Erik Spanberg, Big Weekend and More

John Hancock
Friday, February 9th

Hancock discusses the new spending bill, opiods. Erik Spanberg joins to talk Panthers and Hornets.


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I. This is John Hancock. Look in the stock market today because I did dad kind of decided to ignore it. But then I'm hello lion killed a. Because I read a headline no someplace in no show broken song and it says you know the markets are open to know what it took a dive. And it's all about I don't know noon or something like that I went into a look at it and look I can adjust somewhat recovered and then I went in about 145 and it looked like it was drug completely in the toilet. An and I just turned up Mike Doyle talking about it soil pulled it up on my phone and is down 46 points the Dow royals. NASDAQ is up 04 point 94 S and p.'s up point 24. So. I did it really is a good time to ignore it rather than do I had to do a lot of could you. In my mom Mara emailed me last night and and my mom's ninety some Rogers old. So when the stock market doesn't like what it's done right now scares the hell out of because you know that's written edited and she's she's got AF financial advisor. But. I mean when you see the market drop like that you worry about your money. And the money that your gonna live on in the money that you don't auto ever run out of so you don't become a burden to your kids and all of that it's I mean it that that's who I fuel of the most of sorry for our. People who. Joseph will a big drop like that just scares the hell out of a one we know. Are our quarterback and messages stay the course your cool everything school. For every you don't first place we heated up way too fast. So why there is a correction everybody thought there was going to be a correction nobody knew when the correction was gonna hit if waited does not we all bow put our money in bonds. Two weeks ago and known and watch all of this afternoon no way they would come back later bud. It's fine we're still higher. I think I heard this figure today. We're still higher than we were a year ago I know that's effect. Technically year to date we're still up about 12%. Pro war we were a year ago. As well we're all you know I mean that's that's good. So long. Story of failure everybody come down. And don't and don't panic and age is kind of like where you a lot of a shuttle learned this lesson during the recession. On and that is. Did the the biggest. The biggest part of that is and having time to recover. And we certainly have a time to recover from this drop. Which is about a 10% drop it's not even your standard 20% correction. The scary part about the recession was for people that were 6667. Years old that were planning to retire all the sudden the bottom really fell out. And they didn't really have that time. A ticket to a new don't work and to continue to put in for a one game isn't. And now and continue to watch the stock market come back which obviously your past. So. So everybody just take a breather it's national pizza day get a pizza. When what do we do international. Did you order pizza TJ George did you bring a pizza. Catch you guys are just worthless. The dale what about the new boss. Surely he bought pizza for the entire staff when you think trying to make a good impression Astaro thing Arizona could put up he's gotta be gotta be pizzas rather simplest. Now. They sent out our real complimentary. Email and into the staff about two. What a wonderful group of people we are today and I'm sure that they must have if you've been back in a mini kitchen and finished probably they're probably pieces to stacked up back there. We oh you've been over their evidence and call I hurt us see what they've done. Now they would do that. They can't afford pizza pan. And NFL investigator and Marty Kearney had their meeting this morning I don't know when we find out how that went but. This. Just all seems like so much stupidity to me. I know Marty a respect Marty alike Marty maybe I'm biased in the wrong no side of this but today if you have. If you have an accusation and an accusation is dropped and under court hearing is a dropped a note on all of that stuff. There's been complaints been withdrawn and this obviously did that to me I go along with one of his lawyers to me this looks like he was just perfectly placed or hurt him at the worst possible time. And with the I'd GM job in no limbo and three other candidates. That are standing off at the side kind of waiting for a decision. A ritual add pressure to the teamed have to do so yeah I just I don't know. I would hope for better things from Marty. Whether you like him as a general manager moves that he's made trades no is that the other or not that's one thing but to. Just on a personal note to. Good things supposed to happen to good people so I hope that does some way that this singer gets resolved through a further underlined the government. Closed up for a few minutes took a nap. And in no woke up and and so everything's back to normal. Hard to tell really when the government's been shut down and when the government is actually working. Unless of course you get up on blow from the IRS and and it fat boy did you think well pace of somebody's work. The congress approved a budget deal early this morning happened during a Charlotte's morning news or WBT's morning news with the boat Thompson and had to. The hours after the deadline had passed so that that passed that that forced a partial government shut down. You can no blame Rand Paul for that. And Tom toasted just them. The gas house passed a two year agreement. Shortly after the senate did and that clears the way two. I attending the shut down that you didn't even know ever happened because by the time you got up and Dutch T rush to know got your coffee and got the car was done. The senate vote was delayed by Rand Paul is because he was protesting against 300 billion dollars in new military and non defense so spending over two years. Called the short amendment maintaining existing budget caps was denied that. Tom tell us our very own. Paul lobs it said he objected on no. Fiscal conservative grounds that the plan that was a wrote a eventually passed. Irresponsibly busted through budget caps and would grow the deficit even more. And he said I ran for office because I was very critical of president Obama's trillion dollar deficits. And now we have republicans' hand in hand with Democrats. Offering us trillion dollar deficits I can't in all honesty look the other way. And it seems to me that that should be. We should be applauding. Some people who stand in your hope that there was a party that would stand up. Forehead that kind of discipline. But we don't. And we haven't for a long long time not consistently. And that's why or whatever it is now. 181000000000019. Trillion I don't know where we are at this point. Problem. So. The guy that I would have kind of thought I guy I wouldn't have thought that the opposition would have come from Thom Tillis but. It do you dig in their according to the fox account it exasperated. Senator Tom jealous Republican at a North Carolina. I took to the senate floor and lambasted Paltrow what he described as quote unquote theater. And then he apparently is quoted as saying. You can make a point all you want but points are forgotten. There aren't a whole lot of that is that there are a whole history. Okay that that I'm gonna change this dramatically there won't make cents. There are a whole lot of history books about great points in the US senate. And that's I guess that's probably true although I don't bench completely understand the there are a lot of history books about great points that have become legislation. Or great stands that have been responsible for to the American people. There will be a history book. If not already written. Soon about the baby boomer generation and how they're drove this country into unbelievable. Debt and left. That debt off for their kids. And grandkids to solve that problem. That'll be an history book. That's a good point. So bomb. I'm glad to government shutdowns over I suppose. And and I'm glad that they are funding the military. Which seems pretty important in this day and age. But I don't know that I don't I disagree with us senator Rand Paul's point that to we. The data may one of the bulletin budget gap for. If you if you have one in your own family budget and you keep on busted it what's the point why have a budget if you don't follow. But we can do you can we always justify we always figure out of in or reason why we well why we need to why were you why we need to do that so I don't Matthews up until he BT hey Matthew. Yep I had. Oh hey how to go and and goodness good we're out of Colin on a little off topic I had a double off from work. And that's when the call and all I'm hot schoolteacher in Charlotte at our sport is out. And I got at the fortune of teaching our reverse on Blake. It's not supported Colin Intel boomer what a fine young man. Says Blake has turned out to be an extended the nicest email. And armed weird he actually thought that he now there is that there were contained it he can do for me. They usually the phone call or email away don't just. Completely travel what are great god the lakers turned out to be and others won't call him what rumored that boomer. I have one time he came out and didn't activity when you know oil off spot Kate for David chin and the fear not all of them all this flight to Chapel Hill. He came out in palm know and being at that particular event. They have blueberry elicited the traffic center. Regina had been found is some floored sailors say hello to Matthew. Hey thank you Matthew I'm absolutely floored thank you sir. Yeah and in yard I haven't peaked at fourteen years since I'm doctors are also marked and he turned bracket buster and all yes. Apparently he's really involved in sports management down near a Florida State and it just went on and on and you know it's been a long content at all Blake and I hear from here a year or two after they graduate. All boat. That long after she was not a not very common. You're down there are just they're really you know I don't teach for the money and can get an email like that really meant a lot to him. Matthew I appreciate and know but I know boomer does too thanks for taking anti and a solitary to a bank you have thank rob appreciate that they are a chip off the old block as what that's all about boomer that's has as last movie ever made you I don't know anybody that's ever met unit has failed badly to -- of projects that TJ it. Thanks to the teachers Matthew what they do and yet still they have very cool tricks up your. Jeff Sessions has they have. Easy way to avoid petrified OP ordered a crisis. Aspirin. And. You know I didn't think that his views on marijuana oversaw Ludacris. Would. This probably would've well it would've had tipped me. The attorney general Jeff Sessions dropped some amazing advice of those who were looking to fight the old we owe a debt crisis in this country and he just believes a pair of patients should take an aspirin instead now. I don't think he's completely nuts because I do think that we overprescribed. And until story the other day about I had at one point or another. As was before I went to Ballantine dentistry. Com. Accumulated because of they do all work in some mothers so doctor stuff. Is to go to a Doctor Who would do prescribed stuff for anything I mean and and when you said. A lobby of Vista office the you can just watch the pharmaceutical reps walking and I mean every trip I wish there. Pharmaceutical reps are walking in and right past the reception desk and back to the back area. And this doctor was listed in the newspaper later and later on as being like the number one pharmaceutical. Bin affixed to assure you. So but anyway I I ended up with like seven canisters. I don't know what would there have been 225 a piece of mica of essentially what was oxy cotton. And I never could get rid of it you don't want to flush it down the sewer system and you are yet for a while there you couldn't find anybody that would take it and so I had this stuff in the house for a long long time. And I finally found out that they have a safe. A drug safe down at the Belmont. Gassed and county police department. And I grabbed them all up six months ago and went down to do and walked in the lobby and there it is when you open up that door and you put all that stuff in there and you're dropping on an and they. Figure out away in dispose of it. But I. That the pain that I had had at any of those procedures. All was met with Advil. And build a just fine by me I didn't need all that stuff of what they were Geary that stuff. Left and right. So Bob. Sword to some extent I I agree with Jeff Sessions in that in some cases. And bill or aspirin might do that might do the case I guess a lot of it has to do with your tolerance for pain and no sore and so forth but. As bill did the trick for me as opposed to taken any of that stuff and I've always got a bit leery of that stuff even before we had a big open or crisis. But yesterday just says I have operating on the assumption that this country prescribes too many OP or it's and he said people need to take some aspirin sometimes and not tough it out a little. And so I don't know that this would NASA's. Early be. The easy way to fight the org open yard crisis but it probably goes to. And to some extent maybe you don't always need the powerful stuff that they are prescribing to or you. Now on the other hand. And then instead did have to do a Valentine's industry I had some pretty major work due on Monday they didn't prescribe me anything. They told me to go home and take an Advil and if I needed to rule or. And maybe didn't say three. But anyway after I got then Italy's for a short period of time you can you can double up on ad billion don't want to do that on a regular basis or take your daily or anything like that but. Think this road for crab something Jimmy may be it was. I don't know that I went and got some capsule. And I was to take that over the caliber. And I was to take that and if I needed acted dead taking Advil was that. And and that was all the pain relief I need it. So lomb. QA sessions went on Bragg yesterday about how the all White House chief of staff from the former marine general John Keller refused to open yours after a recent minor surgery. And he went on to point out that these region at Tampa Bay that. We views. Will lead to OPO it addiction. And this is where Jeff Sessions and I this is where I think he it. Needs to. Rip a page out of reefer madness for miss textbook and and maybe educate himself a little bit on. Even if it was just about. What is it dvd oil BC media oil. Which has been proven the first place has no. Getting high quality Stewart. And has been proven to. Cut down or eliminate seizures in kids. Especially. And just ludicrous. But the idea that we will load will lead to open your prediction. Is this Ludacris is thinking that Budweiser light. Leads to open you're an addiction. In my opinion. And apparently with all due respect to the attorney general. Opinions every bit as educated as his. Maybe we're both stupid. But I was stupid. In this regard. Have you ever been injured or had surgery or needed to take over here it's repaid and I went to ask sort of done the trick for you. Have you ever smoked marijuana. Did that Lee duo OPO and addiction for you. Are you able to dial the phone without help. Is that Jeff Sessions or maybe slightly out of touch I don't know I'm just asking Monica you're on WBT hi. There Monica. How the aren't on good. Luck I totally agree it was a whole Oprah got an eight be a Coakley I mean streak you can park your daughter rock about that whenever I had my son Brady. I eat your recovery. And you know you want to help you be burned. And it. In order all the way apt to buy one at something stronger. After you know your recovery everything out I mean I did a a couple of bullets and Ali Ali I entered a much and whenever ballot where cops you know I thought I had another debt and and then like he went under and I'm Mike I don't eat any Easter. Not a but. It's like eight hours after the back and I look like a little bit you know it does not want a backup is the op but. Not completely agree heavy it it. I might be hypocritical blind that they doctorate epic are all you know they opt out. You know a couple of extra there is being out they have a stronger back. Play. Don't need much Albert is not a fact that they automatically operating went on to starter at spike. That's our problem I think there should be I. I I agree and I don't want people to us suffer. But I about it but I agree well let's work our way up to something stronger rather than start with something stronger and and maybe sometime work our way back down. Now now I agree thank you appreciate call. Out so sessions. Aspirin then there's the other part about the biggest drag us about mass produce. How how effective is aspirin for pain. I mean I think 81 milligram aspirin every day here all the hard thing that my doctor told me to do better so that's not really applicable but. When was the last time you got a headache and took aspirin. That I mean that's kind of 1950s and it. I'm. With Angelo and all the other stuff that's X Andrews also zone on the market may maybe that's it may may be that his remit as part of the problem they will revert back to aspirin instead of take I don't know. But the idea that the way to fight Kyoto addresses were asked for an. May have some merit. But I think it's probably a little bit deeper than that and end his own views on marijuana. It is say a somebody send him to movie reefer madness and see how seriously he takes that. You hear AJ Johnson doing the mid Atlantic vote shows does that airs at the first sign this break or what. Been going on here for years and years and years and years. AJ Johnson part of WBT hall of fame and now. And still as the best voice in town. But that was. A strain on not FaceBook the other day review started about that as an assertive since the first sign of spring. You hear AJ is poised to India mid Atlantic Boccieri you're just no good weather is right around the corner. And it is. But not this weekend. Although it's not snow it's rained so. Couch blessings over their Jerry's up on WBT hey Jerry. Yes sir. We are sorry I'm 61 years old I am from West Virginia. Used to work in the coal mining industry for ten years moved in this area. And I was introduced to marijuana. And I've been smoking. And then today. Not a burden but. On occasion. Probably moderation is the key to any thing. And and too much and then things will start to become destructive. And expansion. And you can get burned out. Only thing and it tight clutch as much to get up is the level that normally would take cute and very very small amount. I think. I think addiction no yards and alcohol and and all that stuff is so Israel is a can be marijuana and some drugs in my opinion. Gives you a false sense that it enhances your imagination nor enhances your creative ability your. Until the point that at some point or another you wonder if you could. A function without it or if you would be as creative without it or you woody is in perspective without it or you give yourself false reasons sore I don't think that's an addiction I think that so looking for. An excuse to. To continue oh in the lifestyle that you voted that you were chosen to have. I totally agree. I am an inventor have to patent which calmly. And working on a few more. I don't attribute that to the marijuana. Murder at first it did feel that way you're exactly right. Now I listen I've gone through a marijuana days. On and I probably would. Quit smoking a win the amount of money I was making. Who was. Would been in jeopardy. In a state or it's illegal so you kinda have to make decisions at some point or another but don't. I mean I'm not opposed to of people smoking and but it's it's gotta like you started off with you know I think everything in moderation. Around eight era and I are red rocks watch in no way out concert and you know knock silt out. There. I don't believe marijuana news new leader Dick dutrow. To anything but I'm not so sure that I think that marijuana is an addictive drug and I'm not quite sure that you'd have argued that you'd be able to talk me into the F theory that it's a gateway drug. I think if you're if gave Europe prone to go through the gateway. Then that's that's more of a weakness on yours and that is sales strength of the the issue of marijuana. You're over or else I know thank you for certain protocol thank you Gerri appreciate it. I'm not everybody it was another. Because I know some of your bead on your dashboard and I'm sure attorney sessions probably has peoples it in my front porch right now winter come home. That's that's fine a drug test me search my house Stewart are you need to do. Well you the moon and I'm. And euphoria. But I just think took the Vieira good that the attorney general's views on marijuana is so ludicrous there was an article and if I get my hands yeah. From a social and Charlotte Observer. And maybe hasn't been turned to June. Windows too much cash become a health risk. Talks about all these states where marijuana has been legalized but they can't use the bank system for their money. And so they have to pay their employees on cash and they can't put their cash in banks in the can't do anything and that's leading to crime. Because obviously the cash asked to leave the store at some point or another or people know there is always going to be a substantial amount of cash inside the stores. And so they they list this litany of other crimes attorney general Jeff Sessions last month made it easier for federal prosecutors to enforce federal marijuana laws in states. They had no legalize the drug that prompted a lot of financial institutions to become even more wary of conducting business. Oh with a marijuana enterprise but this is big money you get into states like Colorado enough places that have legalized it. And your Dawkins substantial amounts of money but they can't use the banking system and so now that's creating. Crime because people know those businesses. Have stacks of cash. Head WB BMY. I finally go through a tough series Denver senior staff writer from Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com new addition news out every you know Friday. And the cover story hornets go all in for all star game and that's an or expand berg story right there hello mr. Stamberg. Harry you're not happy Franklin good uncertain straight you know you're probably analyzing your 401K for. Hack hack back at everything will be fine yeah it a tourist Charles Tillman almost nine to school. And that they're never gonna remain calm we were expecting missile although as I said earlier fighter known two weeks ago I put everything and know what treasury bonds. And and then none have been buying today John Howard that you per bitcoin garbage sure yeah no longer had to Monday off. I don't know anything about those other than anything I read says says caution. So why. I'm Mon from a fairly conservative loyalists in the Larry Carolyn he tells me two win to wag my tale of when not to wait I don't financially so that's that's the idea that the of that at camp like everything ship shape you have no way it's worked well for me now soil this coupon loosen them do O'Toole. Or gross Carol com. Others are upload I would not only on me a story over the hornets in the all star game let me start off on the Urban League chief because you and I talked about this last week and I don't believe at that time. You had just spoken to a Mark Moran all. You head. Spoken to people that were talking about African American ownership. Of the other Carolina Panthers and we had a long conversation about that and so I read your interview with great interest and especially. Your second question isn't who's credited the occurred edition of the Charlotte business journal what's your sense of the availability. Of African American investors willing and capable of doing this which is the same question we had last week except yours is is verbiage so much nicer than none than I know what I've been put forth. Well so I would serve I think I had spoken to him but I had had a chance to write this story or. Really go back over what we discussed I mean I'd of course remembered in general terms but. To get to the Pacific ten men. I think we publish that on Monday of this week and so India. One of the things and I think you're 42 is the fact that. Why I called the Urban League is calling for. At least an emphasis if not a the complete the transaction whip up after American owners they have not been headed for. You know come to any conclusion on who might want to do this or who can do this this is more an ongoing campaign is mark Mori now. Told me that they have been talking to sports leagues. Pretty much anytime our franchise is up for sale and that they feel it's. Particularly important with the Carolina Panthers because the NFL. It's more about the NFL in the papers together AFL doesn't have. Any African American majority or controlling owners. And my when my question last week was. You once you whittled down because the majority owner has to come in what 35% or something like that and yeah and has to have that cash so it's wanting to be worth a billion dollars but it's another thing to be able to come up with a 600 million dollars in cash or whatever it would take and so you Marty whittled down the field of billionaires who. Either can do it or would even be interest and in doing it and so my question was this. Ali you are they're still African American investors that are willing incapable of doing that and that's a question that even he says I couldn't tell you. Right try to he was I think he was saying at least the way I interpret it he was saying that he is generally competent at that well. Itself there. But I think the other thing and I'm not per ticket and I think the other thing is. They're not necessarily saying don't consider anyone else I think what they're saying he has worked as hard as you can in two you bring some diversity. Diversity team NFL ownership that is with at least my interpretation. I know that was mine when I finished with your whole article two was two we're doing a good they'll they'll keep on pushing this because they wanted to stay at the forefront and they're happy that Michael Jordan the well are happy that Bob Johnson no broke the color a lot of professional basketball. They're happy that Magic Johnson is a component in the dodgers' ownership they see progress that is being made in rather just to stand on the sidelines. And do the wishes were horses thing they were rather be vocal about it and and encourage. African American ownership of by the Carolina Panthers because now because as the Carolina Panthers because it's the only franchise is for sale right now. Right and as we've talked before I mean remember this is the first team that's been. Forced sale the NFL and four years the Buffalo Bills were the last went in and I think it is. Similar to almost. Everything else that this happened and civil rights over decades and hundreds of years which is that. Without it public scrutiny without that spotlight without applying some pressure. These things tend to be ignored or glossed over and so that's why it. Mark Moore Al and there are delays are talking about where this campaign. Can you point out and as somebody had called after we discussed this last week Jacksonville is owned by a Pakistani American shod con man partner who is a minority so the league. Does have minority. Majority illicit ownership. Thumb but does that that they it's still look like to get African American and there are and a and an and I understand that and and that goes with. The same way that they're looking for general manager and every and and everything else is you have to now interview a few just to make sure that your being unfair. And they're guy I would add to think that particularly because and I may have mentioned this last week. 70%. The players are African American in the NFL and the other thing that he has and I believe maybe Marc Morial mentioned this is. When you look at pro football remember there were. Basically no minority head coach is a 20/20 530 years ago and then. It it began to really improve when the Rooney rule was implemented which heavily was around 2003 which is. A requirement that win and head coaching vacancy occurs. Minority candidates must be considered an interview choke. That respect to what you were saying earlier about having that attention and focus. You know dictate to you this subject alive so to speak I think that's a similar approach to what we're seeing here without the paint herself. Stay on the art of tourists are may have Panthers for a second you write an article about why Cam Newton lost a step in the endorsement game and I had just been thinking the same thing. Over the over the course of the lasted a couple of weeks. He had his. He is. Infamous. Sexist remark to a female journalists press conference and no losses you're ordered deal and you don't see him on TV as much how much of our biggest step has he lost to new endorsement game. Yeah no no no he's still doing very well by NFL standards. But what that what are trying to point out there were. I guess what I found from talking to marketing expert is that. The accommodation the Panthers not maintaining your wedding levels as they weren't 4015 which would be very difficult obviously. And some of these missteps here again the press conference after the Super Bowl loss in the end. That the incident that you mentioned just now what the female reporter I think all those things have combined to chip away a little bit as it is. And marketability not to say it couldn't come roaring back if you know the editors searcher really contend again next season. How will they want to admit it can it happen since pirated sir John of course as we've had a whole discussion this week about. A double standard particularly with Tom Brady not shaking hands. Without the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback after the game and I gimmick and short clipped answers in his press conference and while he was criticized the little bit it wasn't nearly to that level. The Cam Newton once. Have to do that to good point. Course Tom Brady is the best that ever played and so may be edited by two bit but that's a good point. I you I have a court here from our Karl. Aden house and who covers sports for a Forbes. Talking about cam and says hey he's still very appealing figure he is CEO Tom Brady question mark no. But he still in the group of top ten guys like Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees and Eli Manning I I thought that was interesting if you put him at the same level as Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers has got pretty good will marketing deal going for himself these news. Yet again we will have to remember you have Cam Newton is still a pretty. Visible endorser with under armour Gatorade. Beats by Dre headphones so he he's still got him top shelf brand. But you know you just don't see him in the ad. Nearly as much as he did in 2050 when he was on the ever under the coming NFL MVP and in this seat and after that because you know how. The lag time workshop and what you have that big except it's really the next seat and that you really start to see somebody everywhere so. He's certainly could rebound very quickly. But so much of this is about performance on the field and particularly your team's performance on the field. We thought it might be possible and SA we collectively a lot of people thought it might be possible that after the Super Bowl concluded on a Sunday in a Minneapolis that may be we'd start to see a clearer picture on the ownership interest in neo Panthers I don't know that I've heard a row a lot of anything going on know this week I think people were kind of anxious to maybe this would be the week that do other things would start total fallout are you hearing anything behind the scenes or anything Miller not aware of. Advocates say it's been very quiet the thing I wonder about that is whether the nondisclosure agreements in the serious partying if and bank statements in qualifications. Has made it. Quiet at least externally but with a lot of activity going on behind this thing that's my guess anyway. The second thing I would say is this. I would be expected to stay quiet for too long because you know how these things work. People officially begin to talk him. And gossip and chatter about something as big as this so I think poitier something pretty soon not in terms of a definitive answer but it who might be injured center. You know looking at trying didn't buy a piece this thing. There was an and in line I in the story about Marty Ernie meeting with the NFL investigator this morning no here in town and that's the story that just makes me sick to my stomach but. It says one source indicated an owner Jerry Richardson didn't wanna make any rash decision when it comes to Ernie talking about the process of finding a new general manager but that's the first. That's the first line I've seen that involved Jerry Richardson being involved in the team at all. In the last three weeks does that did out of cell line surprise you at all. A little bit and have remember now this is a franchise that had told the world. On December 18 that Peter Becker of course would be the data de top executive. And that Jerry Richardson would be February 2 entirely focused. On the sale of the team I think what I'd take from that. More than any thing is a close relationship between Jerry Richardson and Marty earnings. Which is something that Tina would be well aware of. Yeah oh absolutely yeah absolutely I I mean I suspected that this is not a surprise at all or her either but it but it is a little bit of a surprise. To us just hit it in regards to me he had seemingly vanished or disappeared we know he didn't back. Yeah you hear nothing nothing nothing in and all of sudden this pops up so. Again I would describe it more of an easy thing to get close relationship with Marty turning over the years which has been known. Almost anyone who is associated or near the painters were. Would be almost a source assumption as opposed to us something actively working in the background right now. I Eric's member senior staff writer Charlotte business journal come back in no talk about the hornets soon ready. A a good week ago when it comes to a Forbes value and the all star game a year from mom right now we'll talk about the as well. How long ago senior staff writer for the Charlotte business journal world body Erica spam burger joins us on no Fridays at 4 o'clock go win now possible we just talked about the Panthers element of talk about the hornets. 750. Million dollars has always been a figure that we've been no throwing around the value of the hornets pretty good deal Freya. For for Michael Jordan who will bought the team for about a 175. Million and Forbes this week put every NBA team now India value of a billion dollars so that investment just keeps on growing up Michael's pretty Smart dude. Thought I could effect he can't. I think there's a reason he's had so much success there over the years I think the thing that this year who's more than anything is just the incredible. Guru and strength and popularity of the NBA right now they are really really well positioned just in terms of international growth. And you look at the interest Jonathan distracts me again and again about the NBA is that the NFL for so many years really. Feasted on the fact that it was a twelve Monty you're support the people talked about it all the time and they still do but the NBA. Is kind of rapidly gaining on their heels and you see that what that the trade deadline yesterday and free agency and things like death the hornets are. Among those are benefiting it's. Or does the NBA market to. Well I think I think the NBA has a broad. Audience because you look they have certainly they've always been very strong with younger sports fans. You know Dean Cain and twenties but and you look at a lot of the ticket buyers and there are. You know people their fifties and sixties. As well junger and so I think they've got a pretty good cross section. When it comes to their audience and I think the other thing that that jumps out is that the fact distorted so highlight friendly. Mean you look at this and how much traction the NBA gets. All on line in the you know we don't FaceBook and Twitter and all those other things maybe it really is. Just very well positioned for continued growth. Because every basket is kind of a crescendo and its own way. Yeah yeah exactly and it's and it's such a fast moving towards I mean yeah the clock stops but not much in. Egypt and the other thing of course it's always been talk about what basketball is the fact that he you know if you're at a game you're so close the players the players are. You know right here and they they feel. Like you know friends and colleagues is much is you know that. Especially to do these are super human things so I think all of that. It creates a pretty compelling package a lot of those things were placed for a long time. But this is particularly good group of star players saying you'd think about it the NBA went to that period post Jordan where you had a lot of controversy. Players get hit getting in trouble relatively speaking. There's almost none of that right now it's just all positive stories of people like step Korean LeBron James and on and on on so I think it's for a powerful package. So if the team's worth one point 05 billion dollars now the hornets and know Jordan bottomed for 175. Million thinking he get his hands on 600 dollar million in cash. That's a good question not met my guess is he probably could. I don't know what the interest level is there but I have a feeling nudity and if she began to signal. He what he wanted to move in that direction to be a lot of people who would be really excited about that and it just says small. Aside no job remember yesterday tiny. And guess Serb but a participant in the air dirtier groups that bought the mine's Carl and so he he has interest beyond basketball and turned them. And did he could join that group staff courage enjoy and know that they're group Oprah. Yeah you've got a pretty much upright dare Oprah could join that group. And if they. I guess the question would be whether or not the NFL Lola continue to appreciate the way that it has in the last twenty years or. Is there some kind of a fear factors that may be all of the negatives and and brain injuries and all that stuff that maybe this is AST. That's sport that might be seeing the the beginning of some demise. Yeah I think that's a really key question John and I hear the music we will have to talk about that in the weeks ahead. Hey I appreciate time urged members Charlotte business journal have they are good we can grab an umbrella. Thank you can artery goes Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com new edition out two days. Casualties today. Not say well we should go check out at conceit yeah they always have pizza maybe they have speech on national due to their. February the ninth forty days and the years 345 days you look go daylight saving time went into effect or for the first time in the United States on this date in 1942 what do we got about a month. March 11 this one way go back to. Although we TJ and I've noticed this daylong lighter later than it was gosh you can just do an after two weeks ago. I'm seeing at least some light in the sky pretty much from my whole drive home. Like that 19640. You got this ready. Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. If you were alive in 1964 and I was twelve you remember they performed for an estimated 73. Million viewers. Yesterday and a narrow he would condemn a newspaper and hundreds of dark moral nation need Clinton to really made the city. Never witnessed these high administered by the youngsters from Liverpool. Who call themselves to be not a night you're gonna price entertained by right now and again in the second half our show ladies and gentlemen. No big deal. Really failed variety beat rice. Did he say why is that they've played three songs. You sure you didn't say. Rice be listened guards whatever visa. Dad had was a classic now DJ played a bad thing for me earlier that is at the the end after they finished the three songs on the had told a joke. Then head kind of wraps things up by this and I don't know that I've ever heard this before. Those first three sons whose first fake bomb through dedicated. Johnny Carson. Randy par. And Earl Wilson the. I don't know that I've ever heard them before. I was probably into an amber would affect in reducing The Beatles on TV if you win you if you had to have been alive there to know. How huge that was and I I guess the same could be said oh when Sinatra and and a Elvis and but The Beatles were. God it was unbelievable. Beatle mania is exactly right exactly right. You know world is on the verge of a massive tequila shortage. I read the news today oh boy a huge demand for tequila from major cities like new York and Tokyo as a cost. Shortage of a god they plants. And to anybody who loves look at that salt slam and that shot second that lime. Is is scary. Any maybe we should ask the question one day you'll let what age did you have your last tequila. Because it's in good will have to kill a nightmare stories sometimes shots are one thing. Tequila shots or that it was shots are just dangerous. I was as the Irish cops say is to be big too but that's the sweet anytime you're drinking sweet alcohol. Then you're just big and for our morning's suicide. I'm talking died on garden literally I'm saying. Don't ever get so drunk on champagne that you can't remember your name because you won't get out of bed until. Probably late that next afternoon. 'cause it's sweet. My dad taught me very valuable lesson. Just stay with what is star or. And I think one of the reasons I'm a Scotch drinker is and Scotch drinkers will tell you this almost 100%. You couldn't a you can you can drink Scotch Borough of good long while and you can still wake up and function the next day. So I've never understood the alcoholic because convertible debt hangovers. That's why Jeff session the decided to have a talk about. Because there's no hang over there. Armed this is the legality issue there that's all anyway according to Reuters the price for the plant from which these fine to keel is made has been steadily rising and that is really prince smaller distillers and may even get worse. A Gabi farmers I should never got the AG ABE. Have been no forced to I'd take some must slightly sketchy measures to keep up with the tequila demand one unnamed farmer admitted to using immature plants which showed. But I don't make as much tequila as the other younger plants are harvested the shortage only gets worse than than those shortages may last you know it and like three or more years. And a real problem. Is tequila is amazing success its climb from the bottom shelf to would do to share the top shelf with finally aged whiskey is in gyms and roms and no sore and so forth but. There you go way tequila shortage. And lucky charms I read the news today oh boy is retiring a marshmallow in the spring. And this time it just say it has come time to say goodbye to. The yellow hourglass marshmallow. That has been included and reeboks. The real power it's remote themselves. Sometime this spring you'll all be officially retired this isn't the first time the lucky charms has switched up on the variety of these shapes in the colors to this do they maintain their shapes colors one thing at the milk. Kinda. Yeah Bentley at bay but even then they get a kiss they watered down they get milk down. The original lineup which debuted in 1963. As the jingle would have told you included green glow overs. Think carts. Porn stars. Yellow moons. And since then only the pink heart has remained in the mix the following shapes have all been a cent of the lucky charm graveyard the blue diamond it was retired in 1975. Deep Purple horseshoe. In 1983. The I guess I just haven't had as I love also lucky charms and freedom anymore but I love looking terms I guess I just. I was too busy. Countdown to fly holed a really big to do know what they were the swirled whale. Again David heard about 1980 should that was retired in 86 via red balloon 1989 the rainbow 1992. They got to bring that back don't think. Just heard diversity say. The pot of gold was retired in 1994. In the shooting star 1998. Beats. Radio program. Jill. There were clearly acoustic version there as opposed to the electric version big. Goes. Yeah. And so I got a guy that works your body Randy utter whose celebrating I think his 39 birthday. Or maybe it's one of the anniversaries of included birthday and he said could you play the acoustic version and I said. We would do that. But we are. Because he's probably not endless things and they killed. So we're just doing it in spite of hey George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic Korean town. The Fillmore tomorrow night 830 he'd only picked an apple is native 76 years old. Ego blues. Shot. George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic. Big Bootsy Collins will be doing base anymore but. 76 year old George Clinton may can apple is native their grandfather of all the godfather of luggage you're gonna grandfather at this point of a phone. And other than those. Glowing stars and feathers and the whole nine yards DF DF Fillmore tomorrow night at 830 that I don't care how old is that should be commercial. I've talked about baca in the seventies being in the medical business and a couple of our bit when there that you called bouncers we call them floor walkers. But a couple of great big old African American twins. And so they ask who they said they were going to go see Parliament Funkadelic. Booties. Or rubber band or no you are received. You're go with us. This year. I'm not I'm the whitest guy in America. Edgar and Johnny winner Mo walked up to me once and said geez. So loud anyway we got to the show and we met up with us some friends of theirs. So armed with a group of like eight African Americans. And we go away and do. I guess that was the old current in hall. Do that are I think that's world. And I think I'm the only way guys in the entire auditorium. But a day the risk I've always remembered that is because they all started referring to me as bacon. Because they'd leave to go to the bathroom or they'd leave to go out get beer so like better than they kept on saying it's so easy enough and our seats would be can. So Russo was in a warm place in my heart for George well know Parliament Funkadelic at the Fillmore tomorrow night party your big weekend on Sunday it opens Robert Plant in the sensational space she workers. Legendary Led Zeppelin warm up front man. I assume that's sold out I bro I don't know if that's right or not but to. I can rockets still fill whatever he plays can not. The. Andrew Arroyo but I. And on Andre out boot Channing. He is say Emmy award winning in a Tony award winning actress and a singer Christen a channel which is with him and DO soprano Nadine Sierra. They're all in town tonight they'll be at the spectrum sinner so you got under broad jelly. With that Crist in general with tonight at the spectrum sinner and you got Kid Rock there tomorrow. I would say that's probably a pretty diverse crowd for the people who have to assure there shows. They probably can't wait for a hundred dollars Jolie after they get done with the Kid Rock tonight I assume tomorrow will be a little bit easier than tonight will be. Both of them at spectrum and both concerts tonight and tomorrow night tickets at Ticketmaster. But chilly tonight and it's Kid Rock tomorrow night. Deal spectrum an opening for Kid Rock. Is a band. And that kinda hails that a south Carolina at least some of them and they are called a thousand horses mirror them TJ. Bill satcher is lead guitar. He's actually from New Iberia and that's worth the front guy is from Michael Harvey is from a Newberry South Carolina. And then they got a couple of dudes from mud Nashville. Graham to low shoes on base and Zach brown who plays guitar and backing vocals. And they are now a Nashville based for some and they're opening for a kid rock's American rock and roll tour boat was South Carolina roots soldier going tomorrow night stick around and be polite to a thousand horses. Who who are are kind of a regional thing. South Carolina touchdown pass to those guys. And I believe we Qaeda card you can play in the Jeff Sessions argues for weed free and and you go no weed free ad secured her. They. I may have occurred. There's that Tom Petty tribute going on tonight at the rabbit hole rob Nixon's one of Ralph Robb Nixon's place. Rabbit holes Plaisted to help decide to take kids say is a first there AT no one commonwealth avenue. So they're doing they tribute to our trumpeted tonight so you might want to wander over to deer rabbit hole. There is a comedian reality tar so Moray or some more. Joins radio and TV personality actor earthquake you are you probably know from my Everybody Hates Chris. The veterans stand up comedian and actor George Wallace. Who's been ingush signed held. Bad man forever. George walls are forever. And comedian Tony rock the youngest of the group they say year or two of 43 for the festival of laughs 8 o'clock cut tonight add to ovens auditorium. Almonds as were Robert Plant in this insatiable space sisters will be O playing on a Sunday so ovens has a busy weekend as well Travis tret. Is in town Sunday night 8 o'clock at the night theater. An evening with Travis trim and it's an acoustic shows so is not bringing his big band with Jimmy says he likes to win the acoustic stuff just stood trip and lay an acoustic guitar. Guys had a little bit of success fifteen songs that made it into the top five in the US country charts slide number 16 number twos. If it has been awhile. But. But that's pretty good and NASCAR. I didn't know this until I was reading it in the paper today NASCAR. Start this weekend kind of sort of the monster energy NASCAR cup series advanced auto parts clash. No points no standings but a project cash prize. Not all drummers Arnold drummer not all drivers were they get the drummer. I have been invited technically there's a race this weekend the Advance Auto Parts clash at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday at 3 PM. It it doesn't count towards the playoffs with a cup standings the whole field doesn't raise just a select few who don't meet specific guidelines about twenty drivers. And the winner takes home an impressive cash prize that's the way that works only half the field actually compete so you will see people like a Martin Truex and and no chase alien and Jimmie Johnson but you won't see people like go William Byron and noted endure. Walsh was a junior no sort and so forth. So it is a 75 laps. Or a 187 and a half miles it's in Daytona it'll later on fox sports 1 at 3 o'clock on a Sunday. And so the NASCAR season. Is upon us what is oh wins the Daytona. Not weakened after this what is it. Well they do the 24 hours at Daytona before they do all that other stuff. Anyone but it's this month I mean it's February so it's only it's this month obviously we've got the Olympics all weekend long we'll break that Doug little bit more than jazz. Are hosting the Charlotte hornets tonight and then the hornets are home tomorrow at spectrum to our take on the Toronto Raptors. You get to hoarded jazz game tonight at 9 o'clock on fox sports southeast. I North Carolina North Carolina State 2 o'clock tomorrow North Carolina cover over a bill after a big win over duke last night. And then duke plays on Sunday. At Georgia Tech and that'll be a 6 PM game on Sunday on ESP hill and and like SA Olympic action going on all weekend long and at. The PGA tour's got the AT&T Pebble Beach pro am with a lot of big names play of the golf season is back in Ernst and the raptors in the hornets game on a Sunday won't be at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And you can catch that on fox sports southeast will be jello little bit more about what's going on the deal look. Pixel to go back. Let's do it again as we get through this weekend and yes may I please speak to pizza. This is the John Hancock radio program. National T today. I don't think there has finished gazans WFANC. Moved into the building a year ago that there hasn't been pizza in the building. Except today. There's not a peace and be found in this building and channel three. I noticed they had ton a pizza boxes and trash around walked out of there without your last nine from Perry's pizza PA RR YS ever atom I had neither. But but they've just had them on the air yesterday. And we just walked down there and there's no pizza down there either. There's been this place is just going to on hand basket I remember when national pizza do you have so much appreciated know what to do. What is it used to mean something that's exactly right TJ. Today's generation just doesn't understand the importance. Of national days. What is a day. A national pizza day without peace. And I'm going out tonight for talkers. So all logged in my earpiece to fill at all today. It may be midnight running down under. Joe's. Touch of Italy. You know don't want. Steal me hotel's owners. I opening ceremonies are tonight on. NBC at 8 o'clock they've already taken place. They're fourteen hours ahead of us there. So. It would be 20 minutes before. 8 o'clock. In the morning. There. Now Saturday morning. We should call and see although others. And ask him to grab a newspaper and I give us the headlines. So we can know what's gonna go on and that's if it's already 8 o'clock in the morning there. Surely they've already got very tomorrow's headlines right now. Odd team USA made a splash in the opening ceremonies of the hip young Chang no Winter Olympics in South Korea a in the a parade of nations they walked in to gain home style. The F 2012 hit from the Korean artist side you remember them. Issue remember that there was like a Mack arena you're heard of so many times you wanna drew a bludgeon yourself. We weren't the only country that walked in note too that to tune we've got 242. Athletes latest. Largest contingent of any country at any winter games. These shirtless Tonga and is a back. You'll remember him from Rio of the flag waving oiled up opening ceremonies in no Rio. 34 year old his real name is Peta. Two five total full look to a leader. But. Flew up. We'll just golly people. Better known as the shirtless Tonga and he and back to steal the show now it's a little bit cold in no Pyongyang. But he was out there shirtless and all oiled up and I swear I thought it was boomer you know they've got the same physique. We'll kind of it's good to arms two legs. Did he ends up. I don't watch the Olympics last night and Qaeda or not we're headed on I was water around doing so let's go I've been prone to do. You know what catches my digital I was watching him. We'll skiers always loved that because and next year a thousand years ago sort skiing events in the moguls always just. I've been on slopes before with vote moguls not like that but. God I mean it will. Even if you think of for a couple of seconds you're doing okay at some point or another. You start to bury your legs start to burden. I got a lot of respect for those so it knows the women that was doing allows night. 1098 opening ceremonies and then not tomorrow starting as early as 2 AM in the morning women's cross country skiing. And you got curling tomorrow won't go through all of it but to just tell it's a little bit know what's going on this weekend a men's ski jumping. Normal hill gold medal final is already had just 7:30 AM tomorrow morning settle beyond in BC sports network live. Women's hockey men's snowboarding men's luge singles. And it 1130 tomorrow on nine NBC sports network men's snowboarding over the weekend men's luge over the weekend figure skating team events got a lot of figure skating going on know throughout the weekend. Women's ice hockey US at Finland. We'll be on NBC sports network live add to 2:40 in the morning. Be sure get a for that but that's part of your. Party or calendar for the Olympics so from a South Korea opening ceremonies tonight. Well which are available earlier about the marshmallow being retired from a lucky charms. Tony the Tiger has been engaged a bit too that in just a second first rue wander on over to a 7045711. Tenants a photo I'd tell Mundo Levy to hate him. Thank you don't. John. But at least eight stationed in Korea that collectively. The worst driver he's never seen that like. The he says that if they could drive on the sidewalk although I'm considered a white. Well. The only story that won't be so fortunate army buddies were out there I don't know about explore our. Or audible but he got a court order forty water balloon but he got. Might union what are called one of the world baking flour. And I. Well I brought by the dugout and brought. I got I got commuter bought at the ball at all about one hour why can't let your caller yeah. They don't walk around it what do we pick it up big picture yet it that there are or. We I am. I think this casual limitations as a pro we over by now I lived on the 36 floor of a place called brooks' towers in no downtown Denver. And we threw a huge water balloon off of the roof one time and hit the top of the bus and I've never had surge so much noise in my entire life. Back to the point that they stopped the bus and people came out holding their ears inside the bus. We look across the street to where the Federal Reserve wasn't there was a security guard play not that about world we were we figured it'd probably seen as so I abandoned my apartment for two weeks. So it had been maybe we should use flour instead a water probably would have been no would have been better. My brother would collapse and a whole lot of balloon popped like that in order union. No one will have a quality people all people. Cap on that particular but it will be a little while and then the water pump fake. That's pretty reporter. I would thanks that I appreciated I do right after we did that though water balloon thing I remember while seeing a movie you're sick or read about somebody right somebody had done a mustard balloon. And Walsh figured out that I thought well why did we think of that. Bastard balloon is then here it is putting great big old mustard yellow blob in the top of the bus but I'll never forget. I'll never forget auction that balloon undertook two overs to lifted off. And after we he did out as far as we could. There is actually the building was built in kind of use those in the super in the second floors and don't we would like to we try to throw the balloon down there and hit of the the second floor roof. Because it had gravel and stuff on it in the gravel would. Fly everywhere but we missed and hit the bus. But I'll never forget that water balloon do in this oblong wobble thing to Monday on the way to round and I'll never forget those people coming out of that bus. Could kill somebody but we didn't Tony the Tiger has been banned from his own cereal boxes in Chile. We had talked about there are retiring one of via marshmallow. As for a lucky charms. All those other cartoon mascots for sugary cereals that are gonna be gone in Chile as well the New York Times is reporting this instead food packaging foods and beverages. That are all high and either salt sugar or calories or fat are now being marked with a bigger black warning logo. In the shape of a stop sign advertising his band as well. During the hours when children are most likely to be watching me television down there on the government of Chile has declared war on obesity what the world's most ambitious anti junk food marketing campaign. And that's pretty aggressive. Tony. Com millions of workers in Germany have won the right to a 28 hour work week. The deal was negotiated with the union. Covers workers at 700 companies in the southwestern Germany it's expected to have a ripple effect nationwide the standard workweek in Germany is 35 hours. Pay will be reduced to match the shorter hours the workers will have the option to sign up for a forty hours as they prefer. If I'm not mistaken I had some conversations with some of the Greek restaurants years about twenty years ago. And they were talking about 'cause the economy and Greece had just gone to a heck and a hand basket. And they are talking about the fact that in Greece not only do you work shorter work out weeks but you retired and insane. Age. And that it's that lack of work ethic and to some extent. That was hurting the economy so much and I don't remember all the specifics that they were told me about Greece but I mean I was one of the problems agrees was having was. Early retirement age and short work weeks. You can say you know Americans don't take their vacation they shouldn't. Mom and I don't know anybody that works forty hour work week anymore I know people that get paid for forty hours but I think everybody I know his friend and 4560. Hours a week. Because everybody is a dead most of the people I know are pretty dedicated don't know who they work for what they do for a living or. It's gotten to be and I'll like it this way but it's got to be more of a deal word get your work done if you can get it done a third. Five hours and that's great invitation 45 than than that that Toobin just just get the gig done so well. The video I enjoy denied if you got out drive activities are you gonna go want to head to a restaurant or so much attention should be fine no but to know whether or will start to. Not get just a little bit wet tomorrow morning with their showers early and no rain likely tomorrow night and Sunday I think is if not a complete washout pretty consistent on her showers and thunderstorms so it'll be a wet weekend but enjoy it and Wear a wet weekend or just weekend. It means you don't have to add to that forty hours from the weekend that's a good thing. Mike garrison Charles at six is next on Hancock Charles most beloved and we're out here.