Embattled FBI Agent Peter Strzok BackIn Hot Seat Before House Judiciary and Oversight Committees

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Thursday, July 12th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't rather find the real. Good morning welcome to our broadcast on this Thursday you'll be back with you. Hope all is well in your world. I like to start off Wii is good news. And we've got a couple pieces of good news or what to share with you. You're already quite familiar. With a rescue took place they cave entitling it where you made no. One of the participants in that rescue. Was a major Charles Hodges the US mission commander for the 353 special operations unit for the air force. Part of that rescue operation in Thailand and why is this a big deal. Well it's because. Major Hodges is a native of winds Borough. Fairfield County South Carolina. And went to the citadel. Pretty cool to learn that he was involved in this particular mission. Twelve boys and their soccer coach were rescued from a flooded cave. They're reported to be in good condition recovering in hospital. After eighteen days. In that cave eighteen days. What's really scary about this. We're learning recently. The final four boys and the coach were rescued just in time. Just hours after the last boy was pulled out the main water pump in the caves malfunctioned. Sending water rushing in. This can have an awful absolutely. Awful. Or is the bread Sowers the brits would say this would have been dreadful. In all seriousness. Major Hodges. From Fairfield County South Carolina. Describes. The tense moments leading up to the final rescue. Key to spend an interview. On CBS this morning here are his cabinet's. Well three of the seals there's more room back there are three of them made their way into chamber three and about the same time we got the word that the pumps have been running nonstop. Shut off for an unknown reason in the water levels back in chamber three started rising which would of caught off our access back to chambers. 21 and then out of the cave. And that's and abort criteria for our guys and so when that water level started rising. Everybody's are grabbing their kids and they're ready to get out thankfully that. Last seal popped up at the last moment and everyone is able to get at a cheaper three safely and make their way out and mission complete do is there's a really exciting ending to an awesome mission. How can you just imagine this I mean this is the kind of thing very. In action adventure movie is made up for you know how a person has pulled out just how many times have you seen that the movies. We're so let's pulled out at just the right moment. To avert disaster. Well that's exactly what happened here and we just think of this. Where's describing these chambers. Chambers three. The water levels are going up. And once that starts happening. You cut off. And then they're using this word. Major Hodge is using this word. Abort as the possibility that they have to pull the plug on this thing. My goodness. It is absolutely disturbing to think how this could've turned out. And same time we're very thankful not only for the great Indy. But also. Very much proud. Someone from here in the Carolinas playing a significant role in this. Life saving mission. I thought you would find that encouraging. By the way. Before I go to the other good story. Let's have a little more fun. With other friends that babble on. Because this really gets to the heart of the profound stupidity. For what's taking place in our culture. I've said this before. And let me say it again and I will say this a million times. There is no such. Thing. As toxic masculinity. Any more than there's any such thing is toxic. Femininity. These are gifts from god. And yet. They are being denigrated to you know if you notice. Feminism. And in this in this were making a distinction being female. And having. Characteristics only female. Characteristics of a male there's nothing wrong with those things in and of themselves. It's when you put this is something about it where things become toxic. And no one will dare talk about feminism. And how toxic it has been for our culture because idiots. That's the irony this is where projection takes place. You draw attention to something. Elsewhere. When reality the thing that's right infirm your face is the real threat the fun we're having here. Is a babble on beat proposed Huffington Post criticizes Thai Navy SEALs. For displaying toxic masculinity. During daring cave rescue. As the world came together to celebrate rescue of twelve boys and their coach trapped in a cave in Thailand for over two weeks. The Huffington Post at the opportunity to call out the Thai Navy SEALs who perform the dangerous extraction mission for their toxic masculinity. In an article published on the site. The first toxic news division criticized several elements of the seal rescue we showing. Deeply ingrained. Problematic. Federal nor masculinity. Oh. There's no way to a million years I could use that phrase again. If you look at a clip of a. This is just typical says Jim dirt toxic masculine behavior going added showing off their macho bravado by risking their lives to save some young boys the article stated really. It's 28 team were still tied down to traditional gender roles. The these poor boys were exposed to extremely harmful example of park she is toxic masculinity throughout the rescue. This needs to stop. Like now. The article further criticized shields for May and explaining their rescue plan to reporters and journalists manned spreading their legs to propel themselves through the underwater passage ways. And may interrupting. When they politely informed reporters there at the stopped talking so they could go save the boys. At publishing time opposed to written a second article. Criticized the group divers. For appropriating the culture. Of Oceanic seals. It. Does great. I'm gonna post this on the FaceBook page. Brought a 63 W or. WBT. This is great stuff yes this is a parody site people is liberal areas. Making fun of the stupidity. Above the left yeah and what they're trying to do good story arc. Human culture. That's what they're trying to do. Let's have fun with it the process 14 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley ran your program. By a. Do hope you thoroughly enjoyed that's babble on deep post and it is now available for you to share with friends. It's on the WBT FaceBook page as well as he rose 63 W or. Have a lot of fun with this I think this is 1 of them I am and I think it's one of the most effective ways to communicate ideas. Is there satire. And Babylon he has excelled at this in fact char house I've got a call you out. And put you on the spot. I I've already reached out to these up folks at. Bab above Babylon beads try to get them on the program so I would love you'd have. Double down on this and try to get them to come I would love to talk with someone with that organization. They are just absolutely. Skillful. The things that they write and and it's it's very effective it's not just satire about politics it's about religion as well. Fans. I I can't think of one single Babylon be posted I have read. That I have. You know being uncomfortable with in the sense that. Philosophically. But you know they've got to be right because they agree with me. I. A I I've got to tell you there's one or two that really caused me to. To wince a little bit. Because it went a little too coat close to home and I'm at some point gonna talk more about this. Because there are some beings. But let me just put this way. If you want a hint about some of the things that I'm beginning to address. Well just think of the call we had yesterday. I do not remember her name but she called yesterday. And one of the things that she shared was. Her own reckoning whiff. I guess I don't know how else to see and others then idolatry. Who Chantal. Dance I'm recognizing some of these areas in my own life as it relates to politics. This is gonna decide an overnight thing it's been a process. Ray of recognized it. Gap cap and I was really. I NNM. Is sometimes when you see some of these things you think well this went too far. And it's. The truth of matter is it it really was a couple of their post pros have been very conflicting. And just put it that way. Let's drive to a call from ray good morning welcome to the broadcast drink. Good morning how are you know mr. mayor. All right sir track where and what little was the writer of that straw I was gonna say now. Yeah I don't know I doubt it I think the editor is male. I don't know in this one of the things I'd love to find out is he ever staff of people working with them or is this just one person I I don't know. Well not my my. Solution doll there's there's there's there's an email that are around at all appropriate and her mama. A grandmother daughter or whatever. And and I and the next number we have a situation like serious split the envy more than welcome to go in the area and see the bears they can possibly get. We do know this is parity don't you rate that would that was the whole point is this is parity this is not a serious. Writing here no one's truly advocating such stupidity publicly. Although. There are people you kind of wonder about but I do appreciate your call and again that's one of the dangers of this is so often people I don't know how many times I've post Babylon B. Things on my social media page and how many times people have. If only if I reacted as if it's real news and it's not. So just keep that in mind. I wanna tell you about something else going on at this hour. Fans I I would have some things to say about this I've talked about this along the way. I may have a great deal of skepticism about where this is going to ago. Right now there is say committee hearing that's taking place the house judiciary and oversight committee. Very actually he interviewed. Peter struck you remember him he's an FBI agent. Who had the little fleeing going on with the other FBI agent. And put out some anti trump brings. Well right now. There is a public hearing that's taking place. Belt by the way mr. struck for his part is said let me be clear unequivocally and under oath not once in my 26 years of defending my nation. My personal opinions impact any official action I took of course not. This was from a draft of a statement. That was obtained by CNN affect his after months of investigations are simply no evidence of biased in my professional actions. So they Schering going on right now. Ends. If there's anything interesting that transpires. Today we will certainly let you know let me reiterate what I've said before. And I were repeated again. Most of these congressional hearings are profound. Waste of time. And I honestly expect the same year. So what you beat this guy out. Publicly give my public flogging. Verbally. Who cares. At the end of the day in accomplishes zero. Now I'm sure there are people out there opening for hoping for some sort of gotcha moment. We're this guy reveals there's political bias and the whole purpose was to take Donald Trump down blah blah yadda yadda yadda yadda and then people will spend hours upon hours on this. Hence those who do that they are perfectly. No capable hands. Welcome to do that. A net interest it. Because at the end of the day. This is likely to accomplish absolutely. Nothing. Just grandstanding for a bunch of politicians. We're trying to look relevant relevance and trying to look important. I like they're accomplishing something. I would much rather. All of these politicians. Focus their attention on something constructive like how we can balance our budget. And stop overspending. Or if you have concerns about what is taking place in the FBI and other agencies. Pass some legislation to make changes. Call for the president to do some mass firings. Where there is incompetence. Or where there is malfeasance. Takes a definitive action. But these hearings. I'm just not very optimistic. That they will do much other than rev people up. Now if you have a different view I eat. Respect that's. And you are free to share here. But I think it's really sad the way around. And discuss the heart. Of what I'm talking about here I wonder if I have time for this. Probably not before the break. After the break I wanna share with fewer post and this is from a very much it was my understanding libertarian minded kid I meant. As a kid just maturing in the knee. I wish part of reform. Fund the UNC Charlotte campus probably been a couple of years ago. And this very bright young man. And keys I think either visiting or living in a good no other country temporarily now. By all. Understanding I would have this kid very much a patriot loves America. I was very intrigued by post he put out yesterday and get a share that with you. Because I in them like this that I'm becoming increasingly. Convicted about. Some of the unhealthy mind sets that. We can so easily cultivates. Since you understand what I'm talking about when I share that's. As we continue to broadcast 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the men's coaching video program. Undertakes line. Vince had been living under a rock. Why did the -- soccer team go into it came to begin with my understanding is this was because his. They were trying to find refuge away from floodwaters or some sort of claim any of the sort that was my understanding. This is something yeah. They need to look up and find out with a you know its interest in this story got a lot of traction once people once these. These guys were clear. The original. Reason they were fair and all of those circumstances. Not so much. All on the text and I'd love this. Do we know what the rescued boys identify as. Seriously this is. You raise a very good question this is the kind of thinking we've got out there. Kind of you're just poking fun at that. I hope Charlotte loses its bid for the RNC Democrats are ready morally bankrupt there's no sense in them benefiting financially from. That we each they hate. Okay. So the left believes Navy SEALs are mainly who knew. Cheers and put. Let's see here when they looked they could not find that transgendered LG BT snowflakes they can do the rescue. Thank you Vince for telling us this was a parity in my head was fixing to start spinning and explode demand that was close for me MT EX. Charity events that wasn't a parity that really don't let it could be our future. I get it I know what you're talking this is the point this is why parity is so effective because it. Really eat it really. Highlights. The stupidity. Of the philosophies that unfortunately many people are embracing. That's funny thing is these babble on these guys sound like true progressive social justice warriors. They can easily be mistaken for the real thing yet. And we have this wonderful Jim you're still a jerk vents thank you god bless you tear. Another person you're absolutely rude to all your listeners yesterday and I intend to tell all your advertisers. Oh really. Rude to all your listeners see I'm always. From a logical standpoint I'm always very suspicious of people who make sweeping statements like this. Gonna be rude to all of my list to purchase. This is great stuff I mean really. Vince I nearly laughed until I cry when I read Babylon beast Jesus detained at border during second coming brilliant writing. Mark got to practice or a yeah Vince yesterday or what Shepard Smith uses entire showed best stroke and treat him like the bitter enemy has goes to make him look unstable. Why does he still have airtight. Your thoughts. Ask the people at fox that question I cannot answer that. Because I mean obviously still has not eats that's why. While Vince so congressional oversight and holding the DOJ and FBI accountable for overreach is an important you. Did I say that. Then I say that no I said. I think peace public hearings most of the time are a waste of time that's what I said. Oversight great holding people cannibals great can you show me somebody at just pick anybody in history. Can you show me somebody in recent history who has been held accountable in any any way other than maybe being fired. Which could have been done without a congressional hearing in fact in fact congressional hearings probably had nothing to do with it. Can you find one example if you can't please show me show me one of them. I would love. To hear an example. Author of politically and touch. Illegal immigration states the Catholic churches under government contracts taking millions of taxpayer money. To housing care for illegals what to say you folks need to know. Hey they're giving the money I mean this is what's frustrating about this. Why is this money being given out in the first place. Why. There's so many tentacles here. And this is more big government issue. The other issue regarding the church that's something for the church and for the people who are putting the money and ends. Participating. They're gonna have to answer. For meat. My immediate question comes to taxpayer. Dollars again. And who's making those decisions to allow this to happen. That would be my response. No Vince we are now freely shared differences of opinion on your show. Personally been referred to you as a Kool Aid drinker and stupid just for simply share a different sort of view. You know it's and your listeners hear it. I know they're gonna complain about my voice the way I express that to. Yes you are free to share your differences of opinion you're not simply allowed to run and ramble off. And use. You know just basically in into just insult the host. Or just save vapid things that have no meaning whatsoever without being challenged if that's what you're looking for. There are plenty of other places where you can do that. There's play any of brain let's talk radio out there I don't mind saying that. There are plenty of places where you can bowel down to the great orange dot. If that's what you believe it don't fort. I don't to a here. This is hilarious Vince is it true then the Thai Navy SEALs are going to do a macho man beef cake calendar. Posey and Speedo is flexing their muscles. Next a reality show or. That would be absolutely hilarious. I need to quickly get to this because I told you I would. Christopher posted this libertarian kid America's one of the greatest countries in the world there are things America that are great there are things America there are awful. There are a lot of other countries. There are also some of the greatest in the world there are things that are great their things their awful in those places as well for that reason. Saying America is the greatest in the world especially when you have never seen anything else. Doesn't really make sense. If you really wanna get fussy. You can look for the human freedom index which ranks countries based on their economy personal freedom. Switzerland past Hong Kong for the first time ever. For the number one spot America bear released weeks in the top twenty. What's the point in my mini rant. Get your passport to go see and experience other places before asserting. That what you know. What's best. Tell you've experienced something different you'll never truly know. She traveled make you appreciate not only what's so great about other countries and cultures. But you hope you appreciate some things about your country and cut and culture even more travel broadens the mind. If you're willing to open yourself up to it. Does from Christopher. Again. Person I have no doubt this patriot. Libertarian loves America. This is not to say anything. To denigrate the United States of America there's nothing in here that does that. But I do think we need a great deal more humility. Because I tell you I don't care where where it is. Every single kingdom on this earth one day is going to come to an inch and there's only one that will prevail. And no human being will come out on top keep that in mind. This is still Minsk. Coakley radio program. Oh get a new trend is going on the text line you're not rude to me is the that is the new message now the text line. Someone takes early years said hey you. You're root your entire audience just today. This person said you were read to me and skipper of the great work. There's no win here then you're rude to me. A his mettle and Dan is saying you are not rude to me yesterday now issued share this. So you shortly to work on that okay I'll see you fight and we're spending brute. Chris good morning welcome to the broadcast. Good morning Harry don't bet right sir. Hey listen I I had the good fortune of going going to Guatemala. In working after my church but I'm building a church or their. Not pop. Oh yeah I grew up with him in the Marine Corps for twenty years I get the gung ho go America saying that. I remember being in Guatemala and caring for the first time. I might get might get like people are maybe. And if India mr. justice the word that. Maybe disliked the United States and I especially if they're victims fake news. You get. That is understandable how does that have impact you were you in spending some time in another country and coming about it. Some perspectives. Who does that bad example yet I remember seeing them all go to the military and failed got into a little Toyota truck. In the pouring down rain standing up in the back of the truck owning a piece of cardboard over their heads one big piece cart or and there are going to work. Well it certainly gives you a greater appreciation for you have doesn't it. Most definitely and I I appreciate you churches you don't have fantastic job and keep. Thank you thank you very much you appreciate that Chris and I think they share with you were yesterday the day before just my experience every time we come back from Haiti just towel. I mean just things like warm. How water take showers and they're just basic things like that we take for granite so much to be thankful for. We're gonna listen to a little bit of testimony taking place right now. In between the Arab low reading from politicians. Let's listen to you FBI agents Peter. Struck honestly and independently. And that's exactly what happened. I'm also proud of our work on the Russian interference investigation. This is an investigation into a direct attack by a foreign adversary. And it is no less so simply because it was launched against our democratic process. Rather than against a military base. This is something that all Americans. Of all political persuasions. Should be alarmed by. In the summer of 2016. We had an urgent need to protect the integrity of an American presidential election. From a hostile foreign powered determined to weaken and divide the United States of America. This investigation is not politically motivated after it is not a witch hunt and it is not a hoax. I expected during this hearing me I'll be asked about that ongoing investigation. Where the FBI is directed me not to answer I will abide by the FBI's instructions and let me be clear. This is not because I don't want to answer your questions. If I were permitted to answer I would. And answers would doubtless be disappointing to the questioners and undermined the conspiracy narrative being told about the Russian investigation. I understand reliving and a political error in which insults and insinuation often try and out honesty and integrity. But the honest truth is that Russian interference in our elections constitutes a grave attack on our democracy. Most disturbingly. It has been wildly successful. Sowing discord and our nation and shaking faith in our institutions. I have the utmost respect for congress has oversight role but I strongly believe today's hearing this just another victory not in Putin's belt. And another milestone in our enemies campaign to tear America apart. As someone who loves his country and cherishes its side deals is profoundly painful to watch and even worse to play a part of mr. chairman I welcome questions. We will now proceed under the five mineral with questions I begin by recognizing the chairman of the oversight number of committee perform many mister Gatti. I wish chairman they distraught the FBI investor. Jason into potential Russia collusion with the trump campaign began on July 31. 46 change. View of its drafted the originating document. You approve the originating document you were the point of contact all the originating. Document and the FBI has represented to congress that not saying from an investigative standpoint. With respect to Russian collusion and to trump campaign began before July 31 26 today. But ten days before the investigation even began ten days before you're drafted the originating document approved the originating document will appoint a contact on the originating docked Mitt ten days before the investigation began. We stood apartment that you work for says nothing was done before July 31. You said trump is a disaster I have no idea how destabilizing. His presidency. Would days. And because you struggled a couple weeks ago worth award Dow fall a commonly accepted definition I'm gonna go ahead give you the definition of destabilizing. The first one economy is obvious it's to make unstable. The cycle one called my attention the second dictionary definition. To call something such as a government to be incapable of functioning or surviving. That's a pretty significant allegation to make ten days before you even began to investigate. Some more. So outpost before July 31. I want last year and at first week. Oh boy and open to eight days between July 31 and August 8. How many interviews that you conduct related to the alleged collusion between Russia and the trump campus. So congressman as you know counsel for the FBI based on the special counsel's equities. Has instructed me not to answer quite OK here we go Clinton you're gonna hear that a lot. Among. Oh my goodness. We're in so much trouble. Our number two is straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Bringing it to AC fans into focus the lens so liberty vestiges of fits Coakley radio program. Oh my goodness boy you have missed. One of the biggest spectacles. Going on the past few minutes of this congressional hearing I wanna go back live you can listen in to what's happening I will try to bring you up to date momentarily. Doubted you are actually inquiry that you guys controlled by the gentleman from parliamentary inquiry parliamentary inquiries and I am in order swim questioned under something on South Carolina controls the time. Page instruct. There's just so the record's clear this is Donald tree down a little while on I did Nash to the contents of those interviews I didn't ask you the names of who you interviewed I ask you whether or not you interviewed anyone. From July the 31 until August the date and I'll find it interesting that the FBI will tell us no interviews were conducted for Ford July 31 out apparently. Doesn't impact an ongoing probe bought between July 31 and August 8. It does here's the good news on our you know the answer to it. I want looked at the file the first interview that I could find his own August below. 126 saint which is eleven days after it began. Which makes me wonder. On August the sex. So you hadn't interviewed anyone. You're investigating this alleged Russian collusion with the trump campaign durable lead investigator you're originated the investigation don't appoint a contact you drafted the document. And here you are for you've interviewed a single solitary witness saying elf trawl. Then that same day your home. Colleague Lisa page wrote maybe you're meant to protect the country from that menace. And he responded I can protect their country at many levels we're not even a week. And to an investigation that you originated. Approved for the contacts for it had interviewed a single solitary soul until August 11. And you're already promising. To protect the country from that menace Donald trough. And then on August the tape you still had interviewed anyone here eight days into your Russian collusion with the truck campaign investigation. They got another text from York. Colleague Lisa page more than can't ever really become president right right and you replied no. No he's not will stop it. By the time you promised to stop held for becoming president on August the eighth how many interviews had you conducted. This got a suit to answer is that. One group you're Greta how many interviews hatter had not been conducted I've been directed by counsel for the FBI. Not to drag this guy away in handcuffs they do it now the context of drag him out and what they met. And their and someone may ask you that question as do strong but I didn't. I ask you how many people you interviewed before you wrote if you wanna get in the context. Well what are my other colleagues do that which you. Here's what all of no. Who's the heat and he's not. He is intended to trump so. When you said no Donald Trump's not in their friend connect to a question going to be called president. What's the net. Chairman well I stopped yet. Chairman dowdy that text needs to be taken in the current dot com I'm asking you look like if you want to have a debate over a two letter words quote after that some all the time. What. And moody Jumaine by yet. Mr. Gotti as I've stated that tax was written late at night. In short hand I don't care when a large ran about I don't care whether or not all hand curse though I don't care about anything that I wanna know what it meant and it struck. It would we did his candidacy for the president was I I sense that the America pop up that Tom would not. Vote him into office right right all we had gotten to the well yeah. Bob I want I'm joined the testimony is explained the act so I don't know wrote the American people is that right Daschle testimony though will stop it you were speaking on behalf of the American people Bacharach. Mr. Gotti what my testimony is and what I said during extensive asking this question in Dermarr prior to view is. I don't recall writing that text. When I deny he joined attacks. When I can tell you is that text in no way suggested that I IT FBI would take. Any action. To influence the candidates eighty pages they brought that it dies and a fantastic answer to a question nobody app dev missing body US and do you do. Is only only permitted to answer you as bad almost. The conclusion. Yeah. There were quite happy. You will be given additional. Do that witness. We look forward to that. We'll erupted. So your testimony is China's slide mr. chairman. You tell us who and how many weeks. Eric fiscally tough may get to reflect UK and Europe. You're testimony couple weeks ago was still we've met the American people. Which I found confusing. The calls on November the seventh which is today before the election. He said yes. This you more concerned with those same American people that you were speaking on behalf while might actually elect Donald Trump president. So you said OMG this is passing terrifies. Tom I think we know what testing Maine's. I'm pretty sure we have ONG down to what what's terrifying about those same American people you trusted to stop now. And August not stopping him in November. Also terrifying about that idea struck. Mr. Gotti I had do not have a copy of the transcript we have not been provided that transcript is no accident off the transcript Fisher taxed. Mr. Gotti what I would say and that is one that I was not referring to the American electorate and all the American electorate die. Respect in their decisions in their right to vote is absolutely of course some of our democracy so no time tonight. In Salter call on the question the did the judgment or a BB power of the American electorate. When I was expressing and that text is my personal belief and my personal sense of how I saw and what I believed in the potential upcoming emergency net. That's one up on so confounding because in August you blame the wheel the American people that the American people would stop because you don't want it to be you'll Lisa miss a chairman is don't wanna be yeah our god given five minutes to answer questions we have been we have been dealt this harassment. Nine minutes the air this Sherry and oversight committee I. General and Errol I don't want to spend that chair. In agreement with. The ranking members of both committees agreed that there would be liver reality in the questioning by the chairman and the ranking members of each committee the German we'll continue. What are trying to tell as a general we talked at the morality and every one of our questioning. What I find confounding agent struck page you were counting on the American people how is the week you referenced in August when you said will stop it. But the American people couldn't stop. He actually won so don't go to march of 27 saying. And you're already talking a longingly about him resigning. And really go to the day the special counsel mower while before we go to bat that's mark to 2070 in march of 26 today. You wrote god Hillary should 100 million to zero I'm assuming Hiller ruby former secretary say Hillary Clinton that's correct. And more to 26 say awards you're investigating her for potential mishandling classified information. We were. As you interviewed her yet no but you interviewed more than thirty other witnesses still wound up being interviewed. I would have to check the case filed but I'll take your representation that's Willis Hewitt says something incriminating and you'll or interviewed at took place months later of her love of her which you 1000000000. Event. How likely not have. Well why would you wait until the investigation. And was over before you have her the nominee. And one in a general election against an opponent that had even been named yet. 400 million to zero agents wow that. This is pretty ugly trait dowdy and securing Peter struck we'll continue this spectacle right here have been scooping into program. This is this Coakley radio program. Tony minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program Andy Serkis is under way out let's listen in to more of these hearings going on Peter struck speaking right now. Action would not elect somebody demonstrating that behavior to be president the United States it was in no way. Unequivocally. Any suggestion. Dead meat that FBI would take any action whatsoever. To improperly impact the electoral process for any candidate. So I take great offense and I take great disagreement to your assertion of what that was or wasn't. As to the hundred million to one that was clearly a statement made in jest. And using hyperbole I of course recognize that millions of Americans were likely to vote for candidate trump. I acknowledge that is absolutely their right that is what makes our democracy such a five run process that it is but to suggest somehow that we can Parse down. The words of shorthand sexual conversations like there's some contract parked car. He's is simply not consistent we admire most people's use of text messaging. I can assure you mr. chairman Ed notes hot. In any of these tax do those personal beliefs ever enter into the realm of any action I took furthermore. This isn't just me sitting here telling you you don't have to take my word fort. At every step at every investigate decision. There are multiple layers of people out of me the assistant director executive assistant director deputy director and director of the FBI. In multiple layers of people below me section chief supervisors unit chiefs. Chasing agents and analysts. All of whom were involved in all of these decisions. They would not tolerate any improper behavior in me any more than I would tolerated in them. That is who we yards the FBI and the suggestion that I and some dark chamber somewhere in the FBI. Which somehow cast aside. All of these procedures all of these safeguards and somehow be able to do this is astounding to me. It simply couldn't happen and the proposition that that is going on that it might occur anywhere in the FBI. Deeply core roads what the FBI is an American society the effectiveness of their mission. In it is deeply destructive. Thank they just update. Democrats applauding your and I have a motion have a rule eleven motion mr. chairman clause to I'm moved I'm moved to subpoena Steve Bannon. Mr. ban was a witness in the House Intelligence Committee investigation he was under subpoena. He refused to answer to my gentleman is without emotion that generally is not recognized that chair record that I've. That chair recognizes the gentleman from Maryland mr. chairman I ask the motives always order. Emotion is always in order mister chairman's role eleven clause to. Owl power units in the swallow. For one minute mr. chairman I'm I'm moved to subpoena Steve Bannon. And our house intelligence investigation he was under subpoena. He refused a number of times to answer questions of mr. doubting. Mr. Gary appears to have a sincere interest in getting to the bottom of what happened. And so I move under rule eleven to bring mr. Bannon to this committee also. Mr. chairman is in receipt of DeVon Muniz is letter to our committee recommending that the Judiciary Committee continue on the house intelligence committee's investigation. Into Russia and recommended witnesses so I move. Now for consideration for mr. ban to be subpoenaed. Thank you refuses for contempt proceedings took purpose chairman of the mr. chairman Erik and I had to get from consideration of the motion that is being made it Cummings the and I yield back mr. Cummins. But the motion has to be heard immediately mr. chairman under as chairman. Elaborate on its ridiculous to spend. It's been able. Where we've had lots of confusion going on in the motion does not germane and the gentleman from Maryland mr. I moved to table the ruling of the chair. You can if you moved to overrule the ruling of the chair if yeah who yeah. Mr. chairman I looked a little motion motion and made table the appeal a ruling would share. Follows in favor of tabling. The appeal respond by saying I tied. Those opposed no ago chair of the eyes tested chairman I ask for recorded macro point I alum ever recorded note. Mr. chairman put it parliamentary inquiry. Republicans have majority here so this is where there's an assumption that this is gone down cable or for that matter on the vote to appeal through me chair. Do we take separate votes in two committees or one vote of everything. From my understanding was that both you and mr. Cummings were satisfied with the one roll call vote. It is but will go through each committee. In order and then we'll take the cumulative vote have after the conclusion about Tommy Ellis I just wanted to clarify that point. But never mr. chairman I had asked her recorded vote. The crew in any order voted been requested and the clerk will call the roll the question is on. The motion to table the appeal the ruling of the chair of the clerk for the Judiciary Committee will commence. Mr. Dunlap I stick it up but I mr. sensenbrenner. Mr. sentiment about what they're voting and is there is a motion here to call Steve Bannon to testify to subpoena him. And the Republicans are basically saying you know we're we want a table. This particular motion Republicans of course are saying hey let's table this nonsense. Democrats. They once this motion to go forward. And again Republicans have majority in the committee this is not going. To succeed at all for the Democrats but they won't go through the motions here. Because it's great theater and they've got to appeal to their audience. So that's what you're hearing now it's a roll call of every single member of this particular committee. Before they can move on to questions I believe from Elijah Cummings. Which I'm sure will be softball questions. Answer accurate at times has rarely while we do this roll call I wanna back up a little bit and tell you about some wood to place during the break. Million it was quite heated you heard the tail end of Peter struck speech. In much you know basically the theme of it was I am offended. That you would think that I'm biased and I'm offended she would think so lowly of the FBI blah blah yadda yadda yadda. That's pretty much it I could have saved him all the words and all of the anger and all of the theater. That's basically what you're saying. And part of his position was he was kicked off of the investigation not because of bias. But because of the perception of block. And you can't make this stuff up people seriously. I'm biased. There's just a concern about perception. By the way the other thoughts going in my mind is I watched this. Vladimir prudent has to be absolutely positively. Thrilled in laughing his rear end off rate now at what's going on in this hearing. This is ridiculous. And he's still doing the roll call vote list and still doing the votes. This is pathetic. The clerk of anyway oversight of reform committee one of the things straight Gotti covered earlier. He has the issue of the appointment of the special counsel in May of Tony seventeen. Sit down and he said how long did it take for you talk about impeachment. Peter struck said you know ultimately. She didn't answer the question. Betray Gabby did it within a day he was talking about impeachment. And he was talking about again within five days. High. And this is despite the fact there weren't any interviews conducted none zero. They had nothing. Not a single interview. Yet it's Peter struck continues to insist. He did not have any bias and the only reason he was kicked off the investigation was the perception. I wanna back up as well. She won the allegations here by the Democrats they believe that Peter struck his being harassed. Poor guy. I I hope you can see my crocodile tears. Running on your radio right now where I have no sympathy whatsoever for this man this why was saying when he was refusing to answer. Questions that have nothing to do with the investigation d.s were just. These are questions. In general they can that you should have no problem answering. But he refused to answer and I was serious about this. If there were away and I've I've argued for this if there were way too criminally address. Situations like this if you guys genuine oversight. I think there are people ought to be arrested. And it's my thoughts and listen to more of this spectacle. As our broadcast continues. This is still since Coakley radio program. Already so they've had their votes and they've gone on with this spectacle right now Elijah Cummings is asking questions are. And I will listen just a little bit of this I have a feeling it's not going to amount to much let's. And taken out believe you answered that question. Will be helpful to my colleagues. In fairness to all of us go ahead mr. Thank you today and I certainly do sir. Appreciate and understand that question that concern and my people licked those tax and want to know why and how they should believe. That those. Personal beliefs played any role in my official acts what I can tell you sir is that first I. Like every FBI agent like every person in this room like everybody watching has a political opinion. And each and every one of those people in the FBI. Whatever their political beliefs walks in the door and they leave those behind. The FBI has a culture. It is in our culture. It is in our training is in our policy and everything we do is dedicated to the pursuit of the facts where they leg. And applying the law to those facts. There is no room. For personal belief it is. Something that is an app and thus it is simply something culturally that doesn't occur then we're no Burris it would be noted. And stopped seeing him in this is the best culture. We have. Policies we have procedures we have laws we have guidelines that are designed to provide. Outside checks and balances Brandon Tyler twirled design review. To provide for any number of ways that the individual actions of any agent any endlessly support personnel. Are not acting in any way other then official policies and procedures. So when I tell. Why isn't Hillary Clinton in jail first time I've had enough for this moron and turn this guy are in I'm serious. I just this is what's so frustrating to so many Americans talk in the skywalk free. We're what he's done is a profound abomination a miscarriage of justice. And I'd never question that. From day one but what I've also said I have a strong feeling there's nothing of consequence it's gonna happen this guy. Nothing of consequence. And we'll see a lot of the year. And I suspect that will be about it. Am I wrong about this Ron what do you think. I hear ya you're absolutely wrong about this first of all weren't warned that direct instruction. First amendment rights to police speech he. And we. Oh it's right to free speech run run by. Answer my freaking questions people. This is not about his free speech this guy is a freaking government employee and when your brought to testify you need to testify period. If you can answer my questions don't call this program don't start going off to. Some place like Siberia talking about whatever. Answer might freak and questions people. This just drives me up the wall. But as I was saying what is so frustrating about this. This is why so many of the American people are so cynical. This guy can do what he did. And here he is sitting up there very probably offering his non testimony. And giving speeches. About how wonderful he the FBI are how wonderful and unbiased. He has. I'm the tech slight. Listening to us. Trucks opening statement not sure figured if he is inebriated shortest state of our blood disillusionment. Good question. Another person saying fire them all at the FBI and start over. Something very important to mention. The Internet alcoholic challenge. Well we don't need to go into that I think that would be extremely tacky Jeff says what a joke. Vince how dare we question the integrity of Peter struck after all he was running around and his wife and family with a woman he worked with. PS struck hearing going as expected Democrats pulling every rabbit out of their hats to obstruct the truth. You have all these non answers to treat Gary's question installs volumes you're right drag this guy away in cuffs dowdy is on fire. You noticed how he says he doesn't remember the text in many quotes from the text admits he knew the text in knew what was in it of course. Not a person. All the guy off for perjury. Only struck should be hauled out and change the dims involved should be charged for obstructing justice good luck with that. Not what else do we have here. This mess is truly my tax dollars. At work isn't it wonderful. Liberal Democrats all scared don't know what to do when cornered laughing my rear end off. Hence the reason why these congressional hearings go nowhere is because of politicians like Elijah Cummings. There is a reason the Democrats symbol is the jackass. I can imagine Maxine Waters backed up by a rove met ministers having a press conference. If there were. A similar situation with the FBI agents sending text about stopping Obama can you imagine all that would have been thermonuclear. How dare you. It would have been terrible. Let's go out to Jason in Charlotte good morning Jason. There has played nobody writes there. Now throughout the order and say about the congressional hearings got pregnant woman beta one but Compuware silly it's not that ever comes on and there's like. And me I grew at they used to meant so much earlier he should be part can. Carter are been allowed to interrupt Obama bots are hot air a second date. At all really got to say thank you get you repeal or. It takes a plot for your call they're Jason let's go two written may. Good morning Rene. Okay good morning and tell you noted today do you well. Pierre and let me show. I mentioned just an abomination is just ridiculous. And I'll never played big game at a very young child. Called coupons. Oh yes. And brought it reminds them it's like thinking moon around stick marbles gonna get down just get a coupon. List hit list at number somebody hit areas. Right now on the line that would be a long term. Oh you won't want Alonso I. You would be much more the credible is which you're saying year. No I didn't want them being much more educated. For more talent than worry. Well. Well I I take that as a high compliment for Alonso that you think very highly of him in Renee thank you very much for your call yeah. This I mean you really have to watch brain cells start to melt. When you listen this guy go on and on a nun and Democrats they love it they eat you know it's it's perfectly acceptable. How would assess the jury in the out of can apple this morning. This morning and different not certain that it. They're told want to know if its owner talking about. April except where there are the questions about you know any of it be. And go there it's true that he consistently. And everything else out at the bill or 18 billion. Single car while the bears ball mandate ordinary guy and kill about. Hillary and got up and gave his opinion and says. Oh it's my opinion that we can't score terror within them even as she did he then go. He may he laid out the case for charging the woman did needs to know Sydney made the decision not to charger. It was very formal process. Don't support after a four bit farther forward that there via hospital there if we are so caught up. Yet if there's all sorts of problems there and no doubt the need for a serious housecleaning there would you not agree. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock. We have the house oversight committee hearing going on right now we've been listening to a good portion of this morning. Especially for the fireworks. Up let's listen in just for a moment before practice and your calls here. Attorney page who is also involved needs investigation side to record that I separated out. My personal beliefs from any action I took officially as an FBI agent every day. Do you do you recognize how your victory all against president trump makes it appear you could never approached the case in a fair minded manner. Sir of course I appreciate that I understand Alicea that was the attacks that hits home for me. On August 262016. You texted ms. page. Quote just went. To a southern Virginia Wal-Mart. I could smell the trumps support a boy and smell. Is in capital letters all capital letters. What does trump support smell like mr. struck. So that's expression speech I clearly wasn't smelling wanting to the other when I was commenting on is living in northern region of what does having. Do what I've who went out meant by that was living in Northern Virginia having traveled under 150 miles south within the same state. I was struck by the extraordinary difference. The new expression of political opinion and belief amongst the community there and and I'm where I write that as smelling kept the letters sir that was a choice of their quick choice of words at a time until earlier you mean are rumored OK so earlier you had texted ms. page. On that another part of Virginia Loudon County. Which is I think in Northern Virginia. Is quote still ignorant hillbillies. Impending quote. Is that what you meant. Most are not at all. But you better trump supporters to be ignorant hillbilly got at all or do you mean by that assert the first thing that there is that it is a proud Fairfax County resident there's a healthy sort of competition between Fairfax allowed. Second thing I would tell you is that in no way did die hard two I believe. He resident Loudon County yours southern Virginia or anywhere else in the nation is. Are there any of those things that was eight. Flippant so east do you understand the implications of this tech's win my constituents. In Virginia. Read it I do sir and I I would ask you to tell them that that was a in some cases certainly unfortunate. You're so boards that in no way do I believe that those things are well now you and ms. page used personal phones and accounts to communicate. Have you turned over those communications to the inspector general. The mr. If foul line. Sir they asked and working in my attorney inspector general and I arrange an agreement where I would go through my. Personal accounts and identify indeed material that was relevant FBI business and turn it over. There's reviewed there was none in my understanding is inspector general was satisfied that that action. We we we know from text that you admits page would transition. Two I message in Gmail. Who determined that messages were only personal in nature. And not business related especially since you've just testified at length. That a number of the communications that you have made on government communications devices were personal in nature. Sir the broad broad context of what I used personal. You mail and phones far was. Personal communication. For those things that were work related almost universally are right side. Think we get the idea here man that was pretty devastating I mean. We're basically what he's trying to get us to believe is what I said I really didn't mean. I mean honestly do you believe that IE have not in a million years out quickly got ram C good morning welcome. Larry good morning very. Cleaned all of a note saying you know what they've done this or I had big bullet hailed news has been hard. They do not know what there has been building a bit there are a bit but why people are lying and you're down on it you all beat me and you might not. Really be Al. And then make me any excuse me come on health forty years sounding. And Baylor California that. It's it's frustrating to watch is there Ramsey just absolutely no. No judgment here that I mean this is not complicated stuff this is pretty basic pretty basic stuff. And yet this is Washington culture and this is part of what is so frustrating so many people watching from afar. A Simpson bill and Dick good morning. They're bad they're confirmed on the levees or don't say it but I thought just a little bit it's a lie do you get about a minute okay I'll. The world and that you're I am I want your opinion. On world sustained. Just 6300. Almost 300. Federal prosecutors don't Brit Cavanaugh. I do opposition researcher here that. Okay have you heard that I have not heard that yet. There's 97 special prosecutor opposite United States and that he ordered Corey. Split screen prosecute for each opposite new. And investigate Brent Cavanaugh. This is something now I'm not aware of rule will certainly look into was there another port you wanna do to make and that was OK I don't pick up top okay well. I appreciate your call I appreciate your call and we have enough time for raji at about 3045 seconds here. Harder to quit bans same endure you shared they tablet bow and BM when he pay. I'm if left a hole in the bone and be a man. Great. What. My goodness it might go back something I said before. That. I really believe that the Russians are third they're laughing at us just like you today. Most going to the airport and I and there was something going I'm just really stupid. It's only security precautions that take place. You know the terrorists are laughing at us. You know it it's the same kind of thing the strife and what is the strife over. Pizza over. Protecting people who are lying. And we're deceitful. Or dishonest. We're not following their oats. Why why is this even a debate in America. It should not be. We'll continue with this tomorrow every day. This is still since Coakley radio program.