Erik Spanberg, I Read The News, Kids First Bike Drive

John Hancock
Friday, December 15th

Hancock is joined by Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal, Dan Rajkowski COO of The Charlotte Knights. Discussion includes the Kids First Bike Drive tonight, and more.


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A. This is John Hancock. We 49 degrees. Let's see a great time for us all gathered south Mecklenburg high school. We've been around for colder. All levels do just find them all all go around and Jimmy Nick's barbecuing you know. And suck the heat right now other fires older one of the food trucks that we have up there tonight does 6 to 9 o'clock good tonight is our big gut. Felt like toy and money drive itself Mecklenburg high school from 6 to 9 o'clock I'll hand over. The reins to a mark hood garrison it just 6 o'clock and nine not albeit trance and actually we've been. We did they are podcast with Sharon Sanders though and I. And TJ is gonna. Cut that up and Morgan run that essentially between 5:30 and a 6 o'clock tonight to although we'll have updates on news like we always do and updates on traffic boomer will be here. If you lie if you're coming out tonight and you wanna meet boomer he won't leave here until 7 o'clock so we privacy boomer till about 730. Not just for your information because I know all have a thousand people say worst boomer. So while boomer should be their boomer will be there tonight but it'll be about two or more 730 leadership and no I'm gonna try to get out here right after a 53535. Select up by the time I finally get in the truck and now. And that should give me they're pretty close to other time that we would go on the air at 605. And if you've never been come. Even if you don't have a bike. Or toys. Or money do are did donate and I dislike you I just love you to see it. Which you can take it back to my hometown and have them see it if it is it's just one of those. We we did Friday night broadcasts. For kids first for a long long time. And I remember one near we were housed out of Forest Hills David Chad works church. And now we sat out there are no. And I'm really. In a few people drop by but no big deal. And. And is. Pastor Terry one of eternity ago churn Presbyterian Church where we were for years and years and years and years and years until we kinda outgrew it. And none had dead and moved to south met about two or three or four years ago. So we'd sit in a parking audit. It it shared presbyterian church and that's for the bike drive officially started. We were out there one year ironically enough that was the first year that we also had Frito-Lay bring out. The tractor trailer the first they've brought out under a great big old you know eighteen Wheeler tractor trailer so that. What whatever we collected that night we would have a place to put it. And then we were gonna use that tractor trailer the next day to stash stuff in that we brought in from their kids first store which I don't rumor or it was located at the time because we get out. Different store look for a location every year word Ramon pre market this year. And anyway but that was the year that all of a sudden share and came up and said. We had a party for the kids but behind parents 45 kids or something like that was grown considerably. Com for Sunday and inch comes up and she says I've got some bad news. 55 of the bikes. That we've been promised. Are on an eighteen Wheeler in the middle of Kansas and a snowstorm they're not going to be here on Sunday. Could you ask. In your broadcasts. If anybody could bring us a biker to. And so we did. And it couldn't bend fifteen minutes before the first truck pulled into the parking lot with three or four bikes. And then another and then another and then another and then another and I'll never forget the guy and the old pickup truck. Is like an old Chevy pickup truck it was kind of a pea green collar all immunity you know. Obviously a working guy. And he pulled into the parking lot of shared Presbyterian Church. He had fifteen bikes in the back of that thing mayoral strapped in their but it looked like the Beverly Hillbillies coming to detail. And we unloaded those bikes and we also had some people from the police league and they were collecting coats we were doing a coat drive for for them to to same types of people will bring in coats. And they were bringing bikes and at the end of that evening we ended up with like a 145 bikes or something oil along those lines. And then the next year. Hundred and eighty bikes and in connection I remember and I I'm kind of making up numbers are present or gorilla to specific numbers were beaten a year after that it was 245 bikes and it was 300 bikes. There was 500 bikes and it was last year. I'm about 700 bikes. In three hours. I've no idea what to expect but I tonight. You'd never wake up and say oh we're gonna beat the record. You just don't there's going to be sometime there's gonna be a year that we don't. That we don't beat last year's hall. Now over and AM radio station. And and to some extent with a little bit of a diminished audience I don't think you know going back and did the days when none. When WBT used to dominate this market. Are over. So why I worry about that aspect but then the last couple of days well all the sudden forest worried as I was on Monday and Tuesday about finances. I mean I came in today I'm Kerry and checks over to a share and today some of its auction money by the way the auction yesterday. 171000. 361. Dollars. They petty guitar brought in 6100 dollars. The act quickly Jersey about 900 bucks. The string of pearls from Perry's itself part. Over a thousand bucks beat retail price. The. Whiskey prison dot com southern distillery steel. Far surpassed the retail value 700 no is almost 800 bucks if I remember correctly I'm not looking at the figures. But anyway I mean that's. That is just that's a that's that's a record haul for us for the auction. I don't know that the items this year were way any bit better than they've ever been before. From wind Patrick Schneider photography which had that every I mean you know low a lot of certificates of sorts over it's a lot of people participating but apparently while we had was. Stuff that people wanted because. 171000. Dollars in the auction last night. We usually do 78. Maybe 121 year. So laden. So hard to have another great era for almighty sit around and worry and in Notre Dame and bin and know a bit and prod you guys and tell you. Illinois got and abetting the. Somebody really ought to start calling me up on that a second week that ten days before. The bike drive Friday and just say hey John shot up. Guy every year you go through this our over get a bit of footage Lyndon. As Charlotte ever let you down. And the answered that question is no Charlotte has never let me down. So. I tell all of view the same thing I tell try to tell as many people as I can humble whether it's good one dollar donation or whether it's of 151000 dollar donation. And we've gotten both. I hope. You can somehow or another allow your heart. The allowance. To wake up on Christmas morning. And know that you are at least in part responsible. For about a thousand kids are more. Having a Christmas this year. Having a Merry Christmas this year. I always remember the one little kid I've got him at home mom and they're mounted we super glued to duel little mirror. A little boy walked into the kids first store one year this would have been 456. Years ago. And he had in his hands to match box cars. One is our Richard Petty. Blue STP. Car and the other one was I don't know of a nondescript. But the petty car was just worn out. I mean to paint his you know I mean it's obvious that somebody has played with this car all long long time. And he walks into the store and he says. As moms with him and she says took on that they are you John knickers again. Who go on. Colin go talk to John he's okay ET. He walks up and he says I wanna help some kids at Christmas. And NASA will bless your heart man I think that's the coolest thing ever and I was expected him good you know low opened up his hands and held. 78 cents and there are some little bit and he opened up his hands and here were these two more cars. And he hands me these cars. And the one I can say is just upset absolutely has somewhere in Tehran. And so I can only surmise that this is his favorite car. Or at least one of them. And he said give these two some kid who doesn't have anything. And I wanted to turn him down. Wanted to say no no no listen body. I really appreciate. But I want you know but then I thought to myself non don't. Don't do that you know that it is. I'm not trying to paraphrase the it's more blessed to give and receive but you know. It's so much better when you're giving somebody something and it is when you're receiving something. Receiving stuff is almost. Uncomfortable. Giving stuff. Is not uncomfortable at all and so I saw about those cars it's it's on my bookshelf and in my office at the house. And it always reminds new photo exactly what we're here for so. I'm record for the auction yesterday and I literally have loved I know it's going to be colder than you can in bed and you can not imagine deny it but up. It's not as cold as those over the years and will be at south Mecklenburg high school from 6 to 9 o'clock you can listen to broadcast live all three hours here at a news 1110993. WBT. Mark Garrison. This'll be his first year out they're doing know 6 to 7 o'clock. And in no Botox and a nudge him soaking you know company will be out there. And I'll get their as close to 6 o'clock is like him and does start to. Start sale load of people I just know that once I finally get there I'll never slowdown. But albeit if I if there's a chance that I can be in your car albeit your car all be reach into the driver's Winona. Shake hands and say hi to people and pet dogs and. It a bit last year. No big deal but. Apparently he didn't really want my hand of that car so. The federal like that'll Peter Sellers movie. Does your dog bite you very had seen. And the guy got a Sharjah soldiers and us as sellers puts his hand out there and a dog about rips his arm off than they should the guy and guys as. It's not my dog. I. Charlotte that's gonna wander in here in a few minutes probably at the 330 news. And give us our bikes. They generally give a sale bike for every home date that they have so a ton of oil who's the director wrote PR and media relations over there and let's figure the devil. Now let's just say no probably see those guys coming in right after the 330 there's Mark Smith vice president of marketing. Generous. Just you just mentioned his name India chief operating officer. They make you carry the our own bike here and you've got you got all staff of people here and and they make the CEO Kerry there by Kim. That's that's what they do that so how you get it done chain of command here is just not 200 job leading to like man that is a good looking jacket you guys sell those on the I guess job and we do I think we'll give them. I only marginal discount that's that's a good look at how it better how aria great I'm doing great things shadow you I'm my I'm bar you're on pretty darn good. We we did seventeen grand on the auction yesterday that's is phenomenal for us to know we got as you well know are a big night tonight it does sound like high school enough. Then the CEO CEO of the Charlotte knights baseball team just still wandered in and nine and I told me I'm MoneyGram did you bring the leader brought. Just when we built this ballpark we thought about it it was 31 sellouts that we hadn't. Through June we come in with 31 bites for their turn on your program. Got mail phone call yesterday for a nice guys in dry and had my name's Ryan in my column from the Charlotte knights and so do all manner there's probably has some to do with the bikes or something so I called after hours so you would never cycled back again today. And I said to awry and John Hancock and he said DL we just wanted to thank you for a buyer and some White Sox tickets and no wish you a Merry Christmas. Could sell. So anyone about the bikes at all but I got a ball like soccer tickets because the Sox are coming to jump that's exactly right they're coming on the 26 of march and there's stern off the campaign and what were they nice in Ontario and luckily it was it was nice good they actually had me under my legal name David. So when people call me David there was heavy it just me a little off guard. Thumb and does so I go to bed viscous to descend Hillary said what have you ever been due to the stadium before and I said yes in fact you guys just had a John Hancock Bobble head night and I think I kind of embarrassed him. But I doubt but anyway when you guys get back look up Ryan and Dillon and given Maria's which you're giving the guy getting some more money think this is his fifth there on the job we started on Monday it's all right well I got to see Monday now he Elin that he was you should be proud to have a guy like that work in your own phones are an organ in your organization he was a good. Hey thank you for bikes there are appreciated love our association with you guys anyway what thank you for the bikes and as you well know we'll put those good news well glad to do glad to be a part of it and economists agree or do a giant and go to UI Charlotte knights dot com and get yourself some quite sought tickets and no final call you to know. Expand bird following me at 4 o'clock news find out what's latest in the Charlotte business journal new addition out today. He golf the big weekend until 5 o'clock. Gonna wander out here it to 530 so I get over to south Mecklenburg high school and know be there for the beginning no more amazing bike toy and no money drive 6 o'clock go Mark Garrison will do his. Well inaugural broadcast from may ar kids first event so I think he's looking forward to that and don't get a chance to have. To see what this is all about and know we'd look for you to come on out and be a part of couldn't see it as well we've got to a gym and Nixon some other food trucks out therein and a the the parking lot of south Mecklenburg high school is all right Al third further. A runoff park road. Across from my old neighborhood of Cameron would. And. You know even if you're not bring into something for kids first we just like to have become mountain and take a look at and what this thing has become missed just. It just it's just unbelievable. And and then three hours later it's done. And we are pack all the bikes up there will get tonight in two of these Frito-Lay eighteen Wheeler. 88 did give good tractor trailer cab trucks. And security guard hangs out there with them all night long and tomorrow. At south Mecklenburg high school from 1 o'clock in the afternoon until late tomorrow night it's volunteer day you don't have to bring anything except yourself and some time in your kids. Lot of people bring their kids and help us prepare for the party that we won't throw a south Mecklenburg high school on Sunday. For 400. Well more. Of our homeless to near homeless kids and then share and and her incredible volunteers staff. We'll take care of the other 4050600. Kids. All next week before Christmas Day. And down. Yesterday's auction Noah brought in 171000 dollars and we've gotten some unbelievable donations. This week so were I think on part of not financially be able to meet our needs and if we get the bikes that we are need debt tonight and I have no reason to think that we won't. Ahmed and revive got another successful year for our kids first under our belt another will be 802000. Kids or more. Who will have a Christmas that they wouldn't have had without us and I don't when I say us I hope everybody understands that I mean outside mean you with a guy who gave us five dollars. I mean you know with a guy who gave us 151000 dollars. I mean Ella the little girl that collected the addresses the these slightly used or. On new dresses. Last count I think she was up to like a 175. Or something tomorrow so one of the things that will do. My understanding is that the kid's party on Sunday. Is that Ella and her friends. And sister were. Oh have kind of set up on a boutique. Which will be one of the things that will set up tomorrow with all the volunteers we've got thousands of toys and stuff to wrap and that's what we do on Saturday so south Mecklenburg high school 1 o'clock Lotta people bring their kids. I to cut out and are on them that know Christmas is more than just about getting. But you mean a lot of fun people and you'll and and everybody's there for one reason and that's to give some time and make this thing all happen and we could know without the volunteer hours so I don't see out it to. South Mecklenburg high school at the 1 o'clock into the evening hours of us Saturday and tell all the work is done sometimes it goes. Into the morning hours of Sunday although I will tell you win the the last couple of years at south Mac. Since we've had so many. Such a great volunteer turnout oh it it's gone into the evening hours of Saturday night but no longer are we hanging out there at 3 o'clock in the morning no trying to get everything finished on Sunday morning so. So that's been you know we've we've we've seen enough. We we've seen an unbelievable influx of people on that too so I'll come out and volunteer forest on a Saturday as south Mecklenburg high school for 1 o'clock in the afternoon on. You can come and go as you wish you can go out and leave and come back or you can come and spend an hour or Cummins in death three hours or do whatever it is it's you know nobody's. Now I nobody's monitoring your reunited the time clock or anything like that could do which Camden now we know will be most appreciative and really if you're out about tonight or you're going out to dinner and you're out and heads it's 745. You're jumping in your car get ready to go home and you're close to south Mecklenburg high school and drive on by and now. On and take a look at Joseph what's going on out it just south Mecklenburg high school and in and the way that. This community that we all call home other eleven bell longer content order rock killer you know the nucleus is Charlotte come back come out and see what the Charlotte region. Is capable of doing when they open up their hearts. Something I've experienced here since the day rolled into town. Doesn't surprise me. Doesn't amaze me. And then I'm always surprised and amazed. Because. Because I'm a Virgo and I worry about everything and like right now I'm thinking to myself oh god this is going to be the year that nobody Briggs is a bike. Really I don't really waited only we need to hire some people next November just just they're called those jolt from time to time during that ten days we get to a before. One of the kids partied just did just to be posse of Magi and shut up. You're got to be justified. They talked jogged off the cliff crew. So anyway tonight is the night 6 to 9 o'clock south Mecklenburg high school. The trumps Earl went before the FBI today just tournament no one. Laced and FBI leadership today proclaiming his loyalty and support for law enforcement. At the agency's training academy. Said it's a shame what's happened with the FBI. Said that as he left the White House for a speech at the FBI trading academy at Quantico Virginia he called the agency's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation really disgraceful. New told reporters were going to rebuild the FBI. And then he lavished praise on the graduates of this week's long FBI national academy program and their families. And he touts their accomplishments. Any pledges his unwavering support to them. And he told law enforcement leaders today that he is quote more loyal than anyone else could be close quote to police. And he also used the speech to promote and his tough on crime policies and told gang members and especially MS thirteen. That his administration will route you out and arrest you. And he celebrated his decision to make it easier for local police forces to purchase surplus military equipment. And then he directly questioned the violence of Chicago and somebody should of well in fact we've got our own little problem here in Charlotte it's nothing even close to what's going on in Chicago but what are we 86. Homicides now. 69 last year so that's a sound that's got to be addressed nationwide there's just too many people kill and too many people for really stupid reasons. None I guess that there really is a good reason to kill somebody in less of course they're attacking you and your life is in jeopardy clue that I can't think about. He about Chicago the president said what the hell's going on at Chicago what else happened in the air. And then he made comments before the speech were you mentioned the former national security advisor Michael Flynn he said I don't wanna talk about pardons with Michael Flynn yet. We'll see what happens. Let's see so the president. Pretty pretty direct today and some of his comments. In the room and apparently out Marco Rubio is now on for a. Tax reform bill. They overcame his option. Goals. Raised the a child tax credit which row is what he had voiced some concerns with the yesterday and lease us the rumor on knowing him and I think Bob Corcoran. Has not come out to enough favor he was posed for some of his own no reasons as well. So it looks like we're well on our way to a tax reform bill probably early part of next week so you got that the FCC voted three attitude in net neutrality. And that probably has a fairly long court battle to go before that's finally decided to and so was that some of the stuff that's going on in the news or shall rumor that says Paul Ryan will retire at the end of 28 in. That he is friends are saying he may be suffering from trump. Lost Jim. Exhaustion. I've been to that's probably true. He also may not want to have to be and may have position Marie Hester Ruoff. Campaigned for the hour maybe he's got to get out early so we can start his own campaign and are. But that's one of VO rumors that is so floating out there and I USA today may have written the most anti trump editorial I've ever seen earlier this week I'll share that within seconds. First let me wander over to sail loaded Dan Porter who is on no 70457. All of it and hey Dan. They needed to actually Kevin I'll tell you how good are your. You so let's get out. I just wanted to let you know the much gone and I let some of that through the youngest PGA in Charlotte and I agree we will be out there on Sunday providing music for the party on Sunday's election pure DJ. I am I am your DJ Chris Sunday. Sore. I have not I have been trying Q get involved in the last for the last three to four years in my schedule in the of those type of things have not allowed me to do it this year I have finally. Been able say yep okay am I can do it not called Sharon and she called me back didn't read text and talk didn't she say again if you can do it on Sunday then that would be great cherub. They're gonna Wear your butt out the with a bit. I'm unaware UN out actually got a that the I just tell you right now they will. The that's that's a long gig and though have you doing all sorts of stuff. Obama better than me more happy to have you and I hope that you find us so much joy out of the Christmas season by being involved with because it's a pretty cool deal when you. Well when you look at it I I guarantee you'll big audience. Well good I'm I'm seriously looking forward to it meant it and glad that I can be a part of it in the sun also looking forward to it as well. Alms it and just. You have being a partner in the back to the community. While making a point do login already are DJ Booth not ideal weather anyway but to get over their and I introduced myself to be and and tell you thanks personally appreciate being involved this year. You're welcome. You have a great day and he's an all right there he goes it's Kevin and he and his son will be our DJ is tonight makes me so until it's it's pretty cool they do they. That party starts middle of the afternoon and goes Ehrlich 345. Whatever it is hours. We I entertain a mess for the DJ comes in. And I don't know what to Sherron has. Encompassed for this but they stay broad we've had karate demonstrations we've had to dance troops come through we've had. Choral singers come through we've led. That at some point. We take them all out on the football field and Santa helicopters in. And understand we've got sort of role Barbara we usually have the penguin control which as a whole bunch of people dressed up as penguins and they accompany Santa back into DO south mega gym where we have the Santa chair and throw all set up and none insanity takes care I mean literally sees 350 to 400 kids in about an hour and a half its group. But it's rewarding as well. And then following that the kids are all assigned particular place to go door room whatever. And they've got they are wrist band and and that's how we know which baggage theirs. And so oh we are checked their wrist band and we go find their bag. And they grab their bag which as their clothes size and their shoes size and some of the toy is that they've asked for. And so they take that and then on their way out they hit the parking lot and that's were all those bikes that come in tonight. We put those bikes out mum and kids though walk up and there's you know 200 bikes sitting there in front of them. And they got their picnic and take whichever one they want. And that is pretty cool to watch too because you'll see your kids see a bike you know go over and they'll kind of stake its claim to it. And then all the sudden you look over and he'll see another bike. He'll say. And you'll see a look at the bike he's gotta gotta claim on the looking at the other bike and any of Travis bag of toys and a walk over to the other body can drive a stake a claim on now on the as bikes get taken no we unload more bikes off of the eighteen wheel trucks out there and and and in the midst of all of that. We're tearing down Christmas tree is that we've had donated that we use as part of the set up for the gymnasium. And the decorations on them. And we're strap and goes to the tops of cars and in the back of pickup trucks and send in trees and donations. And let Chris said we have restaurants. That are bringing in food and we always try to have access food so we can send food home. Because a lot of these kids are out of school until their meal programs are. Are not. But they are during the school year. So a bag of toys and clothes and shoes and a bike if they've never gotten one promise before and a Christmas tree and decorations. And food. And then they go back to what they're calling home these days and that's what we do for kids first and that's what you do rule. What you allow us to provide. 800 to a thousand kids who wouldn't have Christmas otherwise. It's what we do. Head WB BMY. I'll just PR hotline we go and Eric Chandler from Charles business journal senior staff writer new addition is out today you know was just bond verdict. Good afternoon just how to open. I'm I'm pretty darn good as matter of fact looking forward to our big bike you know toy drive but tonight be out of south Mecklenburg high school from six to 9 PM and it's going to be called itself. I but it all got our guys not hear it and it's been colder as a solo global will be fine. A and I don't notice that I had been with the people that are because I'm not I I don't have a time stand around I'm pretty much movement in people pull me in different directions but. It is. It's it's just the most amazing. I look forward to this night every year I mean six months out I start thinking about I cannot wait til that Friday in this case December the fifteenth it's just. I'll meet more people tonight it's from a radio standpoint. People get in line with their cars to bring us bikes and a toys and money and so on and so forth and allows me to kind of walked down the line and region and and meet families and cars and and suck up the heat that's coming out the window. A com and pet dogs and now but it these one on one you really get a chance to actually assay Haida people that have been wasn't into your for a long long time and and it just love that aspect of it and then we're all doing something for us somebody else and that even makes the camaraderie better than not. I would. Say that is. Of course is to put your favorite trichet to determine at what we're supposed to be doing yeah helping other people that's the thing that's exactly right that it's a big night tonight well. Why I can't wait to see your 400 bikes that and your brain how well it. You have got I got the other person your VIP card at this figure how far to fight as bad as it. You you Eric walks through you know I saw it figured out you can't spot by Hershey store network support at struggle with but I got it together but it. I think it's embarrassing when I go out to lunch reviewers of the and you show people you're a big cards and tell us up by a failure and I'm not just initial up I got one of the got off. Darted out repealed Rick Scott now a question I've had a hard to tell that everybody has one of the of those hey every everybody has a Harris teeter store. I thought our special. Well you are at the thought. A pick up in kind of a special sort of way. You had a chance to why did you talk to Anthony fox. I did but yeah he got he's got a gig. Is he ever coming back to Charlotte I guess it's his eyes his base of operations now will be New York any. He kind of made a comment to you that I thought was inching that was that he thought this family was getting just a little bit too comfortable in DC it. Yep I thought that was funny there would say it it seemed like he was joking that maybe there were. Are greater truth and that he talked several times during massive buildup are very. North Carolina Charlotte and how important has helped out yesterday. I. Can do agree with you I think he's got a pretty good new gig and other than making a few trips home I think he may be. In New York for awhile that this felt like hey it's pretty interesting bitter war we're talking about here is. New investment group that will. First there are companies that build bridges then airports and roads in. All kinds of projects like that in if you're former secretary of transportation that probably be a pretty good hit. Well he's in partnership with a guy by the name of Andrew Wright is that today is that our Sandra Wright the principle of this company. They note that that he is the other managing partner and very influential very very well capitalized and so I would say it has a pretty good shot at that. Does that considering its construction and bridges and it was just announced and guests in county and this week that the bridge the 74 bridge. The two narrow bridge that takes you for Mecklenburg do aghast and county that I go over every day is going to be replaced in 20/20 two or may be earlier than that with that too. Three lane bridges. And that was self funding that we didn't think was going to be available all the sudden became available to us this job. David to that degree may be bringing Anthony Foxx. Back into Charlotte due to focus on projects that can be happening here. But that I was asking him about it with interest again this venture is not investing in a separate contracts in other words. Like the private company is building the hell laying along not have that you may have heard something about that project. They're not going to go after specific project or heard that the country they're sort of best companies. Who built these various projects so. He doesn't really know where. The money will go in Athens having it will go to the companies that do the work but he doesn't know where they'll be building projects so as possible he could end up you know tangentially codec it's. Jude North Carolina project but he really had no way if Al. And and word just related fund management. We're which is a real estate investment fund word a word they get their money. Well that they'll go out and yet all concert. Large scale investors who are basically. Fame yet were confident that these kinds of investments are going to generate a return for a that's what they'll do it and but that experience the real stated basically fund they have a huge difference who's never done it before. You I had a chance to talk to about a number of different things annoy you ended the interview or at least the way that the interviewer is outlined in the Charlotte business journal that I and the new addition to day is so what do you miss about Charlotte and I'll come back around to that. But you did talk to him about the design line case in which she. Got sued what did he have to say about that if anything. Yeah I was in the very act short answer he said that. He thought it was Billy that he was included the he in that part of the that the bankruptcy filing Laura. Essentially that it's over and I I would quiet as long. That's a good thing open I would here as the gore perspective it out here so if you think we offer you a couple senses and says. It's over with. And I've had him here in the studio a couple of times and no I never gone through the same experience on a couple of questions that we asked him so when he when he's not gonna answer somebody's not gonna answer it amendments is the way it is enough. And maybe that's how I get a a cabinet position is because he you know has been. Resolve so on one of the things you learn in life you specially use a reporter I think it took me longer but. Sometimes. As you just said on sit there. And don't say a word. Because a lot of times people will bury themselves because the silence makes them nervous. Say that's exactly right job people want to Philly and those gaps of silent and if you can just. As the interviewer. Resist the urge you fill in that awkwardness allotted under little dirt and yet date unfortunately you sir are up and talked RO what he'd do it yourself. You have my own and then and he's been through the drill before so. Com what what does he miss about Charlotte anything specific. Yes honey what I ethnic question about the future what he. Spoke about most was his concern about how this city is recovering from deep he's got shooting in the riots that followed seventy economic mobility issues so he quit or a lot a lot of a policy walk rather than I've been at this restaurant or that straighter this neighborhood so he was much more focused on. What is happening and Charlotte is most publicly any mention. But that did not know that we win. All of the unrest began in September sweet sixteen he was actually at that transportation summit in Japan and he said he can turn on CNN it was yes sir real the city has helped out by going through all of this strife while these halfway across the world. Yeah and thereby all the sudden now it's not just a a national story you're sitting in Japan no watcher no coverage it becomes a world story and to have. I'll sleep you'll Charlotte which it was when he was raised here all the sudden be the focus of a national story is hated does got to have to be a kind of oh weird experience for a hometown boy. Yeah absolutely and clearly it's nothing netted his bill on his mind because he he mentioned it a couple of times. So I am going to make the assumption. That he met that the Panthers in the horrid and other things that have certainly Davidson has a lot but he did go into their civic C. He was talking much more on policy and trying to you help with the economic. Inequality that those issues. Plans last week who we talked to you today new and mayor are no new City Council people in yes they're asking for full time positions and no more money and that's one of the stories it's in the news this week. But to also this is so we're coming up to the a time when we'll figure out who's actually going to be on the economic development list and whether or not it dregs gets back is. Is a poster or not and soccer is back in the news so won't come back and doctor expand burned about that. Just some of the things that are covered in the new addition the latest addition out today of the Charlotte business journal. And we're back do you just feel I. There amber hi Eric you've ever got they I job new job and really one of the first things you've done is go in and not ask for a raise. I think that the best way to handle it really well developed and what Rory kind of what happened and I had the or waiting on the mayor to name the economic development committee and that's interesting but. Not that they really have anything on their plate as you point out in today's there Charlotte business journal Eastland mall. Proposals for the indoor amateur sports arena the tourism money improvements from memorial stadium. Soccer. Charlotte independence or Marcus Smith are so they're not really a whole lot of stuff for the I do once they finally get the committee put together. It's going to be like Viet I want out that you like yes this effort peered out. We have we have learned that certainly think it may have been saint James Mitchell will be back at the care they thought Belk. Eddie and yet I think it's early notable bout that. Committee is a drag their Republican knock out loud we'll be back on economic development and Robert had a boot camp out last summer fuel Serb vice chair that that that that's pretty important is because that stricter force comes from a Goldman Sachs background on Wall Street pretty good. Person you want to have on your economic development committee as he used the workload ahead. You're right John you just outlined it out yet a number of ambitious project that ever higher profile project that this thing that they all have a parliament. If they've all been through various iterations safe harbor looked like they were on the road defeat us. Headed in one direction then they've abruptly stopped it has to be. Sort of recap wolf that he had this particular council of economic development committee can find the solution for some of those projects. It's a mall site 69 acres of a vacant land and that's apparently in play again you see names like up that Mumford who leads the city's economic development division of. Yeah I did get a look at your job because what you what you hear the work developer you thank often have trouble and our company actually say that will come and and build all these projects and I have an idea of how everything you thought because that's not what the city is doing just hammer out. They're going to bring in a developer to help figure out. How to get other people view bill projects all of those 69 acres that if they're not going to be a fast process by any stretch the other thing block with discounted he had been when they you have a developer to help try to bring in projects. How much money will the city have to put in in terms of improving. Broad sidewalks landscaping other things around that site because it is not exactly. Turn key if you will. Well do you think this goes for a job big project for the 69 hours thirty think this again end up being kind of piecemeal. I think it's definitely going to be piecemeal and at I think that's why this city what he yet sort of a master planner if you will. In their date how to create the large scale vision of how you can assemble these pieces. And still make it feel cohesive once you get. Near the end that is going to be a very tricky process and again. As everyone listening probably knows that this is a part of town that has really struggled to bring in business for the job and that's why this particular piece of property is so. He's essential to getting the east side that we back in the right direction. Well and they kind of want a destinations something or rather rather than just another collection of oh boy oh boy whatever so I think they kind of want us signatures something rather that'll have people say hey let's go over to that's cited down. Yeah I think I think the one thing it. I would expect to see is some. Kind of combination. Of community drawl you know part. I don't know what market. Restaurants that have a real local. Ethnic authenticity through them I think that that combination is going to be what they're what you or I think they're pretty well it's bad. Yeah they're not sort it just bring in Bob Beckett development that's going cute it's quite solve the problem. But that if they approach this in a piecemeal fashion but with some strategic thinking behind it maybe they can get where they want. Yeah I'll call Dick Campbell and see if he's up for a 69 acre cantina 1511 I got a two run up. I like had to go a lot of different also are up right there. I pay I have yourself they're great weekend and all are talking again next Friday in an oven give you a couple weeks off. A temporary job here either has or expand berg senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com. They we've been waiting for for a good long while Friday December 15 this is tonight for south that has the effect registered from it Billick. Roundtree Iran drive plantation. Suzy has dropped by the likes that she's collected. I think she got eleven or twelve and she's matching whatever she got so she just delivered her eleven to. Twelve and want to be Tony you 44 by its biggest 44 bikes around three plantation silly thank you roundtree plantation just so we've played in the world. Tom and I understand they are Charlotte knights of bush showed up but there are 31 bikes doctor Dan Ross held you know some others a little bit earlier in the studio and our doors so. Mine knows by X amount out of BellSouth next door on our way to what should be in a great another amazing evening. I'm get out we did a podcast to vote counts and I did a podcast couple weeks ago with the Sharon Sanders and talk a little bit about the origination of those kids first Allen got started to. Where I came minimum and then so on and so forth enough. Well we're gonna loved air parts of that between 5:30 and 6 o'clock so that another broadcast starts at 605 I can now be on the on the premises or at least pretty closer to it so Wal-Mart garrison of Charlotte have six will be alive but from south Mecklenburg high school. For the beginning of our amazing night. And food trucks are out there'll be a lot of fun lots of cars lots of trucks coming through we'll look for the free warehouse truck go and find out what those guys did this year's 200 some odd bikes last year. So who knows what they have in store and there will be surprises this year and it's just I don't know just a lot of really nice people that are rolling through on a cold night stayed in their vans will unload Emporia you have to even get out your car you don't want to. The mustang club has always rolled through there we fed. Actually in the Corvette club come through one year. We have all by judge Toyota land cruisers come through one year is like I don't know five or six or eight or some like those offered to just. One right after the other after the other all loaded with the bikes and com hey it's going to be a special night so in fact we're that I final hours the deal said. You know normally dealers and but we have a super heroes that are showing up tonight too but you marvel. Comic characters are. They'll be more stuff going on atmosphere out there we've had South Carolina beauty queens in the past. They've interviewed her several times. The guy interviewed her once in the number oh interviewed her twice and then. I believe Larsson I've got an interview with their. They have so I anyway of south Mecklenburg high school 6 to 9 o'clock tonight although if you got a bike in the back your car they're there. So we'll but don't let the party begin it's also ugly Christmas sweater day. So it feels feel free to Ariel word's yours DJ. They. It was watch and channel three today at noon. John Carter and now. Pristine as it. They had the ugly as sweaters on I believe I've ever seen all the Christians is pretty cool it was like us Santa upside down and a chimney with the seeds taken straight up. I'm pretty present reasons it was so ugly it was cute. Todd bill of rights. December the fifteenth 17911. Ten amendments to the united biscuits constitution took effect following ratification by Virginia. Among other things those amendment's guarantee India freedom of speech and the right to bear arms in the right to a reasonably assemble in the U freedom of the press in the freedom of religion and the fact that you have no freedom from traffic. And you do have a freedom to bring us a bike or toy or some money denied itself Mecklenburg high school all of that was sort of covered in the original bill writes I don't know if you know them. All of that. Walt Disney got up. Five years old died in 1966. To remember them. Her back in the days when. When some of us wished we had a color TV I've ever my mom and I we were stolen Neal black and white aero we. We didn't live and they don't really expensive forms of doom. And a mom and I always vision you know fantasized about what how great it would be deceived the beginning of Disney on Sundays. In color. With all the stuff lined out of the tower in the seems a long long time ago you've been stuck with the two black and white TV 65 voters old when a Disney died no wonder what he'd done. What did you think of his empire now. Which just bought fox. Or is in the process of Tim Conway. One of the funniest guys we were at the studio 84 years old today and Dave Clark if you wanna feel all back when The Beatles came out there was a little bit of a short debate as to would be bigger. Who would last longer than Dave Clark five The Beatles. Pretty sure The Beatles won that argument Dave Clark is 75. Years old today. Baghdad. Texted me not too long ago and said it does Susie over roundtree presentation no broader 24 bikes do not think Shia got to eleven or twelve dropped off at her store and she had vowed that she would don't match whatever they gotten enough. So why she should open their 24 bikes or those bikes are already enemy or Charlotte knights of delivered their 31 bikes they came by the studio and a say hi one for every home date that they've had including John Hancock Bobble head night. So why very so we got those solo of hello we're already got 31. 4143. Bikes. Ten years ago we have been done. We get a we got just no way to go. This evening's shot back of our high schools were all beat tonight six to 9 PM. We'll hand things over to Mark Garrison at 6 o'clock Charlotte have six will be live from south Mecklenburg high school are amazing bike toy and nine dollar drive. Food trucks and German nick sued truck is out there. Which finally brought food to us yesterday and if you don't try the a brisket out there tonight fury fools. And that that's not dead they're they're pulled pork it's uploading good deal but I just have to be a brisket guy and that that may be. I've been thinking about that ever since I grabbed that brisket and here yesterday. That's the best brisket I've had a long long long long time. And their MacKey too shabby either and I'm not supposed to eat that and I didn't need much of it but I come on you can't bring Mac and cheese in the studio and met tell me I can't have a spoonful or. Well. And the cheese rolls are not too did you take some of those home within. Yeah if TJ over their pop and men like shocks. That the mom. Fill up police in Philadelphia responded to I stood to call that a cow had slipped away from a church nativity scene. His name I think it's hamburger. He really should cooperate. A British surgeon has pleaded guilty Ira that is to dale Lloyd to assault theft re branded his initials on the levers of at least two patients. What's the did you read about that story what you hear about this from time to time. Doctors doing weird things you know. They've been a brand inside here's something like that you know for good time called doc. And the second most powerful man in North Korea hasn't been seen in awhile. There. What could possibly go wrong. You can zip line over the Mississippi during these Super Bowl February Super Bowl take place in downtown Minneapolis. Which sits on the Mississippi River. And for attendees of the big game a backpack company. XO OX. Era TJ. Will last set up a zip line meant to run the width of the river. So that's ban will cover more than 800 feet across and hundreds of feet high. And the zip line ride will cost you about thirty bucks would you do that. Yeah I think I would do an art because you've got to figure out. You know famous last words but you gotta figure that they know what they're doing. His last words were you gotta figure. That and and you know they had sharks in the Mississippi I've no idea we've been doing we were so stunned rumors are that thin. So what would you pay to skip seeing your in laws over the holidays don't answer that fell out. The average person says they pay a 158 bucks. The pale 150 dollars to avoid talking about politics. They hand over 259. Dollars to get that a child like festive spirit back well then get involved with a group like kids first or in the net to beat its first. Go out and do more for other people around Christmas season and see what that does for your Christmas spirit when you wake up on Christmas Day. Some in this poll find holiday shopping so cumbersome that they would be willing to pay a 121 dollars to have it done for them. And apparently people still care about whether or not their significant other will all of their gift and they put a price tag of 134 dollars on their beloved satisfaction in other words not including the price of the president. They pay a 134 dollars to be guaranteed. That he or she would just be. Giddy. About what you've done well it is important you don't wanna. The way to tell whether or not you can't sometimes till the day that you give a tool. The big key is whether or not it's used or not. It. Uh oh what a beautiful sweater I had gosh it's exactly what I'd British she never wears and then. I'd say sometime around Easter or something you could say you know maybe she didn't like that's way. Or if you see that same sweater and goodwill. And it can't find it at the house. That would be area. If you're traveling with gifts don't forget you might wonder what skip wrapping them TSA points out wrapped gifts are fine but they may need to be unwrapped in some cases. TSA explains our officers try their best not to mangle a gift wrap but it's not a guarantee and it also slows down the line for everybody else. When we have to do that you cannot try to avoid this by at least insuring that your gift as they get TSA approved item however. Probably best to err on the side of caution and just just skip the a gift wrap altogether. That way you don't have to hold up the line are always. Your own time wants the one commercial where they got the lady that flies in in the first thing she doesn't rent cars go by Wal-Mart and pick up what she had ordered. Which don't which which food which. Makes a lot of sense than you don't have to travel with it and it's sit there waiting for you when you get there. It was a pretty good idea. All right I'll work back in just a couple of seconds will kick off the big weekend tell you about some of the things that are going on but the big event as far as we're concerned this happening at south Mecklenburg high school. 6 to 9 o'clock on tonight although our bikes have already started to show up. Food trucks a lot of fun hundreds of cars and trucks Olivia roll on through with bikes and toys and more. For kids first to the Carolinas. We can still take donations ignored the Hancock page though we BT dot com or go directly to kids first that kids first of the Carolinas dot org sheets. Radio program and I'm. Basic kids first of the us south Mecklenburg high school six to nine bring us a bike going again that's what that. One of the big deals going on as our buddy Daniel Coston and company doing the double door reunion. Party. And that there should be a great time Christmas Carol with shades of the other noble Dora musical vastly Lenny federal band. Blues based our rock band from the seventies crisis. Love the stragglers. Com all of almost celebrating the double door which obviously is no longer closed earlier and has been torn down but they'll all be on a Sunday night 7 o'clock at the neighborhood theater. Cost you ten bucks to get in their neighborhood theater dot com if you need more information than now. So if you're yearning for the double door and you want just a little taste of what it's like these to be. Go join the federal Brothers denied any federal enough and hang out on Sunday. Hey you know. Shots on him. Golf. Yeah annual installment of a soulful Noel musical director Tim Scott junior. And the Hammel tones. Which are led by as the year Grammy Award Winger and assay and Charlotte Tia and Anthony Hamilton Alabama blown theater tonight at 8 o'clock. 2 and 8 o'clock to be emanated PMI tomorrow. And no little such Beckman twenty bucks that Scalia pretty good -- should go and rafter gone what what they what could possibly say Christmas better than. Reptiles. Rector gun. Repel an exotic animal explode Cabrera Serena all of this. Weekend as well party big weekend Charles symphonies for sitting messiah. At the night theater tonight and tomorrow night that 730 Blumenthal arts dot org tickets start as low. As a nineteen dollar showed that the ball should gliders and leisure McCorkel or play in the visual light tonight at 730. And acoustics acoustic syndicate. Playing the visual light tomorrow at 10:9 PM western Colorado rock press. Visual group it's so that's. And so that's that are big movie this so weekend debuted last night everybody's talking about a Star Wars last yet I two and a half hours. For Mark Garrison talking about this last night apparently there's an app available that tells you the best times to go take a leak. For all movies not just last gen I two and a half hours you are you you might need that app. Eagles tickets went on us sale this morning now for their appearance in April. At the S spectrum a senator. I got mine. I don't know where they are but I I mean I don't know where the seats are right at. I got confirmation today from my wife that there are ordered his. Has been has gone through so looking forward to that even though. Wounds no longer there all the Glen Eagles the globe and fly Eagles a couple of times before and after Joseph Walsh solo. Still sells your good should do or go to. Options of course is due out come down do all of famed plaza and ice skate with us holiday on ice is still alive and well brought to you by news 1110993. WBT. Went out to five and six to end up by double. UF Lindsay who by the way have been on the label for the kids first campaign this year I should go thank all of those guys over there it took. Antara news sister station a year ago we were no separate buildings were in for senator broadcast companies and this your own happy family enough. And just they're Garcia mayor dropped by out Tenet tonight to so frank Garcia again just say ID him. Chris Kroger was so would drop by he's got a he's got duties at the hornets game tonight. McClain did no one of the great interviews so with and two boys to balk. Out there that you and CC talking about. You know what do what do you do about the football and basketball programs so well they fired mark price yesterday or not so sure that's what everybody was looking for. I think maybe that position now may have outgrown Judy rose. Where at least that's kind of the feeling that maybe they need a little bit stronger direction as top that's not to say get rid of Judy wrote she's been with the program forever. And probably should remain a least a part of it but may be maybe it's time now that your in the big leagues to tributes of Leo big mean here athletic director. Just me talking out loud. Our holiday on ice is open add the L hall of fame plasma down there on Martin Luther King boulevard uptown Charlotte easy parking. Oh we're now and our fourteenth year. You can go through a holiday on ice Charlotte dot com for more information but I will tell your right now that they are open until 10 o'clock tonight. And attended ten tomorrow. And 11 AM till 7 PM on Sunday. And we have been closing on Mondays and Tuesdays but that has now ended solo work ten to ten all of next week as well and we'll keep you abreast of that but come down and Roy and I escape with just ten bucks with your own skates fourteen dollars for a skate rental once you buy a ticket. When you came in in the morning at 10 o'clock. And and bought admission. You can use that all day long and come back again at 4 o'clock in the afternoon you have to buy another ticket you can know skate on the one that you've already bought them. I'm Daniel still botanical gardens holiday at the garden continues until the end of the year I'm this weekend. Does today's ugly sweater day national ugly sweater day it's official. So the special today it's 50% off admission at the door for those wearing an ugly sweater tonight. Garden is also hosting AAF free a chocolate and no wine tasting from a 6 to 8 o'clock tomorrow. Well while supplies last. But you can now get 50% off admission by showing up and they are hideous sweater tonight so wanna take advantage of that the botanical gardens beautiful. Sparkling felons and twinkling trees and no they really do our pride out there natural winner wonderland. And a festive decor and towering tree of orchids is very cool 600000 lights all illuminate the displays and and all that kind of stuff to get carriage rides going on out there. Our Santa makes appearances. I'm so our coach self out to a Daniels still botanical gardens and down. And and see what they have to offered GS PG. Dot org if you walked Christmas of the Billy Graham Library continues through the 23 as so well. And and that's a nice asset to have here and they got carriage rides out there and alive nativity in light displays and and all that stuff as well Billy Graham Library dot org would be over you find that. Obviously McCadam bills got the lights on no right now. Christmas town the US aid. And that's on 530 to 930 on weekdays 5:30 PM until 11 o'clock on weekends and that goes through the day after Christmas doesn't cost you a dime we just got to sit in traffic for awhile but it's well worth the wait. On the lights glow and nightly and that's 530 to 930 Monday through Friday. So until 930 tonight. And then now 530 till 11 PM on Saturday and Sunday therefore McKay had billet Carol when they've got winner fest that's five million lights festive light performance is no season mullah. Not treats and all that stuff. And you've got to the speedway. They've got their big I'll light display going on none out there on a nightly basis. Speedway Christmas said to Charlotte motor speedway with their Christmas village in their petting zoo and Bethlehem diligent. I knew this year. Spectators can park cars today are drug turn three and four and then there's an overlooked ill give you some photo opportunities so above. Of a different angles of the speedway a very very very cool other new attractions this year include animated tree in a snow machine and all that stuff so tickets for cars. Suvs and minivans started twenty box. Just pack as many people in their she can and it's like it's like the old days go to the drive in. Read stuff well what for your friends in the trunk of the car. And then also what he got car sick. Those kind of deals. And a special pricing available for buses you can call 180455. Fans. Speedway children's charities god gave us a pretty good donation this year. For our kids first and I I can't even begin to tell you how appreciative I am on to get some support out of Concord for what we're doing for the kids and of course. That's the big event and it's. Went on. Definitely it's going on right now and Marty had the Charlotte knights drop off their bikes we had a Susie from roundtree plantation drop off like 24 bikes today I'm sure other people have done the same. But officially from 6 to 9 o'clock tonight. South Mecklenburg high school. Will have literally hundreds of people bringing our cars. And amazing bike and a toy and money drive through their tonight. And no we all kind of wait to see what. With the guys do when the guys are friends. Pursue moderate album. That. Get together every year. And earlier and and save money or earn money Euro one of loans where reframe our house another all professional guys is the greatest group of guys ever they work out together. They can make stupid bets with each other and so on and so forth and then they buy bikes for kids first with a and that free warehouse tropical growth full tonight probably with a and other truck behind it. I think they're trying to work out a deal with Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart saying to them we'd like to be a part of this road supply truck for him. But two trucks roll roll in and how many bikes we get this year problem I have no idea of the that'll be a big highlight tonight. Along with the the mustang club is usually out there and no analysis showing up. We had dead Toyota land cruisers come through one year we had Corvette club come through one year. We have no idea who's coming through tonight but it's gonna be fun and it's going on nominal wander ought. Out here will say VA this year AR interview that quote Thompson and I did with their share of Sanders for the podcast. And they'll give you a middle background story in the next half hour of how kids first started. And came to be what it is today and I will see you in about thirty minutes of south Mecklenburg high school 6 to 9 o'clock tonight come by say hi. And drag acquitted chance earlier to do a podcast with the Sheridan. Sanders from kids first are that this would be good time to introduce us so you do share little bit so up roll the tape teacher I spoke towns and as John Hancock. And our special guest this week as we've been that kind of talking about on the year leading up to this. The founder of kids first and who better to talk to this time a year Joseph I met share or about 24 years ago and it's alarm have been involved with took its first but judge insurance story is pretty exchange. And I'll give you the thumbnail version of it because issuers seats to mention names soreness or mention names but do it. But I share in return for hospital at the time and one ever does Simon's whatever duties sumo was kids to you know toys collection Doris your kids and they dig down a department social services and so on and so forth duel. If you know Cher as long as I've known share and she has a way of doing things and she has codes to make sure that the right kids get the right presence and everything's got to be a raft and everything's gonna have a candy cane. Because apparently her fairly spoiled her immensely when fusion and every president candy cane on it. And so all of our kids get candy canes on all their presence is well and so she took does give us down do the department social services in around ten and found out shortly thereafter that. They were Caribbean ransacked. And so she come climbed into a dumpster and found all over wrapping paper codes and not at that point she. I decided okay well this is an exactly what I wanna be doing pro or continue to help people so UA your husband Brent that first year team. Decided well we'll just tell some cameras on our own and like how many people did you help their first. We only maybe five or ten families are first year and I remember Kat Owen bombed. Her father had a car dealership in town because we they have a Santa suit. So we borrowed his Santa suit and drove from house to house so stopped just pretty organically you know what it was fun but you literally went from house to house into presence and and how did you get the presence does beg borrow or steal. Just media that it will literally yes because found after what have an idea assess I was determined that if common to go through all the trouble and all the work. At least make sure someone who's supposed to get him gets the. So you grew it become an even before I met you because you had been doing this to three years or their whereabouts before I ever met you. You grow it and finally ended up but Sherron Presbyterian Church show where you were so holding a party for. Homeless to near homeless kids how to how did you how did you go from. It helping some families to kind of becoming a kid's organization. We started out in Lancaster after church there at the rose hill Baptist Church that we took. Probably around fifty families the first year. Can I borrow the help from the church. With help from the church but with help from everyone that I worked with him. And item Marta banned from someone I'm not a good van driver at one of those big vans and I packed everything in and we would drive down there I. I look back and think I was crazy. Thank god for the energy I had them. Well I guess that's a tassel what you look like when you have high energies. I don't know what it is actually in the last seven years nobody is in. Its not it wasn't me it was all the people around me. That are still with me all these years and still helping all these years because. For some reason everyone wants to come together Christmas and help and make a difference in someone's life but they wanna do it and make sure it gets done and you know we've had our years were Reeve. We were out their delivering their running into other charities delivering to the fit same family so we try really really really hard to make sure that doesn't happen so we can help as many as we can. But it's all the volunteers it's not me it's like all the people around us because I'm just. One human but I like that this Saturday decorating day will see the same 500 people we seemed. And Emmitt at I mean add our store right now I wish I could be there and value could be their 'cause now. Believe they're not ball you're becoming more popular ten. If you play well I think shouting you they think you guys were in the store and asylum the most acute. If I had to figure out a few years ago what it's like to be John Hancock got on the his first weekend because I don't know what two or three years ago. I got a call from from John and also from you Sharon and it was gone into the kids first weekend do you know anything new but the auction it happened but Timmy we had a Friday night thing and then the next day was the wrapping day. And I had thought about stopping by there and just kind of get an idea of what was going on in and I got a phone call from you and in Hancock. Sick and I had sick passengers are really sick because I was there that Friday night for the bike drive. But I was so I've ever been as secure in my life and by the time woke up Saturday morning I was. There was no way I was coming in and so we called Bo and said but you go to war. These are you we wish you gotta pick up to slacken area and you never missed a beat he didn't you were amazing well and it was the best thing that could've happened to me as far as you know Miami Scotty but there's a lot of well I guess Greta I think it's gonna talk gagged an exact guy sees hanging out with David Brothers and many pictures on the sun. Well the funny thing about that was his I didn't I didn't know really who he was then that was in the early stages of me figure out who the game it's where I heard you you talking about it now I get it. The back then that I did I didn't know what a big deal it was and I'm memorex and I took a picture with them on the Sunday at the party and then I've posted it and not my guy out of my phones ever lit up that quickly with people sit atop my god it's Scott but anyway well I think I thought that the flu thing a few years ago is a blessing to. Willie Nelson has a line about well past my halfway in time. I'm not making any announcements today but I mean you know I've probably just signed my loss contract to and at the end of that contract and I just won't tell you how largest. But in that contract are probably caught a fifty year career and say adios. Tom I don't think that that means I won't be involved with kids first Seymour I think I'll become or she's van driver or anything along those slots. But at some point we're gonna hand dome open at W BT and no intercom charlatan. And you blow up pig to sing up. And no and then carry don't know if you saw I was happy to see you kind of learn more about it and see how it works and get a hands on feel for it. Com so that maybe there's a chance that even when I disappear that tune homes that are doing our work continues. Well you can't say noted that cancer I'm now down nine blocked in the door. I won't not a model honored that you would say that it means a lot and so many different ways. We are glad that now more of our conversation was sharing center. Of kids first where crunch time are only familiar yelling out yet yes Friday is tonight has just taken on a night or day of the so I mean it's just. It's turned into an incredible event so now it's sued trucks and its traffic patterns and it's I mean can we do go to south Mecklenburg high school. And last year it's over 700 bikes in three hours. It did just an amazing an amazing night. That kind of came out of one year when we really weren't doing big Friday night's. We announced that to have fifty bikes is overwhelming I got 75 that were open to get day here we're not gonna make it because they were on a truck in Kansas and a snowstorm. And synergy can bias and the like. Bring it by Sherron Presbyterian Church sure we're doing this at the time and all the sudden we started learning about. Some arguments and fights taken place in targets and wal marts and I'll never forget out this one truck that drove into the parking lot and it looked like the Beverly Hillbillies he must ahead fifteen bikes in the back of that thing. And they were stacked way up pot I mean it was just the most ridiculous looking thing you ever saw your life. But we got to 125. Bikes that night and Alison within two hours or something a lot of rumor given for special reasons in honor of someone or because of someone and that's what's so special about it. Is that they're not just given a bike they're giving him bike. For a reason which which in John allows him to do and they love that well and this is gonna be a thing for a lot of families kind of like the volunteer day on Saturday for those who. I can't buy us a biker can make a monetary donation Jewish had kids first of the Carolinas dot org come by on Monday are on a Saturday the sixteenth starting at 1 o'clock to self Mac. And give us some time that we've got thousands of presence to wrap in Christmas trees to put together and decorate. And Santa's workshop to build and get district. This place ready for a kid's party that'll be for about 400 kids. And we'll take care of those 400 kids that Sunday the seventeenth and then we're off to take another 400 to 600 kids is the week leading up to Christmas. My takes place so there's a lot of work to be done and this fall if time is all you can give us what we'd be delighted to have you be a part of Britain yeah Saturday is there's an it's like happy chaos. It is happy chaos and come Saturday is when all of Johns folks in your folks Bogut to come out and volunteer and they wanna help. I jet are one up we say we're really really clearly to everyone don't stress it's a stress free zone. It starts at 1 o'clock no we don't have a sign up sheet just show up when you want will be there all day I know everyone. Emails and says I wanna sign up what time to let him either returned or do if my kids have three kids or this agency when announcer just. Come home and you come and go I mean coming to an hour and energy need to go shopping or someone tell you wanna come back later on come back later on. Come and use the you know if food truck string of which are top they're so you don't and we don't we we have the switch atop their because they're small businesses and our community. Bombed so they're out they're Tenet to make a little money over the holidays and we appreciate them they serve food trucks at the radio station that we've worked with here around. So they serve food instead of going out to a restaurant come and buy dinner from one of the food trucks and soft man you should know that one of the first things share and asks people that. We learn about or that come to us is. What size clothes you Wear blue aside issues do you Wear because we try to. Really take care of these kids not only with toys said not only with the bike everybody gets a bike if they've never got a bike from us before. But Joseph we also try to make sure that they go almost some clothes and shoes and make sure they're well who have been fitted out there. The Christmas trees you'll hear is begging on the air for artificial Christmas trees and decorations. We use that to decorate south Mecklenburg high school but when that party's over for the kids on Sunday we chair all that down and strap it on to the top of cars and send it all with people so they've got a Christmas tree to set up when they get home I mean we literally provide Christmas for people. Tom food. We get restaurants every hour (%expletive) shoot them if anyone has a restaurant please call and we would go whoa we always need food and yes we have too much food because we send food home with him since you don't have people so visit Sudanese children are out of school I don't have food so you on the phone number. 7049955679. Putts and just call that number how have your restaurant believe me we can use just about anything any kind of food. Tom McMillen trade market though we have a store when the siren is able find regulars a real orders. Who'll give us a storefront and abandoned storefront every year and more of a small entry markets this year over by the dollar store. That's for Burlington Coat Factory is located on final Mathews road by bill side. It's where chili's is and there's a dollar store there and you'll find the kids fur store there and if you wanna drop something off. Ari if you need help I mean that's a place to go as well and walk in the door and say and we don't make you big guy prime issue we don't make you bigger. Only did us a dog lady. I was reading the Belmont website and sol lady who was a sale I don't know what to do but times are really tough on our rotor and I said. Contact us ladies shall take care of your. That's what we do that's why we collect what we collect we were able last year was so many bicycles to take care of some love Columbia Indians. And we found out a few years ago that low on the Indian troop Christmas party for their kids still. But it consisted of people bringing food and that was about it there was no presence there was no nothing. So we loaded a hundred some mud bikes up on mail truck and so much toys and took him down Columbia Indians and they just drew big diamond and they've never seen anything like that. Hmmm that's that's the book. That's the beauty of what has happened with kids first is that yes in some cases we get more than we need. But it allows us to share with other agencies don't get nearly enough for what they need. So again back to my original point you can see point eight to point B to point Z you know when you help this organization. That they're gonna get it where it belongs and they're gonna. And every year that kind of changes you know he had different needs and. From places and isn't it this year the the interesting thing is we've had a quite a few Johns listeners that. Who blew up we've got a call I've gotten calls from that said they kind of lost their way the last couple years and they wanna come back this year and volunteer again because. Doing this which I'm keeps him on the straight and narrow and makes them realize their purpose and we've had a couple dads this year that have lost their wives and their they've got their children and their house is going on the market may be found in January on their loosen their home. And they just don't know what to do they've got a couple kids and they've helped us in the past so that I have to say is an I believe we've had a lot of jazz has churn is hard for them to reach out. This is pretty it seemed as we've had people that are volunteered first in the past sins and had to reach out and Damascus for help but we've also had people would've had dreary shot Damascus for help could now come back and volunteer for us so I mean it's a lot of cases it's full circle both directions. Com. How cool is all that you know my now how rewarding has all of them we're talking about how much. Energy that Sharon has in their which you had years ago vs now. I would argue that once you arrive at whatever part of this you arrive at whether it's there by drivers the auction are especially the planning data Saturday. Volunteer day. There's an energy a collective energy that takes over everybody any kind of it permeates and that's what it's all about. Our volunteer crew our core crew there's probably between eighteen and twenty volunteers we meet every week and they bend. There. The glue and all of this hole and an altogether implementing 'cause everyone has a job so. It's a big event but we have so many great volunteers that make it happen and that are there because they care and they wanna be there. Maybe you can help us obviously we need your help I don't want anybody to think that we don't need help because say if you say oh my five bucks won't help please give as your five bucks because your five bucks does help we make a lot of our money was small donations. And a total of about kids first is this collective thing. Hundreds if not thousands of people help us. And all of those donations. Give us the resources that we need. Couldn't do without you so don't go don't with soldier five bucks because you hear that some guy gave me 5000 bucks or something along those lines we need your five bucks as much as. How we need a 5000 dollar donation that dual get under on the line go to the Hancock page WBT dot com or just go to WBT dot com. We'll go to kids first of the Carolinas dot org. And you can make your donation there. And feel free that they email me. Hancock at WBT dot com if you go to questions even stupid ones so give me a call in or give me or write me an email or text me or something along those lines and none of them.