Eddie Munster, Third World Order, Halloween Candy and Orionid Meteor

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, October 20th

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You strapped on a Friday. Good news man I tell you that is absolute good. And as promised. I'm not alleged death today we've had three days and erosion bigfoot news and the today yet again. I love you on what's happening in the in the world that we've heard these. Because he Israel John you've become a wholly yeah I'm ready upon converted. Out of that conversion feel was your a lightbulb moment was our opening your hard. It was a slow awakening because proclaiming a child with a quick and you don't think it could. Tyler and Bo does on a regular basis as he looks back in time but things haven't happened and is day to expect and a and and sometimes laments at how long it has been since certain things. Couple weeks ago was a thriller when that album king I remember him alone in doing that what was the other one that he did. Was a movie was a movie was a movie. He now knows just last week we have four it'll it'll come in come to me that it's hard to believe that it has been forty years. I went. Oh your first career. Forty years today. On the anniversary via plane crashed. About southern rock legends lenders can. They weren't they the first big southern rock band we have to give that the credit to be Allman Brothers. That. Days they became the most influential that is for sure. October 20 1977. A plane went down. And in this swampy area in Mississippi. It's crazy. Play people on the planet is over over twenty people on the plane and we lost Ronnie van Zandt. We lead singer. Steve Gaines was charged Steve's sister who's a backup singer. Connie pilot also died co pilot died. And Leo it's just erosion road manager twenty other people on the plane were injured it's just so crazy. And I was back during the year where. It seemed like it was a semi regular kind of vet you know we had Otis Redding go down rear admiral Brooklyn many go down in a little baseball. Pigeon crushing down Chris Buddy Holly was on that sort of starting tomorrow going down to smaller plane. And what it would take costs and there was a lot of folks in the in the rock and roll world. That would talk about these small airplanes in the and they would calm I think they just literally column Kosher specials yeah. And other Thurman Munson was and move for the Yankees yet anyway us. Yeah and a lot of them right in the small planes and a buzz wanna learn how to fly. And you were everywhere I looked at it and I love about so many times about that. We had determined to clean feeling down below when you go and going to be dipping down blue who who he would tingling in his. So we have forty years ago we we've lost some legends and unfortunately as we get older. That kind of things will be happening more and more mean think about who we've already lost this year and he's from rock admiral starts at to have gone to get to the great beyond. I'm yesterday was a fascinating day in the world politics absolutely fascinating. Quite often. We're at basically. It historically. And and by tradition. Former presidents don't speak out and see much of anything. About the current president bail out a certain amount of time for the president to find their feet. Before they start picking away at the edges start discreet ways and scams. And even though the comments weren't directly. Targeted at president trump really bitter there was no question who former president George W. Bush and former president Barack Obama we're talking about. Great former president George W. Bush hasn't spoken much about politics since leaving the White House nearly a decade ago. But that changed on Thursday. We see in our discourse degraded by casual cruelty. At times it can seem like it forces pulling a supporter stronger. Then the forces binding us together and although the 43 president and never mentioned president Trump's name. People of every race religion ethnicity can be fully and equally American. It seemed pretty clear who he was referring to I think the fact that you haven't former Republican present and I've seen speaking out and such. Clear terms condemning that should trump is some broadly rich matters. And Mr. Bush wasn't the only former president to take the stage on Thursday. Some of the politics we're seeing that now we. We thought we prevent the bad. I bet that's folks what could. Victor your back former President Obama also didn't mention his successor by name. Also were deliberately trying. They call center. To demonize people when they're not great. The two speeches by bush and Obama were on related into different states but analysts say there were a lot of similarities. What's very clear today is that. Barack Obama and George W. Bush are closer to each other than either one of them is to our troops make up. The school stories come anyway both of them scary side both of them right here in our backyard. One aspire one is guns we'll get to him coming up next Sunday's 111099 freedom BT. 11109 that's really be too negative stuff is just happy Friday we are strapping on me. It feels good save. Alex Cintron and on Monday. Tuesday it was into the front is losing dispensers on what you had to we get to have a conversation which is what this program is all about. Scary stuff yesterday and our backyard. Have you seen the video. Of the school bus. Completely engulfed in flames and a that's something that makes your heart just go holy. Moly and then to see the aftermath of at all when you're looking at a burned out shell. Of distrust bus and I was what. McKee well because it was over a dozen a dozen kids. Seventeen kids. That there were on his breast Thursday afternoon are used Charlie. Saarc mechanisms where these kids went to school and an extra here in this weird noise in the Bronx Curtis like knock and clack and sound. Some of them and I'm talking to can't your mechanic and you have like a I don't know. A theory as to what potentially may have gone wrong when this bus don't be shy seven of work. 571110. Started in the engine. Clear they stopped the smoke started coming out there make it's off the bus and then come boom the thing explodes. There's absolutely terrified me that's a horrible. Parental nightmare right there you think about actually had gone on to my kids were on the bus. There's your accuser were on the books in the food and if so and how did how are you reacting to it. A video is amazing really it it really truly a key thing in the person with a camera phone stand and mighty close. 22 something that's Vernon. Yeah I guess the the only saving grace when you're standing that close to does that have already exploded death you know yeah so. You not to worry necessarily about norm big giant boom. And they had done and instead they do inspections on these buses all the time. And Asus or two weeks ago that they they do the latest inspection on that's of course to doing an investigation into that. So it terrifying stuff and and amen thank you lord deter that nobody was hurt. Or worse. There's been this is not gonna Goodyear firfer CMS and buses. We've had a quite a few accidents and and remember there was was last week earlier this week we're. We'll get caught in the middle of the shootout. Remember that Noriega went into. Yet and at the bus behind the bus and us some glass into the curtain driver started off the year with a with a drink and bus driver so that's right and only. Image you like point three or simply didn't mean you should have been literally a puddle on the floor that barks so. Siena could track record this year they've got some work to do. And so fires terrifying thing prepared to think about how photo until he brings a gun to school. This has happened too often it's almost every single day if you Google. In a gun to school. It's about every day every other day or so you can restore across the country where this ends up happening a summer on thirteen year old boy. Charge of possession of the weapon to school and Pentagon's had ammunition this is an okay junior middle middle school. And it's. Who won the lines in the story. Has me puzzled. And that line is that parents are puzzled as to why a thirteen year old kid will bring a gun to school. Thumbs. He could put the backpack down Bronx is one of the you know what guardian of a student there depending out of a gun and is it might not have safety could have gone off. Was it was a loaded I didn't see whether or not it was actually loaded I don't know as a there was ammunition. Today gun was found in a student's backpack this came out a CMS. Who sent this message out to parents aren't here we go the weapon was not loaded. There was never a threat and nobody was injured. There was never a threat. And nobody was injured. Please make sure you check your child's backpack. For any inappropriate items that should not be brought to school. Well to say that there was never a threat. I think in my appeal premature in saying that. Yes there wasn't a threat because it was it was found. And stopped but. Who who knows what was going to his kid's mind these kids don't bring them for show and tell I'm most of the time it seems like they're being intimidated by a money helping out. And it's it's a defensive thing would still not right. To be cool you know. If Sean tells come along way I mean he used to be hey. We went to the beach show us you're the summer and and here's one of those he shopping drifting here you can hear the ocean pool. In my junior high and it was shown brass knuckles. Thrill and a throwing so a couple of guys drawing star did all those 20 my goodness yeah those were big when I was in middle school. So yet another era and the scary situation hum. Parity just never know menu you have the kids walk out the door and you just sort of make this assumption that. Indiana days gonna roll around and they're gonna walk through the door and everything's gonna be just hunky dory and just like what it was before. Richard Evernote so. As is the case. And they always say this after a tragedy. But I certainly think it's appropriate to say before no. Or after some near tragedies. And that is man make sure when they walk out the door you give mark. Restore of the of the the mindset that they what you can some. The American student told me a lot of concern you just never know how old were you before you you stop what you're dead tissue. And I am I might have been in 1112 or thirteen or detained. Somewhere around there yeah. It has met the semi seventh trade that was the first time I remember turn in my head moment they wanna give me kissed by a basketball practice. There that's a thing that you act like you don't want the hugs can offer her a really you do not of course you do. Still I still went and star game gives us. He slips of the tongue though may not sure what we are god we are actually done. That was that was one of most disturbing episodes in my life maybe this has happened to you if you've had to deal with. A relative who's got dimension of any sort of alzheimer's or are you on the slip in and out. And I was losing my grandmother. Before she does last Amish are before she died. There were these very very brief moments where she was there and then eventually got really confused and she started Karmi Jim. And then Jimmy. Scotia comedy had Jimmy and venture called my grandfather Jim. And she was obviously looking at me and being confused as to who it wound she was talking to at that moment. And she was taken back in time and and and when it was time to give her goodbye hamburger by hug and you're going to write kids. Look real she tried to slip me the tong and it was just like oh my god grandma has just so sad. Then they and then and afterwards is I thought about it. I thought at least you know what. This is sad sad for me but at least there's still some good memories that are gone on and then in her head that had to bring Russian jeweler. So the results through at all indeed through at all. Coming up but after the news the bottom of the hour we'll be talking to Karen Travers they be secret have been stopped coming out of the White House Paul Ryan yesterday had a chance to get together with some New York. Liberals some eagle leaked liberals. And and he was too little entertain a little comedy show and president trump was the main target. Enough for the applause all right he's like the cat island Donald Trump walks in the room I don't think I've seen this many New York liberals. This many Wall Street CEO's in one room. Since my last visits the White House can I want to thank Patricia Heaton public Tricia and I did go back a long ways because you know what Patricia Heaton. She is a Hollywood Republican. A power. You look at Republican. He's an oxymoron. Which clearly was the word that rocks Rex Tillerson was searching for. I know last year. It Donald Trump offended some people. I know these comments according to critics went too far. Some said it was unbecoming of a public figure. And they said that his comments were offensive. Well thank you cannot he's learned his lesson. A lot of people they ask me and you know it got from Wisconsin what's it like to work on a daily basis with an abrasive new Yorker which allowed mouse. But you know once you get to know them. Chuck Schumer is not all that bad. Henry read the papers tomorrow everyone's gonna report this thing differently. Bright arc can lead with Bryant slams the president amongst liberal elites. New York Times get a report Bryant defends the president in his state Hillary want. And the president will Tweety 300000. Had Al Smith dinner sheer mention of my name. My primary opponent in 2016 was endorsed by Sarah Palin. Am really not that mad about it because they're not actually have a lot of com. We both lost for vice president. We most debated in Joseph Biden and given the current investigations tied to can see Russia from my house last the. I can't believe he went there on ballot. Can't believe you weren't there but I guess you you played in the audience and in that case it was just as you are liberals so break it back and when we do we're taught Karen Travers. Gold star families be a battle between the president and a congresswoman and and that's movement and more plus. Don't get to his tweet students on the way a news elevenths not 93 WB two. 9:35 K they're good morning to imminent Scott FitzGerald and a busy Friday. Butch Patrick the other butch Patrick. Remember the name which Patrick you're desperate and yes he is like any monsters who imploded on the on the monsters. He still kick it around and he is in town he's actually be joining us here in the student walked question I've always wanted to ask him his you. And Jerry Mathers to be to god the beavers who who'd win. Who would take him who's your best Karen Travers who would you bet between Eddie Munster and Jerry Mathers has the beaver would win an inning knockdown drag out brawl. That is not something had remotely consider. I always ask you know heart if we go all stolen but I think they both bring very different skill set fits my bags. You're very diplomatic you pay taxes I should going to but I I loved like they get nights outside Yahoo! had been tried to it looks. Right there real stuff there is no perfect way. To make that phone call to a new system somber us and somber words and some powerful emotion coming John Kelly yesterday. PM we're told that John Kelly it wanted to do this this is his idea he insisted on personally addressing this growing controversy. And senior White House sources say the president didn't ask him to go or tell him to go out there and talk to reporters in its always. Sending a speculated when a senior official comes out and defends the president. I'm officials say that John Kelly's mad that he made have heard a clear yesterday he's mad at the media coverage. He's not a congresswoman Wilson for talking about this phone call the president made to the family of fallen soldier. But he's interestingly not mad at the president and use all of this as an unfair attack on mr. trump. He did not address yesterday in his remarks that briefing room the president troll on this controversy you know him igniting this backlash Monday when. He started talking about what his predecessors did or did not do for the families of fallen soldiers. And then Tuesday you know as we talked about. I'm prompted bringing general Kelley in the Stanley personally into all of this not just came as the chief of staff this. He is a goals are father by talking about his son who was killed in Afghanistan. Got you where are we talking to Brett looking later this morning about that two former presidents who have words to say about. Indirectly about the atmosphere in the in the country these days and president trump. Reaction to that if it. Yeah I you know I think it is MO nothing from the White House but it's notable that he had all of these things converging at the same time of President Obama hitting the campaign trail and as you going after this spin the trump Barack. George W. Bush it's coming out publicly and without mentioning his name also who is taking some jabs at the term presidency and I think it's notable I covered the bush White House and uncover the Obama White House but. The President Bush did not talk about President Obama here this is kind of unspoken rule of the ex presidents club of you know let others get into the politics let others. Stay in the arena neighbor in the rights and not say anything they can be on the sidelines and they also get that. Yeah there is that unique crew of living presidents who know just how hard it is to be in the Oval Office to make those tough decisions. So I it notable that not just the fact they're coming out but coming out in the same day. As the White House is still dealing with the song going Contra and I was totally coincidence they actually realize that President Obama has is on the campaign trail in New Jersey and Virginia for these offseason off year gubernatorial races. And President Bush was making remarks part of his foundation. Greg are the most pressing question and I'm and benign this is going to be tough for you I know and and I'm sure it's going to. Touch upon a bit of schizophrenia that might even be in your soul as you consider this weekend the Philadelphia Eagles in the Washington Redskins had coming here from Philly. You out in DC had a pretty good. Easy is it easiest question you have ever half. I sell a house. The funny back story which is you can Google it its online in our wedding stories but I met my husband during an argument about the Eagles continue SP gives you the fan of the Washington team. And that we were out watching football that's how we met this and possession but ten years later after we met the Eagles play the Redskins on that exact date this past September we won I got bragging rights. And Monday night there is eight crew what we call it ex pat Philly people. All political reporters. Who are getting together up on Capitol Hill to watch the money nineteen which is being played in Philadelphia. But hasn't caught that go out better than us watching that game together and give it only gets a little ugly but you've season tweet there's a very. Good crew large crew DC political people you'll you'll know them from TV all gathering to watch this game. Kind of hoping somebody makes T shirts because I think we need to have all the team can mater a smackdown on the and how do you reconcile this with your daughter you have four year old daughter and she's becoming a football fan it was actually funny attitude about this the other night we are watching the sixers the ability sixers Washington Wizards game the other night my brother is that the game here in Washington. And she said her yearning for an as the Philadelphia and she said why are we rooting for our homes he and that of grad rarity is starting to come agent by the end she'd like the sixers uniforms better she's toll Philly fan. Got a that's good guys are that tree that's like yeah there we all have different parenting struggles so I empathize with you on that. Hey I appreciate your insight no legal right have a great weekend things here drivers that you see when we come back I would do though between the president certainly has been. So we'll we'll lay those on it. Then Jim Ryan is gonna join us it was a big worry that yesterday in Florida all that was gonna break loose it was not all hell was just a tiny little bit out. Thank you for 1105 today another shot at 1000 dollars the report gave a cable continues here until you retreat a hot new studies out this week shows that Tuesday up. Just because scary stuff a silent epidemic of cancers among men. Linked to HPV. Human problem of us. A couple different universities found that about 12% of US men actively infected with oral. HPV. And only 3% are women so this is become a god thing. That adds up total across the country to about eleven million men. I am in addition about three million worth it's an STD and obviously the more partners assemblies have the bigger the chance that this happened because the risk. I'll study also found that smoking increased the danger of a high risk infection that goes hand in hand with the HPV. And most people get over the infections and every minute that they had them. Because it doesn't cause any symptoms at first but it can cause of cancer. The neck cancers most most common tend if you remember Michael Douglas. Head. And cancer in his mouth and I blame that upon. Being quite sexually active in certain ways and an NH community. So just something to think about and something to look into the back to your mind. Another health scare that we have here in the United States of America. There comes an animal even. President he loves him some twit that's for sure okay. Tyler we just don't. Earlier earlier earlier lately Blaine GM president. Great news on the twentieth team budget. McConnell for step towards delivering massive tax cuts for the American people so that was. What about eight hours ago shall Williams put the computer up later gonna for the book corrected non. Another 13 errors go budget passed last night 5149. We got to zero Democrat votes. Really Rand Paul. Voting against. And notice now allows for the passage of large scale tax cuts and reformed between the biggest in the history of our country. And then the into the one has me scratching my little bit here. Just out report United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of radical Islamic terror not good we must keep America safe. So he's time crime in with the radical Islamic terror. Com. In Britain Goran would. They don't really go hand in hand. Terrorism yeah could be up. But that doesn't necessarily have any direct reflection upon the world of crime so. Those are some of the tweets that come from the president of the United States we have now to Jim Ryan with a ABC yesterday Gainesville was the other scenarios replaced. The setting for another speech Spencer again. Trying to stir stuff up and he got booed downed in June. Yeah are quite roundly and I think it makes it something that you expect it's got everything that's tickets that were distributed to the people there. In the auditorium were were sort of randomly handed out and so many of those who showed up world all and so Richard Spencer and his ideas and sure and more more than willing to or is that opposition in notebook or look at calls and and yelling and shouting in and have a future that his message was heard by anybody so. That's what happy he had a room for about two hours start but he shut it down after about an hour and a half a mile. How many words you think he actually got it because some of the reports are that it was that was almost impossible hear anything that he said because of that blowing in the jeering. Yeah yeah you're right and Biden are actually the folks who were there are were were that was their goal certainly. You know if you lit city you've probably heard so recently there was an isolated my commute this year I even in isolation we could hear the crowd in isolation so. He did them you know you re throwing back some ups and calling the morons calling them. I units and didn't doubt you know putting Abdullah or that Dick Cheney that he and his freedom of expression would be changed by people who were expressing their so now like are done in terms of the rhetoric. Yeah well. Freedom of speech just means that you are allowed to make noise out of your mouth that doesn't mean that anybody needs to have their ears open. And it doesn't mean that they can have their mouth open even if they are as he says shrieking and grunting more runs. That's it yet you know the First Amendment entitles you to say what you want but it doesn't compel you to listen to what you all are. Yeah yeah so and very. Little thank god violence out there was it only to arrest if they had. Tourists including an important guy who security dark heart by immediate team. Taking into custody because yeah and you'll pop and eat it how are appropriate for that but didn't realize you wouldn't be carrying on a college campus people in the third degree felony now Scott's. Thirty Y all that's a big old oops there. That's not an option yeah yeah slightly. So what is next for Richard Spencer do we notice you have via another another speech in the works that he's going to be relying upon us. I got. The University of Cincinnati dismiss once and these are backdoor into a whole wireless he university and Penn State. No ball real close so it'll at least at Penn State Ohio State indicated they don't want to come. But says there are threat so from his supporters who lawsuit entitled there was such a threat that become older and the University of Florida to go and allowed its. Appearance to go ahead yesterday. Now while he's. Creating a bit of wind and a storm all by himself. Maybe maybe the protesters were finally at some point in time it's Smart. Just stay the heck away Clinton speaking to silenced it well dumping laboratory part of which exams are. God no I'm not going to not you neither and in a safe travels back to Dallas judge Jim Ryan with the ABC. On the ground there in Gainesville. But one up on what happened yesterday what Richard Spencer. Give me cut number one if you don't might cut number one basket could go on here because this is. It just an example of an extremely prevalent problem that we have here in America from WS OC. New developments channel nine learned at CN PD officer has resigned after being accused of illegally getting prescription painkillers from a dentist's office. Jennifer wolf turned herself fan in August she was on unpaid leave until last month when she resigned. Investigators say issue work. For the employee Ed Hinton battle in Matthews. To get no feel like your skills. Yeah. And it didn't have anybody by the Google. The truly can't. And that hole was that the hole that it's taking on life and in a family seers. It's. It truly has become an epidemic in an emergency CBS has brought the latest numbers. From the CDC. Showed 64000. Seventy people died from drug overdoses last year. And her dad again 64000. And seventy people died from drug overdoses and Tony sixty and that's a 21% increase over the year before it's huge. When it when it comes to 22. Studies and statistics and numbers in percentage increases. That's unprecedented. Should they report out from our from the police organization the police executive research forum. Com. So more Americans died from drug overdoses and torn sixteen. Then the number of American lives lost in the entirety the Vietnam War. Which restricting themselves. And I was over long period of time. When do we start getting into that 6263. So when a neck of the woods and then not really in pole until somebody tirade that was a fall of Saigon. So 151000 people over more than tenure period of time. It's 64000. People died just last year. It's amazing. But that number. Far outstrips a number motor vehicle deaths he's 35 films that have arrested. Just you know it's still it's driven them. That's when aids. Was in its. Full blown epidemic. One year and 199550000. People right from the homicides in 1991 to peak. 24000 people. Phnom. Long way to go to get this was the excuse that fortunately we got a hollowing out of the most an entire generation. Grandparents. And thought hey we're moving on with our lives we can spend time with our grandkids on a regular basis know they have to spend all their time when their grandkids. Their children are dead because of an overdose. Another raise in the so president says Dave state of emergency were declared him up put in place with you right on why wait any longer bigfoot has come anyway plus we're gonna talk to. Eddie Munster the next fifteen minutes right here and who's 1110. WBD. Mr. stokes got connector of the questions for Europe you've been a reporter for a long. Here's a patrol time it takes a week or two yeah you know how to ask hard hitting questions. And just butch Patrick. Who was Eddie Munster the monsters is going to be joining us here about till. Ten minutes so we'll be though the one. Inquiring mind kind of question that you would want me to ask. Mr. Bush Patrick we used to be had a monster. Boy that's a good one hum. Let's say the monsters was that with. Fred when you yeah yeah. Again that would confused with Soviet Addams Family guided to the to their what brought him right there boasts things that we're in reruns and I was a kid and Slaton. Can I can't even do their theme song coming. We should play the Adams from the team's only comes two months ago it was just an organized thing yeah it was a Adams or organ music it was sort of like that California search sort yeah something like thousands like them try to ask butch Patrick what's up with the yes. Whether there's guard any questions at its parent star got out of that Larry Mahan thanks so much again. The knicks army units so little birdie on 1005 is your time and there's a lot of bad stuff happening in the world. But. We don't have to focus on it all the time the close. Ever want to allow assisted an ounce of good practice I think it's dig into the other world of news. Find some good things that are happening. Oh certainly darkness there. That's what we're looking for and that is what your find for you here. Right so there's an elementary school in in Pennsylvania. And some. Some underprivileged children some kids that they're just don't have much money families don't have that much money we're were in arrears and an old school a bunch of money. Four for launch. And it became kind of a big political football. Where some people are saying welding of kids should need if not paying for the you know paying their bills that other people say it will need to speak you can't just not feed them. So and other fund unidentified due to paid off all the overdue launch balances. For almost fifty kids at this elementary school. And then he covered the most indebted students. Their meals for the rest of the month. So there are some nice folks out there what that legacy in a clause that sort of legacy in the clutch Jazeera have truly. True and sort of all on the same lines. Little girl Phoebe browser name. She was running errands for their mom. You know in Missouri seven years old and she came across a little scratch off winning a lottery ticket land on the ground and she looked down on it and it was a winner. It was a it was a hundred bucks. But it Senegal on mountains. Behind him on the latest Taylor Swift MP3 download. She decided to go out and can spend that money. On food for kids who needed food. So total people does reach an outside of themselves to to try to bring a a little good back into the world and and I and I just find it to be. Encouraging because how many times. Do we look at stories and go I can't believe that that's a human being and they would do something like that. So again butch Patrick coming our way get to about 10:15 this morning Tony you've got me a question that I should ask. Do the former Eddie Munster. I was wondering if when they work to when Michelle oh if he had ever seen this year from Marilyn naked. His sister Maryland naked. On the show minutes and sisters so this is TV sister in Iraq. What we're dealing with kids and they were kids back again. Yeah I know are are you are you saying at any point in time in his existence I mean couldn't that have happened later on a not I don't know lobbied adorning. Our shot. And I'm I'm just a little curious Tony what do what prompted it. This particular question was this something that you had always hoped that you would get a chance to sink the no because one wild but you know I want it I will accuse the most beautiful girl on so really. Actually so so you do have fantasies about otters which is second. Odd kind of soared I mean I was only like not I would and but you know now that I'm older what occurred right if you know I figured I'd try to find out if he great. She knows creeping me out just a little bit here Tony to be to be perfectly frank and honest in that. Yulia loved her. When you were a kid thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world and now I wanna hold you are but. Do you still lover and you still have the same image in your mind of her. Absolutely not okay good. Ankle thankfully Tony appreciate that fact. And I will see the questions from listeners approach. When it was closed child stars. I'd rather wonder if he saw Marshall head. Of the bravest. Marsha Marsha Martha tonight baby would say who is the hottest. Woman that you ever working. Countries in the same place so caught a break in Bakke tennis 1010 here there's 1110993 WBT butch Patrick Eddie Munster joins us. Conversations coming up next. Thank it was very tense exchange your time Heidi and good morning and Scott FitzGerald thanks for being with a few today. North Korea. She's found a lot of things off they have coming official statements that they they spew but very rarely do they. Actually have direct communications or send direct communications to other countries. But to North Korea has done that they renew quote unprecedented letter. To Australia demanding that of the US alliance in Australia and United States. Because the president here's more heinous and reckless then than other folks in the world. So. They want us to it they want us to stop loving each other as far as you know that you know the folks in Australia there. Is an that is still when wonderful lovely situation. Tim is the the battle of rhetoric is is continuing to launch facility interest in stories that are coming out of the cabinet to end and out of the White House. Are that there is sort of a back. Backed backroom planned. That if the generals who surround the president. Don't like him. The direction that he's going that they're not necessarily a muzzle obviously it's so a little bit difficult to do that to your boss. And they'll most powerful man in the free world. Books. They're not afraid and they said they would not be afraid to run to open and speak to him irons and there's certificates actually if you watch the of the dynamics. Of how the cabinet. Of how the aids and how the White House are handling some of these tough situations that we've got going on. In the world and I told you that we're gonna have some bigfoot news and that is indeed the case I'm not gonna hold back on you when it comes to bigfoot news. So let's say no. Would do it about 1045. We'll give you an update on. But another anniversary as a matter of fact fifty years of big foot and then something and we'll take you back in time and it'll be coming your way. Again about 1045 here on news. Not an entry WB two. Halloween is rapidly approaching. All sorts of scary stuff out there. Including. At Belmont blue festival and Halloween express and hunter's hole. And be haunted mill in Belmont and that's going to be one of the place is all the is all those locations can be places that you can get an opportunity too much to say hey. We'll talk to butch Patrick who you may know and remembered and loved as is Eddie Munster from the TV show the monsters what welcome to the program how are you today sir. Are doing Brett really yeah absolutely so you run on WB TV earlier this morning and in I was little jealous that we know the chance to look to sit down face to face but to but I got to walk by you are gonna see you walked by so that was pretty cool and and I'm glad that you took the time to join us here today. So is this like a regular thing for you every year around Halloween where you need team up with folks and a and help him scare the heck out of kids and families. You know error that let the kid hollow of what many here in our Fredricka trading port always work to present themselves beware. I couldn't go to secretary incurred in her room or when then the whole thing became too hard traction earnings are how we have a country. With the workers you know virtual monster while physically in any family to come to America makes sense that. As probably expanded so here's the the fan base to the concerts or not I'd like you call it country premiere September. Through October and they have a great time meeting and greeting people. Do how often do you do you Wear your old costume and dress up. Not very opera now. A could you don't you have to make a person around anymore to to Orlando then that's sure that would barely make my ankle left the coach so so looking back on that mean you heard you were a child that we years seven years older so when you started on the show. I would are acting out seven without particular series logo of a 1211 and twelve okay. What was it like doing the commute because if I remember correctly you were in New York kid here East Coast continue to go to Los Angeles to to do the show all the time. Well you know as if that actually quite accurate but I did grow called netbooks are recoverable love living in the mid court out. I bubbles on the East Coast in DC was like that it. Mark that they do that are open or. What do Washington center so that the the texture was a foot LA it's. Part of mega apart a little by local hired a woman take your work out fly back East Coast. Have been about a mob like twice about. That's cool but who put some of that Biden mean we hear stories about some stars are so nice and so matters such absolute cherished. Who's your who's your fair person who worked with through the years. They're very because in the first Marilyn early on. But after she left the show I was very happy with both Kirkland and how little so wonderful work everybody who are not revealing Iran the very. Kids from the show of the producers separately with a fever for seven years. So the crew had been rented it and it was a publicity. All right so you say you you went there and I and I wasn't gonna take you there must say you gave me an opening. Don't we have a listener call it was a Tony that call alone now I think it was Tony they're called and and he is the question he had in his life he was in love with your sister on the show as well. He thought she was the most beautiful girl on the planet. And and he desperate art in little I know so that's why I'm gonna ask you what he wanted me to ask you is did you ever get a chance to see your naked. Well no but I was a quick answer are you are you still disappointed to this day. Well not well okay that's. I don't know I don't think you're normal you're right that's not a good point I mean imagination goes a long way but but Lauren stamped. I'm you were diagnosed with with prostate cancer a couple of years back and investment a cause of the near and dear to your heart. How are you how is your health and and and what is next as far as getting the word up. Cancer free is good here. Just everything that there. Then there's over seven years realizes that. You were taken off in the right direction that's awesome. I've always wondered. Know you were a child star Maria roughly same era and a close area is is Jerry Mathers the beaver. Could win and a knockdown drag out you you were or Jerry. Per hour period at Broward purposely seek death I think I think now you'd take in my have no idea what it would have been like years ago but but yeah I ran into the B of a couple of years back. I think he was promoting some sort of some causal link and I honestly can't remember what that was. So where are you going to be. It to be several dozen places so can you give me a rundown of the different places you going to be still like here. Everybody who was that the hard all the outfielder smacked about it but there are all that we have to accept their purported 70300 no call and Brett. And tomorrow I don't know accurately reflect the true disheveled and I will be at Belmont in Belmont as a group best in the park. And then after that I woke up the hard they'll get. Gotcha yeah that's a that's going to be when your regular haunts no pun intended via the owner Miller don't so world what's your favorite Halloween candy. All your I imagine by so. Blue purple white guy Hershey you have cookies and cream cart Judy martz. Big islands resulting in a little slow snack of her work where. Are your little worker. Yes I gotta agree with you on that one it's a Mac and his list of of what the most popular Halloween candies in different places. Illinois. Sour patch kids but the most popular beer tried those things. Bravo know those you don't know do not this is a warning from your local Scott your manual up the deep end up Terry. Yes sour patch kids I don't get them in any state that candy corns a big deal like they think we need to have them secede from the union. In that would include I candy corn still their favorite so. Last class question and if it's too serious I can certainly understand. But does it surprise you. What what is happening in the news that is coming out of Hollywood Wii is inappropriate behavior between now people in power. And folks that want a career in the in the world of showbiz there's a surprising notre. That this. That is divided jokes about the Catholic counterparts in their like the white elephant in the room you know but. Creator pound gorilla whatever and yeah of that the shape but the bottom line it's it's always been I'm not retreat. I never had any issues with but I guess there was quote kid that did the and as far as they've been seeking employment in the business. Four you know play for quite prepared sort of speak. Paper pleasure say yeah yeah that's that's right it's right in their. I just know never really been addressed to the plate and I'm glad it's out now and I'm glad it's it's that the public in every in the fall out. Invited the wrong but there were people surprised look the other way of course spoke forcefully Linda naked guys in Portugal and you know. Yeah how big an ugly is this gonna get before all said and done. Nervous. Probably just productivity expert it's going to be a tsunami I am feeling so. Hey butch I appreciate you taking the time to we'd be where this year if somebody wants to kind of you know follow you and in the world that you are running now monsters dot com is that the best place for them to go. That we could have happened like Gilbert burrow underneath everything. That's flock follow the yellow brick road to butch Patrick Kennedy Muster. Going to be in town several locations. Haunted Mili can check out their website be hundred mil NC dot com. Holloway and express Google than the one and hunter's bill and then not in Belmont the F Belmont blue festival so you have we have put some miles on the issues and I wish the best of luck and enjoy yours. Enjoy your stay in North Carolina right. Thanks very much higher I meant so again which Patrick Eddie Munster on the monsters. So. He had a crush on him. I think Tony had a premonition and maybe it was just that there was just a common thing for eleven your voice back at the time. It does she was a one putt 1026 you can time when we come back after the news bread milk he's going to be with us here today. There's always. Plenty going on when it comes to the world politics and bread milk he's gonna open our eyes about what the two former presidents had to say about the state of America. Here and now it's. Coming up 1105 another shot at 1000 dollars in the court case that day giveaway column tomorrow always get to do things first so several times when he. Laid that out on the other 11 o'clock to five again during Russian an open line Friday it and I Hancock on the way home. Lisa Hancock into we'll give you beat. The word and the number. It's a little thing you were together you text that word to that number that they is given out and then the Europeans run itself. Hot bread milk he joins us now it AB CN day and yesterday kind of a coincidence as far as people out to get behind microphones that both happened to be. Former presidents of the United States and both sort of I don't know the flavoring was. It was not necessarily a positive day for the president current president of the United States. Brad you they're actually update yesterday morning guess SO it was a it was like he got beat upper punch yesterday trump. But there was not much love from either RW or from Obama was. That's right it might not be surprising that President Obama who hadn't made many political appearances this year but does occasionally terroristic is towed to the political waters. You know former democratic president might not have such great thing to say. About the current Republican won and indeed he said that a couple of trumpet not using his name but said that that there are people out there trying to make Americans angry they're selling divisive message that was inserted language used we've heard it before. What I thought was more remarkable and probably took a little more political courage. This president George W. Bush in New York City. Pain and that. That that. You know again not giving the president name but that's really making a rebuke of both the trumpet number of the president of world view of the America first policies. And of blistering speech that one up for several minutes. Yes and the a backlash. Particularly from you know bright part in from drug Shanda. And some of the all right club sites if he's been vicious against W. Well that's right because these are the people that that didn't W is really talking about right I mean he was making a connection here he said. There have been people in this country that have been hurt by globalization. Especially when you when you look at trade or been in American family. But have been sidelined because when he gets here and help those people. But he said the answer is not to turn inward whether it's. Do in terms of trade of finance has short term to the military not to become like this isolationist country. It's funny that you cannot wish globalization away. And many don't really direct aim at the president saying in cases like these this is what you start seeing it. Division of the combat prejudice and some had to come outright bigotry. An in place for the power using public voices. I like bully. And use the language of cruelty so again what he didn't use. And the names the name Donald solved it seemed as if he was talking about the president sort of furthering this division and leading to potentially dangerous content. Yeah and a there was no question and in anybody that heard. W speak that he believes that the Russians have been doing some nasty things to us. Talk that's right there and that was one of the reasons he said that he can't simply sort of turn your attention inward. In terms of global politics that you need to remain engaged with her allies and keep fostering knows. And yes that means having a military that that does go overseas. Perhaps more than president trump would like can you mentioned Steve Bennett and bright part. And I think that a lot of people they met wing of the party would tell you this was all decided at least not among Republicans you know voters had very. Their choice. Between the Donald Trump and you know the Marco Rubio and John K six to the world. And they made that choice and so I I think you're you're seeing sort of the center of each party from being out there Barack Obama to George W. Bush. Arguing for this globalization world view that I frankly don't far left and the far right to vote. Just do not see is there. Actually the bread milk you with ABC what what prompted this current conversation that we had well it's one happened yesterday with president and president great former president George W. Bush hasn't spoken much about politics since leaving the White House nearly a decade ago. But that changed on Thursday. We see in our discourse degraded by casual cruelty. At times it seemed like it forces pulling a supporter stronger. Then the forces binding us together and although the 43 president and never mentioned president Trump's name. People of every race religion ethnicity can be fully. An equally American. It seemed pretty clear who he was referring to I think the fact that you haven't former Republican present and I've seen speaking out and such. Clear terms condemning that should trump is some broadly rich matters. And Mr. Bush wasn't the only former president to take the stage on Thursday. Some of the politics we're seeing that now we. We thought we prevent the bad. Avid. Let us folks what could. You're back former President Obama also didn't mention his successor by name. Fox poor deliberately trying. They call center. To demonize people. Whether or not they're the two speeches by bush and Obama were on related into different states but analysts say there were a lot of similarities. What's very clear today is that. Barack Obama and George W. Bush are closer to each other than either one of them is to the trump. Did not did Obama say that. But essentially the president was making people angry. And sort of what he said son like you never did that do for anybody did they ever let anybody man. So they were talking about people vote different types of people. Dana you call 704570. Elevenths and I'm glad that you did you gonna be first when we get come back to join the conversation what type of people are way. An interest in question on the way and there's 1110 out of entry WB team. Joseph what is your favorite. Following here. My favorite Halloween can damage your blood sugar tree this year. What would if you re extended their bag of joy with will be the one that would make you to have it's going to be pixie sticks. Pixie stick pixie sticks. To David so make those are yet your powdered sugar state on your threat little. Mean I I almost chill all of those things years ago other soak it -- you go to the big giant ones that day it and everything we don't cut in office scissors you start check in that thing may help take you you know it's which lets follow in the Sahara Desert this pier at its and it's a tasty Sahara Desert he got to pace yourself for the nickel we really do none noted there are no pixie sticks on the other list. Most popular Halloween candy. Jolly Ranchers as when that would come up on my radar now not at all hub in Arkansas. And in Utah the senior the big and and in Indiana as a way grew up hot tamales and biggest candy and I can't ever remember. Getting hot tamales and one of my and when my Halloween sex. We're gonna miss out Dana even on hold for a while you're 7045701110. And a and a comment about the president and the president speaking yesterday about the president right. Go ahead. Well. I actually appreciate being called it in the immediate and yeah it. But that was on earlier about how worried you may be that people that. Then he talking about it directory being a former but it spirit that the bank and I didn't. Like more what try of people are we I about it are Bob Latin. And I bit more and it lacked elect and I have a healer or isn't there on the back Arab Mac. Are mighty. And I'm an actress Anna Mary Internet say. Already. And now I'm. Bury a heck of people we I I do about it by buyer. And that I like Ramallah on the spot news I think I've been at a I had in the NBC. What. Art and am IAA. Thought he I think you read it difficult opponent to anyone particular bucket I think we all are. It's it's almost like you know you're familiar with the other than diagram thing. Yeah I am so. Some of us that watch Fox News also intersect with the with folks who know voted for Hillary in the past or voted for Obama in the past. So there's there's some crossover. The thing the kind of bothered me and I and I'm gonna agree with you I think we're agreeing to is that. It is Brett for me to see that seem to try to lump every single person. Blue Obama was talking about and who bush was talking about as one specific type of person. And it was at that their their racist and that they're dividing the country and that you know that they're angry and we we all can't. Did you can't hand has all the same uniform hat and expect this all to be the same kind of team because we all were different kinds of pets you know our war. Yeah not so I understand your anger a little bit on that. Yeah it and that all of you got a break and apple who just aren't there we go your view back for. No you know it may not correlate it yeah is that market. OK okay yeah browns couldn't. Okay well I would hanging on and you think now that big hole. But that it won't carry out I'd been a bit more than umpires. It will be over that now has taken we didn't get it there has been briefed parents they feel and act early part of you know Michael Moore I think health care. You know they're they're they're not people that while they say art and I'll read it and it Biden out they had the opportunity to. Our perform at the and and read it and see and hear why this and had to build my in this group are. You know right people who spoke at I'm glad I can't that would buy or that guy. That they have killed eight. Well Dana it's difficult because. You say we are not we are not this and we are we are not that. But you can't speak for everybody. Who you're saying is part of the week does that make sense. You're saying you're not racist they are not racist well some are. Some are angry people some are you know. There's a there's a it's a Stew of all different types of people. So there is no one way to say quote the deplorable switches it was one of the terms and I'm up it actually came out. During either one of those speeches. But that's sort of the the looked on your nose sneer. From folks on the left about Trump's supporters. And we are all the same you know we we all don't look the same. We all don't agree on every single issue. Well the only thing that we agreed on this time was. That the swap is a nasty place and somebody from the outside has to be the one to shovel the market up you know. IRA but let me ask you this fact that I had why is it that you know because I'm not call eight registered. Republican I know I know I'm an independent burn on unaffiliated what you are hearing up and I am from Georgia but the look different but. I'm it it I it's only being act you bet it's coming up and let you know. On the right may not patted her as. So individuals who are in Mac being in the black clad matter of people and it. Lady people get a lot of that I'm I'm like Eddie flattened in a mile why they want about a better than the capital market. Do you know they're not on that. I clad arm and basically you'd hate. The other Barrick and but it any other oh wait it'd debit they did their narrative. It you know. Everything I mean everything they're pulling ourselves together with the market a better doing that fit my eye is they're saying. Republican. No I agree with the and and and I don't but I don't agree. There it's a situation where there is nobody who is lumping the left into our into a ignore the fact of students all the same. A bomb. But the leftists Boe left you know there's. Particularly with with talk radio and certain answer talk show host and and rush will lump the left into the left and it's so easy to do that. That way we don't have to think about individual people were thinking about a lump of people or a lump of proto plaza that we can do you personalize. So that. We feel better about not liking them so. I Dana appreciate the the call. Do it again any time camp 704571110. As the number you're honest go now to a ralphie hi Ralph a year on WB 28. Billboard guy how to do like the gun range. It's all blocked I'd love to have you been. Yeah yeah and everything I'm Donna Buddhist but I was just curious you know you grill all the people that wanted always. And they are they saying you go down there lecture them all violation yourself. Single shot favorable actually including food and shot down does. You know we discussed the Second Amendment and do you like if we have Hugo Chavez what what what you're gonna have. A screen shot or they are a thing. If we had any if we had a Hugo Chavez we talked about it. What do we had a a modicum the power belt like Hugo Chavez. And the general public wanted to up bras and everything and go against him. Should we only be allowed to have like the single ball actually down that you wanted to give us after Las Vegas. I didn't sale only wanted to give me these single action you go there Las Vegas but none are no ralphie the record number ralphie the conversation that we had was. Taking a look historically at what. The Second Amendment. What what guns were available in the weapons were available at that time I didn't say that in wrapping need to hold on we'll talk on the other side if you like your. I don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth. Pictures I understand your argument I understand where you think you're going where you think going to be taking behavior because it's an old argument that is a very old discussion. Tom if you wanna hang on we'll talk about them on the other side so thanks for your patience. But at 56 of the times totally for the bigfoot news promise you I absolutely promise you that that we'll get that covered stories and the clintons in Russia. Not many mainstream media folks are talking about Clinton roster but I think it's about time to wield Hillary out here who will be dead in the next half hour here on W. Money money money money money. We're now at 1000 dollars right now able to deliver large on this Friday nearly mineral behind you a little larger. Then follow these simple instructions here text this work create CRE eight TE CRE a TE. 272881272881. For your chance to win 1000 dollars and it's 1115 to do it. National contest and message and moderates rifle contest rules available at WBT. Dot com WBT dot com again that's where you go create CRE a TE 2728811000. Dollars a dinero. Drives me crazy that markets are jolly rancher for the number one. Halloween candy. You always gotta go trick or treating in Arkansas this year that has grown it totally totally not gonna go there anymore. Not of a West Virginia would blow pops. He's a refugee fell. Because of the official T plotters of West Virginia he's it is my guess. Salah. Does go to Willie real quick here Willie hi you're on on news 1110993 WBT was on them. Are warmer Buenos dias how are yeah. I got something to say about college you know vote goes you know. New moral way and our kids. No. You know I I would say it is game that the government did this grow bit it just I don't have a Mercedes caddie looked at trump. I'm also a minority that you have been looking dude and now without don't know what's up. So while there's so opposite to what you do a lot of definitely require only that the future as a Democrat the last public. Than it Gonzaga. I think what wanna hear. Kirk again but ultimately shorten or not I would pick the right well. I don't have the power. But of Dana wants to call back and and you want us. Clementi wanted to play matchmaker than that and I'll do the camp but but Obama wash my hands of and I will take no liability or personal responsibility for anything that may happen between the two abuse so. You know what Willie's always looking for a date all he's always looking for me to hook him up with somebody right here in and is always derided is always on Fridays. We really need to plan ahead. If you call me last minute. Try to give me a hug it was somebody's they wave it I'm a magician the second wave of Rebecca got a magic wand to submit your magic wand the government it's good to what Tom hi Tommy John WBT was Hamdan. Oh thank you heard mark and Scott are you are talking about the so sheet the conversation between the the president the president about president. I I barely both Republicans but in when George Bush ran this senior ramp for the first time and he wouldn't war era by the way I'm. He came our Internet and import the new world order it's the first time ever heard anyone running for president say those words. And it's quite neat so much. I could not vote for the man and I hear in both parties by the way to an end that would speak I a lot of what's going on. It's required against straw he's the only one I know what that's not what not through new world order and he'll listen. I believe in sovereignty. Our nation's. And I think. That's what's so chilling did Democrat party and killing a lot of. Candidates and Republican Party could there at the bottom line is they want the new world order. There won't come on say that. And if you have ignored their world wage but it doesn't central governing body. Pretty important to already get all your information about the new world order what are your what are you do your research. Well it is George Bush senior given a speech on Illinois saying that you know and I saw that you know it was just before the thousand points and like these are new world order I get that it's. Does. Ari are you like talk in the gloom and not a strategy here is that which year which after all no no I don't aren't you are a little bit I don't normally do urges sometimes. A oh no I know I mean a serious because the new world order. What goes hand in hand with that so many times with a conspiracy is the only nodding or they hidden hand of the powers that are behind the curtains. Well debt that truck or aren't. Seriously I'm really curious about that but it I don't gore dirt at all it up Tommy know why it's happening. It is because there's a there's a lot of folks who have a lot of money. Who were trying to make sure that they keep all the money we keep us all in the dark. And as long as they have all that money there's going to be enough people. Underneath them to coerce just such greedy little weasels that they want some of that. And the fallen whenever sort of plan at the biggest on their way. You're actually right in and that's why trump elected because a lot of prominent people like me that every day hard working people. Are scared to death. But I don't wanna be ruled by someone that both the U I don't have it weighs you know would actually agree own. Robert I think you're taken it way to the extreme here at the desk and it may indeed be the case at the feet but that's the direction. So that it's gonna all end up and there's going to be king of the world essentially. Not not a piracy pituitary or don't opportunity to do it. Are you so sure. That that Donald Trump is really not to not part of that world and part of that that group that wants it to be that way. All I know is that the other candidates there were running against then. Lean that way very strongly. That's what I see then all of as far as what happened when like I was talking to you give that speech I don't have a great day or so my debt. And the stone interrupted the best answer. Yeah yeah I don't agree with everything that he step towards but for. This don't see it's fascist tactic and I doubt it's back in the fifties and sixties. When the Irish wanted their freedom. And then I found out later I was over it blended. There were blown out. Breast surgery where every call on all the people but just tell me what. And I want to Diego chemical and talk about the IRA yeah. Yeah they were not as they were not they were not nice people not know I get which is saying there but I think we're working there's this. This content and severe issues that you bring in up here. That's. They don't know necessarily go hand in hand but Doug I know you believe but the same sort of thing that these new world order is always impending. Bucky normally if you first because you have the most important thing to discuss in this Jolly Ranchers to break him back and then you and your call 704571110. This is vigilant attempt. That it 93 WB two. Who are we all know there's a secret power lead to Avaya global agenda and conspiring to eventually rule the world. The authoritarian world government of course which will end up replacing sovereign nation states. Culmination of history's progress to the pinnacle. The ultimate intellectually as. Then. Hate for the economy. Will get to that does a Doug you stand by Bucky high you're on WBT. Hollowing candy Jolly Ranchers human who has taken to threaten. No well I wish I did this moment. But you know he makes comments about dollar interest you sound like they're the real real hard candy hard liner over there. When we made a hard candy hard like I just. John I'd they've never really appealed to me Jolly Ranchers and I don't understand the appeal on how they could actually be in a number one Halloween candy. So what what would you say is the number one following can be sluggish demand it's a personal choice right. But yeah I don't know what would you pick. I would isolate where X. Am. I don't know wishes peanut butter cups has kind of like those two little bag Eminem's. I resent. Listen in the if it can't chocolate showed up at your door you wanna a dollar inter you wanna Reese's peanut butter cup which is gonna work out better for. Thank you saying because damage to him the cut but the lord to keep him occupied zone you're saying. Well I'm in that the only thing that's going to be strong enough to drop through an hour I'm in count popular shows up. Jim Murray and spiritual beings that's not gonna do anything we'll definitely. It prevent it going to be wooden stake for vampires c'mon Bucky you know you know the lower ranked. Well for a regular ramp. Well maybe we give them some sour patch kids and and then you'll squint in his eyes a water. And you won't be able to come after me. At least that's what I'm going to be the counting on. So Doug give called 70457. Up 1110. Well where do we start with his conversation would be free masons the illuminati the particles to be able to Zion on. We will would you like to go this. It's starts with the political parties themselves you're caller who was earlier on spot on spot where. Think when Thailand fur Charlotte City Council 2005. I was brought in behind the scenes. And so I was expected. To abide by the same rules as everybody else was I pull a Donald Trump who came down was not pretty to say the least. But I was given an agenda 21 that guide for public officials to read. An agenda 21. Is to Parse it is sustainable development which locally in Charlotte is known as Smart growth is anything but Smart. And the other half is wildly has project. In the wild lands project 90% of America. Is designated as wilderness reserves and or course with no human interaction whatsoever. The remainder of that is. For living and that's military reservations. That is habitation. And Indian reservations. And that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for a whole lot of people. And if you go down to security guards don't shall located X. 0% crossroads and Alpert and George unfamiliar with the okay are there and they've got the ten precepts the new world or on the number of them to. The very first precepts. Is maintained humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance. Would nature. Doug I don't understand that so what word do you think that that guy stone came from. It was. Donated by mysterious guy by the name of RC Christian and there are numerous. Series and rumors as to who he is we will never know who he hits. Quote the footwear and hauled out there it with the men that name. It's sort of almost a backdoor way of saying you know here's the so as part of the conspiracy because arson Christian really it means mercy crush and. Yes that's that's one of the series has been hit hooker ground another one and it was a big mobile out of Atlanta again we'll never know the point that I was trying to make it. Is that this is what I was instructed as someone who's running for office was to take all the stuff and embrace it. OK so so I hold on a second here Doug who who handed you. Via agenda 21 man. That was given me by somebody at a breakfast meaning I'm not gonna get exactly title when women then then then why should I believe it Doug. Because I have a copy of a printed out the next time we need if you like also say okay we'll hook who gave it to you why why would you be afraid of saying who gave it to you. Because I don't want to name specific names when I politics why these are put these are people that apparently you don't like the direction they've gone and and if you don't like the direction and they've gone in then shouldn't the world knows that we can take a stand against them. It would be nice but for the same reason that a lot of people Hollywood don't speak out against people like Weinstein. People like me who are small potatoes are afraid to speak out when I spoke out. About the stuff when it first came out. I was crucified in the media I have no intention of setting myself up to do that again 11 all glued. Behind the scenes I'll tell you exactly who's involved with and I'll show you. The information I got that information Alan I wrote a book about it describe exactly what happens they exit this stuff is out there it's real I'll be glad to share with you. But I will not name specific names of over there Oki can appreciate. Yeah images seems a little or what are you afraid of retribution. Yeah. What kind of retribution. Let's put it this way I had someone who claimed that they were pursuing the Republican Party. Point my driveway parked there went for two hours demanding to speak with Nate as a neighbors would come by they are asking questions about Nate. And finally what of the neighbors who was walking is Rottweiler so it looked. He got no business being here and not come back to ten minutes regarding got to be at least don't be here and finally left that's the kind of stuff for arraignment so. Today and they said they were from the Republican Party do do you believe bird you know that that was the case or was it something horse. Yet because I looked out the windows so who wasn't with the chairman of the time. Should the chairman of the Republican did you have an idea what he wanted. Oki was trying to get you drop out of the race. Okay. And did you jump out of the race yes I did OK why did you drop out. It because I was a political newcomer and I had absolutely. No clue. That's what to do when I was blind sided like I found out later on in my support but I had. From people especially another dark alleys. I got a lot of contact from people here locally and so we wish you had a drop down and adapt order resolution stating. But. But so be sure when your fledgling. And you start getting attacked like this you pull it real quick and Tryon NC YA. So was so what was the majority of your platform mean if you were running today. Bigamy the top three things that you would say here's the reason you need to vote for Doug because this is what I believed. Well back then he platforms I was running on was against the McCrory lying it was against sustainable development and Smart growth. And who loses basically things like that it was the letting everyone know really. What is going on and that is exactly what trump is doing going against the establishment and try to get these trees out there. How Donald Trump is being attacked Major League you can with the amount of power and money did he ask you could imagine some. Somebody that you get ready for the first time here Charlotte. Getting hit with that kind of stuff what it does to you when you're not expecting. It just completely takes you back. Well more than we need to have conversations some big concern. I'd like to know where the bones are bear my dad died. That's that's that's foreign I even a couple times I haven't heard back. Editor at the Reno should should should mean at three million and yes yes the because we have to get Scott a WB two downtown. We'll do better he wants to watch your back and I had been enough. You know and and that's not good for me I must say I want back is in me and saying. Watch out. The truth is out there. And some of those twisters and our bench people. Britain backed you when you call 704571110. Inhuman not to AA. Everybody to. Strapping on a week it's gonna nicely so beautiful day out there to a potential. And you. So idea about their get the other new Playboy. I can't Taylor last time it's I thought I holed a look good on tour and we'll give me a playbook. And and that thought still is not to cross my mind. I don't think that when the the next edition comes up in November issue. That the Darby you know camping waiting for your for those in addition to arrive. Although there's a certain curiosity factor I would guess and the reason being generally heard about this was going to be the other new playmate I have not known. In this row I mean yes rile RA you anus no. Venus is okay eight India that in addition to close as far as. The spelling between not exactly but you can do need to announce it to carefully it's Venus and I always is I guess I NS INS INE yes I got two and dashes of French model. And she is going to be. Playboy's first transgender playmates and I know that's what I've gotten. And maybe it had before we just didn't know what if there was there was one in the past I do believe but it wasn't the playmate. You know the playmate of the month which is it about pretty. You know upper Echelon designation. In the world to vote if they have a Playboy. She says and I will always fight for LG BTQ rights and women's rights but above everything else Mike causes of the environment so she's a she's an activist kind. And in apparently. It's gonna be like. Full blown. I cannot like hiding anything. It full so full full nudity and all that sort of stuff. I don't I don't know the very a couple of different and to. Come to an article about it and I'm not exactly sure if she's like birdied on all the surgeries and only kind of stuff. But I'd bet Chia when this comes out here there's going to be. Quite a big hullabaloo about the the whole situation. So she started off as a as a guy that's yeah okay yeah I guess in order to be transgender. I mean you would have to be. So we'll. Now I made Tony fourteen. There was a special section called Playboy a disease. That featured ms. Rao fully nude for a spread titled the evolution. So you're not the first time for to be in this so condoms gonna guess and I don't know maybe when I when this comes out. You can. Arlington living a world. How it works. So Mike is that called 704570. Yea 1110 tread lightly Mike tread lightly. I I I will I don't know. Can I not funny at them but I'm still this storing them like they and it's so. I mean is that for real which would story the other with the war yet what began as saying and it is it gonna be shrunk so small little front mean. That's the the appearance. That's the that's the way that it looks now. Well now. That that's. As you must be turtle over. It right now but maybe not I don't know. Well like I said. He's he's hands on it in the past before. It's been a long time. I wonder I wonder if they mean they don't know what. They had to have had this planned for a while I don't think they just decide you know. Today that eight tomorrow or next month's edition is gonna be like this I think it's. And he's probably been in the works for awhile. I would get. Yeah probably six months or better. Project manager interrupt or technically you got a great show Scott and you present which occurred even bear balance intent and thought out. But that is saying yeah I appreciate. Well well I appreciate the kind words not not everybody would agree with you right I'm. Not about pretty offensive I don't know I think it's a conspiracy I think that it that the people that are. Behind the new world order are are pushing the buttons and some of these people who try to get under my skin when you think not. Maybe maybe it's very it is very funny and can I tell you what I can I stay up late at night concerned about the aluminum body. Well but I did keep that attempt at very Irish are oh that's right. Yeah I mean be necessary if the story had oranges. Yet you you know rest of the story had any legs and other was another way you can approach that. I was gonna say how many yeah. Let brightly we you're gonna ask is there any meat to this Stewart really mean is this or is this just offering. I didn't hole so you. Know I know you didn't idea I did I crossed that line. Into the butcher shops so but my pastry called in and it thank you for the kind words I do appreciate that. Thank you only have to learn to Aruba develop develop kind of a thick skinned to be able to stay in a position like this at least from nine ailment. You know I called fetal position certainly from a crisis a get out of here. Are you able to do commercials I can't and crying at the moment we talked to her post. So when we come back I am in LA via bigfoot story out of fifty years ago. Pretty amazing episode in the search for bigfoot. Occurred. 196750. Years ago today is a matter. Hello give me your whole Perry storybook comeback yet to produce team. Nineteen minutes away from rush. An open on Friday. So is my favorite this week. Information. It's cool stuff. Suffered that we wanna talk about now we don't read it when he had when he drives a conversation that's. It's always very well thought out methodical and he knows exactly where he's going to be taken you so I I can't I find it interest in on these days on Fridays. When. We throw the ball to him. And see where he takes. Generally slammed generally absolutely slam dunk get to the other big foot story here just a moment of this weekend. Daniels she one of the year's best space show notes. I'm not talking about Star Trek. News via the peak of the Orion had meteor shower. And the cool thing that I think it's gonna cook the Orion it's our are actually little tiny fragments and what little space rocks. There have been left behind by a haley's comet. Because that's what these meteors for the most part are as we end up known as the earth goes around on the sun we we are orbiter on this on. They run into different sort of space junk so just imagine like you you're at the or Charlotte motor speedway it. And you you're going around in every time you get to the third turn. There's a certain little pot holder winners you know pieces of gravel that's you know on. She kind of way to attend to an analogy eyes. How this works would be the meteor showers it's gonna be the best viewing between midnight and dawn. And again sort of the reason for that is is that it will be after midnight moving forward. To it would be blasting towards these things. So if you threw a bunch of gravel up. And the and you go into the third turn in that NASCAR just talked about would more than little pebbles that you windshield. For the back windshield. Today more room to front so Melissa again sort of the same way to explain the analogy. Bo Ryan and in price familiar with the the consolation stolen vehicle built it right now it's kind of low in the sky in the morning time. So. Now there's at that low in the sky and acing each and every morning Malia like comment so maybe 1015 of these. Every hour. Just in the busiest when Percy has to be a little boost in Buena busiest ones. Burdensome on pretty big bright spirited big and bright so that's going on this weekend if you're so inclined pictures of blanket. Somebody snuggle up with and that and given a gander. Muted hander. I get upset I love animals oil available stories and and and different ways to bridge humans can interact with the animals and sometimes no good deed goes unpunished. Came out of this story out of Idaho where this this neighborhood residents of a neighborhood. Saved dear sir this thought. An orphan to fallen in the named baby. And the whole community got together sort together on the fence there and and feel good for little baby Deere carrots and I don't know I don't know what are gearing its I don't know and then every damn thing that was everything in my garden is a cut she you know. And it was it was a lovely joy joy come situation and scenario to be a Idaho fish and game found out about it oh yeah. So officer came out and shot it dead. Can you imagine if there's like a little kids sit out there you know walking up and maybe within a the handful of and full of corn you know what I call that the hard core and it plays easy course as the so called. Wanted to do debate here or maybe here's some here's some she called welcome unbelievably me. And some versions of glad you're here in the neighborhood metals and below the shot rings. And the kids look looks up and there's really animal control officer. Here he says they had to kill it because it had lost its fear of humans in labels violate allow her relatives of things a little com. He says basically a loss of fear of humans by Hamels that large is something that we don't take lightly. Beings absolutely illegal to taken a wild animal and feed them. To a neighbors are devastated. They obviously have another reason from the baby and then you know the deal would play when they're kids and dogs and all sort of stuff. But I've seen those videos you know with a deer in the dogs are planning really you know Larry he's really cute. So a tragedy and sadness their formula for the folks in the neighborhood of million I don't. According to a new study. Dating applicator dating apps. And yes. Bring out. Surprise surprise ancient mating instinct instincts in us. All right so. John I want you to to put together the correct genders. With the correct. The church that that the various genders are looking to look at what it will stick with two genders OK I wanna complicate things. And community. Right and I can't wrap my brain around much more than bright we don't need to have venal. Six different categories of what you know I'm a woman Burnham sort of thing you would only good on the road so our race a man. Women. Who was looking for hot and who's looking for intelligence instability. Milliken for hot women only confirmed analyst at this ability that was low hanging Freddy got an okay where they cook. That's like what those gimmicks I was assault awe that that's kind of like the teachers saying okay write your name on the top to get a point for writing your name the top of the equipment. That'd get a win that is the other LD man no surprise there. That's that an anti it blows me away that they actually had to study this. They researched it men ten. To go for the hot girls. Women look for a man with a intelligence instability. As well known the person is why this is our ratio to demonstrate that they haven't really changed abilities millennia of evolution. Jason Toews is the guys should change from the Braves. Alright so fifty years ago 1967. This is when it all really truly began. And and to commemorate that bigfoot believers. Are going to be heading to willow creek California. Because in 1967 that's when we got that but first real. Movie. Of big foot and a member a great movie that's great video here or is it an. You've probably seen it before it's it's him it's a black and white in a kind of grainy picture. And munition big for a walk and and then he looks. I'm assuming it's a petite so I think this and it might actually been a sheet yet an alleged female bigfoot. We're actually looks turns his head looks towards the camera. This. Whole. Broad shouldered long limb to fur covered creature walking into lakes. Directly at the camera as if to briefly and satisfying. The relentless bigfoot paparazzi before disappearing into the woods. Not naysayers. This Indo. There they say this was all Almeida was awfully. Was an alien accustomed shop here in town that they did that would Mark Morris customs yes this he would say they had the big foot custom that them and people took pictures right I think so yeah. Then so is you know of a bigfoot hoax. So but that's like ground zero. Forward that the legends tour the you know the beginning of searching for bigfoot. I'm well I'm a believer. Yeah I think our stats arm wrestle the six million dollar man who did Julia yeah that was in most believable soon governor I know that was the the real bigfoot they wouldn't be any you know of course you can die out. The Assad on TV ad to be real -- union wages to us to be in the movie sightings still reported Tuesday. Do you listen to this program over the past couple days we have one in Arizona just constitutional. We had another one in California. And then of course we've had multiple sightings. I'm right here in North Carolina would be big foot 911. Of people. And guys and still waiting for an update on. That's festival they're gonna have next year and here quite familiar with the McDowell county yeah yeah you're very you're familiar with the and we've got the go ahead from the powers that be here to go ahead and do broadcast from they went to encapsulate yeah so we could do you like the official. Well we already are we declare cells to be the official bid for radio station in the United States of America and beyond. Because this is what people need to hear this is important information. And have been the problem is that I see this kind of a we and then things. You know you and me and normal crew all American flag waving. Red blooded Americans we know and we believe in big foot and says damn big city scientists. That is the skeptics. They're the ones that look on the nose is upon us there's smoke there's Chardonnay. And look at us and our floodlight. Her pickup trucks and saying. You rube you actually believe that there's such a thing as bigfoot. Then then they go to their alien convention center because they believe in aliens and we would be the big. It's gonna do it for us this week thanks for the conversation. Lord willing and the creek don't rise with a begins from Monday till then I wish you and your entire them. Blues guys angry take care.