Detective Michael Doty Passes Away After Ambush, Followup on the Las Vegas Shooter, UK Hires Loneliness Minister

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, January 18th

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Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And it is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing the to reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people who. Poor service leaders who want to return power of the people into the communities. Eight this is much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids this is my country dammit my country. And number in the fight score together. He's a Vince Coakley radio program. Good morning welcome to the broadcast it to be back with you on this Thursday morning I hope. Things are beginning to ease up in terms of the dangerousness. Of the situation with the winter storm we experienced yesterday. I was so quite shocked contract going out this morning I was anticipating. Ice everywhere. The rice was in my driveway. Is on the street that I live and it was also on the main road in my subdivision. There are some slick spots you know heading down a cobbled roads once again to the interstate I was fine I was amazed it was actually draw. All the way hadn't. So. Very thankful for that it's. We've got varying conditions throughout the area so I want to encourage you be very careful where she grew rod don't become overconfident. And assume that things will be completely clear the could be Smyth spots out there so be extra careful. I was struck by a a sad story that developed yesterday evening. Chris we've been following this since this incident happens. The sheriff's deputies. And police officer. Who unfortunately were shots several days ago. We now have one of those officers shoe has died. The started offenses domestic and if you talk with police officers. Sheriff's deputies they won't tell you. These are among most volatile situations you could possibly stepping into. That proved to be the case here. The man was wanted for assaulting his wife he ambushed and shot. Four officers four of them. It was sure Kenny detective Michael Jody who dies. Yesterday. The shooter in this case was Christian Thomas call. He was apprehended after an hours long manhunt that occurred Tuesday morning. The statement put out by the sheriff's department this with a heavy heart and great sadness York county sheriff. Kevin told so and announces the passing of detective Michael. Tony spent twelve years. Working for the department. And we still have some injured officers swat team member surgeon Randy Clinton. Sergeant buddy brown in stable condition. Sergeant Kyle Cummings. Also swatch still recovering from his wounds. Canine officer also injured in the attack. These guys were ambushed. Ambushed simply responding to a call. These officers responded to the calls house outside of York. This all started about 1020 on Monday night after this guy checked his wife. Afterwards and called ran into the woods and deputies spent about three hours looking form. Clinton. And say this this is one of those really. Unfortunate situations we've talked about before just tell these. These cases. So often. Involved. Officers who are just doing their jobs these are regular calls they don't know. When they're going to step into a situation it's going to be a serious danger to them a lot of times it's a run of the mill call. Things that they writer for report about they go home. Unfortunately not the case this time around. I mentioned Randy Clinton. He's been with the department for 34. Years brown on the force thirteen years. Cummings on the force for three years. Nicole. We mentioned earlier. The suspect in this case then the apartment in mid actually he's a father of three. Shot during that gunfire with officers. Still in the hospital at this point. He's been charged with three counts of attempted murder. And I'm sure now. The charge will be up greatest. I want it's huge just reminders. Just put these officers are up against. And it goes without saying that's. We as a community should do everything we can. Choose supports news. Who put their lives on the line for us and their families. We'd love to. Hear from you get your thoughts on what has happened here. Ends input on really other circumstances. That are unfortunately having to officers all across the country. We discussed some of the other unfortunate incidents that have occurred and in many cases one has amounted to open season on police. Because there is such hostility in some circles. Toward police officers. We wanna get your thoughts Ingles advantage startling number 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Charlie out of Hickory good morning welcome. I well and prayers go out to learn golf and their families. Oh Charlie. If we are more Florida oil that's who play. Yeah wonder wha I don't cook this please protocol or not but. I don't know why they would go into a wooded area discharge for someone at night. This really puts their cell battery is sitting down when they go live with a flash but they're really show me a lot. You know that way meg gallery site where we send our off. Well it's I think you raise a pretty interest in question here and doesn't this point out again just the danger these guys subject themselves to. In order to protect us in the overall community it's. You don't want a second guessed these kinds of situations but you know when you have someone who is dangerous obviously proved to be a danger to. In this domestic situation so. There's certainly concern about what he can possibly do to others and and I'm sure they had its. You know no idea that this was going to turn out as it did. I do appreciate your call their Charlie that's a good question that certainly would need to be pros to those who were involved in the decision making in this. But in the meantime. Most appropriately we mourn and we honor this officer who. Is given his life. Just to protect us the larger community. You're Kenny detective Michael doing. Much more to come of the broadcast this morning. Coming up we will talk about the big announcement from apple. Also we got a very unusual story from across the pond. What do you do when you blow up the nuclear family. Everything that was designed to meet human needs. Well it's been kind of undermines. Well we'll talk about a crazy government initiative. Coming up on the broadcast this morning. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Well looks like. Little more around. Let's just say drama going on in the White House. CNN now reporting trumped fuming over Kelly's comments. The fifth at the. My goodness what gets them a little bit later on I want to talk about apple. Is this is pretty exciting story. And one of the things in I'm not a big fan. Not a big fan of every part of this tax legislation. There are some things they should've done. But what they have done one of the most important things they've done in addressing the corporate tax. Is going to have a significant impact on the economy bird you've been doing well. This is going to make us do even better. And this announcement from apple is certainly a part of that. We will delve into that a bit first call out of Gerald in cabins good morning welcome sir. Good morning yeah I thought op hopefully. They will then pick up their fuel that police offered death row. And I'm wolf they do it. We schooled leader same old soul that day. Well we just strictly with the ticket that killed or truck parking lot but thank you stick and they'll grant what is right for all your. While. That's pretty harsh but I understand where you're coming from their Gerald and we had a conversation about this here today in fact were we talking about it and Gary Gilmore. Years ago they just used a firing squad. So did you forget about all the chemicals. We can now take care of this very very simply I appreciate your call they're Gerald always good to hear from you. You know the these really are complicated issues at all they really arch. In fact I saw a story the other day. About there's legislation that's being discussed. That would essentially allow. These companies the name of the companies to provide the chemicals to remain anonymous so we can't be targeted. I mean and I think that makes a whole lot of sense you know why is it really necessary I don't care know what difference does it make. What the company is that supplies these chemicals. But I think. Now. Before we focus on even the law and order question here. You know is fortunate that suspect is in custody. Let's focus on comforting the family. I think that is really the top the list right now the family. Of your county detective Michael Dodi who lost his life. Dan's the other shoe. Are going through a process of healing. After the events of the other night. That is our responsibility now to do we can. Let's talk about apple. One of the things that was discussed in this goes way way back in fact you know. Barack Obama was even talking about this this is one of the things that was discussed. But no action was ever taken. About all the money that is overseas. And I heard the figure is in the trillions of dollars I mean if you think about it. If apple was talking about 350. Billion dollars to. You just Kabul a few of these big companies together a whole yes she could certainly get to that figure. I wouldn't take very long. Rice is money overseas well its overseas because of our tax policy. And following the principle I've described you before I believe. That we need to do everything we can to allow people to keep more of their money. I think corporation should be allowed to keep more of their money that's not a politically correct thing to say. We're supposed to be anti corporation were supposed to be pro individual. But I got news for you. There's not much for individuals to take. If corporations. Don't have the money in the first place. Think about this money this amount of money 350. Billion dollars. They can say whatever you want about trickle down. The fact of the matter is money that is overseas will trickle nowhere. Don't think about it. You're not gonna get a dime of that money as long as it's overseas. There's some hope that this can benefit Americans. If it's back here in this country. Which brings just apple. Making the announcement the new tax laws going to help them contribute 350. Billion. Dollars to the US economy over the next five years. Killer this. They're planning to create 20000. New jobs and open a new campus. 20000 new jobs. Now in exchange. They won't have to pay taxes on some of this money certainly not at the rate they paid before. They still won't pay 38 billion dollars in Texas for that money. For repatriating. 350. Billion. They were paid attacks have 38 billion everybody wins here. There's really no loss here. This we'll have a positive impact on the economy and you know what's gonna happen. Go back to what happened a few weeks ago we had the announcement abouts the finalized tax legislation. What started happening. We started cheering these companies that say hey we're going to give thousand dollar bonuses to our employees. Other companies announce. What we're gonna raise our minimum wage up to fifteen dollars is this what the liberals have been complaining about him crying about for quite sometime now. Hey we need to raise the minimum wage well. Instead of doing despite governor government mandates. It's even better if you have these companies just make the decision because it is financially. Responsible thing for them to do. TI believe in choice. Is not the way the Democrats personally believe in choice. Not putting a gun to somebody's head and telling them this is what you're going to do what the power of government is going to be unleashed on new. So that's the way it works. Provide the incentives. For them to loosen up the book the purse strings. So 350. Billion dollars. Taken from overseas. Poured into the US economy. This is good stuff. Apple's also spent planning to spend. About thirty billion dollars in capital expenditures over the next five years ten billion in capital expenditures. We'll be investments in US data centers. Five billion dollars as part of an innovation fund but for the one billion the Tim Cook announced last year. The job creation or include direct employment also suppliers. And it's that business which are already planned to grow substantially. By the way app developers earn 26 point five billion dollars and 4017. This new campus there miss mention we'll focus on customer support. They drew out of this even after this. Apple still have hundreds of billions of dollars in cash. Some of that money can be spent on buybacks dividends or acquisitions. Or other projects. You know what I think is amusing about this. This is one of the things that the detractors talked about they warned older not gonna spend the money and you know on and people. They're just gonna give more money to shareholders. In those greedy people can attack but I. That's really an afterthought in this story is and it's it's an afterthought. The primary focus is where. It's an investment in the economy. So on jobs. The new campus. This is what it's all about. Our friend congressman Jeff Duncan some all of that up. Economic announcement by the numbers from apple 350 billion in contributions the US economy over the next five years. Thirty billion dollars in capital expenditures in the US over the next five years 20000 new jobs at a new campus. 38 billion dollars. In tax three. Page creation payments. Tax reform victories just keeps growing yen and Jeff Duncan indeed they do. And again this 38 million dollars. This is tax money that we would not have received and just the money was overseas not here. Another simple lesson in economics it's not very complicated folks. Supply side so works and this is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock minutes to. If your program. We talked about some positive economic news without apple we also had this. Thanks to tax reform Humana. Raising it's base wage to guess what it's fifteen dollars per hour. Accelerating their existing bonus program increasing to Mary investments in more. Again. Did any government stand over them and tell them you must read is your minimum wage. No. Just. Create the environments. There allows these companies to do this and mainly that means. Getting rid of the can fiscal Torre tax practices that's how you do it. Very simple. On the text line on the weather front. Oh my goodness can and I mentioned that. I won't mention this part the Dexter says it warmed up enough the Beagle was unstuck from the fire hydrant but let's get to hear. I won't tell you about the young other parts here. I'm sure you're not surprised us from Gerald. That's where we can't say the rest of it. Also on the text line I think this person is being facetious I still wish Ted crews were one or Scott Walker. Yeah right. And also we have this. Aren't dealing with suspects. Who are involved in killing police officers. Just texture says lead poisoning. Is the cheapest solution bullets can be made in house. Referring to the concern about lead poisoning from firing squads. That was the concern by some. Yes. Also on the text line. Institute crews have been elected you think tax reform any tax reform would have happened. What do you think would have been done with immigration reform do you think the market would have hit 46000. We do not know it would be pure speculation. Can you imagine the amount of money coming into the economy with residual effects of 20000 people getting hired small businesses. Will flourish restaurants will. We'll open supply houses will be on the road delivering goods the list just goes on and on keep your mind this is only one company. I'm sure many will following Joseph I'm sure you are right. And another. Person being facetious. But these economic gains come on Vince we all know king Obama is responsible for this. Well if you listen to certain media people that's what they won't tell you. This is in residual effect of the recovering economy. Produced by president Barack Obama yeah I'm nice strike. Doesn't quite work that way. We also have this bit of good news. US filings for unemployment benefits plummeted to the lowest level in almost 45. Years. It's really good jobless claims decreased by 41000. To 220000. Lowest level since February 1973. How's that try that on for size biggest drop since April 2009. And again. By all accounts everything. Economically he's going in the right direction which is absolutely awesome coming up we're gonna talk about an update on the Las Vegas massacred you don't sell that story. Has just completely dropped out of the news. It's it's really bin really bizarre. Just how little attention that we focused. On this particular subject. But we've got a development on this we will talk about coming up the habit first. Let us take a look at the day in history. Europe for that's. Remember all the way back to 1788. For the first 1 good morning mr. right so. Good morning I'm thinking of building a fire in the corner of the studio you think engineering would be okay without. And let me think on that wouldn't know all they would not be OK with that. Now I think the general manager's office is right below me you probably wouldn't happen that would be a little bit of a problem. Listen it's it's still cold in there. It is okay. A speaking out it's kind of chilly in here John John's gonna turn out to yeah keep their little bit. Which reminds well no I'm not gonna go off on another rabbit trail let's stay focused we're building a fire in the yeah rates. Fire marshals stay away it's it's just a joke no problem at all nothing to see here. This is January 18 when he eighteen. 1788. Australia's botany bay received the first week of two fingers. What word thing. This is a tough question I'm just being the god another problem with this because you see botany bay I think star track. The wrath of god and because of that I can't get out of my head. What you're actually asking me. Well does have to do ships. Well. It would be what's delivered cargo ships. What would they have taken in. When you resilient 1780. Eight's. I give your hands if you need one yeah I knew. Well one hence is the kind of people that you don't want. I am the Australian compiled through the criminals. Hey you got one of them. The other product. Sheep. I'm losing to delete other obvious. Oh my goodness we did gruesome terrible places with that but. I think we got to skip on to the next question you know should we weren't going there. 1975. Barry Manilow your favorite artist I'm sure he would never lets move on this kid number one for the first time we've this hits and what is it. Meant to Copacabana. Old know it's nine. Sexually so I give you hint it's a woman's name. Hardly mean Islamabad has dawn of man beat. Today and beyond about OK I want asked. 1991. And that this country started firing scud missiles at Israeli cities what was it. 1991. Merom what was going on at the time Syria. Old. And. And anybody here wanna take you guess which country was doing this so I'd missiles yes he was director who's doing that Iraq job. John good job good job 1993. Here's an easy way and for the first time all fifty states march. This particular holiday. For the very first time all states marked this holiday in 1983. Marin Luther king and that's correct. That's pretty good. So mr. right so. That's a pretty good. Pretty good performance for today. How was it coming and by the way Jim any trouble now I'm neutralize them. No icy roads or anything like that no there was a pretty if you like snow and that crap. And I craft a great week characterized I prefer palm trees I don't blame you a bit man explorer palmetto trees. That's even better you've got to be loyal to your state Hillary slot man could talk with you this morning the camera to stoke the fire now. Yeah you do that. How long it's gonna take four visits from the general manager rectal. Straight ahead we're talk about what happens. When you lose a culture that promotes family. This silly things she do with government action. We're gonna go out across the pond for the conversation. Straight ahead 44 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program. One thing you said so I'm curious about I'm sure you are as well we're in the world is going on. We see investigation of the massacre that occurred. Months ago. It's dropped completely out of the news. The Las Vegas massacre. We've got some new developments on this we're going to delve into. Also wanna get your thoughts on the news of the day things we discussed here Ingles advantage talk claim number 809 to 1110. Cummins since retirement planning takes line is 71307. Here's what is going on now. Up until Tuesday. We've been told the massacre in Las Vegas was perpetrated by. A lone gunman. Although there have been numerous aspects of the case that remain unexplained. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo and the FBI tested evidence. Indicated Stephen panic acted alone but. Here's what is news. On Tuesday inside a district courtroom according to fox five Las Vegas an attorney for various media outlets argued. Releasing information. Relating to the massacre was critical in order from Las Vegas residents to heal from the tragedy. The lawyer for Las Vegas metro police Nicklaus Crosby later admitted something that was a bombshell revelation. Other suspects. Are under investigation. Other suspects. We also understand. Criminal charges may be filed the coming weeks in the investigation. Into this massacre. Which is now the deadliest mass shooting in US history. This is an uninteresting. Because this front has been very very quiet for quite some time in fact have noticed. And I fed a number of people send messages on social media racing this very question what happened. Worried at righted the story just disappear. Because a lot of people. Have some serious questions about. What really happened here and did we really get to the bottom of this was it just really one man that's all. The UK Daily Mail reported Clark County district court judge. Elisa to finish past Crosby without naming names their potential charges against others as a result of the ongoing investigation. Crosby said yes there are charges being investigated. This is new isn't it. Because this investigation in many ways has felt quite dormant. There's really no bid no indication. That anything is happening that this thing. On the surface. It was feeling like this was. Progression open and shut case one guy. All this thing over where. Is that really what's going on here well now. We're learning something very different. So the possibility exists of other charges. A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they're investigating possible criminal charges related to items discovered during the service of search warrants. Law enforcement officials still not released any information about a possible motive. From his mask and the left fifty people dead 500 more injured. The Las Vegas review journal has some pretty interesting stats they've released on this investigation. This will give you a sense of the magnitude of this this is huge. 400. Specialist brought it and think about that. 400 specialists. 15100 leads followed locally 500. Worldwide. This is quite an investigation. Forty terabytes of data collected. 22000. Hours of video collected. We just think about that from an investigative standpoint. You've all the time this necessary just to go to the video collected. 250000. Images collected. Fourteen days to comb through the fifteen acre festival site. Thirteen days to collect evidence inside Mandalay bay. Twelve federal search warrants filed. And five. Hundred grand jury subpoenas issued. In fact FBI special agent in charge. Aaron Rouse said back in December they've interviewed more than 400 people worldwide the investigation to learn as much and as we possibly can. About why the session subject did what he did. So this is still an open investigation don't be surprised in the coming weeks. If we have other arrests. So those are you who've been curious about what really happened shear may be will get some answers you're some time soon we can only hope. Earlier we were talking about the issue of executions. Especially dealing with the people who have killed police officers. This texture says public case XEQ shouldn't televised for killing a police officers. That won't stop it. What do you think about the idea of doing this publicly. Airing it on television. Appropriate inappropriate. We also have someone who's concerned about this. Your safety out on the roads a decision fellow drivers think of the safety of other drivers. Removing the chunks of ice from your vehicles before hitting the road. So that isn't flying off your vehicles. To endanger them Veronica that's great idea. Please clear that off it is really annoying to right behind somebody and they've got ice. And snow flying back get you. Just think about other people other than yourself Gerald as a message for Alonso whose cold in the studio wants to build a fire. So ones that are wrapped up in his Cleveland brown blanket. Who. I think that's a little bit of a dig. Also a text about the Las Vegas shooting why sheriff Lombardo proposing to encrypt. He radio transmissions out of Las Vegas and in GM. Donating the concert land worth 75. To 100 million dollars. To builds a swat building following the massacre. Also only half of the fifty victims received full autopsy it's. Somali instance serious investigation into this don't you think. Much more we continue our number two straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of this for. Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. 1106 right now we have president Donald Trump speaking outside the Pentagon let's listen in to support. Our great great. Had two very powerful military and we're gonna keep it that way but we're gonna make it much better and that's what we're doing. It also means jobs you see what's happening with the respective jobs you what happened. Yesterday apple and now it was just announced that they giving each employee's a lot of money. So our tax cuts and our tax reform is certain that could be far greater than. Anybody ever anticipated and I'm sure the Democrats would like to blunt that by shutting down government. But again be the group that loses the big would be. The military Edwin never letting our military lose at any point we're gonna find our military. We're gonna have a military like we've never had before because we've just about. Just about never needed our military more than now thank you all very much thank good. Good happens we'll see what happened. Dump that the devils. Again president had a truck speaking. In support of the military in this one of his big concerns right now. With the conversations going on to try to prevent a government shut down and he's making it clear here if there's a government shut down its the Democrats faults. So he's basically calling him out here and saying look you're not going to deprive the military resources. That they need. This is a time we need the military. Now more than ever and it's not acceptable essentially to hold the military hostage. With what thing you're doing in their ongoing antics. We'll continue to follow this story and finish the interest in develops along the lines of coming up with some sort of solution other than a temporary one in which I expect it's going to happen though. There will come up with something last minute or we've got to deal no coverage for a week you know this is the kind of thing they do in Washington which is pure nonsense. Speaking of nonsense what you do. When you have the collapse of the nuclear family. And you have a society that is essentially collapsing we've talked about this over and over especially in the United Kingdom. Out what are the two. Top boys names are Tate Mohammad and Mohammad. I mean that this is what's happening. You've got the society really collapsing. Against you've got a big problem of loneliness. In the country. So what do you do if you're one of those big government types. Well there's a solution that is talked about it and covered by our good friend over crossed the pond. Oliver lame reporting for Brighton parts welcome back to the broadcast man. Thank you probably normal but under. We'll tell us about this new position what is it called. Although there won't we big miracle on in the UK currency mister. Mosley looks about as good sound like something other than look at he got older white. Go. This is the year you lead over the conservative minister of sports and simple it's. It's always been the hypocritical that's why did it in the United Kingdom our country is quoted at 6566. Million people are actually known million people who are over a million next. All trigger. A wanted you to sit in the introduction to it because it's pretty civil society. I saw him post local community but he should probably say we've been road Jay and the cost speculates. Amid a great thing now some would call. The big government has decided to bet the incident call Gordon went there it stopped equality group probably why it speaks what problems too strong. The constant and consistent sort of dumped the body the problem. Just brilliant what in the world's. Roy minister for loneliness actually do I mean at they can go and individually comfort nine million people. What is the solution here. Quote they won't the but I literally wasted this story at all and publishing it say to social media what does that response like doubled twice so I think if what somebody saying. What would that would actually the midst of what actually commit to it content to keep my only call Cuba which is gonna spend the budget parked cars money. Actually make no difference what some of which we thought it would actually we eat a genuine problem according to at least it's a six. The Google gives you wouldn't amount is so gay like that acceptable in this conflict that multi million cold. We wait all untrue wasn't here that bites current 200000. People. And wondered I want to change that a lot on a single called the city. They friends or whether it is the war but what. So I'm gonna make the curtain call of the album hit it could stop walks and not taxpayers money content stumbled into making -- well. The problem is that we up assists on eight. Kabul bound and down all. Our parents our grandparents. We say so much. We'll send crumble against the demolished in Cuba traveling. We just need these people aren't. Probably so said. We've talked about this a what's happening in this country retarded with Oliver lane a brave part. What's happening in the United Kingdom what do people typically do IR they just turning these these people into old folks homes what's happening. Adobe than not becomes important not the only only fight trudged. I beat a world where Croatian and we welcome you believe in what people and so it. That'll save all. Only believe and what I've used it it's for the big pain in the low prototype below ground about Alan I 000. And transcendence to succeed bitchy and oh opened with old people. It liberal lion cubs they're on what what light as to why aren't they could they didn't have any children. You do crunching the call will be David not to get some eight. That makes this all full stroke sixty years down the line this could be much worse because we haven't whole generation of young core now. Intrigue of the neck up in the senate will send you having children. And you couldn't quite a new generation couldn't make sure to continue war. Can beat people they didn't hurt kids already deep financial group sending them to stick themselves send them to let it get the call controlled urgency ground. And across southern or. Oh my goodness this is heartbreaking however I mean you know AD you know we we kind of pokes fun of this in a way just in terms of what big government tries to do. But it's really sad because she said this is a genuine problem. And so is there any are you aware of any community oriented solution to this we only have about a minute left in this segment. Is anybody in the community religious community talking about this and how to resolve it. Well it doesn't leveraged community only get when we all appreciate what probably against a party. Formerly all you wouldn't Saturday to base is that. This program to eventually call it government made in the 1950 emergence of what my consent and in the car and that's good that. And correct that's who are being with this. Quite good to estimate. Sentiment where simple is quite then he accepts links and up from when you execute them well. Wholesale demolished. Traditional street traditional community. And that people wouldn't be living out this thing moving. We only blown call box. To hold you mean they were up more what about it they know about mark call. A warrant based cult expert. The pilots pretty extraordinary do you have time to hold on with this Oliver. So I'd like to explore this little more in terms of this central planning thing which have never been a fan of we're talking with Oliver lane of Braveheart sign of the times UK government appoints minister of loneliness. And we'll continue that conversation right here stay with us. News. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. You know look. We're staying. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock condiments trophy radio program Turkey with Oliver lane from bright part she. The discussion we're having with them across the pond. In Howell. You were talking about something really interest in before the break how the government this is part of the central planning by. Just basically getting rid of all of these neighborhoods. And putting something in its place and you believe this is played a significant role in where the country is right now. Welcome back under the gun to your car the Coburn who are considered 200 look at screwed certain there are quite a bit unbeaten could well wired a bear market Skype. Content you if you want to bounce it in good. I'm thinking you're absolutely right about the thoughts. About the outside how they continued we had grown organically. From the region's central and sports so why. In form in vocal and is where all the Second World War. Suing the people both waiting to understand about me and they look at being at war development the great hour blocks of Alaska. I think we got opens up people's to a light was destroyed. Turn the Marcus all the of the second world bowl spot in the phone book our environment and so on he bought the skull that's. But we. We put collections are most need the colts won't notice how they sort of themselves confidence Colin sweeping want to Waltz concert like aren't we can actually motivate. Why oh why wouldn't it. I'm not about how they cheap shots. There was certain trade while language changing while also called Central Europe opened simulate used to be old but adults are overly cute cool ultra ball. The market or over the and I'm more open architecture. So traditional human song will bring good whites aren't going to end and outlooks. My complete a bunch. On a pool that could've played quite well urgent but I'm all about we move us. Concrete trump talks which destroy it shouldn't be that ugly bogey eight to them. Okay what you call us what else is that mainstream student stand up there and genomic Hulk. Oprah wouldn't quite clear that owned the city of our. Kill the spirit that residence. Within the opulent and according evil or anger. You mentioned I'm under was about what's been pretty well so so it won't discreet and. It didn't just happen he would not teaching what happened in the United States as well and thinking about all this money and goods. We would responsible for a whole scope of collection and rebuilding projects. Would walk the nineteen torture no nineteen pick it. Certain launch. True new excitement following old buildings were boxed and moved quite good. Or extra housing projects but you look at Wimbledon so polluted just to keep you were turned engine why wouldn't. So problems not well know. Joke because the people can look at the. I did because it is true of the architecture. So it shouldn't be akin to. Destroy them in big money equal rights. That is the power architecture group it's so important and I'm pretty waiting for the great. So much you can do now out in the next step up one more government won't accept this problem gotten so create a and yet the guys. This is pretty amazing. Before we go here. You know if someone were come to Oliver lane. And asked the question how do we fix this problem is government officials were approach you what would you say to them. Then cut so you can knock them the government continue to look. What we Britain's ordinary Americans shortly and kill him and he wants to mention can write what we know it stand up. We've got to get my. We've got to have children because you can't our grandparents we got a lot of money. Into it or about society traditional it's also. Include two important points not what good that they opened. Swaps and we will let you play the sort of stoking the good thing. Seeing what went away. I'm just what would spur progress with the tourists want to read more or fortunate where they go. I'm just kidding or not old amongst the JR. Can't control we're going to sleep or student to donate it. I would also throw in here. Something significant Herbie mentioning names the popular names now. Isn't the United Kingdom. And ski in it isn't an exaggeration for me to say that's essentially United Kingdom and other European countries are being colonized. By people who have much more of an understanding of family. Maybe a more corrupt than wall basically look at. We had not been caught on corn ball shall we in 2016100%. Of elation cause it should have been. We achieved so much migrant. Not a mock or the most incredible. Emotions. I imagine people have been caught up with that so yeah B eighteen is a German state as we know on the coast talk them into a walk or just how quick and the you bit weak and insecure meant well. It motions and unity chain of much our country go to don't must migration but if you look at all the lights in. This. Certainly going to be cold but only if we invite Michael problems. Pat significantly more OK so bad bad bad they could make this. I've got it how well demographic. Content in Western Europe and the United States. They don't really think that the Kuwait City while growth is more important. I'm gonna go to smoker and I did hit a walk along all right but London and become. Oh yeah and we won't won't sit. A Barry smoked that my uncle and the lights went to the already trench twenty financially from them Yates I don't know. I think that the connection opened until it won't they. London roads. I don't the majority minority. A bit about typically the summary contractual that's what those were like what great one point oh it's. This move on democratic trend I'm concerned the quick and important. While this is certainly are cautionary information for us that we need to take to heart here. On the on other side of the pond all of relaying. A great work with your story on this and I so appreciate your perspective you've offered on this as well this is our conversation. Go that will be remembered for quite some time thinks for coming on today for an. It. I love to eat your thoughts on this this. You know I was anticipating that a good conversation about this but this has turned out to be out. I think much more revelatory than I was expecting and I'm gonna get your thoughts in this. And what's happening right here in the United States of America where everything he's talked about. We've destroyed. The traditional family. It is just bin. Blown up I mean it's kind of ironic we talk about the nuclear family. I mean we're talking about thermonuclear explosion. Implosion is really the way to characterize what's happened. Eagles advantage talk like number 809 to 1110 Cummins since retirement planning text line 713807. Bob Roberts got about a minute soon welcome served. I Vince good morning it's always so good to here you talked I wanted to get sure belts own. I've been looking at what's been happening cannot pay attention recording I'm really thank the democratic stance position down. Because straw that blew it not been bought an iPod in there he wrote for outright Roosevelt and has all. Ensuring now. Social Security job growth by now I'm I'm under Bob Philippine. All I'm loving it what you think about this because nobody's talking about but he's really filling a great body. You're saying Donald Trump is fulfilling the the great society programs. I'm really police started a war but more so on what else well because problems allowance dot com back you know that the pension problems are just. Title payoffs. In my a lot of cities and not creating jobs so web a low fares. Throwing their arms stable allowing people to have a little bit of I hope for the future. Nigeria were well dressed this coming up after the break because it is kind of a mixed bag of rules won't talk about coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. Talk about this issue. How. President Donald Trump may be addressing some things that were. And I think this is the idea behind the ball kind of circumventing the great society programs gonna talk about this a bit let's listen in on the boy wonder Paul Ryan is still talking about the possibility of government shutdown are. In to shut down the government altogether over these and related issues it is just unconscionable. Arm men and women in uniform. You need our help they need these Reese. They can do their jobs and do it safely. Take. Here is what senator Schumer himself said in Torre thirteen. You read you this quote. This is from senator Schumer quote. We believe strongly racial reform we could say we're shutting down the government until you pass and the grateful. It would be terminal chaos closed out Chuck Schumer October 6 Tony thirteen. This strategy is governmental chaos. Could not. Agree more we should not be put these games. The most responsible thing we can do is avoid dead chaos. And pass this continuing resolution never before. Address the real deadlines that are here the real deadlines by continuing the funny military. Extend the Children's Health Insurance Program and sort of our men and women in uniform being treated like bargaining chips we can keep working on getting the that they need it. Well continue resolutions are not ideal. That is why the house passed all well of the appropriation bills ahead of schedule before the fiscal year. The only reason. Even necessary the only reason we had to pass is here today to speak because Democrats refused to close on a spending degree. Ten ish for immigration deal. Again. The most responsible thing we can do military. And for the country. Is to keep the government open. Pay our troops put aside big news. Move forward and continue to make she would each other in good faith. It's chat. Yeah. Now we're kind of so high comfort as he's I think members understand. Why on earth would we wanna have a government shut down. At the Milledge and by the way to sequestered then on the note start kicking in in due time that is not in anyone's in in so. Why we would want to feed the idea we should use our troops bargaining chips in an unrelated so. I think kids are on the demo what if shipped from running our military funding that is not a deadline let me just tight end which look at the states. They're shutting down ship in days. A man not Connecticut can he is Vienna organ. Virginia washed it and they ship are. We've got some audio problems from ABC for some reason Neumann listen to Paul Ryan. Who is basically calling up Democrats. And that was pretty clever camp going back to comments from Chuck Schumer in 2013. Basically saying. That you're gonna create chaos over something that's totally unrelated to. You know Democrats don't have any sub any objective set of rules. They don't hear they really don't. This is a power play for them. And if it hurts the military the process who cares. But he saying he has confidence that house spending bill will pass by the way. I was curious about the appropriation bills and I'm kind of glad to hear at least house did not. Falter in its process this time this year. At least in 2017. They follow through. And what all right did not say apparently this thing failed in the Senate's. That's where this thing collapsed that's where Mitch McConnell Mitch McConnell should've gotten your career and out there and called out the Democrats for obstruction. But Mitch McConnell too busy I don't know what he restored. Money wasn't at his job done. Like I just incompetent needs to go. Jeanne out of green vote good morning welcome served. But I cannot. Had a better invitations anyway I have my own bullet items. I called about the manicure glowing yes. In part to beat if you can you impart some seriousness. This it's going to be all spruced up its primary possible. Yeah you can trust them are all here. Steve that's DS and we have a new cap depreciation and waste a lot of money. And you know the matter employs 2008 date to dramatic fashion today I mean everything from arsenal can certainly firmly order shark protector. How do you view another another aspect of the killed. It's the out of my generation. A lot of reflect our notebook to communities and what romper. A postgraduate education. We never went back home. You know I'm not into different parts of the aisle shortly these coaching my career I never went back home. And it and number no longer. I've entered into my retirement years. Yeah a very desperate difference between me and my brother although. I think very very faithful. Low level you can maintain contact with them an extra good. But promoting over Asia desperately. Additional bush love of family relationship is not regard another element of this chill is also in charge. And and a true relationship with Jesus Christ and not know many proud navy yard and still wanna hear about. But it's not has fulfilled a lot of lonely hours from me. I hear you gene and then that's ultimately we're. We're at the greatest companionship comes from that eternal their immediate peace promised what never to leave a snore for sank just so that is so very important appreciate your call their gene. You know I wanna go back to this question that was raised before the break abouts fulfilling the great society promises. And it's Al alternately Donald Trump is doing this in another form. By eight the tax legislation for instance. Because I I too believe free enterprise undercuts the entire socialist progressive plan. Because if you have an in look at sapping did we mention one of the figures. On unemployment. Being among the lowest since 1973. I mean these are building blocks financially anyway. So if you have a. Society. Where you have if you were unemployed people you've got people working they can provide for themselves. And and I've always loved. Russia's definition. Genuine definition of compassion. Compassion is not determined by the number of people you're serving on programs. Memory says this compassion is really shown by the number of people who no longer need the programs. What's the best program I jobs. That's it's. A job. And in the example of apple you had 20000. We assumed to be. Well paying jobs. This is the best medicine you can possibly offer. And hopefully within improving economy you begin to wean people away. From the need for these programs. And for those of you who have not heard. I would love to see you proposal implement it's to fully address this situation. And it's this. We've phase out all of these programs we set a date certain. These programs on a federal level no longer exist but say five years seven years wherever it is. No more Social Security no more Medicaid no more Medicare. In the meantime this is what you need to do in this to a politicians. Let me rephrase this. Politicians won't do this this is what statesmen and women should do. Listen it's time for you to take responsibility for your for your life and the lives of people in your family. Come together and make sure that your establishing a multi generational plan to care for each other. That's the real long term solution. Agree disagree. I'd love to hear your thoughts it's 1145. 1149 Vince Coakley radio program over on the text line. The Las Vegas story has to be some form of government cover up move along nothing to see here you know how it goes servants very sad. God bless you have a great team that scary out of Spartanburg. Prince cruise walker seriously. All the other sixteen GOP candidates represented only slightly slightly different versions of the Washington model. They would have operate within that model doing things the Washington way only trump offered blowing up that model and actually doing what regular folks once it. And immigration taxes regulation and just putting America first it's Alan Spartanburg. Laura Ingram. Had about ten to fifteen minutes of her show last night about the Las Vegas shooting in two listing. Also. The person recommending public hangings. For cop killers. Not just public executions but televised public hangings for all murderers. All right. Men's public executions while sounding give really glorify the criminals the execution should be private and witnessed by the victim's family if they. So wish if not that's their choice status from John. I don't know which disgust me more cops are more valuable than the rest of us busy body losers. Telling how to drive. Already. The Las Vegas story has to be some form a government cover up. You think so. Also. It is up to your intro. Trump has outdone OJ Simpson. Really how is that. Be safe buckle up and god bless. To see the problem. This is with this theory it implied the centralized government could be fallible. That's obviously impossible. It surely the government can't be fallible. Just like commercial about a new company called splitting up together produced by Ellen DeGeneres. Yeah that's wonderful. Great commentary in the modern family I'm sure. Sure it is someone here speculating to the connection with Oliver lane when he was talking about and the urgent between one of the United Nations probably very strong connection there. Did you ever notice how the GOP reflexively surrenders to the dims even with a congress as a Republican majority. Perhaps we should all get together on McConnell I think incompetent would imply he isn't successfully doing what he intends to be doing. Which I don't know that I'd agree. And good question here Rick out of Duncan good morning. Matt thanks thanks Mick McCall paid coach kind of urged saying you had just start read that credit checks saying that. You know trumpet kind of blown up while Washington hasn't. Doing what people want. And I might I just keep parent is doing what people want I don't think in general that the people wanted to. A tax change that benefit that direction favor everyone else and if you look at the calling the Fox News polling on the favorability of the new tax law it's less than 50%. You look at the pop back up by doctor about cutting a deal and got a and be national polling has. Seventy. But ups which keeps the people here including 54% of all Republicans. So I I don't understand. When I continually hear many of your caller saying the trouble is doing what people want is not that's why it's sitting at. 35 opt percent in May opt hole. Now here's the thing guy. What. People are I would counter with Rick I kind of wonder. Whether there's a disconnect here between some of the things that trumpet is accomplishing. And do you like ability factor here because IE. I remember one of these surveys where they mentioned the economy. And the strongest point in the survey. Is the economy people approve of the job he's doing there. Do you think a lot of this relates the fact that people just. At least outside the hard court trumps supporters they don't like him personally and that's clouded their perspective on what's really going on the country. Well I you know in part for certainly there is bad very bad connection but also when it comes to the economy. Yeah now he generally talk about the stock. Best stock market going up and if you look at the state of South Carolina or like somewhere the averaging come there's 50000 dollars. They're abruptly only 13 of all the people under under 50000 dollars own any thoughts to urge the people don't. So two thirds of people don't see any advantage in the stock market so when he talked to his base. He's he's popular pet people don't own stock and personally I don't believe that stuff up president has impact on the economy. In the first you're at certain call eight. The changes under are under our our. All brought Obama in 2009. AM and all the improvements the map and undermining parents. Were. Impart to go watch bush put in place. And not seven and eight and I think it's a split they would drop I I think that were given them too much credit but what he can. So you actually think this is part of Obama's economy that we're seeing right now. So what I can't review an Obama supporter I assume. I've voted for him. The out first I'm not the second time. Interesting. Okay well I appreciate your call their richt. You know and their other people who were saying the same thing with the especially the mainstream news media this is actually the residual effect. Barack Obama's economy finally being realized a year in the first first part of the drug administration I. I just don't think the facts bear that out at all are you might I would give you fifteen seconds you got to be very quick here out of Munro. I don't let it generic car men's apparel exports now. They're going to let us put an attraction here at this sir and I think those are getting up at the very problem they're that old. And that this happens all the time all kinds of stories creative created out of polls that. Not necessarily accurate everyday folks. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.