Eclipse Reactions and More

John Hancock
Monday, August 21st

John gets reactions from callers about the eclipse, "I Read The News", and more.


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This is John Hancock. Hey there are other other whereas I was at. Well they said 97 point 9% this just that it is pretty cool if you had a chance to look over the last 12530. Minutes. And then watched the atmosphere outside kind of get a little low dark colonel. On what color easier but there was this kind of plus surreal situation not quite on being out the middle of Kansas right before a tornado but kinda had that same kind of feel to it I swear the birds were chirping. Com we watched it about an hour ago and it you know had taken a sliver out of the side of the moon amendment to. Moved across and it was about half a minute came out and it was. There was just a slide sliver of the moon in less time I came out about three minutes for reappear. Sliver at the top. And it was the sliver at the top that was pretty much just about. What we were gonna get. So. So there you go through greater American eclipse. Charlotte, North Carolina style. Yes I was seeing. Dame. Okay. Ring. No. Yeah. Yeah. 0457 fell eleven jams all budget thanks Charlotte 97 point nine not bad. Okay great actors. But it was say it's interesting I I I mean it was almost more seemed to me to hear mark Harrison and dear Scott FitzGerald who worry. And total. Eclipse. I did hear their reaction to it. Because both of them as sort of this jailed and I were talking about this last week when we're doing a podcast. And I I set I must say the only person in the country is just not completely doing back flips over this thing. And I think he went down there are excited to see it but not necessarily. Expecting to be moved by it and he obviously was. All right it's pretty hard in the afternoon now did the temperature dropped here. By ten degrees herself. Up I was pretty interest. So I. And how much fraud activity was lost to your office. Because that was of the big headline this morning was how much productivity would do would be lost during the eclipse. I'd love to hear your reaction duo what you saw today I assume. We'll have to see your traffic is always been the great unknown here it did not there were areas of traffic good this morning traffic on US 2374. Round Wayne's bill was bumper to bumper for a long time. Down South Carolina Highway Patrol was closing a rest stops on none interstate 26 down around Orangeburg Calhoun county's. Because they were full Lotta people decided the doubts were they were gonna watch it and interstate 95 arrest stops in Santee county were also closed. I don't know have we gotten our reading on what happened down insanity counted because there was aren't going to be cloud cover anywhere that was when they thought maybe it was canoe. Not spoil the party but I haven't heard an update on that total Q murders or open on that went on I'm not predicting but I wouldn't be surprised. If just about the time our rush hour hits here. And to 4:35 o'clock 530 if we don't have added. Automobiles trying to get their way back to Greensboro or get their way back to Virginia or get their way back to wherever it is that they. Well they ran on down to South Carolina and a catch the end of the year clips so traffic deceive this afternoon may be worse than it was this morning. People had a chance to kind of trickle down. For a today's events. But depending on whether or not they are booked rooms for two nights or one night. And they may be trying to book and on home. And only missed one day a worker or something like that so while I'm not predicting that we'll have ourselves a nightmare rush hour this afternoon but I would say that there's probably don't. A pretty good chance that that is exactly what's happened so we'll keep our eyes on that and and your reaction 70457. All of intent even if it's ho hum my dear which thought. My money wander over 704571110. Not traffic can be eventually spread it about a you're not in Greenville Spartanburg people head back to Charlotte from that area flannel take the brunt of that traffic I would assume. Bob Hope we'll just have to wait and see so you'll live traffic coming that way who get lose the first direct on exit twenties hundred twenty seven that's what we're on and off. When you get an aghast and county people coming in from my 85. And you get close to exit 26 and 27 I'm just telling you for some reason or another that's where the wrecks happened so slowdown and pay attention. Are coming up from 77 in Colombia is Bob and hey Bob welcome to WB to eight. I'm good self doubt tell me what your there you do you guys leave this morning are hard to enjoy your days been like. Well I hit good golf coming out there can't be out a look back up you're Harrisburg here not not imply what I. Bridges up to at a club right there all the wind is front they're. And are a lot galore at this point been no oh. Built only there about that a little bit happier look on burial. On like twilight we have the background you could ever reflect typical. Light into the I have like looking over the beach and water they need not demeaning her brain it was pretty amazing that that might only change in temperature. Well it's pretty pretty fascinating. You Wear you out you were outside obviously did you notice anything from a noise standpoint birds not chirping or crickets. It turned up after an awful lot like a bigger drop. Are there and that that it would vote pick up our air aren't sure but the club. Paper ballot I didn't but are we're gonna get it can't find what you're gonna O'Leary Narnia nothing at that point. Now we can I noticed the same thing here and we didn't come anywhere near ago where we came 97 point 9% to Mario total eclipse but it we. The atmosphere here kind of got a little bit of haze over it to and and cash I didn't do it Doyle and I oversee or not the parking lots and is it quiet current is that just our minds working and honest and the name. The Ares I should. You could Allah. Quite near Italy's cowboy rhetoric quite dark. And it looked like. I don't like out of the forty you don't like totally dark the twilight by credible and the trap and got here it. The rest up barriers and examine it. Trapped almost underdog and trying to debate the other can't keep calling it should be getting punished well. Now where politics is one person do in 47 miles an hour in the left lane to screw that up as you well know. Got a daughter that I thanks I appreciate very much of a longer orders tail loaded John WBT hey John aria. And then you're gonna bother at all. South Carolina. Like I wouldn't you know he in North Charleston and she should they got rained out but just across the harbor Yorktown they were looking and it just sort of. So rain on one side of the river and and and no rain on the other side Santee was supposed to possibly have cloud cover and I'm gonna report out of there but there was a lot of people in that direction but Charleston. On the tour aside as you're saying got rained out. Mobile nor pearl and got around North Charleston okay. Get over or repeat your hatred for it they were so you are now all right very cool all right hey John thanks man appreciate it let it they're just. Tom the yeah anybody thinking that I damage. Would you know. Did you have any reservations the first time you put those glasses on and upon your head towards the sun. Did you ever find the official number on the side that was supposed to say you know there are very good serial number that they told us there's the ones we re isn't. I couldn't find him anywhere except I was guy I got them. And there's an awful lot of people who has built admitted abusing him. And I bought ten pair for I don't know two bucks abusers are meant the last time that we did the peanut butter July edmark croft there was. One of those enthusiasts that is called us on occasion was down there with his. Party topsy camera and the whole nine yards we're looking at the sun through that. And he was sunglasses and so I bought two ten pair from him. And so a lot of people utilize those here but I hear you know you Pritchard had a pair for the first time but also all. I could not have been. Less excited about this whole thing. I don't know if it's the build up or I thought it was the second coming of Y two K or whatever Intel I put those glasses on. And this would have been about. 145. I guess. And I saw that little sliver in the side of the moon this is when it was common when it was going across. And I thought that is pretty cool and then I was going out every five and ten minutes to kind of check the progress and then finally. At and our time which would have been to 41. I was out there on the air with Bo watch in that little tiny sliver. I guess what's amazing to me is that that little tiny sliver still provided an awful lot of light. You would think if you blocked out that much of the sun 1516. Southern or whatever it would have been. That it would have been darker here but just that little sliver still gave you an awful lot of light. But it's I don't know that the the power of mother nature. Or what would you call that. The power of the universe. Pretty or pretty bizarre and and and and listen and to allow. A Scott FitzGerald down there in Greeneville. I don't think he expected to be bowled over by habit if you listen doing it for us. He all the sudden was quoting scripture I mean he was say America's that hey you know it visit. It shows you up hour that you just don't really. That you just don't really recognize I gyms on WBT or are you know it in there you're currently in Columbia gym. I AK about a Columbia and I'm in polite word on highway 21 and we are dead stopped just like 77 or Obama find a restaurant. And I'm sure that well. Now I how long do you think that'll last saw I don't know if you're better they're going had no stay in the creep or throw us into theaters I assume that. That's gonna be that way for a while the hill. Yeah I'd done it if I wanted to stay in the creep I would it's just that it's not even creeping I've been sitting in the same spot for about ten minutes now. I don't think Tommy later on yeah. Move and then and and then tell me how long it took and and Andrea also tell me where you live aid and how was it. A guy will do but I'll get a doctor John and we do thanks I appreciate the call off goes gym here comes George. And John now where are you our word you want. Well we we were ten minutes north of on Newberry. Between Carl Hollander buried down the August 219. Court or and you got totally clips. Total eclipse and couple up it all of those that we're not one that went dark and it and describe no that's warming. Barking at every bang slam nay down based on a pattern on the on the ground up believe than they did comment then they didn't like it now. Now that's pretty bizarre and I'd and as soon as the sun came back they've. Pretty much gone down immediately. We don't yet they do it again people people some people bought again. It Tuesday when you watched it did it seem like everything around you got silence. It did it got it got dead quiet in all our adult all eyes start barking like mad now. I and you drove down there for the us. Yet have my daughter she's. Eighteen. Figured it be awhile before we see something like that again and hurt you might need to get me in a wheelchair and your head back to where. Charlie Bell Charlotte and where are you right now. Hello we're just north Carlisle and then it just started movement fairly well up figured taking the back Bradley devoid not meet our our that it 78 yeah this religion or pay thanks rejection and appreciate it. No problem. I heard no American partnership is that word in his and it is reversed so because they never didn't need day. Vijay original wow bag of tricks and lose an area. Problem. Talking to people that are coming back and we're kind of anticipating traffic problems as the afternoon goes on but I don't want to. I don't wanna be the ball boy that cried wolf up for saying it but people kind of had a chance to trickle down. To South Carolina. So womb you know yesterday and over the weekend and but I would assume there's probably going to be a pretty good influx of traffic here another on their way home now Varner heard of some people in some areas were it's just. It's just already a stop and go low and neo go over your two Andrew who apparently was in Charleston hander aria. A boomer and you know John and Syria that remember surely knows South Carolina while she took out all the names correctly yeah while she was doing a morning show in Iraq kill for the last yeah a few years so yeah you're a worker there on a pretty well on the senate aren't that Charleston goes up talked up folks down there are few minutes now. But they said that was not a pact that they expected of course they have a great run traveled to every year. In April. We get 506070000. People down there in one weekend and it was not as packed as they were anticipating so. I think some of them might have been over hyped. Well I think that there may have been well audible over hype. That is that then again I mean they if you want if you went by our traffic reports this morning. You would think that there was a lot over hype but to some extent like I said I think people had a weighted. Had a chance to trickle down I guess the fear is now is that. When he was over. 2:41. By 3 o'clock everybody's head north the no of so we'll just have to wait and see what happens when it takes up. An hour an hour and a half or mourning at Charlotte don't want or not they combined with our rush hour traffic. Q you can be pretty exciting what I will say it was critical to CO was when the lightest BP actual clips ended up here and I'll open rock kill the at the DMX settled primary. Brutal really cool to see. One the light came back when I came back so quickly of course it got dark slowly. But it came back so fast there was really kind of interest in the sea just just be I guess dichotomy at all. One day handing the next stage and backstage starting now how dark did you get there and and rock you'll. The dark about what the street lights came on and also your my truck commendable bloody automatic like my truck came on. But not to the level of dust the Chichi and are really really bad thunderstorm. Now that as a hero a decade our studios here in almost where Charlotte. It was almost like go when you've got to two switches on a fluorescent lighting your turn out half of them off. It was just edited just kind of a little bit of light is I think that they were kind of surprised me was when you looked at the sun through your glasses there was just the smallest of sliver showing. But that's still provided an awful lot of light diet netcams I don't know odds thought that was kind of interest to. And the temperature difference student and the temperature probably dropped about ten to twelve to create problems. And it was great if feel that upper seventies and not. And we don't expect issued normal and one major errors tell you to go apply on your. Not really it was quite apparent very rarely do they kind of pretty much clear cut all rush. So there's there's not many words were I want those but it was definitely the people who were there were quiet. The only thing I heard it was was actually pro abortion vote comes at a markers now you don't well I'm glad I'm happier that you know of their deal. Are the project is where almost bought a house their loved that. It is a nice place down a great place to live in that poll won't it be an accident they had a couple weeks ago. That was cool cities that listen scary stuff well and what to those teenagers jumped across those that burn are bad on the bike. Technical and what is actually done in bill now down on the river. How they've got a two point foursome put mile trip to Oklahoma which although they've got that compound which I think yell or about. Other got a couple of officers found marijuana and Morristown where they're really growing net parent or quickly. Now saucy Burbank builds therein and I've always been a fan a saucy Burbank houses. We've tried to buy one several times and it just never quite oh worked out to the way that we had hoped. But I and if it hadn't been for the 77 rush hour me in the morning that my wife comes in that very well could have been where we landed. You could do you're sure Barack you know just pop at a higher BM want to go there yeah a lot of wanna step on Boozer seals you know Wally was down there. They'll pay out thanks checking in appreciate it thanks levee over Arizona Howland a WBT hey how are you. I'm good are you know what I'm good all of your name knows my dad's name. I'm not cool so talk words go out for the eclipse and and then tell me what's on I felt. Bomb there was amazing episode. The actually booed let's go get them. South Carolina just north of their out about a quarter mile orbit collect their life. Are the totality and it was at least ten minutes. Forty plus regularly was thereabouts and that was just it was bought by a very dark and very quite and. Which is bizarre that he gets completely dark so quick and then it gets completely lied so quirk. Fiat and it is and that's right. Maybe anticipates it will only get flight so I suggest we went to percentage of that fact but it was. It was. And it wasn't anything. So that blues I have been up to me that my that you dealt South Carolina and the warning yet that. Think about forty minutes thirty minutes. Salvo of Columbia. And should and so would every other Arctic air force but. And it could we afford it is just you know smell slow go but it was it was absolutely lower there was this pretty late. Once in a lifetime. Oh yeah well that there's another one amateur in 20/20 four but balance coming up through like Texas and taken a completely different paths over. For anybody within nine and I ninety miles of the path like we are it really was an opportunity to see something that you may not ever get another chance at. That that's exactly what I felt like they got their oil from here. My blog go to it is much of that. Ride you know it's twenty minutes or thirty minutes away once. Simultaneously as much of that question like good news well it's amazing to see the front and here we are seeing the sun just import Butler but it's just amazing to me that. Any interest you feel. Quite a responsibility to look at it. It's also countered your belief that it's like a Christian McCafferty trying to block Julius Peppers you discredit signal that's just not possible but you know way they viewed the way that lines up at this possible. Yeah it's. It's it's really hard to it's really nobody else. A little foreign oil supplements he plays Locklear. It puts volley they'll settle it. But it was you know very quiet it is both Belichick and they've backed sale site that's in trouble a little crazy but. Apart from that it was just it was here in fast order Fortier. Are you on your are you on your way back here now. OK Albanian about a million other I was just gonna say where where are UN and what's the traffic. Coming up on the support from and it is. You know under five mile an hour so it's we didn't care but at a very slow pace. And nobody's record 26 or 27 yeah what's wrong with those people. Yeah I hope that the danger zone now but it's. I got up early in loose it was or. It was or the zero look out over the a lot of waiting around. But what happened it was. It's. It was a major and it's a work force so many. It shows you the power of the universe I almost had the power of mother nature but it's bigger than that it's voted to power the universe intent to some extent. I might I doubt that anybody watched this and felt this way but it kind of show you how insignificant. The individual does because there's Odom there's just bigger forces work and. That's FactSet were struck by an illusionist like you know you're just this little small step in and some more you know we're older and yes sir it was. Whose importance gras and it was amazing. Any period and now it is dominated so. Hey enjoy the traffic faster caller appreciate it but they are not often goes. More than some analyst now and moan moan and dance and win that starred Tom Newfoundland. And her and then his friends and they romance easy need I'm not alone so this guy. You know voting in some ease out all things do it does sound though he did as well and yeah I'm sure I. He's dead and gone away and allow God's strength then plays up then. Heard from already have Brett Jensen is to have some wins for overall 100% eclipse even the cicadas again don't cry racism taken 321 home instead very little traffic has been a while sincere. Thus it's assumed that but are nonetheless 321 apparently was slow and know pretty well about an hour and fifteen minutes ago is. Is when everything. Columbia and Charlotte and hit their peak. Two and a half minutes. Well about two minutes against Ryan just listening to Van Morrison talking about romance. Should be enough to have some of it. Chris is on WBT hey Chris. Lowery thank you sir words your word word you go to war aria. Lawler don't plan will be. A little past spring ball goes wild west than going whole load. Right about that shrapnel sprayed on eight always decided to go to. Three point one style that they experienced earlier this literally live and let them lineman or line. And related William Brennan. They limit look we got them where planet that I got to come out directory group that put on the showed them him. When it did happen if it was yup real quiet and temperature dropped down a relic integrate it'd drop and play we were little play pedal complete store. Parking lot and no golf ball straight and went dark star market. Marking you'd be job depleted our belt by the you know they've had total eclipse there had to bring it here and around the moon. It got real steel imply. Then everybody can send things back everybody clapped and cheered it's not usually a little bit gizmo at all. Have met him nice to see a bunch of people come together over us something it's not about don't politics or race or all left are all Ryder. Just basically celebrate. I happening. They'll all logic here to go to dale Morgan had twelve year old daughter mile thirteen year old son has made him. When it might look I am today. At and now they'll never forget that. Are are now I can't imagine that they would because at some point in their life those are the headlines will read about it and eclipsed. In fact 224 there's supposed to be another record so it'll affect the United States coming up through Texas and stuff. I know read about that but dealt don't have firsthand knowledge doesn't that sound to me like they're old enough that they will they'll remember that. Oh yeah and up I don't think I'll let the let him know I'm not only were near the police let about I think they'll remember live. I may make our design go to Austin and not eat barbecue. Or elegant portrait there you got that hey thanks to checking in appreciate it. I don't have Greta Alter egos are comes Cindy and WBT hey Cindy Hank I'm so gorgeous see the your you we went to the club Sorgi got. We went to. Sorry. Lake Monticello and and South Carolina it's near wind borrow and can get is still. OK a lot of people did that energy go down three Torre won. Now we we live relax also leaked out a few hundred. And 21 and tickets team. And you can and Werth and I've got a trip down there was fairly peaceful the trip but back are you on now on the road right now. Yes we are on our way back and after what I just saw all the traffic is not about immediate analysis. Un elite bubble it was just magic. What did you do what are your expectations going down that this will be interesting and it was and it turned out to be something more powerful than what you can imagine. Well I had high expectations and that would just. I possibly missed yes experts close to not beating up. And but get far exceeded any act I could never imagined it is cultural just tell me about it dale dale was just. Mega crowd it was just magic. Now it's they have because the sun. I mean that the sun is is. Ever powerful I mean I saw you you think about the sun a night and the light that are provides in the heat that are provides enough. And I NN everything and and he's taken nothing could be more powerful in the sun but something on on an occasion like the moon blocking it as values. Is is is insane. Do you realize they I don't think I really does it get Nichols killed just and it about it Alan they looked. We had. A lot of clouds earlier in the day which was kind of nice because it kept the heat down there and I'm Camille pot but you know emphatic yeah but worse. But there was white puffy cloud. On each side of this beautiful. Red or. And date you know you have it was like you had a son Kevin a sunrise them. There with the storm way out and that is that then you can have that beautiful. Light achieved yet right before does when everything just at that beautiful slow. So it was. Fearful it really was very good I'm glad I was cheering and it was just great I'm great I'm glad you have I'm glad you had the experience your luggage were thank you calling. Okay thank god when. And son. And sun. And not quite sure what to expect with the traffic coming home tonight. We and to state can you remember. Cruise around and are still four hours a lot of people hitting back from the areas that they went to a South Carolina and a here's the total eclipse. I 97. Point 9% here which means that we just got us sliver. Not at the very top that and kind of moved off to the side. Still played powerful but not total darkness or anything along those lines she does he kind of an atmospheric change it did seem to get pretty quiet around though they area that I was standing and no over here it took. When Julian price place oh watch at all take place. But not nearly the power. That those who saw the total eclipse and Scott FitzGerald. I think broken just scripture at one point. And I then not to say that he was. Lackadaisical about the opportunity to go to Greeneville and experience and to firsthand. But I'm not so sure that he expected to be has moved by it and I kind of get the feeling though with some of the people we've talked to that. They then they they expected it to be dramatic they may not have been expected it to be as dramatic isn't and as it was on numbers are. Something powerful going on there away and now all of a sudden the son. Of becomes. Overpowered. For lack of a better word. For a couple of minutes. So the big build up well let all to today and and now it's over and and all you have to do now is. Try to get home I think we talked to a jumble that earlier Jimmie were stuck contract you're the one that was gonna stop at the restaurant right. Yes that's me what happened was there is an officer was controlling traffic down there by exploiting their mission we got asked you know. We're wimps but well there are well. Perhaps your is your cabin and out zero lousy self owner breeder you're moving now in your what are you on. I'm on highway 21 which I was gonna suggest everybody get authentic but I love all the so. All I'm Bob basically crawling again and now. OK everybody get out to anyone until Jim gets home it's got the speed out of that site was an eight yard I did get a 360 video of the twilight and is it. I would turn it. Now very cool hey thank you for Colin back and stand on hold for such a long time our Persian. There aren't off goes gym here comes Brian on WB TJ Brian. Brian. Brian may have driven on a cell phone range as we speak to. He also was in winds are we got early an awful lot of people headed for a wins bro that's were Brent Johnson knows that he was on earlier he came back upon no 321. And said that what we heard from him knows about 45 minutes ago traffic was moving their Carly on WBT hi. I pay you know and Andre are you. So I'm super if that's you were words go urge you watch it. I. Doubt caught out around the globe you have very cool and overpowering. And that that not even a word to describe it and every route will it take. What. And indeed why it what do you suppose is breathtaking about that I do just the sheer majesty and bad and and power of that horror. I mean if you did get better chance to kind of analyzing your own mind oh why it dated bees aided dated you can hits like a ton of bricks. Well. I would say Clinton. At odds are when you consider it. When you consider. How always balloon is out already is an. There were easier. Today and we could sit at noted it covered under order views. Just perfectly good bet is that they eat what. If I don't really struck by an order I don't know what. I mean I don't have. I was out of the hole and it was our ever blamed each year. They lose. When it goes. When it goes totally dark. Did you take your glasses off when it went totally dark. Red. Not earth guy and he told me you know what it looked horrible it all and look I got plenty of open and I don't know a little photographed could be that justice. Now I've seen some photographs of unmet TV obviously there were some pretty good photographers television I was watching some of the fruit tarts from my channel three other parking Automask. On and they were all equipped and are ready to go. And then people will be able to see the photos tonight and they'll be able to see but you had to see it and experiencing it obviously two different things. Who absolutely are now. You're on a win column. Yet there are all 301 back to her and where are you and how's the traffic. I just can't. Pat back to Chester county I'm in bulk your boy stuck out and they are epic okay yeah I mean it. It due back when Earl was. Absolute. Right now everybody in London now you can do it. You make him pretty good time. Now payout thanks for calling I appreciate it. I don't want to goes on me let me Roman government and say hello to. 14. Bob you're on WBT Hank. I know I'm great how you do in Georgia where where where you go and I'd tell him about it. Well I know I meant that they're they're wanna let don't want the lack band can't pin drop down to Tampa and South Carolina want to give him. The total collapse and not what I want you lot but can't street though I would not be affected by any light. And Alec are great that they're where they're unbelievable. And yeah. Describe without being there I'm but one thing that we're abiding mean without a country at the and it went all Darknet. Op all they ya Joseph and Bachmann cricket game out. And that they're collecting back make wider grip back down. They were sold there was which is what we read about before all happened but they'd that they got rave false impression that that night time was here it was time for them to go on the hunt and stuff. Yeah exactly yeah outback Ibekwe had yapping dog Droid name was what they called the diamond out back bat. Ever come or not you'll be a diamond ring and that they're at work there. Backpack that they did not champion to capture and a Big Sur. Did you have any anticipation on how what effect do you. I don't did not. Out of that I don't wanna be one at that guy why do I do that. Yeah you act as I did it did so I think the people we've talked to and and listening to the reaction remark garrison and and now Scott FitzGerald from our own staff. I'm kind of makes because I I don't know I was kind of lackadaisical about it I've I thought it was going to be adjusting and now but I was kind of one of those all to see it on TV type deals. But obviously didn't do what what's been explained to me today is. If you or they are. And you see it firsthand. There's nothing they can take place of that there's nothing that that that seeing the power. Over and over a bit of due to a place. Good can they need to do they must just beat. Awe inspiring. Absolutely. O acre about them up thanks Colin appreciate it. Thank you I like let me go to someplace where apparently the traffic is pretty slow Katie euros down mar blithely. I'm Laura and I traffic discreet in. About cannot and we like about a ten mile an LA it's pretty lowering how could barely know. Yeah I don't know what are you actually on. I don't federal when you have all right I you're headed back to. Which Charlotte. TK. And I. But you know you don't have any idea how long it's gonna take you dude. Act well or why do you now do you eat you you saw the total eclipse though correct. Yes some white bowl won't. So no matter how long it takes you to get home obviously you're gonna get home today but no matter how long it takes you worth that. Why or why are all now. Very cool who's in the car with your. Alma tomorrow and or wherever they now and how old are you. I know them so you'll remember this I assume for the rest your life. Now very cool was it your idea to go downer is your parents' idea are all family center we got to be a part of this. Inland China hello and Reba my bad. Yeah good for him. Good for him but I I I'm telling you you did I hit it close you'll come by in your lifetime and someday you'll tell your kids you know all of my dad. Too good to see in a Calipso will be very cool very very cool KD I appreciate your call thank you. All while you are all right while she goes and and she got BMW VT. What do you suppose is bigger vehicle ups are be it on WB two. Dreams. A move there. Paying off. Land. Okay. I have everything we could find that says sun or moon unit. Thank you very compass and all a lot of Asian love songs Georgia. Because Gloria those who have thought of them. I hand gaga WBT I got my farewell wanna say thank you to you John for interviewing Kristin Thompson from Davidson College physics say a few weeks ago that's all we do our hometown tour we are no Davidson. I had to soda shop. So we just left winds Borough where we saw the clips and iron was the perfect experience. Christian and her team of volunteers in the city of wins Broder a fine job of making was a memorable and safe event. We wanted to share our appreciation and thank you for making us aware of that event Melissa Chad Haley and had a great Cisco so log good die down. She was fascinating guy and knows she was just I think all the earned as strong or astrology just instead of around and and I knew as soon as I said that I was wrong. And it now and I'll never forget the look on her face it was kind of like your I have referred to a Major League Baseball player is being single layers of nitrogen. Then veer out your mind. So long as you ever got to hear that if there's anybody out there that's worried about I damaged. I don't that doesn't encompasses you but. And when we come back in the next half hour we'll look talk about a found an article is that sort of the symptoms of eye damage you know in most cases it would probably take you a couple of days. But. Imperious sensitivity to light might be. Something a loss of central low vision distorted vision altered colored vision exposing your eyes to the clips without proper eye protection because of the color clips blindness. Or read no burns. And if you should experience discomfort her vision problems. The association says you know make an old ballpark more than optometrists and not get a comprehensive eye exam. But. It would probably take a couple of days before you were actually were aware that you could do that you had did done something. Says that this exposure to glide can cause damage or even destroy cells in the right now the back of the art. Prevent blindness dot org would be a website that you could go to the damage can be temporary or permanent and occurs with no pain. It can take a few hours or a few days after reviewing the a solar clubs to realize that the damage has occurred hopefully nobody lifted directly at the sun. There's up in editing out there and they tell you got to do that and you almost have to fight yourself from doing and it. Don't touch that stove don't touch that stuff don't touch all. Don't touch that stealth. I had this is southern about being told don't that make you want to save the dog going to. So bomb will come back on the other side in and do our revenues to be a boy and try to stay on their schedule we haven't talked about Jerry Lewis stressing at all. Time 91 years old women talked about Dick Gregory passing. Either and the two of them. Behind giants. And comedians. And put so much more than that. Well I in fact people forget. But Ted Jerry Lewis said one time. Was the number one draw TV. Tom movies Broadway. And then the telethon most of us grew up with that telethon Labor Day telethon Jerry Lewis was just and one hand and hand. Just read an account of the USA today and instead. For a couple hour east America. Forgot their concerns. About their country. That's exactly what today has brought here cliff's got us to focus away from all the other stuff. Carl last year was exhausted. But goddess of focus away from all the stuff. And be able to focus in on something that's a little bit more positive and quite frankly probably something's just a little bit more powerful. Than political rhetoric and won't left and all right. So it's a good day. Monday August the toward. First 233 days in the year 132 days to go. 1959. Eisenhower signed an executive order proclaiming Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the union good decision I think. I Kenny Rogers a 79 years old today and an old buddy who doesn't remember me as Harry Smith. Is to be the afternoon guy occasionally radio back when I was start an offer broadcast career he's. CBS now I think. Now he's in BC now maybe I don't know it's hard for me to keep up he did CBS's morning show for a couple of short stints. Barry's got a really nice relaxed way about him it was a great radio announcer and now we used to do that. Public broadcasting channel and know Denver used to have their auction every year all the media people would come on down there are no that's for got to know Harry Smith. Armed sent my columns and there to do the CBS morning show one time Mike went up there or did whether. We'd left Charlotte reverted to Levy TV and know what's the national weather guy for a week up there and Tom Sawyer I said hey tell Harry John Hancock's and I and I are reluctant to my consent and remember him. Hurt my feelings but. Too bad 66 years old mr. Smith isn't I still think he's one of the best in the business. I starting tomorrow August the 22 and continuing through Wednesday the North American men knew or expo. In Arlington was soon oh Wisconsin. We wanted to broadcast live from there a bit. I FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that when his second child is born he's taken two months of paternity leave like you did the first time but this time he's gonna take a month for her birth and then. A second month a little bit later. I think about taking a month or myself. I'm the oldest living hey Armageddon and never Armageddon already had to have us. A granddaughter doing your maternity leave for that. Sometimes September. I think I should take their heads into its bonding time for it's got to adjust to other grandfather's there's three of us. I think in order to get Oregon you know an inroad and and bonding. Pursues other two losers out of the way. Bigger stakes and time off. And aviation referred to them that way other. We've got last week about critics and. Most likely Logan lucky but it didn't take the box office in fact this was probably the weakest box office. For openers but of the year. Like 21 point six million. For the Ryan Reynolds Samuel L. Jackson hit man's body guard that was number one movie over the weekend and no Logan luckier debuted with just eight point one million in ticket sales were pretty slow weekend for. Now for a for the movies. There is say around. You know maybe a border wall might not stop all the stuff for trying to like the flow of drugs from Mexico because they have a drone that flew thirteen pounds the mouth over the up. Why now why and I I assume that has happened before. That'll be harder to stop. That bounty of meth was such captured by the US Border Patrol. There had been no seized from a US citizen need the drugs were captured when a Border Patrol agents all remote controlled drone fly over the border fence by 1130 at night. You know what tipped him off to let the noise. Street value of that math about 46000 dollars. Problem. Audio trump kind of missing in action. Actually the president addresses the country on. The new approach or whatever approach they've decided upon on Afghanistan tonight at 9 o'clock WDT on their lives so we have panther talk at six. And we got Dave Ramsey from seven to nine than the president and 9 o'clock. I'm Lonnie hasn't really been seen much in the first seven months of her husband's time in office. Which could be called a little bumpy. The last couple weeks have been no turbulent and she never has really been front and center like other first ladies have been but that's your prerogative. And Donald's given sort of strict instructions to a keeper profile as low as possible when there's any sort of a White House controversies so. That's why you don't see much of on the trumped those under risk. You're name of the analog. And we'd love to have prayer are really heart felt interview with her and find out what she thinks about just over the the blues or her husband but nobody would downgrade their husband when they've. Yeah. I. Tyler take a vote for girls are at 5 o'clock news. 6 o'clock after talking from 7 o'clock Dave Ramsey. 9 o'clock the president speaks to the nation tonight on nine is a new Afghanistan strategy so while that's video programming goes schedule for this evening on news 1110993. WBT Michaels up on WB TJ Michael. How are MM. They aren't. I'm good thanks for taking Michael Scherer guy words you watch. I want in Sumpter South Carolina yeah how was it. Maybe it will explode and I can't blew it acts are the same thing. Yeah that's that's kind of showed the feeling out of the sentiment that we're getting from people I don't know what anybody expected when they went down Agassi didn't know what to expect when you went down but I think everybody just had their breath taken one. Yeah I used it in pictures and stuff like that and thank you when you feel he didn't feel that you just don't know it's different then. You you ought to act different to it that and that crazy. Well the atmosphere turns straight to your weird way you even here are we only got 97 point nine. Yeah me indeed. I likened it to be in in Kansas or Oklahoma before a tornado warning it just kind of yet still interns kind of green and so everything started to change. We have we even saw lightning in the distant well or to a net and and sweeping I think you would then. This child the storm who felt like that. Papa they would like twilight and although there were cicadas earlier but they all stopped and the but the birds start chirping like trade the and you think crickets start. Chirping and well. Yes so we keep I know I hear rumors there were or were worthy of bugs now are you on your way back home now. Yeah overall only it would are where all the way are they don't want. Are your thoughts are you making good time yeah now cool pay out congratulations on a great day. Yeah thank you met balloting goes so there goes Michael it is worry about that though that's kind of the sentiment that we've been heard from everybody. And I don't know what anybody really expected that issued and really know what to expect he said it perfectly you see the pictures. If you think oh that's cool. But Intel you actually feel the stillness. And see that and and and I and I can't speak firsthand on watch in the darkness. But we watched the temperatures drop here in Charlotte where we had 97 point nine editor drew good done probably by about eight to ten degrees. And I went out. Forty minutes before hand and it was just a sliver into the side of the sun. And then I kinda kept track coveted 1015 minute intervals after that. And then we went out just moments before it hit its peak here about 24241. He was just a sliver at the very top almost like a fingernail you know that you would clip off. Well at the very top of life. But I guess what was amazing to me was is that fifteen sixteenths of them of the sun was hidden behind the moon there was just a sliver. Of the sun showing. With him because we didn't get totality. But still the amount of light that was still around the area was. I was surprised those of you who experienced the place going dark. And the birds in the end sexson. And we've had people also say that we're down and day areas where it went dark. That dead dogs which is what we heard. Started to react to bark and it's always. Can tell you feel it it's one thing I guess to see it. But in tell you feel it and experience it. You really don't know how powerful it really yes it's 505. Eddie it. Pulling people into South Carolina for the close today I was three years straight into darkest everything we play it has something to do with the sun and moon enough. Because we're so creative however we can't understand herself head head. Paste magazine eminent sense for you reduce the funniest eclipse tweets. During the eclipse to not look right at the sun make yourself look big make noise and back away slowly don't avoid a solar attack. I have made an eclipse viewer using whatever O holy book is most important to you. Think not everybody can. Man everybody can. Celebrated me close by blocking anyone who tries to us on me today SO NV today I can tell it directly into clips or Steve Harvey's. The senator those are gonna regard. It. I believe it that I can some are not to have. I'm not getting that. Took time to collier were called co worker which can blame the clips on Belmont. I think clips should be careful of looking at me maybe vehicle that should be careful looking at me. Now well maybe not assign users it's they thought they were paste magazine. I'm okay lesson learned of pre read the entire red Jerry Lewis and trouble say it's a win on talk about degree agree to him. These are. Two giants. For those of us who were old enough to remember Dick Gregory is a standup comic on the old Jack Paar show. Who then took his comedy. And and turned into a force for civil rights. And divided his life to social causes. But still could turn a line that I couldn't tell. But he could. And then Jerry Lewis. For all of the things that. He became controversy all four. And tore an old school comic who couldn't quite sometimes. Get past the. The jokes that kind of now offended I now make people cringe a little bit. What an iconic entertainer. Who has started off when he was a kid. And whose parents. Travel around the country. And he'd just never quite felt. He made a comment I and I can't I don't have the common in front of me right now but term. He had a history of show business in the twentieth century and began with his parents and a vaudeville act at the age of five. And he was twenty when he paired up with. With Dean Martin. And Dean Martin was the ladies' man and the and is and the debonair swallow of and Jerry Lewis was. Anything but. Hi Jim Carrey put out a tweet yesterday of the sudden know two things so one of the things he wrote was I am because he was. And I thought that was ironic because one of the first guys I Colorado when I heard that Jerry Lewis died yesterday was Jim Carrey. Because. Being becoming a professional in the assault. Com Malloy did that that would that road was paved by Jerry Lewis got to kind of like all female count comics I think in a lot of ways Obama. Tip of the hat to Phyllis Diller. So it's sad to see the older it's going away 91 years old so we'll talk about both of them when we come back on the other side. I'll make over here to the frogs and talked to Bob not Bob my comment section from my George you answered your calls us. Near Columbia had an experience with farm animals and I merely said there's not a call I can actually put on the air. Well you. Want to went to Colombia for the for the eclipse where you from out from Charlotte OK and it kind of spur of the moment that morning app might get a look at freed up like panel and the you. And yeah. I drove out on I wanted to get into the country and much of that you had been up main road that wiped out chapter went out chapter op. I wait thirty war. And how it written back credited. Farm area wide open area or not at all yeah. Just use the son of a dirt road to watch it from there. Yeah but I'm looking to deal. And doubted that old guy that picked up by any. You know my bar out right down the lane here copilot are hanging out a couple of people doubt I might join us and our future. Went down there and Alabama. They had and you had them go to the or cattle and can paint area yeah. There are pretty mellow animal your cap fat and how will bet that you are a gallon eclipse and all of you have gotten the dark haired man that would pork incredible what ever help let's talk about. Napster at were when they start out of breath now you have the dark I got to where. You Mike warning I start and then. They go to noted public Internet they all cabinet career for a herded up in the cabinet jogging into their little barn area. Am. In the pork and the few more there'll only be handled it pretty mellow all day. It sort doctor Moore played a jumper amble bet my old habit they're the animal. They act like if you but now they don't at all. So it was all because of the atmosphere and what was going on animated they were confused I didn't know night day one was going on. Debt debt diet that's got sick from that that they were hit competed. At bat or maybe you'll hear Alex. They go to deftly were like watch it and you thought Albert pike. And they can't get there and I can't I one got it out. No court ordered cabinet and at Mellon a little bit after that Bob court. It already equipped yet to gear track Craig hit it and you're out no no where there are no light no. Joseph manmade flood out there at all and cricket you hear them out that they can't. That's amazing that it isn't you you obviously has seen pictures of a total close before but being mayor dated just it didn't just stop you newer tracts. Did you hit it yet I don't. I mean we're kind of like what up there a guy it would you know that black Butte community could picture we had a kind of smoky white. Background look you all love. But that blanketed proud pictured down I mean picture a belt but I doubt it's got it did it look like me about my belt and that. Yeah that could keep up. Now pay out baht. I appreciate all man I appreciate stand on older son on any bags rhetoric but I jittery day. And I feel at home over. There have been. Oh cool and. Suffer the president of the United States. I hate the I'm glad you did she know them ovarian and no it's okay. Okay. One paerson who apparently did not heed the warnings about how to view the S solar eclipse was the president. Multiple. Apple outlets USA today being one of them say that trump appeared to look at the sun without any protective eyewear until UNAIDS screamed at him don't lock. There's pictures of the they ill advised to stare it was apparently brief. And then you'll see other pictures with. Mull audio and no baron and the president watching the clips from the White House balcony with a proctor a protective proper protective eyewear. But Ted this picture of him pointing up there squinting his eyes Tuesday. Mr. breaking. I know what summer your thinking and they're knocking off right now Tibetan. Saying. Wishing things like that on the president's since. They had Kerry McFadden is going to be within studio tomorrow I am a homicide I guess the last one of the second season is on tomorrow. He's also I saw an article in the paper few weeks ago worries talked about his fashion sense is he's a dapper Dresser. He's also guided you know wall walking up your sidewalk. That's kind of the one of the emphasis of the show I don't know Vera watches some independent discovery if you got spectrum that's channel 138. On a Tuesday night's 10 o'clock. I find it fascinating got fired one of the reasons I find it fascinating to sit here in Charlotte a lot of these crimes you remember reading about but you don't know how they ever resolved. Arm and he's just which has become good friends with him his system and need guys I mailings are cops copies a man's man he's a good dude. So I know be with a studio studio tomorrow are talking about are wrapping up a season number two on the governor Dallas unmet WBT eight Dallas. John how are great you. You and Greg are back Graham got trying to find a way does not see traffic eaten you good luck. Jeff wolf we solved the solar power under the shadow and it'll also might like saying that in the grounds. That narrative right talk about that. Many of them. Yes you did put out white board and just Portland to try to totality. And just get out totality. Just saying that's about what your birdies I. Just I'm aging and I don't know I can't. The Nancy Larson put a picture up on FaceBook of their driveway and are everywhere and it it's then I mean there's I got I don't know I mean there's been lots of about Ronald say hundreds but. Tom. I think that a guy I mean like sixty or seventy element in it looks at it looks like fingernail clippings are on the. Yeah it was it was. He he. Independent and I amateur and I really pay some DEC. You know and I yeah. Well how she did it just it just or what she totality. Jewish state once I'd put the last little boy I assume that a side. Yet lighter I don't at a market diameter. OK I have seen I think pictures of that idea we didn't see that from our from our vantage point here but I've seen pictures of it today. You know you weren't great bill onslaught that Erin and Bailey each lifeboat they Russert personally don't know a little bit of love. Like giant earth that made it look like north old crap that will bankrupt this just like a strangle them on our. Oh. That was just that's really amazing. And then guitar and animal. One thing we noticed was trying to try to ease this miners came out started spilling oil output due to improve our ability to light cotton. Seriously. Yeah topic spider between the Detroit did and a web front that is not Burt but at duke got out there. And the fact that they would get busy that fan estimated attendance because it's only a lot of lows in Greeneville low do you were what almost two minutes. I'd just almost managed that (%expletive) up like that now. Yeah I don't I guess when nature tells them go they go. Yeah and then they're they're totality you can show it tape around it did not understand the solely. Tension strung out like old I am like why no why are some of the great look at it is not a big solar entity can get ready. Well and actually they are without about the tablet went out. We had done this a couple of people talked about the little moon slivers showing up on the hood of their car I don't know if they're black cars are what the deal was a mayor and make it and it couldn't figure out what was going on marijuana laws. You know there and say go to there was quite a buddy it's great arm. I expect for a bit about it. Oh yeah hey listen thank you look on appreciated much. Audit and. Into my head coach bus back blows a little bit partial word. Everybody. We are lost a couple of giants over the weekend Jerry Lewis. From so many of us grew up with the annual muscular dystrophy telephone. And I'll never. I am old enough to remember. I'm not old enough to remember when he and mark no split up but I am old enough to. To remember that it was a big deal when know Dean Martin and a Frank Sinatra showed up but the telethon and they reunited for the first time in twenty years was at 76 I think there's of the Monica. And it was it was a big deal it was a really big deal. There was a three stooges and then there was old black and white Dean Martin and oh Martin and Lewis movies. And what if you're a kid. 65678. Years old. So really Jerry Lewis. The bush said Jonathan winners was on my favorite all time comics because I think psychologically he told me that. Just because you cover adult doesn't mean you had to become stayed in plain and boring and. Jerry Lewis. Probably had as many in negative things as you could say about him as you could positive things buddy was a tireless. Well here's a way the LA times. Run and an AP a tireless teary host. An annual muscular discrete telephones he was 71 I've seen them. I'll play clips in the last couple days of him. Doing no you'll never walk alone and that seems really hokey now. And it may be and it Wallace. But at the end of a long telethon. And all you know in a big man and everybody that was involved in that in detail entertainers who would come out and and that was always the kappa. And it wasn't it wasn't nearly as hokey as it is it's just a standalone. And sometimes the the tears were actually sincere. He raised I have I have read over the weekend a billion and a half dollars to fight muscular dystrophy. I heard someone else say two billion. Ball whatever it was every year they beat the record before the beer before. And forever what everybody wants to say you all was his motivation. There was an awful lot of dollars that went to muscular dystrophy and numb and I'm just sad that they Deborah came up with a cure of an in his lifetime I would like to have seen them. He has a career spanned the history of show business. He he began with his parents vaudeville act at the age of five and then when he was twenty picking it up with the dean Maarten in any moved onto. In the ringmaster of the Labor Day muscular dystrophy association. And and that it was television and Broadway in and and records and and the Oscar telecast so worry got Jeanne Herschel humanitarian award in 2005. Jerry's kids. We made our corny joke a couple of years ago about Jerry's kids. When they were lose and when they were to a fifteen or whatever wanna entertainers alike that the Panthers. Went all the Jerry's kids. And some people didn't like that. But it's just to play on words. Problem. But guy anyway Jerry Lewis one of the giants. AAM and one of the guys from that generation. That continue to like World War II veterans and the greatest generation. Continue to. Not to check out. Com and I'll forever be glad that I a that I lived during the time that that those guys were were instrumental and then there was Dick bravery Gregory. And he was a pretty damn good comic in his own right. I can remember him showing up on the old Jack Paar shelves. Armed doing standup. And he passed away in the last few days he was eighty Ford died of heart attack. The son Ned revealed that he'd been hospitalized and they have serious but stable mental condition for a while his son is named Christian Gregory shared the news of his death on mr. Graham. Gregory was a guy that was born in Saint Louis and began performing in the army in the 1950s. And he got his big break when they out when the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner watched a performance that is Chicago nightclub in 1961. All right anyway on to perform at the a Playboy club in Chicago many dates after that I think he was a fill in that night. And pepper taught him and liked him. And then he began commanding like 25000. Dollars a night it to some of the country's top clubs. On and the civil rights movement was simultaneously giving was gathering force. Any became a staunch advocate for equal rights and he attended numerous demonstrations and marches and he was a close friend the reverend Martin Luther king and Malcolm X. Who was shot during the LA law lots riots in 1965. It Gregor ran for president in 1968. In the 1980s he became active in the feminist movement. Kenny was beloved for his fearless tackling of controversial political issues in his stand up and his personal life. And he told some jokes he he would take his causes. Bob but he also would joke about them segregation is not all that bad he said have you ever heard of a collision where the people on the back of the bus got hurt. I mean in all. Humor is a good way to sometimes get your point across. Plus some lines one about a restaurant waitress in a segregated south who told him we don't serve colored.