Faith and Sports

David Chadwick
Sunday, March 18th

Panthers coach Ron Rivera joins David todiscuss Faith and Sports.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT welcome to the show. In case you don't know what are joining us for the first time this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values. With different people in the culture different things going on in the world it's always a pleasure doing the show thank you for listening now in my almost eighteen years WBT it's just been a great ride and I've enjoyed. During the show more than you can imagine. Through the years I've had some great guests that I've enjoyed interviewing. Especially in the sports world which was an important part of my life for so many years. A today I have one of those special guests as well his name is coach Ron Rivera. The head coach of the Carolina Panthers the purpose of the show is to get you to get to know him a bit deeper than just a snapshot of an interview. Ron thank you for being on the show today. Well thank you for having me David I'm I'm I'm pretty thrilled to be here are a lot of good things and I've actually caught some of the Euro. You're you're early mornings with a with Bo that moment of hope I love distort out issued trying to give people hope because. I believe hope's the only hope for the world of people believe that despair is going to consume their lives they won't be functional at all so I I do try to give people hope and thank you for listening. Let's get to know you a little bit folks on who. Watch you on the sidelines might not know your background and such tell us about Ron Rivera from childhood up ports. We know David I group and a military family my father was an army officer. And he did 32 years. Whose career obviously and a in Odom you know growing up military uses a different way of life there really is and and you know I've 54 brought three Brothers accuse me. And my parents for humans traveled throughout the world with us that we after being born com my brother was born two years later. We're on our way to. Heidelberg Germany where we are there for two and a half years came back with the Fort Lewis Washington. Or my father was stationed. Just before he went to Vietnam he went to Vietnam went back to home base of four or California. He came back and then took the family importantly Merrill. Went back to fort Gordon went to Vietnam a second time two tours in Vietnam to tourists. And you the first are really didn't understand the second tour as an idea. And it was there's real interest you know ta start to understand a little bit more rebel war did did he come back with any PT -- the did you notice any of that no I didn't you know and and essentially because you know. We're we're we're very fortunate you know my father did 32 years he stayed in the military and so I think unlike a lot of young men gave out. Or women get out. They don't have that constant support group the other soldiers around them to go on through and seen and on what they've done so. I think they have a lot to do with him being handled. To readjust and keep going on in the from Vietnam we went down four gold Panama on the Atlantic coast and and we were there for almost four years. And then came back home base of fort Gordon finished up there with a high school graduated from the University of California Berkeley. Graduated from their assaults were met while wife. Com. All of it for side yes there are pretty much so real I mean now. We merry 32 more years going on 33 year good for you all been very fortunate herbalist you know we we've gone through a lot together in terms of my football career kids. My coaching career and you know step he's been there guys finished in relation because Stephanie. Also played athletic she played college basketball and then started her coaching career coach collegial in the professionally as wells accurately yes yes to Portugal which leisurely she coached at Louis national university in Chicago OK and then trinity international is a face that faith based Christine. College. She was there for he was six seasons. And that you got into the the old HBO which was the one of the first women pro leagues the WBA. Where she was the head coach and a few long championship. It's your hand she got her opportunity come to the W and they with the Washington mystics interesting guests that he understands coaching GCC it from the inside out and is the pressures with which you have to deal yes yes why I just found out that we're going to the NCAA tournament. And now South Carolina we're gonna watch the women. Uh huh yes managers using the most important if you double A tournament without a doubt and I got tickets for here. But Tom I know how important it is for so we're gonna go moreover Tehran. Are more moderate count got into it and there and their at south Carolina's will be there watching them and and I've had to give my tickets to one of my coaches. Which is fine I mean again and but anyways Neal Stefan I've been married for 32 years we have two children Chris first 31 Cortese 24 and Courtney worked for the for the Panthers. She's in their social media department. And I've been very fortunate herbalist and says sounds like that you and your wife have trudged through this whole coaching endeavor together. And I knew in my ministry. Which I've been in for now 38 years I can imagine life without Maryland and how much he's helped me it sounds like that's the same thing with you Stephanie it is because you know we we have. And. Simmer likes and dislikes and things and and and receive receive probably 90% of things aside and why. The other 10% we may disagree on the we were discussed and talked about and and she gets it she understands she knows when. You know total pool look. The court on me you know to tether me back. Or to let me go and and and she's great I mean she understands she understood when I was a college player and a professional player. You know when Chinese space when I need is somebody two. Tell me what I needed to hear now what I wanted to hear that voice is coach Ron Rivera in studio with me today getting to know him in a deeper level and coach we come back. We miss you this question what would be a one marriage tip. You'd give to every one listening right now I'm David Chadwick will be right back. We are ready I'm David Chadwick in this is these talks have hit 993 WBP's welcome back to the show. My guest today is coach Ron Rivera head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Just so honored to have him on the show today rob appreciate your time before we took a break you were talking about your marriage with Stephanie for 32 years. Miller college kind of the love of your life on and those of us who would love to know you better would love to hear what you might think is you were top marriage tip that you've learned in 32 years of mayors like my dad told me the night before Mary Maryland. On sun if you want to love your children well of their mother and I never forgotten that it would be my chief smeared stepped anybody out there what what would years. Well you know first ball just to kind of beat Beckham what you said. I heard Lou Holtz once. The greatest gift you can give your children is show them how much you love your wife that is him actually my dad was sent them I don't really remember that. But you notes to meet the biggest thing is really helped and and and and arm and our relationship in our marriage. Has been to communicate. I mean to talk and sometimes. I clam up and Steffi will pull about it. Animals start to talk. Good things bad things. No matter what and then by the into the news conversation. I am feeling good about portions of feeling good about which I think is very important. And also by communicating. You know she got a sense and a feel for me esta as to what's going on as she understands like I like we talked about earlier. And so give an example. This was during the this season we went 781. I won the division you won the playoff game and then went and though losses CEO but anyways during the middle this stretch. We had about. Almost too much what we want football again. After about the fifth or sixth though week of that stretch. Step in the pit Meehan and she knew I was doing you know mentally I was I was struck some things he says you need the last few need to forget. What's going on so she took me to a movie. So we go to a movie theater and we went to go see pitch perfect. So we sit down and and I like to sit up relatively close in the middle. And so we're sit there and also begin to realize I'm the only guy in this theater. I think there's not a hundred people there and and not be night admiral women I'm the only guy. I know what to expect but she get brave and about this movie. So we're sitting there opening scene comes out and it's it's it's about. Of people that you know that that that that saying a cappella. And so they start seeing. And then all of a sudden you notice that one of the young lady singing. Is is is struggling she's really anxious feelings ID and also if you Bartz. And I cannot expect that an idea are you kidding me no way. And a lot of like that Debbie Graham marsh is you can't sing here a year and a theatre com. And I kind of that kind of got me to relax and enjoy the rest of the movie and and it was funny because I didn't laugh the rest of the movie. And when I got to feel it felt very good about is so great why is great spells spells or relationships. Or ones where. You can ask what's going on in your heart and vice Versa and you share with each other which really going wrong I can imagine in a pro. Coaching career that your stresses are enormous and she is able to get you to talk about that some very much so and I think big part to the Dave is that she's got a lot of common interest in the things that. But I do acoustic and she coached a few understand so dissimilar the the familiarity of what I go through she she can really help with. And essentially because I've got a lot of great advise former as well in terms of dealing with players I mean she stepped deal players as well so. You know something's going on talk for and there's natural instinct is when. When our son started playing football and I just retired as a player I always said I would coach. You know is Peewee football selected third coaching Peewee football well. Of course they may mean the defense of coach and so I'm trying to coach up these these these these these at 910 year old eleven murals on how to play defense on. I'm talking whale problem. But their look at him either smile than their nodding yes like they understand and then they go out there and then it's like cats there all over the place and I wasn't sure what the heck was going non. So I was frustrated them sit there talking to Stephanie when is this so. It is it's like it's like I'm talking to them. And they're not listening she looked at me she goes there and I know they're looking at me she has no the connect you with a blank stare at and they're nodding off. Ha ha and I suggest she goes well that means they don't understand. That you've got to break it down to even more basic level. That's now. And naturally did house that I realized this like I went to the head coach and I set them. Dynamite carrier that might exit. You know the biggest mistake where Macon right now is we're trying to teach these kids all these complex ideas and not doing the pace fundamentals. And so we went back to the base fundamentals of football. Blocking tackling quarterbacks and exchange handoff pitches and so we did for for for a week. And all be holed. Twelve weeks later we ended up winning Peewee football championship and Kelly and on Chicago's you you were in the fundamentals and you taught them well they're important at every level of the game more today and that was from my first when my first coaching lessons effort was stick to the voice and your wife taught you that yes it's a great lesson. Well I'd be curious about you were up pro career you've played countless you mentioned and in. Did you know the NFL was a possibility from early days at cal boy you know it. They've what I did was kind of sit these goals is as I was growing up and their you know and I've always believed that you set goals are attainable realistic. And so from from from from high school from the B in my school career my goals were a wanted to be a starter. When I was a sophomore high school and junior wanted to. That has to to have played both ways. By my senior I wanted to be all league you know. One against college scholarship while each year accomplished their goal went to the next one got my college scholarship. And by the time I was in my senior wanted to be an all American was an all American and the realization that you are complaining and I want you to raft. He got drafted and got an opportunity Chicago for nine seasons and might go which was a tremendous experience in my life DDT to a lot about life coaching yes he did you know coaches. And starting with my parents or the ones are pretty much taught me a lot about life. Lot of lessons I learned about life were through athletics and and you know probably my mom my mother my father. My junior high school coach. John Angelo com. Who's passed since but he he was a guy that does sawed in me from the beginning. And so when I played sports and he coached me in and pretty much every one of them in junior high school. He pushed me and he knew how to teach me show me certain things that gave me certain lessons. And deny got a high school was German name Carl Stephenson. Thanks Jeff Comerica and and then in which doesn't matter to me but just here's a guy that that didn't have to take interest in either way he did it. And my father was stationed in Korea. He. Kept denial my brother and he checked with the teachers he checked in Monaco already the boys on OK I mean when you run into people like that. That it doesn't matter. And it becomes a great life plus. And so he kind of let me through things and and and he helped me you know in terms of getting my start and then dogs are going to count. You know being there with with with Roger leader who was it was a complete gentleman. One my grandfather passed he did everything he could help me to accommodate meet. To be there to form. And then Joseph cap came in my last two seasons it was entertaining man. But also a guy who really tremendous sense of faith. On his own way and then getting to the NFL and fining coach you know a play for coach Ditka. With a man faces well on in his way and there are some great lessons that we are very fortunate. When you are re emphasizing everything I believe that your first and primary influence or upon your kids should be your parents your mom and your dad. But man fine coaches who reinforce those same values at every possible level. And usually will produce a good kid and it felt like that's what happened in your life follows I mean there really wasn't and not just him but I had teachers along the way. I have a teacher who's he's he's eighty. Two right now. And he's retired and he and his wife of travel United States every year and they visited students that they've stayed in touch. And he recently came to visit with the Stephanie and I ten provinces is name and he gave me a book. And it's it was by grant temple book called I believe. And and I was a sophomore I actually gave me the book I read the book. And there were so many lessons they were just lessons I mean they they were they were they were left lessons that were. Pretty based lessons that were about life there about friendships about. About it. Individuals growing in it was them usually book about. You know you learn need to believe in yourself. And it was just an amazing book rated. I haven't every now and then all day get out fine and I'll flip through it and find a couple other things that remind me. I love reading. My book collection. Most of now biographies but I do have a lot of books on lessons you know John Wooden boat that cost you refer to. And and there are so many have been so many opportunities for me to to to learn from these coaches and these people. Among high school counselor you know on that for news. Was an interest in men who. Who really again sought in Meehan and took it upon himself to check in on me and make sure my grades are going in the right direction. You know I was I was very fortunate that people took an interest well have a quick question Chicago Bears related. Mike Singletary eyes his Kyrie and I think they are when I look at him yes because of his intensity and who he is as a person I mean Mike is a tremendous man he really is of and a person of faith is very strong very strong person of faith and and he was he was. He was heck of a teammate and essentially because when I got to Chicago my rookie year in 1984. There are several men of faith that I got to know Mike was one of them. Bryant who brawl who's in it being commend college coach he's another one album and unless we Frazier who was an NFL head coach now the offensive coordinator. I'm up in buffalo. And effect bless the united develop you know he's one of my best friends that we develop this relationship where you know. Either one of those could call and we'll have a fellowship over the phone com it's issue as religion to me is very very personal. And I'm not very outwardly about it. But I have certain connections with certain people it will get on the phone with an all talk with a visit with that person. Com there's a father Peter I mean you know in Chicago life stay in touch with. When I started my coaching career in Chicago. Father Pete would come and you have fellowship with the different coaches and players. And we developed this friendship this relationship. And this started back in 1998. Man to this day I can pick the phone. Text him he'll call me right away while conversation over the phone last year we played Chicago. He went to dinner with myself and my entire family and friends. This is at its its like it has been it's been a very enlightening experience for me going to the Fella and find these this many people affect. That voice is Ron Rivera the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and Ron we need to take another break but when we come back let's talk more about your faith the foundations of that faith in what's allowed it to groat. To be what it is today because I know from people I talked to me it does influence how you coach and how you lived. I think people would lead to see that side of you especially in this faith and values program I'm David Chadwick will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is there's talk 1110993. W VT welcome back to show. If you'd like to hear the program in its entirety go to WBT dot com scroll down of the week in shows the David Chadwick show. You can download it and have the podcasts from beginning in with my guess coach Ron Rivera the head coach of the Carolina Panthers what a treat to have you on the show today Ron and I appreciate so much you giving us a glimpse into your heart and having an extended interview with someone that allows you to sheer relief who you are. We began in the last segment talking some about your faith and it is interesting that your faith does informant who you wore talk about your faith foundations from where does your faith come. Well you know Tom I was raised Catholic mine mine mine my parents both Roman Catholic and you know early in life I was I was an altar boy. And really yes interstate gas and you know so so it best where of the influences came. Tom and then did this you know as I grew you're going to church and then went away to college or pinching was. I I love history I really do and and allow the books I read every historical. Perspective on on things in life. And one of the classes I took dealt with the holy Roman empire. Catholic church and it was inch seam because. I remember one of the the professor said and that is this may shake your faith the globe in the Catholic Church. And then listening to it and and and it was just interesting. Talking a mile and those who hear talk about it but it is our idol think you'd ever really shook who align him. I think if anything it may be more curious. And then later in life and I that I mentioned him earlier was with father Peter menial. Who really was was was has been instrumental in me continuing. In my effect and and and he NI. Can pick the phone at any time and and and talk and have a fellowship over the phone policy Frazier fellow coach whose defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Saint Louis tonight and and can pick the phone haven't talked to one another blow fellowship over the phone. And and that's kind of where my faith has has has a state on because I found people that can share with me as I said it's a very private thing more me. And what's interesting about it is. One of the things one of the most powerful things I've ever done. As a coach as a as a head coach in the NFL. Was the first time. I gave thanks and praise after the game. OK we'd start before we go out on the football field to start the game we said the lord's prayer. Then I'll give few words to give the guys fired up and excited but after the game. I believe that you should always give thanks pars and even if it's a loss even if it's a loss because there's a lesson alarm. You know and I may say something like this thank you heavily father adoptees bestowed upon us. That your of the family friends and loved ones but all they for the lessons that we learned today win or lose I say that. And I in the lord and in the name Joost archers armored savior amen. And if we have a guy that gets injured. If we have a player that spam is going through something I'll mention. I'll say you know dear father please be with such as those families go through this time you'll pray for that person in this time of need yes. Will do down on the practice field. If something happens official practice all the guys in. Jerry did you estimated per force. We lost Thursday from one of our coaches who have do to retire medically and then passed away. JJ led the team and in and a prayer for for for for Bruce entered the man of faith yes he had on the issue before himself a great guy and he was the perfect one to save for the king. One on behalf of persons them so. Tom I do believe that those things report. And I really don't really do believe that after you do something you should give thanks a price and that's one of the things I did but the first time I did. I will never forget the feeling that came over me when I've finished. It was I mean it was a really powerful feeling that I just let a group of men and women giving thanks surprise. And is stuck with me. And only one time in my head coaching crew denied not do it after game two I was I was tremendously. Upset. About the way the game turned out and did. And Steve Smith came to me afterwards and says something that means that you know coach mr. greater opportunity or lose. And he was right so my Bible says give thanks and all things all things all. In the good and the bad absolutely and so that's one of my you know one of my individual personal regrets about it during my head coach is at one time I did because I was so seller to get the best of me. And that was disappointing it's I look back and and and I really do appreciate it Steve pointed out to have you ever any push back from any players who may not have faith. Or any person and a Panthers organization that says coach can't do that that's. Obnoxious to some people you know I have not and and and and we actually have a player of Muslim faith and I went and I talked to him personally and told my he said you know. I understand and and if this is offensive to you if you wanted to step out. Into the training room and let me finish he snuck coach he says I will stay here with the team. And and he said on Oprah and miles away. And and and and and it was it was tremendous just listening to him say in all sincerity but the thing that really appreciate it was a his whole thought process was about the team. That he would be present with the team. And he would in his own mind. Give thanks and praise his way. And I just while that that that was very strong statement by by a young man that has his faith his religion. You know he has his faith is god and and and what to say his goes dollar. So you are open to your players having. Faith and expressing their faith in their own ways owner team absolutely. You don't discourage it in any way whatsoever no I know I know we have several players do Bible study they'll they'll studied the other on Fridays. Dale though circle up in that you want TO meeting rooms and I'll come in and sit down other discussions. We have some guys that world you know pull book out. Don't go through something in the disgusted. You know and in the locker room so. I'm fine with that because you know it is all about it and if a player doesn't want to and that's his own choice I mean it's there's a lot of touchy issues right now. And the biggest problem I think with these issues is the way people interpret the I mean everybody has their own interpretation everybody looks at things their own way and usually it's either or with no new thoughts whatsoever. Which is which is which is great but at the same time of death which you believe that's how you feel that's on. But respect my respect the other thing that's that's the thing that I've always done so. I don't have an issue with because first of all home might decide. You know enough. About what the pope's. Who might. We you on its obviously then have faith as a part of your own life I would think that would be helpful to you in dealing with the high stress pressure cooker with which you have to deal. On it for me I know that when I have difficult times. And I can throw it literally off my shoulders and put Doan got shoulders it does help my hearts get lighter have you found that. Yes I have dom those secret in my office I have. Five of these books that are available these other code God's little handbook. And there's like Gaza Lambert for men and got them and vote for fathers. Or sons I mean and I have them. And when things get a certain why am looking for something I'll pull them out. I'll look for Adobe assaying and then will be the the proper from the from the Bible. And I will find strength I'll find comfort com you assisting. When my brother Mickey past. A couple of years ago and that was horrible and you really really what's the hardest thing and for me is biz as I felt. I had to be the strongest of my family. Because my parents. My oldest brother Steve who who was who is who is champ during the whole process would make you sick McCann was going through his chemo and everything. Steve would drive up from San Jose California Reno Nevada. And spend the time with Mickey when he was doing his chemo treatments. And they drive back you know a few days a week later. They do that to help out Mickey's wife Rosemary. And Steve was so I knew I had to be strong for Steve because this really hits Steve him he was. He acted the way you would I I believe you would think that older brother or hosted solution. He was tremendous. And I knew my youngest brother was was an democracy when eastward immature but because he was so your mind it would affect him differently. I just felt I had to handle a specific way. And so you know because Mickey did you know he did you know they had blended family of twelve kids but he hasn't twin girls. The time were nineteen and one of the things that Mickey asked was that we read we would be there for them. And so felt that just had to be a certain way and trying to find the word and I couldn't at that time I just couldn't. And then afterwards. When we flew back. Two to Charlotte and I went back to training camp. I I I I just I didn't know what to do so I found the book. I was trying to flip through and find something appropriate I could. I called Leisle. And less tonight talked you and sometimes it suits you can't find the right the right words to express that. But. The truth of the matter was I had to express. I had had my opportunity to sit back and mourn because I felt like I had to. But when I started talking to lastly also in the realization that I've never talked about to anybody. And it was great to have somebody like him without fellowship over the phone about this testimony when. Said that we need friends who are Jesus with scandal and so that we can cast our cares on him and spiritual world believing easy the turtle got of the universe but sometimes we just need somebody who is why camp that we can talk to. And get the pressures of our hearts all off us on to somebody else we need to take another break in just a second but. But before we do so let me just ask this quick question you would then say that faith is an important part of your leadership yes oh very much so. Very much so. And have faith would be debt which allows you to continue to move forward when there's a complexity of an issue you just don't understand yes. Coach Ron Rivera is my guess today I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT. Ron when we come back let's talk more about leadership and how you need faith in leadership in the things you learn how to lead well in your particular position as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers again I'm David Chadwick and will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show what a show with my. Guest Ron Rivera the head coach of the Carolina Panthers are run you've been so open about talking about your life your marriage your faith. Riverboat rot. In a nickname that you have accrued. Came out of the buffalo game some years ago where you lost a game you really should of won and and something extraordinary happened it change your whole persona and way of coaching which you talk about that. Well you know David it's a shame because. They've really started after my second season you mr. Richardson who who's been tremendous. For me and to me and I gnome is what he's a good man he cares so many ways he's a good solid man boy you know it did you show issues that if you have faith in people. And you recognize. Who they are and that they need help and you helped them they can become what you believe that's what have with me mr. Gerson always believed in me. And at the end of my second season we sit down we go through the year I talk about my plan going forward. Well the one thing that he said to me to Brian you need a mentor he needs somebody to lean on them learn from. And we're gonna fine guy before he took I think you need to call John mad. I called coach Madden and he agreed I flew out to seal we said and we talked a while things are coach Madden. I had me do before I came out due to mr. Rich's did you see Jerry. Asked Ron go back and look at those you know games that he lost immunity does dubious distinction of being three in thirteen games one decide about four points or less or something like that. While look at all those games. Our write up what happened and the like which bans that are sort of what I could have done better. And so I got this little packet ready to go fly out there's seacoast and sit down and and and we're talking missile here here's that homework aside and you give him about of these games goes well a thought for me that's for you. He goes what did you learn a lot of bad if you look at it at least. Some allies decision should've done this or done something differently and yes at least apple isolation of on ports of punting or kicking. I should have gone for music for a he said. Go buy your cut to your instincts that crushed your gut comment that leaders oh absolutely and and and and and and he said why what did you do what she did because what went by the book. He looked amigos what book. It's sort of what the Bible lyzard no definitely not a Bible trust and on that a at least adhesive there is no book he said. You've coached enough you played enough football to know what you should do. Trust your instincts believe who you are. And I thought wow well that fast forward to the buffalo again. We had a fourth down situation we get the first down games over. Instead I chose to kick the field all you went by the book we go by six and all the Abydos is for the new drive don't score a touchdown we guess what happened. Pedro doubt scored a touchdown on the last play. Okay kicked the extra point to win game we who's. Sole. What was the story goes we come back them I mean I'm I'm I'm. Just flip and devastated them and going through my mind on Sunday night Monday morning going through them among replay after replay after re black can only imagine Malia. Then I'm driving home that night later in the evening. And right up over here going under 277. Where the intersection listeners that there's a forward stop. I blows stopped because I'm I'm I'm not paying him just thinking about how musket Tebow there I mean cars honked his horn his wheels screeching. And I'll decide well. And I can't think like you know with the pack. And in Austin it's mangoes have entrusted myself. And by not trusting myself like kicking the extra point oh Carey kicking field goals or or or punting. I'm telling my my team that I don't trust the meter. I gotta do something different while lo behold we come on here we play the giants next Sunday. With 24 downs and opening drive I went for both them we scored a touchdown. From that point on that's kind of what happened. Was that I started realizing that I had to trust minds he's had to believe in myself about believing in me I show my players say. I believe that you guys. A lot like come mr. Richardson helped me. And the next you know we go on this you know we would there's a loss airs on a losing game that we played really well should've won. And in the next week go to Minnesota wins and we beat the rams and then from that point on. Where you won this game care and it was interesting because a lot of it has to do with. Believing in myself believing in my team. And showing them that I believed them and and it it is it's one of those things that it it was like I had this epiphany that. Everything I've done everything I've learned. I've got to use and desolate that that's that's really came up. So from there came the nickname riverboat on your willing to gamble psalm and try. Different situation all issues to succeed in and you began to succeed absolute night and I think that your I think it was ten for twelve going for things going forward on fourth down. Com and we had. I think we have seven. Six wins deck in it in that run that it went 404 downton and converted. You are so many positive things that came. Becoming quote unquote are both wrong. That I think kind of led to this situation. This nickname in the situation. Do you deciding based on how the flow of the game was going and you've also learned as we've talked some about the importance op. When you hit rock bottom you're either going to stay there or use that as a learning lesson to bounce back and go more towards your goals that you have and you teaches a leader that. There's importance of learning from failure absolutely and and I did I learn from my Philly but you it's more important and and and this happened duo one of our players the guy they gave up the game winning touchdown. Was Josh Norman. And he buffalo gained absolutely and you talk about the young man hitting rock bottom miss well. But he bounced back and keep you became stronger and better Ford and and so we ought though. He has the spectacular run force four so we lost because free agency but. The young man's been built tremendous football player and coach Ron Rivera is my guest Ron believe there now we've only a couple of few minutes left. But I'd love for you to tell listeners that he viewed at one tip to give them as a leader coach a person of faith. Whatever it might be a life lesson that you would look for everyone to hear from your life to the ears would be. While. I mean there there's so many things that I've been very fortunate that that I've kind of drawn from and use but I think if there is something more for the anything else loses his believing you. I really do believe that you got to believe that that that that that no matter what happens is gonna it's gonna work you've you've got to believe in you. And I think that really leads tore lens torture faith that you believe in you you know you would you believe in god you believe that that you will he will. Help you find a way and I've been very fortunate that I I've I have I truly believed in myself I've been very fortunate because of people around the helped me do. You know just because you sell oil I believe in myself doesn't mean you're doing it by yourself. On the other people that reach out to help the other people see that recognize that you met your help push you along your way. It's tremendous I mean I've I've been so fortunate. Here in the last you know seven season going into my eighth there's a group of coaches and believe me there's a group of players that believe me. And that I think is what helps me continue to go forward. And try to make try to do the right things and when you have people like that that are behind to it it's pretty encroach and this community does believe in you and were better calls your part of it and ask you one final question because. I'm a basketball geek. Your prediction for the NCAA championship I have no choice no chance I mean. Because you know. First of all being here and knowing that there's duke and UNC. You've got to be very politically correct a federal offense and some kind of good division there that's for sure but I would always I would pick the university California Berkeley my alma mater but they're not in the big that's a you know it's it's going to be icing. I will say this. Based on on just from watching the teams this year and and seeing what I've seen I think Oklahoma as a tremendous guard. I think. Duke has as has to have that now some of the best big men and am in the game. I think one of those who have probably the best opportunity. Coach thanks for being with me today thanks for led notes have a glimpse into your heart to know you more intimately and we're just again so appreciative of you being in the community. And thank you for being on the show today thank you David a personal interest in everyone loved god with all your heart soul mind in my love your neighbor as yourself if you'll just do those two things you have an absolute lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick the zoo's talk 1110993. WBT I'll talk with you all. Next week.