Dominick Thompson

At Home with Roby
Sunday, January 7th

Patrick & Trent are joined by Dominick Thompson of Robee Handiman Services to discuss their offereings and business in general.


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Good morning and welcome to head home with Britney. As a written service pretty lenient with the electric in WH college funding alone can hasten. Blue wolf wolf wolf. The Stanley Cup earnings trend made it bad. They may happy new year and god bless America and I noticed the 2018 I'll be right in 2017. Hole jeez I'll listen the last show I think the last show route. We. We. It's rode with good morning Vietnam you didn't. That I am I still last Eminem might be that what we tell us what's thrown blood on the trend yet the tourney. And today we have Dominic Thompson who's our veteran who yes. Came back this cut whom mount a month ago from from a tour of duty. He was deployed in the united here they EU AM that's right it's if if I remember correctly say. It's going to be awesome and he's he has got something here it's gonna be really cool he's gonna present. Now Michael Kidd can't wait this to see your reaction in imprinted explain what he has said that the state team for the whole showed on up don't you miss out. What hellish holiday Patrick Mahoney was was really nice to got you and is a rare occasion right at the UC days my parents and Arian and I my in laws and Indiana. And we had a really get time this is did have a don't normally to deal when did you do that things. We went for a week in Indiana. He did it before Chris yep before Chris is morally I know the for a guy Colonia is actually warmer Indian and it was here lately tick off that debt. Yes it was really nice you fly. Who Delonte was that one is rare things anybody who has four point three and get like a ticket at the time he need it for like a low amount of points against death. It was nice we think advance finds that job and nine hours Lee we caravan right after Christmas up to Illinois and it was cult and a he ate dinner we left it about 5:36 o'clock AM but he's doing it yet and we ate dinner. In Danville Illinois which is about three hours south of where we eat a final destination and low Mexican restaurant. And she's so fine. Doing this with the Fam I think some of the memories that we're create an end and what they're gonna memorabilia Wheatley lady of these hole in the wall may skin joints in these little towns and it was say to grease the only wounds today here police and hit teacher you were driving somewhere but he was like negative team in never got it never got when we got to Wear a goal and it was Ford agrees and and never got above profound day kids kind of nice and a barn. A man and a some final problems but a barn on my computer. And lot. Has a listed in the vein and the first night rose and a burn it froze it froze in bar with some cult he killed. I racially bidder got by the town my tickets at a Microsoft still were. Yesterday and get a hard reset and Nassau needed basket and and him I thought I was down a surface that's your gonna hidden troubled Indian. But it is about there hasn't been that coal eater but it's been pretty dang cola taste some Kooks so we will confound our house very spot on and it's tiny. In a source of freeze over and say when it first froze there or we took that we take a sample actually in there and Alec had nine iron some tickets shipped out and put on the back porch. Depleted secondary is Carla cause in the examples now samples who have been doing this every morning. In Thursday morning I went out there and went with the drought law couldn't be heated to break with DL with a golf clubs attempted trial saw. And try to stab at it. It's due and breaks ms. Cole for Charlotte is Coles has filed this cause it was like. Canal walk on the ice it's like Houston and right every every kid yet there is a while I see that. South take you out holder handily stand on an American it jumped on it's just not gonna break that the in his this is unseasonably little you know all the lakes and ponds up until there were frozen snow in brains like those guys you know and I'm like my kids are never ice skate on I don't IB simply atomic. It's not a student still cries and close because. We edging its net were not born out out of state light that neck and and I had a hell on abilities but it it just technical it's GAAP never CNET conferees set Davis spent kind of fun to watch against Mike and sixteenth of an inch. To an eight that remains to happenings. To an enemy in the southeast yeah I think I had a little takes angle with a couple you guys back home needed where. Tomorrow morning drive and it was like eight. To this and that it lacked name satellite modest line and ended that inning and drought like minus two. Saint enemy really is and I hit. And I did you realize it that the rose because. Haven't paid the roads look terrible. Double take particular click here in Alaska and I did that slightly ice road truckers drive old I love to mechanical I think that's kind of cool for to for extended not extended period towels save Adobe impact. That's the 25 degrees in Charlotte is birdy dad owned feels at almost as cold as it is in my humidity is cited camco yet. And it gives them in your bones that matters is boys crispy beef. It's pathetic life that my hobbies that Chris field burn your iPhone. But we have a wonderful Christmas did it will borne out with some heat. Arts channel what is with it would 2008 team led wouldn't give give us some give us some insight and a tiny Blatter Dolan what date thank in I think people are positive blood in the business world about the is that we got some tax reform happen in the business odds that morning cross 25000 as a everybody's birdie palm melt the ballot the business prospects and they have about how busy they are. And everybody says they it is going to be a blunt going to be a wonderful year and that's what people were tellem. I like that. Who redeeming we're positive people by nature I think is well let me say at eight year rights need to be told that. So what's your EUL he'd like to ask people with their theme is there was something they're thinking about 2018 was something you're thinking about. Moscow Pullman has down on our what are you doing and made the not a magnet doesn't keep working at now weren't panicky I mean. We're talking a mile and a break I'm just trying to keep keep my handle strain on trying to enjoy my and we. A China live every day like if I knew was my last day is exactly how while a good day and I think that's kind of the motto that only about for a small lot bullet dominate consummate come on the show I think he India seems. Extremely good perspective on what you just said right they're being gone from the Stanley for nine months in a desert which he's gonna tell us about being deployed for our country and your force it. Will aegis and I think is a wonderful saint way to have a Dominic on the says yeah well good follow Florida spends some time when Dominic and Patrick I'm glad to be back with the everybody had a Merry Christmas happy holidays. Whatever you whatever your belief in that is in this season of love giving and loving and I hope everybody had a wonderful new year looking forward 2000 maintain. Will be back with Dominic. Welcome back then overthrow these. Customer services along with the Hastings from the Rudy Stanley the company's. We are your hosts Trent is our first I don't think we sent that last enemy we did their first event for the new year 2018. Yeah. It's good to be back it is good to be that good to have dom back hey hey hey Dominic Thompson is our guest today is was certainly in the first segment. And as we intro to the second saying that I remembered something that I had forgot for several years that nominees to be a drama. That is true yeah privacy and my third bedroom now. I occasionally wit my headphones then I have a frustrating day arguing a third bedroom. And our house for small sum ascended up in the terabyte now when I'm done with this as a little bit aware. And what I don't hesitate to set up the snared room a snared a critic I'm cheated out oh I get you know get it out like a penalty is it like like in the movie step Brothers Canada out like don't touch my drums don't touch my Johnson seriously don't know let's. So at this argued in there I'd I'd put on the headphones. And whale out for a. Good thirty minutes or so it's very. Would Dominick do you the last time you on the show and I think today you were Bruce pre deployment as we discussed in the death rate. And you have been deployed serving our country which we also thankful and grateful thank you. But I'm like a little kid in here because and this whole first segment of the Lincoln edited this this flyers and I'm sure if tennis has really fully read the standard not. And you have a full an American flag. And yes this is from the 27 expeditionary fighter squadron the fighting Eagles. We will definitely participate here on on all our system media that tell us with the Susan it is really some special yet I appreciate that armed. Yet this is not a program that they have for us air force members and deployed locations I was deployed to the United Arab Emirates. And I was there for about seven or eight months but at any rate that is that a flag program where you can get a US flag flown in any of the planes that they have flying an operation there and they'll have a certificate printed. That just says hey it was flown in this plane on this date during this operation. And it's signed by the captain who was actually flying the plane and its economy and dedication so just has a little token of my appreciation for road be supporting my military service. There's a lot of employers out there who really don't they they don't treat their service members very well but that's not the case for me. So I just wanna take an opportunity to present this flag. And I know Trent and everybody here's so pro America as we should be. Authority kind of cold to give you a certificate just says that the flag was flown on the thirtieth of August in an F point two Ratner. In honor of Andrew red ink during a combat mission over Iraq and Syria and support of operation error resolved. So I'll just wanna say thanks and yeah we'll get that mainly the song up are now all office I was giving you a hard time because you set it on the floor coming but it was on top of the pull the paper so I think it was protected from being on the ground on the take Dominic said impaired do you clarification on whether or not that was this year not every year no offense trans. Now especially I. That have been out of rags on the and I don't you cannot figure out how do. We know our fans are now. He was let out a vertical and attack at some you know always I mean it in with your permission Dahmer have on notice the other day I have to American flags hanging in my office one is from my dad. My dad's funeral and now one is from Richard Burr. Had one fly over Washington. Well for me for Reagan and I have I have both of brain sol and I have of the paper. With the Richard Burr and the similar to this. So Lou with your permission. I'm going to be stingy in and we'll get the flag framed in and and the of the paper and hang them in ma that are awesome I'd love that so now I'll scenario today fired up and elude him along so well. Well I do love America yes I. Bet it's would only tell me it's to support us all the others I don't think anybody does big. That is true. I try to surround myself with people that did meet him about me today and down from the same the same page there. I'm Donny you're back it was fact we're also thrilled to have you back you do such a wonderful job. Being that the head on says Ed and really handy man. Which is a wonderful service to talk about. The need for handyman services. All the time and a tremendous opportunity did. I think that the market has ended it we have is a company. And as a group ordering services which is under the really Stanley companies are. To to really to really take advantage of them of helping people that need help yep you bet and that's really what we do here a 100% it's yeah I'm really excited about 118 on. I think there's so many opportunities Patrick you know I've talked offline shared an hour of the services. Just. Being able to finally bring everything under one house and really get somebody one stop shop experience for and it just go smooth and and be handled by some might it really gives people a lot of TLC. It's fantastic and there's an and that I know of and they were kind of blessed to be one of the only people in town do and as far as now I don't really know anybody know the fun. Change is you know we just we get to the holiday season and and see all these family members and every everybody. And Iran as all man. I came detainee to get a handyman that are three months Elmo returner skulls and I'm light with the Colorado beat. And in the oh here too expensive I'm like OK Wu. Do you want a phone call election grateful right I mean I don't really even have an answer today he dissing trivia question. But we are available we already in room Roman knowledge bill on the day of the week we try to work and get better at our communication every day so senator are detaining men out there there are people they would jump and hit their head and say how hi pat resume and a jump. And then a lot of more for us so. Bhutto right now last night on the mechanical side among men and throats and we you know they're they're dilemmas this stuff like that. No I mean a year I mean you want you wanna have. In any type of times terrorists especially. He kind of skill trader even with handy Manny had an a longevity have a net peace of mind knowing that we did the job is going to be done right and if if for some reason it's not. He got a guy like Dominique he got a guy like me got Trent. That we stand behind more gonna do and met the Kessler imported I think mab differentiates but we're trying to do you maybe vs vs did the single single truck. An operator yes and yeah some a little fire broke when I came in here. You know. And get you fired at the door is still a little one among vendors but I tell client satin and this the culture that we're trying to build bogey. And the people and those family businesses that we align with that in other trades is who. We east tacked. To keep your job done and to to move the ball down the field is sometimes tech means. Puts some line in the face. Or will be in real sweet I don't edit we got it right now you know what's actually talked about it and yeah acronym it's an Indians are holograms Hollis got all of my. And and holograms right is always like it's a whisper Myers is like Edith she's the blurred in the wrong context. You know idea and all the time under sobbed uncle with it it is without let's roll out a heart would just a regular life. What do suddenly got a new and commitment that so that's a so so I can Muster communicating correctly that's a physical and I think she dislikes to. She's likes the jamming which he can with her her brain power. You know communication they say is like 80% how you say yeah yeah. And it's only 20% of what he says yes or no problem so rude eroding any mania glad to be back home glad to be home home is awesome I told you. You're whatnot first all you have Thursday apple McEnroe the office I saw in the parking lot and we kind of had this in any conversation about being home and not really when you're away for later on monsignor in the desert it's a 125 degrees in your family still living their life and your on. Right at home is awesome it is great to sit in my house not without a duffel bag it's great so thank you so that is so true my need to. Grand dad's sister aunt Edna who word at our company. She was his only sibling my grandfather. Passed away with stomach cancer Glenn haste and he's really the patriarch of our our business from what we. His sister and not banked passed away. Last Thursday when her funeral yesterday. And it is the pastor. Was talking about. How when he goes time nannies out earnings Cole in these immediate and trying to get back to truckers cabinet is camp horrors lie. In all I can think of that is getting home and being more mental when and and in these about a deal looked and any sees the truck for sees the light in this site Paul. Ames he was that he was analogy doesn't and this was a Woman of the Year fate and he says she just she's just got to go all right we're right time. But it but is it mainly thank give you begin a way in you know I mean you'd need. We got to get a third person and reflect a home game where we stand in this world and and Hellman who Wheeler and and take area well yeah. Yeah it that everybody struggling with something and let it is man. I mean this site run in those three miles on the treadmill that second Meyer like Al more quit now. At a satisfying thing so yeah. The deadly puts things into perspective definitely appreciate what you got a close to slow that more than assessing is that we're resting his perspective in the perspective that you have. The easiest here with the audience and thus being gone for nine months in the entire talents and you're thinking what that must have been like and felt like. You know it's hard to be away from community kids in your life for you a couple days at a time earth. And it nine months mean life keeps going on in does in your able to give their prospectus and it's listening out there in his service member. I think it's an odd team to get thank think a service there for what they do because not only are you put your life on the line to put your life on hold for that period of time which. Which is not easy ride and that can only and I can't I. I don't understand with the fortunately for me I'm not I'm in construction for the air force so I am not out they're getting shot at thankfully read it but it's still more emotional struggle right and that and that struggles very real and when people Lisa thank me for my service account struggled to say thank you because I really didn't feel like I've done that much now that I've been deployed twice. I will be different perspective than so I've. To your point yes thank event we stick around and they talk about experiences and any man I love it let's do it. Look back at home with broad impact passing from review services along with the hasten. I'm Christie Stanley the company's. We are here has sets they've got a special guests in the studio is Dominic Thompson paid the head man over it really be handyman. Which it if you don't listen to bush over the last couple months we've been we've been really highlighting the fact that we have branded. Ready handyman. Daddy's house plumbing in and reveal lecturing under an umbrella called Rudy services and I think it's wonderful to Dominic here in that. Three made a comment on the on the on the segment before about how you had had a tough conversation on behalf when your clients to vendors. Behind the scenes that that they that the homeowner would never see. And that she had a conversation sorting and did some of the dirty worry. So that the homeowner went whenever whenever the project is completed its completed in the fashion that they wanted to that we promised. And I think this was so unique about what we offer for ruby service is on the death is that you do we have plumbing electrical Haney me and still a lot of times I I'm thinking of several situations where. The city have a leak in house he got a has something though with the flooring. You read you need every says can lighting Clooney and you have to have some trial on repair the nice thing now is it that we can handle all that seamlessly. Four clients on the front side decline ever sees is going on the backside and yet we're just we're just we're doing that did the hard work forum. It example I think it became. A couple months back that really. In any kind of solidified our need for this sort of easier bring in understanding the community. Was that we had an issue Lou meridia. Any clients it in a roofing problem was discovered. Ambien and our our our person said Haiti need to check outs Ruth where we're now I think that'd. The situation could probably go like this Richard home. We're installing a new water heater or or both say something in your attic. And we discover something in the Ruth or or or some some sort of issue that your and the conversation in the income hey mister or miss how are you might not have a service provider and can help you it's your reap. If you do you that's wonderful if not I will bring this back take pictures and we'll have somebody get in touch with you some sort of lizard race. That extra down time and eliminates the homeowners consumer his listening to says. It eliminates your having to worry about find someone else to trust yeah how how hopefuls I mean you say hey you might have a replete situation go on here. And oh by the way here's C can call he hired us is the same company. Verses. I've never had a Ruth league before and no I don't even all that Obama you've been away. They don't even call we we handled the Kolb and scenes in episode yet on on saying I'm you know what I handed off to your point right director is saying hey you need to glowingly of all people that the that understand whether there spend time with their family different user or working. That they're opportunity cults is more valuable to not immediate and held open the minutia right and if they have trusts. That they can it can be handled formally taken off their plate. That's what they've done so we're all well I think that's a juvenile with it yes that's what we're all about it in and that's a point we we we our job is is to what is to make people's eyes eastern there's a problem that occurred there something it's gonna happen in your home or business. And in need if you just wanna handle enemy that's right a beauty does it as Guinness shares for the lesson that I give an example we had. In my house seat we had had to replace them did the duck the flexible network him across based. And over a Rainier it a lot masters is about. 38 degrees or if I twenty degrees outside is about. 29 degrees in my bathroom a kitchen and some right that this is kind of cool out of that kind enough track here but it's a crime how little a little cold you know way into the crawl space. And it's caught a had a pink pig flashlight in his car around a flash across face for this and we're facing de orbit. Had been under there in I was a servicer right and I noticed something like the plumbing leak right notice something. He added that the further attention. That's that we can do for you if he if were under your house we're gonna provide service to say something they don't need. Right on to make sure that you're aware of what's going on here on the we can help you tackle that before becomes a bigger problem totally. Artillery and as busy as ever body is when you ask somebody how they're doing lightly I don't know about you but it seems like everybody's like good. Busy yeah. I mean do you know anybody who's not how does a good busy is way better in 2000 and team high 100 Larry. I don't know is going a 100% went on the bill which didn't humbling you and I mean you were saying that. But I think it's cold it's crowd and you crawl space Scarlett scholar does not our lead today. Then all of his tactics dollars to how old's policy successes he's he's kind of cynical of the cost issues like that this is. You see is so peaceful and here so let's FF I think that's about 85 degrees because of the incident blown in here about according to sell certain. That's conditioned or else face a daily basis if not a narrative and here insulation the most doubts about a ten inches felt like it ended there on. Barely fit that is not comfortable now at a school it's so something mum mother all told me over the holidays. She says hey when Iran around around around my kids a lot. They say Ambien as the embargo and rightly noted there's all around the net she says when you run around she says union need to tell them about roads or whether rat so they can sort understand and yet geography that's very salute. This morning on the way to school we were we were talking about. The route goes something like old bell Amos meant to hold down to Billy Graham to tap bulletin nations for the get a lot of bill. They got a couple of Mariah it was pretty get their IYR are you doing this aunt. I'm like I'm trying to teach you so lenient and ease Google Maps so. They got to have a good sense of direction in life strong on that it can't yeah yeah cowlings because I was grew up riding in the dump truck fourteen to sixteen and in driving it down for a so I know show are low like them back my hand. Like better than anybody really. The back and Albany side. But I know the sad someone asked if I'm ray Rhodes on the affected by but it. I don't I never learned the names of the roads room right. And I think I could have done a better job and it would help my craft. Just I think it's good knowledge and so I think I was very bright. From Gina mum on the amount shout out to you wouldn't they can. Helping educate kids just a little lesson for people accused Gena who's a client of ours. On the services side the other other companies. That's wonderful dummy Telus. Speaking users to a case handyman at as it. There's a huge encompassing the it is that if I come from walking around my house we talk about us and I think it's needed to reference. I talked about across base become that would drive we can talk about Eudora sticking in the what are things that people can mean cut shells we could put in built in our and I think. Consequently what kind of stuff the deed we can provide in house from release or assisted in in in these yet people ask all time the call India has their doors sealed windows what do you know in most of Thomas Helm there's there's. A shorter list of things we don't do around her house right so. At any rate we're gonna a lot of calls right now about you know of spring is right around the corner really I know it's hard to imagine today B and that's when he whatever degree it was but it's common and so people listening and amount to an all kind of soften and I know. Right now with wintertime and dry air Huard and a lot of mold things in south are split in the nor can we knee injury come they have come at a recall our trend in south doesn't separation as a house so drive. Things like that. Now I hope you advisories people hey you might wanna hold off until. The springtime in and it expands back down because you have senators joys in my suite that might squish out. But you get a lot of calls about that. We a lot of people wanna replace doors right now he won't replace when those that think in my home efficiency because our houses Phelan calls they're Phelan draftees so a lot of energy I think sometimes with their houses appreciate it like 68% yeah it is getting less that is that is a lot of and I man. I had this run for a couple years I got some value now need to work on my patience totally yeah and there's a lot of small things we can do deficiency to that mean I don't that doesn't cost thousands of dollars real simple stuff that we can come out turnkey handle. Air sealing you know just around the house and General Counsel yet as I mean our citizens to settle to get a little cracked so again I guess we're just doors and we're doing while campaigning right now and they're all kinds. How often do you have a repeat client calls and says hey. I have this list sudden infant together and that's about 28 now and I haven't after a couple days and if he needs to get another trade easier did the it's not my whole cast every other day that essentially either you're not think of his seat in a totally it if you listening it turns summits real estate market be instant hot. You're gonna get that list right it's gonna come from a from a sailor transaction he need to do this before you sell the house this is the perfect time to call absolutely and given the whole list of them knock it out vs trying to save a penny to call arcane to colonies TC act. Attain a college attacking and it's ready union and let them glimpsed here if Lori including cable so a lot all wanna pay a premium to Hamlet. And it and I got Luke. Well. To do weekend deals because we of these gas such volume is that we don't that's right allies. So they're gonna give you can gonna give you market rate leveraged there again on nine this is a priority owner skated just right gonna get did air a one time when running so all's well aside and drop your column is homeowner and so handled. Yeah she's our leverage that we bill in the NIR Marco. Covers the premium that you can pay each individual indirect deaths here so I was 102 what are your weekend's worth. What are waters of what's the time with their kids or thirties that would you rather spend that way or anyone could have perspective on any of you for being gone for nine months in right and time is everything you're exactly what I com. I love you I'm so glad to have you back banged a serve and our country has people get a hold. Roby services are being gay gives the call 7043345477. With love to help. With anything he got would be honored to help. Thank you sir I bless America likewise. I was ready I'm Patrick my dad's from registers. Companies we. Par your clothes he beat Mosley beat host yeah lucky enough to be the case want to come back and I'd dig get a chance to listen the couple shows ever holiday season and and they were enjoyable so go check out our podcast. Debbie BT dot com am almost Roby and you know place in previous shows we can. We've had some very interesting guest is this him the last couple months having as they're really did. Really lucky to have the relationships that we do in the city and and and fortunately it was than an hour on Sunday morning listeners stories in this and told stories. If you miss says the priest he segments they got to get back to listen to Tommy Thompson its fewest in deploy with the air force saying construction. Analyst doesn't matter I mean he's still put his life at risk and presented Trent Wednesday yet with the flag it was flown in an end in a plane during an actual. An operation which shut that was so cool of him to think about the company and think about it. You view your family training in that fashion us freeze freeze that's hurting nice yeah and all I was gonna say about dominate on the talk abiding by on this bank is is great to have the first show. Of the year to have him back in the saddle and it's great having backe took a little time off factory got bagged tees tomorrow are which is wonderful. And now he's full back in the swing and things and we have we week's spate MB things with the handing me in this this year in 2018. But Dominique is always so positive. I mean not seem all FaceBook ass he's always he's exercise and what does guys key UC. He sees his camaraderie he has he's a man of strong fate. I mean his outlook on life is just I mean just so strong and this is a blessing to have that. And it reminds me over the holidays you said you don't like the recent hit and apple line. You don't know China is Obama favored old fable blues is a book called the instant millionaire. And in the richest man battle on the basically the face behind the fables. In the stories are. And or their personal finance how to build wealth books is their rules are there Amman I think I read on when I was eighteen perks. I out downloaded the sound versions. And while we were traveling to and from Illinois listening to him for hot times now recently. But their what they tell you is have a positive outlook in life. It and they take eat there words mean everything being and you make yourself believe the truth the truth happens because what you tell yourself and what you hear what they need a it. And if you think you positive things like disputed he's dying. People are nice that's what happens he think he's going to be successful that's what happens you gotta put in the work to do it. And now this. Is just reflect the nomad. Dominique is the epitome of Patton and we're glad to have him as a leader on the team I don't know if I'll remember this before he started off as as my executive assistant. I think he was making ten dollars an hour. And the 11 thing Zack asked him to do was that copy my highlights in about twenty copies of of breakthrough companies one in my favor blows our business known. And some people was say when what do model on how light blues and he says it Lal. I heated diamond how are you thinking your mind and study this and and d.'s just like I say it positive words make positive outcome. Loud and now. A year year that's an arduous task sweeping as far as 300 to two page book you were taken from me if I'm remembering critically. He said he would do every single page of twenty Lewis was when he country fit do you get him at 7000. Yeah that's a lot of pages. He he he just partly down ending. The so that we'll get a mats and vote on palace said not a frontal Estonia is likely and they need to speculate that you make in my world compressed that's typically not on any golf does not think I can just put me in a span. Did I even get it right did we originally has in fact checking us out there this man a I don't. I chair I listened to what I the point was is that that that is not an easy thing to do it. And I think that the wrong person and I think that's kind of where your going at Woodley is something like and say are you kidding me he's the enemy needy it is. Wolf it goes all to dominate. Was who was then the car industry in his upper rub it really was kind of cat he had done that for about seniors been very successful Macon and eleven that he was kind of saying hey. I don't know if this went on a day in my whole life. I wanna make you change. I'm so so I think he was a little quick on the trader who enjoyed a military. In any found red meat like a couple months later and any site bang and now he's had to do these deployments which is wonderful when he does it for the country. And in this great the military has given him an opportunity to it to better his life. And we're committed to him but. He could just say good lord this is terrible because. I don't waited a month I would have found grab him I mean I had joined the military indeed that it TTE connected to to move up in life but no he accepts it. Eight inning you talk about mean you tell by the south sound rove wasn't meant to build the day with the homeless man and battle honest public and rove was not -- day and a so long term burned and now bombings of bin here's thank he's been with this. I'm set politics and I think 67 years yeah. And he's this is is some pretty positive this is his last tour they he left today's flat with a year Pulitzer solo. I mean he's done it right away like that this is his last tour. And employment standpoint that he he is on point and if you haven't if you have not utilized Roubini mean yet. He heard us talk about the man instances it's the leader of Roubini Maine get McCall and in this guy is unbelievable. His team will do a good job fortieth and immunity got somebody can trust. So pastor what words of wisdom do you have. To take us into the new year the last segment of our first show and we he uses some pin is in the last segment entered the second segment. Predominate did he talk to somebody they said. Hey everybody says crazy busy a civilian busy and busy I'm going crazy and entrees and going crazy. That's I think that the reminders that I had made for myself for 2018 is even though you have all he sees counted in your life is chaotic he got to have discipline and which are focused on. It and that's that's really my my theme for this year is is discipline and in keeping focused. When a hundred things are coming at you which are indeed this well. I hear you that's the word of the year. And now we're gonna have some wonderful guests some exciting shows rarity got a guy yes and a lot of shows both bill with with friends and family the company so. Thank you for joining us have a wonderful Sunday is so glad to be back. They listen and back home with probation.