Erik Spanberg and John Hancock

John Hancock
Friday, September 8th

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Overdue the executive offices of or expand burger corner office high up on the hill overlooking a boon North Carolina mountains in the river Belle is below. You know I didn't know which are. There's an officer cubicle or I forgot. I don't know how we define I don't even have a qualified and accused the ports it probably guess. Saying do you a bit I mean do you really even need one 'cause I mean really get exactly do you do that you guys all work from me and all the sports guys I know are pretty much 011 out of their computer. Yeah we're we're here we're just pumping the Starbucks and an error that anyone else who has blocked by. Between whatever beating your network coverage so yeah right it does it matter. So why does the parent company that you work for have. Four buildings in town. Crack up at. Conclude that the second Circuit Court yeah well or part of it is there are a lot of people who are in the office. You read far more important thing to what I do all day and generic they're not out and BellSouth are there do you think you know so I think it would be. Probably if the first picture that the second one is even more obvious they really just walking out there prepare for a possible. He reminder too much or forget about Paul Ryan and quite frankly people are really up on Paul Ryan right now. Not helping me get there I figured table at a restaurant in knowledge in India won't. There's there's people within his own party there trying to oust him as the speaker of the house I was reading that today and one of the people they'd like to put in there is Newt Gingrich did you know. That constitutionally. You don't have to be elected to the house to be the speaker of the house. I would get about to say that he's gone I've read that today I had never heard that before because Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were mentioned at up civility. And I'd. Did not you can do that Powell's strange would that be. Yeah now lives in like I say I I read that this organs I I I saw the rumors that Newton Santorum and I've and I thought. Oh. Yeah I'd had for I thought that think they don't you have to have another step which used to be an awful but apparently not. I don't know it just gets its treasurer and strange word and then. It really got all right bring me up to date on the latest on M I'll outs. Because inquiring minds want to know where where where are we on this Mecklenburg County rescinded their. They're approved package and the City Council economic development committee did something this week tonight. State that they they had to flee bad. Be your readers that you're not talk gravel pit that is due presentation with the news site in city government. Thank you know arrange for the public portion. The bid. That's not going to happen next week as expected that is now being kicked down the road to October. The problem here John and MLS. A Port Charlotte market Pittsburgh I continue to play their very much committed their bit the problem here is that report that junior teams are. Waited to be elected in December so you can do the math all the calendar very easily if you don't even have a lead LA proper editor's note stadium site and has stadium funding plan. I don't see how they could all this together but maybe I'm missing for a. We talked last week about them expanding their looks for four sites and I read I think it was on Charlotte agenda and I and I thought I'd copied off the article and I can't find it now so I apologize or not being able to give the Ryder credit. But he had today his that he said that he thought that the pamper practice field might be the perfect location. Four an MLS soccer field and and that's interesting I'd never even thought of that. And I did entertain. I am I have not seen this sort I I'd I'd I'd divert their pockets are not cnet's sister story. I'd be the first problem I would feeder though of course there's the Panthers would be highly reluctant to give up their practice field I would think that maybe there's a way they can work together and that's something that you may not talk restaurants there were apparently well liked considered before memorial stadium was chosen and then of course it would uninjured and if you will. But we don't know what those other sites are where they're located. Who owns them and I think you have may have just thought this before it seems highly unlikely given that. The expert group looking for help paint to build a stadium it seems highly unlikely that they're going to you be willing to pay for land on top of a stadium or half of the state. Now I am used to be I if you were player in the National Football League this season what ended then you go to your other job because it all back in those days it didn't pay enough money to buy to actually live on this would have been back in the sixties back in the cookie Gilchrist is back in the so why I always to live next to our Pete Franco. And now he played I think it was an old Notre Dame guy and may have played for the Broncos but Denny had a job in the off season and then needed it to help making ends meet so. I thought it was sad to see that Steve Smith had to go back to get his job Beckett Taco Bell. But apple app that can't there's Barack way it has a guy who should've loved and a little bit of more protective of his money I guess on a. Perhaps a contract I I thought this through. IQ campaign they're your you're court document NFL network where he's Smith is going to be an analyst started this weekend and you put together. A little bit yet they put it seems slip in a Taco Bell in Concord, North Carolina here like Charlotte. And let him work the drive through window and edit it it held some low appreciate that went on but. And the and the reason being he used to work at Taco Bell and Los Angeles when he was a kid had. Right correct he he he would going back here every if you will and correct. I don't know if you if you watch the clip job but there's there's one where he got that drives the clean up the drive through window without opening the window first. And it's pretty muted so a locally how we got this weekend as you continue. In his new job. Was yours aura someplace else that I read about this for he talked about when he worked there in Los Angeles as a kid at Taco Bell. 01 day you looked out the window and no Sugar Ray Leonard was in the car that was picking up Sudanese say he's always remembered that has communal way it was Sugar Ray Leonard. I awhile back now not now that her interstate battery out via a the other series ally is that someone that's in play here he literally says absolutely not and he looked down at mantech. He says well my name is these. So. I could get the art degree and got NATO. It out Steve semester like John Smiths everybody uses the name of their checking into a strange motel now on order or other absolutely. Hey act college football the opener in Charlotte didn't quite. Who well I don't know that they they say everything good bad you have an awful lot of empty seats. He did have an awful lot of empty seats you know they're 50000 people and that's 75000. Seat stadium ever ever gotten in 2015 win and Charlotte at North Carolina South Carolina. They had a disappointing turnout and they blamed it on 813 nine kicked off this time it was on a Saturday afternoon and the organizers. Said that that would likely. Cure or help these tendencies it did not. And so it looks like back the drawing board wanted to think they're going to do it tinker with the upper level part it's because they're selling the lower level seats but the upper level is just as fast. See if you blew. When are you we quoted guy by the name is Steve Hall principal at the signature sports marketing and he says it comes down to ticket prices at bats got to be else what else can it be he said. Can't let well how about may be were not a great college football town. Well. You certainly have to put that on the table given. The last few. Gains and a disappointing turnout the belt all has struggled that bad fear right around 50000 fans and the eighty people all in Egypt has done much better. What in all the preferred Uga was. You have a holiday weekend you have the first weekend at the peak in action scenes within easy driving distance. Amputees that. Well they're not world beaters they are expected to be much improved this season and yet you still end up with Torre creep up Nancy they sell. He says ticket prices. You say you know black or Richard all I know literature. To radiate heat seek an air compared to the other days remember there were eight neutral site game over the weekend and only one of them had fewer fans. Internal. And that was the Louisville Purdue game in Indianapolis correct correct now. Which. I can get that. Yeah well. They have to work to do now on the port side know what you're hear from you organizer here. The teams are happy the schools were happy to schools like playing here because you have an NFL stadium and because this is art school. Recruiting area rich for green area for PG HTC in the SEC show. Remember they have commitments. All the way up through. Lou 20/20. Three I think you're almost thirty years so somebody's going to have to figure out something because. Those schools want those fifty yard he can you can't get at your feet up on the pick. Write your chance talk to Johns Wofford talking about the ACC championship game so we'll talk to you about your talks with him when we come back and just a second or darken to hire expand her senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Charl business journal dot com. That you understand American journal of business journal you had a chance to talk to Johns Wofford you know I don't buy into our relating read your article today. The ACC is insisting. In managing plays always thought to be a basketball conference and all the sudden a few years ago football was not very respected but it's highly respected now they got the national champion they got the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. They've got significant scandals going on out but on the other hand rode the football side of it probably has never been stronger and you talk a little bit earlier about the championship game being played at Bank of America Stadium back after a one your hiatus because. House bill two. He's seems pretty Charlotte. Optimistic. Yet he really does it and now won that things are not what you're about. What what the long term or at the long term future up that they keep people all chipped chipped a member of first let's play here in forty hand. I admit that you mention it was apps and inflate sixty come back this year. So when I came back they added a year you'd be hurt contract I'd take him out threw twenty toward the end the kind of blurred out here. Not expecting much to answer that so where do you begin to think about what New York State here in the future. And he's had very earned and then he had we really think it's Charlotte is the best place to play game. They not only on the attendance but the proximity to hotels and restaurants. Up from Bank of America Stadium so that was a pretty definitive answer. That Charlotte will be hosting this game for quite some time become it is the most valuable and only in my pocket but the most valuable of the free. College football events that are here each year. SEC's got to Atlanta and Atlanta has taken full advantage of that and always SEC always in his there's at least one if not the strongest conference in the in the land from bill berries were varying from your year. But the ACC really has has picked up their game. And certainly has the credentials. I'm I'm try to remember this was in Jacksonville for a few years wooded go to Orlando after that. We're Q they would that Jacksonville Tampa. Struggled in both of those cities came to Charlotte. And I believe was a sellout the first you're he had Virginia secondary and then it if labour a little bit and then came back strong. And I'm sure plenty of people around your do you remember when he fifteen the last time I was here it was say. Pack out for Clinton in North Carolina and obviously that kind of matchup is exactly. What he organ doctors here would like city. What did he and I'm short on time well what did he say about the ACC cable network windows that go on the air and will it be Charlotte based. 2019 he expect at least some of that operation to be based here and said that all that some ergo we should be hearing more early next you're about some of the particular. I'm armed. All right very good the new that the new addition to show business journalism out we didn't get a chance to talk about tonight's attendance records but to last week's weather got to kill them. And they did not they will not be the reigning champion Indianapolis we'll get the there will be at the attendance title that's not to say that the air Charlotte knights came in. Really any weaker they actually had a pretty good year. Better year than the year before but they just didn't get the attendance title this time around a lot of good stuff in the business journal and just look for spam Bert thanks man appreciate your. We can't.