Dr. Noah Manyika

David Chadwick
Sunday, January 28th

Dr. Noah Manyika, presidential candidate for the country of Zimbabwe, joins David to discuss his faith and Zimbabwe.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this view's eleventh in 1993 WBT. Welcome to the program. In case you don't know this is they face in Val showed that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues. In our local economy and our world situation. A we're always open to discuss anything and everything so that you can be informed about different things from a faith. And values perspective. And I have a special show where you'd today it has an international focus but it's something that I think all of you would be interest did Ian. Especially as recent news with in the last month six weeks or so we have read about. Robert got me in Zimbabwe. Being overthrown an ousted. From his presidency. Decades. So I haven't studio with me a friend of many years last time I really interacted with him was when he was a pastor here locally in Charlotte. And then I heard some months ago. But he was running for the presidency. Of Zimbabwe and I went. You're kidding and hit it and it's true it really is true his name is Nolan and Mika he is in studio with me. Thank you know for being on the show with me thank you so much David for having me it's a treat now it's wonderful president. The president of Zimbabwe. Know how did that happen. Well you know what David I think manual files will come from Africa. Where to go as a possible fortunate enough to get a great education agreed to get a great education and and we look for green at last as we. Would leave the country and we're taking skillful families instantly but you know there's a moment that comes in the life of we used that asking you so well this what. It is all about it just abort taking my own needs in my children's needs them know that we do have a responsibility to do that. But you know it is just this moment of awakening happens a lot of people ways that we don't want. I really believe that days mole to what analysts we steal it gospel. And in his thinking about it will rebel national. Was proposed to that noise and getting visas to what she was when it comes to we placed. And is more animal house. What coming to realize this in India. We might play into places of refuge outside countries. But we have responsibility for the police is that you were gonna get into it more in the different segments. Of the program. But you came from Zimbabwe to Americo well educated talk just a second about your degrees. Most impressive. Well you know I was fortunate enough slightly legacy to get a great education in a great foundation education you've been in Zimbabwe. And come in now what happened when I was young man coming out of high school. A what a scholarship to one study east in the world and remaining auction. This was the time when equally atrocious coolest of the president of Romania and you do remember the days of the iron curtain and and and stuff that's all and then from there I came to Georgetown University where it would master's degree in four obscenities. And Madeleine Albright optional stuff this was one of my professors. And it was just an incredible incredible expedience for me in just in terms of my did development of my world view. Come in in the late donate. According doctorates in Christian leadership but I went back to Zimbabwean. And you went into business and wind too many street. But after a few years sounded really failed to that god was quoting me to come in which can make a mission field. So moved back here with my family in 1994. Instead it whipping in the inner city and that's how you and I connected and over the years you've been to such an incredible. Support and I really believe that also came to complement the efforts of people like you all wiggle reduced acted caring. About people in the in some of these challenged communities so did that for several years but. I really think that that whole scene David it was all just a total my preparation. Even for what I am doing now some of them I'm really really. On ad that I would be in this position to do something for. Country we'll hear in Charlotte for some years you were the pastor of nexus church yes you had. A facility right down talent and you tried to care for so many. Of those broken in and deprived families down there. I'm I can remember. Some of the different ministry out reaches that you did that were just wonderful. And been on you went to Zimbabwe and suddenly have this. Passion to be a native looking leader on your own country you know my my dad passed away some eight nights ago and he had your leadership book and used to say to me David this is one of the finest leadership books that's ever written Zoete you've always had a heart for. Ministry caring for the deprived in Zimbabwe. And leaderships and maybe that's how everything's coming together. Absolutely and and you know sometimes when look at what lies David and we Wanda you know what am I doing the sway my doings and we you know you try to reconcile that with who you when you came from and stuff like that. But you know god knows you know east stimulus on these Chinese golf. Discovering ourselves and being equipped and you know to be honest with you. A lot of the stuff that we DGE child he's he video relevant. To what we're doing in Zimbabwe and you know so I am really excited about the expedience is that I got. The people that I go to meets an old leanings on the shuttle mission field. Well when we come back inform us about Zimbabwe week. Former Rhode d.s GO word is in Africa Robert Mugabe a few of whom if you can put up with this all this call him a thug your. And and talk more about this great nation from where you comment that you want to redeem for the boards I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110. 993 WBT will be right. One I'm David Chadwick in this news 112993. W VT welcome back to the show. You're in for a treat today because in studio with me I have no love and you. No it used to be a pastor here in Charlotte of the nexus church and inner city church caring for. The very pained and hurt and the needy and the depressed. And now he is running for the presidency. Of Zimbabwe. No it's great having you in studio with me great being here David. Well let's unpack a little bit about. What you're doing right now. And and a little bit of background on this nation called Zimbabwe. On you came to Charlotte you served nexus for many years. And the engine you felt that god was calling you back to Zimbabwe all those native roots the echoes of God's planting you originally from. Zimbabwe began to resounding your ears and you went back now and instantly why what's really going on there in your heart. Well you know he did at times when you get to that point David way you can really don't have a choice everything about you all you'll like experience he's an explosion you quit being. You just drives you to this point where you really don't have a choice. Are these the question is when you look at the look of African countries did god make it state when he actually hunted us. I mean was born in Zimbabwe by at least what I boarding and Bob with two leaves and once they're born in Zimbabwe to actually you'd pat him we look at the creation minded. You know god with I mean even god in NC must turn it you know. And yet there will be mormons win. But things may change it may be I mean wiwa and obviously you eat it makes sense for a lot of people say let me go elsewhere so that it can and but it really believe that these love for the places where with born is broken is via. That god has stated to me and you he manual what people faith. In the saying do something that is so you know just to watch your responsibility is shortening the lives stewardship he's short indeed it is that god gave us so. Yeah is broken Zimbabwe has been over the past that is him in the is if a nation of great great potential. Well let's talk about Zimbabwe's history calls my guess is a lot of listeners. Do not know where Zimbabwe's located how large it is. And its history so let's start first of all with where's that located saw Zimbabwe ease in Southern Africa so if you look at the met both Africa and you look at South Africa right to bought from. Presumably sitting right on toppled South Africa. So it's itself an African nation. Wonderful wonderful people sixty mile and a population. And inductees being generous because we have been head is an accurate census in quite some time is between fourteen and sixteen million people. Several millions by some estimate of formula outside the country. Indeed das have left and gone to other places yes they have left and go on to other places and partly because Zimbabwe and really drew even day we have about an highest literacy rates in Africa the highest literacy rate in Africa is and Bob's Zimbabwe interest yes Seoul and emotional people soul you know you get an education and give 95% unemployment so what do you do I mean you usually you'll usually you go somewhere else let me ask you this and that they history on the Zimbabwe during colonialism. Used to be called Rhodesia yes and named after salute general Zia who was the founder of the roads and scholarships. Are very influential man bear. Under colonialism. Was education emphasized thus making news Zimbabwe's so literate today absolutely it was a it and this is the curious being actually because. Even dole. The core audio into. Rice wheat we know that the reason why the colonial shortages and educated and they choose he saw that new tees would serve the colonial enterprise we know that. But for some reason in places and Rhodesia so I went to high school. In the terminal class for high school was all level. Level certificate. And a little certificate and it was called the plume reached all levels certificate all Cambridge advanced level certificate if I graduated from. Ice Queen's Club before independence. I quibble stretched Cambridge University. A global straight to -- what university even as you can even so it's not well respected degrading very well respected. Educational system and I must say to his credit Nam it was and there was also a teacher of a profession. To the credit or Ivins an obvious at the beginning. These a lot of investment that was put Ian in in education so did as a mainly white and independents occur and when did occur well independent look at in 1980. And and some of the dry heaving shoes behind that was so well you know you had a minority government in. You can imagine. And it will way give him a note note to government running our country. And in 90% of the people and it is in day in the second rate citizens you I'll obviously going to have some political issues. They know some other issues concerning and the disposition all about people and being put in tribal trust Orleans where did very little and land and they had been in and also the forced reduction. All of the stall of temple that you keep is an eighteenth. And this was done because a lot of areas with being turned into commercial forums. So that creates a load off you know on us you know sold in the commercial forms were largely run by why you have like Iran and or they own their own yet this is fortunately to what native. A Zimbabwean news had himself up soon and end on the unfortunate thing is that. The equal or me or Zimbabwe was actually being out on on the sole waited. Thriving agricultural. Sect while successful create incentives run as independents and Zimbabwe's economy was running well yes and that's because. You know these large trucks of Michelin. Which would be used commercially notes awful subsistence living. And in in this is the tension that's they actually when you're dealing with some of these historic injustices. You used utes tried to deal with that historic injustice in the new effectively Kwame. So there's a lot of thoughtfulness that has to be a it will who'll actually correcting some of the in out of season Sloan and. Justices in the album but yet no one ends I understand did. They win independents occurred there were injustices toward the whites is just wanted to understand. How to undo their forms and how to oversee their families and they worse kicked out and and they were oftentimes treated unjust. Our team and I think this is one of the biggest problems David though we. The human beings we have a difficult time sometimes. To sitting down and processing some difficult things in a very thoughtful way and I think that he's with the opportunity even for the hospital frequency radiation release is great you know when you have ease tensions with the nanny society. It's video that he important particularly for the church to take the lead. Ian you know getting people to discuss difficult situations and it arrogant that we did that well in Zimbabwe and as a result we destroyed our economy. And we support such a wall between the races which was not necessary. The winds were in Zimbabwe with farming with born and he Zimbabwean by birth and right. It's and some of them have left is well in the Diaz spur. The dispersion of Zimbabwean all over the world because they're fearful of their lives and yes they would bring it. Great intelligence great knowledge and and wonderful. Desire to be in their homeland. Absolutely absolutely and this is one of the things that oh in extra truly believe that that's the reason why and a lot of people waited explores. All local really really believed in it in higher principles and we have had in leadership. Option going back home NC little lift all come back together and little country for the different combination. Let's acknowledge. OK though whatever injustice is way down by the way into home Indy and get past. And how can we viewed as successful country using all the pieces that god has provided at peace white piece. You know and it barely shown out piece. Can we all come together. And that should be ruled thriving country wilders goes back to 1980 when the independents occurred new godly was elected he was today due process of election that was there in 1980 when his reign began presided over by the British and he came out of Lancaster house conference in 1979. Which brought all the warring factions to give. And you know that was an election which was held in 1918. And according to the British who presided over it in the international community it was possibly free and fair election. And at the beginning days of the wasn't a whole bunch of him I begin one of the most brilliant speeches in 1980. Talking about national reconciliation. Between swords into OSHA is all of that according Bible over we in accord David excite to double that. And people of David and means that we would actually beauty and country. Which was one of the constitutional democracy. But you you know that game too curious thing is driving it David Ellis thinking about something that happens in Africa which she's in the most that world countries. You would think that education and faith. Actually will result in freedom. But what we find that you actually echo society's. Education and faith actually strengthen patch yet. Which is which is very curious to hear him but that's. So you'll find that look of these people that you end up being detectors in Africa. It in some of them actually believe and the Gabi is educated as well as degrees. Legitimate injury as well as in pitch yes. But for some reason and and this is one of the things that we really have to attack it's something that we're doing in Zimbabwe you know eat training new leaders. We really need to address these issue wolf in part of patch yet on how he does conduct themselves and conduct the business of the state all communities. So patriarchy would be I'm in control autocracy. You do what I tell you to do because I've got the power and you don't and then noise as you will now. That power corrupts absolutely I salute when you have all the power which looks like that's what happened with god yes so what we need in Africa David we need. Leaders note rules. And what you found with people like Mugabe he's that he's in the he's educated and all that means well traveled. He needs an entirely too he's that we're. And even when you'd then how begins duke duke you keep getting more and more power and adulation all of people we kneel on party and give these contained self referencing. Community you'll you know you never really. Get ideas from outside. And you just become more and more and more corrupt so the desire for the Robert Mugabe is of the world is to maintain power. They'll do anything they can to keep the power rather than seeing themselves as servants of the people to care for the people exactly exactly and if you look in an approach also sacked David come. You know you always a key moment how old jewel relative to the us and we empower. So maybe due to something as old and well traveled and educated and so on but in Portugal society in the kitchens and you irritate you can't say anything. You know so. It's it's just fascinating I was thinking about that evening. Is is as I was driving and will will talk about what do we when we come back let's talk more about where you were when you're Robert Mugabe had been overthrown and what that means for you and your desire to be president. A Zimbabwe I'm David Chadwick will be right. So. Q. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news eleven team in 993 WBT welcome back to show. It is a great show you need to hear from its beginning to end if you haven't if you're just joining us please go to WBT dot com scroll down. To the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can download it on your podcast and hear it from beginning to end. With my guess no one and Mika A Charlotte to Ian in some sense lived here for many years as a pastor. I'm an inner city church called nexus church. But is a native Zimbabwe yen and felt a coal as he was a pastor here that he needed to return to his homeland. Probably axe seventeen to 46 going on where. Paul said that god places you in the neighborhoods and the nations where he wants you to live argued living your neighborhood folks because that's were gods placed due to be a servant why do you come from. A particular nation that's because god put you appear to be. His servants and all felt a call to go back to Zimbabwe and run. For the presidency. Of Zimbabwe no real quickly before we get into Robert Mugabe is overthrow in their running for the president doing. Your work trying to get people to vote for you in this next election in 2018. On you are in Zimbabwe. What is the nation mean. So Zimbabwe means house of stone. And infect one of the tourist attractions in Zimbabwe he's a place called the Zimbabwe rulings which he's in it on court coaching which is. Company's central area. Oh Zimbabwe so and what you find is a detective debuted awards using stone. And it's it's unbelievable. That bit then. You know how long it would it be easy and taken century thirteen. And they were building huge walls of Dubuque didn't use huge walls and walls of stored in the end is an awesome and in between the the stones in the destruct as steel there you know so showed brilliance of the people who are absolutely. You look at it and this is one of the things that is really troubling four in a profiles with the video that is solid foundation backed. It did in the defeats that these people accomplished there. And ask yourself OK why can't we fix this broken country today what can we do great things on the basis of the raped culturally historically had heritage that we so you're back in Zimbabwe. This call of god to run for the presidency how many other people are running as well. Well you know it. How does this system work I guess at the right question well we are no mean Elliott multiparty system. We've actually never been officially at one point deceased. Inspired golf at that we've had to say imprisoned for the descending is you know constitution option other parties text. And we did at time of political parties. Absent coming up in the past couple years in. A lot of people thought that that was by design by Robert Mugabe talks the confuse or position and be disbursed so much anywhere that party's leaders afterward don't lose exactly. Exactly and you know you can actually I think is a lot of truth to that because. After he was overthrown. It looked to us it's very serious winnowing down a political parties and Oates eight now there about 56 Nintendo's that have the potential to be are you one of violence are absolutely looking up. People have told me and I've done extensive travel in Central Africa particularly as you know. And I have heard repeatedly as I've visited the Sudan and Burundian rule Wanda those nations that borders Zimbabwe. On that Robert Mugabe is a thug mean that's the term that is incessantly used with Leah I'm at one time with. The president of Burundi one time and he didn't say that term but his people around him did it when referring to my Gabi is that true. And you don't want to eat if you have a country which has the potential that we have. And you see on that potential foot or two to seven years and you don't allow young people to. But come to the fourth missile potential and you attend universities into kind of prison camps because. You are afraid that it will demonstrate against you and if you destroy. Health system which was. One of the top. Those systems in in the world that come from colonialism yeah him partly ending up independence within motor educated people went back home. Instead it you know an Australian and better making it even better. Are you you've you've you've you've done applicant to seven years. And for you the most important thing he's irritating how. And I think some of those words can be used to describe and also. Eat eat. It's a fortune of failed yes and I understand why would cut flights and don't know who you are in Zimbabwe. And you're trying to garner support for your candidacy. Now one of six or so that really has a legitimate chance in the 2018 elections. To be the president of Zimbabwe. On and then suddenly you hear the news that Robert who got day has been overthrown tell us about what happened beer and your reaction when well we're in the news you know to what is with view. My wife and I away among them may be in my in my noted to win notes surprised. Because due to costs six months or soul. You know you can get to a point where someone really overplayed their hand doesn't matter how. How awful the in the country and how much to control people is a time when people say enough is enough. David I believed in Romania in the mid eighties. In 1982. To 1985 electoral mania and she knew what I associates. Was one of the Willis west deep it is yet I knew he was bill worst of the were absolutely I remember leaving Romania England it is about with thinking. These countries never going to be free. And then you fast forward to 1989 and something happens you know dictator as always there's a time when they overplayed their hand. And it doesn't really take that long out then once you won't break your hand put things to change just like that so. We are not surprised in in in fact we. We quick option do you really failed that it was going to happen from winning deed and in this quickly is deep deep it was. There was no other way for constable. The illustration that comes to my mind the pot does boil yes it's just sitting there are sitting there and some donors and yes it just goes as likened pop by language for those of old enough to remember when he said that's all likened standards all I can stand can't stands no more exactly that at some point the people say that's. Absolutely and in this instance what happened was soul there was is for the past two Yates. Very many active urging both opponents with flu and the rolling putts and these note. Targeting the people outside these is targeting what got me doing that to his we don't eat right eating his own family if you absolutely and and you know that's what happens with cannibalism is that political content Condoleezza used to go by eating. The Cuban you'll Clinton and weren't anywhere to retain power and so there was these. And he beat him even wash real. Be in the past six months. And then he targeted base man was he's deputy. Would they have been strong relationships with the military. And in targeting that mean he was also targeting the military you know soul. In Indian community and say you know what if that's what you wanted to do. Didn't we are going to to fight to preserve ourselves it. Yeah fit that that's the line you crossed no more normal and military. When you get milk Turner's side you can do most anything actually in African nation yes he has and he you know David the day that he was. Overthrown when the data meet Eddie intervened. We actually had a gun shows because. We don't leave to file from he's eat way when he leaves and we had to go on Chilton and an old but amazing seeing is that that we. There was no blush it. You know in the police say a bloodless coup. Bloodless and the police in Zimbabwe ones of Robert Mugabe's side the security cities just appear. Don't know Blanchett there was no mood to go anything and you just tell DC Zimbabwe's moment the people in some sort of immediate. Everyone in Zimbabwe saying enough easy enough. That voice is Norman UK he is running for the presidency. On Zimbabwe. In the 2018 elections. Know some have suggested the political pundits out there that. The new deputy minister is going to be issue and he'll just naturally win and you say not so fast and why are. You know David is a moment that comes days it is in you know someone asked media that day and it was a surprise to him and they said what are the chances and I don't have any chance to win these presidents and two running. And don't you remember that someone will say it. Norm on the install an idea it was times column. And in what we are doing is presenting that idea is the idea that. And we as leaders need to understand what that idea ease and represent that so you know what that's what gives me chances as I did. Which of the tunnel was improbably. For change in Zimbabwe's com and you know what people may celebrate do you think that McNabb is gone and some people may confuse that celebration for support all of these guys was now in but I don't believe that has been people that stupid. The deputy prime minister has his own. War crimes and his own history does and he could come back to haunt him should he try Tuesday and yet ATP code it did record and unfortunately has one thing that means this is mobile and used to see how sometimes members of the international community I just so tired or what is happening in the country. That is OK okay let's accept this kind of change well remember it happened with Lawrence Taylor in the area. And the international community well you know what let's just. Libya has just been at war for such a long time let's just accept this change at long last. And you know what happens in Libya and and things apart but we quit can't have that in Zimbabwe needed totally fresh start and went ahead. That voice is no magic a running for the presidency of Zimbabwe know when we come back let's talk about your platform. And what you would love to see happen in your native land at how god could use you powerfully the other thing I would say before we take this break. Is the church has often been on the forefront of change in nations where dictators rule you've alluded to Romania where you live during chuck chest whose reign. Interestingly the church was primary. In helping topple him. And his dictatorship in a New York hoping for the same thing as well let's talk about that I'm David Chadwick this is news eleven to 993 WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. Welcome back to the show WPH t. I'm nor many cousins to view Whitney's warning for the presidency of Zimbabwe and know when will the elections take place. Some time into an agent around July 8 that is if they don't call an early election OK and they call early elections. You know you won't be the reason for that. Because they wanted to in case the opposition. I'm prepared. As you can imagine. Oh with all the dysfunction in Zimbabwe the only be putt to that is well Rees lost for the election is devoting the one that's already in you household quoting an imminent election is just really. Leveraging. How does this happen you know I'm sure for some wrongly they think oh gosh primitive Nat on African nation and it thumbprint like in Iraq is not at all it's a very well run election well the we have head. Some early elections people. Now what has happened this time he's that these actually be via the climate to what a registration process going on. A way to taking you'll see the greens. And what you do computer in what graduating from. These what Austral that we should be pointed an electronic one. This kind of voter ID from Wales yes and hotly debated. Something here which is nature people who vote legitimate yeah X years in effect when you go to register to vote you know given mystique which we which is about cord and all the details way it would report reporting station reported and so. But you don't want a if that would suggest that this is going to be a free election and so on as you can imagine. The advantage of the ruling party is that they're the ones who get people wanted to register to volt. What that would resources to do that. What they've mobilized people to register to like it register on the yeah yeah yeah so I'll call ourselves is to him as much much resource is. Two more been nice people in reasonable because how to do that. And a lot of times it's his way now things become new due to challenging and with hoping that what it is much support as we can to do that so here we are in January 2018 you've got to get out and rarely do a lot. I'm pulling of the people and giving out your vision. What is your vision so. Basically David. This is what I believe. That the ease nor CDs in anyway in in in in that country with high claim to citizenship and and a so we must unlock the potential of every citizen of Zimbabwe and is listed as it doesn't matter what went. This Guinea's. What AG's what tried these and so we must. These social function which is really on court one. Where people really decide what don't know what to get a Butte oh country. Basically that's that's really what abuse of mines and might president is all about how can we do it every single Zimbabwean. Feel like speak out and contribute to the country and at this point ease. Allow everyone to have a free. Volts to exercise their constitutional. You know the rights to 22 votes where that ends in Bob going to das for. What we have our own subsidies that. The ruling party is determined notes to allow zimbabweans indeed desperate to vote in each agreed on a technicality they say well you know what. We cannot guarantee that palm V you divorce will be done correctly outside. And using sanctions that it it's been important leadership as an excuse salt. My political legacies even to the international into whether the sanctions. You know so that these guys don't have that excuse and might even come home as well they want to help real world where exactly counts all the focal point of oil company ease. You know we want every Zimbabwean to participate. In the process of determining if beautiful country and reboot and I mean do you have any particular platform. Banks that our outstanding like education. For attracting more business. Ideas soul. We have a ten point plan. And in point number one out and put on you just mentioned that he will radically cut non productive public spending. But reducing the normal government ministries to fifteen. Leaving eighteen deputy municipal issues off his second vice president. In reducing the size of the legislature to beat 22 levels now that's really critical David accords you know you you got to start by giving. In lean mean fighting machine just you know to to fight poverty. You know you kind of him he's assistant patronage where people are just keep in government ministries and we have one company ministers. In it country was GDP he's if you can believe them. With seventeen trees and in the United States you know so it's ridiculous to you're trying to shape ball. Government bureaucracy acts of money can be used to care for the people absolutely felt like United States of America and some of the different things we talk about think about these days. We country the size of State's Mormon texts. We have to fight for religiously it is. Province with ten provinces. Just it just. Would you get that kind of human soul you know that's when them what I'll just mention two more these days. Several of them but this is it itty bitty critical. We will aggressively and is released what Austin. We will aggressively promote and and constitutional rights. And leave the tees every Zimbabwe without field they've. You you cannot and the potential that people. If they feel like second class citizen or they live in fear of leaving government punishing them somewhere another for expressing their individual. All know even if that's your business because it seems to find some of these. Italian. Communities is that. Someone's got to business the government who's written by someone's. Initiative. As well how do you create Jules. You create jobs by we just got visas is. You don't know what tax people who did you that'd be this now easily social revenue for us to option fund that humongous government that we. So you know we want to aggressively promote and into question in the but every Zimbabwean. Without the face by the way. We also believe that those will come in the intestinal country rights. In of those rights should be protect. And that's the way you attract extra outside business to come in and invest in your country which creates jobs and in your people prost executive. No we've got only a couple minutes and I wanna make sure that any listener who might wanna support EU or get in touch with you to talk to you further about this. We'll have that opportunity if anyone's listening going how love with this guy's talking about a I'd love to support it may be financially for your campaign or any other way how they get in touch with you. So the best way to support such an easy you know seated. Education. Programs and and so. You know what political support is going to be difficult. Across the ocean but without the really mobilizing people raising leaders and sought. To nexus global serve in excess global cities actually stifle once he's through he. Yeah that is and they go on line in how we reduce your soul oh dvds India one dress and then also can go to www. Nexus global serve and explode a global server dot all dot four in that they can also send us contributions to PO box. He to a full fight for. He in Charlotte,. North Carolina 282320. They can just he sends something to an excess global serve and we will use that to train leaders that's the most important thing. The app shall come pain and all that well raising resource is what that it'll swing but we can auction degrees. Support for. Nolan and Mika and what what a wonderful program what all challenging. Call you have upon your life. I'm a member of the time I wanted Victoria Falls wearers MB in Zimbabwe armed border one another one of the most beautiful areas I've ever been in and all of my life. In this country you've been called to be president I prayed that gobble usually powerful ways his church we mobilized in Zimbabwe to support you. And they got we usually mightily thank you so much for being on the show today David thank you so much really appreciate DC and look forward to seeing as soon I'll be back big to be able to support you nexus global serve dot org both if you wanna support no and just remember in this new year love god love your neighbor you do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do I'm David Chadwick let's talk again. Next week.