Fair Weather Fans, Tax Plan, and Bin Laden's Computer

John Hancock
Thursday, November 2nd

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This is John Hancock. There either mother or as Thursday as we can make. Nice day outside. Gonna get toasty tomorrow. Time next week he should be back in the sixties so. I actually noticed it's not necessarily where you well when normally. Do your. Leaf changing scenery but up and down Wilkinson boulevard today at the trees lining the street in front of the. Gunshot Wal-Mart. The decks choose the tree that was right behind the CVS pharmacy that I actually general assistant at a stoplight looked over and it was. It's an all it's it's it's beautiful. So our that I started looking at trees so the trees are changing. Look at the big old one of those oak trees we have here behold. He's going to be a hundred years old. And behind us and they haven't generally anything except. Vause law leaves. Our congratulations to the U COLT forty fives say used in goals 45 Sonera big victory last night. Yeah I'd watch that game. You garnish in Zora so far Ted just got rocked. And but you know in this series. Torn out then five knots and 51. We fully expected to go to bed and had the Dodgers come back out in Vista boat bombarded him at some point or another. But never happened and now used in winds and that probably makes horrible idea or expand bird very happy because a span berg had done. I take him some time off to go watch them play Boston in the playoffs. He's a Louisiana boys so he kind of splits his allegiances of our remember am I explaining to us kind of and an interest in Houston total interest in Texas. So bomb. But I am happy to see the Houston Astros won a World Series finally they never won one before they've been in one before got swept by the White Sox and and I guess the other side of that that I think is pretty cool is that of the year that they do it and now when used to get so devastated by hurricane Harvey and has undergone does such a challenging year to have a a sports team. Breathes new life into your. Into and do your population that's that's a very cool thing so are they ended the 55 year drought they win game number seven. George springer where's the hero. Equalled the record for the most home runs and a single World Series had his fifth. You know the game last night and he walks away with the MVP honors. So no matter what Albers I ever does in his career he's got a World Series MVP trophy in his surge if that's your belt works. The Astros got the two that dodger pitcher Yu Darvish just just. It is what Newsnight and I don't know if that had to do with the ball in the slider because that ball was not supposed to be conducive to throwing the slider missiles to be too slick. And Darvish is kind of a slider pitcher. So Dodgers try to win their first World Series since 1988. Left ten runners on base. And could only Muster one hit with runners in scoring position. That'll kill you. Those L two days said no we did this for them meaning the a team as fans in Houston who are still recovering from our hurricane Harvey which showed. The devastated the city bacteria known in August. So was undeterred Houston want to talk terrorist Samberg about it tomorrow when he joins us at 4 o'clock as part of our Friday ritual. I Papa John's says that the NFL's a reason whether sales are bad we have made dispute that we'll talk about a little bit later on. As you are right and Cam Newton yesterday in his press conference that we could see but we couldn't hear about it. Is body English was down and dejected and listen. I've been there to some extent. You where you have friends that are working radio station and all the sudden you relieve on the wrong recorder today. Or asked to leave. And it's tough. Now watch and friends haven't part out the door and sometimes friendships last some rams they don't go to them because of those circumstances. Thumb. So I understand that that stuff they know that that's and that's. You know today and get yourself back up. Missing your friend it's I mean to some extent it's not a death but it's like a death. All the sudden you're good buddies played in buffalo new York and and eight in your view you're still. Hanging out the Carolinas wondered and you know some seems. Missing. So I get all that. One of the comments that cam made yesterday was he said today he's obviously upset about Kelvin Benjamin who by the way is on TV denied to it's the Buffalo Bills of the New York Jets tonight so how much she plays I don't know but. You gotta figure the opening men at some point it 25 yards and but no command communal Kamal hundred. So lob. He IA he misses his buddies says he also is desperately wants to have a very good this season and then Scott Ballard talks about this one part of the press conference yesterday. The parade quote. You familiar with the parade quote. Newton. Said something about. They probably won't be throwing a parade for me when I'll leave. And that got me to think and. Who has ever gotten a parade in this down. Individual. Can say it's hard when you have emotional attachments that happened when Bengie. That happened when Joseph Webb who was the backup quarterback also good but he'll vote cams. And he said I took it hard but dead the end of the day life goes on I don't want to know sob story. I don't think they're going to I have a parade when I leave here you know what I'm saying. Now they're they are either I don't that we've ever had a parade for anybody we've had some processions for some fallen firefighters in no police officers have been shot and duty. But I can't remember last Sunday had a parade for. Or anybody. Net income propeller says this. And by the way it's got tellers birthday today so happy birthday mr. Feller. Then he says. A minute that that that the death. But he points out sending we just pointed out they're also has a better parade does that I can remember for any other player at panther history and that includes led the late Sam mills. And then he says but they're certainly well there will certainly be a statue of Cam Newton outside the stadium. Because he deserves that. And there might be a berth in the Pro Football Hall of Fame awaiting him. And if Newton is feeling unappreciated in Charlotte all he has to do is raise or and lower his hands on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium and realize the power that he wheels to make 70000. Voices rise and fall. And most of that's right. But on the current course cities on. And his disdain to some extent for just. The piceance of the world all of us little people. And reporters. Statue. As he does he automatically get the statue he was the NFL MVP David donated noted two years ago. You before last. So why don't know if that gets you into any anything about some of the rookie records that he said to running and passing and so on and so forth I mean he's you know he certainly has established himself. So I I I guess the NFL I I guess the hall of fame is probably a reality but on the current course if you don't really do too much more than what you already done. If you don't win a Super Bowl. You don't want another MVP. Statue. Now I don't know I mean because it gives a dollar cut eroded to make it sound almost matter of fact. So I don't know. Will he be dabbing in that statue. Blog post Tuesday's sports news website SB nation. Writer and Atlanta Falcons fan with the you know there in town on Sunday for a game against a deal Panthers Matthew chambers credited or blamed his premise on a single paragraph posted on the online. Publication or Charlotte agenda. With analyst in fair weathered panther fans among the most annoying people in Charlotte. The paragraph accused fans are losing their enthusiasm of the team suffers say a series of losses yeah. That they do. The goes on this that the other and then the there mark price who writes for the observer. Is so appointing all the sudden he says you know is an insult sound to us something. Similar to it's something that dead spin dot com wrote back in July when it said there's a certain cruelty in the fact that Charlotte is both north Carolina's largest city and also by far the boring us to town now. In that state. Charlotte is a a bank branch someone made into a whole city. Presided over by Jerry Richardson. And his football team. So this is not the first time that panther fans have been ridiculed from afar in going on for years. NFL great Terry Bradshaw once called Panthers fans stupid. Which is moniker that he had to suffer under for a most of the beginning of his career you might recall. Called the panther sands stupid are on national television after somebody threw something on the field and that me objected player. Dead skin dot com article recently featured somebody calling the pay understands a joke. And Phoenix new times article last year called the Panthers the biggest. The NFL's biggest band wagon team. Sit in the article the pacers' attracted hordes of fair weather fans of the Carolinas and across the nation. Look Orwell knew admit that not every fan on the team is a bear swollen hillbilly but. The fact that you can no see dudes dressed as dog the bounty hunter at Carolina home games. Buyer redneck wine glass made from a Mason jar that bears the Panthers logo or catch players rove and elbows with NASCAR drivers speaks volumes donut. There's even bail web page for Carolina panther jokes. Hussein had those are about every team you can think of what was the old old Broncos stuff. Slow white bronco that was no way. So that was Oregon though one is again what you'll what does a Carolina can't defend a boulder haven't come both him to from the neck up what are you call panther fan of the half a brain. Gifted old joke. This. Part of the Carolina Panthers fan died from drinking milk. Old joke. Cal fell one. Wire Carolina Panthers jokes getting dumber and dumber. No. Because panther fans started making them up themselves. Well there ago. Well there goes so I declare war on this dude from my Atlanta and have some big time. Just wait till we put the weapon on them that we put on the Chicago. The FG OP tax plan is out. No changes to your 401K. Doubles the deductions for the middle class. And limits state and local tax. And we'll talk about some of the specifics haven't we come back you know just a second and and give you what to what I know and I give you a couple of reasons to be be able those and figure out whether or not you win or lose on this. More on know this whole thing I think the 401K deal is what does some of us were looking at the kind of. We applaud this idea that it so effective but. Pitchers been effective for me at least as a tool. Don't remove the first fourteen years I was here. We had a pension. And then after JP Jefferson pilot sold the Lincoln financial. The pension when itself. But then we got to pay out for the pension. And and so you don't have money and then went up 401K haven't put their money and the Macs and a 401K now fervent I don't know 1518 years in my wife's the same and quite frankly that's worked out pretty well for us. Why house Republicans today unveiled their a long awaited tax bill they there yesterday was today we know we would see this they had some last second things to iron out mud and down. Judges to weigh untrained guy it. I'm I don't see anything in her that you know that there is screwed with a 401K I'd have been nerve pretty upset and now obviously is a radio announcer. There are some of the thresholds that I don't really have to worry too much about. I don't think I don't fall into the into the illegal rich category. There's just there's been any time we start talking about tax and not and the rich. All they're gonna give all these benefits to the rich. What's the old figure that. The top 1%. Pay 50% of the taxes. The top 5%. Pay 90% of the taxes. Seoul. I don't know I'd die given those stats that gives me it just seems to me that they're they're getting them somehow or another. Now maybe there's enough loopholes to where they're not getting all of them are there are areas where they and obviously with the 1920 trillion dollar debt I'm all for funded money or you can find it by Tom. But I it would do it. I'm sure that there'll be L awful lot of press over the next 36 hours or so to make BO thing that I just hate what they voted down here but as I see it today. There's some things in here I'm not crazy about but I liked the idea that. That would go on and Erin do insult them. It preserves 401K retirement account. Well that had been a big rumor over the last couple of weeks that they would take that 181000. Dollars that you could do put into your 401K not counting the make up for people over fifty. But and and and put that backed 12400. Bucks. And then quite frankly I think those folks who are putting more than 2400 dollars a year into a 401K what do found other places to put it. Because. And I happened. I guess I like the 401K for the very reason that it's out of sight out of mind. I get used to see and what what the number on my paycheck is so week to week and it fluctuates a little bit it was some. I mean there's still there's different variables of what my paychecks gonna be on any you heard in game two week period or not but. It's all of generally in the same. General ballpark console that's kind of the figures that I used to looking at and so. The amount of money that we put in the 401K. I notice that Laura. But I won't go there. You know about point 14000 dollars a year for a one K. With a catch up and all that stuff. And that quite frankly having done that a religiously for a long long time including through the recession is why you all probably be able to retire whenever a Laura Goldberg retire. And that to the pension money that we got from my Jefferson pilot which show I've put an investment so or not. And have a financial advisor that's taken good care of that. And know some other good radio people that I've worked for a long line who was sought tremendous success in the time that I was involved with their company. One in particular on Colorado that that started doing in 1979. And then became the number one radio station in Denver and when he sold that. He took care of some of us the the video of the first seven rate people he hired. So I herself works for some good people along the way that are taking care of me and I haven't necessarily do use that money to go out and buy cars or do anything like that we're just kind of stalked and all the way and so Lum. I won't be buying a brand new European no luxury sedan every year in my retirement I won't be traveling to Europe every year in my retirement I won't be eating steak every night in my retirement but I. People Pollard via okay. So I'm glad to see that they kept their hands off the 401K. It lowers rates for many individual households but to a trend deductions for state and local taxes. This plan would also reduce the cap on popular deduction to a interest on mortgages. To all 500000. Dollars for newly purchased homes the current cap as a million. And that doesn't affect people like me but. If you're buying a house out in San Francisco or New York her place like that. It would affect you. 500000 dollars and a San Francisco. Didn't get your. Then get you much. The are planned all limits the deductibility of local property taxes to 101000 dollars it eliminates the deduction for state income taxes. Which. It ended their re Republicans and some of the highest tax states like your new York and New Jersey which have been the most vocal are strongly against bad. On this whole thing is called the tax cuts and jobs act. It also would leave the top individual tax rate at 39 point 6% the ten at the child tax credit will rise to 16100 dollars. From a thousand dollars. These 4050. Dollar per child exemption now would be repealed. And in essence this whole deal would be are really the first major revamp of the US tax code that we've seen in three decades. So they there's still hammered out specifics in this thing will probably change before it finally gets to the house Ways and Means Committee. Which will be next week you could change over the weekend hammer out does some of the things that'll be at odds with us some of them. Armed some of the people that they'll need to get just through. Also the lawmakers admit it Austin and no trying to. Other bridge the gap. Contribution levels to 401K was won the retirement accounts and elimination of a tax break for state and local taxes that's been contentious. Approach original changes in the plans. Expect those. That didn't happen. So the plan is far from final but your 401K is safe. If you got a big new mortgages. That won't happier right now interest paid on mortgages of up to one million dollars is deductible going forward to cap would be 500000. Dollars a new mortgages. The a national real order associations unhappy about that but not necessarily because of things like you know in places like Charlotte but it would be. It would be painful for people in places like San Francisco or New York City. The standard deduction doubles. What most. Is average Americans use it would jump from a 121000 dollars for individuals. And double that for families. So I'd be like 24000 dollars for families. I liked out. The corporate tax rate would sing from 35. Percent to 20% that's supposed to stimulate the economy. I'm sure that'll be one of the negative things it'll come out in the next couple days. From primarily the left. The child tax credit would be up from 16100 to a 16100 bucks from a thousand. The estate tax would be gone. And while 39 point 6% tax rate would stay it's possible the bracket would apply to families making at least a million dollars up to. Up from the current forty serve 470000. Dollars. Palm's. The about a local property taxes one could deduct would be capped at 101000 dollars and state income taxes we told you about this would not be deductible at all. And the number of tax brackets would dead decrease from us seven to. I think at this point it's four. Well it is for. I don't think that goes to three but maybe that's one of the things that could change over the period of time and we'll look at the four new proposed tax brackets we come back in just a second. Another Boston Tea Party. And active guard Barrett taxes of all of those like. Supercenters unlike Betty. BF four new proposed tax brackets currently there are seven. But this new GOP tax bill the new brackets would fall this way 12% that's the new rate applies to single filers starting at 121000 dollars up to 45000. Dollars. And married joint filers. After the 24000 dollar family deduction up to 90000 dollars so that's 12%. 25%. Would be the next rate and that rate starts at 45000. Dollars for single filers and 90000 dollars for a married joint filers. Then you get to 35 feds have 35%. And this rate starts at 200000 dollars for single filers and 260000. Dollars for married joint filers. And then the fourth would be 39 point six and that's the rate that starts at 500004. Single filers. And one million plus for married couples. So. I don't know how that's a benefit for a rich. It is pretty healthy rate to me. I'm not crazy about the a bracket that Susan and I would fallen to its not that 39 point 61 Oreo. But. But like some of the other aspects of it. And nine tag I think that's about the rate there were probably Payer right now. So your rates right now are 1015252833. You know 39 now point six over the 39 point six remains. The same. So what this will run into some opposition it would cap the mortgage interest rate deduction on a new home it took 500000. Dollars. And we've already heard from the National Association of Realtors who they battle weary of that from live a good go. So why they're concerned about that the president of the national small business group. Our body small business group. Blasted and a dead the bill say it leaves too many small businesses behind with a tax cut for a partnerships and limited liability companies and other so called past Peru's. That Ted does not help small businesses. And so as a result the National Federation of Independent Businesses probably will not support the bill in its current form now that's why I say they're all part B changes before. This wakes it way next week at two of the house Ways and Means Committee the tax writing committee. It because they are scheduled to begin a multi day markup of the tax bill on November the sixth. And those panel's members will wide world and have the opportunity to proposed changes in Noah and then ultimately vote. To send that bill to the floor. Another provision that is probably get a provoke some controversy would be the they gonna tax large university endowment income at one point 4%. That would apply to schools with assets of more than a 100000 dollars per student to come and know they would exam some of the smaller schools. So why the legislation won't won't make everybody happy. Not to pass it by Christmas which is what the president wants war. And that's a pretty tall order of lawmakers will have to. Overcome a lot of challenges. That's pretty tight timetable. First Kyra first test comes Monday when the house Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to take up to build 2018 budget resolution approved by the house and the senate allows for the tax legislation. To increase the federal deficit deficit by one point five trillion over the next ten years. Before. Accounting for any growth that might result from the changes that are being proposed. The. The bill that it's just been released will be rewritten over the weekend at least in part. Nine what provisions I don't know but to the house Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady is the at Texas Republican who will manage the bill and he said that. He may have a revised version. By the time things a roll around on no Monday he said don't. Are there are some areas where we have asked people to bring solutions. Yeah how he said. And one of the issues that may plague the bill is placing limits on a proposed tax cuts for businesses many businesses organized as partnerships are. Limited liability companies we just talked about this. Or other so called what they call pass through so Woolsey were all of that goes. They'll prepare revised bill that'll include changes negotiated with the members outside of the committee that'll smooth bill's passage gen then further changes will be made up there after a committee passage. And rush are gonna read this earlier Donna Brazil on as governor book coming out then I think it's Politico that is taken a chapter from them excerpted in the mound. It's. It's pretty interesting. She first of ball low where's the Wanda was. Accused of I don't think there was governing cure any you know question as to imagine an underdog. Of defeating Hillary to questions before the one of the debates. But then she took all over four odd Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Of the DNC. And so I guess maybe eight. DNC. And. They buy they've taken a chapter of that and are featuring an on Politico and and alleges that the Democratic National Committee worked in cahoots with Hillary Clinton's campaign to make sure that she ended up being the nominee which we already kinda new. And a Bernie Sanders certainly I knew that. But then when you get into the actual finances. I think that's pretty even Donna Brazil was pretty pretty shocked when she took over the leadership position. She took over as the interim chief for the DNC when Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned during the campaign. And says that's when she found out and was stunned to discover that the DNC was essentially broke. And had signed a joint fundraising agreement with the fun with the Clinton team essentially meaning that the Clinton Campaign was controlling the coffers of the DNC along before the nomination was ever settled. Tom. Obama or death thing twenty million bucks. Which wasn't due to be paid adult 2016 or something along those lines. The deal between the DMC in the Clinton Campaign no way he was not illegal. Says Brazil rights Brazil but sure looked unethical. If the F five had been fair one campaign would not have controlled the party of our control the party you know before the voters who decided which one that they wanted to lead. I she lays most of the blame on wasserman Schultz who she calls a bad manager who willingly exceeded power to the Clinton Campaign night headquarters. Wasserman Schultz is just a despicable human being. So why she Brazil writes that the president. A former president Barack Obama decimated the party's finances to win reelection in 2012. That Hillary's campaign took control of the DNC long before she defeated a Bernie Sanders for the party's nomination last year. She describes a phone call that she had with Gary gel or who is the chief financial officer of our Clinton's campaign. Well on the morning after the DNC ended in no late. Or July of Tony sixteen and they told me the Democratic Party was broke and two million dollars in debt. And she said I hope. I had Demi she had no idea. Obama had left a the party 24 million dollars in debt fifteen million in banked dead and more than eight million owed to vendors after the F 2012 campaign. I and had to have been no paying off that very slowly. Would that not be part of the Charlotte party. Obama's campaign. Not scheduled to pay off its debts until 26 team. So why you'll hear more about that us opposes the day goes on and a nun who who also knows Newton you know what else is in the book. But it'll it'll be actually do see it does appear and I'm probably a victim of having no listen to too much Russian know being around this radio station and and and reading no don't. Owe more on the one sided biased but on the other hand it just kind of appear that the party that you thought. Was controlling. The dialogue is actually some pretty big trouble these days. If they're talking about Joseph Biden missed her potential candidate they're in trouble. And that's not just does not the biggest Joseph Biden meant if you can't come up with anybody that's under the age you know I've been sued enemies what is he 77. Come on you've got to have you you have some that don't don't bit but I younger than that. And more dynamic than that. Little bit of a development today. Former trump campaign official linked to the Russian investigation by the F special counsel Robert Mueller has so withdrawn his nomination for the agriculture prostate Sam Clovis. And he was supposed to be preparing. That a hearing on his nomination I think was supposed to be next week. But it was revealed that Clovis had communications with George pop a doll pull us. He's the guy who admitted to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian intermediaries last year and so Clovis has stepped aside it. Saying that he does not wanna be a distraction or negative influence animation wonder he's one of the next ships that will fall in his letter he said that the political climate in Washington quote. Has made it impossible for me to receive balanced and fair consideration for this position. Any added that the relentless assaults on U. Meaning president trump and your teams seem to be a blood sport that only increases in intensity each and every day. So. He was a professor of economics at mornings I'd collagen a Sioux City, Iowa. And so he steps away from from now will not be in the running for the agriculture secretaries so that's what they're goes on there. The other thing that's kind of happening out today is more news not a whole lot but a little bit on the New York City truck driver. Who are planned the attack apparently for months and said he feels good about what he did you wanna died hang out and crisis leg and is. Hospital room. Oh no not just know. It's. Not just no yeah no. 29 year old suspect. Guilty people. Apparently plotted and practiced this for months. Inspired. And two of violence by this iron law online nicest video. Said apparently told authorities he felt good about what he would do it done. And that's when he asked to display the nicest flag in his hospital room. Muse backed a stand immigrant Sig awful as Saint Paul. Brought to court in a wheelchair yesterday handcuffed legs they shackled. Married father of three ordered held without bail on no potential death penalty charges. And the FBI is is now questioning one of his friends and other. Ms. Beckham stand man. Oh with a name and knew. How modes that do are sore. At the have no idea. ME OK HA MA MA DMZ. Ohio or her. He was getting get a job in the NFL but they couldn't get that on the back of the uniform they what I had done. Is last name is camera off. And are looking for information on. Save ups you know actions before that. They get that does trump announced yesterday that he was starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program which as well let this guy into the country in the first place he said do we talked about it briefly yesterday. So we ought to merit based programmer people come through into our country based on merit. So. This guy entered the United States. Via the State Department diversity immigrant visa program. And there's two requirements to get in on Matt according to the State Department the first is you have to be a native of a qualifying country and he was a country that has less than 50000 natives immigrate to the United States in the second is. Did you as the applicant. I must have not completed high school or quote two years of work experience within the past five years and an occupation that requires a least two years of training. Or experienced perform. Now it's time did we not read he was driving a truck. First and maybe boomer. So I don't know how all of that would. His experience would would fit into all of that but. And the applicants then are selected through our random computer generated lottery SL secured enough. The visas are distributed among six geographic regions and no single country may receive more than 7% of them according to the State Department. And if you are selected through the program then you have to go through all the same background checks and screen processing and all that. As any other immigrant visa applicant to be granted admission that I including document presentation and background checks and in person interviews in medical exams and all that kind of stuff so United States makes 50000 diversity. Immigrant visas available each year. And in 2016. We actually. Issued 45664. Of them. Trump tweet it out to. Is tweak have been blamed the program's existence on nut Chuck Schumer called at a Chuck Schumer beauty. The origins of it actually all. Our from a 1990. Immigration and nationality act which was signed by. HW bush when he was president. Schumer however. Was there representing New York in the house and he did he introduced the bill the immigrant immigration bill with a section for diversity immigrant visas for. Countries with a low rates of immigration to the United States and then the bill. Including that diversity visas. Then morphed into another house immigration bill which was cosponsored by Schumer. And 24 other Democrats and seven Republicans and that bill passed the senate and house. And an overwhelmingly bipartisan manner. Bush sided in November of 1990. And then went into effect in 1995. So Schumer certainly had a big role in. In all that's the president's all that far off although of these but no said dude that have been in the last couple of days. And then they really haven't done anything with the bill since they since it went into effect in 1995. They tried 2013 there was say our group of senators including Schumer known as the gang debate that proposed a compromise immigration reform bill that would have eliminated the diversity lottery. But that bill didn't make it through congress. And GOP lawmakers have long criticized it. Said it's a threat to national security and it certainly has proven to be that now. According to a 2007. Government accountability report the state department's inspector general ban underage show rescission is me not hw but W. George W. Bush. Raised concerns about it in 2003. That immigrants from countries are above the sponsored terrorism can apply for diversity visas. But. The GAO said now we do we we we we we found no it documented evidence that the diversity visa immigrants from mud these and other countries posed. AI terroristic. Or are any other kind of a threat. Well bitch they would find one now. I'm John says the NFL's the reason why our sales are so bad they television ratings are down seven point 5% Papa John's sales are down 6%. You think may be worried laws pizza. Or that there's more choices. I was out there about Delaware talk about in the studio and I had asked JJ has said out of the Big Three Domino's Pizza Hut in Papa John's which would be your preference. And I don't want nationally gamely answered and I'm trying to dis any of them but. It occurred to me that there's you know there's there's more choices now there's toppers there is. Mario's there's an end there's although it don't homegrown pizza places and in the don'ts are you got all that going on now. Pizza pizza. Little little Caesars hope. Ted and all the liver. And if they don't deliver then you've got these services and low go to you know. Neighborhood pizza store that just moved here from new York and they'll pick that up and burglar just so I mean it's. But anyway the pizza giant claiming NFL protests have. And sliced. Indicates a sales. Is blaming the NFL. And so it he has discontinued. His television ads citing negative consumer sentiment towards the NFL. He's out polling is popular ads starring up Peyton Manning and and other pro football figures. JJ watts one of them. When we're at the Super Bowl player Bob Jones was everywhere. And so is JJ watt and so was Peyton Manning and so we're all you know while Peyton Manning was playing in it so world. But they bit VR right behind where we were broadcasting from our radio row. Was a big Papa John's display where they did have the television stuff they did you know and a big competitions and is that the other. So you all over the place. You're known as he looks like our general manager. Kind of hope well open. A couple of maps don't listen and they me man I take it as a compliment. They're both strikingly good looking Medan. That work. Distances sounds sincere. Get. Busy at the window. The guy NFL's led TV ratings are down I know Papa John's sales are down and so the theory is fewer people exit in the games equals fewer repeats of. Orders. I don't know if I buy into that correlation or not but that's that's what he's assay and so. I don't know I'm just assure competition might not to. Maybe that's part of the problems for for Papa John's but. The stock is down 24% this year. Competitors including Domino's. Have performed well their stock is up domino stock is up 12% this year. They showed that about Papa John's so lost that I don't like. Now watch their commercials are LC one of their print ads and not mean their ideas for beats or killer. You know the combinations of the stuff that they come up with a nod and then make sure Walt wanted that it seems like every time I order one I think to myself well. But I really don't like their saw. But then that's just that's just to meet preference not necessarily a not necessarily what's certain and one nationwide. 306 days into the year 59 days to go women you mentioned. 53 off Christmas. TJ does they're. Always forget. You need a bigger box. Tonight Jane twining. KDK gave Pittsburgh Pennsylvania started broadcasting is the first commercial radio station first. Broadcast was the results of the US presidential election. We came along in 1922. Hi Katie gaze still decision. 1983. US president Ronald Reagan signed a bill creating Martin Luther King Day the only current national holiday honoring. And individual American. And on not TV tonight Kelvin Benjamin. Yeah the Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets in New York NFL run network at 830. Pat Buchanan political commentator 79 years old today I read the news today oh boy data shows that pets cemeteries are becoming ever more popular. TV fans and England upset after one of the judges for a great British bake off accidentally revealed the name of the season's winner. Before the final episode aired. Mean you've got a lot of attention because the great British bake off is the number one show in England. The other day are not Holloway in a baby was born in Florida. To be Franken steam family. Would you change your if your a game. You that would have been his name. Georgia then maybe she should've kept first. It was it was god ciller's on the right now. And scientists now say that in all likelihood if there are aliens on other planets they're just like us. Kind of a scary thought. We're kind of hoping that they had are higher delegates closure. Drowsy driving just as dangerous as drunk driving it's been pounded over and over an hour and Eric gives our heads don't drink and drive don't drink and drive what what about drowsy driving. Don't drive drowsy. That is discussed is much but it day they should be is a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Found that over a third of adults in the United States don't get the necessary seven hours of sleep a day for optimum health. Especially during the World Series everything. And once these drivers get behind the wheel their driving is very similar to that of a drunk driver cars weaving in drifting off the road. Arkansas and New Jersey. Only states do enacted fatigue driver laws but it you know how do you prosecute that and no one reason it's tricky as one of fatigue driver stopped by police adrenaline usually kicks in and and so they don't appear to be sleeping. And there's no test you can take for a. So I don't know sounds like a law that was best player or somebody that need to feel like they were doing something and found out that they really did nothing. Tom. Projected traffic accident measure boomers away. It's okay here but the I brought you by hunters still Fordyce 77 exit 243 and here is boomer I'm not napping then can. No ways that no way that's never gonna happen and Hoch. They couldn't UV he just came in here and do build up your coffee pot for the fourth time that we have or can all five okay. I thought that he does the way it is rare that's the way it is. IA I read the news hale boy released bin Laden's digital library you know they are rated for players they found all sorts of stuff. And now Wednesday the Central Intelligence Agency low today. A ton of files obtained from Osama bin Laden's personal computer and other devices. Are recovered from his compound in about a bad Pakistan. By Navy SEALs during the air raid in which she was killed on May the second 2011. 470000. Files. 321. Gigabytes at all. Including documents images videos. Audio recordings. Com al-Qaeda propaganda. Planning documents home videos of bin Laden's son Hosmer. And drafts. Of our propaganda videos. There was also a lot of digital junk among the files as some of the videos on no bin Laden's computer. All of this is true the Charlie bit my finger YouTube video. He didn't just strained though the YouTube video yet I had a copy of it on his computer. The IMAX movie mysteries of Egypt. A video titled how to crow Shay a basket. And some Tom and Jerry are cartoons. How one of the things they didn't release I think yesterday was his corn collection but we are we've heard extensively about. A lot of headache coming up now about ten minutes. I don't know what song is the. It's fire an unbelievable. Petty. Tribute license plate it's fast. I'll give it to you because. All of chances are never ever with a lot of guts saw it won't be able to use a sort but tattooed to. So did you have good good good night. Aren't tattooed to. The little quiet tribute to jump. We're tired about a pizza and Papa John's says their sales are down because the unifil also viewing is down. Got my email from a lady who said no their email there their sales are down because. On their website is my cell number. And I have called them and even went on their website to reported and they did not changes so I still get calls asking to make an order and I got so tired of it registered given people LaMarcus peace a number of pizza. So she's if she's claiming. Maryland is sort of claiming that. And they should change that number. Or maybe Maryland you should change in arbor. So there's a message at the door of a popular Tampa Florida pizza restaurant and it's got some parents upset because it reads no children allowed to. Please order at the bar. It reads no children allowed please order at the bar the owners a guy by the name a Hampton station. -- me the name of the U pizza place and Boras called Hampton station. It's craft beer and pizza restaurant. And he's had enough of kids Andy's band of from the property. Troy Taylor says that he has good reason for banning kids his restaurant patio was sits on a busy street and he says parents are supervising the kids. There was a recent incident. That could've resulted in serious injury to be a child. To a child. And Taylor thought that's it can't happen again so we decided to ban kids from the restaurant he admits it was one of the toughest things he's ever done. Said it's been gut wrenching. But given the reason they just gave. And then the other part of that was even if we just gave him because sometimes kids can now ruining atmosphere of what is technically an adult establishment. Would that be popular or not. I guess it depends on it most of your clientele has kids or not. I'm getting old. Inevitable. I might also edits sucks. But I have to tell most of you have. Human kind has long Saudi turtle used. Our hopes and dreams of living forever I don't know do you have a hope and dream of living forever I have no hope and dream of living forever. Although I have my grandmother and our rescue me and aunts and a mom better both in their ninety's now. And their mom lived to be a 102 all. And quite frankly anything over a hundred would seem like forever when it. I did my knees feel this way add to my age now I didn't think part of anyway. New research suggests it is mathematically impossible for multi cellular organisms to avoid. Kicking the bucket. So you're in tough way to break the news to your generous figure this out but some day. Your time is gonna come. I think that was a Led Zeppelin song one that. This news brought you by the researchers from the University of Arizona is so unlikely to end the human quest to a beat death. But. Maybe it makes it easier to embrace those sister ever gray hairs wrinkles are. Arthritic thumbs. Her knees. Diabetes type two. A lack of hearing. Poor eyesight. Heartburn from. Green pepper. There are grandmother used editorial stuff you remember my grandmother and didn't used to say your caddie read coverages using harbor when your Q did you think yourself up. They're obviously very good UN bid you good read. You know bushels of Graeme coverage when doing it. Anyway aging may say as a result of cells slowing down and becoming less functional. And does scientists long theorized that aging could be avoided by getting ready or fixing some of those under performing cells. Do you know what your number is I don't know that's a different deal and it. And no while some must sell slowdown with page other speed up and reproduce like wild flower these cells sometimes create abnormal cells that we commonly referred to. As. Cancer. So according to the researchers people tend do you have more cancer cells even if they're not symptomatic in their bodies as they age. Thus creating the ultimate conundrum. So if you get rid of all those poorly functioning sluggish cells and then that allows cancer cells proliferate. And if you get rid of or slow down all those cancer cells than that allows sluggish cells to accumulate. And so that leaves you with too human dead two options. Death by aging. Or death by cancer. Now where if we solve cancer though. Then what. Did you find move five. Eddie. You have. Catch. You. The. Read only BJ traffic and weather together. Thanks daughters till Florida I 77 X in 243 and boomer blonde candidate thanks John reminiscent at all by 85 southbound this report this farce about protecting their. Collision reported 85 southbound just before exit 26 Belmont abbey where delays in the area US 74 Jermaine alternate. Problem earlier incidents now the clearing stages high 77 northbound just north of exit three error would road and northbound. Had to exit ten trade scribe is still some residual delays to deal with north now from the state like all the way through account today. Have a provisional independence boulevard near I two wild road in the four male. US 21 region parkway your drive time high 85 headed northbound from exit 38 ice 77 exit 58 concorde Annapolis less than 23 minutes. We'll follow us here winners mere and is trying to protect your debt. We've protected debt. Schedule now what the weather's nice to hear that we'll thank you come spring visit protect a deck dot com or call 54184. Elevenths. WBT weather channel forecasts clears my with a low only down to 55. And sunshine for your Friday up to 8075. In hunter's bill 74 the queen city. Our next update of 520 boomer Von Kenneth WBT all day tied it for traffic. Clubs and fan so I hate this time Houston Texans fans HS. It is a fear that rookie quarterback to Shawn Watson suffered a torn ACLU. IA CL and sales Leo's. I had torn ACL. In practice today. Non contact play. And he'll undergo an MRI to confirm the injury or next but Ted record probably and probably is the end of just a remarkable rookie season the last game we played he lost but it was and gives over the Seattle Seahawks game. Passed for 402 yards and no four touchdowns. As the Texans lost to Seattle 41 to 38. Have been a heck of a game unbelievable game. He for the season has passed for 16199. Yards over six games tied for the NFL lead in passing touchdowns with nineteen. And you just hope that he comes back fully because this is a kid did via via the NFL was not too big for him at all. So while Watson out that means Tom savage takes over the starting quarterback duties for the Texans. You know they got to be bummed about that and open. And in no disrespect to Tom savage. And the next game comes up against Indianapolis Colts who put Andrew Luck today on injured reserve so he's he's done. And played down anyway but he's he's officially out of there rest of that to have for the rest of the season saw the Sean Lawson torn ACLU. Enough practice today. And I'll confirm that was an MRI but that's that's some pretty devastating news for them. I study says young men drive fast because. Speed is perceived as inherently male. Or read this last night it to our researchers from the University of Zurich. And they found that men who were exposed to a typically male environment drove significantly faster than when they worry and wouldn't worry no female or neutral environments. Now I gotta tell you off with all due respect. The most dangerous drivers out there right now. Teenage girls. I won't watch you are watching guys and in my review mirror. Distracted. Generally speeding. Generally distracted ends speeding. I don't know as just my own analysis I have no scientific. Well I'll tell you what during this break all calls Eric and see what they say. They have teenage girls. Whether we're gonna boomer it's. The other noise is just ruins everything. Oh when is it okay to blow off going to a wedding or funeral or other major milestone event. Different in that. Below kind of give you the criteria on net doom we come back after the F 530 news. Com. Got an apple heard parents. Parents who worry about don't want their kids might be up to on their phones have a little help there's an app newly available in the united. Stay its alerts them of their kids are sexting. It launched in the UK last year. It's called gallery guardian. Became available in the United States. Two days ago. It works by using artificial intelligence imaging. Jure recognition. To scan kids phones to detect images that might contain nudity no matter whether the images were sent or received. And it's something as sound a real time alert is sent to use the parent. The app doesn't allow the parents to actually see the images. With. The CEO of the company that made the gap. Explaining with gallery guardian parents can protect their children while respecting their privacy. You might not wanna see it anyway although if you got that. Notice you wouldn't question your kid would your. Or check out their phone if you have the password. And if you don't then you have to ask. So but anyway I it's called a gallery guardian use as you as you OC fit. Com. And in that sense. Speaking of younger generations millennial are better at saving and other generations. The wheels have come a lot of flack for doing things like heaving on the topic cutter toast but thereof. They're apparently not as frivolous with their money as you might think. That's true for you TJ and anywhere you go and it's just like you did last week to go to Las Vegas and stuff you guys scrimp and save a man don't go do stuff and no sore and so forth. New survey from bank rate found 60% of mullah ideals reported dead that they are a limiting their spending on no sign in some way or another to save money for the future. And I and that particular reason beat out others like cutting spending in order due up payoff debtor concern about job security or stagnant incomes up to 100 tinged in me as. The number of my son included. Arm but the number of people that are below thirty that have bought a house. I mean. That's just some wherewithal to show some. But it also this article pointed out that they're not just spin do they say because saving money for the future. But that doesn't necessarily mean retirement per say I mean hopefully that they'll go do they'll do that too. But eight you don't that they're basically saving money for unforced scene circumstances so that if something does come up in bed bed you know the prep for the ready for a that's lustrous. Just just 45% of respondents from other generations who could cost cited the same raising and youngest millennial ages eighteen to 26 were most likely 74% of them. To say that they're setting aside money for the future Greg McBride is a chief financial analyst for eight Bankrate dot com and he explains this is not a fluke by the way. Study after study revealed millennial duke plays a higher priority on savings and a lot of that stems from not having out. Front row seat for the financial crisis the recession 20072008. And for the older millennial they were witness to they the dog. Are com bust as well so. Very go there. So good trio they you know I still admire your parent but if you were to save 10% of everything you ever made it. You'd have no problems when it came time to retire this. My best time to do anything. Like the hardest thing you'll do all day long wall would be the best time to do out. For me that's said damn treadmill. I'm so I do it first thing. And that always. You know I get out there about 5:30 in the morning a stone by 63635. Selector or bust time that there are finishing up to 635 and 630 news. Both Thompson and noted WBT morning news I'm walking in the door done. And that's what to say. Hardest thing we have to do all day long do early morning stress hormone cortisol rises just before waking increasing your blood sugar level give should be. Energy in the momentum to manage difficult situations effectively. If you're gonna make a presentation. The best time to do that. You're gonna see is what's the best time to do that so yeah I'm not when you're on the air. Com. If you gonna make a presentation 10 o'clock in the morning. Say it's out of the way of mourning is the time of day when your voice is the most rested. And by 9 or 10 o'clock you've had a chance to drink some water rug good dose of you know hydration. How she eliminate early morning arrest penis and all that kind of stuff. That's probably why I drink tea and here in the afternoon just because it's a call on a limb and delivery device. Jordan and those radio lawyers. Monday. The Leo last Monday. Rest city. Could not gonna work probably because I hadn't talked all week in law. Asked us right Susan and I were talking. If you're gonna make a major strategic decision. Best time to do that late morning. Body temperature is rising your alertness is up your brain ability due up processed information is at its best. Best time to make your move on the opposite sex. Well I'm sorry we have to go to traffic I'll get to that in just a second here is boomer on again and brought to you by owners still for guys 77 at exit 23 as if I would know hot. It says here at 1155. The down battle room it I'm not so sure the receptionist is gonna welcome that we're to give that right before lunch Ameen were hidden now looking got a hearty winds did everybody in the oval or short and eighties type of launch to may may that that the book. That event. Powell that's what I got that benefit fifth. But that was mean that's all I'll tell you why the best tea time to move on in on the opposite sex is 11:55 AM. But first traffic. Well this is going to be for single table for beginners. The best time. The best time to make your move on the opposite sex. Yeah 1155. Aid in alma. They say if you're lusting after a co worker. Ask him or her out just before lunch. When his or her mood is likely to be the best. People are usually more receptive right before they leave for lunch because their minds are cluttered with what they have to do that day. And know what they're planning to do when they get home. Your best shot with the opposite sex 1155. Age. He's that is water a good case hydration you can hear that in this. That's later test you know that the total of fifty that's later notes that. That's like code. Available launch. It's okay. Throughout the best time. Best time to read it tedious report what lots of numbers and then would be early afternoon that's when your vision is often male bit blurry in the outer areas says because your vision is a bit blurry early in the morning you had to sharpens up after a few hours. Best time to snack. 2 PM. Handful of nuts probably your best shot the approaching will increase your energy in the fat will keep you a full until dinner. So there you go and the best time to fire somebody. There is no such thing as a good time to fire anybody. Nobody nobody else but I had to do that before and it's quite frankly it generally turn out to be harder on me that it did on them. At least initially. The period of unemployment is harder on the person being fired but don't. Anyway they say mid afternoon. Even if you have to our ruin your employees days you don't have to ruin their lives heart attacks are more likely hit the first three hours after you wake up than any other time and so while. So wait until the middle of the afternoon. And then ruined their day. And the best time to tee off with clients 4:50 PM technically. Hand eye coordination reaches optimal levels. In the late afternoon. This would probably be best during daylight saving time. I'm thinking tee off 450 next week it could be a little. Good big could be a pretty short game and was of course as miniature golf and they have lights. But how many business. If big miniature golf. Hundred no deal the other day. About when is it okay to blow off go into awaiting her funeral or another major milestone event. It's time from a place called Lifehacker when he got sentenced to me. People like gonna major milestone events. In the lives of family and friends and so on and so forth funerals are great but to unless you still mostly respect sometimes it's not just possible it's just not possible that. Now because a work for distance or events in your own life so well when it is okay to skip them. How do you make sure that jurist kindest possible ensuring that bad news and there's been they had some tips from one of them has put practical considerations first. Be practical about what events it's reasonable to be expected to attend. Try to make events for of people if you I haven't been to the ones for them. In a while. You planned well in advance amid serious literature calendars see what you've been a reasonably do. Weddings would be something like that you know. Gauge the relationship in the event's importance in the reverence your parents siblings in close friends deserve all your efforts to be there. So do what you can. For everyone else weddings and funerals are high on the list of try to make it events. Reverence or respect. Plays a role in trying to make events particularly for elderly relatives. Send gifts most of the time whether you go or not. You must send a gift for a wedding in other cases like Carter and note can be just fine but if you are sending gift. Or are not well again netted depend on new and how close you are to the person that the events being held for around wherever. If you decide not to go keep your regrets simple. Especially if you're lying. Well you can usually tell a liar when they give you about a twenty minute excuse. You don't have to go into detail about tell why you can't make it just be general and no saying which can attend. The article Doug Weight did say it never line. And just say your sorry. He won't be able to be there don't do it by taxed. Call or send our heartfelt email on standards and are dead even email sums wrong today. Don't procrastinate you want to person inviting you to have plenty of notice. And you probably won't regret making the extra effort all said and done you'll probably be glad that you spent the money and you made the effort to attend whatever event this is this milestone event investing enough family and friend relationships. Ultimately. They say worth that. And so there you go Christmas tree prices expected to spike this year. So shortage of pine trees Dorgan a North Carolina expected to drive up the cost Christmas trees this year by at least 10%. That issue. Is that did during their early two thousands. There was an economic boom which led to an oversupply of tree is the minute they matured during the economic depression so this in turn forces the prices of trees down at that time but. It meant many farmers were then pushed out of the business so this year. For instance a San Jose California trees seller. Says he expects his six foot noble firs to sell for about 75 dollars each that's 6%. Increase from last year. Although it just all poll I think I don't Levy TV couple nights ago. And it was talking about how many people use artificial trees and how many people use real trees and artificial trees or. Way in the majority now I don't want to percentages was but it was like sixty some odd percent use an artificial tree is now. So we do I kind of miss the cents. I am kind of missed the pine tar on my hands. But. But I don't know it's. If it makes sense and I think there's less chance for fire is there enough. So there you go I will leave you in the capable hands over Charlotte have six with Mark Garrison and we'll get back together and do this all over again tomorrow at 3 o'clock in kickoff to big weekend at five. I and I hope you'll be here Eric's been brutal join us until 4 o'clock himself great Thursday night. John thank god Charles most beloved. How are you.