Doug Lebda of Lendingtree

At Home with Roby
Sunday, September 10th

Lendingtree’s Doug Lebda joins Trent and Patrick in studio for a great discussion about business and how important an entrepreneurial spirit is. Doug shares about his experiences starting a business from scratch, and how he overcame many obstacles along the way. Trent, Patrick and Doug also discuss Lendingtree’s commitment to serving their clients in the best way possible. 

To wrap up the show, Trent and Patrick talk about how much of an impact the Pitchin’ for Wishes cornhole tourney has on the local community. This Saturday, September 16, the Roby Family of Companies is holding the 10th annual Pitchin’ for Wishes cornhole tourney at Freedom Park in Charlotte. 


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Good morning welcome at home with broad impact casting. Of the electorate and WH house climbing along with treason in the movie and companies. Hastened AK eight Magnum PI in the add to be owned radio the sun more than glad to tell too are listening audience that would hear you again. Communicate back to a let us not have a podcaster Dolan. We're just blessed that the only rate I agreed to and lately and we obviously have a lot of funding and says and it's it's it's complete anti climactic with up rights so while its people it does exist it teller stories. In her against tell their story unscripted. And today we've got it really really really special yes and that's you're desperate and mean it really 88. I don't wanna take anything away from all of our against the even Barton last week and everybody has their own diameter is story. But I don't working on this for a couple years now today we have dug lip and a CEO and founder of leaning tree any sales at a Charlotte. So such a great entrepreneur or such great story. In the success stories that was going to be fine to have done on here technical. I was late in the park on these bomb. While while billion. Greet them. And many feel game. Yet radio show. Really really do with them that's hopefully were entertaining the which is in print does it don't think there might be some people out there that mine now that aren't from Charlie's entries in Charlotte based company. In which which doesn't count here is learn in 1997. Right right before the dot com crisis in in in he has some tremendous entrepreneurial vice. For anyone that it is thinking about getting into business or where anyone that works for companies sort mrs. Spears. And telling you don't have site going if not take archery. Now a lot of Utah renewed for a halt around that's the ticket right there in intra and I mean. In the last year and had doubled three at Ole. Hole market Lumber Liquidators textainer. And and Lending Tree it is not yet in in its Lumber Liquidators eyes and take repeat often from their. As the day went through a couple of years he has that now rebound I think that's how they go in and entertainers is it a company. And offset some time rebounding have Lending Tree you really antique arena and does it. Rise. Mark this year marks a great service that's it in by able priceless are successfully each group in the provide as little a little contract this or from Robert Wheeler ready and we're driven treatment of license or she can light it crawls. Different. In treason. Angles. What you write in in in it or onto partners mean really its probes to Venus basically will talk about. It's an exit in a five problem. Can be appointing probably in hell for problem one and a problem and will it be calling and maybe even if not a problem in the mortgage industry. Think it would happen with the runaround. Trying to you know and in in India and and after this and had things that he's essentially and thankfully we do our own construction commercial construction industry eat anything in services construction. We wouldn't be able to be the best advice and service does that in a money. Start with homes and out of business. It we get. It's kind of cozy it website as his lead and taken on the type of one that your interest in shopping for you wanna personal stated business callers Atmel so let's talk about this. Changes I'd say it did Doug will be here. Coming up in a little while thank you. But all of thought about college football is your big tiger and on soundness show players on Sunday. Lee both will have seen the tigers vs the tigers down in Death Valley. I'm Golan. Is smock or gain clips. Well as a major closing games with a final four last year Al mean. Bender keep mine and I've done a lot of sweet tailgate. And other places. And by excellent cases lights all pants stadium never. Donned a tailgate in Death Valley. We you are in retreat simplest deviates assemble fund that offline. Legal record of senator in the week we were were pretty clear that that's senate obviously Sunday morning. It's nine tenths if you lose its efforts at seven probably. Stay with us until 10 o'clock in the pencil and you score predictions. Tigers to when he 717. Oz it's a 21 cents which tigers. The tigers Clinton time. Or eagle odd scheme people my brother is not. Any time hollering is not playing Clemson. And he Auburn and it is obviously we're went for a public school it was exciting out of the change of seasons and means words you know grow and we you know at the corn hole tournament come and than a week less than a week six days away. September 16 will reiterate that in this but the ball as literally. Others and you stop getting in the lake is months and refer other than that ball is much better time of the year. Remember trick or treat them a little Bubba neighbors. As a key it and and the town from a brands and love building bonfires and now and it was stuff like of the fire. I'm loved I'm lone woman that she is. Glad it falls here lead. Business can make sale the Tutsis and in not to mention Yuba college football pro football league yet the Panthers. All day port 25. And I will give the 49 some props it think they signed in bull where clients and you've got out as. Says in the intense. And this is the last of the four point so when the Panthers. Win one and today yes we will do that can smear now reached. Stay tuned we have done it led to what we come back leaning tree founder and CEO of the list and back home with rugby. Welcome back at home with Brody pageant telecast -- the election and WH tops plumbing. Acknowledgment hasten from the red and companies. We are you hugs and we are now joined by accident closed many years does let down when my very best friends in the whole wide world. I have been. Begging god to come home that are that are radiation thank you for being. I. Love being here I couldn't imagine being here with a plumber and builder I anymore and I want to. You guys are experts in your field a lot of them that you guys are both born herbal politically pronounced tendency. Lately smelt. Palmer's color answer looking chart I'm saying we're ready these radio look Alexei. If I wore. I got this year when I was with him and I wore it to flatter him in the first thing he does is make fun. I don't understand I guess mama tricks or Russ and I said vote that. It was you guys are either on. So they like and it makes sense Roby Diaz are pros and I'm not the I'm not spitting on the air and giving things that give you props too much but you guys are studs. Does a mom and alma chide you a little bit. You're pro and everything your you've been so successful. Yours you know your you see you're so valuable to our city. And and and it's so good to have you home but I think I think debt coming in the studio with TJ you saw apple TJ is today. And travesty I think yellow are sucked but I made. The predator with you cannot make Pineiro well you know you probably could because I wanna do a good job for you. Obviously done a lot of PR and stuff through Lending Tree and and CNBC and MSNBC but. You know make internal screw up from my friend is is an important thing. Well I don't want adults to. To sit through that punchline black. I have seen sit solo Lending Tree is the company that you run and you found it. And very proud that but I sing recently. You're beautiful models on the TV may approach of well first. Off you said before that I can do multiple. Him I call myself and among one. But it. But it's it's a darn good at. And after twenty years. Lenders are paying attention lending tree's scaled up nicely and word on out of opened people get mortgages and home equity loans and everything else and recently. Yes we've been running TV ads me on that we've been basically doing that because they tested. In view east is because personally. In the line and sort of sphere and I absolutely so in 1994. Which makes need. Probably about the time you'll born when I was getting my first mortgage. And Pittsburgh Pennsylvania trying to 60000 dollar mortgage. 55000. Dollar Condo because like actually then not but down payment. And I want to multiple banks. That rates for you either conduits for a game in the Houston's. Life insurance. In Pittsburgh and calculus and I didn't understand it and decided to make banks compete so a couple years later which would probably take you know six hours of talent you about it it's here we are well. So let me she said. And I know this because I know you so well. That way we originally met through we're not formed group together so lose that we know it's an instantly tell war stories and we laugh a lot analog on. Tom nick. I'm a big fan of Jim Collins. Love him or not that his philosophies in business that humor it what you said you're in a business Virginia business school. And they'd may have political room for 500 and they said dudes who bulls runner and business. So wasn't quite 4500. Implied. That when I was in business school straight talk about myself well. During my first year at Darden and use via. Wrote the business plan for Lending Tree rose but rose but money and today. I'm. Take English at an investment banking nations. Or whether. Trappers. And Lending Tree at the time in credits are you which was great and that's what laws. So. The end of that year. This year and I was in gym and was teaching entrepreneurship. First years column to the and he gave me speech that I could recite creep only about why he should be. Obviously you'd file that vote that. Them and at the end of that day I went home and sat down and road adult decision tree if which reveals to us and decided to moved to Charlotte did a year that was what we call on entrepreneurship and affordable. Give myself one year and I've worked it worked and if not gonna go back and did real. That was 1996. On our summer of 1990s. And that's when you moved and moved to Charlotte we setup. Shop that our spare bedroom and down in the ground time that files arguably on mortgage fraud. Because is not really fraud and I was hanging myself but I was paying myself and stocks traded WT used to make him. And a year but not with. So wasn't raised money in cash that. Actually today higher selves and it was a interest into his caller. My business card suite 100. So the FedEx. FedEx guy turned out now out of in my head of HR's husband he has the job and he's delivered its suite 100. And it would always confusing and because he thought it was going to be an office and it turned out it was my house. And it's your enemy to our son and it was the weirdest. Coincidence. And he actually he has an honor kept newspaper articles on. Through the years. And an. HR. News. Or. On climate she is sees her. Does a good job for you in your par so you land on it in the nation. And our. With each each. Charlotte I was interviewing at the Tom McKenzie and company business school. Meant this. And I knew I knew nothing about that time thanking your financial services in the people here. And thankfully we're at our problem Lou on the industry in my view in the industry McCain and his. Helping consumers banks compete. About mortgages and home equity turns out now doubles now agency people considerable money mortgages or home equity loans and which in home equity come back and we can now there flights from people and hopefully it'll help your industry. We appreciate. Lubrication to the construction and construction. Always. Plays a vital resource I think you're Tennessee tremendous changes in the industry as it goes from. Tennessee in the early days that now Lending Tree court it's 2% mortgage the United States refinance and purchase analysts purchased. But. Were start seeing mass migration. Routes for everything else think it's gonna. We arcade as you say the entire industry and it is easy. Should be to get ticket. The home and it is here. Credit where so rude. Leaning three has 2% of the home loan market is that correct. Because because I narrow. If you can stick around with a spurt for for a few more minutes. We'll talk about it but it bit leaning tree is now grown into other sources of my own but money. We have every time there's a lender who wants to one money in a bar wants to borrow it our biggest opportunity right now things and small business. Mika is small business owners people who knows it so screwed in this world. Used to be mortgage borrowers and would you comment audio and personal credit card so it's any time wonders when make alone and any time borrows on a bar or their form. Well I don't say it makes a man I want only getting started 1997. He soared in online basically an online business demands that sort of when the dot com bubble. Listen to take place obviously ray if you incur big time there's this year you're sort of how you navigated that happy to tell its price twenty years in the making. Yeah rule you listen at all with Roby we have our guests a date doesn't let go of leaning tree. Will be right back. Welcome back dad only through these contacts are classic from ruby electric WH Hobbs plummeting along with haste and with that he. The image companies it. Mr. lead and now we do have mr. lived I think we need to shut down our our services growth because if you add another tack on to your tag outward troubles in it. In a Hogan of the segment does. Thanks for being here thank you got us. You gotta solve celebrate on the own on the person a year with the top by the story. ZT. Telkom and give us some moral off for an abortion but just thank you are light the pinnacle for nor. What should dawn Marie came from a year unit is solid seven. Earned the right on the dot com bubble as air I mean it is pretty remark. Yep so laden. Give your 32 in my story Miriam and and then talk more broadly but as the star of the company when I was in business school at Darden. That first year I decided to give it a year that summer was able to raise money through a variety of people who really took a leap. The biggest thing throughout the story can tell you as the number wise in question that any entrepreneur kananaskis what would it take. So when you ask somebody what would it take to have you investment business what would it take have you. Let me do a project for you what would it take for you to be my client. People tell you. And my first investor told me and that's what we call on the entrepreneurship literature and geek announced skin in the game and when somebody puts skin in the game. Whether it's an employee an advisor a board member. A client or however when their wanna put skin in the game that's more partners do it's called a pit mute pivot towards were. Where people are actually want to put skin in the game instead of what to. What you might envisioned purely as your future for us that was. First my initial investor and for an while it took us to get lenders. And we had to actually build web sites from Bank of America and Wachovia at the time when mark of it was a Winston-Salem and we had to build them web sites. In 9798. We couldn't get Landers on the networks and web were it. Take form and send their own bank. They paid us enough money that it bill are entire technology base. Which basically gave us the ability star because I would never had the ability to raise money. Men and marketplace business were at and lenders were trying to customers its ultra. But that what would it take moment. And then what do what we also call on the literature the bird in the hand you start with what you know who you know. And what assets you have and then from there the best entrepreneur start at that level. And then try to treat things with each other try not to just raise money. And try to start what they know and then disorder like all the rings in the rinse and repeat. And you see you keep growing more contact to keep grown more business and then you you go from there. Too many years ago I have heard you say that you got me now I got butterflies in my. In my chastity if you've taken and I your list and at. At home with ruby shown a Sunday morning we have done lender founder and CEO of leaning tree. Proud proud to have him. Living in residing in doing his business based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The mail your money incas he is given by able resource that cry. Like is like business 101 dollar and a case and Alastair many years ago I think is great. You get people bonding you get him apps in an gains. And in the end it was this in which is butterflies in rainbows for the last twenty years right now. Now it's been it's an incredible ups and downs on through the dot com dot com. On the company in 2000 every move to New York for. Work and crises. In now happening in the world now and again and and one of the best things I think entrepreneurs and people in business and capitalize on people anywhere. Is knowing your business in the public business so when you know things are good I always say that. The the internal whether you think you're doing well and by the public thinks you don't know is ignorance. And we're yet to do overtime as learn how to capitalize it should be on time. On Wendy. Differences. Matt. So that's when you sell its when your bias that's when you make moves is and you know things are either worse or better than the public office. And right now things landing for your way better at the public it's and they are starting to come around because this is. This has come on line narrows. On one why do you think the public then based on you and your stock prices doubled year every year and I would imagine if you think things are still way better. At that must be a not to leak internally say that they that we can read these aligns us as wonderfully here. Well and it's a different you guys are gone through the same thing which is and a lot of your listeners will too going from an entrepreneurial business. To scaling. Where you start off really is an insurgent you start off trying to take over the market he has done this in the junior an insurgent. And then at some point if the nature of the bureaucracy doesn't creep in the you can still maintain that founders mentality entrepreneurial edge. And that's hard effective. Married it is and and your right and it it. It is always light. You go one man what a lot as a public Nazi and while we're going why has our customers Nazi while the while when are we gonna get their ass daylight where there and life were there. And in Zune it all hits and it's a euphoric moment. So. Mean at Angus I think is great deceit so how is Lending Tree now. Breaking now from. Home ones I mean that's what she started lenders compete you own lung. To what we're all what all services and he got provide take. Newington feature so the thing that gets me the most fired up as really fulfilling the original vision and trees and now we've got Landers in person on summit but he auto. And credit cards were Ronald as businesses and we're grown on because lenders want to. It customers and we can provide a better way for them customers. The thing that makes me the most excited as we call my Lending Tree which is basically an alert based product and made it to show my own stuff but. Imagine and somebody can set up an account on Lending Tree and they don't need to worry about ever applied for it they can save my if they have a mortgage and they can save money in a mortgage we let them and we've saved money they can. Take their personal bonds and refinance and that taking home equity on Mars we help undo that we recently had a project. Upset we always like disarm projects around giving person and we recently technique and Charlotte. Well lousy credit score for us memories and and we increases credit score a hundred points. And now he can afford to get secured credit card believe pattern. And then he can like climb credit matter and will help them do. And and will replicate that for we really wanna help everybody from the most. From person who's challenging getting credit the most. Who was probably check cashing store who can't get that they're gone to a guy breaks you need camps that he can't repair on and then we want now professional lies the whole system now peoples money. Right now and personal ones storms in the lowest in the eyes is five. Percent. Between the most 500 basis points and opening opening. And that's awesome and I mean you're right is it and it usually not much options for slinging it's an ads in that position at the check cashing place. It's your pointers if he can't get there than usually nowhere else ago. So that's really cool mile two mile scale that Tammy he fielded two. We wanna do help everybody from. Doesn't matter who it is lenders competing makes sense of being created competitive marketplace and you can also Opel under. In addition ultimate customer count the cost receive money helpful wonders axis people meet their individual credit card to. Connie Miller do you mean you're grown from a from a a silo business to a to an umbrella business the bill would provide services for everybody. And provide multiple services for people. Which which you give him full circle lifetime value dislike you guys miss it man for four life you know for generations is actually what we say. Is he says you guys now you acquire customer along and it's better to keep them honest you know go convince them details on news night. So I always say Allen to be their best service provider ago we get we're we're blessed to get the serve you. And your family news is some your household needs and business needs. It's the same thing it if they put their profile Lending Tree Lending Tree helps some out and help some. Found value in your gonna get more opportunities to keep an. Klein you've got hurt and I think they're saying expanding just for me is it anyway if you really walk in the shoes of a customer. And the other thing I call does Jack Jim Collins used to call it don't get wet feet made boots whenever you walk. You're walking around and you have a problem and you get frustrated. You either get frustrated complain about it or he can do some about it in those are usually the opportunities were there is an entrepreneurial opportunities stepped in and do some. What does it thank you so much for our friendship thank you for the business that you allow us to serve before. And thank you for founding in and running such a valuable company for Charlotte and the US Lending Tree at how can people find out about any tree. You go to Lending Tree dot com and just hit us up for whatever you want and it's free. Doesn't work for you let us know give us feedback. All of our lenders have ratings and reviews and we're gonna help you do business and we can't you can find a better deal willing to take it. And check out is no commercials does lender leaning tree will be right. Welcome back on the road Patrick Pass from Rudy electric WH top plumbing. Clinton if phony smile and tell us say dad then obviously you were trying to chase him and really the only companies can get shrapnel that. With your buddy Doug led the team that was one of our very dear friends and clients. Yeah that was for Oxford nor. The every injury in. Any. Is your body go back in this podcast that he has gained three. Easy stance he talked about. At one point I felt like Alice. UNC Chapel Hill Carolina basketball school back when I was eleven so you got to give them the buying it. If the commit in a bit. It go where the opportunity. To make it more difficult at allied about it he said. What the consumer walls or or the investor or the states you yours yours whoever's buying into what should screen. At. The market is asking for is never. Perfectly aligned with what you dream is the latest. Piece. You have to being. Nell Nellie global. Like correct earlier I don't I don't think he did air but it that you have to be willing to change and move with the is way its intranet it is a great segue to bring these accurately you and the company has done. With the core two enemies are out is something the rules and very humble. You very first call you asking for X amount dollars. And taking about 22 entities to actually. Fulfill that call. Yes so this is our last week before our. Anniversary damn piece. Can't anniversary of a patent for which is the sport make a wish foundation and analysts and for the last nine weeks we've been do we know what story. Of about kids have been granted which isn't. Aunt Eleanor story in and try to emulate Hoch and this week there was story is going to be out on cardinals Hillary and we told them before we'll tell it again it goes variants it would do what Doug's it. But the one thing news. Allen won't get done it's it's I'll roses and talk ice. Is all our. I mean I'm in any form group we've done and have been in a foreign group would eight. Really denied conditional love best friends for the last four years. From the outside looking in his power and his wife has been rose the great all. The bid man he he's deal with stuff every day in navigate into what the demands that market are. And what he has to do enough fortitude he asked and even win. Towns looked sexy is great. And when I first seniors it goes we're halfway done. Lending Tree or whatever the name back in this in the name is resuming his. News. Credit source you act crazy credit source USA business school garden Jim Collins. Joan Collins wrote good degree. Which is one of my favorite lose and it's though the real driving force brazenly and one. What the principles of ruby's store slower. Generation revolution ago. Check out good agreement in college. But so are halfway as old as. In our court. Is old injury but how hard it was to make his initial calls him Biden says while they've raised. Mean over Armenians have dollar schools pass this year from a wish foundation now. They had this great brand it does it but a man ten years ago. When my daughter was sick housed ill with. Struggling in business goodness gracious gas I mean it was fall of 2008. I'm over here on the store. A charity. Fund raiser Corvel. Asking for money went and never ask for money before. It was. He touted by the people to that post skin and gain an and I did a full that. Realist art that is what this was fourth man. I lack. Told him and promised him that we would give him back you've wondered donated to make which. And we've done that every day every year's grants went to an epidemic it was around race and which really our. And red meat and quality in an every kid that we see it is grand and a listener. Is a nice. In train I mean last week we had. Mean it's pretty quick last week's in this week's together. It's pretty neat because we talked about last week I think underline team was at the start starts them. Whether it's with his personal life or whether it's with your charitable giving your charitable involvement is kits are. And honestly you are basically saying is hey I got sorted that you lobbies or Latina started. At the rules the lower parts that are quote of Bart's. Two last week which you were shot at a McCain. And once you start to field amendment and we're all ceramic eighties and it feel. In sort of attitude that in in game at a business Kodak had a gap Barton and in a way I started a ministry within the last. Three years and one year three years sorry it this year this year's is less list. West little artistry. You have to start out one out one man he's the chief shift then and indicating watcher we'll passion and energy and and you have that led to the data for Tony years Starr at the same exact way. Same exact difference paying for profit again nonprofit is solace is polish and that is I'm and one. You can do for others I mean if you heard what resonates with done it in leaning tree and what resonates with the red meat families we wanna serve. We're servant nature. And I'll say time last week. In time bag and make awaits bringing kids now phone next Saturday September 16 pertain to it and you picked him for witches. Freedom pork please bring your kids and let him touch and the but I would say. Half patent zone. Have faith I'm not preaching christianity or anything else on saint believe bin sultan and if he'd do you do that and you write to Cornel time. Last Elena or we got six days countdown is here next Saturday September 16. Please join us just come out have a hot dog and a soda and see what a solemn now and get them off. Yunus an app. And a home with roe V thanks for joining us have a wonderful Sunday.