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John Hancock
Friday, October 20th

Dell Curry Of the Hornets broadcast team, and Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal join Hancock plus I Read The News, Big Weekend and more!


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Oh. This is John. Other cars Friday as they can be awarded for the ride home. John handgun. I've been 993 W. I should be after today the raiders game. Came back we hear she's last time. All hornets opened up their season tonight had. Spectrum. With the Atlanta Hawks in town and Dell curry is on the line with his have had a chance to talk to Dell curry a long long time hello bill how are MM. I'm wonderful and very crowded so we know our walk we better you have went and I was taken the other day I'll tell you how long it's been since I've talked to you. We were doing a benefit at the old comedy zone over by town and country Ford with Kendall gill. Wow Bert that's going way back way back carried then men you've been a you've been good actually at eleven got to watch union. You like the broadcasting end of of the bills. Saw him probably great family good outlook love what do my part here or with great people lawyer Carl are you ready when bad effect Carroll is here throughout pre post he chose the home. Thought he did a good for an amount wrong on those who go to great great job but he docket to watch what I love that dude it's go play basketball there was sixteen years and it's still be involved in the game without Lowell and drew a dream come true true. Well the hornets still you know you never know or life's gonna deliver you get to you get drafted by Utah you spend a year there that you end up with Cleveland then you go in the expansion draft and others is a long time ago but. Went all the sudden your putt on the a list for an expansion draft. Do you remember what your mindset was about all of that at that particular time. We're happy. Important because I'm from the general valid reference general Robert figured it was close to home. And more or I would my second year in the league and I was struck her career in car router and it has to stay in the league and we have a lot of young players in Cleveland so to be able to come to Charlotte new print job and to a little wind early vote. Personally I do not your typical day in and make a career and and there are some video to play in this city for ten years. That's still live here mark mark his girl appeared to have so many friends in the community evolving community. You know to be an MBA player a guy who can. You know consistently. First and foremost there's the show up and its family to me in my family so he'll be here and it's. Very you know whatever happened to your kids are they still playing basketball. A couple of artists are that are going to be pretty good and then and your daughter followed her mom do the a volleyball courts to new. He did he did you fill up their return last year. Graduated from Ely before your career there at Elon university in America when they got him in Durham on May 23. Drop her off all hear that how they moved to California. That helped months but daughter in well with the border endeavors. Well get to market than what commitment that the courts play perked up maverick. He's our right now. Picket line up but hopefully he'll be back priest whose early in the year you just have figured out but the films don't Wear it. I am a lot of respect for him and I've never met him but he kinda had to stay in the shadow with the staff when new was playing at Davidson and everything. And then inning goes and he plays at duke which there's no shame there. But you wonder whether or not he's gonna have they are career soared and so forth Indians over the Dallas Mavericks and I don't know he just persevered they he must have one hell that Al work ethic because. He just one out and made it work. You really did then and I'm so proud of that because the what do you say he's grown up. And then you step it's good NBA in the end you know played well early will be addressed that he actually has certainly on a stress fracture in his leg playing here at duke would restrict Parker neglect had surgery after this season including your chance to participate. In the pre draft rookie camp some really. Those news portal up and figure Trout with the warriors play for their. You leaking quite per Orlando's. Mop up body of former teammate buddy Pete but you're much out of Sacramento. Let a few years ago. He played really well doubt even within your feelings on the circuit here that feel. These people started epic the last 33 games per ballot and they. Played really welcome a lot of the problems at the start this year had he not gotten hurt. So we get our biblical book an opportunity to do you play. Nuclear restricted created new year and pop over reluctant couple weeks ago that he might be the first carrier plate or vote doubt they will do it happens banana. You guys you know. If you're healthy inactive back on the floor throughout. Miss circle back around and talk about step often disable a little bit about the game to United's home opener it'll you'll be with the broadcast team on fox sports southeast. And also ought to give him broadcast on our sister station WFANC. We talked to coach yesterday. You're going to the opening of the season nick but tunes out. Michael Kidd Gilchrist is absent on a personal deal Michael Carter Williams is our hurt and they announced today that Cody sellers out with a knee. Good lord here you've got no bench this is pretty tough way to start the season. There were there really is then you know it's probably commoner who think surely can't. But training camp short creek little reluctant to part opens the regular athlete from in Portland. We really and you could make little pot with NIC Batum out in the car where you expected to back up. Cuba according broke through the Detroit. Police. Not a great book at the Atlanta police car park with you know hopefully what you felt injury doubt. Way early in the season so we can you know have a good each year but still got got a really tough scheduled to start a year. They have been there before or point three gained fifteen argued. Playoff teams from a year ago a couple more with them Minnesota who's really proved thirteen. He when he got about well no twelve of those point three are at home so we need. Aren't there to consider how acute things that you thought that it and but I got you really capital or repayment. When you Atlanta tonight and Amber's coming to town it's the Toney fifth I think that's Wednesday. And Houston's in town next our Friday so that should be that's that's Chris fallen company coming into town and you know those guys are going to be a factor this year. Malik moms you're are you you were our great shooter oh what have you seen in my league the number one draft picked it Derek catches your attention. Well one group students will be June score you can have a constantly be going on about it but I don't think that heard confident that all rookie first game. So that you had the jitters. He uses. Do you follow quick I thought. Early but he'll slowdown. Is great form on his yacht or a touch I can really move without the basketball but I don't. You have first people you know one of not being a problem he'll bounce back in in it she Falwell. But I really liked. Falling into the more rapid number eleven they didn't think it Gilligan into draft. There elevenths took him but he's got more have to step up here. Earlier this career was over any injuries that we talked about the young Gavin can be relied on a lot here early this week. We're all happy to see him fall in our lap I was afraid you guys are gonna take another white power forward so we were a we were like we're all we're all happy to see you know that happened armed. Are real bit about what you know about Atlanta who is the opposition tonight and what kind of a team to they have this year. Really remade it being. Sort of the record straight Dwight Howard a little hornet Paul Millsap signed with Denver. The Marley junior. Done with the New York look 300 out of there really tell the court basketball on the fined a pretty. I thought they were a little rebuild mode with. But his intruder really had a good game his first game having ballot they want all the wrote. But they're really young. Or people but aren't due to the memo also. Third in two or reboot mode but they have nothing to lose. The dollar cup played well give them but they want to erode your home about the last thing though well optional Dwight Howard will be out the Brady go to break 200 filthy. And bring your game against Detroit the other night to a double double coming out of the chutes not and I thought the worst way to a start the seasoned enough and kimbo did just exactly what you expected a candidate do. Games at 7 o'clock tonight at the spectrum I'm sure there's still tickets available so if you wanna go see that you can do that you can watch and owns fox sports southeast if you got spectrum. That's channel 319. He ever look back and think to yourself fly if you don't come along twenty years later you have been right up there with all the three point shooters I mean your kid is kinda. Revolutionize the game with his three point shot which you weren't too shabby yourself. Yeah it's a good Rick gave him when I played I remembered that the group that is 1253. Could gain. That was considered a lot now we have got the picture here he could help though that helped our league you've gone gone. Three point shot really involved in the you don't you don't Rick Friedman PH are you gonna struggle to score on nightly basis but. I don't think fact you know I have great career alleviate the unions are now lucky enough but it is confident he'll work will go on a low light the great. You I did is unfair question asking dad about his son but could you have even imagined the success that step was gonna have was there a question at one time or another as to whether or not he'd be an NBA player or not. Well absolutely we equipment earlier currently get the cup. Got a bill plated next level but how volatility here that it Davidson they're great career there. If they were his first year you know thinking nuclear for. Professional and I've only been very Europe. I opened up and remember Kurt with a lapel and leave my wife after his first permit in this particular an airport. Public killed ballclub that you're so don't make a lot of money playing this game. I borrowed the ever right you can you know stepped epic great work ethic he low key we. Great coaches along the way to go DP DP makes so they come here at number six. It's gonna be really the game to have open but then so what makes you to figure that game itself already sold out its solid streak. I remember those tournament games because LeBron was sitting in the stands for a few all woman now watch Stefan LeBron tee and up against each other in the playoffs and it's. But it's kind of an inching transformation but at the time LeBron was written him on now back in the college days because he apparently saw some pretty special and stuff. Yeah I remember that game you brought live video exit cop played that order earlier. The next day and it came ran it and not think he'll step them but they don't play in the C state. That would go pop up for that game than the thought. You know 892 years later that there really robbery they face each other 33 years in a row in the NBA finals. Though it's it's good competition. All we LeBron felt confident that do you played well in the next level but I don't think he thought they'd be this. Good. And then we'd be three feet in the final three years tomorrow. Hey nice to catch up with you again we've both been in town for a long long time I'll get a chance again as soon have a great broadcast tonight thanks for carbon us in time for today. How poorly prepared are cute. There was a guy Jordan Rodriguez she citing a new era Charlotte Observer today. So low still don't know what the story behind the story on that was scheduled vacation of that oval. What was. But anyway I'm glad to see your back on the on the front page she's so writing about the Chicago bear running back that came out of North Carolina a and cheek. North Carolina native. Went to a bun high school out there are none of the eastern part of the state to his name is to wreak Cohen NER runs for the bears and not. So anyway Jordan wrote regalia of citing a mile Charlotte Observer today. It's been a while we're kind of wondered what happened to her their Dodgers sub beat cubs last night eleven to one so they're in the World Series yankees in the Astros play again tonight so we'll see you know where that leads. Our older producer Scott got to be pretty happen today who has as Giorgio term Becky go in the air fantasy football team. He's their picker he kicked the winning extra point last night. I'll what happened to the guy that has been Oakland's character forever whose name I can't think of but he came out Florida State and they did get rid of him. Indeed been a league for a forty years and now. Derek alternative car throws a two yard a touchdown to Michael Crabtree and and then this led to Becky oh guy kicked the extra point and and no Scott Sullivan. Couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. So whether you go there are. And somebody who apparently needs a life. Goes by the Twitter handle of edge hit 22. Figures out that if you go to KFC is Twitter account at KFC. They only follow eleven people. You know with those eleven people are. Herbs and spices. Like Herb Alpert. Like herb Sendak the head coach of the men's basketball team at Santa Clara University. Like herb described her. A writer for the Deseret news. Like Victoria Beckham. And Mel B and we used to be a need Spice Girls. There were five Spice Girls and six guys named herb and that represents eleven herbs and spices and bat. Is what KFC follows on their Twitter page. Which is pretty. Unique and interesting if you really think about it. And the guy. I. Social media staffer for a PR firm. And he's now finding a new fame and fortune I guess because he's the guy who discovered that deadly KFC a Twitter account follows eleven. Herbs. And spices. I don't know I just felt that whole thing fascinating. Somebody's thinking they had no wonder how long it's been up I guess that's my question. How patient has KFC had to be waiting for somebody to discover their brilliance. Still look. Still gonna wait for people to discover mind sometimes it takes awhile you know. Yesterday. Quayle's chief of staff John Kelly. Who's just to know BS got a guy. And a respect that I don't think can be questioned. Descends the president over this condolence call that trump made to the family of this. One of the four green beret soldiers who died in Niger earlier this month. And in his own special way John Kelly rip the Florida congresswoman representative Frederica Wilson. Who had publicly criticized the president about the call. Now I think kind of weird sort of way he backed up her contention of what he said but not necessarily how he said it. And Wilson the representative with the cowboy hat said that when a trump called the widow. Obama sergeant when David Johnson. He had said that the soldier knew what he signed up for but it still hurts referred to bird Johnson is your guy. Which she says the family felt was disrespectful Kelly. Who is a gold star family as well has just lost a son and Afghanistan retired general. Com whose son died in Afghanistan in 2012 told reporters who went trump asked him for advice on you know one or say what a wage when I call the sandwich what do I say to these. To these four soldiers families. That Kelly had told him what the general Joseph Dunn fur had told him when he called. When do when done for called Kelly to tell him about his son. And he said quote was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed he knew what the possibilities were because were at war. Close quote. So that's what. The president was attempting to say. While essentially confirming that Wilson's account of what was said in the call. Which trumpet denied. Kelly blasted the congresswoman saying I was stunned and broken hearted and it was listen you couldn't watch that press conference yesterday and not see a man. Who was speaking from his heart. Because of his son and because of Teddy was broken hearted to what I saw as a member of congress doing absolutely stunned me and I thought at least that was sacred. In other words but in politics shouldn't get into that. He also confirmed yesterday that when our President Obama hadn't called him when his says son had died as a trumpet suggested earlier this week the Kelly made clear quote. That that was not a criticism. That's not a negative thing I don't believe all president's call believe they all right. And he said that he would advise trump O when he took over office against making those calls to families telling the reporters I said to him sir there's nothing you can do to lighten the burden on these Chambliss. And quite frankly whether you're a strong supporter or not this is not Donald Trump strong. Suit. So. Kelly puts on absolutely stunning. Press conference yesterday. Editorial page of the Wall Street Journal writes that Kelly made a lot of people look small his boss included. Then his remarks were rebuke to the congresswoman for politicizing a private phone call. And to the press corps for attempting to turn grief and sacrifice into a hammer against Donald Trump who. As usual made things worse by lashing out in response that's what they are Wall Street Journal said today. At the conservative hot air site today. All of pundit calls it's a blog calls Achilles appearance quote one of the most effective damage control performances you'll ever see. By possibly the only man in the administration with the moral authority to do it close quote. May they have this blogger had some issues such as Kelly skirting the fact that the soldier's mother also fell on the president's call insensitive but says trump could -- could not have asked for a better defense than what can only put up yesterday and that's that's a true and a story. But at one point Kelli referred to the congresswoman Frederica Wilson. As being quote NA long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise close quote. You know what that means. I didn't. I mean I can surmise like. I mean an asset to be taken down under it thrill elementary. If you beat on an empty barrel it makes more noise than if you beat on a full barrel. It wasn't a compliment everybody knew that. She claims. And the free beacon by as a way offers a definition it's an idiom that is in fact used to question the thought empty thought behind a person's words in other words noise empty noise. So wasn't meant to be a compliment. She claims it was racist. So that's got everybody in their mother and including. Me. Go ruling. Is the phrase empty barrel. Racist. And I say everybody and their mother because. A when you if you if you Google that. You'll end up with a couple of articles that have been targeted today from people would have done the same thing including including. Chris still so Liz on. Who is writer for CNN. Now if there's anybody that would. An assay Chris but I mean if there's any publication CNN that would. Skirt the issue there would be that would be audible. But does is Miller writes today. John Kelly laid into the Florida represented her her Frederica Wilson and a harsh term. A congresswoman stood up then and along traditional empty barrels making the most noise stood up there and all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building paley said yesterday. And on CNN's new day Friday morning Wilson alleged that empty barrel is a racist terms she's African American. She didn't explain why because she can't explain why because it's not. Tom. Chad that's just her first defense I assume that's what she screams. And any thing that. It goes against her. So everybody's trying to find out is there any kind of a racial component to those origins. Or in the in the way that it was used yesterday by John Kelly. So you searched through the Internet. And you find out as still as it did. At the origin of the line is somewhat Fuzzy although it is commonly credited to played O in the firm of an empty vessel makes the loud a sound. So that they have the least wit. And are the greatest battlers. Phrase or the iteration of it. Was used twice in Shakespeare's work. In Henry the fifth the character says I never heard so loud voice issued from such an empty heart. It's true what they say that is the empty vessel makes the greatest sound. And there's a line from king Lear. Who says nor are those empty hearted. Whose low sound revert no hollow and us. And then there's physics. An empty glass if you tap that makes say louder noise is that a glass filled with water. So sell as a says but seek a bigger edited and you don't go deeper. I reached out to Missouri university of science and technology professor. Gerald Leonard Cohen a widely recognized expert in epidemic. At. Entomology at to get my mouth ready to say that word at a -- G is the study or the origin meaning of words. And Colin said he didn't know the answer. But he referred sell as a writer for CNN to the American Dialect Society. And so he gets in touch with a guy named bins ever. The language columnist for the Wall Street Journal and the chair of the new words committee within the ABS the American Dialect Society. Who pointed to. Play darts morals. Which includes the line talkative people resemble empty vessels. And go about managing miss noise but no one at the eighty S mention any racial ties to the word. And there's nothing available. To the amateur Internet sleuth says still as a that would just that there's any sort of racial connotation tied to the phrase either. So in essence. He claims of representative. Frederica Wilson. Was just and garbage from an empty barrel. Forty years drilling. And murdered and and. My career took me to Jacksonville Florida for a while. Hi and at one point when I was doing dressing room door for a saline presents are working to standard concert 1974. There are certain fans when you get to work our dressing room door and I was it was in cigars I was have to explain to people know by the time you got to the dressing room door you'd already gone through all the big guys that I ordinary because of my brawn hours. I was there because of my responsibility. Fail water bill Grail moral our rule was put on the shows and news grim news to be had a lot of the failed on shows and they'd leave their briefcases with me that meant that they trusted me so most of that is kind of up so I ended up on dressing room door for a lot of bands that's why amid Beatles and no and you remember a few mountain are remember Felix apple already coming on given me a teacher one day because I'd. Kept one of our security guys remote again in their wall they were on stage and eaten all the food and somebody had told him about it. Leonard scattered I remember I guess because I then met a couple of a marine met a couple of them Marta must pile in no Leon Wilkens and again I got to know when I was still working in Jacksonville. Well I remember early on well this is no coming out of the dressing room in method that you'll Denver coliseum on hold by seventy. Arm and just shoot the breeze with me after they got done player. And and did you just remember stuff like that. And not part of a smile I didn't I don't remember from that night of work in the dressing room door but aren't I got to know him. At that little dive bar at Jacksonville beach called Pete's. Which is where they used to if you ordered a screwdriver they'd pour vodka and a glass with ice senate and input tang on top of that stirred up analysis got your buck 49 herself like that you. You forget your name up for four dollars and fifty cents. I don't remember Billy Powell coming out and say and work and I smoke. And the answer those days was anywhere but he was looking for someplace to go outside and wonder where the outside door was Cecil he and I. I wondered on how to play a door and smoked cigarettes. So while. It seems impossible but it's already been forty years but then I remember I just celebrated dale milestone birthdays or maybe it. Rest in peace Leonard Skinner Steve Gaines and Cassie games in cuffs. And a pilot and and and and an Enron Avon's then Sam and numb and a co pilot and just one of those terrible days rock and roll history. God over to the a vote lines we go to a charger fan virtual business journal new addition out today's news desk brighter fluorescent publication. I am a man that just won't let saw her go. I. Yeah okay. Yes well I did I guess David's story it's a story. But then it recommended that the via headline in the N one of the stories is what's keeping Charlotte's MLS bid alive and I thought to myself. It's very expand aren't you morons. Certain they've got a problem yeah it took I. Yes because everyone else's. With the exception of maybe have somebody last name Smith I think everybody else's the general well wondered notes it's gotten new legs at all does does that. I honestly don't know enough. Arteries never ask you this question because we keep creeping closer December on this decision a Major League soccer. And yet know what it was early in the hell at least from me there. Slash MLS or Charlotte pit crew not just try to figure out it will separate what sort of ear in get a decent guy that perspective. I'm hearing well we still want to talk about it as a committee that but the economic development resigning but. There is no scheduled meeting so I'm not real sure what's going. They've got to. And and I'm sure Marcus and some against him on this like Marcus. Bad and I'm not anti Major League or soccer. They've got to kind of buffer be hoping that some of the other southern teams so the southern cities pardon me. Imploded. But to some extent in the way that we have that they're funding falls through or something men know they can maybe go back and and now have some merit in how strong. We've been as they soccer senator. International and otherwise so before. Yeah I think that our fight for what's going on is that. The bitter fear that I'm Mark Smith our hopefully bad. As they did say that he has been in that seat MLS might look around and say. You know we have all these cities twelve city. We have earlier order look like are writers but they still don't have everything put together termed the stadium. Funding and other aspects so. Why not take that decision down the road a month to month Fremont and some time in that interim baby Charlotte and the door and come to use some sort of consensus few. Mount a strong bill that for the moment we're sort of in a holding pattern with not much or not. Any speculation and all that tough markets would be looking elsewhere for a funding our partner or somebody else that might have the pockets. I'm not to say that the Smith LA doesn't have the deep pockets but Ted that that that maybe there could be a shared risk here that doesn't involve the city the county. No wouldn't tell me that but it seems like they would. Lean in that direction to trying to get some more money for the stadiums they obviously felt very comfortable they could cover that 150 million dollar. Expansion fee side. They don't we play it's 87 and a half million dollars to former half of the construction approach for the and so you know obviously. Then there's that word be your beating the other firm local governments don't think that would be plausible that they were go to other investors and try and make it work that way. But remember out if the MLS does elect to cities and Charlotte not all of them. And then Charlotte remains in the competition for the additional security there will be games on the road and and an undetermined price then you didn't seem Natalie aspect of the stadium but what is that price because it's unlikely to say a 150 billion dollars every time you're anti. Work that the force of making it harder to make it business ago. I can't help but believe though that they're that they just are dead in the water for communism the deadline on the first to December. Yeah I I don't see how that would govern applied today. I think the only hope that he won't the first few cities in that. The decision. Scheduled for December for some reason. Likely other. Struggles and other places with say in voting gets delayed. Do you who January February march April something like that now the league has affirmed by it's the super young but if something were to happen I think that's one that they hail Mary that they're holding out hope for war. This city was researching alternative sites for a Major League soccer do we know anything else about that or has as rock kill stepped up and said hey we got a 150 million will help you put. So I have brought you know there has not stepped up yet it that they're ready to build a hundred that separate our soccer. These Sydney continued to say that. Research continues they will at some point you'll poor economic development committee and present. Option for stadium site and perhaps buttons on it again like you're learning center to begin with conversation. Throughout our. On October 20 and it MLS is going to recognize it in December. It seems impossible. That anything could move that quickly particularly in government circles seem cultural at the position for the first few cities that we shall let the. You can include your article in many and MLS soccer in the in the edition out today of the Charlotte business journal bios speculating. Could the elections that are coming up in November changed the atmosphere are at all but. That's kind of unlikely and that you don't really see the makeup of any of the City Council or anything like that changing. Per say you might have you're gonna avenue mayor but you're not the sort of gonna have a new view. Well you'll have at least I've been helpful members but I think your general premise is correct in Bassett. You're not seen any wouldn't be out there campaign for you personally to build our arc. A sudden we're here. In the previous debate between Kenny Britt and I'll I'll say both have the opportunity to take it quite a sock her when they were asked about. Senate and economic worker alienate both cited Major League soccer for example or not they do so. I don't see any daylight there but then again. You know things can change in a hurry and they're going to have to look this sort of work or market that the birth of. Two hours in the middle of the stream most of the talk this week has been about. The the. All the governor and a second. Discuss at a complete. Dot. I don't worry you know I added the the big people bits are used to sell books and now sell everything. Amazon can do not think of Amazon to save my life. Yeah calm everybody's been talking about Amazon we are shared an article in fact it's up on the Hancock page WBT from Politico yesterday written by a Seattle lied to a basic who's had better be careful what you wish for. There's a piece in the times today that also talks about. Mowed the but what what today Amazon had done to Seattle. Com and not all of it favorable but everybody wants this and and were bidding Ford as well and not not only did Michael Jordan write a letter but Hugh McCall. And you write about humor column a couple of avenues and the current addition of the Charlotte business journal today. It's bright idea it's instinct if I had not thought about he retired in 2001. But he's been as active. Since then did he get pushed out on an age thing from Bank of America. No he didn't. I think he was just ready do you try something else and remember anyway it started. Boutique GAAP financial firm and that ended up. Except in very successful and even that was sold you're Laker so wanted to face both. Or you get your question and I think I would imagine him living in this story is different notion of how much. It influence does. Hugh McCall have now people who have been here long thought you know what he did but for younger people I'm not sure how much nickname rip us. Now that I did and then that's a good point but I'll tell you one thing when I was when I first got here another early ninety's. If there was a problem in Charlotte people would call a radio station and say why does that you do something. Hey you're exactly right in our river that I'm well in order saying that he had. Really catch my attention in terms of speaking with you call this week. I've got Amazon letters you mean in his letter Q tip fate the CEO of Amazon. He put it this way. Ivory and a huge company I ran a company that everywhere restaurants super crew and I hadn't done it sure what the best place to do business. Probably if you want to discuss that further I think I think that's an agent you know I think that's all that possibly could have to Britain where a fellow CEO. Well I do Joba then Bombay and I mean this is all the respect in the world but how but let's go back to your you over to your first feeling right younger people. Bay's those is part of a a new wrinkle a a a new type of CEO a new type of business. That dead that is taking over the world and would he look at Hugh McCall and go listen I respect what you've done but you're kind of a dinosaur buddy. Yeah I and it's very possible the other thing of course your ideas that they can occur in every city. Group we were little overblown when it with the beard do you Amazon. I hit play I've heard a lot of conspiracy theories. You know the past couple weeks that they have without hurting don't weather well it's just doing out here full competition that they can get all the forty detention in public yet marketing out of it I don't like. Yeah they're gonna go down and ruin Austin, Texas in the SXSW. Already in their GNU overdeveloped Lake Travis and no yeah we all know. A fat content and or other hip port and get paid a fine the Washington saying well you know and we're going to deeply I remember he also happens that uncle publication called the wash ourselves. Who knows everybody's got a theory but this much we didn't know that hit have been submitted and now all everyone is on the upper weight or Amazon so what do you that they won't do that blue it is they want. Well anybody who's ever driven across Kansas and they're looking for open land they ought to just put I didn't miss a lineup have a. I spent about a white dog that you know interesting note on a bit. I want that caught my picture is is that your work of course. We're her social order to be offering a seven billion dollar package or or is 85 billion dollar investment. And the other women I call Mara was that a Antonio we're a little less than new thank you focus yuppie official bigger program report that note thank you or not but this is blindly giving away the fire so I have ever. Into the back. And somebody at Arizona senator giant cactus. Thought absolutely out or you're sorry so soon and so that's what we're up against will be aired cactus beat. I'm await your that you got this somewhat reporter let's say yes yes it'll learn that they thought was in pit get our feet dead on arrival. Earlier so. So wow. That box maker was. We talked to that guy and you guys featured him in the Charlotte business journal and he puts your logo on the front of it and it's that the boxes are really very cool also. Tom I you know I don't know much that goes but I guide the minute they talked about the box I said all that's the guy that we read about the Charlotte business journal we went on the air one day. Are you did a very yeah yeah. I never heard officially didn't want him but I think about it who else it would face I'm going without. How many people or make. Who would buy things ahead in delegates have heard a cemeteries. The Medicare I think all lot of people so. Exactly so what what he Charlotte amateur out yet if they hadn't. Well surely can wait for the undercut the ability to CE port response. I'm back to you in just a second day or expand bird from the Charlotte business journal and we'll find out why a Raleigh pack and Karl rover come and under to tell us how to do things. Pleasure talking there at Stanford from Charlotte business journal there's say. Raleigh hack that is a diving into Charlotte politics you can read about that in the edition of the Charlotte business. Journal out today. And Monday Karl Rove was in town. That's very interesting idea what that saying. That is really striking about having Karl Rove fear. She US stump for a robber had injured and of course that's how will it is no fan of president trial. And now robber in your face yet our primary in marking earth and the criticism coming from her campaign is. Small picture in SFO guy who's not only if you carry out front at the end of the so rubber flippers trying to make it arguing in two directions at some point I think you're really interest it breaks primary is an expert. Yeah and then he just beat terrorists last time bite. But a little over a hundred votes or some might dent. Yeah yeah out so you have that aspect got an a Republican leaning district obviously it will ever I'll let you know is it three Democrats but one of them academically. Who has thirty great. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and looked like he might yet be competitive that's great the same that he can get out of armor so. I would watch that race pretty closely. At the end of your interview you low launch and asking him whether or not he's read what happened by Hillary Clinton and then it. And all and I'll take your comments on that one because he said yes he was in the process of Reading it but. You'd then asked him will Haywood Hillary Clinton be better alternative to president trump way through the dead tell me this line of thinking there. LO well as far as Hillary personally don't know trump they he had of people here. He first entered in salt beds or what each candidate who would guarantee current election. And I sort of you know it just the question all the rest of the problem but what would she be better at the governing. Right now and he's dead it that's a hypothetical I'm not going to answer that got Bo was. An interest in answer and just circle back to the first art. When I Ripley asked if you read what happened to be ready but in the process Leavitt he described it floats painful. What I guess he says every other page you find somebody to blame on me and has and so on throughout the way our. Yeah that's what we expected bra and cruel. But some other maybe god so I've found that fifty an interesting interview. You can catch him on Fox News just about well are pretty regular basis and you can catch the interview in the new addition of the our Charlotte business journal which is out today error expand Byrd thank you very much I'll talk to you next week. However we can't out. All right October the twentieth. Which just happens to be my anniversary favorite station. With believing in the coming back and it said the other turns out to be October 21. So while. So happy anniversary to me. And we should be around for about two warriors at least. Do 93. Is the number of days were into a 217. 2017 and 72 days ago. Which leaves us someplace in the neighborhood of 66 days so crews. And that's just getting closer and closer and closer we've already had our first kids first meeting so we're a Mario look forward to the bike drive. Snoop Dogg. 46 years old today. I don't know what I thought older or younger. It's like you've been around for a long time. He has been around for a long long time this was the day back in 197740. Years ago today the winners catered crashed in Mississippi. Ronnie van Zandt Steve Gaines Cassie Gaines the road manners of the pilot the co pilot all perished. I turns out the NFL ratings may. They are down but it may have nothing to do with the players taken in need during his National Anthem a study of TV ratings shows that while pro football ratings are down. The decline is small when it's considered. You when you consider the general overall fall in television viewership. Due to the fact that people are dropping their cable packages that's what's have a big impact is people are changing the way that they're watching TV. He no longer. Necessarily have to be their lives for stuff. Football games or W wanna be there live for about. People heard people dropper on the cable packages. They spectrum how bad they I'm not dropping mind no but. But only consideration. Scientists have confirmed that you know when your dog gives you that puppy dog I'll look. Whether you own daughter you've been known to somebody's house alone ones chances are you've been given that. Puppy dog dialogue. Which of course is where the dog looks up and displays that you know the white of the size and appears and like Kirby begging. And the look generally can melt your heart if you have one. Tom. And usually given dead dead of people by dogs when they want something particularly food there's a new study out of the University of Portsmouth that says says determine the dogs give the look to their owners on purpose as a way to communicate. No one of the researchers said the findings appear to support evidence that dogs are sensitive to humans attention and that expressions are potent toll active. Attempts to communicate not simply emotional displays. If you want an emotional dog get OSD. They're the most sensitive things I've ever seen in my life they die they like routine and if it does a bill would just exactly the way it's are supposed to go than they get. Eating dinner. Buffalo limited. He has daily show's presidential Twitter library normally resides in New York where they have moved into a Chicago for the weekend it's free open to the public attendant. Ten problem or part of our big weekend but. I will be if you're in Chicago. Library displays the president's Twitter feed and exhibits include testimonials of of people who were targeted by the year president this again a strong bond neo social network as well as so what The Daily Show considers itself on his work his finest work. Sure there's no bias. Go to going on and Chicago your big weekend. Will kick off enough 5 o'clock give somebody a shot at a thousand dollars and our four K today contest. I'll give you a word right after the a 5 o'clock news and then we'll go into the big weekend with Tom Petty and then we'll start to talk about some of the things that are going on this weekend. In share including the ninth annual Charlie Craig crews and which is over there are no 4320 south new hope road if you've ever driven up and down now hold new hope road and estonians in that house on. But that garage looks like a Sinclair stations dozen Corzine's on that's word is. Won't cost Jenny thing there's no trophies are hitting like that there by brings in Europe classic and a collector cars and it's just a gathering a really good people had a ton of folks are last year. And we love to have you there this year and I'll give you more of the details on that in just a cycle we get into the a big weekend thing. Some mom some things never change. Like. Crap that's thrown in your bag on the following. You member of the Ol lady they used to throw the apple and error and crush the cookie that the other old lady that through the cookie and there are and do you remember the though lady who through the pennies an error. According to a survey the worst things you can pass out our let's just say this would be in the same list in a lot of waves that are dead and then when we're all kids. Oh girl you're. Our young York. Number five sugar free candy. A little raft ones that kinda have kind of all well exceed. Bulky case to him you know. Universe for fruit. Nobody's out their church retreat to get an apple or orange. We get that from our band members. That's changed. Number three small blocks of raisins. I forgot about that. Who thinks that's a good idea. And the it yeah it looked like that they cheer appeared teeth they may be better than chocolate that's your theory but they're all that they it's like Eden pebbles. If I ever brought toothbrush in your. That's number two on the list toothbrush. And a number one pennies. Sony would you recommend Georgia remember from. Trick or treating I always remember the plastic masks. Always remember that that cord started to cut in your ears after about two an hour and a half for so and then you'd end up with sweat. Inside the mask and such for you Merrill used to breathe and the plastic masks because it would cattle like pulled up the sweat. I also. I remember other things are remember Reagan durables and running. Got big trouble doing that one night. And I remember. On a busy street. In no Saint Louis. We were trick or treating and we heard a dark we heard a car skid and we all turned around just in time to watch it hit a dog. And I have never forgotten that as long as I'm a big animal lover but I have never forgotten that I can see it like it was yesterday. For tree. Did you like it art are not did you like triggered hurting her. The scene back in net I'm old enough that does that was before the days that people would sabotage or candy and you really have to worry about to have predators and. All that's stuff now. I don't know everybody's into your introductory news shopping malls are. Churches are not that much neighborhood traffic anymore unless you're just enough but even we were in a we lived in Cameron would for two or three years. And we would get some perpetrators general indicated still lived on the same street as we did we wrong all chapel lane. So if you were around old chapel people would come and but we you know I mean if we got twelve or fifteen and one night it was a it was a huge night. And you know I just seems like everybody kind of goes and does other things. I'll kick off a big week in deviates shot at a thousand dollars and nine get you out until 6 o'clock oral hand things over to a Marc Gerson with Good Charlotte have six overrun cannon traffic. And anything else that we can hack into the next hour to a keep your round. And don't forget the hornets thanks Roy del curry for a joint and Islam earlier Charlotte hornets home opener tonight against Atlanta. Who has lost a lot of their core from last year including Dwight Howard so that's probably a game they can win 7 o'clock tonight the spectrum center you can hear on our sister station shouldn't. 61025. W Athens the I. Money money money. We have got 1000 dollars right now are gonna give you word your seconds you text this word just seven to 81 you've got a shot at a thousand dollars in our fourth period a contest you've got until 515 dinner. So about nine minutes ten minutes. Message and data rates apply full contest rules are available at WBT dot com here's your word moon. Panama hello hello again. Text to moon just seven to 881 for your chance to win a thousand dollars your word against moon. M double low end. To 72881. And good luck to. Radio program it's an old Charlie Craig Arsenio Hall or an open weekend. Create love thinking about whether a best of edition this weekend the best place to see comedy is the comedy zone down there at the avid exchange music factory and in town tonight and tomorrow Arsenio Hall. So why if you go to a CLT comedy zone dot com you can get to know more information on that don't know too conservative more for that there are not but Friday and Saturday night Arsenio Hall down at the avid exchange music factory. And coming up next week Thursday to Sunday. DLQ only. Drops and down so was the music factory in the comedy zone are on sale pretty good run right now it has to good people. Parse any other this weekend DL Healy next weekend the comedy zone. As we have an exchange music factory. Okay. Good night for high school football nice cool crisp. Whether good games going on out there are number sixteen north Mecca will be playing number two Mallard creek. That's a 71 team against an eight no team number nine Hickory ridge goes up against number five Butler. That's seven and one team going up against a six and one team Charlotte Christian right now before it goes against their Charlotte Latin. That's a good dinner game Weddington. Ed number ten Marvin ridge Marvin bridges undefeated so far this season as well Thomas Jefferson academy they're undefeated they go up against mr. Bessemer city. They're undefeated so there's a lot of good games going on tonight northern grow land and our north Stanley both 71 James played tonight. And Lancaster and York. Played tonight Lancaster three and five York is seven to one I wondered would be favored is there AL brown at that northwest embarrassed tonight some other games just scattered around. The just south point Belmont south point. Is. And at that that that on the road for the first time a few weeks actually against RS central. Everybody anticipating that a final game of the season was Shelby west Lincoln travels to east Lincoln note tonight that should be a pretty easy game. In South Carolina Rock Hill at tech clover that's always a competitive game. Lancaster York we talked about number one team in the area south point plays so ritual in north east tonight. And Ashbrook Stewart Cramer. And Berry academy up against Padraig hell parting goes against a south next savers are evident tough here this year. Still south. I've been not driving up and down on new hope road south new hope road. You've probably seen male white building off to the sides got a Sinclair station out sort of and thought to yourself. Is that really a Sinclair station present an old Sinclair station that's closed or no that's Charlie courage place. I'm not Charlie's car enthusiasts got a a trip to the nicest little red white Corvette your son launch. A lot of work in that or garage back here and every year he gets together and has crews in. And a whole bunch of people from not only guest in calorie but all over the place spring and are classic cars is is a no admission deal. On the this is not an underdog vying for trophies are or plaques or anything like that this is just regular let's get old together over Charlie Craig's place and it just a bunch of good people is just stared at everybody's cars are walk around and there are some trucks there last week last year that I. Sellers some out there that in a parking area you'll see all that bad people whether parked out there because he's owns like the two houses that are right next door to a so there's all sorts of parking. But anyway come down and join us tomorrow it's days doing this all day long. That out last year I think it's open for big drug this year it's is just more of a social get together and just good people I know people love cars and I'll be down there sometime tomorrow I have no idea win new. Be sure thereabouts ninth annual Charlie Craig cruise in goes on all day long any proceeds that they do get all go to cancer services of aghast and county. 4320s. South new. Hope wrote in gas stony all day deal tomorrow Charlie Craig's cruise and I hope to see you there. Plus our stuff going on this week which are about Charlie Greg's accrues in go on them their rent 4300 block of south new hope road tomorrow all day long. And the good guys Pennzoil 24 southeastern nationals is a going up to Charlie motor speedway. And Melissa is on the line and apparently got some going up and carters will enable us up. I die and so we're not there it's hotter at bell hunter's bill to add. Inundated these. In and eleven members Burry. On the third Friday of every night yeah I have hot rod and hot. And what it is this is the car. And it's the joint venture between temporary and I and and this State's top good brother Bob brought in noted that got hit and the battery out for iron it and it's been chopped. And it's very and they have been you that there. I think we got a dry and Scotty. And it's real it's fun it's really fun. I've had given the location again matter where is it. It it on bailing you read it. Bet bet the day. I tell you why. Okay I Andy can you give me like I've got a quick snapshot on directions on that what Joseph which exit door get off fund various 77 is all I am taken 77. UK 77 and he's thankful aideed you according Bob 200 salt. I forget which exit it is good. And wind when you're on 115. When you and I saw you on one guess seeing now you pap right in the charts. And be on your right okay. And then you get into your body go and he get the belly right behind Google's. Listen now send me an email on that an area not for today but for other third. Fridays are above the rest of the month that you guys are doing that Melo and I'll get you on the agenda. Zealot forward in your that the kids are set up Mac all right go yeah me too I'm look forward to an already thank you Melissa. Yet but right. All right off she goes you know does think it's going on this week imparting your big weekend. Deer meat sandwich at Arby's all day long. I heard Mark Garrison and maybe Charles talking about this armies is going to be selling a sandwich made with deer meat just 401 day tomorrow. Fast food chain's locations across country seven dollar denizens sandwich. Only be available while supplies last. Boasting about the slow deer. And at that. Or is it becomes available. Now well well Monday gain. Arteries also be a testing and elk sandwich add to there are three locations are three other locations in Colorado Wyoming and Montana that makes sense of I don't know there. But anyway the a sandwich features a thick cut piece of a dear me talk with crispy onions and juniper Berry saw us. Some of these chief marketing officers guy by the name and Jim Taylor Ernie said the positive response was so widespread and passionate that it decided to offer the sandwich nationwide for a day. Now apparently they do this from time to time out west but there are doing it to all cross country tomorrow so. Q1 of innocence and which Arby's would be the place to go part of your big weekend of course the home opener for the Charlotte hornets is tonight. Down to spectrum Atlanta is in town that's attain they can probably be. Even a shorthanded is they are. But zooms out Michael Kidd Gilchrist is so on personal leave. Michael Carter Williams is out Cody Zeller and had a knee injury in Detroit he's out. How many how many have people on an NBA roster twelve. So that takes you down to about eight but five on the floor. Be some tired players at the end of that one. I Atlanta tonight. Than they travel to Milwaukee on Monday. And then now home for three. Denver on Wednesday Houston looks like Chris Paul's up for about a month by the way be in a week from today. And no Orlando on no October the 29 and you can hear those games. On our sister station 610102. Point five WFDNC. Charlotte hornets back in the on the regular season home opener tonight at 7 o'clock in BA dot com slash hornets if you're looking to us. Not a hooker put all that Chris has made the south it's going on this week and embarrass Serena and event center. They have a spoon and had Austin, Texas. Soon to be home of Amazon reporters are doing. He is in town they got thundered in lightning out the first time to play in the film or no Sunday night 8 PM. Tickets are about thirty bucks. And they are trio called the late bloomer. Enormous body you know you're familiar with them good. So that the Jews because short Fillmore down there at the avid music. And and North Carolina music exchange. It's not your party your weekend but the mobile on theatre on Monday mark Cohen and could do that in a heartbeat. We talked about the good guys so the Pennzoil 24 southeastern nationals car show bringing in more than Torii 500 classic custom pre 1972 cars or Charlotte motor speedway and all in the infield live music food kids' zone and the whole nine yards 82 oh it's it's still 6 o'clock tonight. Another eight to three tomorrow forty bucks to get him. If you're between seven and net twelve of Costa six bucks if you're under six you get in for free. Compare Serena we told you 37 annual Christmas made the south goes through DO weekend. To that that 11 AM till 5 PM and then for a Saturday and Sunday. And no doubt that you backed about seven bucks no big deal the monsters. Butch Patrick he was almost got Fitz Gerald Earl. You have a butch Patrick. How played kid. And a Lillian Berman son Eddie Munster. And be open now my bit in my new home of Belmont. A lot this weekend but he's also open hunters hill alternately he's gonna make multiple appearances he's in town and with the mall or coach replicas of the monster coached. And the drag you'll look car. He'll be at the Halloween express in hunter's bill that's on no Sam for a road from 4 to 7 o'clock tonight so he's there are now. And then he said Deb Belmont boo fest which is it just stoke park right there in downtown Belmont from two to seven tomorrow. And now from 8 to all 11 o'clock Friday through Sunday. Eight tall 11 PM. At the haunted mill which is in the 6300 block of Wilkinson bullet. Art if you got up and down vote to boulevard you know where that is it's and that they they do that every single year so wound. Which badgers are like a nice guy talking to Scott FitzGerald the day he's in town know with a bunch a monster stuff. And we told you are sitting all return to the comedies though and shows are at just 730 and 945. Tonight and seven and 930 tomorrow. But 25 to 35 bucks I don't know tickets still available or not but the comedies don't got no amount. Some pretty good stuff going on note in the last few weeks. Good deal if you leak next weekend so that's where that goes. Celtic music weekend going off. Renaissance. Festival and RT Asian marketplace you know their the results love fest runs from. Up until November the nineteenth Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM till 530. Comedy in jousting and crafts and music and feasting big Alter healing. And royalty and I don't get to look for the year Booth called a lot of leathers. Where there's so belts and no bracelets and other small accessories and stuff like that that's our friend Karen who also wants these sticks and stones ice cream truck to keep us abreast of what's going on. With the a food truck are rallies in and around town their prosperity village tomorrow night. And the old buy low from Florida 9 o'clock I think this is the last hurrah for them the so weekend. So some of the trucks and will be there 100 main barbecue Bebo smack Jack or Jack I've been known to that one a few times. Issued a Curry's. Family ties amazed real kitchen so fees soul food streets why isn't sticks and are all of prosperity village. And that's tomorrow night at the old Milo from a 4 till 9 o'clock and I think. You have for your chairs of the dog in the kids and a whole nine yards but this their clothes and out the 2017 eat from a truck are a rally season and that'll be it tomorrow night at prosperity village. So there you go there. There have behind bill lake park tonight part of the find all fall festival. Which continues tomorrow but from until 10 o'clock to. Night 6 till 10 o'clock tonight. Get wrist bands for the rides with the entertainers speak music player from 7 till 10 o'clock and then tomorrow they got a whole bunch of a whole day of entertainment 10 AM until 6 PM arts and crafts and and all sorts of pie eating contest and a dog show in two zoo man's on the family stage tomorrow and and some bands there Chicago reloaded. And don't you think that's a Chicago tribute band you would think. So all that's going on doubted to the fall festival in no applying bill at plan to lake park. So you know put that behind bill I can read the prime on this. Pine hill and C dot gov would be where you need to go to find more information about that. The Chinese lantern festival continues and Daniel still botanical garden am telling you. It's not just it's so much more than what you have even imagined and Daniel stills are beautiful place anyway but this is Asian culture India at the garden. I continues set through next weekend. It is so Wednesday through Sunday 530 to 930 and you can purchase tickets on line and advance if you wanted DS DG dot org it it was it's something you ought to go do it is just stunning. ES PG Daniel still botanical garden dot org the Chinese lantern festival continues. In Shelby they're doing the mosh music and months. Festival. It's say a North Carolina brew fest and chili cook off tomorrow. Scares me today up until 930. And then tomorrow is the official North Carolina liberal mush festivals is global and open no Shelby. And the court square and up down no Shelby. So the official North Carolina liver marsh festival from 8 AM till 4 PM tomorrow in the North Carolina brew fest and chili cook off is going on until 6381098. And they got all sorts of stuff going up other two and if you needed Saturday festival admission is for free. I don't think that's true with the your brew fest tonight I think there's a charge but you can find out everything and mosh. Music. And my shots. Dot com. I've never had liver mush. Mild morning show partner who grew up here in Charlotte and now lives in no Fort Mill after spending most of his life in Florida. Little time in Detroit. He swears by liver mush I just can't get past the name. It just did day I can't do it. I did just like some northerners can't get past the name grits. And it just sounds like it's got to be like Eton Sam. And that's fine that just leaves more for the restaurants. I your sports calendar over the weekend the NBA's an action of course hawks in the hornets tonight to talk to bill career a little bit earlier fox sports southeast settled via the Dell curry broadcast starts it's 9 o'clock. The rest of the game so be heard on our sister station 610 wanna 2.5 W offends the so the L hawks are in town denied for the home opener for the Charlotte hornets. You also have Major League Baseball going on tonight 8 o'clock on fox sports one yankees in the Astros or yankees could wrap that one up Dodgers are already in the World Series. College football tomorrow or early game Pittsburgh at duke. Also an early game Louisville led to a Florida State that'll be interesting to Florida State's had a tough time this year and and actually so is Louisville. Considering. They got the Heisman Trophy quarterback a hanging out there. 330 games includes Tennessee at Alabama. Syracuse at Miami. Syracuse just beat Clemson so maybe that's maybe that's a good game North Carolina. And Virginia Tech is a at 330 game on ESPN two. And Michigan at Penn State's on ABC game tomorrow at 7 o'clock 730 southern cal and Notre Dame. And how good is Notre Dame this year not that great are they. Southern cal Notre Dame why that's one of the big rival reasonable time. And I'm got to tell you being a pac twelve foot team fanned on the East Coast is just murder because that seems like most of Colorado's games and our being played at night. They played Washington State tomorrow it starts on ESPN at 1045. So yeah I guess his tape and now one. But Washington State just got beat Washington State was undefeated until last week and they just got beat and this is that Washington State and the Colorado buffaloes aren't quite the team they were last year so. As soon as I say that they'll win the game and always sorry I didn't not. The end NASCAR boys are in neck Kansas the Infiniti race is that tomorrow at air dead and a dead at 3 o'clock on NBC. And the. The big show had a big guys the monster energy guys are run tomorrow the Hollywood casino 400. You have that Hollywood casino 400 in Kansas. It must be a link to Toto or something on channel that. By NBC sports network tomorrow at 3 o'clock and your sports calendar for NFL on Sunday Panthers and the bears at 1 o'clock. 4 o'clock game cowboys at the 49ers. For a thirty game bagels that the Steelers and your 820 game falcons. At the patriots. And that's everything for your big weekend Mark Garrison of Charlotte the six best.