DOJ Report Today, Trump Getting Sued, AMA and Guns and Congressmen Security

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, June 14th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent the citizens of this birth. Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many go to some street we'll lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying goodbye to find the real. Good morning welcome Fred Durst broadcast. Good to be back with you as we await a big story developing today the release. Of the inspector general reports. Where does this leave. One of the things I want to do in this program. Is to help you manage your expectations. Now maybe I am just cynical but I don't expect a lot I really don't. I'm very skeptical of these reports that come out of Washington because most of the time. There's nothing that happens of consequence. But I could be wrong. I would love to be shown wrong forgy which. Toward Justice Department watchdog expected to fall former FBI director James coming for violating the long standing department guidelines. In mishandling. They Hillary Clinton email investigation back in 2016. Michael Horwitz. Is a guy who did the inspection. And it's what he's done is already prompted some reassignment some departures. At the highest levels the FBI and talked about consequence by the way. Not just talk about people getting fired in some cases I really believe their people need to be prosecuted. And it really happens remember lowest Lerner. I think you get the idea. Former deputy director Andrew McCabe abruptly left the bureau back in January. As watchdogs race to finish their report. Later if you don't was fired. James lawyer later confirmed prosecutors from Washington DC were considering criminal referral on McCabe. Who allegedly lied to investigators. That full report comes out this afternoon. It may also faults former attorney general Loretta lynch and others well imagine that. For example to FBI officials special agent Peter struck. And lawyer Lisa page were under intense scrutiny. After their text messages were collected during the inspector general investigation. And later released to congress and the public you remember those. Those two. Page has also left the FBI. The disclosures about the range of candid political and other opinions page treated with struck on their official government mobile phones. Well they've been a real source of embarrassment for the FBI. And the president is exploited this. Using the KS the FBI to attack the credibility the investigation. In two. Russian election interference. Speaking to reporters. Trump suggested the inspector general's findings could be something of a birthday present for him. Trump turns 72. Today. So who knows what comes out of this thing. What are the consequences. And I think that is really the important question has to be raised no matter what comes out today India's there's no question. There's no question there were some inappropriate things to took place to their rise to the level of criminality. We don't know. Fans if they do. Will we see someone with the courage. To follow through. Stay tuned on this one. I wanna talk abouts are Second Amendment. If you listen to the intro this broadcast. One of the key things that we discuss our freedoms. And what is the warning that I've given you about the Second Amendment. The real danger now is not from a frontal assaults against the Second Amendment. If see an attack. Along the margins. And it's an attack from. Big business. In a way that basically makes the Second Amendment meaningless. That's all you have to do. The Second Amendment is coming under assault from a number of sources let me tell you about two new ones. First off the newest story. The American Medical Association. Pushing for stricter gun control laws. This doctor's group represents about a quarter for American position says gun violence is a disease. Oh my goodness. Eight it is these. By the way don't you find it interesting. This group represents. One quarter. American positions what about the other three quarters. What organization they are part of are they part of any organization like this. Just saying. The American Medical Association says gun violence is a disease it's pushing for stricter gun control laws. They had her an annual meeting. One medical specialists said we as physicians other witnesses to the human tall of this disease. At its campus does the word malpractice mean anything TU. Disease. The disease. The association voted in favor of several gun control measures including. The ban on assault style rifles expanding background checks and banning gun and ammunition purchases for people under 21. Medical experts also sit arming teachers is not an effective way to fight when he calls a public health issue. So. This is where they are. Activists. Really disturbing his news. To see what is taking place the privatization. Of so many organizations. That you just want them to focus on the area a specialty. Revere aside. This is about medicine. Nothing will have a conversation. To discover what is going on in the hearts and minds of the people. Who carry out. Crimes against other human beings or that's a wonderful thing to suggest that's not what they're talking about once again. Your people believe the weapon is the problem. And we also have this assaults. Did you hear about this. Intuit. Now intuit used to own quick didn't they don't anymore. They are separate companies now. This is a credit card processor. And it's they have decided to. They're going to shut down payments. On all gun purchases. How do we find out about this a number of businesses we recently interrupted without warning. The company refused to process orders of gun related sales. This first reported by the New York Post. That's the other crazy thing about this. Coming up you're gonna get some perspective on this. So this perspective will come from intranet Pollack Tonto I think is one of the most solid legal minds in the country. He's strongly libertarian person. And it's I think he's right on the money with this. Because again. To do this is not to say and don't get the idea that I need to believe that. Intuit should be compelled to process. Payments for gun purchases. This is a free country they have the right to do whatever they want. All I'm doing is warning you. That what is taking place the corporate world and some parts the medical community. Their goal was to undermine the Second Amendment. God forbid they succeed. Tony minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program talking about the assaults. From the medical community release part seven it's cans also. From a credit card processor. Coming against the Second Amendment mark product of interest in point here what is their position on abortion. I mean think about it. They about the numbers just for a moment. What is that fifty between 5560. Million abortions have taken place in this country. And this is not to minimize school shootings or other. Acts of violence. Let's get real folks. There's no comparison here. Exterminated millions of babies by the way. You what is the position on abortion for the AMA. Imposition may perform an abortion in accordance with good medical practice and under circumstances that do not violate the law. Boy that's really helpful. They have no moral compass they don't. I think that had to be readily evident by now. It's got to Jean in Greenville good morning. Well vehicles that don't be confused about the AMA BA MA is not a year medical which direction oriented. Institutions in this in this political institution. And casual. Pure baloney too much you think he's been infiltrated by the left wing left one politicians some of these people probably have. Well I'm gonna medical school and they did not excelled in clinical. Or scientific medical practices or research clearly have a I killed the AMA you've brought up here based position on abortion how about some other social matters and issues that my guys bring up the each book out called gender identity confusion Magnus. I. AMA and the American psychiatric institution. Especially being used to be normal amount or simply out there you'll. I tried illegal behavior. And we know that's not the case I mean I would never endorse that lifestyle to anybody. As a matter of of promoting a young shape. Matter of living isn't that they're two very violent and what you dive into and look into and talk to people. What's going cure horrible to even come out of it. You know this won't shut up by the other Democrat party and Barack Obama and Eric Holder I give I give him credit controlled. They're they've infiltrated Al corporate institutions as long term medical institutions. To endeavor to bring down not only just a second a little put off for the First Amendment. The ultimate goal is going to be Prussia area America. The ultimate goal of wet. I don't all of our peace and security repeated a program means to a limited is eliminating christianity. Pardon you mean eliminating christianity at all yeah oh yeah yes from the heart no less. You said oh yeah want to make sure because I'm pretty sure that that's what you meant gene you're absolutely correct because that's exactly. Or what the agenda is for these groups it is the systematic. Secular as a nation of America. That's where all of this coast. Ends. The sad thing about it is in and I continue to savers. We're not really doing much to change that are. We're not dealing with the foundations. And that's where this has to be addressed at the foundations. Which is where parenting is absolutely vital. Absolutely if I don't. 3:4 minutes after 10 o'clock. I want to go into. The legal perspective. On what intuit is doing. Because they've decided hey we're not gonna process these gun transaction one of the persons. Are one person who I believe has a firm grip on this issue from a legal standpoint. Judge Andrew Napolitano who is on the Fox News Channel. With Stuart Varney. And he was making the point pay their perfectly within their rights to take action on this here's how were reported on the Fox News Channel. The tech company. All the processing credit card payments for don't purchases. All rise up off Tarlow is here. Ku all that you. To say what I can and cannot bond with a credit how well they can choose there customers to their clients unless that choices based upon. Some protective aspect so you can't refuse a customer because of race or age or gender or sexual orientation which your commercial is a customer because you don't like their business. That's the general answer the precise answer is they may very well have interfered. With their customers' businesses by not telling them had a time. People use the credit card walked away with a gun and then the credit card didn't come through and the gun seller had to go out and find the person to whom we saw the gun and say. Now you want me cash I think it was a bad business decision anyway that's a bold business decision to do without notice I understand. Sometimes. Business people make decisions on the basis of ideology rather than cash I don't think I would do what are you would. They can do what you gotta give your customers notice before you can do that and it just a credit card process there was a credit card issue they are just the intermediary Aaron not the lender of them they're not visa right but I won't let you bygone all right Lisa so this process through right so far process and on this they take it from this to the back. Behind and they are not gonna do it. They're not gonna do it that's circumstance here and again. Did you palace auto saying you they're perfectly within their rights do it's it's a terrible big business practice. To pull the plug ends as New York push search reporting. Somebody's. Some of these businesses just found out. In the course of trying to run the transactions or we can't process that. So this leaves your place in some instances. Where. You end up just having to pay cash so be prepared because these kinds of assaults. Are coming. And they were probably increase. Komi broke from FBI procedures. In the Clinton probe Bloomberg now reporting this. On the IG report remember we mentioned this the top of the show. Not surprisingly. There are leaks coming out from for corporate leaks in Washington I'm sure this is absolutely. Shockey. So breaking from FBI procedures. Is that a crime. Apparently not. Unless there's something else we will learn later on but in the very least we know that procedures. Were not followed. In how this was carried out by mr. Carmen and again this full report is supposed to be released this afternoon. I wanna talk about something. That's. I think is also disturbing in the and I think it ties in with our discussion about guns and what's happening with our culture. Vitally important for us to understand. Because. It's all part of the same current. Ends I'm talking about the threats to politicians. There vs story some months ago indicating. Some members of congress may be leaving when the reasons they may be leaving his concerns about their own safety. Well Veres. That's not a crazy story there's reason for them to be concerned. We're gonna talk about this. Coming up on the broadcast 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio programs that we talked about us. The IG report coming out today in the FBI this afternoon we've talked about the assault against gun rights. Intuit not processing gun purchase transactions. The AMA. Pushing for more gun control. Over on the text line. Techsters saying. We lose 96 million people would date to prescription drugs. But at the since gun violence is not a disease but progressive ism is a mental disorder where they can be proven. If gun violence is a deceased and arming teachers should be considered a vaccine. While that's good I'd like that when. That is brilliant. Great thinking there last time the medical profession push gun control they were spanked hard when it was pointed out doctors kill. Murder over one million people through malpractice. Stupid is as stupid does. I guess this is one of those glass house stinks I think that's what you're suggesting and you're absolutely right I wouldn't use the word murder. But it's. We've talked before about medical mistakes. Prince liberalism is a disease in a public health issue that polling green vote you are correct. Every problem is disease. How do you think I get research funding. And he. Seems the last election produce some unqualified City Council members. Now there's the expense of taxpayers having to pay assistance. To do the job the council members were elected to do tells you not familiar with this. On the south side of our listening audience. As in South Carolina. We have members of the City Council. Who are very concerned that they can't stay up with all the work. And they need personal assistants. Tell them do their work. One of the calculations is these jobs would pay a roughly about 60000 dollars by the way City Council positions I think the only paid less than twenty. Which is kind of ironic because it's a part time position. Vince I suspect many more people have been killed by people texting while driving. That have been killed by drug that by gun violence one of these people promote banning cell phones in vehicles that is from Dwight. There's another thing that is probably accurate. I don't end in one of the things you don't know exactly what those numbers are I mean they can report they can report what they suspect. The role of phones. And in some cases they don't really know. If into it won't let me pay forgotten by credit card out by my guns with cash. In untraceable face to face transactions without background checks so bear. Wound. That's pretty good. That is really good because you know this goes against one of the other elite. Purposes which is to be able to attract every transaction. If he goes to cash. You can change this. And we have a troll listening to us I think Parker must listen to your show. By the way I was debating whether even bother with this on this program today but since you brought it up I won't mention it. But Coker basically. Suggested there is some sort of cult attached to Donald Trump boy is that a shocker. And I know the people that are part of the call will dismiss this. Because of the messenger because they don't like Bob coworker I am not a worker fan either. Remember I told you I don't get involved in these. False choices. It's not a choice between trump and coworker. I can reject both of them. And we have this Dexter Jim and easily saying Vince it sounds like we need more doctor control and less gun control. While that's good. They've been on the issue of banning cell phones in vehicles are struck drivers. More than any well some one else on the road we're required use something called a Bluetooth I wonder if anyone else has heard of this before cook for a cup but it kind of simplifies things doesn't it. Sometimes you really have to wonder don't you. And sometimes you give up wondering. Can she know. Some situations and some people. On the surface appear to be hopeless and they will never get it's. I feel your pain mr. or ms. structure. Let's talk abouts what is going on with politicians. Just the other day in fact I'm going to go to my phone now is they got a text from a for reminding congress. And I was trying to think of to get an appropriate time to bring this up it's such just commending you just randomly mention. There's a story associated with this now and it's worth mentioning. Sexually congressman Jeff Duncan could send this text me. On Monday a year ago this week the baseball shooting an act of terror do you remember that. Boy that really dropped off the radar didn't. Number media. Members of congress were just playing your friendly game. They were practicing for the big game actually. And long hole. Scare you start shooting. There's a story several months ago. Suggesting that some members of congress are actually retiring because they're concerned about their safety and I kind of thought OK and I didn't pay much attention to it. But I'm definitely paying attention to this story in New York approach politicians fear for safety as threats against congress skyrocket. Starts off talking about represented very loud to make a milk of Georgia. The fact that he bought body armor. Greg carper hired armed security guards for Vince back home in Mississippi. Dan Donovan fortified his Brooklyn and Staten Island offices with security cameras and buzzer systems. This is not a good trend. This is the new normal for members of congress. One year after the terrific congressional baseball or shooting that almost took the life for represented Steve's police in former hill staffer. Mike Mika members are keenly aware serving in public office has put a target on their backs. Chuck Fleischman of Tennessee New York City native said the true reality is if somebody wanted to do me harm they could probably do that with relative peace. And that is set. And here's where. We are further cause to be concerned with the numbers. I regret these threats against members of congress have skyrocketed 2016. There were 902. Threatening incidents and communication against members of congress. 902. By Tony seventeen those reports more than doubled to about 2000. Flight in the world. In response to house administration committee allocated 25000 dollars to each member in Tony seventeen again in 2018. To beef up their personal and office security. If you see a lot of attention on this issue. Susan good. Ends to be honest with you I think this is part of the increasing. Polarization. Diverse society and the coarsening. Of our national conversation. I think people are losing it. Members are hiring bodyguards for Vince and equipping officers with panic buttons. And shatter resistant glass. There's more on this story I'm gonna tell you about. I wanna get your thoughts about what's going on here and why. But I am I have to tell you I am not surprised at all not in the least bit. How do we get this under control all right have some ideas coming up 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. I share with you. The reality. But the skyrocketing. Sky rocketing. Trend. In reports of threats. Against members of congress. This really out of closest to take notice 902 threatening incidents in Tony sixteen. 2017. More than doubled to about 2000. Members of congress having to take extra security precautions I'd love to get your thoughts on why you think this is happening. The sergeant or arms for the house got an additional five million dollars to improve offer security for district offices. Congress also increased funding for capitol police by 29 point two million. Another 29 point 9000000 and 2018. In recognition of the danger. The Federal Election Commission also ruled in July lawmakers can also use campaign funds. Typically spend on TV ads and mailers to install security systems at their homes. That's pretty serious. The chairman of the house administration committee that authorized security spending said the shooting. The shooting at the baseball practice made clear congress needed to do more. And you really can't blame them for this. Unchanged. Is only the select members of leadership five people out of 435 house members are assigned security including school weeks. Whose heroic police officers fended off the baseball shooter last year I think of this for a moment. What would happen what would have happened here. If Steve school lease was not there. Think about this. One of the reasons why you have the level of security that you had there was because Steve's release was there. Members of congress are not allowed to carry around their licensed. Concealed. Guns while in Washington. Mike bishop of Michigan. Said I'm trained at what I do and how I do with a weapon. He backs concealed carry reciprocity legislation if I had the ability to carry I would feel safer well duck. Bishop said the defenseless this became clear. Crystal clear when I hit the ground that day on the baseball field realized I had absolutely nothing to defend myself. Against someone who had a weapon and they was double tapping on. Pretty disturbing don't you think. Why do you think this is and what's the solution I'll tell you part of the solution was just touched on. These guys. Have all the instead of the world to press for reciprocity. Especially in Washington DC. It's crazy. That you don't know loudness. But that's part of solution the other part of this we've got to recognize what's happening to our national discourse. And the current the atmosphere. There is a militant seat that I see. That is. Becoming more and more fierce. And I'm very concerned about it to be honest with you. Where this goes. I don't know. But I don't see anything to defuse this right now it's not there. Good morning John welcome to broadcast. An event to just quick thought. This. Yeah US you know what what's going on here in my opinion this truly is Russian interference so there's Communists and our country. Creating Roberts may have a contractor. I have family from El Salvador work full purse double year and you know their country broke down the civil war. It's. Amazing. What's happening now is what happened down there. Like point by point. My guys would tell me about how it all started in schools become the gun in school intoxicated. While net stop the kids of course the com we are repeating. This cycle that happens when Communist takeover country. Prepare and so. And we are also blessed by god. And I believe that Obama's real legacy. You know before Obama was president I had absolutely no reason only and AR fifteen not thought that was craziness. But after what I saw was still an armed. All my friends only me our pitching for. So that. Understand if it breaks barrels. God is already blessed us with the weaponry. Can defend ourselves from some of the truly creepy people. I remember just two years ago. My friend and I were terrified. Of rioters coming in my street. I mean I would write off album all worked out and it was we increased. Our tank. I've had people in front of my house shooting guns. I've had people come to my front door pounding on the door demanding a given the job. Goodness what were brought us more done what the Internet we're up against our break your John Boehner would ask you quickly is there anything that's going on now using to change this for the better. Armed I think people are waking up each day let's has overplayed its hand. And people like for example I hopes unfortunately when we don't go we'll talk about it coming up. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battles. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Are delivered to the broadcasts and we may choose top the last hour or waiting for the release. Of the inspector general reports. On the FBI's handling of the Clinton email probe. That is expected this afternoon but who knows if it happens to get released earlier while that information for you. We have breaking news on another legal matter. This one is a whopper. New York has filed a suit against president trop. Some pretty serious allegations here. If I understand correctly this is a civil suit fortunately for the Trump Organization. But it's still doesn't sound good at all. The allegation is his charity engaged in illegal conduct. So what is this about. The New York attorney general. Filed suit against president trump and his three oldest children alleging persistently illegal conduct. And the president's personal charity saying trump repeatedly. Misused the nonprofit. To the office business his creditors. To decorate one of his golf clubs. In the stage a multi million dollar giveaway. Ed is Tony sixteen campaign events. This suit was filed this morning. Attorney general Barbara Underwood. -- state judge to dissolve the trump foundation the Donald. Isn't this interesting. And I know. Q they hate text right now. I've said do you before and I will see it again. I think in character. There aren't a lot of differences between the trump family and the Clinton family. You can hate me all you want. Go ahead make that sign it may. But I think there's more similarities. Than we want to believe. There are some specifics here. She is asked. Mr. Barbour under what is Estes state judge to dissolve the trump foundation she asked the remaining one million dollars in assets be distributed to other charities. And it trump be forced to pay at least two point eight million dollars in restitution and penalties. Also asking the truck be banned from leading any other New York. Nonprofit for ten years ten years. Seeking to apply a penalty usually reserved for the operators of small time charity frauds. To the president of the United States this is pretty significant. I know people immediately say yes Democrat. Control in the State of New York I get it. The allegations here pretty egregious. In the suits. Underwood noted trump already pay more than 330000. Dollars in reimbursements in Italy taxes since when he sixteen. New York State started probing the trump foundation in response to investigation by the Washington Post. Let me just say parenthetically because I know some a few right now. Touch my foundation really what about Clinton foundation at. I get it and this is not to say the clintons. Ours are pure as the driven snow. I believe they probably should have been prosecuted criminally. I don't doubt that. But don't. Think that just because she is guilty. The Donald Trump should automatically be declared innocent. Ms. Underwood has asked the judge to go further required trump to pay millions more. She said a twenty month state investigation found trooper repeatedly violated laws that set the ground rules for tax exempt foundations and most importantly. Their money is meant to serve the public good not to provide private benefits to their founders. This resulted in multiple violations of state and federal law. This is in the legal complaint. No official response. From the Trump Organization. Trump has been president this foundation since he founded in 1987. In late Tony sixteen he promised to shut down the trump foundation. But cannot while the attorney general's investigation continued. So anyway going to be intriguing to see and there's more you can read about this. But. This is. Again. I I don't think I he needs and anything else to this. Again this is. Coming from the attorney general's office. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Everybody's entitled to due process. As it won't happen here. Let's go out to Ryan in Charlotte good morning Ryan. You morning outdoor event all right sir general quick unity that story that's saying that that chart is worse civil thankfully. Why. Hookup but I'm saying thankfully for the Trump Organization. They are civil I'm not I mean this is not a state. I open they're not criminal chart here. For his sake. I. Hate Brian stay with me. So. Go ahead with what you're thinking. What are they. Get it. Didn't hear anything eighteen. So willing to break in an every rule. That there is. Just because they say that this is a civil. Which accusation or whatever. What makes you think that you gathered for a criminal law at every opportunity. I don't know. I don't know Ryan. Authority. Secretary yeah. It's altogether possible operate its altogether possible Ryan and here but I agree it's you you know as well as I'd through who. We are swimming against the stream here you know that. What do you think. Come on Ryan. Have you listened to if you watched what's been going on in our country. Since this campaign started. What's happening to people the the the adoration. And the cult worship. You know yeah I had a conversation with a coworker this morning and there are different this kind of really in a nutshell I'm a Democrat. I voted for Hillary. I understand those that elections have consequences and I'm not one would ever say that one party or other have replaced the wipe out forever. Erudite dessert after he represented. And I will have a problem with the Republican changing things changing world unity and think I don't agree wit. I can't stand the guys we have in the White House is doing it I don't think you represent our country. The way it should be. And in in all fairness Ryan and I it's we're also loading up we're only about an hour an hour and a world city. Because it. And and but but let me let me give this back to you Ryan in all honesty. If you are a a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I'm a Democrat out of out of supported it. Deng gets hot and if if if gang has come where the nominee. And they never voted. I'm just I'm just me I'm being serious here Ryan because this is part of our problem why do we put these these. Unprincipled people at the top of the ticket or on any ticket. Ryan and an op I just I wanna encourage you to do some self examination. Well I I I I I in debt and and I can. And I know that you know their nose off out of our. Cause this is not about perfection don't go there would you hold on the line with B Ryan because I love to talk previous more is that a gang yeah. All right see if you can hold on we continue our conversation. Fourteen minutes after eleven. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock and took you read your firm we're talk with Ryan who's called in and basically agreed with post. On this concern about its what is going on with the corruption. On some level. We feed nominees from both parties and I think that's where we've landed in agreement. I've kind of challenge right about you know how in the world can you possibly support Hillary Clinton and it what is it you're looking for out of government Ryan. I wouldn't want a war. These are people. Taking care. Those who may not be able to best take care of themselves further. Okay there's your first mistake endear you think. Hillary Clinton is a decent person. I think that. I I think that in comparison. Oh my goodness Ryan please stop the comparison crap this woman is a criminal. Not depraved Herbert oh my goodness is Brian why are we doing this why are we comparing. Different forms of depravity. Let me just because her depravity doesn't look like Donald Trump's depravity does that make her better person. No she she can GT should be equally reprehensible human being. Are you open that possibility. I don't I don't I I. I might be open to it but I don't see that in her. Oh my gosh. Bryant. Oh my goodness what let me ask you about the emails. Here's a person who violated. At least State Department policies. On this particular issue. Does that bother you. What toward something has been prudent. But she did something wrong I hold her equally as we can it was. Already proven that she did something wrong the only thing that was not done was to prosecute her. Now what has happened to other people of lower stature in the military for instance they were prosecuted and put in prison. For the things that Hillary Clinton did. Are you aware of that right yeah. So why should she skates. I don't know that there are so that she should get yeah I'm just saying. Given the choices that we pad. And you have to compare. You have to make it compares the. Right. Out of let's move away from these two choices because they think we both agreed their their terrible choices. Or wherever what I say that because I wanna ask you. For someone's name that that that is a decent human being can you get can you identify from he had decent human being do you think women a great nominee for president on the Democrat side in 2016. You know. And you know Bernie even though he wasn't it Democrat probably would have been. I wish I would have voted for him. OK that's fair enough I mean I profoundly disagree. With his ideas and that sort of thing but as in terms of Kerry your. I mean it's a night and day difference between those two bad as far as I know this guy's character is unassailable. So. Obviously the system kind of kind of screwed him did make. Oh a little bit. That was the system as a side thought once it goes for Detroit is that we had with a Kaymer I knew I you you're Clinton and Donald Trott. I hear you Ryan pay big key for paying and on and appreciate the conversation let's talk again some time. Oh my goodness. It by the way can I assure you my pet peeve again. The comparison thing well not as bad as so and so. This is where we are in the country pro lifer in the axe murder is not as bad. As the person who threw people into the wood chipper. That's really where we are you that's where we are in our discourse. We're comparing. Really some bad people. In our society. And we're trying to justify ours because that person is not as bad as the other teams. Can we aspire. To better character. And try to find people in this is you know and this just the other part of my pet peeve nobody's perfect. She drives me up to walk let's go to fort 1000000 each American morning GR. Good morning bet really do it or color are. Do you afford the prayer in oh agree with you completely that stuff. You know law and the problem the problem has no one looked really good character. Won't. Send their family through the bloodbath. Yeah that's the problem hey people come forward. Now truck I mean that border by against trop where are all alike with trump billet. I will vote for him or give a vote what he's doing is they're gone back probably. He he he he. The beard said the bell that Brooke Brooke Burke but I. Group of that the salvation. According foundation to drop. One. Truck that not made a foundation. Of blah all over the world and live art. Hillary usurped by foundation and former traveling back to. Sure. That's perfectly legal and they're arguing in effect through get a you know charity and apple product. But it perfectly legal child detonate to do that. Yeah I agree with you he's he's got a business. There is no perfect. And built by any means although skeptical of that also not the calls. Because Hillary had done that and they're trying to so that the pluck it. If it's. They're typical dirty trick now did he think there's been a part well. Except charity you have the charity foundation. But he probably gives the most of the money. Yeah we'll have to see how this plays out I had to appreciate your call there I'd JR. It and dead yes there's we know unfortunately there's selective prosecutions with so many of these incidents. And that's what's sad about it. Is very very unfortunate. I'm it's actually Bernie's wife being investigated for corruption to doesn't surprise me. Bernie Sanders of good character really. See again. I mean I eat I can disagree strongly affect or someone. I sent a text year about how he's a socialist with three houses drive some cars are hating white tells the rest of us to do without. Is a decent human being. What you're sitting in character I cannot assail his character in terms of I mean I strongly disagree with him and I think most social here's Jeff to understand. Most socialists are hypocrites. Okay that's a given. Now I'm I don't know what else do you do with that. I'm just saying you know in terms of comparison of character again and again this is the sliding scale. Probably night and day difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. This woman is you know and I and the survivor referred to the clintons as a crime family because they are. Techsters asking me or you're having a relaxing day it's. I think something like that. My goodness we will talk about this shouldn't take more of your calls I knew this would get something stirred up that's what I'm here for right. 29 minutes after 11 o'clock at the board is so lit up here with some of your calls we will get through as quickly as possible on the text line Vince it's funny. When the truck followers to cues Bernie and Hillary's being corrupt when trump is the biggest crime family of the three coach. Vince it's a losing cause but how many people believe Abe Lincoln had more in common with Immelt cave in George Washington. And we have this in my family business issue look up there were always be a bad review of the lawsuit on trumped. It's one of many transactions into place. They can be viewed as your view on his part why are we judging this without listening to the burden of proof. All right we shall see. Let's go out to the sprawling metropolis of can capitalists and Mike. Yes sir good morning. How are you all right how about yourself like. OK. I ask all the Hillary Clinton supporters. Just pay and read that I ever 400 page. IG report that's common now this afternoon and then tell me they want to vote for or. I think hey they still will. There was no millions of people who would still do it if they got the opportunity. How about. Did did you ever watched the fox legend's demise that series on the civil war. I have not seen that I heard some good reviews on that. Well I hope you'll watch it because if you set there you look at wide on will lose kill Lincoln. He felt like you've been titled hit that it far. Now does that not sound like what we have gone on in congress everybody's entitled to their benefactor. When there's actually once satisfy. And everybody wants to play it to their advantage is that. Right or wrong that it's going on all over the place might in 92 I hope you'd agree it's happening with Democrats and Republicans unfortunately. A thank you very much for your call let's go to another Mike good morning welcome share. And good morning I'm. I really am a big fan of yours or group Madden I'm percent of what you say however I do have a question. How could you possibly. Ending. Still ahead opinion. How can you possibly say there's any politician. Has a good character who supports. The murder. Of sixteen million babies through abortion. You've you've got a point Mike I'm I've got to give that went two year. Yep you've got its you've got to take that off the table and let me in Miami here's what I would do I will put an asterisk. Other than embracing the idea of exterminating children maybe I should say this and I will say this now. Other than believing the idea that it's okay to exterminate children this person is of good character 'cause that might. No I'm not so called pay go works as a cop was supposed. Give lessons we are statistics. Were darkened considerably as Landon said. No murder of one elderly woman you know it was horrible. Murder of a million people into a statistic. Pool. It's pretty painful is that Mike. Everywhere we don't really consider what. Sixty million children are. There's no way someone that supports that and especially when you look at a minimum late term abortion that they support. I cannot put into phrases are character. You know and a good person am pro abortion and M is saying in the same sentence. And spiritual lives of Britain do you truly. Eight Kara reminds me in my cal remember the discussions took place about Barack Obama. How there is born alive legislation in the state of Illinois and he voted present. Because he didn't want a vote on that particular subject. And it's it's pretty disturbing Mike I stand corrected thank you very much. For your call and the points you've raced year. How mcginnis. It T into it's it's really terrific when you when you consider. And unfortunately this become. Because it's been normalized its normalized that we kill babies. Then. And we just kind of move done. At least most people of kind of moved on Scott's Davidson Mary good morning. And Loren have gotten from Mike am glad you said that. It's what president not taking what Valerie why are we complain and what's. Your view it and that he did something bad in New York that there is someone puts something out. Instead that needing to do with the current fact you know we can address the salary issue separately the allegation is that the family basically took advantage. Of the charity for personal and business reasons. Okay let me reroute that if he needed money so that. He could be taken salary. It. Now all of that not necessarily merry and it here's here's the thing about this whole salary crap. Yeah okay and I just I'm just gonna say this again this whole thing of not taking a sour read this is a scam okay. This salary was what 400000. Dollars. Do you know how much the security bill is. For going toward these resorts to these trump found that these Trump Organization resorts. That UN higher paying for right now merry. Our program and now they are not going to their own personal. Resorts. Where there are collecting money from the taxpayer on the other end. C'mon Mary you you'd like I think your sharper than this this this this money this is smoke and mirrors. Forgoing a salary when they're giving money much more money on the other end. If it if frustrates me Mary or. Greedy unique take an all out. Oh gosh Mary. Please please go research this honestly. Cash. This frustrates the heck kept me it really does. William. I believe would be next year I give morning William. The court against Britain. I don't think that there will be being a treaty. Agreed on. For at least a year making more per car. The Democrats that paid child that Republicans never trappers and paint shop are not going to slow or any thing. They helped him succeed if anything birdie at saint. I'm do we have to go there first William couldn't beat that. The differences the genuine differences between our countries. Are so great and you have. An intransigence. Leader of like like Kim. They just isn't going to cooperate and do what he's supposed to do is it possible. That there can't be a good deal here. I think we have to start their William before we even get to the possibility retreat I am glad by the way let me praise this I'm glad. That Deaver he's offered here to say let's have retreat but on the flip side can we honestly say. We would've been in the same place. With Barack Obama if you offered that stupid. You know. I deal with Iran as a treaty what kind of a chance with data fed. Up. Do you. I don't think it's going to get bogged down in the slot when he gives them that when congress. Everything is William and it doesn't matter which party. Nobody wants to you do we anything amiss when it comes down to especially in an election year. This is not gonna go anywhere it rip probably isn't. Abu gets more of your calls tried to get to the day in history as well. May and this has been in the interest in Dade say at least. And text are asking how many president's own their own resort resorts. When or how much we paid for the Obama's date nights in family vacation trips. And yes I complained about those two. So don't give me well. He did get a be. At I'm sick of us treating all these people like royalty. When these be ported totally different stratosphere financially in the first place. Why don't we put a real regular. Person in the White House. Final stretch or thirsty broadcaster pure on the line please hold because we will try to get your call. After we take a look at the date in history. And there are some very intriguing events that occurred on this particular day. We will travel down I 85 now for headlines it was actually dared today. We sure. Yeah I think so you are Luntz orchard. Just making sure. Only on Thursday's vote today put his guilty here. These dates is the fourteenth day of June. As we take a look at some of the events that have occurred on this day in history we go back to 1777. These stars and stripes approved for the design for this. American flying. You are correct I bet you're gonna say really. And again by coincidence 1877. This became of them an official observance what was it. Black damn. Very good. You are two for 21936. This president was bored. 1936. Which president was born on this day. Almost even listening to this program crop top. Us or anybody else wanna guess who was born on this day marches. You're correct it's Donald. Yes yes yes he's up there aunts. Less than at least. You know back. Demonstrated in Philadelphia. I'll tell you it was not a vacuum cleaner what was it. You know effect 1951. Save demonstrated that makes it sound like they've marched bruises a demonstration of Monte products looking for a couple. Clinton wasn't a total noted that I think Martin knows he has this knowing look on his face. But computer. Mark you are correct. Is this was the first computer built for commercial used to use back in 1951. Is that crazy. How many rooms and technocrat. That's a good question you know how many rooms are actually the computer itself had five rooms and I could have passed. And Carter are. Those pretty good I like that that's really good. All right one more thing I've got to share this is downright silly completely silly. Dear by the passenger was bear and permit airline for life. You odious crime was petty crime but. We did lots won't. I think that would have been better. He's banned for life. Because of his drunken antics. Here's what happened the plane flying from Belfast forced to make is an unscheduled stop in France. Over a passengers disruptive and aggressive drunken behavior. He brought a blow up sex doll on board with him. The air high and said the men's behavior was disgraceful. And deplorable. Due to the fact he had been consuming alcohol illicit leak this guy had a blowup doll with him on the flight in front of young children. Do you bought a seat for the doll with I don't think so. Well just let your imagination run off with you and this one. But he's banned for life so you don't have to worry about this guy if we ever talked you into flying oneself. So not gonna happen with all these stories deathly are helping. To pay grades document have a good day of the let's go out to let's see who is side next on the calls screen here stand out of clover good morning. I meant are you right. Now or where are accurate click. Are damning statement. Bump bump. That about seven of the country where we talk about. The right to have and a bit physical. The process of god and we've been birdied the order and are bound instead Oksana. And what has happened is that now government. Individual god I've noticed two area course and legal system we punish. We registered sex offenders but wait the people allowed the government present at ten years. You possess the gun illegally remove a criminal and if you actually committed karma innocent individual. The second area last thing that changes in the right collect. Basically we are discouraging life but it only usefulness to the paint they promised benefits. But the promises are relevant to the mat tight as it can be collected. So what we do as we look at abortion clinics and core areas. And we you're going to discourage black on the other hand and we only want around to it can be argument net tax code and that pat. Producers pay payers as opposed yep that can remember the most are the regional it was they were going into the euthanasia panel with obamacare. The cradle holding treatment is because special Quebec or benefit cannot equate. Based on the current white suburban practice and the politicians don't want to admit they're. Yep and that's going to be a lot easier I withholding care it's gonna be a whole lot easier than killing people. I mean let's get hurt but let's just be blunt about it stand. Brilliant observation unfortunately no time. To get to address the calls we've had some great conversation today as usual. And she will eagerly look forward to this report coming out today the inspector general report supposed to be released this afternoon. We'll talk about it and much more on tomorrow's program are willing meantime have shows great day in god bless you teacher.