Details Emerge About Thai Boys Rescued from Cave, ICE and 287g Program

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, July 18th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good Wednesday morning. Great to be back with you. Hope all is well in your world and it is certainly. Very good in the world. I'm a group of boys. And their coach. Everyone now officially out of the hospital. This is such great ending to the story have you seen the video. That's been released. I should say videos as import all because it's really awesome to see. These guys all recorded videos. Based thank you messages. For all the support that they received over the past few weeks. The most praise obviously. For the navy seal who lost his life in the effort to save theirs. There's twelve members the US soccer team and their coach. They spent more than two weeks trapped underground a flooded cave. In northern Thailand. They made their first appearance in public. They got to the hospital today. Addressed the world's media. At a news conference. They all wore matching team shirts. And voice their coach appeared happy relaxed as they took their place and a large purpose. Pope stage. Alongside a medical team and specialist doctors. They're junior soccer team Missouri the wild borders. Introduced themselves the media share their nicknames told the audience what position they played on the team. And we also had Navy SEALs the Thai Navy SEALs. Sitting beside the boys. One of the boys. Became famous after responding in English to the first diver to reach the group. His name is our June. Fourteen years old. He spoke of a shock in realizing they had been discovered. Was busy digging like so many looking for a possible exit when some of the boys stud they heard the sound of people. Talking. That's when the coach told the group stayed quiet. Which has one of the boys move closer to allege in China flashlight and water. Boy was too scared to do so. I was just thinking of the day because partially because I watched. A horror movie the other day that involves a cave. Story that was a creepy movie. I I don't remember the name of this thing. But there these creatures living in the cave. This is all you need so if you get trapped now you're gonna have these images. How both of these crazy weird flesh eating monsters coming at a cave soon sorry about that. But this went through my mind. This would be the first thing that crossed my mind if in this same kind of situation. In any case. So in the big British drive divers. Breached the surface Arjun said he was so shocked all he can think you have to say was a blow. Up up up up. His medical that's true what else you get a say hello. This is absolutely cool. What I think is also awesome. And you can understand. The depths of what they were be feeling now in appreciation for those who rescued them. Is there for refuse they promise that they are expressing. Two people involved in the rescue here is a clip her short clip board dues and this is before year's release. This was a thank you message released from his hospital bed. Now and then they finally. Admitted thank you those sold. Pet me. Thank you so much. Pretty simple. And it's cool because all the kids didn't. These interviews thank you messages. Such a wonderful ending. Such a wonderful ending to this. The group explored the under there underground tunnels for about an hour before deciding to turn back around a lot of people you wonder how all of this start. This is how this started. There were exploring tunnels. By the time they said to turn around. The sun overcome partially flooded two person group to head back toward the cave interest. Leave the entrance the cave at this point they realized they were trapped. When the entrance flooded no immediate way out group retreated back into the cave to find somewhere to rest so they can do. When set I can't remember his voice that was and then. Said we are all lost. When I said to be a scary realization. During the first ten days. There was one particularly worrying moment because the group to shift course. The sound flowing water. The realization. The water was rising fast. One of the recalled how he told voiced its higher ground concerned. They might soon be submerged. Instructed the group start digging and look for potential exit. When they heard the sad news about who Thai navy seal who died during the course the rescue effort. In some of them in fact felt guilty. They may have caused to staff. Then there was a decision. About what to do how to proceed. Kids made the decision on who should go first based on who lived the furthest away. Whose phone was you know everybody's going to be rescued everybody's gonna go straight home well not quite a. The thought was dosing got a first should spread the word not realizing the global media. Had already descended on the caved in you know this would be a bizarre experience the issue thinking there you're there all by yourself it's. Nobody no shoe fair. You have OK he had Charles signaled no concept of time. Of anything whatsoever. My goodness this must have been an Emmy think of someone who's claustrophobic. For instance. What would that feeling be like being in this cave. Many of the boys also apologized their parents for not telling them they went into the K if I can see that as well. When asked about the lessons they've learned from the incident. One person said he's going to live more carefully. Arjun said. The people can't predict the future and experience taught him about the consequences. Of acting careless. Him. Other boys said though they still dreamed of becoming soccer players they also now want to come Navy SEALs. Well that's cool is that. That really has two weeks they can Navy SEALs. Prince said they knew the dangers became sort consider off limits at this time of year. Authorities said more than 100 questions rescinded for members of the media. Though only a handful were selected all twelve players there coach. They've been under close supervision ends we are happy to report all of them not only physically. But mentally. All cleared everybody is fine. Such a wonderful ending the story don't you think yes it certainly could've done. Much differently. Taken a turn for the worst. Coming up. We'll talk about the crazy things happening above the surface. The RNC convention. That's. It was a very narrow approach and accepting it into the city of Charlotte and we'll talk about it tight race they can be very interesting to watch this fall. This is fiscal clean. Instantly radio program continues now. Very interesting discussion going nine. On a particular cable network. They have uncovered. Some information about mister Brett Cavanaugh. Brit Kavanagh of course is the nominee to. Serve on the Supreme Court. Here is what they've discovered. Here's a quote. I would overturned the ruling. Upholding the independent counsel. What comes to your mind when you hear that John and Charles. Does this grab your attention in any way at all I was overturn. Her ruling upholding the independent counsel. Mines already made up. Well. What does it say prove potentially about the choice of this particular. Candidates. To serve on the court. Might this have been one of the factors. In making this decision just goes to my. I just think this is an intriguing. Tony sixteen so when these comments were communicated. Independent counsel ruling absorbing intriguing C despite what I have in my hands. The set of documents. They're really intriguing I love at some point. To have a conversation with my. Former neighbor and person I considered the some of our friends. Gary McFadden who is likely to come the next sheriff of Mecklenburg County. Who has vowed to indeed 287 G program. I assume this is someone from the sheriff's office who sent this to me a collection. Of 287 G encounters. I'm going to share some of these with you. Because it's and I know what they're trying to do they're trying to pick a point out why it is so important. Did this program has continued. Clearly you're not familiar those directly in the Charlotte area and I think this is an issue for pretty much every jurisdiction in the country. Local authorities make choices about whether to participate. In this program. By the way if your local municipality does not participate you need to urged him to do so you need to find out whether they are participating. If they're not need to ask why. The bottom line here is. This is about lawlessness. Or law and order that's really the choice. Now I know one of the arguments on the other side it's concerned. What's the law enforcement authorities and I and I'm I don't wanna put words in Jerry's mouth but I think a lot of people were concerned. Bet if they. Express any. Any. Desire. To address the issue of illegal immigration. As a relates to crime or whatever. The law enforcement argument has always been that they're concerned. That's in cases where they have investigations. That they will have people within the especially Hispanic community who will not cooperate with police. That's really. The chief argument I've heard along these lines. Take a recent question. How many people in the black community cooperate with police. I shouldn't. What's being done to address that issue. Which I would daresay. Has more for bearing on the level of crime in our community. Then with illegal immigration. And saying that as a black man I bring this up because. I know for a fact. And there are plenty of times where we have circumstances where there's a culture. That is anti police and it's it's against cooperation. Nowhere is expressions snitches get stitches. To cheer for that before. So there's this intimidation that takes place. And this mindset of this just not cooled talk to the police. What's being done to combat that. I'm just curious. But I'll be sharing some of the use a little bit later in the program. Because I think it's very you were feeling. And I finally simply gave this is what's the evil. In continuing with this program. Didn't mean dealing with some of the worst of the worst criminals that we certainly do not need in this country. On the text line responding to what I did say about the Thai rescue in fact it. Everyone got out of the hospital today. As happy in convince my rear end. He trained navy seal who lost his life. Trying to save these dumb asses. Jim I Beasley really. And I understand your. Upset about the loss of life here the same time. Can we not just celebrate and I think even heat in these circumstances. We look at this and he's not thinking about. You know the choices that were made whether there wise or unwise. You're just willing to put his life on the line. If he's willing to do that I'm willing to bury. And every indictments that I might offer for an unwise choice. What do you think about that Jim. Also on the text like Donald Trump must think the American. This is about us how he communicated. Here is. Perspective on believing. The intelligence community or. Vladimir Putin. It's obvious that the context of what he was talking about he meant to say what he said evidently so many of his own cabinet people told him how bad. He made himself look so we tried to change to. Trump is destroying the Republican Party and all it stands for this is America. Not trumpet stand rule. I'm gonna have to steal that went trumpet stand. Vince the movie you referred to is called the descent yes in fact there is a descent to. That was what I watched the other day. I saw the original. When that came out whatever that was didn't go to the year by the way he moves on Netflix. Also on the tech slide against the use while you guys are so harsh. These dumb little boys knew better they said today. They got into the same trouble before that cave. And the soccer coach. He should be prosecuted for his role and endangering the lives of these boys. Wow. Maybe there's some question or conversation needs to take place there are some of your pretty rough. Pretty harsh. Nonetheless. I wanna talk about some of these 287 G cases and interestingly enough was it yesterday's program we have the texture of Lewis. Trying to engage the immigration subject with friends. Illegal is a friend or relative to the first was wondering you know how do I make the case. Why it is important first our borders into enforced there's. Well let me give you some fresh reasons. And I probably interspersed some of these during the course the broadcast. There are a bunch of these 287 G in turner. Reports. And it basically so you have some concept of what I'm sharing from. Just a regular. Piece of even half by eleven paper. In as the rest states. The name and country of birth the charges previous charges and the status. Kelly ideal here is you know especially if you've got to circumstance. Where somebody is. Any illegal immigrant I would much rather have the Fed's deal with this. And have this come out of local. Taxpayer dollars. Ultimately we're gonna pay I get it. Let the Fed's deal with this stuff. We just give you a preview. Here's one guy. Eric Alvarado Honduras. This is where he's from Honduras Eric Eldorado. Charges. Are sold inflicting serious bodily injury. From a two pretty serious don't you think. This guy is now detained by ice he needs to be and there are others will talk about him. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. That we continue to Vince Coakley radio program. I've been going over some of these. 287 G contenders in Mecklenburg County. It's it's pretty. Interesting to read. Some of these. Details on some of the people who were now detained by ice here's another one. Jolt court called T paella. He's got to Mexico. Order for a arrest for failure to appear for driving while impaired man how many of these do you think there are. An ice fugitive. Now in custody. Pictures say Allah Acosta from Honduras. No operator's license reckless driving to endanger. Speeding. What else do we have here bulges are Santiago. Carla out of Guatemala. Resist delay and obstruct public officer. Detained by ice. It's just sampling in the world. Over some of these others. To give you a sense again I I asked the question. What is wrong. With this 287 G program. I hope at some point. My dad's we can prevail upon our friend Jerry McCann and the likely make share from Mecklenburg County to reconsider. Because I think. A good part of this and I'm not making the accusation of him but I think a lot of what drives this is political. Pandering. Is what it is on the issue of illegal immigrants and immigration. On the text line. But this is just wonderful. You know. I'm always amused by. The trolls that text in this program people who for the most part will never called the show. Because they cannot. They cannot carry on a conversation to have an intellectual discourse. So we get stuff like this in the text line. Tony second sese Euro loser Coakley. You let a lib tarred democratic contact your show posing as conservatives and you repeat their rhetoric F few. Up up up up up up this is just wonderful may god richly bless you as well. See I'm gonna tell you. If this is what you think conservatism is a unique Americanism is. IE. I feel sorry for you I really do. Because we're in deep trouble. We really are. Prunes like the Democrats. We always do what he's gonna do our intelligence agency is somewhat questionable at times. I hope none of these critical people ran out of gas. And are left on the side there over the census. I am a dumb ass don't stop. That's really lovely. While. That is absolutely amazing. When people say if you tell a lie claiming it to be true enough times people believe it does that make it true no it doesn't. Yes this is what happens all too often. Now what does that really accomplish a breakdown of communications structured associated with in the lie will never produce a strong standing structure foundation. This is the fate of salt Lewinsky's tactics. Hillary's glass ceiling was actually her Foundation's stand on she obviously destroyed its. Yes and so unfortunately she will not just go away. That's quite tragic. In the category of something that I think people need to consider. You know I I think they're people have the idea that the elitists. Are just celebrating. Because they get their own way all the time or most of the time. I found this true story really intriguing reported by Fox News it's about George Soros who's probably one of the favorite targets. Of many of us who we consider ourselves conservatives. And liberty minded. And see this story really communicates kind of a somber perspective out of George Soros. He's not too happy. He called Obama the greatest disappointment. And said he doesn't particularly want to be a Democrat. Does this surprise you it doesn't surprise me at all. And let me just interject something before we move forward obviously I'm not a fan. Of George source. Let me tell you something though. I think one of the things that's going on here. With. All of these elitists. That what is your desire is control. Whether it's power whether it's money. People always want more. And I think it's exciting. When people find themselves frustrated in their inability to achieve these goals especially when an involves controlling and screwing people. I think this is a good thing. That a man like this with all the money that he has all the power all the influence he has. Finds himself disappointed. This is awesome. He said former president Barack Obama was his greatest disappointment during a wide ranging interview with the New York Times. While also trying to distance himself from partisan politics. Mr. Soros was actually an early supporter of Obama's 2008 presidential run told the times Obama was actually my greatest disappointment. Before user friendly prompted by an aide to clarify. When he was dissatisfied on a professional level rather than with his presidency. What in the world does that mean. It's called backtracking. It's called damage control. And another part of the interview told the paper Obama closed the door on him after he secured the presidency all now we get to this you know. Do you know how this works. I give you so much money therefore you have to give me access. Pay you after all I'm a billionaire. You should take my colts. When I jump you should ask how high. He goes on he made one phone call thanking me for my support. Which was meant to last for five minutes I engaged him he had to spend another three minutes with me so like dragged it out to eight minutes. Soros told the paper he had hoped. To have been consulted on economic and financial issues and that Obama was known to take his supporters for granted. And to woo his opponents. While this can entrenched in did you ever think this of Barack Obama. I always thought he was very much pandering to a supporters. Source also poured millions of dollars and Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 presidential run. I inserted that field and there. Just for fun. You would not say whether he would back Bernie Sanders. In the upcoming presidential election assembly comes to politics. I don't particularly want to be a Democrat. Can you believe that's. Soros also praised Arizona Senator John McCain. So the main priority of his political activism was to promote bipartisanship. Tony Republicans on the far right led him to become one of the top funders for the Democratic Party. And push. She put this in one of the questions I'm curious about what is the far right what's really define that for me what does it mean to be far right. And is there some concern about the far left. TM money to left and right. I mean to freedom. I'm into the constitution. Nonetheless. Mr. Soros with all of his wealth all of his influence finds himself. Flustered. And there's a little more that he shares that are I think he would find rather intriguing. We'll talk about this including a reference to the meat to movement coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. It back in the midst Coakley radio program where if my mom's favorite color on the program. Roads good morning. Good morning I don't think it looks like I got up copyright dampen their China he can move pretty. What some noted back up beyond the perched at the possibility. I can't get it directly gets trapped can help. Are you serious Hickenlooper. Yeah they are. He's content out of bounds and that impact the zodiac. The got nothing out of British child he had to run trot out and get jumping to ignore them and twenty. Oh my goodness what is this guy have I mean I mean I've heard it from before but. What stands out about him births per. That was a lot here but that got a picture perfect in her name different blocking lit up to abide that I got going and Jerry. I into the build a better paying. And so the fact that China India and Iran I'm not sure hey. The other players produced. John paperwork. He can't have an analyst Jim yeah yeah. I don't know expanding out. I don't know what they'll know they have they didn't think he had it yes what I'm glad lecture another and then does. So I don't know what what we got to land that we get in here. When I think this is gonna be amusing by the way hold on the line for more. Because rose I've I've just dug up a story here on Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. And there's a story that was done a few months ago. Output was detained on this story this was march of Tony eighteen. Behind the scenes. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper inches towards Tony Tony presidential race. I did not know the who's actually think about the key about running for president. He met with key political players to discuss White House bid against president and trop. I think this is absolutely hilarious holding meetings and then. Not when I got out there who. You know he's met with veteran political players. And he apparently made a visit to Iowa as well. So. It's a person said here. John and sense of timing in politics is he's lucky star. It served him well when he ran for mayor and the governor in May do the same for run in twenty taught me. Is this is a former chief political strategist for mr. Hickenlooper. The name alone doesn't it. Doesn't that kind of pleasure to be amused. I haven't OK so they can't. I wouldn't talk live the lives of people you it is easy used it's a little. I do about it. A great year Fermi roads. This I love about. This audience so many view stiff on so many different things to intersect I had no idea. Then Hickenlooper was even on the radar screen. As a presidential possibility his name is certainly not up there and in the top tier of candidates juries hear about Kirsten Gillibrand and some of these other people. You know who the Castro Brothers and Bernie Sanders those the when you hear about it over and over. This is definitely a new way and let's keep an eye on this so I was telling you about George Soros and his comments. We have some more interest in words that. I'm sure raised some eyebrows. Soros has expressed displeasure with senator Kirsten Gillibrand. For her use of them need to movement that led the removal of Al Franken from congress. You don't he said about her she was using meat two to promote herself. Wow. That's a pretty brutal. Accusation. Seat in the other question is how you walk this back. If she ends up on the ticket. You basically say this woman self serve. Which that's pretty stir up a I love these guys go after each other I think it's absolutely wonderful. So not a big fan of what's happened there at the meat to movement. Although neither Gillibrand or her aides have confirmed or denied. She's going to make a presidential run their reports of extensive fundraising. As well as your average to young people and communities of color that may well. Be an important. Part of the serious anti trump. Voting record in the senate as well. Soros has contributed upwards of fifteen million dollars to support Democrats in mid terms told the paper for every trump supporter. There is more than one trump enemy will be more intense and more determined. And here's how he closed his comments when asked about where he views his political ideology. Source told the times I'm opposed to the extreme left. Hanging. It just stopped trying to keep up with the extremists on the right. That's kind of intriguing. So let's George Soros. Not a big fan of what's happened with the meat to movement. Says ms. Gillibrand issues this basically. The entire thing is self serving for her at least. And not too fond of being a Democrat. Well. Who knew. Other tech slide you should ask why are these illegal and immature people here. We're fed up with him being here. And even more fed up with the politicians. Ignore our wishes to stem the unabated flow over the borders. And Syria. Prince George Soros was born Jewish port four or should I say colluded with the Nazis. And we need to know anything else and his character. The far right anymore. Anyone to read of Karl Marx. So grossed nearly crippled Englander of currency manipulation which made him extremely rich. It's politics based on preventing anyone else from getting rich honestly he. That would not surprise me prince Brack Obama was a big disappointment for me to no doubt for different reasons. The right disappointed Darth serious I mean George sucker us. Far right's equals. At Arco libertarian absolutist. No government no legal recourse far left. Absolute government total government control of every aspect of society total dependence on this all powerful state. Well that's a pretty uninteresting. Weed to characterize this. Much mores we continue to broadcast. News next. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. There's just no good Stokely radio program. However two of our broadcast from. I'm going through some of the interesting names. For Mecklenburg county sheriff's department. To 87 G contenders. Again we will share a couple of years. Hello this guy Carlos. To Hedo. Mendez out of Honduras. Chargers. Possession with intent to manufacture sell deliver methamphetamine its position of stolen goods property position of drug pair filet of possession and manufacture. Fraudulent identification. No operator's license operating a vehicle with no insurance. Drive a motor vehicle with no registration. Well that's crossed my mind and that you wish years ago and my. I think my parents were hit. By a guy with no insurance. Try that sometime. And see how much you celebrate this not only somebody hitting you with no insurance but. Illegal immigrants. I mean. Now these days many of us have coverage. To cover people who are. Not coverage the unfortunate thing about this is who's paying for that. We are. Another wonderful guy detained by ice. And one more for we go to a caller. Heavy air Figueroa Blanco. Out of Mexico. Driving while license revoked. This guy get a license in the first place. There's an and other interest in question. My goodness. Another person detained by ice in his own litter around me be mapped sometimes you just can't tell with pictures. Let's go out to a call from John in Fort Mill good morning John. Let me out to talk about the state. No I didn't. Know how does pretty good hey why not you can't if you like Q I'm not gonna show you go ahead. At that point and then cure. So that's something you know around the town of Ramallah. Know that twelve Russian agents have to DNC server when that server. As there have been examined by the FBI or anybody else for that matter. But that is a very good question. Did kind of topic is mulling about and they didn't want cheap and server but nobody knows or is it or what happened to it yet. They claim he twelve Russian agents practice scandal prove that something like. I think he actually made a request to well you're invited to come to Russia. And into the of those 1218. That you sent her have been indicted but Mullen. Yes well there's a flip cited this did you hear the rest of this but for now also wants the ability. To investigate people that they're concerned about. So we need to make them available as well. But what are the Russians. You are. Sounds like a great plan doesn't it but away stay on with Magi and because this is a great time to share this story New York Post has the story. There has come out just a few days ago. New report claiming DMC Haq was an inside job not Russia will. A group of former US intelligence officials contend that hack. Of the DNC computers in Torre sixty was an inside job the group calling itself the veteran intelligence professionals. For sanity or VIP yes. Says there is an insider leak that occurred thanks to someone with access to a DNC computer. From these arguments first reported by the left wing magazine the nation which said the group claimed to have forensic evidence to back up its intentions. And a handful of ex CIA and NSA officials also argued. There was no evidence that Romanian hacker identified as Christopher 2.0. Broke into the DNC system in past embarrassing information about Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks. At the behest of the Russians. And the evidence suggests Christopher. Was invented to distract attention from revelations and someone altered Christopher's documents to make them look as if there were Russian. What do you think. You know what I would where would echo what this is a New York Post story article New York Post story. Oh Euro a hypocrite that are not but why don't we published news. On the one source three W a RD and the Adobe BT FaceBook pages we will share this John and hey I didn't do appreciate your call you know anything's possible this Weis said and let me reiterate for those of you. Couldn't really exercise that I haven't been on the conspiracy kick you know why are Jew pushing for. You know investigation of Hillary why are you pushing for you know getting a hold of this computer yeah I've never. Never at any time said these things should not be done. But I've also said the president is the president. And if you've got folks who were not doing their jobs fire at them. It's as simple. And it turns out this thing is an inside job what else did I say if you listen to this program a few days ago. Anybody remember what I said several days ago about this. If all of this is a fraud if the whole basis for the investigation. The Russian investigation is a fraud what did I tell you to do. Thank you Johnny prosecutor Johnny is paying attention here. I listened to years and well thank you John I absolutely appreciate that she I don't play around what this stuff. Those of you think I'm just sitting at yeah you're probably open debate take trump dial. Commissioners I can hear some of I've said I made this very clear if there are fertile. It's allegations of the base of this bit of cars. These investigations. Have caused a waste of time energy and the soiling your reputations. Those individuals need to be prosecuted that's simple. Throw them under the prison. Text send them to Guantanamo Bay. I don't have tolerance for false accusations. I really don't. This story. This intriguing. The crux of the argument this story continues. Is the data taken from the DNC was transferred to a USB stick meaning someone would have had to have direct access to the committee's computers. They claim the Davis transferred at a raped it was far too fast. For an Internet connection. Some cyber security experts say this report is full of holes. One director of intelligence analysis. The fire hire firm that provides forensic analysis told the hill in short this theory is flawed. The author of the report didn't consider numbers and areas in breezed right past others completely ignores all the avenues that contradicts its claims. Another expert. Director of its security researcher at spunk told Leo. The theory the data was downloaded onto a USB stick was also flawed this theory assumes that Packard download files to a computer then leaked it. From that computer. Files might have been copied multiple times before getting released. This person says a hacker might have downloaded it. To one computer. In chaired by USB two in. An air gap to network for translation then copied by different person for analysis then. Brought a new USB to an entirely different air jet computer. To determine strategy all before it was package for Bruce or for 2.0 to leak. This is quite a path. In any case I hate. If this is true. If this is a faked bring from the very beginning. Prosecute it. It's just that simple. Not complicated at all. Still hold to come today. You re really shocked to find out who James Coleman is calling for you to vote for this fall. Yes he's actually made a statement on this thing and were shared coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. They wanna do a big shout outs hopefully. Just listening right now ritual Frederick sin of Easley South Carolina. Here we have this contest is going on where you can win the 1000. Dollars. And she is one of our winners. So I want to extend congratulations. And I also do you sister reminder you know some people have this idea nobody wins these contests well there you go. Because this is a national contest. So certainly a big deal. We have the evidence here another local winner ritual Frederick Sidney can graduation sub two ritual for Easley South Carolina. Let's go out to a call from. Let's start with. Paul out of Greenville good morning. Good morning sir how are you a racer. Enjoy yourself. Thank you for travel all over the quality then. One of the best information showed up their. While you can keep going keep going on just getting. What's on your mind eraser. He illegal immigrant driver's license. How they get it so I have a personal affairs that. Came back from a living out of state a couple of years. Whether to apply for a new job. They called me back instead. I'm not eligible because of something on my driver's license on and that's very important for me because I have to gut. But this can be dealt restart pulled my own DNB record nothing comes up on. I like it to a different in the offices. Spoke to BB managers. And they gave me no resources I know now. So I can't figure out how to backtrack. Through the legal system to find out what some highlights of it turns out that an illegal immigrants. Took my first name. Change one letter in my let me. You can address but I haven't lived that pro eleven years. And my driver's license numbers. May get a driver's license. And now that there was a ticket out there against my record. And I was living in other thing when it happened. But it took me to go through. And state senator. From local representatives. And one local representative did have a novel without battle all that about high ranking being the official. Good Evelyn how we get all of the results. Met along very sure. I think that that doesn't mean credit out so it means life insurance health insurance. Driver license and the burden of proof. Belongs to the victim. Here you have to prove you're innocent. And that's a very typical road. Wow that is a pretty amazing story. Brian all of this is resolved. And what a mess and again it's Eads said it's you just had to reach the right people to get this done it's not an easy process at all. No barriers that particular the North Carolina and maybe they began to get there. They told me that it was there that the evidence I have for pride in that they're probably not likely that infectious person. But if you want to read it we say thank you gotta pay the singing I get it corrected. Of course. Are open. Okay. You credit credit our bank robber right. About have a vested interest to correct identity so big they workforce. If there's any other issue about there. There's no legal recourse that a victim had. And illegal immigrants. Need to feel our other legal identity. Could get apartments could get cellphones to get power that whatever they need to live every day they needing someone up and identity. And that's something that nobody's talking about. Yep I'm there with you man I absolutely appreciate called thanks very much for colon and sharing your story and can. I mean how. By the way I assume there's there's not do you know of anybody being caught at this point. So there can check. Let's take over the likelihood they'll text that person is very little. Yeah. I hear you have Paul thanks very much and glad everything is worked out well for you. Again this. Missed him as a byproduct the good bit of the time. Of illegals. In what they're trying to do is to find the need documentation that they need. To somehow give them some sense of legitimacy. That's why is it just blows my mind you've got some of these governors in other leaders. That want to give driver's licenses to people every. It gave me this he did starts data road. To legitimizing people who should not be here at ball. It opens up the door. For more fraud. Gonzales asking for just fraud. More Mecklenburg county sheriff's office 287 G encounters. Carlos Santos Lopez had a Guatemala. Failure order for arrest for failure to appear for assault on a female. Order for arrest for failure to appear for communicating threats. Previous charges assault on a female and communicating threats just wonderful. TO for Leo. Santiago recruiters at a Mexico. Contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Wonderful. Previous charges boy here's a good when. Urinating and Jeffrey Katie and public. I don't give a crap about this guy. Let's see here. Jose card don't know solace. From Honduras. And get a take all these people were detained by ice. Driving while impaired hit and run with property damage. Previous charges assault and battery and resisting public officer. This was joining important to the country this what you wanna open the door to. An allowed to continue. Fernando Hernandez. Cabrera. For Mexico. Resisting a public officer. That's nice. Just lovely. And we have a couple more of these will share a little bit later on. Texture says there's a place in Georgia that sells false papers to illegals. Five got caught were my dad worked using some Social Security number. Man. Just un believable. And unfortunately. There are people who just don't get it don't get it at all. Well who should be giving advice for who to vote for who better to get advice from. Then former FBI director James cone. Actually tweeted late Tuesday night. At all who believe in this country's values must vote for Democrats this fall. How wrong headed can you possibly be. Currently blame the Republicans in congress for approving incapable of fulfilling the founders designed that ambition must cataract ambition. Policy differences don't matter right now history has its eyes on us. Oh my goodness. This is a guy who. He's he is talking to us. About preserving the country's values. My goodness. That really takes a lot of nerve don't you think a whole lot of nerve. It didn't would see year probably not enough time to be fair to another caller I coming up we are going to you. Take a look at the date in history. Also. Talk about a new. Ordinance that has been in place in Greenville county this one really intrigues me. If they are attributing. For a decline in accidents. How do you accomplish this in do you think this is the right approach. We will up delve into this discussion coming up also the last of our list. Of 287 G encounters. More wonderful people. Just wanted to come and take care of their families. Yeah right to. Stimulus. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I commit totally radio program let's got a call from William good morning. They give a million more and it's. Just good or Oregon tried did you talk. Oh a little like early California are gaining. Driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. And the course. What's Linda may play they had motor voter laws sort of they do they ask if you wanna silent below yet and you have a illegal immigrants. Who may not know or may not care or both. And now have the right to vote and of course you are not all going to stay in California are so what do they do that they go to the consulate were trying to order a rental places. And what do those based and they honor the the driver's license. So now you have a you have people who were then eligible below actually legally eligible to vote via blue but yet there is no buying. Voter fraud is kind of arbitrary that triggered this well but I guarantee you that it is happening. Yep if I'm not Ismet cruising right into it for political purposes somebody would do something just so diabolical. To allow people into our system like this. It's it's really inexcusable. When you want power and that that's an end power is all that that you're like who is been wanting and needing you'll do anything to get. And that's what you see there was a sudden naked grab for power that you take your. You as well William I do appreciate your call that's what's so sad about this. Is people don't she do this and I've been saying for quite some time I would buy one so wish. Moorer. Fellow black citizens. We recognize this. Millions of men and women would figure out the Democrat party. Takes the black community for granted and is trying to second to Hispanics because they know. They know just by the numbers the Hispanics are their key to the future. So it doesn't matter how they get their legal illegal it doesn't matter. They just want to. Because they are voters future voters. Over on the text line. We have this. Then she need to run for president I love your mindset and ideas. Well thank you. You can start a draft Vince Coakley for president campaign for I don't know. How about. Tony 65. But he. You I hope you saw what I did there there are two things first off I'd be hundred years old. Second off it's an off year there's even an election that year so that ought to tell you I interest and Michael. But I appreciate your kind words. Also on the tech slide I was talking about some of these. 287 encounters. One of them was a public deaf to cater this person says. The public differentiator should go 20. My goodness. Should go to Frisco they promote their behavior. Patent. And that's pretty bad. I'm James Tony sounds like always try to get his old job back you know there's a good possibility. And she just said you didn't give a crap about the illegal urinating and defecated in public but he Democrat. The tough tough. This is Jun separate humorous way he's laughing so hard in the background. So horrified toward a police report that rednecks have pru did public. Should we broke out at the clock the cuts are. What is that's our office. PIP appropriate public trust. Wedeman is there a statute of limit. Ish old is there something you wanna confessed right now and not know narrow I'm just shaking. By the way and we remind you for this Dexter who thinks. You know this isn't just about this person urinating in deprecating and public. Contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Who knows that this guy did I mean this could be. This can be sex crime. This should be alcohol who'd notice drugs. So that was not the primary charge sorrow to make sure you understand that. I was just having fun with the silly part of that. What else do we have here. Urinating in deprecating in public is that the undocumented worker movement that they were talking about movement. Was the key word there. Like in this Vince leftists need chaos society to cheat and steal the way to. To get that is exactly what they're doing resist politically flood the community with people from countries that are used to this kind of system. He progressives and lefties are hard at it John out of conference you are so right. It's chaos. Confusion. Because this is this is ultimately what so many of these people are used to in their countries. There's no real law and order to depend on the corruption. Is incredibly bad I mean Mexico come on seriously. How would you like your life to hinge on the integrity. Of the Mexican. Law enforcement. And legal system. My goodness. That would not be good it. On this brooding thing when I was living in California back in the day I remember when motor voter came in the intent was to make it easier for citizens to register to vote. Citizens is the key word there worries that changed now. Speaking out of our final two to 87 G encounters for Mecklenburg County. We have Christian contreras. But he. Driving while compared. Driving while impaired. Just wonderful. And the final Pablo. Berlin this Lopez from Mexico assault on a female assault with a deadly weapon. T again. These are people that ice is now dealing with it. Why not just allowed him to do their jobs it's not complicated folks. It is that time first take a look at the day in history. Let's go on drugs down to our Greenville studio down I 85 and Alonso who's very eagerly waiting to answer these questions can morning man. Man I can't wait. Let's start an 1877. This person recorded the human voice for the very first time. Who did that. I didn't know this when. Hugh Alexander Graham. Now you know that's a good guess but it's actually ease someone else. Thomas Edison. Was a person. Well I knew it was someone who wasn't necessarily associated with that was known for another invention. You have got senate. 1925. And this would be a real problem. Down the road this person publish the first edition of mine call. Who wasn't. Knowing herself Adolf Hitler is correct and 1925. 1940. This person nominated for a third term. There was also a record setting forth nomination and win Roosevelt but you're right he was ER. And interestingly enough this person signed the presidential. Succession act in 1947. After. That FDR guy was out of the way. Which president was this in 1947. That's kind of a murky periods. For a lot of people including me by the way. Come since I don't know don't believe Millard Fillmore want Millard Fillmore. And it's going to be the answer eventually it into a any guesses here in studio 1947. The sounds like a Charles question Harry S Truman because he. Wild giant YouTube you beat him to the pints or zero is now Andrea. Wow that's pretty good power Google that's the day in history falsely cheated she there. Mr. Oakley radio program was glad to Carol and good morning. Now I'm good moral I don't have been a moment they would you I wanted to clarify something that one of the other collar and at. I have understood correctly has. There and that he is. With the DNC in North Carolina. Even for illegal immigrant can get a driver I'd spend. It very thorough very bad bear acacia and that guy at their Homeland Security. Right straight to the DNC get a rally out there to the DMZ. I and I'll. If you are not legal or is it being questioned. The personal beef ban. Back to comment security. Every document that come into the DNC had they not only updated scary barrel at every possible way. I'm not that list are all as. A light and coming from another day nothing has ever taken Cabrera could. Everything will have to date. Pretty good and it. All the document at the minute we don't just take champagne and another state because they got it another day. I just wanted to cleared by bad. Aren't in your clarifying this spring North Carolina and how this is dealt what's. North Carolina because I work with the DNC in North Carolina yep I'm nuggets or act as gave it every day of bile I it would be impossible. When North Carolina written BM they clocked it to be able to. Now they can only Canadian beef products it acts when they without and yet there are I didn't eat and inching. But that. Pragmatic part I would say. What knowledge Evian brand is the prospect they're they do it I don't know. I'm pretty hard to get away with that through baby and they. Yup I hear you well that's certainly good to hear this. Nine I think Richard describing here fortunately is the case here in this state. Other states not necessarily so much and I think some of these ads. Tighten restrictions and Arab systems are in place are part of the real ID process. Isn't that part of what's happened with that. As far as the immigrant the realized he really does have all think it's Palin. As our prepare occasionally. Democrat I mean that totally separate the real ideas and the thing that. Only cart thing and do that they have Craig documentation. But that doesn't crop I had acute. You know with your legal immigrant or what ever try to get your site and then make it. Right I'm just saying by nature what has been done. Theoretically it should. Bring about it's much more of a sound integrity and system. Just by the fact of all the checks and balances and that was that was part of the idea behind this was to make this more difficult to have false identification. To be willing to use our. Our air travel system I mean it it it makes sense that you don't want people with fake I d.'s. Getting through and being able to travel so I'm. Carolyn I do appreciate your call and thanks for the information you supplied at least it's good to know in North Carolina. That's. This is in place to prevent abuse. By having this loophole with other states with their more liberal policies. Kind of bringing everybody else to a place of vulnerability. Which is not a good thing. In the category of bizarre. Accidents. That I'm I just wanna give you a heads up specially. You know guys you. You're you're probably gonna cringe when you hear this story. But this actually happened decision made up. In Orange she swore to and a flight of stairs turned out to be the undoing of a Virginia man. Who accidentally im peeled himself in the groin on Sunday now. 28 year old guy. Dyed his home paramedics tried to stop the bleeding from this self inflicted wounds. This happened Sunday afternoon. The man was walking down a flight of stairs with a sword in his hand in the seconds before the stabbing occurred. Pronounced dead at seen by medics. Investigators didn't say with a man tripped or fell on the stairs. Before the sort accidentally plunged into his groin area. We also don't know why this guy was during a sort. Anxious to talk about it not being your lucky day. That's just. Me and my son that I did this. Week. Just absolutely freak you out. On the good news site. A couple of things that wanted to tell you about it. You know we're gonna spin maybe some more time talking about this and later on his we're nearing the end of our broadcast. New concourse at Charlotte Douglas airport opens today it's an expansion. Of concourse A I have not seen this yet. Which is kind of amazing. I've planned it to look at it today. But it's a really really nice concourse in this expansion of concourse a this is for the others this hour for two the other airlines as opposed to American which pretty much dominates. The airport here. JetBlue southwest. Frontier Air Canada and united it will go into the new area. Closest. Place tab that so spectacular. Well they're only opening nine new dates here which is not a lot for all the space it's out there. But every single chair 957. Of them. All of them will have to US re B ports any power plug. You know if you're traveling around one of the what's the biggest frustration from people as north apply again every single seat has replaced deploy again. But there are other things about this that are amazing but this one really got me. 733. Electro chrome make window panes. Each containing its own Mac address. And it helps to control the lighting exposure in the building. This is amazing no wonder cost several hundred who didn't of course every shows a great day folks got bush. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.