Dr Grant Campbell


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Just few minutes ago I read a post from a friend of mine first and I consider a real honor to have his friend doctor Greg Campbell. And I got to be great just to have them on to share his story as well. Along the lines of what he is posted here welcome back to the broadcast archer. That's my friend it's always good to talk to you. I go back to 9/11 when it happens because part of what you described in your post. Is that had a tremendous impact on you what was going through your mind on that day. If it was a very habitable fit pivotal moment of my life I AM. You know remember quite well why I was actually don't call the night before and I'd come home and actually fallen asleep. In my wife came home late in the morning and I remember looking that are kind of woke up and says. You know what he's doing hone your work to achieve here is what we've been evacuated. Have you been much nominees. In about this time the towers had already fallen. And I remember cutting on the television watching it and just been. Sick to my stomach and you know I think that day let's play one of the worst memories in my life you know like asset and that that has stepped in the weeks that followed. Where some of the best terms. In my life and I think it helped put my life in perspective and I think it could in perspectives all the things that I love about. Lived here. And I assume and I don't wanna draw a conclusion put words in your mouth but it's I assume this is also part of the motivation behind you serving the military. There was. I was interested. In. When I was young and I was thinking about joining the service trying to art school and my grandfather who was lifelong marine was the one that says I couldn't. He's that you go to college first and and if you wanted to achieve certain thinking and so went to college and in cut interest in Madison went to medical school and started practicing medicine you know life happens and he kind of forget some of the priorities which used to have when the times were. I don't know more pure. And then when 9/11 happened it kind of reminded me that that was kind of an important part of my life and how tall my wife and I prayed about it and then we kind of came to us. A deal that she said when our youngest losing starting kindergarten but still wanted seed joined that. Indeed that sale on our youngest starting kindergarten and about a month after that I'll sworn in as an officer in the army reserves and went from there. Tell us about your service. Well I yeah. Are kind of an odd person in in officer's basic Ellis 37 years old but which was. He has given all of the most people they hear and our member of the the drill sergeant said you know argue here because of school repayment of certain releases DG you know. Stipend from the army because. When you went residency in asset oh and he finally civil war he viewing you in activities are needed. And I really meant it and I felt like. You know if you can talk about it or you can do it and so. We do basic training and I was commission has an officer and shortly thereafter took our first trip to Iraq and you know I I deliver babies here at home but when you're deployed Europe in general trauma surgeons are done. One torn Iraq in two tours in Afghanistan has trauma surgeon. Oh. It's hard to describe as. But you know I will say that you know you were surrounded. The greatest this country has to offer. And you know from a personal standpoint you have to gravity which you're doing a good team. It is pure medicine and so I mean there's news. Administrative worries no paperwork you just people come to use their injured in the major help to mutate hero. And and that's. That's the mission you have to end. It's one of the most. How clear view moments of my career records say this is. You know this is an unadulterated. You know I'm in the part of my career where I'm kind of phasing out of the reserves and I'm gonna miss that tremendously. Because there were so many. Well Anderson C proficient at all these years that we worry about and I think that. Spending time on a combat deployment start to realize what you need to worry about in antenna which don't need to worry now. And I won't lie I'm gonna miss that I'm tremendously. That story that you shared in your post about I think it was Bob Graham and it was September 11. 2012 pleasant. And what you're you're sharing just how old that was just such a moment of clarity for you it just recognizing. And a very enhanced way you can actually die. Yeah we were the ultimate second deployment and and when you. Head over the very easily you know you'll processes that. And now army facility stateside which for us was forbidden at the time when they play to Kuwait and when she gets to Kuwait you kind of everyone branches off from where they're gonna go from here. We were headed to you a place called Ford opera and make sure on missile hit the flat through pogrom which is one of the year bases. And as we were flying and it was. What he said it was September 11 2012. And as we were approaching. The airfield came under rocket attack. And so we were circling and they said look we're circling because the air field under attack by. We've got a little bit of time and at that point we're gonna have to land anyway regardless of what happened to almost out of fuel. Remember sitting there and thinking. You know this. This could be that time that we don't worry about that that you know I can die in the next minutes and I think. It's gonna sound corny it's gonna sound hokey but I. But I had a peaceful feeling about it in it I'm not gonna sit here and say oh wasn't afraid I think everyone was afraid to some degree but. You know it's part of you this Gina what if this happens. I'm doing what I feel is right. And I'm around people that are some of the best Pete what can ever be surrounded with a dozen. You know this is what you sign up for and I think it just kind of put things in perspective is that. It's kind of a reassuring feeling when you do something. And you reached kind of a really challenging part of what you commit to deal and you say. It's OK. This was the right decision. And I think it is frightening is that Tom lives. I was comfortable. And you know luckily we're able Landon and we didn't get hurt unfortunately there were several casualties. Once we landed that it happened while we are circling but. I don't know what it was a good feeling to news. That the ultimate bad thing can happen a year and he had no regret. And you know a lot of people on goes through life and ever get that situation where they think. If this turns out horribly and still OK with that and I want a. We have less than a minute left here but the goodwill part of this that we shared earlier from your post. Where we need to go as people. What stands out to you. And I just I cannot think we need to see you. We have become clearer. Our first. Reaction is to define ourselves by how we're different and each other. Or how we disagree with each other and I just I wish we could give back to those times of clarity where we emphasize. What we have in common. And that we care about each other and supporting each other. And remember health achievement have different opinions or disagree with each other. But still love each other still cheer for each other be civil for each other. And I just feel like we've lost that to some degree. Is that we be if someone disagrees with us we can't just waste our disagreement we have to dehumanize another person. And it's cheap it's an easy intellectual cop out and believe me it's certainly taken advantage out about politicians but I. I've missed that you know it is weeks after 9/11 where we kind of remembered what was important. I hear you amend and I understand everything you've communicated here. Doctor Campbell hey I so appreciate you coming on your words and more importantly who you are. And what you live for we appreciate your service and look for to talk when you again soon and publish your brother.