Digestive Health Answers

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, September 23rd

Dr. Ernst discusses common digestive health disorders (acid reflux, gas, constipation, etc.).


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The asked doctor show his crease and it like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment seeking qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading them growing authorities in total hell. Over the next hour you learned from experts on how to revolutionized that opens knows you look moments. Is fast doctor. Future host doctor Barrett Barrett's. Love it after. It is here that it and watching gas card so we are broadcasting live today specifically. Through FaceBook dot com. Yet again because of an amazing football season and are so with printed on the air but don't let that hold me back from company Q with the great help the nations though. Obviously if you're watching it because you've received emails exceed tax and you joined in the game because we have an incredible topic about you were packed yet the system. Entered against the health and how it's go to be a picnic. Potentially spark you into a new avenue for your help if you'd do what I talk about today efficiently you follow it I guarantee you're gonna lose weight. You gonna feel great you're gonna get energy back and if you're someone who suffers with the classics are digested it she acted replant indigestion heartburn. Maybe even like abdominal discomfort or cramps Korea constipation diarrhea I want you to think of that as a red alert. That your health is on the decline. And then what I eat because I. Work with a lot of people locally here in the Charlotte based area and I have clients that are all over the United States and even some out of the US but I do. Nutritional virtual console with Reich coats them with their help blood work urine into it that back. And one of the common themes that I've found is. Most people when I do it deep deep history of space that you like like thickness it this year let's see it this year. But you know five years ago I had these symptoms. An idea and I asked the right questions ten years ago on we have that twenty years ago you know what I did experience that. Thirty years ago debate on the aids. And you'll find if you dig deep and a fuels you that there were early early early warning signs. Of the eight big help if you were over here looking at things like diabetes heart disease cancer big big guys. You can go back 10152030. Years ago in buying small health issues that most of us write off as normal. Or adds comment oyster boats I ate something bad. And those are actually early early early warning signs of your health starting to decline. So at that reflex indigestion. Abdominal pain vomiting nausea and diarrhea constipation these are all early warning indicators that your health is on the decline. We know that because they are died yes the system. Symptoms. We also know the year to justice system holds 80%. Horse though some an ethnic. Of your immunological. Powering your immune system actually lives in your bag yes that's him. Still have your data the system is Dennis Green in Q. And your health is starting to scream at you because your immunity is dropping. Name a disease that has nothing to do with an immune system disorder and you have a hard time finding one because if you're immune system is working perfectly. Your body heal by itself. So I'd like to teach you something today. About how to fix after reflex indigestion. Heartburn. Is it heartburn is thinking is that the reflex but I classified that second that it heartburn as that related to you what I'll call it a title hernia. Or nine acid splashed in heartburn and that we abdominal pain vomiting constipation diarrhea if you are somebody watching it it's got. Digest of discomfort today is sort of do this number one like this video that'll be a little like button at the bottom get them where's there. And then your oath it is the share button where the error that says you can share. I highly suggest you share this show with any of your FaceBook brands need to you know obviously but he won because right now today. Digest of disorder digest the problems are massive. Just acid reflux can do the whole show the whole hour acid reflux that we would impact. Fifty to seventy million Americans despite. And sadly according to the diabetes and digested. And kidney disease foundation. And ID DK didn't even knew the existence a research unit at. Says that seventy million Americans suffer from some sort of digest the disorder and they ranked the number one digested this order. As being the reflux. And so of course there's medications. Over the counters it's not because I know that Wilmer talk in the dollar amounts that I mean we're talking massive amounts of money. They spent on its calming down beneath public. I am right now they estimate that the most common over the counter nonprescription. Products used to combat. Say you know like I've gotten over Hartford a Desert Classic and not like the proton pump inhibitors. Or a day now over the counter privacy things like that we're dock and as good old Tom's and those two mobile talked tablet. Who billion. In the year 2014. Act in Spain but that absolutely in Spain two billion in sales for an athlete talk tablets. And it had as them as if we're looking at digested. Help. Kept open is all right at that stomach and nice to drink this stuff like it was going dial back on it. Pat abysmal alone 39 million annually in sales so those two numbers 2000000039. Million just shows you. The degree of how many of us are dealing with some sort of an upset stomach where reflex in them it. And again what's yours and those early warning signs that made major health issue on the stream. It's going to hit you if you don't get this stuff fixed. The next biggest and highest seller. Our debt proton pump inhibitors and this is what big pharma and medicine once being ready. They what you think that if you haven't. Acid reflux issue of heartburn if you get splashed it. It because you have too much acid and if we can shut off the acid production stomach and you Walt did the symptoms in wallets and novel concept. If you inhibits. The acid so late. Describe it they're called proton pump inhibitors because. The hydrogen Adam eight plus is it proton. If I can shut off the hydrogen production. You won't combine it with the chloride and make eight CL which athletes that we basically shut off the pumps that pump out in the disarming. And of course if it make you feel better. But I am it's not with this isn't let's just talk very briefly what you sort of need stomach acid to digest food break apart proteins in action. Take that solid foods you eat and make it into more of you know bullish the canal and absorb the nutrients and pass that three years panic so if you shut off. You're acted production you're not happy acid reflux that you're gonna massively slowed down your entire digest the process. He can't absorb nutrients could become Biden debate. Your food tents the states too long in this economic and it starts the firm and rocked which by the way. Predicted that in a different type of Bassett. Called an organic that are like a hoot based gas in which will then make you beat flux again. But Daniels dateline need to take him now so you get sucked into this trap though those guys both the most common next to him and asked the facts. In 20145. Point six billion dollars. That is taking homes in this talk tablet and it's crushing it in regards to in the sales. So we were to sum up the app that reflex pills the tons. Antacid pills and kept abysmal alone you're looking at nine to ten billion dollars annually to I guess I don't Kerry's question I would like to ask you. Do you think if we can throw a committee together and say hey guys call list that I guess that help committee that the United States. And you half of this budget and 85 billion dollars. I would wager that if we put enough mine together we can figure out why are so many Americans haven't read books and yet. And we could save a tremendous amount of money spent on this stuff. Because. All they do with caucus symptoms. If you have acid reflux swallowing a pill may make it feel better take in and passed it may call on the swallowing some sort of you know. Pepto bismol may again make it feel better. But is not addressed in the course fourth that the why why is there it is that some with in the body so when I want to do today is break apart. Your digest the system. Teach you how it works so why what you put in your mouth. It's much more pointed to how its eighth but to what it does your body and how if you're someone who had some sort of digest that help problem. You can very quickly turn it around. And then here's the benefit. Have a massive impact on every avenue you're not looking you lose weight and start the field that are. But energy and go through the root your guests that process will repair itself. Could get fit your digestive system essentially replaces itself about every two to three weeks on the average so. If you'd just do what I mean it's ET today for two weeks. You should instantly start to the in the improvement in fact it is secretly today about the next twenty minutes. For acid reflex sufferers once substitute dude this hate this instead of your purple pill. You know your privacy your necks in your as the taxes you're charcoal are your tablet take this instead and you're gonna as the year replay it here. Very quickly so what's the deal with Arctic at that they might ought to date is it when you talk about like I am. Where that gets the system works. There's this misconception that once you swallow something inside your body and it and it went just try to follow me with this okay. Yes you've swallowed it and yes it's no longer outside of your physical body. But technically not steal items used yet and the reason for that is from the mouth to the toilet. You're digest the system is one long tube. So in Athens it filled the outside. But inside of you because you get this to passing through you. So if we work to somehow be able to sort of scope. Deep that we can't do it but by its stake its scope up here it's like. Colonoscopy. And that's who was long enough and I can wiggle it all the way through it would eventually come out of your mouth. Same thing if I didn't endoscopy bike in the year now. It's gonna to stop in his stomach it I actually went through this comics thing they're into the small intestine snaked all the way through your small intestine. Got your large intestine ethnic all went through that eventually we'd feed pointed the end of DC my concept. Just because you swallows something doesn't mean it's physically in use yet. And this is why digestion is so important because. Who is lined with very specific. Types of new coaster types of cells areas that have specific responsibility. In what they do for your digestion. So it's not as simple as yes. Swallow an improvement done. You have to look at it at this now actively complex combination of all kinds of interactions between mechanical. Chemical and even. What I'll call third electrical. So if we start off obviously digestion began in the now and here's where most people make the biggest mistake. They don't allow the food that they too. Would the big taste actually stay in their mouth long enough. I don't know if you guys would agree with me but. BM idea of sitting down for breakfast and lunch and dinner is kind of an old school concept most of us are literally like. Run in the door we've got some sort of reckless thing in this hand we have. Probably caught in this hand were in the car driver with their knees and income trust me I mean this is the on the highway as he had in a parking lots. Were driving with their needs work snacking on stuff or drink it being left and right. We're swallowing wait too fast not to our booted up and I'm not trying to sound like your mom hates your year that Bourque but I'll teach you something. In your arm now. Your feet actually do more than just grind your food up okay. They have porous for sept there's been allowed your neurological system at every two incited you have the nerve because to its. And the blow your mind every nerve and every tooth signals different organs in your body. So we wanna talk functional holistic completely different than medical. The moment you put food in your mouth and use an analogy here it has it's easy simple. At a care eat this scared I'm humane to carry the wrists it upstairs and the pores on your teeth are sort of being activated. And they're going to stuff like this I mean this is a simple analogy he patriots team is carried you need any of these nutrients acres how you do it. That a nerve connects to the brain the brain connected organs organ signals the brain and they say. Vitamin C. Right both I need facts I need nutrient needs think I need boxers I mean the list is endless. In your mouth that was you're killing your key that's sort of going all right. Organs do you need this if you don't believe me in this. Go Google online right now you're actually watch on might open avenue tab lead that's what I hear those unions it is and here this. And type in your food organ chart. Who organ chart we've got to find it east news has an organic connection to different parts your body. So when you eat food you're chewing up booting actually stand patriots ideology needed loans what do you wary that. Kidneys bowels the case of first if you don't chew your food long enough. You don't signal that communication between your systems and this solid math lanes in this economic. And now we got to really go after that second in your mouth we activate all types of enzymes and we actually begin digestion in the now. And so when you put food in your mouth you're not only signal weird to think oh you're not only activate taste receptive which makes your food tastes good and make your body enjoy eating. But if you chew your food efficiently which they estimate that do this properly twenty bites. Our our twenty chews per byte at all we do as we gateway by experts you'd only. Once used while. Twenty chews per byte that I have a carry this on and I bite out that to prevent. Twenty times before its wallet the reason for this is you have to match that boot into a bush. To a lot of your heat ready for this to break it down into smaller molecules to activate which or indeed they go to new. And allow the enzymes to be in the process in your mouth you actually start breaking down starches and that's. And you start creating the process. To allow this food to be ready to add to the stomach so the number one mistake that everyone makes it you what do featured guest and now. Cut after treatment cut the gloating cut that. All of it constipation everything down is literally your mom was right and your grandmother was even more right. Hugh you or food and in a minute teach you something to eat it actually makes you eat less food partly I think because it takes longer. And you start to stimulate third. Like hormone and reflexes. And digestive enzymes that will make you actually more full when you chew your food appropriately the biggest problem is that when you put but he about the day. Because they're loaded with sweeteners and artificial colors and flavorings that conservatives and inappropriate that artificial colors you name it toxins. You know actually chewing food so you disrupt the entire system you don't activate in times your organs say we don't want any of that. So when you swallow it it doesn't get tactic no anywhere intends to come out here Dave justice systems though. The food you put in your mouth can literally he'll you know. Or it could be tray you start to fill your system which is why when we talk about reflux eat the sign that there's rotting. Dictate that you placed an ad in the stomach without a bad breath in and you know fungus and indeed an all this stuff digested disturbances. And you know bacterial problems in the system. Also think that is just basically assists in his rotting so we want to turn that around. They want to swallow obviously. It moves through your esophagus and get into the stomach where it must be washed with acid. Now surprisingly. Most other parts of your digestive system. They're not gonna happen is half that component to it. And yet medicine says although his turned acid down in your stomach because you had these symptoms of death that read like that is because it into your third properly because you're not eating eating food in the first please eating chemicals. We you don't activate. The sound very. And if there's enzymes in your mouth you can't create the acid production only happens in real boots up on eating fake food. I don't create the app that response and in this poll is that this stuff. When as in this economic and what happens is your comic says. Why on earth is this so it starts to throw a tremendous and after that it athlete but now Sackett. Because the stomach lining is specifically designed to be acidic the danger of long term of taking antacids. Taking acid reflux medications privacy axiom I asked the fact is you'd you increase the PH of this comic so what starts to happen is that the new coastal later that supposed to be there to protect the stomach from the Athens. Things out because it says why do I need to be so thick it's not as this addicts I don't need protection. As you'd be in net new coastal layer you engage the ability potentially for the various bacteria toxins and things that are on the food you're eating. And now gay closer access to the stomach wall. And create gassed right it's all through everything else. Compromising your digest the system by increase in the outcome when it yet your stomach to taking medications in Toms is the worst thing you can Buford digestive system. Because it needs to be highly acidic so acidic in fact that many of the enzymes that help you to break apart act and proteins carbohydrates. Don't actually work. Unless there's an asset so when you reduce stomach acid. You actually cause a bigger digest of response that makes your body produce more arrested because it's a where its senses that there's not enough asked then. So it pushes harder to make more Athens. You'll reflux the more you'll think well the problem is I need more medications he'll take more. You decrease the city your food stayed there longer it rots your stomach starts to push harder and that can lead to bigger help if she's on the line. Digest of aids here's how you fix the first we fixed the mouth like stealing twenty times per byte. I you can take your number I thought it was gonna get it's you guys about twenty minutes and if you have acid reflux the number one thing to do with gonna rock your world actually hate accidents. You wanna take it ends I'm and it's full of hydrochloric acid to help your body. I guess that who properly to be the end not to get that stuff to move the path there. And because most of us would take medication for that long time. We don't have the enzymes needed to digest that foods that lingers and that creates more asked that pushed. So if you take it digested enzyme that half as hydrochloric acid and usually it's called the kinder they kind heidrick chloride. If you take it I just an enzyme that has all the and that's for carbohydrates fats and proteins and Haider Clyde many times you'll see that can take place. And replace what you use for your aunt gas. So digested enzymes have an incredibly powerful effect help you break your boot part in your stomach. Which will greatly assist your digestive process because now we should properly. We did pre digested broken apart into its mock him you know micro nutrients proteins and fats and carbohydrates that are. And we've allowed the food now pass into our. Small intestine within because of the fact that the highest selling products are antacids or take a moment lets you know. It's not just the fact that you're reducing your stomach you make yourself feel better. But that it actually happened opposite effect on what you would want him to do. By decreasing your stomach acid fitted tee you are basically throwing him math cog feud I guess the system. And many of the nutrients you need for light house CM invited B twelve and other ends. Other nutrients and vitamins Rick wired the acid content of this economic. So when you short circuit this by making it feel better. You prevent yourself from sorting nutrition. And as you become nutrient deficient which are gonna find is overtime you can start to get other help that you can actually shown with this if your over the age of fifty. And you take antacids for only one year select a proton pump editor for one year. You increase your risk of fracturing. Your hips your joints your legs by 44%. Because you don't absorb as much calcium as you do when you would normally out the correct amount that. For women especially for men too but Oster Perth it's not due Kenya is becoming a massive health issue. And what we're trying to do is swallow more calcium but if you're again. Taking account statement through sodomy you don't have the right I think component in your stomach Nikkei news orbit anyway so your posts are it will break. And then there's this sort of addictive nature to it and it becomes a bigger problem. Because of the fact that you actually need it to digest of booting you shut the often taken the blocker. The moment you stop taking your acid blocker your stomach and ago finally. A minister scored well after the start to get this system to turn back on again. And you're gonna say I feel it and you're gonna take it again and it creates this repetitions. But it while I must take if I stop them. Can't do it and in inherently hates him but I think that when they designed these products. They realize that if I get you on the long enough. And you try to get off of them your reflex will be worse than when you started it. The oath they would you know it hurts too much others go back he wants to date no big deal edu and look at the card that cartoons. That's it by the death of five year old home look at the commercials. Of like the celebrities are like. I just took that one pillow covering your torn over arsenic to be whatever I wanted they'll get the reflex that means feed it to try to teach you just one only need just one. And it causes such a big fact. It has been linked ready for this all of these drugs like privacy act and down. I ask the facts. Next in X xetra long term side effects ready for this inability to bike path and its path the genetic organisms in your comic. Because no that's not a lot of the would you eat you have bacteria and viruses all over them. And your first play defense for keeping your date distances and clean it the fact that you wash all your food enzymes in your mouth. In Athens in Hispanics still if you don't do that. You become an official with killings you're more likely to get food poisoning. Parasites. Viruses except that we just talked about decreased bone density can absorb your house indicated on the in his stomach. Our phones get weak can actually lead to a domino pain and discomfort because. You don't digest the food and to a smaller of the debates. Did you get hole proteins that whole food particles in your small intestine it's get a recap make it creates this like. Really deep knowing third discomfort. It's also these these medications acid reflux that ultimately to depression liver disease chest pain diarrhea swelling of your ankles. On usual bruising knee bruise more often because you don't absorb vitamin C we don't have the Athens by misty is what holds your vessels together. Vision changes yellowing around the eyes and or skin because of the liver failure jaundice except threat so it's clear. That if we were wanting to fix our health. We've got to stop covering up symptoms and I get it I realized it was not an acid reflux once or twice in my life I know it's like. I. Heard that it clears out. But that tells me that what happened did I didn't think lands times and I ate something that was it real food. Cabinet acid reflux or 2.5 years. When I used to eat foods you eat like the standard American right I would have. My hamburgers without wheat impostors in grains and have all kind of fast food products. If I was hungry on the go it was simple it would just BI stopping at fast food chain. On Taco Bell burritos at 2 AM in the morning when I was nineteen I mean I did what everybody else is doing. And I've recognized that my symptoms are starting to develop and that's so I think you know what I got to fix this now always understands them and vitamin B twelve. Is the number one vitamin that most people struggle with it your energy vitamins helps you feel fantastic. On it makes you. Zest full etc. Is the number one vitamin that you become deficient and when you're digest the system is not working because of taking antacids or Toms started this abysmal at things. B twelve is something that you can only absorb with heist comic Kathy contents. Because it takes a tremendous amount of time to actually break the B vitamin complex down from the food you eat. And so if your taking any sort of these medications I can guarantee you you're gonna be B twelve deficient and again what's the medical solution for this. Well with the Stevie B twelve shots they're only seven dollars it's no big deal but it synthetic and get it to something extra you have to worry about. When you happy told deficiency. This is a huge issue for most people today. You tend to get these things. Headaches you tend to have mental confusion or just difficulty concentrating. You tend to have balance issues like vertigo. Numbness and tingling in your hands in your feet typically on both sides not just one hand tingling. But both are both legs. You tend to have Obama team. Weight loss issues he can't lose weight diarrhea constipation fatigue. Shortness of breath with just little tiny bit of exercise like if you were to walk up the stairs in your like. My god that's not this year lazy or your not in tune with your body. Or you're not physically fit it actually possibly of B twelve deficiency and which again is the is ready for this. If you ever see spots on your arms that are whites like almost like it's like you're missing your hand in just that one spot. Boom that beat while they rate their because it's responsible. Due to make melatonin which makes the area habits tone to it. So if we want to now fix our digestive system with too little recap first. Was secure food longer than we do twenty chews per byte to activate the enzymes and remember it's signals your organs. By the heat that tooth organ charts. You have meridian is that you have an air power in your teeth to tell your body say. I need this piece of steak it has proteins and fats. I need to protein to go to my liberties back to go to my brain that need to repair and teaching here if you don't pass that the MacArthur teed it up you can't actually in Hackett. There was a tenth it's very stated that if his name was royalty. He actually found out that when you chew your food. You chemically and Nur logically tag it sort of to say. This is where I once you go through an IEU you go here as opposed to down there it doesn't happen if you swallow to pass. We need an extra we have plenty of Aston arsenic which could mean. Taking a small shot of apple cider vinegar to increase the city as you're chewing your food and eat it. It could mean taking dad died yesterday enzyme that is hydrochloric acid and it and it could mean eating real food in knots. Stopping the production. So now that we have eight into our digestive system it's gone from a outsourced comic from coming to our small intestine this is where really the magic starts to happen. He's had almost everything to do with. The type of bacteria you out. There are very specific bacteria the needing your small bowel or your small intestine. And most of the time and I work with them and as a big health issue this is the big players dampened over growth raid despite assist of the small owls. If you think of it it's been sort of labeled as a Steve though SI BOs small intestine. Bacterial over growth again Google this if you want. This is the primary areas of your micro bio of your immune system and so if I have a high good quality products. It's been chewed well digested well acid washed and it entering my small intestine. I'm gonna pass that through and we create a bit of fragmentation we start to utilize nutrients we absorb the majority bursts are are. I quality year. And it's gonna help me to have a really strong immune system. Now if it's human food properly I don't about that I am getting large food particles in here this is where your bacteria start to go haywire. And we start to actually effect the intestinal. Health and your digest of health and your total help because of the immune that's indeed decreased. Inside your small intestine and asked me yet a hundred trillion. Different types of bacteria technically hundred trillion living there at ten times the amount of human cells that you out. So we talked about this in the very shows of them before your gut bacteria actually outnumber you. So I'd like to say if we worked together with our gut bacteria if we love on them a little bit. And we can actually increase health drastically because. They are what are responsible for pulling all good stuff in aggressively swallow food it's not and you yet. In your stomach it's had not in view yet you do absorb a little bit there but the majority of these are to take place here on intestines. So win you get it in there these bacteria these organisms actually do the work there digesting. Now. It you have d.s or fungus or parasites or anything in this mess for us to be there. Instantaneous. Digestive discomfort often get like gaffes are bloating abdominal pressure it's because. Those bacteria are feeding off the food it's you can now put in there and crimes with speed and a first place. Second making it awful lot of various toxins. So yeast and fungus have been known to eat your food the creek toxins in your body. And create discomfort bloating gas diarrhea except for in the digestive system. Yeah and the biggest thing is that almost all of our B vitamins and are paid vitamins would there's K 123. Stature that you need for clot in the and for vascular control and for all types of energy B vitamins for energy NK for sort of that. And I'll call clotting ability for your energy production. If you don't have the right types of bacteria in a small intestine you know actually absorbed him he can become deficient in them. If that estimate ready for this that eighty million people in the United States have. Inappropriate bacteria. Fungus or yeast in their small intestine and the reason for that is because if complex or simple sugars. Bypass the digest the process announces comic. They get into your day justice system and they the those guys remembered east blood sugar. Fungus like sugar even bacteria like sugar but what we want to do is eat the right appropriate foods for them so we can correct it. If you have with the evo back Terrell over growth in your intestines here's where we start the things like headaches. You'll bowel syndrome. Weight gain the weight loss resistance food allergies fatigue depression. Asthma cancer and even heart disease and diabetes. So C evo or that kill over growth has been linked to almost every major disease again because your immune system is being attacked. As ridiculous as this attack now it talks on the very quick. Most people. Think that you can just take an acid. Sorry you can take a pro by chaotic and just all of sudden. Fix that back your relationship with the tests but again what happened number one. You got to somehow swallow that pill obviously it in your mouth number two in as the land in your stomach and we don't have the right at Athens in your stomach you actually activates. You know actually turn on those bacteria so that that they'll possibly gates directed in this test and and as it opens up you have potentially. Bacteria that are over ground. He's been fungus that say no no no this is hours. And they destroy them. And many times both per about it that are over the Conner are very efficient they're weak and David that account or for months or years. They're not refrigerated so you start to lose the counts over a period of time. And most of us to assume that I take one and good. So just like if I took only vitamin C I'm not gonna fix all of my nutrients. Picking one pro by chaotic is not gonna fix the hundred trillion different types of bacteria that you happens during testing. I love dramatics they're great but don't think because your eating some yogurt product it's full of sugar and other bad acts. You know sweeteners and things that as one or two strains of probe by attic sectarian that you're gonna all of a sudden picture gets now we're talking unique night. Billions to trillions of bacteria and that would be the most expensive yogurt product that one younger pack would probably cost 200 dollars no one would buy it. So therefore that's why you don't do that. So if you take a pro about it here's a secret rotate them. They'll take the same brand all the time or don't think it's Ames strains all the time and sued for products have multiple strains he wants the at least thirty or forty different. In various categories. Some of the biggest of course are the bacillus groups the lack of bacillus groups that this thing though groups have been a bit of bacteria groups except for a and you know the other challenge that we have with a buy out exit if you're taking it consistently on a daily basis. You start to actually created over growth of the bacterial strain you're taking again it's about diversity we want even about the bacteria spread across the digestive system. A pound and half of your problematic bacteria in only. Four ounces of all the rest you may have actually created it digested disorder by taking the same prob attic over and over again. I'm not a big fan of this rotate the brand. And pirated how I take it usually I take a pro about it with one brand for two weeks and I don't take any program for two weeks. And I take a different brand for two weeks. And they don't take any for two weeks and I take a different ran for two weeks I don't take any part two weeks and at that time that I'm going off. I want to consume natural healthy pro buyout that I would get through might foods. So here are some ways if you don't like them by crow about like that you can do it any fermented food product. That is she doable now notice I didn't say fermented Eddie's drinkable beer and wine yes they're firm it did but I don't consider those Tubal food products. You want things like sauerkraut and kimchi miso Kiefer and lock the ten day these are all great fermented food products. And what's so beautiful about this is. They don't it's contained one strain may have multiple strains because if I'm taking cabbage for example. And I'm permits and it's three and sauerkraut. The natural bacteria that are growing on the outside and cabbage will become activated replicate. And baggy due to fragmentation. In the McKenzie is it happens to come from my you know not Spock too in Napa cabbage surges were orbiting different products. Different foods. So we can actually create a healthy and able program you can get is that anything you converted beats and carrots and whatever you want and that's the benefit behind. Eating my food so if I can find high quality fermented foods. Rotate. High quality really good pro about it. And keep that on a on a bases where I go on and off cycle now on hand them loved my small intestine but notes. That because there's bacteria in my small intestine when I don't want to do are taking antibiotics. I don't quite take exit kill the good bacteria. And here now comes a whole other show topic we talk about. The over prescription of antibiotics they have destroyed and got help. Lead to us have easily digested disorders. If you're thinking but I thought. That dominate the Vatican is like. And I got over my cold well why do get the cold in the first place because you're digest the system was the rack. And that was your immune system indirect is that your symptom is a runny nose cough and fever congestion headache whenever and the doctor says well it's too much bacteria. Which is true it's too much bad bacteria in your gut but taking antibiotic is gonna do is wipe them all down and whatever survives. Then re populates your gut and you've decreased the diversity. Is that a having like a hundred trillion you might only have three million different types of bacteria and that is the Steve though that despite its. Now another aspect of the small intestine is that you need other juices and enzymes into the equation is not enough disputes here dude get your static. Didn't the small intestine. And absorb it. You need to allow your liver and your patriots in your gallbladder to start working here is that number one challenge for most of us are livers are toxic. Our goal letters are congested in clogs. And our our picker is pride from having pushed out so many hard enzymes that digest food it's not food. So if you're eating processed food that has a hundred ingredients your pancreas has to say oh got. I need to really help out here so that pushes the tremendous amount of enzymes into small intestine in overtime you're gonna work that thing out. Secondly if you eat bats that are trans fats saturated Mon sat stream whatever you want facts. But they are of the poor quality the light vegetable based oils and things that affect your gallbladder says the same Diego's. I've never seen that before that's that's odd it doesn't exist in nature so fine our I missed. And his school work all my vial out of wants to go after that. And because I'm usually deficient for not happy in a Athens in my stomach I can't even make the bile in the first place because I don't have a house him and having cholesterol problems and I'm getting stones with in my gallbladder and so then the doctor says well we'll just take your gallbladder out. Not recognizing that that furthers that I guess the problem because now you don't have the enzymes that I just acts. And as facts pass through your bowels you'll start to have a lot of gas a couple of diary and have like a patient. So we can fix a gallbladder issue rather than just taking your gallbladder out then you can actually significantly help now. If you're watching news and you have no gallbladder. I wonder if you were surgeon told you'd for the rest of your life when you eat food you need to take a bio supplement. To start the answer is no there were hundreds of women and men that had an out and look at me like less. So if you have no gallbladder you have no ability to door by mail which means when you eat foods that app. That they require back digestion you can't actually squirt the bile out so you must take. Bio if you go to Google I can tighten ox bile you'd find effort you know 10153 dollars a supplement that for you if you know gallbladder is absolutely required. But if you have a gallbladder. We wanna do is we wanna get it to work properly. And I could spend a whole show on how to enhance gall bladder functions that you'll do that. But I suggested she start looking at how to enhance your gallbladder how to flush it out there is a very famous gallbladder detox called the hold that Clark. Gallbladder washed up with them resources in the comments below. But how you guys can find of me about that but if I was gonna say something or radically transform your life figured I'd guess that now it would be. Detox your liver appropriately. Flush the vial out take digested enzymes take an ox bile if you don't have a gallbladder. Chew your food appropriately and eat real food I mean we know what real buddhists. So in sort of summary for today if you have three putts indigestion heart pain abdominal pain constipation diarrhea expects her remember. The foods you putting your mouth are the most important and how you process it through your digest that this is probably the second most important. If I had to sort of sum this up in the last couple minutes. Make sure the foods you eat or in their natural state meaning they haven't been altered have been changed they come in the weight nature packed in for you. Makes figure consuming raw foods as much as possible because. They contain an exorbitant amount enzymes they contain vitamins and nutrients and their original state and they haven't been. Heated or to nature makes your consuming fermented foods. On a regular basis chances are there thoughts of youth sitting down and happening. Sauerkraut miso Nat so keeper Osce compute sixth catcher has probably been too far between when it should be should be on a daily basis he should be permitted to. Make sure that your you've stated far away from any manmade chemical. Food additive pharmaceutical drug acid reflux tell Tom's kept of this Molex extra. And quite often the biggest effect you can do to calm your gut down. Is make sure you're eating organic there were not doing pesticides herbicides and sprays. Make your stain as far away as possible from genetically modified foods because again they're going to be heavily sprayed. In nature cutting out your carbohydrate that much as possible if we can do that. We've massively stimulate our date just the response. Which will help you to heal. Guys as we close this out I want to make a short announcement on Tuesday October 3 I'm hosting a dinner seminar and the mightily impressed FAA. The theme for this is boosting your immunological streak that you're somebody gets colds all the time lose all the time. Just healthy she's all the time I encourage you if you're watching this year in the local Charlotte area called 7049062094. That 7049. Or 62094. I am free tickets with a dinner included. As a great health information with protocols. He can extra life picture help. Thanks so much for joining us today. You've been watching the gas doctorate so don't forget the stare at this video with anyone you know they had the health issue related to that they're digest the system. And again because on FaceBook platform is defined as soon as we come right back. I think that might look forward to seeing each and every week until next time but I.