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Saturday, August 4th

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. Individual basis listening should not consider today's discussion has a recommendation for any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. This is your realistic today on who's talking eleven. You can. Hello and welcome to the show your realistic is happy Saturday to Leah hope your having a fantastic. Today we are. Not alive today from the WB two studio so if you're just tuning and sit back relax. Unfortunately the phone lines won't be open but. We've got a lot to talk about the show you real estate today is about. Real estate. Anything having to do that buying homes selling homes investing in property taking care of the home. Things that Karl around the home we got Marty I'd be here from IB exterminating today things that week can help you with. To help. Keep your home in great shape. Or advise you if you're interested in investing in real estate or buying and selling. This is an informational type format so we're excited to share with you today. Marty and I have been doing this offer almost ten years I've been I'll be eleven years in. July. And now this is July it was July so it is eleven years down until it's gone by too fast. We we outside where I'm not a July August 1 at believe it's August 1. Actually not know his first actually Erica Pratt I'm I'm lost at a time capsule. Yeah I hear you hey Marty I'd call out visit to Missouri man life is it is united. Like it's always good if you if you go through like for the positive attitude and if so you see this thing quarter blessed and it is man this is very. Yeah I think about Sam's I'm telling me we and a lot of people don't know this but. My nephew works in the business it was a regular old us yeah don't show many times regular. About three weeks ago due. It was had a headache and went to the doctor and to do brain scan and have a brain tumor in the next morning he lost his vision and and that following so that was more Friday. In that Sunday dated emergency stirred surgery and took a 52 milliliter. Term tumor was brain. Unbelievable. Got his vision back he's gonna get back to a normal life just unbelievable one up through his nose to remove term tumor. It's just been a blessing a lot you know Sam's very involved in the church he had a lot of people that prayed for rain in. You know not to get after on the fringe but united. There miracles happen and he's one of them were very blessed to still have Sam would listen. He's gonna be back to a normal life and I think he'll be back working probably three or four weeks that's awesome unbelievable tennis on his weather's the only thankful they're under very and we mission Sam. We hope become backs and now we're looking forward to having you back here what a great testimony Ingrid what a great story you'll have. And since they went through your nose to get that tumor. There will be. Some jokes always believed that wasn't common yet as a result of that but that's just our group we know picking things we use. There goes there goes and I know he'll be breathing better you know we are. Marty today. I'm gonna talk about so just quick last week we talked about rentals some an investment property so I'll just quickly summarize the renal tips from last week. And then today. Since we don't have callers I'm gonna talk about dealing with a difficult ten. Dealing with a difficult. Tent and I want to hear that cause I deal with the inclusion imitated. They can be taken the a task it is an opportunity yes in this movement. And Marty what you gonna talk about where we don't talk about torture higher relate to crawl spaces. And how to relate to pest problems termites. And other issues is. You know I'll talk about being in the Yang a lot in about positive is always attracted negative. And how things follow predictable path of the energies and let me tell you more sure is walked in my world. Get Sarah thing rocking and rolling and it calls is a lot of destruction. And it's one of those things it can be controlled. And is just takes some common sense. Things approaches to how you deal with it and can be and all out phase or you can do it atom that's what I called a step of the latter where you take one step at a time. Yeah you know it's funny I walked in here we started talking about what you're gonna. Discussed today. And then course TJ here is here graciously given us his time to help a spree record today and Marty said you know what dear here's off. And a half. This looked over Edmondson yeah I mean it's cold enough in here you can hang media. And and besides that the moisture in the air you can just feel yet he can't. And people don't realize is when you get a customer going crawl spaces. And you can go to crawl space and we take more to reader should take more social levels we stick it in the woods in it tells you more content levels and at different levels create different issues she won her Dresser mirror current deal we have. But the funny thing he has as you wish you get accustomed going crawl spaces you can fill the temperature change in the pressure changed to you it's all about pressure. And from that you can make up pretty reasonable gas. About Baltimore for a global war in I'm easily spot own I can go in so I feel like it's going to be about 2.5 percent I was just a crawl spaces morals like. Look at some bot sums somebody else had messed up and it was want trying to figure out how to. How to salvage what had been done without completely spent another ten or 151000 dollars or crawl spice him. And I was you know what do this thing feels like it's about 25% not to familiar suck it up and wouldn't. Point Favre showed up while I was like I'm still got it it's like she got in you know what side yeah guys Mya and a yeah. You know it's interesting Marty because I think there's a lot of truth. To. I think there's a lot of good and bad in the coral space business and moisture and you know this from experience. Yeah I mean you can you can have ten different companies look at it and you get ten different answers to hit ten different opinions the crazy thing years is about it is people don't realize that most these issues that are going crawl spaces. Is just what I call simple physics issue positive and she's attracted a negative energy warm humid air is positive energy. It's going to be a core attracted to a colder temperature. Right now I'm crawl spaces what's going if you're crawl space. Is an open air crawl space meaning you have foundation Venus have allow open here in it. What happens is this warm humid air comes into the crawl space. In some cases depending on the temperature of the crawl space if it's a good deal lower than the outside they're in most of whom are due to design. What happens is is this hot humid air is drawl into the crawl spaces pulled in there is is it's like pulled a nerd like a magnet. And what happens is whatever the dew point is you know most days to do points. Six right now it's probably seventy degrees one day like today I mean is Sydney agrees means if any seven degrees is gonna sweat suit if you've got to crawl space. That 6566. Degrees like most of Lamar specially if you got air conditioning ducts that run through that crawl space. A condensation on recur and is gonna call for more social levels to elevate to a sub structure and crawl space and when that does. Was going to call to do so called that would swell in his also don't call that flooring installation. To absorb that in that mixture in when that insulation absorbs it. It tries to get rid of it through all guessing when that occurs that off gassing lowers before temperature. Eight to ten degrees is cold formal cool and and issues to an evaporation process is sort of like when the body sway at the purposes what is it evaporates it like you lower support temperature of the body. And that's is that -- the flowers are Buckland ass while floor buckles and that's what in what people don't realize is the first year and woods the S and it's tough. So it to a cane absorb as much but. Come fault that more global dissipate in as it draws out. It's it will withdraw any calls this movement in that would it every year's period. A three or 45 years. Each year is well floor more in its free tool bowl is wells will more in this some stage the pinning of the conditions here right. A must sell him more correct occur growth. And that growth Apple Store to secure a two would you know calls this collection and would your calls forced to buckle. You know call sub structures to rot out I've got a house brand new that we get some more more last week brand new. In big big guy has not been in a house less than six months and he's already got microbial issues and crawl space. Highly allergic inside his his a significant other is highly allergic. So they view we're extremely concerned. And what was really ironic about this this crawl space in some years was as high as 1213 feet tall. While. If this woman signings it. Crawl spaces are gonna have more true issues we look at a lot of eye opener crawl space history you need to give this call 704334. Once the once it so in the show today. Are you gonna talk about. Some of the things that you guys can do yeah held a mule or mediate some of that we can re mediated week in controllable more sure. We can start added all of slope basis or we've started on a full one basis that's correct that's good it's good to know aren't sounds good what we've got a lot to go order and talk like to say about Reynolds and. Dealing with difficult tenants mosquitoes. Moisture in the crawl space so much more should Wear this to show you real estate today here on news 1110993. Debbie. Welcome back to the show you to a station they have these Saturday after all Jamison posted Jameson realty were killer waves Jamison property management. We've got so much to talk about today he was my good friend Mardy ivy would I be exterminating. We are pre recorded today so sorry about that just done. Have a lot going on today from one to three you can see me in Providence country club I am conducting an open house. Q a fantastic. Home on Providence country club drive so please come by say hello. We would love to see you and hope that you're having a fantastic Saturday we've got a lot to talk about again. I am talking about I'm gonna summarize the renal tips from last week and then talk about dealing with a difficult Tenet. Marty is been sharing with us about moisture and crawl space in mosquitoes. So stay whether they're so much we're going to share with you today so here is. Kind of a summary. What we talked about in the if you are an investor in your or you're thinking about renting your home here are a random. Group of things that I felt were important to talk about and I'll move through them quickly because if you probably heard them last week. Their great reminders for you number one. Always raise the rent. Always raise the rent. And the reason for that is yes you think you have good tenants and yes they've been consistent and yes you don't want to lose them. But always raise the rent just think if they're living and apartment I guarantee they're always gonna raise the rent. And even if it's insignificant 1520. Dollars a month. Raise the rent they're not gonna move over a small increase in rent remember it cost at least a thousand dollars to move. So don't think that they're gonna jump on it and you should train that every year that that is going to happen sometimes you need a larger increases to get it to market rent. If it's a 10050. Dollars depending on what your rent is it may be the time. For them to say goodbye if they can't afford not. BLO these selective with the tenants make it okay. To stay vacant. I have a particular house that I could've rented multiple times. I've chosen not to. For one reason or the other based on qualifications. One thing in particular not just be straightforward that Marty and I talk about this all the time is in in this is a house that I own. I will not rent to somebody that has a cap. Cat urine is. Terrible I'm not a cat hater. I'm just not gonna rent to somebody that has a cat I it's a brand new house and having gonna happen so. I'm OK with that we got we've got us. Our right now about cam isn't great okay way to voted no hidden you know you're not gonna run over this on what the lawn mower like we did last in and then okay part and they hadn't. How big cat story are and I made an OK so. Think about the fact how. So I can only believe what's government. So think about the fact that if you can't let the house stay vacant for sixty days you need to sell. So. It's you know you need to build into your pro forma. Things that they give you the flexibility to get to write tent next. Answer the phone. If somebody calls you and wants to ranger house they're never nor did you don't answer the phone. Answered the phone I promise you it'll get to it it'll work with the objective. Give people pre qualification. Questions upfront before you get in the car and burn the gas. There's a lot of nice people out there that just can't afford to how she won arrest it's okay. You don't find some else. If you are going to rent you need to think about. Other things besides the least like. A spice addendum. For those that cook with exotic spices they can cause just as much harm. As. Other. Toxic substances. And need to be or mediated. Smoked a good day and them. Social media again them. Bed bug and then dump all of those things need to be incorporated also verify their insurance and make sure. They got insurance. Before you give them a key. Still a castle. Merit. Make sure. They don't just make money but they can afford it. How many times have you met someone that makes it can deal in dollars but doesn't have a dollar. Make sure that they're not so leveraged. That they can afford to live in the home. Separation and divorce does bad things to a lot of people's credit. Take that into account when you scream and applicant there are things on the credit report that are out of people's control. Be aware that it does make a difference. If someone has been evicted verify the story but boy you better check for. If something broader application is vague. Ask questions. And make sure you get it verified I gave the example last week. As a pilot when you're flying instrument you basically are flying in a closet with the lights on you don't. You can't see around you if you're in the clouds. So you're hurt you're taught and trained to trust your instruments. But. The rule of thumb is trust but verify and make sure. You are not flying upside down there aren't. And then last but not least my favorite to if you wanna find out about somebody. Local FaceBook. Because you'll learn a lot to. Org go to Google reviews and see what reviews that person has left about other people and you're gonna find out how they're gonna treat. You. It makes a big difference. So you know I was Marty I was meeting with somebody this morning. A real rock star agent Upton mineral springs area name Debbie clots. And she is a true rock star chief get great hire people and I haven't I haven't technique. When I'm getting ready to hire somebody. I take him out to eat. My wife and I do and we ask him to bring their significant other law. And so what I do as I pay the waiter. To mess up the order. 'cause I wanna see how they treat people they really don't eat. And it's amazing. You know because they're gonna treat you nice right. Yes you know so with the job they want to get out but win or when they look up and felt that is where all the way that they responded and talked to the waiter. Is a good thing and people ask me why do you bring their significant other law. So well. Here's the reason. Krejci at home crazy work. Lot of truth to that so. It's something interest thing to think about with ranchers and tenants. Crazy old FaceBook could crazy in your rental house. The listen I have this funny story that you stay that I've got a lot of people call me a lot. Our cup podium for pop culture today people want me referring to do something. And I got a lot of people on that are in the service business do servers things. And they post a lot of stuff won't place book but I just think somewhat. So one on the news is a high end service provider of it basically provides custom thing for homes. A bit just sent forty customers in the last twenty years Tillman. That would spend in excess of 10151000 dollars and especially type about a in the Scott this these people pride. And run a lot is 'cause mercenary using and I haircuts we're here Wal-Mart they need some some dunk for the kitchen. Did an excellent choice whom this particular person. And they didn't use them and I asked us for wanted it you some. And they said well when all FaceBook. And looked him up. And Susan do that for her anybody notices when they start pose some crazy stuff. About politics. I know. That I won't get burned. And that's why didn't use them in an hour flight. While. Always felt that now with all that deliveries about a always sell well like while I would never guess that what young people put up there never goes away. Yeah and I try to tell people that. Yes allegiance it's funny I mean it's a funny funny kinda backed the cat story. OK we I have thirty seconds okay maybe I had a home inspector inspected tiles. And when he and house nice clean had a great notre ahead from Korea where. Armies in the house two weeks later calls up a snow cat urine. And come to find out the cat where they put the litter box that what mayor when the homes they threw them because they move it out the cat had been missing litter box and enduring had been running down a wall and nobody could see it. And have took about 4000 calls from repairs to get it now oh we yeah it's expensive yeah they have companies that specialize. In. On your inning yeah pretty pretty well pretty well. All right well thank you for handle them that cat's story and a good way with a good because it's much better than that the war we did last year. We'll have millions mama cat lover but you know it is I like I'm allergic to. I'm allergic to improve bustling camp but they do has good captain. Ha ha it. Will leave right. To have that got me flustered I will be right back the shirt you're real estate to there are Marty got beyond exterminating I'm Paul Jamison Jamison realty Keller Williams Jamison property management Jamison property investments the show you real estate today don't. Go away we'll be right back in his 11109 three WB to. It's cold Jason. Jamison family company property management and investment and real estate. You're Marty ID ID exterminating. Mardy and I in the first segment we're talking about. Moisture and moisture across space and I do apologize that we are pretty recording today folks I'm sorry that we can't take your calls but. We should be back to normal next Saturday. Marty. You spent. And gave a really good explanation about how that moisture. Gets into the crawl space. And what it does and how the reaction of that moisture can affect flooring installation. And the integrity of the crawl space. You know there's a lot of debate around. Seal crawl space clothes and events open in advance. You know. Vapor barriers. Slash. Insulation. On insulation. You know. What are some of the most. Common. Things that you run across and how do you. Treat the most common things you were runner crawl for it would commit a lot of crawl spices and his hard give crawl space. In today's environment when they debate armed with the heat and humidity it would deal with on a daily basis. It's tough to get crawl space under 20% more for content level. And what people don't realize is this this is something that happens every year at this time I could look at it three months prior. It would be lower I could look at it. Six months prior from today's date in his going to be blower is just during the warm humid time of the year these more social mobile accelerate. If you're smelling musty owners inside the high health. That you leave out and enzymes is is working. To try to break something I don't mean that that more after has created a microbial growth in net in sound that MicroHoo. Is producing is trying to breaks them down and ask for that over that off gassing come Fawcett too late by that point. It's not too late sometimes you can put on by prepared bailing each get reasonable control. If it is a combination of ground more sure and outside layer. If you Dario that make for Bernard bail. More than likely your knock on a control that more fuel levels and crawl spice. But put a newspaper bird down out here that a lot from allotted to her service providers that do the safer barriers. And it's all you need is new bike for bear well on one is old and just not work and I mean like the way you think the best is not reasonable Lincoln. If you gunning existing by for bear a new vapor barrier. In less is completely deteriorated is not a McGee being benefit it may look better but it's not going team benefit. Then you sort have missed how can you control these more social levels that are occurring. The best way in my opinion is to block the foundation billions. Input would be humidifier and crawl space that's the best one. Sometimes you can put Francis the man fans system will work but the problem with a fan system is a law probability it takes a bunch of fans to turn that air over. The right point that it pullen is more hello dial in most cases. Fans systems call from social levels and crawl placed elevated debt and call them could decrease is some that you need to kind of factor into the equation. In most cases of health houses built. Most houses are not built level laws global crawls places and everything's got a slope so a few outside grade is different outside the house. Back grade will call different cold zones within that crawl space. Which causes what I call the negative and positive calls this hot humid air to be pulled harder to these cold nuns in in these cold zones typically. The ground clears in these areas or less. Then areas that where you half hot clears and when that occurs increases pressure which increases. These more allowable to just really shoot up. You rarely go find more social levels consistent in a crawl space they will be low one Meehan and hide another and it's all about these colds aren't. G generally speaking areas associated to. Porches patios. And garage is an especially Rogers in front porches will be your. Highly elevated areas in areas directly around that air unit. But watch you get to in this time of year if you got an air unit in your crawl space. Your Colin Cole air through that air unit and you've got a lot of exposed metal that dues up rapidly waterfall sweat rapidly so you can look at it. In in most cases here aired or not insulated enough that identical sweating or some years air dogs especially adjacent areas where. A lot of these air dogs some calmer place in close proximity of foundation cancel what happens is. Is this team and air comes right through the foundation via his steered didn't immediately store persuading him that here. And is really fascinating to look at it on a daily basis. Was it wants some more social levels reached 20%. You gonna store at some stage through time you're gonna get Smucker bill book growth took her. Was he gets ramped mean that you get. Microbial growth owned Joyce. And you'll start to eventually wake up above the installation line wants to get supplement above that a slice land own way that you really don't we get cleaning gear at all. Is to pull installation clean it put new installation blackening controlled more after. You guys you know it's it's a lot of these systems that they have in the crawl space are. Are truly. And they have filters and stuff right of the people don't change and so that system works harder and it's let's more and NORAD baba law. And you know they what is just at the mother nature's way of taking it back who is so fascinating thing. You know in the you know in the summertime these are dug persuading calls as the joints loosened Tulowitzki loose in the wintertime comes. The Joyce tryout calls a little bit more loose. Then in the war then the summer time the following year you start to get air leaks needs air lease calls these Marshall oval seek compensation levels to elevate. It's really fascinating to see it cause we look at more yearly basis. It's fascinating to see how they change over a period of time as something that you need to keep an out. Once that level gets in the 20% range. Not only are you haven't microbial issues but you golf store to get in six inches yeah and we transition moisture. And the attraction of that four most squeaked news yes. Yes. Not only when you are you gonna get mosquitoes that you'll start to habitat in the crawl space. And migrate up around you foundation advance for your four registers. Then get up in your house that way if you give air leaks. But. It it just creates a lot of environment for an insect population occur every thing from crickets to the airwaves. And then my favorite of all play Ernest termites. The I thought they wanted richest members all eyes did this bid is lie couldn't catch apple French prize. But termite is blind can detect would fifteen to twenty feet in either direction. And can problem a thousand yards and a fourteen day period when net would get Tony percent he knows it's there. And he is very attracted to it I had a house two years ago that we have looked dad. And it had a much water damage this makes your wonder frames a house is on a concrete slab. They did not take. They did not having any termite visible termite evidence. They decide they're gonna redo the house take the siding off the house. Every where on that house where they had a rotted window frame. When they pour all that siding often all that went to trim off the head termite damage on air pre one of those ones. And it what it does is it the termite noses they're. And he goes there he gives him a more. Easier food source to eat and he is easier is broken down easier he doesn't have to work is hard. And he can stay up there and he and the blown. And it's something that you need varied. You need to be mindful of knocking stress that enough we have a lot of customer that war parable I'm not too it. And if you turn a blind not to it is only don't go along get worse just knock on get better. And the debt is sure yet sole loser or the more more for problems get elevated and crawl space is harder to fix. And it's something that you need to get somebody that looks at that knows what's her Dolan. So. At the anytime you give us call 704334160. Win sixth. Or bug Gabi dot com. You know the last show I did come forward guess it was about three weeks ago was Sam. We were talking about mosquitoes and the interesting thing about it is he was talking about this time a year Howell. The the mosquitoes themselves. Can be controlled and can be sprayed four. And the common areas that they migrate isn't kids. Toys and things outside bird bath and all the other day and it is that he had ever and things you don't even think about the things at the bottom a year and gutters are right at. Splash posh salon you know I'm the splash blocks a big. Cure rosty to me want people wanna turn around I'll I mean I don't they just as it is about thank the that the world has become allergic to reasonable thinking but. People turner slash blogs around backwards. And if it doesn't take but a coking coal ball cap before water for miscue distort reproduced a layer re exam. Children's toys is a great example it rains we get rain this time a year. And the next thing you know within 345 days in the speeders in their brains he need after ringing need to flip these drip trays and toys over. Yep I think it makes a big difference are what will be right back they showed your real estate today stay with us Marty IVE five exterminating myself Paul Jamison. Stay tuned to news 993 WBT would be or. Welcome back to show your relationship days hall Jamieson from the Jamison family of companies. Investment real estate and property management here would Marty ivy would ID exterminating. You know. Lot going on in your house underneath around the inside and outside in their Marty that's what I'm talking about that a strike and thank goodness sure there. You know Marty Marty does the termite control force at our house. And love that you have me take just wanna say it. Yes I've listen I appreciate them I'm very humbled the give this a lot of people over alas I've exterminating the start in 1954 Obama parents and I've always been very humbled how hard they worked in to get that business started. And two. Provide the in my family with a called of life and so legacy and now more bail passive home of my nephews and yeah. Have. This is so good to listen we've had a great business here in Charlotte and we grow every year and I'm very very blessed to have there and you do good work can thank you call. Art so difficult tenants who cutting a deal with a you know I'm gonna do my best you know there are these are course. Any of these ideas we can do a whole show on for quite frankly. But if you've got a difficult tenant or. You know even sometimes difficult buyer or seller feared agent out there listening today or if you have a difficult. Issue where neighbor may be some of these things will apply. But. My first and most common. Thing is if you're dealing with a difficult Tenet and they begin to what we called Troy at work on the boil over strategy. You need to make sure you know the law. You need to make sure not only do you know what you extra note. So that you are confident. In the way in which you extra respond because I guarantee if you don't know the law they do. They know the calls they know their rights and you have to know. When the baloney meter is on and win itself. And that comes from experience. If they threaten this it is intentional. Then hit when they begin the threat there's a reason why they're doing it. May not be obvious but there is. And especially. You need to know that they're gonna go after you if you don't if you don't respond in the way you like. They're gonna get on social media and hide behind technology. And able to come. So. Have a social media addendum to protect you and them in that scenario it's reciprocal. Next don't lose your cool. I know that. In my business. I've shared this with you all and I know Marty is the same way. We want everyone to be happy we want. Harmony. We want quiet enjoyment we want to accolades and praise when we work hard and do a good job. But he can't lose your cool. And yes. We all take it personally because this is our businesses got our names on. And you can't closure coup. Tenants also believe they hold all the cards. Now they do hold a bunch of but they don't hold a mall and that goes back to number one know the law and know what your rights are. Also if there's an issue don't let it drag on the longer it drags on the worse it gets and the less leverage you have. Do not let. An issue go on and on and on nip it in the butt to deal with a take care of it. Sometimes. There's a mentality to run over dollars to pick up dimes. If there's an issue you can take care of that's worth taking care of take care of our. Use our lease that is tight. And protects both parties. You know the least that you get off of the Internet. Or the least that you get from the legal zoom. Or anywhere else. Is putting you at risk if you're gonna do that make sure you run by an attorney that at least. And let them take a look at it before you have a Tenet signed. My. Also when dealing with a difficult tenant but. Stayed focused on the goal. What's the goal. Get your rent paid. And look after the asset. Write pretty simple. So dealing would damage. Or untidy properties. Do it immediately. Provide them an opportunity to remedy it. Put it in writing. And re inspect if you don't go back and show up like we had a Tenet the other today. That brought chickens to the house. Not in the house to house set up a Cooper in the backyard. And begin selling eggs on the street oh mercy. We gave them a written warning. And we go back out. And we ask him. Where the ticket with him and the one time that happened she smiled. Her hand and said we ate. So both people or people who you know that's one way to dispose of the problem. You know. So I can. I have documents that'll lay out what an emergency is. Everybody has a definition for emergency. But in rental property. Have a document that says if you're gonna wake me up at 2 AM. It better not be for a called toilet. Here is the definition of emergency. July 18. I have no water like. It's a hundred billion degrees outside and I have no lacy like it's two degrees outside and I have no heat. Not. There's a light bulb out on the porch. That is not an emergency. And carry him. I make my point I got a price I got off the desk by the way. Report. Discrepancies. Or non payments to the credit bureaus. Don't think for one minute. That there is not a covenant that has a financial aspect. Report to the credit bureaus. And make sure that the Tenet know as you are going to report to the credit bureaus. Use communication that is aligned to the severity of the problem here dealing with. Do not. Pick someone. Because they didn't trim the bushes and the punishment must meet the crime and the least. Should spell that out very very clearly going back to that police again. Don't enter the property without proper notification now you're Lee should have a notification that says within 24 hours. With proper notice unless it's an emergency. You should be able to get in that property so how do you do that. We do that trifecta. We email. We send a letter. And we called them. Now if we don't get a response from anyone of those I have been known. In situations do you drive to the property. Tax bill letter on to the front door and take a picture of it. That's about as good of a notice that you can get. Set your rules clearly. On how things will be when you move out. And deal with issues in person. That way nobody's hiding behind technology it's amazing what can get guns across from each other all right. Marty how can people get Dutch review if they want to get help with their crawl special series is a 7043341616. Or bug abbey dot com. Our so I'm off the table now. And we can talk more real estate if you wanna talk does word 846 done 8463663. Here on the web at my Jamison homes dot com. We appreciate you all thank you for everything Collison if you need us. And 8463663. God bless will talk to you next week.