Downloading Killed The CD Star

John Hancock
Tuesday, February 6th

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Yeah. This is John Hancock. I was in the newsroom window Mike Doyle walked into the news moved them Dow was up 338 when he did that that was three and a half minutes ago. It's a 380 now just to show you volatility of the market this morning. Well actually since Friday. And we'll talk a little bit about what is the stock market correction men head in what is say S circuit breaker and how did you global markets. And is this the worst decline ever and the answer to that is yes and no. From a points standpoint yesterday was the worst all time but from a percentage standpoint which is a more accurate way to look at it not even close. So while. Nobody should be in panic mode here we've been kind of waiting for a correction even us amateurs and don't really know what we're talking about have been gonna wait for a correction. I'm just like anybody else. If I had a crystal ball on Thursday Ida frozen bio 401K. But I you don't and so I didn't. And all in my stalk guys the last three that I've no Danny Fontana and how long the guys that I've I had forever Larry Carroll stay the course or by come down. So are. So that's exactly world do but anyway that's that's where we stand on -- stock market media refresh that the Dow is up right now 380 point 28 the NASDAQ is up 121 points thirty in the S&P is up 37 point eighty. The Dow assisted 24/7. 2603. At one time were we were are 266. So so we have been you know I liked that. Actually checked in my 401K balance about ten days ago. Said yes. Haven't got rejected two I did I would suggest you not go check it today. Now they say the Dow is up 452. Points on how about we just waited an hour and no see where we end up for the edit. There are there or as Tuesday as we can bail everybody is is a good expecting a rain. Hope you're ready for that new rug cold front arrives midweek was some pretty impressive rainfall totals so for us and nice today 61 degrees as well were shooting for and in no wall down to about 47 tonight so that's not a that's that's warmer than want to go we've sort of been seeing jurist that's warmer than one crime scene unit 5:30 in the morning when I go on to the treadmill. So why that'll be good but tomorrow is supposed to. Start the rain and then Wednesday is disposed to be a arraigned a pretty much all day long. Talk about stock market correction we'll talk a little bit about best buy is gonna stop selling CDs. But they're gonna keep on selling vital. Mean that's say that its own Greg that's kind of bizarre. Because vinyl. To some extent got threatened by cassettes for awhile and get in eight tracks I guess but the CD came out. And vital almost became. I mean other than the fact that some of you still had your own turn tables and they're not a turntable to be found in this building. Three radio stations you can't find it turntable in the building. That makes no sense to me at all. But all of a sudden now vital has certainly hasn't gotten back to the days when everybody is buying everything on vinyl but vital as has such a resurgence now that. That the best files so all the vital but they're getting rid of the CD's because people are doing streaming and and people hurt are our guard down lighting tracks nobody is buying albums anymore. So while. So we'll talk about then Enbridge had often do a little bit less serious subject and have some fun with that America will say it's. The dims memo is is out. And does so we're right Aurora last week we're just on the flip side memo we are we're all waiting mother not to Republican memo was going to be issued. And released on Friday last week. And an hour while waiting for the White House to react on the democratic memo which shows you just heard during the news the president apparently has already read. Steve Bannon. I'm may not react to a subpoena from congress and the trump meal or interview. Is being discussed. As to whether or not he'll. I don't sit down for an interview or not. Is intended they're scared to death he doesn't appear to be scared to death his lawyers are scared to death because he tends to vote. Improvise from time to time. Which is not good. Ask Robert Wagner about keeping stories straight sometimes I can come back to much. Tom. Saw an article last night actually this morning why do fans riot after a win and it's not just a Philadelphia. Although it to Philadelphia was pretty predictable anybody has ever been to a any of you that ever went to the playoff game between the Panthers and Eagles know that Philadelphia fans are just not the most cordial. You know they got the funny reputation of having booed Santa Claus but quite frankly in the stands there just Jack asses. And that's a word impose too literally not use here but. I'm really there's no order I don't think that there's and can't think of another word that I can but I can use to. And they've had their reputation for a long long time. And they're now the happy just people on planet earth and congratulations to that. So a lot of you know the Vince Lombardi Trophy India in the parade coming up on Thursday and all that stuff but did bid to get down to the psychology of at all why do fans riot after a win. And there's some are pretty interesting. Well angles on net and no I read the news available at 435 boomer on Canon traffic can know all that stuff Tom. Not a good week for Rob Gronkowski. First place he gets a knocked out of the game before the Super Bowl and goes through concussion protocol for two weeks enough finally gets okayed to play in the game. Tiger blaze while he's still playing in the game that he lost you know the patriots are lost to the Eagles so that's. I don't care how many of those rings you have. Lose in Super Bowl is devastating. And then it goes over finds out that his house was robbed while it was gone. So I guess the old rumor about him must still living in the basement of his own parents' house is not true a's got his own place and he. What were you when you think he had. A security system that would just be second to none. But does somebody robbed his house. Well he was gone and he was gone from January 29 on saw Mina had some time to do it alleges game day. The game was in Minneapolis. So they were in Minneapolis all week long and everybody and their mother knew what. So why he comes back home after losing the game 4133. Gets home about 5 PM on Monday and discovers that his so our residents. Had been broken into an and he called police in the he had to spend five hours at the home with pulleys while they do an investigation and you know he just wants. Shell and cutting it clear his mind and. Officer stated multiple safes. And possible guns taken. So not a good time for. Now for Barack. Very active and dynamic criminal investigation is now under way police had an AS statement it's not clear when the break in occurred it was three re imported that he was last home January the 29 the neighbor says he saw the gated jar on Sunday. Quote you never see that Gator jar so it was a joke my son and I said gee maybe we should call the police or something. And now he says some kind of sorry we didn't. So that's a slap in the face and then on the other side done enough football news Josh McDaniels has officially accepted the job with the young colts will be officially announce tomorrow. And so LaBella Jack's got through our replace a offensive coordinator and our defensive coordinator because it is a defensive coordinator was named the coach of the Detroit Lions and yesterday. Breaking up the old game. So anyway that's what's going on there what is a stock market correction what does that all mean and is that the worst decline ever and what does say circuit breaker it mean and how does that work next. Sullivan denied that pareto Levy keep traffic and weather together thanks to hunter's old Florida 77 X at Torrey three areas. Video of her world. We went from governor of bravado boomer and gen quote thank you sir thank you give a fluke. I don't have a and whether or not Jethro it's always you know was injured. There has. To remind him that you know that should Obama take huge pop but. Stock markets are going crazy the other direction today not to the extent of the losses yesterday but. Well depending on what second you have to look at it up 3400 points I think were up three. But it's so fluctuating Oprah wildly used between the threes and fours right now so we'll just to see what happens there. If you I'd take a 10% correction and that is what they stock market correction essentially is defined as a correction is a 10% decline in stalks from up. Recent high and in that case that would have been two weeks ago when the Dow closed at a record high of 46616. So a correction less severe than bear market. When stocks declined 20% from their recent highs. The correction began in the past summer of Tony fifteen. Stock markets last correction. And ended in February but Torre is sixty and all last Friday we got a jobs report that was strong wages are rising unemployment is historically low as edited to a brain knows right. Mainstream is as Guinea. Wall Street not so much that raises fear about inflation. And the Federal Reserve. Raising interest rates in new got a new Federal Reserve Chairman as of this week and put it altogether and that's what happened yesterday overnight the world markets fall of the United States lead and dropped. Up from Election Day to the record high of I January the 26. The Dow had climbed more than 8000 points that's like 45%. Well a lot of factors are behind that the improving our economy the job market. Business optimism the record corporate profits the the big business tax cut had something do I do with it which Republicans made long. Losses in the market since the beginning of last week wiped out about a quarter of that to gain in the Dow began Tuesday up about 6000 points since the election salt. We're still higher than we were this time last year. And this is just one of those this is actually kind of a weird sort of way healthy. That's what the markets do they don't want to go down to go off they go down. So a decline of 11175. Points yesterday biggest point decline in history but not even close to the biggest percentage decline. Tom. Not Friday or Monday. Black Monday back in 1987 the Dow Diop to about a 22% that's the equivalent would have been the equivalent did yesterday of a 5300. Point drop. So Bob. Several days after the financial crisis the Dow dropped six or 7%. That was worse than yesterday were a blood boil longshot Monday's decline was like four point 6%. Was the worst for the Dallas since August of 2011. But not. Not even close to being the worst of all time or even in the and in in the top ten. Up the circuit breaker if somebody had asked big I thought there was a provision that if they stock market dropped a certain amount that they would do shut it down. Takes a much bigger decline than Monday due to trigger what they call the circuit breaker of PS and 500 declined 7% and eighty trading day. Then all trading on the new York stock exchanges halted for fifteen minutes. It if it does it again. That would that would be cruel way way more severe than what happened yesterday. And its load for the day yesterday during this scary period between three and 315 the S&P was down about four point 4% to winning a close to that circuit breaker yesterday. After the fifteen minute pause if you were to put the circuit breaker and trading would resume and edit the S&P reaches decline of 13% again and trading is halted again for fifteen minutes. And those first two rounds of circuit breaker apply only until about 3:25. PM and then after that. Trading isn't halted in less the S&P drops 20%. And at that point that's market crash territory. And then at that point. I if the SMP declines 20% at any point in the day then trading would be called off for the day. So that's an essence how all that work and as painful as yesterday was it wasn't anywhere near. Historic. It was. Point wise but you have to remember you were up in the 26000. Range. So to lose 11175. Points when you're at 26000. Is a lot different than lose an 11175. Points when you're at 141000. Or did a 2000 or some along those lines. So then you wanna go to the percentage and percentage wise. Four point 6% yesterday. And not even close to black Monday for instance 1987. Where the Dow dropped an incredible 22%. And I'm sure some of you remember that. So that's what went on yesterday that's what the stock market correction is all about that's what in essence an awful lot of investors have been waiting to happen. Because it can't just continue to cook and cook and cook like it had it was historic what they had done in such short period of time. And we motor due the 23 is twenty fours and twenty fives. I ever record pace and and so yesterday was expected. Didn't make it very easy to swallow. But don't panic. Daniel writes it about drums and maybe should do call Lu couldn't get himself CPI. Give him one of those Luke and no homes to go outside of his house. Well apparently that's a better security don't plan that he had. So there rob remotely was in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl doesn't have email yesterday saying hey can't argue you know Castelli was back yes. Lee cats are used to have a place that you couldn't hardly find over by the arboretum medalists and they were so good. That people founded this is a true New York Delhi. This is the noodle putting in a best Ruben and down on the whole nine yards he's over at John Ballantine now our camp field corner solo but yeah I didn't know that. But I if you wander in there and you should know I'm just telling you once you discover that you'll some races is there anything like a real new York daily here yes Castelli. Not affiliated with the world famous cats deli in New York. But right down the same lines leak actually knows what he's doing so well yeah. Campillo corners. You know Ballantine is truly open that's over their bios saint Matthews or Catholic Church in that general area there so but yeah I did know he was. He was back open again. Olympic start this Friday days before the a Winter Olympics are to begin organizers already apologizing now because there's a wolf walking awry remember they had the wolf wandering the Olympic village of one time. I know they seem to have a outbreak of Norah O virus. All the athletes are good do wind for the opening ceremonies on a Friday an oral virus causes. Vomiting and diarrhea. Has hit at least 41 of the 12100 private security guards. Good jobs. Those affected so far we're staying all in the same building but all guards are being sequestered due out prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus they brought in 900 soldiers. Two while. That they'll be responsible for security checks and all the all that at the tortilla venues. And tell the patient's condition is normalized. But. Be a winner games already off to a great start as VOA new oral virus. Has has hit their their security. Don't forwarded Olympics. Do you know any of the athletes other than Shaun White that are participating. Yeah it Lindsay Vaughn no means is there's the you know there's a. There's names in there that you know but the one thing it's kind of neat about the Olympics is usually go into a woman you don't know 98% of them. And all a part of the great thing about Olympic coverages they do all those little vignettes and they introduce you to nominate toll of their life story and they get sheriff. They get they may make they get you invested in these athletes. And then they show you how hard they've worked and the obstacles that they've overcome and asked causes you to be even more invested with them a menu. On and and the nice thing about the Olympics every two years summer and and wondering you know. Is that it also gives you a pretty good dose of patriotism. And maybe we need that right now. USA USA. Edited it in nodded a political convention. Always they hate that when it happens at a political convention but I always loved that when it happens NL with a Olympic crowd. Although this is a South Korea so there might not be a whole lot of crowd screaming no USA USA. So other ego there where you just heard what the problem all bow and and and and Jim and everybody no. WBT morning news. Were talking about this this morning. This is just another. Example of the changing. Music. Market. Hold the whole industry's changed. I'm I've talked before about about 1981. I was working for a very eclectic rock and roll station in Boulder, Colorado the Denver boulder market called KB CL still still existent sold them to registered. And they brought a guy by. And he. Went into one of our production rooms and he set up. This apparatus. And then at 2 o'clock in the afternoon the entire on air staff. Went into the production room. And he introduced to us introduced us to the compact. Disc player. And he brought out of this would they called a diamond case. This small disc that was even smaller than a 45 rpm record. He putted in this he punched a built above button on this disc player in this trade came out. He put that disc you know this shiny. Chrome. Silver disk. Put that in that told tray and many punch the button again in the tree went back him. Then he demonstrated. Think it was Pink Floyd. I may be wrong and. But he then proceeded to show us. The music of the future that compact disc. And slowed and he said you know this won't be. Will be available for awhile but it won't be your standard. For music for probably three or four years but. Well. I don't think it was nine months after that that we didn't start playing music. Pink Floyd and other stuff. On compact disc and many of you remember that back in the early days you would highlight that. If you were still play in 90% of the stuff fewer play it you were still played on vinyl. In that interesting because now vinyl has made a comeback. And places like best buy are saying that. They're gonna stop selling CDs. If you wanna CD now if you physically want to CV. If you're sold backwards with technology that you still want the CV. Like me. It's still like the CD. Still like the liner notes are still like. But anyway you had to order a lot. Which is what you do one anyway because nobody selling CDs anymore. Did the fact that best buy is gonna stop selling gum. Bear their collection of CDs has hit such a minimum anyway it was hardly worth going and hairdo I did it to me they need to get it done that. Couple years ago. But I remember that compact disk as you come out of play in three or four vinyl records and all the sudden you say it now. Here's Pink Floyd on compact disc. That was a big deal on compact disc. And audio files. Swore they can tell the difference. And now audio files we'll tell you. They can tell the difference because it's so. Compressed. Compared to the sound that you get off a vital. Back then we thought the sound was superior. Now we find out that the sound on vinyl is actually you Fuller. But anyway streaming and downloads have become the most popular way to for people get their music can now and then and then those who were still buying physical products or are turning more towards the return Novo a retro vital. And CD sales have tanked so best buy is gonna stop selling CDs in July. Told the suppliers it will remove CDs from the store July target. Reportedly wants to switch from paying for all of their music CDs and dvds. Then it gets in shipping back when it doesn't sell to only paying for the CDs that they actually do sell. I got used to do that with records when I was what they called Iraq job Byrd was driving all over in a van between Texas Louisiana and Mississippi supply and Eckerd drugstores when records vital. And I think that's what they did I don't think I I think they'd then eventually paid for what sold not necessarily for what we deliver. So here's my question I suppose with the best buy going to stop selling compact discs. Best buy announced that they'll do day yesterday in the pull all the CDs off their shelves July 1 governor take the opposite direction a boat took this morning. I wanna know if you remember. What was the first album. They gave it the first CD you own that's fine but I'm more pins are more interested in what is the first album that you bought. Or owned. The first record I ever owned and there one of the jocks it KI MM radio the top forty giant in Denver gave to me it was to do bells. But the first LP that I ever remember I think my sister gave me and it was rubber soul by The Beatles. I have no idea what the first CD was but the first album I ever owned was rubber soul by The Beatles. So what was your first album or your first CD that you bought or owns 704570. Eleven Jen the traffic generally don't brought you by hunters shall Florida 77 exit 23 and a boomer on Kennedy remember your first album. No I was sitting there thinking about it now accused narrow it has cut out this is a good step removed OK we'll dig around what was the first album you stole from a radio station okay. I'll act act. She went head pro mode offers they'll hold the stick around and. Right it's that I used to sell those that the her albums on the hill in boulder enough I had as we get him out of the blocks and KB seal and I would take command like fifty at a time and supplement my income when they SA DM. How can you buy these when it says say is Celanese is all I'm not the one is getting in trouble for seldom hear of the long it's gonna get it over zealous it. There's always new and we're out of left it was a nice little low income supplement for a good many years they're give I would take a stack down there and walk out with 25 or thirty bucks in all the cases. He would have records in his record store before they were released. Oh man now dog to. Until I wish I kept my albums I gave a lot of them away when when time when we moved into it was so many of them like couple thousand more I had 181000. Now I yeah. Many trades river people that come out restored yes sir and outreach ratio of debt. Absolutely and categories it's there all know an album advertised and yes it is categorized absolutely. Best buy is gonna stop selling compact discs. Target reportedly wants to switch from paying for all there. Music CDs and dvds and and then she and then only pay for the seed is they actually sell. But it's a changing music go world out there and got us talking about dope what was the first album more first CD you ever bought our own and I think in most cases is probably going to be your vinyl in your case. My role reversal by The Beatles release of the first four that I now remember I may have been something else but I do want to remember one couple emails command me to Beatles that's a good way to start. That mr. fantasy by traffic 1967 says he still has that Steve's up on WB TA's Steve. Page young night Dylan Greg was first home while they would look at Lloyd self titled album the fat boy. In. Hello I look bad lady would say human beat box only and can make all gonna percussion down to it is now. I think that it is that right can you can you emulate that. Well little bit sometime to come in Iraq mode back into it now look at the mood you're in right now but they're out out yelled I don't know yeah gulf war Steve. And the. About it at all. Well I want to sharp on that one well listen that you gave you gave the world and who knows maybe someday somebody earlier that you have a career in radio. But I oh right yeah out here British guy yeah I don't know what. Now Isaiah on loving goes. I think we've heard from Steve before. Nurture our own. And we dizzy from Estonia. Now. And says just their systems and about Steve's it just seems really familiar are rich is on WB DJ rich. Thank god all right now I'm fine guy now you know of course everybody's gonna have to sing their selection now even if it quote your first album down. The first to the first album I remember buying with the beatles' let it big. Which but he got me thinking about my first 45 and we never got a spot that you the could get 45 in Kenya and yet little stickers that number I'm yeah. Well my number line with hang on will be by the McCoy yeah Neville is Rick Beringer. And I think it was a very young young guy but that's what I remember and not loopy. Yeah very cool. And let it be using your first album as far as your remembrance that's what I remember violated me as a lot of my favorite song of all are now yeah so here I'm assuming the you're probably about eighteen years younger than me. No. I'm I'm 59. Okay well you're younger than me salaries and I say that is because let it be. I think was the album that was released when I was in military school was better then about 6970. Yes. Yep I think that was their last album that they ask. I have to like I remember that coming out 1000 military school and no we weren't happy with the at all not on the first twirls we do we didn't dubbed the result that we weren't too crazy literature Bridget got. Ours I remember my grandfather taking me down to cherry creek shopping senator by sergeant pepper. And I got that home and put that on his mom nor all. No player. And I thought sergeant Everett because it was so much different than what you had expected for The Beatles. I was still look at don't hold your hand and conceive stand there and do all Americans felt that all the sudden there was. I remember listen and sarge beverages thinking oh my god this is terrible. But yeah gay around didn't take long. Com and and now of course I can't imagine how I ever thought it was a it was terrible Terry 70457. All of intense CD's will be no longer available at your best buy stores in a July. And that comes to talking about what was the first album Laura CD that you ever bought or owned. I would suppose at some point or another. There was. Probably an article in the paper what he figured TJ twenty years ago or compound were. Best buy announced that they were even existed to record so loyalties. We now LP is went to south what they went south. In big time. And then all of a sudden people started really people who really. Well audio files people who really intensely listen to music. Starting to understand it to actually vinyl has a full list to worry no more. Pure sound. Because compact discs. Major hearing impaired like I am are fine but if you're really looking for high quality vinyl was the way to go. Live works to blow it. But down. It always buying CDs anymore if you are nearby animal online and very few people are doing Matt just streaming and downloads have voted taken over the music industry. The whole the whole industry has changed when I was so work can no furloughs taillight presents out enough Colorado concert promoter second biggest concert promoter behind a Bill Graham in the country. Bands would. Turin due to orders so what do concert two hours to sell albums. It's completely different now now you put out an album. So you can sell tickets. Completely reversed. And the music industry itself. CD is our remember them pull us into a room and it's showing there's this new technology we were fascinated JV CEO. And slowly but surely our library started going from vinyl to compact disk in you would announce. That you're playing assault on compact disc. And now compact discs are becoming obsolete. And and downloads are or are the way to go 'cause nobody and I've been resting nobody I mean there's a few but. By and large people are buying albums anymore. I am. And if people are there by and vital. Probably sell in more vinyl albums they do download albums. People are buying tracks now. Which it Dino would be music and she kinda has itself to blame for that they were put out records for a long long time that had three good songs and eight crap songs enough people got tired of by and a crap songs to get the three good songs. So then you start bother your borrowing your buddies album and you do a record to three songs that you liked on cassette. And it got me if you really look at valid all started and that's were downloads all the sudden became appealing. What was it Napster. And that guy got screwed. But he was way out in front of technology. We put this up TJ put this up on the WBT FaceBook page. First tape please hammer don't hurt him. Donna writes in John Denver then my second album was kill us. The platters greatest hit comes from David. Now music Alabama and then 1984 by Van Halen. Abraham writes in Michael Jackson thriller. Kevin says first album was a boy young Americans. And Joseph. Frazier. Don't suppose that's the joke perjury. He isn't the bottom of this list that would be down goes Frazier. Credence. Cosmos factory. In good album. Some people should meet The Beatles mr. fancy by traffic fat boys. Let it be by The Beatles little deuce coupe and go over your sale load to lecture el Mundo WB tko in first album. Hate. And listen PM I remembered that and my current forty whether Aaron that I that I never had they might as. And Chicago has come around the world and they need now and then and added play didn't learn over an election. Can the find out that mail that that was really my sister and ownership of the books and I'm that I. And calling the play my first album ever given to me that I had that I remember how things went. Didn't make them up lately and an opponent of management promises by John Denver and really not into. Well now if you know I it did say he wasn't my favorite. Anybody that grew up in the Colorado kinda had to deal for Denver because he had moved there from Idaho and get ended up on national television. Any any did that goofy far out stuff than anybody that was at Colorado we were too cool to like him. I cannot tell you I have come up with and noted Jimmy habits and of the dirt band are kind of convinced me of this when I got to know him a little bit to the Keith Larson Joseph. He was good friends with John Denver and I've got a whole different appreciation for John Denver now I know and yes of his music was a small seed but. He deserves a lot more credit for his songwriting ability and his musicianship so I I actually am kind of bug closet John Denver fan now and and kind of embarrassed that I that I shunned him all of those years because I was too cool to what went to a playing well. The night. He can be he should be saying I need to get that into the compound compared with promises did not get. Yeah all and all I know the song I believe I know the song. I appreciation for all the other way Chicago is coming to tell Dario speedway to America's somebody asked me today if I'd like to be given Rory tickets to that later on so some placed on the line will be given away tickets to a C Chicago and are your speed right and I said where is and she said the spectrum. Can they sell out the spectrum. Chicago and Dario speed wagon I guess they probably camp. I had expected heard as as say something different than the spectrum. They weren't we want tickets are given way to that is on my understanding two. Some point. Well let me take one more goal over here a sailor Jim unduly BT Jim first album. Electrical lady lived by Jimi Hendrix very good. Married we are as well twelve years old. Time and do you remember what's songs were so. Fossil layer in the social call. Yeah I could almost say so without a river the titles now it has settled a Dick yes. It's made that says that was still raining now was. I have to look up and I'll I'll look it up over and break your and and and ray and refresh sure Miranda. A lot of awesome songs on that out that's all like where you remember and radar love was my first 45 plated two groups didn't work anymore. Had a goal and hearing. Yeah big but it the other side big big big song for those guys thanks man appreciate the album. Went to went to when golden era was at the peak went to a concert there's in Denver. And they believe it or not the opener was easy top. Now maybe I'm wrong on that maybe is easy top was the headliner golden earring was the opening act and and King Crimson was in the middle. Well I haven't more or appreciate it can cruise and now but that night I didn't. And probably go wanted to get to LaGrange. But today King Crimson very instill in my memory kind of goes down is like do you worst. Middle band waiting for the headliner ever. To a John and it 70457. Element in John what was your first CD your album. Their purse for. The moon glows. And now hold your bed from their BL a C. And national on this saying. There's a tape measure. So there was they were selling that there was that a collection deal. None other than that voodoo and older albums sell off of LA city yeah. And I remember I listen to Obama little bar and now we are paying nature of our fifth painful turning. Pain and are you could door in the album from there and yeah and that they would send it to you in the Mario very cool earth the moon you know it has still got it. You don't do zero late in good shape and our own merits and the Arab earned a cover who who are now very cool hey I thank you Matt appreciate you. I get off he goes to a Kathy we go Kathy your first album or CD. First album Roy Orbison. You who I am writing this down who who had unbelievable. Resurgence with a low will berries. We have pretty woman. That is the only song I remember that was found that out in Iowa that may have been the only one known to was on the the problem. Related to allow worn out because I got the month buried her record player for Christmas but here. Was it like go a little square blocks and multiple colors. I'm Natalie actually even academia act album you know and want to want it finished Kiki would only add armor that. I remember that day Jack the ones that I had that did that sometimes would screw up and dropped about three albums instead of one. And that I remember the name brand on the record player which finger believe it or not the bank to open this year. Yeah no that's Trotter right and so stroller right they appreciated they would do that did the thing about that's what she's doing audio file or discouraged because it would drop the album. On top of the album that was just playing. And it would skid. And so you kind of had that friction thing going and so it would do if you did it enough times that it would start to scare off the album. Which kills you resales. All right I'm gonna go find videos the set list for electric Roy led wounded veteran senator and the guy who called in no way did dead. Best buy is gonna put silicon bag just against the Dorgan about what was your first album received did you ever bought her own. And a guy called and they said a Jimi Hendrix electric lady Lander we are trying to figure out knew it was a double elbows trying to figure out what was on that and I said to him rainy day for any and let alone answer it yeah that was on. That's I think what that really nice one lead guitar walk. Want how long it. Hint as to what the guy earlier commercial work talking to Drew Brees about don't feel like jazz music. Tom still rate is still dreaming was another long nose on their old song though by Bob Dylan called along the watchtower. Was on their crosstown traffic was on their voodoo child. That's a hell of first album. And the gods made loan. That's a great album. I'm moon glows is probably the earliest one we've heard Roy Orbison. The coup. And his wrote in an this is so from our Randi said there who by numbers squeeze box a classic. My older and gave it is again she was way cool and immensely corrupting. Except that everybody should have a crummy to me family member. Unfortunately and my family. I met. Happy to be of service first album or CD. Adam is up on WBD. Hey Adam how are you. I am pretty good start. Burst bat but first we're gonna actually with a 45. And I got it from my. So my mom and dad actually had the record that's bound them nice to play him as a kid years ago and it was nice and waits saddened by the Moody Blues. That works. Moody Blues who cares and that a single deal remember was on the flip side of that period. Now I don't remember on the flip side it was just a single 45 I just sit list in my bedroom at my own little record player my first. CD of ever bought was some of the early work from Petra. Grave robber was more on the song that I don't like listened to a lot. And I you know I have no idea what the first CD I ever owned was and it's probably because there were two radio stations so I was playing CDs before I owned a we're. It probably impaired by and you know I heard a mall there right well I dad did to some extent now although I've always been a kind of a collector of music but I just don't remember what the first CDO ever ball was that it probably was such as say it probably wasn't that big a deal. I do remember my sister are buying me rubber soul for Christmas and up until that point I think all they'd ever had was 45 so I'm pretty sure rubber soul by The Beatles but first album. Not so big and that together it's not a bad way to start and I appreciate all the the other thing you have to remember is the first concert I ever went to. I told the story a couple of times before. But knock on the door back in 1964. And the next door neighbor had come over. And said to ask your son if he'd like to go see The Beatles with us tonight or red rocks our daughter is sick and she can't go. And so I jump battery remember their last name. I jumped in the us in their afford fairly and station wagon ready to. Take what he. And I went to a red rock's first time I'd ever been a red rocks. And the concert was not sold out. And you couldn't hear anything because everywhere all the girls were screaming. But the first concert I ever went to was red rocks and it was The Beatles and and this Dave I can't show you the exact seats we were in but I can show you essentially we were about two thirds of the way up. If you were standard on the stage or red rocks looking out on the crowd they would be on the left hand side about two thirds of the way governor Gemma go out there with the eight Brothers are still like that. I look up to that spot and think first concert and what I get backstage. I don't think about people Specter. All right gave them 328. Days to go in the year 37 days ended the year it is Tuesday February the sixth. Alan Shepard became the first got to hit a golf ball on the moon on this day in 1971. 1981. Talking about movie. The music. Former Beatles Paul McCartney Ringo Starr George Harrison teamed up once again to recorded music musical tribute to John Lennon. In the result of that session became all those years ago wouldn't necessarily ground breaking but at that time the song went number two on the bought music charts. Mike Farrell from mash. His 79 years old today. Tom Brokaw. 78 years old today and Axl Rose Guns 'N Roses is 56. Senators warmed up Donald Trump bush a letter Monday that it CEO wants to hit North Korea with a preemptive nuclear attack he can only do it if he has congressional approval. I guess to two forms might here's what to expect we'll close it. New Hampshire a woman. Who won us 560 million dollars in the powerball lottery the lottery has hesitated to pick several weddings because she didn't want her name. But to become public. She could've put it into a trust but you signed the back of the ticket. She didn't understand at the time so now she's in deep doo doo I know I have I want this is why had it not that I'm ever gonna win the lottery I understand that five by the lottery ticket to South Carolina. Visit South Carolina you don't have to go above. In North Carolina. You do. So why is what zero viral in the lottery you'll never know about. You can't ask the new guy whatever happened to me. Experts predicted divorces will look me up this year as couples looking to break up their marriages before 2019 when the tax deductions for alimony come to an end. Not personal on its business. It's not you it's. Me. Do we still be friends. Prince's sister says hey. Cut Justin Timberlake some slack. French wouldn't be mad at Justin Timberlake for using his image and voice during the Super Bowl half time show least according to were sister. Who wants JT's haters to back off tyke and Nelson is her name she was so pleasantly surprised by Timberlake performance she said. Even enjoyed his controversial French street tribute. She in the rest of the prince family knew he was planning to sing I would die for you but says they were aware that he was gonna do the video projection. As for the backlash Tyco says that everybody needs has their own ideal footprints would have wanted to. So it's impossible position for a just and she added that her brother was outspoken but wasn't one to hold grudges referring to the old beef between now prince. And Justin Timberlake to beef over a sexy back back in the days. Anyway. He's taken a beating. Bob and portable missed the tribute to prince and the other one is just the performance in general but. She says back off leave him alone. Frasier star John Mahoney died. The grumpy old dad beloved dead Marten Craig from the sitcom Frazier died on Sunday hospice care Chicago 77 years old. He's was great. He that's a good it was a brief TV show or the traffic there we go out brought you by hunters shall Florida 77 exit 43. Abu Irvine cannon with the bad news down around stalling yes sir heavy delays. On Oldman or road near pleasant plains John this report is sponsored by care where. It is due to power lines down this blocking the eastbound lanes or all of Munro at pleasant plains Phillies who go back to downtown Matthew so four and altered it. They want to go with the wedding to grow to chestnut lane. For eastbound Olbermann rural road. Have a collision to the west don't we focus of both boulevard inbound the borders street Billy Graham parkway and I 85. Ashley road to freedom gripe is that done to the southeast on Providence Rhode edited down near cold real road. And to the north on sunset road that peach tree you drive tied by ED five headed southbound exit 38 ice 77 X seventy guest O'Neal less than 25 minutes. Nowhere has probably servers the Carolinas with the unified voice data and video solutions since 1984. It's our worst hosted PBX solutions are perfect for small and medium sized business. For more info go to tell where tell where dot com. WBU weather channel forecast rain lose them late toying with the overnight 47 that rain through most of the day tomorrow 6262. Now and rock kill 57 in the queen city. Next update at 450 boomer Barnes. At a WBT all day time saver preference. But life is giving free beer to Philadelphia eagle fans here at historic yeah. And they're gonna do it during a parade on us on Thursday. I'm not so sure giving philadelphians alcohol is a really great ideal but Bud Light is making good on a promise agreeing to give out free beer doing Eagles fans during the Super Bowl parade. This all came out Eagles tackle lane Johnson he deserves credit for it he promised free beer for everybody in the summer if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. And Bud Light followed his promise by saying that they would pay the tab and provide to bear. Now back on August the second Bud Light tweeted. At lane Johnson 65. Let's make a bet. When did all and the party is on us. But like tweeted the Johnson and his friends who were at least 21 years old can start by taverns along the parade route for radial light blogger. Pretty good on no bud lights on behalf. I suppose those guys in part revealed tanked up anyways so. Last year Amazon released Amazon key. Which was that Smart home product we talked about it. And whether or not she would do it or not but let's Amazon delivers open your door to drop off packages remember all this. It's a system that includes a motorized door lock and a camera and the idea is that your Amazon deliver can unlock your door with the Amazon app drop off your package in real lockyer Dora while you have full view of the process. Through AF camera. And as long as you're not worried about your deliver intentionally doing something malicious or letting your dog out the idea seems a sound. However. A new vulnerability. And Amazon key has been discovered another watched a video of this last night just released that shows. How someone can plant a device near. An Amazon key that prevents it for L'Oreal locking. After the deliver. As unlocked it. The person who created the video why hasn't given no details on know what they had box is doing or how the Amazon Ki attack but he or she is withholding the details until Amazon fixes the issue. Yeah I'm a little bit and all that worked out I don't want them open the door to the dog god that's my whole deal that I on the other hand I don't want people in my house. Not even when I'm there. I'm mom working towards retirement or on Minnesota on the front portion tell people to get out of my yard this is this is my life's goals solo just the way that goes. You may see Kevin Hart trying to get up on neo stage the other night when they were given an award video trophies for anybody see him drop the F bomb in the NFL network. Talk about Kevin Hart. TV ratings by the way way down for this game again and why do fans riot after a win these science behind the Philadelphia's Super Bowl chaos or anywhere. Where they do that we'll talk about that coming out of the 5 o'clock hour on the WBJ. For the traffic and we go brought you by voters who afford I 77 exit forty through boomer Von cannon boomer got a question for you what's a bit what beverage. Was advertised as good to the last drop in 1907. Not Maxwell house not Maxwell house it was Coca-Cola so really the slogan was long forgotten may say by the time that the line was adopted by Maxwell House Coffee 1907. Why Coca-Cola used. Good to the last drop wow I had no idea but like popcorn leg horns interpretation of Coca called. Here watch it fears that the effect if they had little effect that the minute the group is counselors on. It's pathetic that I thought that every Coca-Cola Korea what did you do fog low fog or later Hart died over the Dutch traffic they bought. You don't want to go and overgrown road on wheels they're deployed to listen to a word I say Victor I used to always kept an eye out for. Coming had a chance for rain shower later on tonight. Temperatures won't be all that well 47 degrees and over Carlo where. Dennis boomer just said don't tomorrow log had periods of rain aides say it's. Aides going to be a lot of rain tomorrow it may not be consistent at all times but there's gonna be pretty good chance of rain tomorrow with a 100% chance actually. And rainfall possibly over an inch so low. Or forget your robbers. Give her a better life digit TJ. Happy birthday to the Weather Bureau just speaking of hard to imagine a time when we didn't have both somebody don't predict the weather. Well except for Al Conklin of course. This. Think about. What are you I mean you know what you when you really had no idea what there was gonna rain or snow that's for over the older pilots forecast came from a joint order one of you to look out the window. And that's still is true some gazans worse yet imagine how many people died because they had no warnings of hurricanes or tornadoes or. Deadly storms. This Friday is actually the birthday of what is so we now know is the National Weather Service back in 1870 there was a joint congressional resolution. Requiring the secretary of war. To provide for taking meteorological. Observations that the military stations in the interior of the continent. And at other points in the states and territories and for giving notice on the northern Great Lakes. And on the sea coast by magnetic telegraph. And marine signals. The approach and force of storms. That's when it was introduced back in 1870 the resolution was passed by congress. And signed into law on February the ninth 1870 by. President. Ulysses S. Grant. Cedars Saudi fault zone more. In 1894. William Eddy using five heights to loft to sell recordings thermometer. Made the first observations of temperatures. And on September 30 1895. This would have been 27 years after the joint congressional resolution. September 30 1895. The first Washington daily weather map was published by the Weather Bureau 1950 the Weather Bureau began issuing thirty day weather outlooks. And in 1967. The Weather Bureau was renamed the National Weather Service but the Weather Bureau. Celebrating a birthday. This Friday. But what we now know is the National Weather Service so whether you go there. Do you have any idea why we only have 28 days in February. I'll explain that probably the next hour. Thank you mr. wizard. Standing desks in bright autumn. You have it because. There's so healthy right. They're really good for your right. They help you lose right wait right. Not really new study says standing does in fact burning calories but just not as many as what you probably thought maybe about 54 calories for a six hour day of standing. Despite that modest effect of us standing desks they found in the research standing yes I do have other health benefits. Researchers found that people with standing desk tend to move more through the day. Which would result in more burn calories than just standing and there's also the issue of back problems associated with long periods of sitting. And other health issues social standing guests were created to address some of those as well but as far as. It hoping you lose weight probably not so much. As I stand during a radio show I think I'm the only one that does here. This could do is insist. Both sits. Now I think I'm the only one. I do it because they have so if you ever see me on TV doing the show you'll notice I Phidget. It it I wonder my legs balance and try to get through that does is gets on my nervous energy out to different. I'd be replaced plus. I don't need to be I don't kind of a sudden they've already proven that stupid that we sit too much of our life right. And I think it opens up your pipes. Not so I come up with this amazing radio voice that I used for the third. Standing. But not lose it anyway. Well the ratings for the Super Bowl we're not good. Super Bowl 52 lowest rated a big game since 2009. We were wondered about this yesterday you know with all of the other our ratings that we've seen this year note. Well and football down in general Philadelphia Eagles. And a heck of a game 4133 over the pats. According to the Nielsen national ratings 103 point four million people tuned in to NBC on a Sunday night that makes that the lowest rated big game telecast. Since 2009. That's a 7% decline from last year's Super Bowl and that means that NBC's fell far short of its Super Bowl record that was set back in 2015. That year of the game was watched by an average of a 114. Point four million total viewers. So mom. Battle Levin. People. Total audience which are rolls up the total viewer numbers from the telecast broadcast digital and out of homo viewing and all that kind of stuff per game average tow 106 million viewers across all platforms. That would include NBC sports dot com the NBC sports at the unifil mobile app the apple or the L Yahoo! Sports app. And news in all that it seems that some of the super bowl of viewers waited until late in the game when things got really interesting to tune in viewership topped out. And a 112 point two million from ten tell 1015 towards the end of the game. That would be just about the time that they stripped Brady of the ball wouldn't it. In the fourth quarter. This year's live stream averaged two point 02 million viewers across all platforms makes that the most streamed. A Super Bowl ever but ratings so for the most part were were down a considerably now when they got to. What when the players were starting to go up the stairs to the platform. Did you get the trophy. Did anybody see Kevin Hart. I did end and I don't know why and I was pretty sure it was Kevin Hart. And I was pretty sure that this security guard was not letting him go up the stairs it looked like he wanted to go up the stairs and the security guard wouldn't let him. And I don't know all I tuned in to that goes over the whole bunch of people out there but you just kind zoomed in on note Kevin Hart tried to get past the security guard who wouldn't let him go up the stairs. And you were wondering whether Kevin Karr was being a but. Or whether or not the security guard didn't know who he was. I had that he was supposed to be part of the ceremony he was part of the NFL honors. Our presentation the night before which was aired on NBC. You stood up there and they are closed auditorium. Always sunglasses on. Typical. Future's so bright I got to Wear shades. Anyway indeed Kevin Hart was trying to get up blood to the platform and indeed Kevin Kerr was not supposed to be up on the platform India's security guard Wendell let him up their British and just stop there. Kevin Hart is a big eagle Sam. And he'll load he's loaded a video up to answer Graham. Admittedly while he's still just a little tipsy. Mr. Hart apparently. And just a fuel. At the game the other night. A few gallons it would appear. Oh whatever it is that he was drinking so he gets under answered airman explains why he attempted to rush the stage with the actual football players celebrate their big winner of Super Bowl. And then after rushing the stage. He wanders on over to the NFL networks that were the commissioner is and several football players and drops the F bomb. And realizes immediately what he's done and and pretty much removes himself from the other networks that. And and that social media just went nuts after. This social media saw. While they are the F bomb and then made they must have seen him trying to get up on stage to one user wrote man. They tried to band Kevin Hart from the stage like he was too short to ride the roller coaster greater America. If it. And by the time he gets unanswered Graham. He's either look at or really bad. Or he's trying to be so cool that he looks really bad. But he really was he was a little worse for Wear any kicks things off on the Graham with a little PSA and he says to all the kids out there. I just wanna say don't drink. But Danny goes on to explain some more and I'll get to that in just a sec. Mr. Graham and does his little do all the kids out there are just wanna say don't drink and many goes on to explain that when alcohol is in your system you do dumb stuff. Mean trying to go on stage with the trophy definitely one of the top two stupidest things I've ever done. But then he gets to the point. And says. But who cares. It at. The Eagles won the Super Bowl yeah I'm still a little tipsy and the world can kiss my. Three letter word for donkey. And then he also included a series of epic cash tags including. I should've listened to my life. At least I didn't Punjab horse. And my friends of part of the blame. So Kevin Hart of memorable Super Bowl now than the other there's a few of those Super Bowl fans in Philadelphia that Betty member Olsen rolled tube. Up because they've proceeded to do what seems to happen an awful lot of cities and you've got to figure that everybody knew would happen in Philadelphia. But why do fans riot. After a win. And there was an article today in the Washington Post about the science behind Philadelphia's Super Bowl chaos and it's they knew it's actually not just Philadelphia. Although you know fires in the streets and smashed windows and flipped cars and light poles. I topped by alcohol of fuel crowds. That's what happened in Philadelphia the other night the parade is day after tomorrow with free beer from Bud Light. Then that'll go over well. Super Bowl Sunday the city was in disarray. And so they asked the question what is it about sports that makes fans riot. And we'll address that when we come back. Vote present article that big guy you saw what happened in Philadelphia after they won the super motive and if they went out enough. Fires in the streets and smashed windows and flipped cars and no so. Obviously alcohol a southerner to adapt a wider cities what is it about sports that makes fans riot. And did the post asked that today and it's pretty entrusting us psychologists and sociologists studying the phenomenon of sports fan violence found some interesting answers. Researchers say attribute the violent behavior to Roy heady mixture of factors that would be intense fan identification with a team. Behavioral changes when people become part of a mob. And strong psychological. Responses when you're a team. Wins or loses. Sports fan violence doesn't just happen in Philadelphia it happens all over the world but the American fans they say is unusual in a few ways. In European. Soccer. Hooliganism error that's where fans of opposing teams often heard each other. But fans in the United States usually are limited due to there being no did they did they go to vandalism and violence directed at inanimate objects as opposed to each other now I'm sure there's a few casualties. Sucker punches and otherwise. So what American sports fans riot it's almost always in celebration of a victory rather than a defeat ever thought about that. They never go out there and show their anger because their team just lost. It into Arab the streets of New England the other night. We're social creatures we need to belong says the psychology professor. People often split themselves into categories based on occupation or ethnicity or gender or other factors and sports fan dome. Is now it is kind of like a religion have to do its own self that sense of belonging. But stated that it bestows it can be beneficial. In studies on college students they found at the fans who identifies strongly with a team often are less likely to feel lonely or alienated and have a higher self esteem but. Because of their strong identification if you're really ardent fan the team becomes an extension of that AM. And that can have a profound effect on people's psychology and even physiology. So it happens and fans brains after you know what happens after a winner or a loss well. The effect manifests itself physically fans testosterone levels. Often increase after their team wins. And deep creases. When they lose. And a 2013 study found that fans of losing two games experience and urge to eat more saturated fats and sugars the day after. While winning team fans. Chose more healthful foods. You never what I thought that was going into the study Voyager. So. Where does the urge for violence. Come from. That mob mentality. They say has a lot to do with the because in study after study psychologists have shown people often have difficulty. In big crowds there's the act contagion. Theory. We know people do things in crowds that they would not do alone they think they're anonymous is is for according to a Jason latter. Who is a psychology professor Ed debt goes down university people make poor decisions and crowds he says. Then there's the alcohol which adds fuel to the action. And so when people act in groups neuroscientist have also found. They're medial pre frontal cortex. Responsible in part for self reflection is more dormant. That lack of self reflection seems to allow people in groups to act in ways they ordinarily would not set a neuroscientist from Harvard. Being in groups also can bring out the best tennis and encouraging us to donate or do collective acts of kindness. So. They say just maybe some sports fans just hinge. Oil hurting people and breaking stuff and I can play in there as well. But there you go a little bit of the science. As to why five fans riot after they win. Let me lottery. You'll have plans to win the lottery right. Treasury terror plan. From what I read about dead people and not much money they save dough for retirement up earlier some of you on that's the well good luck on them. Is a lady. Who has right now being known as Jane doe. Who won the 559. Point seven million dollar powerball. Wants to remain anonymous. Now you think about that if you wind. That much money 559. Million dollars in a powerball jackpot. Would you want the world to know your. I wouldn't. Tom and Dan laden has to do Rivera back then I'm a public figure and a lot of people know me and and and soul. It would shave years did the first place. And you know the old would you have quit your job. I don't know the producer Kostner. Because I enjoy doing. But it would change our relationship. If you knew I was worth 559. Million dollars a day even after the payouts over. 300 million dollars it would change our relationship. Course I wouldn't have to be asking you for funds for kids first Christmas every year I can do is to go do it. But it would AA would dead so I I know I would not want to buy in all. It might be evident in the car I'm driving. At. But. I guess I can think of some real estate agents mark Spain would be happy if I want a lot of reed dirt. Eating it and samarra homes sold. Anyway this woman who won the 559. Dollar million dollar. Powerball jackpot in January is fighting to stay anonymous. And and shall have to go to court keep it private. Because she won this in New Hampshire. And she signed her name to the back of the ticket. It and that was a big mistake. If she had netted and having done that means that she has to go public. In accordance to the state law New Hampshire considers the winner's name Mattel and and prize amount public information. So this woman who is now known as Jane doe. Has not turned in the winning ticket yet. So that's why we can still refer to her as Jane doe and her case will go to court later on this month. Apparently by signing the ticket otherwise in New Hampshire my understanding is she could have had eight trust except this money. But by signing the ticket. She now tested. Except in herself and it and the information has to go public. Now I suppose it tell you lost the court ruling. Jimmy she loves New Hampshire she don't wanna leave New Hampshire generally the talent that she lives in shouldn't. But she realizes that if she gets 559. Million dollars should probably have to do just that. Because as soon as you win that kind of money people come out of the woodwork scam artists and people who legitimately have. Extremely sad stories. And challenges. You can't sit there and listened to all I mean you just you know. So she'd patient and wash her whole way alive for a change because of this money but that doesn't Doug and walk or for the money either. Now it brought up the question about if you win the lottery if you win millions in North Carolina continue keeping a secret and the answer is no. If you this is why I you. And then this is kind of stupid because he's the odds of winning the powerball lottery. You've had no shot. If I could tell you right now and I can tell myself at the same time you will not win. The powerball or the Mega Millions lottery you might win some money that you're not gonna win the big jackpot. And I guarantee you I'm a 100% correct troop everybody that's listening to show in if I'm not then I'm only. 900 in 99.9. 99%. Right. You will not win but I buy my tickets in South Carolina because you can't remain anonymous. So we have this well and in New Hampshire who is suing the state lottery commission to fight to preserve for anonymity because she won 560 million dollars last month to a buy citing the back of the ticket. She's guarded pretty much agreed to go public if she hadn't signed the back of the ticket she could have a trust accept this and you gonna vote figured out a way to stay anonymous. That's a legal battle that she. Would lose in North Carolina according to an article in the Charlotte Observer today by a Labatt under Smith. In New Hampshire the woman claimed she mistakenly signed her name to the winning powerball ticket and that makes her identity public information. Had she signed the ticket in a trust. She could've kept her name secret. According to the union leader newspaper in no New Hampshire in North Carolina. Information 40 winners of prizes of 600 dollars or greater is public record under state law. And that would include your name. Your city or talent. The game you played. The date of your claim and how much you want. And know nothing you can do about it. It's it's considered to be public record under state law. The state doesn't make other information like your address or your phone number available but all what I just mentioned they do. Under state law a trust wouldn't keep somebody's name secretive North Carolina. 01 route some could take in North Carolina to remain anonymous after winning the lottery would be through a protective order but such orders would have already had to be in place for a victim of a crime such as domestic violence. The winner wouldn't be able to seek an order order because. They want a major lottery prize so if you're pretty sure you're gonna win the lottery. Go across the statewide invited South Carolina and then you won't have to hassle with the state of North Carolina. And by the way if you dill. I need to borrow some money for kids first next year. Jon Stewart. Emails good through my rhythm today is. Ronald Reagan's 107. Birthday. Wanted to know how I could possibly forget him. These are. It's just forgot. No good to no effort at all over the tragic sooner we go rescue by hundreds of Florida 77 X 43 you do remember either did you move nor did not sorry sir you know I'm carrying traffic I think. Tool that's the open wheel Gil fool fool. Okay. I'm tired researcher claims having an office playing improves your quality of work. Yes you have no conscience. Keep your bell means nothing. Media researcher found the thrill of a fling raised energy levels of lead to better professional capacity whatever that means. A bomb it now doesn't say if you're married. Having an office fling I saw this is probably just for single people. So go ahead. Pulling away. There's a few flings going on here when Julian press players. Yeah I think it's all the TV said. We did do we know of any radio flames. Yeah I can't think of any going on here. But then I wouldn't know necessarily that you're the last one to know because I'm just oblivious to all of that but I do I do know of some television flings her. But my lips are sealed him meg remember all that stuff runners around the world race up the empire state building's 86 floors tomorrow. 15176. Stairs. That's just develop the stock market dropped yesterday when an in game back almost half of it today by the way now I've yesterday dropped water rose 1175. And not gain back 500 and something today. But I was all over the place today started off today go down 500 more points and and came back and then not kind of floated between three and four and then up to 500 points when it closed to look for Paul. Workload. Tom. This is our ironic or Canadian officials are recalling a notorious fireman's helmet. The helmet the paw patrol fire marshals tapped. Comes with a flashlight that can overheat and become a fire and burn hazard. Fire as there's been one reported incident in Canada and three in the United States is is they helmet for a kid. You don't want that thing must amount into road. Heat or flames. Pretty sure about them. All right February. 28 days. Why hooted like February. So here you go Corky timing dates back to the ten month Roman calendar which began in margins in December. Up for a while January or February didn't even exist. To the Romans who made their. Lot by planting and harvesting. Weber was a nameless date let's slog. For part of the year there was literally no. Oh system for keeping track of the days. Then by the time the second king of Rome took the thrown about 750 BC. The Romans decided to add two more months to their calendar in order to sink their calendar more accurately what the twelve a lunar cycles. So those two months January and February. Had 28 days each Intel the king. Decided it's good to be king. Two why add an extra days to January and make the year 355. Days long but. Even numbers were considered unlucky at that time. And a 354. Day year was unacceptable so that's how they ended up at 355 the calendar still has its flaws. Following the lunar cycle worked well for years but soon and the reasons became out of sync or the seasons became out of cinco and there are a typical month sort of fix that. The Romans added a leap a month called the MRSA don't yes. Rome's high praise would decide when that month would arrive. And no one else in the city could keep track of what date it was. And as you might have guessed this was a nightmare especially if you were born. Under a period. So when Julius Caesar took power he reconfigured the entire thing again and aligned the length of the year with the sun. So that each year would add up to 365. Days but for some reason. He left February at 28 days. So we still don't really know wired just as 28 days but apparently somebody in like February I think it's because of the weather. Why make it last any longer than they asked to. And besides that I think Roger induct custard and Brothers probably had something to do that because they're losing money on this review very thing and now one more day a consider them completely over the edge. I've that has me thinking out loud I don't know. I if you think you need a virtual assistant. Amazon bring him up record sales for the Alexa. Killed tabletop device that response to your voice most of the time have a Alexa with the attitude. If she were out from time storms left around a little bit you can know use it to order from Amazon of course who played music or stream movies are. Products or anything but anyway Google and Microsoft have their competing devices announced. Apple's coming out what they're soon although simple late in the game but we'll see but anyway virtual assistants the next big thing. I think we we knew that a Christmas Finley was a big big thing interest. Charlotte is six would mark garrisons coming up next I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock I appreciate you joining Erica hill's most beloved. Shouting here.