Donald Trump Jr Emails, Healthcare, and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, July 11th

Doug Kellet sits in for John and is joined by Judson Phiilips of Tea Party Nation to discuss the Donald Trump Jr emails, and healthcare. Additional discussion with callers about the healthcare bill, and the Don Jr meeting with the Russians.


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The fans real why. Hey guys Kelly. Giving him again on this Tuesday edition of the F program put forward new taking your phone calls and arguably has showed today it. Want to get into some math. News the cable networks are salivating. At this hour about the story doing McDonald trump junior he release of emails how bad he is a meeting. Would this Russian lawyer that says she had dirt on. Hillary Clinton and more is being made of that today we'll talk about that as we go along. Let's have guest on the program today as well and of course you can dial and talk with me at 704 or. 57 though 1110 on the program 70 border. 5701110. Also on FaceBook a I've been getting some response today is well you can hit me up on Twitter by two interpreters and I dug radio in baseball bat down meg slash I ducks radio here's the latest. Some say it's. It's a big story some say of course is not I guess it just depends on. Maybe some of your perspective here but Donald Trump release of emails or did show them that and he was contacted with the idea that the Russian government was involved. And that be had the meeting. That there would be some dirt says it'd been. Provided them by the Russian government on Hillary Clinton that's part of the email. There are several emails or he released. Earlier today so that's not going to be in question now that can indeed. I'm bagged his response to one of them was I love it's. If it's true so there's a you know there's a willingness and Donald Trump junior is part about these emails now obviously the fervent supporters of Donald Trump. Are pointing out this is not illegal necessarily it's not. It's meaning you can argue whether this is collusion of any time barely no information of any value actually came out of this meeting. So that's part of live the issue is well you may have heard Russia. Give you his take on it earlier today as well but beneath the bottom line is that there there was a willingness by Donald Trump junior. And and also his. Jamie manager of the drug administration and the son in law Jared Kushner to meet. Would this Russian lawyer with the idea that the Russian government had provided. Some information or come up with some dirt on Hillary Clinton I said this yesterday and I really believe it when you're on Hillary Clinton just go back and look at the F public record. Authority than me but I do you can't win the election. Would someone who was sibling or most sensitive information on an unsecured server envelope we know what else you can do. For he made a mess out of the bin does he situation are. You mean you name it. But if he didn't do that I don't know what dirt the and a loss of these emails it became available during the campaign is well that's some of the activities of including global foundations. Hillary Clinton. Basically selling access. As a way of did she get elected the foreign government I don't know if you could be any worse of land but at any rate that was the implication provided. And these emails so what is it mean well first of all is not illegal. Necessarily. To do that. Some are suggesting that it may be a violation of how long employees dealing with the getting a foreign government to help you win election well okay. Net we'll have to be further perhaps investigate and some of the GOP senators are saying exactly that but the other thing is. Others are willing this year I would suggest that was posted this on FaceBook a little earlier and getting some interesting reaction but. The the fact that the that this occurred. Is certainly not politically. How Smart I guess is the way to put it because after all we've all if you're going during the campaign. How bad does Donald Trump and Williamson an advantage Mir crews and Democrats say and Hillary Clinton trying to make as much as they could now of the idea there was a connection with a relations. During the campaign internally after the campaign. That. You would not go down this road under any circumstances whatsoever but apparently. Dow Jones junior at least wood down the road slightly if not all the way now. Here's what some of the responses I'm getting. First response our guys on this story today it's nuggets along to meet with the Russians it's not there's not against the law to me with a Russian lawyer. It would not necessarily be against the law to meet with someone who have been advised of themselves. As the the Russian government that's true. Lindsay Danny wrote I thought it was a Russian lawyer is a lawyer in official. And then I'll to road is it against a lot of talk to a Russian won't see this night but that's not the point is seems to me. I think the point and the problem that does come out of this. And it may only be just from a political sense not any kind of legal sense of any any magnitude but that is there was a willingness. Two exception information that might have been provided by the Russian government which by the way this is a problem it's feeds into this whole idea. That the Democrats have attempted then Agassi do a good job of I creating this environment that the Russians somehow we're working with the Donald Trump to be Hillary Clinton in the election this. We've would all this is amnesia that's been going on with the members of the drug administration and the campaign for getting these meetings ahead with the Russians including this meeting and had the leaders may end. There forms with the federal government this just compounds the overall problem. And so you've got. Even Lindsey Graham today senator from south. The line as saying that this is a very troubling female lead these emails that Donald Trump junior posted. They don't exonerate him and all they. Actually provide more information and then the New York Times story that came out. Yesterday on this we'll talk about it. Get your phone wrote your reaction 70457011. Dead you welcome to join us hit us up on Twitter or. FaceBook of course my email address is up on my web sided I dug radio that can be easy daytime phone number 704 or five Simoneau 11 January given Winans. Give us your take on this story today 704. Sighs I don't know 1110 times a jealous sitting in for John ham Jack will be right back here on news eleven Dan. 993 WBZ. The Lou I want to do is similar done and it's not jealous. Sit down. July 11 when he's seventeen additional 704571110. George doing there producing more operations. I TJ OB backs later handling things. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said today when asked your question about dispelled. Trump junior and you know we know the situation where. The emails that stood down from junior released today that suggested in showed that. He was willing to meets with what he thought was a member of the Russian government to provide information. I'm Hillary Clinton some kind of dirt senator Graham made this comment today and there are other Republicans who have reacted and here's what he said. Thing you can offer from a foreign government they have pre campaign the answer is no. So I don't know what mr. trump juniors version. But that's all right definitely he asked to testify that the email was disturbing. For what is equally odd to me is that the person they met with the. Do absolutely nothing. So I don't know why they would pick somebody brand and Mayweather didn't have any information about Clinton Campaign. But on its face this is very problematic. So we cannot allow foreign governments to reach out of anybody's campaign say we'd like to help you that is a non starter I know Donald Trump junior student politics I know that. Chaired canisters made of politics that. Just don't require a lot of questions to be asked. All right senator Lindsey Graham earlier today on television. On that question let's go to Jerry who's going to talk this is 70457011. Jan Jarrett you're next on WBJ good to have you. Thank you for having me. I'm Caribbean candidate term. At that time I would've taken me being the problem is everybody just seems to be a fairly low income parents. And there's no way we can do that he workspace being. This being cocky saying their personal server Spain and all these other things that he doesn't have to make that decision about Hillary Clinton. Whether to prosecute it's fair to run and how would've won all the information I can get including any information. That the Russians had its share with me and how would have wanted to have all of that the way if I were elected. To decide what. It is really all we generally army saying yeah let me say a couple of things you understand we are coming from but I think. The emails that Donald Trump junior released today does show intent he was willing bit. In fact he is one of his comments about whatever information they were acting there really share. These and I love it so he was you know he he intended to have this meeting. Based on the emails that he released you know do that he was gonna get information from the Russian government here about Hillary now. Should they have done that I would say from a political sense at least know because of all the bureau that was going on already during the campaign about. Any connections and you know seem to be president Donald Trump was gonna handle that. Russia so I think from that standpoint what's in the really good political decision in the campaign manager was also this meeting. You misunderstand I can't wanted to hang it I wouldn't. Gone along with it up are targeting information to weigh about what to do occur when I became president. Lyrics and he was in the huge hit to China's. Sabotage her campaign that consumption. At all. No no reason as well as some gather it Gerri I mean you say it's an assumption and I think you boys who was an assumption until Dell does trump junior released these emails today. This is intense in the emails. So I mean I don't think I don't really think that's that's in question now again okay I'm collecting information to use it against Hillary Clinton later on that's OK with me I guess but. I think there is a little bit something unsettling about being OK with the idea. So many foreign government providing information look I don't you know I don't care much for Hillary Clinton one iota not only she should have been anywhere near the presidency. But I think from that standpoint down from junior will have to answer some questions on it. Now what the FBI does said that information from foreign countries. I thought why they may but there have been doing it. We've our people here but it this is no one you I have to say I can't remember a time where we had anyone discloses the the presidency or member of the family that. In an email is seen openly admitting that they're willing to get information from a foreign government about some other campaign but this is. We're in new territory is no question about it. Sniper director Karl Laura are yet. They're good stuff from you Gerri let's go to Joseph wanna get Joseph on before we have to check news at the bottom of the hour Joseph yeah next on news 1110993. At WBZ thanks for garlic. Thank you very much are people need to remember what happened what checked Derek Webb was secretary of state she sell her and Obama so. 40% are united they each uranium. To Russia which is going to be refined and resold tirade. Now I think it's adult dot. By the Russians and the content. That it coverup and that version of the fact that they're cheap did all these evil things against our country. I really you're right I still think Hillary Clinton shouldn't be off the hook. Just because of the election dollar Joseph I totally agree with the young man. And I was disappointed that meal the Justice Department in that through to reopen the email investigation north. The investigation of the Clinton global foundation which is what you're talking about there let me say something about you know you and you said this about maybe declines were setting up. The the drums on this in the Russians may well have been doing that because of person that Donald Trump junior men would have had no information. I think that's fairly clear right this was a Russian lawyers didn't have any dirt on Hillary Clinton didn't have any information from the Russian government so they may have set him up. I think date yet and the because spirit and their allied with equipment businesses that McCain just to make it traps look bad it hurts me. I really but I really believe that Williamson and why we are Russians who are what what direction turn on Hillary Clinton Hillary helped. Give directions. Weapon weaponry. Well here's the thing though Joseph and I think the Russians are not you know they haven't been an ally for us. Have there more of an emissary I think you're right I mean I think internally everybody right there working everything they can. Creating chaos and confusion and having this constant discussion here in the national media and a the Democrats specifically about Russian involvement in election is really good for them right I mean that's part of what they do is keep us. Off balance and right and that kind of thing so setting up Donald Trump junior would not be something that they would not do. But if they can work against Hillary Clinton they would do that as well. All also I think Bill Clinton didn't get that talked to a group or Russian they gave Mac like a million dollar or twenty minute balk. Is anyone really enjoyed half million dollars for a so I mean the clients are total criminals to my mind. They're Oprah well. There's I think there's they were selling access to the future wideout as I do think that. So it is a little rich for those who are complaining like senator Tim Kaine of Virginia today about. I don't drug junior having this meeting with this Russian lawyer. Where he is you've been out there throwing the word treason a round which is that ridiculous. How those kind of rich for this guy do when he ran with a lady her putter most sensitive information on an unsecured server. And was selling access through the Clinton global they just. You're probably right I put up a I thanks for the call Joseph good here pray and say let's go to John next god you're a news 1110993. WBZ thanks for calling. Thank you are they in my column my comedy is. I lived out in South Carolina where we are represented by the illustrious Lindsey Graham and I have held my nose so many times you'll vote for this guy. Because. They can't put another Republican up. I guess they don't let that. Can't see that the people can't see the group. I guess I don't know about safety glasses Elliott and didn't come about as a Republican conservative. As John McCain and both of them combined together are about as Republican conservative. As Hillary Clinton and I don't blame them. John when I go that far but I did I get the idea you know I mean though Lindsey Graham is not my favorite Republican he's obviously not viewers. Earlier Senator McCain is neither. But I think your comments go about female thing is is interesting because. Mutineers is one of several Republicans today that the made some comments about it so that that's a reasonably good. Yeah I am and probably I don't know the other book although I'm sure you but it won't change out there. Bob I have already contacted. Scott our other senator and some other prominent Republicans. Which I helped defeat John Brett years ago and told them that I will work or anybody that runs against Lindsey Graham this year. And to the point if nobody can. Come up or Republican Party I won't either not bode. Are how both are somewhat conservative Democrat just get this guy out of our bases. Well I understand that you I mean how men often have we called him Lindsey Graham is the right. And I would then again that's stuff well let me just. He's got the people of South Carolina. Important consideration had shared a lot more about. Maybe Graham being on the TV unit does or anything good about Sherlock. Well the thing is there were sown. You know we we have to do this in the Republican party's you know I mean. There's there's so few votes that we can give away to get anything done in the in the senate and that's another story we get a get into today as well thank you for the call John good to hear from you. All the causes half our view wanna get in line to be on when we come back we get open line to sell or 704. Find Simoneau 1110. I was in the top story the reaction. Through these emails released by Donald Trump junior himself today. Which I think Dampier to say does show that he was willing to get information from the Russian government. Bill in the emails that's what it's dead. He's that I love it's I'm Hillary Clinton anyway we'll talk about it more we come back after news update here and is eleventh in 1993 WBZ. We. Mean. Every 37 Dudley and Doug showed good Fella sitting in a news 1110993. WB to be good to be would years. Over the line with your jailing the operations here 7045. Similarly women in beautiful ever to join me the top story of the day is the news of Donald does trump junior releasing emails dealing with this New York Times story that came out yesterday. Then he met with the Russians. The Russian lawyers to get information on Hillary Clinton's of the campaign and the emails we released today. Do demonstrate that the thought it was a rush member of the Russian government providing. Dirt on Hillary Clinton and there's all kinds of fallout about that today president promptly issued a statement through Sarah Huckabee Sanders today is that we need on this which is kind of I thought unusual he's at thirty tweets are counted them earlier. Since this story came about and they've been about all kinds of things but he's not tweeted about. Anything dealing with this meeting and Donald does trump junior but he did issue a statement through. Sarah Huckabee Sanders where he said that. His I can receive like you buy it immunity bill applauded his son's side transparency. And basically that these are good person I don't have the exact statement but it was a long and it was something that affects by the way Julian massage. The WikiLeaks founder says he contacted down truck we just we did a little while ago that he he does David outrun junior. Do I give him do Lambda publishes emails in two hours later. He says well he did himself. Maybe the originally from the start he's had them. Already perhaps so. Everyone is sort of piling on and said. At this juncture but you can dial in dogwood is too is 704. 570 limited another program also after 4 o'clock. John O'Donnell joined me he's a former undercover FBI special agents. He's a mother now he is also enjoyed college professor teaching counterterrorism and international security. And we'll talk about the way because. No of the deep state. There's that term is a thrown around a lot these days he says the one time fifteen years ago he would suggested. Then you would need a tin foil hat if you talked about the deep state. And he says that it does exist and yes they are trying to bring down the trump presidency we'll talk about that after 4 o'clock today. Again it's a reaction by Republicans you had. Revenue and it was Eldon a New York today because those things to know know about Donald Trump the jr.'s email. The issue here here's the probably email and I do understand Gary's called earlier. I mean on the surface OK you get some information on the candidate this time. Having to face in the in the campaign assuming I need to know yeah I'm gonna meet would you I I do understand that. But the only difference here is the the fact the Russians are an adversarial governments. And secondly be the problem is. Released from a political sense is that during this whole campaign and in this. You're about Donald Trump and when he was saying about Russia and when he was saying about NATO. You know it is fair to say as just a political observers. One who voted for Donald Trump. So I don't mind telling you that but when he does seem to be stronger and every country feels after. Iran figures after Syria goes after North Korea but he doesn't seem to do that would Russia I do. Noticed adding other people do to end. Doesn't mean they went on. Does it reached the level of collusion college you decide. On that discussion but the this doesn't really help the overall discussion and and cause because. Going to be we're trying to focus on some kind of legality problem here I mean there really isn't in my mind the issue anyway because. It's not illegal to meet with foreign governments. Not a legal branch to get information. From someone who may have missed. Dealing with the election. Even though this may be somewhat improper may be. A man idea might be bad politics maybe there's something no law that could be violated but he'll have to deal would that. Still some of these laws are a little bit vague. About things you can't have anything he can't openly have a foreign government helping you know election we understand that. And so yeah. You know there's that part to play but. Have the same time it's not really a good idea and I think that's. We're people should be focusing their attention not on any sort of legality. This this two terming throw around that treasonous by Donald Trump junior is just. This so this is just so kind of ridiculous to me. You see that the man was not committing treason now he wanted to help is dead when election. For some reason he would think you would be acceptable. The Russian government handy thing to provide to him to make that happen he said an email I love it however. The lady didn't have any information. That's our league fairly clear from the people who attended the meeting and even New York Times story which has no reason to help Donald Trump is this point. That there was nothing really came from a no information was used so therefore there was no foreign involvement in that regard of helping. Don't win the election. Doesn't mean they didn't necessarily want to. Released and the pointed out to dinner also he said today in this is very important. That his father did not know about the meeting. Now you can believe that are not believe it. The campaign manager moment of border was there here's a guy a little bit of political experience you would think he would have said no we are gonna do that. And Jared Kushner the son in laws to Donald Trump. We have been of the Monica was in the meeting and he does not have political experience. But you would think someone is in miss on this really good idea but he did and anyway. And we'll get more of your thoughts 7045 Simoneau few limits in the other big story of the day it. And we haven't even that. Talked about it as a show began today is that Mitch McConnell says first we will have some kind of draft of this health care bill. This week and second there's going to be no August recess until they do something about this bill he's delaying it. Now it just depends on who you listen do we talked a lot about this on the show yesterday. Him again any bill through. Is there any sort of agreement would Republican's here about Obama care. Repeal. Are you get more people saying let's just repeal this thing and deal with the any kind of replacement later because there's no consensus about how to replace it. And that causes all kinds of other issues we talked to read yesterday that look I'm a guise for repeal. But the point is it just openly repealing it is a problem because so so many people are getting so many goodies now from the Obama here. And you view you've got to have some prizes to sort of wean them off of it. Stephen Laura Ingraham today. Says that if Mitch McConnell can't get this through after running himself. For reelection a couple of years ago on this idea of repeal and replace he should resign his position as majority leader let's go to Tony. Next don't Euro news 1110993. WBJ thanks for going. Banks are meant pops in my comment. My comment was. About Hillary Clinton and to be in Chico and to the Korean embassy to find dirt on double crop this cursed at. Not about politics about personality. My mind. Yeah I'm not good period yeah it always the vulnerability to yeah I'm driving. All laden organization just to follow would you say don't event. There's more collusion openly I think would be Hillary Clinton Campaign in Russia. The nickname Billy thinned and Donald Trump you know. Right and I'm not seeing anything that that's outright collusion to be collusion is if you are actively looking to change the outcome by. Doing something like rigging votes away not get information not our candidate. Brian I'm a good point yeah that's another good point I ask attorney friend of mine if the increased collusion illegally should not necessarily. That like you're saying it's the information gathering is not the illegal now. You're right if there was some hacking into voting machine to there was some kind of nefarious activity of changing valid source. Voting fraud of some time that's another issue. Yeah I agree 100% I think yeah if if trump did do this then that's fine there's legitimate cause and reason go out after I have no issue whatsoever. But. Everything I've seen is what makes bumped it up today. It's. Yeah I think now drums biggest problem Tony is optics or maybe this is his lack of legal experience in these trends instincts verses. Maybe where you and I'd you've been kind of observing politics so long we say we you know us are really good idea I think that's we're we re run into a lot of these things. It was a bad idea having this meeting I mean if and certainly in the email where he admits why it was the only gonna do this but you're right I mean from a standpoint of any nefarious activity it doesn't seem like any of you went on. Well and I don't even know that it did. Bad optics or politics they'll find out dirt on your opponent I mean seems to me that's been going on for the last. 24142. Years. Yeah but I would think I would say hey give it to somebody else and let him get it around germane item item he would many Russians. And Clinton it's far from the Russian government somehow we think is a better way to deal with this but. You know especially wind when you get the media on your bag during the campaign that you know you're in some Danica who between Russia I think. I think that sort of you know is part of the problem to end rusher being an adversary not an ally necessarily. Run other. And a I've got zero problem where we're at if there's an issue but then we need to solve the issue however. If you're looking trade at our backs and not the personality that's where I have banged up revised talk about the person and I'll get there wasn't trump don't want it. It's okay. Yeah and the Democrats need to just lay low they're not going to impeach down drove over Donald Trump junior. Meaning you over the Russians on this Tony thank you for the call good to hear from you heard me right back. Hello and welcome back it's 350 or Bechtel in Regina impact George doing the producing border operations here. Domino will join his former deep cover MBI special agent at oral five. He says at one time music you wearing those tin foil hats I guess the black helicopters. Would be flying overhead to reaffirm someone says the deep states. Was out there are trying to. Bring down the presidency but he says that's what's going on in the drug administration we'll talk about it. And horrified here today and good good question I have this on my mind to and weekly standard downtown and I know the weekly standard did. I tends to be very much against Al trump but. This could question they're asking and I was trying to figure this out myself as well there's the headline is what was down from junior trying to accomplish by releasing his emails today. And I can't understand it either because I think it's sort of the emails were contradicted some of the statements he made. Individual video of this meeting and then UN did that if Tim I think is makes it very clear that. You know he was very willing to meet with a Russian government to come up with the the information on Hillary Clinton and which is kind of would you really wouldn't want out there anyway here's what they say. Dow dropped publicly released emails he sent in June 2016 to set up a meeting with a Kremlin connected lawyers. The kind jail of these leaves no doubt that at least some of the in the drug campaign either Russia supporting their candidates. And welcome to electorally from a foreign adversary here's what the email one of them ran aground. Prosecutor of Russia offered to provide the trump campaign. Which some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and be very useful to your father. Robin Goldstone a publicist told us does trump junior in this email. This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but as part of Russia and its government support for mr. trump. And in trump included as part of his reply you reap what you say I love it so he's. They just goes back to Jerry's comments. Jamie hour earlier Jerry I think you know I don't think we're assuming what is. What's the motivation was a Bates in the email here and then. They're going to write the emails which trump released on Twitter not long before the New York Times published them. Further complicate the narrative the president's son had been telling. And demanding since news of his meeting with the Russian lawyer came to light to light late last week. More importantly it contradicts administration official repeated claims there was no contact between the trump campaign of Russian officials during the election. From campaign spokeswoman hope pitch to White House countered Kellyanne Conway to the president himself. The message has been the same categorical world denial no campaign associates never communicated with Russians trying to meddle in the election. Then on Saturday when the times reported to me yet occurred the under trump released a statement calling it a short introductory meeting. In which they discuss quote a program about the adoption of Russian children and quote imminent Sunday the times reported more. The meeting was set up exclusively to discuss information potentially damaging to the Clinton Campaign. So trump junior released another statement admitting he had scheduled a meeting within individual. To quote I was told might have information helpful to the campaign unquote. After became clear she had no meaningful information he ended the meeting can boast a mistrust emphasize he had not been told me individual's name but the emails have that. And then also. The purpose of the meeting and that it was from the Russian government so I'm not sure either but you've got some thoughts of maybe somewhere I guess later in the program. We'll have a good explanation as to what he would release them maybe is because he knew that. In New York Times is gonna put the matter anyway. Maybe that's the answer maybe we already know the answer is that sometimes who's going to release these emails which. Show some contradictory state mr. Williams said earlier and therefore he wanted to beat him to the punch perhaps that's that's it. Also do you make anything so my a followers on FaceBook for example don't seem much. To the pointed out front hasn't tweeted about this I he didn't issue a statement through his what has spokesperson earlier. In the hours that he applauded his son's transparency in the his son is a very good person. But he hasn't really defended him on Twitter I think that is something I don't know what that means. I think considering this guy is the Twitter entry. Fan reaction everything negative or positive it's after in the world today I found it very Deborah go bit in the thirty tweets that I counted. Since the story came out of New York Times that he hasn't said anything about it. I'm defending his sun raving like that so from maybe doesn't mean anything. But I would expect somebody to do you expect to tweet from don't travel that everything I do actually. So. And don't do. I mean I've gave there's another story out there today and we're down drums is and are gonna take away in my voice and his voice is via Twitter. So I mean it doesn't matter people are recommending to him don't use Twitter. It's always about the time did what he says on Twitter. It's really not about using Twitter I don't think the the piece of their nods I don't know who they are but they're not taking his voice away. Are they will come back you can join in any time during the program this afternoon 704 or 5701110. Follow me or hit me up on Twitter my Twitter fees and I don't radio and of course FaceBook dot com. Max let's I dug radio and my website has all the the stories we talked about on the program again links to them up there and also. Audio and video if you wanna check that out leaving you'll never get too soon it says casually updated soon they may be worth. You were checking that out and that's an idea on your radio dot com also my email address is up there. That's I dug. Reunited now with a meg John Le Gallo is joining us former FBI special agent he's author. I'm a new book the near enemy and John Bucher thriller boom he's also a college professor. And we'll talk to him about so deep state trying to bring down the trust administration that's coming up next stay tuned here on news 1110. Many 93 WBZ. We're back Correll five here on news delivered in 1993 WBD 704. 57011 dead on the program here. And you're welcome to join is will try to make her good actually were John we got to know this half hour talk to them. How about this whole idea that of those deep in the federal government they're trying to to bring down the drug administration I have some theories on this. As to why a you know why that's a case I think it part of it is the president. When he was running for office then you're welcome to call disagreement on this but I am I think there's somebody's got to watch politics for a long time and he'll be interviewed I don't know how many politicians and every counted them. Had a lunch hours afterwards obviously but there's someone who's kind of watchdog this and I felt like he attacked. Left and right a lot of sort of Ares of the government for example he's complain about the intelligence gathering. And so you have probably some of this. And so easily to come from man he attacked other members of his own party. And rather strongly to I mean mine did. Mark a little Marco. Low energy Jim. He also went after Hillary crooked Hillary. Do I Democrats who have been river remained in the administration because. There are many Republicans. Who didn't care much for Donald Trump didn't support him during make their primary season may have voted for him during the general election but they work for other members other. Campaigns. Did not wanna work for notre inline defect on the way be the primary season. Win they took it personally on some of these attacks and so. They also believe he'll lose and we why in the they're not as some of them confident. In his ability is to be as successful presidential wanna be part of it. But they've been on record and may be criticizing him in one way or another so bear out they're not really eligible. To be in the administration so it's been difficult coming up with people. The Republicans who have been to have been complete supporters of Donald Trump all along. And that's been part of the process. The holdovers from the Obama administration who have been to remain in there because of that. Is part of the problem he also attacked other sort of agency's he's a tag through the judicial system. And times of it but what I'm saying is I think some of these leaks are direct result of some of his rhetoric during the campaign. And then there's a personal dislike. By Armenian Donald Trump. I mean this is there's a guy when he ran had very high negatives of around 45%. Now Hillary Clinton's negatives were released his side. Fans don't trust these were two of the most. I guess highest rated negatives. There's a way to put it. I'm people who had never run for office it was a it was astounding. How high the negative word to get elected Badillo wade did for that to happen to give a 45% negative rating. Here's the other person has to be just as bad or worse fix than it. In this in the rating games so. That's part of it too I think so I I think there's there's just a lot of people who happen to be in office or around the office do a lot of Republicans. George Bush. People who work for George Bush and George Bush appointees now and we you know we can talk column establishment Republicans and there was a lot of lot of discussion about that but the the establishment of the Republican Party still remains. You know you have to work with them at this point because we conservatives do not dominate. Me Republican Party at this point. And so. Did the president went after the establishment wing he'd personally sit George Bush might have we should have been tried for I don't was I can't remember to use the term trees and many. About lying about the Iraq War this was a personal comedy made. About George W. Bush there a lot of people who work for Joseph George W. Bush it took that very personally and then that would not work for Donald Trump. Some of them are commentators on television. And a they I think have some glee in the hammering down from day and night. So there's some of this going on I think this is part of it as to why don't trump is finding it very difficult to find the gift. Sort of the the support necessary here's some of my time in taking brands. On the conservative side. Talk about how where the senators defending Donald Trump. You know winning each they're given cover I think Susan term I've heard flooring room in the fast and they even Rush Limbaugh. To say from time to time where they where the senators with where the people giving the president cover on some of these stories and I think part of it is. Is that I think via text during the campaign. Are still ringing true now what my a buddies who have and those who talked throughout Colorado doesn't buy that argument. He thinks is it doesn't matter they should get over it in more could be agenda in this and then I do. Understand that point of view in fact being fined I keep saying is what is important not Donald proper say it's the agenda. They don't try to put puts forward Donald Trump personally may not be popular with a lot of people but the agenda is very popular on the most for most of us. And so that's. Somehow we've got to work to get that through and that's being difficult. At this current time is busy in the area of health care but. I think part of the problem. Rightly or wrongly lifted out of his running into these so called deep state. Are all those factors and some of his I think based on the rhetoric that we saw the shoot from the hip sort of style. The attacking style they don't have put forward during the campaign fan a lot of people in the administration are doing whatever they can't seem to sink his presidency. We'll talk more about in just a moment four elevenths is our time right now on news a living thin. 993. WBT active get a few more minutes here and get a read my. My script and we'll take your calls to a 7045711. January join in on the program. You're welcome to do so there's. Here we get the problem with health care. Mitch McConnell says that. We may get a draft email here this week but there are delaying the August recess because. We haven't been able to come together on any sort of health care bill. There's an argument about full repeal now then let's try to come up with some kind of the deal on. And Obama cheer whatever you wanna call the basic cause. Health care be the Affordable Care Act at some later date that we simply can't get anything done now so what we need to do is simply wait. And deal with a later there's. There there could be some reason to argue that point of view. But right now we can't seem to get enough Republicans together on this I was just talking about this yesterday. In this debate is not really among the members of the senate this debate. He's so we among Republicans in the US senate. You know you've got to have fifty plus one votes to get these things through gradually fifty votes as the vice president breaks its eyes. And because of that. You can't really lose anyone. Steve you wanna get this through because it Democrats are not helping one iota on this. And you guys Susan Collins you get Lisa Murkowski. Those are two Republican senators who were not for any type of repeal of obamacare. So it's not just. A situation where Mitch McConnell. Is not doing his job I mentioned to you earlier that Laura Ingraham did it Mitch McConnell. Should simply resign if he can't get any kind of health care bill through and he ran and he did. When he ran for reelection he ran on the idea of full replacement in repeal. As far as I know just about every Republican. Including president trying to ram on this idea of repeal and and replace obamacare with something better that was the idea. So what that is exactly is. As we retirement yesterday no one seems to know what's in this particular bills we don't know this is a really good one or not we do know there's some elements of his we've been told. There it is in the bill that would be excellent. There's always the issue of dealing with the pre existing conditions and how you really do would that deal with that there's also the issue. The ability of Unita. Carry our insurance whether she really lose their jobs and go from state to state and purchase insurance across state lines somebody we've never been able to do. One of the stories today. He's Armenian these tax increases whichever the beyond maybe some of our larger income earners in this country will remain. Which was part of the obamacare bill because it was a big tax increase that those tax increases may remain. That doesn't seem to me to be the way the Republicans should go about it. But they may be the only way to make the numbers work at this point and if do I get some sort of vote on the bill but that's. NASA and decide will the Rand Paul's a suitor cruises in the more conservative wing. In the US senate. Okay we'll be right back you wanna join in 7045701110. I'm good pellets we'll be right back sitting in for John impact today on news 1110993. WB did. And these. 93 WB team thanks to boomer. And then we will have a news update bottom of the hour here 704571110. If you like to have your say give me a call and as I mentioned to be up on Twitter or FaceBook have reduced. Source why would be that way as well. The big story the David says the networks are chewing on today is this. He mill dumped by Donald Trump junior. Talking about the meeting that he had with the Russian lawyer. In we've we've kind of review some of the emails as we've gone along here. He does. They display and those who believe. That the Russians were attempting to help. Speech of administration win the election against Hillary Clinton however when the meaning occurred there was no information of any consequence gathered. Or are provided. And nothing that was gathered at the meeting was used against Hillary Clinton during the campaign to would have no effect on the game made but he did show a willingness. I don't trump junior in May be foment a forty was in the meeting and Jared Kushner. Two be okay with a Russian government providing him information is one of one of the comments that I tweeted this in in posted its been awhile ago. By David die hard salie who's a very thoughtful conservative of the Federalist friends he said look it's not treason at this holding and it treason is. This being tossed around mainly by senator Tim Kaine of Virginia is embarrassing in and ridiculous. No treason has occurred here. And I go back to what I said to one of the callers earlier Senator McCain talking about this when he ran with a lady who. Voluntarily provided. Security breaches by. Allowing some are classified information sensitive information to be used over and unsecured network and he ran with a person. For him to document any of this fanned the fact of the clintons where. And by any estimation. Selling access to a future White House to the Clinton global foundation. That's an easy conclusion to reach based on some of the information that's out there for him to be talking about this just they're just amazing to me. And then but he got bad and then also of course the the fact that you have. Others you want to provide information to the drug administration to help beat Hillary. But this but it is David or Jamie pointed out it's not treasonous it's not necessarily illegal it's. It's just shady just go to Tim who wants to talk about it Tim you're next on WBZ thanks for going. Stimulated. Yeah are you doing deducted have you on the program yeah. I bit I agree with you a 100% on a lot this which are saying. But it doesn't feel are our experts mr. ran around shadowing and our prayers have been. And the shadow government that he had just trying to take down our. Government keep him from doing its agenda I think that. Led. We have paid businessman. Fed is trying to run our government like a temperament should be run. And now we haven't had a lot of is commissioning and running for president and I actually didn't have been a Christian and non marketed as saying the government money and indifferent things like fast enough. Not that that's what my thoughts are about it. Yeah really did happen. Tim I mean present Obama. It's an out there now we have to expect me into it every candidate to stop the trump agenda I mean we. I guess there are expected buddies he's fortunate in that the the boy was making earlier about the the fact that trump has not been able to really feel the government. We have with the allies. Is certainly helping his cause of sinking the ship off. The. Year out we that's possibility. What. You know there Holden the Democrats are open up everything they can't put anybody in without him. Frightened and tooth and nail to keep him from putting anybody you know dolphins there's not been I'm mark in the end it's. It's when you got that the McCain can and all these people would console you're attacking Neuman and trying to pull out stuffing. Call me and hollow on Monday it wasn't a candidate taking them down from the very beginning and disqualify him as being a good president William had a good good. Can't even do that as far as I'm concerned. Yeah and also remember he was after going to the swamp you know and yeah. He's gonna drain the swamp the thing is lawyer who. Only get rid it. If you know we didn't need to get rid of some lap time. Pol he can get her own agenda distant third and the dollar and not care about. You know implied he might and mater proud attitude get up four point three million dollar Kyle went with the money that she body. You're a Maxine water. Damage she's got her own little. What's the word beat them thin Los Angeles I think you know the thing is still angry with you but you know those people are not going Denny via that's a thing I think people forget is. Then you have there's always career politicians there's a premier lobby is there always people would be money off the government by. By use quandary as being a smarter in Washington but they're not really give up easily. And so there fighting every you know ounce of the energy they have to fight against notre. Yeah I'm not I'm not sure because there was probably my agenda already in place new world order like thing this. Mr. Bush. Oh billion boost does a prisoner. Morality in moon and I think he's put this he's grown he's old enough but from ma what they're appeared in the worst start of the new world order. Can you make albeit conspiracy. Here. Conspiracy theory or whatever I don't care. The united. No I mean I'm under the bush and we're definitely more global is communism air America MetLife and offering. Think things are parent complaint says and that's you know Ahmed is also you have that some of the struggle that's going on within the Republican Party needs and then there are the global list. Tough in the near those of enough. Excuse me that. Tend to be more nationalist type thing. We'll be right there was more video program revived in that clear my throat here I don't know four or five Simoneau eleven dead and you wanna join in. And we'll be right back news 1110993. WBD don't go away. Okay. Or 36 on the hey guys go good Palestinian news delivered to end any day three WBT. July 11 police seventeen edition of the young program phone numbers same is always 704 or 5701110. Vijay doing the producing a more operations now and we I appreciate your phone calls we've got a lot of calls on the program today and last couple of big stories of the Donald Trump junior female dump earlier today in your time who's gonna publish these emails. And down trump apparently the junior that is and rarely. Hit those on Twitter himself or release him on Twitter. Before new your times is gonna publish them. And he's not exactly exonerating. Don't trump junior but the point is a lot of commentators I think are focusing too much on this idea of legality. The word treason keeps being thrown around ridiculously. The idea that laws were broken here there and visit that's not really it's just. It's bad idea in my opinion it's it's a bad. From the standpoint of the campaign it's sort of feeds. Into this whole idea that. The drug administration. Before that the drone campaign. Was all about working to Russia than Donald Trump is easy and Russia have been easy easy on the vanderveer prudent. And that's what it's sort of feeds into this hole. The issue really. You know senate Intel committee is gonna bring Donald Trump junior. The testified before whatever there is about this so I think there's a you know there's there's a lot being discussed about that in some of you cannot talk to us about that I guess it's I know it's. One of the web site we're the really vivid knows kind of what's going nine is towards his health care bill. And it's act COC dot com AX oh has died down. And they have a listing here about the health bill that's coming in on Thursday according to Mitch McConnell today. And they're kind of clear that no one you'll like it I'm in the Republican point of view that. It's going to be very difficult to get fifty plus one votes to make this work here's what they say they're hearing about the bill Medicaid portion of the revised bill. Likely will say largely the same as the first version including the growth rate for new per person funding gaps. And the process for phasing out the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion. This is part of the problem because. You see get more people on Medicaid. If you're going to. Get rid of the Affordable Care Act you've got to be something about reducing the amount of people that are now getting Medicaid. They go on to write this a loss for several moderates. And see these are votes. You get Lisa Murkowski Dean Heller Rob Portman Susan Collins stands element. Shelley more Cavuto. Had to made. These are members of the US senate Republicans here that wanted to. This included in so because of that this could be problem or vote killer. This is small tweak you'd likely be added that would benefit Louisiana. This would help with senator bill capacities concerns. Senator Lindsey Graham south Carolina's is working on an alternative health care bill which yields will attract some Democrats support. And aid city was scheduled to present his plan Tuesday of the GOP line twelve as far as I know that has not been presented. They ride the jury's still out on whether new includes senator Ted Cruz in my leaves consumer freedom option in the bill. But there's a strong chance that does not meet senate budget rules anyway. That means it could be subject to a sixty vote thresholds be included which means is not gonna happen. And they sit there will be additional funding for the you'll be doing it epidemic 45 million dollars worth as well as a provision saying people can use health savings accounts to pay. Their insurance premiums. We'll get right back home crowd Desormeaux. And the I only want the big story just ahead Mike. I ran for 43 thing it rampant that also let me connect feels that town that is my gallons. Flip side and he usually plugged in. Consumers who have the activities of what's going hand in Washington let's go to Joseph wants a kind of about the health care Bill Jones thank you for calling it here on WBZ thanks for garlic. Publisher of bank look I wanna mention about that in the years to the audience about how by church brought statewide. Just won't work because what happens. You archery goodbye at the parliament get injured playing great that you could you never really angered builder DR scorcher although what that. And knowing where did you get the money from the insurance company is what the judge. Rule against and then direct the Marshall would go to the bank. And get the money out but it turned up at bat he mergers are invited say about it date back. Did you bite you live in. North Carolina that you buy insurance suspect that they you get cancer if you need they won't pay. How what judge what you're gonna go to you can have a Bob booted back there. They're not gonna work so you can do the problem is not buying it sure. Having the claim that force those Europe they have to have money. In the bank in the states Europe and when you do them for not paying you can get out. That's part of our dateline acted that apart. Yeah an amateur events actually in the bill. Manson and yesterday having to say that was not part of the are the plan may be more likely messenger. Up our partners you know they say let them offer a trial does the film Republicans generally beta but open up the free market to buy insurance. Across state lines that the very thing that that they that they offer or they they offer up to help reduce cost. Sure authorities caught betting ended healthy insurance coverage because their space. But you being able you know we don't forget the money our court system is already filled up. Brooke army it's super hey you know we're we're consumers can't get their serious illness paid unless they go to court and sue their insurance company. And there's no way you can see them if you borrow your policy impacts a much either. Require that insurance companies have money in North Carolina which in which case they're now would yours say. Or you go to some kind of federal court system was to just see you know closely. Over clogs are really want your audience to realize this whole thing that the best for years. There's no fear that there are just a dead on arrival idea what you think through how are you gonna get a claim paid that they were. Good going I appreciate you bringing that up we'll be right back. I am working your way through the afternoon here or fifty. I'm gonna just showed they're still sitting in health care bill will be revealed on that Thursday according to Mitch McConnell today. And it doesn't look like there's overwhelming support among Republicans in this. Bill I'm I was listening to array involves senator from Kentucky just a little while ago Obama. Fox News Channel here and you know he says the promise to repeal Obama care but he says this bill it's more like crony capitalism. Pieces. You know when the bill looks more like the repeal he could be a yes but he thinks the current build heaps of fundamental flaw of Obama here. So anyway. You know they don't care bill we gotta have fifty votes. Even the make vice president Mike Pence breakthrough time is saying and you know so far we just don't seem to have a consensus among many Republicans in the US senate to make this happen now Mitch McConnell the breaking news today was that. They have delayed the August recess for a couple of weeks trying to get this thing accomplished here. Let's go to is advanced. Or Val go ahead you're next on WBT thanks for calling. I'm not sure of the name is advanced yet go ahead your next. Okay I'm sorry good change the subject who. I don't want the guitar duel but the Arctic Circle where are regarding our adult trump junior can't go. I'm not fully aware. Of everything that was going to be bailed. But it was my understanding that. Basically. He was fated to. Well because you know with the promise that they had. Or information that was too big. Sure corner yeah. All of our. Stand I relate to me that they apply crime stoppers. Being too big to. You know offered no reward for something bad to. Would lead to conviction. Oh over barber you know. You know affectionately. It's beautiful it's. Obviously we're now truck junior would be enticed. Possibly that would explode lose short corner. Obama. Cost something that you know would possibly lead to complexion of her. Our revenue via I have been set up on this man I mean if I think about it is the Russians. Might have done this is kind of give him did you take debate individually. Could use against him like we're target about right now. Yeah I mean you're right did the one the one issue though is the fact that it was the Russian government that was part of the email he knew it was supposedly it was coming from the Russian government. And that they supported Donald Trump in this and that and that day he said in response to one of the emails. If this is true I love it. I think that's part of the problem is more or perception issue is seems to me than maybe. A legal issue I don't think I mean I don't produce like it is you're getting it from the Russians but you know I mean if it may be. How you view these things but yeah I can understand why he would have been enticed by and I certainly do. Okay effort you might have a further comment but thanks for your call we appreciate it think about it for just to mitigate the the issue is. Then Donald Trump during the campaign was being so much easier on Vladimir Putin his comments about. NATO were somewhat confusing to a lot of people who. Had this sort of watch these geopolitical. Situation in that part of the world for a long time in NATO's been a great strength he's since come to the conclusion that NATO's great. But during the campaign he wasn't so sure about it. And so they were confusing for damages he was making I thought it was probably where you had some kind of business dealings in the past perhaps. In Russia that. Maybe because of his sort of cool to sit there maybe more personal relationships. In that part of the world and maybe. From a standpoint of political didn't really mattered to him maybe that was it I don't know but at the same time there's a problem here win. The son of the the president and Donald Trump is sort of an advisor. Down from juniors to Donald Trump. Was so willing to do. Meet with the foreign government he says we thought he was doing. There's gonna providing Durham Hillary Clinton there's something wrong with the added I think it's like may. I have been avoided them my friend David. In the Federalist. It's not illegal. But it's kind of shady and I think that's part of the problem but I could see where he might have been set up he was perhaps entice by this. Let's go to Frankie was his argument the insurance goal we had a moment ago on this health insurance bill frank thank you for college here on WBD. No agreement had yet to rank as going to Franken they hear you now. And you're. I'm surely into an answer apparently may be a certain that if people do business. Will be an out of state companies sound like he routinely not gonna get their claims paid well. Info at an insurance company wanted to secure those most in other states. And it routinely denied claims that certainly wouldn't be in business very won't bet sort of an absurd assertion. And if you know right now and in other parts of the your insurance industry companies you do business of course. Across state lines and they're required to. All of it collateral on those states we were trying to secure wouldn't put the so I think that would be your ridiculous that our market open about how the church. Market where people could buy insurance across state lines. That both both companies would would be one of their clients makes no sense. Yes duties saying if you do that often enough. You know be allowed to do business for using insurance commissioner in that State's 9/11 that's a good point or frank about it. Yes let's go to mightily in his comments on before the top of the hour mark you're next on WBD thanks for going. Eight bank you can bet you are all around the course I wanna poke the riady the people that liquid is. Our people will beat you don't pop. Out or beer or anybody associated with it and it occurred at the front door stopping that. Even if you think it's it's it's kind of you know I'm a strain. All are long for that matter. Are people so when you seem to get him get him after the equipment that we all that we all know deep down thought that they did a debate should the bill. Like having the injury is that a lot of people really have a lot of hope been bend down drums they have a lot of invented sort of invested. And Andre have been successful that I've run into this a lot of my friends. And I get I get Jamal's side like edges from those two who may drop because sometimes I'm supporting. You know what's going on there and in the other times I catch it from. The the does trump supporters there because I Quinn have things that I think you're wrong and so yeah I think it's really did they have a lot invested in named David in Donald Trump being very successful here. It's notebook marketing is so if if that's what I want Doctor. Who Obama and attorney. Or you know somebody who we depended on debt. They'll do with something like if I had this same manner than we wouldn't. I mean we would be and go back to that first we wouldn't commit wintry devices that are being connected he didn't have anything to hide. If the Fed that in the beginning he trained this story is I'm not mistaken you it's quite. You know really work because yeah I mean. Every time I went through that normally the first hour while there's a lot of the administration amnesia going on about their work prefer to Russia as the way I've put it. I mean the guy if I ever met with the Russians I would remember it. And for some reason they can't seem to documented enough that I think that is a problem it's is nothing else is a perception problem. Mike thank you glad to get your Panama before the end of the hour. We'll be right back we have a news update coming out your welcome to dial in at 704570111070457. We live Dan. It may have on Twitter my Twitter feed his answer I done radio. And of course on FaceBook it's FaceBook dot com backlash I don't radio we'll be right back. The third hour of the giant hand action coming your way they're jealous. Here at 505 news eleven Jan 993 WBD jump we break it shouldn't. 7045%. Don't know 1110 you welcome to join as many of you have during the program and we'll continue to. Take your phone calls did Tbilisi hoarding nation. Dot com mobile would be also writes for The Washington Times here. Some big stories out there wanna admit to be of the house is just passed a bill one point six billion dollars for Donald Trump's border wall. That's a first step in the right direction here getting a wall built along the Mexican border. One point six million dollars at the start son's name because twenty million bit. Again it'll have to be done in stages but the house is just pass that. And colder one of the earliest most passionate supporters are down drove wrote a book remember in in front we try then later she was criticizing dappled truck. And did she was doomed man about him he was doing is does this. Not getting the agenda through that today she said. Then many Republicans they dropped as much as MSNBC does so she is getting interviewed on the Fox Business channel Varney and company today. That's in villages on would mean obviously the big story down challenging year releasing these emails dealing with a Russian meeting. Now and get his take on that most of the healthcare bill Mitch McConnell says the bill will be released on Thursday judge another your busy guy thanks for coming on the program today. They get good afternoon and as always thanks for heaven's. I it's always good to give your opinion I wanna think first most over the Donald Trump junior email thing. I might take his men. Oh in your lawyers who you believe it is Jimmie when it's illegal and that I doubt it is but it's it's bad optics once again by the truck administration here you kind of agree with that. In India and I mean it it may or may not be illegal could sit here it is illegal for a eight presidential candidate to coordinate or campaigned court at short cover. And you know you're in trouble. Trump junior should have consulted a lawyer before he released. Can I you know. I can say hadn't consulted me arc serve like dude there's no way you're releasing those emails it's a bad idea. But it keeps alive that it the democratic narrative that they Russians put Donald Trump in the White House instead of Hillary Clinton ignoring the fact Hillary Clinton has been worse candidate in the history kind. Our but there's something more dangerous here more fundamental and edit it. The left he'd never give it up when he loses power. They want to get Donald Trump out there not because they despised Donald Trump they do but because if they throw him out you have might pair. Pinter the good guys but I don't think and to be as strong a leader is Donald Trump is. And parents will be absolutely handcuffed he if he is the you're Donald Trump esque forced from office which is the goal of the Democrats. Quite frankly I can get to go from the Republicans as well. But if he's forced out of office. Pintek going to be handcuffed and potentially with the media he would be the next Gerald Ford and that's what the Democrats are looking for. Yes and I knowing that you can go to my conservative friend jump mommy about things and I'll say my bench to lead to a full or half a our way maybe earlier. But I think you're right about that I mean that's not what we need this has not been a impeached now drove overview of this Russian email thing. We know drug junior but I will say this there's these are familiar lawyer they should confirm the order he apparently gallery this week. Apparently you think maybe when his lawyers haven't says it's okay to release this or the New York Times apparently was gonna publish. These emails anyway. Today so he knew that in these people that they had a dime maybe there's trillion dollar. Well I mean. You know if if if the FAA if prop in the Manhattan in Manhattan I mean the time's gonna publish anyway you know that's one thing but. And. You know quite an. I think you retained an attorney after he released us. Which that's never a good thing you need to do with the other way around catcher Ernie first and then discuss what if anything you are releasing. Yeah well I'm dad I was in the other way but. Take your point judge in on this because. Certainly. Whatever it seems to live that he was willing I mean the emails seem clear to me this. He was willing to get information from the Russian government that's where you thought the information was coming from. Two lead to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Just to build his women hold on just him will be right back. Five today 511 hour time big story we might just ahead by thirteen. I know agility and forward Jon today he's on vacation Judson Phillips of The Washington Times in dead. The Tea Party nation that time is also with me is also his website is Judson Phillips died down judge and on this email thing in the Russians in that the drug administration. How do we get into all this how did this it was it did trump seemed a little easy going on the bed and recruit an early on in the campaign and it's sort of snowballed after that is at. Yeah because he's had he's tough on everybody else is that kind of where we have this got started. I know that really gets started weird. The Democrats. Throwing anything they can up against the wall to see what Scott and this one just seen this deck. And yet nobody is talking about the Clinton crime foundation. Nobody talking about good deals that. The clintons brokered that essentially gave Russia at 20% of our uranium or. Nobody talking about the nowhere turnabout the need the items we can only be described as glides. Can the Clinton foundation. The Clinton foundation gets a big chunk of change should come through and government certainly. The State Department undersecretary of state Hillary Clinton does something for that foreign government. But nobody talked about his all the talk about a dump truck and again it goes back to what. We were talking about before we before the traffic break this is about regime change in United States the last want to pay down Donald Trump. And they figured they think if they do it they can have a repeat of Richard makes it could think about this 1972 Richard Nixon. Sweeps into what at the time was I think the greatest landslide. In American history. And two that left him two years later he's impeached. Our knives are you resigned in disgrace threatened with impeachment threatened with prosecution pardoned by Gerald Ford. And of course we know what happens after that. The Democrats got a supermajority and then. And then of course Jimmy Carter gets elected in 76. This is what would the Democrats think that lightning strike twice. That's why they're so adamant about is that quite. I despite really no proof. How big they just will not let this. Go and I had another you know so you keep the engine off balance in the meantime doesn't amount of time we thank you for joining us appreciate Judson Phillips done done by name on FaceBook. And deep mourning nation there I'm done lawsuits come to The Washington Times. Afternoon. I mean god showed their talent here 7045701110. Caller to join us on the program we've covered the big stories of the day here so out of junior there's a lot of fallout from this. Female. Dump it down from junior did earlier today. Maybe just in in anticipation of the New York Times releasing the same emails later than may have been why. He did it there's sort of email chain from conversation these handing. If these emails we review and went through some of them earlier in the program but the system that point is people cannot seem to decide. At least in social media and maybe similar to the commentators today. How about whether any laws were violated but is more about again the perception I think the optics. We've sort of beads individual Johnson was on with a sixty minutes ago and he may become and that the Democrats threw everything they could they would stick. Against Donald Trump once Dow Jones won the election there was a story I remember reading this did climb. Might have been in his maxed out on the deadline who's written several books about the clintons in the past. It said something about a meeting between the clintons in the Hillary Clinton Obama after the election. And there are going to try to discredit. This is before really all this came about they were introduced credit now drove by a may he have the there was some connection about the Russians and so obviously there was some Intel off. That they knew they could use to. Maybe try to make this a real story footers to real story or not. And I say that because he had James clapper testified before congress not too long ago when he may become a bit. You view whether there were reasons why they were concerned about some of these encounters. Between members of the drug administration and and the Russians. So we have to I think assume that they've sort of make too many assumption that I think it's fair to assume some of this maybe this meeting. That's come out about Donald Trump foment a forward injured Kushner meeting with a Russian lawyer might be one of those readings. And so these no they they had this information knowing some in this. They were able perhaps to then construct this idea that there was this great involvement of the Russians to hack into the election you keep hearing this term used. Rather loosely I think. And that they influence the election one way or another then you've got some intelligence agencies. Probably no friends of Donald Trump's again. Who also were on the record saying that there was no doubt the Russians who played some kind of roll in trying to influence elections. And how they did that he's never been really clear and explained I think as to how the Russians did that we know they didn't hack into any voting booths. Didn't change any ballots no absentee ballots they were not able to broadly do that so. Not exactly sure how they were doing if it was all about the John Podesta emails. There were released in the emails of the DNC the information that was provided there was really more just damaging about the clintons in the affairs of the Democratic National Committee whether that really changed anyone's vote I would seriously doubt it. Maybe there are few Democrats who ran that info will Bernie Sanders was given a bad deal. Therefore I can't vote for Hillary I'll stay home. Day in some of these states like Wisconsin and Michigan perhaps making that happen. But I don't think it's fair to say there with the it was in droves that that they made that big change. So we're people ever told that any of that made any difference. Did people really pay any attention to there's also emails in there about the Clinton global foundation and this. What I call sort of nefarious behavior about selling. What appeared to be selling access for future presidency that's what it appeared to me. And that was why were these foreign governments providing so much money during. The time that Hillary Clinton secretary of state and afterwards after she had signed document. Senior Obama administration that they would not do that. During her time as secretary of state for that went on then you have the the issue of course about the job and Estes females. We showed it many in the campaign were real happy with Hillary Clinton. Also showed W Christine and Hillary Clinton was trying to come up with a reason why she was running there was no theme of the campaign chair and so did that really make any difference and was it the Russians. That actually had dinner that gave it to WikiLeaks. Then later provided that is part of the on the campaign. Maybe some of what's come down this is a Donald Trump was saying during the campaign if anyone had Hillary Clinton's classified emails. He was the Russians have them or something to release them. That's really. Maybe sort of a lads sort of fuel to this but this this particular meeting it was set up. I think if you read the email if you have to be included Donald Trump junior was well aware that he thought. Feel the Russian government did that was going to provide some kind of damaging information about Hillary Clinton. In the campaign if you take care of the opinion that's okay. That you would do it to. I can understand that if you take the opinion that. Perhaps that would be something you wouldn't do because the Russians are not her friends. You're already sort of handicapped by all these you know criticisms and complaints and speculation that. Your campaign. Is you know being influenced by the Russians anyway are you. Your campaign wise and you won the election than you would do it so the best. You know that's kind of what happens. Car will be back -- and a half hour of the show coming up the news update bottom of the hour you can dial in 70457011. Jana will be right back with more of a John Hancock show. 36 year old Brian dyke show goodfellas. So you've done this week and a half to talked to you on this July 11 toll seventeen well over 7045701110. Just hop in your car. We get Jeff to date on the traffic boomer laboratory of Mike but the big story. Around 543. Hang around for that as well big story that we've been talking about obviously is the Donald Trump junior email. Our emails I should say the tweeted earlier today some are calling it the smoking gun and some are. Saying mid day shows that down drums band at home in a four it was part of the meeting geared commissioner wanted to collude with the Russians. And you know getting dirt to defeat Hillary Clinton in the election. He released emails a lot of people are ten and wondering is this collusion is is illegal just depends on who's being interviewed today Ari Fleischer. He says that says that it's really vanishes bad judgment. There's others a former DOJ. Official. Lawyer. Stein Politico just a little while ago Sid he's considered it as sort of a smoking gun any kind of admitting in emails as you. Wanted to work with a foreign government here to. They're helping the election anyway we'll get your thoughts here Obama care is still up for grabs Mitch McConnell says on Thursday he'll release. The latest Republican version have health care bill. How does this support right now does intend he's also going to delay the August recess by at least two weeks it's gonna Joe's been waiting to talk about this. Joseph that you for calling in your news 1110993. WBZ. How wonderful frank could take my call you've been on the news or. I just want to comment on them. You know and Donald Trump or to run and can they you know I think a whole lot of people voted for him because they didn't want to vote for Hillary. But he was also running as a lot against their what she called the establishment Republican Party. And you're rooting out people feel they need this promises about dealing with them for one thing he could do to set himself apart in market. And I thought it was a long time ago while you run. Is that I would not maybe not would not take out obamacare. I would simply say. So we are going to make Obama care because Obama had to change the law that Democrats would know or that he's passed into law. Its goal we apple to congress. And federal workers. And then at the same proud how would submit. A constitutional amendment. But all in omni all the laws that are passed by congress. Will be cool to congress my home Waldorf why are Supreme Court initially shocked that there will forward. You show you because they're part of the federal bureaucracy. You know with the practiced. Given what's good prosecution could put began to dance you. To me Joseph back in the nineties the contract with America I think there's a provision there about the law's a blind to the members of congress because they. The other previous congress ruled by Democrats for so many years here I do so many laws in advance was affirmative action laws or whatever. Workplace environment laws they they didn't have to abide by them. Mark so yeah I don't know maybe we've gone back on some of that that's a very will be days I am totally with you though assuming his. Brought his obamacare health care in America they should have to deal with a just like the rest of us. That's absolutely true and and you know feeling you didn't do about Donald Trump where people some voted. You know for him just because you want Hillary Clinton made a lot of people who did that but there also some rewrite. That you know we're running against leave the Republican. Establishment or whatever. That they wanted to see him shake things up no question. And you know you put Republicans on the spot. And you would unify America behind these. Yes we did that and then but he's still got to carry through you're right about that joke. Thanks for your call. I'm 41 in the big story wouldn't mind coming up shortly here. Vijay doing the British import operations in the right back to your phone bill similar fortified city though. You live in jail as a man next man thank you for calling you you're on WB team. But. You know you do your man bury you in miles who tournament. I can't believe it happened that people calling in about things like we're keeping Eric trump up trapped. A boat that people are sick of seeing felon running for off it or being in office and they're getting pats. Let me insurance guy you're right though it permits information like if it's there with the insurance going to be from a different state well. There you can view from state to state if somebody does something against you. And they have become keep you I don't understand why you know and Blake correcting these early. Well I didn't ever think about the well the thing I don't know that we given troubled past necessarily mean we've talked about it from every angle today but as far as the insurance. Question that was the first time I heard that where's that the jumbos making it the idea that for those in here. Then if you could buy a Indy V if the Republicans came through in you can purchase your health insurance across state lines. He was saying to the way it's set up now that. The health insurance companies have to have a certain amount a fairly collateral of one every within the state. Otherwise. They're not allowed to operate in that state. And he was suggesting there would be a logistics problem may have been everywhere in another state. People might have problems suing if they didn't get their payment or some lies and every other caller we've pointed out that. There's a way around them because you can do it with the auto insurance and everything at this point now so there is a way around it. Appreciate your comment will be right back for a. I've if you want to become just the usual since 1993 still BCCI. Dads and this had a story this. They're quoting of course unnamed sources but it also reported that I'm listening to the White House officials and aides are beside themselves after this. Story they were down Jones junior released these emails showing that he was entrusted. Him any information the Russian government had on Hillary Clinton. The story says so quote what we've been dreading it. And one says or Laurie used email hiring a lawyer to lawyer in the White House so that's stories out there. Mainstream media's been chewing on this we'll all day. And they're getting your thoughts about it as well let's go to Tim in next she's been holding ten year under his eleventh in 993 WBZ. Hugh rivalry but Chernobyl golf and country club boot up front walk over I want to get it recorded them about it you're gonna open up but it left what are the ironic quote. And now. A nuclear explosion is that bad you think we revisit that every building down is that with deadly effect. What you don't come opening at what would get out for the impurities than that I'm. Hey these emails have been known about probably I'm like yeah I don't know. Since June and we're okay and now they're just probably come forward okay because I find it hard to believe. That arm. Even me and I James coney. Didn't know about stuff like that I find that absolutely booked funneling them but that's amazing thing about this is. That so many ball. Our well one thing. We found that all being done opt for crying out loud what the name who I won't matter. What do you relive all the Chicago it up behind lookup grown on. Broker an end yeah. Post bubble boy they were then you're really reaching back so young people have no idea of lower darted out the that was. Must see television back in the those ninety navies and then he opened the ball there was nothing there yes. Yeah and that they've been great brother and a friend Arnold at the bottom of the middle and lower. Well I'm I'm. One of the big by the way people who wanna check that is up on YouTube. But I remember watching bed that night rewrite all the anticipation you have to figure something was there. So here's the thing Jim you're right the emails are probably known this goes back to Tony sixteen. There's still these did they have some damaging elements to it though and that we can't really just put set aside in that say. That well here it goes it fits into the scenario that the Democrats have been going to push all this this time now so we have to deal with a. Well here's here's something that's that's been Iraq for example arm it's the Pittsburgh Steelers are gonna be playing the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl. This Stuart had every piece of any. Footage you name it on beating the Carolina panther and vice Versa and the amazing thing about that is. You don't hear you don't hear that the NFL think art like he's got. And all on what we're current. Everything but rather than. Good running full AccuWeather dot capture card and the United States is trying to aren't as deep dark they possibly can't. So that they can explode this person youth center earlier gonna offer 240 some years. And I won't let me for a we're not going to houk who don't. I always taught by the united they were colluding to try to get more reps who who aren't a lot it. Why not really that there and let your thoughts and who what I'm done. Seattle but I guessed it Tim that we have to decide is it. Does it proper for this kind of activity go on the idea what you're saying and I'm not. You know I'm not sure they did it mean it's how damaging is it actually will turn out to be it seems to me that. Nothing came of the meeting anyway there was no information that was exchanged their play any role in the election. Revenue that is so even if but now we know that okay Dow Jones junior there's no political experience. Decided that there might be some dirt that the Russian government would have thought he could use did the pass on to his father apparently that did happen. Atlanta. They get what we learn today if if we didn't hear. Here's an interesting about the drops the trump. Are extremely. Competitive. Okay yeah but the competition and no Arnold wore what when my cute but primarily as arm people who aren't bad but in real. Well there. They're not gonna walk around Dario. Does. They're toxic weight buried underneath that we can get a spurt and prepare any government are that perhaps you're helping their car go live actually come back to Oklahoma. Welcome their pick Andrea it's. Really great feeling the arm. Are you on Donald Trump is a lot more so happy that we give him credit for. And I'm I think a lot of things that attorneys do and more open attorney who don't value. Never thank you question that you don't already know putting up your day. That is true Jim thank you for the call wanna give one more call in before the end of the F program today. And Korea's inning by Cory you're next on news 1110993. WBZ thanks for calling. Thank you think you take my car you bet I'm not my car on the whole thing is. I don't care where the information comes from if that's true. Now I can see that there scampering in the election they were trying to propagate. True news that would help. Trump get elected pretty what they had when they get the tumor not if it was true. Maybe should she killed somebody she hadn't been able whatever if it's true. I don't care where the information com. Yeah the information out there and that the people not all about that's like the murder saying that the Guidant. We all called the police on him he's the bad guy that lets go get him instead of you know who worry about. We don't bench if American although I didn't golf correctly that you're alone and it was what are our nuclear North Carolina the government streak was brutal. I can go on your way of thinking that also that but I because I like leaks. You guys might go line of work we lovely tune so if the information you're right if the Russian's hands a thing which they did nab apparently does if they would have passed and on this meeting. Have you know at least give that some of the way I would be would you do okay. TV's true that's now I've sort of base things as well what it's about trump for Hillary Clinton or whoever might be any politician out there. I wanna weigh it verses is inaccurate. Rather than how the information as it was obtained that is if somebody leaked the information. Do they have the access to accurate information that kind of thing I'm gonna do agree would be on that the only the other day about this is in this is what does bother me personally as. The Russians are not. They're not allies they are adversaries. And I am troubled that bid by the fact that we any American would go through someone is on allies. The giving me information on other American somehow that does trouble me of this. And I ate a few hundred funeral like Hillary Clinton. But if if it was true information and I think that we know about it you know. Well I was gonna say it would seem to me the way to go about that maybe this is just a shady. They used to have the Russians Lee give to somebody else and and get it back and you know the fact that the within there I go again right hey thanks for the call great to hear from you gory we're at a time on the program today. Let me remind you can jig in my website I don't radio dot com. My email address is there are so you can find me on Twitter and follow me there my Twitter feed is that I dug radio. And also a FaceBook is FaceBook dot com. Max lies kind of radio and on my website I have links to various stories is not all just a conservative story we like this. To get a good mix of what's going on in the media out there same thing on the news feed I try to post things I think are interesting now this really has three wins. Which of them I get shake itself. How flak from some people about that though my news feed but a that I find some interesting ideas we do now. That's it for the program today I'll see you tomorrow at 305 right here on the John Hancock show.