Doug Kellet Fills In For Hancock

John Hancock
Monday, December 4th

Doug Kellet fills in for Hancock. Neil McCabe of Big League Politics, Doug Graham, former speech writer for George W Bush, and Bill Glynn, Venture Capitalist join Doug to discuss the current investigations in Washington, and the tax reform bill.


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All right welcome man. Begala sitting in the forward gun handgun today on them. News radio WB TUB would you hear them look forward to going to do this afternoon we'll take your phone calls of course. I'm John is off today and there's so much going on obviously with the discussion about Donald Trump's tweeted we didn't hear about it real wounded two of the date on that as we go along and the left has gone they're crazy this afternoon. Making the I claim that somehow this is by doing this is is more less a acknowledgment that he obstructed justice in the whole Michael Flynn situation in their rush touched on it for sure of male lived more than touched on it. During his program loss or give your thoughts on the program is so we go along here 7045711. Tim the phone number is always to join us on the program that I welcome. Your thoughts and I comment to be like to. And you say about whatever is on your mind today and also. Real low like it should bring you up to date on the latest dealing with the Michael Flynn situations some are speculating. From other Donald Trump perspective that. This whole investigation might be over by the time you know the first of the year that's not. The way of the a lot of people are kind of looking at it. I think it's more about how long it. Maytag but also with the result may be right I mean it's. It's a situation where Donald Trump continues its week. And that. Provides may be more complication about the various things can't the president even obstruct justice that's a question that the Dow drops attorney. Mentioned it earlier today and since this has always been appointed did you know the president is the it Chief Executive Officer more or less of of law enforcement. And it it is always been I don't who's ever been in on a lawyers are being dvd see full details but. It's always been sort of discussed about. Whether the of the president can really. I'm sure justice. In the in the final analysis. In other words. Yeah I mean in an investigation if you're the head guys. He involved in it in there they're investigating you it would seem out of service and yes you can. So there was an article of impeachment brought against Richard Nixon. Even though it never was adjudicated Richard Nixon resigned. Before. Leaving every came up in congress back in the early seventies but one of the the articles was obstruction of justice by the president's I don't know B. In beer not maybe some EU law experts would know the answer to that but the point is. That's something that. Feel appears these special counsel might be investigating. And the president's tweet through our tweets. About the Michael Flynn situation is. I guess you would say that from may. From a lawyer perspective you normally wouldn't want that mussina happened premiere client but the president is who we is Donald Trump. Is that similar backs down about any thing right. Saying he is an individual here where. He's just gonna tell you from his perspective. What he wants to you via Twitter saying lead me. He's really fired Michael quit by Michael Flynn. You know because the FB IA he lied to the FBI lied to the vice president lets me know the reason that he did show which may be very well the reason. But again here's somebody that. Smith a lot of people think is part of the investigation by Muller and then the presence continued to talk about it Michael Flynn lived. I'm guilty to lying. To the FB IA. Last week and mrs. You know part of the overall investigation branch by by Miller. Then you know Donald Trump has been very. Supportive of Michael plans. It all goes back to lose holding the MBI director Komi at the time. The president fires James told me a lot of us thought gamecube we should been fired long time ago for. Really the FBI's mishandling. I'm Hillary Clinton email scandal. I mean make no mistake about it James don't we should have been out long time ago with the way that was failed during the election season. Cannot be replicated ever again right I mean he got involved in the in the election didn't get involved in the elections and got involved in the elections and they do but never really get to really get anything going about. Whether someone as secretary of state can mishandled. Highly classified information by using their own private server having an unsecured. Having by most accounts and most. Gleaming kind of Reading of the flaw in the way it's been applied in the past of course there would be investigation there. But there's mishandling certainly should got him fired problem was a by the time the president drug did fire him. And he does his interview on the NBC. When Lester holt saying he fired him because of the Russian thing. How that eventually led to the special counsel and here we are today and now of the president's lawyers is a president cannot. Actually obstruct justice in the long run so the president's been very supportive. Sam Michael Flynn knows a whole part of the usually going right. At least would you believe these reports you think they're fake news or whatever the stories are out there that the president tried to get comedy is sort of I can't remember the exact wording has been quoted but something like digging his led the single lawyer sounded like that so this is so where we are. And that have people are frustrated. You the first year of the administration we get possible tax reform coming down and we get you know and to deal with this. Do so my friends on the conservative side. We're dismissing the sole. Muller thing to begin we have just another which this and that. And whether it is or not it's not really the issue to me the issue is. You have a special counsel on your bag. And you just started in the administration Mears is gonna have consequences. Somebody is going down mass Michael Flynn maybe Somalia where we get to the installment of forward his former campaign manager than maybe others. But it's a drags. Really on the first year. This administration has faced just a thought Jimmy golf will work well as a guest on later in the program as well 7045711. Dan. I'm they're jealous sitting in for John Hancock in will be right back on news eleven dead and 993 WB ZI. And. And we're back thanks for joining us here today Dick Daley sitting in for John Hancock. In the media we view on this. Monday DJ doing the of releasing aboard operations of our program and we welcome your. Phone calls of course 7045 Simoneau lived in nice to get a chance from time to time this. Sit in here and we'll you know kind of cover this about the Michael Flynn thing but. I have to admit I was going to every reading some of the president is tweeting those tweets and dumped so won the left is all upset about. He is one dealing with why he fired Michael Flynn. He still ahead of fired general plan because he lied to the vice president in the FBI and he's pled guilty to those lies it is a shame because his actions during the transition to lawful there was nothing to hide. I'm not I'm trying to understand where in the air and I was watching some shows this morning about it but. Where in there exactly did the president. It mid to obstructing justice city. When you fired Michael Glenn I think the criticism of the president right would be didian firing soon enough. Or maybe he was told ahead of time that said Michael Flynn is going to be a problem. That. He really shouldn't be where he is wouldn't that really be they real argument there and that's. You know nothing here about obstruction of justice right. House go to Joseph starter calls today Joseph thanks for calling your news 1110993. WBT what's out. Call phone from my taking my call bonuses. It is just too many so absolutely asinine out say why we're quick. I remember back in the Clinton administration the first thing that Clinton did Bill Clinton. Would be fired all the US attorney then asked they call eight double L. And they don't talk about so so people are so. Trump partners. Comb a big deal I mean he had many tweets all this job. You don't know that's the problem abolish ward about some bikini you don't know what he's talked about just ever since. I almost any pain associated and I got out voted fly it's only because they'll lay up really warrant. And he don't we're outgoing that he understands there's we had been brought against anybody decent I don't think you wouldn't want. Oil throwing it on the road is miss a minute it's yet Joseph one of the right meanwhile the the best benefits for his or winning was that he was running against Hillary Clinton who people really didn't wanna. This Ian there you know here's the thing though if you just were quick tweeting I know it's not gonna happen and I know that. It's not that he tweets it's really the times in a video of this week's many times some of them kind of of a personal nature which really doesn't fit the presidency but. Some of these that do have certain kind do about you know this whole investigation thing it might be better to just didn't do that. Absolutely but the other thing years. Why in the world. If you remember cordon and all the joked that he did it he never meant to be any change each hit home for eight years into current got away with. Martyr who literally in my opinion. Here arcade for a bit but I've got to there's tremendous luck and evidence servant but you know I'll kind of funny burger last day when he gave Ali is. You know pardons which were unbelievable the people he pardoned. I mean this whole thing you know main. You know. Wilder I don't know Republicans are you know anarchy because they're not backing them can't stop Ricky. You know he got those gravitas as people like to say to understand this up. Fortune storming as a guy that probably hasn't been a lot of time Joseph over the years. You know it is sort of business dealings of the studying you know world. He mentioned may be maybe as part of the frustration we're seeing you know would that Tillerson and in some of the secretary of State's office or whatever so the new launches I guess is the way to to look at it about that may be. What do you know you say your when you do have consequences on the rest of the world that kind of thing as far what you're talking about. The president. What they had you know he has led or not he is the president is that unless something's developed there really wouldn't expect from this investigation or whatever the president is doing or. Or some other unforeseen event the president going to be there for the next three years and guys get a think he's got that's gonna continue our gestured to work on some of these things. Well you know open you know I'm Marcus says he just. That there is a good thing to say for example Korea. Current just like Korea says it. I would which you may be some doubt maybe some other missiles they'd send them over Japan and Japan's certainly don't won't go over and we're gonna shoot them up you want to illustrate that come back. Just let it sure it personal Lambert are third hole changed up the ball. You know that doesn't spend a lot will remodel or they'll loss again without a compromise we gave which red China. Because little China is the only one who's beaten a quote in North Korea. Well it's hard to say Eminem wanna my friends as early as conservative as I know of anybody. You know actually Ximian message a little while ago we don't concern about the way trump has been. Clearly when North Korea as well and he's you know I had its especially the tweeting. Clearer about that yet it does. You look at the tweets I think it's interesting that to be able did. They hear directly from the president of the United States a leader of the free world. The 1 thing that I am disappointed about than others can react to this show that I. As I am disappointed the president does not seem to understand the consequences at times some of these tweets. My plea of the videos that he you know he re tweeting the other day of the day apparently they were not even legitimate. I've been news about some Muslim attacks and I'm individuals or whatever. The that angered the British prime minister whatever it is. Victims about there are consequences. To the actions plus rebrand uncharted territory we haven't seen it. President like this here you mentioned about some of the Clinton years essentially shenanigans to allow American even begin there to remind people of all they. The things were pulled during the 1990s. By the clintons but I think people remembered enough they want Hillary Clinton in there. Clipped yeah there's consequences of these actions. It's not just illegal. No matter whether the president can command some harm by some of the things he says. It's more about the of the consequences on the world stage I think. That. There as a present United States when you tweet it. You know every leader around the globe is also reading. Probably thought following Donald Trump so. I think that's part of it. Is just something we haven't seen before us and as sort of a jordin more uncharted waters in the past a president whoever it was. Usually if who's making some statement about. Another country is some statement about foreign policy issue. They would be very careful wording of what they're really going to be they would may be big stages ceremony that stage a news conference. It would be sent out to be a release it would be very carefully sort of vetted. Seen in many ways and and I'm sure from the professional standpoint of this administration that's probably going on too but we didn't have. The vehicle Twitter. We're the president could maybe supersede that or maybe maybe I've commanded front office of the north the president will. Maybe have a a policy idea to tell his mind it hasn't been formulated yet he goes ahead and tweets about it. And people are reviewing Bozell a policy or is that humility exactly what is that so. It is it's a new territory it's part of the new technology I guess with social media. And this president has been very. Astute of getting his message out whatever that messages. And sometimes. Several times today and your dreams of these tweets from yesterday and today and he's been all over the place. We have to win this and so. You know the Michael Flynn the issue to center stage in the national media is going to be focusing. So much about it it's. It is significant from the standpoint you're similarly that was when the administration has pled guilty lying to the FBI we can't debt discount that. The general plan was doing much of whatever he was doing. Long before. Donald Trump ran for office it was just part. Some of these ongoing lobbying. You know effort to whatever and should disclose some of this information whatever else. He's out there I guess we'll find about it upon mailer Ford's situation I mean the biggest. Issue about president drove on this and you'll be critical of the president. He is whether he understood the connections of men afford or not in the past. The Dave was there proper vetting. Of having. Someone would this kind of past involving your campaign in bagged running your campaign I think that would be the biggest. Question mark about it not the notre collude with Paul man authorities only about or to have Russia. Involved in the presidential election. There's the media's is it trying to. To depart re having is more about the lack of judgment perhaps. And maybe that's a fair criticism or fair look and then have certain people around you. There have always question marks and that's the real issue here. We'll talk about it we come back Neil McCabe big league politics will join me just a moment signed a Dylan sitting in for John we'll be right back of news eleven Jan 993 WBT don't go away. Our I welcome back Derek Daley sitting in board John handout 337 minutes time here on. News 1110993. WB to leave the phone number 70 form 570 limited and a delight to a joint this year. I Neil McCabe a big league politics. She's on with me here in just a moment we'll get him on let's go to Tim first do. I've talked about this whole Michael Fleming and we'll get reaction from Neil coming up Tim thanks for all your news 1110993. WB take. You know ignorant but yeah but the thought there yet I'm the general at that you're not selling them other than John Hancock got. You know bangers that he said that it. Yeah I haven't done by the way. Are appreciated him has always nice to get a little good news there from someone appreciate it. Are there aren't I want more oral for a year it went there and it was like crap that type format. That it broke great act couldn't do it. We don't block well almost immediately look the word obstruction. Well there's leg obstruction easiest way understand our structure and you're I would pay. Apparently there are some barriers. Which then you add that part right. I eat it's what struck that your initial act and now. Well what we want to talk I think is are you and I don't you know under I would you know you. You'd be very eager to all of you aren't sure how are they're just look at construction on interstate near shutout then. Well I had it reminds me of the old blues regard joke about it landed at Charlotte so well it's like to be a great city once it's finished he notes. Or wrecked. Yeah well but you're right I mean that that's is it going to make you have to laugh about it a structure no gauges go another way well. I guess in that regard no drug surely did righty he sent them another direction. Don't know about it is there. And take charge. Is actually I am. What aren't quite there and structure. Absolutely not because the orange. If you compare the highway. It's the power that there are. It's like it there obstruction. Is ludicrous because they're not gonna charge there probably won't lead a charge. Well all right aren't. Completely fascinating. Is that what they drop. Mean what can I am. You're from the get. Did not armed militants side I think is what a name mentioned again. Because. In an actuality. There's been a structure. True. That the current president Preval like let me I don't understand why all you call. Or perhaps rather than it's worth the reply you're Democrat. Who. Can go to war in their opposite. Well I don't agree read to him and backed down sort of live Brenda mine has been involved in. In administrations and also new running campaigns they're doing the other day and he said the same thing he said. He was trying to get one of his friends have pointed. Or get a job in one of the parmesan one of those things interiors. Department. And he's actually understand what they're doing because they've been hiring anyone Sydney you know they don't always openings and then they get Ali's career. Mark of Barack Obama people in there and I getting them out. And then they're not hiring me you know some of our people you know to get them in there I don't really know why they're doing that that's that. That's a little shocking in the it's kind of hard to understand. As for me will you review that fat. Somewhat mimic. Go to war that is what like for example would your general manager but according like wow the fact that what we're flat out. Well Jose can you gonna do better than that is that us. Because if you if you. I hope you're probably mark what about. What. We weren't well. You don't wherever you're at what we're seeing. What do you people anybody funnier stop the what the golfing market. Absolutely not but in Europe I. I know I've spent part they support. You you wouldn't do that you're the only guy you might need. With regard I would the great thing about her ankles and knees and what I knew it going into Ecuador. This billion. Mr. Blair and AMR IAA corporal who are or what format are or eight years. Let's clean out. What whatsoever. And the return of the players that went. All the mineral Albert and reporter who aren't Barack Obama or do what we're hearing about more than the. You know and Jim you're right about I mean Iran though is that I can't explain why is not doing and I know you know some. Have the you know every drive is it sometimes he's doing it to do it because we don't need these people. Especially in the State Department everything and I understand that scaling back government I'm all for doing that obviously but I think. How would your morning and is that we're leaving too many career politicians in there border ordered it not politicians and bureaucrats in there. And we're not going to be able to get and you know our agenda through as well because then they're entrenched makes it more difficult does that make it happen and I really don't listen to actually call a do appreciate it then the good word we forty twos or time a spring. Military big league politics not dumb on way this year Neal has been covering Washington prolonged time also served in the US military. And meals like you for coming on here in Charlotte now are you. Throw a pork report written. About that I mean they'll start with the Tim's comic vision probably a better inside on us about why is it we're not hiring some of our people in some of these positions. Well I think part of it. You know trump really want those you know the idea what carp aren't what he meant what he wanted to eat really thought he could earn a college drop. He really thought. You know I think with three days after the election he said Hillary court they're true or not what you would call. Japan. But somehow he could you know cut a deal you know he put all ranked guy in their speaker. As there are people out. You know that you administration fall apart never proper to work from the bush administration. And. He thought hey it will all get along and we'll work together towards a common goal because you know offered. Amber fact that Donald Trump that's described in the mainstream media has suffered Donald Trump human practice. Ends. You know it's it's it's hurting him now and now I think people are getting on the deck failing at start clearing these guys out our north. Think it very difficult some of these departments. Because they're never proper to the bush people who came in at the beginning. Are the ones protecting Obama people because powered through like the enemy of my enemy like. He'll do it can't believe that we are. When people over there carpet you know the when he was literally Korda. Two and call me. Until what date you realize my gosh call we want to like put in jail. Like you know it's dark. If it's a slow realization. And I. What would we be better if he had not told. Neal. The united interview cholesterol and figure out but you know fighting for the Russians saying we may better right now than that right I mean then that we probably will have a special counsel. Conan. Conley was motivated. To set up top. In the first but let's go back and repair relations lower taking credit for who we don't replace. It's important repair or there are ignorant or rather on the other night it. Now with our equipment durable went. All questions on the 24. Florida they're really of this process that is very different. You are not up and went over and setting up structure crap. From members of people's personal it was cop. And so it's like you have here and become corrupt character Kurt we go to party Saturday night. No it's not call nine part. What are find out what that authorities. It's the open book but aren't we weren't gonna he might live but what are your scripts that don't there's. And now it's like and doesn't have the plants for a while we don't know for thought here's. I'm always I saw people on FaceBook the other day meal if we're kind of critical this position lasted just before it came up with the Martha Stewart thing. It seems to bother me if people do get nailed for lying to federal investigators for crying maybe they didn't commit. You know a lot of really Martha Stewart went to went to jail for a you know rig in the stock market or whatever that didn't happen at all she got nailed for lying to investigators about a crime they never could prove. To rebut her grow up big. Sale. And Europe go over your pick for the meg our fiscal reforms won't. The bar association gave Libby has all liked the fact because they recognize. That the dog was setup. And. The fact that you're attorney at a special prosecutor who was looking into that Victoria Plame bill he already knew what the culprit was. Think it's the report the crime had been so big market if they're scooper that Scooter Libby and you can understand. It just went. You know what the clearances for the yes it maybe you don't buy out what it won't be FBI to try to coordinate it's like maybe. Maybe I'm supposed to keep that a secret. That we're talking to the Russians did everything I say for the Russian pressure beat Kuerten two and a young age and what you lyrics what orchard you know I'm. I think the other point the court. Is that the president of the United States. Is incapable of obstructing justice. Because number one. He's the top the law enforcement officer. And number two. He has full pardon authority. So I can partner anybody out why. How can I obstruct justice when the constitution. Dapper you know that's a minute my editor that's right that's always been the question of I mentioned about Richard Nixon there was one of the articles of impeachment against him though was obstruction of justice. We never really played this out in the courts have we've. Some are whether this president really could be. So nailed for that or not I mean I'd Garcia impeachment is a whole different ball game is not really a legal process it's a it's a political. It may be ours our process. Cerebral warrior president can never be right. There because the office. Stock or lost it right there is nothing you did aren't they were get you back hold on the OK imagine usable overtime here. Start to the president be indicted no theme why is that will buy that mimic a big league politics is when we will be right back kind of delegate John indirect. And you're welcome to join 70457. Olympic dam will be right back here on these eleven Jan. 993 WBT. We're Baghdad Palestinian John Hancock here on the left pin 993 you'll be seeing. I've read 55 or time your news update coming up top of the hour and you couldn't hold on with a Syria then we'll get back to work but still we left. The conversation a moment ago can the president be indicted managers really know because of the same. The issue that they Neil mentioned a moment ago he can he's got the power to pardon me guys. Ten of those investigations that the only real of remedy about a president that acts unlawful is through the impeachment process. That's the vehicle given. You know the American people a way to get rid of a president that he's not you know mining by the rules of the launch of the the congress to do something about it now that's not saying that's. Bill that would apply to this president anyway but I think this this whole discussion of obstruction of justice. So the left continues to be going to he could have fired James told me anyway this is. Are there the problem arises I think I don't guess we'll agreed with me but I think the problem. The perception. And the fact this just keeps going on an island. The course medium I would find somebody else I just to hammer him about but they. There is some of the reason I think is in part because of the president's explanations. These interviews that he did that things perhaps maybe allows. His ego to get the best of him here I didn't need you know these recommendations I fired him because you know the Russian investigation or somebody like daddy's cholesterol that. That's a problem from a standpoint debt. He gives a perception that the president. Just fired him to stop an investigation. Stand. You know in every even though he has right to fire him for whatever reason that he wants to do because. The FBI director works at the pleasure of the president now generally in the past. But it's not always been engaged but you you have a ten year term but the FBI director but it's really still a term. Ben is in place unless the president doesn't want to turn to continue. But it's it is bit that's been sort of the I don't call it tradition because of his tenure term but. The president can fire the FBI director the president should have fired the FBI director probably on day one when he took office because of the way. They James Toney handle the both Hillary Clinton investigation or lack of investigation really is now that we've turned up the you know we found out that. I just Hillary made a decision apparently before they ever interviewing Hillary Clinton he didn't take any notes and Wednesday interviewed Hillary Clinton and all that but. The residents are we have plenty of reason to do so I think that the waiting evident then of course complicated by the told Michael Flynn situation here. As. You know who's who's given this kind of perception allowed Democrats in congress. And the media to. Betrayed that the president I was doing. Be obstructing a justice. Sanjay and again can the president be mailed them not really I only only a political sense in the what I mean by that is yes it can be an article of impeachment. As we saw we Richard Nixon even though Nixon never faced impeachment he resigned from an ever happened to one of the articles that ten that have been brought up was indeed. Getting in the way of legal investigations. And so. The president and inaction is it actually do that obviously but he cannot be. Indicted or convicted of such. And so via the remedy there is the impeachment process sought below I show you impeach them in the house that is you bring up the articles of impeachment. The accusation. You've got to look at the House of Representatives is sort of the other grand jury. And then you go to the senate and the senate is the actual jury Friday here's a case. I presented by the House of Representatives. Whether to remove the president from office we would Bill Clinton. There were accusations. Send them. Articles of impeachment against him. There were approved in the house but when he went to the senate did today I didn't did not pass to get to have a certain number of votes obviously to oust. I'm president we're gonna get Damian that. So that's a holding. Now whether people around the Dow dropped based on legal jeopardy green and we don't really know what all going on there. We know that Obama and if Ford was someone of good care to have probably should not have been involved in the campaign at all. How Michael Flynn was doing his his duties would these foreign governments and apparently not seeing now doing what he should have been doing for when he was doing. With the administration and then but that occurred mostly before he took office there so. How these are not events that occurred necessarily during the other drug administration's. Proud time this hour will be right back here welcome to join 70457. No limits in John is off today and a jealous and Ian. You find me on Twitter my Twitter feed is that side Doug radio we'll be right back with more here on news elevens in 993 W -- Hey welcome to our number two the time handgun until Monday edition. I'm so jealous sitting in TJ doing the producing more aberrations of the year program happy to be winning here 7045701110. The stock market was up today but the had to take stock's. To disclose little while ago was some of them were. We're down a bit. There's also a lot of discussion about ABC's. Brian Ross. Stand days recording. The other day about this whole Michael Flynn investigation something to the effect remember the exact. I only came nobody was some in the affected you Flynn turned on Donald Trump. They drop told him to do such and such and then there's not been shown to be true and stock market went down. Drug was joining us today that. People should sue ABC news for crossing the money in the stock market because. So a lot of the of the market is. There's been going. So on the upside because the administration's agenda I think you with the especially in tax cuts. Potential corporate America is pretty happy about it in the investor class is very happy that there might be some reduction in vendors taxes and soon Marty's been going out well Brian rush. Put that out in the market went down with him but you know I can't remember. Off the double my hair didn't have time to do any research during the break put the three time before we never or shootings or something and Brian Ross would surmise FaceBook pages identified the guy. Some right wing. Gun lover this a matter so clearly wasn't that guy's shooters FaceBook pages have the same name in his life. What kind of reporting is that what journalism school to do go to your. But that's the kind of reporting you guys whoever is just type the name in two days ago that was beat them. But guess what kind of reporting is that. And so the bagged Brian Ross is now suspended from DC and is subject of this investigation does not. Surprise me one iota. Look I am BI went to journalism school after this before clemency and so I knew that they journalists. I've been critical since. I entered the the broadcast environment so many years ago so moon many years. That. No one of the reasons I got into it at the time was because that Indy we have enough conservatives. Tax reporting on the news I was just so frustrated. And these are the days prior to Rush Limbaugh and so. I that's a view I've got this this I've got to get in this. You know our stories are now being told and but so I'm not just a it's another longtime critic of the national media. I generally however have somewhat. Believe that they are attempting to get the truth as they see it. The commentary that's included in the news stories it was always bothered me not really the factual part now we're getting into an environment. We're in the news agencies are in such pressure there. Would between four sort of news cycle the the fact that he can get more news via Twitter Somali community between sending out. From the event from an event and so there's more pressure did get these scoops in this or that she's always been that pressure but you had. Fentanyl environment US fish in the newspaper business you have you know the timed event something you know check out resources before somebody has to be used the story. In the broadcast environment user N opinion overnight did timed out look at it well that's not really the you know that the situation that we fighters have now so please do that in a minute so. Yet less people working there betting things less than trying to get things out there quicker so they can them. Meet every 1000 so the feel mainstream media is under great pressure in the and we're losing. Sure of this the factual part of a lot of these stories from your one source you know I would do journalism school it was he had three. Now so Els and he told the who toes dark is somebody we really believe in and also and that's a new story. So Brando join here's a guy with a journalism background he's also been the speech writer. In the previous bush administration for the secretary of labor he's he's written books and Linda Doug's worked on campaigns run campaigns. You've been around awhile Doug Graham is with me here Doug thank you for coming on here how are you. Some girl. Talk about this from a journalistic standpoint this is Brian Ross thing review because. I don't have you heard any of what I was saying a moment ago but the pressure on the news business is such today. That you know it does good from the mainstream media perspective. That they're not really venting is my generally checking their facts. Like they should they just kind of going that was story. Here yeah. Why I think it's true or mom my personal theory we're about. What happened lies there's probably some big wage in that he may be she probably has had a lot straight lot of money in the markets certainly tank. And that's the reason why they came down our markets under bricks if you completely destroying some poor saps. I reputation ruining their lives and they probably would have had a nice struck out investigation that nothing like it got a but it if you had some guys big corporate guy it's well. Who who just lost several 100000 dollar million dollars shorting this stock. He probably was irritated in OK imply a unity Edmond fire Easter stimulus it's going to go out. Right exactly but do you remember the Brian Ross. When he but he did a story. One of the shooters I think. And he went to the FaceBook page is tied to guy's name in and then also involve this was a guy any sort of defame somebody or you remember that I'm Brian Ross. W restarted sort of refreshing change. And it and get through your sort of structure of the whole world that this particular individual. Had. Had done it. And of course that person was horrified that I'm guessing they probably have to pay Shumpert the Kucera are certainly in in journalism school they proper Turkey reckless disregard for the truth. It's split but the media especially donations be so eager to. Thought we usually are always in a rush to get distorts first which everybody understands. That it. Yeah I think that's really enemy knew you had your local media that always I mean does a better job I think give. Tough covering these guys you're the station in whatever because they check their factually live with the people they know them that personality the problem with a national media. He can defame somebody and not even near you ever see into the grocery store you never. So when you do a show like this like we have John and every day well BP may talk you know today in the negative sense about this some person some event. Well he may see him face to face down at the rally yourself you know and so you have that reaction in that face to face. Sort of situation here that I think he should check right I mean it. Okay I'm gonna say this I know what I see them and I don't like it they're gonna tell me and we're just gonna have a conversation so you you know that. We're in the national since I can just say whatever who's gonna there's no consequences to it. Well. I mean these are people who flyover country fatal care. You know and and living in their gated communities in the LA area or their air yet they've got to dormant and not at care penthouse suite bearing in New York City. We're very peace she and their milk I don't care they don't care nearly as much their Arctic. Well you know I would never seen a navy vet anyone writes I mean you know that. But I mean I would be having dinner in these is somebody that there might have been so objectives on the united said would come up to me right there boy you know it's investors would get to do it right. Okay that's part of doing this business if you give opinions there are people who don't like the office. Oh yeah yeah and it's and local newspapers. Are more on this because also he burn source and you look at it this way cure it sure is Rolling Stone review turned her eighty sheet. Stay in your going to do more or wherever it is. You're never gonna shoot people you figure progression your life and so you really don't care who earned a changeup that's why it's even problematic. Even in the older case were sometimes you keep sharing capping off a record they could decide to burn we could she know what it's gonna make your career and they don't care. Yeah that's a good point yeah if from that standpoint I mean. There is admitted you know look well and general on this story onions just the way it works but you know. I also try to look forward to assuming positive I can run mr. mayor whatever it may be it's like but you know we're gonna tell the truth here. And then we're gonna say what we think is the way it is and we're gonna try to get long. But you know it is I mean it's always gonna happen from a standpoint though the national media like we'll Brian Ross too right is okay you suspended big deal right. But the they did certainly do him. Okay absolutely I mean he got suspended or or somebody like at last time and we're talking about didn't make they made ever see still there. That's an anchor and this is just goes on time. Because he's got the network behind him when he goes through small town people are gonna answer phone calls. And so he you'll eat happy yeah each each console over some poor person. In loans are like it may be a little different in the media market now features. Immediate not nearly your portrait cash analyses speed because the Internet and other change your thinking in there as sales. That's good boy yeah I'm having this man do other things now Hans. Good point does. They're continuing on a few more minutes it began stay with me we'll be right Baghdad 7045711. Did is our goal every year conjoined and we. Hard to having our conversation your bat did the journalistic. Aspect because of the Brian Ross fiasco. The you know big news story against the use the current term out there. Dealing with a Russia and Michael Flynn. We'll be right back sitting at the John Hancock on their delegates and we'll see in a moment here on news 1110993. WBD. And for Tony Taylor John Hancock showed Bechtel. Sitting in on this Monday edition I'm WBT thanks for joining us TJ. And George handling heavy operations Boris here on the program 7045711. Tim the phone number to join in. And talk with me on the program begin at MIA website my email address and all that's up there and I dug radio dot com and my. Twitter feed is that I did radio Yasuda invite me on FaceBook FaceBook dot com. Macs last as much I don't radio CC two. Do remember there are correspond with the U we were talking a moment ago that the the issue of journalism today. And said the fact of social media's played such you know role I think in. And the pressures. Of the you feel roll business maybe it's just turning some of the the fact checking. You know this O'Brien Rossi of AB CB haven't heard he'd be comes out with a story. I authority Geddes so called sources yard throw him I'm not one that always is unnamed sources cannot can be totally discounted. But beat the united be blitzes out it's been. Said to be untrue ABC is suspended him. And there have been Dow Jones actually about a but the point is how they roll the fact checking going. Today. Feasibility of the speed of men many in the music business think we got to get the story out because of the pressures of social media. And I say when I mean that is you know everyone journal reporter now everyone's your own broadcaster now. You know with the us with a video phone just has revolutionized that is sort of the business here. I'm sort of breaking news story ends. I'm just warning it may be some of the the lack of vetting going out as some of these stories might indeed. Me because of that diagram has journalist's background himself Texas a and M. Ties with me here and also a former speechwriter in the Bush Administration to the secretary of labor standards positions. Doug let's let's kind of registered his one step further here because you know as Babel so to journalistic profession is mean though. It's it's gone by the wayside here but the American people need to. The media I mean I'm not standing up for the feel of the mainstream media and they in this and Abbott. But the media is important right I mean if you need a free press two to get the truth out to the people so they can. Make good decisions and then put pressure on leadership. Client didn't think it got eighteen people are doing folks aren't all that because. You know corruption they could just take your vacation in its support for our paper is that you are stalled. As drew and as you can. And indeed there's here's. In every camera every community. There's something that probably shouldn't be happening. Not to mention people decide and know you'll. What school or be striking Q what this money being spent properly using our tax dollars you got arrested. Oh their star consideration CEO I'm like choker or do you think Ali I don't care all the newspapers and radio stations Ko MR. It actually matters it matters a lot. That that's an interesting and you're right that's an amazing view I remember a man in the battle with a newspaper myself. And in the you know talking about some above what they were were putting out or whatever and they're they had their subscription wanna sit. And I remember getting it. Still the editor of the publisher whatever it that the newspaper you know had a big thing in the Sunday paper about thanks appreciate our subscription Europe began to keep talking about us. I never really viewed as the import your door in my view that okay read the newspaper I read it watched. You know Geraldo Rivera whatever was so you know. When that his stuff or whatever label channel MSNBC wasn't really be amiss in BC back in. You know I every and all I watch at all. And I I do feel that to be able to do the same thing and done doing real good you know understanding of the facts that place. Oh ya ya if it and it's initial need for your eating drinking and they informed. Population kitchen and ordered the best defense for a democracy and he's got to our Arctic turning fathers realized that. And in truth about why they put extreme depression very high up there it's it's sacred thing had a problem mentioned some respects. Is mainstream media has forfeited a lot of credit to catch the pick with average people because. A lot of them have nothing in common which you were equals. And they don't like cuts very much you know it until it certainly looked journalistic secret surrogate in my eyes will be studying or any change in the jungles of Borneo. Your eyes looking human beings each of you aren't alike. Conservatives what is that had I don't hi guys yes exactly. Last year cabbage and the ultra short stop over in English trickle uninsured are a lot of people just don't like so many more. Highly we have students in your presents before I am guys newspaper said to be one time I can understand a educated person thinking the only thing. That's just what it's what they give a the only educated and way of thinking was obviously on the left is a point of view there item is the be could conceived. There would be some other. Point of view on that Doug thank you always a pleasure we'll talk to real soon here. OK okay Kara well our diagram drawing his former speechwriter in the Bush Administration secretary of labor cabinet position. Bless him over the line we come back they said our hang in there it is 1110993. WBT. And the phone number 704570. Yea 1110 news 1110993. WBD Doug delegates sitting in for John Hancock today. John off on this Monday and do I get your phone calls here's some of the line some items in the news give us to go all the US Supreme Court has just ruled looses. Some of breaking news is they say. That of the truck travel ban is. Legal strained courses should have been a no brainer anyway and they're really should have had just. Think all we have to the Supreme Court but he did and the court has served. Bully imposed or said the trump can fully impose his latest travel man. And dabble. You know a big set is six countries to happen to be Jihad the infested nations I. I know the leftist media's going to be talking in a few minutes about how once again for Donnelly Muslim nations yes that's true. But the reason their city. Some attempt to protect the American people from people coming from these various countries is because they are invested with jihadist. That's what it's about and I'm and tell always confused as why any American would now want us to do that. And but anyway the Supreme Court has. Has ruled correctly. And we always have to give them kudos would actually do somebody right. That's what they have really from the hill dot com story distinct team have a few minutes ago the Supreme Court. Gave president drop a major win by granting his administration to request a fully reinstate the third version of his travel ban. The ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and a federal district court in Maryland and said the president can only blog nationals from six. Majority Muslim countries Iran Libya Syria. Yemen and Somalia and channel those are. Spring vacation spots. Did they blacked a bona fide relationship with the person or entity in the US I court's decision now puts those rulings on hold just deserve. Ruth Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And justice Sotomayor. Said they would have denied the government's request really when the president is now free. To actually be a president when it comes to protecting the American people from people immigrating here from countries that wanna destroy us. It's amazing we have to get to the great links and the American process to make that happen but anyway we we have to applaud. Then decision by the Supreme Court today the Brian Ross ABC thing ABC just release a statement a few minutes ago saying they're apologizing. Amazingly foray fake store for him there Brian Ross put out of states. You know this is the dead trumpeted them. Had told Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russians. About just the election I guess at what's your Michael Glenn was. Talking to various people because he was the national security guy there was going to be before the the administration took off this year and and it would not be illegal for him to make contact with the Russians a whole issue was. Whether there was some kind of organ strait of effort. The drug campaign and see Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton and even at that time it's kind of murky about. Know where you. How you do that because if you've heard their collusion is not necessarily. An illegal acts. And for 41 you know John van dyke show the big story was my immediate shortly here. Honda DVD 7045701110. You wanna join me on the program I just mentioned the Supreme Court ruled. Amanda traveled manned by a president drop is. Constitutional here and Kim proceeded is amazing the number of people just wanted to knock this thing down as if what if you just have a right to somehow. Immigrated here from any country especially these countries where the majority of the people who are becoming here wanna destroy the country. But anyway that says some good news. Reported today as rigid about the Brian Ross story for the ABC puts out this fall story an ABC news tonight we're sorry. That's a little while ago we they're trying to Claire pilot that we clarified our comments earlier. Stuff from that Friday. Story that wasn't true that mr. of the stock market some say and then you know now it's like well you know we we've come to know these fact were not direct. Everybody's. Kind of said that since them since Friday. And we're sorry about it. Feels like you remove mind. And and just forget about it right but all are doing is suspending Brian Ross anywhere there really that's all they were dormant in the previous half hour just so few consequences. Tough for these kind of actions is so. Well Muslims put other story that I might have been a bit of truth Kimberly Bennett had sounds good anyway if it's the the mean that so many in this. In the media want agree tree anyway the trump somehow I don't know his middle name is that a Mears of the is like. Since you know that there were there working he didn't need the Russians to be Hillary Clinton OK if Hillary. Was a candidate. Then a majority of Americans really didn't want to think that relies she won the popular vote I think we get down to it. It was one of his best assets was that Hillary was running on the other side. Right we're back for 51 and news eleventh in 993 WBT Doug Phillips in for John Hancock. And did Real Madrid Madrid to feed his answer I don't radio going to correspond with me that player FaceBook dot gov that slash. So I don't radio. The us Supreme Court image in a moment ago has approved the enforcement of the travel ban. For the various countries. All of them are countries where I'm. Other people would generally wanted to come here would want armed country so. It's nice to see the Supreme Court realizing that the president does have the stability in the right to defend the American people is. CC says I was this I is I was mentioning a moment ago the Brian Ross. Story would ABC about. Supposedly trump told Michael Flynn the work of the Russians or whatever I guess to double the elections. Well is it course it is turn it to be erroneous ABC's admitting it if they do release a statement as saying well. Has come to our attention there you're story was pulled from online and upon layer and you know we were is deeply sorry for. Any problems we've caused. Hi I guess I'm wondering again how loud why it is that we don't miss these stories early enough. You know there was a time where I'd I'd guess that goes back to a conversation we're having early in the program that. The pressure of the big news agencies to try to get. There was stories before somebody else. How maybe that is maybe not maybe it's just the agenda driven through these business center after in the mainstream media now maybe that's it. But you would think bill and I mean it was a time where they are sort of serious nature. OK nada. Visual evidence City Council today or. And now they just you hear the facts story right there was an in the you know something happen at such and such. So big story of a great magnitude summing that might harm the reputation something's. In my eight. So like that's story you know be harming. Not only the president even though he may be a public figure in that sense. Michael Flynn harming him but yes something of that kind of nature will always be vetted. And it would be him play in any case especially the big corporations do we go through some sort of we can review by some legal person to make sure there were no. No concerns in that regard and we might even go to the point to be aware of the story of such high nature that. You know be be publisher or did the news director would actually know whose sources. Say is providing this information and similar words it would have to be presented to them even though they would if there's an anonymous source they would keep an anonymous. But that I don't know what we're doing now. That's the and they fined and it it doesn't help the country that's my point when downtrodden can go up into a fake news big news this. Saying he's right. In many cases that's not good for anyone really because the American people do need. A media they can depend nine you said they really do I mean it's same thing here this the people of the stations they tell something. It needs stick here in the air of credibility. Win and best you have to believe it. Because she's muted the station stands behind as the station's good credibility for years of longstanding service in the Charlotte community that kind of saying it thin where you can go in you can depend to be here at RW BTV it's true. Right well they needs to be the same way at ABC or NBC or CBS whenever. The new reality is there's so many different news that was out there with him it would name the like where's that. Since somebody's basement right seems to say it was always basement with a fax machine. Now somebody's basement with the primitive part meant to their phones. Senator news organization now but still open. I consider you know after beating the birds and putting out the big news. But the point is that we have to have that Oreo the the public deserves. The an air of credibility. With the people that. Are there serving you know that's what really bothers me a time we may be the celebrity sort of aspect maybe even in the the business of talk show radio and the busy it used to business in general. Suzanne we're not. It is not people really well versed in how you actually do and handle news story. And the magnitude again of somebody you say vs sit in their consequences. That may occur from that's one of the things it does some of my friends that's it you know they have a Dow dropped. He sounds of dimes like you talk show guys. The date field and I've been called loose cannon. In the past by some in the you know and bam mastic or whatever and you know he doesn't need to. Nobody says how have you tell you this. I get there it's happens I also is never have been I have not had to retract very much a daily average said that it was it was just an opinion. Yeah it was not never it remain serious factual standpoint and so. Because you very carefully at it because I wanted people to believe that device edit. Are you are to back it up. And I think we're losing their right it's it's Brian Ross can believe Davies is now. I have been concerned about him anyway going back to is we were talking about a Roy you may have just joined this but there was a story back who won the shooters. Where he went on I think those FaceBook. Just type in the name out there must be the guy in the search in verifying this guy and whatever this guy's profile was. Says they'd be guided did the shooting and it turned out that guy was it just happen to be somebody with the same name. Tony that's not journalism. There's not that's not even being fair. And you know you may disagree with things but you should be fair about it you have an opinion. Deal when you're columnists in the newspaper or the BO talk show guy or whatever it may be that I mean opinions as Torre in the business for many others. But you should be fair. And you should be able to demonstrate. You know the opinion from both sides right I mean it's. What a relief to tell you debate class. You take your side and you agree with dominion take the other guy's side you try to beat them with it. That you can argue both points of view. Well it's kind of the way should be I think in this sort of a journalistic world both we have gotten to the point now. And that bit and I think you know my guess mention a little bit earlier official view people working of these organizations very many of them that don't have the experience. Necessary he can't really say that about Brian Ross. I mean here's a guy's been around launch of supposedly BBC investigative journalist. Horses. Here with Corzine doing the investigating. From here it's easy to just out and say you know I believe. O'Donnell trump told Michael planned to work for the Russians to somehow beat Hillary Clinton in the election I mean you can just I guess about that in and believe it if you want to. It's another day do as a news a guy from a major news organization to go out and say we can prove it in the Indy can't prove it. And then it doesn't turn out to be true so we don't jobs are you talking about big news this is not good. Don't give Iran just does things because is because they news I think can be demonstrated is news he doesn't like. Which is kind of typical of a lot of people who in an office over the years so. Coming calling giving vague news but many times when he says it's a fake news story he Friday and that's what's really bothersome to me. That the the business itself. Has gotten to the point there's always been mistakes made. But there's I'm beginning to. So are they have always had this conclusion that there's some. His own mistakes. They're doing it on purpose just hope they don't get caught. And now may be for the first time we're seeing it a little bit of a consequence. How about some really ridiculous story here that have Brian Ross put out. But always having Dolan is just being suspended unaudited call for people get fired about any thing but I think there is a pay a time with a should be consequences to really bad I mean if you do your job poorly. Your boss is gonna kick you out. I mean. You might have a couple of opportunities to do better but generally feel the poor job or get somebody else. But in the news business. Can do ahead did you ever poor job goes to promote rumors of yet that's really a shame and in this case Grossman and for awhile while the he blows over them wheels. We'll get back on here. Okay we'll be back in just a moment here another hour of course of the nine handout show we get a news update just ahead traffic all that coming up for you we keep me informed. As we go along he had me up on Twitter my Twitter feed is that I did radio. Find me on FaceBook my website. He's I don't radio done done will be back in the next hour right here on the John Hancock show. All right 505 year that. The John van dyke show they're jealous sitting on this Monday they'd send news eleven Jan 993 WB did or would you traffic. And news updates is real on this hour as we keep you informed and your ride home. So you can them feel with a traffic in real level do everything else right here DJ. Enjoy jailing the producing more operations of our program build blender gonna join me he's an economist. And you know there's always talk about a looming government shutdown. Democrats love that right. There because of this the debt ceiling but there many conservatives that are concerned about the rising national debt. Also may be some of these spending programs that might and their dreams of dollars in the national debt over the next ten years ago that the tax reform bill that. You know is sit still in the consideration right now and bill gives his thoughts on that bill good to have you on the program thanks for joining us. From an area that I don't. I haven't argued a while are you doing its failure and Shimon. And chronic plaque right now he's getting ready for the Democrats are you talking about kinetic. Well you might demy don't get ready that's for sure I mean it's been art wall opting out here at all. Gather dries started me on its bid interest a year really and you know this whole thing about the government Serbia's spending MB EU member Don drumming to deal it was only for three months and here we are we're. We're about to come to this again I think the Democrats would love nothing else in the city government shut down because you blame the Republicans again. I have then I'll make if you want to do. I'm at immigration reform and like to feed the long Tom I don't care about a government shut down and you know line that fact is that these guys don't get there you know what together. I'm actually shut the government down I mean I'm not pursue tax reform and if we don't get. What we elected. Donald try to do I eat the wall funding. A big infrastructure bill. All these various things you know what are we don't regret spending our you know crew chief and our Carol around you know attacks that the doctor that's all politics we all know that daka is gonna get down on. But it should be done more comprehensively but here's the general election dot the end there are no deal without when it. Hit it into it's the spending bill wouldn't doc app to do with that. Yeah I mean again you're darn event this whole issue of spending. And then be a time when bill to another idea I get would you say that but we never have really had an opportunity to. There's they get the senator that even the house is sort of thing you know vote on these individual bills one at a time Ramey. No threaded it did tack on one thing or another but you've got the debt ceiling. You know looming in your item is it's going to be a pass because otherwise old country goes into the fall and the economy tanks and our village that happened. So it's going to happen but you know we always have to have these shenanigans around us. Yeah don't have to be can hanging around it for sure but you know let's look at you know debt ceiling for instance then deficit and the tax plan. Now we and you you know look at deficit hawks saying oh what's gonna add all this money to the debt. You know yeah we're gonna take in debt and add money to the death so everyone get that through your head that's just that's just a fact. Clients what they're scoring in is more that static growth scoring model now could you tell me that if we became one of the most tax advantage nation's honor ranked. Who wouldn't warrant on the higher today our company's gonna build a company's overseas or are they gonna build it and a dynamic economy like the United States and inability here. What about repatriation felt like maybe four trillion doesn't come over I I guarantee you a trillion well you know you know a trillion dollars from the back in the United States alone. That's made it clear for what contempt commitment to our economy let alone 70% of our economy is predicated on consumption. Can you give the rich the poor the middle class the corporations to give more back their money to put it and do they can extend it. Blair and our economy what are you any get more tax dollars. Yeah bring. You're right about the bill but you know but I read some of these on Democrat and have you get his name again. Posted 101000 Americans will die every year if this tax plan goes or I don't they have. That's more indicted cantor is of the having. Yeah I'm wounded 101000 Americans are gonna die if we actually attacks just. Yeah let's move it I mean he could to meet. I'm look at the television. And I nearly yet that every single night. Looking at these both flu and now I never these people might have been a high school football player at all popular in their little county or whatever. Or they may be you know good looking or they may be good at and then money and you don't give people their opinion to vote amid an out of office doesn't mean they're very Smart. But you pick a guy like that and cinnamon a room with main route 101000 people are gonna do I would cast act it just looks at. I mean your run and our company which is our country you'd wanna mineral management people I would say exactly why your mom how quickly. All right bill hold on him right back tears. Thank you for a couple of minutes before the big story reminds oil coming up bill and land is my guess economists castle. Investors type is on this and million owner just chatting about did the did ceiling and you're right I mean this guy. No suit well 101000 people die of tax reform goes through. It's it's amazing that there's politicians that hates tax reduction that is the American people keeping more of their money yes even corporations. Working the tax code so that they can create jobs they do that that much against a business. Oh yeah absolutely I mean I do think that. In the K through twelve in college the next generation including a lot of these politician there are complete total focus that is not progressive liberal agenda which means that they have to take possession and redistribute. Wealth and the way that they see fit. That's what they've learned that's what they've been taught it's probably one of the smartest. Most well funded social engineer in programs in the history of our world and it would it happened right underneath our votes. So generational only work capped amount of the time that people that are actually trained to being quite socialists period. That's just the fact it's the truth so here we think at Kapalua or conservative play every wanna call us. And the active we're fighting an uphill battle I mean even been eating a little think 1020 years from now. You people are gonna overwhelm the polls even in 2018. Treated animal pharma then their enthusiasm going to be huge that's what they want to do well against cake with tax dollars. Into the coffers. And they believe because they wanna control in this country they believe that if they control the dollars that people's pockets and give away after them. That they control the vote and guess what it's absolutely true. I don't say it says are worked out for a bill thank you so much ran out of time here thanks for being number this we appreciated bill Glenn. Venture capitalists and economist. Okay. Moving right along 542. Common John Hancock showed news 1110. Many 93 WBT thanks for joining us here to always. Really get a chance to talk would you mind doing talent stand there you can call in at 7045. And 7-Eleven ten again. Plenty of time muted Alley between now and the into the program here 704570. Elevenths in some of the top stories Brian Ross. Suspended at ABC news for. His story I guess. We didn't vet his own story elements have children appear have you I do you have a story that he knows incorrect and you go and it. And that's the end of it but anyway ABC news has issued a statement and Brian Ross has been suspended and he says he's. Well he's only other people accountable so he's going to be held accountable himself. And and that's where we are but again it's an environment of social growth fake news that's the no word it's out there today and the phrases out there and it's unfortunate I don't drove his rights in some cases. Some of these stories that maybe the eagerness. Simple I'm a negative story about Donald Trump. Maybe is leading some of these on the left to be. Even worse than normal maybe that's it I mean you know we knew I mean the main streaming news and after the the Philadelphia Washington DC New York sort of corridor. Media. Think where they. Believe the rest service is out here in the country we don't know leave saying we don't you know if we were educated we would think the way they do. There would be no of this. You know I mean is we were just kind of acquiesced. And allowed him to run everything the world would be so much better place. All of their eagerness to go after dropping its. Good display of these throughout the Dow drop about. Some of the things he says contradictions at times you don't really have to make an evening out of Abdullah dropped. You know that's what's really amazing to me the media so eager to come up with a negative story. In Donald Trump bad times creates his own negative stories. Friday evening you'll have trouble you know that I mean he does this but there's some religious like the fact that he drives immediate crazy. But it's it's becoming now to the point that only does he drive you crazy. Stand they wanna manufacture stories about tennis you know maybe it will be the truth not in some cases bad enough they wanna go in just manufacture. And that is what is really a problem because again the American people are now being served directly. By these news organizations that. Were built on the idea of providing at least accurate information you know the I make no mistake about it I've never benign eve about the media. In Baghdad mentioned earlier in the program we first started talking about this that. One of the things sort of drove me to the business. Was a bag that I thought conservative voices were not being heard in the in the media so absorbed in his bias invective bugged me that they would say we're unbiased. And if they had a biased that he realizes. But the one thing I felt like it's been for years and I've told people on the radio that I felt like they they did try to do generally the stories rectory if there were out there. They they simply it was the it's what they didn't include in the story. In other words they pen there was report unsettling but what what whatever was reported was accurate but you shouldn't tell the whole story. Or they would ignore a story vs something else in other words if you're the one of their guys that they supported they ignored that storage union reported. Or it was discounted oil and then if it's a story about you know an individual or the politician or so or position. How political position they didn't like. Than they would have reported the story but generally of the fact would accurate now where the point where we can you believe the facts. Tina it's I am I have. Trying until people in baseball guitar values anonymous sources. Several one time today have to back up. On the story like that and and and I would never even more worried if anybody called if they knew because I can demonstrated beyond a shadow without. Well I'm not sure that's truly the case any longer and you can't really demonstrate to people you know sometimes you have to use anonymous sources because of the otherwise you'll get the information. The American people will not be will served. About knowing something that otherwise would never come out because people are afraid of their jobs they're afraid of the retribution they can occur and and make no mistake about it people lose jobs. Over things and so if you don't have those sources. Two to make something known men there's really no spotlight on and I'm sure the darkness at times it's going on in in our political environment are. The various state local and national government. But there are people now don't believe anything becomes a unanimous or anonymous source and I can understand why. Because of these kind of things there's where they are having to bid backed up on them and they are being challenged. For the factual nature or lack of sexual nature of their stories it's it's a problem and it's we're not serving the public like we should. You know as a broadcasts into the end you know or like ABC. Floyd news organizations of one kind or another we dissembling not serving the people like you should be done. And and it's a good and it's to the detriment really the country at large you've got to be able to provide information that people Carolina. Okay we'll be right back it's. You have information you can reliable has some good news in just a moment right here on WBT don't go away. Monday edition of the John Hancock showed that a Palestinian news 1110993. WBT thanks for joining us TJ and George doing the producing more operations. Some video program today the phone number 70457011. Jan the you can call him is have our views. Fans of you like to join in something that. We've talked about to have negative correspond with the year or something that we should have brought to your attention you're welcome to do so obviously the big story deals with the tax reform. From the standpoint of maybe getting something done before the end of the year but we don't know for sure. There's still live you know if it's every vote counts. When it comes to the the US senate especially on this tax deal. But they're forcibly critics. How do about it than we've got the debt ceiling. Looming again you say well they're gonna do they always have. I think we can always debate about whether it's good for America to keep raising. The bed I don't know when we're never gonna deal with the other give one point. You know the Tea Party movement and in many others morale they're saying OK we've got to get people in the memo vote for smaller government won't. You know little breeze big snow budget bill deals and are still members of the freedom caucus. You know mark meadows is one of them. Tell him in their leading because they and the freedom guard is a mature his position about the debt ceiling but many in the him in the real conservative wing of the house represented right now they don't want this and so you've got. Do you dead. Thought possible hold that fear that the Democrats are salivating at the possibility that the Republicans would shut the government down or not pass a debt ceiling which in essence what. Which shut the government down because there was still like. May benefit from that just one of the the stories out there also the president tweeting again today has been the subject. For more kinds of liberal Democrat hysteria. The discussion of obstruction of justice came about because of a tweet that he did about Michael Lynn yesterday we read you between earlier. And I've only characterize it without. Penny and again in front me but I can basically give you the the gist of it it's that he fired Michael Glenn for lying to the FBI in my new vice president I don't. I don't see how that has in the you do with a fraction of justice. There's only about June unifying of the FBI director James told me well it may be another matter but again to the president even be. Hidden within obstruction of justice charge we don't think so. Because the president can pardon anyone want to deluding himself. The president is the chiefly a law enforcement officer. Other countries see the the processes put in place to deal with presidents is unique to any other American citizens. And that is the impeachment process. CC. That that's the way. That a bad president is removed from office. One committing crimes in mr. and I crimes or misdemeanors I think Tuesday. The way the constitution puts it that's how you deal when it. So we think the president is abusing his office that's what you have to do. Course we notice it happened so all this got a discussion about that seems god to make a lot of sense now there may be people near the president made. Fabian some kind of legal jeopardy would just have to wait and see. They deliver the big story of my coming up shortly here on the TVT. Gone to everything has been that given the most courageous man of the year award by the American civil liberties union for kneeling at NFL football games that cost him his job perhaps. And at the same time the NFL is pledging more money for social justice issues. I'm thinking that would all the be empty seats going around the National Football League defective people are. Tired somewhat upset about all these players are kneeling at the National Anthem and Roger Goodell could lose seems seemingly weak to do nothing about it. I'm for the last couple of years in the president weigh into it in literally exploded this year just. Says two. Being more attention to it in such. I think Colin can't predict aren't they are just hired him to be the new NFL commissioner. Because he's running in in the ground. Roger Goodell is. A good thing and so in my eyes whether led jeopardy run it. Somebody reduced average started this whole thing in this downward spiral right in so. Yeah they have a lot of people are replaced Goodell I mean there's some of their fellow is going to be guided extension their race like what the hell but the but we're gonna if if that's not gonna happen. Let's just put cavern again George sandy makes about as much sense here says that I mean give CIA courageous award for kneeling in the National Anthem. You know it's it's such a lack of respect. You know and this is why a lot of people are upset. Did you know news that ratings for the of the NFL are down they may be in part because it has been this been simmering for awhile and again there was just so little leadership from the NFL office at the beginning here. That they wouldn't do anything about it just I guess of what it would go away minute push president trouble the united and then it really exploded so. Jack tapper and it for NFL commissioner and it's. He's well. I lose my lawn five if you line. On his eleventh then 993 WBD John him guys show. They're jealous feeling in here and even if we have on Twitter Madrid beat his ass I don't radio my web sites yet do stories up there. Constantly updated I beg you radio dived under resource Korea. And Aussie can correspondent me on FaceBook at FaceBook died down back slash I do like radio. USA today descendant release of some of the college football's salaries now. I mean now we're in the wrong business I knew a long time ago but. It's really true now. I think the top ten list only the again that they did said Tom Herman. That Texas is like the lowest guy on the top ten list view over five million dollars well. The high density so even these yet eight point two million dollar salary and Jim both Fisher who is going to. Texas a and AM from Florida State decide seven point five million dollars for ten years. No would you do would 75 million dollars. And guarantee apparently so. The they're getting for ten years or we gonna have to pay him no matter. You know how it turns out but anyway so similar highest priced I remember it was an island long ago people were complaining. How about a college coach. You know make it a million dollars a year having Bob Stoops. Come Oklahoma I believe was the first one million dollar guys to leave me. Please direct me on evidence it was somewhere there and they may be more outraged I can't believe. Yeah I coaching you know college football can Mexicana money well let's let me jump change today. I guess and is now than many years ago when that happens so anyway USA today's daily people listed these. Coaching salaries you wanna check it out. But cities. That are just the you know they've been trumped shorted tweet. Really sit the left over the a teenager earlier today and the lawyer for Donald Trump's as the president can't he can't be tried for obstruction of justice anyway. Having a lot of people actually believe that having Alan Dershowitz is billows over the TV programs. Famed lawyer from the OJ Simpson dream team days. Saying basically the same thing you can you get a pizza for the president to get rid of them obstruction of justice purse say can be an article of impeachment. But Zion united legal sense that if you can't indict the president again they get rid of my. I think the real problem of the special prosecutors have guidance is stuck around the neck of Donald Trump here during his first year of his administration's. That's good for many Democrats here who think they gonna win big in 28 team the president's approval ratings are down. Many of the states that he won in sort of in the midwest. He's not doing as well among people who voted for him may end of the point is that. This the special counsel just investigating endlessly. And he is something that in the president's occupation would this is really I think during some of the agenda. Millions of people during his stop to decided first we may never really come up with anything about Donald Trump that's the whole thing doesn't matter because. These special counsels have almost like full range to do whatever they wanna do. We can't cleavage for its with a thing about it Nixon had winds then you had one with. Ronald Reagan. The Iran Contra special counsel to finally get something going on there and Bill Clinton. They never get the president though what happens is they get you know email an underling your two. Strongly big victories in millions of dollars of the American taxpayer money and the claim victory. Whole image just at times a waste of time yet something let's hear about it you know the president is telling people and hopefully he's right but. I don't really think he is on this police telling people the similar investigation will be over in January don't know where he's getting that from. I don't know there doesn't seem to me as someone sitting on the outside kind of observing this. That Mueller seemed anywhere close to ending this thing. Well I certainly hope that. You know for the sake of maybe moving forward with. Some of the important issues affecting the country. To be nice to get this thing passed. You know get get get by Avis. But I don't know losing guarantee they'll be showing usual. Yeah in my experience tells me I mean these things usually drag on for years. And then something comes up during an administration moved we need to go investigate that where you have a special counsel so you know. They'll somehow come up with a definition is within the scope of the investigation so he's moved that direction. Stand and deal was that so that that's why it's a bad thing. And you know Obama can afford. Who ended up being Trump's campaign manager nobody sees long. But he was there. For awhile in you know he is nailed for one thing or another and then then Michael Flynn here. Has pled guilty. And so of blinded the FBI in him but you know but there are you drop. So about this you know I NSA the starter said earlier about the sole lined the federal investigators thing I did it. I know that you have to have the I mean the idea of legal authority any abuse shouldn't be lying to them but there is something as bothered me since the Martha Stewart days. Then you can actually be convicted of lying for about a crime that never was committed. There's just something that just came in their. I don't know who these. Thought a fairness. That if you're being investigated for crime that you never did commit to be and win any lie about some aspect of it. Thank you really have these people now intruding your spacing you don't wanna tell them something. I mean it might not even be real material do any of the case at all anyway and then also they milieu of five years or whatever imprisoned for. Lying to federal investigators. What did you send the wrong about that a iPad bag I was debating some mail FaceBook about it and they were appalled and I. Still have that opinion. I guess I can be persuaded the other way but I've said this for years and it just. He just doesn't seem that if if a crime was never committed in the first place like the Martha Stewart case they have most people they did Martha Stewart went to jail. For insider trading. I'm sure reviewed if anybody remembered it. Jason you went you know men on the street interview or something that's what people would think Martha Stewart you know and the insider trading of the stock market. That's what they were investigating the river proving they are very in charge of a me thing. But he later got her and she's been dialing six months in jail or somebody like therefore relying. Our guard to our obstruction of justice somebody like that have tried to covered up anyway. Somebody who knows she deleted bunch of emails I think as well while that sounds familiar feel to. Our vision ahead Hillary Clinton's lawyer. Well I do think about that I was yeah I was doing so many emails. And and so. So she is mailed for really now the matter to anybody anyway. And and so we probably she lost money I think was what it was in that thing anywhere milieu it whatever happens. The idea that you can get so the river here for lying about a crime he never committed that's just a problem was me. So if if my real plan didn't commit a crime. But then lied about the crime he never committed. He's gonna end up in the he has pled guilty so you be in the put some kind of consequences of this actions don't get me wrong I only buying anyway is a good thing. And I don't like the idea of lying to investigators but if you're trying to protect yourself. So I guess the only thing you can do not say anything and then. And therefore you don't run in that. That same argument out give me the hero there's difference of lying under oath this Friday in the court proceedings. Absolutely. Whether it's about the you know mature location argue that the judge decide what I'm talking images being of people like him and you door ask your questions. From law enforcement on that. Our rapid time to theirs and I'll be sitting in for John tomorrow and also Wednesday so look forward to that meanwhile you can reach me via email my email address is on my you know website and I don't radio dot com. My Twitter presents I dug radio have been. Correspond with the then of course you can find me on FaceBook FaceBook dot com. Thanks light shined in radio.