Faith and Business

David Chadwick
Sunday, October 15th

Casey Crawford, former Panther and founder of Movement Mortgage joins David to discuss how he has infused his Christain faith into his business in order to help lower income individuals.


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Hi everyone I'm David check this is news at 1110993. WB ET welcome to the show. In case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect different things in the world. Through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure doing the program thank you listeners. For joining me on a weekly basis. I'd also like to express my sadness over what's happened in Las Vegas I know sometimes I don't get the chance to. Sheer my heart over these issues because programs are sometimes taped a week or two in advance but here I am two weeks out from the Las Vegas experience and I just won this year with all of you might sadness at the evil that has. Overcome our nation through that tragedy how this man allowed evil and violence to enter his heart and to take out. His malevolent that I really believe is in the dorks spiritual world where he found his motivation I don't know what you folks believe that I really believe there's an enemy of our soul. I believe there's one whom Jesus called evil one. Satan the adversary the destroyer and I believe he looks for people who Nikkei and of our new enter into their hearts and in use that person. To destroy multitudes of other people anytime EC division you can rest assured it's from the double whose name means the divider. Anytime you see death and destruction killing and stealing. Rest assured it's whom Jesus called the thief who comes in John TNT and to kill steal and destroy. So we don't stand for that who fall follow our god we live for righteousness we live for good we lift for faith. We live to give blessings to this world to extend God's favor so. My heart breaks for the enemy of our soul using this man in such a tragic way but I do believe with all my heart. Faithful overcome doubt. Good will overcome evil and my heart is also rejoicing and heroism that I saw in Las Vegas. Of those numbers of people who gave their lives and also protected other people's lives first responders police officers. They are the people we should emulate there are heroes and they are examples of good let's look to them and believed Genesis 5020 is true you meant for evil. But god minute for good. I have a special guest today his name is Casey Crawford he's a former Carolina panther has found a movement mortgage company here in Charlotte. It is blessing the city like you folks can't begin to imagine Casey it's a privilege having you on the show today thanks for coming on. David Octavia privilege is mine and you mentioned intersecting. Yeah our commute face value intersected. My life actually and unknowingly right when my wife and I first got to Charlotte lie I had joined the Carolina Panthers and mad tea a mutual great friend John Kasay who is some degree kicker for many years there. And John with such as the welcoming comforting. Friendly face that out with took me under his wing news that thank you for foray. I guess an extended welcome for drug czar John geared for Johnny listened to me preach against negative about nothing. Was like a chaplain in the locker room watney ugly guys in person yeah you're he had absolutely absolutely you know player coach I com host and yet he was gather that meant a lot to me emotional earlier are an arm there it's just poured in this incredible ways and you reported him tonight that spirits legacy. Getting multiplied so nice nice to get to meet you for the first. Keep Casey's good to meet you as well and just briefly your history and you were talking about for the show started your dad actually play football the university North Carolina when I was there playing basketball. I don't remember him we may have met I'm sure we did that that school within itself did lets you. Or you know run around later tonight in my knob on that Monday that he reviews mean he was you injured obliged Plame before knee surgeries that email was backing up the great dom call I'll be all black human blues and he had his freshman year in. With a tight and the blues me out with the DN and blues Villa with nothing left orders compensate. Up. She tells him he'll real well back in the I didn't have all the surge that they have today. So that you were berth in football family and going to the University of Virginia give birth in a foot off him a mom actually cheerleader wait force when it played the North Carolina models that plays softball Carolina and yeah out you've yet isolate and you just as easy or how I've. And abuse in my head. Actually commit beat Carolina as a sophomore in the year grew up seeing tar heel boards aren't brattle itself. And blue one with baseball. And time the baseball it's time. Was a real keen on guys missing all baseball played whispering it's kind of broken hardly had the commitment to Mack Brown is that agrees recruiters heyday of football team and in the U verse. Yeah cease being your four years there in connection with the Panthers for a couple of years more she yes I'm South Carolina Panthers right after school. That. The great Wesley walls back in those days like that. Mentor under the best on the up side that you're the privilege or the Kurt supply in my wanna greatest items of all time. Yeah you don't get to see the field a whole lot of good and I think as you know our our ally and you lose a great guy. To up the usual get all the feel a whole lot with those guys on the team but. I was incredibly. There a couple of years with Tampa Bay and actually want their Super Bowl team yeah yeah having trouble for the bill that not suitable team with him. We'll KC I want should've take a break with us and then when we come back. Share your faith which has dramatically transform your life and I wanna use that as a springboard for this phenomenal company you have founded in Charlotte called boom mortgage. And the way it's impacting this city and your dreams to take it. Even beyond the walls of Charlotte to the world and help make this place a better place in which to live I'm David Chadwick this is news 11109893. WBT will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is used 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show. Many thanks to my friends the Ruth's Chris stakeouts not on Providence also peer he's fine jewelry the wall sponsor the show it means so much to me that you do. Appreciate you were sponsorship very very much. My guest today is Casey Crawford former Carolina panther a played with Tampa Bay on their Super Bowl team back in the early two thousands. Has come to Charlotte has founded movement mortgage which is one of the fastest growing companies in America but what you folks may not know is Casey's a deeply committed Christian. And tries to infuse Christian values into his company. And has a dream to bring people in poverty especially to a higher liberal level of upward mobility and Casey it's just a privileged. To have you on the show today met you for the first time today didn't know you before hand only by reputation but it's great to. Begin hopefully a friendship with you it's great to have you on the show I am glad to be here. Let's talk about your faith you went to university Virginia. And you also played with the Panthers you were already Christian when he got here obviously John Casey met a lot to you as a meant to work. How did you become a for a person of faith. Yes so I was really really fortunate to be raised and Al's hole where. You know like that that faith of my great great it's passed on down team and so you know mime like grandparents were believers my mom and dad were both. Really faithful believers and he offered to me when we did you know Christ and I easterly stroke with a question is true truly it is about time in my life that I can remember. Having hope and faith in Christ and kind of understanding him his legacy. English and a growing obviously overtime in in a maturation. Of that relationship but it but it. I don't remember not not really knowing and trusting Christ so that it will likely be more like a tenants in absolute raised in the faith that's me you know mom and dad were both believers and it was given to mean I can't remember a day did I didn't feel God's presence and wanna follow all of our why do you your story earlier faced a really struggle with that question that both guys had that you don't get a group in that environment and yeah it was it was tough reports that inhabit David and Wendy Jesus and I knew I needed to hit its relationship. Of those securing that much. You again is really blessed that the faith openers wonderful mom and securities or the Vietnam. Which is so faithful to me in both the way they raised in the faith in his witty loved compared to me also my. My dad and a true value hardware store in in southeast DC which when I was growing up was actually the murder capital the world. There there were more murders per capita in DC in any. Major city in the world. And I lived in the suburbs but me and my dad was just like you're enemies use SB football players large satellite guy. And so it's been a whole lot of time in in in that urban very very violent depressed part of District of Columbia. Just kind of watching your paperwork and he he works six days a week you know we come home at 730 in in your left the house wave before dark here before light every morning. That made huge is such faithful father emea that he released. Shape a lot of my my picture what you know our heavenly father is like you just incredible faithfully did he should go as a race. Lynch him I think for all of us to have really good earthly dad's which I had 12 and he pointed me in the heavenly father and heart breaks for those who are. Being raised in fatherless homes off of moms can't do it and do it well but. Maine when he had that dad there who really good and loving and kind somehow I think everything else falls in the place that was certainly my experience. What what again if you as you grow up you realize that is an experience and everyone's. Childhood and Marmol was obligated but both in the home India got something I think working for years but now I addition plumber. On my guess is Casey Crawford former panther founder movement mortgage here in Charlotte. So as a Casey after Tampa Bay com and your fate was real two year ban on Super Bowl champs what happened you'd come to shore. Yeah answer questions so. I Jon Gruden was coaching at bay Buccaneers if you get with money football mean just hate these guys and if you want put in the locker room. Turnout double. You know clear whales well broadcasting rules lowest in its that he was one of the most charismatic entertaining coaches that ever plea for. I mean he he. We just an incredible one year he told was the first practice. I was in Tampa Bay are part of the fifty mark the fourth this title after it was a year. I but let me know that you agree that well years' service we can dream called first proximate recalls all the guys again. It would world she eats. This man this year and and he was. Brought to skip that one purpose one world championship Tony Dungy incredible coach yet agreed BofA himself I'd done for obviously while with the team but he never won. World championships agreement comes in his very first year they biased answer three million dollars. Tells for a world in every year world championship and sure enough we do. Played in the Super Bowl and beat his former team to win the world championship he becomes the youngest coach in L history. To win a world championship but it in his life during it was your nation's dream eulogies have built everything. And he told a joke on the plane on the way back. They really impacted. We sell the plane and OK coach he's just I mean he's really. Helped by acting. It. In his words it's on the team. We think as you guy. They got five coaches are. Largely agreed to. I got our fingers one break back differ more in both. Or more fingers eighty. And that struck me at that time slick and I think what coach meant by that was may and that. That the blessing of the soup is in the process and it's in the key points in the journey not a destination right after the jury in team you do it. But it occurred in did it mean less than 24 hours to winning this thing. Literally grabbing you know that Super Bowl right now at the restaurant but the Super Bowl winning the ultimate ultimate prize little boy like me to full touch directed to the basketball players might admissible pledged delegates in their backyard that trophy. What if what we realized mean it means that. And satisfy an end and it wasn't. It didn't happen deep sense of purpose of each of them making money in the next day they have really was adapt what that means deceased dad. A war like to be about eternal impact. I entertainment. Not not not that anything else paternal impact if it's your team. Figure that in my life indeed in mean I think you India and sports and sports are incredible platform also thankful my time playing sports. But I knew I was called away from that season a really on the plane ride home from the suitable. Asked are asking god meant I don't know what you're gonna do with me but I want my life to to be significantly more dancing kingdom says that do what you will with it. I mean decision to retire from the NFL after suitable. I was going to be dealing note note bill hearts were broken and you know and radio. Radio commentators. Are freaked out that this isn't a but I I'd I did retirement wife and themselves that make Charlotte home we just actually fell in love with the city and we both saw. You know an incredible. And we talked recently and he can died in the city. Amerigroup in the paper the shoulder and seeing if they can die each section come from DC that struck. While. What do Calzaghe and actually recognize and support talk about paper. That they indict the community and Mayo wanna be apart that we urged blasts that thing immediately by pressure on the incredible rich a history. The Charlotte has been shepherd some got yourself a case Ian. So you've come here and from where did the movement mortgage idea come. Football that the defining right. So I am like unity. That the locker room it feels like its thirty for thirty yeah it's been it's been pretty highly publicized these is probably what the worst places for financial advice. Purchased some really bad idea Lara and if a locker delete a lot of bankers in things. And die at that time. One of the the most politically comments was aiming billion real right this 34 Ivan real estate is just hot things at mean. You people were saying hey the only bad debts and you'll see is when you don't me right I mean everything's. As I was I was participating and all that investing in real estate to do a lot things. And my hardly can quickly gotten wrapped around well. And power. That comes with money and success and I catch it one idol of fame and entertainment for for another one of just a wealth and empower. Was doing pretty well with with course to its rules that development things. And an and I had a and a come through literally on the Jesus. Moment. One night after. I that's always spreads much they would frequently used for a discount on a guy this company to operate you do to Christian thing. Pitcher and fifteen best buddies asked him warmed up and is now a matter talk with god about you know with a much used up. Andy they pleaded. Blows to and Al. It is I was meditating on. Some tough conversations with some guys in ministry the night before. And units countertop and set me is that this is a 70 wait for the recession and aren't going to be gone giving him some ministries were were difficult out on the board of one. And we are talking and and a I'll get reduced hours in the ministry and the guys leading you know yet here we visceral reaction to what I've probably would have you it is going to be young. Guy and he handled it extremely well. And I'm lieutenant judging his reaction to this whole pain. He's still upset about having maybe a pay cut in an isn't this about it being eighteen and is this about serving god and how much money team. Mean it was in that moment that thought crossed my mind again in the big left. Oh you're so different. You muses about how much money you make. It is the days of this is really bad habits in my team you're not you're not starting this company did you see how much wealth you can build not what your own personal kingdom you can advance. And I knew them all men I mean. We start to have an argument mean when you're arguing you know you're wrong you just aren't usually liking your road. It was better that whole experience now argue with god mil and me in the hugest news Jerusalem parts that was. That was really the Genesis of of man. I felt got say yet you media circus company on but it needs to be about growing expanding my team and not yours. So the companies called movement mortgage. You've been in Charlotte formed sense how long two 2008 that day that's September 2 dozen right in the middle of the financial collapse in the meltdown. He's got this comment. And it is for the purpose. Glorifying god advancing his kingdom and I know it won't get into this and the next segment you have a special heart beat for the pork. For those who or in Charlotte's quagmire Claude in the difficulty of upward mobility. I've done the study with the upper mobility task force that was apart offer two years here in Charlotte the Charlotte did last under fifty largest cities in America with upward mobility. And you've come into the scene with some powerful ideas on how to help lift people out of cop poverty. With a company called movement mortgages dedicated to the glory of Jesus Christ come back and askew. How's it doing in just a moment I'm David Chadwick will be right back. When I'm David Chadwick in this is musical until 993 WP keep welcome back to the program. And people like to hear the show in its entirety go to WPP dot com. Scroll down of the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program downloaded in its entirety with my guest Kasey Crawford former. NFL player now the founder of movement mortgage here in Charlotte the one of the fastest growing companies in all of nation I he has devoted his company to advance the kingdom of god to bring Christian. Values into the company with a huge heart to help the pork and Casey you're on a roll like before we had to take a break and and it went in rupture we just had to always get back into your full consciousness here. You founded movement mortgage and the first question I'd like to ask use as your building this company and it's really succeeding. You're infusing. Christian principles. In the very fabric. Of the company itself. How you doing dad is and their resistance. Are there people who don't want any part of your Christian faith talk about that please. Yeah. Well think John Mack so we'll talk about you know the fact the leaders leak right and so I think. For Davis that he be you know maybe you followed Jesus any point time. If you if you really lethal place authenticity that it becomes a place of true passion in your future character. There's no weights and think about impacting whatever organization you're part of which you're you're Christian faith hope and faith in Christ you can orient your entire life. Crisis of those around you think are naturally going to be impacted. You know by that. As the CEO of the company founder of the companies they don't the company added that privilege also of Paris said he operating principles and core values of the company. And kind of with the prime Matthew 22 you right where words affairs asking Jesus that. Idea a married to a lawyer so I appreciate some of these lawyerly questions sometimes they'll pointed question what's the most important command rightly gave him lawyers or is great commitment frameworks and hierarchies and things and and so we've really looked jeez his response to that question to really think about York tech companies hate love the lord your god with all your heart. The soul mind mr. That's the first most important to me the second is like love your neighbor as yourself to these few things and you do well. It's a performer football player I appreciate the cliff notes version that's there we go at this point and and if our trying to help articulate yes it was hey what's important what is your faith mean you I usually like universal lot that I think you love god responds that's what he's done. Roth and calls to go and love our neighbors as ourselves and shares while. And so we talk about our company our our mission statements that we exist the loss in value people. A leading move and change our industry and corporate cultures and communities across America. And with that really means this is being. I want any one there's a part of our company or that receives alone more company to receive. The common grace and goodness that comes. From a life policies crisis does so if may I want him to be benefit in their life because they interact with folks that love and follow Jesus and that we understand me and Jesus. Died for us. And the man he called us two to go and love and serve you know people in New Year's law will and you have things like. Corporate Chaplin power I think its it chief pastoral office something like I had a and your people actually come together and and they warship that you have worship times together and talk about that Casey did we we do and it's it's it's it's all organic now this is you know we're making we're doing we have almost 5000 employees and we people from every walk and likely the privilege of serving one every sixty homebuyers the United States now we know we serve folks from every kind of faith background mentioned. And once or all of them with excellence. We also policy you'd have a desire to to to know more about Jesus if you wanna. Come to know in this hope and faith that did that I had in crisis oriented discovered it's kind of shape are operating principles and values. Mean all opportunities to do today in growing your faith in. Gosh if you wanna get together in worship. The guy. The creator of all of us together spoke unity is intended to create you with a purpose and attention. Many com did amber do it together at night in the place where we work Albania would bring him or shipman have incredible worship night at our office we have a with a law works on the kind of a watcher is called benevolent fund in and that law works on just. It exists for any employee that falls hard time on the time of need and we hate. Where are those of your faith when you know you're part of the community at large deep in countries to work for you only did some guys that most of the votes of prime real force to apologies yet again we have about 5000 employees and 600. Locations around the US so. I mean every every every walk elect and we La and we yours says thankful that everybody is part of his company in them are girls where they are today over the or in their face. We want them to experience. The community that loves and serves them well admin and once the wall at a Catholic priest in high school the fire alarms and the long term best interest of another. And we want it is we want them to experience with like to be part of a community. That Lee. Authentically analyst at the focuses on their long term best interest yet expresses a man chaplains available at a benevolence fund having. Outreach opportunities for planning got a couple churches a month around the world if you community centers and all kinds of neat things that we want to release on our folks. You almost exist like the church which is exciting for me because the work is so huge all of us have to join hands together. You've reached out to my son who's starting a business and interestingly again we'd know each other until this program but I thought to myself on many occasions. The best way to love me is to love that which I loved most in the world mass by children I think that's the basic commandment that Jesus said love god and and love your neighbor the best way you can love the father is by loving that which he loves most in the world people created in his image your neighbor of those people around you and as you love them your loving father and really that's what you guys are doing. Especially among the pour in on one talks about your your business. Is interest income you have a building the move in mortgage building and you have a church within their and other ministry opportunities there but you've also formed a school. Talk about that. Yeah assisted gas. A bomb wired my heart that the scale. My mom my wife Mitch he loves you 101 months of but it 11 mr. them. God always kept my heart with things that solve big problems in the US first with the business of mortars and sought to scale replicate that looser people well across the country broken. Process in 2008 tonight. And around that time actually a red knee down white paper from a a brilliant woman who was a running redeem or abortion ministry in New York which is measuring Harvard's record doctoral thesis on why Christian schools feel meters. Why they feel the serve the future report specifically. And you now some up a few hundred page where you say they run out of money. Dec donors run out Foundation's change focus be you know faith based school worked very well on the wealthy suburbs and you really affluent areas. But to serve port population one cities like he raised money in order to keep the school there in the couch and fundraising cycle and you know at some point to just release of her. Sure thesis was paid there's a new model public charter school. That has statement and you get feature for a secular curriculum so you'd ITT faith based or how ever. If that school operated in a building that was owned by faith based not for profit you are able to offer faith based wraparound services to their students and their families before or after school on the weakens. Look at that model wow what a brilliant way of less. Children with a world class education. End to think about how to. Wrapped God's law around the families of these children who have. Lots of neat trip you only need to him has isn't it their children shall be safe educational and I'm making world class education. Typically what he's it was a multitude of needs that need to be met I think you know by the church about about policy Jesus a week. Look at that model thought it was brilliant. In the corporation at the try to do. Realize a lot of other Berkshire on the US hadn't already kind of pioneered this thing so. We searched all over the United States for some models and and we found a fabulous one right here in our backyard Charlotte, North Carolina sugar creek charter. Who have been operating for about sixteen years serving 14100 kids about 95% minority 95%. Below the poverty line. And I doing with paddles academic success. As that we looked at sugar creek and it and a great leader there and and Sheryl turner. Was about to retire. And we should share with would you would you hang over to hang on because yeah. Hundred kids annually with 500 kids are dying this year creepy because out of room and capacity. If we would bring in other school year which would lead and serve for another season. I'm to keep that school one Euro agreed and use this August we approach was watching movement school in west Charlotte. Opened our doors to educate your second grade 300 bright smile beautiful faces. On this August. And are waiting list as well I understand just opening to the war Lou we we we do which is which is both exciting heartbreak yet able every parent every parent want their child succeed I mean who wouldn't in opening this school house. Many on the west side of town who work. Caught in the quagmire poverty have some hope for their kids you know yeah and I that's we hope that we we we want to bring help when it suits its its offer. Yeah I get to experience a saw engaging grow up in DC. The DC and it was a very hopeless. Situation many regards and I went to a school to math high school. Right I raced as gas totally I'll back off double car Andrea from yeah that institution. And really was wise how how this school can be vehicle to rate cycles of generational poverty itself. And the generational poverty real it is it is being passed on from generation generation and there's got to be some things that can break that cycle and one of them Majorly is. Education and I know you have heart not only to do something on the west side of town and maybe and expand that to the east side account in Charlotte as the years go by a more and more opportunity we're looking right now actually on a project on the east side we've been thrilled that we get into a little later to see how guys just pulled together global partners to make that happen. We'll Casey Crawford is my guest today Casey is a former NFL player has a Super Bowl rating but is also more importantly follower of Jesus the founder of movement mortgage here in town. One of the fastest growing companies in America and he has devoted his company for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of god and has a deep huge heart for the port let's continue Casey this conversation on the other side of the break I'm David Chadwick. This is news 1110993. WDT will be. Right. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news eleven team in 993 WB ET welcome back to show my guest today and and I've enjoyed Alicia Casey Crawford the founder of movement mortgage here in town former NFL player. I'm just a real asset to this community has a huge part for the broken in the downtrodden support the needy the oppressed and starting the movement mortgage school on the west side of town Casey's just remarkable K through to now and also you're looking at. One on the east side of town and and really. Planting these maybe even a broader context around our city and even around the nation Edward to make a difference for those caught in the quagmire generational. Poverty and just can't seem to move forward. But something interesting in February is going to happen as well it's called movement day and I don't think movement is necessarily. Movement mortgage day itself an entirely different. It is absolutely not a problem ward stated this is this is. A movement that Tim Keller. Mac here and now Bob ball in New York started. Two and you know really with the way it was described to me on the newcomer to mine co chairing this year with the obvious applaud Alexander the park church. And I did liked and I did like an era I did appreciate the the main the move of days I really think it it hasn't synergistic kind of bomb. Approaches to two way we think about. Advancing the gospel when you're David as a team guy your basketball team by the football apple about oneself. You will know the man. Teams have to work together when championship outright and I they do it's no different Christian faith guided guys given the body each only different. Abilities in some counts him and the horror of movement today. I think he's deceit. That entire team. Come together using unique talents gifts abilities they have. So blessed the city advance the gospel in the unique ways to Charlotte needs that gone now with a heart what the the starting New York it's now movement is that taken. Hold thirty que seas around the world. And it is a very local expression. Arm of the church in every city it's part of vineyard different cities have different needs and the the idea of moving days that the believers the body of Christ would come together. To meet those needs and advance the gospels in the unique context period and in emergencies Rania of states where we're gonna hear Charlotte February 3. So more practically what will that look like yeah we have all kinds of listeners out there you know approximately 2030000 people listening you right now. And many of them faith people what that looked like they are interested in coming together on February the third 28 team so I give it may be AM approximate table you to begin to think Wilbon as well with Yuxi task force says so we all know that we on the it's it's widely known as straw man that. We came back about dead last in the fifty largest cities in America for upward mobility for children born into poverty. We would say that's gospel issue that is an issue that Jesus cares deeply about that the church should be impact. Movement day will have an entire track dedicated. To. Showing dividing what is being done to address them offering the body and leaders within the body opportunities deploy again to organizations that are moving the needle sued substantively. On that specific topic or five topics move and day's gonna focus on and copper. It's an opportunity get by to collaborate. And in the plug into one another to do great work is being done here. I said when I'm with the short I was in the eighties at the incredible rich vibrant. Faith community I think the thing it's been a little bit. This starting for me. Is the fact that we all don't know one another doing. In the city there are people doing great things but in the exponential power of working together to accomplish this great things. Obviously excites me about movement they hope it's a catalyst for that galvanizing of the by the come together to advance the DOS when news. Well I am a North Carolina guy but I've got used illustration here from coach K duke culture of really powerful this part is good what this is the department is a great illustration he holds up a hand and he says okay if you have one finger. How much. Odd game which can you do to a person of this fight you can hold a B and two fingers how much damage can he do non recently take. Four fingers in a bomb and that's them. Together in you can go to war you can fight thankfully and powerfully so what you're asking is for. All of the different components of hand you Christ to come together the list in store to fight this issue of poverty that exist in our midst. It is that gets that diploma steel down into its tail in the game essays also Smith says yes. Dell forget that would you know it's a power tools ration of always remembered it and were. Unified together whether we believe it or not by the holy spears and if we which is come together and having been in Charlotte for well over three decades now a minister and and law of the award. Love his church the one thing I've had a costly fight against with other churches territorial some milk is coming. It caught out liars mentality. I know what I'm gonna do and I don't really work with anybody else. How much weakness the rich diversity of the church but also the coming together as a force to release. Do good and overcome evil. It's incredible you know we've actually have been blessed to see this play out we we we bought up a little property on freedom drop before we get to school called the movement sense of foundations and and in in the vision which is hate could weeks. Create a piece of real state and watch synergistic -- god bring together the different not for profits need love and serve that community. So the folks didn't have to go all over town for the multiple need to they had. May we watched got to bring harvest dinner watch god bring urban promised to serve. Kids and after school part of what's got to bring sinner city church stick to come there and try to place of worship. And now like over that building you're during the week and see kids in afterschool programs sitting in the church sanctuary. Big guys who were formerly homeless now running a catering business you out of that serving. Folks that are currently homeless they're going upstairs to teach children to keep them off the streets you teaching biblical principles of studying and learning. And the issue is beautiful when you see that Heidi come together yet to be at the software with powerful and I think. Yeah that's a microcosm we hope to see at a macro level across this city. Really ignited on the movement in February 3. While the something that we need to look forward to may be going get you back on in January that the program and just to really hyper city data get excited about doing this because I think it could be. Something that could generally change our whole city and and calls us to be more upwardly mobile and allow people. Caught in poverty to be able to move upwardly on Casey we only have a couple minutes left is hard to believe how quickly the show goes by. But if you could speak to people today listening. Business folks general folks that people who just care about Charlotte care about making themselves better in working in Charlotte. What would you tell them to do. Them. You know I I think I'd I'd I'd remind them of that Matthew twenty. Virtually dog loved loved lord your god Hitler parcel mine is strengthened and love. You're neighbors yourself in that to your neighbors yourself. Concept really was hammered home the mile trip to India. When I stepped out of my beautiful hotel room and on the center median strip. I saw a mom lying her baby down on the concrete median and about three year old little girl. Who was waking up and wash your face in the sewer water. At the time I had three year old little girl my house. Estimate if I walked out of my home. This was my home I would now over. He never let let let the real will grossly poem and a median strip I would mean that we bring amendment problem like how it's going to be it to be a place. But because of proximity because he wasn't right outside my house was somewhere far away over his seat. It just didn't impact my heart the same way I think Jesus called let you're neighbors yourself as one that we need to be figuring in our city and so how do we truly love our neighbors and so what does that look like him in these compels action you know justice. And emotion when the question was asked she's we'll who's my neighbor has answer basically was yes. I think those who lore local blues were global those who were hurting in case you again I want to make sure by news to your extraordinary generosity. Mean you're giving away millions of dollars out of your company's. Ask that your own personal profits for the purpose of these schools and make Charlotte a better place to lift your example many people about what can happen to the Power One. And thank you so much Casey Crawford my guest today former Carolina panther. Super Bowl ordered with the Tampa Buccaneers found removed mortgage mostly a great man of god Casey godly issue. I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110 WBT hate love god and love your neighbor if you do those two things folks you have a lifetime's worth of work to do talk with you all. Next week.