Doug Kellet Sits In For Hancock

John Hancock
Tuesday, December 5th

doug Kellet sits in for Hancock. He is joined by Atlanta Talk Show host Bryan Crabtree, author Lee Boylan, Orin Hudson of, and Mark Kohler to discuss the tax bill being debated, the debt ceiling resolution, and the Mueller investigation.


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They're jealous fit again for John Hancock again today on WB team. Nice to be many others Tuesday edition of VF program Vijay doing the producing border operations of the show of course and we welcome you ran it still on going nine. Obviously rushed over and many of the items out there we'll level discussion get your reaction. As we continue during the makes a three hours of the program 70457011. Tim the phone number disk. Join me on the program any time he liked to have your say we certainly. Let your front we on the program today also you can never reach me via email my yeah email address is up on my website. I don't radio died down Twitter feed is that so I do a good radio and also FaceBook dot gov. Max ledge Idec radio live a number of guests on the program today the soul of the latest story about the Bob Mueller. The special counsel says he's dogging president Donald Trump is that he is subpoenaed. The bank records. And financial. Loan dealings. Don't you bank. To Donald Trump. And we'll talk about what that means. Can have a guest later this hour. Regarding this she says that of Bob Mueller really has a credibility problem. In this way you know is just another is this a step up in the investigation or what is going on why is it the a special counsel is now looking. See him do the financial dealings that occurred by downtrend before he was president there was at one time the president said this was a rim lion. Right. That might lead to the firing of Bob Mueller was asked that sometime back. And he said the doing ended the intrusive in New York Times central Bordeaux or reporters or something mini. He said if things are looking at financial records that could be a real lineup sort. Now he has subpoenaed those. Put Jamaica also earlier in the program. We'll sort of the senate tax plan. You know if it right now there's optimism the tax bill we'll get through. Optimism a mound among politicians and among some of the business community what does that mean perhaps. Because you Walter's only viewer. Sort of low last. A quarter of the year financial. Decisions to deal with taxes. Was argument that some in the blast over the program. As well as led the big story the you know traffic all that coming up for you today 70457011. Jan if you like to join in. Are you heard the story just a moment ago on the news John Conyers. He is stepping down because of the sexual harassment allegations. As a member of congress always many years it just another one. You know that's. This is this whole sort of mean to Sanford has. There's been expanding and you know there was a story I saw yesterday to be itching to get your thoughts on it is this going to also bag was shown that women who've been in power. Yeah I mean it's OK there's no question that. These. Advance San cost a lot of people who jobs says sort of Canon camera didn't start but it. He'd gathered steam of the Harvey Weinstein situation in Los Angeles then we saw of Al Franken. All the C you know the sentiment of these you know allegations discussion yet the Roy Moore situation in the campaign down in Alabama. Obviously the Matt Lauer. Bombshell that occurred. Last week. Says he was fired sort of abruptly. As host of The Today Show and our egos and that John Conyers. I of course he's going in his retirement he is endorsing his son. To succeed him. But anyway that so what about it some powerful women to be. Maybe is it possible or do you look at it from a standpoint women can that prize. The issue of sexual harassment. In the workplace. This is they have indicated growth in the last thirty years specifically because if the U. Borer because we didn't you would say in the in the work environment and did what time it was. The were good place was more of a mailed them dominated sort of situation now. That's not the case and then women. Or will. In management positions there and 3M and remain in some profession this kind of thing and how easy does this backlash of meat to. Dealing with. Though the women and these accusations to go back many years but where are we going to be seeing. Some of the other direction so we're wondering about that and how will that be received. Money. You know by the American people will be seeking or receiving they have to see him. Syria's main that says it is growing and it may be so maybe. But we'll kind of evaluate the widget from one point 704570. You have until the show does Bob Mueller. I have a credibility problem here again. His staff that he is I believe he's inspired. He was sending out tweets. You'll be anti Donald Trump and and you don't get people investigating there are bias is involved. We in this investigation launches go on make no mistake about it where does that really. Does that change. Maybe the sequence of events there's a change really be reality. I'm assuming an employee is it that we had a situation where. Donald Trump. And his financial records are really being investigated. By 8910. And listen only have they were told a lot of minds. My friends. Do we did you have drug supporters there for a while is that we're kind of what do we do. We don't really know all of the dealings that down from did particularly and would rusher whoever it maybe before he became president. We really don't pay that kind of information we are. And you take Donald Trump you know this is get a sort of Paulson did those seem to review the new election run for office closes someone who'd been the number of campaigns and that. You know there have been we had an opportunity to really see first hand maybe that some of these things. Have them. True litigated in sort of the public know arena we'll have all that so we do. Know that he's been involved nor can financial dealings and now Boller seems to be heading that direction the wind is depth. And then we'll discuss later. And have our viewers joining in general for five similarly limited upload your premiere of the program. I'll we'll be right back as we hear again you'll hero John King Jack don't don't want today. Kinda jealous and we'll be back good news alert within 99 for a WBB Demille liked. It's good Kelly tuning in John Hancock. Downloaded video weather today and then we wish him well. You're welcome to join his 704. 5701110. On the program happy day. Talk with the on the show today. And we've got so much going I'm in we will get him more of this Bob Mueller situation here in the next half hour. As we look at the credibility really. The special counsel and why is he. Now deciding to subpoenas of financial records dealing with the notre bank. I've Germany of then that real estate developer Donald Trump before it became president Suzanne something to be concerned about in your Donald Trump should borders or something. Really that should be ended the review of these special counsel you know that's a holding it has to connect somehow. Do what I believe is in charge of the special counsel to begin with a net is to determine if me down drug campaign or is then candidate now president. In some way collude with the formation they'll win that a presidential election that event isn't that the whole idea the hold charge that's. Do you have that this supposedly the special counsel is said to deal with is and then really. What we're supposed to be looking into so. Now whether Donald Trump in some way did some financial dealings in the past. That I meant everything to do this maybe it does. You know we don't know how much. How much of the hurricane it'd been. Real estate developer did the deals in Russia we know that the Dow Jones junior one time did say that. I win the American banks would not loan them money they went to Russians and the foreign banks. To get financing percent of their projects there was a time when Donald Trump who was. Financially strapped in some of his invest you know his investments in his real estate service seven's big steal Mac getting in late eighties early ninety's. Where. You know Lou the word was out of Donald Trump was near. Bankruptcy but he was able to. Did buying that in was able. Knows. Offset some of these simple. These problems but in part it was because of loans and he received now does that have anything to do with them. With the special counsel looking into it and I've done is. Boise looking into it so we'll discuss that. I just a few minutes it is so hang around for that awesome to the damn thing. I keep looking at some of these stories today. That. You know did that then we talked about it some on the show yesterday the president two weeks. And I get some reaction after the program yesterday about this is holding about whether bell junction between any of that a lot of people love the tweets I love the tweets. The problem is. Some of the content of the tweets for example. Did the president being investigated. And even I mean it's kind of a. We would be splitting hairs here. Is it his been his campaign norm from administration is being investigated whether he's being investigated directly or not. Commenting about it probably is not a good day. Now I do not share the view that. When some especially in sort of the crazy media yesterday. Share that the Dow Jones and somehow admitted destruction of justice and one of his tweets. And I really words are they trying to save him because he had tweeted that. Yeah team knew or had to fire Michael Flynn because he lied to the FBI they're forty minute that might have underlined the FBI's. And that occurred at a certain point in time in Asia fired Michael Flynn but he didn't do so many fired Komi saying kind of integrate guy and yes. More than any kind of make this thing go away or whatever was he. Allegedly said do it they've been FBI director that's around that's effective justice wealth. I was interest in some of the responses I received because maybe you think so there are no like the tweets. The cut fat. Ten times it comes in real handy because the president is able to react right away we we're in a new environment you know we talked about this some yesterday. It's a it's a whole different situation here in the days while Reagan George boy is she even Barack Obama although. He did use these social media to some of his advantage but nothing like this. The days when a president you know and sort of measure response in my life seen a president for a couple of days might not here. They counted directly. In any fashion from the president if he did it was to their White House spokesperson it was carefully. Discussed about. What was going to be said whether it's about a foreign nation like North Korea are some domestic issue that's not me that's not the environment we're living in now. And it's very hard I think for the media to kind of adjust to that it's hard maybe for all of us. In some way to adjust. That the president does well a lot of Americans do and that is the first thing. So pops off his head and if it's a 140 characters may be after Republicans options. I am mandated Brooke army suggested that we ought to mandate furlong time of software which I believe does exist. That. You put your tweeting and ten minutes a certain time limit. Friday may know we've asked you three or four times are you sure would you really want to. It's supposed to this tweet you really really sure. That would make. That would be kind of fun if we did so would Donald Trump right if you had I don't know somebody in his administration I don't know if there's anybody strong enough. Maybe the chief of staff really treated to go through them consume way and then they get they can't edited or they can't. Stop it from. I'm going forward but they're notified and a time we're we are on it and then and then maybe they can you know talk to the president make it just adjustments on us. Or maybe just. The American people like the fact of the current president actually fits what many of them do. Jimenez now. As I said posed in a public fashion. Silverstein and the kind of there there mind about some issue have there. 7045711. Tim love to hear from me on the program today we'll have Brian Crabtree would join me in just a moment publisher of talks forty dot com. To discuss sobbed the latest in the Robert's Mueller investigation believe that in just a moment right here on news eleven Jen 993 WBT. And welcome back judge Ellis sitting in giant hands today this is less intense 99 it's. The white house press secretary. Sarah Huckabee is just speaking now net interest in just a moment of the wind NASA saying that the story from Bloomberg. That the special counsel Robert Mueller. Is desperate subpoena or has subpoenaed his bank records show involving. Donald Trump and in some of his or dealings there is not true. So we you know we have that statement from the wine has just a few minutes ago. And she's speaking right now Brian McRae entries gonna join me is the publisher of talk forty Dutch army to talk show hosts. Brian boss who's concerned I think about the new credibility. You might call live missile Muller investigation here and you know we. We have to wonder now about the the credibility of the story. Mention is them did you know do these records have been subpoenaed Brian thank you for joining us on the program today how are you. We're worried everywhere you. Same here are familiar articles have appeared town hall dot com and some other places as well daily caller. What do you make him visiting her there is Sarah Huckabee says comments about the Bloomberg story about whether Mahler really did subpoena these records from notre bank. Said a moment ago I did hear that. And it got to be like hard to believe anything anymore I I have to say I really question. The integrity of any information but I eight. I have believed. Bet he probably has because that seemed to be where the special counsel is going everywhere but trump Russia collusion. That we see what happened with brick Dayton fall match up where we were talking about such an Asian. And they've been indicted on wire fraud activation note I think for dealing from a decade or more ago. I not to worry anything that it's specifically get on the campaign. Necessarily but draw on the first mobile adopt either campaign so why would. Why wouldn't necessarily not be true that there's the issue would Deutsche Bank by the way a German bank what the world even if that is true or not look what does that have to do with Russia. I do what you think by the way is the backer or have been pardoned involved in millions of American mortgages so chances are. You and I also had been dealing with Deutsche bank and announced. I think it's really a bizarre yeah circumstances and I'm wondering you know this just an outright political which aren't. And what they've been in the world what this have to do with anything regarding the scope of bloggers and being fined paneling of Bob Mueller. Well that was Jimmy my next question I usually kind of covered it. How does this really fit in the Villa near the original you know charge of the investigation any way to find out whether. Russia played any role with the Reno says some help bill helping out the of the truck. Campaign director when the election this kind of goes beyond that now. We don't know I guess what kind of financial dealings or whatever the trump may have. They've been involved in before he became president. You know I guess it's possible maybe that. They may be some Russian money went through this bank perhaps or maybe it's this bank reserve beige doormen mortgages is such a financing may be some in some projects involving. The Russians as the only thing that I mean it's a stretch I get it to try to can. Help eliminate legalized here look when you wind is my really be looking into it anyway. They'll appreciate it could let us say that we had learned that Bob Mueller was its ability issuing subpoenas the Bank of America about trump feelings. With the Bank of America would we look at that they eat the same way would that have the same. Hone in our ears as doesn't torture bankers Deutsche Bank found what. Laura Wright by Bank of America probably has as many dealings with Russia and interest in my view at that Deutsche Bank speak German bank. And so that does give some credibility that Sarah Huckabee Sanders statement that this is just a ball. Report because Deutsche Bank's balance already. And these media people are really into the business these these news people so to speak are really into the business of making something absolutely. Normal. Sound completely foreign and then elicit. And then the only way to do that would be displayed Bank of America become up there's other bank. Because they know that trump as appealing to a Deutsche Bank IndyCar. Well the way the FBI at a special counsel who operate their investigation. They will never confirm nor deny. What is actually being put out in the media and they'll tell you in in in the rearview mirror many times. What we see is mostly wrong but don't ever tell you what it is so these journalists so called. No they can get away with saying almost anything about this and they're never going to be accountability are the truth or the lies. Because they're not gonna comment on. Yeah it is troubling though I guess the fact did the special counsel seems to be doing what everyone tried to visually though. They'll defined sort of guidelines about it you know where's investigation can go you mentioned. You know men authority and spending we have Michael slam the still the lying to the FBI thing and there was a couple of other age I think that and also you know come under. New indictment or investigation. It's no way this bit but the really I mean he's just Japanese spent seven million dollars as of today right so far I mean he's just basically they're spinning. Money can investigate what every once it's. Yeah I mean that that automaker which god I hate you go to work it down their political say that but it makes too much go find something we don't find something we spent seven million dollar so. I have a good enough to be in half the country that hates trump. To just have all map coordinate care about every Yates never heard other. Michael plan I don't care about him either he's not there anymore why why worry about these guys and an American people the average American. Capital don't know who they are and the other half doesn't care except those that are politically polarized against all so. They've got to find more but gotta find something more and the only way to do that it appears because all these people get to keep getting indicted or plead guilty and it's. Perjury is pat it's that feeling to ten years ago with nothing to do anything inappropriate with a Russian the back. Michael went indictment. Or his plea deal actually I actually proved that there was. No new evidence of Russian trump collusion it was during the transition that he had contact that they like you'll be. I'll worry in his it statement talked about so I mean now I gotta go in big and other banked so now I guess I think there's probably some truth is that that they got to find something wrong. And clearly he held a state like been done multiple casinos a lot of investors. And they had multiple bankruptcies there's got that the F felony if there. And so now they're gonna go after that so the idea that is the fine people that were associated with I'll remember he was a minority owner in those casinos every time they went bankrupt the biggest thing with a like big deal. When his name but he was a partner in some way. So if you can get some of those people as we go on Trump's wrongdoing that maybe they turn and I'll make of our name on. Something else that's why I don't believe that because they're looking for something to show what a criminal he's been in business. And I don't buy it but they may find. Yeah and there's always that day issue about a fraction of justice rhyming. I whether the president can even be be charged may be an article of impeachment if you know they congress wanted to go that way but not from a legal sense. Yeah well that that he of course your impeachment you have to define impeachment that the congress say most of us don't like go out so we decided to impeach him and and they happen handed over to. Vicinity and you have to get to third that the senators that say. Our innate. Normal trial by the way there we're going to remove him from office that hadn't happened and in our lifetime because ultimately Nixon would have been subjected to that. He he resigned right yet we have that would Clinton but ultimately he escaped being removed from office so I take that back so. That's kind of how this played out than Clinton left office that I die I approval rating what do you agree without or not. Yet a look at really that this process may end up in in our most recent history. Not really bode well for the opposition. Now that's true Brian. Tom is on the line weather's supposed to talk about the the bill investigation or subpoena or whatever of I don't to Banca in trouble records. Tonya are next with a son and his 1110993. WBT thanks for going. Hey Betty I. But arrogant in that I'll that this could be easier or not that it trump card over 300 million dollars rocky Iraq before. The election are right afterwards papers outside. Edit it becomes totally fair. Donut. Well I didn't read that I don't have that information I'm against Fries are listed but. You know what about that I guess Brian I mean did again today if you have a free handed investigating any kind of financial you know dealings. There have gone on in the past. I'm sure don't Joe's been involved in a lot of them. The other what the numbers thrown around 300 million dollar in loans and financing into most Americans that now like well that happened any time within two about fifteen or sixteen. Wow I mean that I could beat senator elect to be something where without a back door of the Russian maybe that's the money the bribery. So to speak here near the loans but honestly. I think what shall find there while there may have been paper given that can't that would be a quid pro quo. Certainly would rise to level of a 170 million dollar donation the Clinton foundation per uranium deal. But it would be normal course of business that's the way regulators would look at that what normal for the tropic minute but the trump company. If you own a 200 million dollars I'd great cook. In your younger queue up a album and you got a fifty million dollar mortgage on it and maybe you do have of what they call I'll wrap mortgage. It would be nothing to eat up 300 billion dollars 45 skyscrapers. And do a package deal or refinance the better interest rate especially during the last five years it would be absolutely expected because the interest rates have been so low so. I see nothing abnormal about 300 billion dollar mortgage in fact they were completing the project won the trump hotel. That is a magnificent facility down the White House and and a couple other facilities around the world it could be related to that. Other trump hotel opened during the campaign unlikely that was some construction loan the permanent financing which is normal. And they're taking that and they're making it look like something sinister bit that the problem I've had with the way the media and collapse at the count at the trop the entire. I'm much better momma gonna take normal. They make it look abnormal and senate there are no lifted at the saint and the average American doesn't deal with this I don't buy that and it's not their fault. You don't know you don't know. Brian thank you so much great avenue let me tell people via web site for Ryan Crabtree is the Brian Crabtree showed Donna. Arsenic in really riding to town hall now dumber by the month FaceBook and Twitter feed is that Brian Crabtree Brian thank you so much for being on the show. Not feeling well we wish him well and very real and try to remind you obviously you. Putting just telling you about here as we go along and we showed today 354. These are times few minutes here before via the top of the hour 7045711. Did you wanna join in. Think it is interesting the White House but disputing this Bloomberg story that came out this morning. And Bob Mueller had subpoenaed the records of Georgia bank and that is a Donald Trump's. Feelings of some kind. And Interbank basin and don't the stories they lose. Well let's see Michael is on the line with a smuggling you for calling me and you're on the news 1110993. WBZ. We got our yard. I'm doing fantastic new viewers that are. I would that McCartney used arm arm. A lot of luck charm end and we are a lot of it oh yeah don't you minute and then all of it let there are they young. But it didn't read that while he did show. It's our bill back in impaired and and not just beyond that insure insure all the champ worry you it's OK to go accredited. But it didn't matter at bank and I don't it doesn't look stupid it became an old it's gonna work that I'm aware. And they really not that he aren't in order that you really don't work. Well I'm not sure how we Michael is this pans real estate dealings or. Whatever financial things and he's doing has aiming to do with women's good president and I mean really judge him on what happens during the four years in office now. He may well be that we have a right to know some things about how this individual conducted himself before became president. I would say delayed in some ways for that they should have happened during the campaign it didn't. My problem was this the dealer part of the investigation by Robert Mueller is seems to go way beyond the idea of the scope of why was hired in the first place. Okay investigate. And you are gonna find any thing I don't think of consequence of that Donald Trump in his people and you have the Russians helped them win the election I don't think. Do you find much out about that but there when you start expanding how would any of us really like the idea of everything we've done the last ten years. Saw him I mean and every small wave. Well what would you want to add up everything now. Now you want to you had a very chip. And at what report now you wanna. Not not right. Well I mean here's the thing it's fair to ask you is fair to criticize he did that releases his tax records and people took that into consideration right when they. They either voted for him or not the it's fair to look at whether Donald Trump in some way in this really worth nine million dollars. As he says sore when these. You know he is being known as much as he makes out like he does it in other words is the is the successful businessman. As he he indicates he Israelis are fair questions but I would say that much of that was sort of Bill Weir during the campaign. It really has no impact about whether he's a good president or not I mean there's plenty of things a look at you know involving things he's done is he hiding anything. Well I don't know but let me know the point is did he expect. If the story is turns out to be true and not great news that. These dealings and he did it in years past we're gonna be investigated by some special counsel. Try it's it's a fair question I think again. It's really more about. Opening up things. That have no. Really scope of the investigation to begin with for example if someone. An FBI agent or some law enforcement guy comes your home and here is a subpoena blunt hyper another. He's able to to search. May son behind him but he came to look forward he's not able to do fishing expedition. And anything else he didn't come up we have let's go to Ryan quickly before we have run out of time is now Ryan you're next on news 1110993. WBT. Paid out thank you take my car. Big guessing here a while ago it only hit that they already have a lot of records or feel the way the current. It's completely. Unfair when it comes to valve drop and then went there and make it worse or double car. Called them out on it. Then no running tiger we all know Donald Robert acting what we are no. We sit back evolving it would dictator now under I'll bring this. And then you're left caller. We would never vote won't soaking in every single beyond that looked fine. Signifying something although he fired if I want I mean this guy went on to beat them abused form what that's been brought this bid and I all of what you think that the Justice Department should look into. It's this type of behavior because you're there in the country apart. It rests its spewing. Yeah it really has yet Melanie and a question about we talk a lot about yesterday about the you know the lack of real journalism that's going on in our country no this is a disservice I think. Two the American people. Brian thank you for the call rapid time this hour we'll be right back after news update coming up shortly don't go away. Oh fine. It's our time on news 1110993. WBZ will keep me informed throughout the day of course. They're jealous hitting every John Hancock John still a bit under the weather. Go to his website. The WBT's. As I do the John and Jack page. Get more information. And says he's trying to raise money this week and we'll tell you more about as we go along here on the program also leader here joining me a few minutes we'll make our connection with. Some security experts leave Boylan he'll be witness in a moment also would do in the producing DJ and a storage. And I handling everything behind the scenes on the program today the ball over 7045701110. Well here we have via story in Bloomberg this morning Mitt. Bob lowered the special counsel was investigating in some meaning the records show Donald Trump dealing with Deutsche Bank. And that a lot of people scratching their heads why is he doing that what's going on the bad and now the White House and Sarah Huckabee Sanders a little while ago. Said that's all fake news. So that they dispute the claim that that is going on we have to just a few minutes ago that said he does believe it probably is true. But again the scope of the investigation. Then the charge of the investigation. Should manner that is a special counsel why he was tired in the first place and brand and now you did seem like nothing I guess is off limits. Have any type of financial dealings in the past you know one of the callers mentioned a moment ago reduced to an end. Well what is he hiding and why should mean neighboring these things out I think many of us. Have to look at it that things have been well in the past. You know before he became president has no bearing necessarily whether he's a good president or not you make that determination. I finally gave my dog down troubles are choir boy. Before he ran for office building. He didn't hold himself up to be one I don't think that people probably wise I don't know what financial Lynda and and sort of deals he may have made or didn't make. And and that this is one of the concerns I told so my friends. We're big trust reporters VMware have is that. You know we really don't know these things and you get a special counsel on your back. Which is through a series of Mary's events occurred. And they contending doing direction they want to we've got plenty of history of that. In the past with previous presidents who had special. Prosecutors investigating the administration's. Cleveland's gonna join me he's a frequent guest joint programs or Lee Boylan votes not done you can check out his writings. His votes some based on his time in the US military were ahead of a nuclear weapons arsenal we bring about a talked about. Various things such is security and issues in the military it's actually good to have you on the program haven't talked deal. Are you know we haven't thought for a long thank you for inviting me on. He keeps poking intricate and subject I just caught on I had I made a mistake I could dump her 5 o'clock rather than for him. And I'm ready. Well that death have been done on the I know we're watching him more police Fatah. I'm not going to be thankful his broccoli to my mistake. But we're glad to have young men no anyway what about this you know you and I've talked about the special counsels and advanced in the and how they can get an investigative whatever I don't know what dealings Donald drove in three don't you banker. Anything here in but is it really is a brilliant for the special counsel to kind of move in that direction you think. I think the special counsel to. Strictly. Political situation. Could pursued by the Democrats who or group who have been screaming impeach compliment. From the minute he saw he can appeal the Oval Office. Kenny was impeachable because he was clear. Ha I think Miller has gone off on trying to determine whether or not there was collusion and first of all. You know collusion has very specific meaning in legal terms I'm not a lawyer. But in general attempts to be more include people in the public mind and it is legally. What what what did what was the collusion about what did he collude about he had no real business venture clear it is it's strictly for. Real estate and development of building. He's not like Hillary Clinton who was signing away our uranium rights to the Russians while her husband got a 500000 dollar speaking pretty. Thought he was secretary of state. It wasn't did get so many things on the debt haven't been investigated. It looks like Glenn. And I don't understand why did because I know he knows better and made some mistakes and it's un compound out about it is fired up that's. That's what you don't look Europe also in Europe have an employee to break the law and it and can get you in trouble you fire them. I don't know what don't you could expect him to do and there stood forward I can tell there's absolutely nothing other than the fact. That they're a bit planet admitted that he did some things that he should have done and he lied to. The vice president and he lied on his application or whatever paperwork with required for him to be hired by the trump administration. So that did the beat the bad things to rest on plan if there are and it hit if there's anything else I haven't heard about it yet. It's to me it's a witch hunt they're trying to find a way to impeach. President and even Dion. Dianne Dianne Feinstein. Is it on the impeach him wagon and she knows better he's an attorney and chief hugely. The most level headed Democrats from a California the arm and a house horrendous and it. Thank you usually know when to quit and this time he's gone off the deep end and I can't see anything. That warrant. Even come close to having anything to do with impeachment and one especially when we look back at what's been done in the past. We had a president who who had an advisor who stole documents. The National Archives which is against the law nothing happened. It just goes on and on only on the democratic side and the Republicans have very little and usually when something comes up they take action. And nobody tried to support Nixon when he got caught with a hand in the cookie jar. Did he particularly told to resign and he did. We don't know the thing. Anywhere the other caller Vivian to be our Ryan. Talked about you know have the press reacts with the freedom of the press I just don't feel like. The mainstream media is really serving the public like they should I ever elected there's. How you view you have a right to you know report things or do they think that. They're affected down trump has this sort of the dream about you know big news is is doesn't help necessarily but. If the story like mr. Bloomberg today that Mueller. Sabrina do these records and then he didn't do that this is another problem I mean. We're having we don't know what to believe any longer right I mean it's getting to the point that most Americans don't believe the news this thing put out there. And that that really I think is a dangerous position for the American people yes you can believe. You know John Hancock and they show says something or one you know Mike Doyle a one or the other guys. Here the station you know they tell you something but from a national standpoint right now we don't know brutally. No yes that's true you really don't. The hit we've reached a point where I IC similarity between no Steve political situation going into the civil war and today. When we have. Major let legislation going through the house and the senate and no Democrats not one Democrat vote for anything to Republican puts up. The Republican administration puts up. Are there something wrong you know I can understand some Republicans voting against split up bill. So sponsored by the Republican congress and I can understand some Democrats voting port that's always been the case but. Ever since trump came and hit it then. All the Democrats vote no on everything they're dirt no middle ground whatsoever. They are determined to ruin this man and I hope that they will. Gold full circle because. If I was Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and now Mueller are Muller and several other people I would be. Trying to get everybody to calm down before they start investigating me because I save and they have Miller as having a terrible conflict of interest he had over he could not beat a prosecutor. He hadn't even been near the case just like. He hitter recluse himself because. He was friends with calming he appointed combing combing his. We've been all over the map on what he what he had when he said what he didn't say and when he said and bloody and it you can't believe anything no man's said he was the director of the FBI. We have agent now appointed on this committee. It got caught saying oh by the way. I'm very much and I trump and I've been sending out. Emails and and take. About how I dislike the man and now I'm investigating him for liking get him impeached stepping up but it just goes on and on the fact that this whole. Operation is being conducted. Could be shut down because you can't believe any thing at this point. If you have a phony to. Again on Wall Street Journal Dahlia Bennett drove this is a credibility. You know dampen whatever of Robert Mueller coming kind of picking up on exactly what you're saying. Please hold on we'll be right back we Marlins our guests you can get him up on Twitter his Twitter handle is at author Lee boy. Whose lives are only Boylan votes not done. We will be right back to a more here on WBD 70457011. Tim the phone number join us 704. 570 reliving them I'm gonna tell it's and you're listening to the John Hancock Joseph. I'm news elevens in 1993 WB take. And welcome back Jun ten judge Joseph Ford when we do know Dell listening in on this Tuesday edition of the program 70457011. Taylor phone number here 704. 5711. Jimmer remind you were still seeking donations to help the kids first of the Carolinas and there's several ways you can now. Joseph be doing is a line on air auction Thursday December the fourteenth you'll be able to tune in and get a good deal on some things including assigned to Carolina Panthers. Jersey as well and also a lever annual live broadcast might drive on Friday December 15 at south. Mecklenburg high school. From 69 o'clock or give you the website just a few minutes times. How you can help. Be part of assuming John supports. And that's a kids first of the Carolinas how Lieberman was on was merely borrowing books on time and also he is a Twitter feed is sets Arthur Lee Boyd. And we're trying to about this whole issue of you know they special counsel now the White House is disputing the story that Bloomberg had this morning that Bob Mueller hadn't been subpoenaed records financial dealings. Donald drove through Deutsche Bank let's go to James when you've talked on the phone as well James like you were calling your news 1110993. WBT. Good afternoon all can go well. And I am certainly in June thanks for drilling in good outcome response resume who call earlier in sitter. But none of the Democrats were blown along with the president. Trump's agenda as you were called notre probably would lower proven Obama present a thumbs up I'm I'm I'm somewhat surprised. But delighted to for a thumping his birth because he'll clear without congress people have been outspent 23. But it will all be thankful medical pot who sued to open Barry who do nobody went low President Obama and intellectual Braddock who were not alone prevent trucks just. I don't get I don't get. Well violent maybe it's have a mantra yeah am I mean I guess getting along with the Barack Obama's agenda. So I don't expect those are probably were strong supporters of I'm pres Obama to go along with you know the agenda put forth by the Republicans in. They don't Schroeder DB nine I think most Americans do those things could be nice if if there was some common ground that. They're both sides would have been when you really could work together James I think it would be nice if there was something we could work on. I have who agree and Slobodan but it is something Ed preserving land for natural park we could be in the Republican could even agree on puppet who spent his bet. Back to demand they don't want affordably health care. Where they get helped here for three spectacular script which is no problem. I just don't get it a lot we can do about that I really am. Well I wanna ordered flowers. Try to help you on that. James thank you we appreciate the call of Leo that I just posted Monday about the the national parks the problem was was pres Obama and then the department of Jerry were confiscating. Our property moralistic getting it away from states and to determine that as it you know they see fit. That was part of the problem it there and that's why the reverse some of them this week lead let's this go to you on this whole thing you know I don't think anyone expects the Bernie Sanders supporters may really Elizabeth Warren supporters are yet been fully behind outlook from but I would anybody. I'm really expects that but there should be we don't find some things we did agree pride I mean I don't know what they are necessarily at this point when you would think there's got to be some things. Because the American people do want both size and work together. That's the other NAFTA where we York and when I was trying to get out earlier. I don't expect he told a 100% support for for company more than number Obama got a 100% support for. From a young Republicans but. Just this total divide owe the Democrats vote no on anything the Republican sponsored. I don't think he Republican stood at what Obama I think it was Republicans that voted for some some of the bill that he is that he was blind and that the Democrats put in. If you could say yeah I I could understand out of fifty votes to 45 were. We're born pop in for maybe 48. And the other two went on the other side but what we're having as a complete Democrat boycott. Of a negative vote on everything that comes up. And we're not working together we're not trying to solve problems for the United States report if so the hunt. We're having a political war between two parties. Yeah that's true but I think you know one thing I have met many discouraged about. And I'll see when you think you said the decision by president drums having as much or more problems we have video the Republican side as many as Democrats remain. You know yeah okay the Democrat Chuck Schumer and mr. bossi we're used to that kind of opposition right from the democrats' side to any Republican president. It seems a mile down job is it time did more with his own party. Well the with a lot of resentment that they didn't want him to a lot of the quote party only did not want him to beat you up candidate and they were. Those convinced he was going to lose so. First they didn't want him to run DaVita candidate and and second they were embarrassed because he did win pretty handily and meant as a matter of fact. So there's been a few hold out and Crocker seems to be the last absolute holdout that he's not gonna vote for any kind of trumps behind it no matter what it. What it means. We've got a few rhinos or Marie no Republican in name only who. But did our due generally are or on the democratic side they're very progressive liberal tendencies. Right now we're down on this last spoke we down on the senate we have only one Republican holdouts up Crocker. I don't know how I haven't been keeping up with what's going on the house but. I still don't be a few. Fellow Republican civil vote against it. Had a problem it. I don't have any enemy of America to table or tax plan we had via. Who did sealing its you know it kind of they're gonna be some real conservative members may be some of the freedom caucus. You know I don't know about mark meadows per say but I mean some are going to be saying no ramp on the senate. You know enough about raising the debt ceiling again Lee I've got to go for time to thank you so much for me like very targeted again. How we will talk to you throughout the holidays I'm sure in that looks forward to it and thanks again for being on. And leave Moreland books died down as his web site leave Moreland books stand down these are they just ahead we'll be right back on the John hands John Hancock show. I am sending more 37 Johnny judge Joseph Magellan does something for John today is not feeling well also being. I'm hosting tomorrow he'll be back on Thursday and also of course let me remind you. These kids first of the Carolinas dot com web sites you can get the early donations there if you like to participate. Also the store in the living Mullen briefed up market shopping center of bind you methods Mathews road next to the dollar store that's open Monday through throughout the Sunday. 9 to 5 o'clock. And also the annual live broadcast in my drive will be Friday December the fifteenth we've done. And south Mecklenburg high school last year reflected over 700 bikes and he's hoping to. Do even better this year also by the way volunteer day is Saturday December the fifteenth. There will be in somewhere around 1 o'clock and this will be your opportunity they'll put all the donations together. And create a winter wonderland inside south megs. High school. All right telephone number 704 of five Simoneau limits don't get right back to your phone goes here's the moment. And then we were talking for somebody just getting your card just joined us. About the Bob Mueller story that appeared this morning you're going to work probably heard that. Bob Mueller subpoenaed financial records. Donald Trump's would go to bank. A foreign bank well now the White House is disputing that Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the afternoon news conferences saying that's not true call it fake news today. Again we don't really know what to believe. These days. The stories out there. But that's the position in the White House as but David disorder is is more my guess pointed out ten rings true the Robert Mueller be going this direction. Because he's obviously bill well beyond the scope. Of the original reason he was put in in the job in the first place. And find out the Russians somehow word would Donald Trump to win the election. Let's go to buddies been waiting to talk with us here buddy thank you for calling it here on these 1110993. WBT. But. Nobody dropped enjoyed buddy reading into liquid and that should you wanna. I drive back should do so we'll get John 704 or five soon though 1110. On the program I mean you know I know that did buddy was gonna bid talk about how. This investigation of Donald Trump in his opinion is led some by the Republicans I mentioned this a moment ago with a guest that we had bit. Part of the dynamic is really happening right now is a Donald Trump is not the Democrats. Necessarily that. Are all saying no guess they're doing that but that's that's normal when you have a Republican president. The employees here but the the dynamic is really that he's finding the Republicans. Some just don't like him personally some though like the affected me come from kind of the outside. The environment he's not part of the system and won the election. Some. He kind of I was a defamed by the ridiculed defense he was competing against him in the US senate and not really. The holding him pursue a but there's an agenda out there than most Republicans can agree would you get the sold tax bill bill. And it's a funny I was another show yesterday other than WBT include guy calls in and says and it's so true. Windy and you remember where. A tax cut was actually unpopular. With the American people there's a there's a poll today trying to battle 55 between 9% or something like that. People don't like this this tax bill now we know the Democrats do a good job of demonizing any kind of reduction in the burden of taxes. Not you would mean we get that they've they've been good added they'll talk about how the rich you know just attacks. I cut for the ridges in view of the players and have not getting some service we need. And some Baghdad is getting money back well remembered you pay more taxes and have a really fair. Tags. Bill that reduces things those individuals that pay more would actually benefit more. From from reducing your taxes but everybody benefits and the creation of jobs and also occurs. When people who have money. Like to spend money in when people who have money like to hire other people you don't get jobs from poor people and never has happened. So there's always this demonization that goes on about tanks get but it is interstate. That many many conservatives. I'm looking of this tax bill and not real thrilled about it we're actually raising taxes on some people would bothers me. I don't hear bits of the rich people getting you know there's certain income that taxes are being raised. I don't really anyone's taxes need to go up in this country I mean I really don't I don't like this. This mantra that's been created Bernie Sanders types. That somehow it's right to tax from other people take from them and give to somebody else I don't agreement that there was a time in this country most Americans. Denied buying into that whole idea. All right we are a move along here John Hancock show will be right back. All right for 43 on the gun and got fielding firmer and we appreciate it. I will continue to poke holes in just a moment it's 704. 5701110. And then you have to flee again that hold the limit tax cuts mostly glory against. The current you know playing in the in the the Republican plan to reduce taxes when Jimenez and have just gets being unpopular. No Mitt Romney said during one of the elections that. People who are not paying much in taxes now real. I'm thrilled I'm getting attached to. It's Ramadan handout shows are jealous sitting in. Thank you for joining us just for the Carolinas untoward remember John is. Asking for your help once again for yet another year kids for Carolina's dot org please check out the website. How will give you more information leader in the next hour about all that as well. Also coming up in just a few minutes after the top of the hour I'll be joined by Orrin hatch in the he is the head westside girl be someone died or who don't are just a few minutes about. Really this whole issue about what to do about some of our inner cities. You know we have this the kind of issue with the authority and law enforcement and such and we'll talk about the first few minutes also later in the next hour. Howled over the senate tax plan that directly. About. Maybe you know what what should we do a deal within as far as maybe year old financial. Since you're patient you need to maybe makes him changes that to be in the year that otherwise you are planning to make you could double as you wouldn't do we'll talk about that for a few minutes. Put an expert later in the five or like our host John sending my has been waiting to talk about the soul tanks get things Republicans are really. Getting a lot of benefits from a John you're next on news 1110993. WB DR John drugs I'm sorry so we didn't get secretive and John you are gonna try back. I'm interest in what people think about it because some of these poll numbers out there are suggesting that. You know we're but you don't really do no support for it. And it's going to be very close in the senate this is one of the reasons and although president drop this is catching some black about it this is one of the reasons. That the president's step out of favor Roy Moore down in Alabama. Because if a Democrat wins one of the two senate seats. In Alabama will be very difficult to get any thing and his agenda through because it's just such a small margin. In the senate the Republicans over Democrats. And that's they have you're down to the the situation now to take. Maybe someone Iran is perhaps some questions in his background. Vs the Democrat which is not minister Gordon your agenda is so. Jeremy Sanders did today that the present to is supporting no rescue me is supporting Roy Moore for the sole purpose. Someone. In place that would support. The Republican agenda. And part of that of course is a tax bill and they do what I'm saying a moment ago there are many conservatives not in not in favor of this bill. There may not be enough to stop it. Or evening iPad but part of it is because of the the rejection removal of some of the the deductions also be the point where some individuals and tax brackets actually may see an increase. And that's not really when his argument tax reduction. Use a difference between tax reform and tax reductions. I've said this for years it win. Members of congress are talking about reducing taxes or they come over this tax reform idea is always into raising taxes for the so I'm always skeptical about it. There's a difference in their reducing the tax rates across the board view reducing. The amount of taxes that everybody. Thought pays into the federal government I'm all for it. Because I've only way to really deal would the national debt the only way to really deal with. And he. And growing at an out of control federal government is really about limiting the amount of money they get in the first place which would then for some release serious. Cuts. In overall spending but we never really get there and that's that's what we're gonna see this played out again. Very soon with a sold did ceiling issue once again because it you know raise the debt ceiling it puts. The entire sort of a situation their financial. Well being of the a government in question Friday includes a lot of people on the on aged. Because going to be would be concerned about their in other benefits in their paychecks in this kind of thing and so because of that we never really. I deal would this overall problem. And even. I mean I look I don't believe most of these. Congressional Budget Office things. Or who are certainly of the Democrats view of tax cuts in the impact it's going to be done. Mean on the deficit in the event and all of that but I think you know the many instruments have that it will raise. And it did may be a true ten trillion dollars when he compared to be you know spending. In these budget bills. To the debt over the next ten years well it's a lot of extra deaths in the American people and I think at some point we're gonna have to do with it I think most people understand that. I was laughing with one of the producers yesterday how bad it would be nice if we can raise our own debt ceiling. I could be if your own personal finances. The god does every so maybe days now raise and did ceiling and a let's get a GMC woody has to save this tax bill Jim thanks for calling your on WB to eight. Now you have. View says a few minutes the other there're a lot of conservatives. Against this tax bill. Where you get that information. Now I mean there's some there's some that are gifted as some of the the conservatives that don't like the the issue of raising the debt ceiling insurgent you don't combine all this together so that they can be a problem. Aurora. Well I mean there there are a number of them and as I don't have the list right in front of me about it are you are you I'm doing their solid and out of favor this. I mean I don't have Rand Paul for example there's one is probably gonna. Yeah probably comes to the debt ceiling of a combined. This whole issue with a debt ceiling to the with the area of tax does what I'm saying is there's some. They're not happy when they may vote for this thing in the long run Jim. But and I'm really happy with this many of them because in the been saying it's not like of that come over this you know out of thin air. Because there's some people who are not really benefiting from the day's pitcher Richard the only night we adjustable rate reduction we didn't just. Have a situation where some people are getting me the benefit I'm not. I must say we shouldn't have it all there's no doubt that it sits up with a stock market until last few days. I mean it's there's a lot of are people in favor this I'm very much in favor of corporate tax cut. You you're going to lower level it's not is not a it's not a point that. It's is enough to necessarily stopping neither thank but it is there many people would like to see a little bit. Deeper area tax reduction. Across the board rather isn't really this kind of bill are you said it's. It's not. Isn't surprising to me is not very popular in fact there's via a story I just saw a moment ago I think it's. Maybe they killed I've done is going have the GOP is not benefiting from this is much as you'd think they would. We'll be right back when more and we'll talk more about it next hour to hang around right here on news 1110 nanny 93 to be beat each. Just for game three you really don't know all the you know he's Serb news did in life day to day. I'm busy hosting live for. All right welcome back 505 overtime the other guy. Van dyke show it's a Tuesday afternoon Doug Kelley sitting at the John is not feeling well he'll be back in Thursday. How we will give you information just a little while about their remind you about the kids for the Carolinas dot com. And the have been driving some of the events we have scheduled. You know usually John would be sitting here if you felt very good enough encouraging you to participate for yet another year and so we would just wanna remind you of all that. Also to will. We'll continue your phone call 70457. Know 1110 on the program will level have that coming up in just a minute to end. I just posted and a couple of stories for Jim whose concern he had not heard that there were some. Of conservatives. Then we're not really supporting the tax bill. I you you know way back there's a there was never and so most of the members of supreme guard they they did some of them voted for the bill that they held it up. But their many concerns. That many conservatives have wrist they dug come together. Full editorial about it today and also. There should be details in the Wall Street Journal story have posted and we just a minute ago to about this. Ribs and amend those one of them had some concerns about the bill as well sure I mean it just it's it's not been. We've kind of tested building you normally get you know full support hallway where people are even happy. About it even if they they both sort. I will be joining just a moment by porn Hudson. Be someone that ordered but don't take good judge called because he's called in about this whole tax thing. And the bill in the big debt ceiling which could be imminent that vote coming up there I go ahead you're next on news 1110993. W meetings. Well thank you sir virtually. I just wanna say that the army conservative I have friends who liberals. And we go back and forth over this and what you need to comment that you know we're not gonna see the Condo there have been some conservatives are harder to kind of attack. Reduction that dragged. A fact is spending an end and there's that I wanna it is actually no link between tax reductions spending. Is you know what's gonna conservative or libertarian like the statue leadership for people like him or world are critical of the Federal Reserve. What you gonna hear is and I think it's legitimate that. That we're or hacked but certainly our our debt right now that about one trillion dollar. You could tell everybody what percent of their income and we wouldn't you be we would just be able to stop came. You know that this service on that bet there's actually a week borrow so much wanted to keep dormant alive the tremendous spending. And the and we do it by you know inflating our dollar and send it overseas. There's no way to fix that by any kind of capture adoption award trying to get interest. VoIP we can do is stop spending and no one is doing that no one will be you know try not doing it. No the other candidates even though we're running order and beauty and maybe it may be a lot of Rand Paul but that's about it I think he anybody else thought. Party because man glad to know that they'll and actually your putting ideology stop feeding the beast. We're gonna have this problem and and that's exactly right to tax cut to negative event in May spur economic growth the desire to solve the problem. If you don't cut some of the spending your exactly right in ends Donald Trump is no. He's out a small government type guy I mean that Demi was big spending bills. That's part of what's at odds here. Tuesday did comment from you Doug let's the springer guest on the program. Or in the Hudson going to be someone that dot org non profit organization I'll remind you be someone dot org. Is the a location there or a thank you so much for being on the program today and we're kind of stressed for time it is great having him. I don't hear more and I'm sure he's there I via I would one I do like you maybe we can just. If we we put him on hold and TJ and we'll level come to a movie come back in just a few minutes you're Camilla have via a trip again today. I believe we have this problem was inner city violence. Around the country we have there's the lack of maybe respect. Law enforcement. That's been going on and wanna shed more invested just fifteen minutes and then later willow we'll get back to this whole thing about. We did ceiling and Anderson ability then just a few moments here it is my tenth on the giant handout show and. OK okay. Welcome back 511 a time here on the John index show and a my apologies normal we're gonna have to reschedule and have him leader. In the half hour here just because we are somewhat distressing time trying to squeeze some of these calls in. How what Novak thank you Jim who had Kenneth challenged me at the end of the hour a few minutes ago about world what conservatives I didn't have the names right in front of me because. I didn't realize that was too does such a point of contention. So I did. For Jim's fer bruising and in my Twitter feed that I dug radio also my FaceBook page I just posted the the story is so there's a good break down Wall Street Journal about how this all came about mark meadows of freedom car is strongly to members. Other caucus were not happy with the parts of the bill are even more than an unhappy with this this issue of the debt ceiling that they may tie to this try to get involved through. That should be a real problem make no mistake about it ran ball in the senate is one that I would suspect if the can be a problem if they try to connect all of these things together and you know we'll just have to see plus we're very limited this going in the senate. Every vote counts not really any Democrat votes on this so it's it's a close call but there are some conservatives concerned about elements of this particular attacks. Bill reduction made at this stop them from actually voting for him in the long run because you know some tax reduction may be better than nine. But if you eliminate some of these. Deductions of those state and local taxes in this he was diving especially from some states attended BD. More Democrat. Dominated but there's still Republicans in these districts some people see their taxes increase asked when I was trying to get through a few minutes ago I don't think. So as conservatives in this country we should be. Happy about any time the bill that raises taxes on anyone should be looking for full tax reductions. I also really applaud Doug you've gone in a moment ago who really spent a city better than I could. About how. We if you get to this whole bit about the national debt. And do something about stopping now we've been increasingly balancing the budget deal anymore. There's this whole idea of reducing tax. I look back by including one incident like this shows just fine guys I love the guys CJM. And George feel the same way but I do. As we try to get everything in that I get to the news traffic and everything you need to know about your way home today. How we we spent a lot of time on the program. Discussing nervous Robert Mueller story that was in Bloomberg earlier today at the White House is disputing it anyway. In and discovered later saying that's big news will lose have to see. How this shakes down but the Bloomberg have the story that Bob Mueller the special counsel was system beating records. Some kind of financial record would go to bank. I'm Donald Trump before he became president they say the White House does that's not true suitable level get back to that also the senate. Tax bill will discuss that in the next half hour sitting around for that is well meanwhile let's the springer guest Don Norton Hudson via. For mentioning a moment ago he is ahead in his web sites by the way check in when you have an opportunity be someone. Then or is all this discussion about what to do that inner cities. Maybe the lack of me you know respect for police and authority Ronan talked to a few minutes about that Orrin thank you so much for coming on good to have you on the program. We're going to go for having me and I'm all about peace productivity a poker teaching young people during did you hear that beat Japan took it to great depth and the big one. Never give. You know I'm glad he's here led to another YouTube stress giving did the kids that you have tools to succeed in such. I wanted to ask you from a perspective of maybe do the modern day culture that we're dealing we're you know he then obviously every generation thinks differently than they yet. The previous generation what is it exactly you think you that those of us of an older age now can do do the really help the people like yourself that. They're trying to help those who are dealing with this in the inner city. I think people need to get back I would I'm doing are basically be a servant in years dug it out of my own pocket. Are trying to look at the crap out of me that these children have a draining but an important into the ground now about what Bobby ever tried bandit. The love of your own manga are Indian army fit the only you deal the Sony you get the hang out. My time and enlightened teach people you've got big deal but here it big deal deal first and married people upfront you cannot get directed forgiving Serb people. Tell people they when you do no harm you we in every. Well and especially this time of the year people are more in the idea of giving. You know or end it there more thinking maybe above and beyond themselves. So you know a lot of times we spend in this because we're busy right and if we get our own families to deal will get our own problems in this kind of thing that. But sometimes this particular season may be more than any other. People sort of thing beyond themselves and this is a good idea a good opportunity I thing did you can look at it from that perspective right I mean. That there are there that you of the lack of may be fathers is a silly you you find in the the situation within the inner city it is like to sort of be the father of leadership in the family. Exactly I think a thank you and I'll start at home. I knew you know mind any you know hey consequences we don't paying their fair if I made a mistake and now and again if you were opened up my day. But quote a kind of learn from him by. But you know tomorrow and maybe it would need to leadership we need training but a lot of time the children rate their children may may I don't know what they don't know. So we arm come off foot soldier fighting ignorant teaching young people haven't trained how to think things are six magic words they tend to think think journal our teacher taught being shipped since strategy when Abbott in the ninth grade eight. And if you are probably probably empty to me. You heard it did Maine is not going nowhere. But because the teacher believe didn't meet the full probably key being in I was able to become a chess champion minimum on assignment to pay it forward. And empower other people that think thing through and be a champion. Well that that in itself this is important I think is there a way to or are sort of an age group you think it is easier to get two. Where we give him provide maybe the leadership necessary. Or in where. Are described as may be better foot is there is an age group today they're more likely to listen to you. I think the young and a better you know I'm the second and third grader. Brought they've basically do what to say do what our course and and I think the sooner we get on the better. And travel key if you are older being get a little. Shy and you know. Clear pressures so the younger we give them a better and our our our children have a plate check in private think things through but my main man at G at. You must be yuppie ever think he ever gain big givers when he and they given it an investment. And the beauty of giving nick come back a palpable. Well listen good luck to what you're doing it's you know moves from passing both we would agree listening here they've moved we need people like yourself that. Are so involved especially as you mentioned that that nearly as it ages. I was trying to trying to make a difference or let me remind people your website is be someone with that ORG. It's a nonprofit organization be someone incorporated. You know if you wanna blood for somebody to support its opportunity for either so be someone. Cyborg. And no intention is to lead director Lawrence thank you again for being on. We come back get a few minutes here mark Kohler we'll talk with us about the senate tax plans. Mark is a is tech strategist a legal advisor here. And will leave it because their growth and affect everyone that's listening to some maybe more than others maybe some will benefit more than others we'll talk about it. And also should you would just may be silly you're you're you're in financial plans those of you that. Got to look at did this time of the year. For making decisions. Financially that may help you when you're filing your taxes next April. We'll discuss that coming up. In just a few minutes is well you wanna hit me up on Twitter my Twitter pages that I don't radio FaceBook dot com backlash I don't radio and also my email address is on my web site. I don't radio downtown Vienna news update. Just ahead and then Willis talked some about. This tax bill we come back in just a moment right here on news 1110993. WB take. The fact that Kelley sitting in for John hand Jacko Johns gets to feeling better we play in the then John back behind the microphone on Thursday here in debt. I want to anyone remind you support the cause and day out before the in the program are going through all of the events we have scheduled in the of course I'm John would be. Pushing there's a remind you about it because you've been so it should be a great help over the years. The kids for the Carolinas dot sun com is via website to check get kids for the Carolinas. Now John meanwhile it's urban senate bill here for just a minute and you know this and his passes tax bill Willis who eventually get to full approval and signed by the president you know many people think that yes it will. There have been some that have been site being a barge evidence judgment will that affect some of your year end financial plans. Thanks strategist legal advisor mark Kohler. He's when they CPA. He's also author of the year business owner's guide to financial freedom of what Wall Street isn't telling you and he's on the line with the right now market good to have you on the show. How are you well thanks for having me and I'm trying to keep my eyes open up the reason this senate bill or it's a sleeper if sort of long. Yes great to have you on the program I'm always interest in OK how can we. You know look at sort of the financial situation never crossed the border some news today that. I guess is one of the economic indexes the American people are feeling better about things. What do you make of the senate did tax bill per say just just from from a standpoint there have. You know I know some people are maybe going to benefit as much as others. Because not across the bush or rate reduction what do you make of it. Well it. It's getting better by the day in this brilliant because we're starting to see it in being able to read it that we really just got a full text to the yesterday. So pac supporters across the country are finally able to sink their teeth into it and it's it's really improved. From what the house was trying to do. I think the senate and the better grasp of what this small business owners need and I'm a big advocate of mainstream vs Wall Street. And that is really a Wall Street bill in the corporate tax benefit that we are seeing a little bit more coming. Towards mainstream with the senate version. Yes Jose marte and we have done it both right Mina. Yeah I understand that there is the feeling and have below Wall Street and corporate and such but I mean investor class right and a lot of individual investors Lotta people in 401 k.s. Lot of people have money and they they benefit from this as well right. Yes in the in it yet he admits it's still not great let's not mince work here this is really which. Huge corporate tax break that is permit. While everything that the individual. Is temporary in 225 but it starts to disappear again. You put pressure on congress that. 20 yup the individual benefits. So the main street vs Wall Street argument again it is it's pretty serious arm. But it is getting better I would give kudos to senator Ron Johnson in the final minutes or hours. Last week Friday and Thursday and Friday he would hold out any good you know once small business owners need more. Benefits that flow through taxation principal. Is really gonna help I think a lot of small business owners and it's getting a little rosier as we see it come together. Yeah I mean. I'm generally give up the bill. I'm more of the call is going to be a challenge beyond reasonable new but you know conservatives out there they're not really in favor an accident quite a few freedom caucus. I took a lot to try to get him on board were also diamond this debt ceiling issue too that maybe combined with a would you make. Cause another sort of problem that you know trying to destroy one of the votes. And it and then he then you got to get to the senate situation like you're talking about where every vote counts right I mean. You are to get delving any dim Democrats support are with. No it's gonna be right down the party line and the Republicans have to keep this in check they're not gonna be able. To get all of their wishes because if one Republican senator. Defects if it's gonna fail and so we're gonna make sure path that. And I think you bring up some great pointers and policy issues we wanna go horrid debt is this really can assimilate economy won't work. Really it's them they're more common along right now low unemployment business community is doing well. But the Republicans want to win they wanna have some fun so we're gonna do it. And we're gonna see in the next. We keep if they can reconcile all of us enough to pass that. President comes trying to find something on Christmas Eve of maybe next president of the tree force. Well we'll see us for sure. What about this idea of you know looking at it from a personal standpoint it is there anything in there that's been an effective maybe the taxes we do next year April 15. I mean because they're broad issues taxes ranked. Israeli that we need to can look at it from your perspective. How well this is a great question and this is where there's winners or losers in kind of slices. Demographics that are gonna. Either he's some benefits person pain or there but that's take some of these for example if you make less than 75000. Dollars. You're not gonna be much it's not really helping him and it's not really heard it. It's just that this has not built for the poor. And Indy are classified that I don't need to use such loaded language itself. What they're there are represented as a kind of classified as quote unquote pours making more conservative firebrand. But you can do this kind of middle. Area of 75250. To 200000. I I think he did that you do opinion on whether you itemize and you live when these high state tax state you give to charity. You may not see any benefits that might hurt a little it's not just didn't get across the border if you're in this income bracket you're gonna save. It depends on your oneself UN to have a deputy to the other small business. Again this winners or losers. You have the Jankovic winner marketing and design and look at my base. And the time by 52 on the John Hancock showed Dotel here. Two or three bad side Doug radio you can find me on the FaceBook and also my website is I don't radio dot com pleasure being reduce afternoon. John is a bit under the whether he'll be back when the sun of Thursday. Don't forget our annual live broadcast in my drive is scheduled for Friday December 15 and south Mecklenburg high school from 6 to 9 o'clock. It's become really signature for the station to include drugs music how Santa might even show up bring your donations just enjoy the entire atmosphere. How last year we collected over 700 bikes and we hope we can beat that John certainly hope so this year. And then volunteer day is Saturday December the fifteenth joining around 1 o'clock it'll be your opportunity to help put all the donations together and create the winter wonderland. Inside south Mecklenburg high school. And as you know we really need your help early donations you can go to the website and kids first of the Carolinas dot com they do plural kids first of the Carolinas. Dubbed our visit our store. And they made no intrigued market shopping center. Pine view Mathews road next to the dollar stores open Monday through Sunday. 9 AM to 5 PM. All right does still would mean right now is CPA author of the business owner's guide to financial freedom. Attack strategist in legal advisor mark Kohler we appreciate him being on retirement the senate tax bill. And though we will get something through what about it mark I mean the zoo did you know most people seem to think that it will happen I don't Wall Street was kind of I guess. At least if you believe these analysts on television seem to indicate that they thought that. And we was moving day the market the there's a new heights in this kind of thing. What benefit does it had to be economy or shall we even look at it from that perspective. Well that's what the GOP want to win can have a look at is that both the huge tax reduction for corporations. That one point four trillion. Benefit can help. Apple Microsoft and Wal-Mart target we're gonna just keep hiring more employees than. And end eat eat eat you know about the Republican mentality is gonna help the economy got away. I you know some people are a lot more skeptical. And our economy's doing pretty well also boardwalk operated at 98 and 95 perspective isn't he can be really seek out another. 5% of gross. Terms frustrating. Yeah I can always look dude good times gonna die you look at them but I've always done miserably. An issue from that whether it increases the economy more of a moral perspective where. Should people have the writing team or what they earn right I mean the individual making the individual choice for the you know ourselves and our families and rather than maybe government spending we had a caller earlier. Marred the Dow though they have a good points and attach mills never gonna get is still balanced budget not gonna get us to a I mean could he attacks and that forget that I guess with a way to do it is. There's increasing I don't know how we're we're gonna deal way to read only cuts and spending somewhere demo line here. Yeah and and Derek I think your point is very valid that went the opposite taxation anyway bit. It won't admit it love or hate taxes taxes motivated to do things or they help people. In a hard situation or that in in the and we don't wanna just. Beat our individual Americans over the head with taxes or rich culture around the give benefits to corporations so they can hire more people that's my approach. And see in the beginning of the critics are really drive me creepy that everybody up there listening you know if you sell your home. After winning in two years you can exclude tourniquet to grant of income or 500000 after married single to fifty Mary 500. We do it all the time it's been around for years now they're changing it to acquire about it eat yours I got to live in my home by about eight years. Are quite so before then I'm gonna pay taxes. The mood been expensive Golan speak entertainment expense for small business owners to get out network it's gone. All the itemized deductions for the most part been guided because we need to simplify the tax code. What made him a person Brill. You know I've carnage in that process of trying to simplify in its no I don't. They're the only part of a larger point is kind of what I was. Coming into a car I'm not a big I know that new many of these depth. These deductions have been Neil through lobbying for many many years our guy get that but but it does affect real people you know these state and local tax deductions they do matter. Are you gonna decide in the in the right sort of formula of this did you come down now we have been. You have been really these are you that you raise taxes on some people know that bothers me. Exactly I mean if you go but this horrible. I've got it you know I went in I'm gonna have a day job and I'd look at this state. Great you win. But someone else its product family have a small business itemized bill is that I give to charity how the whole mortgage interest and a lot of medical you lose. All what are we trying to reward here it emits all. I think in a lot of ways this is all the just. Create a win for the GOP's so they compatibility. Say that they've had to have them pick up this year and it's really frustrating. You have and I'm wondering who's gonna be a win I'm looking at some of the I feel like kind of get a story to David did you he's not getting you know the the public you know behind them like. You may muse oh you're gonna cut my taxes on happy about it when I'm glad seeing them going to be rewarded for I think there was a poll. And I'm sorry don't have in front on me which shed which agency did it but it was like fifty something percent between 9% against the plan. So far and end in GM the caller was the most challenging me about some Republicans don't like red state dot com I've posted a little bit earlier. And I think it was more conservative than that they hate this plan. Hidden and I aren't god didn't put a lot of my blog article and I've got to keep four. I'm a Republican I'm attacks warrior you think I would love complex city and get it did and that tax cut by money. My party the Republicans. But frankly and maybe I'm being little all terrific bit. I'm worried about the average American I'm worried about everybody going home at the end of the day what they do do taxes and and putting more food on the table and this just seems like more corporate Wall Street fat and I and I'm not impressed with my own party it's so sad thing. And its interest saying well we we appreciate your insight mark in Dillon remind people lame of your boat is the business owner's guide to financial or freedom. When Wall Street is not telling you can figure that. He's tax credit is legal advisor. CPA marker co remark thank you get from mile we really appreciate it boat where I think for having me appreciate it. You bet out it's a really good so addicted city. The end of the year do you know situation of other people are trying to you know get their finances in a row. You know what to do in such forward. The tax season next year mark Kohler joining us right toward the end of the program. Let me remind you that website again that's done at courses in the big proponent of this a kids first of the Carolinas dot com. You like to participate kids first of the Carolinas dot com we'll remind you again. I tomorrow then of course John. How do so specifically on Thursday. Ran a time of the appropriate today thanks to DJ and Georgia as usual doing other border operations are getting is on the air today in search even as early and we appreciate it. The look forward to a targeted tomorrow at 3 o'clock bright years dissident for John again on Wednesday we'll see you tomorrow.