Dr Robert Thompson 7-17-18

Bo Thompson
Tuesday, July 17th

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Online. We both Thompson. Earth America. Indiana. Hawkins and growing patriotic community and a shining example the American dream. Today Hawkins is taking another step into the future. Brand new sparkle with malls. Families. Current. And of course today. To shut. Until. Now if you pay attention to be getting there they said Hawkins went. And the sounds very 1980s. The fifth. World. And sends it. That is one part of this got to listen carefully and one part of this sort of gives away what it really is and don't forget. A state of north. Just escalator ride away featuring America's favorite place to close. Scoops hauling ice cream shop. Well it. The kind of whole life and start port call is one of the finest shopping facilities. And that voice you heard was Steve Harrington. From strangers things and yesterday and Netflix tweeted about. The trailer for season three of Netflix is signature show stranger things and I bring on the WBT hotline right now are media expert doctor Robert Thompson there's a lot of Netflix news to talk to you about today. There's that and that's what I love about stranger things it is they just happened that eighties nostalgia for people like me he grew up in that era and you know it's it's sometimes it's it's not averted discount you. This gives you slice of the feel of that showed that that's to me the biggest reason why it's become a success because of the the feel of the show the air that they're able to tap into. He had no that's true and you know it's weird I'm old enough that the eighty I think that long ago that you know perfectly normal Abbott commercially. We'll we have an intern who said to me a little while ago were talking about blockbuster and he said. I still remember. The sound strange but I still remember when I actually went in a blockbuster and thickened the fact that anybody would say that makes me just feel really old because ever spitting. Lots of time and blockbuster but that's another story. I can top that I'd probably still got a blockbuster card in my wallet. A cleaned out and Netflix. I've probably got one of those written wait Netflix dvds return envelopes somewhere at my house. Well I just have to say be kind please everyone. Got a well Netflix. Missed it subscriber addition projections for the first time in five quarters yesterday and it shares tumbled more than 14%. This on the heels of good news last week that Netflix became the first. Streaming. Art at the first that's the first time that a streaming. Site are streaming company. Topped the Emmy nominations and Netflix has gotten nominations before they never had the most and of course we remember back two years when it was a big deal that. You know IAA pay cable like HBO entity had the most number of of nominations and ano once upon a time it was always dominated by network TV but I do think it's significant that streaming a streaming company. And no surprise that it's Netflix but this is kind of a new era in all of this award style. It is the new era and I don't think those two stories Netflix does not going down and their nominations are incompatible. I mean it ended up not by the way Netflix cops HBO which they get the most nominations for the pats believe it or not seventeen years yeah. If they've really been dominating but. Simply statistically net flicks grows so much stuff out there. I think it is an indication that the changing way in which we watch television and how television has made. That they now do that the most nominations and I think everybody agrees that there are probably the single most exciting plays on television. However the reason their stock went down with that they didn't make the projections of growth in subscribers. And sooner or later the growth the networks survive subscribers is gonna have to start to level level law via gotten such enormous growth. So many people it subscribe to it and you can't continue that kind of growth. Forever because there's a finite number of people in the plant. Well and as they get analyze is Netflix gains and in normalcy or what's the where's it becomes more mainstream you're gonna have more competitors to get better at being your competitor and so they're more choices. That's right for example busy is gonna come out with what will be a very formidable. Source and now people are having to collect beef that you wanna watch. Star Trek you've got to go to yeah. It is going to Tulowitzki in the pro. You've got to subscribe to HBO. Online if you want to. Com go do the Netflix stuff so people are having them out pieced together with that is beginning to look an awful lot like the old cable package. So let me switch gears here and we're watching the coverage yesterday in here in the studio of the trump Putin's summit. And you know in our studio here we have and a number of monitors we monitored just every bit about every news network that we can. One of them among we have fox we have CNN we have. And we have MSNBC and so we're watching MSNBC. And in the middle of the day Brian Williams. Is anchoring their coverage now this is not NBC this is MSNBC but I do remember that when Brian Williams first came back after his scandal. He was relegated to you know late evenings. And now all slowly but surely he's showing up earlier in the day makes me wonder and made us wonder in the studio. Are they slowly but surely working him back in and might you see him on the the actual. A mother ship sometime soon. Well I think you're absolutely right they are working him back didn't I think their decisions. To keep him MSNBC. Was kind of a radical decisions I mean that. But I always thought if it wasn't it was bad enough to kick him up to the nightly news. Which I agree it was a I would have been in the the president of NBC news I would fired him from the anchor position as well. But the idea that that was bad enough. To get him off the news but not so bad they had been working at MSNBC. I've always a little we year and I think it was they did that get date controversy that he'd opt and then they gave me don't show the eleventh hour which as you point out with late. And now he's appearing on in these stories in the other than these other. Time slots so yes I think they are. Bringing him back and letting their account being on people having a short memory and so much happening since that Brian Williams scandal. Did people are just going to let it slide and that MSNBC's. Audiences and could it be that concerned about it. Doctor Thompson now as if we had more time but for now on my time is up thank you served. Always a pleasure.