Eric Burg

At Home with Roby
Sunday, May 27th
Eric Burg from Apple Rock joins Patrick and Trent to discuss how to market your business.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. Good morning welcome at home the trophy. As a precedent of roe V services along with the pace and president and CEO of the ruby family of companies we all are you were it's. Treating it Sunday's Memorial Day weekend even though we are. Admittedly prerecorded yeah. Lulu Lulu and they'll recover all the mistakes if we didn't and then we we makes him any mistakes made this is us this is us with we will we rarely ever get a re record this is. This is it's who we are other them all life. And would never let Maine and nor should she record all Sunday morning and we basically do the last coming right whenever re record we down. So that that he is it is immoral daily deal which is always my favorite weekends advocates to spend time with my aunt my Stanley down apparently kiwi or muffed that is. My brother his Stanley is to come out and it's a nice last week and in and he you have big plans this weekend as well trying to get see your mom your family is well. In. Not and I don't think so they wanted to beat to death of the subtle but in my mom's going to be you know. If you see just if it's serious quade he thought were spy catcher for free Tenet that's an interesting comments on it now. Period ever known it on the surface. I'd and have a little fun so with the family and I just came back from Nashville had a little fun there was some friends in the business development and I told. Yep we had a good time I love country music and I love Nashville's great place NASA cool that is a cool. Place I had never been the natural lab in May want to let me he would let his tail let me tell you some Arab merged and a cold here next goal same as he's got office in Vegas he does. Advertising this play he's on top a little bit about Vegas yes it national. Is. Ot. Honestly think it's more crowded that I had been to Vegas that'll all come out soda story later bit to abstain Nash full is. Is. A home Sunday night. It is. Race shoulder to shoulder. Is like well my vision of Myrtle Beach used to be Myrtle Beach is not it sees as editors Jagan as they would. It is that it is the most crowded happened in place of Albion. Imam grown life. In Nashville today. It's unbelievable. Mam also brand basin who's a who's who is a good business randomized so shall you also stemming he's looking Hamulack hat I don't understand he's like maybe we missed the bus Billy got open a business here so I'm going home. And I'm like man these people can come and I don't I you missed the bus because her hair like Austin tell us a similar way in a it's in the end of by absolute. The vibe is so happy and Paul not been and this is it's a good place and you get to hear music everywhere I was walking into the airport yesterday. Five now. And there was a gap plane in the Niemi never re go to Penney's planet of restaurant airport you know and he says works for tips soc. Account as with Emo constable Alina and a when dropped a ten dollar and even need nine to stand down the look Kennedy standing on the thing be worse for tips man SLA gets us Robert ten dollar and this thing has seen only charge mes and Rami. Played Talladega forming. And he's made his day in the hold the song is looking having been was jammed in Maine his doesn't make him a little off the stove or trying to. So I get I get I get excited. About this that's that is cool Mitt. It's a little bit but it's entrepreneurial isn't validity is an in an art form I mean and that's how he's gonna make a living probably happy scantily image. Does find the driver to take this and airport was a nice young man asked article Tomasson. Entertainer does music videos and stuff so it was going good he drowns on the size ever hear hustle and drive in drive and will of the people around here are stories. I just think the whole Bob's game and everybody tell that it is is a good place room. Mobbed my dear friend just award. Who wanted to get on the show who's from the Triad where winners from just got Mary Lou they're for his wedding. And he lives out there with his wife so needing. Spent a lot of the spent a lot more calm out there. Available form partners on. Less it would now you back in the saddle for a few days here before we and we hit the long weekend and somewhere else are to me homeland this good to have more famine back to skin to have. My friend's band members might Comaneci Al. I'll be honestly at T data look forward to seeing you every week now. Said so we came back so piper got this guitar. Pipers right and his daughter she's she sees wackos. In such a good way so I shown in these videos of people playing music he sees all mice he had a guitar she wrote two songs last yeah. And she's like cat she's seven she's a download. And a assists information making you listen to it she's a nose for why Ali is Thelma how much alone in your adult on a family dog yeah that's right assaults for a while and then Allen outsized who has bought national. Blue route I would like to have piper play one of her music instruments on the shows some point. The my day then the money to do that may be get the girls and here they might did that they're they're pretty. Combine that they're very that's in place Scarlett is doing violent camp this summer we'll see how it goes yeah we're Ellen we're Dolan a federal camp. In blowing raw. That's that's how much we're into the for a week and I think that's so cool. And I hung out a lot national disgusted him he's made his whole career plan for little for every artist around his name was the evening news that homeland. Federal land dot com check it out. And I must take my kids in Nashville and that may not teach this week as we are you that you lawsuit you know plated engine. Manila on their own. The technical management and play be alive here it's pretty tough. The banter out via. I'm playing anything you can do Abdul in the fiddle camp out and I'm taking my children to fiddle can't TJ has abandoned due DJ who will teachers had to play demanded. Eric berg is gonna play the ninja I learn harm on the dollar in a neat thing a little too much he would play the harmonica we went off Amazon for six books. This did well as lift that our son plays harmonica heat and light thirty in a box is was not success. All right we got there are coming up from apple raw pay lean from Greensboro. Mean here in a second he's on teach us a lot. You listen at home with ruby. Welcome back there. Companies. We all year because transit here birdie. In the parents flee column de ice berg. Anti iceberg had to be here collected data name that's what's a nice house he's full of lights in his bones. He's just cool him and I have had a couple putting contest and hint it's happening name price for you don't do well and putting contest and that's I had died that's the that went but identity and he kind of sucks you into the a contest than in the teller who lures you into a false sense of that your ahead and then you end up. Leaving little lighter note I never fallen victim to that it's the old double or nothing he's got to win one of the units that's I had decades. I know they can is what Erica welcome to the CD a man that I knew we've we've got a chance that it did talk a few times that. Beer business is apple rock yes it is we to celebrate thirty years and North Carolina so we're excited kind of celebrate that in 2018. And I think Gary and I have been hang in Al rowly hardcore. For rule over six years the sixers hand let her Wear and formed together summing were were blood and then we're famine relate. And he's won him a lot here inmate he's a veteran to watt here agree gas and I remember. But a year year and a half after I made him move we've become a close of one dollar college cellphone. It say air rumor without bra sill and celebrate Tony Farrior that hit that fat that I had school and I like that. Then. It's a it's a business about. You know getting people together to you know the Internet came out and yeah I thought was that people would never talk to each other again and everything would be online. And everyone would stop. Inner facing with people along with the that was the ball that was the spot. Really back in the day now eleven thanks in advance you know but it's it's the whole idea that people still wanna deal with people you know people I honestly league you know you're not gonna spend a hundred grand without meeting the person you're spending it went. So you know we've always believed in this whole idea face to face relationships and face to face meetings and conferences and trade chose. You know we're still a huge proponent that people love talking to people doing this that they like you know who they like the sap Barack is a marketing company yes it's right. Yeah want to give us a little launch for Norwalk down thirty year life how you start you businesses that. Well I started my business working with if you wanna go on the way back here is in the RV business. And yeah I started out with a company called Carolina country RB and I worked in television. ABC affiliate and that's what she had to go looking mug. Yeah. Now announce a face for radio and I tennis. Especially trend right now. Just kidding. It's it's but the the story was we created that's the first Klein I had as my agency was an RV dealer. And he was like I need to gets more business but I don't know how to grow it so my idea was to start the north too on our being camping says. So when you yeah so we we rented a facility in Durham, North Carolina and invited other dealers to be part of it and 6000 people showed up. Oh my goodness first year and this is like wow this is great you know we we created new buyers we created. Concept of where people like going to shows like car shows and Boccieri just this was the very first RV show. So don't hear aha that was my harmonica you know what we may not need to be in an ad agency for TV or radio. That we're going to be an ad agency for face to face marketing events. So we then did otter says it is home shows we start helping people go to their own events. And it's fun putting buyers and sellers together his business kind of breaks out. I'm member is a kid and net that was like one of our of the elite we debate showed come my group and Atlanta and of those showed calm and in front of him into an RV shivered at a site. That was great family fun ride into did you not all the cool stuff they whether you're a buyer at that point enough I've got to you wanted teacher may fuel interest in even though they weren't a lot I was gonna say it becomes an entertainment being brightness and I do not selling so much is your. Display creating. You think about home show or even Harvey so yeah but chose her. And the real industry business to business you go to pharmaceutical shows ago to. Like CES Consumer Electronics Show or the well he may never heard of seamer or apex is big auto shows it in and detectives this week is I see SC and Vegas is Maggie on that our commercial team announced. And I are there other real estate commercial they're all out I went last series it's called real dads is recon is because it's very it's. It's well it's a huge show in the real safe space we have several clients there that are you know. Drawing really its commercial real state right Pletcher it's very exciting because once again people are trying to sell theirs strip malls or other. You know whatever is going on with the new developments and you could possibly do that online right or through conversation and however people wanna sit down people and really understand what the propositions are. Okay say you started this RV show that was a success 6001 year and then house heavily gap for a you know so it's a seasonal business because it based it was January through march. So I got to the end of march and said okay this is great when you do for rest the year. And what I found was that I was really talented. Creating displays. Four events that helped attract customers that you want. So in other words a lot of the trick here is that not just to go to a show with a lot of people. But you gotta attract the right customers so that you end up getting the right customers who want to buy from him so if your high end. You know GO continental contractor. You know you might not wanna speak to someone who can't afford it. So you have to attract the right people so I I learned how to construct the right space. So that you attract the re branding so you have the right people come to you so that you can make business. So we started creating exhibits for companies we're going to a variety of different chose to do a thousand shows a year. Obama for a lot of different companies to go. You know two different spaces categories like you said like recon. You know a lot of the big says the world of concrete pile hurt Al Sharpton next while the ever heard of the connex yeah it's a huge show mining expo. And there's a show for every industry. And the key is is that you figure out who you are and then you wanna go out project this perception to your best prospects. I just got back from a company in Pennsylvania quicker cam it's good that makes lubricants for metal machining I NTS show. And an assist the show that every company's founder grow their business cross the country in international. Did. OK so your home base is in to try and its north John green's forget app for that and then. You do have an office. In Las Vegas Korea we have a very big facility in Las Vegas because that's the number once again in America answer they have all the largest shows and so we have a big facility there restored to rent. I'm so you don't have to ship your exhibit you know across the country it's already there. We have a facility in new York New Jersey we have a facility in Virginia and DC. This is to basically help our clients you know when you sickly get around. No the logistics is real I mean that's on Joseph let me see India especially at an odd mindless familiarity is an icy SE the recon to that was there last year. I mean the this is a production itself meaning you talk about weeks in advance to get these things in the right spot set up and we're talking about like a little pleased that we get that we would set that it independents. At a breakfast Caroline's three have a couple banners during this is like full blown electrical water remain the whole deal. There were working on a couple of exhibits right now for the Consumer Electronics Show there north of a million dollars by yep that's kind of brought it or for one for one exhibit for one week. Yeah you guys we got a couple other techie type guy is mock. Understanding Internet I'll. In our forum and that that Eric I guess it was about two months ago the CX shows go right in Vegas and our policy is charity my atlases. Sadr City electric supplies from. I think that well you know you wanna bring out your new renovations or new products of the things that your company is working on year round to make a big splash. The cool part about the event businesses that it feeds social media feeds the media right yes after the event they keep talking about you know you get written up in magazines again. Interviews with radio and television stations and bloggers. You create such a buzz edit the show's over but you're still getting every verb. Throughout the industry so it really creates a whole year. It's mostly Super Bowl commercial I mean exact kind of slash really good but the difference isn't so hidden only I'd say you didn't do a target group of customers that. That you ultimately wanted to business right oh I work a lot of startups who hurts destructive and wanna be the next school in wanna be an ax. You know big company and I I'm is that an award show and when my clients came up to me ten years later and said Eric you never know. What you did for my company are you talking about just I had no money I spent my last few bucks and your display and I want my big show. And it changed my lie I became bigger than life to my competitors I looked great it was the basic jumping off point from my business announced super successful. So you can change the course of your business by going to the says in really usually you hear on shark tank all the time. Yes you know pay. Ullman and truthful. Lugar and cut to a commercial here in the second and Allen and no we get back allow Vegas is Vegas and all that and you have inside track. And I know what brought you Denmark on our recently so. If he if you like what you hear and hang tight we have Eric bird with apple rock you listen now homeless Roby. Welcome back then Helmut threatening attachment casting from roe V services along the tree pays him from the ruby Stanley the company's. We or a year this were taught in Vegas were talking display ads. We're talking apple rock which aired merchant with a raise allow one of those so much about Vegas is because I have them in the Vegas in about thirteen years. Because my wife is socially she put no base restriction. A thought maybe it they had a facial recognition out there and you really need during your beer down put a pair of sunglasses so I'll Reagan may be. She's got the face and recognize these biggest don't need a La mama tell almost self the second you know I like to play a little blue black yet that's so you may eighth. But. A column my father I was out there and in nearby knows how much a llama down here. And he got it all from Manning got to get demand nightly we were motor Brothers and and out Hollis walking down a run news I was a young man. I'm still so Malone this is an eerie conference and in news doesn't know Walken on raw food. And it's a Bal. The time doesn't matter Adam net nets it was about 10:30 in the morning and today. And I had been playing my jag till. And had a little jingle in my pocket. Call my dad and it was like 1230 in Charlotte. And he was normalized with Chris Maynard and those guys. And I said acknowledging home apartheid and he said stop for segments Lisa looked up at that big build new from the EU. He said how he thing they build them build more. Sickened by. Why hasn't realized it was advised the I had a feeling in buys fifth let's talk about Vegas is a business trip and thought it until it does not yet it was allows man you through and listen pots on a column that I didn't they're ticked you know letter. That did that tell us a little bit about day. You niche publications have brought as you talk a little bit about what it is edu and how you peace showcase companies. At the most important strategic town their growth that's in front of the clients. Did they really want associated with an amateur was asking a little bit about wise Vegas is so popular and how based became sort of convention capital of the world. Yeah it's it's got a couple things. And it's it's a little bit deeper in the sense that. As Asia became more important Japan and China. It became clear that those folks can get to Vegas a lot easier than coming all the way across to new York and Boston and Chicago. So you know it's logistically made sense further for the international folks coming. So they come moon via California correct OPEC yes so you're you're taken four hours maybe five hours softer flight got that's a big. The other thing has to do the size here your platform. Millions of square feet. Yet hold the largest shows like Atlantis to be a big DO BA ya but that congress senator theirs is kind of small. So you can't fit the big shows is only certain places Orlando Chicago. And a Las Vegas have the biggest buildings so if you're gonna do a big show you need a big building. So electronics those 144000. Feet Richard talking about it fills every available. Of the dimensions of the can mentioned senator the sands. Hotels the other things in the hotel rooms cheerio. You know so then you think about hotel rooms the logistics where you are asked to be cheap to come in. And it has to be an expensive to have hospitality. And so if you you know to go out to take you know your best customers. You gotta have a lot of things he wanted to do hospitality because the event business. Is intertwined with hospitality. Yeah I would tell you that more is being done. After the event. And the I don't agree that a 100% I mean just my little experience or write in any sort of meet up with a customer it. It Warner to your displays many you know going out for dinner right in your pain Allison and attain mass bank. In any really have been through is it never been this is like it's like its own. They can convention center in Vegas is is insane I think for that city we went to lash out because like in between twenty and 30000 steps absolutely hostility and everybody. And if you're on the East Coast time to get out there kind of like three hours off but yet your your if you do it right what we tell our clients to do was pace yourself drink a lot of water. But based to have a coffee. Go to the show it's a myth so have a great lunch for somebody and you're basically working sixteen hours yeah. Now one other indeed leads me to another thing you started off VCR relationship come that's right salute. Leads me to the next thing you your business also Lou puts owned. Parties and events for companies as well right to take it to the next level yet this this hospitality this event concept is a vote. You know that this show business is really in. Commenced and senators and then it kind of translates into active nations which are in hotels. It could be private events that could be activation that he'll see. Had a sponsorship and golf tournament you know that was Fargas here you know so you may solve a corporate. Yeah tense going on UCL people trying to activate the brand. You know so the whole idea really becomes how to why activate at the races that you know that Charlotte motor speedway. You know everything is about how to like get close to my customer. So it's no longer just about a trade show it's about how to I get in front of the right people so the trade show in the display that Shelby old. And the golf turn a man. The backdrop and is the propaganda which put up Michelle held riots. That's all just a platform so that you can entertain clients and meet people and yet and I think that's it yup he just he decided a very well and then you put it altogether. And your little my extra bright I'm saying you do yeah you wanna be able to make it effortless so that the company officials can come and spend all of their time. Talking to customers weren't about. Is my tent up is my tent down as the food there is things together you know let all that happen it's like doing a wedding and a and it at a graduation you just wanna make everything flows so smoothly. So that the clients are really just focused on the customers in new business. And I you know went to a party last year that you for one of our dear friends that you. But they ran home a home or. It's it's it's special to do it for people that really appreciated. You know I think the idea of lighting the idea sound the idea of making things and experiences what it's about oh yeah this is it music. Screens Bryant and food bars. Tables chairs dance floors and I mean the whole nine and it's it's at the end of the day it's a memory because you're gonna go to an event that has fled thousands days. You know whom I can remember when it's all said and I can impact yet when I leave the show when I leave the city. In my pocket you know as a business Carter there's a memory that's gonna say when that's sales guy calls me that company calls me my got to pick up the phone make an appointment to see. Or her and I think it's to me I think it's I think today I though some people think it's going to more transactional. I think relationships matter more today you know than they did ten years ago I think today Guizhou compared vanish because a lot of people are willing known techno I. Obviously is in being a mean that the art of forming a relationship with somebody is is it's not dying but it's not the same as it was 101520 years ago. Literally the only sales vehicle they had was. Was a face to face interaction now people think they can send an email and is gonna buy from them well there's a big towns going on right now the millennial are different that. And and it's it's. You don't always get out of debt startled us when the experience factor but I mean really there is this there is this the generational change right now weariness where you have to be get an email you have to be good attacks thing. And because they don't really wanna talk to you immediately. You they go to your website to take you on social media they get an email then. Then they might talk to so it's it's a big challenge in the event business where we've had to basically make things more techie. So that they're not they don't wanna be talked to us by sales person they really wanna engage at their own level. Feel comfortable. And then when they feel comfortable though ask for more information. Instead of BM bull headed and trying to show of the traditional way down her throat a rep to what they're doing here have they want to react we talk about that all the time tennis it's funny like arsenal are older sales guys. You went immediately picked up the phone and call some yeah and it's like. On the call now ray sales gas grade this site know who did did they don't want to be communicated to you that way you need to communicate the way they wanna be communicated to excellent that's that they prefer. You're you're dead on we caller reciprocating at the level that are here commissioner view if they texting text them back call you call back if they email you. You know it's it's that's really important and so that's a really big strategy because we're in the middle of baby boomers. You know him a generation actors. Millennial and there's even a couple other generations that are coming up disease. That are we've got to figure out how to communicate and everybody instantly had the same time right. That's talent Eric. Man great story great show. Give me lately. People with hating get in touch with you and no one here one in your philosophies in life. That's where the recesses reach out to us that up rock dot com. It's it's its website diskette going on or you can reach me directly at 336. 23247. On one my biggest philosophy is that. Relationships matter events can drive a lot of business and if it's not working. It doesn't mean it it won't. All right very Garrett if that's not working it doesn't mean it won't. Thank you where. I love you man I letters here as there for an amount answer we'll be back thank you up. Welcome back at home with ruby on Patrick much has incrementally services along with can hasten from the Robie family of companies we or your photos. Just wrapped up with. Eric berg from apple rock tree and I learned a united you know Eric comes in there is a different mindset heating game into the thousand questions shuffle last week before he comes in. He he can and as Tom when asked talks called him a note I know enough about it as an investment. Mallard so much like the premise he said was premise of the show us a basically. Coke commerce stations with notch to norms and business people that the person run on the road or podcasts and our show it and they gonna lower. I'll bet I've spent thousands and thousands of hours insider's mind him muffled and I've never heard a whole last segment about my manuals and the fault of Vegas and Asian market come on over and did not mean as far away is New York the right now was under Bermuda bully him when he say for me talking about your YPO it's Jun princess organization just suggested to fill listeners out there but and we meet so so for the last six and a half years. We meet. At eight to ten times a year for light over half a day. Yeah that would tell a third about personal third about business and start about family. Clinton's behavior why he would repeat given assault book they're so supposed to read it deaths Yasser sort of read and do the the comments that were made on the back of the book was rich ballot he's party like yeah I agree. And in the middle shell I think she'll Lewinsky hadn't had a common as well. So that's pretty commits the very can be read about it these business for sale at spring of Latvia and I think he kind of give us an idea of what YPO is. Ascendant there's two things that are that are that are secretive too with that creepy is that it's it seems like it's a wreak pre. Re occurring theme. And a lot of very successful. Business people's that networking cape what. They have looked says that he asked artery in the book on I own airplane does today and Kenneth Starr's office mark Moses he's a great coach he touches a lot watt peer he's a lot did gas. I skull making big happen mar Moses would give my promotional. So easy read Marie our leadership team three net but I think it starts off in the full order one of the first couple pages that tell us about. Somebody his mentor Jack Daly at thanked her son and son Jack Daly was talking about mark and he says and he said what was the most unique bang up picked up from Marcus. Everybody he needs one Tel two alarm from. They generally were tend Tony years older than I don't know if you act that was in the forward again now so it's at all in the slower yet I did see that in. This kind of interest probably honestly it made me feel gay because I hang out flannel. As an I say it all all the time you can't replace you can't replace that every man out longer this money has senator Mel my lived. Because you know so much more exponentially. Every data goes back an old tong likes the way they nest in the richest man embattled on I'm I'm I'm breaking Nelson's book references today while. Where where are well re a little group or speak he. Via the net so. Again today superhero day as school small boy Ford's learned is not not totally ready wrestle and Kate. And it's mask. I got the picture a few minutes you know inserted via all proud. But not chilly gray was Jack Black right now and is an idiot he had a band TJ now tuck and a cult Tenacious D if you wanna. Listen to some interest in easy to check that out that and now as cool with it dead today CP here today. Schools come into Indian summaries is basically here and which means what hot lather. Think hot is already here hot this year. Which means what the need to check your heating cooling poll policy analyst for your love. I will say wanna poll out today used to hang time on like deter any any Damien Roby heating and cooling T shirt this list pretty you know well I think it's did at that sort of against. Well it's good we are talking about branding all day on the show today with their bird that was sort of when his key concerts. Can we take Branson importantly here now I want to seat adamant it would put a lot time and effort. And into the breaking sure the debt brand aligns with the other ruby's family of company Branson it it it looks clean air Gary Jayson Nix and design does a great job health. Is drown our brand octane is something in this culture flight on Matt this week in Alison Nashville was somewhat aghast. And we all have those soft T shirts now. That they're not trying to get us to Gifford corn hole for like two years today was to achieve so we got the real hard thing we're well aware of any gas and soffa Spanish or two dollar and asked you know that's a trend that has a great tight soft. That you just gave me. But the coolest thing is when I came to a company in 2000 raft Carolina. You know all we ever had propaganda was a revenue was he blue pencils lease this fight winner must missiles. And our own and a cool old teacher and a woman up on seventeen years fifteen years old and now the coolest thing is. All the teachers I Wear anymore. Our mob buddies businesses and we got a tough Bonner businesses and our brands and asked how in a menace like networking to its finest degree we'll talk particulate that is a wonderful business list and I know it sounds like it's something simple but pay the extra two dollars. For whatever you're gonna put your brand on in nature people legitimately wanna hold east where you've heard me. If some ideas mail by about a hat that they pay nine Manning down four. I'm never gonna Wear listening goma closet until years later goodwill gifts but if they are light and offer fifty dollars is gonna give you an ice and a you wearing it like a mayoral forty dollar hat you Wear and with elaborating on it than they wanna Wear and rocket more than a hat think about the story as it. I mean I I just was in Nashville. A ball main break in affordably at their boats or does neighborhoods street and I'll motto Browning had. You know Dan Browning a mate in makes shotguns ranked yet but it's a cool hat I'm buying their brand. And that'll Wear their brand around promoted their brand a painful hour. Because to school in elicited this must stop we Danny in it was somebody he doesn't really well we they would bring up on the show quite a bit is more police and sport engine acting out on his FaceBook page on you know and after that after the Sunday. Round at the wells for a as somebody was in the background in an interview was wearing his sporting tin hat. It's a screen shot didn't put on the Internet and select the TSE's it would calls brand which I think that's smaller yeah may treat some cool. It's Zelda will list these brands TS deeds a select group there and dollars and Roy you mentioned him dissect idea. But now remand this I'm happy for to warm weather out thank my ten items that some cold times Barclays Indies Emerson Reagan told her she'd take. Do celebrated there in the summer through a bit obese this week celebrating ten Merck they six months apart. About that Christmas in July I'd never thought about it but I have a wife to Smart. Thank you for join in this have a wonderful Sunday I'm sitting on the beach in my mama's place. You listen math homework right we have a great day.