Dr Clark Hammock

At Home with Roby
Sunday, August 12th
Dr Clark Hammock from The Dentistry Of The Carolinas joins Patrick & Trent to discuss advances in dentistry and business principles.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. This morning and welcome them home with red. Catch the guys at present road services. He's in prison and CEO of the Rooney family of companies we all your hosts Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. Trent probably pretty hot outside today I would hear us. I think it's cool off a little bit leery pieces on mine needs some repair her Latin man America I got she lost in the air play in some heating uncle Roby heating cooling thus good plugging it. Well one site some we did a show a couple weeks ago about one of my main mentors Monday as homey LeRoy nodes he passed away. Since the last show moved. From this recording two days ago Sosa it's been a it is good though when sewing two days before he passed away I got to spend time with the street kids and and sit in the room and and we 33 and a half years ago we did the same thing on Monday that he was at a hospice in my nails at a hospital. That bit you know the kind of out of it as part of a process in this part of the healing process. But. He he can move his arms and and we were telling secrets about outing and his dollar first. Told some secrets about him the main. And Alice tell stories and he would get X item in the zone that was pretty cools on man. He's a wonderful man he he he served our company and our clients and in the Charlotte community. Four. Four over 6065. Years working. Com and in. And hot topic told got told. It's pretty cool because of Rowan just turned nine miles so honored that LeRoy pass because I got a picture my dad in my truck. If she knows he's his sidekick in and she said no less so it SA says she said what it used to be at the office out of miles idea that was before he retires he had his vertical issue murmured I was she's like four and and let dissent that's the kind of guy he was a media think anyone ever visited offices especially Ron Harding. Knew who LeRoy who was new and he was about. Because he would treat you with that warm smile. Entry like you're you were you were one of his enemy just he just had a demeanor tone that was there was always respected what he has three children Gail Enron or his daughters and and LeRoy junior and he lived with scale. As. I among roughly say seniors who'll his wife maybe eight years or Horry pass away some time ago in an. Dane and Gail is still mean. That only men got her old office five years ago the house on Harding place that bad we won't LeRoy to go. Clean. In LeRoy dull then Monday had Norman nick cleaned in one day. That whole health sector close doubles don't. So Gayle came out of there with leeway to Hakeem and and they claim that they see is that some like fourteen hour over the clean it all all one day and then dad came by and so why did. Though I don't crazy if and hit it ten guys. Is LeRoy misunderstood he won't get a clean one day from my dammit they'll play the hope hoping he'd camper outer two weeks you know and she'll. But. That was a good story. We he had down as it did show on that we will do that right before they happen in an again go back and check that out the show's title I think his main towards the leadership yeah. And and it it really talks about entrance father of course and in LeRoy for the most of the shows what you do we talked about. Avenues issue and I would tell that was that was a really and tackle says it Cinnaminson TI has seen a picture needed the next day the day after are on FaceBook on your FaceBook page. They had you LeRoy new McConnell laid up Nixon in the bed and I mean it just need Netflix and happy what I thought was cool and in the buff put that at that picture back out there especially. And now we know that Utley was passing in the world to him yeah. Not only mean it's a true man genre and a true roving man and just embraced me and part of a family business and be imparted a family and it went most ladies and and so they don't like my dad anymore unit. They know that is for archer. In a minute it's like a little piece of the company does what I'm told Brett a cauldron of this morning and told recoup that and things he had heard burn as mine and it's. My dad's sister does work enough officers about 1980. And I told currencies today he said I think he's the last one of that old generation that are company and we had. Barbara Massey. Granddad. For Ed brewer LeRoy Amylin had all these old Gaza and that I grow. And then think I think they're all gone now and he's vertical bombing is what it is yet keep moving and keep talking about it. So. Via we'll get we'll get through it. Well certainly gone but they'll never be forgotten those fresh right and and the cool thing is we talk about Bobby Reid who's who's dating has been with the snow Tony five years we got to travel light that they have came up and embraced. Carrying that torch and in become become leaders in and role models of ruling is what it is lead by example. So say he gotta keep passing torched them but when guys like there's always interesting to watch how the younger face. How they have they react with this time people like Italy where honey can really learn a lot about somebody's character. And about their work ethic without a treat someone like that and nick as a treat and respect and dignity. Seemed always still offer than the ones sort of just dislike him as an as an after thought a minute there's a lot to be learned from that generation kind. Won't be there is much you know what I'm Dan later ordered till. Since the Kaka. In this dollar tell me tell male couples seekers on not Blumenthal on the scholarly Royale. Couple Popper on LeRoy seekers that op I promise you I'm never gonna like literally and I'm like a meeting you know everything right you. With her tail and all these thirty seekers and tell only to others and he's. Is that they got NASA records and decided I literally a and his daughter Tellme son hemming dollar if he he's he's got excited and he's like tailored so. Technical economic and let it roll Allah this secret. But I'm telling you man I mean and I don't load. Those that my body brim basing yesterday in the end he he lost his. His Weis. Dad and granddad but it yes and give that right may he was with the Fam when he says this kind of weird but it. The town was special and pass it on I can resonate so now we guess a special towel of their guests coming up here with Clark hammock from industry Carolina's. He will bestows some knowledge on your child first and we're gonna have some fun to horse a pony Gaffney and he's a sharp business mind. Welcome back down. And that's the red services along with the hastened the ruby family of companies and we are here has our guest is in the CDS he's here. In the flesh doctor Clark can make his friend and thus the bars and Anderson all around good guy Clark welcome thank you are you are you a doctor. I image doctor teeth and not in Florida died PDA I know if you just the businessman. He they'll learn a little bit of both that that was trying to take. You know meet part of attained it. Takes a Dennison turned into a business. Correct yes though. I imparted this through the Carolinas and we've debt they locations. General practices. It's it is certainly a lot of business behind what I do but it in the day am. Just. A clinician pressing. As well and yet that's. That's mostly wood did this not not that complicated when it went deep lesser what I do on the Dennis and they can do it with that is what that means. What that we had to and I imitation of year Sarah and I Leo I've I've visited your ear for any facility sugita Mumford now location is no longer need to moved into a brand new gorgeous base. Off park road that triads right money location is. A park road to extinction it's it's New Year's. It's tavern that's normally landmark we're familiar with that religion with the Vietnam but it's a new bill now go to the event out. And we've been there since last fall and really enjoyed it. Need fresh Basil warming actually tax have you ever have you ever read rich Dan Porter. No I have been I've heard you speak out before gasoline in the robbery here. Sock he has won a very basic first books and I ever ran and own a home business and personal finance. And the premise of that is he talks about. Any talks about daughters and Dennis and auditors and if if all they can only do is that's our good number patients they serve theirs they're really an hourly ample right and that they don't have a business is working for him share in their version or asset. So news that's always came came to mind and my mom was. Was a dental assistant teachers seek peace not panel was always. To get votes from that Tom and studied. The Dennis reverses a orthopedic herself water rights in nandan. About the same time a couple of years ago I met she NN about the same town. I met David Schiffer. And we've had him on here and his dad was an odd daughter isn't my daughter and he says. Conglomerate dot daughters and given them mennesses. Look pitcher I think he tell me another date era and a 400 mentally files. Offices are yes well. Yes we're we're certainly not quite there but theater certainly advantages of of the best scalability. It from the clinical aspect of things in the business aspect of things that. You know we've got to do it all for mostly. Mostly all range of services. Knowing that we have eight locations that we can. We can meet. You know proximity needs effects. And did win it with that without offering. You know there's not much that we would need to. You know refer out. Is certainly especially care but we can generally meet your needs. Within our scope of practices. No Danish ship for he brought us and some glasses when he industry don't have his senate teeth in their hand says it can't dia my dumb I'm gonna put something together. Second half and everything then brazen and we don't go north orphaned comics believe so we we were work with with an orthodontist it's just just. Come on our hallway in our stuff or location at at at some of that some this clinicians and the doctors can dismiss this line and you certainly were trainers and that that's her thing that. You know it's it's really specific to to the did a dentist and and what they in Julien and are confident doing. Via Wi we can offer support for shows us analysis. Gamers under stain in the business ala like you go back and tell about. Where you're from and how you you decided against Tennessee and went but I don't amounts in here and probably connection ice here. A dog Dennis had nice teeth not nice here on holiday tell. The Brooklyn Y talking about hair. He shaved his head recently. I did that it did he's a great news in the re grown men wow and it might net that. Quick story on this and the guys on my mind. Episodes administer the Carolina s's as Stanley that he has been a supporter of the though less than the leukemia and lymphoma society thirty years done. And we get more involved this year and my wife whose ass to you. Sid the a nominee for Woman of the Year candidate real lessons she accepted. Ended up raising over a 1101000. Dollars for the call us. Very. Very happy for for efforts there. But I made. Maybe much shorter and made it and the challenge to me. That. I would agree to shave my head. If they were raised 101000 dollars or more while it's so I agree it. I'm hoping that they would but not really sure they would and and and they did. And so. We hosts of the family fun day event at our house and and that's where this. Shading happened so they only about 33 month. Every team it you know eat in growth patterns say it's. It's gonna you know my daddy always tell me if I shaved my head in my not come back. But I have a story or not I got enough a few that are saying yeah I'd say he's a boy you need some more light rain all messed alone they would there are okay. Our craft a similar story in eighteen years ago. The one positive I was at I was at Ferguson now is a branch manager we made goal and if we hit a certain sales dollar figure for that particular month. I would say in my head as a manager. Was getting married December than a year we had that go on October. Well and say they were likely to buy to America and god warehouse area stranded at Terrell I think he stayed here and for you Mary there is no wedding. She Lynette seriousness. South able hold them off until I got married December 13. 2000 2008 says able to hold them off until months. Until about December 19 and you look like to ski golf again along with the second I got back there was a guy we have we have a plumbing declines in the stone. And he's a big old guy he Grammy could mean change systems and has. Stung it's sad to watch as things fall found was mainstay you also don't remind me in these little. In my in my here says that that that all the kids of the event were lined up for the first you know that this is right that it. And it did so it probably 45. Back of four swipes even if it's neat thing and a so you know ought to seal their faces and so anticlimactic for them. Yet this excitement in it and it kind of dropped because that they're similar share up there. But. DNA since about the tea bag Nicole Clyde now I don't know that they care and I feel like your call enthralled moment. But I gotta say some we always talk about the make Alicia force say honestly don't unicorn won't turn a solar rays are money for so we love charitable organizations but we're where we got our start with the corn hole tournament the first two years all the money we raise went and aloe let us yes build arm only was the CFO good friend Ramallah Marbury first clients in national just cement its Tom. And. He what I think he was run for man of the year at the town. 2008. And an asked us to contribute because he was client and starters Cornel. Anne and they were also home and then as I made the transition to the make A wish foundation. Every. Child that has a blood cancer. It is make a wish this fitness vision perfectly should be offered a woods so it was a good way to tie began her nose as I'll start and has children. That's pretty cool stories I have a special place in my heart. For the leukemia lymphoma society. They added they do a great job and it. It was a good experience along the way just yet of the but the fixing that and then to see either. How is the light that night wall. Chairman I think he was a light the night Walt chairman and I'll wait and and then we race that first year race. 30600. Dollar cells as chairman and that makes here they asked me to be the chairman so that's great that's coal so. How did you kids briefly ruled by the go to break how did you kids raised 101000 dollars. So. One of the funny stories was that us an email us of many family friends. And I and I and no rotated that. That was one of I guess challenges. Annan said rather than disagree each each team member has their own little campaign in there rather than. But if friends and family donating to him my campaign my name. They would donate to the kid knowing this gonna get thirds Taylor the CI hair gives chase it's yeah that was a big part of it. And then we race in my that on the day of the famine I mean that is I. True business leader trait you'll take saying mule you take they hit you sacrifice your good looks and they paired mine never come back. To raise money for a great calls. I just think that's a great. Principal. And we embattled nor how I got started in built on. Clark hammock from Carolina senator for district industries industry at all or on land yesterday. Alison hang her own has another good. It. Welcome back at home address the patriots' passing some of these services. Lost a decent in the risen Stanley companies. We are you guys were here was Clark panic. And Dennis in the Carolinas. Hang out in scouting dealing heads Lou CD OC week you know local police go over some odd to rock that the new school ROC. That we're Dejuan for a workforce development in the construction industry. And today we got the dot. They had to operate Hilliard and not argued at all Matt Clark. How did she get into dentistry and we are talking a little bit in the break so I'm I think usage in that your story mean how do you do where you are. It's so I was I was one of these. Weird kids that kind of knew from early early age way it went well I had to do. On some of that maybe stems from family being in industries him my mom's. Is a dental hygienist and she still practices. A couple of days a week. A group with which you uncles that were were dentists. And so I was kind of around it and and I saw that that matched well with wit my personality style and just kind of not the way my brain worked it'd it'd industry really is is very very technical. And when you go down as it's just it's a lot of and you guessed can relate it it it's kind of construction on a very small scale. He's a lot of same. Same kind of art and technical crafts to for restoration and around. Now is kind of into. You know that as a younger kid in non it is solid it it it in that my personality well and said I just pursued that path and and of loved it says that under dreaded NC state under any NC state. So a group in Winston-Salem com. When utter NC state and from that point. Decide I want to do it candidate to get out of the state. And end with dual schools that they had a decision to make between a school in Florida and and Massachusetts. At Boston university and so went up there and and that's threaded dental school and in. Came back to Charlotte on my wife is from here in Charlotte was. In 2006. When I finished the zone was a good place to distort and have been here ever since. So when you got out of school or did you work first. Out of dental school about Charlotte this year says works. And a my own practice the right out right out of school on overall will lone road didn't he's not started your practice right out of school he really did all right tell about the billboard. Yeah go ahead and hadn't had a billboard does I think my I think my office manager suggested that big an idea you put a much did you and better and richer ma oh mugger on they don't of course it just adds that error it was thought there was it was parked rattles south boulevard that that I don't think. That Diller doesn't exist in works other development. And I think we signed on for like a three months spot just it just to candid yet demo concedes it won't work. And but calls than redevelopment as space I think it stayed up for a year and a half I felt like but I had to I mean there were. It is united play buddies with taxpayer Kirk column in. And can Alaska's a solid big mug on said the proud to drive business they were driven little bins and because I had. Got a started that here in that practice it was a it was a you know it of blossoming but it but new practice. It's certainly brought some neat new business they earned an exposure in some brand brand exposure and it vertical to the time it was industry in the Carolinas that you sprinted Letterman name but in this at the old enemy if you had the you did in a brand that office Aniston's you can that's correct yes that's address and there's not that so I give all me from bear to have you gotten business with your father audio shirts Lou. I can't remember exactly bit. That the timeframe. Of the years for say but it's I worked in that practice. And my father in law as it is a dentist as well he he started big group. That we now urges through the Carolinas. And at some point early on we just realize let's put our heads together. On you know you hit his style of a practice can agree. From a little little different. The scope of of care then they went I was establishing and so we said let's you know let's join forces. In away and end. I'm kind of merged together. With the style of a code of practice in the in the scope of procedures that read we do. Around and now we kind of evolve and adjust that in general it. General practice great and so we did everything from. Crowns and Billings obviously. To widening in. Everything in between on new dentures cleaning so it's it's always. Interesting to me sometimes folks Alaska. And you like your reference to the the braces and orthodox people ask. Oh I didn't realize you did. XYZ. But yet it's I tell us analyze. Do real sanity and shoot eight years see it holding it there were hog if it involves the two thirds or this or that this then the malice the world. Oral environment we we cover written in can. Can do and if it's at especially situation there we've we've got the right person put him in touch that's good. Not us also story. So what is your blow when we got 88 offices today or you look in the grotto where you are each word word they located are you geographically located them and what yes so that we we have eight currently in their they're generally they surround Charlotte area. Are are far reaches her her State's fulsome in north. We're in Estonia. Munro. And that's kind of our our our footprint. But the you know the greater Charlotte area. And I think we focused there in the past few years really on more internal growth and you know how can we. Cycling may well we have. Even better. You Wii which really try to set ourselves apart we're we're a weary group of dental practices. Panel is sometimes that the term group practice gets a little bad. In. You know if a bad rap did better that because you know it sometimes they're. They're corporately driven in and an outside. Control. But we're not weird bird Dennis stones in Nam sewers essentially just that a group of prices and a. No we continue with that in our businesses we've grown from just a Ramallah are. I mean our competitors and and allow love all our competitors that are competitors that are smaller one man shop there sell against us is. The IRA knowing your job well ourselves to that is we we will Brett. So that we have layers of defense of the owner became leader gives seeker you know past Weis having a baby year Som chair. And number two our information is is some. Attainable. Across the board didn't and some eye's head and number three. If we're going our jobs where we're building better procedures and getting better buying power threats have been able to provide better. Or service to our collects correct. And then obviously his record touchstone. Just did do it all for a lighter wider range of services and those that crashed so so once Sasha passionately but all our systems that we try to save money and streamline Andretti family companies Patrick Ali Strauss. For about three years not to buy it. But at the AD inning comes back in almost Saturday and tells me answers I got the better idea this. So how about it you know I think some electrician to handle this that in the victimized like he seats while mom Obama picked the doughnut ethnic holidays fickle Friday that can handle it alien deletion at least not imitating my accent in my voice that I gave you a compliment I have body if it were me yesterday and I'll talk about one Amara the growing businesses and talking about them the wrong one needs again as we kilometer like you need to focus home what. They're like you're looking for a unicorn or looking for use. And their right. Patrick I don't hurt out there could that they aimed at any bailout there. But that was a column then nest to a top two behind your back about she thinks. So obviously a bit but I gotta animated hit a mile canal for against it and that's right. So every kid's going to be Dennis. I'm assume my kids motives are twins in the air and they're seven and you know at this stage. I'm not encouraging or discouraging them. I got four shorter in say it would be surprising if if Italy's one of those four wanted to pursue it. But you know Stella so this is in you know having kids. It's fun to see just the different personalities that can lob. Are those kids probably have day here and pretty tees or they will have courtesy. But so. That's great so was one philosophy was before you go we like that put our guest host well what's one philosophy of life for business is one little thing that you can only with our audience. I think are negative dead that I try to devised is just putting that great in the patient first. Canada that certainly some life negative but the but since we've been talking business. If put the patient first and and everything else fallen place if you India also put the patient first happened people found out about to get all of sure this pry these ways or web site that industry of the Carolinas dot com. Any Google search checklist that's gonna lead you in that direction and if you if he gets on me of the deal worth location. Not here yet. Will Clark is great I love learn about your business you listen back home with rubber were talking make a wish can return. Welcome back at home with Brody contact Cassie from of these services alone can hasten from the ruby Stanley the company's. Trent just finished up with a doctor Clark panic. I'm Amanda talk about this showed up. Not every day and people you know either they listened to order they don't know we have radiation. And you now say hey Issa is a very business driven optional shown we use it utilize our network of friends did. That run businesses lead businesses try crazy things in the business world and life. And I'm mission so Alston. And today this morning now working on in the while I'm back home richest man a battle on our analysts slim book and just thinking about these basic principles. That we were so fortunate and then our audience is so fortunate to have all these cool launch turnovers and business leaders and in here. The philosophies are rocket science but she hit from all language easily get on with the Dennis you head on with this and Nina. The I'm not teaching you how to fix a toll because not column Obama. No one call. Does BH house formally but things rugby woman. You could say Dan over eight and into meek also called. Rudy heating cooling. You would talk about it Clark was they didn't last segment he was indicating is like there's some things it. That he does it people just are aware of an Indian as he talks and communicates with them. That they find out other services it did ministry of the chaos can provide and that happens to us on a daily basis so mean especially with the team calling bean send you to that that industry. Clark still and here he hung out for a few minutes Clark come and go ahead and tell you Patrick rubio less true path has has some billboards in the past. And I know how bad it. Actually almanac asked me if he could put his face only because he's done will be give for brain but he just never could get it out of his man off what you are gonna DTV commercials there an innocent man is. Vessel Lisa say to us some about Bobby year John Kerry's running my bed Monday and now. So that have been pretty good I don't I don't Romanians. It. I wanna say this that that does the withdrawn intro into the best song into the third segment AJ was own point. So you've facility saying this is this a shameless plug for the podcast give back and check it out if you missed the first few segments and let's check our policy and say some good music it in obviously gets a map. Think Clark's business lesson was glad it was patient first I mean I'm you know sake were customer first. The golden rule and Ali Singh seem to sort of it's it's it's very similar what people say when they're asked that question. Ward did that the idiots right up and I'm gonna finish my drums they McKie you know around me. NATO and came back thrown title came back and Camry your search camels are girls list last week. And she picked out from my guess one of the one of the leaders the united teenage leaders there she's got she can do a beat now with a cup as it. Mean there's two dozen cubs wipes her hand and Roland I'll sing a country song to it and you ought to see her math when she's doing when that boy assault crook is Seagal. She's focused on my cup. So. If that and genre if cup meet music air makes it tightens in first place. Our military it was jump into our whiz kid story. Yes yes so we got about five weeks I think until. Corn hole tournament game littlest everybody knows it did ten weeks leading no wait till story last segment with stories that go ahead. OK so I'm gonna talk about yes it today. In yes to one and ace shopping expert. By some yes four. Yeah. May god give me a much Tommy Hilfiger shirt that bill. It's who some of those single single serving clients that they singular way I mean I did in my own MI he'll figure flag Latin. A foot crawls that one more the little mulch back. All right let's get CR. CSS to think about health of her heart every single day she was warm the heart condition that require her to eventually receiving heart transplant. Despite the challenges Jessica's face as she continued to be a happy girl who enjoys spending time of their Stanley watching frozen. And just like semi little girls going shopping went thinking ever wish you immediately knees he wanted to go shopping says you can buy everything her heart desired. Yes 600 daily received a royal treatment as they were picked up for shopping spree in a limit while. First up was the Toys 'R' Us Christina Jeffrey the draft. Has so much fun shopping for new toys protect her jaw drop when she saw all the frozen toys and store as she bought him Billy every single one them. Next on Hillis knicks it was time to head to target. And where she picked out a TV karaoke machine in prison betting after a busy morning they stop for lunch at olive garden where yes enjoy her favorite meal pepperoni pizza. After lunch which he received one extra surprise a trip to Build-A-Bear this is truly the highlight of the day in store employees went above and beyond. Alyeska tic data rainbow colored barely she named Teddy bear. And they inserted T sound machines to press on each ball the first phone record with her favorite present song and the album was recorded with her mom's voice saying Allah he yes account. She then watched and brush your bare and picked out an outfit which included else is princess dress a pair of slippers and a princess crown. Her brother could not have wrapped up the day any better when he expressed. Quote this was the best day ever they wish however because of one best day ever in truly is an impact on the lives of which children. The Stanley volunteer supporters an entire communities. Even after the Lisa grin. Once again. That is how Rangel is also. And are so different if you if you gays in the track and these were stories I mean. One was bill in the program for a do do do want to build a site gain yes is with his buddies because he was a big athlete before he he was paralyzed bank. I mean what one losing one's a trip the day is do you know Tripp told lie we've heard that now. A shopping spree but just the little things is priceless service priceless service for a fair price. But make a wish does that this dilemma is the is how they employees get involved if they don't to stop at Toys 'R' Us or whatever they go to. Build a Bayern and ago here go to target and and and I met that room skull with a shaft frozen stuff everywhere. But I went how it I got girls Alitalia closing case you know I know it best solemn hour percent. But. Take you got to at Roland a lot coming to breakfast this morning and and for her birthday and I'll she talked about was upcoming Cornel current may feel so good that the schools. Favored that favorite thing in the years she does a lot of cool stuff tread act consistent about prison I actually sleep with and Olaf. Stuffed animal the scarlet makes me every night but some of this last week. Thank you for joining in this go take the day. Have a great Sunday.