Donald Trump Jr.'s Meeting

Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, July 12th

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So you ready to dump the other GOP are you ready to take that trump and stick out the back your car. I'm I'm a 100% positive the Jewish Garber as have removed any sort of size that they attempt victory on the back to discard. So you know is there a difference between how you feel between the GOP and being from supporter and I'm I'm starting to. Assertive. And started you'll be about us continuing to be a supporter of the president here still Republican state that hold on to that because that that's still where. The important issues lying in to my way of thinking and probably away thinking as well. But the president himself and the circle and is around him it's it's more. The folks at people he's surrounded himself with in it amazes me the the chinks in the armor here he talks about having a witch hunt. And for the longest time I think most people go to great there's nothing there there is no there there. There is no collusion there is no interaction with the Russians in that has been denied for months and months and months and now all of a sudden we do find out. That Donald Trump junior did Witten did meet. We have somebody from Russia whether they were an actual agent from the Kremlin. May be that that still remains to be seen. But it does look bad it does look suspicious so how do you feel now. About the nothing there there yet are you starting to see that perhaps. The discussions about the smoke in the fire are actually starting to come true. I've been doubtful during questioning its its been fascinating to watch the other press and do what they do and tried to dig and dig and dig. And this time around believe the shovel came up with something it's smacked on Iraq they dug this rock up. And now we're taking a look at this particular rock in this rock happens to be. Junior meant a fort and Kushner. Having a meeting. When the Russians with the idea being and completely admitted in the email trail that there was excitement about finding out this information this. This counter Intel this opposition research on Hillary Rodham Clinton. So visit changing your mind 7045701110. It's starting. It's almost like a gender game here to me and I feel like some of those little wooden blocks at the bottom of the stack are getting pulled out one by one. There's still a balanced their pitch you can sort of see it wobbling just a bit. That's via the image that I have in my mind here in is a guy completely toppled. I don't know about that. I think we're going to find some ways it the other jingle piled it shored up yet again and there's gonna everywhere is that we find out the moments on this little more peace is the beginning yanked out of things. One of the big issues that we're finding out here and it's been reiterated again and again and again with Amanda fort with Flint with Kushner. Is that there are not filled out the forms and saying yes I did I had a meeting and here's what happened. And if they would've filled out all those forms to begin with chances are this wouldn't be an issue at all 70457021110. Christine they're good morning. The morgue is I don't and limit largely an Obama. Jerry man I paid. I am bothered well first of all. Scarborough. Is Brian no Republican in name only I don't think the Republican Party is gonna like you have to have a standing by article three has been losing him. There's no there's not the BH you know black arm bands in morning to have Scarborough walk away and like Arnold and that. I guys just kind of a joke as far as saying your Republican answer skirts beyond me. I'm not a Republican there's too many things could so assure Republican part of it won't but jump on board aware of I usually vote Republican. Are are a number. Never burn a registered Republican to hold on give me an example Chris abut. What is part of the Republican platform that you have a hard or are probably the biggest thing is the war on drugs in the way that period. To have treat the American people and this war on the American. Citizenry has are at stake is not a bad thing and they still tried. You know I'm not I'm not a they'll legalize all drugs kind of guide but are they were there and approaching it all wrong epic numbers show where I think the you know the time has proven that. And saying intentions are well or not at this point. It is up to override and say okay we need new approach yet and they're going to do that. So why do you real Jew there apologist people. Thus far so. With a dunk from junior day mean. I get it Yost says new going to talk about oh god Vietnamese who wonder what the word on whether this association in my with a lawyer who has from Russia. And I guess if you live in Russia or you work in Russia you're associated with the Kremlin because everything state owned so and still some way shape or form. They're going to be all that high that's to say no Russian connection. I think the fact that the meeting was here in America. You know he's trying to find dirt on his opponent I'd think that fully legal. And from what I'm hearing you know we're gonna go talk about politics than. Other parties to act is the seat. The DNC or Hillary Clinton Campaign actually sent people through Ukraine to try to get dirt on trumped. And I don't you know that's. It is what it is don't think that's illegally either I think that's how politics are played and I think that the states that the left are showing. On the grab a hold them what they think that they could actually come down juror think that's a big leap and I'm descend back and wait and see them. And and I don't really believe I don't have any about straight today than I did. A week so. It's tropical no association who Merck feelings hurt then you're kill us so political and our. So think that we are certainly getting there and anybody reasonable sitting at Jerry as part its say no he'd better at these guilty. Just don't say. I don't I know I I agree though the jury. Could come to that conclusion at this point Todd I'm tired of the lies why why did trump junior lie about it first. And then liability worry about that that the meeting happened and that you know when that when the New York Times situation came up he lied about what the other discussion was about. He you write about perhaps how long it was. I don't I don't believe for a minute he didn't tells father and do not believe for a minute he. And I am disturbed do that that this is coming out now but. I mean I do see is point you know there there there would not like he rep Matt whether government official from Russia. The delegate got any information it was actually file they'll look they talked about for the most part it felt like we're Russian adoption which you know. What do what the meeting was supposed to be about it is it is rather like oh god you know why why it is up to come up this way. But at the end of the day. I aids she has points your psyche is not trump junior is not the drug administration. So it all that is what it did I get that kind of like stand Scarborough is not a republic threatened by. I just don't get off I don't bigger than a fire their jeweler friend assailed got a better report does say it all. I don't think he was asked directly about it and lied and said no it didn't happen. Nobody nobody asked about him Chris because nobody knew about it back men you know this has been. Percolating for a long long time and and I have I have a problem was somebody talking to a friendly country if we talked England. And some that was looking for opposition research to me that's a big difference between talking to somebody. A country that is definitely. Not necessarily working in our best interest. Enemy might even be a better way to characterize that. Daniels Sarah I'm gonna get to the next 7045701110. Republican sat stand on that train trump train perhaps jumping off a warning to take. We'll talk to you and we'll do and I went pretty good heat index could be a hundred years. It's nasty stuff we'll talk about that more religious figures vintage need to be concerned about a lurches keep an eye on. What she's all in your world safe and you don't walk away with a sort of burns and her hands or feet or year of your boo boo depending on you like to dress and they like this. Nine I teenager time the other drug administration under fire has been. Mean literally under fire since the other campaign began and things are getting uglier there are folks who were saying you know what. Before. The sharks were swimming in the water. But now the sharks are smelled some blood. Reactions from folks well Virginia senator Mark Warner who's one of the ranking members on the Senate Intelligence Committee said you know what. This is black and white trump officials at the highest levels new Russia was working to aid Donald Trump. And welcomed Russia's interference now I understand. That that junior is not part of the administration but at the time. He was certainly part of the campaign was honorable member of your campaign. Which would potentially pose a problem don't you think 704570. 1110. Are the tracks getting kinda movie and perhaps or some gaps in the track for you on the trump trained. Or is that the GOP trying to altogether Daniel hi you've joined us here on WBT glad you did. I ain't good morning and good morning to our audience as well. The the viewpoint that I would like to make on the junior or Sega smokescreen that's been brought up. It is you know went number one it's it's it's. We didn't. Win the trump campaign let's say he is either colluding or not polluting it. Russia order or whomever that I kind of look at it that that it's in this aspect and that is. You know we're bitter Hillary campaign out of there on the same thing I mean what they do not have accepted. Dirk let's say also strong kindness in his house. Run it'll run and true that they election within out of accepted it from. The memory wouldn't vote saying anywhere out it will what you said earlier with you know England you without much problem is they're. UK or anything like that and you are that they allies the until understand exactly why he it's just because the structure or or whichever. Now second second point real quick it is that. Which seemed to be forgetting. All of the could sit primary. Up. Interference that the that the content that it quit Bernie Sanders about emails and things like that to obstruct him from actually went quite rare. And so you know it is that that swept under the carpet. No why are we just looking into in the trump junior who has spent you know not part of the campaign in part of that part of the family but do you tell my opinion in the independents and tonight he was part of the campaign was for the campaign did so Erica are welcome and I noted you want you to make speeches and things like that and I was part of the that you. But cannot part of that is what it cabin and I guess I think Gortat but. Anyhow he you know where do we start looking out. Done all the other things so let's say so actually waters. And and all the other scandals that are right proper faith and what are we taking. Or just trying to find stuff or dropping it seems to me reloaded at. The car itself as well as let's say that the center left leaning pull portion of the press. Found this really just trying to be obstructionist and they're just trying to create. Stop it really doesn't that either number one I don't think it's that important but also number two. It just distraction from what they're trying to go out on rod capital rock concert to cut my client side appreciation atmosphere time. Hold on data what do you think. What do you think they're trying to distract from on Capitol Hill help me help me next I understand that when. Some discrepancies or some some issues with getting the Republican Party to move things forward and end up at the end. I am not exactly sure why that's why it has to be years there's ugly you're this. It's part of that sex with a coming to try to get things done you know we're we're getting extra two weeks I guess appeared. That the W reading up they're trying to pass until the long but it. It but really serious progress you know there's still the market tropical climates out then and I'd be right and he cannot do understand that's that's running on the curtail the Obama which can slow growth very slow periods. Tom McClintock. Advantages that we made. We're trying to do to improve on infrastructure and kind of reorganize things within. Who we then start. Out of here yeah I agree with you on that I'm having a hard time seeing. Anything actually have an agreed economy's gone up the markets are up to job you better those are all great things. Would they have happened. Whoever was president I don't know. There there have been discussions in years past they know what George Bush benefited from Clinton Clinton benefited from hw hw benefited from Reagan. Because sometimes policies that are implemented take a little bit longer than not immediate gut reaction to wanna go back to a couple things that you set Hillary absolutely 100%. A 100% would have taken advantage of any sort of information that would come her way. I agree we view on that I don't think anybody would argue that if you've got the opportunity to do it. You would. Maybe Hillary did you know there's there are discussions and I do believe that she ended up working with the ukrainians. And and got information from the ukrainians and again then the question comes down to are they friendly to us or not should that make a difference. I don't know in my mind it does just like I said before if England gives us information. I don't feel those who give up that is I would feel about. Oh North Korea or China or Russia or anyone of the other folks who we considered to be our enemies. On the difference is in this particular situation is. That they got caught. They they got caught so that's what puts it to a different level. There's been all sorts of stuff going on for years and years and here's the difference is whether or not it actually comes out if you get away with it. Then nobody knows about it doesn't mean that it's right it's still in the wrong but it doesn't come to the get to the forefront and that that. My point my point was on that note however what that Hillary want cocked. Nothing happened. Correct nothing no I don't think it. And it's just swept under the rug and we're not even talking about it nobody even looked and until a special counsel not instead of wasting. Our resources or money aren't looking for stuff and a lot of what it would put ourselves or we can we put on a direct Internet thing about it this is Hillary did not know. I understand the the issues that seem to be rising to the top now where the FBI gets pissed off. Is that breast somebody tells them something and they say no we did not and then it comes out that they did. Then it becomes. Closer to being criminal and perhaps even crossing that line into criminal. So that's where. That's where the difference is right now. But it doesn't Hillary did not only 30000 emails aren't you know I know. I understand and there's going to be there is going to be an investigation into that we already understand that delivered lynch is going to be on the line for that so what you're saying about looking back in time. Absolutely. There's going to be more digging. And I think the time for it. Should be very very soon if I were in the White House I would be pushing the DOJ. To sort opening those investigations aggressively right now for a couple of different races one because. Just like a conversation people are saying one about the past what about Hillary what did Hillary do that was so wrong what about the sanders' deal. So it needs to be brought to us to our attention I agree with you a 100% on that in the timing right now will be good because it would be. Something else for us to look at will be another shiny object to get our minds. In our eyes and our attention. Offer what's happening. Within the White House and as far as the sanders' deal goes yup yup I get that I don't know exactly how deep and how wide the collusion was what we when we got from the emails is that we're gonna try to keep this guy out of the way of that's an internal process. It's nasty as hell. I get it. Tent outside influence and that's where I kind of look at things. To be just a bit different but. 704. 57 up 1110 and I'd be the number here a news 1110993. WB two east. I'm 34 either Scott FitzGerald 7045711. Delegates to take on what's going on here would be the latest. The email box beautiful Scott at WB two got posted should be something that. So one of the folks here. Tom writes. Why there was a meeting are you listening to what all the participants are saying about that meeting I guess moment. I've heard what they've said. I don't know that I believe it. Why you would we believe that there is in another change to the story at this point in time. Did what they did it affect any anybody's vote. Remember when there's any evidence of that actually happened I get that I understand that that that's not I don't believe that that's what the question this. Somebody had made the analogy hate if and somebody called you and said hey meet me at midnight tonight. I got some stolen goods Trulia. And you show up at that particular location at midnight. And there was nobody there within sort of stolen goods but the cops were there. Your intention was to get stolen goods you didn't get numb. So of that part receiving stolen goods would not be a charge against you. Mean conspiracy you're intention to receive stolen goods would be an option that would be a a lesser crime. But the intention was there. And I don't know that they're the opposition research part is not a big deal that that's not what the deal was able to deal is. Where was coming from. And that's word be the smoke and the fire seem to be. Going hand in hand Karen Travers with a ABC is joining us here now Tom obviously yesterday who has beginning with a weekend this has all been the the big bars here. What is the latest in how how does this tie into what's going on with Twitter and and television appearances. The president tweeting this morning. The defending his son and he said that he did a good job last night gained cable interview. Yeltsin said he was open transparent and innocent and I and then using a familiar line river through many times that integrated witch hunt in political history. I need transparent keeping it interesting that the White House is the prodding Donald Trump junior her. Being that transparent putting these emails out there and if statement yesterday on Twitter but we should note. The New York Times it was just moments away from publishing a story our minds they had that entire email chain. Yeah I mean and I think it was a very Smart move on on juniors part to go ahead and and and meet that at the past. For you know that way hear your take in the offensive position on this year what. And since Saturday though it says very big difference from the original statement Saturday night when the meeting with just about adoption. This Sunday when it was well there was something about the campaign that you every statement with a bit more involving. Highly Levy not put all out there and they're very different story than what he first said that three days ago us. So what I'm hearing what I'm understanding and help me out affiliate from way off base on this one here. Is legally. Their people that are gone both ways as far as what what this could potentially mean for trump junior and even for the campaign itself. Collusion maybe not so much treason that's what Cain is thrown around here. Improper. Campaign donations or can you did that's the one that seems to be might be the one that's most likely to stick. Yeah there's been really difficult to determine whether this. That solicitation is unlawful there's not a lot of heat fondness for precedent because it's you know kind of murky not often troubled territory. Where yesterday and today debating whether or not any laws are violated we spoke to nanny yesterday and some say he has a question here is. This statute that no person can solicit knowingly solicit accept or received from a foreign national. A contribution or donation or we all think about it attack or clicking on a web site and giving fifty dollars but. The law says that a contribution if anything of value and that would include negative information. Your question is. Whether or not buried. Solicitation and I mean it's not necessarily just asking. That is getting into agreeing to this meeting here there's a lot of murky Neff I. And no you know nobody has a definitive yes or no on net which means we're gonna keep talking about it is gonna keep being debated. What what's the difference between that this this alleged information that was handed to trump junior or the campaign. And what Hillary may or may not have received from the ukrainians because there's discussions and and a I think there's some merit to the discussions that she was working with the ukrainians are they were working with her to provide some information that was negative on Donald Trump what's the difference there. I will say I don't know the answer to that. You can read it as that we were with an injury yesterday and I don't have an answer I can still comfortable given to you understood what do we need to know about what might happen today. How the president has no bad day fourth day in a row haven't seen him and he'll ride back home on Saturday from Germany he leaves tonight for Paris though interestingly at last a look at that was in Germany his next public event is in Paris. You know yesterday the White House was. Say the pressure president frustrated with the Russians story he went to be talking about the economy and taxes and infrastructure. It health care. But he's not doing any app that he's not having any public event or he can talk about any of those issues which is certainly interest. No I agree with the under percent for drivers of ABC HI I have this image in my mind of the bomb bowlers in and the movie the hangover. And it's not president trump in this particular situation it's those who are around him and and again I think the big issue that that is the rub that then there is there. Is there's a line and then not admitting to or sign the forms and said yes we have this Munich. No I never had a meeting in the not denials of all those things. Opposition research obviously is something that day has been going on for years and years. Is never going to stop people digging up dirt I mean Mitt Romney in the whole deal with a dog on the roof. That was opposition research that folks on the other side dug up to make Romney look bad it's never gonna go away but where's the line. What is legal what is not what is acceptable what is not gonna dig into that would doctor Michael munger and we'll do it for it and we'll do it next pitch. Not 47 this time had this morning and as Scott FitzGerald led to a I don't shoot me an email Scott at WBT. Dot com started to BC dot com so. Donald junior says that this was just standard procedures that opposition research is is just part. Of the other political games standard practice in campaigns and I get that I understand that. But I'm not sure where the lines are and there's a lot of lawyers who were talking about disbanding this about here. And doctor Michael munger professor chair and of the department of political science and economics at Duke University joins us send a former candidate for governor with a Libertarian Party doctor muggles munger some folks were looking for dirt on you Wednesday. Yes they weren't it was the proudest moment of my life. There are built like a real politicians but. Did do they find any dirt and if so can you share what it was well what they conclude it was there was really no point sort of to stop. A few minutes it's a real politics and so they didn't like the desert that any dirt convicted. I'll forget it his because they didn't consider you to be enough of the threat isn't what I know that was the point but it broke a friend of mine who was quite a high level member of bill produce campaign step told me later that they've actually spent a couple days. So opposition research did you was it part of your campaign to try to find some dirt on either a Purdue the other young person whoa. Yes but only had to do was read the newspapers like that is separate depositions of the book the best argument for me was. That's a that's a very very good point. But it's a back during during the Clinton days he can of one of the courts and they used to love it was he said is who if you see a turtle on offense post. It didn't get there by accident. You know the 400 dollar John edwards' haircut I mean that was some folks who looked at a campaign report. And they use that information to make a big deal out of it. Receiving anything of value Bev Purdue got more than forty airplane flights that she had not reported so. If you receive something the value look let's take a step back and look at what the campaign finance process first it says. You cannot solicit anything of value from foreign national. And the second is you can't receive anything of value without reporting. No I don't think anyone's religion that this particular information was of value. Because it turned out not to be either the key thing that may be that they expected the emails were released by WikiLeaks so receiving it in the value is not the issue. Fifth the issue is. Would think for a national solicited forcing the value that is did Donald Trump junior I think when he was going to this meeting. That there might be thinking that they are going to be answered that yes. The question how we decide what the value is the reason that they built the built I think of value pick this in the looked as well in the legislation. Is that you want it have all the way around people who were just avoiding the direct contribution of money some kind of value might be. Polling data instead of you using money to do at the polling data. I confused my many because the poll data provided to you could be labor it could be a telephone line to get to use it could be space itself that you would otherwise have to pay for. This what information. But you can saves valuable but it's valuable in the sense that. Let's look let's suppose he thought that the information was valuable because it would be useful to the campaign. That's different. From polling data physical space things that I would otherwise have to buy information. Might have value but it's not a monetary value and so I think it's failed that test. If sales the other campaign donation test yes got you did however solicitor for a national and not just before a national better representative of foreign government. Gut is that goes beyond unsavory keep throwing so bad that you really have to Alter notes today and since junior was part of the campaign. Then. What does that just make him culpable or who would be culpable as part of this chain. Are you first broke the cease. I was stupid we you have to be to send someone actually named Donald Trump to this meeting us I don't think the campaign stepped actually knew about it this was off road. There's an excuse that. But it's the sort of staying put up or professional campaigns step foot over the loud they would've sent some sleazy person. But instead it was so it's it's charming that I prepared this is charming in the way you actually send. A member of the guys fail bullied to meet with a representative of a foreign government. But that it's so stupid that it can't kind of been an intentional breaking of the law because. Do you really would have to know almost nothing about politics to fall into the trap will. What about. Commissioner and a man for children at that point in time manifold was the the campaign. But so no one was ahead of the campaign OK but no one was in charge there were some there are many different people who were. Given mortars but nobody was really following it sort of started I have several friends who were working for the campaign. And in July a year ago exactly now they were saying you know there's going to be a big surprise that the into the summer OK and I think this is some what they were referring to. Won't then how how would they know that and and where do you think that they would consider the surprise to have come from. Well the surprise came from there were these emails. And if they had heard this from. Represented the Russian government and Russian operatives that said these emails were going to be released. Okay expands that they would be very damaging know that it was all rumor and it's information it's not a single value night. Sole book read the topic it's a formal violation of the campaign finance laws it's awfully unsavory. Yeah media like you said it does not smell good now is there a difference between. This situation and the story about Hillary Clinton working with the ukrainians and some former fashion to try to get dirt on on Donald Trump. I don't think that. Everybody's always going to look for dirt and B group the differences are probably too. One is that this is a direct represented both the flow of foreign government. And it's Donald Trump junior himself the other is that cultural one. So whether that people are always gonna say what was disinformation I think that's implausible. But since Clinton lost. People are gonna say the analogies fault that information proved to be of no value. It's staged and way to look at that come over that that's going to be good defensive right up into the subject we're talking about trot. So. If she solicited that information then should be in the very same boat that that Donald Trump junior maybe had. I don't know enough about that I know. But analogy to so. Soliciting me I don't think that Donald Trump called the Russians and say hey don't what you got right. What happened what he heard from somebody that somebody else might have some information and he went to a meeting in hopes of getting it past the solicitation. Right and and I don't know I'm not convince completely that there was no information that was given where we were being told that there was not but. I don't know that do that that's necessarily the case right. Mike might claim is that this is an interesting constitutional question and I don't think information can be a thing of value. No the distinction that I may polling data is also information but I had to work to collect that. This is just a set of facts that I found through investigation I don't think that's the thing the value I may be wrong are often them wrong about what to. Peep the Supreme Court fines. About the interpretation of words. They cannot take a look at what the investigation cost. If you know let's say investigation costs a 100000 dollars for the other hackers or whoever get this information and then passed it along with the change the landscape. Well look that big a goggle that to be the dollar there's no question cost a dollar the question is do those costs. Does the things of value apply to information itself or to the surface that you. And the distinction that I making me nuts standup it's is that I think the First Amendment have to protect our ability to acquire information. If I go out and look for information. And I find it in the newspaper and did you say well yeah but the newspaper paid that reporter you can't use it. That can't be right. No I agree that Syria because it's become common property of common knowledge at that point in time. Information wants to be free rent soul group the fact that nobody else knows that. Doesn't mean that it's something of value. Still with chuck that's what the president is is alleging at this point in time here on desist just seem to be part of the the mode of operation here. Well it is certainly mr. Trump's response to everything it's solid which I think that this is something more. This is at least a shocking level of lack of control of the campaign. And this sort of chaotic nature of the trump administration. That it is it is at least very disquieting. Okay lying to the FBI or admitting on forms that were given to the FBI for security clearances etc. could that be the thing negates thereof Bristol region into a ringer. Sure it it could except. Bet this if it's actually possible that no one really knew sold it it's not a lie if you know so little about your own campaign that you don't even know that this happened. Same thing with the well Kushner had to fill out forms a man in order to fill out forms and sort of Donald junior. Tom if say oh admitted to then they could potentially be culpable it. Right and that's that the problem we have pole of the year but like any federal official lying under federal form. He is almost a violation of the Fifth Amendment requirement that you don't have to beat you can incriminate yourself even if you make a mistake. Doesn't have to be alive it's just a material misrepresentation that you should have known about. That is enough at the discretion of the federal prosecutor to at least bring charges. Got you add the doctor Michael munger against the Duke University political science economics professor and chair of those departments. Always great information here the constitution it's a slippery thing and it's going to be coming into the forefront we're going to be hearing a lot about it. As this are most forward to break him back and then you American terrorist he with ABC joins us. The latest from what congress is saying about this coming up on WP team. Cowboys your time. He the FBI pick mr. ray is testify. Have all those on this Smart folks up there on Capitol Hill so I get a whole lot of attention I mean CNN covered it. Fox is covered at least for the time being until something else breaks out at they. They have to follow their attention sort of gets it taken away. Going to be another hot day here's going to be up to about 94 degrees heat index over a hundred degrees if you about kids you taken to the playground dog what could that slide. Especially for sues old aluminum ones there's nothing would mean I did that when I was a kid and I still probably have scars on my behind. It's kind of hard to see him but the chances are there probably there Matt hi you're on WBT just ahead America terse Q what's up. Get sword drawn with a court Seoul on what you talked about you know the biggest and get on scene and on the New Year's bet their comic president deep cost. But he. I answer tweets a greater automation that's all and it seems to need it. Most of on the immediate you know jump all over that and you know. The other thing not talk about is you know a lot on the politician most people feel war. Are dishonest. To be honest with you rent. You know that your business yeah you know we have a residents are basically as a womanizer from what we've seen. I'll walk I am you know. These left media that's gonna go after that fight which speaking. I think the right one after Clinton hot topic corn should smokers to smoke there aren't any and I got him and and the last thing you know I'll say I'll all well since you and I got a busy show with. You know we make distinctions between politics and business. Am I doing what Russia what got out in the past it is it is very interesting business. Our situation you know at least you know we've got to start chief executive. But this ceremonial aspects not there with the puck and you're not Greece and on the status I feel all the people who supporter. That I that I have noticed that I I thought we for the operations. It would change some ways it's great system. Tom Warner but became all male but that's all I was saying just thought I'd enjoy your show out. I'm glad you called and thank you for us for being patient on their met and if Clinton was a big liar. Both of the Clinton's strength Hillary. You know build you know she lighted people died about big guys and Hillary Bill Clinton when it came to the women that were in his life. And I agree with the bill was a smoother liar. And when note comes down to a he probably is a bit smarter than some of the folks that president trump to surround himself with. You know I don't originally and this was a backed up by Stephen Colbert in the cold air cut ready to go. Haven't haven't paid much attention to him lately but. For the last night he had a pretty interesting observation and a dovetails very nicely with the with a thought that I hand. At this point. At this point I would like to issue a formal apology Jim I'd like to apologize to Eric trump. We always thought you are the dumb one. And I don't think Donald Trump junior is gone I don't think that he's dumb at all I think she. I think he's very. What's the word ambitious would probably a book though the good word for that I think you probably just. Overstepped. He overstepped his stinking which is ambition. But Erica do you think he's kind of a dumb what you mean just look at having a look in his eyes and it's like wait a minute here. They're just doesn't seem to be much there. Which is probably one of the reasons that that he's not much in the limelight I was gonna John 7045701110. And you've called I'm glad you did. Welcome to the program. Hey thank you so much I just you know my thought as I've that your call me they've got to be that happy it's done in America that all this has happened right. There are now at stake in the eyes off him to the only and we you know he'd do you look at it and how much a country changed last 2030 years. Here yet calm me or do they ever the FBI. Since they originally. Allegiance to party over country I didn't like trump. So you start to sabotage him by releasing whatever and all the stuff that's kind of going by the wayside. Tell that this stuff that Bakken you know sixties and seventies with probably Richard don't encourage it. So your our current. You're talking about you've talked about economies releases and and how that seems to be on the back burner as far as their IMO. Complaint it's completely opt out of a lot of alignment of like Batman are speaking out trumped you know a child he'd like Obama he married Obama doesn't really matter. Or who the guy. But it here you know here in New York to the FBI and Obama as. The president. Though it did DL license to go ahead sabotaged. The country. Because you don't line at a local viewpoints. I don't I don't know that it's necessarily sabotaging the country it's seven Taj in an individual. Allow an administration I I hear what you're saying I agree with you a 100% that that it seems goofy you brought up a really good point and I think it's an important one to address. And that is the limelight of course Cummings panel limelight. The American attention span is so short it's a short as a squirrel and heat. It trillions and when there's a shiny object becomes a want it pushes the other ones away at absolutely do us a break in back went a look at your calls to the legal ramifications. Of the discussions that supposedly happened inside trump tower come on up. A large extent that the chains and Scott FitzGerald. When Gregor talk about these shiny objects. And that's what America's all about and that's what do the news cycle is all about and there's always going to be somebody you can say you know what. Yet this is going on I'm tired of hearing about all of this may be we should look back and dig up X there's always going to be an ex Soviet XX Libyan XXX and an XX Limon there's going to be a combination of things that we should probably always go back in time. And there and not forget lest we go down that road yet again. But what is first and foremost and most americans' minds right now is what is happening with Donald Trump junior and everything that surrounded this this meeting with whoever this Russian person was. And deters Q with ABC joins us here and a one of the latest things is Jay secular over the attorneys for Donald Trump had a few things to say. Good morning he did he told good ABC news that first and foremost he didn't see anything illegal. About the meeting that Donald Trump junior arranged with the Russian lawyer. Ask whether it was so appropriate. He's simply stuck to it wasn't illegal. And he also said the president trump did not participate did not know about it and only found out about the email chain that bit. Became public yesterday in a very very recently so he's clearly trying to to keep the president at a distance from NASA. Even in this his eldest son is squarely in the process. So in your experience Aron with political campaigns there's always the Digg and of dirt and and and sometimes there's dirt that whoever the candidate is. May appreciate what it may do for them but they don't want to know about it. Is it a common practice it in your experience that there are those lovable folks who keep Starr from the then from the candidate. Me to be sure wouldn't no question I mean what's the I think Donald Trump junior diplomat afford and Jared Kushner. We're hardly low level. And there are some questions that have been made me critics have about a bit that timing of one of Donald Trump's statements on the campaign trail. Where he was Serbs foreshadowed that he would be revealing. Some do some dirt about Hillary Clinton on this came two days before this meeting at trump tower. And some have raised questions about the timing of that statement you know and did the president nobody is attorney said he did not know about the meeting in advance. I did not participate and attack and and really only found out about the emails within the last couple of clubs within the last couple of days so it seems as if you know that they're they're going to be. Sticking to that idea that that president trump. It was boos that arms like all of us. Check of their pitchers he would ABC is where this year and I don't know that anybody is going to say no this wasn't inappropriate. But as far as the law this secular was saying no this is probably not the case. But as far as solicitation which is against the law as of right now it doesn't look like this was initiated by our side it was initiated by the Russians. And end that. In and of itself. May or may not matter it did it it may keep that Donald Trump junior from legal exposure and legal experts that we've talked to. Our our split about whether this would be campaign finance violations plump but but. Take the name trump a lot of it for a second if you had any campaign. Taking opposition research from an adversarial foreign government. Will live regardless of who set up a meeting with Yahoo! and and how and all that who would that be. Acceptable and and that seems to be squarely where that the special counsel is going to be investigating as he explores. The Russians meddling. In the 2016 presidential campaign tanks. Foreign. Foreign information or information from a foreign entity doesn't necessarily have to be an adversarial foreign entity in order for it to be appropriate to cross that line because. On the understanding is that Hillary Clinton and the ukrainians shrubs some information that was a supposedly detrimental. To a president trump. But Hillary Clinton is not under investigation in connection with the with the with the Russians and so and and they ignored she the president and I think. You know I heard that they could be attorney AJ secular mentioned that this morning. And and well about may or may not be true and and I know president trumps been tweeting about Hillary Clinton getting the same treatment. But again that's almost beside the point given that he is the president and it is. Campaign that's that's under. An investigation for its connections to to to Russia and its meddling in the 20s16 campaign. So I'm not sure that it needs to be adversarial though and been answered the question is disgusted with the uniformed government is not usually. By a normal course today and acceptable source of opposition research firm for campaign. Gotcha I know you gotta go Eric deters you we've ABC appreciate your patience and hang in on here pump it wouldn't surprise me what a surprise you at all. If further DOJ all of a sudden said you know what this Ukrainian thing with Hillary. She was a candidate and for a candidate to do it is inappropriate as a matter of she won or not. I consider an investigation being open and wouldn't bother me a bit Randall hi I appreciate your patience. And you've called 704571110. Welcome WBT. Step received that it can't be out what to say that. That this is the most guerrillas say that I've ever of them up. They need and it's likely that the pundits and the people who are trying to protect double from our. Talk I think that really that would happen. But is it to you and and and you know obviously that could mean the good people they have a timeout call white privilege. And and the people don't believe in but if you look at this situation that we're back with the stated. Because of the blue Obama and his campaign against Mitt Romney edged out McCain if you haven't had in May come out remotely close to. I'll get campaigns the rockets who have been reading list. Fred good I think you don't. John McCain and Mitt Romney's few would have definitely been at peace and probably prosecute. Such low level that. Well the difference is you're allowed to do opposition research. That's absolutely illegal and it's expected. Bomb. Demean Obama may never been elected in the senate in 2004. If he did not find out damaging rebel new revelations about his rivals. And their divorce is that was one of the ugly things have happened during that senate campaign so Obama didn't do it. We're talking about another car seat that I I understand that is the difference out MacBook Air which you just said a moment ago Randall and and and you didn't you didn't add that party and you sit if Obama would have been digging up dirt on somebody else. Then all hell would have broken loose and I just wanted to make sure you understood he did do that. It was an outside the borders on a risk Bordeaux if that's if that makes cents. I think now that rewarded this. With America you know that right. I do know absolutely I do and you know I I said earlier in the morning. I don't have. A problem. I know it's not right is not illegal so it's not a it's not legal is not appropriate if somebody was doing some some big and and they were talking to input into the target to Franzen who talking to somebody. Who was on a friendly. Country. But maybe that makes me crazy makes me wrong both sides everything. Democracy you're talking about what we are you talking about what we try to that's why all the good of our democracy is the best democracy. And well it's different this little bit different between the couldn't and so. So that all if you look blue light there. They're that. What happens then they'll. Naw I. I understand what you say and you can point a finger I mean say will most god that's kind of a double standard. But on the state but I believe that there's a difference between trying to find some information from somebody who is a friendly country. As opposed to somebody who's an enemy country there and I know does that make a difference. When it comes to appropriateness. And it doesn't necessarily it probably would make a difference when it comes to whether or not it's legal. But I don't know I I like the British better than I like the Russians saw Lehman that can't tiger on WB 28. There are more about bird. Thank you issued a warrant the job market cap off before Joseph thank you were there and be security's sake. And he said that at the moment they can't get much. He couldn't hear correlation choose Hillary could never measured from Ukraine. Had it terror tomorrow and starting waters there both candidates at the trial that's right it's what is it and and if they have they've got to go try opponent. They need to go our overall. And a bad and it yeah all this happened and I have eight car. Would teach these eroding American. October. Or re torturing the people that build broad import number warrant an adult. We Lucian group of people and good morning or both form and aren't I don't we have on our marriage. Our luggage or future or Canada or karma moment all throw out O'Meara or any bank yeah in this country about your prayer. It's not a memorable people determined that Barack. They're better power hungry. There about four or importer didn't Mark Ingram and our current bulk. The American people anymore I I agree with solid Democrat and perhaps change from a Democrat or Republican I'm mad men and the I'm a name already sore jaw probably. What I can and invest and held her back in year end but unfortunately it does not. Now art but can't bear. Cantu a dress shirt to address your point Kent about what could -- he said about Hillary and you know that doesn't really mean anything now because she didn't win. You know I disagree with that in immediately after he was gone he had to go because you know heartbreaker Tony. I said. I think the DOJ should open this up that should open up an investigation because at that time. That supposedly this happened with the trump campaign the same thing was happening with the Hillary campaign just because she didn't win. Doesn't mean a hill of beans as far as whether or not it was appropriate or whether or not she may have broken the law. So I think it needs to be going both ways and I've said a thousand times before. Yup I have my positions and there are things that I like and and there are issues that I go one way with a number other times I go the other way with. But the bottom line is they're all liars and I don't trust any of them so if their lips or move in their line. And and I think that that's something that we. We all need to kind of wake up and realize. You know. Trump junior first of all lie about what this was in what the meeting was about and then a change and then it changed again. So why would we trust him to say that the next step. Using going to be something different. You know we can look at Bernie Sanders NB a situation with his wife and these big giant loans dealing with a college that she was involved with. Oh no there's nothing there. The us open day goes over my wife was the most honest person I mean that that's what he was saying it won't all of a sudden or find an out but that's not necessarily the case or may not be the case. So Bernie's wife may have gone down the troops. Why eight. Because. He's a politician. She's in the world politics and she's a liar too. They're all liars it's. It's a matter of when it comes down to is it is are they lying. For your side. Were they lying for the other side. And that's where the anger comes in and that's where the bitterness comes into. And that's where we start pointing fingers at each other and say you're a liar is worse than mine liar. Is any line. Different than any other line. I break him back 70 floor. 57 know 1110 is our telephone number here. And it be nice treat to join in the conversation quick little note here says were dealing with Russia something we just did to (%expletive) off our ever loving friends in Russia. Is that we announced a almost four billion dollar sale of missiles and missile defense systems to go to Romania. Russia is not real happy about debt that come from the state departments to Tillis and we'll talk about that. We'll see whether or not the president of the United States likes that or if this is just a great move to say see we don't love them all that much or break him back in the news. Jet thank you so much. But he was issued today is. With a ten satisfactory to disease she had. Little side note here this Michael York just a bit an iceberg nearly the size of Delaware. One of the largest ever on record is broken off tonight Antarctica. I trillion ton iceberg. Let's bring that on up here because there we got some heat heat indices that are pulling through the roof. Is matter of fact coming up picked and about not 1015 years so we'll talk to our content from WB TV weatherman extraordinaire. About how bad. This could be forests and more we can do to make sure that we we don't get taken down. By how ugly that he is going to be there is a the phenomenon will we'll talk about this before we get back to work to mr. trump again there's a phenomenon across the country. That. Is creating tragedies. For families and it's the blue whale challenged Jim Ryan with the ABC joins us now here in what we've lost. Yet another young person to this heavily. Well you got the second apparently this teenager and San Antonio Texas committed suicide this past Saturday. His parents say that in been looking at his social media contacts. After his death they found that he apparently had participated in this blue whale challenge they call it that because. Blue whales have a tendency to beach themselves into die there and it's sort of an dark. Can't get what may be light at the end of this. And it's sold eight its Internet rumor rumor could be an Internet hoax could be real danger there's at least one of the case. Happened at Atlanta Georgia by a few months ago it teenage girl who committed suicide cheat too apparently had. Some contact or war was engaged in something like this blue whale challenged. The bad weather it's him Internet hoax or they're you know they're a serious threat. Santorum monitor more reminder to parents to keep an eye on what their kids are doing on the Internet and then with their devices. Now didn't they tracked this down to somebody on opposing Europe or somewhere in Eastern Europe there was somebody who was sort of behind this. And and created this challenge and I thought that they were sort of closing in on that guy. Well there was certainly how a man in Russia who according to the BBC had pleading guilty. They're in connection with the deaths of more than a dozen teenage girls in Russia. He apparently had led this this group. Had apparently. Radiohead had issued these challenges to them so that's really easy work together again and Eastern Europe and that has so much of that stuff doesn't spread throughout the world through. The Internet media and you know and again you know it has psychologist Ellison and people who deal with kids that. Yeah I keep an eye on this specific thing has blew we'll challenge given exist if your kids or some powerball but also just keeper the a closer look at what the kids are two of the first. That's a good point and and if and I would recommend almost every parent when their child. Talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Or in the family practitioner just to say hey. Do you see any signs as Jerry think kind of who we've gone on here that we need to what do you deny us. It could go a long way to get in front of potential problems because if they show up in years too late for them and then knowing you're too late. For the tender for the person that's in his family. Hug aborted you wanted to Scott FitzGerald and a this a situation that kind of bothers me here and in Spanish parking. You know people ask me where he liked to go where won't you go in Charlotte. And there are certain places at certain times and I do say not done enough because. I don't really waste and Tony. Thirty minutes. Trying to find a damn parking spot. Where's the worst place to park here. Where's the worst place to park and and how much does it cost you. There's a if there's a report that's out there blows me away it is. It's not here in the United States but I think you'll lose your mind and how much some people are willing to pay for parking spot. A parking space and Hong Kong Tressel for over 660000. Dollars the roughly seventeen belong spies 188 square feet meaning the slab of concrete so for 3500. Dollars per square foot and that price you might as well just live in your car for comparison in mid 2016. Apartments in New York City went for an average of 1750. Dollars per square foot. This sale broke the record price per parking spot and Hong Kong. When last year responsible for 6151000. Dollars although it is possible to buy an apartment in Hong Kong for around the same price it's known to be the world's most on affordable housing market according to research firm demography yeah. And it does whopping price seems unbeatable well it is leave it up to a New York developer who asked for one million dollars per luxury basement parking spot. And so a million dollars now when I when I drive to work it came in and out you know Providence which is over morehead might see a sign there this is six dollars department and it's a daily parking deal. I haven't paid for part yet I have one time. What is the name of that building that Charles that we parked in for the other 95 anniversary who's a name of that building there goes beyond. Idealism of the Carolinas the other one know that that was where we that's where we had the deal this up mystery set our street our finger gesture okay yeah I like part that was the first time. Says have been a town that I actually paid for in a place to park. And I think it was so I don't seek talks functions talks something like that because it was after hours so what's the most you ever pay for parking spot. When I live in San Francisco. There was touched bill on street parking. If you didn't have the right DK help to live in the right neighborhood and they came around it put tickets on your car and eventually they yanked her car away in an end up happy to be. It's coming to compel you to think it's I'm literally had to go to the judge and say look I'll pay you tomorrow. Let me go get my car and ghost sell it today and I literally did when sold my car and then went back and I had about fourteen dollars left after a pay off my parking tickets. But my girlfriend and I at the time decided to go find a parking spot. Banda Engel paid for work for her car so we didn't run in the same problem and this is back in 1990. 1990s. We paid 250. Bucks. For parking spot. Just it's absolutely ridiculous so. Applause amid would usually is a place that you know I thought he had nighttime might be good composed enough milk is a confronted him parking spot. Uptown you'd find him. There's Custer a couple of bucks a shoe me an email to me were the worst places to park in town are so that I can avoid them. I'm always looking for places to go and I'm always looking for places to not go to 1040 is your time here this is news 1110993. WP TS three year old and a trampoline. What could possibly go wrong we'll talk about it next. Just 47 it's time. Rental store in awhile ago about some good in the long. Paid 600 and some thousand dollars almost 650000. Dollars for a parking spot. Full demo. You know got a house delegate Jim Myers park. We thought but that's for Finley Norah I mean you be doing just try any pica within that three or four car garage right and I'll send us. I mentioned I paid 250 bucks a month at in 1990. Florio parking spot in San Francisco. Andy was so tight that. I'm probably paid an extra 150 bucks a month just get the dance out of the door. Could Asia that's how small it was got an email from somebody says but tell that dude. Overseas about the new with a parking situation about the Charlotte told rose to weaken selling he can park thousands of cars there. And that may very well be true that may end up turning into a parking lot that cost you a bunch of books Tom he calls 704571110. Good morning. Good morning. Couple weeks ago my wife and I and I area. Student from you know you throw one discovery place. They have up or. Index. That's fine. Discovered ways but connected to it. You know whether ramps doesn't yet know whether they're playing. They charge twelve dollars. Twelve bucks. How to serve our no matter how long you were there. No matter what looked like a program all day rate. But. Yup overly ridiculous you know. Was at those one of those kinds of rates where it didn't matter if you left in fifteen minutes or you left 11 o'clock at night. It was still going to be the same rights is to get in its own. I didn't I didn't. Quarry that a moment myself. Well there couple hours. But they didn't give me a break I have a look before an hourly rate. We like three dollar on our yeah. But I don't those ridiculous. So three bucks an hour is is kind of that line in your mind where you feel comfortable spent a yeah yeah. Yeah. I guess that's okay I guess it depends on where you are and how difficult it is to find a spot. And sometimes I wonder if these up parking lot it's kind of collude together. Because you know sometimes you find one on one side of the street and another one on the other side of the street just like gas stations they ended jacking up the prices on C once I say 06 bucks. And then the other was five. And then they go to six's well you know figuring well the people that are coming from one direction Lola. We'll hop on and here are the ones from the other direction won't go over there says don't have to worry you know crossed the thing until the left into the parking lot Adam hi good morning your WB 28. Hey Scott how aria and doing all right just trying to figure where to help market where not to go. Don't go to the epicenter. Okay column we get a project a player and they are read books. For thirty minutes. And with a 25 dollar maximum so Lou to work bare Earth Day you will spin pony up books were parked in the parking. So if it's on doing the math there on rent is about to and twelve hours. Three vote yes. There right now Hamachi safer thirty minutes three dollar or thirty minute okay says six bucks an hour now okay. Yes it looks an hour okay maximum Tony that's still that's a potential to change your exactly right is there an hour. This is are placed closer that they know or hurt in that vicinity or you can get a cheaper rate. Yes there are open air parking fee you can find a spot that's about seven very well today touches but yet it's it's not well. Connecticut exit only built like Beardsley. Oh crap car. Noted that Arcandor but what does and every parking garage the that the steps don't they always smell like leg home student. I'm telling you it's terrible it's terrible you know I don't know leg he'd figure out a way to get there late. Yeah no I agree with the under percent and and I am guilty. 11 time in my life I did that as price thirty years ago. Embarrassed us today but I did it. Now he's at thirty year or thirty minutes third threat both thirty minutes ago I was talking MR garrison here in the studio. To be a little tough. In don't wanna brag or they but I like can't reach the parking garage from here the dog saying so under contract that if I appreciate your call and that is pretty amazing. How to regularly the the steps in those places I don't smell some good thank god it's not the elevators. You know but I know some other some folks up there probably are just trashy enough to have to think about the the elevators. As a way to relieve themselves there's so drunk they think it's a Porta potty height 10 good morning. A good morning was head. I'm sure that's basically depart it's like 85 bucks today in the secure your vehicle so can get so. It Tim you really pissed me off sometimes you know. Sometimes you remind me of things of my past that I enjoy like Europe. The if you if you don't know it's it is referring to his I parked in the wrong place behind the Starbucks on east east Lawrence Scott and so it was one parking spot over from the official Starbucks. Parking spots and I was only in the twenty minutes and they came out they had booted my car and it cost me 82 dollars and fifty cents to a to have that lovely gentleman. Not remove that from my tire Gerri hi good morning you're on WB today. An integrated America did it is good at it couldn't vote if you wanna go on our but it you have you. The Mecklenburg County courthouse I thought that they are always bad courthouses are always awful. A couple of bucks every half hour news. Well if you're down already darker than you know they are but is this tea is disliked their officials. Parking garage is that what you're referring to when they're. Well at all pulled out of the market because the read it. Are they all Lawler dumping a mass shooters street band but it not a walk a couple of block actual court house. But I bet the Gerrard and at the couple a problem but they're absolved now. So now if it's a hundred degrees outside if they heat index is is through the roof then you know I don't mind paying a little bit extra. If it's if it's someplace I need to go and I need to not look like I just ran a marathon. You know and I mean then then I'd be willing to have to pay a couple extra bucks that. Yes it it's amazing those little teeny tiny pieces of real estate. They get so much money for. And and I guess the good news is that most parking lots even though they're kind of a racket and in your paying in you make quote get. For what you're paying for it's not like those those park in Jack places that. That book Tim was just so thrilled to two mentioned to me chuck writes in the light rail takes you straight to the epicenter. So I guess you're gonna find a place to look to park. Another person writes and it cost me my whole paycheck depart when do you need to get the right here in the wrong career. So much I'm this suggest my computer career dot com and you'll you'll come out right I'll cut that would WB TV. And there's these mornings and know these these rumors that I hear that we may have a heat index of a hundred degrees is that is that. Is that verified and veracity or somebody just trying to scare me. Not that I ever brought on talk it your forecast from my your folks on BP. About 95 game but the dew points and the lows Japanese it's likely to feel like about a hundred degrees afternoon I think we actually won't pick that off. Several degrees probably one of 3 to 1 o'clock tomorrow and Friday only hope is we get a couple of cool it. Under short. See now I Lila to northern California way northern California how is good 20506. Degrees but there was no humidity so. It was tolerable this is a completely different animal here when it's based upon the humidity isn't it. Yeah that's exactly right and what happened there's they do point continue to surge into the seventies and the air temperature gets into the ninety's in the afternoon and evening hours. It sort hampers the body's ability to cool so again even though you're sweating that's that's the food preparation is the way to the body. Cool itself but that is a slow process when the dew points in the seventy themselves after a while you continue to exert. A lot you don't take break Dartmouth cool guy appreciate you don't drink water. A lot of value built from the cramps he thought it is potentially heatstroke not good. Yeah and touch in some things are bad news I got a black car so when I go I know in the in the sunshine and and I opened the doors like oh my god I don't know what it is out there. That they brought it to those windshield things work by the way you know there's things you put up a new windshield and help much. I'll I I suppose they help only from the sense of having direct sunlight on your dashboard and on the interior vehicle button. I think you what it is still hot in an enclosed vehicle it gonna heat up big dot at this it's just the way it is. What what's the worst stuff to heat up and others been warnings about. Like playground equipment and then when I was a kid and you're good on those you may remember the aluminum slides all my god yeah you get there it. Third degree or go down that block well and you couldn't slide first of all it like captive there and then that made it doubly bad you know exactly right they're not only Burton richter kicked off the darn good it's a double whammy it's as some sort of nasty tortured that probably the Russians came up with. Doorknob studio door knobs and direct sunlight those bad boys a load rips and skin off of you anything else that we need to be concerned about pets for sure right. Yeah pat and that would check on the elderly and anybody that worked out or you know that this. Not unusual July the Carolinas but again. It's just something that we always seem to deal wit but just watched. Underpants the elderly anybody working outdoors grouper landscaper construction workers I feel from the time of the year because they're out there all day long admitted Stuckey got to take break. Cut down on the alcohol and on the caffeine but lots of water. Already out content WB TV weatherman extraordinary given us a little bit of warning about these heat indices. The hundred degrees today may be a 10304 tomorrow if you're AC goes out that's a lasting in the world the issue folks wanna do is to go open your attic so. I have a nice cool glass of water for them when they show up a break him back and a Donald Trump junior he's well he's put himself into the spotlight we'll talk about it and see how bright that light is shining on his little little face coming up. Maybe it's hot out there. Glad we had a chance to us talk to mr. Conklin from muddled UB TP. About just how nasty is on the outside there. And it's it's disgusting when people take advantage of the heat to be nasty jerks comes out of me on. Running and all North Carolina there's a dude they're being charged with child abuse. After a cops say. That he forced his nephew to walk barefoot and stand barefoot on hot asphalt. We were done them before. Not to your kid I don't mean that and I'm not a yesterday he would admit to child abuse Charles cut a chi who is. That's like that's set up question so have you stopped beating your wife. You make it did to the beach so I now. For myself I go to the beach of I try to take my shoes off walking across in the afternoon and it's a ninety degree day. You'll absolutely Burr in the bottom your feet all you need a second degree burns and than you do that stupid walk Zito but it's not a not the go to our oligarchs the flamingo and yet you do the stupid want why you're on the heat. You know on the hot asphalt and then later in the day after you know you realize that the skin has been burned off the bottom of your feet. You're walking kind of funny than two but this is not funny at all the the situation here Roger Davone king. Here's a question what do they always put the middle name and seems like all criminals have three knicks. And I guess is maybe just standard practice. Maybe it's if you if you hit let's say Scott I don't know what's your middle name is but but so is Mike. So writes us if they Scott FitzGerald gets arrested. You want to say Scott FitzGerald ordeal on to say Scott Charles FitzGerald. I forget who you Marlon Marlon Roma colleague Charles what. Chavez got that Scott Gatsby FitzGerald okay and that's what's so it'll way to differentiate right you know. It's so they're camped hoping to hear Scott FitzGerald got arrested. When in reality you didn't there was somebody else can Glazer December reality I didn't because chances are there's somebody out there who we just heard that that's all they heard. Because that's how people listen to the news DJ hit at this job and we agreed you're gonna be indicted by the end of the day a 100%. Who knew names that are criminals who did you know what that's it that's a possibility to. But we digress Roger Davone king was a rested and charged with felony child abuse. Causing serious physical injury. We had the cops there and say that the police received a call reporting that man was making a child stand on hot asphalt. At a mobile home park. Which is all a whole other discussion that it would cut. Marxist they had pavement. Just a two foot by two foot square piece to make him feel like they are were move and on up to be east side. So cops showed up and spoke with the witnesses and mr. king. Who says he admitted to having the nine year old stand on the hot pavement where there are no issues on. And the poor kid was limping and had blisters on his feet when all's said and done and a kid. Agassi was just visit an old dear old dad there because he was returned to the custody of his mother. And the department of social services is coming in and they're doing some investigations. So not not a very nice person not a Smart thing to do to your kids at all holy Moly. Mean is it's bad enough when we do to ourselves. Return to due to a kid. I've always had this this this this belief and it's a strong belief that anybody who messes with kids. The penalty needs to be so much more severe. Then if you do the same thing to an adult. You know there's an adult can fight back in the Balkans say. You know. Expletive view and so many different sorts of ways but if it's child and especially with your child and they just do whatever it is that you told them to do whether they. Like it tour agreement that are not so. Drove it looked as something percolating clear your IRA near their proper and other listeners that you that you did not sailor was not said that Scott official was arrested. He got in the car the last moment and her arrested in her drew name. Insist to Scott FitzGerald arrested. Pitchers know so if it did happen you listened the spoke to a halt Clinton's yes you do. Or. We just don't say the sentence anymore ten mark we promised me wants him anymore. Nothing less than indictment right nothing less than an indictment all right so but they'll be careful of there's going to be very very hot you're walking across asphalt. And and I have found it did this happen to me in the past. When I'm at this woman pool. You know when I think here's what I'm gonna do some dough cool off. And then you jump in the you know you'd you you take issues up to good jump in the pool and then you realize is concrete damn hot. And then you're in the pool and you think and calmly get out of the pool. And then he realized the congress hot and that's what he dual display exactly did wash water onto the paved the special bush water and then and then you move like the wind up. And yes. And don't dilly dally at all so again heat index 100. Today. 10304. When two morals are so if if you think that maybe your air conditioning is is having a tough time absolutely. It is actually going to be given you some fruits so. Just given a bit of the break OK and the AC folks members of their favorite day of the year this kind of stuff right. Because. Our era but the guys are your air conditioners in your attic there. Death but I never really understood that. Mean I guess I get in on one hand you don't want you know. Have to be ugly on the outside and cooler goes down we'll compressors outside in the I think almost all cases now that impresses outside but up in the attic is the heat exchanger in the land the curtain are those fancy restaurant for things. But. But I haven't got their fix those things. Then the AC guy becomes one of the most miserable people on the planet you think you are because you're dealing with the heat. They got a much much much worse three year old and trample lanes look at possibly the problem will bounce on that story next. Hot tea so might be do you think about going full maybe they about the only. And up until today you would have thought about going to. McDowell creek cove. And grown as women. And use the gifts. Dressings McConnell creek cove on mountain mountain is lake is that right. Tells us commander Charles. Yet credit I'm so I'm on I'm only non violently yes sir. I know exactly where it is that is exactly what I have not obvious way evident but I know mark knows. You've been there but vision and inefficient and yet years ago when you would not have wanted to accomplish there earlier this week planets in the world because mark. Approximately 50000 gallons of mostly. Mostly. Treated waste water. Was discharged into the lake and yeah just a little bit approved. Doesn't apply only to protest. So they they got they cleaned up. I don't know that labor necessarily trust when they see things have been cleaned up and I usually try to give it a few extra days. But they say that the bacteria count is within safe limits their for the swimming advisory. Has been lifted. So have run that hadn't been that discharge happened on. Eight. Which is I don't care what dated happened and what they issued those who warning to not swim on the tenth on the on Monday yet two days later they set all. Pluto when they forgot to go out there and dug in a little chemical kit. You know 'cause they only do it on on even days I guess the most be it. So on the eighth they darted down at the discharge came down a Macon all this up of course and then now when the tenth rolled around they figured it. So the question becomes which is lesson. The link. All over the pool. We know would have its hope that at the unless of course you don't invite children to your potent even them via. The but the so a moving up the who I was in Ohio for the fourth of July and and I love to canoe and I was invited to go canoeing on another little Miami River. And so that's one of the McMillan rivers of that Nicholas there's the the great Miami there's a little Miami and then there's the white water river those will be a predominant. Paddle in canoe in Toobin kind of rivers and and I neglected to do that comes I want to goose in a moment stood. And that weekend. There worsen peddlers on that river. And run ended up with the flesh eating bacteria. She had via a cut on her leg and after being in that water. She ended up in the hospital would dislike being a black thing. Eating attorney Lego. And in my life she's going to be freaking out now because she was well and that river as well as some of the kids. To get the cousins get to them incas are kind of brat that. Snobs can't battalion was kind of one of those wake you up and realize you know what. Polls are bad lakes are bad ocean back is against the sharks. Where can you go bathtub. Carl Benton. And and speaking of the beach it was amazing. What happened not too long ago. At Panama City Beach and maybe you've heard of it may be heaven it's all over social media and I found to be an absolutely wonderful demonstration. Of how people working together can do something great. An amazing act of heroism caught on camera dozens of people formed a human chain. Stretching from the beach poly into the ocean to rescue some senators. Check this out this was over the weekend at Panama City Beach the chain reportedly stretched eighty. People long at one point it started in two boys who boogie boarding drifted out to sea and in several people who tried to save then got trapped. Two people were taken to the hospital but everyone is expected to be okay. Wow I know incredible. And it's incredible and and the the mom and the story says you know what I was afraid that this is the end I thought this is how wrong gonna go. And then everybody join together to help rescue hole he really didn't the time and it's taken debt organize and again like what's going on. And amid all the screaming and chaos GAAP and worked. Amazing and that. So other family there is a dude no it was a woman and her husband. The mob and the mother and doesn't sons and nephews you all went out to this period Panama beach in this knowing a lot of fun for the day. And then they walked out and it was sand bar and that's when. Global all the time ruled him. And they warn you against this is a you know if you're not aware of what the tide is in the timing on thinks he can pitcher but you know stuck out there. So they were out there they started the log back with a watered a little bit higher end and the mom made it. And then she turned around to see their family was still stranded out there. And that's when the rip tide started covenant. And then other folks who were talking as RC don't go out there in May don't caught trying to rescue them. But they did and then they got stranded as well and unfortunately in that situation too often we're somebody who really is not in a position to go make the rescue. Tries to get on out there and then they end up stuck as well. Quite often you hear about that was families were somebody's in the water and can't swim and as somebody else who can't swim thanks we'll all go save them and then pretty soon you two people who did. The woman amounts as I honestly thought I was gonna lose my family that day it was like oh god this is how I'm going. And so then Jessica Simmons and her husband came along. And they saw the commotion and then they immediately went into into action mode. And she told herself and it was almost and Thomas you're like the other Wonder Woman line inside overhead you know from Canada and these people are not drowning today it's not happening. And so she grabbed some folks to come here. I need your help and then another person a major help and Ager helping they had a human chain within about eighty people. Stretcher not over about a hundred yards. The bit nerve wracking when it MFA ask you to be part of that change the main. The I would do it but there'd be that that moment in my head where I go okay well you know what we can all go. Check here this could get ugly pretty quick. But obviously it worked and they rescued everybody. Via the mother's legacy be the grandmother of the kids who have that little kids had a heart attack during the episode and she was the only one that had to be hospitalized. As she's expected to be just fine and there are videos floating around. All over social media and the Internet so if you do is Google that that badly then. You'll be able to see this things to also to worry about when it comes to water is a bath tubs and this was sad story. And as just another opportunity to to teach your kids what the hell electricity is all about. And how it's a wonderful thing but at the same time it continue to think when you've got to blow dryer you know it has that. You know that tag on it that warns you against Conan the water and the ladies curling irons same sort of thing. And don't be surprised to pretty soon we don't have to have those. And stickers on your phone chargers. There was attain in New Mexico that apparently was electrocuted while she was in the bathtub and gyms on a cellphone. But the deal was I don't think she would have been hurt if you soulful what did you spend cell phone loose and not plugged in but apparently. She had the charging cord and an extension cord. There by the bath tub and so she's grown so again just another opportunity to remind your kids. Her to be careful because you know I'm not and and I mentioned this send. And wanna get to the story because this brings back some terrifying memories for me there's a three year old boy. And a cast from the waist down because he ended up getting hurt. On a trampoline. At trampoline park. Three year old kid I didn't know you can get on this trampoline at that particular age. So the kid broke his dive bar when he was pounce on the trampling their and these were on trampling dispose they were good for toddlers. And so he's going to be he's and we laid a furlough. And I never liked it when my kid to get on the metro and when we bought our house. Lotion many years ago that was actually traveling in the backyard and it was like we get rid of that thing I thought well no other ways it has great kids you know eleven hour planet. And NIC we meet we know we need to get rid of it because they're gonna get killed you know they're they're too crazy. They'd they'd do these flip things. And they're gonna. Gone off breaking their necks. We chose not to get that I want our boys who are younger but I gotta tell you I remember. First grade. Gym class. Twice a week out on the lawn. Trampoline really seriously did have the the net to fight an opponent I don't know time is just a great big trampoline that you know they folded in half and they roared out there each day. And I don't remember any kid ever just flying off of but they could of there's only one teacher so I knew a lot of kids it would do flips on those things and they did to a flipper lay and other body and then jump jump back up in the air again I could never do that. Well it Charles in his gym class yes displayed charts as well we hope he didn't we are dodge ball he would play dodge ball with a jerk I look I mean we just we could we can it would voices I don't know a handle on that front I absolutely hated those things now I realize could put ourselves my stomach I'm not one of those. You roller coaster dudes man all right them. But it's a really comfortable feeling in my stomach and that there are some rose country roads are used to drive and as a kid. And you'd go over them just to get that little feeling down in the wee wee area you know an ups and fifth at the and that was flawed. But made jumping up and down are trampling. This. It's just that and he kind of feeling inside their dislike it just scares the crap out of me if Comair was. Scott at WBT. Dot com. I have certainly heard worse so just another little reminder of their two. Be careful what you kids can you just never know and so tomorrow. Everything's out there to kill. Everything is absolutely no particular so a break it back on the comeback in the next half hour here wanna do wanna talk a little bit about via the Donald Trump situation. The trump train seems to be in question at this point in time Joseph Scarborough is said I'm no longer Republican I think that's an extreme. Moved to take. May be saying I'm not so much on the tram train anymore. That's probably more in line don't get your feeling on that when we come back here 128 is the time a news 1110993. WBT's. 1134 native Scott Fitzgerald's where about the NFL in rushing for a he yesterday was he was lamenting the fact that he continued to me talk about Russia be defensive about that drug administration from campaign. You know about that'll stories so we'll see whether or not his fatigue is he's got to the point where he needs to move on. Again that'll serve about 1206. And yesterday that junior. Reserve was making the rounds and in particular he he got a chance to sit down mr. Hannity and deputies and Isabella Jewish Garber here's your chance say deter the joint. Is going to leave the Republican Party. And become an independent and as a result of this and he just doesn't understand. Republicans can continue to support. Donald drop and a question I would ask you is. Do you still. Claim to be Republican. And you still. Super president trump and if either of those are in question which one. He has more in question for you so well yesterday on Hannity got thrown about a soft balls Donald Trump junior did and here's quite a few of the things are decent breakfast. Next I try would have done things a little differently. Again this is before the Russian mania this is before they were building it up in the press. For me this is opposition research I've been reading about scandals that people were probably under reporting for a long time so maybe it was something that had to do with one of those things and this is her to perhaps involvement with the Russian government this is free Russia mania you know this is thirteen months ago before I think the rest of the world list. I'm talking about that trying to build up this narrative about Russia never even heard of before we believe that day. You know and I think it became pretty apparent to you Jared Paul who. I think Jared left after a few minutes not as she's known pat yeah. Dad doesn't earn an accurate arm and I. And hey some DNC donors may have done something in Russia and they didn't pay taxes act I doesn't what does this have to do with. Anything if there was something that came from a that was she 88 there was a danger to national security. I would obviously bring it right to someone but I know when anything was it turns out it was nothing. Turns out it was nothing in the that's the story that we've been told. And question remains whether or not there was something there. And if so what was it to and what kind of damage could possibly cost and we talked to black doctor Michael munger earlier today. About this particular situation with a constitution would say about it and his position. And it's different from some attorneys obviously the ones that are on the democratic side are just you know this robbery and they can't they can't wait their. Sharpening their claws and come on their armor and girding themselves would. You know swords and and all sorts of attack weapons to go after this guy the doctor Michael number munger seem to think that no. There was and they solicitation. And the there was nothing of value so it can't be a campaign deal because there's no way to prove whether or not the information whatever information may have been had any value. And his contention is that because of the First Amendment. Information should be free and clear having any sort of value attached to it. So we will see about that but. Not all. The negative reactions. Our common from the democratic side. I was quite shocked when. On fox Charles Krauthammer. Started taken some shots at Donald junior. If you get a call or go to a certain place in the middle of the night. To pick up stolen goods and it turns out stolen goods don't show up. That's a cop show up I think he's gonna have very weak story saying well I got swindled you look for assisting companies they got swindled and he admits if I had not I wouldn't have done on this but to say I love it to be informed that did the Russians are written on their behalf contradict six months of stories. And I say again I defended them because up until today there was no there there right now there isn't there and now to say as some are saying well collusion but we all do it we did it in Israel. Ukrainians are colluding come on. That is pathetic. The fact that the Russians are necessary. But probably our most consumer. Dangerous in the world. Handy when you get information that the Russians. Trying to dig dirt on your alternative a give it to you and support you in your election and can go to the FBI you don't go to the meeting him. So and ask your dental junior a moment ago he he wishes that he would have. So. Somebody asked. The Robert Moeller folks I'm shall be a special counsel who's doing all the investigation into. The allegations of or collusion between the trump can't on the Russian government a spokesperson says he. Did their declining to comment. Or do you emails from trump junior at this point in time but somebody who is not. Keeping quiet about this and I found this to be very very interest and is vice president Mike Pence. He offered did you think about this we're here for the kind of a curious statement in response to that entire release of emails. And you know he would be sitting down with the attorneys and and carefully wording this year. Because it looks like it's in its attempts to absolve the vice president of any sort of I don't know responsibility. Or involvement. It's here's what it's us. The vice pres this comes from the spokesperson by the way it's not directly from a from from mr. pence or vice president is working every day. To advance the president's agenda. He was not aware of the meeting. He is also not focused on stories about the campaign. Especially those pertaining to the time before he joined the campaign. That's that's a part is probably kind of thing there. I'm washing my hands at this and I'm moving away and it's going to be on your head meaning the other campaign. And they black tea he's been put into a tough position a number different times where. He would make a statement and then somewhere out of the White House it would come out that no that won't indeed wasn't the case. Have with a Michael Flynn situation and have with a few other ones. When. When he was asked in January. If there were any sort of ties between the trump campaign officials and Russian officials his answer was when he started CBS is well of course not. And I think to suggest that is to give credence to some of the bizarre rumors have swirled around the candidacy. So I feel bad after for vice president pence he's on he's got himself in a tough position. But he's a big boy. Probably knew on some level when he was getting into so are you jump and not the Republican trend are you still on the trump train. 7045711. Too much to get your calls coming out of Omaha heat index yup. Yeah. So other directors of the Reyes is doing his little. Stand up for himself in front of the the Senate Intelligence Committee. And and the nominee folks as the appeared nominee here on Capitol Hill. And in the future when you watch him if he's being interviewed. We were. He's just talking on TV or doing whatever he is this really weird expectation when his mouth. He kind of scratches his mouth open to up with a tight little lip you know tight line. And he does in his eyes kind of spent a little bit. I just like to observe people and see what sort of regular patterns that they have and this is generally having when he's listening. So just something and chances with these political cartoons. Start hitting that might be something that they had to take a look at. So what Donald junior will put around you know put a ball on this from here for today one of the big questions and we've just a few folks about this earlier today. The legal ramifications. To a size to the story in some folks. Pulling no to any more ms. severe issued and others. So what are the legal implications of all this the trump junior emails and his meeting with the Russian lawyer fall under the mandate of the special counsel. Here's Julianna Goldman. One of the key questions for special counsel Robert Mueller investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. Is whether and how that trump campaign was involved. Watch collusion isn't illegal but conspiracy is. So does the fact that Donald Trump junior and others met with someone they were told was a Russian government lawyer who wanted to help the campaign constitute a smoking gun. If they're changing rationales obviously fuels the allegations of collusion. Any of conspiracy. Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University Law School thanks for he says the emails alone don't necessarily prove conspiracy. But they raise questions I could put mr. trump and his inner circle in legal jeopardy. First why did trump junior initially lied about the purpose of the meeting. Conflicting stories for prosecutors like blood in the water for shark. It attracts prosecutors and investigators. Anyone know why there's conflicts. Then there's this to the emails contradict any information campaign associates have provided to the FBI. And that could lead to criminal charges and furthermore why didn't Jared Kushner include the meeting when he submitted his government's security clearance form. The most serious criminal issue we can in these controversies. Comes on a false statements for those of us who do criminal defense work that's a crime we fear the most is very hard to defend against. The government tends to use false statements to prosecute people on Washington more than any other crime. Yeah we talked about it earlier today that seems to be the one that it's folks in trouble is when they say yes to something when really answer was no purely you know. When the answer was really yes and I think one of the ironies here is. Deter the trump junior said that he. That would quote incriminate. Hillary Clinton and her dealings were Russian. It was because it is there habitable area there incriminate Hillary Clinton and her dealings with Russia. And now there are looking at trump junior for his. Dealings with a Russian. So we'll see what the situation how his hands up. I think the Democrats are slob and a bit too much and we need to get the napkin out I think they need to wipe their chair and just to get here because there they're kind of hoping. That big things are gonna happen. And I doubted seriously. Hillary's former running mate Tim Kaine does. Question of collusion which essentially starts to transition this into potentially treason investigation. You when he was approached with this idea he should turn it over law enforcement immediately that's what anybody should have done so. Very serious but I think that senate Intel committees and special prosecutor now catalog. More work to do you do mystery some. That is that the investigation it's not. We have nothing is proven yet read it where we're now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what's being investigated this is moving into perjury false statements. And even in the potentially treason. And an amazing when he did the Democrats start thrown around those big words it's almost like Maxine Waters not too long gone maybe even. Yesterday who knows I mean she seems like a parent at times tensions on the one work. Peach peach peach peach. My. Because did that which one of you did that park it's pretty compared to the patient hacked. Into each page. Treason so that's that's the word is who gets thrown around a lot here we've heard heard the of the collusion you know we've already heard. Solicitation. So what's that conspiracy here and that's going to be another one that we hear come. And it ain't gonna go away and I asked the question. Do you still support to the president as much as you did before all this broke out here. Now that there may be some truth to some dealings with the Russians. And somebody nobody's got a WBT dot com this stinks of deep state shut up. So illegal to talk with the Russian attorney normally I get that Clinton's camp definitely do the same thing with the current again or do I brought that up to. And he also says the that it never troopers who were just drooling all over this I agree with that as well. Now the woman one thing I think it's kind of funny is this stinks a big deep state set up. I would love to know. If people will be truly honest. How many times in their life they said that phrase deep state. Before. President trump became president trump. The only people that I know that ever used the phrase deep state. We're conspiracy theorists. Those who watched Alex Jones or those who are web sites like above top secret. That's where the deep state stuff can now honestly I mean obviously goes back to know that deep. My thoughts of the CIA during the Kennedy case but it seems to have disappeared. And now come back into a into vogue again Joseph hi there here on WBT how are. Miracle drug I'm doing it right at a better of the two people in it don't. What happens or they go all all of that I. I'll mow all the volatile or an back this. Your question first the or whether the joint about the here and abroad are out of it though all. Though he's finally got back advocate for its suborbital ordered they're they're seeing some of us come out or with the where problem during your. But at present time you know I guess you have to look at the top to bottom there's like. When you start talking reasonably certain. Who is an at all the other. You know got to work. Although they wanna throw out there. I can't believe I'm stronger draw the distinction between bears and embarrass the democratic campaign. That was. Hey very very important. Computers are related to do a dossier on trial. You know they're the whole. You know the whole lot shouldn't. Adopted that they got from all of the British organizer or was completely sourced a bit more about Clinton Campaign. Oh I don't Rihanna and try to figure out where where's the distinction ought to prepare credible. Very poor Al ordered blossom itself from the beginner. Why it. I understand. Your question and I think got the more important question would be. Hillary's dealings with the Ukraine because she was trying to do the same thing that this allegation it would juniors trying to do it with the Russians. That's pretty pretty much the same kind of thing it's tit for tat it's the same you know same par on a golf in on a golf ball. Via the other part of to me that almost seems more like they've asked a foreign source. Who they could then say is legitimate and was given the information to essentially. Right tea a piece of creative writing. I don't mean if it was all entirely calls if that was all entirely false and made up. Then what they ask them to do was write a short story and then act like he was actual intelligence you don't mean. Of course but what river are prepared to go back out of your round around to our global accord brokered under about two you're born a minute ago which would be right. Which get there you said that a lot of mom back have a bad he got destroyed mentioned. You know post. Post Kennedy America in the sixties for a while but it does that make it any less ballot admitted it's. You know Eric Berry have a bit of out joke the person very short but with the press rob. Here are the orbiter does seem a little through a video that. All their clothes or destroy it or leave at all but was created you're looked like a setup when you when you're there. Wanted to yet it does almost look like he was scripted to be this way. There's and there's no accounting for what people will do to gain power and when they really don't like the other side I don't think we should never be surprised at how ugly. He's almost humans. And yet. Done for the day thanks for listen we'll see you tomorrow and until then it was too blue skies and green light stick here.