The End of The World, Religion in America, Panthers and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, September 19th

Hancock talks about the predicted End of The World, the worth of the Panthers, religion, Affordable Health Care Act and more.


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Are. This is John Hancock. Other other other way are as Tuesday as we can big. Your lap around the building it's the little toast bielsa. Not the world is ending on Saturday so loved. Just look you know early so you have arrested today and Wednesday and Thursday Friday this kind of flash forward do we get up early Saturday or late Saturday TJ or do we know is that. Just sometimes Saturday. Now we're pretty sure this is Oreo we've gone through these before but so we're we're pretty sure this is the one. So while I am personally am pretty damn happy about it. I didn't really wanna have to go through another three years of the trump administration is just tedious just tiring cents a that I disagree with everything used to and it's just tigers could the United Nations today it just tiring. So if we can every induced every distended all of ballad pretty much solve everything wondered health care. I nuclear war. A global warming. Yeah I don't know maybe maybe that's the solution. Torrealba yep and it unedited and hurricanes. So what was so that's her out Maria is. Maria is more powerful it would seem that our minds somewhere is and Puerto Rico is gonna take a direct hit. And Dominica is just kitten slammed her got slammed as of the last nine. Now what the Caribbean and prime minister. Also mind boggling damage. And Maria's go into areas that are arm has already gone through and not torn up and I don't know that the whole lot more a terror up in some areas like say John and places like that but. But Emery is hidden and those areas as well she was a downgraded to a category for our earlier today but then. Got back out of neo waters and now she's back a category five again. Extremely dangerous category four or five hurricane wallet approach is the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico according to the national hurricane center of a a state of emergency has been declared in Puerto Rico which is expected to get hit tomorrow. It got. A glancing blow from Burma and not say that it still didn't cause some damage but does this once boasted just Neil Puerto Rico. And the models have it kind of going north and so but it's way way too early to get. Comfortable with that. So we'll have to keep prion that as we get into the early part of next week's state of emergency is also been declared for the US Virgin Islands were a Maria is the close to saint Croix. They'll of the suffered the least damage were there muscle. In some cases the islands that. Kind of avoided had the catastrophic damage from armagh are. Maria has taken Carol. Remained under thirty US Virgin Islands those president as you know there you think yourself wow I could live here. To should be a great place to hang out and it is like code that is anybody that's fifty years old goes to Hawaii either did run into some people that. Have just thrown it all away and moved to Hawaii and there was a guy that we met when we were down there are 1020 years ago. He was a former financial advisors some borrowed. And he was doing the bike runs up and down are down not volcano on Mallory. Yep bright early in the morning and you go to the top of the bell kit volcano you're in Hawaii. And it is like you know. 48 degrees. Cold as it can be in you watch the sun come up stunning. And then you get on a bike you ride all the way down this volcano on a bike. Not to the ocean down moral. Now they they quit doing those for awhile because I got to be two dangers. And and when we did it. As we were cruising on down the volcano are singing to myself. Because it gets scary sometimes. Then didn't I don't think it how can how can every tourist that does this not get injured well apparently some do. But that's also we went through a little town called pay ESP. EIA. And I just before you hit the ocean. And I've just gone through town I knew it was like an old hippie tunnel look like boulder back in the 1960s so we aren't we got back in the race car and headed back up to PO. Turned up to one of our favorite places problem. But we asked this does broker guy who picks up in the morning you know what is his drew us and so on and so forth and I said well I can do I can retire from radio Sunday and I could come down earnings again you know why you sound just like everybody else. And apparently there's a there's a million people that go you know they did do that. They bring their houses out and had the State's who they are retire they do and they go to Hawaii that are gonna is gonna throw it always loved the carefree life you know take a part time job doing some thunder and he said very few can actually do something about it. But he was digger and I assume he still probably over there. We've same thing you go into the Caribbean and you get on these islands we had dinner one night in saint Maarten on the side of a hill. Helio is no jail or something like federal morals called. And kind of senator we we've met somebody who would come from the states and it opened up a store there and you just thought I would there's more than life. Once thought about all of them in the last couple days because all those people that are live in the lifer probably. Homeless. Business looks. Carlos. And if you're down there are just living the life you're not make it a whole lot of money. So you're probably insure. Billions lists. I was what's better than them all are the update on know they and the world over sort of mystery about to send to congress. There's only a couple of days left there's probably stuff you wanna do what what do you wanna get done before the world ends on Saturday. Like to get my lawn mowed. While I want place to look nicer. And and aliens shouldn't have taken under you know don't. Talk would dice that come out of the earth stood. Sees what we've abandoned our David made it. Is a neurologist. And a self described researcher. And he says the world ends on Saturday. Our September the 23 it is foretold in the Bible's book of revelation as the day a series of catastrophic events will begin and as a result quote. A major part of the world will not be the same. This is all reported in the Washington Post so it's got to be true. The Bible prophecies. A woman. Quote clothed with the sun. Think I remember once. It's 1969. It is. Bigs or believe. And I've crown of twelve stars giving birth to a boy who will rule all the nations while she fights off a seven headed dragon. Another woman according to this main duty is to constellation Virgo. Which on Saturday will be positioned under. Nine stars and three planets. So there you go there's that part of it. And that is perm popular mechanics. So it's got it must be true. And I got popular mechanics and the Washington Post deny that. And the baby boy will be the planet Jupiter. Which will be moving out of her go on that very night. Do you need more proof. So what is says that very night so I'm assuming maybe we've got all day Saturday. According to meet he says he's studied astronomy. Had an unspecified university in Kentucky. Washington Post. Popular mechanics. Song university in Kentucky. And the great changes and our world will be the result of the arrival of new big hero. A famous or planet famous and conspiracy circles. In which astronomers. Say well actually it doesn't exist. But would you agree to do believe a bunch of astronomers over this guy. So what David Morrison is a senior space scientists at NASA and he says there's no bureau are really on a collision course with earth we'd have seen it by now. But. We hear all the time about. Comets and stuff that are flying past the planet that agency. I don't re edit how would you know maybe this is a stealth. Maybe this is and then maybe this thing's made of clear. So I made the original guys this is the world's gonna end on Saturday points to the fact that September 23 falls 33 days after the last month's total solar eclipse. I'll. Are to believe it's been 33 it is is we put those glasses out one on hung in the parking lot and and that's proof of his prophecy. Jesus also lived for. 33 years. So the out. Till the world ends on Saturday. So I don't know what you wanna get done by then but it's better start took. The other girls in their into the world. That's where it. Starts with a earthquake. Birds and snakes and Errol plans and when he Bruce is not afraid. And yeah. And the. You can tell us. And lust we'll probably get a little bit later on video world and there's sure Christians in the world to never ever been before. We're losing our religion. Comes would this be the whole REM. Showed today. It into the world as we know oil closing our religion. They could say and prayers last night at the City Council meetings. Which there is they're doing in no reaction to some other legislation or some other rulings that have come down now from the courts. They're growing county or all that was taken place. But to do with Roy and county. Was that that they were. Only promoting one religion Ed bed that's all they did work Christian purse. So they didn't allow me. The idea of Muslim prayer or any other our faith. Opening up the session and that's so. It would seem to me that. As they are prone to do. We're overreacting. And then why they do it now. I don't know. Noticing how under you're done was something you're just done whether it. Take for instance. Tall I don't know mayor Roberts. Just done. Just just done the drivers were last Tuesday we said no thank you. And and so now I hear are doing explanation or some non and I just saying now I go please. Well. Organized operator something. The the mayor it's hard to City Council last night ended this longstanding tradition of starting its meetings with a prayer. And and she'd go Roberts told the audience that they there had been a meeting with attorneys. To discuss several recent court cases and and the separation of church and state now before the meeting. And so she says we're not gonna have an indication as me this evening we're going do I change the way that we conduct it on expert advice of our turning. With the concern over freedom of religion separation of for a church and statements from recent court rulings. And. Beat the via the attorney about Beckham. I don't think this is commented on. Well on that boat and emails to council members. He said that he had. Contacted the media about the mayor's announcement may suggest to be clear I have not concluded. And have not advised that the council's invocation practice is unconstitutional. And I did not advise you to in the practice. And the problem in the rowing county case was that the court found that 97% of the county's prayers were about christianity. And in fact if I remember correctly I don't think Perot and carry case was even open to someone of another faith. Coming in and doing a per. So that that's where you run into the problem is if you promote. One single face if you have a government that's wrapping itself in a single faith. Com the establishment clause. Doesn't permit a seat of government to do that. So in rowing county according to the course they elevated one religion above the others and aligned itself with that faith. And although that faith is the one that I happened to choose to that's doesn't make it right so that was what was happened at them. And the City Council meeting last night and why they picked now to do it. I don't know I heard some people speculating earlier today video his political. But I don't quite get the political. Aspects of it. Now there was an article that came down a bad news survey on the religious beliefs of Americans. Out this would've been. Early September on my birthday the sixth. Public religion. Research institute. Sees a dramatic transformation. Taking place a cost across the country in regards to religious beliefs. And and just for starters. White Christians no longer make up the majority of the nation and well maybe that has something to do not affect it edited it's white Christians but maybe don't. The lowering of faith and christianity and and many faiths. As a little bit to do with some of the things that dog has today. Seemingly more people that have no conscious whatsoever or can take someone's life without thinking twice about it and they'll all be. The lack of faith based. Or parenting I guess I'd be about same thing when it. Anyway we'll talk about religion and American just sick. They're. Hackett religion in America they I think it's funny thing. It's funny I got a live in a fairly shallow minded world when I was a kid but you know moment and just give me a. Very Sunday morning maybe Promos in you gray slacks and go to church. And as many of you know my dad became an episcopal priest when I was 26. That's a longer story than you wanna sit through right now but that was a little bit of a transformation to. But anyway in my foundation has always been opposed to fill in church and now I'm and I just had a thought everybody was Christian. Except for the Jews. Which I basically are heard about when I was kid America's those for the bankers. Start this elect Scott Vermont. From Massachusetts. But you just die I don't know you just always assumed. That eight year ended christianity was always gonna be the majority. But a long shot. But you know you had done you let other UN other assumptions then that you always thought that. Caucasians were always going to be the majority. As well that's bad that's already changing as some states and it's changing drastically in the country. Saw was some of the assumptions that you grew up thinking about you better think again and no religion in America is changing kind of a big way so we'll talk about that in just a second win over Arizona Tom we're talking about Davos. Neurologist. The world's gonna end on Saturday. And this. This new diet. Diabetes type two diet that I got diagnosed with a joint. And been bad. But I'm unify if the world's ending on Saturday that means Friday night. There's a punt Augen does in my future. And an ice for instance and one and notre and Burt white bread I may just sit there and just eat white bird enjoyed. Explode. I am smoked in fourteen years old ground by OPEC's interests. And we told TJ it maybe I should fly to Colorado. But it's the world's and they don't need to fly to Colorado does cedar. Do it or want here even if you got caught not going to be around for the court hearing. So. Addai out I don't know I'm getting kind of excited about the into the world unknown on Saturday it opens up so many. So many things I can do another area near in the interim now there's other parts of that at all kind of my granddaughters not born yet she's due any day. And be kind of a bummer not to get to know her. Kind of a bummer. Now. My dog's sick right now also. But I did the world and so now we're network but kind of more. And and in my Christian belief it's the world ends then. Susan iron into the same place so that'd be good also run and my dad again I'd be cool. I don't know how to weigh this. Positive negatively whether or not the end of the world as good thing or bad thing. What about all the money in my 401K. And I hate to leave that behind. Tom here on WBT hi. Page on enjoin you showed Europe great man out radio Powell out fairway and thank you yeah belated and I want despite this in a serious way. People have been talking about the world amateur and Ian are thousands of years. But I tell you this and and it you can dispute now certainly hang up and let it beat. Or any person that. That'd be in their world no more merit or no Lloyd Chapman a low rent it noble gift jar O'Neal no more not that everything well. When you've got best in the world what you bring down. Let's into this world. Bombing that are you know written. On her no. Not if you have faith not a few are not if you all believe in something no bigger than what we're all low limit and you're not if you all believe that this is just. A deep wage to us something better. Pride and and in reality. I'm not I'm out by Obama I have a master's degree in divinity but when you do that. And some eyes world ended that day while we're out what your radio skill is born grow. Some of the Cold War ended and it alien debate tomorrow and even before austerity. And that disturbed. Not so sure we made any progress on like all. I'm not so sure I quite understand whether or not he has any. You believe it everlasting life. So my best friends do not. I was had a thought on that and general orders her way occurs over a period also understand that if you're raised that way from the day you're born. Then it's. It's propaganda to some extent. You know I mean. Otherwise why didn't I brought to be Muslim or. You know I was raised episcopalian I was raised commission and so that's that's that's my comfort level but I don't or whatever. I've always. I have told people about my dad if you if you believe in what he did you'd you'd have to be happy Horry is right now. Then the downside of that is if you believe. And and mostly christianity just for example. If you believe in that and it turns out not to be true. Well. No big deal. But if you don't believe in that and it does turn out to be true. Well there can be some. Pretty serious consequences. Now there's a new a major news survey on the religious police of America public religion research. Institute. And they talk about a dramatic transformation taking place across the country into big takeaways from this over a 100000 people. They did and you know 2016 white Christians no longer make up the majority of Americans. Now it's 43%. Down from 81%. In 1976. Which is about ten years after her migrant my parents for making me get out of bed and know put on the issue gray slacks and go to church. And fewer than half of US states have a majority population of white Christians less then. Fewer than half. And knows where to cut down assumptions I think that. Caucasians made. We are all. You know well you better you you better start being nicer to people. There's the times they are changing. I in twenty states according to the survey people with no religious affiliation outnumbered those. Of any single religious affiliation twenty states people of know what religious affiliation. Outnumbered those of any single religious affiliation. Religion and white America is dying. And why is that. Because we don't wanna get out of bed on Sunday morning. We wanna see the pregame showed of the unifil. But don't wanna get out to him after get dressed and go and under church and and do all that stuff and Saturday nights. Which they do we you know a lot of people deserves is on Saturday nights or Wednesday night's. Well that's just not convenient either. The priest or more of the house. Could you can you just drop by and. Say hi. There are things Goldman move on to the next. House and then we're that we're. Religion and white America is dying while religion and nonwhite America is holding strong. And they say expect that continued the religions with the highest percentage of members ages eighteen to 29. Our islam's. 42%. And Hinduism 36%. Far higher than white Catholics 11%. Y eighty villain evangelical. Protestants 11% and white mainline Protestants 14%. Non Christian religious groups may be growing but they still represent less than 10% of Americans. Jewish Americans are at 2% Muslims buddhists and Hindus or 1%. And all other non Christian religions amount to about another 1%. So non Christian religious groups may be growing up but they're still represent only about 10% of all Americans. Out of white Christians still make up nearly three quarters of the GOP. They constitute less than 13 of Democrats. Down from about half ten years ago and both parties face big challenges with the religious. Shift that is taking place. President addressed the UN today we'll get to that disable the over or Taylor kit on WTA kit. Yes. Congratulations on your induction into the role playing thank you. I spoke with anyone who has her own bubble had that this puts you right up there what Jesus now well. I'm not so sure I believe either one of those I'm pretty sure one albums adds a little later on its. Well anyway that diploma U gravely damaged but that that would be the Jewish religion but it but the important clarification. Well I read all the work you were well aware read about this gentleman who was. Projecting. The end of the world can save beauty and around the physical world we could be the end of this world as we know. Can you maintain that this is going to be the beginning of the end or beginning of the end color. He says a major part of the world. Will not be the same. Why. It if you read further into the numerous shortly. Which sold by the way the garden. Well I just went out he. Who. Well we're we're we're right then just at the time my oh we've run into this we've had fun with this did not this particular guy but it. I mean the end of the world comes down merit every two or three years and then and then what and then they correct themselves and say that they must have misread the. They Kamal come Obama knew very I mean the first one but I recall in the nineteenth century would gentleman who. Intuit interpretation and you're going to hear rapture gathered just walk on to a rock and waited for awhile. And led all I got the wrong date down there and rapture turned out to be a Blondie song. Record so different we probably do better then potential. Paid out but you're just won the that not redirect but. Just qualify that. EU EU saying this isn't going to be the beginning of the end parched. What ever call every church we've achieved so I may still be stuck here so I probably shouldn't get off my diabetic diet. Well look you know even matchup the world toward a former Berkeley OK so you know armed armed gonna move right true. Yeah. Well OK I'll go all see on the other side. Her job three. Why when he messed with his birthday or about the rest of her birthday is. Well I got mine and one that I wasn't really trying to get him. I was I was Rwanda just to hang their worth actually it's the first anniversary of my deal birthday. That the real work. Odd the president today I find this fascinating. President today. Addressed the UN. And you could tell he went off script a couple of times I thought I thought in the first half of that I thought was excellent. He looked good he looked authoritative. He stayed to the script tee but then all the sudden he got further and there. And and he referred to a Kim John owners rocket man like you did in between day before yesterday and I'm just not so sure at the UN that you necessarily wanna. Now he's gonna do things in a way he wants to do woman and that's sort of the way it's going to be and he doesn't conform to the way that things have always been nor the way things are supposed to be here. But he was pretty he delivered his first ever speech to the full united. I'm nations general assembly today. And neither man's words about North Korea or Venezuela or. And and in any used his new nickname for Kim Jong-un. The north's nuclear arsenal threatens the entire world he said in the US must defend itself. Or an ally. And then he said quote we will have no choice but to totally destroy. North Korea. If the United States must defend itself or an ally. We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. And then a little bit further and do us a speech he used the new nickname that he has or Kim Jon and adding that rocket man is on a suicide mission up for himself. Not to me when Marty mused that I thought to myself well that's kind of an inside joke at all have those people in that there UN assembly don't know what. First of all don't know that he calls a rocket man because that's fairly new for him anyway. And second place probably don't. I don't know why they were all learn headphones there's listen and Elton John while the president spoke. Trump called the a nation. It was speaking about are ramming called I ran a rogue state labeled the nuclear deal struck under the our President Obama an embarrassment to the United States. Hinted that the United States might eventually declared Null and void and said in this were I think he went. I think he went off script preset I don't think you've heard the end of it believe me I mean when he say and believe me. His speechwriters didn't but better enough. He talked about being at putting America. First. Which a lot of us kind of wanted to hear I guess but he also set I will always put America first just like you who the leaders of your country's. Should always put your country's first. And many talked about rogue regimes. And he said we meet at a time of immense promise and great apparel. And it is up to us whether we will lift the world to new heights or let it fall into a valley of despair closed quote. And then he added the scourge of our planet is a group of rogue regimes. And the best line he had amplifying all of that today I thought was. If the righteous many. Meaning most of the decent nations represented in that room today if the righteous many do not confront the wicked few. Then people will trial. Don't know all the ins and outs of all of this but 01 of the breaking stories to. Two. For the senate to pass legislation this summer. With a fifty votes. So there are so much top senate Republicans. With this last ditch effort to repeal obamacare. And it's gaining some momentum. But then again who knows. They don't have a lot of time there's a deadline at the end of the month for them to be able to pass repeal legislation with only fifty votes so that's one of the reasons that there I mean today's the nineteenth right. So lob. John Thune of South Dakota who is the number three GOP leader in the senate. Said of senator bill Cassidy of Louisiana who's leading the effort along with Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. So when John Thune said about the he's the grave robber. This thing was Six Feet Under. Close quote. So there's three attempts by the senate to pass a repeal legislation this summer and they all failed and all fell short of the fifty votes and a Senator John McCain cast the deciding no vote on the final one. And a new legislation. Which just started last week. Would replace much of the Affordable Care Act it would block grants of money to states it cuts Medicaid. It changes how that operates. He it would do give states wide latitude in how to spend the block grant money and it would also let them set their own. Coverage requirements it would allow insurers to increase premiums for people with preexisting conditions and ends the mandates that require most Americans coverage to workers. The our Congressional Budget Office. Wouldn't have an estimate ready until. I guess the end of the month at its at its very earliest. But that would complicate things. And Democrats obviously and doctors and hospitals and patients denial bunch of people coming out of the woodwork opposed to the plans say millions could lose coverage. Chuck Schumer. President's new buddy. Our agency Nancy Pelosi get about cholera called down yesterday in her own state. Hello when she gets flustered. You know she was she was all a Tizzy yesterday. Chuck Schumer said that this new healthcare. Proposal is worse than the last bill or slash Medicaid get rid of preexisting conditions coverage and it's very very event. Politico reports that so far the bill has sale hard know from our Rand Paul of Kentucky and you'll recall that he actually voted for the last one. And then you got senator Susan Collins of Maine who who opposed to previous repeal measure and doesn't seem like she's committed to voting no and no on this one but. She's expected to do so. In fact what is the latest and just found out on Maine a couple seconds ago look at your view your browser key votes are still going to be Lisa Murkowski. Susan Collins Rand Paul and John McCain. Our Collins is the main Republican who voted against repeal bill earlier and she says she had a number of concerns on this new proposal including the fact that the bill would restructure Medicaid. In a fundamental way without considering the ramifications and four main. It would be a one billion dollar less first funding over a decade and now people with preexisting conditions will also be hurt so wrong. So she's not necessarily end and Rand Paul today called the bill another big government boondoggle. He eventually back to GOP bill this summer. But he'll look like he's on board he said this isn't a repeal this is keeping obamacare and re distributing media proceeds. So this is not a repeal bill this is sort of pay won't take obamacare and replace it with obamacare. But we're going to let the states have a little bit more power and how we spend it so he doesn't seem like keys. He's on board an Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Along with columns and McCain killed the final attempt this summer and she is undecided on this new proposal those float around the senate right now. She told reporters what I'm trying to figure out is the impact on my state. McCain complained about the rushed process he repeated his issue from the last time that he wants legislation to go through her regular order and he said I'm not supportive of the bill yet. We need to talk more about it. And and it's as good body it's it and it's Graham's is. His good buddy it's kind of behind all of this. One of the co sponsors of the legislation is a McCain's closest friend. Lindsey Graham South Carolina. So rob. And he's says State's governor of Arizona Don Doocy Doug Doocy. He's endorsed the bill which increases the pressure on him. Political said that senators Cory Gardner of Colorado and Jerry Moran of tech Kansas and Rob Portman of Ohio. Said that they need more time to review the bill. So are none of them are willing to either say that there are solid yes or a third no or whatever the case it would kill legislation so anyway that's that's where you are at this point. Rush was starting about this little bit earlier candidate showed said he had really gotten into it today because. Eight in wanna go all that way just to find out that it was. Going to be another Trojan horse to do you don't know but it wasn't gonna accomplish anything. So while also Woolsey were all of that one goes the other thing it's kind of event a couple of the things that are as water is that trump wants a fourth of July military operated Washington. I you have brought this up yesterday. Wants to do it down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington on the fourth of July. Something that he'd originally wanted and is enough for his inaugural parade he made the remarks during the meeting with the French president. I at the United Nations as a recalled watching know the Bastille day parade in Paris. And which includes tanks and military jets and flying overhead and when he said he wanted to do a fourth of July military parade I merely thought North Korea. Did you know all the footage did you see North Korea has all the military walk and by the give John noon. That was probably better me to think that we're. He said Delaware actually taken the president's direction thinking about a fourth of July Pennsylvania Avenue having a great they're really great parade to show off our military strength. Tom. The last time there was a military parade in Washington. Showing off US military hardware was 1991. And they did that at the end of the Persian gulf war. I nerves are historian by the name of Michael. Beschloss. Who told the New York Times that missiles were also part of John F Kennedy's inaugural parade. So there you go on balance audible Cyril that goes. The big story. That's kind of simmering underneath the rest got to wait to see where this goes. The FBI was listening in somebody just emailed me wanted to. Receive. I can't find it. Our viewers to register our drug called master about this I think this is a story that you were asking about the FB IR was listening in on Paul man afford. That's. Trump's first campaign manager. Listening in on metaphor conversations long before it became chief of the trump campaign. And it wiretapped him again as part of an investigation of alleged Russian election meddling. The insiders tell CNN that matter fort. Was initially wiretapped under a secret court order in 2014 in connection with his work as a consultant and Ukraine. And then that investigation was dropped last year apparently because there wasn't enough evidence to bring charges. But then the sources say there's that thing I love so much about a monitored today sources say. That the wiretapping resumed under another secret order which like the first was issued under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It's not clear win the second court order was issued but the ward extended until at least earlier this year. Along with the man afford. Well long after man for parting ways with the trump campaign. And they say evidence collected suggests that manna for encouraged. The Russians to help the trump campaign. Dough that evidence has not conclusive. Now as I read all of this today. And the wording in the way that it's worded and the fact that it's coming from the New York Times and CNN. It's kind of been. Because of so many other things going on it's kind of been awhile since we've gotten a daily. Speculative. Article from the Washington Post the New York Times and CNN. The death by am a million paper cuts the just keep on plant the seeds planting the seeds plant the seeds in them before you know what are you convinced people that. They're smoking even though there's been no fire. And all of this I would assume all come out when the investigation is done in the results of that come out with a New York Times citing sources. Including lawyers and witnesses. Moon. So that that pretty well locks it up Bennett. Lawyers and witnesses certainly can't disputed knew that. Reports that federal agents apparently fearing manner for would destroy evidence picked a lock it hurt without warning when they raided his Virginia home in July and we know they did down. The sources said that after that raid the special cancel Ralph Robert Mueller's prosecutor warned Manfred that they plan to indict him. And that can be pretty bad news for men for so we'll see were all that goes but that's that's one of the other stories it's kind of bubbling underneath the news along with the be possible hello Graham Cassidy repeal bill on obamacare. Are and everything else now. Carolina Panthers. Forbes list is out how much are they were if you heard. I'll tell you next. 2070 ranking bipartisan magazine. Love Tom NFL franchise worth. Pro football pro what teamwork and then they say the Panthers are worth 2.3 billion dollars that's up. From last year. This. Hornets are what. 750 million I think if I remember last time. Jordan armed her. But a song 175200. Bills select. This is why don't believe in city's been held hostage to build stadiums. For our teams they can afford themselves of its. Good deal it's a good deal. If it's not a good deal that is not a good deal for the city's either now there is a little bit of a per rocks and on that. Oh let's say that the NFL or it was a losing proposition that. Then there's the jury's. The event that the franchise was still worth 300 million dollars like we know what he paid for. I'm. If you'd still. Amending it that are pro franchise like that adds to a city. We saw went over to the Super Bowl the whole city gets excited about admitted in to do it. It enhances the quality of life in the city that it happens saw good to some extent and a singer occasion do anything for these guys are. This idea that you have to build a billion dollar stadium for the next owner. I don't I don't quite get. But anyway I 2.3 billion dollars is what Forbes thinks it's 11% rise from the team's value up from last year. Makes the Panthers. The 21 most valuable team in the league cowboys are number one noise or four point eight billion. Baby Panthers rank right below Indianapolis. And right above the Los Angeles chargers. September the nineteenth. 262. Days into the year which means there's only a 103 days to go. I mean there's fewer than a hundred days of Christmas. This means kids first is right around a corner or screens are probably on extra bit of us. Nineteen seven in the state Mary Tyler Moore show debuted on the CBS though she was so remembered another memorandum part of the Emmys the other night. And then that followed more than I already commercial it also paid tribute to her. But I forgot that she passed. Let's talk about the memorandum thing about. On they awards shows is that those things and also and you go home I forgot about that although I got a better. Crossed a lot of talent. 1995. New York Times the Washington Post published the unabomber's manifesto. Inventories 14 September the nineteenth the man was apprehended this is what's hard creatively it's been three years since the guy jumped the fence the White House and ended up in these troops in three years. Obama and his family not there at the time of the as a guide scaled the fence and runs into the building which I didn't think was possible. A lot of thought that they would have had they would've dropped you. 25 feet inside the gate. But this guy proved that two wrong. Wallet hub is right the American cities they're the most fun New Yorkers the third most fund Orlando's second. Las Vegas is first. And C Charlotte and her. Newspaper reporter eating at a DC restaurant over the president's lawyers talking loudly about their defense strategy for the Russian investigation. Probably not the greatest place to be talking about. And a new study finds that low level nonviolent crime for dropouts pays an average of 900 dollars per week. Will be that be petty theft dealing drugs. Steel and copper. Africa. I and yesterday was national cheeseburger daylight and we know about that. Brooks Brothers. Our Netflix tonight if you've got it Gerri before signed Feld which is a new special. That finds Jerry signed filled reflecting on his time as a struggling comic. It also features never before seen material including a library of legal pads with every jokes I'm told written since 1975. Childhood videos and all nine yards. He was not comedy circuit when I was doing mornings in Jacksonville with Dave's got. Who lives in this area now. And so we had him on a couple of times you don't show up to reduce the punch line down in Jacksonville. And all the other comics would come through Jenny was as I told was already public the top touring comic out there. And all the other comics are gonna complain to sign told restore their jokes. But it became very obvious overtime it. Signed children's steal everybody's jokes here pretty a pretty good mind it was a Barack remember haven't signed told on the show a couple of times brought it up the hall of fame thing he had to only 1 morning your funny. And I took that as big compliment but then on the other side I got to thinking to myself. I was probably be in such. Pain in the butt during the interviewers that he was destroy America failure Friday. Joseph it's. Getaway for me. A lot of traffic has brought you my daughters Jill Florida I 77 exit 23 you see things in retrospect you know death death MI don't. Thanks John. This report is sponsored by. Fifty floor. We see in back of some 77 right now. I seventy sevens and Clinton rode all the way back to uptown I 277 due to earlier hawk collision you may wanna try trial herself boulevard is an alternate also collision south church street near fourth street morehead near I 77 south boulevard near arch dale. And also Albemarle road near willow grove mint hill road. You're Charlotte weather today mixed clouds and sun high near 84 tonight partly cloudy low near 67 currently partly cloudy. In Rock Hill it's 88 and then Charlotte it's 85 the next update is it for fifty MI don't WBT all day Tyson fresh. About image very briefly yesterday out they've become more political than Politico shows. Obviously a large ratings hit all time low. Although I think they had more people it was like 3.4 million as opposed to 3.3 million last year was the lowest ever. But it percentages I think this is the lowest ever the people who we're actually watching the 69 primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night just seemed it. I'm going pretty well col Baer brought to a former white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer on stage to simultaneously poke fun at the ceremony in his former boss. And he declared does CBS broadcast would have the largest audience to witness and enemies period both in person around the world but I. Not necessarily what does happen. Historic wins for a who lose their hand maid's tailed. And Atlanta. But that couldn't compete with the Green Bay packer game on NBC the most recent numbers indicated historically low viewership for the show down 2% from last year. Which was previously the lowest on record. So if you didn't tune in. Producer in the majority a lot of people that afternoon. So if you've ever found yourself so cash strapped that used to know what to do well I'd you wanted to do something drastic kind of gets the money and you thought were all to sell on my organs. Does it alone sharper sell one of your organs on the black marker for some quick cash according to the people who know. A kidney. Yet to override. Is a kid your vision is meanwhile. At McKinley on the black market 200000 dollars. All you need is one of those little lunch box size coolers and on scalpel. Now maybe should listen very astute. 75% of the black market involves kidneys fail so you can do you could say that's that are there all time best seller. By your corneas are worth about Dutch 44400. Dollars. They only need one. And surprisingly the heart. Is so worth a little over half a kidney 1191000. Dollars. I don't know I I don't think your prospects for long range cruise would usually good without her Harper's did. I think you live without Korea or are kid Davis. Got to be really special to do without a heart. The truth about. Given which came first and just say it it's cool story and it's been around for about a day and a half now but. Russian military officer who some credit with making a cool level headed decision although his own country that Garcia powered. Then reverted possible nuclear war more than thirty years ago is just passed away at the age of 77. Lieutenant colonel Stan is law of icann Burnett said middle name if I had to Petro off. Was that the act controls of an early warning system in a Moscow bunker on the night of September 26 1983. The facility sounded too alarmed that indicated that the United States had fired at nuclear missiles towards the Soviet Union. You have to remember how tense things were Beckham goes to his between the two. The first alert indicated one missile had been fired in the second showed four more were on the way. So Petro off. Is a guy that would be making the decision on how to. React to that. And he'd. Gut instinct correctly deduced. That the warnings were probably computer errors. I think I heard them say the other day that if there might you're United States were actually. Mounting an attack Davis sent more than what. It is. Data said was coming. Couple of factors tip Petra fought to the errors he said for one the Soviet military had been trained to expect a full blown attack by the United States not just a few missiles. And the system was also new. And petrol said he didn't really quite trust it yet. His ultimate decision to dismiss the warnings. Has been hailed as a move that po potentially save the world from what could have been an all out nuclear war. It was later learned that the warnings were set off by a rare alignment of sunlight on high altitude clouds. Which reflected into a Soviet satellite. And the answer and it remained a secret for about fifteen years until it was finally declassified. In 1998. And like I say his Russia it was not necessarily have. Be with him taking the initiative to but it was him coming to the right conclusion that kept them from launching your that's anyway just passed away. Heard one of the newscasters and I guess it was CBS say thank you comrade the other day and I thought to myself you amen to that. All right which came first. One just assume that former. Phone's been as heroes Scott's wrong. I know most of these so are your ear you guys go. Which came first band aids or the disposable razor. The disposable razor 1901. Band aids nineteen joining. Why do you think they disposed of because no way you used in the door of your face. The can opener. Or Tupperware. Can opener 1858. Tupperware 1938. Which came first disposable diapers. Or the Teddy bear. 1902 Teddy bear disposable diapers 1951 that's pretty is. Which came first first this disease this is when it comes to his mini skirt. Or blue jeans. Yeah blue jeans 1850. Miniskirt 1965. All of restore remote. They Americans are mean but you know downs don't count his instruments of pro. Twelve toys were identified as finalists during this news says this year's national toy you are hall of fame the stronger national museum mobile play announced Tuesday. So let's do a territory which came first which came first clue. Or risk. Clue came out in 1947. Risk 1959. The magic eight ball. Or sale and that. Yeah you think. Sandra would be centuries ago by the magic eight ball would be 1947. Has anybody general re creation on the magic eight ball work it it says really outlandish things rather than just the stupid stuff that they and their. Or one or you can change the Cuban side do. Which came first Macs but matchbox cars. Or the paper airplane. Paper airplane fifteenth century. Matchbox cars 1952. You're on board and they have just for me. That they never be able to afford the cars doors over whether or get a 55 Chevy nomad. Five and finally the Whipple ball. Or Perez. He has 1927. The Whipple ball. 1953. It's 505. Petty. 1110993. WBT catch for the ride all the things you can do to make people immediately just like you only get one time to make first impression in her future. So there are things that you can do to make people take an instant dislike to your business insider came Apollo thirteen of them. Based on scientific research that applied to encountering someone in person or on line. Things continue to make repeat people immediately just like you sharing Kenny too many photos on FaceBook. That would be the equivalent of going back from vacation and having some very. Go to Syria big news should you know as Alaska we took 151000. Pictures. We are absentee. Having too many are too few FaceBook friends. That makes people just like you immediately what you make a judgment. I had too many. And who have a New York. I'd disclosing. Something extremely personal early and on and their relationship. She I would think that would mean that your open. And get that. It's like that that they they knew David brother movie. May at last. One of the things that I think makes them so appealing to so many people is that they they open themselves up they've conceived through the. Same thing with his radio show. When it's worth what kind of establish this radio shows that we were pretty wide open talked about all the so when I had out of wedlock recommend it to tell you know the whole nine yards talked about everything. Asking someone questions about. Without talking about yourself at all. She noted if you disclose something extremely personal early on their relationship but then the other one is asking some growth someone questions without talking about yourself and all. That's got to. Putting a close up profile photo. Posting a close of pros profile photo of yourself how close up look at the nostrils yet probably do it. Don't mourn just a second. I've been doesn't matter what things can make you are to make people immediately dislike him going back to the one. Disclosing something. Extremely. Personal. Early on in a relationship. So I don't like what I'm a mass murderer I have herpes I is so whatever. I've been married nineteen times. And because the next on the list is hiding your emotions. Another Georgian I've. The other thing is or an added that they say can make people immediately just like you. Acting too nice. You're a girl break up with the wedges that you're two nights. I got I've had. They also said it's not me it's you think the I. It does not me it's you. Acting tuna I see everybody here. That shows a weakness. Humble bragging. I guess I don't really know what that is over TJ and I were talking about it. But that would that would be. Well I don't like going merit because it's. It's just kind of beneath me or. Like strip clubs. Humble breaking. Getting too nervous. That would show a lack of confidence. Well I sweat like a pig. Not smiling. That would mean that your have been developed I dentistry. Acting like you don't like someone. But sometimes that shy to suspend its nose red. Having a hard to pronounce name. Yeah I do believe avoid John Allen because they don't want it. And named Robert. Which we never do that on this show doing. It's like I was telling Mike Doyle the other day that once thought Mohammed Ali you while The Beatles that actual. I gotta happen dozens stories about lentils no one can know if there are the but they may not be. As an employee they may not be so bad after all as you or your millennium. Millennial have a bad reputation when it comes to work there we done those stories time and time again. New study from our research firm 747 and say it's finds more needles are quote. Actually. Any employers dream. No don't put that on your name badge TJ. Think you're very Prague this study millennial there defined as those born between 1981 and 1997. Overall over 4000 workers from their late teens to their early seventies were questioned about the many aspects of their lives and overall it was found the millennia olds. Care about their work. Have hope for the future. Morons. Come. Have a positive outlook on their generation and believe that they will contribute to the greater good I sure hope you're all right. They all were also the generation most likely to agree with the a statement if I work hard I can do anything. I still believe that. That you did you could be anything you wanna be if you just give him there and do it. And I think when you get to a spirited towards the tail end of at all. And you start to truly analyze honestly analyze. Your place in life you'll find out that you probably could have gone farther if you'd been willing to dedicate more your life to know what you're trying to do. On the other hand I like downtime my alike. So. Rush Limbaugh I think has probably dedicated every waking moment of his own life to his radio career look Oregon. I was not willing to do. Just to stow was not willing to do that I worked hard but I know our priority markets artists Egypt. In a lot of different words education and and all sorts of those of SOA and and and eight. He may have more talent than I am too he's also more politically driven that I am I'm not a political animal person. All right I have ever heard the rumor that if you keep on no go into the airline's surging no flights that the airlines. You detect your browser and Jack you're. Jack the price. Flying is a big expense. And if you keep on checking out tickets for a flight to see if they had changed prize. You know the question comes up is that a Smart tact because there is a rumor that that the their lives jacked up prices when you keep on search in the same flight. Fare compare three exceeding. Says so it tells time magazine that airlines do not change ticket prices based on consumer search history on a web site. But because of inventory updates or glitches on the website he adds. Prices generally get more expensive closer to departure date even more than a day. There's a guy though by the name William Magee same article that and aviation advisor for consumer reports and he says he's seen evidence. That pricing based on search history may not be entirely a myth he says ultimately consumers should shop around. But use at least two different browsers if possible. I've never heard that before. I guess a little scary that you go in there and check airline flights that they would then register your. When you're number your computer and every year when we're devil went over them and yeah yeah. I never thought of that before I don't know that I'd ever heard of that before you dig Ticketmaster does say things. It. Now at guerra big kid store about. By the time a kid turns sixteen how much pocket money do you think he's had total. I never really thought about this tolerance article iPod disinterested this is written by the sun which is a UK publication that. Children score about 6500. Bucks and pocket money by the time they're sixteen. Yeah that sounds a little item being less and let's grandma and grandpa largest they're knocking me dead at Christmas time. I've ever my aunt Frieda gave me 500 bucks I think I was. Fifteen or so much. I thought I was gonna retire. British researchers found that their kids collect nearly 600 US dollars a year and pocket money. I'm birthday Christmas gifts rewards 600 year. No I in some cameras I guess I could see that there and another thirteen hundred or so run another a little businesses on the side babysitting car washing whatever. Used to be delivering newspapers as to avoid that till the adults took all those jobs. Second groceries into and in interviews frittered away about 49% just says that their kids spend the money immediately. Your route parents ever hit you with the saving your you should save and did you ever really follows the charges. And how long did you say that you still have it a rest my case. That's our roundtable with Kenny Smith happened this morning. 11 o'clock on those doctors Gerald Gerald. I'm markers are both Thompson and it's got to me all of a good girl video of the Republican mayoral candidate will do the same thing next Tuesday. Same time same place 11 o'clock. With a vial whilst. And and probably some more before the elections come around so world there was a lot of resisting. A makes start from a mile miles of the government of so we're actually do that but that was this morning there was. Unaffiliated voters now make up the second largest group of voter registrations in North Carolina I it's been edging their way for a long long time. But. And Arnold a gym and I've been an unaffiliated voter for. Ever. Especially in North Carolina because when I got here it was already one of the states that if you were unaffiliated than you could pick because the party B you wanted to play with in the primaries and and then I'll like to have them. So unaffiliated voters now make up the second largest group of voter registrations in North Carolina. Registrations in that category. More than registered Republicans. And affiliated registrations actually passed Republican legislation sometime between September 2 in September the ninth. Tuesday's data. North Carolina has 2640726. Registered Democrats say it's 38 point 9%. Charlotte would be higher than that a percentage standpoint has returned in such a blue city. 2000. 2056294. Voters are registered as unaffiliated it's thirty point 3%. Again Democrats were 38 point 9%. And Republicans. Just under unaffiliated. With also about thirty point 3% 2055700. And no officiate and there's 33474. Registered libertarians. About a half a percent. Twitter. Michael loved bits are political science professor at tech talk. Set on a Twitter that the shift toward unaffiliated registrations is being driven by the increase in millennial voters. Memorials now make up about thirty point 5% of the registered voters and about 40% of them have opted to registers unaffiliated I would tube. Much more than the thirty point 3% of the total registered voters who are unaffiliated. North Carolina Republican Party executive director Dallas would house said that the number is are bad for the GOP. He says actually that the Republicans have dramatically closed the gap on Democrats. And continue to do so Republican Party is growing in North Carolina the Democratic Party is not. And as of this week Democrats. Have 584968. More registered voters in North Carolina the Republicans. But that number has been dropping in recent years at the beginning of this year it Democrats had an advantage of 636000. 561. More registered voters so that's a pretty big gap from 536. Rescued me from 636000. To 584000. And they say important to note this is 2010 Republicans have won unaffiliated voters in every general election. And what else said we must continue to do that to be successful. So why sometimes the numbers on the surface don't necessarily reflect. The success of the box office for a field at the bulls at the box office. Nobody goes to the box office anymore. I. Gotta go listen in recent pretenders album so I forget about the pretenders all of it over for Arthur. Knowledge Ayman Al wanderers they elude to us Sandia WBT hey Sandi. Are a great area you. You're doing why I don't well good keep it that we're. Outside. And you are a little while ago about kids than their pocket change at. Their pocket cash. 6500. Bucks by the time they're sixteen. Apple yeah yet. I got a lot of pocket cash I'm a little bit empty at state. And I would advocate and Carter let the president. And I. A dollar in AD. At 13%. In her. Power couple ear and then rolled over outlet and injured her a couple of years and doubled it in and I hit it about proper arc. Did I know without pocket change. How do you end up with that kind of discipline is a kid. I am not here. I mean we didn't have a lot of money and late hotly you know it's been Smart and then I want the fate our our nature that. While has my folks I mean you know bed I remember Ron wanted a new bike and my dad dad told me that I can earn if I can earn up. Know I we will we had a house that no matter corral on the back and and I wanted to horse. And he told me that it's fine if I can raise a hundred bucks. That you would that we buy a horse. And now sewing in he was. He was word threat of financing was a lobbyist at the time. A job that you lord ever standard ever had four. F and so I'd shiny shoes into which was got a good training for military school there gonna send me to a bit. Object and I finally ended up with a hundred bucks I would have Byron of with a hundred bucks and want the horse and immoral wanted to bike. Ahmed but that's about as close as I came and I don't think I earned that much I think I think I've probably learned about twelve buckshot and Jews and then I got a birthday and gave along and I got another eighty some odd bucks and so that was that. Yeah I never had become a discipline you just described. Well and change a little bit and piece this week at an older and old man's neighbor that we try and eat a peek at high every night glamour make desserts. And that we allocate Jacobs hired a Mac dinner. And that's mainly come and bit and it got politics and religion at the dinner table after dinner and equity other. And he would meet me at it ala the Laker now because I'm on make me clean up ticket and he our army that. Then they bit it bit under bite them on their get top dollar deal you know earnings. Come. I'd had a delay in late at under but it in the bank and I let it roll. And then when I was in college I eat that without the dollar at the doubt bit our our. Are you and are you still a good saver. It these set I mean not great they are without have a great thank you thanking the charity thing at a fairly calm tight budget lot. But. Hair all wet sloppy if you were ecstatic yet people. Do you put money of 401K and silica our own behalf. Yep a 401K to me is easiest way to do just today especially if you just got to forget about it it's what your paycheck isn't used the news kind of you know forget did you have a. Yep it helping the iPhone got your check it does it. It's clear that light are when you look back but I'll. Yeah now and and your check is what it is and you get used to that exactly. Hey Alison thanks for dollar appreciated our. I never had victims are just who have been tasting it takes gimmicks like 401 k.s to get leader. I'm okay now. Now that I can see Rick. I am an observer but. Television partners is coming up we have Larry Fedora no. Our guys for your tonight yeah so well we'll have that are coming up so often. Tells us that there's a Wisconsin school district and requiring that girls get their dresses approved as not violating the dress code before they're allowed to buy. Tickets for school glimpses. Milwaukee high school's homecoming dances next month and female students. Have to send in photos of their dressed to get approval. And with the Milwaukee school district as superintendent Mike Katie. It probably has some sort of a finish. That. Saying that it's two keep from having students ejected from the dance for showing us too much skim. You know back in my day missiles in really obscure but parents took care of that. How old is fashion is that. The our policy has been enough places Tony fifteen but reminder email the families last week has a sense some of them are. Unhappily calling it sexist in micromanaging it probably is player does that have to know the history of the school of Thursday. If it's got to be a problem and maybe it's going to be a problem. Mom. Here's a study. Or this is brilliant. Marriage. Makes men fatter. Who whatever thought. Being married makes men know plump up according to new findings researchers from the university of bath. Found that married men have higher body mass index. Related to get on that challenge stating yeah. Com then they're not married counterparts adding approximately three pounds to the scales. And if a man gets divorced his BMI dipped back down just before and after the divorce does so does ours distilled by the way. Additionally there's no affect on male BMI when the while wife becomes pregnant. But in the early years after childbirth men do gain weight. And that they say the finding confirms the idea that people were single but seeking marriage have more incentive to stay fit. And more and make more of an effort than those who are merited a duck. Whatever thought. Age probably has something to do with that too at some point you kind of figure out you know what the chicks estate located me anymore. Yeah I'll take another piece of pie thank you very much. And young married so it's quite common for married people to consider cheating on their spouses at least briefly but those in their twenties are more likely than their elders to actually do it why would that be. That's the conclusion of a new University of Tennessee steady you don't think that's just exclusive to conceded. Published in the journal of sex research. I was gonna say which TJ gave me but then thought on. Reasons cited for cheating related to a search for independence from a spouse or a lack of fulfillment in the relationship I don't know early relationship. And you got problems. And and some though admitted they were just drunk. And in search of an adventure. So Lamar gears and motors last time you were drunk and in search of an adventure. Since I don't drink it's been awhile noted that there that would that would probably cut back on that hey how we had a chance to start Katie Smith did. They all of us at 11 o'clock I enjoy it out of them that was fun although there was good I think he's. Like Kenny. Com I thought all of a should true discipline by not bringing up your Walton remark. Armed. But Jimmy is he hasn't been in politics long but he's been in politics to know that if you answer long you get your questions. Bridges. You do what most politicians that do but I also think that he had tries to be good to some extent I think he tries to give you the information on the question majestic snow off we'll do that was vile Lyles next. Tuesday at 11 o'clock turn Scott FitzGerald show from 11 until 12 o'clock so well with that on your calendar and now. And the for a missile get a chance in the same river Mark Harris is coming up next alert for Norris Hall later on tonight I'll see tomorrow at three John Hancock Charles closed pull this out here.