Dizziness and Vertigo

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, September 9th
Ernst discusses the many causes and simple fixes for correcting dizziness and vertigo.

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As of may at North Carolina game so we want to celebrate the fact that our team is gonna win today that's my prediction but also that's down. We're coming at you with some great health information and I have an incredible show topic today. And wanna give a couple ground rules but how this works since we are preempted we're now broadcasting through FaceBook. I'm myself also will air on iTunes has podcasts after today but right now you're watching on FaceBook because we've told you to sell welcome we love it here here. Kabul rules behind our face the broadcast the one as we wanted it like the that the show with alike like the page today so I have little brain fog will. Like the page today are asked doctors paid. Share this link because I guarantee you probably know somebody who deals with dizziness are vertigo that's our show topic. We're gonna be crushing the causes and talking about some simple things you can do. To fix this vertigo and or deeds and it's issue if you or someone you know struggles with that. You know vertigo is a big deal for a lot of people's cell. Makes feel like the pace makes you stare at this link. And if you love weed I just wanna see where you guys come from Mike as watching estimated below while we're broadcasting today you can type and where your from maybe it's that can happily through Salisbury North Carolina fort Miller rock you'll maybe even somewhere outside the North Carolina area. As I do you know we have a lot of listeners who watch us. From other events that I host on my FaceBook page to maybe guys are watching from that they're just let us know we are prominent you have a question you can ask it below. And we'll use your questions to be a little. Parlay for some conversations say and also to may be spark our next show topic because that's how I get all these are topics. In regards to vertigo or you know the big thing today is I think a lot of us deal with this and again just think it's something that someone normal you know. Oh I was little dizzy here had a little bit of light headed since stationed there and down in the big towns behind vertigo is it's one of those things that. Yeah you'd probably say Ali and I know what it is but until you've dealt with it you don't realize how bad it really is you know. The here like all you know it's somebody a little dizzy today. And if you're not going through it you probably just thinking. How I mean that's not really that bad I've been dizzy before you know like if you get up too fast Elvis any kind of black cap per second that's not vertigo vertigo is. Very unique sort of spinning sensation. Where either you are feeling like you're moving around. Or you're still in the world feels like it's moving around and it can be debilitating. Especially for those who work have been actual vertigo. And a lot of times and fortunately. When you're having vertigo because it comes and it goes is not just a consistent time. And it's it's kind of like it's like if you've ever had a problem with your car when you take a cart the mechanic and you tell them. Here's what's wrong here's what's happening they were on the tests and they say and we we gain experience that it all business things work in perfect. And so because vertigo is not something that's. It typically diagnosed the bull from a blood tests are tonight that's not a very symptomatic. And many times you know we know the you're going to vertigo with a very neat and station but it's hard to find the cause and so what I'm gonna do today is talk about. Did your classic causes of dizziness and vertigo organ discuss how to get those fixed by doing it more naturally understanding. The cause is secure. And the unique thing behind vertigo I want you guys understand this is. Had that by itself the dizziness the vertigo the light headed as success trip. That's not actually the disease that's not the problem it is a symptom it's a warning sign that something else deeper seated is going down with your life. And that's what I wanna help you under uncover. It's not a medical condition and it's not a mental disorder. It's simply truly a symptom that hints. To a bigger issue going on in fact there's the research showing that 40%. Ready for this of anybody over the age of forty. We'll have vertigo at least some point in their life so flip a coin that's about your likelihood of having vertigo more or less. And so again you're not gonna think it's a big deal until your experience and it then you're gonna freak out you're gonna think your life is ending I mean I've had patients tell me. I can't drive I can't sleep I'm not fall and I feel like a fallen all over him thrown up a minute stand homes that verdict was a big deal. And it's not behind again vertigo is that there are several causes. Up which have nothing to do with you work. Dizziness itself and so when I mean by that is. Vertigo typically is the sensation of just feeling dizzy or that Blake I don't know if you've ever felt. A dream where it feels like your fall lane and all of a sudden in that way you're sleepy deserted Jericho Xavier following played it can be yet. And like a tilting sensational leanings and station dizziness. It can lead to things like nauseous and as sometimes vomiting you typically tend to get headaches in your ears ringing you may have. More perspiration than normal could it kind of data in it and folks that sympathetic system released itself. You start to sweat more but he can also have jerking of your I Sola twitching you know how to Ike and its which is back and forth. And sometimes the old feel like you're gonna paint and that the talent behind this again is a lot of us will chalk this up to I got too fast or I ate something off or. You know I've just been having off days and then vertigo can be something that. Again can be very very debilitating if you are experiencing it. And what are options he is when your in this sort of like vertigo. Episodes let's say year having this in states and dizziness or like to earth spinning around. Many times which are gonna find at your monitoring that person while they're going through it is a pretty rapid drop in their blood pressure. And sometimes millions these sort of like drops in insulin drops of blood sugar and act gives you this sort of like sneaky dees these sort of weeks in space and and because this is what we often find is happening I want to recognize. Vertigo is usually. A symptom of miss regulated. Metabolism I've sort of a system that's going in stock. And so you know blood pressure doesn't just dropped for no good reason nor does blood sugars or insular in the back end to what we typically find is that. If you have vertigo you usually have some. Major condition going on either be it inflammation and some sort of a call it neurological disorder disorder like. And that's sort migraines is having that effect but you may actually have an issue with your Erie itself and so. The petite something real quick about how our body manages our balance you need to understand some basic anatomy. In your ears in the deep deep inner part of the year there these channels through these canals and they go in three different directions that we have like up and down forward and back left and right. So that would create sort of like as the axis if you will. So if you think about your body needs to know if it's going forward this way so you know like you're shaking your head yes. Or if you're hurting you know that they know for example or if you're tilting so we have all the promotions and inside those canals are some fluid and what happens is. The fluid basically stays still while the head moves and that's what signals to your brain the motion picture and so if everything is working perfectly. As you tilts side decided you look opera Downey turned left to right. The fluid is moving in a specific direction. And the this did dealer or your year nerves will send a signal to your brain and say hey listen we just turn to answer your body goes look at got you. And you know you have your cerebellum and of course if your brain in your brain stem which are in the processing centers for all of this so what often happens when you have. Dizziness or vertigo is that there are some sort of a disruption. In either the mechanics. Of that in her years there's liquidity there. Stagnant or not moving or there's something in the canal like that calcium stones or some sort of deposit. Or there's something physically wrong with how the nervous firing back and forth to the brain. So one thing I want to talk with is the most common is what we called the nine per ox mall positional vertigo or to simply beat EPD. It is even leading cause of all types of vertigo so chances are if you are currently. Experiencing need to estimated has vertigo this is more than likely what they have. And what it is that it's an issue with the inner ear that leads to dizziness in off in the symptoms include. Some third oppositional vertigo is why they call it the nine per axle traditional meaning if I sit down I'm fine. But if I laid down. All over a minute vertigo but if I'm sitting I'm fine I'm standing. All over so one specific position. When I tell my head to the left. There I go but if I took the right I'm fine. The deposition of vertigo and and here's the thing. Because of this have to do with what we would call it type of calcium crystals. Or or some sort of being nick got out of the normal position with senior year. Now you do have something that can be called an era rock and some people have these and some don't. But what an Iraqi is basically a small little bit of a calcium crystals they got into that fluid can now. Just imagine if you tilt to aside and that meant little stone rolls all man your ears getting here it's. You're gonna feel your brains in a freak out and so that's why we get vertigo sometimes. And the rocks usually will affect the system in that. Baking get into any one of those three sections of member. We have sort of up down forward and back left and right so if one of those stones Eric crystals is inside this guy the left to right. And up and downs fine imported back is fine but left to right is where it's third defect nets like you beat transitional. That means that crystals are called analysts. And the reason for that is the pick the curves are caught Kenya Liz. But it can only it is down something that starts to develop you could think of it is kind of like having Arthur right is inside of your ear it's a calcium deposit accounts and build up. And if they ever sort of popped loose their become dislodged. And they end up in the wrong section then there's the vertigo and sell. These guys can be nasty simply because. Until they either dissolve or they sort of re logic it set into some position of vertigo is gonna consistently be there with each of these movements. As to this creates a problem with your balance in your orientation. And off in the fluids in your ears and nerves seniors will get signals as if you're falling like crazy when you're not. And down one thing that can be done with this is the position of the head. Is very important personnel which one is activated it so for example. If you lean laughed and you lean right near fine. To look up and you look down and you start to get vertigo that we know that it's in. Minnesota that forward up and down canal. And so one thing that we want to understand what this is how to we sort of attack is finally after days. And there are what are called them sort of like exercises if you will that you can deal with this and there are several different types of exercises and one of the most famous is called the apple the maneuver. Enemy because the names of these and they don't want to basically to go on Google. Or go to YouTube and actually tight these in because you're gonna need to have somebody to show you how to do them. Or you need to sort of practice this but they happily EP Alley wide maneuver is one of the most common and simplest ways to. Reset that stone and what it aptly maneuvered looks like is your lane on your back. And your head your neck is sort of now off the edge of your bad. And you're going to be turning left and right looking up looking down and doing his exercises for these various positions. Again definitely wanted to go to YouTube you can perform to aptly maneuver on yourself. As a preventative method to make sure everything is flowing properly. Or if you're having vertigo or you're somebody who deals with the regular the aptly maneuver is a great one. Another way is called the Brandt dar off the DT. Dar off DAR oh app app exercise and this one's out kind of simple to do actually basically what you do is you sit on the site your bed. And you're going to sort of like slide down here now lane Downey tilt your head up to about 45 degrees again. Deathly wanna go get a video of someone doing this but. Think of it is of your line on your side and tilt your head up your nose is 45 degrees off the prize and he stayed there for about thirty to sixty seconds. And he come back up and you do the other side so you'd laid down this way and then again until it's your nose in your head up. And these different moves are again to help to sort of call. Get that stoned or that calcium crystals to move back to where it was before either realized or dissolve. And what these maneuvers are great for is again helping you in the midst of having vertigo or potentially to prevent you remember having it in the first place. Another one that can be again Google is this I am not or so month as CMO NT semi it's maneuver. That we have the brand's daughter off the DT. DAR oh at half. The brand to dar off exercise that we have this LaMont as the MO NT and we have happily EP LEY. Each of these are great exercises that work to help with sort of the position of vertigo. And that is again the most common and that's what a lot of people deal way. So usually again how do you find out of you house. The benign positional rocks more additional verdict of the BP BP A it's going to be. When you tilt your head to one side or the other you're gonna experience the vertigo or if you roll from one side to the other you'll experience the vertigo. And that happens a lot of people sleep in says you know you're laying on your left side you rolled your back. And you start to experience some vertigo symptoms which we usually wake you up and keep you tossing and turning it night. Or you're looking up or down because again each of those canals may have that stone in it. Usually what causes this is some sort of either recent trauma or some sort of like that exercise their car accident or some sort of mass jerking thing. Riding a roller coaster. Pauline and you know catching yourself can quickly. Been in a car accident has then things I mean I mean think about it getting hit on the side of the head with a baseball bat anything that would reduce trauma. To your skull can either. Do you now. Now and again what happens is it knocks one of those little calcium crystals Bluetooth. Or it starts to dislodge some of the fluid in them aren't the fluid related to put in the year. And out against most common so again if that's something you've been dealing with him vertigo subpoenas classic be part of your history and then there you go those of the three exercises. You know sometimes you'll pay people to teach you this information and or you'll pay for them to do. Aptly or Iranian movements on you but I'm telling you it's easy is this because the gas doctorate so exist I can teach you how to become your doctor. YouTube has videos. From various practitioners of how to do these things and simple. There ego. Now another with a little more rare but again affects a lot of people is happening with noticed mine years disease. And mine years diseases that type of inner ear infection that developed after certain fluid accumulates. In the inner year. Usually because of having like a wreath and ear infection and that sort of viral infection. And often some of the classic signs of mine yours disease is ringing in the years. Hearing loss and dizziness vertigo so because ringing in the ears is such a big deal for a lot of people. It's possible that if you have vertigo dizziness and your ears ring a lot you may actually have sort of either an undiagnosed Norris not died in this type of nine years disease. And vertigo is part of having this condition so it could be that you just have the additional issue which effects the majority of people with vertigo but again. If the symptoms so we wanna go deep and try to either rule out a condition or competed discover what you're caused. If estimated again that only about 2% of people. Again remember it's 40%. Of the position of about 2% of the enough to have conversation. But nine years disease is again a classic cause and unfortunately when it comes in nine years disease. There's no real like medical care for this nine years is that inflammatory disorder with in the ear canal. Usually secondary to the third of the year in action says something out probably recommend it years when diagnosed at nine years disease. Would be to start boosting your immunological strength because again we wanna go after these viruses. And something that indeed that of course would be trying to get some very powerful anti viral close and or into the ear canal. And one of the most common that I use the very committed what I'll call that a natural anti viral. Is oregano oil and also consuming various foods that are anti viral and so you know what we might wanna start doing is. Began to it. Attack these viruses from their source though. You can either put a couple of drops of oregano oil on with a carrier oil sort of Nixie coconut oil rig in oil together maybe. I don't know a set of coconut oil about five or six drop the regular oil. Now that around the stirred around using Q tip in and go and lightly put the oil inside the year now obviously a push that tip ball up. Entity or Durham area but we wanna get into this game in the region it also add. Oregano oil tear your daily intake though there's nothing wrong with putting oregano oil. Into your food you can also drop it into your water he added that he. Again it does have a very unique taste but I promise you if you'd get a rag in oil in your body. It's naturally anti everything antiviral parasitic fungal bold except here. Also we know various foods are good for boosting our in the logical response against viruses. Some of those being garlic and two Emmerich and ginger because again each of them house sort of natural antiviral properties. So I'm thinking of like a really nice to great danger he. And probably either crushing and or. You know lab in athletes and garlic or taking garlic of the supplements you can take oregano oil as a supplement to need to put in your own bed he capped speaking gone purchase already. Caps related oregano oil which is great. Again remember though that the majority of the time when we air. Getting infected with things that if my vertigo is coming from a ear infection or of viral infection or having too much fluid in my ear or having mine years disease. I'm wondering how you never got the infection at first place. Classically your immune systems designed to protect you from common viruses and infections and colds of leaves and stuff. So if you're somebody who has this and we confirm it as either testing that year org doing that's sampled find out Tia viruses and applied. And I would tell me your immune system is weak which tells me. You're not affecting the immunological strength of the bodies to witnesses come from icons from typically having it digested disorder. And you might think likely to wheat wheat. Mike Knight is affecting my dizziness the well the answer is it's possible and yes it might be. 80% to be an illogical power comes from your intestines. There's also what's known as the gut brain connection if you ever eaten something you're sensitive if you were allergic to. I promise you you're gonna feel this sort of foggy haze and just sort of thickness of junk in your brain. It is very possible that could affect your balance and and Dan you know the way you perceive in May enter yours. So your gut brain very very intimately connected with the bacteria in your cat. And that's very intimately connected with the food you're eating though I'm sure you guys are aware that there's a condition called leaky guys. And that inflammatory bowel disorders and things that effect can really irritate your immunological response though. When I start going after helping somebody to boost their immune system one of the first things we're doing is we're assessing your guys' health. We're not just asking how often do you go about their boat were physically testing for bacteria and virus and fungus looking at the relationships and find out how leaky the intestines are. And one of the best ways to fix that is to a remove the sources of the various foods cause got leak. Which are things like dairy and corn and rice and soy and wheat vegetable oils processed foods. Fruit as you know all the classic foods that we know damage your health. And removing those for a period of time usually a week or two sometimes three to let your body relaxed maybe with path toward to a Roth past or water pass. But damn we start to actually encouraged the re growth. Of the intestinal wall by. Putting back healthy bacteria either with taking a probe chaotic were doing fermented foods. We're doing something and encourages big outlining to be repaired glued to mean as an example as a supplement. Or taking the life seen again at the supplement using some sort of leaky got repair products you know one I use the classically is called restore. Which is now on a product that helps to basically increase the the net or tightened the gap between where that big that is leaking. As that your there's lots of things we can do but recognized it. Typically when you have an infection or you have a virus your often thrown an antibiotic treatments that sort of medication that might actually be what's again causing some of the problems. Still another issue that we have benign disease rocks oppositional vertigo the BP PD that we have this sort of infective. Year. And dorm nine years disease there's another one that would now also come from an infection that would would be called. Laver and tightness or just inflammation of the Erie itself. And again this comes classic having chronic viral exposures. The various infections can contribute to inflammation within your nerves and it that your nerves become damaged and that's what's responsible for the lack of communication. It's something I'll give you a hint as to if your your nerves are being attacked is the number and a degree in intensity of the times you hear your ears ringing. It is not normal for us to have ringing in the ears though you're just going about your day and all the sudden. Out of nowhere starts to come your ear nerves are technically been attacked. And that common things it can cause an attack this against low levels of virus has been in your body. With that which tickets they worse there'll battalion our bodies are basically host for. Multiple millions if not trillions of various microbes and viruses needed fungus is parasites. And dated it's normal to have a certain degree of them you know we need back tier earners skin and we need an inner gut. But having viruses or having back theory. In certain areas like your ears are within your blood it's never a good thing. And so it's recognized that he really good deal on a regular basis that the chided the crease in the yet counselor to view of the amount of virus is now the bacteria in amounts of fungus in the amount of geese and things like that. And the best way to do that is to again be paid attention to your health foods you consumed that. Promote disease typically do that by promoting the growth of those organisms and foods you eat that are great for disease. How are helpful because they typically kill those organisms and they get rid of him. And so if it's some sort of the stimulant or rightists or it's an eerie inflammation you know you probably again aren't going to be told this by going to doctors though. Just know that these are typically things like vertigo that comes after some sort of recent infections that either you had a sinus infection. It cleared but now with that year dizziness you're having vertigo or you've had some sort of medication that you took repeated time. DA it is the pack because of some other infection and or even taking statin Lipitor crest or or you know like that sent the right medication for a long period time. And all of a sudden now you're starting to get. But it does it spells. Usually medications will create some degree of damage to your nerves that would be careful with that. Sometimes you'll find this elaborate Titus or this Vista be there are ideas. Post a major headaches that either migraine are very strong headache. And again the reason for that is that creates inflammation with in the rain because the greens obviously regulate your balance we wanna make sure that your. I look at this again and stay. Well there's always a cause for a migraine and cause for panic. Obviously you're taken to make a senior probably take it because some other health issue. That we wanna come down to the idea of finding out what the cause of that help that you. At its diabetes or if it's you know blood pressure or some sort of problem with that regulate metabolism. And let's let's go after the cause. You know and them another thing making create nerves well minor irritations begin physical damage that we can have been in a car accident recently we could have been going today. Jim advances an exercise where something wrong or we went to like. New Carol wins here or amusement park at the lake that. Again there's this many sources that created them I'm hoping to gain by understanding there's always a cause of the problem then let's try to discovered them. You know interestingly. There is something also called serve a agenda vertigo which tees meaning that your back is creating the vertigo. And it's it's classically seen. Clearing up in a lot of people that they did their chiropractor. A third a good genetic vertigo would be did did a definition of having of vertebrate in your neck been out of alignment enough to create swelling and or irritation on the nerves themselves. Usually you'll see this between the base of your skull your ox that put in your first cervical or your atlas. Because the nerves that acts in that region. Feed the back this called me the deface the heed the year so it makes perfectly logical sense if one of the bones out of alignment or rotated slightly Mel position. Eighteen year it needs some of the nerves creating the inflammation dust in the vertigo. In fact in 1991 and this is an older study but the journal of manipulative and physiological there Unix. Found that 90%. Success rate with getting rid of vertigo. Win going to a chiropractor and he the first cervical vertebra realign that's huge and 90% success rate so what did business. The classic symptoms of vertigo. Include things like again feeling dizzy in a certain position. Or either like you were falling for the earth or that it roomier in his move mean. A lot of times it's associated with. You know having not stiffness and or vomit scene in even sort of stumbling some spaces sort of like you stand up and all with that new lead off the ones died. Most people would never think that this is necessarily a big deal until they habit. But if you had 90% success rate from getting. One of the bones in your neck checked in reset I promise you any one it's dealing with vertigo which states sign me up for that Ottawa finds someone that can deal with it. And the easiest way to do that is to going through local chiropractor by asking them. How many clients that he had at Radford ago. That you did just whip and it cleared out or gotten better a lot of chiropractor specialize in pain based sentimentality. My neck hurt my back hurts my arm is numb my leg tingling. And many of them you know they'd while there really get it that. Might be able to help you with them but they still vertigo but chances are the likelihood of them CNET at a pace and it's pretty rare because again there's no pain assisted with this. The usually your classic chiropractor and it's working with verdict it would be somebody he does more structural work or is focused on. The organic effects of what chiropractic care does for the human body how it boosts the immune system can actually balance their systems. You know them. Going to chiropractic these days is not like going to dentists you never know what's in again we've already gone through experienced it. And so yeah there's lots of ways of finding good chiropractor and generally my recommendation is. Thirteen in your area using Google is that the online and looking at the reviews what is the what's on Google was either based Booker views may be looking deal. Because of the if you are really good chiropractor they're gonna have really good results they're patients at a loves screaming about it. And I would hope that you'd see something like I had vertigo I went to the chiropractor and the death of vertigo is now gone now would be the one to go to an. And you know on an interesting side notes I have a chiropractic degree and it's one of the many degrees that I use in helping people with there now. But chiropractic with founded upon the idea that someone had to if you win. Their hearing and again remember vertigo has to do with your ear which has to do your hearing which authorized to do with a your brain communicates. Signals back and forth between your ear and your brain. And so you know anecdotally back in at 1890s. It was 1895. When our pride it was founded. And in fact it was in September to may be the historic that this is the month of September. But he eight to 95. There was a a call it the American chiropractic did not exist that for me to stay. This higher tractor observe this would be a true there was no chiropractic but DD Palmer was a Mac medic healer. And now again it's 1890s guys but what this magnetic the other would do if you would take really strong powerful magnets and placed on parts of your body. And he would invoke a sense of healing and it's true we know that now magnate at a hearing property. That's why there's even pulsed electromagnetic therapies today we've we out electricity to magnets that we can pull through body with and heal so. This magnetic healer. Noticed on this one day and eat it either really loud fire engine was driving by the office that he worked and but his janitor didn't seem to pay any attention to the back it's really loud. Alarm was going so everyone in the building had turned it was looking outs and wondering what happened it's answered just kept on going by his day. Win now doctor Palmer whenever I talk to him he kind of demanded the death for over seventeen years. Indian investigating as they get beat by two curiosity he found out that this death janitor. Had been death after hearing a loud noise in his neck when he was working one day picking up enough that he leaned over and heard this sound was death ever said it. So being inquisitive birth many wives doctor DD Palmer that while you've heard a noise your neck. I wonder if something in your neck maybe. Is what caused you to be death mystery to Dallas magnetic therapy through snack and nothing worked so just in the process of sort of examining in third appealing his knack. What it historically what happened what's with Terry's head while while it detonated something pops and the the gentlemen said I came here. And now today you might say there's no way that can happen but in the carpet best and there are countless. Numbers of documented stories of people. That or death in interpret to carry it here again. Just like there are countless numbers of people that it had vertigo got to just got better again in her memory in 90% success rate steady in 1991. So does chiropractic work in regards to boost the neurological power yes if you have nerve issues will that help your tax year your health problems. Yes the question is. Does your current vertigo since the time Robert ago. The depth of the Buick league nerve issue and again there's a high likelihood of it been that way so I would suggest tightly that if you're somebody who's dealing with vertigo. It's investigate. The exercise nine mentions that we had aptly maneuver if you can go to YouTube and just watch you know. Look and find out if you've got about a virus is blowing around in your body that you're not supposed to happen you can do that quite simply by just asking your doctor for a viral. Our panel to look at the number of viruses in your polite. They count them and act that's okay well you had this counted this one in counted out one and there's normal reference rate of your Bob the normal range for some of these viruses. That could be because of your vertigo. We don't want to assess your neck and make sure that there's no neurological issues because of the serve academic vertigo and so if you've got. And and align its European biscuits you maybe you have found some sort of you know when you turn your head decide it hurts and your neck or your arm goes number team lead these are all signs of having some sort of challenge with the neck and the nerves and again you know verdict at the challenge for a lot of people 40% of everyone over the age of 48 in a deal with vertigo at some point in life so. If I do the quick math inside of my head that's about a 125. Million people we have 320. Million some people in the United States though. A good 120 million of them are dealing with vertigo at some point in their lights that's a lot. We know that down that it's typical to have three different types in the most common is this benign rocks more positional vertigo which again and means if you put yourself into third position. You're going to experience vertigo the cause of that is almost always some sort of calcium deposit or crystal it's become dislodged. And or is rolling through the now. And only way to truly fix that is too deep inflamed the bodies have been going through anti inflammatory work on yourself through did die to detox. And by doing exercises to help the Reese that. That little crystal back to its normal position. The second is again mine years disease which sees. You know sort of it's more of a rare condition if not today but it's possible that you have a sub clinical or misdiagnosed my nears disorder. So if you do the exercise they all seem to do anything that we wanna rule out in years disease in need to be tested for that. And lastly and more common is the devastated and are right it's. It's either caused by inflammation governor from your neck been out of alignment or game because the recent inspection. Either some virus as the news that affects. And so what I want to understand is that. Vertical or something you can take control and north to control that you need to know where it's coming from and remember it's the symptom it's not a disorder it's nice diseases that a diagnosis. Even though that might be you've been diagnosed when it. But it's always an underlying. La college it's always say today it's the result of an underlying health issue and though. The easiest way to get rid of vertigo is to find your underlying health issue fix that in your vertigo will always there. And because it's dealing with the year. This is always a challenge because it's really difficult ago diagnosed in your issue and so what I would suggest for you it's the sort of put yourself in the shoes of somebody who stand her I have this challenge where it is here there. But I don't know that I've ever put two and two together that it's coming from some other health issue so I Nike disorders that I do health assessment on yourself. Okay and easiest ways did you guys find out things like AA. You have this position issue that just run a test yourself look up look down look left look right so you have left and right Andy used the sort of vertigo coming about with. You notice it only when you're laying down or getting up or when your lane Downey turned your laughter returns here right. That's one way to get to find out do you have a number two would be of course discovery. Once the help of your overall health like what's your gut felt like have you been tested for leaky gut or even aware that the term exists. Would you like to go through the process of analyzing your gut bacteria perhaps are looking to see if there's indeed a fungus is yeast. The challenge with them with a gut issue is we don't often all we know it's president because he can't usually feel if you were to wake up when did they comment that the haven't got disorder. And you have the big ones like Errol bow or Crohn's Disease or something that a back. I would suggest that a regular basis at least. Testing manifesting your gut health by running some sort of despite its protocol. Or really good micro by him test yourself you know I do these in my clinic that you can easily Google this and find out there's a lot of companies that offer testing. And and that would be something worth doing you know and it's secondly I would say have you ever looked at the idea of getting your spine and the lights are practically not because you have pain again. Chiropractors do a lot more than just taking care of people that net pay back the tactics. You know by definition chiropractic is the art of allowing your nerve system to load it full capacity. And via a Mike check your nerves are running every part of your body. He can't breathe without your. Lungs knowing that they need to intake oxygen not because of your carbon dioxide. Concentrations though when that starts decline you start to exhale naturally you need oxygen for yourself your heart is not gonna beat regularly year. You're skin is not gonna have this billions in stations in Munich and regulate your temperature and all the pressures in the sugars in the enzymes that if you. Unless there's this two way communication process though. You might think chiropractic is like something you only need to have a bad back well that's it's helpful for that but. Watch out for getting caught in the lie of why I've never needed a chiropractor. In my opinion that would be like you know I've never needed to take its hour never needed to brush my teeth you know I've never smelled bad so why take a shower. Well when you think about it are practically someday enhances your dvd functionality. So I would say you do need to the chiropractor some poignant life on a regular basis to maintain your neurological flow. And that's where again if you're doing now a regular basis your falling under health category. Of that he's taking care of himself not again because of pain but because you want to be performing at your highest peak optimum. And then of course you know the other thing I would do is I would be focusing very heavily in my diet there there's a massive correlation between the foods you consume. And the health of your body and also again. The that likely that he may experience vertigo at some point life. More likely because of you irritating inflaming. You do your digestive system or spiking in immunological response we're doing that it that effect it's creating this reacts in the inside your year. And again some of the classic things that spike vertigo can make things worse are eating too much dairy products new dairy Natalie has left sugar and it's. They have a lot of various bacteria and it even be tainted with mold and other toxins that can create problems for somebody who sensitive. We know dairies and inflammatory products though if you did did the allot him vertigo and you audits he's yogurt dairy. I would suggest we cut that out. We also know that sugar is a big in Plymouth reprise the human body not just few adding sugar to your food the food he consumed having hidden servers inside of them though. Anything process the raft is going to be loaded with sugar classically. We also know that the types of fats and oil to consume create a lot of information with your body. And even though vegetable oil sounds healthy. Even though like corn in south our oil and sunflower oil might sound good they're highly inflammatory to human body canola except for. You know so if I'm going to be attacking my health from a perspective of what kind of foods can conceive that help that the treatment vertigo. I'd be going after. Avocado camp Tia and lacks. Even going down that route of eating specific whales that are designed for your brain like in CT oil. You know there's a lot of studies showing that many times that's just. A deficiency of the right type of back to your brain creates inflammation in the brain which creates health issues and so it's possible your verdict might be. Having a lack of normal good back with senior guy. As though you know in summary what I would stay for you is become a book of with the protocol to go after your health you know and if we're looking back. Vertigo out right where when and it's sort of come up with like step 123456. And like I would say number one would be. Finding out from a physical nature. T have the position vertigo what's the most common and affects a lot of peoples that do the maneuvers do physical therapy to yourself if you have a number two if you do. Used these sort of like had maneuvers. They're called the candle lit repositioning procedures of the art keys and again you can Google them go to YouTube watch the aptly maneuver. That trip. Three of course to be reducing the stress in your life because the more stressed out we are the more court is always to create. The more sugar starts to climb the more we starts in plain that is very possible he did he really be the stress that's why you might be getting vertigo. We would make sure cleaning out our diet staying healthy staying hydrated. And making sure that we're giving ourselves plenty of time to rest. And if you've done all that and you still experience a large amount of vertigo. Step number six to be started to go after awhile his position of functional doctor even your doctors start talking about this. Remember there's a 90% success rate with those who have vertigo getting chiropractic care. And having that help them so I would highly suggest if somebody who's struggling with vertigo and you tried everything else and now working. Time to start going after chiropractor. The guys that list always say thanks so much for joining us today we had a great said the topic don't forget that you can also go to our web site which asked doctors dot com. Now early you have protocols and free guide to an. If you will consultation is a no co pay way if you asking your health questions to us. I do respond to every single one of them regardless of the number than against it fact they've had people respond to us over the last holiday weekend. So if you have a health question I guarantee like you pointed in the right direction to help answer that's one resource for USEC and of course is our iTunes podcast to go to iTunes. I hit the F storing search for asked doctor Ernst it's AS KD RER. And ST. And Dow you'll find all of our shows we have the condition specific you can listen to them at any point that you night. Makes you like our FaceBook page Sierra Vista has stream that we're streaming T today because we do know that a lot of people deal with birdie going tents are you might know someone that has that. And you know as a last minute offer you know I have but I seminar coming up here. In September and this was the unique one because so many people deal with the effects of having to higher blood sugar. And blood sugar issues can cause vertigo so sometimes diabetics have pledged yourself you're somebody watching. And you have diabetes you have high blood sugar you'd like to conquer your helping get rid of taking medications. On September 23 it's Saturday here in Charlotte 11 AM I'm posting a conquering diabetes seminar. All you have to do to register that is simply caller call and it's seven afford 9062094. That 7049062094. Or just simply scroll below this video since the web broadcast. And he actually typed your information or you can messages directly to FaceBook. Thanks so much retreated today at Ford senior guide each and every week I do believe next week we are printed against football season right now if you guys can probably see as more acute phase but anything else. So I'd like to see what you guys would like to talk to us about what's the health topic. That was to be discussing next week on a web broadcast simply comment below or re Thurmond and a committee guys next week thanks so much of a forty senior event. Yes doctor and syllables the next week.