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Steve it's happening in Charlotte. You'll hear about it here news maker of car. Could double. He's mourning news source for talking about this base game. Yeah just right there. Aren't as. 735 and start eleventh and that it 93 WP team. So I mr. spam burger what about you what was your what was your game of choice at the but the neighborhood arcade. Yeah I'd definitely get attacked manner respect for anyone. I would make that quarter last a long time. The we didn't know which then we were kindred spirits were great it was probably yesterday the airports. Man you were there yesterday afternoon right. He had talked about making a quarter last a long time. That people are not happy up there now. They used to have arcades at Charlotte Douglas airport the and archaic is I'm never going to it. Is that was another secret power that I had acted cents arcades where there's an arcade in the building I would I would I would sniffing out desire ever remember there being when they're that there's not any more at because everybody can do it on the phone but. The day in this would be a time where an arcade would be a good place to go past the time because you're not getting on the flight anytime soon. Yeah I was gonna say arcade library. They're the only thing you can do with the airport right now so. They are almost a week into this problem with the regional flights the commuter flight. They're American Airlines flight operated by PSA airlines at a Dayton Ohio. They're having trouble with the computer systems and it is just causing all kinds of trouble so. The airline. Had a press conference yesterday and went over the steps they're taking to try to fix that and said that we don't know wind that would be fixed at least 350 flights I am thinking probably a lot more on the map as a little bit shaky coming from the airline. But at least 350 had been canceled since Thursday. And as soon as the people that you encountered that that the passengers I mean you know going to an airport there are going to be issues of people missing flights or flights being delayed. But this has got to be one of the millions. Did the collective frustration. It is that is that I've. A fever pitch we don't we've seen this I mean you your turn on national newscasts across country and Charlotte is is getting attention for this of this I can only imagine what that collective frustration. There must have been like your round yesterday. Yeah I mean one thing is the I think the airport aid itself extra credit because they want extra credits of all the people stranded. You know people were. Very frustrated side. Is it as relatively calm as they can be given the circumstances. One of the things that I don't think the surprising but it is interesting in an airline saying they're giving and giving out as many as 800 hotel room tonight the airport saint isn't as many as. 900 people have been. Stranded here upper ninth so you know it's just the math I talked to bet yours you said you know they went to the hotel about her they were offered a cot instead so you know that they're there all these sort of conflicting stories but the bottom line though is where you start which is pac man okay. It that people are very frustrated they're just trying to figure out how to get home. And I'd doesn't look like it is is going to be included probably until later in the week. Let's real quick Caroline Richard take on that this this new twenty story building for mid town that was approved almost unanimously last night one of mayfield. Was the no vote the only no vote but this is going to be a twenty story office tower in in midtown near cherry in the Elizabeth neighborhoods. And this would be one of the tallest Billings outside of of of you know the usual Charlotte he added that inside the 277 billed as gory kind of is that point delineation usually but it. What you think this is the beginning of of that of the next frontier of of of building sprawling outdoor or what do you think's going. I absolutely I think I think this is going to be. Frequent topic of conversation and decision for City Council because. As we talked so many times in the past couple years our city is growing so quickly are real estate becomes more scarce even in his city that's relatively sprawling like Paris and I think it is just that the way of the future in the fact that he got it in one's vote. Tell me that developers are probably going to fare pretty well as they usually have when they propose these additional building in the future. All right so back to where restarted. Aren't the authority to make that quarter ago where it DR Kate at the calculator.