Elon Musk Launches Worlds Biggest Rocket into Space, Trump Requests Military Parade

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, February 7th

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Surely be informed 24/7. Muluzi elevenths that 993. WBG. Putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children it's a dangerous thing it's got us out boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC multiple slicing each of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power of the people into the communities. Eight this is my future this is my kids this is my grandkids this is my country Janet my country. Up and fight score together. She's got this totally radio program. Good Wednesday morning welcome to broadcast good to be back with you hope everything's going well in your world. Or this is such kind of a dreary day. I don't know about you but these Livni she just wanted to crawl right back to the bed and stay there. That's exactly. Exactly. How Europe prompted to fuel these days but we will power through. Because we're Americans. We have let American spirit in here and listen to it. Get richer staying to watch it's business as usual in Washington DC. I'm watching right now a conversation taking place. Abouts efforts to avoid another government shut down and are you. As sick of this nonsense is I am. The house just passed legislation to extend I think until March 23 funding for the government. I mean we're gonna do you can do this every month Leo this and carries to march then we'll have another showdown. And have been when the curious April and then into may into June. What are we gonna do next we now funding for the next hour. Yeah this'll carried us until twelve noon. PowerPoint. You just really have to wonder. I think back to a nature sting a couple of experiences that I had. One was being able to experience a special space shuttle lunch. This goes back I don't even remember the year. There was when John Glenn was going back end the television station actually sent me. To go down and cover this. And you know it was kind of intriguing. The other thing that was. Not covered. Almost going on behind the scenes. I different the time who worked for NASA. And we had some very interesting conversations. Were always there. Because my friend who's no longer working. With her for NASA. Expressed some very serious concerns that he had about what was going on with our space program we sank since. We are basically. Farming out everything. He was concerned about this International Space Station thing and the fact that in many ways it was Russia that was taking the lead and we. Already by that time were becoming dependent. On the Russians and others. To get us into space. It's like what has happened to this country. Which is a valid question. I was that too excited and and I get the age of this program in the fact that you've got to move on to new technology. How many if you're bothered by the fact that we ended the space shuttle program. About a replacement. Has ever made sense. Did you do. It never made sense to meet. Acute stop one thing but you've got to bring in a new generation. Do the same thing works in just about every other area. You know run my areas of fascination of the aviation. Okay you move away from one particular airplane model. But Joan just ditch the old boy and you get new ones that have come in. There's not as much interest in the what 737. But now we've got the Airbus. That's come along and its popular. So you don't just. In something. We move on to a new generation. So what is happen now. And I think this is an encouraging sign we've got its private industry you know how many of you when you first heard about Elon Musk and his plans. To go into space you're kind of like is this guy crazy T gonna nuts. I think a lot of people had that perspective. You know he's doing is a little thing over here and it's it's it almost looks like a hobby to this guy. And I'm sure there's an element of hobby to it. But just rocked. This guy now has the only game in town. New York Times reporting on this yesterday. The same pad where NASA launched rockets would carry astronauts to the moon. We now have a new American rockets. That art into space. On Tuesday this time NASA was not involved at all. The rocket the falcon heavy built by SpaceX company founded run by the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. You should know this seems surreal to me. The launch of this turbocharged version the workhorse falcon nine rocket which has been carrying cargo to space for years marks an important milestone in space flight the first time a rocket this powerful. Has been sent into space by a private company. Rather than a government space agency. I liked. The sound of that I don't know about you. These payload. Has been characterized this play full. Mr. must. Read roadster. In electric sports car built by his other company Tesla. Strapped inside the car is a mannequin wearing one of SpaceX is spacesuits. And they're expected to orbit the sun for hundreds of millions of years. A crazy isn't it. Mr. musk is characterized this kind of silly and fun but silly and fun things are important. Can you imagine the fascination especially for children. There may be following along and watching this. They have to be entertained which you not think. This would be inspiring to them those especially who were attracted to science. But also this success give SpaceX. Momentum to begin developing even larger rockets. Which could help fulfill mr. mosques dream of sending people to Mars. By the way. Tonight come what they recommended list. That was a joke people. People descend Dumars. And it was started Washington. The list of names. To do that and this again I think this is really hilarious. Mr. musk has described a new generation of rockets it's called BF RV. FR. These stands for big. I don't refrain from. Tell you what the middle letter stands for because I value the FCC license or both of these stations. And you get the idea. So everybody's really excited about this and what is ahead. As we pulled the explored new frontiers. I don't you think about this are you encouraged by a private industry taking this on this this the future. And what would you like to see specifically. I think he literally. The sky really isn't the limit on this Eagles advantage talk going number 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning tech slide it is 71307. Look do you were you thinking about. All of this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the moon. Really. It really neat. Oh boy runaway kids you know these two got a divorce last year it. Seriously I I'd just randomly came across. Some story on this yes the apparently. It was not too when it was billed to be. For some reason. I didn't bother to find out what story was but I just that's disappointing I didn't know that yes yeah it's it's pretty unfortunate we've been talking about space the space program. The in many ways nonexistent space program the federal government but now looks like private industry is. Stepping up to the plate is this the way you like kids in a show. What are the frontiers we need to explore. The space. Dean in Charlotte good morning welcome. More anger and how are you right sure. We had to I think it'll wonder why I don't think one mosque is doing. Then you know what I mean accelerating the space program and everything just think will be able visceral Billiton up there and destroy the universe to play quarter destroying our you know. You think that's what's this is heading toward rage. Well I you know we can get out there and then he'd come and do it right like democracy a democracy out there right away and he to a lot with parties you know Democrat Republican. Right way to run a the year. You sound very cynical team. How are you get also are you against space exploration. Pat McLaughlin I'm I'm not again just I just leery of what it gonna culminate in. Were incorrect IE well. ATI shares some of your concern I mean overall IE I'm excited about exploring and and what we're able to find your deemed. I tell like sticking your hand and a BR. Learning curve got up off. I'll DNA. Not hole is is the weather getting to you today or something. I don't know I just won't. I mean I am happy and I think that's Kuwait should go on I think it's wonderful that we're doing now and taking the lead. So you know strictly representing the United States but there I guess there always is that there's skepticism that. You the media managed. Interject. Well okay oh you're being sarcastic that. That's a rural alone. Perhaps perhaps you know it took small degree a patent Barack please. Project okay I understand where your coming from a appreciate your call their demon. I will say exists and and I was even thinking along those lines is the dean does make a point at I think people. Let me just say when I honestly think about. A lot of the space exploration. I really think. At the foundation of it. For a lot of people especially those who are let's just say spiritually skeptical. I think they're trying to find something. And the real pursuit is spiritual. But it is. An attempt to find something. Held in the universe. That they refuse to acknowledge here on the earth. That's my own theory I've long held to this theory I mean I have reasons for this hour I'll give an example. Because I think a lot of these folks. Who did it to IE never heard anybody use this until there's a friend I met several years ago use the word signing into ism. I never heard that word before and that was really intriguing. And I think for a lot of people who have this mindset. Is say replacement religion. So. They've rejected. Any possibility. Of the let's just say he spiritual possibilities of things that they have heard of down here. So they knew what they've done this kind of defied the planet and universe. And all of these things the you know there so there's mystery associated with fists. So it becomes something. To explore. That may solve. Answers to their problems. That. They've rejected the interest for. That can be found through faith. That's my theory anyway. If you're one of these people I'd love to hear from you and again this I'm maturing this is criticism as much as I am just as an observation. Because I think there is a desperation. For solutions for answers. But I think dean made a great point which is the truth of the matter is whatever we find out there. With the idea potentially colonizing something somewhere. We are going to take our own corrupt human hearts they're two. They will destroy whatever it's. Whatever it is it is on the other side of the universe. You know that's the irony of this. Now I think we we think that somehow there's going to be some sort of magic bullet somewhere. That's going to bring about a quantum leap. My thought anyway. Joy out of York good morning. Shouldn't let it be taught I wanna do recall some states that happened in the past. As far as the government running the programs totally and application. Years ago there was the first program called vanguard. And a navy had to project and they tried and tried and tried and tried for years they couldn't launch. The satellite. And end. I I don't know whose son on the side but the armed strapped together to act and rockets. And send them up at first I went up from the but that we opinion provided by people who were frustrated. It's something PM local one department and the equipment. Couldn't make it work and it's been undertaken it happened for example. Oh would use the first some of the insulation. And on rockets and when we finally learn how to launch them into sleeping. To come back. And yeah its government has this program to computing carbon dioxide or anything. And expand. There was carbon dioxide before that we used to an example which is much stronger own. And see I didn't I don't forget what had two per carbon dioxide. And that. Flight. Resulted in net debt of. This news abstract work board. So I think he's government frequently out everyone else it's especially private industry. We know well about certain things that thought in making rockets have been right debt. Debt no one single agency can no. Because it's being discovered all the time. So I applaud. This meant that crude car. Yeah a rate Europe we have to admire. The the spirit to drive here that that causes him to experiment and they're been as you mentioned some failed experiments Broadway Joseph thanks lucky call. And you don't allow these failures. To be the edge they are really stepping stones to move to something else I mentioned earlier about aviation. I mean you. Knight joined younger Wright Brothers how many other field experiments where they're even in terms of types of airplanes we went through this very early on. With the realization of of how we needs to pressurized cabins. What did not work they're people who died along the way. I mean it everything that's worthwhile requires risk we all know that Chris she got about a minute here. Came and I did insert act is still the still trip with my kids so we're down Alabama. The NASA saying. I was really not and try it like RK speaking Nasr it's it's truly ironic that may be out at what to name me on March grew at a what's the name. That's it. Yeah maybe Hillary NL helped push it along a little bit because it seemed like the government not Entrust Berger director mark. Which is is our sense in which you kind of prefer that that private industry do this anyway. Albrecht yeah prodded and he's going to be 101000. Billion arms more than any government agent he looked. Yes yes and a lower cost. Yet that's the key thing when you start getting into you having to pay for this yourself. Well you're less likely to waste money and that's our money that we're talking about here. This is interesting discussion here and we'll keep it going ready and Vince Coakley radio program. This is this Coakley radio program. The crazy things you find on social media. Friend of mine from high school posted this. Short little video I tried to make a salad I failed. It is a quadruple burger. With baked Mac. And cheese. Talk about heart attack on a plate. It absolutely amazing. Pretty 6 minutes after 10 o'clock means Coakley ran your program we're talking about space program are you satisfied with where this is going which right now. He is entirely in the hands of private industry in terms of being on the leading edge of what's happening here. What are your thoughts is this encouraging would you like to see the government more involved do we need to. Find the next generation because beyond the space shuttle program which came to an end several years ago. It's got a call from Jean in Greenville good morning. The lord even some I have mixed Hillary conduct space program I'm. Among these guys that would would prefer to see no. Dug deep sea exploration. Because there's much you brigade combat in the local you to speak to the past Boyle of space and I know I know that. Deposits from the star architecture or beautiful marble to look at and we can learn about new diversity. Hopefully I had that work but I have to use the diversity of this slush fuel. Bodies that are out there and perhaps start to understand some of the science and can assure you that that we can new detect. But going put this aspect of government and private industry Oreo or any any private sources firfer research. You know government debt here I do not become really involved in China typically charge perhaps until. The the big twentieth century. Before that if you have your read the history of of and if you history and ammunition in the past the large size. You know you are China additional note. Galileo. Sir Roger you know you armored goes. Who established a foundation is Obama assured me districts and even probable biology. There was funded by you. People are gonna factor it's not like government generally you say well. The benefactor is what the government of the time perhaps a war. Like they you you appeared that they didn't have these elaborate bureaucracies. Mean I cannot speak about triangular bureaucracies convention in a mini history. I'd cinema and academia and certainly government our work people polish sector. And what bureaucracies do don't do infusion won't know inject. Bureaucracies are imposed by government and they consume a lot of time. Well it's and it's actually you know we worry I would have to play the experiment I have to go to a committee. I don't security for crying out loud let me do the damage problems. But I hear exactly what you're saying. Plate but that's a point to consider an at large or suspenders like you this fashion. I'm actually I'm me no output you know why didn't want to disappoint your audience feel British. Yeah. Don't be looking Brooklyn half percent. That you multiple failures they're not out there. How these people view upload crowd guys on base they make conjure up the intelligent beings which you have to contact us. So you don't think there's anything out thirteen. You know what I want god we guarded and sometimes feel angelic round yes. Would not not the mercurial. Being that we might look like they're. These are carnal man might except. I didn't think he assumed to move. Actual biological entity modeled. OK Jean pay appreciate your call it's got to Tom in Charlotte 2 good morning Tom. Stay you do nicer. Yeah I just in I don't really hear these guys that I am really hoping that they found aliens out there. You really do what it would mean that the aliens will contribute to our existence. But not as one of their pocket. Yeah and you know hopefully there won't say who ever worked in a laser beams and they entered that perhaps innate but the Hubble telescope that they are that great weapons. Yeah you're right about that you by the way were during the break we were discussing this aid if you're overseen the episode of what was that reservists it was a Twilight Zone I was talking about the episode to serve man if you are seeing that. Yes that was quite an episode. Again and again that they have a little frets that the government the space program not get it thrown out of paper and apple. Really for what it's where things are trying to say it could and it will capsule. Oh my goodness. It. Thought that was good very good man hey appreciate your. My goodness really come on come on. And still seems to be. They consensus here. The texture completely agreeing with blue gene. Abouts. How we approach all of these. Space exploits. Don't let Lehman missed private industry. No techsters saying. What's out there the lord our god is out there Vince are you think we'll find him. With the space exploration OB ten inch steak I actually prefer private ministry were big government they support the idea of American space exploration however. I can't help but wonder where all the money and we mosque has used to build SpaceX came from seems likely. It's the very least heavily taxpayer subsidized. Just like Tesla is he and that's one of the other dirty secrets about this. The new mission of NASA's to go where mankind has not gone and I eat. Exploration of other planets and to leave business to capitalize on the advancement made so far. Right. I don't wanna find aliens out there we have enough open borders now. A a couple of that is pretty good. To what else do we have here. Vince look at look back at Leonardo Vinci who was considered a heretic by the church of Rome. 'cause he dared to explore new scientific ideas. The church. Did not even want people learn how to read. Martin Luther blew the lid off of that's. You know very important people along the way to. Expand the frontiers. Beyond just space and this was very important you know it. It's kind of funny because I she no contradiction between science exploration and faith. There is no contradiction. I will say Scion if you're into science isn't there is an ongoing war against faith no question about that. But Elon must putting the current space I'm surprised known as mentioned the opening scene to the Coke classic movie heavy metal. Different artists and of these save the planet types are willing to help out by receiving the Darwin award. I don't think they've won a volunteer for that would would not be good. Tim you get about a minute here for get a break. Good morning Tim. Warren Vince I can tell you that it I think there are doing out there. I was bitten by one for about twelve years. And I ask the lord take this thing away. Any Wharton and it reproduced. It's a pressure or you're in the legal way of Moscow. I'm playing well it it included a dead they're tired yes. Earth Day hearing that wrecked help. And that's good that you are growing up. Hey thanks a lot there and they appreciate that. Great since he broke after all of your fee and I'm sure it's. Not been something you've been able left rough all the time but it's it's good you were able to now. Coming up some new revelations about this ongoing FBI eight fiasco. Wherever it leads we'll delve into that as we continue to broadcast on this Wednesday morning. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program broadcast it's out of this world today talking about this. It developments congratulations to Elon Musk and you to pull off such a significant task. What else is out there to explore in the is this a good thing now that we kept private industry basically taking the lead Mets Hickory grove good morning. Good morning. What are your thoughts here. Well I think when militia winner of our industry summoned. I'm quiet person but I bet I'm not count should be the first you know our person and let the does this really match where notary happened that he should get the honor of being the first person to send a tweet from our respect. OK there's the there's a method to this I understand Matt tell her hey appreciate your call. And pay there must be honest they're probably millions of Americans who agree with him. By the way since we're on the subject I wasn't planning to go here next putt. May as well. So I'm really intrigued by this story this developed a much present tremendous desire. To have any grand military parade. Now I just I want you just for a moment forget about this serious. And ask yourself the question anybody suggest the idea here in the United States of America having a military parade. What goes through your mind. And Charles just said Kim Jong moon. I'm just racing this is a question. Now I know this is very risky. In this environment that we are in. So here's what's going up. President trump has this vision of soldiers marching tanks rolling down the boulevards of Washington. Wants closer to reality. And the Pentagon the White House where officials say they've begun to plan a grand military parade later this year. Showcasing the might of America's armed forces. Trump has long used publicly and privately. About running such a parade but in January 18 meeting between trumpet top generals the Pentagon's. 10-Q this is a room reserved for top secret discussions. Marked a tipping points. According to two officials briefed on the planning. Surrounded by the military's highest ranking officials including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman. General unheard. Trump seemingly abstract idea and desire for referee was suddenly heard as a presidential. Directive. The marching orders were I wanna prayed like the one in France. Said a military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the planning discussions are supposed to remain confidential. This is getting worked out at the highest levels of the military. Shows a military strength according the Washington Post they're not simple rule in the US and they don't come cheap the cost of shipping Abrams tanks. And high tech hardware to Washington could run in the millions. The military officials said it was unclear how they would pay for. A White House official familiar with the planning. Described discussions as brainstorming and said nothing was settled right now there's really no meat on the bones according to that official. Who also spoke on the condition of anonymity. To describe internal discussions. After the Washington Post first published the story. White house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement confirming the plans were underway. Present trump is incredibly supportive America's great service members who risked their lives everyday to keep our country safe. He has asked the department defense to explore a celebration at which all Americans can show their appreciation. The Pentagon also confirm the plans following the post initial report we are aware of the requests are in the process. A determining specific details. I just honestly want to know what you think. This is something you think would be a good thing. Are you encouraged. 890 Ritalin intends to Eagles advantage talk when number. 713 jurors seven this common sense retirement planning text line Joseph a lot of cow opens good morning. The Euro. Hole waits Gerald. The guy who's always pithy. Oh well hit us upside the head again. You know I would showcase our military while you're plot playing Portugal or actually hanging. I'm I don't I don't know I don't know Barack Portia wore lots we've got you out shelters well. Q why do you think. There's the desire to do this. How are. You know I play. Making it illegal. They are not make you say in this you Gerald you're just always a straight shooter. And I think you've hit it on the head thanks for your call. And yet I get it say when I first saw this on social media I thought it was a joke I really did. I thought it was a joke. And I read the story and I saw other sources for the story. And I thought to myself god help us. Initial long history. With these kinds of things. Going way back into biblical times. We're. Honestly this was the kind of thing. That's. Was divinely discouraged colleges put it that way. But again I would looked at your thoughts in your perspective on this. There's a phrase that I would use to characterize this that I would not use on air. I just let you fill in the first word. Though the last two words are measuring contest. I think you get the idea Christopher Newberry got less than a minute. OK if there are many quick. One of the most powerful piece to our military when the reasons we're around the world of the aircraft carrier so. I don't know how reported one of those down the street. There's no huddle and the other thing is real quick militarism is not an American tradition it's. Very much a European tradition not one that we've ever stand and Jefferson himself was not in favor of a strong sending military. So I'm not a fan of the politics. Yeah what do you think what do you think is driving this Christopher. I think it's. Probably what you describe apparently kind of trump fascination with the commander of the players. And a lack of historical knowledge of what it is to be in America. It's very insightful Christopher may appreciate your call. We'll get more of your thoughts on the other side of news. Students. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Well in nineteen on the Vince Coakley radio program. Did your thoughts on a number of things here including this military parade also. On the ongoing FBI investigation. Revelation of yet more emails where does all of this goal. The president has several days to decide what to do with this minority report that's come out. Written by the Democrats their perspective of the previous memo. That was put out by Republicans. On the text line. One person who's taking issue with the comments from mr. stroke abouts. The loss for the particular candidate Virginia. You know because there are a bunch of hillbilly rednecks you know that. Dexter says hey I'm from Virginia and I resent being called ignorant. Already. And we have this vents I know out in space there's a planet called planet dumb ass. The people they sit there to explore earth are now members of congress does from Jeff. We're all sure reminded of Barack Obama. Doctors administration. Remember scandal not even a smidgen. He is consistent. There was not any smidgen of corruption in his administration of course not. This is the risk of being vilified if I get asked do you think it's instructor for trump to attack dims by trying to frame him as an American and treasonous. Benson's out of spokesperson to say it was. Simply tongue in cheek. Why can't truck may end up and come out and speak for himself. Don't for the term treasonous around in a cavalier fashion. But that's just trump being trump right. Yeah. Kind of it's I just wish someone with the authority also had the guts to prosecute all these people for their crimes. This and one of the reasons I told you very early on when this started happening. This FBI situation I told you folks manage your expectations. Manage them. Because they history is not good it really isn't. You get all weathered out. And you'll find that politicians will do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Unless. They used this as an election year issue in their campaign. Talk about how old they want to change things and bringing people to justice. Yeah right. Dennis out of Easley good morning. Good morning pins are like to comment on the parade idea. On the whole air force bit and speaking on behalf of my brokers and bless we will want to do is march and parade. It's so much all of pomp and circumstance in preparation. If you want to honor Lou that earlier. Current military I think he would take that might still on the parade balloon and a paycheck attention and help the things. Not to mention it reminds me just a little bit of Stalin and Hitler and most such great and here are aware of in front of the people. Yeah it really make sure propped doesn't. It. Yeah I'm I'm there with you Dennis I appreciate your call and there's no question about expected to that should we you really do not pay you guys enough and do not so. Provide the adequate care. That is needed to. Case in point with the PA I know there are changes under way and trying to remedy that situation we have a great debt to pay there. No question about that. Also on the text line. This picture says that would limit seed American military parade right through the middle of downtown Pyongyang. A look at North Korea. Yeah dolby interest in. Someone expressed concern earlier about damaging the roads this year previous texture honestly believe a tank could damage South Carolina roads anymore. Thank you saying there already bad enough. Another person in favor of parades stopping in front of Hillary's house blow it away with howitzers. Hillary does not have to be inside. I'm glad that I'm glad you added that detail that's that's helpful. I look at this parade is a show of force the rebuilding of America after Obama's disdain in the military in the United States. All right good luck finding a politician who is not a narcissistic. It's just a matter of degree. All right. You Estes does not do military parades we do fly overs. Who. Not only destroy up. Coming out of control ego is an arsonist. This person ending. Pretty much agreeing with in previous texture. These political class will circle the wagons and protect their own does it matter who's at fault they will not prosecute one darn person. Yeah I'm pretty much sure that's where this is going. It's most Americans are spineless we talk product quality human rights but if you will take a Barnes and defend those rights. How many vegetarians would there be if we had to kill our own animals to get meet. King. That's a very good question. Mets here in Charlotte good morning welcome. Great idea on racer. Well I. I just take a little science some of marine veteran did you know tribe is definitely not the first president in history in recent history news. Suited to have suggested in military parades so I don't think that's. An indication any dictatorship by any means. I think there's better you said the money full for sherbet. Chipped it to make them think that. Oh look like he's a dictator because it Wannstedt and military parade as ridiculous. Well I here's the thing and and I didn't kill. A league anybody's connected there was dots here ID kit is. I am the way I think some people would characterize this. Is that the personality and the character are similar. In terms of the times types of things that someone in that position would do we doesn't mean. You know doing that make you fat but I think the person would imply that that's probably predisposition. Those people which air strike anything trump in the same outfit that's how they see him. That's how they would be any Republican presidential. He would not help it caught the there will be no support by the Democrat party the liberal for any Republican president. And from this state to elect a is an author they are a complete war which after include some of the so called conservatives we have them all so that's. That's the problem that's a fact that the situation we had had. Our rights or appreciate your perspective their Metz said thanks are for calling in here it took 27 minutes after 11 o'clock when we take a look at the day in history. And I can award we've got some very difficult questions today but who knows. It may be that Luntz who. Really rises to the occasion and comes up with some great answers. He actually thanks for believing in me if I'm serious these are these are really difficult. This is the eighth day of February 2018. We start in the year 1904. They massive fire destroyed 15100. Buildings in this American city what was it Chicago. No or not Chicago it's Baltimore. I do not know about this particular fire so. I mean you're you're not alone in not knowing this would it was a fired Chicago starter by cal all right was it to how this started and finally soon well. Where you can really look a lot of thought. Stories though that I'm sure nice. Charles that is so I felt that the FFR a 1964. And I laugh and a two cheese. You. Oh noon. No. This. The 1864. This group this super group arrived in America you know who they are The Beatles Bob Vito is. And 1971. I did not realize she was this late. Which did. Women earned the right to do in Sweden in 1971. Vote. Yes. That's pretty impressive view group two for three stop what via Brussels stopped 1971. Had okay. You get a horrible job lines out thank you have to expect from me. They have you tell me off the air OK okay are great at math. This is still since Coakley radio program. 1136 out of its go through your program on the text line. You're sounding like you consider trump having a military parade dictator like they urge you clarify Obama as many dictator like actions as such. Jeff out of Lima and Jeff you must not have been listening for eight years. Oh my goodness or do we have a field day with all of those things and and I sit before. I think report in our history. Where all of us as the American people. I think we are looking for. Leaders who are really more resemble monarch stint president's. I think this is the nature of what we've become. And I've been concerned about that. Regarding the takes. Takes to responding to another when the parade will be a DC not South Carolina. Seriously on. Based detained choose dirt roads only crest paved roads that small reinforced concrete sections. President trump has pride in America and her military the American people need to see your might. Look earlier shows that millions of people go to manually I served almost 25 years the air force. And I for one have pride in our country that pride is very important for the American people to experience. Vince is anyone notice not one Democrat the Intel committee voted to release the new in his memo but the road to release and and ships memo was unanimous. All the Republicans joined all the Democrats in voting released to the media loves to portray the Republicans is always being unfair Alan I'm Spartanburg. Great point made there. Great point made there. By the way. We have this. Did someone has suggested. Who remain nameless but today's headline president trump apparently inspired by the Bastille day parade. He witnessed last summer during a trip to Paris has ordered the Pentagon to look into staging a military parade. Yesterday's headline. You remember this line. I represent the people of Pittsburgh. Not to Paris. Unknown. Interest in memory there. Steve good morning and welcome. Good morning. Just shirt taken away. OK well first of all they fire that was started black chow. I think San Francisco in 1905. Really. Prayers let this calendar and a barn and I think it was an Irish woman's cal. And I don't know that you are not gonna cast our lot but out checked over. A letter and sent stone park. It is bizarre. These are able to rear up like calling what a question and that is. Are there any Democrats laps to. Who are not socialists. Can do they matter. That's a really good question and we you know I think the closest to an X one of the immediate people I think there will be somebody like Joseph mansion out of West Virginia. Two is probably about as conservative. They democratic sure possibly going to debt. But you've made a good point of overall lead Democrat party it's pretty much become the Socialist Party you're right about that. They got an empty years ago. I would say just after World War II I read that's what times. The Communist Party decided to change their name because a negative approach from Stalin. True progress says which. Mean food. It sounds so much better doesn't it. Yes that's a much better but. So that was my question thank you very. Listening. Is a good when they suck your call in the other information as well I'm kind of curious about something cute too because I have an idea. Abouts. Liberty scores issue here we talk about this all the time about its members of congress and their liberty scores. And I am now curious to know how food is. To mention coming out oh my goodness. I take back what they said if he he he he. This is pretty bad Joseph mentioned as an eighteen. Liberty secure. Their Republicans have scores that bad by the way. So. For all of the rhetoric. When it comes to votes. Joseph mentioned still pretty liberal. I mean we're talking. Socialist territory here. When you're down that well. Not good at all Gerald wants to chime in apparently this cal fire thing is really. Catching fire. For some reason Jerrold good morning welcome. Yeah opponent record corrections Chicago bar where mr. O'Leary tell that was Chicago. Separately though was the biggest earthquake whatever it's either cut. Hi. So the the fire is cargo or end and that's a confused with the earthquake. We are. Are already. So getting history lesson is what you just never know which you're gonna learn on this program continues today. All kinds of surprises. Speaking of surprises. Here's something that is sudden not good news. In the show me state. In fact they headlined the story is show me GOP fear. Democrats flip deep red state legislative seat in Missouri special election. Did you hear about this this has happened yet again. By the way. Before I forget a few minutes ago a certain network. I was really excited about the fact they had Joseph Biden for an exclusive interview when I was really exciting. And he's not ruling out possibility of running for president. Just thought I'd let you know that because. I'm sure you wanna run up by your Joseph Biden 20/20 signs right now. Any case Democrats have now pulled off their second. Upset of Tony eighteen. This is a Republican legislative seat in Missouri it flip from red to blue. Last night. Democrat Mike Revis one house district 97 this district went heavily for trump. During Jimmy 61. To 33 margin in 2016 think about that a moment. Democrat. Wins the seat. After trial run 6133. This seat spending GOP hands for at least eight years. But on Tuesday. Previous captured it with 852. To 48 victory. That's a 31 point swing from the presidential election. This is far from the first democratic flip and a red state this cycle. 2017 Democrats picked up four seats in special elections in Oklahoma another in Georgia. Couple weeks ago we mentioned Democrats flipped a store cleat Republican seat in Wisconsin. Overall. This is Democrats 35 red to blue state legislative flip this cycle compared to just four for Republicans. And the GOP's ongoing inability to hold on to formerly safe seats. Not good news. Is this a preview. Of what can happen this fall not trying to scare you. Now one of the things that's reality we've talked about this plea in T of times. We talked about the fact that it's. Typically when you have a president who's elected from one party. That's president normally experiences significant losses in congress in that next election cycle. I think Republicans broke that streak last time around with Barack Obama. But it's in one since it's really not a surprise at all so be prepared for the possibility of loss and I hope. There can be some gains made in the house and senate. But it's looking more and more challenging. By the way during the break we're gonna sort out this cal starting a fire thing once and for all. We need to get this thing straightened out. We'll do it next. On the text line 713 through seven our country Vincent drowning in debt we have roads and bridges need of repair. And arc it per once a self glorification parade and excessively. Expensive wall. Are you kidding me wake up America. You can and he. Also on the takes line. We currently have the answer to the question. Are very skillful friend Charles. As answered this question. The great Chicago fire was. Not started. By or tell. The person who said that she was an earthquake started the fire was correct in San Francisco. But the story about the cow is apparent. Man. We in the category of being an urban legends. In fact. There's a popular story. That often told about how the great Chicago fire. Was started by cal owned by Katie or leery how she kicked a lid on. They lit lantern over started flames in the subject of children's song late one nights when we were all in bed. Ms. O'Leary little lantern in the shed. Her koehlke did over there in winter Ryan said. There will be hot time in the old town tonight. My goodness. It's amazing going into becoming. The except it's reality. For a lot of people. USE Elisa one of these why they always say even at school they tell you. But how easily rumors get started. And they kind of take on a life from zero from there. You know kind of like the idea that we never went to the root. Just kidding. We have Steve joining us on the line now where you calling from Steve our core mobile. Mall then our rights tolerates her I would what are your thoughts here. Well also on the parade situation. Arm is he you know it is what I find an interest saying how many times. You know compliment to comment on observation. And won't play all that so ignorant stupid ridiculous and all of that and end and then the maintenance of being proven right. So here care reform a priority. Is that possible. That we're not he intended audience at all. How about North Korea as a possibility those guys love Cory how. If why change and so I'm just thrown out the possibility. Farm that. You know the the dictator over there might see. And perhaps reconsider. His ideas that he had he has some. Although Loveland and kill or attack on the United States I mean yes that would happen would that be a wise and intelligent thing. Maryland and the they you know it I guess I find it troubling is that. We we we work very quick to choose the president of being some shortsighted and our socialist. And yet the guy gets proven right again and again and again as I guess some wondering. For the doubters out there just to loot the north's assessed you know I really I think we better check the mirror all that. Here's my question Steve is it possible. Can both of those things be true Steve intelligence and information hello Steve. Steve arm might know you're a concerned and he still there. Can I merely endure anything like that but but mark I don't think Steve can hear me. Steve are you still there. Yeah someone so there's. Here's my question can both of those things still be true. Is it possible. That he can be right time a lot of things and still a narcissistic. Isn't that a possibility. You mean if you if you used to the extent that any of this could be but the thing is when a guy gets proven right again and again and again. And were quick to call on the narcissistic and and we we ascribe. No under unclean or or selfish motives in doing your particular thing. I think we're dangerous territory there particularly when that person possesses. You know these big intelligence whatever good it is. And and really does have insights that we don't have. I think you know the words it would be far more beneficial. To give the president do I do believe to be very well and and give him. The benefit of the doubt. You know before we start with frankly I don't know narcissistic her act so that that's that's my call. Our rights are rights I appreciate your perspective there Steve. Who is one who would not have concerns about this idea of military parade. And we'll see what becomes of this is ultimately this thing could. Could fizzle out completely. There may be people that actually prevail upon the president say you know this is really not a good idea not a good idea at all. Up speaking of government waste by the way did you hear about this FEMA contractor. Their job was to deliver millions of meals to people in Puerto Rico. US agency responsible for disaster response hired a contractor that failed to deliver millions. Emergency meals. In hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico last year millions. The Federal Emergency Management Agency ordered a nearly 156. Million dollar contract to one person company that delivered you know how many meals out of thirty million they delivered. 50000. Documents show the company Atlanta based tribute contract he had a history of problems handling smaller government contracts. So listen what you do they screw up small contracts so you give them a bigger what. Isn't this the way government works. Those previous contracts for worth less than 100000 dollars. In fact they were supposedly barred from government work until 2019. Are they missed this when denying. Not surprisingly. Representatives for tribute in its owner Tiffany brown did not respond to requests for comment. 156. Million dollar contract. One person company. How you have a one person company. Deliver meals. How do you even deliver 50000 meals. Much less. Thirty million. It really makes you wonder who is involved in this decision making. In the first place. Can people wanna trust government without health care and many other things I know who thank you. Everyday folks. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.