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Saturday, April 21st

Marty & Sam Ivey from Ivey Exterminating, and Nick Bolling of The Costner Law Firm join Paul to discuss easements, crawl spaces and other real estate issues.


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Advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. And she carefully evaluate before investing. Hello and welcome to the sure your real estate to shatter day. We are glad you're with us but we're actually not here today where pre recording. Yes. I know I hate it. I love having your cause and of being alive on Saturday so weakened react quickly to your questions but. We are. Cornered three record today and we will be alive next week for show so don't worry I'm here with my good friends Mardy and Sam IV when I've exterminating hey guys welcome back has called for being here two weeks in a row. Yeah I'm telling you. And also guess what we got it back again you nick and Larry good to be back beginning in making this a trend like it yet that Boeing is with the cost her law firm great partners with Jamison they handle so many things with us. And worry we are going to root. Continue conversations from last week with these gentlemen around we're gonna talk about access easements and today I know I know you you didn't. Know much about why only are bringing up the subject but I'm going to find out yes. And also Marty. There is a subject that I have been wanting to talk with you and Sam about because. I'm getting fed up. About this crawl space. Stuff. And the things that are going around and crawl space again this week again this week. I dealt with another one of those air quality issues. And a company wanting to charge someone 7000. Dollars to handle an issue that was never there. Well unfortunately Paul we see that a lot. And Ayers. There's good and bad there and there iMac and I'm generalizing the guys that drive per hour fantastic and so some some of this crawl spaces justify a bit. One of the one of the major issues I guess there's really no true regulations behind its is kind of what. Some people would call to as artistic interpretation. That you're in the crawl space in the count make it up with the goal all. The problem is this. Some people look at a crawl space and doesn't have. Enough training does not have enough experience to know what they're looking. And to look at he's in the Johnnie Cochran were here the totality. Of the structure in hand. How the structure. Lives basically banned Weasley a lot in a lot of homes Specter for write these things not just culture from the covered himself Conan and I do get that from a from a point calls we've got an attorney here today in. He's got his pencil sharpened you know you always for swear you wait like sitting in front of the judge what only judgment. But this is how and art and all this yeah oh my gosh he's taken out. But it is that it is very interesting to see it that we see it a lot and industry and people go out there and and they blow it out of proportion and you've got a buyer especially if that's a relatively inexperienced buyer. My daddy's had this whole thing and you can drop the nail on the wall you pullen LL but the whole still layer. And the problem that you get into is is. Is if you're not careful and explaining these things. Thoroughly and in a realistic poor review they get blown out of proportion and the next thing you know you've got a seller this pain a lot of money out of pocket that. I mean him in some cases probably one necessary in it's a tough it's a tough he'll climb as united. Yet you know Sam and Marty both you know one of the things that that I see a lot. Because of the state of our market a lot of homes that are coming up right now and this this also relates to access these months. A lot of the homes that are coming up for sale right now. Our older yeah. You know and look at some of the refurbishing going on in south Charlotte you know with these homes built in the fifties. Homes not only do they have access also issues that and sent and that. Nick and I can talk about but they also are not built to today's coat skirt and so underneath those crawl spaces guys. I mean we're seeing. You know well. In the ventilation is not proper. Or the the structure is not proper or the gap thing between those structural beams are not proper war. Of course building codes change but that error issues that we face around moisture. And moisture content. Have been related. Also to the fact that because a lot of these houses were built there was no air conditioning so there's duct work under their which changes the air flow. There's many things but my point is is when nice and that the two review into the crawl space. I mean. You're seeing. The natural evolution of these things sometimes there really are issues but sometimes. It's just 'cause the house was built. Back in an era when things are different right. I mean I mean how many times have you I mean Sam how many times have you been in there and you've seen the report where they're just. Terror in this house up and it's just. Because a house is older it's not because there's really anything wrong nobody's going to get hurt nobody's gonna die this year is just older. Well we definitely were where there are technicians when we train them to know what to look for how to identify it. And what's a problem and what's not a problem because most of the time you know there isn't a problem but do you want unknown that you actually have a legitimate problem. And so we go in there we teach him how to pull back insulation look for improper staining almost all the lumber. The checked the moisture contents to look at the HC AC duck on throughout the house have they miss what whenever times have they. Lost their shiny look and are they more trans Lucent now. And those are things that not everybody is really looking for. And then then they bunch of people out there really won't take advantage of people and I've got an opportunity to make a bunch of money offer people when they really don't have to. You know. The house. My office to use that the best example Marty you've been taking care that since we've voted in 2005. He built an 1877. I guarantee it it's not. To the codes of today right. But you got under there and you came out of there and you said to me look. You or your ventilation system here a sea ducks. What you say. Yeah coming unity. When that house was built. By air conditioned the calls sale and you air conditioning Karl place and that that that's and they then they're appreciated it. You know we in cats. I'm cat lover. But it life the the issue laws that that you have water leaks in an Indy created some issues and you've got it rectified and got it fixed is a great place but. In a lot of people understand this whole Lotta these older homes. Whoa were built in a different time built in a different code in the old days at timbers was cut by the light of the moon. In that meant when the moon was in a certain face it made this app within a certain faith. And it may do that the timbers harder more which basically resulted. One more resistance to insects and more resistance to would be K if the structure that had been exposed the current structure had been exposed. Two. The conditions that jurors was being exposed to. For the sinker time there would have been a lot of damage in Europe and have a lot of damage in just call them pound wood was cut the wood was harder. More resistant and you know so. Well you know people when you sell my house you know supposed to bring you that the current codes. You're you know as long as it was built within the codes leagues probably existed when the house is developments functional should be fine I'm not a home inspector about it. You know I do have struggled with some of the things I hear out in the marketplace. And I feel that I am probably one affairs and stand on the stance and try to see both sides I see a lot of it but you know him. Is dislike him you know. I think a lot of and in in this troubling and it's one of the things that you just have to deal with and I know it's troubling for liberals. Yes it is and and I think again Marty that's one of the assets that you bring in and we're gonna talk to nick about. Some of these older homes and how they affect each other related to neighbors and neighborhoods and and get some some feedback from him but I think you make a great point. And Marty and that is. Deal with deal with the professional. That understands. The bigger picture right not the finite picture. And you can reach that professional at 7043341616. For bug on you dot com problem certainly. That was actually. That was quite quite smooth excellent those numbered pursuit of ours so after we get back from the break. I did not get a chance last week and I'm sorry I'm not to those that called and asked me why didn't get it on how to screen antenna I'm gonna fly through that. First we're gonna talk to nick about these months between properties. So Penn what this word for word here in spirit even though were pre recorded the day the show your real estate today Paul Jamison here you host. We will be right back on news 1110993. WBT stay well. Welcome back to show you real estate today and we're glad you all are with us on this beautiful Saturday we apologize for the pre recorded we like to be alive we will be next week. So give us a call at 8463663. If you need us and Jamison realty or Jamieson property management or Jamieson property investments we are here so. Nick let's start would you. Before the break we talked about with with Mardy and Sam about those crawl spaces in those older homes. You know one of the things that I have come across in the last. 21 days but have been two issues around older homes. And the way that the land is connected or the way that structures were added to the land. The first example was one. That we worked on in the house over by the white waters and are aware. Didn't the driveway. Actually went into. The adjoining parcel. On and so we're getting ready to sell they do the survey always a good reason to do a survey. And we find that the driveway one foot of the driveway. Is actually in the neighbors York. We've have had that more times and I feared that in this com and it can have for a lot of reasons it's not just because somebody put the travel in the wrong spot. Com if bloodier older homes they probably own and a partial next home. And at some point deviated away that's exactly what happened and who are looking guest armed so we get those scenarios. It helps if we have a good agent on both sides so that way we can go talk to the neighbors and give you while it calming its agreement. Or some kind of access easement and their multiple kinds of reasons but in your case scenario I'll probably get support maintenance agreement the basically states. Neighbor to drop ways here understand it's on your portion of property. As my finance responsibility to maintain and if I ever teared up I promised to put it back only a mile land. And the more record that easements that with a seller sells again your buyer sells everybody's on record of what you two parties have agreed upon. Right right and and specifically there's warned that terror is working on for me right now where I have two adjoining parcels. And there's a driveway. That passes through both Parcells. And are transferring one of the parcels on one piece of land and I'm selling so I never want. Without that driveway I've got to landlocked parcel right so now that I have control of those. Do it's pretty easy I don't need to negotiate against myself and ownership but I need ray make sure that that access. Happens then if you cut off that access and that scenario which you're gonna get as an ease him by necessity that mourn tract of land. Has to have access right of whether it's dedicated to the DOT or is your homeowner's association they have to have access. So that plane is going to get it regardless. When you come under the common ownership which you have now you get to control the terms of which you modify these. Which is great you don't get somebody else terms ironies meant that you can't control. One of the ones lot of big ones now that we yet dead people don't like control over is due to powers and a lot of easements and they do and they take a lot of control over. Right but but that common. Misconception. Is that when they have that he's meant they also on the land current that is not the case that correct. Million mimics of their tonne of easements that we can get into access easements. Easements not to do things are what most people understand as a -- restrictions as can be clarified as he's and it's not to do things. Com or you can get easements five plat so that's how most of subdivisions gain access. Their time easements to get into we see him daily column which are older homes of the ones we see in the most. Yeah I've also seen where like a garage roof has hung over. The property. And gotten so again that is be the same kind of maintenance agreements that we would all want to get into hard. Does that mean in this case scenarios it's usually easier to get the cell to agree to sign or your neighbor agreed to sign that they're not gonna help find two responsible it's a good bargaining chip. Right right and I just think it it just reinforces the fact that you all have always talked about. Get a survey get a survey against her. Mean the more information you have the better I can't help you as an attorney or protect you against things that I'm not aware. What happens if they don't get a survey and these things come up later. There was a son now aspect of the droplet let's talk about the okay and a neighbor decides they're gonna sell on they and their target service. What do they want it removed. And so I took out take it off because Almonte property ending going demolishing. And they removed that portion that's on their property but now all of a sudden you've. Taken its structural. Capabilities of the traveling on your partial and now you have to redo it he gonna come out pocket a lot of money to fix that problem. Or worse case scenario now the seller can't sell. And now they're angry youth. Yeah I can't sum up front because something you've done we're going to court. Yeah and it just and it takes away the insurer ability of that title with those issues are Brendan. Title insurance won't protect you in this kind of cases calm and it also gets sent to marketability. So marketability is provision that can terminate a contract. That there be careful when you get into those scenarios. And I suggest you have an agent again and is what they're doing and get an attorney partner that knows what they're doing all about building the right team for. We have the right team you'll pay a from mature not going to look down the road for huge bill that you don't know which are getting into. Right you know it's interesting because this access easement with conversations with terror and I'm sure you feel the same way. It is there's an easy way to do it and then there's a right way to do correct and and and pair said you know what we can do this and it might be okay. And not be a problem but if you do it this way it'll never be a problem. I raised my hand I'm go on let's go to the never. Exactly and I saw last night wallet and yes some people don't like that they want the quick fast these. And you Olindo problems down there now well. That's kind of like we talked about last week right Marty bait stations aren't than never but they're there. They're that quick easy fast way to do so. Yeah correct yeah. And get as easy to get him on record now everybody in the world knows about has that are loyal I have a dream. RAZR that's right. All right so quickly let me run through how do you screen attempt. What are some of the parameters that you wanna make sure you have if you have a piece of investment property and you're not using a management company. Van make sure you have the ability to do these things obvious ones criminal background check. But. Make sure it's a national check not just a local Jack sometimes people commit crimes and other states. Our height. Eviction history. Make sure you again not just look at the local market people. Do you travel and they get evicted and other places. Income verification. Okay two requirements there one is we typically make sure they make three times the monthly rent in income. Okay and what we do is if they have an employer we actually called them. And have them send us income verification. In writing of their self employed we wanna see tax returns. All right credit score. Credit score is an open. Subject. Why. I have turned away people with an 800 credit score. I have turned away people where they 400 credit score I have accepted people with a 500 credit score. Here is the criteria. Examine. The full credit history. If they have 45 medical bills for thirty dollars or 25 dollars on their credit. It's gonna doing their credit sometimes by hundreds of points. Look at everything if they have an 800 credit score but they got a new Porsche a new BMW. They have. The lines of credit so far out that there are barely squeaking by on what they may even though it's three times. One hiccup guests who are going to pay that would be. You. So think about that as well also. Look at their history. That is very important get a renal reference. If they've rented before. Actually call now I'm gonna tell you this if they give you a rental reference and it's not a company it's an individual. Whole attacks record to match the address with the person they're giving you the reference from. Day might be giving you Dave Brandon. Make sure the reference matches with the previous address. It happens and screen anyone over the age of eighteen years of age living in the home. We have a maximum of two weeks that someone can live there as a guest so there. In a brief synopsis is your summary if you want these things and need them from may 8463663. And I can send them to use in an email form. I'm here what next Boeing with Costner are Marty Sam ivy ivy exterminating I'm Paul Jamison. Here host will be right back to show your real estate today statements. Now there's. Hail followed everything your host. And what sushi made up. This OK and just check. Allegedly I can finish and get her. Super vegetable sushi bar yeah or office. Through. This is ball Jamison your host of the hit it's not a sushi sure from Merrill says that there enticements and she's show. This is to show you real estate today. Not your shoes she took. So we're talking about realist that I got Mardy IB Sam IV. Hear from I've exterminating and a new polling here from Costner wrongful Jamison your host we're back sorry we're not alive we will be next week okay. I wanna talk about. Those days. There is just a big. Big population. Of mosquitoes that again I go. And we got to stop there already here. And not like they're going to be. So how how can I should I be stopping him now or should I wait till they can't. Well actually you should get old boy in temple server mail call is easier. To maintenance and control before the numbers bailed and you don't want to numbers to build. There's a lot of things are going your house that you just don't realize let's take an average 18100 square foot home range home. One inch rain will create about 2500 gallons war coming off. Well reputable think about that. So in words that warden well you wanna make sure you each spice blocks turn around properly that's one allow that drives me crazy people do that honor I just wish I was could understand that box I mean how else can only. I guess that'll come would corrections is only thing I compare and promote. I've just I don't know I just makes no sense to me. I've mosquitoes can start recycling in a bottle cap full war so you wanna pay attention after peers of rains to areas like. Drip trays in new plants as if that dumped out. List yet any totally it's you've got to around the outside the house people think these toy boxes the gloom now some house's war per. And they're not in the water enemy in this police panic he debate in there with them. You know even though they're made of plastic. They've got dirt or making grow microbial within that pull into Bayern there are you wanna make sure that that box errors out and you want dumped that water or you don't want mosquitoes breed breeding in those ears you want your gutters clean. Mean when you've got three and 4678. Inches of vegetation growing up badly gutters. Landscape and that is a clue. Who wants to be ridiculous notre club going or break out I wish her my best I passed the gutter the other day. Over in mint hill then had three. Trees grow and out of it that or at least three feet tall out of the gutter. Yeah out of the F texture change. Senator sickness its plans and those are things you wanted to people think that mosquitoes lingo that they actually Leo. All four of biting you know it's the not truth mosquitoes live off migrant they fetal playing for a the only reason on the mosquito bites you in the female vice chief. Is to get. Pro team from the blood to reproduce. And the average mosquito don't want fob about thirty yards. And when they do that typically that females homeland with him about ten feet of what she's going after. If she's flown that far she's going to kind of get what I call her sea legs back she go to your breath back. Is she going McConnell Burkle drop off whatever she slandered don't want income getter lol. Bon app Petit home fight didn't you tell me a year or two ago something about the fact that a mosquito can detective. You're not healthy years there then and they go towards people that are healthier vs non a non Ottawa told him but it sounds like me but anyway. But anyway I. Who else but it don't do your job. Tell you have Miller contract is up. And what happens is is when that mosquito bite kids. It might seem like like a wolf tattoo needle listing is grown up and Alec missile and machine. And that when that blood starts quite relate what that mosquito does it throws up in this too. In net throw. We are actually college you'd age. And but you know I guess they they got to live without they detect art that were warm blooded animal basically through our carbon the oxide. That we breathed out that's how they determine who people say well why are mosquitoes worse an early morning. In the late afternoon and wall that's when the stress is released on home that's when the humidity. Is the heaviest in hold our breath down in his AE they're able to find it's easier. You know mother nature is a fascinating thing here and she's here to take it backs those. The mosquitoes typically rule would it would go after somebody who's less healthy. Or in in some or somebody that the reason they go after children so much is the cult. Children use a lot of their lung capacity as we give all or learn capacity decreases. And that are that are harboring the oxide just goes out followed ministries an electric use to report smoke he has. But you know mosquitoes or something they can easily be managed we come in and treat ran outside your house of plant growth with a low toxicity insecticides. And when these mosquitoes feed on the plant growth ran outside the house. It kills them we put growth regulators in your fountains. That won't harm your. Wild life around that may be coming get neutering. And it stops them and miscues from going through metamorphosis since option route population. We do a lot of very successful mosquito programs when do you start Marty is right now time to start pinning. And almost keyed up programs aren't equaled as a lot of people don't want it. But there's only a select for refute this great data and I'm not sane is the so ask me about our server select yes to cook assumes good natural normal slayer it's better but we've got. Just banks have customers are proud of the people. And not happiness come to us and they're very happy. All right so. So if I call you up and say hey Marty come on out to the house we wanna be on a mosquito program what does that. Lookalike with Moore he's a month once on the war over ultimately don't come in whatever 2330. Days one trader ran outside your house you don't have to be there we do it. We will you'll some new mailbox or Eudora angered election that we've been there and this is about as simple as pushing chickens and agree okay. Pushing chickens creek. That featured outdoor spaces that look like it's been a lot of time out of that area Leonhard tapes are big we trigger an out door of the house from else I would tree plant growth around the outside we treat the plants and you yard. We treat areas that you don't stand timing and we concentrated in those areas. Very very successful. I mean we can cut the mosquitoes down to just about we can't cut it down to zero population that we can get pretty close yeah but Marty I mean isn't isn't also the bigger problem. Helping the homeowner who managed the water Helmand or helping homeowners understand around I'd given him a thing to say hey get the water away from your house. Turn right or splash blocks around your gutters are. Moon Dalai Lama. Yup but you know you can do and we tellem that and we try to show that but as you know. A lot of homeowners don't they just won't. Do that watch called the genie effect these horrible can make it disappear. Yeah but we can do an excellent job. Control mosquitoes but it at the end of the day for a homeowner they need to make sure they keep the serious for. Splash brought us the depressions in yards especially got your nation's systems casesa an annual. Or are routine things for colonel daily weekly basis depend on how you programs that. Yeah I mean I am so surprised. I see. On on a regular basis I look at Goddard systems for people. And where the water's going right back into the crawl space or they've taken the downspout out I'm looking in the whole side of the foundation is cracked and there's water issues are bug issues. And it's it seems like it be a pretty simple. Picks Paul. I see it everyday how mean the deep waters amassed mag. Magnificent thing don't have it. Gotta have it and you know you watch you know this what burned drought times all plant growth to recruit rushes towards the foundation last. The call this an easy source of water you've got a lot of war coming off that relief. So people say well during the drought I didn't have any crack in in now we've got a lot of range and I've got a lot of crackle what's happened is is all that regret from the trees. Our common portal Hal and now that there's a lot of rain occurring that root growth swells in these routes NF. Feel free to small cracks in foundation. In swell up and cracked. So if somebody wants to come do an evaluation for termites. Raid on crawl space. Outdoor. You know treatments right they just call 7043341616. Or a bug abbey dot com. Humble give me some book so you guys come out you and you and Sam and none of hope Jason Mueller all of us come out. And our programs are pet friendly and kid friendly as well today. Yeah well what you don't want kids that neighborhood neighborhood paper. I don't bring vehicles can't. 8463663. Calls and Jamison and also how to we get your customer. Indian yet nick dot bowling it costs are all about commerce that easier for 901134. We will be right back to show you were hurt your real estate today is they would. Welcome back to show you real estate today friends of Paul Jamison Jamison realty was Keller Williams Jamison property. You would Mardy and Sam I'd be without exterminating and the. Boeing worth the cost are all far hey guys. Here we go final segment unfortunately. We have to pre record today of where we live next week and we look forward to chatting with you okay nick. Let's talk about title search. Again you know one of the things that that absolutely has Marty says you can make you insane ankle is the fact that. The title search and not doing that title search and not getting in touch with you all early to make sure that the title does not have issues. Is so critical to the real estate transaction. Why. Absolutely. Tom let's go the first easy one you don't know that he you're buying the house actually owns it. But I'm yeah all you'd be shocked tell that action at Eden actually donut. I'm Jim it can be as simple last summit and a year and the person listed as day and hour you can get a feel for all thing. Q you gonna and a contract anyone nice quick cash closing the judgment doesn't on your property founded on Craig's list and that Clinton actually had one of those com. The importance of the title search cannot be understated or overstated on the early you can get it to us. The quicker we can performance in each unit information that he about it if you're buying a foreclosure. Course that titles clear when you buy it right. Absolutely not do they answer absolutely not on the ballot I get a lot of people that come to us try to correct what they've gotten NT. From bomb foreclosure because they did do a tidal surge before it. On most comic since that misconception about auction purchases or foreclosure purchases as when you buy it from the steps that you are buying it freeing clear anything else. You're only buying it freeing clear of the mortgages that got foreclosed. Not anyone that came before it. Not a judgment that that seller had not an IRS tax lien not back taxes. So you need to be as can be thousands and thousands of dollars that you gonna have to put up if you wanna keep that property. Or you're now out thousands and thousands of dollars when you could have just called us and we've taken care title search on the most cases for less than two. Yeah and I think that is that is such a critical step to the process but let's talk about it in the normal transaction fire sale. You know and get ready go on a contract I send the contract over to you it Costner. To. Handle the closing from. What does that look so as soon as we get that contract be first thing we do is order title. Com because that's gonna tell us just about everything we named in notes start that transaction is gonna tell us whether the seller has mortgages we need to order pay offs on. Going back to a we talked about last week is gonna tell us whether the seller had access to the property or we need to do some corrective work to actually give them access via some easements. It's going to tell us if we need to get. The sellers brother of the sellers husband the sellers wiped actually come in and sign. On this gonna tell us to do we had judgments on the so we actually need to pay off home and it's also gonna give us a good basis to get back to you. During that due diligence period of perfection if we can get it done by Dan is to give you good stance Sara this is gonna cost. An extra couple thousand dollars to cure. Title be next d.s still wanna go on with the purchase or do you morning. Take your talent around with a yeah palm because not everybody wants to fix the title problems people are always come back doesn't say well I lived in it for ten years I've never had a problem. Does not mean you had access does not mean there was a judge in the need to be paid off. Just because the attorney that differ you'd didn't do it the right way. Doesn't mean that we don't do the right way in May take a little bit longer but I prefer to do the right way and the clean way that you'll come back with the issues down group. Yeah you know recently. A friend of mine had an issue that was title related and the title insurance company had to step in because there was a lean. That was not found. And and it turned out to be. A lot of money. And that's again it's a win the title insurance were detained what they cover for but it title insurance policy is only going to be as good as the attorney signed off on the preliminary opinion to get that insurance. Mom the title insurance is gone to basically take some exceptions to certain things so. And we would let the Klein know about what they're gonna take exceptions to they're not gonna cover some of those deep power easements are the root maintenance agreements. But does need to be out there and as things your client needs to know about. Prior to purchasing not after the fact. And the title search because that's public record as things that we can go over in time for. There that's awesome and and then I'd try to get caution are involved with the process as early as possible because I want to know about those. Well before my clients or spend the money exit too good thing right here are some new. Homeowner facts I wanna share what you all and some of these are. I shall I say common sense but. I have been I'm seeing and getting some of these questions so I'm used to lay them out to arch already. Everyone knows. Not to leave the house with the washing machine room but also don't go to bed with a dryer on. Last year 151000. Fires. Took place as a result of leaving dryer on. When you were in bed. And at last night clean out the weep holes. Small openings at the base of the windows for drainage Marty was talking about drainage earlier. Those little tiny weep holes are there for a reason. Make sure their unclog. If your refrigerator. Is leaking. Checked to make sure it's a level when they refrigerator is not level. It may leak also we have found that you have to actually pulled for a job from the wall and vacuum the back of it. In order for it to operate efficiently. Dirt bugs. Food etc. does gather in that area over a lot of important have they Omar's right. It is important to vacuum the back of your refrigerator. Patch the Conn great. Cracks may start minor but is Marty talked about earlier with roots and root systems. If you don't know letter fix it it's gonna get worse. Check the water heater and get it serviced it's cheap insurance most people don't do anything until about their water heater until they're out how water. Or I'd say in hot water but if it's broken here I don't know what occurred. Make sure your thermostat. Is a place that is five feet above the four. And away from direct Reese sources of heating and cooling like windows. I love the nest thermostat by the way for the record it is the ball you got operated from your found and it's Smart it thinks it does it works. Use it. Do not push it leaves up against your house. You will regret it. During the composition period it produces. Energy like Marty talks about and guess what bugs love it and that common man. Termites like it too. Don't use wood mulch up against your house either Marty found termites in the house that he and I did because someone had done that. If you say it's broke fix it. I'll lose toilet is not a good thing. A rock and potty they call it in the third hit the real estate world that is not good. Do not do it and be careful when you tighten it down do not correct your body. Do not ranch hit down. Hard it is made of porcelain it will correct. Home Depot loves that. Eight Joseph way management companies make money when you mess up. Think about that. Read the HLA. Documents you must follow the rules you can't even change the mulch or pine bark in some neighborhoods. Without approval from the architectural review board. In my neighborhood if your pine straw you gotta stay pine straw if your mulch you've got to stay mulch if you wanna change. You gotta get it approved. Okay. Think about that. Last. Garbage cans cannot park outside your house after 5 PM it is not considered a car. You will get a citation from the city. Or that hey Joey. How hard will get there's some fun stuff to talk about behavior. A new homeowner are. How can people get in touch with you. Nick if they want to. Gently and they want to tell me it's easy it's 704901134. Or you're more than welcome to drop me an email I get those on my personal cellphone all hours of the day and nick. Stop bowling that's DO LL ING at Costner Walt dot com. Give us call 7043341616. Or bug I'm dot com yeah. That's Ron Paul about. I'm telling you run them. You talk to me or any of my teammates for six done 8463663. Jamison realty Jamison property investments and of course Jamison property management thank you all for being with us on your Saturday. We hope we have a great one we'll talk to you live next week to show your realistic today.