Deer and The Whitewater Center

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, September 16th

The #outdoorguys take a trip to the South Carolina islands with a friendly deer. We'll also visit one of Charlotte's greatest resources, The U.S. National White Water Center


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Carolina outdoor Chile's brought few bucks DO George guys from Jesse breath just to. Welcome the curve I'll vote blue skies after the hurricane bill marketing natural rise in Carolina blue sky here isn't it wonderful it is I'm glad we miss that one. You know well at it and say this I don't wanna give me any trouble but he is so. Reference to my history that I can remember. I'm so well elementary school in news lady teacher and an elementary school. And I'm reminded of it every time they do this dramatics of the hurricane and the potential path of hurricane. The story don't call don't yell wolf. Well of them this is even. Better than that has threatened it. You know they have the different we've got it out Conklin in here our resident meteorologist in the building every year but they do the European model would he go to the Webster could go to the eastern keep them to the Charleston area. Buena bang at Charlotte though it might come up through Miami your skirt across the gulf or. All of those different things in every time. If that happens I'm reminded of my elementary school teacher back then. All the come all the hurricane names were female. Right. All of and found the way she talked was. Hurricanes. Her they are her a cane on ninth email in the way he can remember that boys and girls. Is females. Are unpredictable. So you'd never know what direction that storm again I think this thing isn't it. Spouses this is sexist on so many levels marketing and pat pat I can't exactly tell you need to bare metric pressures and trends and how that's measured in what it means lower bar here. High pressure. All of those things that I learned in that class but I do remember. That females are unpredictable they're about our most important thing that's pretty average caller that I thought but not. A I'm glad I made life lessened by meteorologist. Lady birds schoolteacher. Have damaged in that on the opening segment of the Carolina outdoors before everybody is wide awake listening in and well aware were. We have to talk about here on his eleventh and I mean and three WB ET his name Don Yeager man named bill RT we are the outdoor dad's. Also available via podcast head over to Jesse browns dot com that's the place where we hang our hat through the week. High atop the scenic park in not of the chair and corners shopping center. Upon the balcony of Jesse Brown there in the heart of the South Park shopping district. Don how did you make out we we've started it as. You know as a community for the most part but hey there was a whole lot of wind a whole lot of trees on the get shaken around the whole Lotta people picking up. You know. This and that added they yards. You got a budget treat your way do I make out okay. I had two fences to rebuild. I'm from three limbs falling on my entire tree the tree limbs probably six to eight inches in diameter so. Little pruning going on my mother nature of the cost of my offenses. All prepared and better now. That was the second night of the storm. Woke up about midnight and realized it was blowing a little harder that had got out checked on the horses. And realized I had two fences down morality. The good news was they were between pastors shall know warm air. And got a nice and early the next day and today's work before came to work congestion Abrams is hoping. Let me ask you this and and for those that listen regularly to the Carolina outdoors. You can follow this and spirit because Don has another day of the year besides a hurricane or the album. The remnants of hurricane countered Don what is more stressful. July 4. Fireworks. Display by your neighbors and surrounding with those courses that you have Bayer or. Tom a tropical. Storm coming through with some higher winds and guests and and that sort of thing. Again mr. quote here that her case is not predictable but July 4 fireworks are them horses Zetterberg comparable with that are pretty darn predictable so. I just spend my night in the pressure with the horses till about 1 o'clock when everybody runs out of ammo. And we can all go back to sleep and left Al Hala I'll take the fourth because it is predictable and I know exactly where I'm going to be every fourth of July night. Or my bug sprays of mosquitoes don't leave me. Aka they the tape and make of that it well it's not that funny I can see you didn't what a terrible thing midnight Jason horses around. But they at least stayed in there pasture because there's nothing worse than taste in courses a banana a road on the Juan Puerto. And not my Nadal won his hate something that is also predictable as an event Everett Jesse broke that happens three times a year and it's gonna happen this Thursday September 21. It's 6 PM it's storytellers knighted Jesse browns. And you are invited to come here and neighbors adventure these are 320 minute stories that are offered up for the community will have that it will have drink. And we'll have these three friends neighbors. Share their story and hear from one album. On the net segment of the Carolina outdoors her name is Catherine Farley and her story mean me and me. Is will we look forward to learning about Mimi in me from Catherine that's going to be followed by the story this signs of the times he with a guest here last weekend on the Carolina outdoors Christopher line. Will be telling historian and a friend of of course the Carolina outdoors and a name and voice that we year. Monday through Friday here on news 111019 and three WBT Charlotte's morning news's and both Thompson is going to be on with why boat talks. Again 320 minute stories come here and neighbors adventure it's storytellers night it's Jesse browns Thursday September 21. From six to begin at about 8 o'clock or a little bit before. After the question and answer sessions and that sort of thing so please come out. To that. Pay in just look at all the way up and head into October we do have our young guns fly fishing social there's going to be taken place at Jesse browns. That is three to six Saturday October 14 flat tying testing challenges stories. From our young guy and anglers. That is targeted toward the teens and twenty's who were interested in. The sport of fly fishing maybe there already accomplished maybe they are curious about in her in the sport. Come home by for that young guns fly fishing social. Over it Jesse brown and Don now that school has started back and everybody's getting back into the retainer of of transportation. Has sharing the roads with big yellow buses. Our football teams have kind of taken a steal and and gotten some of the rust. Often there are off themselves and back into. I guess a schedule. Everybody is beginning to prepare for their parties and banquets and that sort of thing says. The things I'd just rated were all over Jesse browns but there are few other events that are going to be going on in the Charlotte area one of which is. Project healing waters they're gonna have. There event on September 30. Ever it. HG. Financial bets are wrong offer brier creek road you can contact with the jets he browns for more information on that healing Saturday with project healing waters. Two big events on October 5 that are going to be going on in the outdoor world. The seas the angry here in Charlotte on Thursday October 5 at 6 o'clock the doors open at alchemy antsy three laboratory. They're gonna have their great big banquet and also. It Lenny boy brewing October 5. Fall into the thread if Carolina spread trio group is going to be having Baird did together with speaker so there's some of the things that are going to be going on. Here in the Charlotte area. He's Don Yeager I am bill RT we are the outdoor gas here on WBT's Carolina out towards. I've del march they were back on the Carolina outdoors and one of the great things are people look forward to a gesture browns all the time his story time. And it's right storytellers. Night is what we turn story tan man. And we do it three times a year and and excellence Elena Thursday September 21. From six to 8 PM we get them here and neighbors adventure 320 minute stories told about brands clients of Jesse brown and neighbors in your invited to a stand. But during this segment on with the flavoring of that subject we're gonna bring no one of our storytellers and dig a little paper. She's got a long that list of accomplishments and interest in that sort of thing we talked to her before here on the Carolina outdoors. But let's bring him back on line now what's going on. Is he prepares for her story on Thursday named me in me Catherine Farley welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Thank you. It's always did and he and mrs. as at that Canada are human interest aspect because you're. Quite an accomplished lady and it's leads into a character cog Mimi but before we talk about Mimi. Tom let's talk about he's gap and give us your background am we now later from Salisbury are here are from saws bigger why. Mother of three. What else do you have Gyllenhaal and not bode joining us mattered that I am not a. Dollar humbling me. I. In the little light in her eighteen year battle under odd and pray he's really the land. If you want and it street view that really and eat you. At street about it the outdoors he. He's a big Jesse cramps and heat or hot spot this game. Embraces the outdoors with Egypt an arm and at all enjoyed the outdoors that he opened. Are there really. One cannot cannot be about. What at a stretch that. But children and our extended family and as they like it really then. A great gap and our Latin. Well and so many people the media of the outdoors and that it has always been one of my pet peeves are people who say I don't like the outdoors and then the answer would always be able what a battle walk on the beach or a sunrise in the mountains or the cool air and senior breath this ball comes so. There's a place for everybody in our outdoors and kind of that's been what's happened with you Tom B year. Still practicing physical therapist do you ran a business card creative soul. Mayhem you're and I'll go ahead I'll create a solid as candidate and encompasses an embraces every game Powell. What I actually the eight and it created it. Eight start at at and trained at the physical therapists have. That was what Mac education and backhand. And each has been fortunate that we added ally has. Work privately yeah privately clients over the years. And we had children acted. B and the children when they were in school. And the book writing and something that. Has come about last few years then. Likely have talked about it and it inspired by standing pat K and our. Caged and money this year at bat. With other people and all the different things we learned about serving at BK. It just. And heart and and really wanted to share that they believe her children meeting and children happy books to hold. They are I'd kill that are very important to me and like at but maybe. A month that continues to assure that our and our society today. A lot of people will relate to our guests Katherine Farley NR. Storyteller on September 21. I mean me and me Catherine tell our listeners how you get started with that it was. Vacations to the Carolina terroristic panic kick this off and we just list evolve and all of the other things pitcher Dylan but. What made you create a book and characters in a book and what made it the at children's book. Well going back many years and our children were really well and at our ports have to get away now. All right we'll treat back to the children and the enjoyed picking up. Content to share with them or it might have been and likewise on the against them where I am you hit app the air. That was easily a story about area at that. We need that had decay it's on Seabrook island and the children. Began saying there's not a book about Hubert Pallet there should be about. And they were very intentional about it felt pretty strongly. And I encourage and the girls are you girls at the time they are. In elementary school act so why write a story out deeper. And that we started penning a story together. Our main character. That reach it's with a baby. Because you see all sorts swap by Alan. That debate on a deer went. And animal that can get anywhere on the island exit go into the marshes. That. Areas where there were. It. Lots of nice greens and and wooded areas. And adopted on the beach. They can wryly. In all areas on the island and that that would power character. Came a lot. So let's start with misty this Mimi exports Seabrook island then became Alice. Mimi discover Sullivan's island was at the same type a recipe for Sullivan's island was or no book available for that one as well. Correct correct and it was it was the same recipe there wasn't about her children based on poll ballot and but Simon really wanted to help credit on the great that you that he gotten to help process that. We came up with the idea being on a ballot he loves the sport. Down mayor were cultured cord and the light out and work. Concept as historic preservation and and we decided that. We would feature back in in our second based on on an island. Having great up and they like Carolina and it count that really really great. Historic preservation ballots are ready. Another. Them. I deal that was Kevin Green and hard as well. Well I'm a big question here where did you vacation this summer as a damn lights and the tenth hole. Maybe look at the next book. That's a foreshadowing. Well we we can't our partner Ali our country that we are we Wear down at secret ballot a little. Allopod. That we're fortunate. And time of the case. We had my is popping around. Any that you like to share with the Carolina outdoor folks. Well. Both say pat McGee I let them out there aim at Kennedy at MC is. Going to be malware helper on the next and I'll give you yet. Mean means clinic however big spreads. And land in the holy city. Yeah moon. As a for as a pretty mighty tease you get Don over here. Lost mail not one. It's got a bunch of staples and it Don. That's right. It's anyway this is a Carolina outdoors doniger they're built RT ever hear our guest Katherine Farley Cesar author and sees a storyteller to storyteller knighted Jesse browns Thursday September 21. Six to 8 PM come here and neighbors adventure. We have 320 minutes stories Mimi in May is kicking us off back Katherine Farley our guest right now the sides of the times mark Christopher line. And why boat talks about both Thompson of course of news 1110 WBZ. Fame. Catherine. I guess everything's kinda back in is on schedule with ski vacation times are over. You're the kids are back in school how do you stand. The latter part of the year without the vacations is this when you do eager writing is this when you Dieter. Physical therapy is this when you do your creative. Things. Back then. Enjoy exercising. At how to get that and match at a time where I evade. Reading and staying in the work of our Willard and I do a little bit of volunteer work at children's schools and right. Cats just try to stay in touch with whatever created this cheap since there swelling. And at Powell. I. Balked at. Well we look forward to to learn and about it we look forward to hearing your story. I'm on Thursday September 21 average Jesse Brown. Katherine are right thanks for joining us here. With the outdoor jazz on the Carolina outdoors. Yes I can't wait for next. We going to be. I know it everyone is invited an Osce gathers and Don it's going to be an exciting night to kind of hear about. Mean Meehan in all of that creative process and maybe just maybe about Mimi crossing that bridge into Charleston nicknamed the holy city. Take a quick break come back with more. You're waking up early. For May be coming in late to the outdoor gas here on the Carolina outdoors. Billboards here were back on the Carolina outdoors and an old time we need something to do with your gangs. They come up to about Whitewater center. Man that is the truth Don we're always something going on out there. Whether it be your family here in the Charlotte area or maybe you are entertaining guests from out of town you come. Through Charlotte we're gonna find out what's happening out there at the US national Whitewater center because as we all know this summer months. June July August those are all busy times to go out there and dove mountain biking maybe go climbing maybe do a little flat water paddling or may be. Just maybe jump in a raft and enjoy some of the rapids there around the US national Whitewater center how ever. We need to know about the things that are happening there in September and October so that we can go. Go up B you know get back out into the outdoors without driving for hours to the mountains and we're gonna bring on. Erica mr. house to the Carolina outdoors right now to find out about September and October. At our US national Whitewater center Eric welcome. I expected that it. And we love talking about it bailout on an ad about things to do in our area and on the western side of the county out there you get something special. But before we talk about all the things today to tell us about the storms did you make three or did Whitewater senate make through oh without any damage. We sure didn't we're fortunate you know I think is that area the whole cities also that would in marina came through early last weekend we're fortunate to make it through without any damage here and around the turned out you know to Dayton turned out to be real quick I got here actually we had to soak and so in the place so. You know we were fortunate to come out clean on the other side. Well it's doubly thankful for that so tell us what is open in what is available to us at the Whitewater senator we come out there. In the month of September and October. You know where you were in full swing probably student doesn't want the one thing that really start the quiet Whitewater doesn't really happen until about November so if you wanna come out go rafting with. September and October agreed not to do it it's a little quieter out here a little easier to get around it now all related activities of course are available as well. And and we keep our programming schedule going in full force as well also said that George. The last music festivals Sadik come out and enjoy a couple of those in both September and October and then don't forget the river in concert series continues. All the studio in September on Thursday and Saturday night as low slot music. And the one thing that we really enjoy and look forward to every Falk has started back now is Steve White water still series which is every Friday evening. We're screening at different assumed from the outdoor industry. Right here in the states that people enjoy music on and so usually starts right around sunset at 7:38 o'clock this week. Lean into the ball LB every Friday night September and October. Give us some examples of those films. We're looking at the the Barkley merit coming up this Friday which of the film that really interest rates it takes place every year out Tennessee mountains will also be hosting. Still on tour which is it's sponsored by Telluride they'll be here on September 22. And then bit radical real will be coming up on September 29 which is a collection of outdoor skills across the world that we would look forward to having haven't brought back accurate it's been here year after year. Look forward evident again here in the months. Hey if it's couples individuals may be families that are gonna come out some of the river jam advance can you give us advice on what we need to brains. Two river jam party on Saturday at 7 o'clock. Religion at 7 o'clock you know like music scene go into the evening ticket take a blanket which you bring a couple of chairs just come out civil law that. Also taken some of the other things you can enjoy about merge and we got trail running in the in the early evening around 630 will host. Free yoga session as well for the folks don't talk about get a quick yoga practice center. Quick work out that way there's there's a lot climbed what's going on so it sort of depends what you're into what you're looking forward to coming out here are your family wanna make it date night and it. Just got a couple of chairs a blanket enjoyed free concert. All right this is apart Don really wants to know about how wanna know about it too. Tell us about it trail rhyme because I know in September you have some trail runs. Well and October that includes a half marathon and I think the one in October. Even extends out. Did too and Altera marathon status Telus for our runners didn't come out they're not worried about the old nasty automobiles in the stoplights and stop signs. What they're running course on the trails out there at the Whitewater center have in store for. That's very epic September October's some of the best months for our trailer running here are some of the reasons we have the wet weather gets a little. A little cooler and it's just kind need to see the leaves start turning there the rates you're alluding to the longer one ultra marathon will host is they'll be seized fifty. Enacted under the option of a fifty mile and a fifty kilometer run. Saturday. Fourteen so certainly won't be training for a few have any intention of running and that and that's the real deal covered a lot of vitriol that we have here. A lot to Qatar river. Do it result the little smaller we get a couple festivals long way to true races with them as well uncorked it's coming up on Saturday September 23. And we kick that off with the wild line half marathon which you mentioned as well Selby the morning of September 23. Particle half marathons series sponsored by a lot sports even they'll also be spot Qaeda morning as well first order and so. Lots of options lots of different distances but it convention before it's just a great time you'd be on the trail assert taken in the the change at least the changing seasons. We'll tell us about don't know Whitewater itself I know we can come out and and join a raft trip around it and so forth but are there. Athletes out there training these days. This coming year will see him come back around beginning October there actually over Europe right now competing a couple of World Cup events that we. We keep up with the vicariously depiction they post and usually that first week of October we see him back so you're trading on the water that. That means a lot open to come out graft in the pack even standup paddle board that are that are skilled that disciplined time in jump out on the Whitewater. Look Whitewater activities to the end of October this year. Looks forward to get people like as far. Now you also do some water sports on the cup Palmer river right. That's correct Whitewater paddling offers standup paddle boarding and the tie acting. Right there on the Qatar river reach our properties adjacent to that we've got a doctorate there region jumped out. It George flat water lot quicker it will creek tributary to go explore. Again agree tough year for that. He can go outside the blue parent net that are located out there just in the way to enjoy nature in concede different aspect of the property in the senate. We are the outdoor guys here on news 1110993. WDT. Are gas from the US national Whitewater center. Hi does beside the banks of the cuts copper river Eric ouster house has given us the lay of the land of the Whitewater senator all of the things to do out there. Now that the weather's starting to cool off just a little bit everything is still in full effect out there at the Whitewater center. Eric tell us about oh. Asked about things to brain for something like the river Jay Hammond and you know blanket smoltz Ayers or that sort of thing are wonderful. Tell us about the renal things out there whether we do not bring a bicycle can we rent one or arguments in the standup paddle boards or maybe the climbing gear for the climbing law. Is all of that available there at the Whitewater center for rental or for purchase. Salutes are looking to graduates of the activities here date passed 59 dollars will get you to battle exit to the activities but you're that's required ridiculous it's yet. A bag if you wanna jump on the trail so to cure partisan. If you like your climbing area of course are battle yet Dieter Helm but if you like you know on the water that 59 dollar date passes giving you access to all available activities of the day it's your visit. That you mention it you know we got several food and beverage Alex he would get. I think one of the largest craft beer selections are likely to find this region with our clubhouse beer garden. Several apps are the property so yes you looking to come out enjoy the activities. Does that date passes did you get access to Donnelly the the activity itself but the key here and of course the beverage options are are planning to get out here to. We get air Custer house tell us all about it I got a couple more questions. And these have. Made a strong play now they're being televised and all of that but they are available there at the US national Whitewater center. Obstacle courses and that sort of thing team building zip lines. You have all of that there all along the banks of the top as well. That's right you're welcome back on this trailed the trees and you look at PC people sixty feet up in the air group's courses appliance and a lot of that's part of our canopy tour part of our road courses but also pour team built programs that we get. A lot of corporate groups that your a lot of community organizations throughout the year bringing their inducted. Decent routine building activities traverse there is there's no obstacle courses that you're going cataract here integrate it a little bit more about your own personal skills and limitations as. How to how to do that. Getting here whether you would appear with itself. Big obstacle courses are of course is applied there are certainly getting to be unique experience. And that because you heard me scream that I'm. Pilot Eric how does being frightened to death make you a better team player. Your head up if you can have out there. And now we hope somebody does I guess it's okay and so that's the team building parts as we have somebody rescue if you're on top of the street bill. On on an easier note tell us about the music that's coming up. Sure yeah yeah like I mentioned we continue along the river jam concert series for the next several weeks left. Right up until the end of the month to September. Great line it's still about Saturday September 16 empire street express will be year followed by the chain cleaned and on Thursday the 21. And several more after that leading right to the end of the month festivals of course are great opportunity to enjoy music uncork coming up timber point third. We got some great band still the third in the day headlined by weight in the starting at 7 PM complain to accept that he can accept. The full lineup of musical festivals galleries here are available or let's say US and WG. About pork. And he thinks some of that it's taken out because you have a huge attendance out there for that river jam in the music game and that sort of thing and meanwhile Charlie you know we've had some. Of our lives music venues that have closed whether abate Fremont or the double door or those kinds of places do you think that Whitewater center of all places is picking up some of that loud music. For people to to come listen to in person. Don't agree people you know I mean people are looking for that experience and I think the unique thing about our facility media myself support differently from a lot of other music that is in the area is just the outdoor component you can come and enjoy Asia outside. You know you might be looking at some pictures that bring out to 3000 people we can 567000. Serbs are here for some of our bigger festivals like success with. With some big headline name so I think it's you know it's as the community grows they're looking for good music options you know we see some that he's coming you know it's. We're fortunate to to see those numbers attendance grow year after year and just get the the freak show outside serious about balance of that talent that we been able to bring in and so offered at no cost no tickets. It's is something that we hope will will continue to drive those numbers look. Julia can afford that. Let's not try to make a list while we were talking in the gist of this conversation really is. There's something for everyone at the US national Whitewater sinner but we've got the Whitewater film. Series is going on Friday is at 8 o'clock through this past September and October river jam on Saturdays at seven. We've got fast case half marathons obstacle races ultra marathon cyclist that's. Eric Chester house and give us the web sites that we can look at all of this to plan our day or days at the US national Whitewater center. Absolutely USS WC dot org that's gonna give your fullest of all the residents just mentioned everything we've got an up on the calendar you mentioned cycle just as well we're excited to get that back for year to information up there on the web site. But US and the BC dot org we're a little while ago. Eric we're always glad to have you thanks Matt. Thank god that would put you away he guy's gonna take a quick break with more of the Carolina outdoors. I'm convinced food and I'm I'm I'm. Little Poodle and things flew okay. Our bill market were back here on out doors why your favorite subjects of course as always back to school and how little kids were there by our competitors are very Anglo over the bud. I thought about to the other day I was watching the school bus load up and all these little bikes look like turtles get bomber. Alia they're all going to medical school even in fourth grade Errol bent over with Bob bag full of books. At as a reminder. If you haven't chosen your backpack. Or day packer book bag. Remember to Wear it appropriately hopefully yours has. Hit. Bell or hit strapped. To help. You know. Keep you from hurting your back for your young student. Amber and her leading Obama 45 degree angle does not look bird comfortable when Europe model for murder and and so many times they have less time between classes many of these stations in early ages for sure even older ages now don't have lockers like they did. Back in the olden days so therefore everybody's hearing their votes and these days she'd stake in the day of the high grade technology that we have and everybody's got an iPad or a or notebook. And I mean I electronic met the at that sort of thing that we would have less books news. There's still carried them 45 pounds at a time suggest remembered or use our other strapping. Strap means and supports that you do have on here it in your book Bagger date pack namely that hip belt. Also have a strong shoulder harness and hopefully just maybe the ones that we sell leverage Jesse browns. Have startled straps included so that just helps you bear the wait a little bit better says that it's not just your child's brain. Bear in all of that lies and current pro strapped to a group that thing up on your back or belongs. Picture. Totally out. That's one of the many things that we have ever Jesse Brown that's where we hang our hat he's kind Jaeger on bill Barr take. Tomorrow may have visit S the stairway to the second floor of the share in corner shopping center. We also have free elevator ride round trip up and down if you wanna step by. Four visit. We're glad that your waking up early with us here on the Carolina outdoors on his 111019 and three WDT may be your join and us. Anywhere around the world. Via the podcast. You can prime added Jesse browns dot com just click on podcast we'll have all four segments broken down for your listening pleasure. That is available around the world 24/7. Except for North Korea and parts of China. Don Yeager wanna take a quick moment to ask you a question putting you on the spot. Of what may have happened on this day September 16 1908. There was an hour car company. That was created. I gentleman named William Durant spent 2000 dollars on this day to incorporate. A car company in New Jersey he was high school drop out made its fortune building horse drawn carriages. And ironically enough. He hated. Automobiles. He hated cars. He thought they were noisy smelly. And dangerous. He would been rusty. It's real soap opera problem currently has speak out there are profitable as well amazing the things will sell a lot of people sell their souls for money for a nevertheless. This is off from the History Channel. The giant company he built would dominate the American auto industry for decades and continues to be a household name Don Yeager can you name. That car company and whose lives watching television doesn't feature anything you're talking about General Motors he bought up everybody could. There were about 45 different car or run Lilly is. In the way mobiles. Most of these car companies only sold a handful of cars each year. Most of those companies back in would take a down payment on a car. And only a few were delivered before the car company would go out of business. In fact industrialist Benjamin Briscoe caught that way of doing business quote manufacturing. Gambling and he proposed. A better idea. So anyway. William Durant was. Was approached. And they wanted to consolidate. The largest and most reliable. Manufactures. And once it's you just said at this summit a user I mean Ford. RE which is Oldsmobile. From the Maxwell Briscoe. And Iranians Buick brand. Consolidated into one big company Arnold thank you got forward but he tried to buy them. He tried to back forward that it was in out lists here as well. Om and in fact. That was the opposing company he kind of came and it is an entirely different way. From Iran. Wanted to make a variety of cars. Hits all of those brands Oldsmobile Cadillac Oakland. Which later became Pontiac in forward. Just did those black model cities. But the story at halftime and what color was Bure back boo boo boo panel where it was why. So they permit. A mistake so GM. In its first two years cobbled together thirty companies. They were eleven auto makers are dismay at some level Oldsmobile Cadillac at Oakland. Which became ID act did what we're the ones you know saying well leaves Willie. Is will be some supplier firms and even an electric company were all compounded under General Motors. Now this is where the story took a strange turn. On. In 1911. Because combined mean and putting all those companies together was so expensive. That in 1911. They called Durant a spendthrift. In the corporation's board. Forced him to quit. And he started a new company you know. With the Chevrolet Brothers. And you know what they did then who they bought enough General Motors stock to re gain control of the corporation. In 1916. But the story was never a fan. He was forced out one more time with the felt like a car Baylor. Oh with all due respect party whose prom forced out again in 1920. During the depression Durant went bankrupt. And he spent his last years in Flint, Michigan. Managing a bowling Alley. Now is that not a full circle story that started on this today what they incorporating this general manager matters. In New Jersey. There you go into it that they added later to big guy bailed out by the government that threatened not a he hit ten years ago or when it looked around and we're not ma I. Anyway nature trivia for what happened on this day it's September 16 nineteen anyway who invented the automobile. Some Jeremy gallon it I don't know who was during the day they my German is it were. Or a long while now. Will have to learn about his story on another day. Before department was no Peoria might have been Rock Island for more out there. Our car enthusiasts out there for sure and I'm sure they're bringing it out listen. Special thanks to all of our guests who joined us today on the Carolina outdoors. Catherine Farley author and storytellers storytellers knighted Jesse browns Thursday September 21 six day A will have. Some food and some drink in one have 320 minute stories are coming ever. In here and neighbors adventures thanks to Catherine for joining us on this edition of the Carolina outdoors. As well as Erik Oster house from the US national Whitewater center. I get plenty of fun things to do whatever they are we learned all about it on today's program head over q.s in that obviously dot or. For more. Information and more things to do at the Whitewater center. We invited of course everybody to storytellers night we invite him over October 14 to the young guns spot Phishing social. And Don we're gonna put together stop and on the Wednesday. Before that in May be the wins days each month second Wednesday of every minute we're gonna have lineup Wednesday also agreed Jesse browns fourteen day box he's done Jaeger on bill RT. Get outdoors pick up trash we'll see you next item on the Carolina outdoors.