DHS Secretary Nielsen Slams Irresponsible Media Over Separation of Families at Border

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, June 18th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no fits Coakley radio program. Good Monday morning welcome to the broadcast good to be back with you lots of interesting things going on. In the news and in life which we will address during the course of this broadcast. Well this has been quite an interest in weekend of course some intriguing news stories that we always cover here. And we're always on the look out for breaking news as it develops. We will bring anything to you. And so will dress so really hot issues going on immigration. There are a couple of bills that are pending on the immigration subject. An interesting story over the weekend in fact I a by chance. If you believe in such things. I ran into my friend congressman mark meadows who I've not seen or talked to you. In my two years this guy is so popular he's hard to find hard to reach. We had an great visit. Yesterday. Just happen to run into him I'm gonna tell you more about the circumstances. And you also hear. Our conversation that we had. That is coming up in the next hour and one of the things we discussed. Is the immigration subject. So rule go into that during the course of the broadcast today. And one of the reasons this is also a very hot subject is because of the ongoing concern about the separation of families. And it's I would daresay in and I think the facts bear this out. This separation of family issues been going on for several years. And yet all of a sudden during the trumpet administration. Before taking notice. Now. One of the things I wanna make very clear I don't like this policy I don't like what's being done. First and foremost. The people in charge now need to take responsibility and do something about. This is necessarily time's been unnecessary time and energy. Complaining about you know they did it they got away with that blah blah blah let's just put a stop to it. I think that would be a good place to start. But we'll also address. At least one journalist who was on the case on this subject for quite some time. And shockingly. The media did not follow. We will talk about this and give you some examples in fact. This is probably a good way and to. Post on FaceBook page for you to share. So the people who can understand this been going on for awhile you know people are very fat issue about these sanction does that. This is fashionable for anybody to go on and postulate about this you know this is so un Christian and blob blob like charities. But guess what it's been going on for several years. Where were you several years ago. Were you tuned in on this subject. Nonetheless. We will cover all of this also some revelations about doctor. And I think most of you notice. Not every person who falls under the category of being. Duck. Ready. Is a person who. Is pure as the Wu as the driven snow. We're going to give some examples first. I want to talk about the importance. Of one of our liberties. The right to bear arms. Borne out in the community of Tom water Washington sixty miles south of Seattle. Here's what happened a man allegedly attempted to carjacked. Someone outside a Wal-Mart store. Shot the driver. Shot. The drive. But that's not the end of this story. According to police they were called because are reporting a drunk driver was driving the wrong direction near Toyota dealership. They arrived. Could not locate the vehicle. Then they heard shots have been fired at roundabout nearby but someone trying to carjacked two vehicles. Sixteen year old girl been shot and wounded. Her injuries. We're not deemed to be serious. A spokeswoman for the time water police department said the suspect who apparently was the man who tried to carjacked two vehicles. Headed for Wal-Mart. Where he entered in fired shots at a display case. Fortunately nobody inside the stores hurt. The suspect then tried to carjacked another vehicle are you seeing what's going on here. Here's a bad person with a gun. Who's gonna stop this guy. All I'm sorry maybe they didn't have their sign. In clear view. That said. This is a country zone. Maybe that was a big enough you know what I get a good idea why don't we put that in knee gotten. This is a gun free zone maybe that would of kept him away. After. Firing shots inside the store he then tried to carjacked another vehicle. Shooting a man inside the car twice. That victim later flown. To a hospital in Seattle in critical condition. But this is where the story turns. As the suspect tried to carjacked a second car at least two bystanders in the parking lot drew their weapons. One of them shot the suspect and killed him. Bryan Adams who was shopping the Wal-Mart at the time called the bystander who killed the suspect a hero adding this guy. Could've taken out more people wounded or killed he certainly could have. What's the moral of the story. How many times. Do we have to see this kind of story. To understand. And be reminded of the fact. And it is a fact. There's really only one way to stop a person with a gun. An armed citizen. Who is not going to be a victim. By the way. On the immigration subject do we have. Any feed of this. Events taking place right now John. I'm just curious. Because right now the Department of Homeland Security. As you might expect has been under scrutiny over the concern about what's going on with the separation of families. And I believe at this moment the secretary. Is addressing this issue. Therefore able to take this let's listen in just for minute. 15%. Increase. In illegal aliens fraudulently. Using children. To pose as Stanley units to gain entry into this country this must stop. All this does is with the children at risk. To address these issues he asked congress to change a law to allow for the expeditious return of unaccompanied alien children. Regardless of their country of origin. We're also asking congress to allow us to keep families together while they are detained. These fixes that go a long way toward discouraging families for sending children on the Herring journey to US. Resulting in fewer children in the hands of gangs such as MS thirteen and more adults facing the consequences of their actions. Second our system for asylum this broken. We are compassionate country. That is taking in millions of refugees and granted asylum to hundreds of thousands. Over the last few decades or assisted them near their home countries. That is the secretary of Homeland Security she is addressing this issue of what's going on at the border. With the separation. Of children from their parents are we gonna talk more about this as we continue to broadcast. On this Monday morning. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program and before the break we shared with you a live statements. That was Kirsten Neilson who is the Homeland Security chief. And I wanna tell you before we had take calls and texts and discuss this further. Which she's had to say about this today. As you know homeland security's been under a lot of scrutiny for treatment of family straight across the border. She's actually done on Twitter to vehemently deny claims her department's border policy dictates separation of children from their parents. Here's what she set said we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. Those Seeking Asylum ports of entry we've continued the policy from previous administrations. And not only separate if the child is endangered there is no custodial relationship between family members. Or the adult has broken a law. Nielsen stress family Seeking Asylum at border entries are not breaking the law as I've said many times before if you're Seeking Asylum for your family. There's no reason to break the law and illegally cross between. Ports of entry switching to read out. A new policy unveiled by attorney general Jeff Sessions and April. Calls for zero tolerance for immigrants who legally enter the US among the Mexican border sessions worn violators will be met before prosecutorial powers. Of the Department of Justice. So you heard her comments before the break. Before. We were real good chip into that conversation. One of the things that she communicated is there are Americans out there were there were sheltering immigrants illegally. Boy that shocking. She talked about the policy in effect. The policy has been to send unaccompanied children back. And this is how she's approached it by her description and keep families together. We'll talk more about this as we continue the broadcast. We have in Greenville Roberts who would like to weigh in on this subject to morning Robert. Yeah hey good morning. So she's making me declaration that. If there are Seeking Asylum they're not breaking the law. To seek asylum is one thing to cross. Illegally into the country is probably another story. Okay and bright eyed little clarification because. So we need said that earlier that you intro bit show that you thought that was wrong to separate children from their families. And they're born Christian or something like that. But did you mean I just for the ones Seeking Asylum or did you mean for both. Situations. I have a hard time understanding why a what the rationale would be behind it separating. Children from their families what what's the point behind that. OK so if the guy in Seattle had not been killed and been put in jail and he had three kids should would be loaned to separate them because he was breaking the law. If you've got if you've got Chris obviously if you're dealing with criminal behavior and you've got someone who is charged with a crime obvious you're not gonna put the children in the cell with their criminal parents that's another story. No it to me if you're breaking the law you're creme. Now again you know Obama shoplifter or Obama shooter either way I'm still like criminal it's super big green very. Now here's an here's what I would say to that if you talk your ear and in the mean make sure I am understand the point you're making. You say of a family crosses the border they've committed a crime by by coming into the country illegally rights. Correct yeah and on that basis here's what you do you Robert you put them all on a plane or car or whatever and use in the back together. It's that simple it's not complicated Roberts. There I agree it was yeah it's just it's good but if we're gonna hold them which I suspect it done that see that's that's what are we holding them what's the point. Well bear barely graduate at bats but if that's the way we were to handle it how would agree with you but as far. If you don't want to be separated from your children again it's if they are really your children don't come here is that simple kept. I I agree with UN and I'm sure you're familiar with policy that's been troubled for years catch and release. You know it's it it makes absolutely no sense Robert what's wrong with these people well I think we know what's right or no risk our party Q it's great to talk with you Robert. It it just blows my mind. Absolutely blows my mind to see. How these issues have been dealt with now I told you one of the things. That it's rather intriguing. So everybody's paying attention to this now. Because this issue has been brewing for quite some time now part of it is he had an administration for the didn't bother to enforce the law period. Well I mean there were exceptions when they felt like it's. We're gonna talk about doctor recipients later on. But how about starting here. Brandon Darby who I think has been on this program sometime ago. He actually. Went out a tweet storm. Sharing. Some previous things that he's posted over the past few years. On this subject. Because all of a sudden they're all these crocodile tears. This poor family you separated. And crazy thing is. He's reported on this before. And somehow the truck administration is especially cruel for separating families of the border. A lot of shrieking they're Paul Ryan for wishing folks are happy Father's Day. Yeah that's another story. It appears trumpet this evil cronies are deliberately forcing innocent families across this country illegally so they can snatch the children from them and terrify them while they unfairly process their parents. This is how twitching characterizes this sounds really stupid. Much steeper than usual it's basically what they're pushing. Seems like there are some new issue with a left tries to exploit children in some capacity for their narrative every week. So we have this thread from Brandon derby. Regarding cages these chain link partitions the holding facilities in the border the exact same ones who we showed you. During the Obama administration why did didn't you care. Then. When did mr. Darby report on this by the way. I think this was 2014. The borders been an issue for decades especially under Obama. Again 2000. Fourteen. And Brendan Brendan derby proceeds to show pictures. Picture after picture from two point 8144. Years ago do you remember media coverage about this. Where were all the the compassionate lefties in Hollywood types back in Tony fourteen paging John Legend. Picture. After picture. Details matter. Details do matter don't take. But there's some very much a selective focus. For the mainstream news media on this. No I wanna repeat again I am not into this will do you do the same thing correct. If something's wrong we fix it and we fix it today if you wanna talk about what previous administrations did. Then you can talk about that later. But the fact of the matter is. We have a media. System in this country. Is clearly partisan has an agenda. It's just absolutely mind boggling dear we're gonna post this. And the FaceBook page one a 63 WRD also. The FaceBook page for WBT I want you to read this. And I want you to share it with people you know. It's time to push back on all this stuff. And yes we need to do both it's not either more. We don't whine and point fingers back the previous previous administration. We say we're gonna put it into this now. And the same time. We will call out the media. For their hypocrisy. Here's what Brandon Darby posted 2014. Terrible shame on the Obama administration. He's got like twenty pictures here. How many of you remember the left reporting on this travesty during Obama's presidency. Just cricket spectrum. Yeah we know how it works. Now let's fix it there and show up these other mounts. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. I'm restricted read. Program coming up we're gonna talk abouts. Some traveling nightmares and still going on for some people I've got my old story to add to that's so it really nightmare it's. My case was kind of a good story because everything worked out OK. I would just give you this heads up if you are planning to travel. And especially planning to travel through Charlotte's. On the regional carrier PSA airlines double checked to make sure everything is on schedule they're still having difficulties. This started last Thursday as I understand it. They almost had everything completely up and running. By Saturday morning and then that. They start having trouble again early Saturday morning and it continues into today the hope is. He will be resolved by noon today. So we shall see how share my story coming up in just a bit. We're talking about the border issue and all of the attention the media is focusing on separation appearance firm. Their children let's go out to call for air and in rock kill good morning errant. Very order. Cup a couple of comments. A little bit experience jury or the US customs are so. A lot of people talking about here I don't understand why you were being held entertained and you know what what can tell you is. You won then the purple look at what just happened at the border happens that's when international airport as well. Strictly a larger airports like LL Erickson Atlanta a little color on plain too and you know people come and by the dozens. When there are immigration paperwork is fraudulent so they come from Tikrit South America loving your country where you've got. People traveling to try to move drugs. Across the border city airport. They get here in court vs order so that people are better trained to realize about contrition fraudulent. And then. The reason that people being helped people I hear people accrual on the so here little radio talk about what these lighted pool or not just settling and all that but what you. I hit two. Understand there's. Once they get here be people. Course they a lot of goals. You're scared to death that has. In darkened picture whatsoever on the crossed the border and we don't get to truly a lot of layers they're very most particularly in Italy they Elantra cruel investigation because they're trying to figure out OK you didn't get here by your own he. How warm beer groups and people that are. As individuals that are making money and I would offer to get people cross the border perk for money in particular we're talking about children. I think it's even what who. America web therapy at Lennon airport people offer. Because we. Particularly children and if we go blunder to mingle number twenty years. But our public happened before 9/11 and when they're rules. Before they got stretched. People want so that we for the children have a better life they'll send them. In the United States through the through what are the border they can't it will carry drugs for them in most cases it's cocaine so called security to get here that got up from their luggage. And they had to relieve some of the get a find out they would be drugs come from. Drew loud it's to get across the border sudden and that just takes that takes weeks sometimes months because. You've got cases in the coming in because of the are complete because the Obama administration. Lackadaisical laws and your group is the return of the art that's why you have the increase. And here this fiscal corporate certain wild went supercenters. They truly are. Coming across as. Specifically. More than there were 1520 years ago because the laws are over the last eight years but. Yes there's a bit of information there are. That the more they get here. It would take a long time to try to figure out they're not really action in the end these small group of people coming over failure point 46 gets under sharing in the book. We're getting them there to go to the real criminals over the farms that are bringing people cross in exchange for drugs and report. And it's such a mess to deal with is there anything having worked there aryan is there anything that you would do for instance if the president were to say Erin tell me. What I can do to streamline this process to make this better for everybody what would you recommend. I. Who. A lot of that really starts. Insists the Central American countries. And if he is a well again go to president taking a lot of heat for. We will find you don't tell policy. You know at some point you've got you that's the only way to come off the leading force you know tickets are tight and hurt when you first pilot who first title out right the pit stop the bleeding. And that really hasn't done your country then I know. Unfortunately. The corruption these other countries I was saying you know if we could. Support I like we're doing over the Middle East and we've got our military training paramilitary open devices and so forth and kind of thing would have to deal to. You know send all of our Border. Patrol agents to the other countries. You know first for two and three months. And the hope that we need to be wrapped around eleven wrestle eleven where they did that they. All of its former Georgian. Immigration and customs you know before there was. Before it for the duration you're kind of combined or patrol immigration and and content into one agency Homeland Security. They would send. You would you cross straining forward organizations and they would go to different orders at the guys are all important wish it would come down to go what is the mirror and Mexico and and there's so pork. Doing that sending the agency over there and be. Got a lot of that the people that have the expertise. Over to some these countries for two intra month at a time. To help the other countries stop the bleeding a mirror and because that's where that fully with the issue lies. And and some of this in an air and this would require this country to be cooperative and obviously. But the trouble analysts. Humanitarian relief it's gonna come the printing of Altria right I mean they they're causing a lot of problems then and how would you globally with what their behavior but. But the reality is they need aid and they need assistance a lot of countries though. Wouldn't Colombia is there there also pour as well even though. There are ways to work out. 820. Whatever may be your you know beat the people that are these countries are coming over for re. And it if we could perhaps spend the money on the other end the war is sitting here I think they'll help. Go well this does agree ideas air and I absolutely appreciate you calling in do feel free to call again some time I appreciate your insight. And first hand experience there. By the way. I mean shouldn't. You hear the references frequent references to daka. Fox News headed in exclusive story may learn nearly 60000 immigrants for the rest records. 60000. Including ten accused of murder have been allowed to stay in the US under the Obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program. 60000. With the rest records ten for murder. Nearly 60000. Arrested while in the US approximately seven point 8% of all who've been approved remain in the country and the program since it was created back in 2012. Of those 53000. Were arrested before their most recent request for a so called granite deferred action was approved. Another 7800 arrested after their request was approved. Now we don't know how many of these were convicted. That can be very different here but I think this is a very interesting. Tidbit of information don't you. And the criticism continues of the administration's surprise surprise. We'll talk about that get more are viewed dots also look at the day in history. And how sure do you my a PSA story from the weekend. They're much more as we continue to broadcast. This is still this Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program. We've been talking about immigration hands. How the media is pouring all of this outrage out and you probably see plenty of an on social media. Diane suggests in followup to the previous cost and food clothing Excedrin with monitors to disperse it to those who need it sending money. Just goes into the pockets of corrupt government officials. Yes. You were correct I may be laid on this what about Elian Gonzales being forced at gun point it's sent back to Cuba. Well actually wasn't under but Obama that was under Bill Clinton administration remember and was your name who has the who was. They scary woman. No old not a polished on oh oh yes did it upload tunnel I think you're right. Yes I'll tell you gonna ask about Mary's lets us live and I. That's okay. You correct me. Are both had to cut the hustle on the takes a look at. Vince I. I have no sympathy for illegal aliens being separated we do it all the time the US citizens by using DS yes or the family court system robbed or we can have quite sure about that when. Miss promised politicians don't really wanna fix anything. They won't take a wave that will take away their talking points. Yep if you wanna catch your release why catch them first place. Here's another good question. While the other things. And when I could spend a lot of time on this lots of criticism about from zero tolerance immigration policy. Laura Bush expressing concern you know. You know just all these people wanna come out and sound sanctimonious. They really do. And 1 well I am gonna say this one to talk to your moron husband and ask him why didn't enforce the border and build the fence. Like the congress passed the law to build a fence back around 2006. Or so. So ask him ms. bush. I really don't have patience for these people. Did you wanna pile on. And when they are in a position or had relatives in a position to do something about this they did nothing. So you just shut up and go about your business. Anyway. Super really drive me up the wall. Janet Reno I'm sorry about that there was Janet Reno a strange remembered thank you I think somebody called me corrected that. They all kind of run together after awhile I think you know what I'm talking you've got a look up a let's quickly go to the day in history our time is slippery a world away very quickly. Scott on I 885 to my good friend Lon so good morning how are you doing man. Good morning I'm gonna would you believe I went to two movies over the weekend we'll talk about that yet amazing part is what the movies were. Yes. That is a race. Rula go into that a bit let's quickly go through our four questions for the day beginning at 1812. The war of 1812 started. Between the United States and this country lasted for three years what was the other country. May I give you a hint if you need. I. Spain all my goodness. Any guesses here anybody even though who are four was in the war of 1812. Indonesia. Oh that's really funny when you correct me in Tunisia wrong. All it's actually written. I was gonna give you a hint it was going to be this was their first rodeo with this country we had problems within before. 187300. Dollar fine for this person for trying to vote the 1872. Presidential election. It is a female what is her name. I know he's gonna say it's female of what you can give me a hand by that well. How do you view against this person has. Currency now Susan B. Anthony ha ha ha. Oh it's not gonna help our right outgrown. In. 1928 who was the first woman to cross fly across the Atlantic. They didn't 41 hours a millionaire or you get. Or female theme going here who was the first woman in space. The first American woman in space to. Unfortunately tragedy associated with this do you remember her name Sally ride you are corrects. That is really good you get all of the other females right here. So that's our romance view data sets. Pretty impressive very very impressive. I'm we come back to you later on with the other later stories but I wanna get to. Will. What you ride for now mr. Rachel but we'll come back in the next hour perhaps if time permits and talk about movies and other things. I wanted to tell you about my experience. He might not ensure heavily experienced this weekend. Yesterday it was really looking forward to. Going to Kentucky my sister is having a cook outs for other state coach out. And it's as I often do I will and daylight that one I would just fly into Kentucky for the day and come back in the evening. Well because of the PSA airlines issue they've had a computer glitch and you probably saw all the lines at Charlotte airport all the people stranded. Last week I saw that pretty much all the flights for overbought and oversold all weekend but this may not happen. Saturday night him. I'm talking with my wife and I notice I just looked it up and saw their open seats on this last flight Saturday night. Maybe I should try to get out there and by this time realize who's really too late security was close to move the flight was running late but. I couldn't make it. Enough open seats for everybody who was going. Sunday morning got there and I knew there was a problem because I kept seeing delayed flights got to Mike gates. And so I was told well we don't have the crew or a flight release. And then it's the also issued a ground stopped EP anymore PSA planes from coming in and adding to confusion. So bottom line is within about an hour the canceled the flights that was the only one that would have gotten me there a time the next one was like three in the afternoon and guess what it's. All of those were canceled to and speed planes coming back so it's giving a did not go Saturday night I would not be here right now I would have been stuck. But let me tell you why did run into. Congressman mark meadows was going through enhanced screening. And you're going to hear from him a conversation I had with congressman mark meadows. Straight and the other side of news right here stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Promoting American. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing alliance. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we knew it was 93. Million Americans today gun battles. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Undertook to read your earlier we talked the meadows it's great to see you again rather have beards is always great to be Ricky thanks for me in the real real and I it's always great to join you in your list. Top of the list a lot of people are talking about immigration and saw a story indicating that. A number of people were trying to get in congress are trying to get the president to sign on to an immigration bill is how is that shaping up. Obviously we've been working conservatives what moderates here in the last few weeks trying to secure the border look it addressing this stock is cheap. It really comes down to. A make or break we connect coming up I think this week. We'll see whether we've we've reached a sweet spot I don't believe we're quite fair I think that the president may end indeed endorse. The planning comes out which I would call the speaker's plan. But he does not need quite enough on the enforcement side from meat. I'm willing to address that dot issue and maybe even be a little bit more generous on that side as long as we. Deal with the problem so we don't have to deal within a decade for Mallard T decades from now. And so. I would I would say is is that it does address the one point eight million. Doc. Recipients whether they signed up for an odd thing when doctor. Eligible. And then it indeed does provide provide while funding is a little bit on catch and release on silent. It does not do either fire Sanctuary Cities and I think that's the area where it's. It's a little bit right for some of my conservative politics so it does actually put money into building this. It does I mean in and that's one of the big pluses in and actually. In does what we call an advanced appropriations. Ended also has a trigger. And that triggers is that if the wall does not give bill. Then the a path to citizenship that may exist or some of these Dockery is recipients. I've never gets implemented so it basically says we're not gonna do amnesty. Without border security like we did under Ronald Reagan. And that trigger is is an important component. A lot of people have also been talking about what's going on we've these separation. And children from their parents this is become a big issue in recent weeks what's happening there what can and there were. Congress do about. This well here here's the interesting thing is is we need to make sure that as. His pro family conservatives like you and I are. Hey you don't take immigration. And suggested it fundamentally. Undermines your core values so. For me I believe unless there's really abuse. Involved or some kind of human trafficking Stanley should stay together and the story is decision that happened back in 1997. Says that. And literally the way that you detain people coming here. Fast do you treat children and adults differently and that that's part of the problem so. I'm willing to be introducing a piece of legislation that in the coming days that would address that allows family units to stay together wildly. Look at the asylum adjudication. Honestly a lot of the progressives have maybe a bigger deal of this than it really is that these big detention centers. Are are exactly that. They've they've got eight. Detainees for every person that's license to take care of them so and in some ways you've got actually more supervision there than we do in our public schools but. He is still an important factor is something that we've we've got to address and so whether we do it is a broader immigration package which our broader immigration package actually deals with that. Brought a standalone bill I think you'll see us dealing with a bad. We're talking with congressman mark meadows one of the things we're going to be watching the coming months. Is a race for speaker of the house sir Paul Ryan is leaving. And it actually your name has been included floated out there among others do you have any interest in being speaker last. Prevents you and I both know that's probably did the most difficult job in. In Washington DC. No I don't have any answers that I do have an interest in making sure that congress works again for the American people and you've been a principled conservative for a long time and for me it's this conservative values that have to take place. In the halls of congress and sadly what happens is as they get coop did you an hour talking about that a little bit. Earlier offline in. You if you do what you say you would do. Toward the American people. It always bodes well and men in the politics of a month coming goat you right now. Jim Jordan is. They expressed interest in him being speaker if you were to run he's trying my best friend in congress I would support him. He's been a fighter for conservative principles. Long before this administration in and I would support that at and at the end of the day it's not about who's the speaker is about making sure that congress works for the American people and that means that. They need to listen in the committees needed to be reflective of those values and sadly that have been the case I think that's been my major disappointment and it was a disappointment for you. Free sake listen Leo were represented the people that you were meant to represent and in the politics and take care of itself. Speaking of we've got appropriations bills if it. Yes that's pretty. Pretty funny is that ticker where those stand right now. You know we're we're working on the appropriations bills I'm not very optimistic maybe things will change. So we'll see another round we will see another on the glass in you and I both that. You mean for a one point three trillion dollar on the bus you were not bored I was not born I didn't vote for him. And in and sadly where we've we've gotten me is is even the president says I'm not gonna sign it in on Friday will end. I've advocated very strongly on the last one I encourage the president to veto it became close to doing that. But in the swamp just sucking men and hope they've been happening in September I'm afraid it will. One last question we ask you weird this conservative. Movement stand on Capitol Hill right now. You know it's. The conservative may have met his end really swallowed up and weighs five populist movement which says. All right well it's these kind of the flavor of the day here's here's the problem is when you go wit. We as well this this works or that works and you don't video core. Core values patriotism yeah IA when you don't win you don't have that underlying final foundation. The real problem is is that when you go to make a decision that you used look backwards he said well why did that make that decision so for me. You know it's its face drew and and I know that for me for me that faith is a big part of how I make decisions but it's also. Understanding his bedrock principles of what a traditional three stools conservative wouldn't would be. And and that means that you have limited government in means that you have a strong national defense it means it and in the regulatory environment they can you allow. The free market team to handle Hussein's all those principles you and I. Hold dear and hopefully. I believe the vast majority of Americans. I've seen that serves him well. Eric Newmark matters it's been great cheer again Jeb Bush brother god bless you it's always great to be with advance. Freshman mark meadows again. Because of my misadventures yesterday in and not traveling on the way out just haven't run into him at the airport. And great conversation creek. He's one of those solid dependable conservatives on the capital in on Capitol Hill that. Hopefully we continue to have a significant influence. Much more as we continue to broadcast your 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is this Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock condiments took the radio program are in her on Chamblee has experienced a real tragedy over the weekend. This is an account that was given unknown. What happens on Saturday. A motorcycle crash in Lancaster County Saturday morning. According Highway Patrol just happens on South Carolina won sixty. You're Calvin hall wrote. This early on Saturday morning. There was driving a Toyota sedan. Turned left on the road in front of in motorcycle. That the other man was driving that other man. Who was ejected. According to Highway Patrol later died. His name Nathan Richie. Yeah. Saturday afternoon. Or late children from his late Saturday. Morning or early afternoon I remember seeing on social media opposed. From a man is going to join us. Any postage home. This friend of his was now and haven't. And I looked at this picture and I thought. Well it's anything. Nathan reaching. Who. We know here. At the radio station for the wonderful contributions he's made in his director of digital programming. For intercom Charlotte. And I'm vast. Gene Gregory who posted this because. It just so happened Nathan is his best friend. I wanted him to just join us on the broadcasts this morning and share his thoughts good morning Jeanne thanks for coming on or. Bigger more immigrants. Are. It tells me you're doing well there. We are we are making it we're working our way through this together and I'm sure this is very difficult challenge for you. Tell me about Nathan you known him for a long time. Well it what do you remember about him. Bill Nathan. You know he's my podium. We've been transferred up 37 years but met him when folks. Sixteen were not high school over these manner and not just jaded and that. Creative design class. All. You know and he would. He was always count Corky back then and and they eat you know of course we we all were affected and we just kind of mirror edition. No system. Introduced to him by a couple other friends and we just peculiar in the relationship that I didn't realize that gonna pro. The way it did. I mean you know we have let's go through life we try to chemical people realize that there. That are out there for. Key decision and burst and there it's and they returning to nature and that is from me. I mean he has been their names in that yeah. He's been that broker that other brother not my biological brother could be fined you know. That friend that does is actually sometimes also the brother and com. And then he's been you know rock for me and a ban on Saturday just about the call. Similar erratic that I was well cleaning off my father's grave which was morals to a point where. You know it was a hard loss Foreman and they who have reforming and and actually in outfit and it's great taken that when our lists great sites. That they mouse problem was being buried Nathan was the last one grabbed me it you know to make troubles shape for a less can send and it was ironic that don't. Let go of the great drama Saturday in got a call. Whereas earlier told pull over a good global Forex. You know group. Then he gave me the news about. Just like him to fail and still in disbelief. You know overall. Slipped. He's the very first and you know very strong willed very. This does like on just about it but it and he loose. Near as good garage either you either love make an hour. You're interior format much as far as to undergo further. Are has learned to. Love him. And took care about it. And and I hate that a bit on. You know I haven't to give this conversation but I mean that's just who that didn't imagine that this was gonna. You know. It's a good for the sport certainly nothing that any of us would expect at all. Tell us about the passion he brought two here is is crafted what he was doing you guys have that you've you've taken similar paths that are a little bit different. But I here's a guy who I have not actually worked with I've seen that hole we were supposed to connect at some point to. Talk about what Brooke we were going to do for. This broadcast in Sweden never had the opportunity to do so but I we saw a passion. And the excitement that he brought to his work I assume you saw the same thing. Oh yeah yeah I mean not start. I thought early on in his career going when he first got into radio. Oops that's funny because he used to. Are pleased to be at a mascot of some disorder that some type of chicken uniform it's weird they report to allow. And even in Indian the chicken or whatever he was there one. You know he will call me some clubs in the field location like men in me come over here to eat. But Cheryl looked for to get that right in doing it right. You know whatever willows. And now. You know sort of thing Marquette start and business. In our new. You know it's passion and he pushed me as well I'll push him. Won't go home and various things where you know it we're that it has to do business and you hear passionate about making sure that. You get a point across. He made a customer looked good he made whoever you have doing whatever for. You know he gate put it a 150%. I mean you know call guided the you know. Midnight and Tom Lehman you know what are you going home on that your work and also for some more. And that's the kind of pressure and that's the truth but drive pity you know bill. You know he always encouraged me to. To do the same thing and then you know and it. There's just work speak for a mean we we with BellSouth but there is some. You know and I got 2.2 whereas. And you know. We're you know wondering you know should keep going and businesses are cheap going in short keep pushing. And and he would tell me mandl don't ever give up just keep Mo. You know and so we would use that same philosophy whatever he was down about open it was Kate just pushed through risky move. So that's what do that the term perspective we have Orrin. You know whatever you don't want their films creating a project so more and creating web site or or just pushing the wrong business or who do whatever their personal agenda was me he was behind it. And you put it took it all and to them in and then you know and he cheered and Logan and then nursed his boys and the family the same way. You know. Still opposite we we've learned from each other week we eat we. We push each of the love. And that's what our take away from from all of this the 37 years that I've known him as just that how passionate he was taking care people peered. Scenario which would ask me about. You know what what mart deal lows. I'm there or even what you mean what might kill them and I'm not your work cannot pin on our work court just like you do these well you seem to be. Thank you seem to have different it's shown on supplement and you you just figured it out just relax I'll look at things seem to be going. The way I wanted to go as far as you know marriage and business and making money hand and making things work. Jeanne can you hold that thought we but I heartbreak cure but I don't wanna go just yet hold on with us and we continue broadcasting. Talking about Nathan Richie will complete our conversation on the other side. This is still exist Coakley radio program. 1136 on the Vince Coakley radio program clear. Talking about the death. Our director of digital programming and intercom. Nathan reach she passed away over the weekend a motor cycle action and we're talk clinching Gregory and he was the midst of sharing thoughts before we had a hard breach here and I think had nowhere gene was going in. It seems like you Nathan was challenging you about the priorities of your life is that where you're going with this. Yeah and you he was. I think he was Jennifer awful you know about things and then how they're trying to work and look different approach oral. They always told NATO would you know make. Is not necessarily though fumble what. I do as far as my worked and worked hard. I'd say I spent a lot of time. Just been a lot of Korean or. And has spend a lot of time. You know and worship. Any sort OK OK okay and we cannot. Sometimes we get into it and then you know debates about different things but it. This kind of felt like that part of me following. New transcend it to him and an economic jotted down understood it. You know not slaughtered not a group. Trying to explain. You know. Some assembly members that I felt like you know when I got the field in the felt. You know. They've been going on in passing in Mexico forgot so that he was sorry and he OK and I had determined explain it to them wiry. You know our children that were. Com. And he would have wanted me to have to press on dislike each you know. Wanted me to Campbell characters boards and make sure that they do what they need to do yup he often told me that if anything ever happened to a here's Mitchell report good. And you know. Our character of their heart and that's exactly what I York planned to do it's been a bit more time we're Drummond. You know let them know that I am always you know a part of you know is there recurrent problem and in their own older you know biological local phone. And out here you know just because of who grew up in that I have for me. And I'm sure they will absolutely appreciate that. Gina I know it's a very difficult time for you I so appreciate you coming on broadcast this morning and we have not talked in quite some time although we live not far from each other. Zero to connect with huge and very soon I've got to tell you that some of yours absolutely adorable. And oh god bless your family and Clinton hoped to run into you again sooner right. Yup we're we're planting roundup think they're gonna be hit me back with the appliances source the arrangements for Saturday so I'll I'll definitely keep your new collection alcohol. Do that gene got bush admin thanks for coming on curricular. On the Vince Coakley radio program 39 minutes after 11 o'clock and two in a piece I mean the guy mentioned to you because. I've just been in that season where there have been a number of things going on like this friends and friendly. Where people are experiencing laws in this just reminder as well. I was thinking of this just the other day. No. I want to be mindful of how I live really every day with the idea that it's honestly it could be my last day. There's there's just no telling. We knew we really do not know. I AM. Think it's not all I wanna see about that today. But we all. Send our condolences out you. Extremely and friends. Oh Nathan Richie. Forty minutes. After the hour of 11 o'clock. I wanna tell you about me developing story. That's happened during the course of this broadcast. As you know one of the things that is getting a lot of attention. He is the aren't going. Issue. And concern about what's going on win if our elections. One of the things that's happening. Is gerrymandering. It's difficult sub should talk about because both political parties have participated in this in some form. I mean that's the reality. Supreme Court has taken out one case may eventually sidestepped. The possibility of getting involved. In one particular election map this is in Wisconsin. That was were the primary case was. They sidestepped potentially historic ruling. That would have stop states from drawing election maps intended to help one political party dominate the other. But the issue can actually come back next term. Now what they did is they found procedural faults with challenges brought by democratic voters in Wisconsin. And Republicans in Maryland. Here's where this gets interesting well. This could open the door for a third case from guess where. North Carolina. They had reached the court's next term. So these cases arch entirely decided basically they've left these cases alone in both states for now. But this is going to come back. There's no question about this this is one of the reasons why. Honestly why Republicans have majority. And have been building on this majorities for quite some time. They've been able to exploit the demographics. And I'm not saying this and a negative way because there's no question that Democrats would do the same thing if they had the opportunity. But this is something that was. Ruled on just this morning but I would encourage you to stay tuned because we're gonna find out more of later rod. Also I wanna remind you about the ongoing situation you heard in the news probably abouts. PSA airlines which is a regional carrier for American if you're planning to travel. Reduced schedule. Until noon Monday although this can have a ripple effect beyond Monday if you were coming from or going to one in the smaller cities on PSA airlines. Reach flies for American. Double checked your travel plans because there could be some non difficulties we'll just put it that way. That story's still developing hopefully will be able to get an all clear on this particular story. That's at noon today. Another interesting thing going on this one really intrigued me. In the ongoing investigation. Of Russia collusion. Well this doesn't really have anything to do with Russia collusion but. It's part of Robert Muller's investigation this story blew my mind FBI. Has obtaining encrypted messages from Michael Cohen's phones. They've introduced a new element in the case surrounding the April raid on the property of president Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer and fixture Michael Cohen. In a court filing Friday afternoon. The authorities revealed the FBI has recently. Access to trove of encrypted data stored in Cohen's phones. It gets better. There's the electronic extraction of data from telephones. Ants in involves some things from what's up and signal. The FBI is also in and in addition to obtaining. This these messages they have 731. Pages of messages including call logs. Which were produced. What really creeped me out as well. In some cases they have been able to reassemble. Shredded messages. Shredded it data. They put it back together. This is creepy folks. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program are Monday edition I sit if time permitted we Rebecca backed Alonso talked about some of the bizarre stories. That live occurred. And you re for some bizarre stories. I'm always ready. And this one is really weird. Absolutely weird. I mention. You're in your front yard. And your attacked by a bobcat did you see this story. A woman and heart will Georgia. She actually strangled the bobcat it was rabbit. In attacked curator fry your heart. She went outside to take a picture. When the bobcat lunged debtor sheet then grabbed the cat by the throat in did not let go can you believe this is one tough former and she married. With her husband probably does anything she tells them. Up up up up up up hey it'd be didn't before he might now owe you big. Well here's more of the story she said she grew up in the country. Where her father in law was once a trap for a bobcats as a result she knew something about the animal's behavior. Says she was afraid of calling for help because her five year old granddaughter is in the house. She is being treated you know as a precaution for rabies and recovering from a broken finger in several bite and claw wounds. Tour hands arms chest and legs. Isn't that mind boggling though this woman. Kept this thing under control. You know all of us would go screaming back into the house on cash I cannot I cannot imagine I mean in the it's one of your how this is this the kind of thing that. That's so many of us I mean we should think Q would probably just freaks. And would not know exactly what to do in that circumstance. Just a look I live in the middle of the woods when I hear strange noises I was don't go out. Yet I don't blame you at all I don't often mention a few weeks ago. I was out walking your dog really hurting early and I heard a loud. No ways from. It was obviously a cat and I think what was going on it was we mean there are coyotes in our neighborhood. I suspect she. It one of the coyotes had perhaps captured a cat. Because this screening went on for a bit and then it just stopped it was really eerie. Because it wasn't completely right at that time yet so kind of scary. Truly something else let's talk movies. I mentioned already that's. I went to see Incredibles two. And now you've seen that what were your thoughts I have not you not spend RM what I do I was. Dairy biz I know you were you working on a cameras sent out. For something and I figured that out but it took most of the day Saturday Sunday no time. OK you have seen avengers I'm betting of course I'm offended that you. But ask a stupid question right. I gotta tell you this rude things that struck me is how the lymph of this movie. It needs it really goes against the grain of so many movies these days there it's almost like their format to be. An hour and a half that's that this was over two hours. Are you complaining. It's. No not really but it was just. And that wanting to any spoilers Justin to loosen the movie's been out it's already made like two billion dollars everyone's seen at least once so you could spoil. Well it's safe to spoil what are only thing I'll say about it he's he just deed. Let's just say the darkness summit really the you know is there with. A couple of my sons and my daughter yeah it's one of those movies you walk out it's like oh wow it's like it to commit cuts in a way. But she notes it's the first part of two doesn't mean you know everyone who's dead will come back but they might. Yes see this what I was kind of wondering because is there one of the things my son my oldest senator already seen this movie and he told us don't leave yet wait until the in the credits. And we did that. But I don't know that it shedding people actually just stick around to see Samuel Jackson buying it then become dust to a minute's worth of for. A fifth except that it. Up up up as you give yet another spoiler and we picked local authorities spoiled here muzzle spoiled people of Marty seamless it's okay if you. If you get a month then it's OK to talk about it. OK okay let's say it's safe to say can you can blame on me have a problem. For those uninitiated. I mean this is part of patent because I had this tells you how much I know about this stuff. Are there others that I need to watch. To understand. This a little more. You know now I mean if you ever wants a new ones before I think it's pretty. Self explanatory. About fantasy showed up on a couple other things but. I think they explained it well enough if you came into it in this movie you kind of got at least I thought. And how long we're gonna have to wait before the next one comes along next year next year actually cap the marble come we'll come out first. And then a lost comes out. In July that might have something meant the end of it. But you prior to wait till captain marvel next summer and then the second part of this movie. These guys are they're making boatloads of money I think yes they are present two billion that's a lot of money. That is just I can imagine that kind of money it is just unbelievable. Some folks are definitely getting very wealthy on this at this thirty bielsa that we need to look up four runs over the coming weeks and months. That your excited about the next roster world comes up this week I believe. Time Jurassic world I think I did see that was one of DN trailers. That's that they saw the beginning. So I was by the way. You'll you'll find it intriguing I wanna know what you think when you finally go to C Incredibles two. I wanna know what you think of the shorts. That errors right before it. He's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen but I'm not sure I am not sure artist. Then again I'm kind of takes sometimes for these things so let us know six months or have a great day man. And so all of you thank you very much for joining us on the broadcast today were willing we are back tomorrow right here. Got Bush's. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.