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Tuesday, May 15th
Primary Election in Review with Mike Doyle, Mark Garrison and Joe Gillespie from WBT News. The Funny Bus! Laugh your way around town. Lisa Schnurr is living her dream.

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I'm mark Thomas this is Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. That would be PT 1079 the link. 1025610. WFANC. Where we'd look at issues events and happens to defect Carolina's Charlotte region in view. Welcome. Glad you could join us here this morning on Carolina focus once again. It's I've been quite a week. Election's primary elections in North Carolina were held and there were as always winners and losers. And we're gonna take a look at some of those races today. And to see where it kind of looks like for the future of politics elections and the government process. In Charlotte Mecklenburg County in the surrounding areas. For the foreseeable future if there is such a thing. And joining me now is WBT's Mike Doyle we're going to be talking about the sheriff's race which was. Kind of surprising wasn't. It was it was surprising from the sense mark that at least. People thought it was going to be close race at least between at least two of the three candidates and as it turned out it was a blowout. And the incumbent that was on the losing end of that at the very bottom of that I mean that was what was most surprising. That this year for when Carmichael who didn't didn't find more support dispersed run for reelection. He he he lost that race. Two Gary McFadden by thirty percentage points that amazing yeah loss and you really because from the standpoint that. He received only about 20% of the vote. Which for an incumbent to only receive 20% of the vote is. Shocking what I thought was in trusting was when they posted. The early voting totals an absentee voting totals which they do as soon as the polls close on Election Day. And those numbers are posted and he was sitting at 20%. And McFadden was sitting at 52%. And that's basically where it went the whole night it just didn't change. At one point the sheriff never got out of third place but at one point he dropped to 19% late in the precinct counting of the votes on Tuesday. And when the final votes were counted he was sentenced Philip 20% at which at that was really an usual there was no change in that whatsoever throughout the course of the evening. And it really wasn't. It was it was a campaign it was there was a race the people were focusing on but it wasn't like there was a microscope. From from the standpoint of you know that there hours and a lot of back and forth there were a lot of you know hot button issues even though the 287 G was a quote unquote hot button issue. Not in the sense that you would normally think of you know if that was the hot button issue it was kind of lukewarm. 287 G is a hot button issue in some locations in the country and it isn't in others are it is for different reasons and others in in cities and urban communities to 87 G. He is seen as it by many people specially in the Hispanic community in the people who know. Latino because they live and work in the same community with them. And know these people personally they see that it as sort of a threatening program to those people that people might get deported if they get arrested for. A simple crime. Arnold and sheriff said that these were very you know mostly serious crimes that these people that are turned over to 87 G that are reported to ice. To commit to some fairly serious crimes right and to give a little bit of background on 287 G it is a federal program. And it's something that allows local sheriff's departments local police departments if they have someone in custody. That there are wondering about their identity and particularly their legal status. As to being in the country that they can run a check on them. And if it comes back that they are not. Legally in the country then they can be turned over to immigration. And customs enforcement yeah that's essentially how it works and can be deported and and and those who supported including. Chair Carmichael says that it if it's good to know who you people are in the jail so that the community is safer so that the they inmates in the facility are safer and that they just they know who they're dealing with the deal with some dangerous criminal. That they would wanna get out of the country those who opposed the program. I don't know if they. They're there against knowing who you arrested but I think with what they're opposed to is the effect it has on the community. For people in the immigrant community whether it's Hispanic maybe its Asian as well and others who who won't cooperate with police. Even if their witnesses to crimes if they're victims of crimes. Because they're afraid that they're gonna end up in the system and they might end up being kicked out of the country and of course. To some degree. The sheriff makes a valid point you become like to know who it is you have got custody that's why says we've seen over the demean you worked in your given a news guy you your entire adult life. And you've seen the stories where. Well gee they had this guy in custody and I didn't know we was so letting go anywhere not and did some heinous crime in this is not referring to their legal status or say but just. You know some guy who's. A criminal. And they don't realize what they actually have you know in in custody so from that standpoint yeah I yeah it's it is kind of reassuring in ways that they do know who they have. Yeah I think it's just a matter of trust though whether they have they have trust. In the people operating at that they're gonna use it for that way and they're not gonna use it is a cordial to just try to round up people. All right and get a Monica to just a lack of trust that that that really erodes confidence in that but I don't think you know. Most people would argue that it's it's in the it's probably the best interest law enforcement in the Woodward dealing. Certainly you know certainly wish you would wanna have at least that level but as you say it. It kind of puts pitino on the relationship between. Police sheriff's departments and the community at large particularly the an immigrant community. You know or a community of immigrants yeah and it just shows you that you know issues like this. And it can be very emotional I mean they're there they they usually do boil down to shades of gray because of all the various opinions and in views of these programs and and that's what she is sort of try to reach that. You know that area somewhere in between. Where you can gain that trust and and maintain the security of your facility in your community and no we're dealing with when you're making rest. It's never simple as as some people. You know make it out to be and that's why these issues continue to percolate and in our society. Election cycle after election cycle after election cycle. You know unfortunately just seems to me sometimes that people get entrenched into their viewpoints on this and and the two never shall meet and nothing. Nothing but animosity and anger sort of you know whipped back and forth between people of various views and nothing it's nothing gets accomplished. And we're talking with Mike Doyle from WDT news here on Caroline focus on your host mark Thomas. Now as far is that actually have an impact it would it would appear. You know a casual plants that that may have been what's. Precluded. Chair Carmichael from B reelect. Well I mean that it seems like that even though wasn't necessarily a that may have been the one thing that really flipped the tables I think for some it was seen as a big issue and there were other issues are his issues solitary confinement especially of a young offenders. A jail visitation by video or in person. There was the gun raffle that your Carmichael was going to do until the Parkland. Florida school shooting any pullback and then he was gonna raffle off guns including. Assault style rifles. That might have rubbed people wrong in an urban community in an urban county. That we have here again that's an issue that resonates differently in rural and suburban areas that it does and in big cities. And that might for Carmichael but I think that 287 G it turns out that that probably was this I'm factor because share Carmichael was a real strong supporter of that. And Gary McFadden who is pretty explicit in his you know. In in his statements that that that program was gone if he's elected Montes elect. And I guess the regular format stand when you covered you were at the Carmichael. Election night rally if you will. And you talked duke the soon before torture of and I've met him in a non political casual setting. He seems to genuinely nice man if he doesn't like that it's not like he's some of this snarling you know. I don't know you personally but here's a comparison Joseph Arpaio from Arizona who has a reputation of being just. A rabid. Anti. Illegal immigrant. Kind of a sheriff. He didn't strike me that way at all no and I don't I don't think he wants I think news it was just his judgment that he felt that it was best. That they know who these people that they might be resting in and again as we mentioned it it's it's kind of hard to argue with that but. He didn't really address the lack of trust in the community the program I think. Com racecar McFadden was like said he was explicit it's gone if I'm elected and it it appears to be the driving issue of this race even though it's sort of flew under the radar for the most part. Although it did get some national attention while the network ran a piece. Specifically in the Mecklenburg county sheriff's race about that he issue. In the days before the election. Is there anything that share Carmichael as the outgoing chair might be able to do. As far as 287 G is concerned. Some had some people woods talked about you he might do some things he's walking out the door I don't know what exactly that meant. And it kind of caught me off guard because I thought Williams to federal program. And he can only enforce it to whatever degree he can enforce it and he is enforcing it now so. I think it'll it'll be on the fans decision whether he wants the county to cooperate with ice. On this program once he's in office I'm not I don't think if if you're suggesting karma karma be doing something to establish that sort of policy. With in the jail. And cooperation with some I don't know if you can do that and I don't know the year it was just something that had come up in some of the conversations last night that I heard. He did strike you don't strike me as kind of person who would do that. You know he does and you know anyway you know he's kind of the opera lynch or are you talking Andy Taylor. You know he seems to be well intentioned. Even if you know people may not agree with what he's trying to do. He doesn't seem to be doing out of any sort of animus noise delegates he seemed like a genuine man to me again I don't know him personally last night it was the longest conversation I've ever had with a and it was and a pretty tough I say last I mean Tuesday night. Tuesday night when we are recruit and Tuesday night for full disclosure we are recording the song wins a cyclical how does RER or know that we are not doing this live at 5 o'clock in the morning on WBT. I hate to and shatter your dreams. But. Yet it does he seem like. Such a nice guy and you know when he when it was pretty obvious that he wasn't was not going to win. He really it was almost melancholy in his in his. Discussion he had with you he was and and and and I fan atone for two for going live with us on the air and talking before he went up and it is concession. About ten minutes before and basically admitting that you know there was nothing to do course you know the writing was on the wall at that point. Think 80% of the precincts had been reported and as we mentioned nothing had changed would have had a lot of birdie every single vote he would have for match point on if he's in that might have even have been good. Depending on the turnout. It was just to county vote in it was low turnout days so. Is he the mean it was pretty clear but I was a little surprised that. Like most politicians in the forty years I've talked to them on election item in the never give up. The fight. Even though it's impossible to win until it's and it is officially declare coalition old underwater and they are to have that right into the top of their head goes under the water about. Mr. Carmichael was it was it was it was very genuine and and I could see in his face. That it was it was tough moment and not just to lose but to lose that badly and Gary McFadden. 50% of the vote he's going to be the next share. What's your take on. How he might govern as sheriff in Mecklenburg County. Aside from the 287 G going away. He brings a certain level of purse. Morality I think that the department doesn't have the top display night I don't mean that has put down picture. Carmichael is it's just pretty straight shooter and he's personable he's not a personality and the Internet in that his election headquarters last night. Tuesday night. He was in uniform of the gun I mean so he was he was all business and and and McFadden was weren't yankees cap and of course he's not sure he's not on duty. But but but still I think he brings that sort of he's gonna bring a certain kind of flair he's a former reality TV. Quote unquote stars like everyone is called in a reality TV show in the past twenty years. Homicide detectives so I mean he brings. He brings an interesting life experience. To this job and in his emphatic. You know declaration that 287 G is over despite the controversy. That creates you know shows that that he's he's outspoken as well and it will be interesting to see what his style management is. At the sheriff's department which isn't normally have in it's it's it normally around the country sheriff's department flywheel try to play a little under the radar. Because they have season. And they often can be the the source of of problems include tougher spent. Throughout the decades at least in my you know whenever there was corruption. It it it often found its way into church and armaments the originally from Chicago that young corruption is something you know we can't even worse Lake County Illinois which is of the northern county of Cook County north of Chicago which has. That's a pretty cultural. History. Mike Doyle WBT news we appreciate you being here on Carolina focus to talk about the sheriff's primary election. It was certainly interesting we're gonna have to find out how things go in the future and hopefully will be talking to you about some of the stories as well. Which marks for thirty invited me on the show it's about time within your fourteen years. Well there is a new sheriff in town. And his name is Gary McFadden and I think he said that last night he did I think he's. I got near the volatile nature of his personality. Backed by. Yeah. Okay. I. You're listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WBT 1079 the link. 1025610. WF frenzy it's also available to podcasted WBT dot com I mean host mark Thomas and glad you could join us here again but this morning we're looking back at the past week and the primary elections in North Carolina. And one of the most highlighted of all races woes for the US house district nine. And joining us now from WBT news's Mark Garrison and Joseph Gillespie. Welcome gentlemen and he. Now both the US. Last night and say last night because we are recording on Wednesday morning let's not to hurt ourselves trying to remember what day it is. You were at the campaign parties for mark you were with Mark Harris correct. And Joseph you were with the incumbent Robert passenger rank and as is the case any time an incumbent loses it is somewhat of an upset. Regardless of why they kept saying when it went when an incumbent congressman is turned out of office by his own party in a primary sure that's an upset that's an upset and that's what we solace I was close upset. And it really kind of came down the wire beak news. As the precincts were coming in and there was a time. Where there were like 25 precincts left. And something like seventeen of those were coming from Mecklenburg County where. Markers was not necessarily expected to be Robert picture right. But it's interesting because. The other side of that is. Harris never was behind all mine. You know he ran ahead of him all night long. And as it is pit injured did have what was thought to be a decided advantage in Mecklenburg county and that drew one meg Oliver county. But Harris was much closer but the other thing that Harris was very up front about it was they put a lot of their eggs in the basket of Union County. And they got a big. Push from union county and their strategy was if we can get enough votes in Union County will offset what we lose and Mecklenburg got to work like charm. They came out. Lou Lou with a 11 spin they came out and said okay. Was relatively early on their pitcher injures people. Okay here's the deal. And and the people arrive of the political folks arrived his political team arrived and they have put themselves up a little. Aside dining room and flipped open the laptops and and phones and they were deeply engaged looking at the vote breaking it down. So the new one other spin meisters command and said. Okay. Oh we expected to him to do well they here. And do we are still very confidant. Of Mecklenburg County. Both dinner came back. And he came into the room walked around is talked to some people a little bit. And then immediately went behind closed doors with its with his group. Peeked his head that once in the shut the door apparently. I don't think very it's it's very teaching I mean there was this poll which now I question the validity of the came out early in the race that says picture was up by thirty points. That seems like a lot considering how close the last time and time election was a 134 votes upon us that an end and so I. I question that but in the last two weeks Joseph I don't know if you notice this there was a decidedly different tone. In the emails we were getting from the pit injure people it was as though they knew something done because a lot of their emails are about please get out vote please don't price for granite. And I'm wondering if they're internal polling told them early on your that they have some issues and things don't break just right for us. Yeah and in your point mark I think I think I receive something like three or four emails on Election Day thing no vote yeah yeah you have to get your interviewed buttoned up there and vote. I think is recognized they had issues because of what one thing and as somebody relatively new a couple of years. Idol histories and haven't studied people for years. But he. If you compare. That injured two alma Adams. Just on visibility. If three people are having a big sale. She's there with one or perhaps. She's constantly should they sent something for like the day before the election of like 99 stops. And he does some of that one I've seen him do it never looked. Totally comfortable on that rule. I think you really like being a congressman obviously he really liked the international issues too we were constantly getting releases. That he allying all are you want here yeah clearly you don't run as a committee we've learned firsthand all asked so little bits some of that makes a difference because I mean I think you for your. Well Eric and I talked middling last night the truth of the matter is. Pit major really for having won three terms in congress had no record on. Now he would argue it's about we introduced this banking bill in this banking bill they were they were very he Cain he of the yeah yeah. Esoteric bills that your average person does not pay attention to. As heat it wasn't like he could stand at the ago I did this I did that. And as a result then all of those ads were attack ads against his opponent with you've been in congress that long you ought to have some accomplishments hope. Fully you could put your campaign ads and Joseph you mentioned alma Adams and her ability to campaign. Mr. Kissinger. I'm sure he's a fine in a congressman but as you said unlike mark terrorists who was a Baptist preacher. Let's face it you have to have some personality to be a Baptist preacher I mean I think right I estimate of stereo enhancement item number one. You have to have some sort of ability to communicate with people. Put them keys or if you really being a Baptist preacher with him put them at discomfort but that's a hold of different government. But. Do you think that dynamic of it you know you know I think back to Kennedy and Nixon for example I know a lot of people were around who listen to right derivatives debates. You know Kennedy has that personality and you know on the TV debate. You know he mopped the floor Nixon but people who listen to it on the radio said Nixon cleaned can. You know we've also got sort of over think in this to you got some people listen thinks he's the congressman. It is the the congressman from you know yeah that probably didn't even. Register all wish you go vote formerly maybe didn't even have a good opinion of any kind of Lessig has some dealings with the office they had an issue or something they called their congressman's office deceit. And I don't know how Weller not well Lee did in that area and you know. They Cazalot sell a lot of times congress people are judged on how well they serve and it does serve the constituency. And I thought was very telling you sent out an email this morning which I did bring the cop he was put it it's very telling I think. The first paragraph is thank everybody. I think it says dear friend thank you for your support during my tenure in congress to serve. The constituents of the ninth district. In downloads and an error asked Eric anarchy guarding the campaign Mark Harris was successfully convincing enough voters that I support of Planned Parenthood. National right to life wrote letters stating it was not a true. He even stated that I opposed border funding supported Sanctuary Cities and amnesty all fabricated in nonsense that separates water. Why would you miss you don't need them on the I was kind I was shocked when I saw this because usually when you see a concession to ray Torre and it's very it's like you know so are we lost we wish him well. In aren't but this tell us we org it's on the way out you all right I mean look Robert Pitt injure started the fight. And Mark Harris brought it back and took it to payments and now pit injures man that he lost so he puts out this anarchy email which. We probably don't have time at no point going into it but we could pick it apart is having some factual in issues that. Yet you're right that this this is a politician. Who woke up this morning it's almost like a death in the family you lost. And for the next six months your lame duck on Capitol Hill and I get a that's hard to take her yet this was not a particularly charming he may yet it doesn't it. It doesn't seem very. Professional now relax I you know I can't think of any other word for it I mean it. I mean when you lose have some grace and dignity and just to get just leave at the first paragraph yes that's a sign off and it has to be left out the second paragraph and then finish up with the last the lord will unfold. The next good chapter in our allies it's that are etc. that's fine. The whole aren't middle portion. Just you know I'm not done with my attack ads yet I had one more in the candy we didn't get the run they artist left let me. I am heavy push this forward just a little bit because of yesterday trying to find voters. To talk to and I was fascinated by several voters. Whose interest was not yesterday. Their interest is in general election. And this I had one person tell me that she was an alma Adams district. But she was really watching. The ninth. Because she really wants changes in Washington so that's really going to be. The race in November is gonna be such a stark contrast it's going to be. My president. Drain the swamp. And it's going to be something else on the democratic side. Well I think the thing on the I am I'm glad you brought it up and it's mr. McCready. Brian who is. Form he is a marine veteran. And a business owner he owns he installs. Solar farms. Gary did I'm sure he still does not via the web based based on program there and the campaign website that I saw it it talked about that specifically. And I wonder. How this will play out beacon news. How could you have. What people think of Democrat the Democratic Party these days they do tend to think it is more a left leaning political right. And on here. Such got to think about we don't necessarily think of Marine Corps is in in those in those terms in he's an attractive candidate in a district that's going to lean conservative. And here's what you think about because I just pull these numbers from the board of elections. Roughly a third of the voters in the ninth district or Democrat a third a Republican and a third. Are unaffiliated. So that's the point in the year yeah that's exactly right and it a lot of those unaffiliated are going to fall in rural areas where they will tend to be pro military and conservative. They knew they will some of them beat trump supporters. So I think this race is going to be very interesting and played. Whether McCready goes full on attack against a Baptist preacher it's interesting that on his web site. He talks about coming to faith in Christ. Overseas. On a tour of duty and being baptized in the Tigris River. So it is that it's going to be answering how much the name of the lord plays into this camp. 8 I am wavy I've not found him not be a prominent mentioned yet in most of the ads. Do you think that. At this point and I know it's hard to prognosticate. And what's gonna happen in November a lot of things can happen between now and November let's face it. Something good happen this afternoon that we knew we have no ideas coming. Do you think Harris because he's be in the running and he's been out there and he's been campaigning. Because even if he is campaigning. On the Republican ticket if he's campaigning hard in places like union camp. And he has the name recognition in Mecklenburg. Do you think that kind of gives him a little bit of a leg up not that he's an incumbent but because he does have. Political persona of being out there and being a guy that's been on the back. Yeah and and look he's got a nice built in constituency in hundreds of southern. He Baptist churches across the area. We're he will have open invitations to come speak and talk. And what's interesting as he can be invited to speak and preach a sermon. And not even mentioned that he's running for the senate but they all know that he is right is so he's he's got a nice built in constituency there. As. And he does have now some name recognition because this was the thirty election that he's been and so I'd have to give him a slight edge at this point but the other thing. Here is that national Democrats are going to dump so much money into this race agreed he already has more money than a hairdresser Pinter had. And it's just sitting in the bank waiting to be span so. I don't think he'll have any problems. Getting Republican money no I don't think and folks paying a visit. And he can felons stand scarred people coming to town. Now I don't know who that is it's appealing. Right on me who who who would lose the big draw right now. I'd I don't know even voted to let me let's think about this from Mike and I would my pants came Chinatown a must sensibly. Four passenger and it was bombed guess and four is helping hands. Pitches it dad is a campaign here he's a drive personality I would invite him to pen and help me. If trump comes it's just going to be aware of the opinion polls are merit trump might be willing to come if he thinks this seats up programs. The risk I mean that's an uninteresting question. It's going to be fun it's going to be in for relatively Monica going to be it's going to be an interest in campaign and Pakistan a lot of things can happen I think a lot of the national. International world stories. Will be a driver's some degree yes election. The stormy what happens in that. Where we go here were unsure when exactly and then who knows what could happen with Iran and exactly part. Garrison WBT news. Joseph Gillespie's WBT Newsweek refused to be here in Carolina focused absolutely. Thanks for listening Carolina closed it's it's tough elevenths in 1993 complete team. 10790 win. 1025610. W offends me it's also available as a podcast. To compete teams dot com. You are listening to Carolyn focus on news talk 1110993. WDT. 1079 the link. 1025610. WF Lindsay. It's also available as podcasts at WBT dot com I'm your host mark promise or pledge to be join us here this morning as we take a look back at the. Joseph Gillespie and Mark Garrison from WBT the sheriff's race with Mike Doyle. And joining us now we want a little different take. From Andrew done. With Charlotte agenda he's written. Fairly extensively on the political scene in Charlotte's from a millennial standpoint. And in light of the wave that washed over the Charlotte City Council last year. With a youth movement. Kind of a rinsing of the old guard and bringing in a new. We wanna will welcome Andrew Dunn back to Carolina focus good morning Andrew welcome current quarter thanks. This is a last night's I say last night and again we're recording this on Wednesday morning while everything is still pretty fresh in our minds. There weren't a lot of up there were some upsets but not the way it was with the City Council last year. Yeah that's right I mean there's there's certainly were a couple of there were a couple challengers to heated you know long serving incumbent. None of them were particularly shocking. The two in particular. One was in the North Carolina outlawed in the North Carolina senate. Senator tool toward the shelters. Is in his primary election. Inserted Rodney Moore that they were particularly unexpected. Black political caucus the Charlotte Mecklenburg and party and Doris. Their challengers earlier in the cycles so they kind of lost some of that establishment support. Well I know in the case of house district 99 in a Rodney Moore. I interviewed both mr. Moore and Nazis Majid. Who won the the primary. Mr. Rasheed didn't get into the primary. Two necessarily challenge Rodney Moore in fact he didn't think he was told by Robbie more than Rodney Moore was not going to be running for reelection. And apparently had a change of heart after the filing date open. And three had back into the race so. In a way. He was almost that in the sense his own worst enemy in that case. The other is that and then there's also some kind of financial irregularities that it campaign that helped her. And do you have any specifics on that. I don't but you know some. Some of it had to do with contributions and they had to do with filing deadline but you know clearly it was. He he would look somewhat lost the confidence. That district. And as far as. The county commission race went last night pat Coughlin. And Trevor Fuller and they'll Scarborough. Three incumbents. Three seats open you can vote for three they were the three winners in that case ray McKinnon was kind of like of the great young hope if you will. And in the coming in more. You're absolutely right I mean with last year's City Council race. Six a total of six. Millennial candidates people under the age of 41 seat on the City Council. A lot of people local politics wondered if the same sort of dynamics would be in clay in the county commission race. And it just it just didn't really happen and so your your right ridiculous and as it is it is upper thirties. Young guy. He had a lot of support and you raise something like 40000 dollars for the campaign which a lot in the context of the county commissioner great. Probably do more and all three incumbent combined bring it. You got all sorts of endorsements including one big one from the association of educators your serve Michael Berg. But I guess it just goes to so you know the one hour incumbency. And the work that those three incoming traffic ministers have done dazzling in the ground work get their supporters out. Paul and I guess it is kind of surprising I know I was expecting. Mr. McKinnon to at least cracked the top three and he made a little bit of a come back towards the end but it was a little too little too late. In the in the balloting for him to actually make up the ground that he needed to make up. Is it. I guess from that perspective. What happened from City Council last year that you had such a massive turnout and in support for these younger candidates. Does that. What was your take then and division is your take has it changed now as a result of this election. Well it's hard because your book. Both elections have very low turnout. Arm the City Council races happen in what's called off your election and so there's no US house straight Brothers Merrill. Armed statewide races. And that year it was kind of an unusual year for mid term elections is that there is the first time since the sixties that there was no statewide candidate. And no statewide ballot issue. The people who vote so the mix of people who who come out to vote. I was very different and somewhat unusual and county commission you know we have accountable we your system of government here and that the city of Charlotte. And you know it is much higher profile that Beck Cooper count I think a lot of young people. People understand. And especially first time voters understand what it is helpful. I think they have a harder time understanding what a couple of county commissioners does. And I think that that probably weighed down. The number of younger people who would bow out for mr. McKenna. You know when you put it that way and I hadn't that hadn't really looked at it similarly. But that you kind of triggered a thought yet we talk about the city the urban you know and the urban hip. And that sort of thing we don't talk about the county hip. You know it's it is just not something that's done and Gary and you have a mindset while I live in the county. Is like I live in a rural area well and Mecklenburg County. There really isn't any rural area anymore. It's all urban. So from that standpoint maybe it maybe is an image problem the county commission has. That they've inherited. Yeah I think you're right your take on that ram you hustling and scrambling their. You know if you look at what the city handled person what they can counting you know that's a little bit easier to understand yeah that he does. Sidewalks and a and you know what the county the county and park which is which is big deal in the county. The jails it's just it can be harder the record better. And we're talking with Andrew Dunn the editor in chief of Charlotte agenda here on Carolina focused. About the primary election that was held this past week and a couple other races that really kind of were focused on the sheriff's race. Was. Was very surprising that the incumbent. Irwin Carmichael received only 20% of the vote. What what do you think motivated most people to not vote for the incumbent in this case because that's a that's a pretty low percentage for an incumbent. Greg you're certainly right arm. Where the kind of an unusual case so sure Carmichael he's something of an anomaly in particular politics today at the conservative Democrat. There's there's not a whole lot lot of them left out there and for the first time in several election cycles the Democratic Party you'll do it. Arm of really strong but the challengers so you're McFadden to built Obama but detectives at that TV show the reality T show. He's the supersonic and educated. The democratic voters on issues in the race and and turned it into more of a partisan. You battled but it has been in the past. Do you think is reality TV. Persona appearance experience. Had a very large. Impact on the race itself. I don't know I had a direct impact but I think the qualities that made it good or TV also make him a very strong candidate of course ultimately he's very. Easy to talk to movies very dynamic is he's somebody that it's easy to rally behind. And it's you know it's it's gonna be interesting to see how he governs as sheriff because we're the one thing that did come out was the 287 G program. Which he is adamantly opposed to. That seem to be a linchpin. Issue in the sheriff's race. And so I think we're gonna we're gonna find out how he manages. Sometimes it's easier to make campaign promises than it is to actually follow through completely on the I think we've we've all seen methods. Throughout history so you can make the promise that you gonna totally eliminated is never gonna happen but reality might. Dictate a different path. You know and in his his government's. You know obviously the CP makes I date one thing now there's a peace agreement and they wonder if he goes the route out of organic or out extracurricular. That. Yet that's that's always a one of those things that and I've seen in my bag that several decades of watching politicians. They may say one thing on the campaign trail and once there in office. Me though we gotta we kind of carrier take a look at what we're really gonna do with this program now. And again we're talking and Andrew Dunn editor in chief of the Charlotte agenda here on Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas of what if any impacted millennial have in. The house district nine race for the Republicans do you think they had any impact do you think there's enough food of millennial Republican registration. Or unaffiliated. Voter registration Booth had an impact in the race. You know a voucher and of the data from the state board of elections hasn't come out yet that that'll really breakdown. I come. The age demographics and who turned out to vote yesterday but I really don't think millennial had a big impact in the race. You know so Warren. Millennial still contribute to make a very small percentage of the overall electorate you know the people who actually come out though. And I think in this particular race if you made the mark here is opponent there McCready is important the democratic nominee. They may have been rattling toward amber the creek may make more concerted effort to get them about all. I know it's going to be interest sing and we were talking with. Joseph Louis B Mark Garrison. Just a little bit ago on the Carolina focus about this race and how this is going to be shaping up. Because. It's it's a matter is that he's a former marine. And he says he had a religious conversion while he was overseas and was baptized in the Tigris River. So that's going to be an interesting thing to play out. As you're well aware millennial Olsen aren't necessarily they're the least religious of any generation that's ever been polled. And here you have. A race where you have. A Baptist preacher and a man who is probably going to be you know let's face it the Marine Corps is considered a relatively conservative organization. And claims to have been baptized in the Tigris River. What choice. How cool millennial look at that choice. Oh well I think to a large extent bill look at it like a lot of voters do and Circuit Court term Republican or Democrat you know in McCready a young guy and well. He's not for Newark. He he's a fresh face. I think there's a lot of excitement behind in his party and I think that military during background is one of the reasons why it. You picked over they're really looking to him that you can kind of speak the language on on both sides of the aisle. You know you'll you'll remember that ninth congressional district is it just short it goes all the way out. Broke and counting you know it goes. Wait are out there into the rural part of North Carolina. So I think McCree you know what you eat each day there won't be able to thread that needle between being you know attractive urban. Voters that as well as more rural voters. And you mentioned Robeson county and the last last night and Aaron did it again that we are recording this on Wednesday morning. We were looking at there as a result for coming in. They're worried came down to the point where there were only two precincts in the entire district that had not reported they were in Robeson county. And the statement was made. That. The Harris campaign felt very good about that because that's where they felt they were going to be relatively strong. Yet Robert Pitt and your beat mark pairs in robes and count of all places which you know which we'll look it's shocking to me. That was surprising and it I believe that there's one vote count in between sixteen you'll remember that you know proper picture only be barker are under 34 Boe in the primary two years ago. And it. But I don't think it will count it doesn't matter but when you look at the sheer number of voters. It's really Mecklenburg Union County where the rate is one I mean both. Both of those two caddies bring more than 121000 votes to the table and not at the other. Six counties even have. 2000. They dissent very very. You voters in those counties so you know it's mostly Mecklenburg and union square where campaigning it's done and we're very firm. Andrew done with Charlotte agenda we appreciate you being here in Carolina focus it's going to be an interesting time between now and November. It is knows what might pop up in the inner. So we'll be keeping you on our speed dial and we'll talk to you as these campaigns progress certainly thank you. They. I. I. Okay. You're listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the linked. 1025610. W a frenzy. It's also available so podcast at WBT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas so glad to be join us once again this morning. And with all the political things that are going on in the world a lot of seriousness out there. Wanted to shift gears a little bit to something that is a little bit more fun and funny. In it's happening right here in Charlotte and it's called the funny bus. And joining us now is Lisa Shearer who is the owner founder president and what are the titles you have Lisa. I have many titles I've been called many things but you get another. You hit it. Okay and welcome to Carolina focus. This is first of all you started this worded to get the idea for doing the eight what were your calling a funny books. Well we all other storage we have a company called Courtney it did they tore through Charlotte and we've been doing that for six years. And that book. We're trying to figure out another thing that we it builds shows the queen city is acts and and we came up with a on. So it was just it's spontaneous combustion if you will. Got you so I got this whole thing started. And are you originally from Charlotte. I am not that moderate informal hi. Oh my goodness. Another Yankee has not come down to the west well there's a lot of us here. And I say us in and I truly mean that and what we have to pay to get here we didn't we didn't have the no luck of birth. To be planted in North Carolina. Now how logo was this again. How. The body yet did you get the idea. Here we probably in the Bible. And as far as. Putting it altogether what do what Albert you have to do you know you had the idea I want to do a funny busts. What what was involved in putting this altogether. Well first. Of course we had to acquire. And that's a good decades fun design that we don't windows that we added them. What will alert a day. Found this. And some fun dances and then we had the buying from comedian which you know that was. More top job dentistry having a bust but it was definitely a lot of fun sale. Now as far as getting the comedians. Onboard. Did you go to like the local comedy club common. Ray Alley and for the company. And do a lot of hope I ain't we went and a lot. I mean the end both bad and and about a bat and now we have been off and seen it really. Agree teens and a lot of them have been about. Your. We get better care for one thing and meaning and excited that. And and it's just a great team and people are. Well and so if you go on a funny bus tour. You're not gonna get the same routine every time perhaps even from the same comic correct. Absolutely absolutely so we. History amateur obviously. Are a comedian. Work as tour guide as well so they all have the same jury but they all have their and a thirteenth at a lot of improvisation and and they're playing with the vote on the streets of on the it's just to really find out that you could go on that you know black or and a 4 o'clock or back to back and each is totally different ship. Because you had you would have to totally different comedians I would I would assume yeah initially yeah it's it's sounds you know it it. It's a great idea I guess that's why did it isn't it. Now as far as. Comedy club first of all I guess I was will be that your website and this is an adult. Endeavor this isn't something that Huey and roses is a family thing that you wanna bring little kids to it would match. Absolutely not in fact for safety issues so lonely don't allow any children on the bus earn a seat belt on the bus. Don't think issue we don't want kids on the bus but. We all are urging get to bring you know beer and wine. And there's definitely an adult contents and the jokes you know they talk about everything from. Race religion and politics. Throughout rot in. So it's the entire comedic panoply if you will of its your covering. And so minimum age to be what eighteen. Well we PG thirteen tour on. Outline and not only PG thirteen tour where you could bring teenagers. But other then that all the other tours are definitely older we don't really card first day on the but you don't wanna bring your teenager that. So in other words you're saying it's it's really more for 21 and up. Drink drinking age and up OK OK fair enough you know that's and you've got you've you've got to cover yourself and you gotta be careful. Because. Even some adults have really matured yet as the Canadians are probably good examples of that. And we're talking with police say a Schnur who is the founder and president of the funny bus here in Charlotte. Which is it's a it's a comedy tour of Charlotte neighborhoods. Right. Yes we go through. Ground we have a lot of hit neighborhoods and round up towns such as well planned but then met. And I historic sport to war to the note art as drag you'd expect Perry. You're saying a lot of the queen city and learning a lot history. In the funny actually possible. And you do have stops along the way so if people need to a state. Beverage management skills. Are you could. That you this yard has some stops are people so they can you know get rid. And reload. Yes yes we want stopped halfway through it or there's no restaurant on the bus. Stop at a bar and and you know do whatever is needed is there and jump back on the and continue to. Reload and relief let's call it that. So you do have that going for you now. Wait when he actually having to worse. Hope that. Began a rehab how two or run there in. Front ball. And that are. You know. You can have people or. People are public you can you know it's perfect for decades that our party. And celebrate in whatever light. However. Building or during the week when he gave me any time that you like you at all. So if they businesses listening to this and looking for something fun to do to reward their employees what would be the now you say rent the whole bust how many people was that. That's 36 people and on that. C local corporations gave effort team building events. We can customize it and wrote. Certain people as day. And obviously make it more PC Moline and it just really a lot of and again people laughing together and you something's different and they. Actually. I'll. And what kind of times are we looking at UC he referred to like at 2 o'clock am 4 o'clock tour earlier. And elect a 1 o'clock on Sunday what are some of the other times. We do her two or six. A Rite Aid to our or 630 and thirty. Better toward a run at twelve she or an old and Sunday tours run at one Barry and. And how can people get tickets. They can count on our web site and that WWW. Die on me but I met or they can get a call it tickets over the and then number for about it and hopeful. 659318. And Lisa Shatner founder and owner of funny bus we appreciate you being here on Carolina focus and it's. Funny busts dot net correct. Herat thank you so much for having okay you have a blessed week. You know I can't but I. Thanks for listening to Carolina focused on the loose puck 11101993. WBT. 1079 the link. 1025610. WF frenzied it's also available as a podcast that W beat these guys come. I'm your host mark Thomas until next time you well.