Do Teachers Have Legitimate Complaints

John Hancock
Thursday, May 17th
Hancock discusses the teacher's march yesterday with callers.Additional discussion about the royal wedding and comments by Charlotte councilwoman Lawanna Mayfield about the CMPD.

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This is John Hancock. The chances did you have a low one of mayfield story in the news. And get the first word of your art contest. It's crazy. What are the chances. I. Believe. Is it is the national contest gearan in on this show. How did they know ahead of time. That the whole. Text below the whole thing from mud the end of march was gonna. Culminate today in this hour. And the crazy would be a work. City councilwoman. Did you miss her. I mean hell I have a netter in the news for. Went to bed. Ten days. She's she's trying to become the Bill James of the Democratic Party. Where revenue Helm. He's still serving but boy he's. He yeah he speaks pretty quiet these days he's. I am I think at some point or another you get tired of being the center of attention you get tired of may be having. They get tired to be the crazy guy. Knew at some point you say wow this is. This is just crazy. I don't like be in the and other gadgets that are considered to be nuts. So why now he's become a well respected responsible. Silent. City elected county elected official. There's always somebody to pick up the slack especially in Charlotte Mecklenburg we certainly have seen that just because the gang of five went away didn't mean that we. That we follow lacked any. Not colorful characters. In our and our elected officials. In the meantime I know right now it's low on May fields turn to. To be senator stage. Lol wanna. Okay. That's Manchester orchestra. Can't believe they've already written a song. I had to have very sip of cranberry Vanilla wonderland at T. That tire ordered docents I couldn't find my true blueberry in my HT. And I saw this and it was left over from Christmas. So place on Pierce's. Let's at best buy 10192019. And such there should be okay. Misty go bad. These are appoint or tea bag. Would become. Toxic yet health at at that. I might text US tour Watson for coming in yesterday and Philip and I like Stewart of loved his work when you isn't it channel 36. I didn't have a outlawed jets to a listened to in my yesterday but there was a while one not. I was a sitting in the waiting room yesterday and sort turned on and I heard just long enough for him to mentioned Nydia bluster and 36 and had sued them. And I don't know that I ever knew about the suit that was settled out of court. So Bob I guess that's how we towards that. But Lexus in the house of delay can not in the mansion and a or maybe I'm wrong about that maybe that's. Maybe that's doc Watson I don't know I. But anyway I appreciate Stuart Dolan and I'll be gets chance to do it again understanding had a pretty good show yesterday TJ says he's a joy to work with the note. And we appreciate that took too. And that's a guy. That's a guy a local media that a mess. Ms. Stewart Watson miss. Tommy Tomlinson. Who's still around and you can still find his readings and he still writes occasionally from the observer. I had a opportunity to go to the last to a couple of weeks. When a Jimmy kill good guide to correspond back and supports with a statement Jane's. Long enough that I no longer calling the Oden. And and it's a two and then love to have him on the programs sometimes I need to get back to amend aren't having command Barry I think he's quickly becoming the Tommy Tomlinson over. He's first of all its title like that guy on CBS it's on on Saturday mornings and fills in a lot and I can't figure whose names say in my life but he. Anthony Mason here's a guy gets all the concert interviews he did David Brothers released and everybody. This is the most least likely. Guy that you would decide to go to doctor Keith Richards. Because he's he's got to button down and and don't want to issue new glasses and either but he does a great job. And he got he's got a he's gets great assignments and and I like him. Apology because of the assignments that he's gotten. And they and James is kind of the same way they seem to have him on another concert beat as they vol lost personnel over the newspaper. Obviously more people are. Wearing more hats over there and and they didn't all do Somali community news and then some news news but they also covers concerts and and now I think he's quickly in some ways becoming the they go to read. In the Charlotte Observer. Solo willow we'll get him a note and in due time. Teachers marchers yesterday and we all talked about that yesterday. Guess I'm a little surprised I am and I'm not about the divisive ness of many of you towards teachers who marched yesterday and I suppose if I believe today that the teacher's worst simply there. For money. On that maybe I might not be as supportive as I find myself being in some regards. But did you know hum from going teachers and and men having no conversations. In this community for the last 28 years. And I'm classroom central Los is probably you know a pretty good example of but the fact that some of the basics are not picked up by their school systems sold resources are not always. On what they should be in the schools. And class size has always been a great debate. And I think has been proven over time better area smaller class size. Is a beneficial to the learning of kids. And then I think if you add that to the point that it would certainly seem on the surface to me that there are fewer are there are more and more parents that are taking the less and less. Responsibility. In the raising. Of their own kids and they just gonna send them off to school and expect him to be raised there. And I'm not saying that's the majority I'm just say that I think the percentages of people that are. Letting the schools. I'd teach their kids. I'm manners. And the math. On and everything else in between. Certainly is a. It is they are heavier burden and a teacher's head when. When I was in school. Now they always had to deal with kids like me class clowns. People who were disruptive to basically took away from the learning of some of the other students tonight and that will always be the case there'll always be. I'm different personalities that you have to deal with but and a lot of cases now. And and and landscape in mind I went to a small town. Schools. Without much minority population not placing blame on minorities under saying. We worry middle class white small town. I don't think that generally. Presents the challenges. That. That some big city schools do. But to be a schoolteacher today is challenging on all sorts of levels and monetary early is one of them. So. I anybody that got in too but teaching. Because they thought they were gonna make money. Well it doesn't speak really highly for your intelligence. But on the other hand. NN I didn't think you have to balance this site I think good governor McCrory had a good point today on his show and I'm not gonna give him all the credit in the world but. At the a time McCrory was walking into the governorship. We were rated forty something. In teacher pay. And it's 37 now when you just don't goal. Citizens won't allow you legislatures won't allow you to go from number forty something to. Top ten and then the other part that's it kind of interesting about we when you get into reading. Teacher pay. North Carolina being 37 now is clay you don't who is that and cost of living. A teacher in San Francisco is probably making six figures. A teacher in Connecticut. Portions of Connecticut. Is probably making six figures but the cost of living there. So you're gonna have to take. What are you make and where do you live what's the cost of living. Can you survive on that. So I watched the rallies yesterday and sometimes I think some of the speakers take away from the effectiveness of the because they come off as being. Two radical. Or angry. But then on the other hand. I don't quite understand why the Democrats were willing to stand around and talk with the teachers yesterday in Raleigh. And the Republicans for the most part bales. I don't think that speaks rule well for the Republicans. At least have the conversation at least hear the dialog. So there's enough blame and support to go around enough in in all regards. And a lot of people have made comments says do you know why couldn't they have done this in a few weeks when schools around the legislature still in impact baby. You wouldn't of had the impact that she would have had by schools being canceled yesterday. And you wouldn't of had the impact. That you would have had it on the first day of the legislature's returning. Where is the school budget is one of the main things that they need to tackle. So from a timing standpoint if you're gonna do it if you're gonna make an impact if you're gonna raised the controversy if you'd begin act. Stoke the conversations. They endured before the legislature starts talking about teacher pay not after so I understand the timing and completely. If you are a teacher and you were there are strictly because of your paycheck I don't support you. But if you or a teacher and you were there are partially because you feel like you're underpaid. But also because of class size. And having what you need to supply wise and otherwise book wise. To do your job to the optimum that I support you. So there you go. Right down the middle. Am I safe. I got about a minute and a half let me go over your Mike broke quick car and 7045711. Denny Mike. They guided noted that a good. I I don't think teaching should thank camping more than median income the school district are working and are ready for the actual weight per year but they work. Well I agree the fact they should be spend money out of our pocket purse by the equipment that should be provided little did that pay was not. Well I'd I think that's sounds good on the surface all the way up until the point that you get into demand supply and demand if other states are paying more money you're losing your best teachers and that's apparently what's happening in North Carolina right now. If the only teachers you're able to retain the ones that are stuck here. Because this is where their husband or wife's other job is. That's not necessarily good for your kids either the. Frankly from what I see what they're focusing on the current education system. I would really care we lost a lot of many ways. Well he does do you just a guy any validity for your opening statement and took it all away without one. Well not really don't know I think could actually I think really. And the median thing sounds good on paper. Right up until the point that Tennessee Virginia and South Carolina debate to decide to pay teachers above the median. There's a McDonald has had a wide in the teacher's demand that the lottery money be used for what it was intended for. I think it's a good question I'm not so sure that the answer isn't too. Many change it someplace along the line. They changed. And in the lottery was passed in not 2005. It called for the proceeds to be divided among three main areas. 50% would be used to reduce class size in the early grades by hiring more teachers and now for a pre K programs pre K programs. 40% western go to school construction and 10% was to go. For us scholarships. For a needy students. But that the counties. Good for the counties the school construction portion has been shrinking it to 2013 is when state lawmakers made a change. In the wording of a law to say that the money should it go to. Education related needs so the amount of money for school construction. Was set at 100 million dollars or about 17%. Of the lottery proceeds during the 201415. Fiscal year. And then of the remaining lottery dollars 44%. Went to pay for a classroom teachers. 19%. And this is that the latest stats I could find on the fly here was from a 2016. I don't believe that the statistics here have changed since then since they did the since they made the adjustments and Tony thirteen. The amount of money for a screws construction must had a 100000017%. Of the pros lottery proceeds. During media 1415 fiscal year of the remaining lottery dollars 44%. Went to pay. Oh for classroom teachers. A 19% to pay for teacher assistants 13% for pre K. And the remaining funds went to scholarships and need based aid for college students. For the 2016. Year biggest portion of the lottery money was going to pay for non men in structural. Instructional support. So. The lottery was originally pitched as they way to supplement. Education funding. And provide extra dollars. Not so planning money schools were already getting. But they. They phrased it that way so that it would pass. And and then they've got to change. The game in the middle of up. This was supposed to be a surplus this was supposed to be in addition to what you'd normally budget and then this was going to be the giant. This is going to be the frosting this was what was gonna Emeka everything better again. But it hasn't necessarily worked out that way so when you buy a lottery ticket 62% of it goes for prizes for players. 26%. Of it goes for our ago earnings of Arabic go to the state. Which is just most going to education. 7%. Goes to the retailer commissions and incentives and four point 4% to administrative costs. So. I don't know that the actual question. I mean he did that demand may maybe the question what have been when this was originally proposed. This was. The lottery was originally supposed to be a way to supplement education funding. So the question could have been yesterday. Why don't we go back to doing the lottery the way there and it was supposed to work. And that is allocate the money that it takes to run the schools build the schools supplied to schools. And take the lottery money and put that towards teachers and teachers systems. And I'm not a number proposing that that's what they should know but I'm saying did did they agreed to as to say why didn't the teachers demand that the lottery money be used for what it was intended for. I is kind of an open ended question that they could answer while we are. And we made an adjustment into when he thirteen that change the allocation. But by and large they are. Using lottery money for what it was. The proceeds to 50% to reduce class size I don't know if that's being used her pattern up that's being used if the lottery money is being used for that or not. One of the things that they went marching for yesterday was slow with smaller class size. Mom. And they were gonna reduce the class size. In the early grades by hiring more teachers. And for pre K programs so I don't know if that's specifically what their lottery money's being used for steel or not. 40% was to go to school construction. We know now that that has been minimized. And 10% was to go for scholarships for needy students and I don't know where that stands as well so the question is a good one. And maybe they did ask that question. After a certain number of them got in the legislature yesterday. And they broke in legislators stayed around and talk to teachers may may be that question was asked. But unlike you I have seen the answer in the paper dharma and any place today let me governor ciller and Jerry on WB TA Jerry. Our heart our culture like my culture. Yeah I'm argued earlier that definitely optics aren't very good for their public and not to meet with the keys I think that's their point. I think the worst topics we're the Q and themselves deciding if that our goal bank. I had big democratic candidate would have won Leo Greg the Coca the next under shoot I don't look. If they've equated it faded down and on the Saturday I think there hadn't been the first day of the legislature I'm not so sure that half the legislature's wouldn't of showed up. We have a very and I know that the point where it appealed to the public. They could send a small group to meet with legislators trying to work they kind of legislation that I. I think I think just about that not so sure I think that's what the point is my I think yesterday's point was to make headlines I think yesterday's point. Was to get noted talk shows talking in newspapers. And and to get people riled up blow good bad in different forum for against him. I think it was to do exactly what it is it is done and and that is to raise as much noise as possible and in part. Because of what's gone on in other states Arizona in West Virginia that I asked to Mark Garrison today do you think this'll have any impact on North Carolina. And do you think this is part of a movement and I don't know that either one of those questions can be answered today. Oh I think we can asymmetric I think there is wrong kind of a record you know I I would've been in favor. I'm at seven it would soak up their are other terms of the look ensured that I think the democratic it will collect them if they're happening on an election year. And it's happening all over the pick and they are the same car. You know they'd have emerged out of nowhere to teachers union and the Democratic Party a couple of their. I our hand in glove in Europe and could decade and they decided that we're winning you could limit our. And there that's what can happen you know it's not like our local North Carolina or any of the others. I would never ever. I I would never argue word displace the political ramifications of anything because there's politics behind everything. Well our our yards at the owner Erik because they're our tournament order Erica White that they could've made an everyday we thought about it today. Yet now you're you're getting your job you were important here that somebody court art. It broke of the public attention you'll. Reflect it in shell and other people owned newspapers but do you like I I would I would open by the future tour they'll go they went out early that it. But what was the harm. Our overall I would say OII I'm I'm gonna tell you had a day in my view I think that I I I I discount that. The last three days and any school year are the biggest waste of time in the history of mankind they sit around and watch movies and stop after they finish final exams. This idea that they have to have all 180. Days of viable education. I'm not so sure that missing a day here I think they've proven it on their own accord is that the did the amount of days that they waste. Teacher waste our workdays I'm not discounting necessarily but they take those of random. And then the last few days of Viennese school here for the most harder just a waste of time. Larry is that argument got spoke wait I mean I agree with you and then I would say well let. Those staying in the last but I don't wanna do that I think they need to locate the guys are devastated and medium salary cap for the number they they work. You're right about the premarket and that and the stroke while Dick Armey the bit lifting all bode well and increasing the court ordered it more what I would happily look they would do the same thing I'd be I could ever out Spybot. Were raised by an arm and a ticket they artwork pretty and feel like probably and they didn't quite a bit but they did their bit. Yeah no tear it down. I appreciate soldier thank you very much for that morality goes boom. Somebody save teacher. Can you remember this but. Mr. Anderson. A. For all of you on the nursing home. Today taking back to the two build days and over to the phones ago until loaded Dan on WBT hey Dan. It and. Put Dan on hold the sale would add on WBT head. Undervalued Iran. Where you know I I love listening to this show all the time my door Hoover but I animal their car the other day when I heard. I understand that your movie teacher result there are but not all age and you talked about the world really picture and I know they have problems among a much prep their commander of the English and nutrition are kits are common order. Millions like you have to go shopping and night to bite pencil so Mike can set things right with. The next day my gut don't they have any competency. The English language that nature no wonder our children can't speak English today so proper would be what my kids and I. Yeah that would really help. Yeah. Are just out just try to owed to make sure I was on the right page. Well Walter you're and I WBT hi. Hi good afternoon John you know sometimes you an idea bill. See eye to eye and your assessment. But I think you're 100%. Right on with what was so the underlying message that the teachers were trying to put fort Raleigh. I tell you it's like as a teacher. We spend money on basic school supplies. In the classroom sizes or so large at some point. Bit teaching is really pushed to the back in its work in order to make control. And lastly just being they like textbooks. You know classroom where acting works all of that is sort Lackey and all we've been like tell you to. That was part of the message to the teachers were trying to put forward in Raleigh. Yeah no I think it was too and that's kind of where we started off if there was a teacher there was this strictly their because of compensation. Than they probably don't give my 100% backing but. You can't you can't necessarily. Define. 191000. Or 151000 or how many ever thousand people were there. But by one interview that you may have heard I'm sure there were some people there there were Sarah on us pure greed but I think there were also people there. At a pure frustration in class sizes. I have a lot to do with that you also have to remember we are one of the hottest states and one of the largest set our hottest cities and have been now for well over a decade and with growth. Comes. Comes responsibility incomes higher costs and higher crime and more kids and I and it all goes into one basket so I think that plays into. Have we kept up economically. In the schools. Are with the growth that we've had. Well actually yeah again I'm a 100% with under a split the last thing it's also increasing or school safety. Many of the teachers do not feel as they that they did in their classrooms and it needs to get perhaps. It is they is that from lay is that from an outside source or is that from. Tom. I'll lack of respect from students that is changed over the decades. It's both it's obviously a hot button topic it's. Beat the recent shooting situation we saw in order but also. You know Lou we have many of the students that don't have a basic respect. The teacher anymore. Now and I think there's an iron again I don't wanna put everybody under one basket but I I think areas they are greater. A number of kids and and parents who send their kids off to school and pretty much expect the schools at least philosophically to raise them. Because they don't have the backbone or the time to do it themselves so we demand a lot of our schools now while we wanna know. Teach our respect we want him to teach him algebra we want to teach them sex education we wanted to teach a lot of stuff that in past generations. Maybe was taken care of by parents to a larger degree. And also the thing that you are talking about were taken for granted and now they're placed Indy responsibility of the teacher camp. I'll Walter appreciate appreciate skull thank you very much. Let me go over here it's a little Mike Mike I probably got a mad men that are so it's all yours high. They'd jump. You know our look to listen truth. You it would lessen a week's notice. You know working families and a bit impairment are rare triumph. So the truth take all world. Can't serve their children. Were put in this position. I still think that there are a number of things can close it. And I believe you agreed that some are non educational expenses. You need to be looked at the oval. I guess how much notice was give I got over or was it to this came out what last week. Our our our get a phone call per day in all right I had period though the word was out on it before then. As we we were talking about it on Wednesday and Thursday we were talking about what the big news was gonna be next week so. I don't know how old. How long but I it was a it was out at least at the beginning of last week. What I did the parent got a phone call Thursday evening evening. Such thing in this school because what's there now so. You know I think there's a lot of things that we really didn't work school districts. Probably need an agreement. Definitely. True and take a look at if you read. You know. Eight. Your old Asian large school there's eggs are being looked at it's part of what the Matthews thing has been all about is it time do I start to split up the huge. Don Mecca of malware Charlotte American and wake county and school districts that are that are who buried elephants or is it time do make them more unmanageable. Petro. The and it should take a look at those and so it can't be administrator. At a certain level is ever commander certain salary. Please all the people that they are responsible for war. We're on limited and should be noted to take a look at arc look you know. Our shouldn't be spending less money already administration. And more on the education. Now well I've always believed that for Franklin. I do think there's says historian here one place about. Today's CEO. You have to work 49 years one person. Median income and have to work 49 years to people what the CEO makes in a year. I'm not looking for regulations on that or anything along those lines are government solutions to that but that's still to me shows a society a little bit out of whack. 24 million dollars a year to play basketball 50000 dollars a year to a teacher kid. I don't know that that that seems society at least miss guided to me. Did you. You guys decide yesterday in my absence. Laura Hillary Danny. It depends on the speaker of the you're listening to. He did that was I was in the video in my office this morning. And with unbelievable clarity and audio. And I heard and it's always sounded like laurel to me. But then I was out in the living room with not as good audio. And led volume down. A little bit. And it sounded like you any. Or my mind was telomeres are sounded like. But it sounded like world of make. Are we done with that we'd be punishment that. You know what it was all about yesterday I got Omar from Mumbai. My a deal yesterday enough. Went online and had emails from some review. It's naughty it's laurel does and figured to myself what are you talking about Yani. In the used to be married to Linda Evans. So anywhere and then we got to pass that commencement speeches Michael Keaton. Gave a commencement speech Saturday to Ohio's Kent State University. He ended by saying I've got two words that I want you all remember. They're very important. In if I leave you with anything. I'm going to leave you with these two words. And those two words are. I'm bad men. Which they said. The graduates may have been too young to fully appreciate. And like me playing teacher by Jethro Tull. But the parents probably enjoyed it. Does that tally ended. Bet and the movie in 1989. And that's how he ended the movie bat man returns in 19920. And there's only a few people can actually. In a commencement address with that but he would veto a bill with the one that's the most natural. I'm bad man. Perfect ending to area graduation. Ceremony. Take a few more calls on this on the education thing yesterday Menem and move on from it because I. Along all or pull my hair out if I have to talk about it all day long today and sites that I still wanna get to a low wanna mayfield. Who were. Wanna nothing personal but. Today. Oregon. FaceBook post short closing on May the sixteenth was made on made the seventh. So nine days seven days he said he didn't get word of it until Thursday. And without trying to sound flippant Gurney thing. Maybe you should pay attention. Maybe he should listen to us or are. But a paper or go online under. Stay into good schools are. But admit they were arrogant I'm not trying to be some snooty to your bottom life throws sometimes. Big of surrounds you and sometimes you don't get. And information that you need in Jolo later than maybe what you had needed it any minute dad and if it was on FaceBook may the seventh. For a strike on. One muscles called the strike are. 48 get together. Nine days. And it at that data that all over to a David Torres David overdue and David we go our non news talk 1110993. WBT hey David. Hey John thanks particular culture the first interview I heard from a teacher said that she taught awful. Patient organ road and that she taught English as a second language. And I thought you know if you go to school. Any school ground and smoke a cigarette. Everybody loses their mind about you break him no tobacco out but you go to school you don't speak English. And they all sudden have a program to support shoot maybe that's for the teacher shortages are squandered on illegal aliens well. That could be. They're going to be teachers raises can be squandered on an a lot of things. There's no I don't know. Are you done that. Are you done. Now died at what I Barbara went down well that the you know that's the that's that's great. Courtney are on the WBT hi. I my my comment Wednesday. That at all day long that they are. Crowds are being taking it day on an. Ever announce as Imus never honored that we have on a weekend it's never over past three months you know summer that as yet. Never ever harassment but never over Thanksgiving. But the rest of the parent Bartlett was trying to make arrangements in yes you can have nine days notice but not everyone. And what about working on it or I can find some might get better overnight everyone's got other people like where their children. So I listened wondering why they Alec error during out of my mind and I'm I have my apartment on other look at the weekly I. You say well I. You say they always when have they done this before according. Like and West Virginia that is Arizona what we're we're we're from a I am based seamen and it seems to me that are always protesting during the week during a school here. I made the wrong times better than I than not that it seems the majority of the time that they don't have Smart. They're doing it during the week during the full year. Well I do it they are for impact they did yesterday because it was the first day of the legislative session. There is such a thing in the news business is known as so late Friday. Because if you break a story late Friday it doesn't see the light of day because nobody pays attention to anything during the weekend. So if you life all the sudden you pulled out. A stay a gathering like this on no on a Saturday. You probably gonna get diluted nice save that and I think about some of the marches that have taken place in nor Washington and women's march and so on and so forth. And I don't think those have been done in the middle of the week so up. And so that would say what I'm saying right now is not necessarily go completely valid but I think they did it did the middle of the week a look at I think they wanted to be there. For the beginning of the legislative session to make the biggest impact that they could. And one of the things that the legislature is going to be talking about. Starting yesterday is teacher pay so it doesn't do you any better to go in there and try to make an impact after they've decided your issue. I've been great vigor and I didn't have commenting on that trend and that is that that I you know as a the most recent. And I agree that there woefully underpaid for the work that they do I agree with your previous caller as a not in fact and the way that those are very if you re back said. I don't and as little as. As you know they that they want to do it. During the week and it doesn't block this event and it doesn't pack that we're gonna look fat. And I support that might as well but I will be very rich Hewlett Bartlett a week and then during that summer. Now I appreciate start thank you all you are not just the it's just me every time I hear about the impact the student. Missing a day of school. I just gotta tell TI just don't believe that very well it's a big impact. Arm. And that the impact the parent. I guess I can understand that. But to some extent. In his inaugural like this. But to some extent that kind of goes down in the same avenues that I have about. Parents depending on the school system. To pick up of some of the responsibilities of their child. And and I understand you can't just take off work at the drop of the hat because all the sudden. The schools decided to drop of a half that not gonna have sessions some day. And you've made. Allowances for. What will happen to your child after schools if you're not able to be all merge or you know so I understand all of that. And and I understand how it's an inconvenience to parents but. Who said kids were going to be convenient. I hear myself say that and I also hear myself as fuel. Looking at the radio saying what you jackass. I don't know what it's like to be a pair and yeah I would probably be upset about. That with the fact that it's. Inconvenient. Or maybe even damn near impossible for me. All right to be able to. Take the time on that particular day. So that the teachers can shirk their responsibility and go protest in the middle of the week in Washington a Nat Raleigh. But every time I hear somebody say impact of of those student Oregon. First place I keep on going back to the last full school days of the year word they sit around and watch movies or sometimes all of this idea of losing a day of school is going to set them back. Of some Japanese kids gonna pass them by and technology had just not Biden. Thumb and I don't know. I wanna play the baby cry and right now but I just won't do that to you. I visit my email address these calls before we go go to the bottom of the hour are reduced available way we'll look talk about solo on mayfield before we go on morality here it's been years since Robert Mueller is investigated. His investigation began none of president's got some tweets about that and we won't be talking about the royal wedding oh Polaroid today says who cares. Nobody. Not even Britain's care. So there you go have an hour ceremony. Let me go to John WBT hey John. Good afternoon there area. Few. I had to be bad you know you all commercial talking about if you aren't on the level that they're not your news might be nobody beat. We're there yet today. You're there and then I hit about the development not on that beat date. You know no way liberated and they've been doing a raptor call your let her well beyond me. Well that's good for you that says that's good for they needed to for point of view over here from time to time. Well he definitely brought I would alternate based green did. Take did do pretty good about our better the most bleeding heart liberal male I've ever heard on WB bit. Now he says that Stewart Watson you may know him from my channel 36 back in the day and male probably Becky and I like it when he feels and. Okay hit that well I'll bet that. Make sure given up on that kind of their particular other Brea. Alt alt try to warn you ahead of time. All right thank you off he goes enough star realism and they'll love you man. Neo earlier on WVK high. Fade and I don't Wear well. In the regional colony collapse of educator lesser assault. Or thirty years. It's all about equipment. If you take a look at the Supreme Court par Thurgood Marshall talk about what equal equipment. They not more about busing if you take a look at school system today what got. We got private schools we get religious schools. We've got a charter schools in the got public schools. And if you took an inventory. You be surprised the difference of equipment. And I think that's number one they need to concentrate on its equipment. To bring these kids up to standard so that we can compete but still torn country like Japan and I think number two outlook. Or it wouldn't quit when part of that or equal equipment be. Equal parentage. Equal. All homing. Good to be again I mean maybe you're not. And then not every school is ever going to be exactly. The same as the other there's always going to be those that haves and the have nots always has been. Well that's why that's what would need to concentrate on those who do not have equal equipment can bring that up to standards. Can't you can't always do that that's what society is doing enlarged under terms right now. We are trying to compensate for those who don't have by taking away from those who do have been so that dilutes. Everybody. Brother. There's ways to go about doing you got you PTA you've got basically I mean you got people millionaires of given me and darker college. It won't give it to the public school system yet the complain about the public school system and the open until at that our superintendent art teacher is telling kids. This to your first job. Your job is to learn if you don't learn you don't eat. And I America that the superintendent. And that's why dad my grand dad told me I think you don't learn you don't eat. Now now you've become a burden to society. And then we fit and then when we paid a few admitted to help you reach. So I think we need to start driving that marble hall. Well that it that it may be imitated I appreciate all every time it's funny you say that because that was something that might. Barracks pounded into me on a pretty regular basis. Because I never was a good student and so they just worried endlessly about whether or not I was going to somehow or another. Have any kind of a future in this life at all. And I always told him or have told themselves. You always worried more about me and I worried about me I always figured I figure out where you for figured out to pass the it's kind of funny because I do to some extent. For I had great parents and middle class and all of that kind of stuff. But I do hear people bitch and complain about what they don't have enough there are times when I think in the back of my head well maybe we should paid attention in class. I've read the seventeenth. 137 days into the year 228. Days to go. It's Thursday I. For the update John. When he eleven final episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show recorded in Chicago Illinois. North Korea threatening to cancel talks with the United States. Amazon has begun rolling out discounts for its prime members that whole foods the other benefits began yesterday at some locations. After the beloved director of food services for a school in Radford. Virginia passed away authorities discovered that she had embezzled over 260000. Dollars. Have they did use the word beloved. Don't you right now I have I don't have it doesn't look sent out of those questions for president Jimmy no access to the cash. Second place that are even used her office supplies here. As Vijay third place this tape that's in the studio. Did like notre buys supplies because we can't find where they hide the office supplies around here. Jefferson pilot is to eulogized there today. Greater media and Erica and now I get posted thank Baghdad jog your pencil. Seventeen year old high school basketball star Dallas turned out to be at 45 year old. You ever want you about the time you're 45 did you ever can have a fantasy about going back to high school no. In a big man on campus. Have either. And according to a new study be lyrical content of pop songs is notably more sad that it was decades ago. Hard to believe if you think about some of the because all the songs from our generation was about that gently even your. And Hillary is and I know that is because I've been dumped so many times they used to call me landfill. And and when you are when you've just been dumped. Every song on the radio seems like it's directed to you. I can't specifically pick one out that would have thought was that'd movement aimed at me but I don't know. There's one that would be up to open. Survey by the department veggie. Geisha released this week shows 94% of public school teachers in the United States pay for supplies without reimbursement. Makes little difference whether you teach in cities or suburbs or rural areas or whether or not there are students are poor virtually every public school teacher said that they use their own money. For their own classrooms the average is 479. Dollars for school here. So I wonder if their problems the same as ours. She purify went scurrying around the building looking for a roll of tape record probably find it it's easier to. By the twelve back when I'm in the Office Depot would. Donate a few roles in the studio. Today and having a Bill Evans. Yeah I have a roll of tape leaves we'll have to fight this war. She. Idaho. I've moves out of his apartment. Gets arrested this. Because he didn't pay his rent no. Because he trashed the place. No. Because he forgot and left behind 21 pounds of marijuana when he moved. How do you forget 21 pounds of marijuana. If you're dealing. In so much that 21 pounds. Unbelievable. All got to north forgot something. 21 pounds a really Mr. T SA officer I had no wide deal that was in my luggage. All 43 paces of it. German scientists are read the news today oh boy proved that people. Forced to smile and take on the job insult suffer more than long lasting stressed that that may be harmful to harmful to their health. Researchers studied 4000 volunteers working in a fake call senator and they were allowed to respond to abuse. As they wanted while the other house had to suck it up. And he found that those able to answer back had a brief increase in heart rate and those who could not had stress symptoms lasted much longer. Don't like ray and radio talk show. Don't suffer fools gladly. You wanna make you also notice that tweet on March the 26 at. That being black in America under 45. Meaning Donald Trump. His created homegrown terrorist wearing a blue uniforms. And. Explain the argument according to the Charlotte Observer on Thursday in a follow up tweet alluding to police corruption. Said I have and continue to be one of the strongest supporters of law enforcement. But I will not turn a blind eye to corruption assaults and the killings of unarmed black and brown people if you were offended by my comments. And not the situation you need to reevaluate. I'm not offended by your comments. But that's. Bit bid good that wasn't your original tweet. You imply that under Donald Trump. We've created a homegrown terrorists wearing blue uniforms. But this did not under start all under but Donald Trump. In fact there was a great deal of activity including the riots in Charlotte that took place under the Obama administration are quite frankly I don't think that's the point. But your original tweet pointed the finger at Donald Trump. I don't expect it'll like him given your analysis of him is. And an analogy to Hitler that you made in an earlier. My time. But the reaction to your original tweet. Had nothing to do with whether or not. People are turning a blind item corruption assaults and killings of unarmed blacks and brown people. So you explain. But you don't. You don't take your original statement and total. Talk that's Olympus I find fault that you you view your freedom make any statement that you want to and you have. Armed and you've heard your credibility. What was your first amendment rights in my opinion. But asked for turning a blind guide to what's going on in the country I'm not for that either. So. There's you know everybody's getting all geared up social media inflammatory comments blah blah blah. And. She's asserting flack because she used the term terrorist and blue uniforms in the same sentence. And and she should. Number 45 was a reference to Donald Trump. In response to her thoughts on a deadly officer involved shooting of an unarmed black man Stephen Clark up in Sacramento this came at the end of march. When you do the research. She said that many how many black men and women have lost their lives or have been assaulted then we can have this conversation. Okay. I'm. Let's do some research. Now this should not be used as an excuse. For white people to use. Every time bears a shooting. That cannot be substantiated or. There are you know there are such a thing in the world is bad cops. There are such a thing in the world is bad calls. And we've seen some. And it should be dealt away at. And quite frankly we should of come along lot further than we have when it comes to skin pigmentation in this country it shows Charlie. Our ignorance as a society that we can't seem to get past all of this. But some people need to quit being victims. And some people need to quit. Turning a blind eye to reality. It's important to note that black men commit nearly half of all murders in this country which is an astounding when you take into consideration the fact. But they only make up twelve to 13% of the population. Again I don't want this used by white people as they. As an excuse to justify anything that's wrong. Fact check. Looked into the statistics on killing by a law enforcement officials in no way imperfectly official. Figures suggest blacks are disproportionately. Likely to die. At the hands of police. Blacks are also disproportionately. Likely to be involved in violent crime in the United States thereby putting themselves. In the firing line. It's true that around 13% of Americans or black. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Black offenders committed 52%. Of homicides. Recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008 only 45%. Of the offenders were white. Blacks were disproportionately. Likely to commit homicide and beat those victims. The offending a rate for blacks was seven times higher than for whites and the victimization rate was six times higher. 93%. Of black victims were killed by blacks and 84%. Of white victims were killed by a whites. Now. You should. Point attention to the bad cops. There are shooting innocent blacks. Ms. wade may Wakefield mayfield. But you also. Should point two way problem in your district. A black on black run. In 2013 the FBI had dubbed black criminals carrying out 30% of murders 31% for whites. The offenders rate. This gives me the offenders race was unknown in about 29% of those cases. Academics have noted that the proportion of black suspects arrested by the police tends to match closely the proportion of offenders identified as black by victims. In the national crime victimization survey. This doesn't support the idea that police are unfairly discriminating against the black population when they make arrests. So the statistics. Which you asked us to look up. Are there. When you make. When used tweet out. A suggestion. Being black in America under Donald Trump has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms. You haven't done your research. He shouldn't start with Donald Trump. This has been going on for a long long time this is something that we should have resolved long before Donald Trump I agree. But appointed Donald Trump as being the cause of this. Let's gave an account that some of these since the biggest. Protests Ferguson and otherwise that we've had in this country happen under Barack Obama again that's not the point. But you made at the point. Didn't professions with the most psychopaths. In descending order. I'm we'll tell you right now media people TV and radio finished third. Well it's not hard to believe if you're in the business. Psychopaths are a difficult spot an and they're not all Jack the Ripper and other. And in those most like a pass appear pretty normal. Someone with say a psychopathic personality. Type has defined as having an inflated grandiose sense of himself for themselves. And they knack for manipulating other people but a diagnosis. Minnesota is the Israeli simple. 01 thing no psychopaths tend to have enough common is the careers that they go for apparently. So if you are you likely to find a lot of them in leadership positions because of their ruthlessness charisma and no fearlessness. They're very good at making snap decisions but not so good at empathetic professions like nursing or therapy. Kevin Dutton is they are British psychologist and writer. He don't care about the wanted to me to royal wedding you're. Alleged to have him I have no idea pastor or not specializes in the study of Psycho as a psychopaths. When Debbie. The psychopath they assess sites like. I would tell us your path the psychopathic. That was ever right why is that not sound right. In his serve. In his book the wisdom of psychopaths where saints spies and serial killers can teach us about success. He made a list of the types of jobs that attract the most psychopaths. The top tier in career choices for psychopaths are in ascending order. By popularity. Ten civil servant. In net twice fourteen in the UK government officials considered recruiting cycle past specifically to keep order because they are very good in crisis. And have no feelings for others no moral code and they tend to be very intelligent and logical. Most psychopaths. Have no interest in harming others and so that's why. Number nine on the top ten career choices for psychopaths. Chef. You don't have to worry about the fact that they have access to open flames and knives during their work day. They thrive in chaos and that's one reason they work so well and hectic kitchen. Who's that guy I'm famous chef that had the TV show worried just paraded people all the time. Gordon Ramsay. Two related Dave Ramsey in any. Seek to to get out of debt. Number eight on the psychopath list. Jobs. Clergy person. Reasons psychopathic people may go for a career in the clergy among them are they effective religious organizations may provide a means for people to exploit others. Which also gives legitimacy to their actions. Number seven police officer psychopaths don't necessarily have ulterior motives. One of their traits is being very cool headed under stress. Number six journalist. Dutton lists some of the traits bus psychopath says charm. Focus. Mind fullness. Ruthlessness. And action which are all advantages. In journalism. I get to five. No below when we get back to defect. Heading towards. Media person TV and radio we're number three of the sites that list. Specifically say anything in here about people who do traffic questions. Just talk eleven tonight and I've three WP GA. Played lax sympathy for not much jeopardy had Arizona's that not his way home that's for a different. Why do you buy hundreds till Florida I 77 exit 43 in areas. B&B C that don't play golf I'm quit your job. Where is Obama a thank you very we have delays down I 85 guests earlier this thing isn't there reported southbound just before exit seventeen US three when he wants. You've seen some backup Tony myself make it away from college route towards. Texas does seventeenth street Mayweather is screwed over to US 74. And think Franklin boulevard you're offered at 85 southbound just before exit seventeen US 320 watt. South of uptown evidence of that northbound 77 rapid exit one Westinghouse boulevard blocked in the left lane on the ramp. And it is that to the north is second in the past half hour north tryout. As you make your way out found approaching the east weigh evidence that to the west on freedom bribe at thrift would drive and to the south of plant the road itself triumph. WB if you weather channel forecast thunderstorms tonight somebody suggest some heavy downpours through tomorrow with a high 78. Shady rock killed 79 to the cleanest cities for next update at 520 boomer I'm Kevin WBP traffic. So this guy wrote this book. When psychopaths. Enlist the top ten career choices for psychopaths and descending order by popularity. And we're down to number five and that's surgeon. You don't want your surgeon to be a psychopath to area. Stress immunity is the overriding personality trait of doctors in the fact that surgeons have to make quite difficult decisions. Every day and we pointed out those traces. Right in some of the earlier analysis number four sales person. Psychopathic person who works in sales probably shows traits such as shameless self promotion. Stealing other people's contacts. A relentless desire to earn the most money and an inability to be a team player. We've never seen any of those pass through here have way. Third. Media person TV and radio. Some psychopaths. Also exhibit narcissus them. Which is arguably useful in a job that requires a lot of public focus. The popularity of this career choice for cycle paths could also be because being a TV anchor or radio personality. Also requires you to be calm. In the face of pressure. I resemble those. Those lawyer is number two well blog post on psychology today attorney Iraq Ruth Lee Johnson. Says that although a psychopathic traits like a self confidence cold hardiness and deceitful charm. Maybe handy for lawyers it's simplistic to say that these traits alone are enough. In the right context though they could make someone very formidable. And be number one profession. Of psychopaths. According to. This Kevin Dutton. Writer of the wisdom of psychopath Suze what saint spies in serial killers can teach us about success. Top ten career choice the number one choice. Why popularity. And analysts say Agassi's the most cars here. CEO. Had guy to. The guy in the corner office. This would apply to anybody in this bill. Cops like a pass have something called a resilience to chaos this doesn't just mean that they people who cool and under terms under stress. They also sometimes create Havoc for everyone else because it makes them look good when everybody else around them is struggling. Some psychopath may use this method do a climb the career ladder all the way to the top others aren't necessarily as manipulative and reached the top. Through their skills alone. And that would that would for all people have ever worked hero would say that the category they followed her skills alone. I'm gonna stand by that right up until the day I retire and we can talk over the Billy VT news or we go onto a Mike Doyle. Also cool under pressure and today's big story. Thanks John we're we're fighting near the beginning of that or politicians on that list. Politicians are are men and then civil sir shelf clergy person. Police journalists surgeon. Salesperson. TV radio lawyer no cowboy. Left a big omission there. Current reward I was I have driven there was potentially a school. Shooting thing going on yesterday and a school resource officer. Tonight chased after the perpetrators were and stop didn't. And he didn't get killed and via kid who was perpetrating this thing didn't get killed wanna say Texas but armor well that's so true or not. But anyways so they do their job. That Florida cop who stood idle all the kids got killed. Is making news again today doubted though apart one community. Because it's gonna get his pension. And if so I guess the question would be asked should learn should one bad decision. Nullify an entire career of serving the community this guy was like down there. Our students and otherwise. And what actually are herder didn't occur or. I mean he's still maintains that he thought that the shots emanated from outside of the school near the football field and he responded he said in accordance with throwing his training. He's being sued by the father of one of the students who was killed. In a wrongful death lawsuit filed last month. What word just started to spread that DO school resource officer that was criticized for standing outside of these school while the other kids inside we're getting shot. Is receiving more than 8700 dollars a month and state pension. And that's not so admiral well with some people. A local officials say that there are no charges. Or circumstances that would affect. It is a pension and no I'm so bets that he's getting it. I'm sure that's not sitting well with with some people. So a CNN's Jack tapper. I don't think I've ever watched him. I see him in the headlines from time to time. This year marks twenty years since the sex scandal involving then President Bill Clinton and the former intern Monica Lewinsky. And does CNN anchor Jack tap persist said in recent interview that bill and Hillary Clinton oh Lewinsky an apology. Ever was a 29 year old who had just started as a writer for the Washington city newspaper. When the story broke in January of 1998 and it turned out that he had gone on a date with Lewinsky less than one month before. And he wrote in defense of her in his publication. And asked about the Clinton Lewinsky scandal in an interview with the Hollywood reporter last week he said the clintons or word apology. They treated her poorly she had legal bills. It is amazing to me how much when there is a scandal like this how much the man is able to dust himself off and move on with his life. And the woman is stuck like a mosquito in Hamburg. How unfair is it that. Okay is that he said. He also stated that the whole affair people forget Clinton was denying it taxpayer dollars were spent on people going out and lying to the American people. And trying to destroy her and if that blue dress didn't exist he'd be denying it today if there weren't DNA evidence to prove that were true he'd be denying it today. So Jack tapper from CNN claims that the clintons know Monica Lewinsky an apology and they probably don't. And Monica probably goes Hillary an apology for messing around with a her husband. But there are two ways. All right stand corrected Jake Tapper. Georgia don't watch CNN. The fact that so many of you know about that means you've lied to me. But the idea is that a wears things. And then this is my bias now but I see an article that comes through on the New York Times I have for a I am immediately skeptical as to the truth of it. Washington Post is the same way we get aid to we have some sort of affiliation with the Washington Post here. Are they associate with ABC there are they owned by the same people. You get a deal every day email on every day from mount Washington Post tell me we'll wrote newspaper reporters that are available for. Interview. Before when they do that. I think you guys are. Not accurate. But CNN has the same thing I used to watch CNN. Because I kind of thought that they were Switzerland. They weren't MSNBC and they work fox. I kind of figured they were middle ground and for a while there they weren't kind of middle ground. Intel they found out that they couldn't make any money or make any ratings by being honest and middle ground day that you had to be one or the other. And so when over Meyer and everybody go over it to MSNBC committed career suicide. On CNN kind of said well let's pick up that battle. And in my opinion that's what happened. So. I can't watch Anderson Cooper I mean I'll stop down every now and then when I'm flipping through the channels. And and see what they're doing but really all you have to do is read the byline at the bottom of the screen. And that's that that we have above CNN and fox on here in the studio we've got five TDs in here one of them sent to doppler radar. One of them sent to channel three because they're in the building. We probably should send it to fox since we have an affiliate rotation within a minute right now. I'll water moves on fox one of them on CNN. And one owns on ESPN. And if you look up at the pay into developing commercials right now but if you look up but there. Fox in the CNN they sit right next door to each other and so there's always the I did a fire line at the bottom of the screen and it's really it's fascinating to see. What they're covering at any given time. In sometimes the story of the day. Which is absolutely the story of the day. You look at the TV screens and one will be covering what is the story of the day and the other one is completely off of their own. Atmosphere. And and generally CNN. Anything that can bash the current administration or our terror part Republicans that are so what CNN is all about doing. She and it's so obvious that did it and they listen Fox's so. I won't say just as biased but come on they are so. Dedicated the right hand side so I don't believe either way to either one of the places that a vote advertise their bias openly I guess I respect him for that. So they don't admit their bias openly but she. It's pretty obvious she. And so ten dollars and 48 hours from right now. We'll all be over it in. 36 hours from right now. It'll still be an hour and seventeen minutes away. And the thing him. For the royal wedding yeah lose never. You need to call him. I don't. Yeah not even the brits care. Neither Americans nor brits care about to hearing and Megan's royal wedding. I feel sorry for her dad. This staged photos last week to make him look more supportive than he was or better than he was or where. And then the queen gets mad at him she's gonna have a talking with the L when he gets over their for the wedding. I don't think that would go well with me. Listen what does. Maybe. Cooler. I'm no wonder your subjects. Where you know is to score and right now is Wilson. Anyway I mean no disrespect although I have big disrespectful of different scenario will Merriam Megan Markel on this Saturday and no three out of four Americans could care less. And actually. A poll published by the Huffington Post says that only 28% of US residents are interest it. And even the brits only 30% of the brits carrier. Another royal wedding boom. Wake me up when there's expenses over. Wondering will be geniuses Romo where Mark Garrison is putting the finishing touches on the Charlotte at six and he will arrive in the studios though momentarily. Tom. Was driving Iran had already Tamara is on Saturday and I went past our crude shopping center I was a cut my way over to us South Park mall. And so like cut up through that way and went down would lawn and I looked over it shake shack and there was a line of about fifteen or twenty people not places been open for what two weeks three weeks today is a matter of fact and there are still run in the line. Yet they still are it's kind of remarkable rally have you been there. Nobody's every time I kind of have a personal policy anyway and in line for amber yeah although a these days are there waiting in line for the hamburger they awaken and then wait in line for that custard because they're custard is one of the big selling points are now way it's kind of the whole deal to shake the Fries and India and the burger and I know my son and his wife went over there and they were the lines wrapped around the building in mated and stays so. And it's been a matter of you can't have that and so now that you can. Yeah when I first got here there were no Jack in the boxes here now Jack in the Box is no great shakes out like Jack in the Box but I mean it's you know but when they first built one. I mean people went nuts and it's a matter of not being able to it if you could get an in and out burger over here oh yeah be stacked for months. I might stand in line for a few minutes from that but. But crazy Joseph Gillespie decided to check out solo lines and figure out why people think it's such a big deal so we'll talk bad day at 625 did he wait in line. No he interviewed some people and then I said what she didn't need adhesive on Panama before and a sort of any goodies and our our daily look at what kind of reporters say you started the Bakken collided near interviews of people and then you work your way towards the front of the line. You interview the last guy at the cash register and while he's talking you say the girl. I lacked all with she is. But that's what the hey I tried that there's a legendary burger joint in Salisbury call caps it's just in this little hole in the wall and they have lines. Did they blow through really quick and I was doing a story if there and I thought I would do that I got to the front of the line and I told the guy that owned it I'd like to get a burger knees don't get the bag alliance. I heard him yet good good for him. But that held just told us go to Brooks and there you go and tells you a standing out there and I'll make it for me and if they're pretty good to me over there. Tom it is dirty restaurant Thursday resume shake Jack's not what your no actually we have to their restaurants what mama Wendy's that bomb from the health inspector showed up and Charles. Is eating at some high toned fancy high dollar place tonight we'll sign on dentist okay for the bonus. I wanna mayfield now. She's in the news again and am a police are not necessarily happy with her and she's kind of address that but she had two of the best to my knowledge. She made reference to number 45 meaning Donald Trump she hasn't really addressed that. No she hasn't and that was yes that's that was kind of an odd reference. But she said my being black in America under number 45 has created. Homegrown. Terrorists wearing blue uniform Charlotte police want her to resign. Well with all due respect and we brought about this earlier but with all due respect ms. one mayfield. Ferguson happened on Obama's watch and exemplary Charlotte riots happened on Obama's watch now that's not the point I'm not a likely use a counterargument and there while wondering Obama. I don't but but the point is. This president Donald Trump problem this is societal problem that's been going on Rollins Ryan yeah for a few presidency is not just this one indeed and you write some pride mark arsenal of you are you as well as the when I get to comment on issues when he goes is that there's Kazaa a court frankly still has work to do to get in the studio so. I'll see you are a few minutes. So often goes Jake check if you've been. They had everybody in this building knows says I wait in line but apparently there's enough people in Charlotte to keep whoa wait in line for the last three weeks. And it wasn't long I don't know what happens I've never seen the inside of the players so there was probably only about twelve or fifteen people outside the door. Now I don't know. You don't know what happens when you get in the restaurant here or do you then get into one of those squirrel things go goes back and forth and that's another 35 people or some have no idea but took. And I don't know that I've ever had shake shack I. But quite frankly until it became a big deal here I never heard of shake shack. In Al murders a different story and I have had in and out burger won a hundred for the first time two years ago when I went to the Super Bowl and quite frankly many of fuel. But the ones that taught me how to order it in and out burger. And it was good. But it wouldn't Brooks. Or any other. Month saw. Burger joint. Web Zacks. So now they were. So well how much do you need to be. I went what are you have to be worth to be wealthy. How much does a person have to be worth to be considered wealthy. And the answer is not eleven point one billion dollars. Although that helps if you can write a check for 2.2. 75 billion dollars and not really. Think twice about it that's rich. Modern wealth index surveyed by Charles Schwab of Americans between the ages of 21 and 75. Found that respondents put it at an average of 2.4 million dollars the same as last year. Now if you're looking at retirement. You know I used to be a million dollars if you can get a million dollars in retirement. You were supposed to be set and Ben you're still. Is still a little bit better. Shape than most. But it's not as a million bucks doesn't go as far as it has to. So this doesn't say at what stage your alive just says 2.4 million the same as last year and also said that the average worth of one point four million. Is needed to be financially comfortable up from one point two million and Torre seventy and and when asked however what made them feel wealthy in their daily lives. Which multi questions 62%. Cited spending time with family. And you have to answer it that way because his wife was standing right next to him you know I'll followed by 55%. Who said taking time for myself. And neither of those things is about money it's also true America having money allows maybe more time to do both of those so. 2.4 million us what you would need to be a wealthy. Quite frankly what my life and is feel like the wealthiest five star out about it dive.