quarters I'm sure. I and the numbers there or about a 100000 well wishers there were lining the streets of all Windsor to agreed dumb of the estimated 42 point are you ready for this. 42 point eight million dollars spent on the wedding. Most of that was for security. Although as they were riding through the streets of oh London. In the open carriage. And people were. Unbelievably close to them. And their worst guy just Arab masses of people I was the first dubbed by my first thought was why they looked really vulnerable there. So I guess there must have been some sort of a screening process to be able to get in that. But that would be some kind undertaking I mean if you are averted a screen everybody that would like. Custer of forty point eight million dollars maybe that's what that was all about. Anyway that said it net. There there are no more. Nancy she Nancy weddings I mean they you got to get to. You gotta get some of them are younger ones it. Mary and age. Well Charles gets remarried. Changing the subject completely. Taco Bell. The bad Taco Bell the reception. May be handing out free tacos during the NBA finals they announced that they've teamed up with the NBA for the third year row for the steal a game steal a taco deal. If an away eighteen Mo Williams. Or steals a game during the NBA finals. Taco Bell. We'll give out free to read those logos stock rose. On Wednesday June the twentieth from 2 PM till 6 PM the finals get under way on now bay the 31. And quite quite sure who's playing in Baghdad but. But everybody open for another Cleveland Golden State. Which regional pride being used in the Boston. They don't hide it not to 4:5 o'clock an hour to go we'll get you home I'd give them health update because people are asking. Him. I traveled to 25 countries and everyone wanted to ask or tell me the same things about the United States pretty inching article share that with you as well. My mom. We get a half ago I handed that I was going to be gone last Wednesday. On a healthy ill in and I don't remember exactly when they said but don't. Anyway I was gonna last Wednesday for some medical tests and I passed. A mobile but. Blown away. And then kind of embarrassed that does somebody people give a damn. But George just said there was a couple of people. That was a Friday George. That Goldenson do. I met him he has given us a medical update. I'm anyway I went in do. And as many of you know I got to diagnose diabetes type two in July. And had they. A very good trip to the emergency room opened my hometown of Estes Park Colorado. And thought I was either having a heart attack or was. Heaven high altitude sickness switch. And a hard time wrapping my arms around high altitude sickness it's like grew up there. But what such a weenie. But it was. Track at Carty have brought on by high altitude sickness or something like that anyway we went to bed emergency room check myself and say a murder say a heart attack and an emergency room people start falling out of the ceiling tiles and so I just remember them erase me back there get my heart under control no. In my blood pressure back down and so on and so forth and and it was say it wasn't a heart attack but there was. At the end of the whole process after about two and a half for three hours. They gave me a blood sugar reading and other doctor they're set I think you've got diabetes. My publisher reading was like 400 and something. And so why I came back here and he's -- what can you see your doctor and asset mom back in town on a Wednesday this is a Sunday morning soil and advise him on Thursday reasonable do that and I had read up on diabetes are type two and by the time I got to my doctor's office on Thursday I was pretty well knew what he was gonna tell me and that's exactly what he told me yet you're diabetic type two. So we learned a lot about food my wife and I and got rid of all the white flour another fruit loops and all that stuff and started eating more healthy and now we're bound to a 195 pounds eventually whichever of them have been. A long long time. And out so everything was all fine and well. And then. My prescriptions started to run out. Automatic refills and stuff like that and so on my doctor. Renewed their prescriptions but said hey come on man it's been about the or 45 months since you've been here. And let's just take a look at your since I just renewed your suture your prescriptions a circuit so that was about what. TJ two and a half weeks go through risk of so I go ahead and now we do all this stuff and you know everything's okay and my. Anyone see reading is still. Six point two or something like that it did come down from eleven point one ever was and so I'm still on track hostility to good diet I had gained some of my weight back couldn't quite figure that Beckham now about to a five. And saw mope about ten pounds. And I'm having trouble of losing mad but I don't you know no big deal. And at the end of it so I said anything else and I said no moral as you know my jaws kinda eight when I'm on the treadmill. Sometimes and he said does for the whole time here on it and I said no. It just you know I get on had been start Jericho under about three now miles a day on a treadmill. And and I said it's at some point after I'd been on the first few minutes. My jaws kinda you know until you can open your mouth and bite down on your back motors and. Well for volume suit. So he. Set want to go see a cardiologist. And it just hacked me off. So I went to a cardiologist. A week ago word you wrote it was a week ago two weeks ago today. And met with him for the first time and then last Wednesday I went in for the stress test in the sonar and all that kind of stuff. And then today I went in for the results of all of that and really got to tell you walk into my offices there's heart and vascular. Anyway. So it down I you know I always think of my grandparents who seem like they have a doctor for everything I made that Wednesday after that in my diet. Austin and an out. Austin I got to cardiologists are you kidding me. So I don't for the stress test last Wednesday and that's for uninteresting. And no boy they'd they do get your heart to pump and on that one stress test but they also. They shoot you full die and they take pictures in the sonar was very interesting to sit there and watch your hardened. When they called valves to want to be like little circuit snakes in there that then. So I go and today for the results of all of them. And added in southern really seriously what are called me last Wednesday night and said get in here but they didn't so. So the heart seems to be in no pretty good shape among all the valves and everything is so working article but there is a lack of blood. On the left side. Our flow on the left hand side so I'm going in two weeks from tomorrow. Armed floor a heart Catherine station. Which they go up through your arm and a vein in your alarm are on your leg. And they send like a wire or something and above vein and Elliott an orgy your heart. And they shoot you full of a die and if the die they concede and I am a novice at this along probably not exactly right on all of this. But they shoot the dye and now and if that had died as a go someplace where it's supposed to go obviously they know they've got to blockage there and and at that point if if they're able to at that particular time. Then they go off that vein. With like a balloon angioplasty and they open up that thing and and they put like a little mesh. Like almost like a lattice type mesh tube. On a narrow that opens up the flow of blood there. And it's is these days it's a really common procedure and there's really nothing to worry about although by law they have to say you know one and 2000 experience doesn't want that a thousand prevents alleged that they're listened to him today for like about five minutes. Tell me how one of thousand us and wanted to and won in 2000 and you know and but they have to tell Leo it. So I'm not concerned about it comment but anyway I'm doing a heart characterization. And hopefully we'll slow we'll get the problem fixed that day and I'll be gone for a few days and and I can I come back and now we'll have a blood just. Gushing into the left side of my heart. Tom and I can get back to live in my life I'm not going in the Sierra cardiologist anymore. I'm just Dylan is 65 sucks. Especially when you haven't really taken care of yourself. Well and I had a great time gets. I wouldn't change the. The guy you actually recorded the moral or Yani cliff. As a way to end Jay Aubrey jones' name he's the one who made the recording that. They've got so much attention last week he happens to be ale Broadway in a TV actor who recorded the clip before vocabulary dot com back in 2007 in fact you said. When he first heard last week. It didn't even really recognize his own voice. He is in fact saying that what he recorded was. We do here TJ. I have to. Avert Yani when I'm not really paying attention or one minutes. I think it has allowed to do it goes the system that you're listening to it. It's still fascinating. It's still opens up the doors to. This interpretation. Or. I mean if you can happen with that word words. Then it surely it must be able happened with others which could change. A meaning or our directive completely. You might have an excuse and not even know you have an excuse. Anyway he says he impact is saying laurel. It's always amazing to me because I was like I was watching an NBC yesterday morning and though bull blonde weather girl I can't figure her name. But she was talking about it she's a law mean I have the first time I heard it iMac and I'm still absolutely sure Johnny. And I really thought to myself well united you're you're nuts. Because I hear laurel. But the guy who recorded it said he recorded laurel and he says I think it has to do first of all with what has happened with people's computers or listening devices so he's. So actually saying the same thing as we just did. And also how people process sound. Which is highly individual he says why people are hearing a different things. Wired has a more technical explanation involving the frequency of the sounds and none all that kind of stuff. But I just think it's it staying the debate to me was interesting in that. You gotta think of words as black and white and they look at be colorblind I understand that I'm not that so I don't totally understand it but I mean I've been under except. But the audio part of it and even there is laurel artisan either is Yani or it is a and I don't find a whole lot of. Similarities between Yani and laurels. But maybe this'll give Yoni an entire second career now maybe now he conjures moral. Just we all got sick so young they no longer be doing. Anyway the guy who recorded asserted floral mom. And then who's been arguing that the you're no longer have survived Julian Starbucks or you judge he is their bathrooms. Thank you don't you no longer have devised something to sit. And Starbucks or use their bathrooms. Which some cases wouldn't it be the same thing. Starbucks announced new policy yesterday so well actually Saturday. Under which people no longer have to buy something if they don't want to us in a Starbucks a cafe or use the restrooms previously you know it was left up to the managers and employees to decide whether or not to. Two allowed. Frivolity and sued the policy says any customers welcome to use Starbucks spaces including our restaurants cafes and patios regardless of whether they make a purchase. Window using a Starbucks a space we respectfully request that customers behave in a manner that maintains sale warm. And welcoming environment. The new policy comes after the two African American men. Two had ordered anything because they were waiting for a friend were arrested at a Philadelphia star looks last month. And soon after that a black man by the name of Brandon ward claimed in a video that he wasn't allowed to use the bathroom and the Southern California Starbucks because he had bought anything yet but a white guy. On that they're clip lose a leaving the bathroom says he was allowed to use it despite not buying anything a first. I guess my initial thought is does this mean that. Now when your travel around the country Euro and you see a Starbucks you say yourself. Oh there's a restaurant like your news. But sometimes you end up. You know. Wandered around someplace New York City or something like that in. So I don't know the two necessarily a good thing for Starbucks but that's a good thing for people that. If you're if you're hurt and you know. To did you get if you're even if you're on the road sometimes. Get someplace you just need to go. A bit if you don't make a purchase they won't give you the key to the door it's a moderate gas stations and stuff. So. Starbucks your coffee and body headquarters. They they want to work. I think you know this was possible but if you had the same clock flood again next to your bed forever. You may want to check that it has the right time researchers from the naval institute of standards and technology and the US naval observatory have found that because of a change in federal energy regulations. Your clock might be gaining or losing a few seconds overtime. And that's because electric clocks keep time. Based on the usual stable and precise pulses. Of electric current. That powers them exactly sixty Hertz cycles per second. In the United States now in the past. Regulators required power companies to immediately correct the rate if you deviated from sixty Hertz. But that precision is expensive to maintain so last year the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission quietly eliminated the requirement. Energy officials say other standards will keep clocks in check and so far the problem has not amounted to more than say a few seconds here and there but. Scientists investigated and found that the time correction. Rule clocks could gradually lose track of the correct time if degrades power was delivered at consistently higher or lower rates. So this study co author Dmitry Doumit to discuss. Says that between that time changes in March and November 1 clocks are reset. The time on clocks plugged into walls could drift by as much as seven and a half minutes. I had no idea. I knew about the sixty Hertz thing I didn't know that there had been a change. I'll by the federal energy regulatory commission and I guess I never even envisioned at your clock. Could change as the US power grid. Slows down and older clocks. Could lose time. B and Thomas to. I'll wander rutelli Vijay has no more of mark Harrison and I assume a standing smiled oh I've seen his shining face and they just do your in the halls anywhere today he must be busy are you busy. It has been a busy day of course following up on that shooting investor Mercedes and half Irish not shoot and try to attack at the SUV plowing into a restaurant yesterday and Bessemer city and being air gas to carry resident now I've had just several people and I know pusher of conjure pretty Roland some other folks up there and I've had people come out of there would work as of early this morning saying John please if you talk about this. Thumb understand that this is a really tragic situation and that's stories coming out and and some of the intricacies and no apparently they may have tried debt. Again help for him on Saturday and were turned away here and this is it really is just a really really sad song it's a sad story does not to say that accountability doesn't he do was stand here but it's a really sad story. Rarely has end up unusual that a case like this or at least in my experience covering things like this. His pastor today and made an impassioned plea that this man was. That what he did was wrong even called it evil but said he was very sick he was mentally ill and certainly indicated this was not an act of cold blooded premeditated murder. No and that's USA I was stunned at how many people contacted me that know how to get hold of me out there are or neighbors of mine that basically just said the same thing in this in this gentleman whose. Widely known and his family is widely known. And his son a daughter in law worked to judge Carol mod to emergency or senator and a and obviously you via a daughter was part of the sheriff's department and Mary do an officer and it's just it's just a really said saw a story and there's a lot of people and guests and counted and all these folks yet. Yeah he was very well known and was considered a pillar of the community. The pastor talked a lot about how he even know when he was a cop would help people after he arrested them so. A lot of people just totally stunned about this it was apparently. A close circle of his friends and family only that knew he was struggling with a deep depression so all the more reason that people who did norm were stunned by. Now that may be one of the reasons that you were a busy today but the other is you're actually going to answer that question is what does the duke and duchess of Sussex really do all day long and this must've taken somebody some digging and yeah and you know law does give you a hint the answer in two words not much. But on the other hand I heard somebody say during the wedding. You have to be nuts to wanna be apprentice. Yeah really under a year under a bit of scrutiny all the time all these rules and protocol that you have to go through yeah I think it would be very. Yes it'd be a bomber. And did get a kick out of the ceremony where they said differ richer for poorer and myself and hang in all I'm not so sure that their national embarrassment this and it was doing it maybe that doesn't just stand for monetary reasons maybe that stands for. My quality of life so I think they're rich thanks to the taxpayers. Of our Great Britain did you watch. And I think but guess who did watch me Mike Doyle out did you Mike Doyle did to any actually liked it but he said don't tell anybody my wife Elena. I'm sound asleep at 645 in my wife is scared the hell out of me walks and Eric you're. So I get up and wander around out there and hit the on off button on the coffeemaker at. Of so I can have that and then that's about the time that the boys got out of the a limo and started walking up the street and I gotta say they look pretty handsome and their uniforms and under. And then no we are aghast at their want to hold them become a shame on ice electorate. As a Saturday mornings are for I'm not listening to him like a I don't go very wrong with them. I will see mark Garrett and endure to terrible moments he'll have video next hour Charlotte at six. Triple A lifetime. Viking cruises recently announced that it will launch the longest continuous. World cruise itinerary in history. With the new alternate world cruise which will travel for 245. Days to you this been a few days on a cruise ship could you do that. And the longest we've been on a cruise ship is ten days. That was a Mediterranean thing is very cool. Buddy I mean even dumb. Even three weeks in Hawaii. At some point or another you kind of want to get home. Eight month journey will visit six continents 59 countries a 113. Ports. Departing from longer in London on August 31 2019. You will have the option to say old. One or two shorter segments during the voyage as well. Some of the top destinations of the voyage will include Egypt which have always wanted to see. Ho Chi Minh City. London. Rio. Tasmania. Mumbai. Some 245 days on a cruise ship. But man when you've got done what that. Less than a year you're short of a year you really would have seen. I guess my by biggest question these days is how safe is that. From Egypt is a place I'd like to go see am I saw I don't I don't think I'd go over there now not looking as American as I look. And the other place that I'd love to go to before I die that my grandparents went to is Jerusalem. That you wouldn't catch me dead in Jerusalem right now. Just doesn't seem to be back in our real good place to be word out USA teacher. So out there to wait a viking cruises is clear cruise line that'll do all of that and that sounds so pretty and six. This could be a huge breakthrough. I never had a migraines. I've had a headaches before but I don't think I've ever had a migraine headache my mom has had some experience with migraines or could be relief on the way for millions of Americans who suffer. I'm from migraines extreme headaches Thursday the US Food and Drug Administration approved a first drug that aims to prevent migraines. Researchers have found that injecting the drug. Called. Aim of big. HI MO VIG. That it is or. Our revenue mob. Thanks for the clarification thanks to the easier word appreciate it let's go back to AI MO VIG. Can prevent migraines have other treatments have failed to do so this works by blocking a key brain Nero transmitter. I chemical that sends out pain signals in a group of people with tough to treat migraines the drug reduced the average number of monthly migraine headaches. By more than 50% for nearly a third of the study participants. So. Results may very aggressive so you would cap that but it. Fan of that today that provides relief for some people with migraines that would be some really welcomed news. Had a separate night I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock appreciate you being here mark Harrison Charl and six is next John Hancock. Charles most beloved out here.