Episode 150: Bo Thompson's WBT Podcast

Bo Thompson
Saturday, October 7th

Bo Thompson talks to Tom Sorensen, Chief Kerr Putney, Senator Thom Tillis, WCCB's Wilson on Tom Petty, Kelli Bartik, Jim Szoke joins Twitter, John Moore channels Bob Ross, plus a trip to Mountain Island Lake Academy to try the CharMeckANator!


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Comes another efforts. I'll tips WPH t. Never goes. We are remembering Tom Petty this morning. Passed away at the age of 66. Yesterday bring on the line right now a former DJ. He's the place of Tom Petty. He is Wilson from WC CB CM every morning now on television but Joseph Wilson we both started in radio at the same time thereabouts and I want ended death delegates she won today had a talk about did the legacy of Tom Petty how you don't my friend. I know what I noticed startup where this man she was a good girl crazy about Elvis loved horses a little boyfriend Jew man I'm I'm a bad boy because they don't even mess Surma bat boy for breaker arguably getting better than that I mean. And and that's all right they're latch eject. That's pink rocks dude man you gotta make sure underage that would then later I might well actually John usually I don't. I'm recently rediscovered Tom Petty played on the radio for years and years like he should end any Wasilla his new stuff. They're really trying to do greenback and the rest of the catalog. That's all right there which are probably gonna get in trouble for playing great they're good that's our last BJ talking about yeah hey radio would. You know Pompeo is doing his thing radio left found any. Free girl now one of his recent songs I don't know what it really hit me last problem until saw any big reported earlier this year I in New Orleans I think it was. What downswing and if you don't know that through check that you know the classics companies all the guys. You don't realize how many in his song you know and you were talking early builds its heart ripped. Well hang on when it and I get one more time John marketing and who regularly get much time Wilson and Greg are you. So I'll man. I plan on all day just on loops. I really cannot simply don't know not as he showed it to greatly afraid this man to think there's some Melamine is yes. Penny more per guy but I was the bridge from the and then The Beatles to MTV. He's the guy that kind of crossed that for us right there. Played with George hearsay and play it would Roberson. Yeltsin to well I wouldn't know what percent of combat ended on the traveler Wilbur is structured so. There's so much history there he was so respectful of the past while still doing his thing in the future checked out when his new stuff. But they just admit that there was springs steamboat has really the last great American rock go. Yeah and you know last year with you know Tom Tom Petty. Had such a huge catalog Emmy night when prince died last year you know I remembered at that point in time thinking about just. If not how huge that catalog is and how many of the songs are so just kind of ingrained in the fabric of American culture now. Branson much different type of artist and somebody like Tom Petty. But you know you used to spend tunes or I should spend tunes spend a gig disks over it to are aspects of the the fox back in the day of the radio DJ and you know Tom Petty. Just a staple of classic rock to Jeter's still here today but and here's a guy who also he was somewhat understated but then again he played the Super Bowl halftime show. Yet again you'd like me just make up one and he was cool about having to be trying to be cool that was just. He did he just can't patent and he did little thing like that song he. Kind of been a delay wanted to do it any end and I think it is policy speech actually figured I'm not only the summer breeze and hard to work sometimes but. He didn't is staying all the way up I mean he was onstage. A week before he died a week last Monday Lehman's onstage man doing his thing wrapping up that. Forty their worship tour but good check out you're hearing which you mention the radio stuff. Q so much bigger than the three song shall hear on classic rock radio and Charlotte, North Carolina they go check out some of that caddick then they go check out some of the catalog. Check out then he stepped. Listening Hancock this afternoon and I I I I texted John yesterday to make sure sterility charity event. Armed with Hancock later on today. Tom Petty just one of those guys where everybody knows a few of his song. And has since you brought it up. I'll take you out with this from right here. As you say. Tom Petty solo and and Tom Petty winning. Teamed up. Hey Wilson thanks ran for Colin and I appreciated. Thank solid job with you my friend. One knew what to. Listening to both told since WBT podcast. Floor where this came dropped to get more episodes on demand at WPT top cop. Bring on Kelli barred Vick from WC CB here momentarily but just a reset things for anybody who doesn't know what we're talking about. Yesterday cam Newton's weekly news conference Carolina Panthers. She's got a question from Jordan Rodrigue who is a beat writer for the Charlotte Observer and here is how the exchange went. You take up a lot of pride in being your seniors playing well then I'm just to see you really embrace and musicality. His straps and make its backyard they let you hear it a little bit of an. As for me to hear females talk about. Routes right. Sometimes. So there you go that's how cam are reacted and that's. The comments. I have taken off like wildfire ever sense nationally it's a coming huge story on Twitter it was just. All over the place on the OW BT hotline from WC CB one of the longest tenured sports reporters female in town is Kelly Arctic Kelly good morning. Memory in brown could hear your voice thanks for calling man and so what's your reaction to this. I was in that I was in the room and he said that and I think. Along with my job dropping everyone else in the room that this same and you really can be really just say that. Does that really just come out of his mouth at the podium. And that's the Jordan. Did it. And they have never heard him say anything like that before and it just was kind of Aminu and insulting to Jordan obviously but I think it was. Kind of hoping it does all of it but sitting in there they're mean and there's another female and Eric well. And I don't know I don't know what he thinks sweet. What we do that we should not know what we're talking about what we ask questions. It should be interesting today has not operate at all where we all go back to walk her out awkward at all. Do you think take cams gonna come out and I know hold a press conference again today to follow up four or say something official I know we've seen. You know I was talking to Tom Sorensen. Half an hour ago and we remember. You know what happened after the Super Bowl few years ago and he got so much criticism about what he said after that game and that it was a while before we heard from him again. And it's as Tom pointed out he doesn't have that luxury this time around because the season's not over. He's going to be back in front of the cameras sooner rather than later but do you. Knowing what you know how you seen him operate over the years do you think he'll make some sort of statement today. Good question I feel like if he does make some kind of statement. Someone told him to make this statement. In towns and Jordan I mean I thought Orton popular camera right after our economy and the whole way. And it lucky that he didn't apologize he just kind of made her civil work. Well. I don't Antonin I think it's gonna have to you know. But he doesn't have to talk to the media today the next time he have you repeat after the game which would be in Detroit right. Well. Well paying. Now we you're in there yesterday as you said. You said that when he said this you're kind of in shock as a lot of people are probably were. I did it bother you did it surprise you that no one spoke up and said hey you are you wanna clarify what you just said to you and expand on that. Had it bad it bothered me that. Honestly it bothered me that I didn't. That I didn't ask a follow up questions and why why is that funny to hear women but he did to women. Female sports reporter talk about route that I am still kicking myself about that because I think maybe as a fluke. Still processing it I would a lot of the order. They blocked by the bothered me about me that I didn't I mean I don't think you need Jordan expected menu you know why now he's probably. Thinking the same thing but it's. Did you or have you talked to Jordan about this since it happened. She was pretty hot afterward that she didn't really wanna talk about it with him it's understandable. She was just kinda. You know can keep our composure there were jobs they're great reporter. Well you what you I'm sure familiar Laura Laura Lippman wrote Fox News sideline reporter she had tweeted that last night ladies. Do not feel forced into defending our sports knowledge this is on Cam Newton not on us unacceptable and Tony seventeen to go back to this. Yeah you have thought about the great we just saw that is funny because I am amused GO. People outside of the business you know Fayette a sports bar rapper see you really know about sport you really like sports. Someone asked me once and even know you know what number Michael Jordan wore on everybody wants steel and everyone wants to pass to your knowledge and credibility that I never I've never seen that happen. For a man and a bowl quarterback call you know kind of not that he be testing her knowledge but basically. I'm surprised by his own thought it was funny that she was even trying to ask a question like that which wasn't a complicated question. And so it's kind of been does he think are very can I not been your whole career he's got big question now that would amount. And rainbows and butterflies you know and I mean yeah so it's just kind of it. Going forward. I feel. I think he had been out there like my knowledge are being met you know that it has that. And I get beat it's not a good feeling that I thought that women in this business without I'd totally realize I'm walking and you. A man's world it is 2017. But it's I'm not sitting at my desk I'm going into bear world as well NFL locker room. And the last thing I want is to be I tried to blend and as fast as I can. I am without men were reporters that cover this team and it you never want to be called out it's mostly just from being a female that I know what the world war. Everyone gets to you for offended about every being a member or supporter mob and everyone upbeat jokes in the in this world now and then. But it's different when. When your called out like that. And especially for national story now again bright and happy he just knew this book coming. Well look dumb I really appreciate you coming on and it's been very. Eliminating mechanic here this from your perspective like you say somebody who's covered him for his whole career you're you're in their yesterday. And you've been doing this for years. Alongside many of her male counterparts and and Euro one of the best in the market I've always. I believe that and you know you are the hardest workers that I know it is so thanks for coming on the sport and I appreciate it. Thinking about thanks for having me. Best of the week followed today. This is quote Thompson's WPH t podcasts. We go live on the line now. And the chief of police in Charlotte Mecklenburg welcome back to the show curve flattening good morning sir. We're both think I appreciate so much you being here and I will start off with just asking you the basic question. How did yesterday go because we know. We knew what happened a vigil we had a press conference with the family members of Keith Scott back at the site of the shooting. Now a lot was talked about about what you all were anticipating. With yesterday's anniversary so now a day later how are things how did things go off. God everything worked out our. I think confidence that he's here reduce I'll protesters. Protesters didn't peacefully. From there where a lot of events two to celebrate the work there it's not happened over the last year with partners. Barbers and people archive Greg jerks know it would throw those a lot of positive going known as well and now we had no issues were happy to see that and we continue to move forward. Did you have a chance to see the a press conference held by the family of Keith Scott yesterday no part in our. Do you mind if I play a clip or two from this to get your read to react sure Bo OK I'm gonna play you this is from the the attorney for the family Justin member. You know this is about 41. Of the more difficult pressed offices that I myself have ever had to give. And I say that because. The grounds of state law. And Carl ordinances with regards to the citizens review board. Or prevent me from talking about. The very thing that every single person in this community has wanted to know from the beginning has worked defects. There are things that have come to life. Bet we can't disclose. The city good. And that's up to them whether they will or not but I can tell you this there is a reason. Walk for the first time in twenty years. Since the commencement of the citizens review board that the city of Charlotte. Did not win. As citizens review board appeal with regards to the officer's actions and any given instance there's a reason. The department. The city put out some of the recommendations. She's threatening you know what's your reaction to that. Yeah there's no surprise there both. On the court. Well of course what else players we put up the recommendations which we can in my law. We are continue to in this look at how we can implement there was some reasonable rational. Recommendations made by the CRB. Obama again this isn't the first time that happened and I don't think that's. An indication of anything negative. And applaud the CR before their volunteer work to. Do some important for the community they've made recommendations it was a military commander as many as we possibly can ever really England now and relevant. As far as all the other rhetoric around that's part of what happens and I just ignore 'cause we've got work to do as far as the facts. They're actually pretty clear that people willing to read them. Based on the review and determination of the vehicle that I think is very comprehensive the first semi I think in the neck level of detail. So anybody who wants is the facts before you need to go over the DA's office of meddling can read actual leader and a great deal of information great that would be till about the true facts and that's what we're basing our. Determinations on in as we move forward applicant could look at the field be recommendations in and make our organization even better. Gonna play one more cut here from his is widow rookie at reiki is Scott yesterday. The last days baby changes known. I don't. I just want the community to know that. My husband was a great man came to Moscow was a great. And we lost a great game the community arts degree. Me no matter way. He did in his past. His past was not him. On September the twentieth of last year they didn't even know who my husband was this makes it very clear when they've place separating him and I didn't even know who he was. So now I have no faith groups from us. I'm not saying I'll call today that is not what I'm saying it's. Just up in my shoes came my mother didn't come home to less. What they went home for the years. So that was his widow speaking yesterday what your response there. Again as a symbol for. Probably not but apparently they did suffer a loss. As far as outcomes don't vote are people might not want to hear it but. There could have been a significantly different outcome. We've any sort of epic encounter. And particularly this last one of the carcass obviously repeatedly effect with the ones didn't help but the weapon now. And that happened we would not be having this conversation I had this as simplistic as that sounds just the truth. When we get people who cooperate. In an organ countless. We can communicate and be escalate as soon as we get their cooperation. That even in the squabbles. As soon as people. Cooperate with the lawful order. We bring resolution without harming anyway. That could happen a decade as well but that's beyond. The police officer's. Ability to control. We have to get cooperation. And we can communicate and be escalate special frequent and unfortunately it didn't happen like September. We talked into the chief of police Kerr Putney here live on WBT. One of the questions now media family attorney and I Ricky has got took a few questions from the media yesterday one of the questions for her was. Have you spoken to. Officer Benson would you want to speak to him. And she said no and no on my question for you is have you spoken to him can you give us any kind of update on. Officer Benson because I think if it in all of this the last several days we hear a lot with her a lot from the Stanley we don't know much about how he's doing these days. Yes I've spoken to him a number times my. Trusting contact. With anybody was going through such a dramatic effect. He's holding steady he's doing good work. Again my heart productive than they do they've been through quite a bit. Some losses could never come back from the situations such as this. I think even losing his corner and he's resilient he's coming back he's doing good work force. I'm not gonna disclose anything that we talked about that's between him and me the only way you get better from him. I respect what he's trying to do for this community to make specific. Well yesterday obviously the anniversary of the shooting out tonight would be the anniversary of the most turbulent night of pro testing in this week of course is what it is the one year anniversary. Things went OK last night everything was peaceful. Any reason to believe that it would change tonight or tomorrow night. We're sort of put to vote to pay for sure definitively but what we think is how warm from tomorrow protest peacefully. If anything else I think we'll be ready for but I don't anticipate any issues. My applaud this community for. I engaging in some typical conversation. And I think that is a relief well foursome and I hope it continues. As always I appreciate so much you being accessible and coming on and talking to us and how we appreciate row what you do for the community. About the thing that I got to represent they do a fantastic work for the most part they're very very good people and now I'm gonna support of every time they do what I believe is the right thing to do and hold them accountable when they don't and down privilege and honor to be working at such a great group of people. Thank you a very much for coming on this morning or. Whenever you're ready. This is the hotel since it's easy. When we last left you on Friday about this time we were talking about the char Mecca and later. And it sounded good in all we needed was somebody to invite yourself to have a bite right. Now Mark Garrison and I got an invite to. Malcolm island lake academy after the show on Friday is your place. No no no no no. No I live with my moment. Yet you hungry and the prison and a chance I think Elmo can had a bite report came home. This is made to order form. All VIP. Charlotte and it's. Really are walking back. VIP section of the kitchen while this is this is behind the scenes this is legit mark. The months she's laying them out on the the place. So I'm holding my jar machinators in my hand. On your standard CNN has played looks like it did when I attended school at the great from the side the option of the lettuce. And the tomato and the federal. Not a so mark we'll probably do need. We'll do the all the way sure machinators I'll probably do the. Well it's a big Salisbury steak guy. This is taking a veritable. Like it's great state can necessarily. But this is your thumbs up well I'm surprised. Now like to see MS version of the grid. Is it an every day thing or residents special day thing when it's the kids know only days when they're coming to school they're gonna have a. They hit the long now it's actually we're on a three week many cycles so it's gonna pop up every third week. Every third week and so as that five days a week or is it a one day of that week we had different menu items every single day very cool again. Right now may get what's in his. They beat paddy has teammate in Baghdad and there's little I knew flavor. A lot and I didn't really sets it apart notre bragged he had had it play. So tell me what the reaction has been. Here's the islands we allowed. I've passed this we had a feeling CDs but remember we have. Since you are. Picky eaters. That I had several comments contact me and say even my meat eater like then and. So you're picky eaters have become adventurous eaters I think it I didn't name them. Love that at the island mark my read the island with a sharp machinators. Well look there's the verdict right there. And very balanced. I love them I think I'm insane and I know I have let my hunch hey this guy pretty easy bit even my chocolate in milk and I'm getting out. What are the nutrition facts of this chart machinators. Nice about 300 calories. Not bad market. Guys carry the workflow. I know you're using a lot. They'll say you know ground. Turkey day isn't nice and New Jersey is very exciting for me I let me I love and it's so I don't want to place thing that. Alan. It's great any something that I. Really it's part of the velvet greens. And broccoli we have a college green and a name you blue Christine they. We're trying to really great year reign them. That's not an extended. Now this is probably the wrong follow up question that statement that it is chocolate milk still thing it's not enough is that they. It's half past three actually you know. Well let's claiming that the Braves pitching confusion. Have a calcium than they are building their their balance right now. Not your chocolate not Dubai in this story that should work. One last question for you so if this catches on it seems like it has is there a sequel in the works what. Verizon did. Win now. You didn't say Vienna look out for taking. We need you match is this the an exclusive for us today and then they'll know about them. Well we've we've sort of let that leak a little bit this week. Actually apple work when I'm not easy. What's said on the island stays on the island market. Here at mountain island academy so suppose they try to chart machinators there's just not their thing nobody that's not the only option if you never. Junior was not an ordeal and you could have big red the only mozzarella and everything. Are there any the only bad that there are no love there. Mud the ulcer that she upscale features mailed to about five. Elite thank Dell so much thank you know. And mom. Should they. Indeed great and Lou. We thank Margaret Cameron the CMS nutritionist and all the fine folks at. Mountain island lake academy who invited yourself right after the show on Friday and so now. I can say have had a sharp Mecca Nader and like garrison said I want another one. Traffic and weather together rusty by about Daniel's famous chicken and biscuits. I did try to get it to go bucks Freddie but they wouldn't let ourselves our. I thought about your little sample of meatloaf snack foods might not. But maybe next week. This is close Thompson's WT. Since for a second week in a row we're talking about comments made by Cam Newton that don't pertain to the next game he's going to be playing. Jordan Rodriguez threw him a question yesterday in the weekly news conference. About Debbie route running of DeVon punches. Cam Newton responded quote it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. Unquote Dan that would bring on the line right now guy who knows Jordan Rodrigue. He is with the Charlotte Observer of course up for many many years he has Tom Sorensen Tom good morning. Good morning how are your book I appreciate you being here I'm doing well let me play you before we talk any further. A clip from Jackie McMullen of course you know a Boston Globe ESPN Sports Illustrated. She said this in response to the cam comment last night on ESPN. It's disappointing obviously had been my first thought was wow what an utter lack of awareness. And you know what just to be sure I looked up to see how old Cam Newton was he between eight years old in the league wild. He says he stands for something he just expected to have a little bit more of a pollute the net. So what we have seen cam speak every week for many years you have Tom. What's your reaction to all this. Well I think when you're the quarterback Ben NN international city. You there's just. A certain level of strain that comes with I mean and you get a lot of people who are gonna play up here and I think you get may be an. But this sense T consider anything a lot to whom anybody want a big time you want. I did settle stupid I mean I don't think cam dumb guy but I thought the staple down. I don't Jordan I mean she's good writer she bears take chances when you write so a lot of people don't. Ngo to sport she knows the game and it just. It was like anachronisms. Suddenly it was like 1950 haters and there and got it just it was dumb I think and I had hoped he would apologize to her afterwards what she. Tracked down and now. Unfortunately they're not. You have you talked to her at all since this happened now now I figure. She's famous now. The rest of this behind and I liked Jordan a lot about it but I have not had a doctor. So around me read a bit from another one your colleagues Scott Scott Fowler's article this morning he wrote about what happened yesterday. How he says day and as you point out to Rodriguez you know approach cam after this was over. And did not get to eight apology. Scott Fowler writes rod rear ended by asking Newton whom she had introduced herself to on the first day of her employment. With the observer in October 2016 if he knew her name after she covered the team almost every day for the past year Newton said he did not. I'd Jordan Roderic Charlotte Observer she said and then walked away. Of course now we wonder what happens next is can make some sort of statement today. One way or the other it's gonna happen because you know Jordan rod rigs gonna be there the next time camels a news conference and if I know her I don't know her personally but of I know by watching her she'll probably be the first person to ask the question. She's not gonna back or it's I don't think it's some point he has to politic here the NFL you know growers shoot apology. And I don't hope. OK that's good to you wanna they were move on from apple like this that book by any cross Bob standard to adopt an and. It's in I'm I'm a member of the time when it was new that would want cover pro football and. When the order will more come in the locker that your players caught it and you know recover is just what ultimately. Gonna duck and run. But man that was that was not years ago it was decades ago and now I'm. Yup football not. This complex is insiders would make it sound. And Jordan started Jordan I was it and it just the whole thing was unfortunate and what I hope is that can really this is an apology not to detain the personal and then it will rock. That's what you hope what do you think's gonna happen I mean after the Super Bowl when he had that press conference the gets so much attention it was a while before we heard from him again. And does so do you think he is. Very self aware of how this looks across the league and across. Now not to sportsman in the ending in the news this morning or do you think he's gone about his day in and and won't respond to it anytime soon. We record is simple he essentially had a couple Montauk. It's. It doesn't have that luxury I just I hope we apologize that. I don't know sometimes if you try to pressure somebody. They were say we're not doing that I would guess it is. You're here Richardson has a good relationship with cam I would think maybe he'd tell them hey. You can't do this and you can't do this in 2017. And in oh. It's not just. You know I four I hope it's not just for camp and now camera it's certainly an act that's good this one out but I'm sorry. Tom Sorensen always appreciate you calling man and I really was especially interested in your perspective on this this morning. I have to many the observer for so many years and covered camp for so many years and just been a fixture in this community so any time I had the opportunity to talk I appreciate it thanks so much. And it kind of experiment of its into. We'll told since WBT podcast and explore where this came drop it gets more episodes on demand. At WPT top cop and my hang out here second Jim you've been on Twitter was roughly a month. Don't know about right about five weeks at. Yesterday big news from Twitter. I don't know if you heard about this but. We have product manager of these are Rosen is her name. Made an announcement in the form of a blog saying. I've read some of it here. She says trying to cram your thoughts into its week we've all been there and it's a pain. We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter so we're doing something new. We're going to try out a longer. Limit 200. Eighty characters. And languages impacted by cramming which they say is all except Japanese Chinese and Korean. Although we feel confident about our data and the positive in effect this change we'll have we want to try it out on the small group of people before we make the decision to launch to everybody. What matters most is that this works for our community we will be collecting data gathering feedback along the way. We're hoping fewer tweets run into the character limit which of course is a 140. And it's they say it's what makes it's it's a great way to see what's happening tweets get right to the point with the information. Our thoughts that matter that is something we never want to change we understand. To as many you've been tweeting for years. There may be an emotional attachment to the 140 characters. We felt it too but we tried this so all the power of what it will do and fell in love with this new still brief constraint. We're excited to share this today and we will keep you posted on what we see and what comes next translation. And going from 140 to eighty won't be a thing for everybody yet they're gonna do kind of slow roll out and tested on and I don't know aid. I don't know how you know how are you know weather's going to be you are when it's going to be you. But there's a ton of people better once again you know what I mean what I mean is as I don't I don't know if you have any warning of the sudden you Misch may have the option. I can't tell you right now who will have a who Walt. Have written a FaceBook does is kind of thing too they say we're gonna test that out and a small group of people in the mall unleash it to the masses down the road but. You know bowl only a month or so with a 140 did even really get a chance to get used to it. I think I kind of be announced a pushed on a paper felt like I don't we before we need more Oki has more to say say that I just think Tutu tweets. Picnic and open attracted me to it as you can just right I like pop tarts and be done like I like the fact that his reasons are threatening to me I know probably most of our Twitter also FaceBook which cinders. Is like that's like maintaining a web site and it's what it's like it'll excite. I don't like pop tarts are yea pop tarts aside I don't want the whole I don't care about Blunkett I think it's Collette is a need to make people edit have to think shorter elect that. Now it's going to be now if you follow Jim is going to be I love pop tarts I love the pot tarts I looked up at. Yeah hundred times go to bed and with 280 characters. At Jim's Melky Cabrera that's not a thing had just got a tweet clip and that gets them a ticket John Moore just. Chuck not just treated days yeah I thought it was you dig it it's weak and did her job more slowly unitary. As there is saying at Jim's hokey at both times and W BT and I can also add at big John radio. Best of the week followed today. This is quote Thompson's WBT podcasts. We welcome back to the show always appreciate his time US senator Tom Taylor ski morning. Good morning about her bad segment on the bearing gassed and you know the state record is for bear in North Carolina. Was that. 800 made pronounce. My guess is that bear what met Vic but. Do you know this from personal experience. Yeah I've actually the harder to bear in North Carolina and Canada in its in my office here but you know we have such a buyout by Robert bear population that's a real success on our conservation or got to bear population back and we're almost 30000 in the state. But I would meet up with on the ball market through a neighborhood. This is true this is true. A lot of talk about today and I wanna start with us some legislation that you introduced this week had this. Is what's called the succeed act that we've heard so much taco with the president about doc out. And now the succeed act this is a joint effort you are the co sponsor with senator James Lankford. Of Oklahoma tell me about this. Well what we're trying to do is provide a conservative alternative and and ultimately the solution to a problem that's existed for decades after President Reagan made the fell decision to give just straight up amnesty we created a crisis here with a number of illegally presents some of their own. Our children in the game however what they're adult parents some of them are adults now but it's they've they've lived here in this country is selling country there's no and so what we've. Come up well at this something's that would allow for years to apply for a protected status not citizenship not agreeing card for five years. If you're in school you have an established career you've been gainfully employed are your servant in the military. You also agree that of that term that we provide you with that protective status are violated then you work. You're no longer protected and if you violated. Both abide by committing a significant misdemeanor or felony you're subject to expedited deportation. Yet you stay within that social contract that we create and you can apply again for another five years. And at the end of that five years you can be you can apply for green card but it's a green card. With a special caveat. That does not allow you with other people Popper green card for you to begin petitioning. For the family members the so called chain migration. And that that at a at a period that's about fifteen years it's when you if if you become naturalized and come up a US citizen. And you petition for someone voters vote if they are in this country will have to return to their country of origin as you have to. Let the typical naturalization process for a period of about ten years before they can be natural law known we're gonna get criticized by the left I was so that people will. Protest the Myanmar Marco yesterday understand they were gonna like Norman yesterday. Are not gonna lie dead but I think reasonable minded people in the metal. Who look at debts are gonna see this as something that's sustainable it based on merit. And it's gonna prevent the problem from occurring again vs activists do this every ten or fifteen years. Talk into a US senator Tom tell us here on WBZ's morning news. Now senator I know your sports fan I gotta get your take. Because this has been one of those weeks where the sports is the news in news's is sport so this. Yeah and National Anthem controversy that. That was ignited on Friday night where president trump made those comments about those two meals during the National Anthem what's your take on now where this is all gone. Well again I for one and they season ticket holder of the die hard Panthers stand was glad to see that all but one decided not to become a part of those. Part of this controversy and it made me proud of the seeing the Panthers. Shown respect for the flag and end for the anthem. You know there's the that does James Lankford good friend of mine he's Serb is actually cosponsored succeed accents are implementing very important the other day you know we got to get to a point to where we're haven't a reasonable discussion when. When we can hold out as heroes people who take their name and protest. But they aren't. That those same people think it's all right so far out of school coach who kneeled and prayed at the end of the gang. We've got something wrong there either both of those search Russian free speech or neither of those are appropriate behaviors of football stadium. And I can I just wanna get back to regain your right I a lot of football all of college football all of pro football. I can. Do seaspan and political stations while wanna what politics but on Sunday at kickoff time I don't wanna talk about politics I wanna watch a good football guy doesn't mean those issues are important. But once upon a reasonable and respectful way to have that discussion and so not all of that is start common gearing. Other things you know on our lights. Todd Jerry Richardson. Press statement a few days ago and the last line of that was politicizing the game is damaging. And takes the focus off the greatness of the game itself and those who play it unquote guys so he's so you would've fallen in that category I agree with what he sets. While right near Richardson so much I think he's absolutely right I mean you know guys it's if you guys. If if those players have a heartfelt belief that. There's that this may be in the dialogue probably got a and then after the game on Sunday or Monday morning go out and do your part to get that dialogue go. There's air that's simple and it'll play the game and and incidentally. To my Pampers the first off Bob Hope Olson's. Yeah and improve and Benjamin and does the next week but are really hated the outcome on Sunday game particularly against the site. He asked and I got to go play the the patriots so it doesn't get any easier. But the stuff that a winning record and a long season ahead in got a stop there always appreciate your time US senator Thom Tillis thanks for Conan. Right now have a great way. This is vote Thomson's WP GQMR. Today with a small amount of available to. It would issues you to interpret what deck since it happened Cutler into the bristles thanks very little color. Let's go from here we'll start I would just make little crisscross strokes cancer and say so. We're just very quickly just this drop enhanced Digital Sky air. It was winded to drink bigger interest in this is the world the John Moore is living in today can I love it. Can you guys they've got an airbrushed Bob Ross. Bob Ross via. The psychedelic. Painter that says still I guess he's a YouTube star narrow their kids that. You mean your daughter watches this guy yeah and sit this close the the my birthday was recently this is a birthday present and when your daughter gets an Ice-T shirt he he got away and act like you do want it up. It's at RC may knew where I think it's anybody's religion. The distance. I love that African squad walking on the holiday and a soldier on from afar and I couldn't quite make out. I couldn't quite make out who. What the shirt who was on the shirt. I thought it was sunken cling to the best way to beat your John Morton from afar if he gets it but not down when this is not the cling on certain that it I don't know but I'm sure you have one but it doesn't look like one of those seven these air it. Airbrushed I got that Myrtle Beach on the side of the road but I go to lead singer from mile well it could very well could be it does look like Jeff Lynne development. I got another one to go with this it's got flying cats on a president of the united all right got to do like it not surprised at all so Bob Ross lives the legend of Bob rolls lives in Europe. Let's talk today with a small amount of the fatal blue in the studio. And reducing CO2 into virtual tech. Did you mostly posted he Twitter that a picture of this just because today is the national coffee day and I alone can't let that be bigger than Bob rosty shirtless. That wraps these additional hotels in double UDT podcast. Our efforts. Civil law suite mornings and. Uneasy 1110. 993 WGT.