Erik Spanberg, Supreme Court Decision, and Big Weekend

John Hancock
Friday, June 22nd
Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal joins Hancock to discuss the airport woes, the 485 toll lanes and Bojangles Coliseum. Other topics include the Supreme Court decision today and "Big Weekend"

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This is John Hancock. Or is Friday as we can leave. Like Friday's. I hear Monday. It was a well that's right killers. I have come on that's four days ago I can't be expected to remember everything. I don't feel and I just had a four day work week it's Friday seem to have general arrived a little soon. Okay well this explains a lot. And then par west coupon thing in today's Thursday. So man if I show appear tomorrow or until like noon or some was somewhat pleased to send me home. Wheeler yeah I've I've ever say noted. The big sum it all Chris Farrell as usual Simeone VCs. Bob NFL idea NBA draft last night a miles bridges Michigan State. Is our pick actually are pickers the point guard did everybody wanted to slow to take Sharia or builders Alexander. But we immediately give them a him to the clippers. Not to still be able to. I get the player they say they wanted. And and frivolity ensues so well we got him we got a point guard out of a Kansas. Who I had a Dovonte Graham whoever great college season and apparently hails from the Raleigh area. But whose upside is seen as limited I'm not exactly sure what that means because I know your British basketball aficionado but people seem most the no thrilled with that. And mail Lithuanian forward. Are not all of us. Ibaka. Who has I just heard from Mike Doyle in the news is probably not expected to play in these states were released a season or two so that's how that goes no we'll see overall that took. CN although develops there's a rumor that the air Cleveland Cavaliers are still making a play for. Kemba Walker. So I don't know what that means either and then I read a report that the nets. Are negotiating a buyout with Dwight Howard and I don't know how all that works but could we have done that. Because the whole deal was that he was owed 23 million or some like that for this next season which just put them in salary cap hill. So they trade him for this guy that's not as good a player is TM. Tell us they mas gob. Who's got two years left on an outrageous contracts and about sixteen million a year or something like down. But I I'm also wondered if also Dwight Howard negotiates a buy out forward in a like something sixteen million or thereabouts then what could we have done that then we would have been out a salary cap hill. Kind disorder. And I don't know hall that works maybe you can't. We'll negotiate a buyout with the guys that you already have under contract or whatever I don't hope all works but they were a mild bridges looks like he's kept us some pretty good upside and and and that was that the guy from Oklahoma the point guard from Oklahoma is the first guy whoever showed up at the NBA draft in shorts. Did you see him. It was like a suit with third. Slack shorts. LeBron has worn out. It looks ridiculous. It into it looks ridiculous but I but I guess no more so probably even. The first time I ever saw a guy ensue with ten issues on. And then when you're used to a dinner at this point. Well welcome to my world. No but that's that's the way that goes mark wash burned today our rights say Tori things you never saint Charles had a running theme with him. The generic pierce said in Charlotte. Twenty things we never say here in Charlotte. And I never dreamed a restoration of the Carolina theater would go so quickly. I said all along that though we couldn't be a finalist for the Amazon project but I'd be thrilled to went to Raleigh. I think I'll just buzz up to a lake Norman on I 77. More in the paper if you look Carrie goes your own observer dot com. They say hot sticky summer and above normal Temps and more rain there were used to. And does OK that'd be fine. I'll take the rain keeps me from wandered around with a sprinkler I don't have a irrigation. And ask for the hot sticky summer. Kind of what I expected. But I didn't think you can get out of those. You don't think there was an option on that Americans. With a cell phone. Ruling today from the Supreme Court they thought I had some edged a breakdowns on the Supreme Court this week code earlier. Our ruling on that had liberals and Britain conservatives and earning all kind of mixed up in this and other than today. John Roberts writes the opinion for the majority but he sides with the four liberals on the court. On this a Supreme Court ruling that says warrants generally need to. Warrants or are needed to are generally track location data on your telephone on yours and yourself. So we'll get into that in a just couple seconds there has been a lot made of and there will be a lot made of the new time magazine cover. I'm trying to remember who I L was around yesterday that it already brought it up. But it's that little immigrant girl in the red dress that we've seen all weeklong crying. And they have a picture and then they have a picture adults excuse me Donald Trump standing mr. Donald Trump like is pretty big men anyway tall man. So he's standing facing her obviously the post never took place but. They have they've been they've put it on the cover the interesting thing about that is that little girl. Was never taken away from her mother. And there's some other impropriety and Indian. Us things and of approve reverend bill appeared in the press that. That that there won't kind of vote show you I'm sure it's almost exits it's just. Just sloppy journalism it's there's no entered ulterior motive here or anything like that authors of the dispense some other examples this week of hoops. Gosh we certainly didn't mean to do that. Charles cross number died. Makes us all a little bit. Less insightful. A unit to bully even know what to aircraft number wrote but he wrote in a way that made you at least. Examine your own. Opinion. In some cases he wrote and strengthened the opinion that you already had. And in some cases he may have been absolutely on the opposite side of what it is that you believe. But he gave you reason to. See his side of an argument. Because you had respect for him. As they are rider and and it's a conservative. And he wasn't a mean spirited. He also was fair. And balanced. And who else can say that. No. But he could. And. If they president deserves somebody taking a shot at him for something he took a shot of president and the president deserve to be supported on something he supported the president but it didn't. You didn't have to be all end or all out but he was. I'm gonna miss reading him no wind and he's probably one of the few columnist that I that I ever would seek out. On controversial issues just to see what it is that he had written. And how he had written it. And what or words he had used. Put in what order. Two. Help me clarify. What I either thought I thought. Or. Solidify. The thought Torre absolutely was having a war. May be even turned me around on knows something with the thought that I hadn't even thought of before so I will miss Lecharles drove over in his writing. Well a whole lot is thereof. Other than Krauthammer is there a columnist these days who use seek out from time to time. Who you. A controversial issue comes down the pike and no I don't those of you load don't wanna just all the sudden jump to your knee jerk reaction that actually wanted to. I'm. A read their opinions of others that you respect and see if they help clarify your own opinion or maybe even. That's a necessarily change your opinion because people are really happy not to wanna do. But is there is there a columnist or a journalist. That you seek out like I did Charles Krauthammer just to kind of give use a strong foundation for the issues that we deal with today 70457. All of intent. Charles Krauthammer passed away Pulitzer winning columnist passed with the age of 68 we. What was coming now a couple of weeks ago Leo panda. A letter saying that this fight was over that two of the cancer that had not even been evident. A month ago had returned in a bit too. This is so that is site was over. In now that final letter he set I leave this life with no regrets it was a wonderful life full of complete. And and then complete with the other great loves and great endeavors that. Make it tell worth living I'm sad to leave but I leave with a with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended. And I'll miss his input and I didn't always agree with him. But I always sought him out and I can't think of another columnist or quite are fun that I. That actually goes seek out that I actually would get to. That that controversy or subject matter there was probably a little above my head would come along and I would look to him to help me clarify exactly what though. We're told was was. And give me angles. In some cases ammunition to solidify my own point of view. And in some cases would make me question. The foundation that I thought I was standing on. Well that's just about all you can ask. About our. A columnist. I didn't know about his wheelchair I know about his accident I do nobody any of all that stuff not until what the last few weeks and apparently I'm not the only one that they'd they'd. A bay this kind of kept that. Under wraps it just wasn't really important code. When he was on TV and all the other stuff I suppose. I mean how they it was a seeker writers don't think it was necessarily publicize such that's not who wants. So I asked is there anybody around today that did that you seek out in the same way that that you would find avoided if well if all the sudden they weren't available to anymore because I think he makes us less I think Carl amber road dying on makes us less insightful. I've. I'm gonna miss him especially for the mid terms. And all the other issues that come on Geoff is up on WB teenage every. They I want recommend Ben Shapiro right I treat him out every night after I get home from work he's got a and an hour so long podcast rebuild their lives and get pregnant but the thing. He takes it where need to go and also will attack when he needs to attack have told you I am 39. Yeah he's a young guy and just keep Larson used to have Shapiro wanted to show. Not ten years ago when he was a young budding columnist. Put him on the air one time with. Al Sharpton together on the air with Al Sharpton and it was. And ended Shapiro at the time was very very polite but like I tend to remember that he and Sharpton obviously didn't CI die down a couple of things he's. I don't seek him out dumb a but ladies he's a young guy enough. He was kind of like a wonder kid that is turn that in to load are really quite a career. He he really had been that they interviewed a guy you would what you just cured not near Morgan on the young gun control yeah well if you you to go it's pretty easy to just the fact that. That's pretty easy okay leg that appreciates the input account spear is a young guy. It it would not be my guy. But that's at the time. That that's not important. Marty Jarno my guy was that was a crowd I'm. They did asset Iran thought about the last night thought about it when he wrote his when he penned a letter couple weeks ago to. So who are you gonna use now as you or. As your litmus test and garden. And there's a book out that is kind of data collection of essays that Krauthammer is a written but over time. And and I'll miss that infected there's or one stilts or. Is the director of economic policy studies at Hudson. Institute and he writes a great piece today. In the Wall Street Journal about crowd ever being a great thinker and an even better friend and some of the times that he had spent toe with him and advice that he had to happen he said he used to go 20 places and he would meet with veterans who had spinal injuries like Krauthammer. And it is vice two. To those of veterans with spinal injuries he would say forget about hope. This is how it's going to be sold learned to adapt. And many offered detailed suggestions on how to do just that and given his own life that advice carried weight. And even some of his followers that he said may not know that he worked from a wheelchair haven't broken his neck and a driving accident when he was in medical school I. Van Bergen about judge 45 minutes calling me a 4 o'clock news though off stuff going on he's got a headline. In the business journal americans' response was lacking to be kind. But unless you really know that there's been problems that they are part of American Airlines and many of PSA subsidiary and all that kind of stuff it almost sounds like. Political headline note or some issue or another India. Americans' response was lacking. Think while a lot of love what we do know. Talk about American Airlines so we'll talk to a spam Bergen I just couple of seconds. It's being had described as a landmark decision today in favor of privacy. We've talked here a thousand times about your expectation to privacy. Not sure totally exist anymore although there are some including the Supreme Court against Federer us scratching to try to help you. I have some confidence that is still exists. The S Supreme Court ruled Friday that the government in most cases needs a warrant to track person's location by grabbing data from cellphone towers. And and inching up part of this to some extent is the way it all broke down John Roberts sided with the four liberal leaning justices and wrote the majority opinion. And added that no warrants can be skipped an emergency situations to avert imminent took a threat. The case stems from a series of armed robbers in Michigan and Ohio back in net 2010 and 2011 and under video stored communications act of 1986 to government obtained cell phone records. For a suspect by the name of Timothy carpenter. Debt revealed. 121800. In 98 location points over 127. Days. At the singer from CNET. And. This guy was later sentenced to a 116. Years in prison. So today's ruling says that obtaining. And quote all encompassing record. On a person's whereabouts without award as a formal unreasonable search and seizure. Now all 44 dissenting judges wrote their own opinions and that's kind of where. Samuel Alito as one who said that the ruling guarantees a blizzard of litigation. While threatening many legitimate invaluable investigative practices upon which law enforcement has rightfully come to rely. But if they come to rely on things that are against the constitution oil then. So the Supreme Court sided with privacy. Rights of cell phone users today. In this dispute over. Law enforcement tracking. Your movement. 54 ruling. At issue is whether or not the constitution's Fourth Amendment. Requires a search warrant for the government to access your cell phone location history. Technology is as it has led to all sorts of challenges to the justices. And the stakes in this one. Since the judicial president could be applied more broadly. Would include government access to Internet and bank and credit card and telephone records and so on and so forth. Our Roberts said ago we decided to grant the state unrestricted access to all wireless carrier's database of physical location information is history we declined. To grant the state. Unrestricted access to all wireless carrier's database of physical location information. The fact that such information is gathered by a third party does not make it any less deserving a Fourth Amendment protection. The government's acquisition of these cell site records here. Was a search under that amendment. Roberts was supported by Ginsburg Breyer. A so Minnesota iron Elena Kagan. The US Justice Department. Had said that if consumers knowingly give their data to third parties including cell phone providers. And their privacy rights there are tremendous. And then that would permit police to request the transmission data without a war. So the appeal that was brought on by this Timothy carpenter who was arrested for being part of a store robbery gang in Michigan and Ohio. He in our co conspirator were convicted in part after police obtained an archive to solve cellphone records that showed him near the scene of some of the crimes. In dissent. Anthony Kennedy warned the court's new and unchartered course will inhibit law enforcement and keep defendants and judges guessing for years to come. Any said that the case should be resolved by interpreting. Accepted property principles as the baseline for reasonable expectations of privacy saying. Here the government did not search anything over which carpenter could assert ownership or control instead. It issued a court authorized subpoena to a third party to disclose information it alone owned and controlled. And that should suffice to resolve this case. The government and argued that under the 1986 congressional law which we talked about the stored communications act it does not need probable cause to obtain archive customer records. Not kept by the phone companies for a business purposes. So. I assume that this is going. To be a series of our rulings that we're gonna see coming down involving the new world that we live and in technology and your expectation to privacy. And and even this one. Oh will probably be revisited not this specific one but I imagine that there will be other. Privacy issues that won't come along middle either refer to this case. Or maybe be somewhat. In conflict with this case depending on own on how you look at. This is we're all mr. Charles Carl that. 'cause he can really help me explain an under story can really help me understand. The basis and the foundation for what it is all really means. There's available way coming up 435 will drastically unit Bible fighter expand Byrd joins us in just 405 just a few minutes away from right now and then bent 601. My tropical believe it apart. Taco night. Mullen needs tacos. And edged up and I can do but. Help you know just it's it's just says some I have to do. We're not going no where we're doing no better Belmont tacos tonight. Glenn when he pulled. Do fish tacos there. It's not cantina but. I can have a glass so why America Susan can drive the truck for the two and a half miles takes to get home. So that's a good thing. Are you well I have a guy can almost guarantee you'll if you're tuned into the news this weekend you were going to be seeing pictures of this time magazine cover. And the client migrant girl that we've seen this week in the little red dress. And the one that did. When we originally saw that little girl she was standing kind of down below her mom Mara mama's getting frisked at the border. And this has been obviously a volatile week for immigration and children being no snatched from their parents and. And the president. Believing it he met problem and I urge it to every all the everything that go along with the that little girl shown in this viral photo. Crying as he US border agent detains her mom. Is the photo that. Has been all over the press this week and is the one that was used by time magazine to symbolize the trump administration's family separation policy. And a cover of the magazine shows that little girl's picture crying. And then it shows a towering. President trump standing in front of her looking down at her now obviously that's seen never took place the tomb of never been in the same place together. But they they took one picture of the president in the picture of the little girl and use that for the for the cover of the magazine. The. I guess somewhat ironic thing about that is that that little girl was never separated from the ball. So to some extent it. Whereas it makes. A great dramatic magazine cover. It doesn't really symbolize. Actually. Well I think they're trying to symbolize. Welcome to America declared a somber time magazine cover that showed the picture of the Honduran child. Yeah Nellis Sanchez next to a towering president trump. Time called it an image America could not ignore and interviewed the photographer as did other outlets time followed up with up. Another article entirely about the cover and real story behind it. Multiple outlets interviewed the father of the little girl. Behind the iconic image. And said that. He had learned that his two year old daughter was detained with her mother at a facility in Texas. And that killed were not separated and all the Honduran government confirmed his version of the events to Reuters. The Washington Post reported that the mother Sandra Sanchez. Had previously bin deported. Into when he thirteen back to the Honduras. Her husband told the post that she had left without telling him that she was taking NL. With terror. And couldn't contact her in many saw the picture in the news. He said you can imagine how I felt when I saw that photo of my daughter it broke my heart. It's difficult as a father to see dad but I know now that they are not in danger they are safer now than they were when they made the journey to the border. That's the father of the little girl. About the mother basically leaving without telling them. Had been previously deported. And took the little girl and headed back to America. He also said that he did not support his wife's decision to make that trip. And that they have three other children together. And. I mean I get did student I understand. A heart strings. And and that little lied and that they're guys that cover photo is effective. But it's you know one we know there have been some other missteps by the media outlets and reporters this week and you just can't always write them off to. Oops. Last month liberals and a journalists. Rush took Sherron article featuring pictures of children locked in cages and Arizona detention center. And the tweets quickly deleted. Or clarified. When other users pointed out that the article was from 24 team. Who was the president when he Forte and Barack Obama. The New York Times top editor and they'll turn old photograph amid the weekend of misleading anti trump tweets another. Shared between about a prison bus that immigration and customs officials allegedly were using to carry babies. But the bus was used for actually used for educational field trips. And the picture was published in. April. Of 26 came. Who was the president and April of 46 team. That was six months before trump won the presidency. So. Yeah I mean all you can no listened talk radio and and then Fox News and talk about the biased breast all the time but. Man if it's just thrown in your face you can't deny it. Bed WVU. Wild. Amman we go and Irish fan Berger joins us on Fridays four to argue that a headline in the current addition of the business journal that says. America's response was lacking to be kind and I thought. What what did we do. At the up up up up up up up up up and then I thought oh wait a minute he's talking about the airlines. Are brought here I thought you were blaming us for something. Pat pat pat Pat The Bat that he can look and it's been a week out at Charlotte dock with the international had it not. Well were we not talking a week ago today about the fact that they windows the first snap to it started it was a low. A night it was thirteen and I that they bought him. My start came out Thursday morning and it appeared brand on Friday a bit about our effort there are cheaper. Very justifiably feeding me about how the story was at odds with what was going on that little bit I know that it was going if you could take up the better part of the next week. Well because they yard they kind of said okay we got the problem solved and an. In and we kind of got on with our weekend and went about things and then abide Sunday all the sudden we're finding out that there's a problem at the airport were thinkable wait a minute I thought we had done already put a band aid on net but. It's it was kind of it it's kind of like cancer or you know you think you're in remission and then all of a sudden it came back. It was a math I was out there. Well today isn't John you've seen this movie funny at times. Most of the tapped. People socket airport are not generally in good mood. And they're really frustrated with the airline doesn't have a lot of good answers for them and it took until Wednesday Thursday before this tour is really buttoned up entirely and it looks like things are back to normal but they had that you felt flights are so that they had to scrap over the course of 56 days seven days maybe so I guess that's what the mass. This all goes back to PSA airlines and is there any irony in affected PSA. And the problems actually originated from the birth of aviation date. No I mean I got caught up but that broke up. And of course we have a lot learning like between Ohio or North Carolina about stuff first to fly. So we get that title that together and everybody just decided beat you're no one left the ground so I guess it's a result. First you get even get a pilot for the flight. A bill. We we don't really know you know that airlines said computer problems computer glitch is that we don't really know what it entailed. Is it must've been. Quite an issue because like at that it took them several days to get this thing under control than they had to get the plane back to the proper spot. The crew schedules. And do you know I views on TV I spoke to people other reporters were people all kind of you know I've been stuck here for X number of our that we don't know where to go on the flight kept getting changed and it just that not a lot of fun. No I not been in this situation before although not for days but I mean now it's just frustrating when you stand in line and stand in line and finally get rebook on something in the you're William waste five or six hours or whatever in only to find out that your ride back to. Oh where you have to go back to that line all over again men now mean the lady who put her hand through whale plate glass window out thereof mom's surprise she was the only one and quite frankly I'm surprised it took that long but. How I I would I would agree with both of those sentiments. I it is really frustrating and I you know I had to be very difficult for everyone working at the airline is trying to scramble to figure this felt that he or frustrated so. And it's not their fault no I mean they're right they're victims do there are the ones that are saying oh my god wanted just a good job of 7-Eleven and be done with a Tom do we know I mean we don't really know what caused this I mean I originally thought about to hacking I thought about ransom where I thought about all sorts of potential loan problems that would go to cause you'd this kind of consternation no online. Yeah and it bit depressed property on I have I have my date traffic that was on. But they're depressed copper slug it out there. A couple people ask that question the airline spokesperson and she said absolutely not it was purely internal problem no cyber security a cue it up at all but yeah a lot of people were sort of whispering is that some sort of hacking episode but apparently now it would shift not just but it was a it was a glitch not called back. Are they back 100%. To a normal low as we stand here. Yes I believe they're at 100% I have not seen the error occurred in saying that there are flights being canceled. Since Wednesday Thursday was would boost the last time whenever getting. Back in the 7080% range so I think they're back up to speed and now hopefully that got everything figured out for the foreseeable future. Re one of the I mean I don't know firsthand but I would assume that census was a problem getting pilots and crews to all the right places for the right planes at the right time. That know when they finally did get things back up and running they had to figure out a way to get pilots and crews to the right planes in the right place at the right time. Yeah exactly because I know a big part of this was it is scheduling you know get wonderful just what you're saying getting to it the proper crew to the right place and have everything lined up that. I'm sure people hear that table you know that that shouldn't be that hard but remember we're talking about hundreds and thousands of flights and then hitting thing squared away well you're trying to get people. On two other flights and it's just a lot to sort out but and that they I think they are back it at full speed and people can get back to complaining about the construction at the airport rather than flight not taking off on time. Here's another thought I have shouldn't we like in the NFL draft the last guy taken as mr. irrelevant shouldn't we know who the person was that was most convenient convenient spent the longest amount of time. The meld the most days at the airport should he get some sort of on a war harder Chile certificate or something. I liked it I BI I think that they actually get an award or part of the awards you know how work to travel partner award is it you know wolf while all over to appear on talk shows that don't get all wherever else but of course they have to fly through there at location so yeah I like it or. Or maybe give him unlimited miles relaxed five years now something like that would be a nice little PR move on the guy that actually spent four and a half days. Into Charlotte Douglas international airport. I did I say that I I am I'm led to believe that American did everything they could do was supply hotel rooms and no food borrowers and out of the said the other. They were and John you know that the hard thing I'll sort out its data cannot understand why people are frustrated. That the airlines says that there were unsightly one night. 800 hotel room they provided for people who were treated so it's always a little bit difficult to tell you know have how much was done and how much people were kind of left out. Stranded so. That the committee did. I think they are back to normal hopefully everybody's blood pressure will get much lower. Rent car K the people were probably up pulling their hair out too because all of a sudden or have been the first bars say business' good were raining every car we have this is going to be great for a are for the bottom line and then on the other hand we don't have any cars. Yeah I mean and you know I you've been in this situation I'm sure when this happens the park but you pick out our hotel rooms and rental car because anyone who can browse to where they need to be going to do that so that you get out the airport that you Akron right this is it does have a rep. All fact this was primarily our regional connection problems so I mean you could drive to Richmond or you could drive to Dayton or you could drive to Columbus or wherever this flight to short flight. I was gonna take you. Absolutely you know they're. I talked to a couple people from Charleston, South Carolina who were stuck in. You know it's that took another perfect example as you say these are that they get they want those regional routes tend to be on concourse. Places that are drivable if you if you're stuck but. If you run out of rental car then I'm not sure what you can do well I think if you if you beautify the artillery say airport and quite targets figured out. You write an answer your article about Jumbo jet angles and whether or not its name will stay on the arena. Out they are which is. A famous or Reno with the domed top but no historic in its time. I had forgotten that when both jingle signed this ten year deal the hockey team won and there are no we were trying to figure out uses for that thing out there are so they got themselves up. What good 121000 dollar a year 125000. Dollar A year type by naming deal. But all the sudden now you've got a hockey team out there renders some viability to that arena again it does bode jingle stay. You know I'm if I had to guess I think they will they don't put me like they're interested they did not give me any direct comment but I know they are inside early talks with the visitors authority which is the F city agency that runs that building. And I'm if I had to get I would say yet. For the reasons you just outlined the charger or come back and you have a lot more date that building but you also had the sixty million dollars or the organization that helped bring that your perspective. Those renovations have intern also helped the building bring in more concert. They had really tapered off there for awhile and remember. The united broker couple we feel about that twenty million dollar project that will tie together the ovens auditorium and broken ankles which will give you some more concessions that VIP area try I think the area has actually in pretty good shape and they should be able to yet they've been that this is authority should be public yet pretty decent beyond that expand the market. And then do we yet know what that means there's voter jingles it's signed a ten year one point 25 million dollar deal. Late 2008 so how much more valuable is that dead today. Yeah I'm Gordon yeah yeah I don't have I have not been able to get dollar numbers but. I would have to thank you know what you're talking about a building that was hit Halladay in the range of sixty advance a ballot that harbor ten events this year. I mean that's obviously a lot more people this is just another former ever you're going to charge or great based on. How many people can be reached so I would think you know here 203040. Figure I don't I don't know with the proper is but I would expect that it would go up and for a company like vote jangled I think you know they are so strongly identified with Charlotte. I think they would probably like to keep that association with the arena which for people who have been in Charlotte a long time is opened in 1965. There's a lot of us felt. In history tied to that building so I guess I would say the end of the department of up you. I think the visitors authority will be able to fight that would help Cuba picked up the capture. Oh yeah no doubt in my mind you mean you may not get on national TV for an NBA game or they'd NHL game or something along those lines but beau Jay Eagles gets mentioned all lot. Com so from a boat genitals is actually the perfect sponsor for that because they are kind of a regional entity. And does so they get just enough publicity dad did to to have to pay for and urge it to make you worthy of they're not reminded that they're paying and you hear both jingles a lot when it tends to work. Oh vents there are so I think it's a good deal for both sides. Yeah and also you know that he that natural high hands because they serve food their food at the at the arena as well made it makes a whole lot of sense so. The deal is. Effective through December it sounds like the visitors authority is hoping to have a decision. This fall that we should or September October. What's going to happen with the name heading in Q according nineteen. I need your doctor Hamlin about WBT arena. Yeah think I mean you're got a bottle it John says it's an app for the we've been their arena you know I got up. At a particular think you go adults all get to work and on Ned to see where I go more for them. Stood 24 hours I've come back doctor expand bird a little bit or just second. First of all governor Cooper in the I 77 contract which we briefly touched on last week and we'll try to get to. But then I saw an article this week and and it's also an article and this oh current edition of beer business journal. Worked on I 485. Told lanes. Will start next summer and I thought of originally wait a minute. They just finished it. So we'll talk about that next. I still love her weekly visit where there expand her jog a right to before 85 total lanes were Chara scheduled to begin. They were actually scheduled to begin last year they should be underway early part of next year this event tolled lanes. Trauma 77. To a independence. All the sudden I'm thinking again not my glad I moved to Belmont got the hell out of south Charlotte I. I putted from 485 took twenty some odd years to completed just seems. Almost unfair that they're gonna terror back up again. Third Yonder there are going to add poll lane on each side. Trying to speed it up obviously but I think the larger point here is that you realize you have. The I think at least seventy or polling that we can't sit in between eighteen that you are starting. This project next year and oh by the way you have Pete Monroe expressway which is at 730 million dollar total project its opening their feet and at 2018 so. Charlotte is about que yo warp speed and truth be told wrote business so prepare yourself. I got you know when I go to Denver. I see it all over the place. And when I go to Dallas. ICL all over the place so Lloyd so I mean this is this is the wave of the future and the one that I don't think people don't mind paying for. If you can get yourself around all the stoplights between here and through Monroe to get yourself to the beach 120 minutes faster oh how much does that cost don't pay that right now. Yeah I think you're right I think there will be a lot of support for that and you you mentioned as we were taken to break the court. The I 37 Nortel playing. For any possible changes to the contract that it still unresolved it's not going to happen during the current. Legislative session which is likely again. Next week and going back to the 45 project if everything goes as scheduled wink wink it would open in 20/20 28 so we'll see if they didn't hit that are. Now while wake me up when that's over. Yeah but I think I regularly and in Henderson bill by the a punter and engage all that hey have a great week and stay cool and now we'll talk here again next Friday. Thank god they're here they're goes Eric van berg and we are off do I read the news today oh boy next to. June 22. It is over now to over pulled it. To build support. 173 days in home. Under tied two days to go in the year to 1847. June the tortoise that it wasn't as a holiday that don't know was invented. Probably think about don't have being invented create they used got to think those of us. When do we have the police first police officer. Don't forget Jose being 47 till. Why error made doughnuts. I'm just curious. 1970 president Richard Nixon signed a measure lowering the voting age to eighteen and that affected me because it's. I work. The bad guys so low when it became mildly over eighteen year olds vote that first year I was allowed to vote so it was at all it's all about me. Her propellant Dick. It's okay. I'm getting ready journey did feel like. Members should come over to. Didn't work out they get truck driver in New York got a large branch stuck between his truck's cabin to trailer. And he drove like that for five blocks and severely damaged over a dozen vehicles the owners of the cars I can't believe the man was arrested. Must have been like a big limb because it was. The Havoc wherever he went. Believable. They now teach you out of brewed beer at Purdue University I'll bet you there was a time not too long ago that if you're cut brewing beer Purdue University they kick you out. Canada is going to make it legal to send marijuana through the mail. John Hancock won Julian price. And a rare 1962. Ferrari 250 GTO will go on auction later on this summer it's expected to sell. For as much as 45. Million. Dollars. Don't you wish your blood thus 624 RE 250 GTO no matter what it caused in nineteen no 62. Today by the way of course you probably already know that because you're just run around Gideon everywhere today is the happy is to day of the year. But we'll both be picky I. That's according to scientists. May have factored outdoor activity nature of social interaction positive memories of childhood. Temperature. And anticipated time off and figure their formula points to. Today. June the 22. Being that happy just to day of the year. Scientists say that we've got a healthy dose of social interaction on Father's Day. Very soon most Americans will enjoy at least one extra day off for the fourth of July and plus today is Friday. And summer is officially started. So there you go according to scientists today seems to have these days of the year which brings us to the habeas traffic reporter in the history of mankind a and sonic have a pickle slush from. Chick filet has risen in popularity due drew their. Pickle brine that chicken sandwiches and now KFC is getting into the pickle prayers. With what they have affectionately named. Pickle. Fried chicken. So did the stores on a Monday. KFC will take their extra crispy chicken recipe encoded in pickle juice. Featuring onion and garlic notes buttermilk. And a white and black pepper ballooned. Combination that is sure they say to satisfy even the ultimate duties Pallet. Pickles I like pickles but. Pickle juice is now becoming. You read about the deal and I haven't read all of us so I don't know all the intricacies of habit via. Hot dog water which is they're selling for some got an astronomical sum because it's supposed to have some sort of a healing property or something like that. And we had the story yesterday about the woman who was injured it the Atlanta baseball game because she took hot dog to the face with one of those. We need cannons are worth its salt. Low lifes just continuous flow of if you're patient doesn't. Investigators say in California this August. Hoping tips from the public and we'll go to guy who was swiped a tip jar from a California coffee shop. And drove off in a Mercedes. At like 21 times are tough you know. It doesn't say what kind of you could be an old Mercedes. I don't debuted its as Felix Abbas has been no cigars August. You know out Rivera. Is from California he's driving overseas. But he would never do that. Surveillance video shows a man wearing sunglasses and baseball cap walk up to the calendar of the body. Be owed DH. If probably some kind of California. Oden. Thing. I'll leave coffee traders CO waits until shopper employees have their backs to me calmly takes the jar puts it under his coat strolls out the door and drives off the news. Black Mercedes. Philadelphia Eagles get a raffle off a Super Bowl ring are read the news to dale boy and all the proceeds will go to weigh a charity the Eagles autism challenge. Cool part is that the ring that the Eagles won't give away on December the third before Monday Night Football is the real deal the only. The one and all the while that the players got. 219. Diamond seventeen greens staff fires contest is underway runs through September the thirtieth fans can enter the contest by. Making a donation starts at a hundred rescues restarts at ten dollars. Off for a hundred entries. And the fan who wins we'll also get to a fifty yard line seats for that December 3 game pretty cool. I mean if you're a big fan of a team and you can get a Super Bowl ring. I bet that works. I've been awhile since I've dated. But it says here that. You know exactly you know within fifteen minutes if there's going to be a second date. I guess that's been universally you kind of have an idea don't share. I gotta tell you I have died there's. There's been buried now twenty. Four years. Yeah well I do think it's manure or coming up on 25 and we got married on New Year's Eve. So that always makes it weird that it always makes it confusing to me as to whether or not. My drew my anniversary date is over it is 9495. So this year would be 24 years. Yeah eighteen and then next year would be 25. Which means I better start thinking about some provide some tells me 25 what is that officially. Is silver. Arizona consumer resident silver Mercedes. Problem. Takes exactly fifteen minutes to get the measure of somebody our first date according to of the study. Less of the good stuff stuck in their teeth there. Within the first quarter of an hour if you laughed too loudly are are overly complementary or I turn up when they. A poem to hand. Then you are you brother forget about having a second date. There's been out. What was though is that TV screen of the TV show was it Steinfeld work. At a date with a hot chicken and there she laughed. It was just the most hideous it you know almost. In a donkey enhancing type a laugh that you ever heard near determined I was yet. I went right out the window. Here they were magnificent or not. Pot was gone. They're contested today on the price is right. Arm and G she was playing Politico. And Irish won 101000 torn. 40000 dollars 42 actually 21000 dollars so play employ ago. And measure lovely girl she had. I need a boyfriend out audiences to like that she had one of these voices that you just think. I could not listen to that for the rest of my life I'd sell at eight. You were yeah I was there while she was the Gilbert god every event you do is thought to yourself then now that'd. But right now she's got Tony 1000 dollars so. You go anywhere for awhile problems. World's ugliest dog contest will be crowned tomorrow and Sonoma Marron fair enough California last year's winner was Martha three year old. Neapolitan Mastiff. Or they do find some ugly dogs to. But sweet. Here's they Australian that was charged with a falsifying a death notice to get some time off work man paid 25 dollars put to death notice about his father and a local newspaper. And then use the notice to get time off work so we can go look for another job. Creative. Had a cult but he's creative has a plan was foiled when be a man's dead showed up and his place of work and. Cuba well. Which it. David the kid that was working for me in boulder I was so program virtual event so I hired is getting bolder and I came to me one day and he said death. Grandfather died. That take over various. Take whatever time we need. But three or four months later came to me he said. Registered. They invested you know particular turned it. And then now within within the year his other grandfather died. And then within six months after that his other grandmother died and I think it could this guys just getting beat to death. Well believe it or not we got up to about the fourth grandfather. And at that point I kind of had to call him on it you know. Either you will have the most tragic life of anybody I've ever known or. You know he only hit kind of got us. In altered a little bit about critical condition about stroke about. So they were very gov. I got a more coffee story we'll head into the 5 o'clock hour will kick off to big weekend in just a couple of seconds over his desk in the TJ method man and Redman aren't so the film work tonight I was trying to figure out. How long has it been since they were like top of the it's been about at least a decade hadn't and I'm not saying that's it they can still load that is still fill up the Fillmore. The Fillmore is still better than play and Jay's garage. So there you're there are nights are in town all. We give long and that's hot shots from Birmingham double A Birmingham given us. Now a member of the European lovely about that in just a it was seconds am back college World Series and all sorts of stuff going on so let's stick around big weekend next it's. Radio program. It down now all weekend long. So that's good 705 bashing it 704. Tonight so go forward tomorrow and then they had to go. Our game on unfamiliar world that it was a matter. Some love send ups throw mud double A including one of the hot prospects in Minor League Baseball now playing for the for the nights so that's a good thing midget method man and Redman tonight at the Fillmore 8 o'clock. Oh Fillmore is C dot com if you want to more information on never in my. Do you think it's about the 64 bucks or thereabouts. And the NASCAR boys are back in action this weekend but it's it's a road course. John along. Sonoma at throw NASCAR guys are monster energy NASCAR cup Toyota save mart 315. 3 o'clock on a Sunday. I'm not a big. Under your belt road courses. College World Series is that going on but the Tar Heels are out of that. The World Cup. Which days not big in my world but as big an awful lot of world's. Including a half a dozen bars around town that are out. Back remain unknown. In if I understood any of that in the says the other I'd probably get behind it too. But a lot of people have a good time to pass. Part of said their draft last night. And so that's all said and done with now we're just wait to see what happens to a kemba. And rumors that took Cleveland may be still trying to work a deal on no with kimbo. I thought maybe they do that last night and we do end up with the eighth in the eleventh and they drafted last night shy Gil this Alexander and I thought that was the plan but. That's not the way it worked out. So I oil super hornets are doing enough so far come so far. And I I did in time will tell whether or not it's a bit. I can't say that which objects necessarily just knocked my socks off so far. So we'll see what happens with all that method man and Redman had to fill ward and I would talk about that Charlotte symphony orchestra's summer pops. Presents back to the future in concert LB tonight at the Belk theater 730. Christopher Warren green is conducting and no I will take you through Allen Sylvester is say adventurous time hopping. A score as the classic 1985 film roles on the screen at the Belk theater so I don't know how they correlate all that but that's how. There's the whole theater plenty comfortable. And free air conditioning with your ticket. See the problem is really important right now. Filed by the way there's a thing called don't sweat it best in Rock Hill Philly about that in just like you look at that featured. You play than it. Figure bands play and tomorrow. Night we'll find out the name of a huge event this week. Okay no just like I. JJ can't believe that I even know about to be adults what it's best for that and tell me about it. And rock kill you played this before haven't shouldn't you play this last year last few years. So Bob TJ's bass player for a band called the chase Warren and home records in Merrill planet to 7 o'clock tomorrow outside but this is say a festival that takes place today and tomorrow. Add to our rock kills courtroom which is where we had your reception right. And oh it really had a very cool venue in downtown no Rock Hill where they've done all this historic better refurbishing. Got great stores down there and I didn't even know it existed don't we went down due to the reception for a TJ it is a wedding recently. So don't sweat it feeds fest features a slew of local and national independent rock and roots artists. It all culminates Saturday with ten bands on two stages music begins at 4 PM with Mariah Von Clough. On the loading dock. And then the action moves inside at 9 PM with Alabama's intellectual southern rockers leave Danes and the glory fires. And Charlotte roots rock powerhouse amigo finishes out the night and someplace sandwiched in between there is a chase Warren in the home records. So what you're going to that thing when chase warrant on the home records gets on their take a look at that bass player. That's the guy that's the TJ that we give so much heat is here. And I don't know that we do the show without him. What we have. But did you know what they do they show without me through so. Non depressed. The Belmont tonight. The Friday that five they do this every other weekend. Been below largest July 4 weekend to be entertainers who played the night. They've moved it back out of still Harken back into me. Straight against the clothes off main street there's there's ways around all of that. Parliament but that's the way people liken people bring their chairs lawn chairs and stuff like that lineup inferno like Goldstone steak house and not a caravan coffee in that area through there. Right across from Moscow park and they are set up the band and they had DJ from a but I asked GW SG and the guests in gala college. Plays until like 7 o'clock and on the band takes the stage. And all Belmont shows up forward and it's just it's it's like going to a south point football game it's just become a really need activity. And we've got great restaurants in now and down in uptown or excuse me a note in Belmont as well. You go bill one of John dinner. And I'll order you want. Paradise others call it paradise. And down. Restaurants and pubs have a complimentary beverages and a garden another kids' activities are down there for. Friday night live and has some food drugs and hang around and alcohol available for purchase outdoors and a designated location and I'm sure the mirror Charlie Martin will be there are a lot of people that we talked to when we took her hometown tour to Belmont will be there. Now and again the entertainers tonight. I bit run six to 10 PM disc jockey performed the first hour under the band takes the stage at 7 o'clock you know we'd love to have you up there and I need you need to a restaurant recommendations if you're. We'll restaurant down there called Lou Omer. And new it's almost hard to find because the signed says Belmont drug. Which is part of the historic part of Belmont but in there is a really neat little love. Restaurant that you know specializes in wines and Beers and cocoon re. Pronouncement. Went good stuff. Good stuff like that old still steak house's not shabby at all undertake in the old prison behind there and not turn it into a cigar and urban. Thing which is very cool but it is it's the old jail a lot of the old sills and stuff for still I mean it's just it's just very cool note caravan coffee has been there forever. That guy there had been routed responsible for a lot of the stuff that goes on there. Under the bar right at the center of uptown downtown called the friends. Which is exactly what you think it is and then you got now lays down the street and that's the Jonas brothers' parents. Our restaurants southern cooking and right behind that on Glenn way avenue is a good way public. And that's where we're going to and then further on up the street main street like you were going back towards a Wilkinson boulevard is the string Bain. Chad Hutchinson and his wife run that and they just opened up a restaurant called us seven oaks. Which is on that to a shortcut going down to 73 like you're taking the back roads over to 270 Florida go down into the Lake Wylie area that's an old house that McClain was using known as our Reynolds sent her through all that news of housing development over to there. I'm Susan and I ate their last Friday night and it was good it was great. So others there's a million options for you are and we'd love to have you come into a Belmont and no. And then you can see. Bad man guard had his act together. We should think about moving to Belmont. And then when I go uptown or downtown tonight they'll all be told me I hate John we heard starter bill Belmont. Today on the radio. Thank you. Shut up. Because on the one hand they like go number Reagan on bill love on the other hand. There hold on hard to what they've got. So I hope I hope people like me don't ruin it for them. I Charlotte knights play tonight 704. Fireworks on a Friday night part of the WBT part of that does solo Friday night fireworks after the game Toledo is in town. And you've got some young prospects who are now members of the Charlotte knights including we're talking about him at the beginning of the season this outfielder. Ellroy human as. Who is from my class a Birmingham or that's where he's been here as one of the bright prospects in known Minor League Baseball. He is ranked as the White Sox number one prospect Chicago White Sox are parroting embodies number four among all major live minor league players. And he's a member of the you just run brought up by the oh and by the Charlotte knights and then they also are brought up. And I may be looking for his first name. CB. Is a volatile. Played 56 games are Birmingham vetted to 7111. Homers 31 home runs and they've brought up they are pitcher. From Birmingham as well. Who's destroy anyone games this this season I think his last name is Hamilton so they've got a month. They got a new talent on the Charlotte knights tonight and know hopefully that'll help them and improve their record but the night's are in town tonight. And tomorrow night at 705 and Sunday when the kids run the bases game against Toledo started to all five field. No we've got to be up. Roseanne spin off headed back to ABC you know that's all. It delivered in order in the whole nine years. The whole Castro Roseanne slated to be unit no Roseanne she'll have no financial or creative involvement in it. The show was obviously canceled last month. After she had tweeted remarks there were considered to be racist. About tough former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. And and they were racist. And so I don't know when you watch without Roseanne and it I think it's gonna be called the Connors. I think people will try it out I guess that was my question when did after the first week splash they were I guess still holding their own. But I. I wondered if after they ordered another one ever was thirteen episodes or something like that they kind of got. I mean they took that first week and set all got to wait we found Mecca. So you watch a horror movie. And it just scares the living daylights out of your. Is that bad for your heart. You're thought of that. Horror movies. And I miss I over pronounced that word because I got myself and a I've told you that strategic. I had a friend I don't remember all those specifics about this I was probably 1211 years old so much that we relive Minnesota golden Colorado. And had a friend and his mother was all remember about her was she was an oldest fanatic. But anyway I went over to his house one day. And she asked me. How was school. And and I said better than a horror house. But I didn't probably say horror. And she thought I said better than or house. And I and she's editor in chief. She looked at me and said. You go home. As harsh as you got what you out of my house now. And it had no idea what was soon. I went home and told my dad. Who about what his pants. He dollars it that was funny. Your odds of one of those children is as Feldman mall male world every Arab. We go don't get good. So anyway mom sits down and Dante and dead sits down and they and they explained to me. That there's a little difference between. That the two homes. And that she had misunderstood me. And I don't remember how we got that result I don't remember ever being in her house again either because I think I decided at one point that if she couldn't have figured it out. Then maybe she was little. You could just. Tell. So now for the rest of my life here I am. Fifty provide years later and I still see the word or session. And I want to make sure that people understand that she I'm talking about a scary movies not. Not necessarily a woman feel refused. Anyway horror movies can package your heart pumping and down. And so they ask is that experience a good door dealing for your overall heart health. Doctor Regis Fernandez says that a cardiac who's a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix explains that scary movies can trigger the body's fight. To fly fight or flight. Response. Which increases heart rate and blood pressure and he adds the response can also be activated with some anxieties of the danger might not be in my not exist but your mind creates the same feeling so. In general. The resting heart rate of a healthy adult is normally between 16100 beats per minute. Fernandez says that it would do I would say that movies would not cause the heart to beat faster than mild to moderate intensity. Exercise. Or about a seventy to 85% of your maximum heart rate. But he adds that for the overwhelming majority of people the changes that occur in the body from watching a scary movie are not bad for your health. And that there's not really any scientific evidence that a movie can scare you to death. But I decided to Doug that's all that and I thought. Well I never thought of that before. Kind of funny interest in. Steve Martin Martin Short and Tom Hanks. Had a party recently. Definitely unique. They were on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday and they were recalling how the three of them got together with a another pal Walter parks 48. Colonoscopy party. Martin's seventy Q explain what we thought everybody. You know so low we all of we we we are you know we all get over we come over and and we play poker and no we want some funny movies and you drink all this stuff. It's never had a colonoscopy you don't have all that stuff that he's drinking it. But I can't imagine spending your time with three other guys while you go through the web part of a colonoscopy for the next day they must had a lot of bathrooms available well are just really close friends yeah. And then how long does that card game lasted everybody keeps on getting up believable you know. Hey yeah I know the endless monopoly game would be right so my three guys outside with hoses with their thumbs over the hand he hit it. Guys don't just didn't want to know I'm very wanna think about it. She. I. A. He's going crazy. Sure general managers haven't break out right here in the studio. I'm making no ought to go to Mark Garrison all watched this thing to its completion. Put him I'm missing another door to start shaking them but. I don't know he was again and again this very thought I heard has banging on the window and neighbors are Russia but I don't think you would hear the banging on the windows and there's a place anyway they're like our fourth. Panes of glass and so. And I'm not martyrs is in the WVT newsroom rejoin June just couple seconds with the Charlotte it to six. So why tell me about this so walk the walk because this south end intersection Camden and three months where people are playing dodge car. Yeah the Ky it's it's an interesting intersection you gotta light rail going by and now you've got a lot of apartments here you got people running walking or riding bikes are granting these scooters. And cops are saying they're just too many close calls there as soon they were there. Grabbing pedestrians well not literally but figuratively and putting a piece of paper in their hand which was sort of a warning to say hate. Remember what your mom taught you look both ways when you cross the street so from India. Their story in the news about LA deal what agency on no cameras so was looking at her phone and and hit somebody. You have it exactly right plus last year we had a record year for people run over and killed in Charlotte so the cops are being proactive at some intersections where they're starting to see. Problems people who live around there is say close calls every day and I witnessed one day guy stepped out into the intersection in car has to hit the brakes because. They didn't see him. Now which have come close to myself and make you mad because quite frankly I don't wanna be no one has to live with a conscience can you walk and step in for my car -- exact line as you know I on the other hand if it's my fault that's my fault but I you Roy even if it's not you're gonna live without the original and are absolutely Supreme Court makes in that same decision today and no technology. And the constitution and I mean no sometimes they bump heads and it's Erica and and singer I think it's been especially interesting this session this week. To see the breakdown on justices and because it's been all over the place this week. He really has had to think about this story that I guess I should have known this but I didn't but everywhere UN I go with a Smartphone keeps a record of that and the phone company keeps that on file for ever and the Chief Justice said you know it's as if all of us are wearing ankle bracelets here for the cops are going to have to get a warrant. If they want to look at those records and see where you bitten. So what were you doing it on how to handle a new bar last Friday night number eight meant as a player Karl is there are fast at that. So are your fault was there I guess they're here they're already out there now main. I know we'll go travel and did I because it's Friday so long were we hadn't Charles Jagan is gonna teach us how to do an RV trip on the cheap. Then at halftime I have a friend of mine who are just retired and he and his. The wife just jumped to an RV and they're all gone for ninety day all how cool I want to do and do your yes. Yes that's I tell you where you lead the firearms at home I assume that I think that's clear how many of you take a guess yeah I guess I would think that there would be times when that could be you know who have Burlington strain under. So but very good will seminar garrison in just couple seconds when he wonders and hero to Jewish are loaded to have six. I was look at that I think last night. About baby girl names that used to be popular. And the new name the names that are used these days. You know my generation was John mark. David. Kevin you know. What we consider to be Sally Kathy. Christine you know bid bid and then now every you know everybody ages and different names now I think it kind of goes in waves. I names you don't see much anymore I have an aunt Betty. You don't meet many daddies anymore. Young girls. Babies. A steady decline since 1940 Ethel. Strong showing in the 1890s hitting eighth place slipped to twelfth in the nineteen hundreds dropped to eightieth in the following decade never recovered Ethel. I guess once it became a gas brand. In L. I Tammy. I know some cavities. Female moniker skyrocketed out of nowhere in the 1960s landed in thirteenth spot 1990s. No longer in the top 200 has all but disappeared since then. Dora the we need your Dorothea what do you think of was lost. 1920s torque he was all the rage. Wage before the wizard of laws. Peaked in nineteen to why it's cute peaked at number two spot since then the names slip significantly. Idea. Classic name seventh most popular female name during the 1980 slipped to a disk use in subsequent I decades Mildred. Well and and know with all due respect mark I have a Mildred in my family tale but I don't know all the Mildred just nodded her ninety's. Or are not elderly. Are not that there's anything wrong with that the name peak to a six plays 1910s held strong through the twenties and then went on a rapid decline Edna was my grandmother's name went to be a hundred journal. I never quite reached the top ten in popularity but a strong contender back in the 1880s all the way through the 1920s and she was born in like 1998. That would have been right there. Mom. Gladys. When Gladys the neighbor for. Lucy and Jesse. Who etched there you go the nosy neighbor. Managed to crack the top twenty at the turn of the century drop off in the nineteen tends Florence. For almost five decades more to the machine do. We'll bring all these days managed to us stay in or very close to the top storybook but 1930s that name was losing flavor. Favor and in the 181880s. The name eighth most popular female named for an entire decade Bertha. But slowdowns or. Not a whole lot of vs anymore have a great weekend stay cool so you back here on Monday at 3 o'clock John Hancock Charles most beloved out of here.