Dramatic Pullback and Rally From The Markets

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, February 17th

Dramatic pullback and rally from the markets, it’s never been a better time to make sure your capital is protected.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On my entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is higher res independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. Always exciting always Carlos to the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy state champ what's going on Jim. Yet the weekend man lot of talk about god is ready for Orlando but not a neo would you gentlemen I wish I was there but. I actually know which that was beautiful and nice that Abdul little doubt that the Israelis so what what are what the market would gut. A dramatic pullback be dramatic rally up the ball silly law where you can beer back in the market completely he's god. So gonna ever discussed who these people about capital preservation remote portly. Opted to do to protect your portfolio because it's a differed markedly different world and you've got to get ready because the note that down followed government. Just a matter time we got to get the people prepared for that. Absolutely and don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is said Bulls and Bears radio. And of course he had a question of the senior coach at any time 24/7 call the coach outline. 877904. Trade 87790. For trade and get a call coming up a little bit for that. Jim you know one of the things that we costs they're talking about is trading what the market gives us should know this past week has been interest in. Lot of opportunities out there to capitalize on some money but the biggest thing we always talk about here on Bulls and Bears is making sure that the individual the investor out there they guy who's working a full time job for one k.'s the IRA's. A lot of people don't know how to protect him a lot of people don't know how to position themselves. Where that money can be protected and preservation a market like this champion got to be ready this storm is gonna come. Why did settle up that we could wake up call a lot of society in this country a lot of people veteran forward scapegoat a lot of couple agency in the market. Who brought up at nine years I mean could market 2000 not and the market got up. 3% yet competed out for the major US and defeated gonna record high and we've been. Pop up ultra high awhile then we start 10% move down. And it was really problematic a lot of people because they begin to realize that. I don't know how many writ many people are a lot in 2008 you're in the collapsed. Market fell about UT percent and the average American do about your percent if portfolio back. Sitting in their 401K position. And that we had two weeks ago Hastert dramatic move down 2000 point down days in the out unprecedented. We've never even seen one on in the history the cut which you wouldn't ordained each other. And what it means is that folks you can't be complacent UK just think it's gonna go to the mood out there which is gonna keep going higher because that not. Are no tree grows the guy we had a real reckoning with people better realize again just like you Dudley I can get crushed. I could pick a substantial Lofton might or gay marriage might or beat. My invest big out. And I need to do some dramatically different edit the major gonna not like treaty yeah meet the folder got little Villa which is people start to panic. And you should always be prepared for the Dow would move should all would be ready with capital group preservation might be good if you're not a become public Ecevit and idol kick you off the field quickly and we have to understand that all abilities are high. They're gonna stay I believe and now it's a matter of being a little more savvy and learning how to edit it and most importantly. Preserve capital yeah. Well this should be a priority I mean why would not be a priority to focus on protecting what you have a mean a lot of people are up to their positions. Lot of people have you know the highest returns they've ever had inside their account they lost money you know wait there monies back almost ten years later. They got massive sell locate this market does correct are they prepared. And shipping the average person is not prepared for this next correction. And the fighting to people that build on what cause of the collapse well no I geared to go straight up. I mean in the financial markets and think you're old were valued not a we're gonna get right to life they have come down incorrect become the fair value or even get under. We talk about violation of the law on Bulls and Bears and everything's overvalued that coupled with. Rising interest rates which we need in this country we haven't had any interest rates structure and recreation the collapse of 2008. You can't get any return on your money that is why a lot of people put money into this stock target because you really can't get a return anywhere else that no. Investment or interest producing it sure without being that you and I can put our money to get a got a torture. So now or certain appeal Bob higher interest rates well we can now put our money well over on the stock market start to feel weakened the market in and how that happened because we have to grow the economy from the ground up and so permitting he'll listeners here's the problem. You sync it up is good in doubt as bad and you stuck panic when the market goes down. And the reality is the market's gonna go down regardless who would you watch or not. And if you don't have a plan in place to protect against block the ports tonight you've backed bill being humiliated in the last nine years. You've got to basically never reach your financial goals and we see that costly especially with a lot of people are forward gays because. They really don't have an example or mended again this being the electorate can do. To protect against blocked an up or one K there's so everything you can use things like EPS in futures and option in combination with stock. There's so many finger at the littered aren't aware of and they re not aware of them is because Wall Street that you convinced that you're not Smart enough. Demand your own money and not a lot at the misnomer Wall Street. There's things that you and I can do. Talking to military right now to protect against law the matter what the market to our and we have to be ready because the market's overvalued we expect a significant move doubt quite Elena happened you're gonna give it all back in the you have a a plan in place. To predict and law and that's the biggest issue most people have right now. Is that not managing their risk which means that eventually they might not have many imagine that'd be too good depth long term your portfolio and in that they we have to have a plan in place and hopefully. Back banging the drum their bull and bear it GG at all. You need to have a plan for capital preservation. What a sad gym that a lot of people don't have a plan you know they. Have a 41 K their plan is is that they worked full time they put take money from their paycheck and they put into the 401K maybe put a couple extra bucks in the IRA. Nobody really has sat down got a plan together the average person does have one. And you know what and sometimes keyboards is giving their money to somebody else with hopes that they have a plan. And the frightening thing is good or bad. Seeing what happened twice the last one years in 2000 again 2008 when the market correct and that the crime to do that again and a list or have to take heed this time. We're in the skilled a couple of the regular what you can do what your individual situation protect your failure particularly at the bigger long term if you don't. He'll never read though but that's a goal you set yourself and family. Exactly and online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individuals wanna preserve capital. A lot of people don't know where to begin they don't know how to get started that's why at the academy they have a class called capital preservation. This is a 500 dollar value and every time we give away here Bulls and Bears the phones light up and why wouldn't you right now. Do before this market cracks and that's what you obviously need to do capital preservation is Paramount is a 500 dollar class we're gonna really give it's a listeners. Pick up the phone callers ten to twenty and call 84451. Trade at 844. 51 trait for callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class a capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451878233. 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty the it is 500 dollar class specifically on capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy once again 84451. Trade that's 844. 51. Trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back to school. All the barriers Fallujah it is sad that. Well it felt like a little separate sort absolutely champ always have a good time. Diverted to head over to FaceBook alike assembles a mayor's radio and of course anytime 24/7. Got a question for the coach call the coach outlined 877. 904 trade that's 877904. Trade. Champ talking about a variety of things here always having fun here Bulls and Bears won the things that we constantly talk about. That's how the market only goes one of two directions goes up. And it goes down and I always like to take a moment and talk about making money in a downward move the market. I mean a lot of fans all across the country champ and people come up to you they come up to me. And they just don't understand short selling of what that is really how to do it let's take a moment to talk to Lister about how to capitalize and a downward move in the market. I all of a lot single lot of product so that the bill and financial market particular then your ballot movement I mean this thing called diversity yet which we could utilized. To track yet to repeal the dial erupt Floridian a major didn't ease global. Particular major price move when it all all it is is basically a position that's up there. Short the market. And what shorting is or short so is this the particular men you're quite what defaults. In got to understand and folks this is really key. Because many people the the disconnect gonna talk about making money when the mark W you've been programmed to think that up is good in doubt and bad. You know what have you ever watch the news in the mark would doubt it should it was a good day on Wall Street it's all the bat dale waltrip the market all. But. The fact of the matter is is that when the market mood this opportunity. They may military's don't profit from the move down in price. So they're limited bill limited probability that make money because they can all make money in one direction. The most importantly the market since the all quicker and more can lead when it goes down and so there's great opportunity go to duke. And see what's great about shorting it sure sounded its separate the wheat from the trapped in the market. Well it does little allows people that understand how slice mood in the market the profit from. Price movement either direction on what that does it do you so much emigrated chips everyday you're predictable because you don't care about directing it movement that horse up is good. Doubt is good and we talk about god is good one of he ways that we can crop from Al movement is the popular shorting or short selling it's not difficult it is different. And illicit because they've never understood it. They have a disconnect and try not comprehend why and how would you Robert from Dowd moved. But at the very simple process that you will know Adam and it's a real game change to what Shuler and Gil doing. Well and it's a game changer region don't have to worry about the market going up I mean obviously take whatever the market's gonna give you the upgrade downgrade. But Jim a lot of times people here the idea of shorting they get confuse it again as some that do a time and it really has everything to do a direction. A lot of people don't think they can do it as a retail trader I mean. Can a guy at home who's got the E*Trade in the Scott trade account connect I short the market champ. Absolutely want to figure that the terminology purpose of understanding shorting should when you buy something in the market you I guess stalk you live mutual spot and forward gay. You're considered long of that position toward your long that that if you bought Google stock you'll long Coca-Cola stock which you lot. Editor with the goal of selling at a higher price. To make a potential profit well we felt something dented up COLT shorting bush Colin short put it up and do it. Time period. It's just the terminology at the market she's forever and shorting simply means popping remove god in Christ. And he went Shuler and you look shorting then all you need to move it and it's great because people always ask me what do you think the market dude what are you gonna move. And a good move second profit joke and anybody it doesn't matter whether you're Wall Street trader. Or Joe The Plumber driver on the road right now got a little trick out on the side try to make collect your money you can shorts all the market and the great thing is. If not complex problem let me play what it looks like but pick a stock like Coca-Cola great company based in Atlanta Georgia. I trading around 44 all share everybody knows coal hole made multinational global company. Forty foot all share price early. If we believe as a traitor to rest up that's not gonna go from boarding war. Down to forty we could profit on the order all moved out and one of the way to do that is quite shorting a stock short selling bock now what that means this. We're allowed to go to our brokerage account. And sell a stock even though we don't own it now that for a lot of people get computed say how can I shell something. If I don't own it well your broker owns. Due to beautifully about brokered deal in this country is there trends actually buy at the lord they want you to execute. Opportunities they'll either hit the button so to speak by itself in so many brokers most brokers. Will allow you to release shall beer shared commitment Torre even though you don't own it they feel it. And they're simply loading music shares of stock when the cake for Coca-Cola if you believe it was got to all forty fort all bound up forty. You can go to your brokerage cap put the short shelf Biden on your platform that would sell the typical coal into the market at forty foot all share. Now we don't care who bite it. There's there's somebody out there wolf paid out so we get let's go to forty put all the shared out technically in the either broke or short stop. Which means that we sold it to end to the position. We have to buy it back to close the position they call that covering as now our goal is that a packet forty we sold forty war. Our broken a lot of views beard in between result of market forty or. We're now on the hook a buyback but we can buy back or replace it goes to prove it dropped forty. We can by Beckett order total what are we essentially used to we sold at forty or are brokers in Madrid and let us use their shares fell 44. Into the market we've got to back it for a moment when he hit the buyback but no we'd cover their short positions weren't call. He immediately negotiate go right back it'll orbit in the short. And they let us ski but differed and profit which means that we sold 44. We bought it forty we keep before all the share. Our commitment is made a lot of what our policy and dismayed all in on the stock went down four dollars. And here's the beautiful thing adamant in a heated though we never almost dark. We sold it short to enter we've bought it after shell the quote betrayed out the minute we bought back a profit all the shares stayed in our scouts think about that. Think it would refute a short sold yet been. 2008 come at a better you'd be doing today. How much further ahead you beat today that avenue recover from the big drop beat percent prices may be letter corporal so the reality is that. Profit is made regardless direction up is good doubt as it is zero sum game. And when you learn the skill the property regardless of direction can read it she could significantly about a price you continue to grow your outlook caught part of orchard in regard to direct and which blood that you but it took goals. It's not that complex if not a typical problems just different and the liquor could do it neurotic out just a matter of learning the skill which limit skill. It really particular an actual financial. Absolutely and online trading academy they understand that individuals out there want to learn how to short sell they understand that people are trying to figure this out. That's what Emma class specifically on shorting the market this class is very unique. Every time we give away your Bulls and Bears the phones light up is a 500 dollar value it's taught at their campus and online trading academy. We're gonna take callers right now fifteen to 38 of the phone call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for caller fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class and shorts on the market from online trading academy at 84451878233. 8445187233. For caller fifteen to thirty. It is 500 dollar class on shorts on the market. Have you money in the market you do not know how to capitalize and a downward move this is the opportunity for you. Again as a 500 dollar value pick up the phone 84451. Trade at 844. 51 trait for callers fifteen to thirty get this 500 dollar class. There's people out there champ that are in the market them for one k.'s have a higher a's have no idea how to capitalize that downward move. This opportunity is huge right now 844. Five why not trade is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a gross adamant Cisco have some laughs I was good timing with the fellas. Chips down in Florida a little vacation for you but but. Diverted and over to FaceBook like assembles a Bear's radio and of course we got a question for the coach caller coach hotline 877. 904. Trade champ talk about a variety of things. When the biggest things a lot of people come up to us and ask is about as you know the consistency somebody can have in the market you know firsthand champion you've met a lot of traders. You know what about was a look like for somebody actually set this up when they consistently generate income with that whether it's on a short term scale. Mean every couple days couple weeks or even something consistently where every year they count on that second stream was a look like to trade for income champ. Well first and foremost a little while looking at the EU commission income all the things we love to talk about their golden bears just having more than one true until we talk what all you didn't come I know that's one of your favorite topics SATA is to discuss the people only got a one source big public job at it goes away. You deadly war. So the market just simply a way for people anybody like a go out and create a stream of income that is in the second job. Is that you have a departure clock or check in somewhere or go some to some location make buddy you can literally from the covered every all all we're in the guild of trading Sprint Cup the long wait to do that. It has nothing to do it your IQ how Smart you are again Wall Street has the maps are convinced. They're not Smart enough to beat up on the market that's a lot. It was simply a process of following us and them. If you have a good system at stake in the Mets system opportunity command that scene like changing opportunities that would be led never trader rested or. Get some money in the market go at a with the right approach how to increase probability lower risk. And they knocked out of market retreat and formalize an episode of the great opportunity now the sexiest thing that we hear about lately is this could go carts decoy to Syria and you know you go to corn base which is the one of the major brokers that people treat crypto cookies through and it's funny because that I like you're together a lot of people coming in now after about a dozen. I have no problem. With a new form of currency what my age with crypto thirties or because it is is the risk management aspect. I protect against law satellite no one quite gonna collapse talk about volatility. Dramatic high dramatic Lowe's no real way to calculate risk except for just taking off a whole lot of risk and for many about that. Now or looking for in a rule based system. So it doesn't mean an opportunity and it's going to go to is tremendous opportunity a lot of real big millions and all I know people that may make adult bitcoin however. For the average person and other things we can use like currencies and futures take advantage of tremendous movement in the market tremendous leverage allowed to make more money Ouellet capital and we can still manage risk. We can still say they'd. You'd meet state saved so that's where they position where things go get that we get out all the small lot particularly good small lost ready crushing law and throw a lot of people when you begin to realize what the market offers you. As an opportunity for trading for income. What you learned that Gil making risk if this guy because of the limited so much opportunity what I can introduce the market I saw option. Option trading to leverage product which exactly control a bigger share side or left capitol. Now be able to generate an income and you'll like bowl. They creepy but the week I can make if you look do we are about a week it would supplement my income on my career and I would allow me to be really have a little extra money. But the end of the month to do a thing to a duke put it towards savings put toward education for the kids. What have you but the beautiful thing in this for anybody looking to us this tremendous opportunity you. Always system you create a rule based system you know not a major as well what about academy. A spot there is that each step they teach how to follow rule based system and how to majors look people could stay safe while they jittery that other sort income it's a great opportunity a lot of people. But you gotta pick a step to learn the skill and and ultimately what you do. It just becomes a matter of consistency. And over time if you get that consistently. Profitable cal. Now I can we build gold recently and there. Exactly and it's about that it's about generating some income it's about setting goals it's about getting to the next level. Trading can do that a lot of people chip they think about it they wanna do that they don't know where to get started they don't know how to begin. I mean Jeb we talk about the average person I mean some bogus are trading within you know a thousand dollar counsel Richard with a half a million dollar count me what's that what. What are you normally see. Well most people don't have that meant a lot the got treated you know what do they do they'd normally even got a better process built they got some sort of disaster there in a substantial income. But for the average guy the average girl living paycheck to paycheck the market is tremendous opportunity to bring an election money. Just become that now that you know the mark and so it doesn't really matter what he got pot of money oracle locale all either way you can get into the field and you could start to treat for income. Exactly champ and a lot of people have that question online trading academy understands they're individuals out there that will be great traders they just don't have a lot of capital to work with. That's what ever class trading for incumbents for individuals that want to get into the market they wanna see that consistency. They don't think they have enough capital I've seen people start with a couple grand FC people start with more than that really depends on the individual but you know like champ online trading academy of the class trading for income as a 500 dollar value to great place for people to get started. We're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for dollars ten to twenty. To get a 500 dollar class on trading for income. If you need to supplement that month if you need to generate additional income disease huge opportunity for you for callers ten to 28445187233. That's 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty. To get this 500 dollar class on trade for income from our sponsor online trading academy is that a champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears a hero status with Cisco haven't some laps I was a good time and the funny years. Talking about a variety of things don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike SF Bulls and Bears radio and of course is that time of the week asked the coach. Yes this is Michael from Orlando and I wouldn't call on to asked you what you thought about the recent correction in the market. You've got to or C a no bigger correction coming along and if so what should I do to protect my portfolio. Great question Michael and number it all up every decadent but I do idiot so personally blood. Thanks for the call back from middle oil surged to a great question a lot of fuel that they had that 10% moved out a bit this is it. That we filed bottom well I'll probably week on the bottom level that we had also moved out I believe that everything was priced too high we talk about that the first session. The thing here overvalued. Of talk of interest rate increases. The market got a little nervous. You got to understand that that might but that's a little cutie well nine years. We've sat straight up market growth and no volatility very lol all ability meeting lol the only moment price. And it's on precedent never happen in the hour sort of see the ball facilities that we should've been in and it's there that got to keep. Because I would see it higher highs and low low must their time between and that's normal at a market like this idea we haven't had. And you couple that with the Fed stratus stimulated in house study and incorporate. Raising interest rates which will ultimately call the markets go down. I believe we have to be the bottom it would keep for awhile but I do believe we're gonna see substantial moved out a correction if you will go 10% move down on the market that it took the correction. I believe that ultimately have to retest the load of old but I really believe that. And that's doom and gloom a lot of people but if you understand how to crop but regardless the direction. You got to preserve Kapalua shouldn't be human and natural movement of the market here's what happened. 2000 die when the market bottomed out. That government stepped in utilizing stimulus. Patrick walkers are you know quantitative easing is the term. Rallied the stock market for not hey here's the market rally. And the economy stayed flat for the ball commit. We had no growth yet we get record prices in our equities think about that. And didn't get price to lie. That we see 810% moved out within a few days people start a panic this guy's wallet. And that we rallied back up it goes to wouldn't do a lot I mean were we were covered all the law made the last two weeks. This past week. But figured this thing. Ultimately for the economy to reset. It has to go about it test below the load it truly deadly never reset the economic growth was cut who never really set the market. If you look historically all the way back to the AG Eric we always trichet that we still have a which means in my mind. And many people that I respect and truck. They're opinions we're gonna seed yet they're giving it collapsed in the market we're gonna get 3043%. Move out and here's the problem Michael. You would many people are ready ports you know prepared sport don't wait for the house burned out hopefully put insured sought. It you can't afford insurance that. So there's a way to that we could protect and preserve. And learn the skills and self directing our council would on what you just get the whims of the market. And so we talk about shelter reckon we'll talk about you alerting. Yields could roll it here in the market regardless direction. It's not a complex process what I love is that. Most people that I work we're not quite true legitimate he could spend six to 101000 mark in the market. And then not only managing their well if portfolio regardless the direction. They're able to generate income as well instilled a focus for many of the baby boomer generation. And some of the more up and coming generations that are younger and that they've emerges. I have to learn how to manages myself because the system setup where it goes against me collapses. Our crisis I hit a political self directed alerted guild of making the city itself. Is Paramount long term so you know where it about a correction or collapsed you can profit from early to protect against it. And once you learn how to do that you know word about anything happening in the in the market because you know it just that. Natural progression of price moving. But ultimately you're able to protect preserve and grow because you learn the skills so directing. Exactly itself directing is Paramount for long term success and nobody cares more about your money than you. And that's why everyone should sell drag champ I mean I know individuals that are in their late teens 181920 years old and not a self direct I meet people that are 7080 years old itself direct and everybody should. Is nobody cares more about their own capital than themselves. My metric got me that I cap the pay attention of my financial situation that I don't pay attention to my financial situation. Then I'll never reach the goal is that the Meehan my spam and here's this rally in this periodic this summit did little intro right now you have no idea what these are every year here or K you have no idea. Who would be even bigger money I think we will that goes far sure that you could speak it. In envelopes. From here forward cave somewhere and got out in a spat on opened somewhere you don't throw away assure them because you know they're important but should not look at that. Peninsula success requires you to pay attention it's time to learn the skills of self directing is starting to realize ballot many people are. That the system does set up we'll never reach your goals because Walsh reached. In charge of the financial market we need to do what Wall Street does know what they say we need to learn the skill to sell directly to learn as guilt to grow or go the direction. And most importantly we need to learn how to protect your loss. And once you do that. You have to pay those fees anymore ultimately reach a predictable and what's really exciting it. It has nothing to outsmart your that he do we learn how to. All of system and all planet what you build that create that system and all that plan you do it over and over again just come like refugees to type issues is normal. Activity and the reality is that anybody could learn is just a matter take steps to go Ford in. Put them applaud. Absolutely and a lot of people out there want to manage their money they don't know how to start the don't know how to begin during the know what to have a broker they should be looking at. Online trading academy as a class specifically on self correcting this the 500 dollar value Michael this would be great class for youth. Heck it be great class for a lot of people out there that want to manage her own money. Very unique opportunity there's a 500 dollar value this class is taught at the campus online trading academy we're gonna take callers ten. To twenty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers tenets wanna be this 500. And sell direct to your portfolio that's 844518723384451878233. For callers ten to 20/20 and 844. 51 minute trade is that a champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears out those adolescents eleven to. The glass it's not always fun here. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite guess apples and there's radio and of course 447. Question but the coach called coach outlined 877. 904 trade that's 24 hours question for senior coach 87790. Portrayed. Jim one of the things we talk about regularly here on Bulls and Bears is the idea that. Trading is actually a business and a lot of dual don't treated as a business many people treat as a hobby was take a moment let's break this down why would someone wanna trade as a business. Vs a hobby. This is the American dream. Because that of his sister out for a long time the opportunity you know up to be Smart of the goal but Zach he's going to be Smart of them amassed. And I will play this summer be blood might spend as little as if you were Smart he would heavy fighting it and and the problem in the financial markets. Is that a lot of people think they're not Smart enough respect this kid will be six hold up a lied while Wall Street and so for many people want they understand that. They have the skill set and they have the capacity to be successful they can approach this from the opportunity of running a bit. And think about this because this political opportunity of a lid of a secure job would benefit and I know that some of the younger generation that got to be squeezed out of that. In fact you can go built from the gold cup and have a piece of the American dream up some equity. Take advantage of the free market what are concepts. And see in my career either trading him best think out of builder and out so important on various occasions and you know what. I have liability insurance and workers off in. It inventory and and and building believe in property Durant didn't those so many Arab looking men and cost basis that made it. Cost prohibitive for many people to stay in the successful. And so for those who never ever had a business all the small business a lot of times you'll on the business and a bit don't you. Pretty simple. You know you have a lot putting it paid you block yourself a job your ought to give back side. In Debussy and uproot maybe not but what I love about trading at best it's been good this is a good option no liability insurance. Virtually no overhead very low it no more well no inventory no selling dope dealing with customers. Know leasing the building. Think that the drink they think the fact that you couldn't make it much money you need to make have no up side on the profitability. And be able to never leave your call the cell block after recruit people look L product would be meeting you you're hole. Well a whole basement is built around telling ought to do and meetings imagine if you could start with a very small armada money sit in your home. Learn a skill that takes you a little bit about the map is definitely speaking as far as intellect and you're able to consistently. And your computer and we didn't need to by somebody will sell yet evidently itself that it simply won't abide that yet. But you can have all the opportunity and all the capitalist dreams of anybody out there in the in the market think of that. At the hearing. That's what the financial market right or too few understand how to approach the arena. And the arena is not a complicated it's simply a matter of having a better plan on the map and what you do. Men don't men you can build a business that generated got the rescue live and ultimately you can do without all the crucial headache for most businesses that right there are folks. It's the American dream it's alive and well trading and investing. Exactly a lot of people that wanna get into they don't know how to get into it and champ. It is a great place is a great place to generate monthly income great place to generate long term income. But ultimately if you treated as a business he taught me this is a reward you as a business and a lot of people treated as a hobby. And you can't afford it he'd like obviously what you see the potential opportunities there as a businessperson. You'll never look at may have played a lot of great does. Exactly and online trading academy of the class specifically on treaty as a business. W brand into the market or even in the market for years and you don't have that consistency uniting their turns are you want this is huge opportunity for you. Again if your brand new or you've been in the market you're not seeing those returns this is the class of the 500 dollar value on treating as a business. We'll have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers tended to 45. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers to mandatory five to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading as a business again 844518723384451878233. For cost ten to 25 it is 500. Again if you're in the market you're not seeing the consistency not seen the results. This is the opportunity for you. 84451. Of trade champ always a great week here Bulls and Bears appreciate taken time out. Under vacation give back to Disney have fun is out of a jam up on Bulls and Bears.