Effects Of Irma, Avett Screening, "I Read The News" and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, September 12th

John discusses the Avett's documentary screening, the aftermath of Irma, "I Read The News" and more.


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This is John Hancock. There are other other whereas Tuesday as we can be in. Everybody survived. Say that lump all people lost power. Home. Tree came down on a house and guest county has saw that last Donovan news. Some other good trees and debris but cut up. Revealed tree that's right along male highway in front of my house. College crooked tree because its citizens like. I don't know ten feet off the road. And it does sustained some damage. Some pretty good chunks branches fell off into the street. And I don't know somebody had moved them off to the side of the highway air that's where they fell but. This is the tree that we kind of inherited when we bought the lot. And throw line between now my neighbor and me. And it's obviously an old tree than their for a long long time. But does since we go and since we're on a new lot. I don't think there's a tree that if it fell could hit our hosts. Reward girl little house on the further out there right now so Rome and the trees that we planted in the trees a game with a lover not necessarily have. An imminent threat but anyway. Overcast looks threatening out there right now at a moderate doppler radar right now I don't see any thing. So we should do be headed back into the sunshine tomorrow it's already considerably warmer today than it was yesterday yesterday was sixties or whatever is what drew do we get. 64 and we ever break 64 yesterday I don't think we did. So. It was a and sing I driving home last night Don no Wilkinson boulevard from Charlotte turned. Aghast and county because you could see the swirl you could see the the clockwise rotation the clouds were broken it I mean movement. But you could do. If you can you can really I mean you're just had a real good view of these outer bands there were bonds. It's its most sophisticated exit the latter bonds that. Were were. And I thought it was gonna you don't turn into a big rainstorm we got some pretty steady rain last night but at last I slept through it though I didn't really think get. Now the really torrential rain on our wins or anything along those lines slower. Anyway were we're out of the woods on that one known. Scott assuming you know Mike Doyle was just talking about. The Panthers in the Buffalo Bills are coming to town and we may have seen the last from Britain merchandise sales smaller article in the paper record may have been the tail end Avaya another column by Agile person. A Burson. Has been cut re signed by the Panthers four times over the last six years yesterday. He was put two on. Injury settlement. So bomb you'll recall in the Tennessee game. He got hurt. Separated his shoulder on August the nineteenth he was actually have a pretty good camp up until that time. Looked like he was gonna be the guy that was gonna come out of all of that. Conglomeration of receivers is the guy that would make the team he you know demeanor bird. And then he got hurt. And yesterday they. They did an injury settlement on him and know that could be yet. Wofford alone. Charles Latin Malone. He and alone Chris Scott offensive linemen who while I bet you know there's a chance we'll see him again. And you know Gradkowski. And didn't he Phil and pretty well last year it's Irwin know we were when we had none. Our and so we are seeing him again and safety LJ McCray oh god injury settlements yesterday but to other speculating that may be or Britain Burson may have vote. May have seen his last. His last time because they got Damir bird and because they drifted don't drafted Curtis Samuel and that's so that may be under his tenure. But down. Betrayal I'm immune yeah nice run. Forgot it wasn't expected to make the team in the first list all those. David Brothers. Screening tonight. And does selective theaters I think an apple this is due on wall and I think Isp. Arden. Berg is got a screening they're few and far between I didn't know. I saw were adult friends or their manager a posted today that this should be available early 2018 on HBO. But this is this. Judd Apatow Al Michaels. And fig Leo. Documentary. That. But David Brothers. May have last reporter to be favored Brothers and they're doing the special screenings throughout country tonight. So. Talking going to be turn out for them via mr. B pretty cool. Are apple. Not up on the latest I assume they're supposed to start I think a 1 o'clock was or not. Or was at 1 o'clock West Coast time. There was 1 o'clock West Coast under would be about right now. But Apple's closed bigger rare big announcement today solo kind of keep arise opened on know that one and I think with all the leaks. Well we kind of know what's what's coming out of that press conference rule of we'll see there and. 704571110. What do you think is Ted cruises favoured port side. An auto Bob. All of my bias roll through too strong today because we've got primary elections polls are open as we speak we'll close at 730 tonight and results should start coming in shortly thereafter. We have a democratic. Run for mayor that. Road. With three. There's more than three there I think there's five candidates but there are three pretty legit candidates and known. I had I assume I know who's gonna win at. But I'm anxious to watch the results of commend this afternoon because sooner or this evening to say if I do think there's some doubt mr. As to what happened and the big question would be whether or not. As anybody gets 40%. And if they don't then I talked to would have a runoff in October. Which got to hope it doesn't happen. Turnout I can't imagine that turnout today is gonna be very good so I think that that probably benefits the incumbent. Who also is. Is probably best positioned from a fundraising end just a political standpoint. To benefit from sale low turnout may be wrong on that this is wound gut feeling. So Bob. Soda guy hired us to question today would be whether or not do you think there will be a mayoral democratic runoff for you pick somebody you'll get 40% of the vote tonight and I think there's probably going to be a run off vote. Rabies it would be something if it does turn out to be here runoff would between you all for it I Lyles wouldn't I don't think that's gonna happen either. But. That would that would be that that would cause a month. Some discussion note to be two to be. Had our title of earlier about the David Brothers movie is coming into us theaters tonight. Is a long awaited a premiere showing mum. The the theaters where is Ed tonight a lot more than what I thought our regal manner twin. I don't know where all of these are regal Phillips place stadium ten I know where that is that's down South Park. The regal starlight stadium. That's a Charlotte stadium. So what the mail last portrait of David Brothers a Judd Apatow movie are showing their tonight. The regal stone crested piper Glen. Has got it tonight. I AMC Concord mills is guarded tonight regal. Franklin Square up Estonia way has it tonight regal Burke dale stadium so it Burt tale in over that is has that. The regal Manchester stadium theaters the gym theater. AMC classic in Shelby. And duct carmike color showing us tonight and my understanding is is that probably early 28 K you have a chance to receive this unknown HBO. And I and doesn't ever show up on Netflix so when you have figures some pointed to probably will but probably later rather than sooner if you're really anxious to go see it. I get no indication that people like to all the manager and people like kind of had a chance to actually see it I think I think everybody's got to be enforced to go to the movies tonight to. Not to see it but that's quite a coup for those guys a Judd Apatow and in this Michael been fig Leo. He's one of the guys that does ESPN's thirty for thirty. So that's that's some pretty good talent working on on a documentary on the David Brothers sued and tonight is the premiere showing I think they showed it to SXSW. But. Yeah very cool may it last reporter to the David Brothers. And it's it's on all over the place two night so that's what goes on no they're. Talked about primaries polls are open until 730. Democrats unaffiliated voters can vote in the democratic primary is Republicans and unaffiliated can no vote. Take part in the GOP primaries but the GOP primary as has what district's sixth. That's a southeast Charlotte. Bomb and the Republican run for mayor. Which is. Pretty much a done deal because there's only really. I'm not trying to dis anybody wanna say one legitimate candidate. But. But usually just one legit speech that that it's. And David since single site I've had to change my whole mindset I was driving down the road knows how to drive and yes right now the road last night watch and they just started watching the clubs and Anderson and myself we're gonna vote tomorrow. Because I knew I was gonna president as an independent I knew I would do a good do what I usually do and vote on the democratic side. Because I guess your chance to do it around without. It's one of the benefits of being an independent. And it really wasn't until about the time I got to the to Tom Lavelle a bridge are thought to myself you're food tomorrow moron. You don't live in Mecklenburg County anymore you all you have no say so you can't play. So almost have to sit back and watch. That whole different mind set I had no but carbon bode Mecklenburg for. 27 years all the sudden now. When you leave me thank you play. So they announced the eight. And the X it's in the axis one with the facial recognition. That is supposed to. Be able to adapt as you age. Or grow old bearded. Or individuals laws and that I just saw where. You can get an accepted 256. Gigabytes. I don't know what the law America's I was amazed by that when we were changing our plan nine months ago at Verizon. There's like we sort of five freeway you're we have the equivalent of those block focused. At the it's amazing how fast they age out I mean it's an iPhone but I think it's the five best that people look at you know like. So loved. I was looking at the seven asked today that we were just change in our plan to save money amid. And I I don't remember how many gigabytes and had better but I mean I was amazed. And 256. On the acts. So all I'm doing what to guide Verizon store told me I think though that the five best that I have right now a 64 gigabytes. So low when I buy a new phone and that'll be probably in this lot. I don't know but I don't think of going for the expert. On get to I'll get out Tony gigabytes. And then I'll take my five best and turn it into my iPod just as strip that thing clean and and I have 64 gigabyte. So that'll with a tub of Tel that's gonna work. All of sketch up to date unknown. When what's going on whether among the remnants of our Irma. Forced Atlanta's international airport the world's busiest airport passenger airport to a canceled 200 flights earlier today. The storm has also apparently claimed now three lives in South Carolina and two in Georgia. The flights canceled at Hartsfield Jackson. Put the total number of interrupted trips they're dude her mad about thirteen hundred. And the same happened here. I mean to some extent. Leipzig couldn't get to where they wanted to go to our you know our canceled here too. Airport it's there is operational and there are flights taking off and landing had done Hartsfield. But there are some passengers there who have been forced to suspend the knighted the airport which I got to thinking about. What's 704571110. What's the longest you ever spend an airport. They ever flown someplace and just got completely you ever gone through the were you change your flight and then maps like gets canceled and you change your flight and a mad flight gets canceled a new and got it just becomes the most frustrating thing and I haven't done it in recent history. I'm so why haven't done it in the Internet era or with with with the with phones being able to communicate the way they can and so on and so forth but I told the story several times why don't flew out. I'll books very Scranton has sort of been in mid. 8687. I got snowed in to Pittsburgh's airport for sixteen hours. And then finally got on one of those was an Allegheny. Which is like a troop transport planes or they put Germany's CC single. And fly you know world's first kind of fluid sit through it snowstorm and a world spurs' current. Finally after sixteen hours. I had learned enough about the Pittsburgh airport that I had found one television that you didn't have to feed coins until. Good and amp TVs all over the place I guess electors sometimes do now. And you actually a defeat quarters into the damn thing nerve wood to watch it and and they also had the page Johns do you remember those you receive those TJ. 308. Are you either had to slip quarters and that to get the door open or had to crawl underneath the door. And you don't that crawled around on a bathroom Florida and airport just not that's still has some merely wanted to do well I felt the one. Door. Bathroom and Pittsburgh airport that you didn't have to pump quarters and get past the door so I had. I got no Pittsburgh airport pretty well I finally got to looks for his friend did my job interviews on and so forth stuck around for a day and a half two days and they flew me back. I got stuck in they airport thirteen hours on the way back. Same song and dance released by that time I knew where the television and a bathroom more. So Bob. I ran Indo Foster Brooks. You've really got to use to play the drunk. That we had that that. Wilkes-Barre Scranton and I look over there there's Foster Brooks. Cold souls so over about Foster Brooks. So I got to talking to him nice guy. And now they I don't know where they were trying to I think they were trying to get to Philly and they but they were going to the same thing I want us. And so we wish we lock in my job interview and so on and so forth what's the longest you've ever been stuck in an airport. And was this. Which was this modern days. With it was cell phones and everything is that better or is that worse. Remedy is to be tedious to have to go stand in line at the caliber. And then you know figure out where you were you in the agent would figure out what you're gonna you know while they were got out comedy Huard gets you to where your destination was or whatever the Billy B. And then you know until you spend it. And a half your life stand in the line and then you'd be given all worked out then you go back to wait the next four hours or six hours or whatever does. And then after you know your halfway done what that weight they'd done announced that your flight's been canceled until he had to go back to the caliber doing all over again. So I assume this time you if you've got the phone in your hand you can do it. From where you are but I don't know if they resented Tutsi better or not it's a frustrating experience. Anyway people straight in the night last night in the Hartsfield airport 70457. All of intent if you want a participant. The airport. Recorded sustained winds of 45 miles per hour gusts up to 64 yesterday National Hurricane Center said they expect in hermitage dropped about five to eight inches in that area. And across South Carolina and other regions of Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi enough. And and that's bad that it expected rainfall for today yeah. 01 point two million Georgia power electric membership Brooke corporation our customers are without power as of this morning Alabama had 20000 alliger outages. You know at Atlanta this was the first tropical storm that they've. Warning that they've ever experienced. Some 540000. People were ordered to evacuate days earlier from must Savannah. And the rest of the Georgia coast thermos and a four feet ocean wall ended downtown Charleston. Tied the island just east of us Savannah. Knee to waist high water in the main streets of by HIV. Spent some time down there. And type B island city manager Sean Gillen said waters were receding quickly but. But many of the 3000 residents' homes or had been no flooded out there are set I don't think people who have lived here very long time I've ever seen flooding this bad. Jacksonville I think was pretty surprised. And I thought there was flooding but where there was flooding. And I don't all specific neighborhoods but I know downtown not watched news reporter doing a report yesterday from Mo one of the downtown streets and you could see Jacksonville Landing in the background. Now Jacksonville Landing I knew was gonna flood because it's right there on the Saint John and they showed a picture inside the had a horseshoe of Jacksonville Landing if you ever been their further. Florida Georgia weekend early Gator Bowl or anything along those lines and none and that little Sydor area it's it's it looks like a pool it's filled with water. So are most floods Jacksonville in Charleston and Savannah and eight million. Enough five states without power. Yeah. He Ernest Hemingway home and have some Key West of barely made it her arm okay you'll. About past it was a wondered about the last night. Hi and the cruise lines are doing smashing things though we'll talk about that where ask little bit earlier because Hartsfield some people spend the night in the airport to canceled flights canceled the nearly 200 flights early today. Armed because of the high winds and no of this than the other and flights that can't get to places where they're supposed to go low Charlotte Douglas is seeing a little bit of that as well but people worse from the night airport we have started asking the question what's the longest you ever been. Stock in an airport Romeo go clearance sale at a gradient WB DJ Grady. So how long in an airport. More alike which was she was my girlfriend has time back in 1972. Or so almost got about two days did not unity trying to its military. Okay so we're military drum kit to hop Albanian. But been deeply good decision like every time we got up all cleaning crew combined disturb strongest lesion on socially. This is one of those deals for you keep have to go back a cousin no decision had to keep on going back to the Crowder and real range of different flight and then you don't wait for that flight and then you'd find out. Relatively close to that flight that it had been canceled until your back to the counter to do all over again. Yeah that's right we were we were there. We we don't come back South Carolina and now we're going back to Germany and so you know. And all it was OK but. Going back when we gets we Russia all of the law. Got to Kennedy and not shut their virtues they afford to do their. And get off ticket or do you think that Germany. And it's your military your under and some expectation to be back in a certain point in time or you're not yet. Yes that's Greg we were there luckily we got there we we had planned you know like a week to you need to make it but. You know so they that says don't nectar of time for our lead you know which we may back intact but. Below the long ruling that luck trying to work order was booked. We just can't pull in the streets and try to get cute and I happen a month later it will vacuuming cleaning up. She did all purpose Butterworth third and hasn't been quite well a little more nebulous or third minute should come by and vacuuming plain and not known it was notable so. So what are we did an assembly which all the military target number sort of Pilates. Or at radio project all thank you very very bullish you're sure men say thank you very much I appreciate that Monica's up on WBT. So a lot how long Monica. There are sixteen Allard I have been longer belida recon and even handle it as bond liquidated. When was this. Three years and actually saw this and even in the middle of bomber which made it even worse because that is what they need to know Larry angle off. This was an ally that this is an AS cell phone age and so on and so force or do you arrange new flights from yourself owner did you have to go back and forward to the caliber. We had on the town. The first day we made was that we booked our flight there landed a third party site we are that there Expedia. That's actually one our flight was canceled we're trying to go up to remain. Wonder why he and people Expedia toward a they were canceled. In the corporate flight that they could have gone on weather beaten her later that may inch. And now have a our vacation and so we tried flying back home and jetBlue was willing to fight back home free. So you know we're getting a boy baptists are related you know on the only now. When you book with a Expedia are you then stuck with also having prayer but to arrest your flights with Expedia. Essentially because what happened in the leg. We ended up yeah and ticket to go back to Charlotte and that's what we can't earlier about a wide Darren and strap back home renting a car. But Expedia and adept at handling the underneath out even though jetBlue was willing to fight tackle for free. Though. The flight there wasn't ample but we ended up telling with our boarding path is. And then we actually think because Expedia ended up canceling their feet for us even as jetBlue is gonna fight on for free I thought. With Koppel we ended up renting at a Ford F 150 driving home the middle of the night for New York City I'll think it was just. We weren't even willing to wait overnight and then terminal because after everything. I didn't have that problem Expedia but I had to I had some cutter over who. Weird things we've Expedia and they adjust to it's it's just easier these days to book. Through the airline the trying to fly on America. I didn't mean that it's gonna still be crystal smooth all the way through but Monica I appreciate all thank you. No problem thank you I'll she goes in no we will do the same it's 4 o'clock news and back if you would just feel. Remnants of hurricane Armonk. Hi and our chill Jackson that's the most flight cancellations this morning the panel bunch over the last couple there is. About thirteen hundred of them in fact but 200 earlier today. And talked a little bit about the airport announced that they had people who were suppan and an airport. Annika has to talking about the longest you've ever spent a stuck in an airport. Sixteen hours so one way thirteen hours coming back all within about a three day period down that was mind. Dan Byrd of Wilkes-Barre Scranton. Spent 29 hours and three days Tony nine hours out of three days. I'm in Pittsburgh's airport got to know pretty well on snowstorm. So I've because I normally fight I think I'm gonna be I grab a cab or something like that say Haig. Show me the city or take me to promote your Brothers. But. You couldn't do that then. It was got there was evidence of long long time ago as well before cell phones I don't know cellphones Megan did better or worse at least though when you're a stand in line you kind of knew were you weren't. Which was pretty futile but the and you add somebody to actually you know talk to and sometimes you'd end up with somebody that was. Sympathetic to your cause but then again you were one of about a gazillion people stand and outlined by the time you've got to them they were set up for the whole situation as you work. Pretty tough on donors on John on WBT John stuck for how long. Well it was only twelve hours and it was in the Charlotte airport. It was 1989. I live and in Raleigh at the time but I'll Obama await the Marine Corps boot camp. So we flew from Raleigh to Charlotte Samantha Charlotte to Charleston. So you know I had twenty dollars and my driver's license because you don't take anything to boot camp. I get to the Marines are the military intern. Placed there in Raleigh and 6 in the morning. We're sitting there and member crew are concerned as we got a problem you have a parking ticket in Raleigh that you have to pay before you can leave. Very takes me downtown I pay it it's like there are fourteen dollars to now I have six dollars. We fly to Charlotte you've been around our 10:11 in the morning. Yeah Michael at that economic and have a dinner on the flight you know back then we don't have food on the flight cell problem. I had a three hour delay earned. Her wonder do they give it to the flight delayed three hours. I'm like well I got six bucks the airport that got me one Coke and candy bar. Six bucks right there you know then around 7 or 8 o'clock this. That's like been delayed another two hours mechanical problem now we're getting into the evening attack. Then around 9 or 10 o'clock is that we canceled the flight we chartered Timbuktu particular chart that. They are now 9:10 o'clock at night reloaded Charleston. On the bus what you and they'll still no muddied up and holiday get there. The delay in getting the boot camp I get the boot camp like 3 in the morning there's like three of us on the bus but we still get the same welcome. When they're fifty people on the bust their back or drill instructors they are to meet us yelling at us and only real so a lot of personal attention. Gelman you know it no during the morning. And it where they were they yelling match it definitely can you relate. Oh no no it didn't did you did you remember reading when you give up just normal rousing you know you were you know AdAware yeah yeah. Excuse you're at that point you're the lowest thing on earth it's gonna like Buena. The new guy and military is going they called us rats. Exactly what we got in about 3:30 in the morning and Beverly that all AM. So you know it was like 36000 mostly. Person they've boot camp now would you like the student at. If I do that thank you eastern airlines back then we're bill late. Now well and and and thanks airport for the six dollar token candy bar up at the all right thanks Greta pretty good on the goes the death told loads by the way in the Caribbean on her own. A 38. So the islands got blasted for G a category five skirt storm and a government should Michelle do that. Forces from the UK Netherlands France. We're on the ground and I in their island territory so there open distribute supplies and keep in order not doing all that stuff so that's part of book. The aftermath. The Ernest Hemingway home of the caps on Key West did make it through. The the famous six toed cats have you ever been down to Key West to know events in the Hemingway house it's a pretty cool. They all made it through working in turmoil OK they. They have let our way out caretaker down there and she was they were urging her to leave. But she wasn't and who she was gonna get those cats secured have been two of. So our name is a Jackie Sam's. And she told the Orlando sentinel that the house wasn't severely damaged in at their staffers. And made 546. Toed cats that roam the property were all unharmed. Although they had two of the federal government side. So it's 54 cats. And doesn't sound like a great time doesn't. They museum's curator Dave Gonzales told four to didn't think Dallas would be a damaged because it's made of eighteen inch blocks of us all the limestone and hadn't suffered a near hurricane damage is it was built back in 1851. This is were Hemingway lived for eight years back in the 1930s and were erode some of his best work and it's on national historic landmark. Got that designation back in 1968 big you know big. Big tourist attraction. Several cruise lines are sending their ships to help victims of hurricane Irma Royal Caribbean adventure of the seas made a stop at saint Maarten ought to deliver supplies as. 70% of the homes there were left damaged or destroyed in Burma's wake. Norwegian cruise line mobilized its 2000 passenger Norwegian sky ship. To us saint Thomas to deliver supplies. And assist where humanitarian efforts being organized by the government and there's there's a few cruise lines that are of a canceled trips through the the hurricane which is a freedom ships to what to go down there and help. In fact read the story day before yesterday about 4000 displaced cruise passengers who had fled from the path of hurricane Irma. Honor cruise ship called escape. And they were stranded on a cruise to nowhere with no set in Gator destination. Now but Pedro Rizzo one bright spot on this I got him out of the path of the hurricane. And it was unlimited boos while there are waiting. Two Norwegian cruise ship sky and escape permitted to arrive in no Florida on a Friday and Saturday but they are cut their planned trip short and returned to Miami early to avoid hurricane or they drop off passengers who lived in no Florida and wanted to go home but the unplanned return mentor. Not many of the passengers Saddam. You know and open a Miami with a no hotels or flights out to loved Florida and all that stuff so. Company said any passengers who didn't have any place to go could. Stay on the escape and go out to sea and not try to wait out the storm another Norwegian escape. Sailed west of a Florida. I'm just trying to keep out of the way of the storm and the captain told the passengers the ship can outrun the hurricanes so that's what they did their and that escape. There we were just talking about. Is also one of the one of the ships that basically is now one sending paid down their two world. To some of the islands have been affected drones we talked about a lot we're all waiting for the day that we can order a pizza and have a delivered by drone but this week. A more urgent matters were drones have come in handy they have. Become a key tool for first responders. Dozens of unmanned aerial vehicles being deployed in Houston in response to hurricane Harvey. And and now they're doing the same out in force across Florida evidence suggests the drone spot people in need of a rescue faster than human search and rescue teams. And no they can deliver ropes life jackets to areas too hazardous for all human rescuers to enter at least at that time. And then once the immediate dangers is over then they can now help SS or damage to buildings and our roads and bridges and power lines and so why there's a nonprofit humanitarian. Drones. Are already using them to help Houston agencies prepare for a rebuilding down there. The other story that may have passed do you hurricane or was our early as winds. Drain the water wrote are ways around Tampa you saw what happened to Tampa Bay where the water was also back out to the notion that also happened in some of the days. And even though the storm is like 200 miles away at the time it happened so fast that there were some manatees that apparently got caught off guard. And so that led do a couple of rescues impromptu rescues of manatees down there a group of citizens spotted stranded seek thousand. Headed into the mud do carry them enjoyed deeper water. Law enforcement joined a rescue and and apparently everybody including the manatees were. Or were taken to safety and 7-Eleven. Got some bad headlines early planes safe water is always a necessity and these are deals. And support residents got a nasty surprise in the form of some very high prices last week when they bought supplies before the arrival of hurricane Irma. And multiple people accuse some 7-Eleven stores are price gouging. But now the company has responded by sending cases and cases and cases of free water to the people of Florida. Several 7-Eleven stores in the Tampa Bay Area. Accused of charging up to thirty dollars for a case of water before Armonk 7-Eleven responded to the accusations by sending 4800. Free cases of water to giveaway to people. In Florida. And then out article we never got to yesterday. And it's one that always comes up no matter what hurricane or where it's located. And that is the debate over TV storm reporting we'll talk about it next. Have gotten stuck in an airport the Charlotte airport down there by. Or does the original piece that they got they. Not long after the two World Trade Center fell. Like within a year. They ended up with a beam part of a beam. And that and as far as I know that thing just went into storage and nobody ever did anything whether it never week and I had a a loose knit. We were trying to get him to basically put that thing and on a pedestal someplace for people to go out and touch it. Because of the time. You kind of remember that the aftermath of 9/11 were all in one hand you wanted to know who'll. Bin Laden. And you wanted to know why you wanted to be joined revenge or near you but you also wanted relief mean it was just a sense of frustration and I'm. Anyway we got that payment and they just like I just they just went in just like storage area or something as sons always stupidest thing. So you have a scorched piece of steel beam now that is in the airport salvaged from the collapsed World Trade Center they a dedicated this yesterday. Unveiled as part of a 9/11 memorial and organized by the Transportation Security Administration. On the sixteenth anniversary of the attack. This was former world trade sinner one. Or Augusta more like road accurately the one under the north tower one World Trade Center. And day itself on display at checkpoint. In the departures level of the terminal. With the memorial plaque a topic that states. During the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America close to 3000 innocent people were killed in New York City Washington DC and Shanksville Pennsylvania including nearly 401 responders. This artifact is part of a steel beam taken from the ruins of the World Trade Center close. Quote on the plaque so anyway next time your down around the airport. And down around the departure area. Of concourse. You don't know the first one to never dusted and over hurricane was and I did the reporting. Is Dan rather. And it happened back in nineteen. And 61. And I thank. And ever since then we have felt the need to send reporters and arms away. And one of these days it's gonna backfire on somebody and there's going to be a fatality here there's going to be a something I guess I'm not opposed to. And this will never work out but. I guess I'm not opposed I understand it. Being an visually able to see it the power of hurricane no would dissuade people from taking any chances themselves. But I I do wonder maybe they should have pool reporter or something beyond the kind of goes out there and you know one reporter in Miami one reporter. President to scatter all these people out about but it just seems kind of insane to me sometimes that there are not conditions that. You can't report in and they're reporting back. Alright Tuesday September 12. 255. Days into the year there are 110. Days to go. Louis CK held today. Fifty. He gives imported your proposed. 2001 on this date George W. Bush labeled the previous day's terrorist attacks acts of war asked congress for twenty billion dollars to rebuild and recover. Country music legend Johnny Cash died on this data age 71 in 200314. Years ago that convertible. An apple unveiled the iPhone 5 on this date in 2012. They unveiled age and acts. Today among other things. The new Miss America is the first pageant winner from North Dakota. According to the latest wallet hopes surveyed the happy as state is Minnesota. The unhappy estate is West Virginia. You know I think that has entered into a penalty area. Just ask him. And nudge Japan is changing so rapidly that is predicted that by 22 when he awoke very one point 43 million citizens annually. So get a black suit. Pope says humanity will go down because the climate change. I know you don't wanna hear it. Pope Francis said the recent number of hurricane should a prompt people to understand that humanity will go down if it does not address climate change in history will judge those who deny the science on its causes. He spoke us our hurricane Irma pounded Florida as it carves its way through the state with high winds we just dot talked about the S strongest arrogance. Last week when we're talking about Harvey. And run the gamut all the way from the early nineteen hundreds in 1935 to the sixties to the eighties to the. I'm just saying. Cyclical. Disney World reopens today because. A dollar lost as the dollar lost. Our hurricane Irma has now made her her way through virtually all of Florida and pastel by the theme parks on her own way on through. They were closed yesterday. But when may real reopened now probably today. Guests have been waiting to hear that news that everything was all right one of their favorite vacation destinations 'cause listen. With all due respect they do need to get open distressed they get people plan all these vacations for a long not long at times this is kids' dreams come true. I necessarily fathers I've seen them on their second and third day and may have look at a little haggard. But as they did day went on pictures the safety assessment was made dead Disney has now revealed though when its parks are set to be open and it was 330 yesterday. The official website at Disney World updated the park opening hours and revealed parts will be backed up opened today. Not all the parts are going to be back. That's because some cast members evacuated in Disney's just a little short staffed right now. But does that give back to full staff I can guarantee you. Deep darn quick. Ate food you sheet every day. And ice cream is not among them. Yeah I know where's the humanity. I healthy living blog because there. We're on spending my time more and more. Eight foods you should eat everyday. This vintage muscle growth heart healthy bone builder enhances eyesight. And an I appointment tomorrow should variances finished. Yogurt. Cancer fighter bone builder boost immunity. And at a Greek yogurt last eight weeks or. Started Greek island. Tomatoes cancer fighter heart healthy boost immunity carrots. Cancer fighter. Bruce immunity enhances eyesight you already knew about the guys say anything carrots but there was an effort. Of all the stoplights cancer outcome everything causes cancer. I mean in a while we were worried about that for years and nearly everything causes cancer. Blueberries. Brain stimulant. Cancer fighter heart healthy boost immunity black beans. Muscle growth brain stimulant. Heart healthy. And you notice tell my brain's been stimulated recently eject. Wal mart's. All of the stuff since I got the diabetes type two diagnosis. No July the thirteenth all of this. Every guy I can't say I've had much spinach although law we've had spinach salads. But all of this stuff is exactly what I'm meeting right. A muscle growth brain stimulants cancer fighter. Heart healthy boost immunity I will tell you that I got so I'll stake you go on the grill tonight. You can do that too. And Oates muscle growth brain stimulant and heart healthy. I was all that served as a wonder my brains out get ready to explode a big gathering so stimulative. We've I've done and I residues over the last two we can have talked about are the benefits of walking I'm back walking we've talked about the eight things you should need every day. I mean about seven of those every day. I'm telling you right now the the diagnosis of my diabetes type two that I got in July. Following an emergency room visit to in my native state of Colorado best thing that ever happen. And I am having a seven ounce steak tonight on the grill. But. I everything I read everything I know where we kind of did our own homework have gone to a dietitian I've gone to some other people. But we kind of figured this out on our own. She's probably in her car driving home right now my wife has all but she's just the several people in restaurants. Oh waitresses and waiters we were to lilies and a guest O'Neal lasted a Friday night and no she was ordering and and that she's in law bring you bread the second and she senses and say no don't do that we're diabetic. Susan's on diabetic. But she's better as she's picked up on the diabetic diet that I'm on. Arm and quite frankly. She's healthier. She's lost weight. Yeah I mean it's just. So I was written other thing last night about. Fat but fit. Is a myth. I merely started they're gonna Mike told that because his days as a big guy. That you see people that are big I I hate to use the word obese. Who otherwise appear to be healthy and and are still more likely to have their lives cut short by fatal diseases according to this new study University of Birmingham in other words the fat but fit that's a myth. Now that people are more likely to suffer heart failure in coronary heart disease and and and and is best strokes and and that's true even if the overweight person does not test positive for diabetes or hypertension or high cholesterol or any of that stuff that. Data collected from fat and thin people over a period more than five years analyzed and that's what that's what they came out with so on. I don't know it's. Not I don't basically thank the good lord every week to have. Forgive me diabetes but. I do thank him for the wake up call. Armed and again thank you for the attitude does that I is apparently a bush hit the swift which is all good and all positive and now last night Susan was making. I don't know how to describe him. They're like rice crispy treats but they're made with peanut butter than she puts a chocolate fudge on the top of them so they're chewy and our chocolate Ian there. And she was doing that because one of the girls that she works with over it to WB TV was having a birthday and my wife is kind of like the did mother over their she's also the right hand to the news director about. She you know she's always baking my wife system bacon fanatic. And so she's make as she makes stuff like that all the time. And I just could not be more temptation in my house than. You know and she makes this stuff like because somebody had requested oatmeal raisin cookies or something like that. Arm but three weeks ago. And and in person or anniversary or some like that so she made like three dozen of and then she lays them off on these racks sitting on the countertop. And then she goes often does sound so it's just me and three dozen cookies. And I house filled smelling like you know fresh baked cookies. Why and here I am with my spinach and kale. So I don't know she's working with mere working against me on this thing but I wanted one of those 'cause like I I mean I've had those peanut butter. Rice crispy chewy chocolate be. They've got they're big they're Iraq. There and it just killer let go of those are the kind that she would make like two dozen of them. To take him to work and after she went to bed and sneak into the little container that you carry cement and steel like tourists. But I did do that anymore. I wanna go about why one of the things I learned about his third grade exercise. Cleaning house. But I'd just soon do the walking on the treadmill. Unaudited Q period where it is but it's Susan is in the car. Inaugurated here racecars retreats ever ever again. New research by the good housekeeping institute suggests a cleaning house can be can burn more calories and go into a jump. So if you're thinking about joining a gym watching distorted my place on Saturday and because I'm all forget you your exercise such say I mean that's just the kind of guy am. I'd be more and happy to hedge. Spray bottle of wind Ericsson. Journalist rivers. Intense household chores like dusting. Now we can use that mopping could use that. All that tile that we ordered that we spent so much time going to the tile shop in an in out. At T that that that's harder to keep playing them. You know what's critical. Com you can nerd bird an average of 600 calories in two hours a claim in the bathroom or mopping. Compared read about 374. Calories. On a five K run. Window cleaning by the way is the most taxing task of all. And participants in the study were fitted with they are fit bit. Fitness tracker to measure the amount of energy they expanded and now cleaning house was way better than. And exercise. So. OK if you look at for a workout program. I'll just give me an email and and all I tell you what you're sure as a service it's 505. Anything. I. Rules okay. Okay. And after 5 o'clock from the Valentine's Sydor toward industry studios. The tie Boyd studio sponsored by Valentine's industry. Armed millennial sweet talk about a lot you know what else they don't like. Door bells. I'm with you. What do you add that to the list of things more sales or be happy to kill off Wall Street Journal report similar Nielsen and even the younger generation after the about a deal right generations he is that you. So used to texting each other that when they arrive at somebody's house that doorbell love field jars some of them don't like them. Twenty year old by the name of Tiffany. Well of course. I've no offense whether it tells the journal door bells are just so sudden. It's terrifying. Armed. Zoloft sweetie. I typically odd door bells are for outsiders. But text signifies it's a friend. I'm with you I don't want to Oracle's you answer when the door voters aren't your house you answered. And we don't in fact there are managers are as connected I may have told them when they built a house too bad for Gupta cycle wire. Journal also cited a Twitter poll earlier this month that they're got a more than 111000 votes and when you said 54% of respondents said the door bells. Our quote unquote scary weird. Now I don't know that I find them scary or terrifying. Although my west he might. Might think that maybe those two classifications are pretty accurate. But. But I'm with you I'm I'm not. Much score goals either now if you have like an old mail slot you know on the front your door and he has stuck a hundred dollar bill through there. Then that might be a nice way to say there's somebody in your front porch virginity to the front door and and out of bed date could take a couple of rings. And. And Doug and Hillary Vijay does come. At best deal on managing your diabetes and because of steady at 505 I now know even more songs I can't stand. And from Colorado. I'm sorry and your impostor nobody from Colorado it's all very. Us. As it does he hate to petty. Seriously. Hello underrated worker more. Communist. All of what today near this is the Europeans are able want to name your kid we're making fun of the named Tiffany 'cause it's his soul. New rage I say that. With all the all over the world. But it gives every you know the Linda's in this Susan's and you know that's all gone now another all britney's and we're just find those are really pretty names. Are throw it premieres. I just gives a deal all deferred to prevent. OK I'll come back and gave myself a lot of this'll just Sega. All right so blood role. So love and all. Music Barbara Ryder last Thursday. A year ago and last September the sixth. Was my beatle birthday. When I'm 64. So why do you follow that up when you turn 65 another thing about 65 years. All your life. People have asked you how old is old like about time your three years old. Well what do you consider rolls. And the answer has always been. It I don't care if you're at 313. 233343. Or 53 the answer has always been 65. Now I understand as many view of written me oh John. 65 is the new 64. But anyway last Thursday I turn 65. They don't write songs about turning 65 it's like Thanksgiving. They don't write songs on it not even. Ben Stiller has put together a song about Thanksgiving but he hasn't put the other one about big turning 65. But there was a beatle album called Beatles 65. And so all of the songs that we played last Thursday were from Beatles 65. And there's your subliminal. I was celebrating my 65 now. I took my birthday off of FaceBook a long time ago because. You guys know you get inundated with FaceBook messages which is great if you got 98 friends and you know the mall. But since I never turn my through my FaceBook page into a fan page does that just seems kinda. You know. Just. I'm just when you were you know defend thing I just never quite gotten. So I get. 3000 happy birthday. It's. And it just over what it's just overwhelming so I took my birthday off of that and and and just kind of celebrated in peace and quiet. I got a couple of messages and a couple cards from people remember go and sore and so forth could not appreciate depth and anyway so that was our subliminal on last Thursday when I turn 65 all the music bumpers reform deal 65. And the reason we didn't wanna tell you until tomorrow was if fighter told John Friday denied have been inundated with. Happy belated birthday Bob I waiting till Monday or Tuesday. Know you've got to wait till next year you're way late. Just have to watch. Didn't hurt charger game last night. We have sports station in the building with this now while we're also have loved sports institute work. On the air behind the scenes and for some conversations today about not just about the game about the announcing crew. And I didn't watch the game last night don't believe it or not. Bronco fan that I. My secondary team now. Some. Because I won the last till the end of the game because I gather up at 530 or more. But. I did notice that it was a lady. And I apologize I don't know we're name. And Rex Ryan. Now. You can't make a comment about the sports. Announcing crew last night. And say you didn't like it. And not be accused of being a sexist or something. But the fact of the matter is is that I think I should fact of the matter like like I'm mr. effect. I believe the fact of the matter is is that most guys and maybe females to and it probably has to do with the fact that wave what we grew up with. Still haven't quite got accustomed to female announcers. Do and play by play. Associate or a sport like football. I just said. He politically correct. Incorrect. That. But I I've heard a lot of go complaints today and it was all men announcing team last night just could not suck enough from blah blah blah nobody's gotten since the specific. And I'm sure Rex Ryan had something to do it because I doubt that he's all agree yet either. And and yet I don't know funeral will be or not but. But did that I go to bed the complaints are from the female I didn't I don't. It's hard for me dole listened to by the ACC game they've got a female announcer they're that that works with regularity addition on. Like weekly. And and I'm just on the of people and I think it has to do with when I when we were growing up while morihiro some of us have been around for a while. It just always has been mail announcers. And so this is kind of a different. Even now it's it's kind of different and and tell you kind of get used to it. People don't like change. And what an Israeli when they went when things are different generally. It's a negative reaction it's not a. All. Ash that's different I think I felt like that know generally it's really it's gonna take some getting used to. So mom and I don't think bill female idol to be announcing crew us I guess I was a little stunned that. ESPN's doing this big to do about that double header for the kick off of the season and so on and so forth and all the sudden they put. Not their second TV announcers then but. Something fairly far down the line Rex Ryan I'm in no way above and beyond the lady who did the call Rex Ryan. On what's supposed to be. A showcase game I didn't quite get that but anyway I. I just thought I'd address that yes. Many people did not like the announcing crew last night and part of it was because it was a female. Sorry. NASA has said that we want to do a boomer traffic and and I got negative but I love Freddie ever doing traffic in the morning they'll. I guess I if you've got a really nice clothes have voiced got a great disposition compared their personality and and that's why you know I don't have any problem with female announcers. Arm I don't. Every problems with females on morning shows or. I host in their own shows I don't have any problem with female newscasters. But I think all of that is because we've gotten used to that. Females and on radio. Specially morning shows have always been part of the drill. I and they've gotten a lot lot better than not just giggled chicks anymore there's some people. Christian out of the end for instance she would never giggle chick she brought to Europe she brought some pretty good substance to the table. So I did dead days I've said that I think that sports is like the last bastion in May be football is the one I'm not so sure that I would recognize. As badly a female caller baseball game all the old. Not really accustomed to that either so I guess have to see what my reaction would be. But I all the negativity that I heard about their about the announcing crew today. Nobody says I didn't like it because there was a female lead announcer they descend on a you know I don't know in my room. The morning show I is CBS this morning I watched Gayle King Norah O'Donnell. The liberal. But I mean they you know Norah O'Donnell's a proven reporter. Like Charlie Rose. So I don't know that it's. You know we've had female newscasters here that his agenda excellent. So I don't know why it may be good for maybe it's the football thing is kind of like the last that we just need to get more accustomed to maybe we need more of them less. So that we become more. Welcoming to it then it kind of being a boot it's a female announcer at a football game a little bit less shocking. If we get a little bit bigger dose of it. Now you're there by America. Polls will close. An hour and 35 minutes. Charlotte mayor council primaries are on today. Close polls close at just 730 and results should start to wander in probably about 8 o'clock or thereabouts. So that's on your that's under things to do list. Grew rich self. Voted. Tonight is tonight when they do the special screening of the Aybar Brothers movie. It's all over town. And I've quite a few locations the regal manner twin the regal Phillips plays so stadium theatres regal starlight stadium fourteen the regal stone crested piper Glen. AMC Concord mills regal Franklin Square regal bird Gail regal Manchester gym theater AMC classic up in Shelby. And our car Mac all showing at 7 o'clock tonight may at last. Which is they had dock on the day David Brothers a portrait of the David Brothers and by Judd Apatow now and bin blond chick Leo who is so one of the guys who does ESPN's thirty for thirty. Should be excellent. I understand if you if for some reason he can't get out and see it tonight which is a limited one night deal should be available on HBO or early 2018 and now. And I don't know what the availability be about that but took a sport to hold the local guys. And good friends of mercy of Brothers over too well Larry we go on WBT hey Larry. Hey Hancock I enjoy it you're no woman did so well. You had. I did palace to engage in new Erstad and they're saying and you know I just got a particular black now a partner at Sonia. We know you ever it sounded a living I do remember that but I do know Dolly Parton. I'll get you may want it she elderly or books were bought or maybe it's nice spot are. Now based Dave thank you for Carl better appreciate it out about all right I'll let let. Off Crawford goes. It. As my locker room like this. We we know Larry. As Steve the fact that. OK so there's this British poll. And if you name your kid and if you ADV what right you name your kid. I've you wanted to be top earners now this this wouldn't apply here what it. So our kids are British but I mean it. We when you name your kid you're you're new baby yeah you do you know he gave you may be having an impact on their future. I know they're for Richard earnings until the UK did to said the deal. Search engine. Ads tuna. Analyzed British Reza Mazen salary is figured out first names who earns the most at the work the top five boys names were dead. Does anybody named their kid anymore. As we've gotten and all sorts. Millennium names now know what his name their kid David John and didn't Larry frank. You know they're all. Isaak can eat the new and. Anyway Ed was the number one name for earnings bill was next Jeff. Spelled GE AFL. And then Bob. And then Mike. They you'll notice that no Larry or Steve unless it is that the lower earners. It hit back at the and the five most valuable or girls' names were lives. No to British poll. You don't think this has a you do with the first read what they are royal family bigger yeah seat. And then there was Joseph JO. And then there's Michelle. And then there's Alexis. And then there's Jeanne. And they say as a rule of thumb those with traditional names. Consistently rank as higher burgers so I don't know if that would consistently go well with. Names change. You've had been guided mornings with Ethan that's one of the most popular names into better if you were named Ethan when I was in elementary school you've been ignorant beaten up. I don't you think. All right so you take a flight and your assertion urge you are close the air vent above your seat or you should. You're doing good this too cold. I usually end up opening mind because it starts to feel because stuffy. Our doctor Jeanne enroll. An expert on the spread of infectious diseases associated -- their travel says that there through ventilation. That says no ventilation on airplanes gets a bad reputation is really not so bad after all and he says the air flow on an airplane is compartmentalized. Intersections and usually you're being exposed to error. Anywhere from two to five rows surrounding your seat and each section receives air from overhead distribution nozzles. And that flows through that links the that definitely for the cabin. So you should keep that valve open. The air combines with the outside air before going through this high efficient particle air. And so you should keep an open a so that you get fresher air and you should tell all your seatbelts and those people around you opener. I'd. Open your best and I'll see you on Thursday at 3 o'clock come and taken garrison business tomorrow.